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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 7, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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we're back. our thanks to avy stoddard. that does it for our time. i could talk to this panel for hours but i don't have hours. >> we can get a drink. >> we can get a drink. weren't you already drinking. get serious. "mtp daily" starts root now, it is an election day. >> it is election day. i always have an extra bounce in my step. you don't just serve coffee and water on that table anymore. >> you know, you should come up to the mother ship more often. >> it's my show where it's 5:00 somewhere. good night. if it's tuesday, somebody is voting somewhere. tonight, election day. how tonight's governor's race in virginia could set the stage for what we can expect in next year's midterms and beyond.
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>> i think a vote for the republican ticket is a vote for donald trump. plus, why mass shootings don't change the politics of the american gun debate. >> if he didn't have gun, instead of having 26 dead, he would have had hundreds more dead. finally, we'll look at some of our favorite campaign moments from seven years of "meet the president". >> there is no way that my campaign would end short of death or inability to function. >> this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. blah . good evening. i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to "mtp daily." cue the election music, please. ♪ fire up the exit polls. come on, we love john williams, but we love that music, too. it's election night 2017. welcome to "mtp daily."
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tonight could be the most consequential off year election in a generation. it's not just because some of us can now tweet in 280 characters. all eyes are on the virginia governor's race between northam and gillespie because it might tell bus the political environment under trump ahead of the 2018 mid terms. polls close in less than two hours. in a few minutes we will get a first look at the early exit polls for some important clues about mood and makeup of this electorate. folks, the sitting president's approval rating is in the 30s. that should be an albatross aurnd republican's necks anywhere they run, especially in a state that hillary clinton carried by five points last year. but it is the delts tenant who are nervous and who seemingly have everything to loose. gillespie has managed to stay within striking distance. here's how. at times he kept the president at arm's length, as he did when
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asked about him today. >> look, you know, if i'm elected today, which i hope to be it not be my job to be always for president trump or against president trump but to be always for virginia. >> gillespie has rallied the trump base using trump-stylish use, and trump-style tactics, especially on the air waves. >> ms-13 is a mess. ralph northam voted in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal immigrants back on the streets. >> ralph northam will take our statues down. ed gillespie will bel save them. >> geojohn bowen had his rights restored because of northam's policy. >> president trump today reinforced those things in several get out the vote tweets today on issues like crime, guns, and immigration. even if gillespie loses the election by a couple of points
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you could argue he still won the campaign meaning he dictated the discussion at least in the last confuse weeks this campaign. that could give republicans around the country toa road map to run competitive races in areas where mr. trump isn't popular personally which right now is in a lot of places according to our new "wall street journal" poll of key counties that we tracked around the country that propelled trump to presidency a year ago. 50% say the country is worse off compared to 32% who say the country is better off since president trump has become president. if the democra-- >> ed gillespie, and donald trump, not much distance between them. gillespie won't stand up to donald trump because ed is standing right next to him. >> folks, northam's side has struggled at time. they have been slow to respond
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to gillespie's attacks, particularly those on crime and immigration. they are concern about the base's enthusiasm to vote for him. here's one of his supporters talking to us today. are you excited about northam or is it just that he's the democrat? >> actually i am not excited about him. it's purely a vote for the democratic party to make sure that there is driving force against the president. >> it's not what you would call enthusiastic there. on top of that, donna bra zil is dividing folks all across the country pretty much at the worse possible time. but frankly, if 2016 taught us anything it's that anything can happen on election night. joining me now is the democrat running to be the next governor of virginia, it's the current lieutenant governor, ralph north a.m. mr. lieutenant governor, first
