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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 12, 2017 3:00am-4:00am PST

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reading the bible and waiting for dawn, while the whole wide world is fast asleep. good morning. i'm dara brown. it's 6:00 a.m. in the east, 3:00 a.m. out west and here is what is happening. the last leg, president trump arrives in the philippines. why the meeting with their leader could be perilous. >> i believe he believes that and it's very important for somebody to believe. >> believe it or not, the president offers a clarification on whether he believes vladimir putin or u.s. intelligence agencies. fallout, defiant roy moore faces a crowd for the first time. reaction from both sides as the man accused of sexual misconduct fights to stay in the race for
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senate. and lobbyists are scrambling as politicians look to slash critical deductions. next on msnbc live. and new this morning, president trump arriving in the philippines a little more than an hour ago and clearing up comments he made about russia's interference in the election. here's what he told reporters last night about his conversation with vladimir putin. >> i'm surprised that there is any conflict on this. what i said there is that i believe he believes that. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies. >> president trump also taking to twitter saying when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. and later this hour, president trump is expected to meet with
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controversial philippine's president rodrigo duterte in manila. hallie jackson is in that notice oig with more on president trump's conversation with vladimir putin. and what a else did president trump say? >> reporter: well, let's start with the headline which you laid out well in that sound bite there, that seems on to be what is resonating the most at least at this point from the news conference here although president trump is now as he they say wheels down, he has landed over in manila if a thfo summits. the president was on air force one when he talked about russia interference in the election and having this conversation with vladimir putin at the prior stop in da nong. and the president said that he believes that putin believes it when he says that in fact russia
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did not meddle according to vladimir putin. obviously that is completely contradictory to what u.s. intelligence agencies have determined. the president was asked about this because it caused some consternation because the president has not definitively said yes, i believe it was only russia and putin was involved like the intelligence agencies are saying. instead what you heard is what you jest heard. the president talking about how he believes u.s. intelligence agencies over moscow. probably the closest he's come on this topic and i think it is notable that even as we're in vietnam and in southeast asia, the headline is about russia. that is what everyone is talking about given that face-to-face with presidents trump and putin over on the weekend. looking ahead, number one, you've got the president meeting with a number of other asean summit nations and trade and the economy are really important me here. this is all on the heels of the
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transpacific partnership, the 12 country trade agreement, working amongst themselves the other 11 countries to try to figure out a different agreement that does not include the united states after president trump fulled out of tpp as he promised he would do on the campaign trail. this is significant in that to some, some critics, it looks as though the u.s. is pulling out of its role as a leader in the region when it comes to trade. the president says he wants to work on bilateral trade agreements instead. and you also have the meeting with duterte, highly controversial given the extra judicial killings in the philippines and that is our next stop here. >> hallie jackson live for us in vietnam, thank you. now to fallout over allegations of sexual misconduct roy moore, losing another endorseme endorsement. louisiana senator bill cassidy tweeted last night based on the allegations against roy moore, his response and what is known, i withdraw support. gabe guttierez has more.
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>> reporter: amid a growing firestorm, roy moore didn't answer questions from reporters. >> do you believe it's appropriate for a 32-year-old man to kiss a teenager, sir? >> reporter: as he arrived at a veterans day event. but inside he blasted the "washington post." >> they are desperate. this article is a prime example of fake news. >> reporter: that article has shaken up a critical special election that could impact the republican senate majority. the report alleges more on oig fondled a 14-year-old girl in 1979 and pursued three other teens ages 16 to 18 when he was in his 30s. >> to think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before -- right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. >> reporter: despite am plusppl two republicans have fulled their endorsements.
