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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 11, 2017 5:30am-6:00am PST

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good morning, everyone. i'm alex whit in new york. it is happening live for you in hanoi. >> you, the great people of vietnam, we have come a long way, the united states and vietnam. we've seen it from both sides of the picture. and this is the pleasant side. you are doing a spectacular job. your people are doing a spectacular job. and in the united states , likewise, we are doing very well. we have had the highest stock
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market we have had ever had. we have had the lowest unemployment in 17 years. and people are pouring back into our company in the form of manufacturers, car builders and others. i toured vietnam today. i was through the streets of hanoi. it is incredible to see, incredible to watch. and it's truly one of the great marvels. it really is something to behold. i would like to congratulate the people of vietnam. i would like to congratulate you, mr. president, on an outstanding job. i would also like to send my condolences on typhoon dem a which was devastating and a great loss of life in vietnam. and please give my regards and our sympathies to everyone. i know you will rebuild and the
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families will slowly rebuild. very tough to recover from that kind of a loss. but, please, on behalf of the united states, accept our condolences. and at the same time, our congratulations on a job well done. vietnam has truly become one of the great miracles of the world and it is very impressed no matter where you come from, no matter who you are. when you look at what's happened in vietnam, there is nothing more impressive. thank you very much for this honor. and i look forward to seeing you, mr. president, many, many times over the future. thank you. [ applause ]. >> and the two presidents there posing for a photo. president trump there in vietnam to attend the apec economic summit there with the leaders. and sticking to the plan, talking about the economy,
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touting america's current success and things he has accomplished and things he has taken credit for at this point as he addresses what appears to be off-the-cuff remarks to those gathered. we will let you know if the president speaks again. in the meantime, other big breaking news this morning. president trump asking president putin of russia about meddling with the 2016 election. that occurring in this conversation here on the sidelines of the asian economic summit in vietnam. mr. trump saying off camera putin twice denied he has meddled with our election. all he said is he never did that. he didn't do that. i think he is very insulted by it, which is not a good thing for our country. joining me now is zell lena maxwell. joe watkins, former white house aide to george h.w. bush, and rick tyler, former cruz campaign spokesman. with a good morning to you all.
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rick, i'm going to start with you here. the reaction to the president telling reporters putin denied meddling in the election. are you surprised the president even asked? it wouldn't be surprising putin would deny it. >> i think it was kind of perfuncto perfunctory. he has to look strong like he is doing something about it. he may have asked in probably the most -- not very tough way. and putin denied it. and then he believed him. okay. checked off. that's it. move on to other things. >> joe, what about the president saying that -- to reporters that russian meddling was an artificial thing, that it was all set up. it was something that -- well, that's what he's saying, it's just a big setup. >> well, i don't think that's going to do anything to stop the investigation by bob mueller, known as one of the most fair and outstanding lawyers anywhere. somebody who i think at the end
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of the day will get to the truth of the matter. and i think it's not going to stop people on the senate and house side as well from investigating what may have happened in the 2016 election. i'm not surprised that the president would ask that question of vladimir putin. but i don't know -- i can't imagine any former kgb agent would be transparent and say, you know what, yeah, we did meddle. i can't imagine that vladimir putin would have, if questioned by anybody, certainly president trump, confessed to having meddled. >> so do you agree with rick's assessment that the president had to go there in an effort to look strong? >> right. the reason we know about this conversation is because somebody in the white house wanted us to know about this conversation. and president trump spoke to reporters and essentially said, yeah, i asked him and we denied it. so we are all supposed to move on. the facts don't match up with his denials. and they haven't.
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they said michael flynn didn't have any contacts with russia during the course of the investigation. they were lying about that. they talked about no one in the campaign having any interaction with russia during the campaign or after the election. they were lying about that. a number of facts have come out that show this white house to be lying on the issue of russia. and i think it is surprising that president trump would expect putin to admit it. i agree with rick and joe that is a preposterous premise. vladimir putin is not going to admit he had a role in meddling in the election. but it was confirmed that russia hacked our election and spread propaganda and fake news about hillary clinton. so there is no question they meddled in the election. the question now is what is robert mueller going to find in terms of obstruction and collusion but really conspiracy against the united states, which we have already seen in some of
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the charges he has released this far. >> to your point, 17 different agencies confirmed russian meddling in our election. >> allegations against roy moore. vowing to stay in the race did spite calls for him to drop out. your thoughts on the swift reaction. they have taken back their endorsements. >> i think all republicans should take back their endor endorsemen endorsements. i think it is pretty cowardly for republicans to react to this story and say if true, as if the only evidence they're going to listen to, not the four women who spoke on the record to the "washington post", not the 26 additional sources that corroborated the stories of these women. but only if roy moore admits it will be enough evidence to believe there is a problem here. and shawn hannity said, yes, i don't deny that i dated teenagers when i was in my 30s,
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which is completely inappropriate behavior. and i think the idea that we should keep him on the ballot, i know they printed the ballots so it is is difficult at this stage to state some sort of write-in campaign. but i think in terms of the moral question here, i'm old enough to remember a few weeks back when republicans were saying democrats needed to denounce harvey weinstein and give back all the donations. and they immediately did that. here we have somebody on the ballot. not a donor to the party but on the ballot as a candidate for the senate. i think what we have to have a little bit higher standards for the people who put into elected office. >> well, in fact, he does have a campaign event a couple hours from now. not sure if he will attend. let's take a listen to part above what he told shawn hannity yesterday on the radio. here it is. >> it never happened and i don't even like hearing it because it never happened and they're doing this a month away, four weeks away, after 40 years in public service.