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all, happy election day. >> thank you chuck. it's great to be with you. i hope you and your view remembers doing well. >> i appreciate you saying that. let me start with this. these last ten days this race have been pretty tough, pretty rough. has been some tough thing traded on both sides. is there anything -- do you accept some of the criticism that you haven't hit back at gillespie hard enough? >> well, we've hit back at him. and for mr. gillespie to run ads like the ms-13 ads ads saying i have supported gangs, ms-13 gangs. i am a physician i have taken care of sick children and their families for 25 years, i served in the united states army for eight years taking care of wounded soldiers during desert storm. the ads he is running are inaccurate, and they are despicable. it's unfortunate he has taken that direction. i'm proid proud of our team, we run a positive campaign, and it's resonating across virginia
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and we expect a good win tonight. >> a lot -- this 'em race seemed to be in a different place a month ago. he got aggressive. and it closed the race. why do you think that is? >> well, i think he is feeding right into what mr. trump has been talking about since he ran a race in '16 that was based on hatred and bigotry and discrimination and fear. but we've run a positive campaign. there's a lot of enthusiasm across virginia. our ticket is united. we have got great folks running statewide. great candidates running for house of delegate seats. we have seen a lot of enthusiasm, and we exempt a good victory tonight. >> i don't know if you heard one of your voters -- look, a vote counts no matter with whether they cost it enthusiastically or reluctantly. do you think the democratic primary campaign with pair yellow hurt you at all? does it dampen enthusiasm with
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those on sorts of the more progressive left of you? >> well, we ran a great campaign, tom and i both did. it was very civil. we talked a lot about progressive values and things that virginians care b. i think the stark contrast between our party and the republicans, the night of the primary, i mean, we were unified, tom endorsed me. he introduced me at various funks. and we have been working together very well. you know, the other side, corey stewart, and gillespie, they can't get on the same sheet of music. and even the president of this country right now, who mr. gillespie says he has a good relationship with, chose not to come into virginia and campaign with him. that's the first time that's happened since 1973. so they are in a state of disarray. we are unified. and that's why we are going to have a good night on the. >> well, there is former democratic governor that has not endorsed you, governor doug wilder. he was upset. he thinks your campaign or at least the party has not treated
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justin fairfax, the person running to replace you on the democratic side fairly enough. what do you say to governor wild better that? is he right about that? >> well governor wilder was great governor. he's a good friend of inmoo. he chose not to endorse others except for justin. that was his choice. i certainly respect that, chuck. >> are you worried at all that it's going to dampen enthusiasm with african-americans? >> well, we are very, very unified. and there has been a tremendous amount of african-american unity behind our ticket. as i said, we have a very strong ticket. and the candidate running to be attorney general, and fairfax, is he we are in good shape, unified and focused on a victory tonight. >> if you win tonight, what's mandate you take away? >> well, the mandate is that this country, and virginia, is looking for new direction. they are tired of the divisiveness. they are tired of the fear
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amongering that has come out of washington. and you know, chuck i'm glad to say i'm a doctor. it's going to take someone who can heal this country. i'm going to be on call for virginia for the next four years and look forward too it. >> i appreciate it. i know you are going off, doing more campaigning. be safe on the trail, and thank you for coming on with us. >> chuck encourage everybody. there is two hours left, encourage everybody to get out and vote. >> will do. we did invite ed gillespie also to come on and talk with us for a few minutes. i think he had some campaign issues get in the way. if it comes through we'll speak to him, too. joining me, the keeper of the crystal ball, larry sab doe. how is that for driving up the director of center of politics at the university of virginia. ly, did i boost your ego enough, buddy? >> my ego was shot last year, chuck. don't worry about it. >> you and me and a lot of other people, both. it's fascinating -- i want to talk about this -- the data
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points in one direction. there is no doubt about it. the data looks identical to me as it did four years ago when it looked like mccull off was going to win, traps cuccinelli was creeping up but it looked like mccullough was going to win. the data says the thing and everybody in our business doesn't believe it. why? >> for a couple of reasons. first is that it's pretty clear as you noted in interviewing ralph northam, the northam campaign simply hasn't fought back at least the way in modern times you have to fight back. you have to fight fire with fire. gillespie has had some of the toughest some would say nastiest ads i have seen in a long time. you have known ed gillespie for a long time, did you ever think he was a social issues person? i certainly didn't. i never saw him as a social issues crusader. but that's what he's focused on. confederate you stas, crime, immigration, things like that.
