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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next sunday. now to alex witt in los angeles. >> you know what i think happened, rev? i think we hid from the cold weather of new york. we went to the nice warm spots. we're not having it yet. too early for it. anyway, good morning to you. thanks for the toss. good morning. i'm alex witt here at msnbc west coast headquarters right here in los angeles. it is 9:00 out there in the east, and 6:00 a.m. in the west. the last leg of the president's philippines. why the meeting with the leader of that country can be a perilous one. >> i believe that he believes that and it's important for somebody to believe. >> believe it or not, the president offers a clarification on whether he trusts vladimir putin or u.s. intelligence
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agencies on russian election meddling. fallout, a defiant roy moore faces a crowd for the first time. reaction from the both sides as the man accused of sexual misconduct. and the tax slashes that are critical to many americans. i'll talk to the middle of the battle next on "msnbc live." the president arrived at the philippines but before his arrival, attempting to clear up comments about russia's interference in the election. here's what he told the people in vietnam. >> i'm surprised there's any conflict on this. what i said there is that i believe he believes that and that's very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies.
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>> well, president trump also taking to twitter saying when will all of the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing? but in the philippines the president is shifting his focus back to trade and north korea as well as his first controversial meeting with the philippines president duterte. let's go straight to chris jansing, she's in manila. good evening or very early good morning. let's talk about what he has on his agenda for all those talks with duterte. what is the main topic of discussion there? >> well, you mentioned north korea and duterte has pushed president trump to continue to put pressure on north korea. but the world is going to be watching literally to see whether president trump in his meeting, his one-on-one meeting with duterte brings up human rights violations and if so to
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what extent. how hard will he push? of course, rodrigo duterte is proud -- to deal with the drug problem here, but it's not just drug lords who have died. human rights activists say it's low level drug dealers. even street children. and they have called on the president to be very firm with him. especially in the wake of a call that was leaked -- a transcript was leaked in the spring when the president called duterte and said he would congratulate him on the unbelievable job he's doing on the drug problem. of course, this continues what many critics of president trump see as a pattern for him. his courting of what they see as authoritarian leaders. president xi who this week in the asia swing, he called a good man, a good person. and then of course this ongoing controversy with whether or not he believes the intelligence community about the russian
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interference in the 2016 election or he believes vladimir putin. in fact, the former director of national intelligence, clapper, felt compelled to put out a statement after all this back and forth saying the fact that he -- meaning donald trump would take putin at his word over the intelligence community is unconscionable. a lot of eyes are on the meetings that are coming up tomorrow, one-on-one bilateral. but tonight there's the dinner that's ongoing. a lot of pomp and circumstance here in the philippines. a lot of questions after the discipline that president trump showed for the first week of his asian trip. then going into twitter. then showing some of the more shall we say less pc, more bombastic side of his personality which a lot of people frankly have compared it at least verbally to duterte. will that continue as well as he wraps up his 12-day trip to asia. >> which leaves you a lot to be following for us, chris jansing. let's go now to the fallout
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over allegations of sexual misconduct against roy moore. losing another endorsement after doubling down on the attacks against his accusers. and we are joined in birmingham, so what was the reaction to moore's comments yesterday? >> reporter: exactly, alex, it's gotten to the point that moore is on the island by himself and that is here in alabama. he's maintained great support within the alabama gop apparatus, amongst state party leaders, other elected officials on the statewide and in the congressional levels, beyond if you look up over on capitol hill there's a flurry of senators over the last 48 hours that have sent out tweets, made public comments. lisa murkowski of alaska suggested that luther strange from alabama, that roy moore beat in the runoff a month ago should consider a write-in candidacy. there was senator bill cassidy of louisiana, not some moderate
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republican. he said based on allegations against roy moore his response and what he is known, he withdraws his support. after we heard from roy moore for the first time publicly in a public environment when he addressed a local gop group yesterday. alex? >> so he's blaming the media again, right, for all of these false accusations yesterday. so then voters -- i mean, that's who he's speaking to, are they buying it? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. in talking -- he received a standing ovation yesterday at that event yesterday. i talked to alabama rnc committee man here. he said if anybody were to look at a write-in candidacy they should get ready to go north of the mason-dixon line because challenging the candidates, would be going against alabama and the republican party. the one thing to note is that doug jones the democrat in this race and doug jones has remained
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very quiet. nbc and msnbc we have requetsed interviews with him and he is trying to keep his distance. doug jones is in a tough situation in this race in terms of fund-raising. whereas you look at the special congressional elections where democrats were running, they were running against donald trump, the white house. doug jones doesn't really have that opportunity. this is a man who is u.s. attorney, who prosecuted two klansmen in the 1963 bombing over at 16th street baptist church and yet, at the same time, it's tricky running as a democrat. but roy moore could be that one that he beats. moore back in 2012 after being removed from being chief of the chief justice of the alabama court, he only won by three points against the democrat in the 2012 race. so jones could over the next couple of months put up a potential fight. >> lots to follow. nbc's von hilliard, thank you very much. let's bring in katie bow williams from the hill and eugene scott, political reporter for the "washington post."
