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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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it is 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. president trump's visit to moscow. offering to send, quote, five women to donald trump's hotel room. that's when the president's bodyguard keith shiler told congress this week, according to three sources present for the interview. two sources said he viewed the offer as a joke and immediately responded we don't do that type of stuff. >> katie, what you just said is very important. two of the sources are emphatic that schiller took this as a joke and it happened during a business meeting, as he described to us and how he described it to the house intelligence committee. later at night as he was walking trump back to his hotel room, he
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testified that he shared this offer with donald trump and that the two men laughed about it. and then that schiller was standing outside trump's hotel room for a while. the reason it's important, katie, as you know, there's this dossier written by a former intelligence officer that alleges that trump did have an encounter with prostitutes during his trip in 2015 and this is the story he told in its place nochlt, that didn't happen. here is what did happen. by the way, i was outside the hotel room and i'm fairly certain that nothing like what was alleged in dossier occurred. >> ken, this was a story, and i have not spoken to your sources about his testimony, but this was a story that i was told about that encounter months and months and months and months ago, when this whole idea of the dossier came up, that trump was being offered women in moscow at
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that time, but that he stopped them from getting up to his room. that it was a conversation that he kept having with somebody in the miss universe pageant orbit. the fact that it's coming up and it's showing that he stopped the women from coming in, does that fly in the face of the dossier's reporting in your opinion? >> yes. keith schiller is testifying under oath and he's saying something more benign, that this offer was made as a joke -- he said i took it as a joke and i passed it on to donald trump as a joke and we laughed about it and it was never really on the table. so that's his testimony under oath as relayed by three sources. >> was he standing by the door in front of donald trump's room all night? i mean, did he leave it open to whether or not somebody might have gone up after he had left?
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>> well, that's a great point. we're led to believe that democrats were drilling down on this point. you say you were out the hotel room but he left at some point, didn't you? he testified he did go to bed at some point, according to our sources. he couldn't say for sure what happened for the rest of the night in donald trump's hotel room but he also testified that he was pretty certain that donald trump went to bed and nothing happened. >> ken thank you very much. from "the washington post," they're reporting a potentially seismic allegation leveled against a candidate in the alabama senate race. a woman is alleging roy moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was just 14 years old and he was 32 years old. in a written statement to the post, moore denied the allegations and we just obtained a full statement from the moore campaign. quote, roy moore has endured the
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most outlandish attacks on any candidate in the modern political arena, but this story in today's "washington post," alleging sexual impropriety takes the cake. they know their chosen candidate jones is in a death spiral and this is their last ditch hail mary. joining me now from "the washington post" beth reinhart and garret haqe on capitol hill. >> we spent a month on and off in alabama, two of us, talking to everyone we could find or most people we could find that knew roy moore and what was really his first big job as an assistant district attorney in ottowa county where he grew up. >> one woman says this happened
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to her when she was 14. but you also discussed a couple of other women who said they were asked out on dates by roy moore when they were underage and he was in his 30s as well? >> reporter: right. so, the story mostly focuses on one woman, looes horstman, who says she was 14 when roy moore met her at a courthouse, went up to her and her mom when they were about to go into a child custody hearing and offered to, you know, watch after her while her mother went into the courtroom. and after the mother went in, he got her phone number and subsequently picked her up around the corner from her house, drove her about 30 minutes away to his home in the woods. twice did that. and then the other women we talked to -- >> and what happened in that home in the woods? >> reporter: so the first time, there was kissing and then the second time, he took off her
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clothes. he took off his own clothes. he touched her over her bra and underwear and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. >> moore denies those allegations. >> reporter: he does. and i would just add that the age of consent was and is 16 in alabama. >> garrett, we read part of the response you just got from the moore campaign. what else do they have to say about this reporting? >> reporter: they say it's the definition of fake news and accuse this as being politically motivated attack by "the washington post," who they lump in with their democratic opponent, doug jones, and other liberals out to undercut roy moore's campaign. katie, i can tell you this went off like a bomb here in the capital. essentially every reporter who covers the united states senate was in one hallway behind me a short time ago, waiting for details of this tax plan to come