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look, northam was a day late and a dollar short, or his campaign was in responding to many of those charges. i think it's hurt him. he may still win. he ought to. everything is moving in the direct of the democrats. and if they lose this with donald trump being in the 30s in virginia they are in a world of hurt. >> what is it? is it a tactic -- would you blame -- somehow if gillespie wins is the issue tactics? is it candidate? is it a democratic party that still doesn't know what it is and -- knows what it isn't but doesn't know what it is? what would be your diagnosis? >> well, that's if he loses. i hate to am eyes races before we get the numbers. >> i know. >> but i want steve kornacki to tell us what the exit polls are actually saying. >> we are working on him. the bubbling, we are working on it. >> i want to hear it. because i haven't seen them. in any event, if he loses -- big if. if he loses i think it's going to say that democrats first of
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all are much better at turning out at rallies than they are at turning out at the polls. also, some happen stance. i think you know the rain up there has been heavy. >> yes, it has. >> and it's the only place where rain has been heavy. democrats can't win without a giant turnout in northern virginia. >> right. >> we have had a fall full of sunny beautiful warm days. you get to election day, cold, rainy, gray. maybe god is saying something. i don't know. >> that was quite -- i guess -- fur ed gillespie, you ordered up good weather for you. let me ask you this. down the ticket tonight do you expect first of all in the three statewide races do you expect them to move together? i have this one theory and it's mine but i'm curious what you think of it. i think vogel reasons ahead of gillespie in northern virginia. that's my gut. and that will tell us what do republican women in northern virginia do? right? they didn't vote in the democratic -- republican primary. many of them voted in the democratic primary but they
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certainly didn't turn out. the question is going to be, are they going to vote for gillespie, punish gillespie and perhaps vote for vogel. what do you make of that? >> i think that's a good gut choice. i think vogel is probably the person who has the best chance of winning. of course remember it depends on coattail. we live in a very polarized era. if northam ends up winning by more than a couple of points, probably the whole democrat ticket comes with him. the same is true in reverse. if it's really close, then the person with a lib more of an edge would be vogel. >> quickly, this delegate race. a lot of the national handy kap cappers are saying these clinton seats, the ones she carried, 17 of them, if democrats pick up six, eight, ten, that's a canary in the coal mine for the house for congress in 2018. a do you buy that? and b, are you watching it
2:15 pm
closelilike that? >> i'm watching it very closely. ten member of the house of delegates, that would put democrats over 40. she haven't been there in a long time. that's within shot of controlling if they get beyond jerry mannedered line. of course we read into every detail tonight as something important for 2018. i see nothing wrong with that. i see nothing wrong with that, chuck. i'm for it. >> and you run the center for politics for a reason, darn it. anyway, we are here to read a lot more into everything. larry sab doe as always sir fun to spend election day with you thank you. >> thank you, appreciate it. up next we will get our first look at the virginia exit poll numbers and what they might tell us about where the vote is headed. stay with us. this is a tomato tracked from farm to table on a blockchain, helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data
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welcome back. there's nothing like election day, even in an off year. we are just getting the first exit poll numbers from tonight's
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big race, the governor's race in virginia. we have exit polls in new jersey, too. frankly, even kornacki a new jersey guy will admit this isn't true. speaking of the guy, steve kornacki at the big board in new york with the first batch of exit poll numbers. kornacki, we are dropping new jersey for you today. >> i will never talk down new jersey but i respect the decision. >> i hear you. take it to the swing is it state virginia. >> first wave, more to come, numbers subject to change. one key question here was competition in this election so class divide like we talked about last year, white college grads, what kind of non-college. what share of the electorate. first wave, 43% of white college grads, remember, this is the group that democrats think they can do well with, non-college white, that has been the trump hard core base. down to 26 in the first wave. can also show you this. looming over all of this,
2:19 pm
obviously the president. what's his approval rating with these voters today. donald trump's approval rating first wave of the exits sits at 43% in virginia. comparison, last time there was a governor's race, 2013, barack obama his was at 46%. the democrat was just able to win in 2013. trump is a couple points lower than that. mccolo, the incumbent governor. how is he doing. 53% approval rating for the outgoing governor. that compares to where mcdonald was on his election day four years ago on his way out. and we talked about the trump strategy that ed gillespie was using. the issue we focused on. confederate ralt monuments. the issue, what should be done with confederate monuments on federal property. what should be done. gillespie was in touch with the