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good morning to both of you. katie, you have three senators who have now officially withdrawn their support and you have senator bill cassidy last night. do you suspect additional lawmakers are going to do the same in the coming days, and does it even matter? has the damage been done? >> well, republicans in the senate have got to be thinking about todd akin in 2012. the republican senate candidate who said that pregnancies rarely occur from legitimate rape which caused a firestorm. and was -- those comments were hung around their necks. other senate republicans' necks for the entirety of that campaign. so they have got to be thinking right now this is -- this is a danger. this is a danger to us. i think it remains to be seen how many other senate republicans will come out but it would not surprise me to begin to see more as to whether or not it matters, you know, all the reports that we're getting out of alabama it doesn't seem that this has made a huge impact with
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his supporters. this is being treated as a question of fake news. do you trust roy moore more than you trust "the washington post" and i think for some of his supporters the answer has been yes, we trust roy moore over "the post." >> eugene, what is the status of efforts to delay this election? is it even possible to do that logistically speaking? >> it's not possible right now to delay the election but there are conversations being had about how best the republican party can respond to this. there's a bit of interest in having luther strange run as a write-in candidate. we see lisa murkowski have conversations with him considering the success she had doing so. but roy moore's name will remain on the ballot and there's a big concern not to divide the republican vote. because if they do that, definitely it gives doug jones a better chance of winning. >> so katie, the president when
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asked about this told reports he's not going to comment on the scandal until he gets back from the asia trip. but given the way that he speaks to his base, what more can he say since roy moore supporters are part of his base? >> you know, it's one of the big questions that sort of hung over president trump's trip in asia in general which is how tightly is he going to stick to the script or stay on message? and up until the last 24 hours the answer was pretty close, pretty tight. but obviously we have seen kind of a freewheeling press conference out of him. short of addressing the russia situation. he is sent out a string of combative tweets in the last 24 hours. i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't weigh in on this in a more natural feeling for him. >> i want to get back to the president doing a 180 on this conversation with vladimir putin on the election.
