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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 9, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that's our broadcast for tonight. that you answered for being here with us and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. saying there's one person not at fault, president trump. >> plus the president continues trip across asia and lavishes praise during stop in china. new allegations against kevin spacey. boston mother says adult son was assaulted by the actor back in 2016. good morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. alongside yasmin vossoughian. surprise gains for the
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democrats. few ominous signs. most unsure. chairman john mccain said unless we get our act together, we're going to lose heavily. senate colleagues felt differently. >> i don't think it was any surprise that the democratic won the election over there. i think the probably would surprise people was the margin. how much the president played into it? is this going to be the pundits are going to debate that. >> democratic party in this election was more energized. looks to me than the republican voter. why that is, i don't know. >> a lot of them is saying it's because of the president. >> maybe. maybe not. >> are we seeing the president potentially be a drag here on his party. >> i don't know. i've got a hearing to go to. >> is the president going to be drag on republicans next equal. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. i think if he had gotten more involved in these races, it might have turned the other way. >> the question is whether we
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produce the result and reverse the trend next year. >> are you aerodynamic about next year. >> no, i like a good fight. >> senator tom till lis of north carolina had this, we've got to be rhinos. republicans in need of. virginia, new jersey, elsewhere, does that change your reading of the current political moment and of the urgency surrounding tax reform. >> doesn't change my reading of the current moment. emphasis my rieading of the current moment. this puts more pressure on making sure we follow through. i adore ed gillespie. i feel bad he lost. i think it simply means we have to deliver. >> after the president said in a tweet tuesday night the republican candidate did not embrace what i stand for, the chairwoman of the republican national committee claimed that
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democratic ralph northam won because he embraced trump. >> i think what's very interesting with the virginia race, ralph northam started running ads saying i'm going to work with this president. d sa to see him gain traction. he moved the needle by saying i'm going to work with this president. >> also said she felt republican ed gillespie embrace the president as well. not sure how that happened. >> president trump stayed away from domestic politics while on overseas trips with one exception to mark the anniversary of the 2016 election. tweeting a photo and some advisers congratulations to all the deplorables and the millions of people who gave us a mass iv victory. last night steve bannon spoke out in interview on the radio and at the michigan republican party unity dinner to say the
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president was not responsible for republican losses a year later. >> they're trying to say last night was a referendum on donald trump. true or false. >> false. this agenda is what america needs now to rebuild their future. it's a winning ticket. >> so let's compare that with
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just 48 hours before the election when bannon told the "new york times" that ed gillespie has closed an enthusiasm gap by rallying around the trump agenda. the big lesson for tuesday is in gillespie's case, show the way forward. joining us now from washington, daniel litman. two days later and everyone is still asking what happened in virginia with virginia a sign perhaps the democratic strategy is now working. they have a path for 2018 are or voters turning away from trump. how do you slice this. >> combination of both. you have the afteraffects of a year or two or three of trump's harsh rhetoric that has divided the country. really driven democrats to finally show up to the polls, don't ignore the election day. stick it to trump. that's what they thought on tuesday. and they particularly lost, the
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republicans lost the suburbs. same suburbs that voted for trump in some numbers last year. so they'll have to redouble the efforts to try to win back moderate voters for next year. that's going to be hard. you're caught in a catch 22. do you go after the trump base or do you become more moderate if you're an endangered republican. >> a lot of democrats trying to scratch their heads strategy forward. maintain momentum. let's turn to tax reform quickly. house speaker paul ryan setting a floor vote for tax reform by the thanksgiving break. does the bill have a chance of passing here? >> it still has a chance, but the -- there's going to be a lot of twisters and turns during this process. if you lose people like darrell, very conservative republican from orange county california who said that raising taxes on anyone is a nonstarter, in particular the state local tax
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deduction getting rid of. they'll have to address those concerns if they have any chance of getting this done. there's a lot of pressure on them. it's not a done teal in any stretch of the imagination. >> nothing ever is. daniel litman. president trump is in china, third leg of five nation asia trip. literally rolled out the red carpet on what beijing is calling a state visit plus. overnight trump tweeted his thanks for the quote incredible and truly memorable and impressive welcome he received. you may recall on the campaign trail, remarked can't continue to let china rape our country and china has taken advantage of us like nobody in history. yesterday during multiple meetings, trump struck a far different tone and said placed the blame squarely back home. >> discussing trade with the united states, knowing that the united states really has to
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change its policies because they've gotten so far behind on trade with china. and frankly with many other countries. and i have great respect for you for that. because you representing china, but it's too bad that past administrations allowed it to get so far out of kilter. >> let's go now live to beijing china. nbc news correspondent joining us. trump has had what appears to be a warm welcome by the public so far, but especially considering those who past comments as well. how has he been received behind the scenes. >> reporter: good morning. it is even you now in beijing. president is at the great hall of the people for another state dinner. this is a part of the over the top display of pageantry and
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colorful difference shown to trump. in return provided very glowing words for president xi. a lot of work behind the scenes talking about trade and economy. those are serious talks. china and the united states have agreed to a big package of u.s. based companies being able to do business in china. that's one specific thing the president can point to. also trying to get the president of china to help him on the issue of north korea. they are in public on the same page. saying that north korea must not be able to move forward with its nuclear program, but because the two presidents appeared in public with no questions from reporters, just a joint statement, it's hard to discern what specific things they are going to actually do beyond the u.n. resolutions and some of the economic em banks issues that china has agreed to take on.
