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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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this morning, donald trump jr. is facing new scrutiny. a bombshell report reveals he exchanged private messages with wikileaks during the 2016 campaign during the months of the campaign and afterwards. roy moore. touting tremendous amounts of work done.
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good morning, everyone. it's tuesday november. 14. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. and president trump's eldest son junior corresponded during the 2016 election with wikileaks. u.s. intelligence says one of the outfits u.s. military intelligence used to influence the race. now the atlantic reported on the private twitter messages and the wikileaks account believed to be operated by julian assange and last night trump junior released the exchanges beginning in 2016. according to the atlantic. messages were among the documents that trump junior had yearly turned over to congressional investigators. 49 days before polls closed. wikileaks account warned about a new anti-trump website and gave trump junior the password that wikileaks said it quote guessed. trump junior wrote back later. i don't know who that is, but
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i'll ask around. >> told the atlantic that on the same day, trump junior e-mailed other senior campaign officials including steve bannon, kellyanne conway, digital media director and jared kushner. kushner reportedly forwarded the e-mail to press aide hope hicks. on october 3, wikileaks asked trump junior to push a story that hillary clinton allegedly wanted to drone assange. trump junior replied already did that earlier today. it's amazing what she can get away with. what's behind this wednesday leak i keep reading about. >> that same week, former trump adviser tweeted wednesday hillary clinton is done with the hashtag wikileaks. wikileaks did not reply to trump junior's message, but four days later posted a trove of campaign chairman john podesta's e-mails and the same day director of national security and intelligence said the disclosures on wikileaks were consistent with the methods and motivations of russian efforts.
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>> as candidate trump publically praised wikileaks wrote to trump junior again. suggesting how to get followers and find stories the press was missing. 15 minutes later trump tweeted very little pick up on the dishonest media. incredible information. and two days later trump junior shared the leak himself. wikileaks continued to reach out as recently as this july. he did not respond. lawyer for trump junior said they've worked cooperatively with each of the investigating committees voluntarily turned over thousands of documents and said any questions about messages with wikileaks have been answered in the appropriate forum. trump junior posted messages on twitter after the atlantic report came out writing here is the entire chain of messages with wikileaks. with my whopping three responses. which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. how ironic. >> absolutely incredible
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development there. backlash continues for republican senate roy moore after a fifth woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations against him. in a news conference yesterday, beverly young nelson said when she was 16 years old, 40 years ago, moore was a regular customer at a restaurant where she worked. moore then at the time 30 years old and district attorney once offered her a ride home, but instead parked the car behind the business and assaulted her. >> i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought he was going to rape me. i was twisting and struggling and begging him to stop. i had tears running down my face. at some point he gave up. >> now roy moore has declined all claims of sexual misconduct and called the accusations against him falls and politically motivated.
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growing number of republicans are continuing to put pressure on moore to withdraw from the alabama senate race. nbc casey hunt has all the details for us. >> reporter: republican leaders are saying no to roy moore. >> i believe the women, yes. >> the senate majority leader with a forceful denunciation opening the floodgates. republican senators tweeting that moore should drop out and colorado senator cory gardener who is in charge of electing republicans to the senate went even further saying in a statement, if moore refuses to withdraw and wins, the senate should vote to expel him because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the united states senate. the swift condemnation coming on the heels of harassment scandals rocking hollywood, the media and state houses across the country. leaving some asking, is capitol hill next? >> the chief of staff held my face, kissed me, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. >> congress woman jackie spears
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thinks so. she posted this last month with the hashtag me too. testify on tuesday aimed at changing policies that lack far behind corporate america. in part because lawmakers police themselves. >> it's possible they thought we're different than the rest of the world. >> they get to write their own rules. >> exactly. that has filtered through a lot of behavior over the years. >> kristen brown worked on capitol hill for two decades. when she circulated a letter to former staffers demanding change, the response was overwhelming. >> how big of a problem is this on capitol hill. >> it's huge. these are incredibly hard fought jobs. it's competitive. once you're here, you do everything you can to keep your mouth shut. if something is making you uncomfortable. >> that was casey hunt reporting. >> joining us from montgomery alabama, how are voters reacting to the latest sexual misconduct allegations? >> reporter: good morning.