2:20 pm
public. 60% saying leave them in place. only 36% saying remove them. that's one of the other finding. we will see if these numbers change at all. that's a quick look at the start of the exit poll numbers. >> on the monument -- i have got to say it, we have got to change that yellow so we can see the 60 behind you. it's 60 to keep them in place. >> 60 to 36. >> that's why ralph northam never ran an ad that said take them down. well done, we can do this on the fly. >> improvise. we will see you a lot throughout this evening. thank you, sir. we'll be right back with the super sized panel. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement
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in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. discover card. i justis this for real?match, yep. we match all the cash back new cardmembers earn at the end of their first year, automatically. whoo! i got my money! hard to contain yourself, isn't it? uh huh! let it go! whoo! get a dollar-for-dollar match at the end of your first year. only from discover. i'm really disappointed with our president, and i feel like gillespie has been -- i also think he is going to do a really good job. we need more democrats. i have been a republican my entire life but i'm really stared for our country right now and i feel like i'm more of a
2:22 pm
democrat than a republican. >> i much respect northam and his past and what he has done for the country but i ten to lean republican. and i just felt -- i stared at the ballot for a while. but i went, as usual, with republican. >> wow. it's interesting, the pain that voters are expressing in this race. anyway, that was just a couple of virginia voters as they went to the polls today. let's bring in our panel, eugene robinson, danielle pletka plet and shane harris. welcome all. no offense to you guys, about they actually live in virginia so we have got to give danny and gene the first dibs here. >> we have been waiting for so long? so long, to come out as virginians. right? what is amazing i think both voters expressed something else. this isn't about northam and
2:23 pm
gillespie. people went in there making a decision about something else. >> right, for democrats they are talking about donald trump. and for republicans, well, they are talking a little bit about donald trump. and they are probably talking about the fact that they don't like mccollough very much. a report said northam had the personality of a boiled turnip. that was a problem for him. >> gillespie is not mr. charisma. i guess compared to northam he is more outgoing. >> these are not charismatic candidates. >> i would say they would have been great in the 1970s. >> exactly. also after the campaign, you felt like taking a shourmt i mean -- taking a shower. it was awful and brutal and made you feel dirty some of these
2:24 pm
attack ads. i think virginians are happy that it's over. >> yeah. >> and i think some of the first exit poll numbers, to me, seem to reflect something of an edge of intensity on the democratic side. >> right. >> just people just out there to make a point, to say something about -- >> is it really intensity if the democrats win in verge by the same margin that hillary clinton won? >> i am of the win is a win sort of persuasion. >> sure. >> if democrats win they get to crow, we won. if they lose, even if it's just by a little bit, and even if they say northam doesn't have charisma or whatever, they lose it is a big problem for the democrats. >> you do live in the d.c. media market which means you have been -- you had the same front row seat as the rest of us who actually reside in the state of virginia. it's ridiculous.
2:25 pm
we get to watch a campaign in the way we don't normally get to do from washington. at this point hasn't gillespie won the campaign even though he he may not win the election in that it is now the blueprint for the gop. >> the most striking number i saw with steve kornacki up there is whether or not -- and then you get to the confederate question, and it's like 20, 30, 40% different. and you think to yourself, this is where president trump continues to stay on these issues, because it's something that people feel they can give an answer very quickly. it's either you love them or hate them. i think gillespie was smart to use that but not put donald trump in his state. >> that question frame, there is only one person putting that frame out there. that's the ed gillespie frame, keep them up or tear them down. ironically, i think northam is
2:26 pm
trying to have this nuanced. keep them ut up or, or put them in a museum. that isn't how vote remembers framing the question. certainly not how ed gillespie framed it with voters. that tooems seems to be the democratic problem with dealing with cultural issues. >> those that lead to nuance. t even if glispy doesn't win people are going to use that as a tool again. >> democrats are going to run away from the issue. >> exactly. you saw that with northam not wanting to touch it. now based on the exit poll we see why. >> democrats have an issue when it comes to lining up with their base. the democrats base are like what do you mean you are running away from it? you you don't want to talk about the cultural history of america? i think democrats are in this weird place where the people who are elect ready in a completely different place than their base that's calling for impeachment and all this stuff isn't going to work in med terms.
