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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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out of a fund-raising pact and yanked its staffers from the ground. one of moore's chief defenders, sean hannity, has now issued an ultimatum -- explain yourself in 24 hours -- that's by this evening -- or get out. moore is being outspend 11-1 over alabama's airwaves but despite the wave of opposition, he remains defiant. >> obviously i've made a few people mad. i'm the only one that can unite democrats and republicans. [ laughter ] because i seem to be opposed by both. why do you think they're giving me this trouble? why do you think i'm being harassed by media and by people pushing forward allegations in the last 28 days of this election? this is not just the final for democrats and republicans and
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how they vote on issues, this is a spiritual fight. wherever you go, if you take a stand you're going to come under persecution. >> the one person who is not leaving moore's side is steve bannon. sources tell nbc news that the breitbart ceo continues to call the allegations "fake news" and that he see this is moment as similar to the period when the "access hollywood" tape broke. where does president trump stand and what happens when alabama's voters have their say? let's get to reporters covering this developing story. kristen welker is at the white house and nbc's kasie hunt is on capitol hill. kristen, when what are you expecting from the president? he said he was going to make a statement when he came back from asia, he's back from asia.
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what are you hearing? >> well, i just heard he is going to talk some time today, i don't know if he'll talk about the roy moore scandal. reporters will do their best to shout some questions at him. where does he stand right now? i think the sean hannity remarks were telling, the fact that you have hannity saying, look, you have 24 hours to explain the inconsistencies and if that can't happen him -- >> kristen, i'm sorry to interrupt you and we're going to come back to this topic in just a moment but the lauch players are back from asia. >> i'm going to start off by saying how embarrassed and i shamed i am for disappointed my family, my teammates, my coaches and the entire ucla community. i feel terrible and i'm sorry to everybody who i've let down.
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with that being said, i take full responsibility for the mistake i have made -- shoplifting. i know that this goes beyond me letting my school down, i let the entire country down. before i thank everybody who worked so incredibly hard to help us return home safely, i want to thank the chinese police and the government for taking care of us and treating us well during our time there. to president trump and the united states government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. we really appreciate you helping us out. thank you to all the pac 12 representatives for all of your time and support. thank you dan guerrero for sticking by our sides and doing whatever you could to help us through this. thank you chris carlson for taking the time out of your schedule to stay with us the entire time and guide us every step of the way.
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to doug erickson, thank you for also staying with us and giving us guidance with everything. to my teammates, thank you for being there for us throughout the process. you guys mean so much to me. to coach alford, coach grace, coach bussard, you always believed in me not only as a basketball player but also as a person, i'm sorry for letting you down. lastly, to my family, my mom and dad, you guys have raised me to be smart and always make the right choices. you never left my side and it hits me the most that i disappointed and embarrassed you. to my young brother ben, this is not the example that i want to set for you but from here on out i promise i will be the best role model i can be for you to look up to. i've been looking forward to being an ucla bruin since i was
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young. the alumni have set such a high standards for both academically and athletically and as an ucla student athlete i'm disappointed in myself that i failed to live up to that. i can only hope my action, my words, my hard work in the weeks to come whether prove to my coach, teammates and fans that i'm more capable of meeting the high standard. away from the court i'll work especially hard in the classroom to show i can be an outstanding representative of this incredible university, a place that is so important to many people around the world. again, thank you to everybody who has been there and expressed concerns for me and my safety this past week. i can assure you that i will never do anything again to jeopardize ucla's reputation and my own. go bruins. thank you. >> next we have liangelo ball. >> i'd like to start off by
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saying sorry for stealing from the stores in china. i didn't exercise my best judgment and i was wrong for that. i apologize to my family, my coaches, many i teammates and ucla for letting so many people down. i also apologize to the people of china for causing them so much trouble. i'm a young man, however. it's not an excuse for making a really stupid decision. i don't feel sorry for myself and i've learned my lesson from this big mistake and i'm 110% sure that i'll not make a bad decision like this one again. i'd also like everyone to know that this does not define who i am. my family raised me better than that and i'm going to make myself a better person from here on out. i have the utmost respect for the chinese police department as well and i'd like to thank them
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for treating me so respectfully even after i made a stupid decisi decision. i'd like to thank chris carlson and doug erickson for staying with us and just helping us out while we were in china and taking care of us. i'm grateful for this ucla team that stood strong beside us and made it possible for me to be sitting in front of you all today. i respect and admire the hard work they put in to get us back to the united states. i would also like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help that they provided as well. i'm grateful to be back home and i'll never make a mistake like this again. i'm extremely sorry for those who i let down but i'm also very thankful for all the help, love, and support that they provided and i take full responsibility for my actions and i'm sorry.
