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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 11, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hey there, everyone, i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters where it's 1:00 in the east, 10:00 a.m. out west and here's what's happening right now. southern discomfort. defiance and denial. senate candidate roy moore speaks publicly for the first time since salacious allegations that have rocked his campaign and the republican party. >> i do not expect "the washington post" to stop. i think they have a political agenda. >> coming up, judge moore makes his case against accusations, but will republicans and voters buy it? also ahead, a handshake and a chat. presidents trump and putin
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talking election meddling. how could president trump so readily accept putin's denial? and now a report this hour about an explosive statement from the cia director about this. >> on the backs of hard-working people of the middle class, you talk about taxing success? why? because they have made a decision behind closed doors not with any experts or testimony. >> the fire and the fury, outcry over the tax cuts. this democratic congressman will join us. but first there's breaking news. alabama republican senate candidate roy moore gets a standing ovation inside a veterans day event near birmingham. moore addressed the sexual misconduct allegations against him publicly for the first time, strongly denying them, as he did during a radio interview yesterday and blaming democrats and establishment republicans. >> they're desperate. this article is a prime example of fake news, an attempt to divert attention from the true
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issues which affect our country, like health care, military readiness, tax reform, immigration and the national debt. we do not intend to let the democrats or this established republicans or anybody else behind this story stop this campaign. there are investigations going on. in the next few days there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. >> nbc's vaughn hilliard is in alabama for us just outside of birmingham where the event just wrapped up a short time ago. vaughn, with a welcome to you, mo moore appears to be fighting the allegations and remaining in the race. what about the voters there who gathered at that veterans day event? >> reporter: well, out of washington, d.c., the senate republicans fund-raising arm announced yesterday it was pulling all support of roy moore. senators dane and lee pulled their support, john mccain said the allegations are disturbing
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and disqualifying and he should exit the race. what we saw this morning here in alabama at the local gop event was a much different response. cheering, standing ovation. this is what a few of the voters had to tell us. >> i still support him because at this point there is no proof. the timing is just so suspicious right before and he's had 40 years when all of this could have come to light and it's just a few days before the special election. >> it's just mind blowing to me. he should not be a candidate. he should not be in public office of any sort. >> reporter: alex, this is a man who's been in public office now for several decades. he's well known across alabama. i was in his hometown and talked to a dozen people in a local convenience store and each of them stood by the man saying they know him to be a nice, good man and they'll still vote for him and not vote for the democrat, doug jones.
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>> how does his campaign move forward through all this? >> reporter: he's really a one-man wrecking crew at this point. he doesn't have support from washington or the administration. this is his approach. listen to this sound bite. this was him at this event earlier. >> i do not expect "the washington post" to stop. i think they have a political agenda, and i think they're running that agenda and everybody in this room, every person watching on these cameras should ask theirself isn't it strange that after 40 years of constant investigation, people have waited to four weeks prior to the general election to bring their complaints. >> reporter: and this is where i want to take a step back and look at what this race is one month out. this is a candidate who has yet to answer questions ever since he won that runoff september 26th. i was here in alabama and i said, judge, you made several controversial statements about
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your religious beliefs but i'd like to talk to you about policy. he said, sir, we'll have plenty of time to discuss that. a month and a half later, we still haven't had that conversation, despite repeated requests. i think you've seen that video where we were trying to ask him those questions. a month and a half later, those number of questions have only stacked up even more now that these allegations have come out. but it goes beyond those controversial statements we're familiar with about not believing muslims should be in congress or homosexual acts should be illegal. it comes down to policy. the only policy we've heard from roy moore is 906 words where he wraps up his policy. those conversations haven't taken place. we're one month out, alex, from election day. >> you've got with a month to keep asking those questions and hopefully getting those answers, vaughn hilliard. thank you so much. let's bring in noelle nikpour and peter emerson. we'll go ladies first, noelle, with you. roy moore is deeming all of this just a political attack by democrats. how long is that defense going