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out when this story hit our phones. we've been asking senators about it as they come out of the room. one of the first to respond to it was lisa murkowski, who said if these allegations are true, he should step down and leave this race immediately. jeff flake talked to my colleague, kasie hunt, a moment ago, and he had a similar response. >> does he need to step down? >> if there is any shred of truth to these stories, he ought to step aside now. >> reporter: would he be fit to serve in the senate if this were true? >> no. no. if there were any shred of truth he ought to step aside immediately. >> katie, this will be a divisive and potentially embarrass i embarrassing subject here. ted cruz, jon cornyn, number two ranked republican senator, rand paul, mike lee, who is very much known as a conservative
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christian, senator steve banes from montana have publicly endorsed roy moore. other republicans have sat on their hands and backed luther strange, who was here in the senate as the appointed person who took over for jeff sessions, when jeff sessions moved to be the attorney general. remember, mitch mcconnell did not want roy moore in this seat. he campaigned and spent money on luther strange's behalf. his allies are already saying if this turns into the debacle that it looks like it might, the blame for that will turn to steve bannon's feet. >> he was the one pushing him forward. the president initially endorsed luther strange but when he lost gave a full endorsement to roy moore. my phone has been going off with various tweets as you've been talking, with various statements from various senators. corey gardner, senator from colorado saying if these allegations are found out to be true, roy moore must drop out of
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the alabama special senate election. mitch mcconnell, if these allegations are true, he must step aside. senator shelby of alabama, if that's true he shouldn't belong in the senate. senator toomey, if there's a shred of truth to it, he needs to step aside. over and over and over again. >> the most interesting one of those to me is corey gardner, in charge of the nrsc, republican campaign arm. the rest of the senators can put their own personal pressure on roy moore, corey gardner can cut off the money and potentially can make things more difficult for roy moore than this report already has. that's a statement that carries a lot of weight to me, not just from somebody who might have already opposed roy moore. >> and when it comes to women accusing powerful men, so far we're seeing women being believed more so than the men's push back. beth, i interrupted, i think, while you were talking a moment ago, when i was asking you about
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the specific allegations from that one woman in that cabin in the woods. the other two that are saying roy moore acted inappropriately to them, give us the details on that. >> so, there are three other women, actually, in addition to the woman who was 14, that said not necessarily that he acted inappropriately, but that he asked them out. they were between the ages of 16 and 18 at the time. he was in his early 30s. he was a prosecutor. and one he met at the mall where she used to hang out. her mom worked at a photo booth. another one worked at another spot at the mall, at the jewelry counter, department store. and a third girl he met when he spoke to her high school civics class. he asked these three women out. one of them turned him down, in part because her mother forbade
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it. the other two openly dated him for, you know, a few months. >> the washington post beth reinhard, great are reporting. thank you for quickly getting to a camera for us. appreciate it. >> garret hake, stick around if you can, garrett. editor for bloomberg business week. this is all just breaking right now. nbc has reached out to the women involved. so far we've yet to hear back. roy moore has issued that forceful statement, calling this a political witch hunt against roy moore. >> anyone who calls this political witch hunt would be well served by reading the story and look at the reporting. our hats go off to "the washington post" in terms of how much they put into this. the story is incredibly transparent. they talked to 30 people. they are also incredibly clear that some of these people may be
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have political aendias and go into depth. >> saying that gay sex would lead to child abuse. >> and a separate story broke how he actually denied the rights of a lesbian partner to see their child unsupervised, given the fact that she had had a relationship with another woman. this is not a conservative fire brand. this is a man who holds views -- i don't think we want to minimize the seriousness of the allegations in this story this is not political point scoring. these are very serious allegations. we live in far different times now with these types of allegations and i think this will be a real turning point, not just for roy moore but the republican party as a whole. every single senator who supported him. which aren't many. but every single republican member of congress. >> i want to push back on that. because we had all -- many of
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these senators we're hearing from today say similar things about donald trump after he was accused by a number of women after that hollywood tape and turned on a dime when donald trump was elected president and that has been forgotten. >> agreed. in recent months this political and public climate around these types of allegations has changed. this is a 14-year-old girl they're talking about in this story when he was in his early 30s, someone who kept this story close to her, who says in this story many, many times she wanted to come forward. many times when she saw his public profile, she says in the story, she wanted to take his mask away. i do think that every single congressperson, democrat and republican, should have to go on the record today. five senators have come out and supported him in the general election bid. i'm sure they're not going to say the same thing they are today. >> i should add that donald trump has denied all the allegations against him when it