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bob koecorker tweeted his nomination was a bridge too far. >> the democrats and the republican establishment know the importance of this election. it may very well determine the future of our country. >> reporter: in a radio interview friday, moore said he did not remember miss main accuser leigh corfman and called her allegations completely false, but he did not rule out dating other older teenagers at the time. >> i don't remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother. >> reporter: he's now using the post report to fund raise urging sipt er supporters to fight back. >> in the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. >> reporter: moore's critics want him to drop out now. >> it's mind blowing to me. he should not be a candidate. he should not be in public office of any sort. >> reporter: but here in alabama, many voters are
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sticking by him. >> i still support him. to this point, there is no proof. the timing is souspicious. >> let's bring in julia manchester and also daniel litman. great to have you both here. julie, i want to start with you. three senators are now withdrawing their support. how much leverage do republican leaders even have over roy moore at this point? >> at this point they really don't have much leverage. it's really up to provide moore himself whether he wants to withdraw from the race. and even if he withdraws, his name will still be on that roy profound impact on the outcome of this election. if he decides to withdraw and miss name is still on the ballot, this could be good for democrats because they would be able to -- their ticket could be split if the gop put in the write did, in candidate. however if he decides to stay in the race, this is going to be a
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real thorn in senate republicans' side because he is favored z to win. >> and daniel, what is the status of efforts to delay the election if it's even possible from a judicial standpoint? >> the governor and her spokesperson said that she wouldn't delay the election and they said that alabama voters can make up their own minds with all the facts presented. and i would say that i don't think that he is the favorite candidate anymore. there was a poll earlier -- two days ago that found moore and doug jones are pretty much tied. and so jones could pull it out after being left for dead by democrats. you're already he seeing some national donors pour money into his campaign. there is more life in that campaign because i think democrats see this as an opportunity to win. and even if moore does win, then he may not be seated properly, so he could get seated and then immediately expelled. >> tim will tell on that one.
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julia, president trump told reporters that he will comment on the scandal when he returns from his asia trip. is there is a sense he might intervene? >> i think the white house is trying to distance themselves from this big time. i think the president has his own issues when it comes to the scandal surrounding moore. we saw that before the election last year trump had a similar situation with the "access hollywood" tape coming out a month before the election. so i think this is an awkward situation from the white house and i think that he will try to distance himself from it as much as possible. it would be not smart for him to continue to defend moore at this point. >> daniel, going back to president trump's comments about russia meddling in the election. what do you make of his clarification last night? >> i think his advisors probably got to him and said we have to stand by our intelligence agencies, they work for you, there is no evidence that russia
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did not intervene. you know, there are whole hacking factories that russia set up in moscow which created fake news and helped in terms of hacking podesta and dnc. and so i think trump came to his senses and saw that he didn't want to create more negative headlines for himself by being on the side of putin. most americans think that putin like john mccain said, a kremlin and kgb spy, he doesn't have our best interests at heart. >> let me play what president trump told reporters last night. >> people don't realize russia has been very, very heavily sanctioned. they were sanctioned at a very high level. and that took place very recently. it's now time to get back to healing a world that is
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shattered and broken. >> julia, is this a clear cut signal to congress and russia that sanctions will be lifted or have new ones maybe they will be delayed or never implemented? >> well, it's definitely a signal that president trump hasn't i guess gotten rid of his distaste for the sanctions when he was i guess -- congress and those around him pressured him to sign that sanctions bill. so i think president trump is definitely trying to put up some sort of a road block to those sanctions. >> and daniel, president trump also going on a twitter tirade last night including a rant about hillary clinton. what happened after a week of staying on script? >> so one thing that may have been the cause of that is melania left trump's side to fly back to the u.s. she didn't want to go to the philippines. and so i think we're seeing sometimes her moderating influence. when it gets withdrawn, then he