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he said i believe him, meaning he believed vladimir putin when he said i wasn't involved, i didn't do this. i believe that he believes that. so what do you make of this clarification, why did it come about? >> i think the main reasons it came about is because of the magnitude of push back that the president received from his own team. we had cia director pompeo come out shortly and say that the intelligence committee standings behind the findings that russia was very much involved in the election. i think many trump supporters think of it as a partisan issue. whether you have faith or not in the intelligence community, but on social media we saw this was a national security issue if the president continues to believe the president of russia over his own intelligence agency. >> yeah. 17 of which came up to the
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conclusion that russia did meddle with the election, eugene. can the president fall back on saying anything other than saying it happened, we have the 17 intel agencies who said it happened. >> i think he's going to try to find a way to say that. okay, i believe my people, i don't believe the people who were there before i got there. despite the fact they're all on the same page of this. he won't admit that he one, only or mainly because of this interference, because he's concerned about more than anything else about suggesting that his win was illegitimate. >> okay. katie, i want to play something else that the president told reporters last night. >> people don't realize russia's been very, very heavily sanctioned. they were sanctioned at a very high level. and that took place very recently. it's now time to get back to healing a world that is
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shattered and broken. >> so can you interpret this, katie? do you think it's a signal to congress and to russia on the fate of current and future sanctions including the new ones that the white house is reportedly delaying. >> well, the trump administration and president trump specifically has sort of throughout his tenure and his campaign suggested that the united states should be able to work with russia on a number of foreign policy goals like syria, you know, obviously ukraine. and you know the dispute is between capitol hill and the white house is whether or not russia is a good faith partner. whether or not it's possible to line up incentives between the united states and russian in order to accomplish meaningful or whether or not russia is a straight forward adversary as some foreign poll 1i -- policy leaders like john mccain say. i think it remains to be seen whether or not the president was sending a direct signal with regards to sanctions. but that's certainly a
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possibility. >> yeah. definitely something to keep an eye on. thanks so much. more on the russian meddling question coming up. i'll talk with a member of the congress about whether the president's remarks hurt national security. tax cut or tax bite? the big divide over tax reform. >> brothers and sisters on the other side, this is not the bill you want. i don't care whether you live in dakota, jersey. this thing is really shafting everybody. it's an equal opportunity shaft for this bill, i have to admit that. paying less for my medicar? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at
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on the facts of hard -- on the backs of the hard working people of the middle class you
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talk about taxing success. why? because they have made a decision behind closed doors not with any experts or testimony. >> democratic congressman john larson member of the ways and means committee sounding off on his republican colleagues this week. meanwhile, mitch mcconnell admitted to "the new york times" that the senate version could in fact increase taxes on some middle class workers. he says he misspoke and that quote, you can't guarantee that absolutely no one sees a tax increase. joining me now is john yarmuth of kentucky, ranking member of the budget committee. good sunday morning to you. >> same to you, alex. >> so i want to get your reaction to majority leader mcconnell's admission on the middle class. >> i appreciate his candor. we have been saying that for weeks now. this was the problem of drafting a bill that's this complicated in private which is what have done. and not having any hearings so you don't know what the impact of the legislation is.
6:19 am
that's why it's good to have people on who don't necessarily agree with everything you'll do looking at it. but we're looking at it very closely, so are a lot of interest groups around the country, lobbyists and we're finding out the impact of the proposed bill, whether it's the senate bill or the house bill, is what we anticipated. that was it largely benefits the wealthiest americans and really doesn't give much relief to the middle class. >> yeah. well, we heard your colleague congressman john larson who i spoke with yesterday on the broadcast and he's fired up with how this went down. you can't do things like this behind closed doors and expect people to accept it. we know that house republicans were able to come up with the compromise on the deductions. but might that derail their chances? >> it might very well. i mean, they're trying to fit a very round piece of legislation into a very square hole. they have got a political problem and they have got a numbers problem. a math problem. they have to keep the impact of the -- whatever proposal coming
6:20 am
out, adding no more than $1.5 trillion over the national debt over ten years and they have to pass it. so with the state and local tax deductions, if you eliminate them, you have problems passing it. if you keep them in, then you can't make the numbers work. so they're in a really dilemma on the provisions of the by and i'm not sure if they can resolve it. kentucky has a 6% state income tax and louisville is an additional 2%. there are over half a million people who utilize that deduction and they'll be hurt very seriously. it's not just a new york, new jersey, california problem but a lot broader than that. >> absolutely. are there things that you can agree with, compromise on with your colleagues on the other side of the aisle? >> absolutely. that's why it's -- it's so criminal that we have not been involved in the process.