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comes to sexual harassment. your take. bannon is trying to push forward roy moore. he is behind him. donald trump was behind luther strange but has made an aboutface after luther strange lost in the primary. the political tightrope that donald trump is walking now, i guess -- i'm not even sure it's a tightrope. how should he be reacted? >> senator republican nominee in alabama is now an accused child molester. that is a huge deal. that is serious. and the president should take it seriously. i think it's a catastrophic set of accusations for the -- or by steve bannon and his wing of the party to cultivate and bring to the fore new candidates. his candidates now include a convicted tax evader, accused child molester. probably better to find candidates with less baggage if
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you want to challenge the establishment. >> what does he do with steve bannon? steve bannon, by the way, is endorsing a candidate here in new york city, staten island, former congressperson who went to jail for tax evasion but also threatened a reporter over senate gallery. >> i think people have to decide what anti-establishment means. it should mean how important it really is when you have people accused of serious crimes against teenage girls as your standard bearer. that is not taking on the establishment. that is not going after the establishment. that is being behind the wrong horse for your cause. >> nick confessore, megan, thank you. the tax battle is next. stay with us. bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot! no? uhhh... 10 seconds. a stick! a walking stick! eiffel tower, mount kilimanjaro! (ding) time!
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could the do or die gop tax bill go the way of republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare? by the end of today we'll have two gop plans. from what we know so far, one is not like the other. if you think you've heard this tune before, you would be right. remember the repeal and replace efforts that went down in flames? fast forward to today. senate republicans are revealing a bill that many in the house won't like, fully repealing the state and local tax deduction. a red flag for many blue state republicans in the house.
11:20 am
but that is just one of many differences. and two days after major losses across the country, they need a major win, not another stinging defeat. >> politically if republicans aren't able to pass tax reform package? >> the party fractures, most incumbents in 2018 will have a severe primary challenge, most of them will lose. [ inaudible ] >> certainly. i think that, you know, we've got to bring something across the finish line. so, yeah, this is a biggie. >> our reporters are here to break it all down. garrett haike is up first. are the two houses likely to reconcile to get something pushed through? >> they're going to have to, katie. they've got a long way to go. the senate bill will be posted, we think, online some time in the next half hour.
11:21 am
it keeps things like the mortgage reduction, adoption tax credit. it keeps the estate tax. although it doubles the threshold at which it would apply t still gets rid of the alternative minimum tax. it doubles the child tax credit and some other things that the house tax bill does. this looks more like a cut and less like a big reform. on the corporate side a couple of interesting things, too. the most interesting is still an unsolved part of it. when they cut the corporate tax rate to 20%. this has been the one thing. the house bill would do it right away. this new senate bill, they're talking about waiting a year to
11:22 am
phase that in. they can't spend another penny more if they're going to do this without democratic help. that delay will really upset conservatives in the house who want to see this happen right away. and it's going to upset the white house. what seems to be the finish house bill, it will remain the law of the land a little longer. not in either of these drafts. they have learned that the politics of health care are very tough to mess with, especially when you add them to this already complex stew they're making on taxes. >> and let's also remind people it was also announced today that 600,000 people signed up for obamacare during open enrollment in just four days.
11:23 am
that is a lot of people saying yes, i want that version of health care. this tax plan, does it or does it not help the middle class? >> it's a mixed bag. let's compare how these various differences would affect the middle class. state and local tax deductions, in the senate that's out. in the house, remember, it was out and they brought some of it back to help middle class people in those places. there are no senators from a lot of these high-tax states. they've got no votes to lose. that particular one is not necessarily helpful to the middle class on the senate side. tax brackets, this doesn't matter all that much. more than five in the senate, four in the house plan. they call it civil -- most people, this is not the thing they need solved. the estate tax, as we have discussed, it's only for the wealthy. there are no middle class people
11:24 am
in america who benefit from the elimination of the estate tax. the senate in the house, they'll phase out the estate tax over a period of few years. it's more limited in the senate. no effect on the middle class whatsoever. the corporate rate tax, it was a nonstarter not to cut that to 20 per. in the house it's immediate. in the senate it's delayed. this is a problem for the various constituencies who want it done. excise tax, the house had one, the senate does not have one. where you giveth with one hand on the corporate tax rate cut you taketh away with this wuvenlt that's another area. the 70/30 pass-through ratio, companies run it through a company then claim it on their personal tax return. in the house there was a way to make that more palatable. the senate has taken that out.