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goes on these tirades. and these trips can tire a president, and so he may be more willi willing to engage in the twitter back and forth after these long flights around asia and meeting with constant world leaders. >> julia, and daniel, stay with us. much more to talk about coming up. what former white house adviser steve bannon calls a joke when it comes to the russia investigation. plus what is next for those who already have been charged? that is straight ahead. i'm ginny and i quit smoking
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president trump arriving in the philippines, his final stop of the asia tour. he will meet with rodrigo duterte who has come under intense criticism for overseeing
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a violent drug crackdown. trump has previously praised duterte's handling of the drug problems. the president will also attend the association of southeast asia nations summit, and that a starts tomorrow. now to the russia investigation and another big week ahead. attorney general jeff sessions is slated to appear before the houseudiciary committee tuesday. joining me now a white collar criminal defense attorney. john, thanks so much. the attorney general said he hadn't heard any campaign advisers with econnections to rush shar russia, but now he says that he remembers papadopoulous. what kind of questions do you think jeff sessions will face? >> i think so it will be a very aggressive session because the congressmen will be asking questions about why didn't you reveal this, why didn't you
3:17 am
disclose that there were these attempts to have meetings with putin which went directly to the campaign and sessions apparently sat in on meetings with papadopoulous where that was discussed. so he will be questioned about why he didn't forth and disclose that. >> are there any legal peril here for sessions considering that now he says he hadn't recalled that meeting but now he does? >> i don't really think so because the peril would be if he purposely misstated something during a congressional hearing. and there is nothing to indicate at this point that he did anything intentioned al to make a misstatement. misstatements in public don't get you into trouble. it's only when you're under oath. >> here is what one time white house senior strategist said to the "new york times" at an interview this past week. take a listen. >> i think the collusion thing and i've said from day one is a joke. there were definitely marginal people early on in the campaign, there was an island of misfit
3:18 am
toys. he will have his day in court, but it should not be lost on you that my first executive decision was to talk with jared and the president about manafort had to go. >> if this is the case, why would the attorney general among on others seem to not recall all of this talk of russia, including former campaign adviser carter page? i mean is this what raises suspicion among mueller's lawyers? >> what raises suspicion is the i i in in-consistency in the comments. the investigation is not a joke, it's a very serious criminal investigation and it's not going to stop anytime soon. so anything that someone says publicly or at a congressional testimony becomes subject of great scrutiny and that is what mueller is looking at right now. keith shiller toll congress someone offered to send five women to donald trump's hotel room during a trip to moscow for a miss universe pageant. why would congress have asked
3:19 am
about this? >> what congress is looking at is all aspects of president's connections to russia. so clearly this comes within the scope of that. i think this is going to define the trump presidency from now until the end is these questions about russia. >> and shiller's testimony came as he was apparently disputing information in which now infamous dossier that came out during the campaign. shiller worked closely with president trump for years. how much weight can congress and robert mueller put in shiller's testimony debunking that dossier? >> they will look at his testimony, it's under oath, so he had to tell the truth. and what he says is there was no, you know, actual activity, no improper activity while trump was in russia. >> john, thanks so much for your time. stick around, we have more to talk about. and coming up, why the last stop for president trump in the philippines could be the mo scrutinized and put his
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philippines this morning attending a summit of southeast nations, it is the president's last stop on his five nation tour. we're expecting his arrival at any moment to attend summit festivities which will begin with an official greeting by philippine president rodrigo duterte before a traditional photo-op. the leaders will then attend a gala dinner. and president is still expected to meet with his controversial counterpart during that summit. and still ahead, how did he do and what did he accomplish? rating the president's trip to asia so far. and before we go to break, late night laughs. they come at the expense of the first lady. >> melania's headed home tomorrow, she will be not continuing on to vietnam. she doesn't have to. >> an arctic front will be passing through the new york area tomorrow with temperatures dropping down to 23 degrees. if you're wondering how cold
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good morning. i'm dara brown. as we approach the half hour, we're waiting president trump's arrival at the asean assume msu. these are live pictures as leaders roll up to the meeting site where there will be a special dinner. and as i said, president trump is en route to the summit after arriving in manila a short time ago. ha hallie jackson joining us from hanoi. what can you tell us that was on the agenda for president trump in the philippines? >> reporter: so a couple things. he has two big summits of southeast asian countries. and when it comes to the meeting specifically, the bilateral with rodrigo duterte, this will be something a lot of people are
