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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 9, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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thanks for being with us. katie tur is up next right here on msnbc. >> good afternoon to you from msnbc headquarters in new york, i'm katie tur in for craig melvin. some of the stories we're following. the gop tries again. they are in need of a win. the senate republicans unveiling their tax overhaul bill today. different than the house bill. and trump's new tone. president trump trades insults for gladry as he attempts to win over china to help advance his agenda. will it work? and senator assault. rand paul's neighbor pleads not guilty to assault charges as the kentucky senator reveal also how badly he is hurt and the motive
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remains a mystery. it is a tale of two plans though at a critical phase for tax reform for republicans. this is a live shot of the house ways and means committee. currently marking up its tax reform bill. later today, we're expecting to see the senate version as an exodus of republican congressmen continues today. after tuesday's electoral setback, the party needs a win on tax reform. instead, they have competing tax plans that diverge in a number of significant ways. a big one according to "the new york times" is that president trump's highly touted corporate tax cut will be delayed by a year in the senate plan. despite it all, however, house speaker paul ryan says republicans are on track for final passage by the end of the year. yes, there are details that are being ironed out in the committee process. that is exactly how the legislative process is supposed to work. it takes time. trust me, we're going to get
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this over the finish line. when we do this, make good on our word, make people's lives better, we're going to be just fine politically. nbc news capitol hill correspondent caseyy hunt is with us. break it down for us. what is in this new bill and how exactly does it differ from the house bill? >> katie, the key question for today is going to be do these differences seem to throw into sharp relief major conflicts that could potentially threaten the passage of this bill. there are some critical areas. the first of which i would say is the state and local income tax deduction. so for viewers that live in places like new jersey, new york, california, they're used to filing their taxes and being able to write off what are usually pretty high state, local and property taxes. that of course is a major issue for a lot of members of the house. but there aren't really any senators from the affected states who are republicans. so it looks like the senate is on track to potentially completely eliminate that deduction. that would be different from the
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house plan where they've worked really hard to strike a deal. the estate tax is another issue. it looks like the senate will probably maintain it in some form although it will apply to fewer people. the senate -- or the house of course is eliminating that entirely. these bills, though, at the end of the day will look probably relatively similar. we're expecting that really the political momentum around this is significant and it's a lot different from health care where you had a lot of divisions. instead, republicans on both sides of the capital feel like if they don't do this, it's going to be a real problem. take a look at what some senators had to say about it earlier today. >> how closely are you working now to sort of harmonize what the senate is doing with what's going on with the house side and kevin brady's team? >> we're trying to stay out of their way. >> we're going to be in -- moving and shaking mode for the rest of this month, that's for sure. >> what happens politically if republicans aren't able to pass a tax reform package? >> the party fractures.
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most income that's in 2018 will get a severe primary challenge. a lot of them will probably lose the base will fracture, the financial contributions will stop. other than that, it will be fine. >> pretty rosy assessment there from the always quotable senator lindsey graham of south carolina. i don't think you can overstate the degree to which republicans are feeling under pressure to do this. there's been a little bit of a conversation about, okay, look what happened in virginia where democrats won across the board, particularly in suburbia. does this tax plan potentially hurt suburban voters in a way that will make republicans back away a little bit. seem like the overwhelming consensus is no, what they need to do is show americans that they are getting something done and that something is going to be this tax reform plan. i think everybody sort of agrees that if they don't -- if they don't do it, the consequences are incredibly dire. so that is giving this a sense
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of inevitability i think that we didn't have around health care, katie. >> what about all those new york republican congressmen who say they are not on board with this when it comes especially to the elimination of the deductions of state and local taxes? >> right now it's not clear there's enough of them to derail an overall package like this. it's likely that the vote in the house will still include that compromise where people are still allowed to write off up to $10,000 of their local property taxes. and that is probably going to be enough to assuage the concerns of at least enough of those members. nbc is keeping a whip count. i believe we have fewer than ten republicans who have come out and said directly no, i'm not voting on this plan because of that deduction. at the end of the day, these moderate members are people that want to be there with leadership. they do have an imperative as well to show their constituents they're getting something done for them. so that group is probably more