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he also said president trump was being a bit tongue and cheek when he no longer blames china for the trade imbalance and said it's still under consideration having a meeting with vladimir putin at the apex summit in vietnam with president trump goes next. however, the kremlin is saying there's already a meeting scheduled on the books. president trump hinted he would be willing to meet with putin as well. >> we will have to wait and see if that happens. there's a new bombshell allegation against oscar winning actor kevin spacey. nbc kate snow sat down with her and has her story. i'm here not as a journalist today, but as a mom. >> heather says her son was a busboy in nantucket in the summer of 2016. when he was introduced to kevin spacey. he was very excited. he was texting his girlfriend.
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couldn't believe he was sitting at the bar talking to kevin spacey. >> in our interview, she said her 18-year-old son told spacey he was over 21 and spacey bought him drinks. a lot of drinks. >> it wasn't until kevin spacey put his hand inside his pants that he really knew he was in trouble. >> he said he didn't consent to that. >> absolutely not. absolutely there was no consent. >> it didn't just happen once. >> no. and he was frozen. he just panicked. >> she says spacey was insisting her son go to a private party, but when spacey went to the bathroom, a woman intervened. >> she told him to run. and that's what he did. >> she says he ran to his grandmothers and woke his sister telling her everything. >> your phone rings. >> my phone rings. >> what time, middle of the night. >> middle of the night and he
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says to me, mom, kevin spacey tried to rape me. that's the hardest phone call i've ever taken. >> that's a tough question, but did you want to report it. >> i did. >> but your son wasn't ready. >> he wasn't ready. he was definitely very embarrassed about it. and he was afraid. i mean, who is going to believe an 18-year-old kid. >> he is still afraid, she says. spacey's attorneys have not responded to nbc news's repeated request for comment. last statement a representative gave to nbc news was spacey was seeking treatment. >> we know the truth. and the truth will come out. >> kate snow, nbc news, boston. >> very troubling report there. thanks to kate snow for the powerful report. >> we have also learned that
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kevin spacey will be replaced from the upcoming film all the money in the world. his scenes will be reshot with veteran actor christopher plumber. still ahead, one major take away from this week's offyear election. issue of health care. look at how it played out across the country. president obama reports for jury duty. those stories and more when we come back.
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barack obama may have had a powerful excuse to postpone jury duty when he was summoned no 2010. this time around, not so much. this was the scene as the 49th prosecute of the united states reported downtown for jury duty. a lot of mayhem. still be seen by throngs of people rushing to take a photo through a glass door. scene inside much more controlled. >> stay seated. >> how is everybody doing. >> nice to see you. >> that's okay. stay seated. >> hello, mr. president. thanks everybody for serving out
2:18 am
the jury. or at least being willing to. good to see you. how are you all doing. this looks like chicago right here. >> how can you tell if you're campaigning a little bit. >> liked how the police or whoever it was stay man, man, stay seated. >> he's like that's okay. he's shaking hands. >> quite an entourage for another juror to walk in like that. >> he was the dismissed, but still gets $17s for showing up. spokeswoman said he will donate. following george w. bush also called for jury duty back in 2004. opera was seated on a chicago jury that found a man guilty of murder. >> it is a serious responsibility to get called. let's switch gears for a moment and get a check check on the weather with bonnie snider. >> getting colder in the northeast. >> it sure is. winter weather we were wait r for is finally getting here. notice the rain.