3:28 am
watching for a couple reasons. number one, who is duterte. he is a guy that is highly controversial, you have this drug war happening in the philippines, thousands of killings. duterte called former president obama an s.o.b. in the polite translation. he joked about killing somebody although a spokesman said later he was kidding about that. this is a leader that will have to be handled with kid gloves and the big question, number two, will president trump bring up the human rights issue with duterte. you have a lot of advocates looking to see what that interaction will be like. it comes after president trump in past meetings with leaders with questionable human rights records say i'd rather talk about this paraphrasing than publicly. you've heard that echoed by senior administration officials in the run up to this trip. we were getting briefings and officials said we believe it can be more effective to talk about
3:29 am
things like human rights behind closed doors. at the sale time, there is a different school of thought that believes that a message on the public stage, on the world stage, can carry a lot of weight particularly when it comes to a situation like what is happening in the philippines. so there will be a lot of interesting nuances and dynamics at play when the president has that meeting. he is in manila right now as you mentioned, he just landed, and he will be there for the next couple days before finally returning home back to washington later on in the week. the big headline coming out of the weekend has been his comments at this news conference here in hanoi. he held this one-on-one news conference with theietnamese president and he was asked about comments when vladimir putin. at our last stop, the president hand vladimir putin had a little bit of an interaction where apparently the russian interference in our election came up. vladimir putin denied it. president trump in talking with
3:30 am
reporters said he believed that putin believed that he meant the denial. he was asked to clarify and he sided with his intelligence chiefs notably the current makeup of intel chiefs. throwing a little bit of shade on the past officials under the obama administration. but remember, all the officials came up with the same intelligence assessment, that russia did interfere with the election, that it was russia's fault. i want to play you a little bit of what the president had to say about that. >> i believe in our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies. i've worked with them very strongly. there weren't 17 as was previously. there were actually four. but they were saying there was 17. there was actually four. but as currently led by fine people, i believe very much in our intelligence agencies. >> president there in hanoi talking about the situation with russia. the other big topic that will come up when he's in the
3:31 am
philippines when we're talking about the economy, talking about trade is going to be this tpp 11 as it's called. the transpacific partnership that the united states pulled out of right at the beginning of his term. he said he would do it during the campaign, and in fact he did. that has not played well with for example his hosts here in vietnam when he was here. and so look for some of those trade discussions to be happening as well over the coming two days. >> and you mentioned the meeting with duterte, he's a controversial leader. president trump has pretty much stayed on point and stayed on script during this trip. is there any indication that he might go off of script now that he's in this final meeting here? >> reporter: listen, i think there is always a chance that this president could go off sxript. i thi script. i think what he's said about relationship in the past, remember the "washington post" reported out that the president essentially praised duterte it seemed for the drug war in that
3:32 am
country, although officials kind of walked that back and said the president was talking generally about the war against drugs. there was some discussion about a warm rapport that he had with duterte which raise eyebrows. so on this is a difficult situation for him and i think officials here understand that. could he go off skricht? p script? potentially. i guess we'll find out. >> and when president trump was clarifying his comments here about vladimir putin and saying that he believed him and he believed that putin believed that he had not been a part of the meddling in russia there, do you think that his advisers sort of pulled him back a little after that and said, you know, we're going to move on on to the other headlines that we need to deal with now? >> let me just clarify, too, i
3:33 am
think the president didn't go as far as saying definitively russia interfered in the election, full stop period. but he did come the closest yet saying that he believed that putin believed his denial. the president when asked about this kind of said hey, i'm surprised that anybody would even have a question about this, i thought it was very clear, but he went need clarify nonetheless. i think that when you look at the president's response to this, he's been obviously the putin discussions were a huge headline in vietnam both going into it, whether he would have this one-on-one discussion, formal talks, are or whether he would have a sideline interaction. so it was always sort of inevitable that the discussion about russia would come up. what they want to talk about is the context of syria, russia in 9 context of ukraine for example. those are the policy pieces of the puzzle that whout officiait officials and secretary of state and others one to focus on,
3:34 am