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thank you. >> thank you liangelo. next up, jalen hill. >> i would like to apologize to all the fans who support ucla because i feel like my actions have hurt them the most. it hurts me because i can see the pain i caused them. i apologize to my teammates, my coaches and family because of how much negative attention that i put on name they do not deserve. i'm sorry for shoplifting. what i did was stupid, there's no other way to put it and i'm not that type of person. i hope this mistake will not define me as a person but shows i messed up and can learn from it. i don't want to be known for this dumb mistake. i want to be known for my respectfulness and my love and passion for the game of basketball. this event has taught me a lot and changed me in a way that i can't explain. i have so much more respect for the people around me, from our coaches and staff to the fans who live for ucla. i have also strengthened my relationship with god throughout this time. without him i would be nothing.
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to all the fans out there watching, i hope you can forgive me. i hope you can forgive my stupid childish actions, i have learned my lesson and i hope that i can earn back the love and support our fans bring to this program. i would like to thank everyone involved in this whole ordeal, thank you to chris, doug, gloria and jerry for staying with us the whole time, thank you to the police department which treated us very well, thank you to the pac 12 and the whole ucla community that helped us the whole way and thank you to the united states government and president trump for your efforts to bring us home. >> you guys are excused. >> there we have it, the three ucla players who were detained in china for shoplifting just returned home. they've just given this statement where they apologized not only to their friends, their family, their teammates, ucla and their fans but also to the
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chinese government and to the united states government, including donald trump. you might remember donald trump tweeted basically a demand for these players to thank him for his efforts to get them back to the united states. they said that they were sorry for stealing. they said that this should not define them, though, and they will not do this again. joining me now, "daily news" columnist and msnbc contributor mike lupica. mike, what's your reaction? >> well, i -- the kids said all the right things there. i think cody riley thanked so many people i was starting to think it might be a shoplifting awards show. listen, they did not only dome young guy stuff, they did dumb young guy criminal stuff and they got caught and they have been in china for a week and they've had a lot of time to think about it is. this the crime of the century, katy? i don't think it's the crime of
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the century. but i hope the athletic directors are talking about this now. there's going to be some sanction from the ucla basketball program for this kids because i've got fur children of my own and i always tell them if you think you're in the wrong place, you are. not only were they in the wrong place thinking they could do this like entitled jamokes, they were doing this in a foreign country which is wildly out of their comfort zone and i cannot believe that they're not going to have to pay some kind of price with this basketball season. >> are you talking about suspensions? are you talking about playing -- not playing two games, three games, not playing the rest of the season? >> i would think there has to be some substantial amount of games lost for these three players, jalen hill liangelo ball and cody riley. it's not enough that the united states government government involved in this and got them
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home. i was saying to somebody today, what they did doesn't mean we should turn this thing into "midnight express" i'm not saying that but they have to pay some sort of penalty because everything they said today sounded right, they said all the right things but it doesn't mean that they have necessarily learned their lesson. >> just to remind our viewers, they're freshmen, lfreshmen, lio jalen hill and cody riley. you heard them admit to shoplifting. let's get into the political aspect of it because you can't avoid it in this scenario, the president with that tweet asking sarcastically, by the way, we just got news they are suspended indefinitely according to ucla officials, suspended indefinitely for shoplifting in china and needing the american government to figure out a way to get them home or negotiate
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with the chinese to get home home. the president, here's the tweet from this morning "do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you president trump? they were headed for ten years? jail." they were headed for one to four years in jail, we should fact check the president on that, that's according to "washington post." mike, what do you make of that? >> well, you mean in a culture where everything has to be about president trump? >> he gets himself inserted into everything. he was part of the reason these kids are back, that tweet rubbed some people the wrong way, it felt a little bit like the stance he's been taking against the nfl. >> katie, if you've been in the end zone as little as he's been in the end zone since becoming president, you're going to spike the ball every chance you get so he spiked the ball and there's an expression in sports, when
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you get to the end zone, act like you've been there before, well he hasn't scores scored many touchdowns to bring it back to the nfl. i today craig, if you don't blow your own horn, there is no music. >> and what do you think of this indefinite suspension? do you think it will last the full season? >> i don't think it will last a full season. i don't know whether it will be ten games or a dozen games or 15 games but ucla, to maintain any athletic integrity and though in the world in ncaa sports "athletic integrity" sounds like an oxymoron, they had to take a strong stance with these young men. general kelly had them this right. he called them knuckle heads. this was knuckleheaded behavior but it was also criminal behavior and this is the bill that's been presented by their coach and athletic director. >> what does that do for the ucla team for the rest of the season no how important were these players? >> i don't care.