2:19 am
also looking at snow where it's cold enough for it. particularly into northern michigan. that's where temperatures are cold enough for snow. see heavy amounts of the northern part of the state. let's take a look at the forecast for those cold temperatures as we look for high pressure plunging south and cold air coming on with it. it's going to be about 20 degrees colder nor cities like business mark and dloout today. hi -- deloout today. we look towards the weekend. improvement is expected. get tchl temperatures closer t normal. cooler weather for now is here to stay. >> what a quick two week swing. let's switch gears and go
2:20 am
back to politics for a moment. take away from the 2017 election is how pivotal the issue of health care proved to be. 4-10 voters said it was the most important issue for them. more than double the second top issue. in maine came out to improve medicaid expansion with 59% of the vote. yesterday, defiant la page said in a statement he will not implement the expansion until the legislator funds it. cutting advertising by 90%. obamacare sign yumming more than doubled during the first day. according to tracking weapon site. >> senator rand paul on a long
2:21 am
road to recovery after friday's attack outside the house. tweeted the incident left him with six broken ribs and a plural effusion which is a buildup of fluid around the long. also has labored breathing. paul's neighbor, renee boucher was arrested after assaulting paul outside of his home in kentucky. the motive behind the attack is still unclear. although boucher's attorney says it was not politically motivated. charged with fourth degree assault may face more serious charges due to extent of injuries. scheduled to appear in court later today. >> very troubling report. when it first happened it didn't make a lot of headlines. the severity of the condition is really raising a lot of questions. still ahead the latest on the recruiting scandal that has swept college basketball. on the court. celtics try for tenth in a row. next in sports.
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welcome back, everyone. time now for sports. new developments in the ncaa scandal. further indictments reveal a pay to pay culture in college basketball. rick pitino had knowledge of payments to players. fired earlier this month denied any wrongdoing. in nfl headlines, jerry jones has reportedly threatened to sue the league over negotiations to
2:25 am
extend roger goodell's contract. siting three people with direct knowledge of the situation hired attorney last week although now lawsuit has actually been filed yet. the bad blood between jones and goodell is derived from the dallas owners frustration over the suspension of elliot. let's turn now to nba. celtics one nine straight heading into last night's game. second quarter we go. marcus smart makes a no look behind the back pass to o jay who makes the nice reverse layup. drawing the foul for 1. kyrie irving put on dribbling clinic. making the nice spin move. bearing the mid range shot. irving would have 19 points on the night. celtics go onto beat the lakers, 107-96. winning tenth straight game. still ahead, one democratic congressman seems to have a christmas wish and takes aim at
2:26 am
the trump white house. plus, robert muellers russia probe continues, federal judge issued a gag order in the case against paul manafort and rick gates. we have those details coming up next. helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. ♪ ♪ trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. actor kevin spacey facing new accusations of sexual assault. says spacey allegedly groped her son last year.
2:30 am
son filed a particularity last week. represents have not responded to nbc news request for comment. >> racial slurs found outside the dorm room in september was written by one of those students according to the academy. one of the cadets admits to writing the message and no longer a student at the prep school. trump administration formerly ruled out restrictions on american travel and trade with cuba. under the new rules estimate visits to cuba will no longer be allowed. u.s. citizens will again have to travel as part of groups licensed by the treasury department for specific purposes. americans also will be barred from hotels, restaurants and stores if the state department has determined own buy or benefit members of the cuban government. >> let's go back overseas where president trump is in china and perhaps influenced by what he calls the incredible and truly memorable and impressive welcome he received. for what he called a trade imbalance. trade between china and the
2:31 am
united states has not been over the last many, many years a very fair one for us. right now, unfortunately, it is a very one sided and unfair one, but, but i don't blame china. afterall, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens. i give china great credit, but in actuality, i do blame past administrations for allowing this out of control trade deficit to take place and to grow. >> all right. joining us once again live from beijing, nbc white house correspondent, kelly o'donnell. good to have you back with us.