including north korea. that said, there is an acknowledgement that election interference is always on the list of topics that could come up. >> and we'll see what topics now come up in the philippines. hallie jackson, thank you. joining me now is gordon chang, "daily beast" columnist. the president likes to emphasize his great relationships with strong men like putin. do you think he should cozy up to duterte? >> i think he shouldn't. the united states has important interests to discuss with the philippines because china is trying to dismember that country. we have a mutual defense treaty with manila. so we have to talk to him. but cozying up, no. because as senator mccain said, our interests are our values and our values are our interests. and duterte has been responsible for killing thousands perhaps ten of thousands of drug dealers in what is essentially state sanctioned murder. so we should talk about these things and we should talk when
3:35 am
them in public because human rights discussions in private with the chinese, with duterte, they don't really work very well. with what these leaders are concerned about is their public image. that is where the united states can really move them in better directions by talking about this in front of the world. >> and gordon, put the philippines in context for us. how important is the philippines to the u.s.? >> philippines right now is critical. because china is trying to take over the south china sea. that is a body of water which somewhere between $3 trillion and $5 trillion of commerce passes each year. they are now threatening second thomas shol, two features part of the philippines. the united states needs to oppose that. and to oppose it, we need the help of manila. so this is absolutely essential for the united states. duterte is just by nature anti-american. he has been that way for his
3:36 am
entire life. but the united states by failing to protect the philippines over the last five or ten years really has actually given duterte reasons to not like us, reasons to move closer to china and moscow. we certainly do not want that. >> and we do know president trump had on offered to mediate relations between china and philippines. do you think that he could actually do that and pull it off? >> no, china won't allow it. and also the offer to do that is inappropriate. there has been an arbitration between the chinese and the filipinos, that was that case under the auspices of the permanent court of arbitration. the decision was handed down in july of last year. and that decision went against the chinese almost across the board. now, i know john kerry when he was second of state also agreed to mediate. but i think that was wrong as well. the united states should be defendi in ing arbital world.
3:37 am
we have a legal obligation, we have a moral obligation and this is in our interests. >> gordon, you've mentioned earlier about the drug killings that go with duterte. do you see mr. trump raising the issue of human rights with duterte possibly publicly or privately? >> well, he probably will do so privately. i don't think he will do that publicly, but that is just a guess. but what i'm saying is he should do it publicly because he should be raising human rights issues with all of these countries in public. that is what the xi jinping, what vladimir putin, and that is what rodrigo duterte don't want. and so therefore we should be doing that because that actually has the potential of pushing them in much better directions. human rights conversations in private really mean very little and we can see that in our course of discussions with china. china has moved in all the wrong directions. we talk about talking to them in private. doesn't work. >> and the president is near the end of his asia trip.
3:38 am
he met with xi jinping, abe. how did he do? has he scored any big wins? >> i think he scored big wins in both tokyo and seoul. china i thought he did pretty poorly. in hanoi, i thought he did well in terms of pushing american interests. we'll have to see what happens in manila. but i think he will do well here largely because he will talk about things that are important for the united states and i think the region will pretty much agree with him on much of this. so we'll have to see of course. but so far the trip has been okay. >> a pew research center polling shows the power of mr. trump's celebrity with a 69% confidence rating in the philippines and 58% in vietnam as compared to global of 22%. why is president trump so popular there? >> he's popular because he's american and that accounts for the high scores in vietnam and philippines. but he is also popular among people in china where you wouldn't think so. and that is largely because he's fresh, he's unscripted, he is
3:39 am
something that they haven't seen. and he's prone to saying things that make the elites upset. so trump has a lot of popularity among the people of asia. >> gordon chang, we're sitting here watching the pictures of the president coming to the asean summit. do you think he will make any progress on trade? >> i think he will make some progress on trade, but we have to remember that these asean meetings, association of southeast asian nations, and then the east asian summit, nothing ever really he occurs there, but the important point is trump showing up. because that shows that the united states is committed to the region. and when trump indicated he wasn't going to the east asian summit, there really was concern throughout the region and it's very good that the president changed his mind to extend his trip by a day. so this is just that woody allen assertion, you know, half of life is showing up. that is true of this stop in
3:40 am