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they're bring it up because it's political, it's a direct attack on this campaign, and it involves a 14-year-old girl which i would have never had any contact with. it's obvious to the casual observer that something's up. we're also doing an investigation and we have some evidence of some collusion here, but we're not ready to put that to the public just yet. >> so rick, add these comments to the likes of steve bannon. they are comparing whatever actions he may have made to the bible. romances between older men and young women. they take the example of joseph and mary. one of his accusers is a 14 erld kwraoe minor. what do you think the impact is on the republican party? >> it would be catastrophic. 218 will be the tsunami. if roy moore is sent to the united states senate as an accused pedophile, that will be
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attached to every republican running. they will simply say this is the party that accepts pedophilia. i know that is a terrible story. look, this is never going to be adjudicated in the legal sense. the statute of limitations when he allegedly committed this crime had run out three years after. to it would have run out in '82. so we're never going to get to the truth through the legal process. so people have to make up their mind. they have to read the post story is. four women went on the record. he admitted to pursuing teenagers when he was in his 30s. plus, roy moore has a lot of utterances that have been quite controversial. so this is all going to be in i political sense. people have to decide whether he is fit for the united states senate. i'm glad to see a lot of republicans have decided to withdraw. i do think the talking points were a little sloppy.
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the if, because i think they were written in haste and everybody repeated them. but certainly there's no if here. you have to decide whether you believe these women and the reporting is accurate or not. that's where we are. i believe the reporting and i think roy moore is unfit to serve in the united states senate. >> joe, do you think the party is in a different place back in 2012? even last year's "access hollywood" tape. >> yeah. well, we need to catch up with the times and be ready for 2017 and get ready for 2018. whether you're republican or democrat, you need to do what's right. in this case roy moore has been accused of these women having done this, he knitted to having dated women -- girls when he was a grown man. and that's wrong. the best thing to do -- the right thing to do would be step aside and let someone else run. have a write-in candidate. it is is best to do the right
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thing. not to sugar coat it or paint over it and say i don't remember exactly. i did date younger girls and they're trying to get me. >> he could do a lie detector test. put him on a lie detector test. and then let people judge the results of that test. joe is absolutely right. if the party stands for that, they stand for nothing. what is winning worth? we have to do the right thing. we have to put principles first. >> powerful statements from all three of you guys. thank you so much. i'll see all three of you in just a little bit. we'll talk about the virginia election this week and more. i'll see you at the top of the hour. >> the latest version of a tax plan and what it could mean come april 15th next year. in the next hour, something will happen on capitol hill tuesday that has not happened since 1976.