6:21 am
i think all of us democrats would be -- most of us would be for doubling the standard deduction. that helps working families and middle class americans. it's a good provision. i think most democrats would agree to lower the corporate tax rate. even barack obama as president talked about lowering it to 28% from 35%. so yes, there's a lot of provisions in those bills that we would support. but there are a lot that cause us very, very serious problems. >> yeah. i want to talk about something -- it puts a smile on your face you say that being the key victory by democrats this past week and what it means for 2018. when we look at virginia, voters by a 2-1 margin said they were voting against president trump. but you risk running on an anti-trump message. is that enough, for people to say not what they're proposing? don't people want to hear here's what we have, here are our solutions? >> thank you for asking that.
6:22 am
i kind of reject the notion that people don't know what democrats stand for. i think what you saw last tuesday and what you will see next year is the contrasting views and values of republicans and democrats. democrats believe in a middle out economy and republicans believe in a top down economy. democrats believe in clean air a water and republicans believe in eliminating all of the environmental protections. you can do down the list. democrats believe in expanding voting opportunities. republicans look at constricting them. so, you know, i think it's the contrast of what democrats stand for and what republicans stand for is pretty clear. and we'll be talking about that all next year. you can have a 30-page position paper on the various subjects. i don't think the american people really want that kind of detail. i think they want to know where your values are. and what your priorities are. i'm really confident that our better deal, better jobs, better
6:23 am
future is a message that can prevail next year. >> okay. before i let you go i want to take -- again, get your take on the president's really it's a 180 on his conversation with vladimir putin on russian meddling in the election in saying he believes our intel community. what do you think happened to prompt this clarification? >> i have no idea. if you're asking me to get into donald trump's head i'm not going there. but i think what he did in just bashing james clapper and john brennan and james comey was that's the type of thing that really seriously compromises our intelligence community and our national security. i think it's really, really dangerous what he's doing. clearly, the mountain of evidence is that russians did meddle in the election so there's not much doubt about that. so just to repeat some simple denial from putin is meaningless
6:24 am
in my opinion. >> got mike pompeo at the cia saying we are refuting what the president has said. how does it damage or i guess eclipse national security? what are the things about russian meddling are a direct correlation to national security? >> well, it jeopardizes and undermines our entire democracy. if we're going to allow foreign interests to compromise our free elections which is basically the fundamental foundation of our democracy, then that's a huge blow to our national security. i mean, that's the entire reason this country exists is because of our ability to choose our leaders, our policies. >> a point well taken. thank you. it appears to be an edge that the democrats that have that can yield huge success in the 2018 midterms. coming up we'll talk about that with one of the best pollsters in the business. i'm ryan and i quit smoking
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roy moore's claims of a conspiracy you think alabama voters are buying that? that is ahead. but before we go to break, this week's late night laughs put hillary clinton in the comedic crosshairs. >> one year ago today donald trump won the election and our hearts and his -- and his opponent hillary clinton spent the day quietly at home today violently strangling her mailman. >> according to a new poll, a generic democratic opponent would beat trump by ten points in the 2020 election. yeah, the generics do great it's the name brands who have trouble. >> kellyanne conway who joined us from washington, hello, kelly ann. thank you for -- >> will you grab me another chardonnay? oh, hi, jimmy. >> hi, are you at a party? >> yeah. we're celebrating the landslide electoral victory over crooked
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here in the west coast headquarters in los angeles. here's what we're monitoring for you. glad handing in manila. president trump arriving in the philippines capital earlier today around attending a gala dinner to kick off the summit. he is expected to hold talks with the controversial filipino president, rodrigo duterte. first, new details this morning about the gunman who killed 26 people, one week ago in the texas church. this as the community plans to hold a huge service today and open the sanctuary where that massacre happened. let's go to ron allen, and ron, good morning to you. how in the world is that community coping one short week later? >> reporter: that's a really good question. it's a heavy place to be. you can see the 26 crosses that
6:33 am