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likely to splinter. think there's been a little more concern about making sure that the freedom caucus doesn't splinter on the other side of the conference. so they have to be a little bit careful about that because they do have probably more members on that list and if they all decide to jump ship, then the whole thing is sunk. so if you see the house pass a version of the bill that includes this compromise, maybe the senate passes a version that eliminates state and local tax deductions, it sounds like they are going to go to a conference. this process still have a long way to go before we know exactly how it's going to affect american families. >> and according to the president, a christmas deadline. kacie hunt -- i like that eye roll right there. i appreciated it. >> we'll work on that next time around together. >> thank you, my friend, appreciate it. and today in an interview with cnbc's john harwood, one of the top white house officials charged with selling the president's tax plan, backtracked on whether the
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wealthy would get a tax cut. back in september, national economic council director gary cohen was quite adamant the wealthy would not get a tax cut. >> we have also said that wealthy americans are not getting a tax cut. >> will the wealthy get a tax cut or not? >> the wealthy are not getting a tax cut under our plan. >> well, fast forward to today and cohen appears to admit what a slow of studies have already indicated. yes, the wealthy will benefit. >> you're not saying, as you did a few weeks ago, that the wealthy do not get a tax cut under your plan? >> there's unique situation, to everyone out there. everyone has their own story. it's not our intention to give the wealthy a tax cut. >> but they're getting one? >> i don't believe that we've set out to create a tax cut for the wealthy. if someone's getting a tax cut, i'm not upset that they're getting a tax cut. >> cnbc's john harwood is here, also jake sherman of politico
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and jeremy peters of "the new york times" who's also an msnbc contributor. imagine, on, that gary's not so upset about it. after all, he came from goldman sachs. what did you make of that answer and how it differed from what he originally had said? >> well, the administration, katie, throughout this process, has been contorting itself to say that this is a cut for the middle class. there are some cuts for the middle class. and some tax increases. but those are small compared to the benefits for the people at the top. that is undeniable. you look at state tax, the pass-through, business rate. the end of the alternative minimum tax. they're even raising the threshold at which the top rate of 39.6% that currently applies would apply. so there's simply no getting around the fact that it's a tax cut for the wealthy. they're now acknowledging that but say, well, we can't really help it because the wealthy pay most of the income taxes and
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therefore if you cut income taxes you're going to cut their taxes and we can't cut middle class taxes anymore because they don't pay that much. obviously, there are other taxes like payroll taxes, for example, that aren't reflected here. but they're trying to push this plan and it's a challenge. it was just a model that came out today, katie, that showed that -- by a former bush administration economist that by 2027, the top 1% would get 53% of the tax benefits of this republican bill. the bottom 80% would get 14% of the benefit. that is a tough sell politically. >> jeremy, i -- i remember, i'm old enough to remember, donald trump going on the campaign trail and saying, we're going to drain the swamp, we're going to drain the swamp. and part of that message was we're going to get rid of the massive disconnect between the haves and have nots. the super wealthy and everybody else. hillary clinton is saying things behind closed doors to wall street bankers. he stacked his cabinet with
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members of the banking community from goldman sachs members. gary cohen, from goldman sachs. not a member of the cabinet but still. how does -- do voters -- this is sold to his constituents, or his con stet bents constituents across the country that will be rallying behind their senators or congressmen, are they going to care that the wealthy get a bigger tax cut so long as most of them get something of a tax cut? >> i mean, i think the only way that donald trump's voters turn on him is if they view him to be corrupted by the swamp. and a part of that could be if they've come to see this tax cut as just a huge giveaway and they don't feel anything in their own pockets. the best thing donald trump can do for himself politically is to preside as president over an economy that is growing. that is creating jobs and putting more money in bank accounts for the average american. how this tax cut will do that if
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on the average it's going to save people a few hundred, a few thousand dollars a year if you're middle class, i don't really know. and democrats are sure going to drive that message home that the wealthy are the ones who are getting the benefits, not the average american. >> and presumably if you take his word for it, although we haven't seen his taxes so we're not entirely sure how his plan would either help or hurt him. >> i just wanted to say adding on to jeremy's point, when you -- if you think of trump voters as those blue collar whites who powered his nomination and his election, they're not doing very well under this bill. but we've seen that they're most likely to stick with donald trump more so than others. but the people who broke away from republicans in those virginia elections a couple of days ago, those suburban republicans who make a little bit more money, those happen to be some of the people who get the biggest tax increases in this bill. because they lose their state and local tax deduction. so there's a lot of suburban --