2:27 pm
>> glispy figured out how to unite at least the ones that are uncomfortable with where the republican base is and is trying to keep those votes together. democrats haven't figured out how the bridge the divide. there are going to be progressives who say hey, ed is punching you in the face, you don't punch back. why don't you fight and make the case for tearing down the memorials and then you will see where the numbers go. >> i'm sure you will hear that regardless of the outcome. democrats have to figure out how to win elections. they haven't been winning enough elections. >> our pointed on the op ed page. >> they will look at what northam did and didn't do. that will be one model. then i think they will go out and try other models in otheris plastic. i'm not sure for example, that democrats will be able to afford to run away from the monuments issue where it is an issue. it won't be a issue in a of the lot of country. where it is an issue it's going
2:28 pm
to be hard to tell the democratic base sorry. >> let me bring up a wedge issue where i think democrats are in a weird trap. immigration. essentially the democrats are finding themselves as the party of open borders, not any immigration security, which is -- i don't think that's the official position. but democrats haven't figured out how to both balance what the latino coalition wants to hear with what wins elections. >> i would suggest you fight it back. >> isn't the real problem that the democratic party doesn't really know what the democratic base actually thinks? when you talk about a 60% number you are talking about democrats and republicans in virginia, all of whom agree 2-1. >> that's a big number. >> that's not just the democratic base. that's really the problem. it is a disconnect between the party and the people. because the people don't support this open borders idea. they just don't. >> i was struck by what ralph northam said when he said what is going to be your message if
2:29 pm
you win? he said the country needs a new direction. >> the country? what about the state of virginia. >> one is the state of virginia. and two you are saying we are not going to be trump. which is exactly what the democrats will tell you is not going to be their message in the mid terms. that's what ralph northam said. i have not met a democratic who can tell me they are running on something other than the fact they are not donald trump. >> if you did a yes/no on northam and most democrats actual position which is that it should be left to local jurisdictions to decide whether to leave them up or take them down -- >> how do you make that ad? >> that's a tougher ad to make. >> right. >> but they are supposed to be professional politicians. so -- >> [ laughter ] >> we will take a pause here. eugene, danielle, shane, stay with us. our special election coverage continues here on "mtp daily," and all night long on msnbc. so you know, stick around.
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disasters spark major change in this country and trajs lead congress to take a lot of action. except when it comes to one subject. guns. we are going to walk you through that and try to answer the question why. that's next. what started as a passion...
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i wonder if you would consider extreme vetting for people trying to buy a gun? >> trying to what? >> buy a gun. >> well, you are bringing up a situation that probably shouldn't be discussed too much right now. we could let a little time go by. >> well, that was president trump there responding to a question about gun control while in seoul, south korea once again saying he believed it was too soon to talk about gun regulations in the wake of yet another mass shooting. why isn't this the time? let's think about it. all kinds of disasters and tragedies is when we have talked about new regulations. the oklahoma city bombing, led to regulation on the sale of fertilizer, on exxon valdez oil spill it led to congress imposing more regulations on oil tankers. in the gulf, even more restrictions were put on oil companies and how gas and oil permits were given out. of course 9/11 brought us the
2:38 pm
department of homeland security as a new regulatory agency and tsa. we all know how that is. anyone who has been to a u.s. airport in the last 16 years knows how many security measures are in place. each after last week's truck attack in new york the conversation turned almost immediately to policy questions about immigrant visas. we could debate whether any of those regulations actually worked but when it comes to guns we don't even agree to start talking about new regulations. this is a political question. let's bring backan tonight's panel. danny i'll start with you on this. we don't even want to have the conversation. there isn't a do something. with every one of those other incidents there was a do something and congress felt they had to do something. i'm not saying any of those were good ideas. some of them didn't work out so well. that aside, we are not even in a
2:39 pm
situation where we want to have a do something conversation. >> but we have had innumerable national conversations about gun control. >> but we have never done anything. >> in the wake of these incidents. that's not true. we have much broader gun checks than we have had in the past. >> where. >> people now have waiting periods that they didn't have in the past. it has become harder. again. this is not, i don't want to make excuses for people who say we shouldn't have guns. but the political answer, not the substantive answer is the reason we don't have this conversation is because the american people don't want more stringent gun laws, period. >> some of them do though. some of them do. you look at polls. and people want more universal background checks than we have now. people are open to an assault weapons ban. gun owners and the nra and the republican party are not open to these things.but the population at large is open to these things. >> barack obama was president for eight years and controlled
2:40 pm
the congress. >> right. >> where from the gun control laws then? those are are the delts, not nra or the republican party. >> congress is where stuff goes to die. >> that's another argument. >> it doesn't even get there. we don't even talk about enforcing the rules we have and making them effective. why didn't his name make it from the air force onto the list that would have been prevented him from buying guns because we are not serious about gun control. >> i would look at that as a citizen and say shame, you know, government, even when you ask them to do something it's not as if the law is going to get enforced so why bother. >> right, i'm surprised people aren't more concerned about this. this was a major egregious failing on the on the part of our bureaucracy, the military is supposed to report that name. we have mechanisms in place because we have agreed we can live with that, the background checks and the watch list and the data sharing and all the things that go along with that.