11:25 am
they're sort of accomplishing different things. as paul ryan said earlier, this is actually -- he's not wrong. this is how the process is supposed to work. each has a version and they sit down and bring it together. only then will we be able to fully evaluate the benefit to the middle class. it's a fact that both of these favor the wealthy and corporations more than the middle class. >> gary cohen said they wouldn't favor the weldy today. >> steve mnuchin said he believes in trickle down economics. we know america is great for corporations and great for wealthy people. it's not great for middle class wages. that's the problem. i don't see anything in either of these plans that deal with middle class wages. that's the problem. i can draw that line pretty well normally. i don't see it here. >> and it's also interesting, we should point out, there are a number of new york state republicans in the house. >> yep. >> who say they can't support this because new york state is a place where the local and federal taxes are really high
11:26 am
and they don't want those local and federal taxes, that deduction. >> yeah. >> state taxes being eliminated because that would be a burn on a lot of families. >> it will be a big problem here for conservatives from new york. >> from new york. we'll see about california and how those republicans out there end up voting on this. msnbc's garrett haake and ali velshi, appreciate t we'll see you in 30 or so minutes when you come bursting through those doors. >> doesn't look happy in that picture. looks a little troubled. one day after a tv anchor came forward claiming kevin spacey assaulted her son, new fallout for the actor, axed from a set movie set to be released.
11:27 am
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welcome back. oim katy tur with a look at today's headlines at the half. to texas, authorities have finish
11:31 am
finished reviewing video taken inside that church where 26 people were fatally gun doupd earlier this week. the video meant to capture the church service. instead, shows gunman devin kelley methodically shooting people at point blank range. also new today the church's pastor is now saying he wants the church demolished because it would be too painful to continue using the building as a place of worship. pastor frank pomeroy says he wants to turn the site into a memorial and build a new church at another location. tsa is under some intense scrutiny today after undercover agents managed to smuggle test weapons and explosives through security checkpoints at multiple airports at a, quote, unacceptably high rate. you would think any one passing through would be an unacceptably high rate. the tsa says it takes the findings seriously and are implementing measures to improve screening effectiveness. violent attack on kentucky
11:32 am
senator rand paul. the republican has revealed more details about his injuries as his alleged attacker, a neighbor, pled not guilty in court today. meanwhile the motive for the attack still remain ace mystery. we're learning paul's injuries were a whole lot worse than previously reported. let's go to bowling green, kentucky, and blake mccoy. it's a weird story and, according to you, it's just going to get weirder. >> reporter: i know it all sounds crazy that this all stems from a yard dispute. it does appear to be the case. a new interview on wkeu from another neighbor who lives in that neighborhood who says she witnessed what happened. after the senator got up, after being tackled that renee, the neighbor, was screaming something about i've been trying to sell my house for ten years and your trees are in the way. those are her words. and boucher's attorney says it is true, it all stems from a yard dispute.