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i think this is between the school and these three young men. and they say they've learned a valuable lesson. well if this suspension costs their team a chance at the ncaa tournament, then they will have really learned a lesson won't they. >> you know who's going to care? their teammates and the fans and not to mention ucla. mike lupicai columnist for the "daily news," thank you for sticking around with us to go over those statements, we appreciate it. >> always great to be with you, katie. let's turn back to the other big story we're following, the one kristen welker was talking about at the top of the hour before we had to interrupt her. the rnc pulled its cash from roy moore's senate campaign in alabama. what is not known is how president trump is going to react to developments in that race. he's now back in the country and we've learned he will make some statement from the white house in the next hour. those remarks are supposed to focus on his trip but we'll also be watching to see if he gets a
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question about moore. back with me is nbc's kristen welker and nbc's kasie hunt. so kristen, i want to go back to you since you were mid-sentence a moment ago. the president is going to talk. do you have any indication that he is going to pull his support for roy moore? >> i think the remarks he will make at 3:00 p.m. katie are going to be solely focused on his trip to asia, what he sees as the highlights of that trip. there's been a lot of news coverage about the fact that while the optics were powerful, the deliverables weren't that many so i think he's going to push back against that narrative. is he going to pull his support for roy moore? i would be surprised if he does that in his remarks he delivers at 3:00 p.m. but he is going to get questioned about that. that will likely be the first question shouted to the president. who what will he say? i would anticipate he will reiterate what we've heard from white house officials that this
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is a situation they're looking at very closely and they're looking at their options. we know earlier today he spoke with mitch mcconnell as well as house speaker paul ryan. those conversations likely included a discussion of tax reform and undoubtedly roy moore. we know mitch mcconnell by his own admission yesterday wants to see this president encourage his own attorney general jeff sessions to run as a write in candidate. that's one option but it's very tricky to see how the mechanics of that will work out. >> doesn't the white house -- tell me what you're hearing from people who are having discussions. doesn't the white house feel they have an obligation to get involved in a race where a man who is running as a republican to be a senator has been accused of inappropriately touching children? don't they feel like that's sblg the president might want to say, hey, maybe this man shouldn't be representing the republican party in the united states senate? >> that is a very important question, katy. let me tell you the thinking
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behind the scenes here, that roy moore absolutely cannot go to the u.s. senate. however, what role should the president play in that? here are the various scenarios they're weighing. one is that the president reaches out directly to roy moore and encouraginkurcouragesp out of the race. with what if that has a backlash? what if it has the opposite effect as the one they're hoping for? that's the concern here. yes, they would like to see a different republican candidate. remember, what they continue to stress is that president trump supported luther strange during the primary, he never supported roy moore, he never lent his support to roy moore, he never campaigned for him. he supported luther strange from the beginning, they would argue so in terms of how he should -- >> so he deleted his tweets and changed his support for roy moore. >> right. the issue is they're concerned if there's a sense there's washington overreach that it could have the opposite effect. that it could create a backlash
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in alabama from voters who will say this is just washington trying to impose their views on us. >> i find it so interesting that we have to look at everything through this political spectrum. what if there's a backlash? it's a man accused of inappropriately touching children. you would think that one thing would supersede concerns anyone has about a backlash or political costs that they might have to pay. kasie hunt, we've been talking -- nbc has been talking to voters on the ground in alabama. right now moore is being outspent 11-1 on the airwaves. we just talked about how the rnc has pulled its support. here is what alabama voters have been telling us so far. >> i still think that he should be able to get -- win the election if he's a good governor. i don't think that sexual harassment should be held against him when it comes to voting. >> most everyone i know does support him and does not believe