2:41 pm
that didn't happen here. and more than two dozen people were killed. that is more than a bureaucratic snafu. that's an egregious lack of enforcement for which there is no real call for accountability right now. >> i don't get that. where is the -- it doesn't seem to be outrage. it's more of like i'm not surprised. >> i covered newtown, and i remember going to funeral after funeral and thinking there is going to be some sort of conversation about gun control after this. there was a smul conversation about it but there was nothing that happened. and i remember thinking then that if people see 6-year-old inside caskets and senators and the nra still say more guns not less guns would make our country safer then there is essentially this idea that republicans i think really do believe that if you put more guns in places people are going to be more safe. >> let me put up mike huckabee. i have a tweet from about an hour ago. where is it. >> texas killer was liberal atheist stopped by christian nra
2:42 pm
instructor with privately owned firearm when existing laws failed to stop him. >> no word on the fact that he killed himself. >> liberal and christian is disconcerting. >> it's disconcerting. >> dumb. >> it's dumb. yaepd the pale. >> that's how the gun debate gets turned into this. >> but mike huckabee doesn't speak for all decent law-abiding americans. >> no. >> his daughter is the spokesperson of the president of the united states. >> you know, nonetheless, the we do not believe in corruption of the blood here in the united states. at least the founding fathers told me that. but you can call it at bureaucratic snafu. you can call it an egregious mistake. the bottom line is there was a law in place to prevent this from happening and it didn't. what are people saying. no, we had a law, but now we need more laws. you can understand why that isn't a persuasive argument when our existing laws aren't being well enforced and the bureaucracy isn't living up to
2:43 pm
their standards. >> but that would be fine if people who make that argument would then join with us to enforce those laws. now, we have a perfect registry of every automobile in this country, right? you drive past a speed camera they know immediately who you are. they know where you live, they will send you the ticket. if you don't pay it, they will double it. >> no constitutional right to that car. >> i know, i know. but the point is, we can do these sort of big things. >> refuse too. >> there are about as many guns as cars in this country. we can do it. >> i also think when i was watching -- >> all right. >> go ahead. >> last point. >> when i was watching president trump today and he was making his argument that he was essentially stopped by someone with a gun, i thought he killed himself. there was not a big gun fight and he was not stopped. there needs to be a fact check on how it was stopped.
2:44 pm
>> the narrative with mike huckabee and the president is a little bit off the rails. i'm going the pause the conversation, and we are going to turn back to election day. stick with us. on election day, our favorite campaign moments from 70 years of" meet the press". ♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. the morning walk until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. even if you reach your a1c goal you are still at risk for heart attack or stroke. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease.
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2:46 pm
presidential campaigns. we have had a lot of candidates on the show over the years. take a look. >> the presidential campaign is entering its final three weeks. >> and the next administration, if i should be elected president. >> i select the best men i could get if my life expect apartmentsy is not what i hope it will be. >> most vice presidents don't do very much, even at that. >> well, now, i don't know how much of a southerner he is. he's from texas and when he's out in my country he talks like a westerner. whens' down in alabama, he says y'all. >> never have you had a woman seriously run informing the presidency. >> if you get beat by george wallace, is your campaign ended? >> there is no way that my campaign would end short of death or inability to function. >> ms. ferraro, could you push the nuclear button? >> i can do whatever is necessary in order to protect the sturt security of this country. >> you want to be president? >> do i. >> do you have the republican
2:47 pm
nomination pretty well locked up? >> i don't think so. i hope so, but i don't think so. >> do you take ralph nader's challenge seriously? >> i don't take a single vote for on the grad, tim. >> george bush has no record to run on. he has a record to run away from. >> will you serve your full six-year term as u.s. senator from illinois? >> absolutely. you know, a little -- some of the hype has been a little overblown. >> do sarah palin and i disagree on a specific issue. >> yeah, because we are both mavericks. >> where do you think things are. >> wing we are making real progress. >> i'm going to keep focus on donald trump because i will be the nominee. >> the show is trump, and it has sold out 3678ances everywhere. >> and it has been for a long time. walgreens. we make it easy to seize the day, so you can get more out of life and medicare part d. just walk right in for savings that will be the highlight of your day.