are here and constantly people are coming by to pay their respects. it's -- it's become a ritual in this country. so much like las vegas a few weeks ago. i was there. dealing with the same sort of thing and the same situation. here today, yes, it's going to be a massive service. the first at the first baptist church, they'll hold it on a baseball field because they're expecting hundreds and hundreds of people to come. it's one of the examples of the community coming together to support the victims and their families. in old fashioned -- an old fashioned texas barbecue. thousands from the neighboring area gathered to give compassion, raise money to help the victims' families. >> i wanted my girls to see what it lookings like for a -- it looks like for a community to come together. >> reporter: new details emerge about devin kelley. his first wife said she lived in constant fear of her husband. a traffic ticket sparking a violent response. >> he had a gun in his holster
6:34 am
and he took it out and he put it to my temple and he said, do you want to die? >> reporter: in 2012 a military court found hill guilty of beating brennaman and beating his stepson's skull. he was a dude on the edge, air force staff sergeant jessica edwards told "the new york times." she was in kelley's unit in 2011 and confirmed that discipline from superior officers would set him off. he'd get so upset and kept saying i want to kill them. the military is investigating the suspect's past to see if there are any warning signs that were missed. but again today the focus is on the victims, the families who are gathering here today. yes, they'll open up the sanctuary. they have remodeled it, repaired it, but they want the public to come in. it's a memorial now to the 26 souls who were lost and there are still a number of people who
6:35 am
are hospitalized. at least 15. and four of them are children. so this tragedy continues and seeing what the sanctuary looks like and feeling what it looks like will be an unbelievable situation later on today. alex? >> it is heart breaking, okay, ron allen, thank you so much from sutherland springs, texas for us. let's go to the scandal plaguing roy moore. kellyanne conway just moments ago stopping short of saying moore should step aside or whether she believes his accusers. >> do you have any doubt about the veracity of those accusations? >> i said very early in this process that the conduct as described should disqualify anyone from serving in public office and i'll stand by that. the president and others in the republican party have made clear that if the allegations are true, this man should step aside. but i have gone further than that and everyone should know
6:36 am
that conduct is disqualifying and mr. moore has denied that conduct. i think you have other people out there talking about what did or did not happen many years ago. >> let's bring in adrian elle rod, former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton's campaign and msnbc analyst robert traynham, former bush/cheney senior adviser. good morning to you. roy moore stood by his defense yesterday against the sexual misconduct allegations that were laid out clearly and specifically in a "washington post" article. let's listen to a portion of what he said about it. >> this article is a prime example of fake news. and an attempt to divert attention from the true issues which affect our country. we do not intend to let the democrats or the established republicans or anybody else behind the story stop this campaign. >> clearly his argument is that this is all politically motivated. robert, do you think that there is an element of that in what's unfolding here? >> i don't know the answer that
6:37 am
to. i don't think it makes a difference. the thing here is then a young lady has said something that is very, very serious. and if in fact true, he should step aside. and, you know, what's interesting about this, i have never been -- i have never been in what situation before but i would think if you were in this situation, i would be looking defiantly at the camera and say this is a lie. i would volunteer to do a lie detector test. if you're so innocent it doesn't feel that way. my intuition doesn't tell me that. i hope i'm wrong here, but that's interesting to me. on so many different levels. i said this before and i'll say it again, alex. this has nothing to do with democratic politicization and everything to do with a woman saying that she was inappropriately touched. that is completely and totally a disquall ier. >> robert, with roy moore claiming it's the media behind
6:38 am
this attack, do you think the republican voters given all the permeation of fake news out there, are they going to side with him on that? >> well, i don't live in alabama but the little bit of the politics i know about alabama they love to run against "the washington post." they're very, very conservative down there. evangelicals. i must say that roy moore probably has a very, very good talking point by saying, look, ate me against "the washington post." look, it's me against the washington establishment. and politically speaking that plays very, very well outside of washington, d.c. i have to give him that. >> adrian, look, no denying this is a close senate race. democrats could benefit certainly from the fallout. do you think it's something that democrats should campaign on or stand back as the republicans reckon with the allegations here? >> i agree with robert completely, you know it doesn't necessarily matter, you know, what news outlet reported this. what matters is these women are
6:39 am