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to work for it, and does it? >> well, you know, let's just say as long as this investigation moves forward and the allegations, you know, are stronger and stronger and stronger, it's really bad. i will tell you this, as someone that works in politics, as somebody that advises candidates, this is bad. it's also bad that he has apparently received anti-endorsements from mccain and other senators, mitt romney even chimed in. i mean so this is bad on a lot of things. now, whether or not the allegations are true, who am i to say? i mean he is even denying knowing one of the strongest accusers. so who knows? but here's the real issue at hand. the real issue at hand is this. it's going to overshadow his candidacy. i mean it's going to overshadow what this guy is trying to be
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about, what policies he's going to try to put forth. so, you know, unfortunately there's not a lot the republican party in alabama can do because, you know, it would be a no-brainer for the heads of the party to get together and either replace him with luther strange or figure out another deal. so it's putting -- i think the reason why you haven't seen anything going forward on this is because they just don't know what else to do. so, you know, like i said, this is a really bad deal. it's a really bad deal for the victims. it's a bad deal for roy moore's candidacy, but it's putting the gop, both nationally and statewide, in a very bad predicament. >> i think i described it earlier as stuck between a rock and a hard place and i think that kind of assesses it in many ways. so peter, your takeaways from the defense that we're hearing from roy moore, most notably that they are equating it to
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biblical actions and saying it's like when the father and mother of jesus christ, joseph and amary, this was an older carpenter, she was a young teen, and they're saying, so, look to the bible. >> and so i'd rather say it's not so much between a rock and a hard place, it's between the old testament and the old testament. and the problem that roy moore has is that he's never told the truth, much less had any respect for the rufl le of law. remember, he's been removed twice from senior legal positions over the last several years. so as noelle points out, the problem is that republicans both nationally and in alabama have a real dilemma on their hands, because roy moore is playing it very straight. he's suddenly made himself the victim, right? he's saying he's the victim of the liberal progressive, you know, fact denying fake news media and the republican
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establishment. so he set himself up now to be the victim, and that's the sad and insulting thing to the women who had the courage to come forward. and then on top of that, he goes on hannity and basically self n incriminates himself. in that interview he's asked by hannity, have you ever dated anyone 17 or 18 years old? and he said, no, generally not. and by the way, i always asked their mothers for permission. >> yeah, you know what, you bring up that clip. i want to play part of it so people get it in its entirety, at least the part that you're referring to. let's roll that right now. >> i don't know ms. corfman from anybody. i've never talked to her, never had any contact with her. the allegations of sexual misconduct with her are completely false. i believe they're politically motivated. i have never known this woman or anything. with regard to the other girls, you understand this is 40 years ago, and after my return from the military i dated a lot of young ladies.
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>> would it be unusual for you as a 32-year-old guy to have dated a woman as young as 17? that would be, what, a 15-year difference, or a girl 18. do you remember dating girls that young at that time? >> not generally, no. if i did, you know, i'm not going to dispute anything, but i don't remember anything like that. >> so your thoughts on that, noelle, the fact that he speaks not denying it but saying i don't generally remember it. >> you know, bravo to sean hannity for putting him on the spot and specifically, you know, asking him did you date 17 and 18-year-old girls. so i'm glad that he came out and didn't, you know, kind of soft core the issue there. but i will tell you that i -- for him to answer it that way kind of leaves a little bit of cloud of suspicion, you know. the other thing that i noticed is he flat-out denied, he denied
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even knowing the biggest accusers, the 14-year-old girl. >> leigh corfman. >> he flat out denies even knowing her. so this is a -- to me, this is a very big deal because i think the legal age of consent in alabama and please tell me if i'm wrong, but i think it was -- it's like 16, is it not? >> i think it is 16. i know alcohol is 19 and i believe it is 16, you're right, it is. >> yeah. so let's just say that that's true going forward and he's 32. that's kind of a bizarre age difference back then because of the maturity of a female and whatever. but let's just say that's true. well, i guess it's okay, but it sure is just strange. no guy that i know when he was in his 30s asked out on dates 17 and 18-year-old girls. it was just strange. but -- >> let's keep in mind that this leigh corfman, she was 14 years
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old. the detail with which this story is recalled by her in "the washington post." she was sitting on a bench outside of a courthouse when she was 14 years old. her mother was going in to have a child custody hearing during a divorce. she meets the then assistant district attorney, roy moore. he comes out, says hello. offers to sit with her on that park bench so the mother can go inside before the mother left, he said, she doesn't need to go in and hear all of this. >> i think it's gross. i think it's gross. >> peter, when you hear that, couple this report with the final things that roy moore was saying in the interview with sean hannity. is that a career-ender, not denying dealing with teenagers at the age of 32 and dating them, or should it be a career-end eer and will it be i this case? >> i'm glad you put that caveat because let's put it in context. six years ago there was a republican from new york, chris lee.