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2:50 pm
least 20 points better than myth romney. base republican counties on steroids for trump. and then those counts that flipped from being obama konsz in 2012 to trump counties in 2016. what our poll found is that plu think america is worse off now than when trump became president compared to 32% that say the country is better off to 26% feel it is about the same. the panel is back. look, this is the, the back ground music of all of this is trump. it is the story. it does seem to be a trump phenomenon now more than it is a republican phenomenon. the question we're finding out is when are those two things merging? >> right. and maybe the tactics, it is less of a test of can you ride
2:51 pm
trump's success more than trumpisms. is he creating an environment where people are drawing from that. the poll numbers on that nbc "wall street journal" poll can't be good news for the president when you see the core starting to soften. and there is a hard core at the center but things are starting to -- >> let me give folks a sense of, in these counties, so people can see. 48% approve of him in these counties. 50% disapprove. the sail counties where 50% approved in july. these in general, a better trump territory and yet the perception of this presidency is still not getting there. >> essentially it is because he gave people this promise and made this promise their lives would be better. not that he would pass certain policies. people being on the campaign trail, they couldn't say, he'll make my taxes better or my health care better. what them is i'll be better overall.
2:52 pm
america will be a better place. one, that's hard to do. then you start seeing the details of the failures, health care, tax reform being late, infrastructure not talked about. that's where you see the softening. what did we actually sign up for? >> now, this is not exactly, they're not satisfied with trump. they're not running toward him either. barack obama still fairly popular. 48-37. bernie sanders, positive. look at hillary clinton. 23-60. >> and he continues to campaign against her. >> there's a little. >> you know, people in the trump counties didn't like hillary clinton. that's clear. the number so far that has jumped out at me is that 32% think things are better since trump became better.
2:53 pm
that 32% looks like the 32% that -- that's his rock solid core that hasn't eroded. and that will be there for the foreseeable future. >> but this is the trap for the democrats. we see the same thing again and again and again. if they think everything is about donald trump. if the democrats think serving about donald trump, they're going to lose. if you want to entice voters away, you have to offer them something. trump offered they will something and they're going to give him a chance. the economy is improving. they're going to give him a chance. >> you brought up, you can't just be not trump. the hillary number shows that. the little clips we ran of the candidates. i'm going to focus donald trump because i'll be the nominee. her campaign was all about trump. >> and it was never clear what her message was. and people said that during the campaign. it was borne out in the end. the numbers are not fleeing to democrats.
2:54 pm
what's the message? trump is always selling something and people are still buying it. >> we have a couple minutes left and we have all sorts of, not anecdotal, actually statistical. fairfax county and arlington county. they're the heart and soul of the northern virginia vote when you hear about it. you have both been shocked by the numbers. fairfax and arlington, more people have voted already in both of those counties than voted in 2013. obvious lay good sign for northam. >> it looks like a lot of people went out despite the rain and the cold to send a message. and i think this is more about donald trump than the direction of the country. >> we don't know what the down state turnout is. it could be big numbers. we shouldn't assume anything yet. >> i did. i would say we are in the saturation donald trump zone. where the three of us live, this
2:55 pm
is all we live and breathe every day. so no doubt it is driving up numbers. >> i think the northern virginia audience is a unique audience. it cannot be duplicated in any other state or race in the country. and democrats ought to be wary. if northam wins on the power of this -- >> you should not overinterpret this lesson. this is a unique corridor. the lessons you have here are not necessarily applicable on a broad spectrum. >> i have a lot of friends in ohio. i've seen on my facebook page but unless conversations. people who never talked about politics. they knew when comey was testifying. there's this idea that others are saturated, too. >> you're right. aid friend from out west ask me about the virginia governor. >> i still believe it.
2:56 pm
>> we will be watching one other thing tonight. the house of delegates. should we care that much? if there is eight, ten, a day, that's the canary in the coal mine? >> i don't know if i would go that far. i think it is significant. if democrats pick up ten, that would be a pretty big deal. >> especially in these races. the candidates themselves. if they're just picking party, people would be surprised. all right, guys. happy election day. happy birthday. >> we'll be right back maybe something you missed.
2:57 pm
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that's all the for tonight. we'll be back with more for "mtp daily." we'll cover election night all night long. this is ari's hole stame state washington. >> it is watched some of your program as we were prepping over here. i felt like reading between lines without saying anything we can't say before polls close, there's skepticism about virginia. what is your take? >> i think democrats woke up nervous. my guess is they're looking at turnout numbers right now at these early exits and feeling slightly better. but you know what? exit polls have been known to overstate in the first two waves. i would sit back and enjoy the results as they come i


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