now finally becoming more comfortable with coming out and speaking out about some of their experiences because there is more public support in light of the harvey weinstein scandal and other scandals that the media has been reporting on so much. so it is -- it has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with the fact that the women finally feel comfortable and that there's more public support coming out. >> does that undermine roy moore's defense when he says why is this happening now? why are women coming out four decades later? is it because there's a sea change in this country right now? and that there's strength in numbers? is that emboldening the women to come forward? >> i think you're absolutely right. it hassing -- i firmly believe this has nothing to do with the timing. "the washington post" story was so meticulously fact checked. every single woman who came out, i mean, "the washington post," bravo to them for doing a great job of covering every single angle in this story but look, these women now finally have the support from a public
6:40 am
perspective to come out. look, the thought of alabama electing a democrat statewide is an incredible thought, but it's even becoming closer now. so doug jones is a great candidate. he is standing back on this. every single republican out there should denounce them. >> all right, guys, i'm going to switch gears now with you, robert, ask you about the russian meddling question, that the president had to clarify. what is the reaction among republicans? do you think with regard to the president's insistence on holding up vladimir putin as an important ally with america? is there hesitation there or some validity to this? >> i think to your first part of your question, most republicans are not surprised and in disbelief. let's hit the rewind button here. the fbi, the cia, the national defense secretary and so forth have all gone on record, these are career intelligence officials that are saying, yes, russia did meddle in our
6:41 am
election, yes there was collusion. what's unprecedented is a lot of the individuals are on the record as saying that the president is quite frankly wrong. absolutely unprecedented. what's interesting about this, we have seen this movie before. is that the president continues to play footsys with the person who wants to undermine the democratic values here. this is what happens when the president was speaking on air force one he was speaking on vladimir putin and what you said completely and totally contradicts the evidence and what the career professionals are saying. that's when you saw him clean this up a couple of hours later. >> you know, the president suggesting it's partly a partisan issue with james clapper and brennan being against him, is than a affront to the national security community? don't all members of the national security community, don't they keep politics
6:42 am
separate even -- yeah, they're human of course but their job mandates separate. >> of course they keep politics separate. look, to robert's point these are 17 intelligence agencies, nonpartisan intelligence agencies. they have come out and said there was absolutely collusion it's indisputable collusion -- not collusion, but russia attempted to affect the impact of the election results. what we're trying to figure out was there collusion with the trump campaign and that's what mueller is trying to figure out. for president trump to lean into any relationship he has with vladimir putin so puck -- publicly, we have papadopoulos who admitted he lied to the fbi, michael flynn who may be indicted any day. there are so many questions out there, robert mueller is doing a great job of investigating this but to dispute any intelligence official or agency in terms of facts that are absolutely out
6:43 am
there and can't be disputed for the president to do that is an absolute abysmal reaction to our democracy and what we stand for. >> okay. adrian and robert, guys, thank you so much. and good to see you. up next, flushed with success, but can democrats parlay it into the wave of victories in 2018? and coming up, donna brazile, defending the explosive claims she is making in her new book. hello this is joey, walmart online grocery.
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6:47 am
specifically, what do you think on moore's chances in that senate race? >> look, you'd have to say even with the very tumultuous week he's had it's a state that is -- that has been republican for a while. it's going to be a very uphill fight for democrats but look, you know, polls even before this incident showed that jones was within striking distance. look, i think the -- the thing about public opinion polling is you -- you know, you want to measure things when things are calm. clearly, this has been a bad week for roy moore. the polling i'm seeing shows that the race has tightened. i think, you know, can doug jones win, that's something we have to see in a week or so w n when -- when things if they ever do calm down. but there's a shot here for doug jones. >> is there any way to calculate at this point where luther strange to jump back in as a write-in candidate, would that then split the vote and almost guarantee jones? >> well, you know, watching a lot of the reporting by msnbc this morning, it would seem like
6:48 am
if that happened you would have a split in the republican party between, you know, the alabama republicans and the establishment republicans. i'm thinking, alex, again, this is -- you know, this is an ongoing story. i think it would strange got back in, it would make it easier for doug jones to win this race. >> okay. democrats did a victory dance of sorts after tuesday's wins in new jersey and virginia. big dance, really all around throughout the democratic party. when you look at the numbers though should they be celebrating? is that dangerous, too much too soon? >> well, i remember you and i had many great conversations a year ago about hillary clinton's potential victory, so yeah, i think, you know, you don't want to be burned twice. i think democrats should feel good about tuesday.