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upscale suburban republicans who are going to get tax increases. that's where i would look for deflections. >> long island republicans. >> exactly. >> steve king's district, those sorts of areas. jake, my friend, my friend jake sherman, kacie was pretty bullish on the chances of this still passing in the house and senate. mainly because republicans need to do something. they haven't done anything yet and they need to get something big done. >> she was bullish. i will concede that. i ways listening to her too. i'm a little bit more bearish on the prospect. listen they're a lot of things that don't line up in the house and senate bill. there are a lot of moving pieces. and what i'm looking for is people drawing lines in the sand. and that's going to be dangerous. if members of the -- some members of the house, mark meadow, the chair man of the freedom caucus, drew a line in the sand and said he would not be for delaying the tax cuts to
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20% for a couple of years. that's a problem because the senate's going to do that. there are a lot of people in the house that have gotten wedded to this bill. could kevin mccarthy who has kept all californians together against this state and local tax deduction issue, can he continue to hold them together. this is a long process. the administration has said this made up deadline on december 31st. i don't think that's going to happen. we have plans december in new york. but i think this process is going to take a little longer. >> christmas deadline, not so much? >> not so much. >> jeremy, you were talking -- you have interviewed steve bannon. it comes out tomorrow in "the new york times." steve bannon, well, there's a bit of a preview today. let me play what bannon said about trump's popularity with voters and about the virginia election. >> he's going to win ere-election on 400 electoral votes and will be considered in the pantheon of reagan and lincoln and others as great
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presidents. you have to stick to the program. >> who did gill lespie campaign with? i think bush and rice, right? did he have donald trump standing next to him? no, he did not. >> how did -- i mean, talk to me about being bullish or bearish. being bearish on donald trump's chances for 2020. that's a long way off. that's quite an electoral spread he's predicting. >> well, hey, steve bannon learned from the greatest of political performance artists. i do think there's a bit of hyperbole there. >> who's the greatest political performance? >> trump. as you know better than anyone. but i do think there's some truth to his second statement there about ed gillespie and the reason ed gillespie didn't appeal. it's applieded more broadly to establishment republicans. i think it makes more sense. gillespie was such a specific case. he was a lobbyist. he was seen as a swamp creature, as part of the establishment. so you really couldn't run as a
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trumpite in virginia. that's not appealing in virginia anyway. in other states, that will be appealing to run as a trump candidate and bannon is not wrong when he says there's an awful lot of republicans who are going to reject candidates who are seen as being part of the bush/rubio party rather than of the trump party. >> you know what we saw in virginia, which i think might sway the election in 2018 or 2020, is we saw enthusiasm on the democratic party. there was no enthusiasm on the democratic party for 2016. donald trump was relying on a coalition of people who really just hated the democrats and wanted change. and he was able to turn them. but going forward, if the democrats are able to maintain this sense of urgency on their part, the sense of our country's changing and we don't like the way it is changing or it's reverting and we don't like the way it's reverting, do you see political wind flowing back in their direction? will political gravity be
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restored? >> i think it's hard to say right now just how strong the anti-incumbency fervor is on the right. i think it's quite strong. if it lasts until 2018, i don't know yet. i think the tax bill hls a lot to do with that. i think there could be a real "throw the bums" energy out there that is going to really be -- it could be a real detriment to people defending their seats, especially in the senate. >> jeremy peters, john harwood, if you can do it in ten seconds. >> i can. there's only one word for steve bannon's claims that donald trump will get 400 electoral votes and ed gillespie would have done better campaigning with him. the word is unbelievable. >> i like those ten seconds. good job, john harwood. jeremy peters and jake sherman. no other person i'd rather waste my time with. gentle men, thank you. president trump meanwhile has a change of heart about china, choosing to heap praise
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on president xi. so what happened to america first? one year after win being the white house, we'll show you how the president's policies are impacting some families. >> mr. trump had caused so much pain in so many families like myself that we just have to realize, like, he can't have that big of an effect. we can't let him have that big of an effect.
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they're ripping this up, folks. it's time. i'm so happy they're upset.