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i think we'll get a much better sense of that here as people start waking up this morning. this led the news across the state. 5:00, the 6:00 news, 10:00 news. essentially this horroring claim that really increased the emotional level of allegations because this was the first woman to actually go on camera and tell people what her experience, he allegations were. over the weekend, there was many conversations with voters who were steadfast in defending roy moore. that has been reflected yesterday among the party officials in the state. the governor said just yesterday, she said at this point in time, knowing what she knows that she will still vote for roy moore. last night, late last night, alex mow up on capitol hill talked to mow brooks, popular congressman from alabama. he said at this point he intends to back roy moore and support him because to quote the gop agenda is vastly more important than any contested sexual
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allegations. what are the ramifications, have to get a much better picture when the sun comes up. >> not a lot of people agree with that. >> that's a powerful quote to equate the gop agenda with sexual allegations. let me ask you about this, about the fifth woman who has come forward. has roy moore campaign reacted to specific allegations directly or just sticking to positions that all of these accounts remain politically motivated and falls. roy moore seemed to elude to the fact more stories will come out. prebutting the fake news to come out with stories like these. that's where yesterday we got first account since the initial four came out. last night around 6:30 p.m. in gallant alabama. less that 1,000 people in this place. very rural wooded area. he showed up in front of two
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cameras up in this rural town and came out and defiantly said the people of alabama know me. they know my character. they know what i've stood for in the political word for over 40 years. i can tell you without hesitation, this is absolutely falls. i never did what she said i did. i don't even know the women. i don't know anything about her. i don't know where the restaurant is or was. he stood there with his wife kayla and other people from his family and community. >> incredible. seems like a story that is just starting to get more and more traction with these allegations that are continuing. >> don't think it's going anyway any time soon. president trump has announced nominee to succeed tom price. president has picked alex tsar, a former drug company executive and health official in the george w. bush administration. spent nearly a decade working at pharmaceutical giant. including five years of lily usa. the biggest affiliate of that company, before that he served as hhs counsel.
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despite repeated attacks on u.s. drug companies for high profits, the president tweeted yesterday a tsar quote will be a start for better health care and lower drug prices. some democrats have expressed criticism over the nomination and likely seize over the ties to the pharmaceutical industry. >> speaking of president trump, completed first asia trip and currently on. trump skipped the last plentyry session of the east asia summit. a gathering he originally wasn't going to attend in order to head home early. chief of staff says the event was running late and gave remarks at a lunch earlier in the day. before leaving, trump spoke about how the trip went. we've had a tremendously successful trip. tremendous amounts of work was done on trade. not only on the deal. we have at least $300 million's worth of deal.