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the allegations against him. >> it's -- it's an embarrassment. it's disgraceful and it was disgraceful, though, before the allegations. >> those voters are talking to nbc's katie beck. just to be clear about something, these are not sexual harassment allegations. these are allegations of inappropriately touching, actually physically touching young women, a 14-year-old girl and assaulting another woman in a back alley, these are not harassment allegations. kasie hunt? senate leader mitch mcconnell seemed to suggest that attorney general jeff sessions take moore's place. the probability of that? >> at this point, katy, who knows? everybody up here is waiting for the president to make a move and i think they may have some inkling that we haven't picked up on yet. mcconnell said yesterday he's had personal conversations with the president on friday, with
11:21 am
john kelly on saturday, with mike pence on monday to talk about this issue and mitch mcconnell -- frankly he usually keeps his cards close to the vest. he's been very outspoken. he didn't like roirm before to begin with so this was not exactly a dramatic shift in opinion for him. i think it was very straightforward and i also think that republicans, you're right, the behavior here is not behavior that is in their view excusable. when these allegations first came out, there were senators we talked to who sometimes either avoid the cameras or maybe don't want to speak to us. they went out of their way to come up and say this -- if this is true then this man needs to withdraw from this race and as time went by when we got back here on monday "if this is true" changed for most of these members to "these denials are not credible, the stories are credible and this man should get out of the race." so i think the question around
11:22 am
what they do next, they're trying to strategize to figure out what is the best way to make sure he never gets seated with minimal kind of collateral damage to everybody. i think we have some sound of mitch mcconnell talking about jeff sessions as a write in candidate if we want to take a look at that. >> is jeff sessions a possibility? >> we don't nope but behe fits the mold of somebody who might be able to pull off a write in. >> you say that like somebody who would like to see that happen. >> i would like to save the seat and it's a heck of a dilemma when you have a completely unacceptable candidate bearing the label of your party within a month of the election. >> so i think this was pretty straightforward there for mitch mcconnell. he's acknowledging. and the thinking is sessions is one of the few republicans that could mount a successful write in campaign in the state because everybody knows him, they like him, they could write his name down. but privately, and our own pete
11:23 am
williams has been reporting on this, sessions wants to stay as attorney general even though that is clearly proven to be a difficult spot for him to be. to a certain extent it's his dream job, he doesn't want to give it up so it would take his cooperation to do it and the likelihood that it would simply split the vote and hand it to doug jones the democrat probably more likely than not so i think it goes back to what the president will say about this. >> kristen? >> well, just to clarify, in terms of the concerns here about the president intervening and there being a backlash, the backlash they're concerned about is potentially mobilizing support for roy moore in alabama if the president intervenes. but the bottom line, they don't think this is a tenable situation and i think kasie is right. everyone is looking to the president. what is he going to do? he has 60% support if that state so he may be the only one who can convince roy moore to get out of the race. we'll have to see what he has to say in a half hour from now.
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>> kristen welker thank you for that clarity and kasie hunt on capitol hill, ladies, thank you very much, good to see you today. earlier on msnbc my colleague stephanie ruhle, i don't know if you saw this, but you'll want to see this, ali velshi interviewed roy moore's attorney who said that ali's background "background" would help him understand why moore would date underage women. >> why would he need permission from any of these girl's mothers if they weren't underage? >> that's a good question and culturally speaking i would say there's differences. i looked up ali's background and while that's awesome that you have such a diverse background, it's cool to read through that, but point is -- >> what does ali's background have to do with dating a 14-year-old? >> i'm not finished with the context of it. >> please answer, what does ali velshi's background have to do with dating children, 14-year-old girls?