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>> i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. china rips us off left and right. we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. >> that was candidate trump in 2016 talking about china. today, president trump speaking in beijing. took a decidedly different tone on china's economic policies. >> right now, unfortunately, it is a very one-sided and unfair one. but, but, i don't blame china. [ scattered applause ] after all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? >> msnbc senior national correspondent chris jansing is in a cold and windy beijing and we're joined by ambassador
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nicholas byrnes, former underpolitical secretary of state and former ambassador to nato. chris, i'll begin with you so you can get out of there and your hair is going everywhere. i feel bad for you, my friend. donald trump, it's a decidedly different tone. he was calling china a currency manipulator. he was saying how hard he would be on them once he got elected into office and he's been saying things on twitter but in the moments where he is face-to-face with president xi, he seems to really back down from his hard-line position. >> yes, it's a startling and dramatic about-face, isn't it? now, rex tillerson tried to say in a briefing with reporters what is yesterday, our local time, here in china, that this was a tongue in cheek. he said the president was trying to make the point that the imbalance existed long before president xi, that it has been decades and many administrations where this has grown. having said that, listen to what
10:23 am
you just played and you hear how very different it is. this is not the case of a candidate sounding different after they become president. it's somebody sounding very different here than they did just a week ago before coming on this all-important asia trip. certainly the china state media is considering this a win. the president praising president xi. they said shows he respects our head of state when president trump called xi a very special man. and saying that they have great chemistry. this has been what they called a state visit. they have lavished a lot of attention on president trump, including a really remarkable welcoming ceremony. they had a military parade. they went to the forbidden city. what you didn't hear yesterday, katie, when the the two men stood next to each other, you did not hear that kind of personal praise being returned to donald trump.
10:24 am
something noticeable from this two-day, very important trip, katie. >> chris janice, thank you very much. get inside, get warm, appreciate your time. you look great regardless. sound great too. nick, you heard chris jansing just end right there by saying that president xi wasn't returning the personal compliments. what do you read into that? >> well, i think the problem here, the president's problem is there's no balance in his comments. these comments he made about xi jinping are really over the top, almost obseous. we agree on some issues but we disagree on others. for him to not raise human rights, not raise democracy, not raise the south china sea, not even raise a signature campaign pledge of the president, you covered the campaign, intellectual property rights violations. we're kowtowing to the chinese.
10:25 am
they don't respect that kind of leadership. they understand a strong response. they would understand a balanced assessment publicly by president trump. i think this is a big tactical mistake by the president. >> i've been following trump a long time and i've got to say, i was just watching some of the images we had on the screen. i mean, he led some genuine smiles there. i haven't seen much of that from him in the past two years. genuinely looking like he's having a great time in china, which is striking. i mean, good to have a great time. it's striking, given the way he spoke about china and given how much he villainized them on the campaign trail and used that to his advantage in order to rallies race. we're going to bring jobs back. china is doing all of this and it's hurting you. so for me that's just surprising. but using china for -- for the united states benefit if it's possible, how likely is he going to get the help from china he
10:26 am
wants on north korea? >> well, i think that's the one area where the president seems to have reached xi jinping. the chinese have done significantly more on sanctions against north korea over the last six weeks than they had in prior years. think the administration can feel good about that, although there's more that needs to be done. but there is, katie, a larger pattern here, if you think about the president's public embrace, uncritical embrace of the saudi leadership. no criticism of this power play in riyadh. no criticism of the disastrous war in yemen. the president's embrace of vladimir putin. they're going to meet in vietnam tomorrow. and now embrace of xi jinping. and by contrast, the president's been very tough publicly with angela merkel. help has in the past with president moon of south korea, two democratic leaders. this is jarring. our president has to stand up for our alliance with democratic leaders and we have to tell the truth in public about the
10:27 am
deficiencies of the author tarrian leaders and the president has to stand up for american business and american workers who are losing jobs to the chinese. so i don't get what this strategy is. it looks like the president is just swept often his feet by this magisterial display. >> is that all a foreign power needs to do, welcome him warmly and in an over the top way roll out the figurative and the literal red carpet, give him a parade, compliment him, make him seem like he's a really billing deal in order for them to have the upper hand with negotiations in the united states, with the united states? >> it seems to work with president trump. it shouldn't work. he needs to be tough minded. i think he's appearing weak next to the chinese leadership. we do not want the american president to appear that weak. >> ambassador nick burns, thank you very much for joining us.