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he posted himself shirtless, just shirtless -- >> i remember that. >> he was gone within an hour. john boehner, then the speaker of the house, called him in and he resigned. a year ago today, or a few days ago, a video showed a candidate, donald trump, bragging about sexually assaulting women and many, many women, scores of women came forward to confirm that he was telling the truth about himself. he's president of the united states today. so for roy moore, this is a time game. he's got a few weeks left to hold on. and if he can get his base, which is solid, in alabama to come out and vote for him, then he possibly could win. that's going to make the u.s. senate in a very difficult position because i think as noelle pointed out, these allegations are not going to go away. there's going to be more evidence mounting i'm sure. ultimately the senate may have to decide whether to krcensure m
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or -- >> or not seat him. unfortunately nick is wrapping me in my ear so you know what that means. i've got to say good-bye. good to see you both, thank you so much. overseas today, a new conversation between president trump and vladimir putin about election meddling. president trump said putin adamantly denied meddling and that he believes what putin said. that conversation taking place during what the white house is describing as a meeting of no more than five minutes or so on the sidelines at the asia summit. meanwhile, a new report on the hill claims cia director mike pompeo is standing by the agency's determination that russia indeed ran an influence campaign to help donald trump win the white house. chris jansing is joining us from hanoi, vietnam, with more details on this. another welcome to you on this late night for you certainly. what more are you learning about this conversation between putin and trump? >> reporter: well, it only lasted less than five minutes, according to sarah sanders, but it's causing a lot of controversy back home. you mentioned that statement from mike pompeo. it's because the president of the united states is siding with
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vladimir putin, who says that the interference never happened, siding with vladimir putin who he says he's spoken to multiple times about it over his own intelligence agencies, which have been unanimous in their condemnation of the russian meddling in the 2016 election, saying all the evidence points to that it happened and have produced evidence to show that it happened, and in fact the president also called out some former intelligence heads. brennan, clapper and comey, saying they are no more than political hacks. he went a step further and said that the democrats by continuing to bring this up are actually making it harder for diplomacy and people may die as a result of it. let me read to you exactly what the president told reporters aboard air force one. quote, and this artificial democratic hit job gets in the way. it gets in the way. and that's a shame because people will die because of it. and it's a pure hit job. and it's artificially induced.