11:25 am
>> in other countries there's arrangement through parents for what we would for -- >> ali's from canada. ali's from canada. >> i understand. and ali's also spent time other countries. >> so have i. >> it's not a bad thing. >> i don't know where you're going with this. >> ooh boy. that was something else. let's bring in phil rucker, white house bureau chief for the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst, ben thrush, white house correspondent for the "new york times," also an nbc political analyst and josh moon, investigative reporter and columnist for the alabama political reporter. well, guys, that was something else. i'm not quite sure how to describe that. but let's talk about the president's position in all of this. glen, does he need to come out and say roy moore should not be a senator for alabama and that he does need to step aside? >> look, i don't know what he needs to say. i do know that his relationship with mitch mcconnell; the
11:26 am
president's, has improved over the last few weeks and that the president liked luther strange who is the guy currently warming that seat so he'd also given some indication that he needed to see more from roy moore. i think we've all seen enough from roy moore. there was also a revelation today that a pastor's letter apparently in support of mr. moore that was circulated on social media turned out to be either forged or doctored in some way so i don't think there's new information the president needs here. the question is how far is he willing to go to alienate voters in alabama? and what people forget is in a lot of ways donald trump's campaign began with that mobile rally. that might be overstating it but that was the moment when jeff sessions stood on stage, put on the maga hat, they did the flyover. that was the moment people thought it came together and to some extent donald trump's america is sweet home alabama.
11:27 am
>> 20,000 people showed up for that rally and that was the turning point where people started to realize maybe this night not be a fad. glen, that was six months before any primary or caucus. josh. there's a lot of stuff out there about roy moore's background, the controversial things he's said in the past, what's been happening in that town that he used to live in, the rumors about him but let's look at the record of what he's done when it comes to his work as a lawyer in alabama. he challenged alabama -- sorry, a judge. he challenged alabama law that protects rape victims' documents revealed, this is according to "the guardian." as chief justice of alabama's supreme court moore twice argued the state's rape shield law should not prevent alleged sex offenders from using certain evidence about their underage accusers' personal lives to discredit them. he "sided with the offender over
11:28 am
state prosecutors in 13 of 16 rape or sex abuse cases. among moore's 10 dissents was a man who pleaded guilty to raping a 12-year-old girl." remember, he pleaded guilty. "moore wanted to allow this man to present evidence to the court indicating that the girl was sexually active and had sexually transmitted diseases." josh, how does a record like this go without scrutiny throughout the primary race? >> you know, it's a good question. but in roy moore context and in roy moore's world here, hi gie s you enough information that a lot of the things like this that you have to go searching out gets buried by the avalanche of other things he does. remember, this is a man who's been removed from the bench here twice for defying a federal court order to remove a 10 commandments monument and then also defying the court order on
11:29 am
age and ordering state probate judges not to issue gay marriage licenses. so it kind of gets buried under this avalanche of things that roy moore does on a daily basis. >> you had an op-ed out in which you apologized to america for alabama. >> yeah, we -- i mean, i think y'all had some experience at msnbc today with roy moore's attorney so you know i think we owe a lot of people some apology for unleashing this amount of crazy upon the rest of the country. >> what do you mean by that? >> just -- if you trace back just the last few years here in alabama, forgetting all the other governors who have gone to prison, we have our house speaker who is currently awaiting prison on 13 felony counts. we have our governor who was booted out of office after pleading guilty to two campaign finance law violations. we've had roy moore booted from the chief justice role twice and
11:30 am
now we have him on the verge of becoming a senator from this state. we're kind of -- >> why do alabama voters keep electing people like this? >> they get caught up in the -- it's a combination of things, obviously. there's no simple answer for most of this stuff. but they get caught up in this conservative bubble of news, just like the roy moore supporters now. all of this stuff is not deterring them. they're going to support this man because they believe it's fake news and they believe him and he waves the bible a lot and he loves that so that draws a lot of people here and out of this fear of anything different, a fear of attacks on christianity. fears of their children running into anyone who doesn't look like them. those are the things that have driven us in the past and that's the reason we're at this point with this amount of corruption in this state. >> are they warranted? is doug jones some bleeding heart liberal progressive? >> no doug jones is not a
11:31 am
bleeding heart liberal progressive. he obviously has views that tend more towards the democratic side and he is more of a liberal candidate, which is not saying much for alabama but he's not -- he's not some liberal guy and he is a guy who is a genuine person and a person that you could have a conversation with and not come away thinking he's a crazy person. >> phil, there have been robocalls going out around alabama from a man who calls himself bernie bernstein and he claims he's a reporter -- everyone in this room is laughing because it sounds ridiculous. a reporter for the "washington post" looking for dirt on roy moore. and if you listen to the robocalls, they are pretty ludicrous. no reporter calls somebody and offers a reward and then says "and, by the way, we're not going to do any investigating on this, we'll take you at your word." that just doesn't happen, that's not the way journalism works.