11:33 am
senator rand paul's office in a statement today is pushing back on a bit of that saying as to the report of a longstanding dispute with the attacker, the pauls have had no conversations with him in many years. the first, quote, conversation with the attacker came after senator paul's ribs were broken. they say this was not a fight but a blindside violent attack by a disturbed person. that's the latest statement from senator paul's office. he is recovering from six broken ribs as well as a buildup of fluid around the lungs. those injuries are much more serious than originally thought, which could lead to an escalation in charges. right now that neighbor, boucher, has pled not guilty to fourth-degree misdemeanor assault that could be elevated to a felony if the injuries are as serious as senator paul says. >> blake mccoy, bowling green, kentucky, thank you very much. new day, new development in
11:34 am
the drama surrounding oscar winning actor kevin spacey. spacey has been dropped from a new movie. latest ridley scott film "all the money in the world" was schedule order is still scheduled to hit theaters in six weeks. but spacey's scenes will be reshot with oscar winner christopher plummer. joining us now, nbc news senior national correspondent kate snow. and from miami, katie fang, legal analyst. kate, the bottom keeps falling out for kevin spacey. >> a new low, the movie being reshot without him. this all came yesterday. we don't know if it's a coincidence or not but it came after a new report, new allegation from a woman named heather enrout, speaking on behalf of her son. her story is that her son was 18 years old in the summer of 2016, working at a restaurant in nantucket, the island off massachusetts, when she says kevin spacey sexually assaulted
11:35 am
him after buying him a number of drinks. she tells the story of a woman intervening when spacey got up to go to the bathroom in the restaurant. this woman, who she doesn't know who she s this woman intervened and tried to help. here is what she said about that. >> we would be having a whole other conversation if she hadn't stepped in, which was a remarkable thing to do, to approach someone you don't know, who is tall and say, is something wrong? are you okay? i'm grateful to her, because my son was so drunk that i think he easily could have been manipulated into going to that private after-hours party.
11:36 am
>> i checked in with her a short time ago, katy. they haven't figured out who this woman is. they're saying, please, if you're out there, come forward. her son has filed a police report. there's investigation, according to the family. and they would like this woman -- >> that's a witness. >> yeah. >> katie fang, nbc news has confirmed that left knee done police are also investigating kevin spacey. what sort of legal trouble could he be facing? >> well, specifically for the unruh situation. he is looking up to at least five years in prison in massachusetts for indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 146789 it's defined in massachusetts as fundamentally offensive to contemporary moral values. if you touch the genitals of a boy or young man without his consent that meets the statutory allegation legally. in london, investigating him for improper conduct as well. it has risen to criminal conduct in london. if you're kevin spacey, the
11:37 am
bottom has come out from you professionally. heather unruh has said that her son turned over evidence to the police in nantucket. we don't know what the evidence s of course, we're going to want to see what that investigation reveals. >> you've reached out to nantucket police and they still won't confirm or deny that they are investigating and we should also say you have reached out to kevin spacey's people multiple times relating to this latest allegation and they haven't gotten back to you. >> two lawyers who we now believe are representing kevin spacey. they haven't even acknowledged to me that they are. they aren't answering our repeated phone calls. a publicist last week said that he's seeking treatment and that publicist since quit. >> where do things stand with harvey weinstein, the man who started all of this? >> last week on friday we reported that a grand jury could potentially get the case here in new york against harvey weinstein, as soon as this week.
11:38 am
then there was some caution about that and maybe it wouldn't be as quickly as that timeline. last night mr. weinstein's spokesperson put out a statement saying we do not believe that an indictment of mr. weinstein is imminent. we strongly believe we will demonstrate that no criminal charges are warranted but we know that the nypd has investigated. our wnbc station here says they've been speaking to women not just in new york but other states as well. >> you have a number of notes about a number of other men. i presume at some point, kate, we'll be seeing you in the near future. >> there are some things bubbling this afternoon. >> kate snow, katie phang, ladies, thank you very much. china was a favorite target of candidate trump, i'm sure you remember that. the president version of donald trump said, quote, i don't blame china. so, which one is it? (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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11:43 am