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and i think it's a shame that something like that can destroy a very important potential relationship between two countries that are very important countries. russia could really help us. he said that he believes vladimir putin is very insulted by this, that he's trying to build a better relationship with vladimir putin so that they work -- can work together on things like north korea and he had criticism for hillary clinton saying she was in way over her head when she tried to deal with this and former president obama simply did not have the right chemistry. alex? >> all right, chris jansing, thank you so much, chris, long distance there. roy moore defending himself again today and says there will be revelations when it comes to the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. msnbc's lawrence o'donnell will be here to give us his take on the scandal and talk about his new book on the 1968 election, next. they're defined by accomplishments. by victories. by those with the resourcefulness, the ingenuity,
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there are investigations going on. in the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. they will be brought to the public. we fully expect the people of alabama to see through this charade and to vote in the primary coming up. >> republican senate candidate roy moore unleashing this morning on "the washington post" article that laid out sexual misconduct allegations against him and again denying those allegations. joining me now is my colleague lawrence o'donnell, the most of "the last word" on weeknights at 10:00 p.m. he's also out with a new book, "playing with fire." big congrats on the book, lawrence, and we'll get to that in just a minute. i'd love to have you weigh in on the controversy surrounding roy
10:21 am
moore. we're seeing almost immediate disavowals from some on the right. others have been more cautious saying there's no room for moore in the senate if the allegations are true. i'm curious your take on the matter and the reaction overall to it. >> well, what we saw in the clip you just played from this morning is that's roy moore's version of donald trump saying that he was going to sue every woman who came out and accused him of sexual assault after that "access hollywood" video came out, and of course donald trump was lying. he had no intention of suing them. he only wanted to defame them by calling them liars, and he did not sue them and will never sue them because donald trump is never going to put himself under oath, as would be required in a lawsuit like that, about his own sexual conduct. roy moore is promising new information. he also yesterday on sean hannity's show predicted that "the washington post" would have
10:22 am
more reports about him. he indicated repeatedly in the sean hannity interview that there is more information about him to be gained. there's a point at which he said i dated a lot of young ladies. so he might be anticipating more of these stories coming out. and when you look at the story about him with his predatory behavior at age 32 as an assistant d.a., approaching a young girl whose mother was going into a custody hearing and telling the mother i'll take care of her while you're in the custody hearing, you don't want her to hear what happens in that courtroom, that suggests to you given his occupation at the time that that might have been a practice of his. there might be other girls 14 years old, younger, older, who sat on that bench and had the same experience with roy moore approaching them. he seems to be ready for more of these stories coming up. >> yeah. you know, lawrence, i was
10:23 am
listening to him put out his defense there as he was addressing that veterans day crowd and he talks about how why is it coming out now, 40 years later, and questioning the legitimacy of the claims. and then there are potential voters out there who are just echoing those sentiments. do you think the why now, lawrence, has anything to do with women feeling emboldened en masse as a result of the weinstein effect on hollywood and on major industries and politics around this nation? do you think that's the why now? >> of course it does. these story -- a story this week is different even than it was last week. this is the fastest-moving area of development in our culture right now. but the why not does have an answer. roy moore was never personally investigated before. roy moore's issues that got him kicked out of his job in the courts in alabama were simply he
10:24 am
put up the ten commandments in the courthouse. that was not allowed. it was simply -- it was as simple a case as that, and he refused to take them down. so he was kicked out of his job for that. he refused to enforce the law as a judge the next time around. there was no personal investigation of his background in any of those cases. this report was done by three "washington post" reporters, three women who went to alabama and asked the questions that had never been asked before of these women. there were no alabama reporters in the past who approached these women and were turned away. this was brilliant work done by an investigative team, the likes of which alabama politics is not usually exposed to. and so that's why now. and remember that when he wants to say this article isn't true, with sean hannity yesterday, he
10:25 am
used the article to defend himself. the one thing he wanted to deny was the crime of sex with the 14-year-old girl, and so he denied that vehemently, and then he used the stories of the other girls in the article as corroboration. he used them to say, look, those girls say i just took them on dates, and i just kissed them. i never had sex with them. therefore, i'm a good guy and i don't have sex with these young girls. and so he was using the very same article that he was condemning as his own corroboration for his own side of the story. >> now, i just want to be clear, when we talk about sex, i don't believe it was implying intercourse, i believe it was just fondling and touching -- >> well, we can tell you exactly what it was because it was in "the washington post." and what she said was when she was 14 years old, she found herself lying on the floor of his house in the woods 30
10:26 am