10:28 am
and trivial dispute. the man accused of attack senator rand paul pleads not guilty in court as new questions arrive over the motive behind the attack. is that trivial? >> they are not best friends. >> they watched the property line and i think there must be -- there must be something else. >> and family feud, one year after the president was elected to office. we'll have a very personal look at how his policies are deeply dividing families. [ keyboard clacking ] [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ clacking continues ] good questions lead to good answers.
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mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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it has been one year since donald trump became the nation's 45th president. his rhetoric and policy decisions have surprised some, angered many and bolstered others. and in some cases, the president's policies have even divided families. msnbc's marianna artencio is here with us, telling us about one family who she spent time with who is living in the age of trump. it's so great to see you out of a hurricane or disaster zone. what did you find? >> not only did it divide the country but also families, as
10:33 am
you said. we met up with this mother and daughter who didn't speak to each other, get this, for months over the election results. and to this day, one year later, they're still trying to make peace. let's watch. a year after the election, tina wynn's family remains divided. >> i voted for hillary and my mother voted for trump. >> reporter: in her home office in sacramento -- >> see, she's post this. >> reporter: she's flooded by dozens of pro-trump facebook posts from her mom in missouri. >> i don't think she understands what she's posting. >> reporter: the biggest fight this year, over the so-called travel ban. and it all played out on facebook. >> i just find it ironic that she, being an immigrant, couldn't empathize with what was happening with this ban. >> reporter: in her home in joplin, her mom, a refugee from vietnam, sees it another way. >> i'm a refugee. i came. and i can understand the sadness of it. we need to know the background of the people.
10:34 am
>> reporter: tina says the feud tore them apart. >> three, four months, i hadn't spoken to her until her birthday. >> i lose her for a few months. that was a sad thing. >> reporter: their different political views didn't just affect the way this family talked to each other. it also changed their plans for the future. >> it definitely makes me re-evaluate my relationship with her. i really had to lay down the law and say, you know what, if i do have children, this is what we can talk about, these are the things you can share by just not your political views. >> to sacrifice my own opinions to keep the family, then i will do that. because my family is more important to me. >> hey, mom. >> reporter: although it's taken them a year, tina and her mom agree, family comes first. >> 45, mr. trump, had caused so much pain in so many families like myself that we just have to realize, like, he can't have that big of an effect.
10:35 am
we can't let him have that big of an effect. >> it's four years and this is another election coming. and it just -- different opinion. we should respect each other. >> to some extent, katie, i think everyone can relate to their story. not only families but also couples. pew found that 41% of couples who voted for different candidates have had fights since the election. but everyone i spoke with on street said that listen, now that the holidays are around the corner, now's really the time to kind of put those feuds to the side and put family first. >> we don't talk to each other in this country. we don't talk. we talk at each other, scream at each other. if you can't find a way to talk to your own mother, we are having a problem. we need to figure out a way to speak and understand and get to the bottom of our differences. >> and also what's frightening is that this divide doesn't seem to be getting any closer. >> it does not seem to be getting any closer. it is unfortunate. i really feel for that family.
10:36 am
really nice work, mariana, great to see you. thank you for being here. senator rand paul on a completely different topic reveals the full extent of his injuries while his alleged attacker pleads not guilty to charges today. this is an absolutely wild and weird story. we'll take you live to kentucky for the latest in the case. and new fallout for movie star kevin spacey after an ex-news anchor accuses the actor of sexually assaulting her then 18-year-old son. our own kate snow will have more on her candid and emotional interview with this mother who is demanding justice. >> it wasn't until -- kevin spacey put his hand inside his pants. that he really knew he was in trouble. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. that neighbor accused of assaulting senator rand paul has pleaded not guilty to charges he allegedly attacked paul from behind and slammed him to the ground over arguably a petty argument about misplaced lawn trimmings and branches. senator paul's injuries included six broken ribs and a plural efusion, which is excess fluid around the lungs. and it's keeping paul side lined from congress as he recovers at home. this all happened in an exclusive gated community in bowling green and that is where we find nbc's blake mccoy.