2:32 am
quite a reverse course from what the president previously said about the relationship with china. >> reporter: good morning, ayman. almost head snapping in how different the tone is. through all of his remarks, he was very critical about the problems between the united states and china over the trade relationships and the fact that u.s. companies want to be able to do more business in the china market and have been unable to do so and he does not seem pleased with where things are. perhaps it is being here in the country and the guest of president xi and enjoying two days of pomp and ceremony, and, in fact, tonight, right now, it's evening in beijing. they're at a state dinner in the president's honor. perhaps there is some personal relationship that caused him to say this. it is certainly quite different from candidate trump who for many occasions talked about china causing great economic harm to the united states. sos that is a very notable difference.
2:33 am
the president did talk in very strong terms about the problems between the two countries, but not blaming china was certainly notable. secretary of state rex tillerson talking to reporters earlier saying he thought it was tongue and cheek and didn't think the president meant he didn't really blame china. central to the meeting is the conversation about north korea. tillerson says between the u.s. and china, there's no daylight. it's unclear about what specific things the presidents were able to agree on. pump referenced the u.n. resolutions and some banking measures. china can take against north korea, but he wants president xi east help to try to stop north korea from the nuclear weapon's program. >> live in beijing china, thank you. a year and a day after the 2016 election, continues to be new developments in the probe of russian interference in the campaign. in the case of former top trump aides paul manafort and rick gates, judge put a gag order in place of all parties for
2:34 am
potential witnesses making public statements that could impact the outcome. neither side objected. meanwhile, bbc reports george papadopoulos who pleaded guilty to lying to investigations about russian interference had a meeting with a member of the british foreign office in 2016. despite the white house's description of him as a low level volunteer. former trump campaign manager cory ey lewandowski denied last march he granted carter page permission to go to russia or ever having a conversation with him says his memory has been refreshed after carter page told business insider on tuesday about another trump adviser, you might want to remind him of reality. tell him to look up the e-mail i sent to him. cory and someone else on june 19, 2016. cory replied first, here's lewandowski on tuesday night. >> you have to remember in the context of the campaign world, now my memory has been refreshed, but to be clear, from
2:35 am
what i understand and what i recall, that e-mail was sent on june 19 of 2016 so about 18 months ago and also happened to be father's day on a sunday and also happened to be the day prior to be being terminated from the campaign. so with all due respect, there were many other things on my mind that day other than trying to understand why a volunteer was telling me he may or may not travel outside of the country. >> in retrospect, you remember getting that from him. >> i recall seeing that e-mail. been brought to my attention. i didn't recall it at the time. >> taking a page out of kellyanne conway's book i have to say. speaking on the house floor yesterday, in second formal call to impeach. green said momentum is building for the measure. introduced articles of impeachment against trump on october 11. accusing the president of inciting whitism, sexism.
2:36 am
bigotry. green has not indicted how he would plan to force a vote. democratic leaders said they do not support the move to impeach at this time. spoke at a unity dinner, steve bannon shared his idea to bring unity to the party. >> the house voted on 180 bills that the senate has not taken up, including many bills would be a very difficult vote for joe mansion, claire, other red state democrats that we need to take down in 2018. mitch mcconnell's refused to do it. i'm to the point to think mitch mcconnell to really bring unity to the republican party and get things done, mitch mcconnell ought to tender his resignation. offer to resign as soon as taxes are done. mitch mcconnell tomorrow should
2:37 am
tender his registratisignation after we get tags taxes done, i'll step aside and have a revote. >> in an interview bannon accused house speaker and mitch mcconnell of trying to nullify votes. asked in an interview if the republican party has to choose between siding with the free trade and immigration reform policies of former president george w. bush or with the approach of trump. take a listen. >> is it going to be a choice for republicans, bush or trump? >> we already made that choice. we're with trump. we made that choice. that's a chase we made at the beginning of the year. we merged our agendas. we ran on a joint agenda with donald trump. we got together with donald trump when he was president elect trump and walked through what is it we want to accomplish in the next two years. we agreed on that agenda. processing that agenda. >> set to release tax reform
2:38 am
proposal today differ sharply from the one put forward by the house. the senate plan is expected to eliminate deductions for state and local taxes. stop short of repealing the estate tax. meanwhile house republicans have gutted part of their plan to crack down on corporate tax avoidance. pu putting the plan even more overbudget. the diverging house and senate plans further complicate goal oaf passing comprehensive tax reform by the end of the year. >> joining us from washington once again is politico daniel litman. c co-author of politicos playbook. called on mitch mcconnell to unify the party effectively by asking him to resign after he puts forth a tax reform bill. is bannon's strategy of targets mitch mcconnell working? he's been going at it for several months with the senate majority leader. >> last i checked.