minutes away having been driven there by him and he came out of a room completely naked except for his tight white underwear. that's what she testified to, to "the washington post" in quotes. she then said that he got down on the floor beside her and put his hands on her bra, put his hands on her body and took her hand and put it on his underwear and she said she had never felt or touched a man's penis before. she said this was erect. those words are all in "the washington post" in quotes. that's what she said. and that is all statutory rape at that time in alabama or at any time, he was going to get a minimum of ten years in prison if that was true about what he did on the floor of his home with a 14-year-old girl. >> right, concerning the age of consent being 16 at that point and still today. i want to ask you about the big
10:27 am
race on tuesday. big day for democrats with the victories in new jersey, virginia as well. i have an exit poll graphic here with the breakdown of the voters. in virginia it's broken down by gender and race. 91% black women going for ralph northam. are democrats going to see that as a sign of rekindled enthusiasm? >> yeah, there's -- it can't be exaggerated how important tuesday night was for democrats and how important it was for republicans. a messages rarely get clearer than this on these off-year elections away from presidential campaigns. that was a national wave election from maine to virginia and beyond. in maine you had the ballot measure pass on the medicaid expansion. and so the message is very clear. and by the way, standard operating procedure for either party when they're on the losing end of one of these message wave elections is to say, oh, it was
10:28 am
a one-off, nothing happened. it was about a weak candidate versus a strong candidate. so everything the republicans are pretending about this is a standard procedure. but inside the party, there is full-scale panic about what this means to holding on to republican control of congress next year. >> i want to get to your book now, it's called "playing with fire." you make in this book the case that the 1968 election set the stage for modern u.s. politics. lawrence, where do you see the common threads between what happened then and what we're witnessing, president trump's rise to office? >> when you go back before 1968, if someone told you i'm a democrat, you didn't know if that person was a conservative or a liberal. if someone said i'm a republican, you didn't know if that was a conservative or a liberal, because there were liberal republicans, there were conservative democrats. 1968 was the end of liberalism, the death of liberalism in the republican party, and it was the
10:29 am
emergence of a insurgency on the left side, the liberal side of the democratic party. and so those two forces have taken more and more and more power in each party, to the point now where we do not have any liberal republicans and we do not have any conservative democrats. and so the formation of what is now our politics all began in 1968. there are characters and events that occurred in 1968 that inform our politics today. roger ailes was brought into politics by richard nixon in 1968 to work on the television piece of his campaign. and george wallace's campaign manager told me last year that when he listened to donald trump campaigning, he was hearing george wallace when george wallace campaigned as the segregationist candidate as an independent in 1968. all the same rhythms, all the same appeals in his rallies to
10:30 am
the same kind of voter. and so much of what we saw last year in that campaign was born in 1968. >> yeah. i want to read a short passage from your book if i may speaking about the '68 election. you write that it was a matter of life and death for real people we all knew. this meant this time running for president didn't have to be about ego, it meant running for president couldn't simply be a matter of political calculation. it meant that it wasn't just about what was best for bobby kennedy's future in politics, it was about life and death. do you have an equal sense of gravity about what's happening in our nation today, lawrence? >> yes, it is very similar. and the life and death issue of course was vietnam. and every young man 18 and older had a draft card in his pocket that could send him to his death in vietnam. and that worried grandmothers of those boys, it worried the girlfriends of those boys, the sisters. there was no one who was immune from that worry at that time in this country.
10:31 am
there's no one who's immune from the feeling of where this country is and what happened in this country on election night. and we have a vast majority of the country now that is worried about this presidency, that has a strong disapproval of this presidency, does not trust this presidency with nuclear weapons. you have republican senator bob corker, chairman of the foreign relations committee, saying we have to review the president's authority on nuclear weapons. that was inconceivable before you had such an unreliable, unpredictable and dangerous president. and so there's a danger now that people feel from the presidency itself, from the person who's supposed to prevent us from a nuclear engagement with north korea. there's a feeling of danger that this might be the person who gets us into that. >> well, given your writing skills, it is a fantastic book. it is called "playing with fire, the 1968 election and the transformation of american politics." lawrence o'donnell, thank you
10:32 am
for joining me. you can watch "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell weeknights at 10:00 p.m. now that president trump has met with leaders, has he been able to diffuse problems? joe richardson is coming up in just a moment.
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new reaction this hour to president trump saying he believes vladimir putin's denials of russian interference in the u.s. election. the president making those remarks on air force one as he was headed to hanoi. the two presidents spoke on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam today. within the hour, the hill reporting that there is a statement from the cia saying director mike pompeo stands by the intelligence community's conclusion that russia meddled in the election. just a short time ago, ben cardin, ranking member of the foreign affairs committee responding on twitter saying partly donald trump believes an ex-kgb agent over 17 u.s. intel agencies. that's outrageous.