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that will be way triple that number in a fairly short period of time. i think much more importantly, we've explained that the united states is open for trade, but we want reciprocal trade. we want fair trade for the united states. because with past administrations, as i said in china and i said very loud and very clear, the united states has been taken advantage of. they're very giving. and they don't get it in return. >> joining us now live from manila philippines, national correspondent peter alexander. good to have you with us. two maintain topics served as umbrella for the trip when you think about it. trade which trump mentioned in the clip we just played. the other big one was the issue of north korea. and the nuk situation in that country. was anything actually accomplished on either front? i think you can safely say ayman, good morning to you, a lot more symbolism perhaps than
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substance here. no new sanctions against north korea. no new trade agreements with any individual countries that the president visited. nonetheless, he is touting this as a tremendously successful trip. boasting about accomplishments. talking about how the u.s. basically has better relationships stronger relationships thanks to president trump. touting the red carpet welcome he received all across asia, including in china where he said it was something like no one has ever seen here before. the president of course though before leaving touted the trip, but also ribbed reporters a little bit about it. here's what he had to say. >> we've accomplished a lot. i've enjoyed it very much. my press, i feel so sorry for them. they're exhausted. would you like to stop in a another couple of countries, we can do that if you want. otherwise we'll go to the plane and we'll take off. we'll be landing in washington in about 22 hours. i appreciate everybody. and i very much appreciate your
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time. i know how hard you worked also. we all worked hard, but i think the fruits of our labor are going to be incredible. as for those stronger relationships, thelighting tiesa and china and philippines. last offer was last stop here. notable because this is a place where the president talked about great relationship he has with rodrigo duterte. no time did he call him out for human rights abuses in this country. >> may be the only time the press pool traveling with the white house may agree about wrapping this up and heading back home. peter alexander live for us in the philippines this morning. thank you. still ahead, the latest on the massive earthquake that struck iran and iraq killing hundreds and injuries thousands more. later, jeff sessions reportedly suggesting a new council to investigate concerns about the clinton foundation.
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mpl the house is expected to vote on the gop tax reform this thursday. the bill is expected to pass. will only lose support of 22 republicans without any democratic reports. row call reports nine republicans so far have publicly stated that will vote for legislation in current form. president tweeted about tax plans yesterday. i'm proud of the republican house and senate for working hard on cutting taxes and reform. we're getting close. now how about ending the unfair and highly unpopular mandate in obamacare. reducing taxes even further: cut top rate to 35%. all the rest going to middle income cuts. president trump expected to make a rare trip to capitol hill ahead of thursday's vote to make a final pitch to house
2:18 am
republicans currently on the fence. republicans including trump continue to claim the plan is a tax cut for the middle class. democratic senate minority leader chuck assumer insists it will be the nail in the coffin for their party. >> let's head overseas for a moment where 437 people are dead and more than 7600 are injured. that is following a massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake. hit sunday night near iran's border with iraq.
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good morning. that storm in the northwest yesterday caused a lot of problems, at one point we had 140,000 people without power in the pacific nolt west. and now we have around 2. another storm is moving in. let me show you some pictures yesterday. we had a lot of down trees. we had unfortunately one fatality. a tree fell on a mother as she was driving her car. her sister in the passenger seat. seriously injured: the two-year-old in the back of the car was unharmed. in another case a tree fell on the bedroom of a 15-year-old pinned and seriously injured. dad and friends worked many hours to get around with emergency crews and doing okay in the hospital. again, that was pictures yesterday from the pacific northwest. that storm moved in now storm two is heading in. won't have high winds like yesterday. 58-mile-per-hour gust in seattle. one of the mountainous areas. winds headed up to
2:20 am
89-mile-per-hour. very serious storm there yesterday. a lot of cleanup will be needed today. rainfall totals are wound two. the olympics could get four to five inches of rain. could cause minor river flooding problems. what we do like is tomorrow the storm kicks further to the south. get some of this into california. timing on new storm. green remember and the yellow shows heavier rains. blue shows snow. some of the high passes will have problems. as i mentioned tonight goes into oregon. tomorrow northern california gets some of this. get good snow at high evaluations. no many problems throughout the eastern elevations today. little chilly in the northeast. this afternoon recover into the 40s and 50s. northwest is target for the next couple of days. not a lot of other weather problems. >> we'll keep an eye on that. still ahead, all the highlights from monday night football plus a look at the knicks epic meltdown. >> what an absolute disaster that was. tell you about it next.
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let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness. turning now to football. dolphins square off against the panthers. didn't go well. cam newton throws a quick screen. in flag football wouldn't have even gotten him. 28 yard touchdown. extend lead to 17. dolphining down 24 in the third. looking for any sign of life.