>> well, those are slightly different versions of donald trump when it comes to china. on the trail, candidate trump promised to confront china over its trade profits, threatening to slap a huge tariff on their exports and even calling them a currency manipulator. but today he took the blame off china and laid it at the feet of his predecessors. author of the new book "the quantum spy" a thriller. unfortunately we just lost david igantius. you saw him for half a second and he left. it's interesting that donald trump is being a little more concilliatory or measured when he's talking in front of china. on the campaign trail he said multiple times that he was really going to go after them and make it more fair for the american worker, that china was not being fair to the american worker. and that's why he needed to be
11:44 am
tough. and he's the only person who could possibly be tough on china the way that china needed -- the way that america needed to be towards china, that they would respect him again. so, to have him go on stage there and take the blame off china and not talk about currency manipulation, not talk about all the ways in which he is going to regain the higher ground for the american public is certainly interesting. i am told now we do have david ignatius with us. david, i hope you're there. are you there? >> yes, katy. can you hear me? >> wonderful. i can hear you. great to see you. trump in china a little different than trump on the campaign trail. should that be surprising? >> well, it's been clear now for many months that the president, after the hot rhetoric about china raping the united states, had decided that his administration wanted china as its key partner, most particularly in dealing with
11:45 am
north korea, but more broadly in asia. so, this has been coming at us for a long time. the extraordinary language that the president used just embracing president xi jinping, i think that was even more enthusiastic than i was expecting. but this has been the strategy that they've chosen. >> so, do we have any reason to believe that he's going to come back from china, going to go back on those tweet storms where he accuses them of ripping us off and uses considerably harsher rhetoric than he's using in china today? >> so i think that the leverage that he has is that if the chinese don't deliver sufficient concessions, both on north korea in terms of helping push north korea toward negotiations, or on trade, helping the u.s. reduce its enormous trade deficit with
11:46 am
china, trump could come roaring back. i believe that xi jinping was going to help us. but, look, nothing has been done. you can just write the tweets yourself. so i think the chinese now have bought into the idea of working with trump. it's in their interest to give him enough that he will hold off from that kind of return to the attack. >> david, donald trump in china is what looks like -- it's clear he's having a good time. there's a picture we just showed of him smiling, which i've just never seen as enthusiastic a smile from donald trump than i'm seeing right there. and it's jarring, considering the way he spoke about china. is it just that if a foreign nation rolls out the red carpet for him, gives him a big parade, makes him feel important -- that smile right there. makes him feel important, makes him feel like he is a big deal that he is willing to overlook everything critical or harsh he
11:47 am
may have said in the past? >> this is a president who likes to be flattered. he's not the first. the danger is that people who are vulnerable to that kind of celebration can be played. and i think that president trump's advisers and the president himself needs to think carefully in having all this enthusiastic welcome showered on the visiting president. is he really maintaining u.s. interests as the paramount goal? it's too early in this trip to know what the outcome could be but that's the danger. >> and dave -- david. i keep calling you dave. i'm so sorry. david, what are you keeping a look out for? >> my eye is on the specifics of what trump comes away with.
11:48 am
i think the chinese will make efforts to reduce the size of the deficit. u.s. policy is as important in that to the chinese. we're in a very dangerous confrontation with north korea. it's one that people around the region fear could end in military conflict. and it's crucial that the chinese deliver enough on that that we now enter a period of diplomacy. it's going to take a while. we move into that phase and away from the phase of ever-increasing threats to use force, to bring north korea to heel. if that happens i'll regard this as a successful trip and even think that president trump made a good bet in deciding to work with chiena. if it doesn't happen, we're back on the brink. >> "washington post" column sbist msnbc contributor, david ignatius.
11:49 am
by the way, i enjoyed your most recent op-ed on saudi arabia. it was enlightening. "the quantum spy" by david ignatius. always like to promote the books. >> thanks. before we head to break i want to fill you in on breaking news when it comes to roy moore. john mccain has released a statement saying the allegations against roy moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. he should immediately step aside and allow the people of alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of. stay with us.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
the "washington post" story about -- wannabe senate candidate roy moore in alabama. the "washington post" has a story out where women are accusing him of sexual misconduct. one woman says she touched him inappropriately when she was 14 years old and he was in his 30s. roy moore has denied this. he's called this essentially a political witch-hunt. but the republican party is reacting, and they are reacting swiftly. remember, roy moore was not the senate candidate that the republican party wanted.