10:36 am
joining me now is bill richardson, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. governor, welcome to you, always good to see you. is there any reason donald trump could say he believes putin, and should the statement from the cia director give the president pause? >> well, it should give him pause because this is his own cabinet member, the head of the cia, disputing the president's assertion. what is also disturbing is the president claiming that former director clapper and brennan and comey are partisan hacks. i mean these are professionals. this is our intelligence community saying there was meddling, and the president is off saying something differently. perhaps in his mind in a real estate deal, he may get something in return from putin, maybe some progress on syria by giving him a pass on the russian election involvement, which nobody believes is the case. this may be his thinking, but i
10:37 am
don't know what makes the president tick. this is an incredible statement. easily he could have said there was meddling, don't do it anymore. and putin may have moved on from that. but it's very disturbing. >> so to that point about the way he's relating one on one with president putin, the president has also boasted of his great relationships with china's xi, japan's abe. what is more important, is it his personal relationships or is it the u.s. relationships with other countries in total? >> well, the u.s. relationship with other countries is more important. it does help if you have personal chemistry between leaders. but as i see this trip, we've lessened our influence in asia by ceding a lot of power to china on the trade issue by saying we're getting out of the transpacific partnership and now the rest of the 12 countries in
10:38 am
the region are putting up their own trade agreement without the u.s. by not emphasizing with the chinese the importance of democracy and human rights. now, on the positive side, it seems a relationship with japan and south korea, the visits there were relatively successful, especially with south korea because we were heading in the wrong direction on jointly dealing with north korea. with south korea wanting some kind of reproachment with north korea and the president saying that was appeasement. so that -- you know, i'll give credit to that. trade deals, they weren't trade deals, they were commercial deals. that may yield something in the future, but it wasn't $250 billion of deals. but my big concern, alex, is, you know, we're basically saying to china, we're stepping out of asia. you can have it. and this is a major region of the world, powerful economic,
10:39 am
military, that we've always been the leaders. and the countries in the region have wanted us to be the leaders. the indonesians, the vietnams, the japan, the south koreas. and we've kind of ceded this leadership by talking about america first. sure, we want to protect our country and advance its interests, but i see this trip as not protecting america national security. maybe he's achieved a better relationship with the chinese president, but it hasn't yielded anything on north korea. right now the tension is probably the greatest after his trip. >> do you think it is because of china's potential pressure on north korea that they have not carried out a missile test in the last 58 days? >> i thought possibly, i was hopeful. i'm not privy to any internal discussions, that there was some diplomacy going on where north korea since september 15th has not tested a missile, has not
10:40 am
tested a nuclear, and they have with been relatively quiet. it seems that that kind of diplomacy may be a potential agreement brokered by china has not worked. the problem also is we've asked china to step up the pressure on north korea, and china did not do it. they have increased the pressure, but they didn't cut off oil exports, they didn't shut down north korean accounts, banking accounts in china. they haven't moved the north korean workers in china out, as we had asked. so, you know, we're at an impasse on north korea. now the north koreans are reacting and things are not good. the trip did not lessen tensions in the region on north korea, and that was one of the goals. >> well, which means we'll be relying on you once again probably soon in the future to give us your insights. always good to see you, my friend. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, danica roem will be here to talk about her big
10:41 am
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in remarks at arlington national cemetery on this veterans day, vice president mike pence honored all those who have served in uniform and he vowed those who are defending our freedoms will have what they need to keep us safe. >> we will not rest or relent until all america's great veterans receive the care they so richly deserve. veteran unemployment has already fallen by nearly 40% since president trump was elected. it's lower today than any point since the year 2000. and we're just getting started. >> well, the vice president and his wife, karen, took part in a wreath-laying ceremony earlier today and also visited the vietnam war memorial and helped volunteers wash the monument of remembrance. coming up, congressman john larson will join me to why he thinks the tax bill is a direct
10:45 am