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over tax reform in key divisions between the house and senate bill setting the stage for a potential showdown as the house prepares for a vote next week. one of the issues relates to the tax cut president trump is insisting on. that cut would not take effect until 2019. another contentious proposal by the senate. the total elimination of state and local tax deductions. the house plan would keep a partial deduction for property taxes. joining me is columnist for yahoo! finance rick new mapp. awfully got to see you. you wrote this great article. you looked at your own taxes and wrote this all down. you found your own taxes would be raised by $1,500. this would happen in the senate bill. how did you come to the numbers? >> i took my tax return from 2016 and redid it on how it would change the tax code. under the house plan, i would have saved $5,000. under the senate plan, my taxes
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would have gone up by $1,500. so a $6,500 difference between the two plans. the details matter. >> the difference between the senate's timing for the corporate tax cut report is part of it making in the presentation to americans, is it making it more palatable? >> the one-year delay in the senate plan is totally just saving a little bit of revenue. we will lose federal revenue from lowering the corporate tax rate and lose a little bit less if we put it off one year. i think that's what it's about. the markets didn't like that had they first heard. the market declined a little bit. as a business decision, i think it would still, you know, have the same effect on businesses saying, oh, the corporate rate will be lower in the united states. it will happen in 2019. if i'm thinking about lowering a factor it might tilt the balance of the united states. >> given where the president is coming from, he was into office,
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is he going to sign on to this delay. >> i think trump would say i rather it happens in 2018 rather than '19. but, you know, if you think about the elections, the midterms in 2018, not such a bad thing to say, look, we did cut the rate. it is going into effect next year. everybody can count on that happening. we got it done. >> go through a couple other things you think will be the sticking points in terms of negotiations. >> the state and local tax deduction is a big deal. and i think it's very important to point out some version of reducing or eliminating this is in both bills. that seems likely to happen given both the house and senate are going in that direction. about 40 million people who claim that deduction. it will be a big deal for a lot of people. it's true in high tax states. it's also true in swing states like pennsylvania and ohio, where between 20% and 25% of all
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taxpayers claim that deduction. this is interesting politically. if people look at their taxes and thought, wait a minute, i thought this was a tax cut. you're taking away the deduction. i'm not getting anything back on lower rates, some people will fall into that bucket and there will be implications for that in the midterm elections a year from now. >> i suggest everyone read this article. look how much i highlighted this. >> some people care about tax details when it's their own tax return. >> thank you very much g. to see you. embattled alabama senate roy moore is scheduled to show up at a veterans day event an hour from now at this location. will he show? that is still uncertain. stay with us and find out.
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the greatest offense is not supporting the president if you have as of now. i think he showed his contempt for the grass roots movement. i think he showed contempt for
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the movement. yes, mitch mcconnell has to go. >> do you think mitch mcconnell will be the majority leader this time next year. >> jeremy peters there, making a bold prediction about the senate leader. this comment comes days after tuesday's major losses in key races. let's bring back our panel. joe, that exit poll shows voters in virginia voted against trump by a 2-1 margin. >> the virginia voters, especially in those predictable areas were energized. these people have come out in 2016, the presidential result might have been different, nationwide, of course, it would be different. but i think that the 2018 is going to shape up to be a really, really interesting year. i mean, the senate right now,
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there are 34 seats up in the senate and 25 of them are democrat and only nine of them are republican, so i don't know how much slip annual we'll see in terms of the number of republicans that return to their seats or the number of democrats that return to their seats, but it's likely not to change the calculus. i don't want that it changes the calculus. >> so, rick, good luck, he said he's not financial to seek re-election. to joe's point, some of these seats are reliable red districts. is there any sense of panic to republicans are you talking to about losing their majority? >> i think they're in clear danger of losing majority. one of the reasons steve bannon is right, mitch mcdonnell may not be the majority leader, he may be the minority leader. the republicans have a lot of seats to defend. really they need to only pick up two seats to make this difference here. look. in virginia, remember,
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gillespie, got more votes than anybody got if virginia t. problem was, so he got all the trump vote, people say he wasn't trump enough. he got those votes. go look at the map. the numbers add up. the problem for him was the other side had a massive turnout and they overwhelmed him. so beat them by nine points. so the left was incredibly energized and they got their people out. that's what it takes to win races. >> to your point about there only being a two-seat difference, back to our earlier conversation the roy moore election, how much is that factoring into republican's mind, whether or not they choose to support or want this buy the to join him? >> i hate to say and hate to predict it. i think roy moore will win in alabama. the problem is -- >> look at alabama's history, they've elected people before with shady pasts. >> no one else can run an incredible write-in campaign, anybody that could run, is in jail. it's a terrible situation.
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the problem is, roy moore will affect all the seats. he will become the talking point about what republican values, remember, we were the party of values republicans have. >> that depressed the turnout. donald trump doesn't seem to be able tell the truth from day to day, is he going to motivate republicans to turn out for republicans when he is attacking the leader scholarship of the party. i don't think so. >> what's the next kind of conversation about the voters summit and things like. that you want to put up full screens and address how significant women are, winning by 22 points. out performing previous democratic candidates with white college educated women winning that group by 16 points. do you think this is a road map for democrats next year in the mid-terms and in 2020? >> yes, i do. what we saw this week was essentially a tidal wave of women voters and candidates powered by grass roots organizing. and i think that in response to the election of donald trump, you had the women's march the
5:57 am
largest protest in american history and 19,000 women call emily's list, there are a number of organizations receiving calls from women who are ready to step up and run for office because they see someone like president trump and say, if he can be the president of the united states, i certainly can be in congress or many my state house. and i think that that's a great thing for the country bot wom because women are 51% of the population, it's time we are 51 percent of the legislatures around the country. >> i listen to that with a smile on my face, thank you very much. love you guys both, rick and joe. thank you so much what to expect on capitol hill next week as senators raise questions about the president's authority to use nuclear weapons, why white house critics say this hearing is so important. that's our next hour. ♪
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