10:41 am
also joining us, msnbc legal analyst danny cevellos. blake, this story is so odd. you were in court today. is there any more clarity from the man who was accused of attacking senator paul? >> well, you called the story weird and odd so far katie and it's about to get more bizarre. so that man, that neighbor, did appear in court this morning, rene boucher. he pleaded not guilty to fourth degree misdemeanor a salt which his attorney says buys them more time to figure out what happened. where this gets more bizarre is the attorney after court today told me in an interview that what we've heard about this being a lawn dispute, that the senator had a messy lawn and that's what led to this assault i guess, from one neighbor to the other, he says all of that is true. that it was a lawn dispute. well, then senator paul retweeted articles calling that fake news. and we have a new statement from
10:42 am
the senator paul's office. he said last week paul was vigorously assaulted by someone in his neighborhood, this is a serious criminal manner and is being handled by local and federal authorities. as to reports a long-standing dispute with the attacker, the pauls have had no conversations with him in many years. the first conversation with the attacker came after senator paul's ribs were broken. this was not a fight, it was a blindside violent attack by a disturbed person. anyone claiming otherwise is simply uninformed or seeking media attention. so now you have the attorney for boucher saying this was about a yard dispute. and you have the senator's office pushing back against that. we haven't heard directly from either man so right now it's just this dispute over the dispute playing out in the media between each side of the camp, katie. >> so boucher or boucher, is it boucher or boucher, blake? >> boucher, boucher. >> rene boucher was released on $75,000 bond. danny, given the seriousness of the injuries, is it possible
10:43 am
that boucher's charges could be upgraded? >> i think the bond might have been 7,500 -- >> i'm sorry, i misread it. >> which is about right for an assault. under kentucky law, like many states, the degree of the assault crime is measured by injury versus serious bodily injury. as of right now, it's a misdemeanor. when you consider broken ribs, when you consider the lung injuries, those could rise to the level of an impairment of body organ or function that warrants a serious bodily injury and felony charge under kentucky law which carries 5 to 10 year sentence. and then there's also potential federal prosecution for assaulting a member of congress. >> what do you make of these differing statements? boucher's lawyer says this is about lawn clippings and rand paul is saying he hasn't had a conversation with boucher in years until after he attacked him. >> it tells me the rand paul
10:44 am
camp is not letting this go away quietly. i read a lot into that statement. you notice the language, serious bodily injury. rand paul wants this -- at least that's what it tells me, that rand paul's team wants this to be a felony and he wants it to be a federal prosecution based on a reading of that statement. that's what i infer from that. because a federal prosecution under the federal law for assaulting a member of congress carries also a penalty of up to ten years in prison. tam rand paul takes this very seriously and they're not likely to let it go. >> how do politics play into this? there was talk or -- ideas early on that this might have been a political dispute? >> right. is it a political dispute or is it because of a compost heap and pumpkins in his backyard? because those are also potential reasons that i've read about. when it comes to the criminal law involved, it doesn't make that much of a distinction, but if i were defending this case, one thing i might consider is this might be a jury that might
10:45 am
be partial to a -- to somebody who was sort of -- was anti-the things that rand paul stands for and the possibility of jur nullification, where the jury knows that he did something wrong, but maybe they disagree with rand paul's politics. >> wow. >> beyond that, really, politics shouldn't enter into the criminal prosecution. >> this is such an odd story. i can't say it enough. we're going to have to wait and find out what else we learn from it. a lot of questions, very few answers. blake mccoy, thank you so much. danny, thank you as well. moments ago at at&t's -- moments ago, excuse me, at&t's ceo responded to reports the justice department will not approve the $85 billion at&t/time warner merger unless the companies agree to sell off turner broadcasting which owns -- cnn. or directv. one of the two. raising eyebrows because of remarks candidate donald trump made about the deal last year on the campaign trail.
10:46 am
>> atat is buying time warner and thus cnn, a deal which will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. >> at&t ceo randal stevenson had this to say on the issue just moments ago on cnbc. >> i have never been told that the price of getting the deal done was selling cnn. period. and, likewise, i have never offered to sell cnn. >> stevenson also said the negotiations with the government have been professional and are supposed to be confidential. actor kevin spacey's been dropped from his role in an upcoming movie after a former tv anchor alleged spacey sexually assaulted her teenage son. plus, the women who founded #metoo on how the movement is empowering women to speak out across all industries.