2:24 am
kennon drake. nice cut to the middle. s down looking for any sign of life. kennon drake. nice cut to the middle. three douchds on the night. panthers steamroll the dolphins, 45-21. touchdowns on the night. panthers steamroll the dolphins, 45-21. rookie record 52 home runs this season. cody bell jer gives the dodgers back to back rookie winners winnersbellingwinners. inger gis back to back rookie winners. before heading to mad son square garden to face the knicks, lebron james made a comment they should have drafted dennis smith junior instead of frank. the knicks cantor didn't take too kindly to words against the
2:25 am
teammate. james get into a little talking match. little shove. the knicks dominated most of the game last night. led by as much as 23 points during the third quarter. the garden was love ing it. no lead is safe. facing the eastern conference champs and upset lebron james. lebron james and kor ver scored 21 points in the fourth. >> i was at the game. it was heart breaking. >> did you take video of your good seats. >> about 30 minutes of sleep. >> you could see clearly in the game when lebron james decided to turn it on and actually take control of the game in the
2:26 am
fourth quarter. >> are you trash talking lebron. i tried to. i was so far back. >> i wasn't sitting next to spike lee on the court. >> the lead anchor, first look in nosebleed seats. >> we don't have a lead anchor seat. still ahead, escalating tensions between north korea, one senate committee decided to hold a hearing on the president's authority to use nuclear weapons. fifth woman come forward of accusing roy moore for sexual misconduct. now calls for him to drop out of race. those stories and more coming up next.
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welcome back. we'll start with the top stories. putting more pressure on alabama senate nominee roy moore to withdraw from the race. comes after a fifth woman accused the conservative christian candidate of making romantic of sexual advances towards them when they were teenagers. beverly young nelson, the first of the women to allege sexual assault was 16 years old when she says moore, a 30-year-old da at the time offered her a ride home from the restaurant where she worked and then he attacked her. >> he stopped the car and parked his car in between the dumpster and the back of the restaurant where there were no lights. the area was dark and it was
2:31 am
deserted. i was alarmed and i immediately asked him what he was doing. instead of answering my question, mr. moore reached other and began groping me. kept putting his hands on my breasts. i tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and he locked it so i could not get out. i tried fighting him off. while yelli ining at him to sto but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head on to his crouch. i continued to struggle. i was determined that i was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him. i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought he was going to rape
2:32 am
me. i was twisting and i was struggling and i was begging him to stop. >> nelson said that she's unsure if she fell out of the car or if moore pushed her out. she says he left her there on the ground and pulled off. rime de roy moore denies the allegation. saying quote, i don't know the woman. i don't know anything about her. i don't know where the restaurant is or was. moore hit back at senate leader mitch mitch mcconnell who said earlier in the day said he believed the women. moore also responded to calls for him to step down in a fundraising e-mail where he vowed to quote, defend my honor and character with every last ounce of energy. meanwhile, senator cory gardener said even if moore wins, the senate should immediately expel him. here's moore's supporters. steve bannon's take on all of
2:33 am
this. >> you're going to find out that what happened down there was republican operatives had this information or where are conc t concocting some of this information, working with "the washington post," who is lying about this, working with "the washington post" who also had contacts can mcconnell and these guys to drop weaponized hit on judge moore and bang bang bang hit it right away with, you know, with all of mcconnell's lackees. >> moore republicans are putting pressure on moore to exit the race. after reading and listening to the denial, susan collins says she believes he should withdraw from the race. i didn't not find denial to be convincing. senator lindsey graham said moore should do himself, the state, the party a service and step aside. growing list of republicans now calling on moore to withdraw.
2:34 am
senators ted cruz, steve danes and john cornyn are among those now withdrawing endorsements. >> did you hear the accusations against roy moore today by chance. >> i caught some on tv. >> what are your thoughts. >> they're very disturbing. that's why i believe it was appropriate for me to withdraw my endorsement and i think it's obviously in the hands of the voters. >> now according to the "new york times," one idea beifloatey two different white house officials would be for jeff sessions to run as write in candidate for the seat he held nine months ago or should moore win and be expelled for sessions to be appointed back to the own seat by alabama's governor. >> let's get into this. joining us from montgomery alabama, alabama.