manila 37. >> and i want to ask you, do you think he made any inroads with north korea when he was dealing with china? will he do anything to stop north korea from pursuing their nuclear missiles? >> with a very good summit starts in both japan and south korea, i think he did make progress with our friends. with china, president trump tweeted that xi jinping will put on more sanctions. i don't know if that will be the case or not. i don't think he really pushed the chinese significantly. but this is going to be something that trump has got to do when he gets back to the u.s., start enforcing urs l.s. against chinese banbanks, make e that his order is enforced. that is where he will make progress going forward. >> gordon, kim jong-un has not tested a missile in almost two months now. do you think that that is because of pressure from china,
3:41 am
something possibly from the u.s.? why do you think that there has been no missile tests lately? >> the last missile test was septemb 15th. that was in the run up to their 19 ths national congress in china. i think the chai nez told him there shall be no provocations during the most sensitive period in the chinese political calendar. afterwards it very well may be that kim is getting ready for another missile launch. but we are heading into the winter when north koreans generally don't launch missiles for technical reasons. we'll just have to wait and see. but i actually think that this is largely due to china -- for chinese reasons only, not to n help us, but make sure that there was a period of calm during a sensitive period in china's life. >> gordon clanhang, thank you s much for your insights. coming up, republicans want to kill critical deductions in their tax plan leading many to question whether this helps the middle class. who are the winners and losers? that is ahead. ♪
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on the backs of hard working people, you take about taxing success? why? because they have made a decision behind closed doors not with any experts or testimony. >> the sound and fury on capitol hill over the house tax cuts plan. the house hopes to pass its 34r57b this we plan this week. and meanwhile mitch mcconnelled a poliadmitted that it could increase taxes. and he said you can't guarantee that no one will see a tax increase. daniel, how damaging is this revelation and what does it mean for their time table? >> you can just imagine democrats celebrating when they saw that mcconnell quote because the whole purpose of tax reform and tax cuts is to support middle class families. and these are often trump
3:46 am
voters. and so democrats could make the case in tv ads next year during the midterms that republicans are just cutting most of their taxes for big cooperations and wealthy, not for middle class hard working americans. so it hurts the plan in terms of advancing it toward the president's desk. >> and when we consider issues like the state and local tax deduction, is it possible congress will never reconcile the house and senate bills in. >> it's is interesting because we see the opposition from republicans such as peter king from new york and lee zeldin in states such as california, new jersey and new york where they benefit from the state and local tax deductions. there are gop quonk mcongressme those states. however in the senate, we don't have gop figures from those states. so this could come down to a major -- this could be a major showdown between the house and senate republicans on this issue that is really dividing them at
3:47 am
this point. >> so no bill before thanksgiving. >> you know, it's hard for me to say, but we're coming up on a week. so it's hard to say, but it seems unlikely. >> and daniel, i want to go back to roy moore. how much are republican leaders worried that this scandal will blow up their chances for tax reform? >> i think, you know, it's such a headache for them. they couldn't imagine that this family's values guy would get engulfed in a scandal about a 30-year-old guy who is going out with 14-year-olds. and so i think they still have -- i don't think it's a critical vote for him because luther strange is still in office. but i think most people think that they will be able to pass tax reform with moore or not. but it's still a pr problem for them because they want to be talking about tax reform and not judge moore who they never liked
3:48 am
in the first place. >> julia, 1ye6 sessijeff sessio return to capitol hill tuesday for more grilling. what do you expect to hear from him in light of what we're learning about george papadopoulous and his role in the campaign? >> so sessions is definitely going to get grilled. we see he is facing a major credibility problem. he has told the senate committee very wishy-washy version of events and we're seeing that his version of events isn't adding up with what actually happened. so those around trump are saying george papadopoulous was a very low level figure and his conversations of setting up a meeting with trump and putin didn't matter, however the "new york times" reported this past week that papadopoulous was actually e-mails with steven mi millar who was a high level campaign aird oig. so i think we'll see sessions
3:49 am
get grilled and i think the senators want a clear cut version of the truth. >> has it become harder for the campaign to distance itself from papadopoulous? >> yeah, because i think as steve bannon said in an earlier segment, you have this eye land of misfit toys on the campaign and that meant bringing in people wholand of misfit toys on the campaign and that meant bringing in people who lied on their resume like george did. so he is not a sterling foreign policy figure. and so you had the campaign bring all of these people into advise trump who weren't real foreign policy experts because the real policy pros, they didn't want anything do with trump. they were against him. and so when you bring in mash begin al figures like that, it's not a surprise when they start freelancing in terms of diplomacy with russia and trying to set up meetings with putin. he bragged about that ability with trump a the that campaign round table. >> daniel, julia, thanks for