6:49 am
we shouldn't spike the ball on the way to the end zone. but here's the thing, alex, about virginia and, you know, myself and my firm were fortunate to be involved in the northern campaign. he won by nine points, that's the biggest margin of victory in a governor or a presidential race in virginia for a democrat. since 1985. so it's not just that ralph forthum won. but the margin he won by and number two, the other important number in virginia on election day was donald trump had a 40% approval rating. it's hard for any republican to win any state or congressional district if their president is at 40% approval. >> can i ask you to break down the numbers of success and the margins by which he won. women turned out for northam,
6:50 am
and 58% of the white college educated women voting for him. so are women the new swing voters? >> i'm not sure -- women have always been the swing voters. i think what we're seeing what seeing, alex, with women and college-educated voters is more energy and more enthusiasm. and look, they voted, as the graphic showed, they voted strongly for mrs. clinton a year ago, but now a year with the donald trump presidency, i think they are moving even more to the democratic party. >> okay. i said you were one of the best in the business, fred yang, and i meant it. thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, presidents trump and nixon drawing parallels. is it fair to compare the two? the author of the new book joins us next. proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free.
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attorney general jeff sessions slated to appear before the house judiciary committee on tuesday, likely facing questions
6:54 am
about his conversations with trump campaign, foreign policy adviser papadopoulos. a saga that includes special counsel robert mueller ramping up his probe. joining me now, john farrell, the author of "nix"richard nixoe life." do you think we can draw comparisons? >> i've often thought that trump acted like richard nicxon and hs staff in that they had something to hide. and now we've seen implications that there is something to hide, that there is a "there" there. whether or not it's ever going to reach the oval office like it did with nixon is another story, but at least there's something
6:55 am
coming out to say, this is a real major league scandal. >> can you look at the main actors here, president trump and president nixon. first of all, did they have any similarities with respect to their character? >> very, very few. nixon was a scholar. he not only wrote books, but he actually read them. he was not the kind of showmanor businessman that donald trump was. they did campaign, they both campaigned on what i've called in the books the politics of grievance and resentment, tapping into people's fears as opposed to rallying their better angels. interestingly enough, in the last week something has come out which makes me think of the two, which is that just the other day trump was talking about how russia is the key to north korea and russia is the key to a lot of our problems around the globe. nixon always thought the soviet union was the key to vietnam, that if he could get the soviets to pressure hanoi that he could end the vietnam war with peace
6:56 am
and honor, as he said. there was that interesting wrinkle, and that, of course, is he se-- preceded the arms treat. >> you just addressed the knowledge regarding issues there. is there not a vast difference that makes it kind of hard to compare these two figures? >> yeah. the big difference is that nixon had a democratic congress, so they were constantly putting liberal bills on his desk, and he was signing them so he could go off and do his main goals, which were foreign policy. whereas trump, the amazing thing about trump is that the republicans run everything right now in washington and yet have this inability to get anything done. richard nixon with a republican congress, republican house and republican-leaning supreme court would have been a far, far different more conservative, probably just a successful
6:57 am
president. >> well, john farrell, unfortunately, we'll have to cut it short here, but we'll have you back again. it's a fascinating conversation. thank you so much. jeff sessions testifying before the house judiciary committee. that is next on "a.m. joy." hip and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. my mom's pain from
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