11:32 am
we have a soundbite. let's play it. >> hi, this is bernie bernstein, i'm a reporter for the "washington post" calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate roy moore for a reward of between $5,000 to $7,000. we will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report. >> "we will not be fully investigating these claims. we have a reward." i've never offered anybody a reward for reporting. and can we just talk about the voice of that guy. it sounded a bit like a put-on, a stereotype of some new york newspaper man calling somebody in the south. phil. was that a "washington post" reporter? >> no. that call was ridiculous, it's not a "washington post" reporter. there's not a "washington post" reporter here by the name of bernie bernstein and that's not how we do our journalism.
11:33 am
my colleagues who broke this roy moore story last week went about their reporting diligently, methodically and completely ethically and spent several weeks in alabama doing interviews with these women, in some cases several interviews in a row to make sure they're understanding the details of their story and then did research into their own back grounds and fully documented it fall the piece that went online late last week. >> it's so ludicrous it makes you want to laugh but it's serious. someone trying to impersonate a reporter and discredit real journalism is atrocious and appalling. phil rucker, thank you for your real journalism and all your hard work. glen thrush, thank you for your real journalism and your hard work and josh moon, thank you for your real journalism and all your hard work. we appreciate you gentlemen. thank you for being here today. if you're a republican on the hill these days all you probably want for christmas is a tax reform bill on the
11:34 am
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live. the president will make a statement at 3:30 from the diplomatic room. he's expected to talk about his trip overseas and the remarks, again, are expected to come around 3:30, we'll see if anybody asks him about roy moore and if they do if he answers. and while the president gets ready to speak at the white house, the rush to pass tax reform is fast and furious on capitol hill but americans don't seem to be thrilled with the plan as it stands right now. a new quinnipiac poll out today shows that only 25% approve of it. the poll finds that just 16% think it will reduce their taxes while 61% of respondents say the plan will benefit the wealthy most while only 24% say it will help the middle-class the most. this comes as the health care debate is now intertwined with the tax debate. senate republicans want to repeal obamacare's mandate that all americans buy health insurance to help pay for those
11:39 am
tax cuts. the congressional budget office says the move will say more than $300 billion but that it will cost 13 million americans their coverage. democrats say it won't help the middle-class. >> it's really shocking. we now go from a bill that by 2025 means 21 million people get a tax increase but now 14 million people will lose their health insurance. so it's just one gut punch to middle-class families after another. >> this comes as the house prepares to vote on its tax reform bill which does not include a repeal of the individual mandate. msnbc's garrett haake joins us now from capitol hill. garrett, good to see. republicans had a hard time mustering the votes to repeal and replace obamacare, will they be united in repealing the individual mandate within the tax cut they're trying to push
11:40 am
through? >> sure, well, katy, right now i think you could say they're united-ish. i'm told by republican senators that when this plan was rolled out it was very different from what the obamacare repeal debate was going on more broadly. you didn't have senators standing up and saying if this happens i won't vote for it or saying they won't be a part of this process. there have been some questions about whether this is politically wise and whether it might potentially cause damage to the markets that -- remember the alexander-murray compromise that's been underway? they've been trying to fix that but you haven't heard senators who voted no on the obamacare repeal say they would definitely vote no but you can hear from susan collins who we talked to a little while ago saying she does have some concerns. take a listen. >> i am concerned. tax reform and reduction is something that i'm very much in favor of and has a great deal of
11:41 am
appeal for most americans. i believe that if we start getting into health care issues with the individual mandate that we send a very mixed message. >> so katy, you hear a little bit of wavering there from susan collins but not an outright no. and i think republican leaders feel like the pressure is so high on the party, especially in the senate, to pass something that they don't see, at least not yet, any kind of defection from the ranks on this bill. >> i will be watching susan collins, i will be watching john mccain, i will be watching senator murkowski as well. garrett haake on capitol hill, thank you very much. >> good list. >> good list. after this break, my one-on-one conversation with another senator, senator kerstin gillibrand about her me too bill to combat sexual harassment on the senate and what she thinks should happen to roy moore.