2:35 am
not to seat moore. ardner not to seat moore. cory gardener was the only one that went as far to suggest there should be expulsion. shows the desperation on capitol hill among republicans because if you lose in alabama, if we want to look at this politically. if you want to lose an alabama senate seat. only take the democrats two more seats, potentially arizona and nevada for democrats in 2018 to pick up the majority. it got to the point where even the likes of ted cruz was saying yesterday, if true, not only would it make him unfit to serve in the senate, but merit criminal prosecution. republicans are suddenly tasked with having a situation where it's going to be tough to remove roy moore as a candidate. especially when he is so defiant in the likelihood of write in candidacy is nil at this point. >> the fact so many republicans pulling support and the way this particular race is shaping up within the republican party between the establishment and,
2:36 am
you know, the steve bannon wing going at it. staying firmly behind roy moore, is there any chance we can see a drop out for more establishment or populist type figure. >> we saw roy moore walk out last night with his family by his side. said yet again, despite this woman going on video and appearing on the top of 5:00, 6:00, paper this morning. people of alabama know me. they know my character. this is a man in public office for 40 years. he with 30 days left. how much longer even if the allegations are falls. is the dam broken at some point
2:37 am
when you're hearing voices like this individual appearing on your tv screen. >> heard from mark short on sunday speaking out about sort of how the white house going to be responding to this once trump hits the ground here on wednesday. is that expected and do you think that's what it's going to take to move this needle on roy moore. >> roim dy moore did not have t sport of the president of the united states. came out and campaigned for his opponent one month ago. sitting incumbent republican luther strange. luther strange lost by 10 points to roy moore. roy moore is a us against the world. $30 million spent against moore on his campaign. outspent 5-1. roy moore has been kicked off the bench two times. suddenly now up with the task of beating democratic doug jones. former u.s. attorney who could make a legitimate case to voters here that i don't have these sort of allegations. we can focus on jobs, education,
2:38 am
and health care. >> a lot at stake here for the state of alabama and particularly for the gop as well. vaughn live in alabama this morning. thank you. >> the white house is dealing with the fall out of new report alleging president trump's oldest son don junior secret liquor responded with wikileaks during the presidential campaign. nbc news white house correspondent kristen we believer has more on this. >> stunning new revelation of months of correspondence during the campaign between the president's eldest son donald trump jr. and wikileaks. the hackers which the u.s. intelligence community was used by the russian government to disseminate information. according to the atlantic, the direct twitter messages were turned over no congressional investigators by trump junior's lawyers. largely ignored frequent messages, but in one instance direct messaged trump junior a link to database leaked e-mails. strongly suggest your dad tweet this link if he mentions us.