10:47 am
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10:51 am
accusations. kevin scott made the decision to cut spacey from his upcoming film "all the money in the world," replacing him with actor christopher plummer weeks before the release. a tv anchor said that he assaulted her son a few years ago. this news of him being removed from a finish movie. >> people this weekend were seeing the trailer in the theaters. it's called "all the money in the world." what they announced late last night is that christopher plummer, the actor, will take over kevin spacey's role. >> reshoot? >> we're all trying to figure out if they'll cgi him in. it's shot mostly in italy. there are scenes in front of the
10:52 am
coliseum, in rome. i don't know how they do this this quickly. they'll reshoot the movie we confirmed with plummer's agent and with the studio. heather enrout came forward yesterday, did a press conference and spoke with me one on one, saying that her son, who is now 19, was 18 years old in the summer of 2016, was working at a restaurant in nantucket, in massachusetts, when she says that kevin spacey met him. kevin spacey started buying him drinks, thinking he was of age to drink. as the night progressed, she alleges that kevin spacey eventually put his hand down her son's pants unwanted and they're accusing him of sexual assault and is filing a police report. >> have you ever gotten a report that they're investigating? >> the family says he went forward last week with that, even though the mother, heather,
10:53 am
had wanted it reported in the summer of 2016. her son, she says, wasn't ready. and i should note, kevin spacey's people, we have reach ed out repeatedly. the last time i've had any response from them -- i reached out every single day -- was last week when we said he's going for treatment. >> everybody has taken a notice of on social media. but you started a decade ago. seeing how this is ballooning right now, and how it's enabling more and more and more women to come forward, more and more men coming forward to describe their experience, i just want to know how you feel. >> it's overwhelming, right? but it's also something that we know, people who have done this work for a long time know that this is reality of sexual violence in our world, in our society. it's pervasive. it's interesting it's being uncovered in this moment at this time. but it's never a better time. >> is it a turning point? are we changing? >> i think so. i've heard it being called a
10:54 am
watershed moment. and i agree with that. we've never seen a time in our history where sexual violence, sexual assault has been addressed the way it has right now. >> those critics who say this is just people trying to get attention? >> that's the worst thing to say to someone who comes forward about sexual violence. we carry shame and fear with us. so that's the worst thing you could possibly say. it doesn't help anybody. it doesn't help the survivor or other people out there watching and listening. >> so the scandals are -- more and more scandals or interactions are being reported every day. kate, there's now a response from gossip girl actor. >> can i just say this is my personal notes i'm keeping, about 20 pages of different powerful men who have been
10:55 am
accused. some of whom we're not mentioning on the air because we haven't been able to get responses from them. he has been accused by two women, one of rape, the other of an assault. it is disheartening and sad to me that as a result of two unverifiable and provably untrue social media claims there are some in this environment who could ever conclude i have had anything to do with such vile and horrific conduct. i have absolutely not and i am cooperating with the authorities so that they can clear my name as soon as possible. nbc news has been able to verify that the lapd is investigating the rape allegation. >> what happens if it does turn out that these allegations are not true, are not provable? i don't know. but maybe ed westwick is telling the truth there, saying this did not happen. what's the recourse for people who have been unfairly accused? >> well, we have laws in place so people can go through the proper channels. if someone has been unfairly
10:56 am
accused, that's horrible to go through. the reality is that the majority of people tell the truth. false accusations are very, very, very rare. and so people coming forward, the best thing to do is believe them, go through the proper channels. >> go through the proper channels, get it investigated, go through all the facts out there. kate snow, tarana burke, appreciate your time, ladies. every day, on every street, in every town, across america.
10:57 am
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it is 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. president trump's visit to moscow. offering to send, quote, five women to donald trump's hotel room. that's when the president's bodyguard keith shiler told congress this week, according to three sources present for the interview. two sources said he viewed the offer as a joke and immediately responded we don't do that type of stuff. >> katie, what you just said is very important. two of the sources are emphatic that schiller took this as a joke and it happened during a business meeting, as he described to us and how he described it to the house intelligence com


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