2:39 am
steve bannon is not a member of the senate. not really his choice to make. mcconnell still has the support of his chamber. they know that it's a very tough job that he has to deal with president trump and to deal with democrats and house republicans. so bannon is going to keep saying this. that doesn't mean that mitch mcconnell is going to step aside any time soon. that job is not an easy one. very few people would want that right now in the trump era. >> let's talk tax reform here: going to reveal altered plan today. from what i understand the president reaching across the aisle from abroad to make a phone call to get bipartisan support. voicing the fact he didn't necessarily like the house bill the way it was. you think they're going to get bipartisan support on this considering the president's move. >> i don't think there are many senate democrats eager to support trump right now. especially after tuesday. and this new senate bill while
2:40 am
there are some provisions that democrats would like better than the house bill, it's still is going to be branded by democrats a big give away to the rich and corporations. and the mood among senate democrats is not to help out the rich and so it's kind of a stretch to see many senate -- many senate democrats to support that. you could get a few moderate members if it looks like it's going to pass. >> let me switch gears real quick and ask about newc barack obamabo out. pretty staggering numbers when you look at it. savings is less than cbo estimate last december. do you think in any way this makes tieing obamacare to tax reform politically worth it for republicans. >> i don't think that would be a smart strategy politically
2:41 am
because they already kind of dodge the bullet by not removing health care from 20 million americans when the obamacare repeal failed. so they're desperate to look for revenue because this is such a big tax bill. and so they're trying to find billions here and billions there. it doesn't seem like there's a lot of support among senate republicans for this. look at susan collins of maine. maine expanded medicaid and this would hurt that effort. >> daniel litman live for us in washington, d.c. vice president pence trav traveled to small texas town. he and second lady karen pence met with survivors. heros and law enforcement officials. the vice president also stopped at a school library to meet with relatives of those killed. offering hugs and words of support. then last night, when first
2:42 am
baptist and church of the cross nation typically hold wednesday night bienl stble study. the vice president attend add prayer service where he spoke of faith in tough times. >> seems like too often we hear of another tragedy. another sense of violence against the innocent. in these times, i expect it's easy for some to lose heart. as the good people of sutherland springs taught the nation this week, faith is the anecdote. the fare aear and despair. >> we're told about 3,000 people attended the service to remember the 26 people killed. >> still ahead, house majority steve scalice finds a new use for the scooter he's had after being shot. how he's making the most of having the use of the vehicle to get around capitol hill.