2:39 am
trump junior didn't respond immediately, but his father tweeted 15 minutes later, very little pickup by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by wikileaks. then two days later on october 142016. trump junior tweeted out the link wikileaks sent him. hi don, if your father loses we think it is much more interesting if he does not concede and spends time challenging the immediate and other types of rigging that occurred. no response from donald trump jr. to that. the trump administration has consistently denied any coordination with wikileaks. >> i think all of us had concerns about wikileaks over the years and it's just all reality of america. life today and of life in the wider world. >> first steps towards possibly allegation of dealings by the
2:40 am
foundation bearing bill and hillary clinton's name. obtained a letter to the chairman of the house committee saying that sessions has asked top justice department prosecutors to look into, quote, certain issues recently raised by republican lawmakers and evaluate whether a special counsel should be appointed. letter calling for the investigation, discussed wikileaks disclosures concerning the clinton foundation and potentially unlawful international dealings. that includes the sale of uranium. half the allegations of the deal resulted in donations being made to the clinton foundation along with republican lawmakers. some conservative media have been raising the issues for month. the letter was sent one day before jeff sessions scheduled
2:41 am
to testify before the house judiciary committee on the possible ties. the trump campaign. and russia. >> and as the war of words continues to escalate between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un, today for the first time in over 40 years. hold authority on the use of nuclear weapons. corker in a statement told cnbc the hearing was a result of growing questions from members of congress about the authorities of the legislative and executive branches with respect to war making and the use of nuclear weapons. and the hearing could make changes that could ultimately change war era policies that give the president the sole authority to make the decision to launch a nuclear attack. there's growing controversy surrounding a president trump nominee to be a lifetime federal judge in alabama. 36-year-old brett tally has never tried a case. has only been practicing law for
2:42 am
three years. he also previously ran a political blog called government and exile which had posts such as quote, a call to arms. it's time to join the national rifle association which was posted one month after the new town elementary massacre. one tweet hillary rotten clinton might be the best trumpism yet. tally is facing a fresh scrutiny after failing to disclose he is married to white house lawyer annie donaldson. also chief of staff. be interviewed by special counsel bob mueller. now heads to senate for a confirmation vote. still ahead, everybody, microsoft founder bill gates joining the fight against alzheimer's. major pledge he's making in a battle he says is very personal. plus a terrifying scene of a schoolboy. runs in the path of a tractor trailer. that shocking video. and bill karins with details on
2:43 am
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welcome back. bill gates is joining the fight against alzheimer's. gates announced yesterday giving a total of $100 million funding alzheimer's treatment. tells reuters he hopes to have new drugs ready for testing in the next ten years. the fight against all which is the sixth leading cause of death here in the united states affecting more than 5 million americans is something that he's seen first happenhandfirsthand. i know how awful it is to see the disease. my family history isn't the sole reason, but my personal experience has exposed me to how hopeless it feels when you or a loved one gets the disease. there's currently no medical
2:47 am
cure for the treatment. the bill in melinda gates foundation has committed to health projects around the world, this marks the first personal project around a noncommunicable disease. >> let's hope the money goes a long way. let's turn to bill karins get a check on the weather once again. >> good morning. you ever see salmon run in person. >> not in person. >> got to show you this video. we've all seen videos. right. this was flooding over a river obviously a roadway. and those are salmon that are crossing the street there. washington state. amazing, right. probably an inch or two or water. able to get right through it. >> don't want to walk through with bare feet. >> no. all we need now is the video from alaska. the grizzly bears. >> is this the time you say why did the salmon cross the road. >> no, i don't have any lox jokes. >> take it away, bill. the storm produced the pictures heavy rainfall in washington state is continuing to move through. another one moving in right behind it. this one is not going to have
2:48 am
the intense winds like yesterday. at one point, 60-80-mile-per-hour winds in the northwest. serious business. tree damage and thousands of people without power. the next storm moving in. benefits of this one a little further to the south tomorrow. we're going get snow. mown whitney. lake tahoe. reno area. 18 inches of snow. good start to snow season here. in areas of the sierra nevada mountain range. cascades have been getting snow and get more today. the winter so far season has been underway throughout the northern portion of the country. the warm temperatures remain. the southern half, you're the big winners right now. fall into middle november. dallas at 77 today. denver at 67. mobile at 71. even tomorrow, 60s and 70s dominate the southern half of the country. kind of the have and have notes. and we're the have nots. >> going to be surprised if phoenix dips below 80 degrees. that's jacket weather. >> may not be before new years for them. so the video that ayman
2:49 am
teased before the break. pretty incredible stuff. catastrophic close call. going viral as he narrowly avoids being hit by a tractor trailer captured by the dashboard camera of a truck waiting behind the school bus. he and other students exit the vehicle he runs across the street. into ongoing traffic. wow. there it is. so that tractor trailer slammed on the brakes. missing him by inches as you can see there. the truck driver who captured all of this said he released the footage to warn everybody about the busy streets, especially when kids are getting dropped off at a bus. >> i don't know. in the u.s. school buses in the u.s. they have the stop sign that automatically opening for john coming traffic. you can't see if that bus has that. that would certainly be something that would have been beneficial. >> is that a school bus? we can't tell in that's a school buses or not.