11:54 am
he was the insurgent candidate. the steve bannon candidate. they wanted luther strange. now we're hearing from a number of them. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says if the allegations are true he must step aside. senator lisa murkowski, if it's true he nudes to step down immediately. jeff flake, any allegationations that are correct, he should step aside. the allegations are deeply disturbing. senator david purdue, allegations are devastating and moore should withdraw if they are true. senator pat toomey, a shred of truth, he needs to step aside. senator shelby, if it's true he wouldn't belong in the senate. these allegations are true, roy moore needs to step down. tim scott, he should step down if they're true. mitch mcconnell same thing. cory gardner, susan collins, rob portman, same thing. a lot of, a lot to go on there,
11:55 am
and certainly more fallout as the day continues. a year after winning the presidential election, critics are blasting president trump for having no major legislative accomplishments, but he's made good on one campaign promise. rolling back dozens of environmental regulations. cheer environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson has more. >> reporter: scott pruett's first trip as head of the epa was to a coal mine. as the agency cole miner's flagging president trump as he started undoing the clean power plant. >> you're going back to work. >> reporter: a very different kind of environmental protection, the president making good on his promise to roll back dozens of environmental regulations including rules that kept coal waste out of water waste and required stronger flood standards for infrastructure. he's tried to downsize the agency. >> we are going to get rid of it
11:56 am
in almost every form. we're going to have little tidbits left. >> reporter: proposing slashing the budget by almost a third, but the senate said, no. >> on energy and the environment i think president trump is further ahead in fulfilling campaign promises than any other area. >> this is a recipe for killing more people. making more people sick. and leaving the tremendous damage that climate change is beginning to cause to just multiply. >> reporter: after a year of devastating hurricanes and wildfires, a federal report warns climate change is already costing the u.s. billions of dollars. today climate change disappeared from the epa's website and last month three government scientists can barred from presenting climate change research. what happens when science a silenced? >> we lose. big time. and we get set back, too. you don't just flip a switch and
11:57 am
start science up again. >> reporter: wendy cleeland hamlet left the epa in september after 39 years and seven presidents. she was the top official overseeing chemicals and pesticides but says she was left out of a decision not to ban a pesticide that impacts the nervous systems of insects and potentially children. >> it made me feel like i was irrelevant to some extent. >> reporter: how would you characterize what's happened at the epa since president trump became inaugurated? >> i have never seen anything like it before. you know, the agency always has critics, but usually not such strong critics inside the agency. >> reporter: grade today's epa for me. >> you know, i give it an f. i really am troubled by what i've seen. >> the first term, is an a. >> reporter: an agency in the midst of dramatic change, shaped, critics say, by the
11:58 am
industries it's supposed to regulate rather than the environment it's charged to protect. anne thompson, nbc news, washington. >> that was nbc's anne thompson reporting. one more thing before we go. guess what joe biden just told oprah? >> i have a regret that i am not president, because i think there's so much opportunity. >> hmm. >> i think america is so incredibly well positioned. >> i regret i'm not president. that's what he said. we've always known biden was on the fence about running last year after he lost his son beau to brain cancer, but for the first time biden is explaining why he said, no. >> oprah, no woman or man should announce they're running to president unless they can answer two questions. one, do they truly believe they're the most qualified person for that moment. i believed i was. but was i prepared to be able to give my whole heart, my whole
11:59 am
soul and all of my attention to the endeavor? and i knew i wasn't. >> i wanted to be that person who -- who was, no matter what happened, just got back up. >> and while his political future remains up in the air, biden says he's not going anywhere. tbd on 2020. but hillary clinton's concession speech, which happened one year ago today, you may not know biden has been working behind the seens to revive grass roots enthusiasts for democrats and tuesday night it paid off in virginia. a senate delicate candidate biden backed won her seat and will soon become the first. >> translator: transgendjend delegate. danica roem, captured tuesday night after biden called to congratulate her on her victory. that wraps things up for me. ali velshi picks things up.
12:00 pm
i match a big day? >> an hour ago a normal busy day and now a crazy busy day. katy, thank you very much. i'm ali velshi. this man, alabama senate candidate roy moore is under the microscope after troubling new allegations. a troubling report out from the "washington post" just out this afternoon alleged roy moore pursued relationships with four teenage girls three decades ago when he was in his early 30s. the most serious comes from a woman moore encountered a sexual encounter at nujust 14. in an unusual twist, breitbart news issued a rejection before the "washington post" story went online. we'll talk to jill polec later in the show to find out why. roy moore denies all allegations. still, many republicans on the hill say in if they're true, roy moore should step aside and drop out of the race. we're following the story and its developments


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