11:42 am
and a reminder the president is set to make a statement from the white house at 3:30 p.m. eastern. this is a live look at the white house right here. we'll be right back. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c?
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♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly. congress took another step today to combat sexual harassment on capitol hill.
11:46 am
california congresswoman jackie speier and new york senator kerstin gillibrand have introduced the me too act, the bipartisan bill would require sexual harassment awareness training and reform the process for filing complaints. chr lawmakers say change is needed. >> for all intents and purposes a staffer in the capitol is powerless and gagged. since i shared my own story on #metoocongress, i've heard from survivors that they have been personally, professionally, emotionally and financially destroyed by the current process. meanwhile the harassers go on with his or her life, other times to prey on others. >> this comes one day after paul ryan said the house will adopt sexual harassment awareness training for members and staff.
11:47 am
i'm joined by senator kirsten gillibrand, one of the women crying to change the old boy network that seems to dominate capitol hill. let's start with the me, too act. right now the current system of reporting lists there's a mandatory 30 day cooling off period. ki ke and they're not provided counsel. the way you would change it is ending mandatory mediation and mandatory non-disclosure agreements and the victims would be appointed a special counsel in your estimation, how necessary is this right now? >> i think it's really necessary and you've heard already countless people telling their stories, former staffers in particular telling stories of
11:48 am
harassment and assault so we need to create a transparent system that works for survivors, that will allow survivors to come forward and not feel retaliation for their jobs or careers, that gives them a chance at justice. right now the system is broken and it's created to protect those who are accused. it's protecting the powerful and that's what we have in almost all these institutions where they were overwhelmingly protecting the powerful and privileged at the risk and burden and to the harm of survivors. >> why does there seem to be a double standard right now for those in the entertainment industry or those outside of politics and those that are in politics. we have roy moore in alabama who's been accused of inappropriately touching minors, accused essentially of child molestation and it looks like he could end up winning the alabama race. there are a number of i guess men serving right now who women
11:49 am
have said have acted inappropriately towards them in congress and so far they're still there. why is there a double standard? >> well, i think the accountability is coming. i think americans across this country, especially women, are standing up and speaking out, running against these types of candidates that constantly are trying to undermine their rights and people are going to hold the candidates accountable for their behavior and i think we'll see in the the next election and so i think all of us need to keep speaking out, we need to keep being heard and supporting those who have the courage to come forward to tell their stories. the me too campaign has been inspiring and powerful and i think it is going to change the status quo in these institutions that keep protecting the powerful and i do think it will create accountability in congress and i think it will create accountability for roy moore as well. it's really important that women and men stand up for our rights, for the ability to have justice
11:50 am
in these circumstances and to end the kind of bias that these institutions have towards powerful perpetrators. >> i want to ask you a couple more questions on moore but hold on for a second. jackie speier, congresswoman jackie speier told chuck that $ million has been paid in settlements on behalf of alleged harassers in congress over the last 10 to 15 years. where exactly do those numbers come from? so the office of compliance publishes a report every year to tell you how many lawsuits were filed against congress, against individuals and individual offices. issues of sexual harassment is a cham against an office for having a bad climate, unsafe climate, that allows harassment. so those payments have been made. i think it's wrong. we should be making these particularly the accused, if members of congress, be the ones to pay these settlements. i don't think taxpayers should have to pay them. it's outrageous. we need far more accountability on you know what types of claims
11:51 am