2:50 am
>> thank god that kid is okay. >> very well done by the driver of the tractor trailer. still ahead, president trump is on the way back to the united states after wrapping up first trip to asia as commander test. so you're looking for male customers, ages 25-54,
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2:52 am
welcome back, everybody. president trump has completed his first asia trip, certainly out to hawaii for a brief fuel,
2:53 am
prior to leaving ma fill lonila summarized the trip. >> it's been an extraordinary trip, i made a lot of friends at the highest level. whether it's china and the incredible opening they gave us, that unbelievable evening, people really have never seen anything like it and japan likewise, it was a tremendous rollout and we, from the moment we walked off the plane and back onto the plane an south korea, as you know, we made the speech. i believe seldom has there been the opportunity to speak for somebody from the outside world in that hall. so south korea was terrific to us. and coming to the philippines was terrific and coming to vietnam was terrific. vietnam treated us incredibly, as did i think the philippines, we could not have been treated
2:54 am
nicer. >> all right. joining us again live from the philippines, national correspondent peter alexander, lots of terrific, trump alluding to. the red carpet rolled out for him, of course, talk to us about the atmosphere on the ground as you saw it? >> reporter: yeah, terrific, fabulous, tran fafantastic. those are the trump words, to welcome him like nobody has seen before. to be clear, this is a big deal any time a president comes here, it is not just an event for that city but an entire nation with a stop at traditional allies like japan and south korea. also in china, where the president warmly spoke of president xi there, flattering him, calling him a great man, saying his people were proud of him with president duterte, president trump spoke about the great relationship the two men have, while at the same time
2:55 am
effectively saying president obama's administration, the past relationship to the president here was horrible him so this white house feels that those stronger relationships in their eyes of the president comes home with is a significant deal. lit show the cooperation the u.s. has with the region to further isolate north korea. notably, there are no new north sanctions just yet and no new trade agreements, the president is expected to make an announcement about exactly what he thinks he got out of this trip. >> go get some rest. more on president trump's eldest son and his correspondence after the 2016 presidential campaign t. author of the "atlantic" article that exposed the conversation joins the conversation with mike moore on the reporting. the latest from alabama as a backlash against roy moore continues to grow in the wake of a fifth woman coming forward
2:56 am
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before we taut toss it over to morning joe, let's hear about the stories the day ahead. jeff session, ag, goes before lawmakers on capitol hill. where he will likely be grilled between ties with trump an russia. he will be testifying to the house judiciary committee last month. >> meanwhile, the senate foreign relations hearing comes in the wake of president trump's comment to north korea that they could face fire and fury the likes of it's which it's never seen. a senate panel will hear testimony from the governors of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islandss on the efforts to help those islands recover in the wakes of hurricane maria and irma. >> that does it for us on this tuesday morning. morning joe starts right now. now this just came out, this
3:00 am
just came out, wikileaks, i love wikileaks -- this wick kin leaks stuff is unbelievable. it tells you the inner heart. you got to read it. >> it's been amazing what's coming out on wikileaks. did you see another one? another one came in today. this wikileaks is like a treasure trove. as i was getting off the plane, they announced new wikileaks, i didn't want to keep you finding. let me run pack into the plane and find out. this justcome came out, wikileaks. >> it's collusion. >> collusion. >> collusion. i got something in my throat here. >> direct message. president trump spoke loud and clear about his love for wikileaks. apparently it runs in the family. we will get those breaking developments. >> sometimes, hold on a second, willie geist and i -- >> are you gone do a


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