2:43 am
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safe to say an arctic blast is working its way across the crown try. >> it sure is. teens and 20s. stormy down south. looking for snow in the upper areas of michigan. rain for a good portion of the southeast traveling today. interior sections of new england facing snow. that's where the air is cold. switching gears to the west coast, wet weather for northern california. much of oregon. particularly on the eastern side of the state. take a look at the storm coming through. look for rounds of rain and mountain snow and getting a break friday and saturday. i think a lot of that is beneficial. looking at temperatures today. here's that cold air we're facing. minneapolis, high temperature is 23 degrees. all the pink you see here. going to push further to the
2:47 am
east for tomorrow. see big changes for tomorrow. where those numbers are dropping. highs only in the 30s and new york city and in boston and hartford and providence, 42 high with sunshine. washington still mild across the south. again, turning a lot colder as we go into the second week of november. >> 85 in phoenix. >> cool for them. >> whoever says being a member of congress is all work and no play, take a look. ♪ you got to love that. scalice posted this video to twitter yesterday. him challenging fellow republican congressman sam johnson to a scooter race. there they go. on capitol hill. johnson's scooter looks a little many r. >> may
2:48 am
>>. >> maybe the best shot. >> she's been using a scooter since he was severely injured in the baseball shooting in june. johnson uses the vehicle to navigate the halls of congress. in the end, there could only be one winner, everybody. and it was johnson. >> johnson's scooter was no joke. you have to love the video of them. >> imagine if you're a tour skpis yist and you see that happening. >> massive data breaches at their companies. less than warm welcome they received from lawmakers receiving answers. >> mega merger facing a potenti potential roadblock. details on that story coming up next. tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever,
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all right. welcome back t. currents and former ceos of ewhich fax, equi. want answers. >> reporter: formeria 82 ceo marissa mayer first quiet on capitol hill. what do you hope to tell consumers out there? should they be confident in the product? >> reporter: inside they were all answers. >> i want to sincerely apologize to each and every one of our users. >> reporter: one of the hacks
2:52 am
unsolved. the others carries outside by russia and could happen again. >> i believe all companies, even the well defended ones could foul victim to these creams. >> reporter: equifax ceos grilled about security efforts and birth dates of 146 million american customers. >> people back home cannot understand how the ceo of equifax and the ceo of yahoo walked away with $90 million and $27 million. >> reporter: equifax says it's quadrupleing its security budget. >> we are spending significantly more money in that process. >> reporter: watching closely, a class action lawsuit against equifax. she says her identity has been stolen 15 times. >> equifax is a big company, they should have had the security in place to keep personal information secure. >> reporter: like so many american, she still worrying if
2:53 am
her personal information is really safe jochlene kent, nbc news, washington. at&t's $85 billion bid to buy time warner has hit a major snag due to the tensions between the companies and the justice department ill bill, we need to have you with us. break it down for us, what's the issue at hand and could it prevent this issue from actually getting done? >> i think this would never be a straight forward deal. with the companies, one will tie things up at the end of this year, we heard that time line was uncertain, the reason for that becoming clearer overnight. nbc reporting the doj really wants to try and di vest one of these adeath sssetassets. they would sell hbo, tnt and
2:54 am
crucially cnn. the head said he did not want to sell cnn, denying they made these demands. hearing from anti-trust lawyers, they have been shocked at this, worth noting, of course, essentially, we've heard the individual responsible for this is a private citizen, said he saw no problems with it and worth photoing president trump no fan apparently of cnn has said last year he did not want this deal to go through. >> a lot of speculation around that. on the topic of murnlers, talking about two basically chains coming together under the same roof. >> very emotional. >> talk to us about panera bread. >> i know are you a fan of baking. >> anything with bread. tell us about that. what's going on between panera
2:55 am
bread trying to buy apb. >> you can see this is the other mermer in the oven. they want to buy the location, they're in strip malls and airports around the world. they're trying to expand their foot print, they're very similar projects. there is no massive project. sfernlg there they want more people on that. on that note, i'm going to find a aubon pan. >> enjoy it. coming up next on morning joe, much more on the election contest and how they assess damage from their losses and what it could mean. >> mayor bill de blasio joins to discuss the senate coming forward. and joe manchin and susan
2:56 am
collins. morning joe just moments away.
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2:58 am
all right. before we toss it over to
2:59 am
morning joe, the stories you will hear about in the day ahead the man accused of attacking rand paul in the yard of his kentucky home, palm's next door neighbor faces a fourth degree assault charge from the incident. the senator build up a fluid around his lungs as a result of the five broken ribs. responding to the congressional baseball shooting, four people were shot in that attack, including majority whip steve scalise. >> they picked the annual holiday display, this year's tree will be cut down later today and begin its nearly 240 mule trek outside. >> the official beginning of the holiday season. >> morning joe starts right now. >> we can't continue to allow
3:00 am
carolina to rape our country. it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. i don't blame china. after all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens. i give china great credit. >> what works in ft. wayne is a lot different that what works in beijing. we will get to that story in just a moment. plus the continued fallout for the republican party after tuesday's elections. good morning, everyone, it's thursday, november th. with us we have veteran columnist and contributor mike barnacle, white house reporter for usa today heidi przybyl la, democratic congressman harold ford jr. from imthe morning for us. >> we have


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