are paid. against whom. and one thing our bill does is allow the survivor to make that choice about whether she wants claims to be public or not. >> talk of a creep list about certain members of congress and their behavior towards women. is that true? is there really a creep list? >> i read about it as well. i don't -- i don't have a creep list. i'm sure some people do. this san issue problematic across this industry, and every other industry, where you have powerful players who abuse the system and have to remember, sexual violence, sexual harassments, these are crimes and abcs about power. they're all about dominance and the way a perpetrator can exert power over the vulnerable and that's why it has to change and we need accountability and transparency here in congress and it's why i fight so hard in the military context. if we can't have accountability and transparency in our u.s. military, where can we suck
11:52 am
seed? that's w suck seed. succeed. we have to support survivors having courage to come foed. relive this publicly. it's really hard to do i know you've been passionate about the military in the hearings, maybe more passionate than anybody else? what's the status? >> we're re-introducing our bill tomorrow with a number of our co-sponsors on a bipartisan basis. we have to elevate these conversations and the military keeps getting it wrong. the number of cases actually going to trial have gone down. retaliation where it was last year. 59%. it's very concerning that despite every protestation by every general and every secretary of defense, zero tolerance of assault, i can't think of any mission they have failed at more than sexual assault.
11:53 am
hows of incidents every year and enormous levels of retaliation and i don't any one case has gone to court-martial for retaliation yet, even though it's been an enumerated crime for years. >> a number of your republican colleagues have come out against roy moore. they've been pretty against the idea of this man serving in the senate. when you are looking at your republican colleagues, where do you stand with getting gop support on your me, too, bill? >> working with republican colleagues right now on the bill. this bill was helped to be written by members of the republican senate and hopefully will announce co-sponsors soon. the bill should be non-partisan, not about political parties but protecting men and women who work here. interns, fellows and staff. it's outrageous that for too many people they don't even know where to report and that if they did they'd be afraid they'd be retaliated or it would be the end of their career.
11:54 am
that's what wrong and this bill will fix it. >> if moore is elected, should he be expelled? >> i think so. i would vote to expel him. >> would anybody call a roll call, maybe a democrat, maybe you, to see him? >> i think there will be a -- an outcry of members of the senate who do not want him to serve, even if elected. because pedophilia is a crime. it is disgusting. someone who's taken no responsibility for any of these allegations of criminal behavior is -- they shouldn't be a member of the u.s. senate. so i believe these survivors. i think most people do. and i think it's important that he be held accountable, but hopefully the people in his state will vote for someone else. >> senator gillibrand, thank you for your time. coming up after the break,
11:55 am
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one more thing before we go. they are calling it the last da vinci. later today the first work by leonardo da vinci to be discovered in over a century will go up for auction right here in new york. across the street from where i am sitting. the 500-year-old salvatore moondy, latin for savior of the world, depicts jesus raising one hand in a blessing and raising
11:59 am
about orb in the other. the last time was one discovered, the early 1900s. that one, benoit madonna, not sure how to pronounce that, is on display in russia. fewer than 20 da vincis are known to exist and this one is shrouded in a bit of mystery. da vinci painted it for king louis xii of france. known to have belonged to england and then sold to the duke of buckingham in the 1700s. after that, the painting disappeared, and then re-appeared over the centuries. it resurfaced in 2005 in louisiana, of all places. it was badly damaged, but a group of art dealers recognized it for what it dwas. was. an original da vinci. they purchased it for just $10,000. poor people selling it. tonight it is expected to sell
12:00 pm
for at least $100 million. just an fyi in case you have extra cash lying around for renaissance paintings. ali velshi, i feel so bad for the people that sold it for $100,000. >> very cool. >> it's christie's. >> i always see the lines of people going in. >> do you think it's benoit madonna or -- >> i'm not going there. >> i'm sure my friends on twitter will know. >> a bet with somebody saying i'm going to try to get ali to say that on tv. not going for it. >> ben nois. also a pressure. and i'm ali velshi. the president will speak, first time since home from asia. commenting on one of the biggest stories to break while aw


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