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you talk about taxing success. all of our working professions, wlur a machinist or a teacher, and in the case of a teacher, if they reach into their pocket, if they reach into their pocket to pay for their students, you get rid of that deduction as well. so you can give it to somebody who's already gotten $11 million deduction on the estate tax. this is outrageous! >> democrat congressman john larson of connecticut blasting the gop tax reform proposal in the ways and means committee where it passed on a party line vote. congressman larson joins me now. congressman, with a welcome to you, sir, i can't tell you as i was listening to you talk about teachers, how much teachers i've spoken to over the years that have reached into their own pockets to make up for the lapses in funds to what they want to bring their students so
10:49 am
i'm entirely sympathetic with that line of argument there, sir. i know that you are not only frustrated by the contents of this gop tax bill but also by the process in how it passed. can you explain that? >> well, alex, you're right. i think if you go back historically, when tip o'neill as speaker of the house and ronald reagan was the president, that's the last time we did major tax reform. and through that process, everybody understood that there needed to be bipartisan cooperation. but as importantly, minimally, you needed to have hearings. we had over 30 hearings in the committee, 12 hearings in the subcommittee, 450 plus expert witnesses, and 26 days of mark-up. this was all decided in the back room and then foisted upon the committee with no experts, with no committee hearings on the bill, with no subcommittee hearings on the bill.
10:50 am
something that was done in the back room by the republican leadership. their own members didn't even know most of what was going to be in the bill until it was finally out and then it was amended twice, once on monday and once on thursday before the final vote. because you know what, sir, you are doing what needs to be done to point out the discrepancies in those places where the majority of americans are going to suffer under these tax plans, including those people in your state of connecticut which is among the high tax states which benefit from the state and local tax deductions. what does eliminating mean for them in your state? >> yes, and i think this is important to explain, alex, and thank you for asking the question.
10:51 am
number one, we are a donor state. what does that mean? that means in the state of connecticut we will send to the federal government we will send more than we receive. and we do that gladly because we think it's important especially on veterans day to make sure we are taking care of our veterans and our national parks, inf infrastructure, health, we believe in tall all of that. but since 1913 when the code was first established, there was put in there a provision for state and local tax deductions. so for more than 100 years people have been able to take advantage of it. why? because without it, you said high states, but states that put money into their education systems and their infrastructure, et cetera, it would amount to double taxation. so wree are a donor state that finds ourselves getting doubly taxed in this instance. and then, also, heaped upon that
10:52 am
is the debt, what you used to be compassionate conserve tich. two republicans from new york said better than me. they said what you've seen is the greatest redistribution of wealth from the northeast and west coast to the rest of the country. it's clearly paytonly unfair and wrong. and that's why we got to continue this fight on the floor of the house. and now in the senate finance committee as well. >> yeah. i know right now americans can right off their medical expenses that would be stripped away under the go pchltd measure. i know you want to keep it. what are they doing to try to keep that in place? >> well, we'll have amendments on the floor, i would say in the senate it would appear that's not in their bill. but the next fight is going to occur around the house floor as well. so we'll be introducing an
10:53 am
amendment, you know, the aarp points out there is more than 8 million americans, you know, between ages 50 and over 65 years of age, 50 to 64, it's about 18%, 55% of the people over age 65 are who avail themselves of this tax credit. here's the rub, alex, so they eliminate that medical benefit which is crucial to people. and instead they pay for the estate tax wherein order to receive that if you are a couple you already are receiving $11 million. you have to reach $11 million before it's passed through. well, now who pays for that? the individual pays for that. >> right. democrat congressman john larson of connecticut i want to thank you you for joining me and bringing all this. >> pleasure. >> i'll look forward to seeing you again, sir. thank you. em battled candidate roy moore isn't keeping quiet but
10:54 am
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still ahead some huge wins on tuesday in virginia and new jersey but none as historic as danica roem who is here. and she will be joining me. and we'll be right back.
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and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live i'm alex witt. my colleague will be taking over. >> thanks for passing baton. i'm richard, now responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. take a listen. >> this article is a prime example of fake news. >> moore simple message for voters he's stay inning the race. president trump making headlines overseas defending


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