3:50 am
joining me. and what to make of president trump's visit to asia so far and what he has been able to accomplish? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your body was made for better things than rheumatiod arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections,
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new this morning, president trump has arrived in the philippines on the last leg of his trip to asia and he's expected to meet philippines president rodrigo duterte before a summit meeting of the association of southeast asian nations kicks off. these are live pictures because the meeting we expect to see is the president arriving at any moment. with us new gordon chang joining me again and he is a daily beast columnist and author on asia pacific politics, and gordon, north korea remains high on the president's agenda. he didn't need to physically go to asia to get everyone to agree that is a problem. what kind of progress do you think he actually made by showing up in person? >> i think the one thing he did was he actually got president moon jae-in of south korea, who is sort of pro-china, pro-north korea, he got him to back away
3:54 am
from some of the things that he was going to do. you know, president trump did something, or was actually arranged something that was quite spectacular. that is getting president moon to agree to go to the demilitarized zone with him. the trip didn't actually go forward because of mother nature, too much fog, but nonetheless, it shows that the united states and south korea were on the same page. because no instance in prior history of the south korean president, and the american president, at the dmz, at the same time, so arranging this was really, i think, a triumph for president trump, even though the fog got in the way. >> gordon, even as he nears the end of his trip, mr. trump's north korea strategy doesn't seem clear yet. yesterday he put out this tweet, why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat. oh, well. i try so hard to be his friend and maybe some day that will happen. making this comment about friendship with kim, let's listen.
3:55 am
>> that might be a strange thing to happen but it's certainly a possibility. if that did happen, it would be a good thing for, i can tell you, for north korea. but it would also be good for lots of other places and it would be good for the world. so certainly it is something that could happen. i don't know that it will. but it would be very, very nice if it did. >> can you decode these messages coming from the president? >> well, he's leaving the door to diplomacy open. right now, president trump's main focus is cutting off the flow of money to north korea. so that he can't build nukes. he can't launch missiles. he can't engage in gift politics, which is showering luxury items on senior regime elements in order to keep their loyalty. but this is dangerous in the sense that you can make the north koreans desperate. so what president trump is doing is he's making sure that the north koreans know that they can talk to the united states when they want to.
3:56 am
so i think this is smart diploma diplomacy. so he's keeping the door open. >> gordon we talked a little bit about the reason north korea has not tested a missile in 59 days. but yesterday the north put out a statement saying trump begd for nuclear war during his trip. what is kim jong-un thinking about trump in asia? >> i'm sure he's not too pleased about it. because the president is going around and talking to those people who actually matter to kim. especially china's xi jinping. any time an american president goes to north asia this is not something that the north koreans particularly like because it is a potential pore the u.s. to actually make sure that its allies and friends and partners are working in the same direction. and that's why we've seen north korea say some pretty derogatory things, not only about the president himself, but also about the united states during this trip. >> gordon chang, great to have your insight on this. thanks for joining us this sunday morning. >> thanks, dara. >> coming up at the top of the hour, defending himself, roy moore speaks out about the
3:57 am
sexual allegations made against him. throughout my career, i've been fortunate enough to travel to many interesting places. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others. with my advisor's help along the way, it's finally my turn to be the host. when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise
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good morning i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. here's what's happening. the final leg of president trump arriving in the philippines for the last part of his asia trip. will the bloody crackdown on the drug trade come up in conversation with the country's controversial leader? >> i believe that president putin really feels, and he feels strongly, that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes. >> the president clarifying his remarks about vladimir putin and the election hacking and where he stands on what the u.s. intelligence agencies say. plus, a new twitter feud between the president and jim congrejon and why north korea hasn't fired a miss until nearly two months. at any moment now president trump will be arriving at a summit of the southeast nations in t


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