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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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in alabama. there the fight over who will be the next u.s. senator from that state entering the final stretch. big conversation there in the state as well as nationally. now the heart of the campaign questions about this man -- surrounding the republican nominee roy moore and allegations of sexual misconduct with young women including some underage. mia rodriguez joins us live from birmingham. and mia, there was that key gathering this morning and you were monitoring it and it was a republican prayer breakfast there in huntsville for supporters of roy moore. what was the tone there and what came out it. >> reporter: well for one thing, they plan to vote for moore. that is the main juxtaposition that you saw here today. you had this huge support at this republican men's club prayer breakfast down in huntsville and basically the men there saying they were supporting moore because of what they call the bigger picture, talking about big issues that
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are affecting the whole country like the debt and the budget and having security at the borders and then you had the juxtaposition again here in birmingham where you had a number of religious leaders hold a press conference and denounce moore and say they were not voting for him based on the sexual harassment allegations, allegations that he denies. one of the things that we've seen this weekend is that moore has been laying low. we have not heard from him since thursday. however, his democratic opponent, doug jones, has been out and about today, duing an event here in birmingham with the city mayor elect. here is what he had to say. take a listen. >> i truly believe, folks, that with your help, you have got us here today not because of me, not because of louis, you got us here today because you know we're on the right side of history in this campaign. we're on the right side of justice. we're on the right side of making sure that every man, woman and child in this state is
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treated equally and with respect. >> reporter: and by the way, this week fox news did a poll about the alabama senate race and what they found was that jones, the democrat, was leading moore 50% to 42%. leading by eight points. but again whether the polling is accurate, we don't know. because it is based on what people were willing to share. they surveyed about 860 people. of course you know that election is a special election, it is coming up on december 12th, the middle of the holiday season. we'll see who has the greater turnout. >> and poll numbers sometime and the margin of error, m.o.e., greater than we thought. and you said the amount of money that dug jones is now to to raise, here it is, $250,000 each and every day. this often translates into a barrage of advertisements and
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what are you see on the local tv there in the state. >> having watched tv for the last couple of days here, there have been a number of doug jones ads on tv. i have not seen a single moore ad. i've been switching between all of the different news chams looking at the local shows and you have seen quite a few jones ads on the air. so that money appears to be being used for television ads, getting that message out on the jones side. >> mia rodriguez or reporter and correspondent there on the ground. we'll talk to you next hour. democratic senator al franken his own scandal. the the white house encouraging an investigation into the senator's actions while deflecting similar accusations against the president himself. >> i think in one case specifically senator franken has admitted wrongdoing and the president hasn't and that is a very clear distinction. >> for more, let's bring in jonathan allen and we also have
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jeff mason white house correspondent and laura basset political reporter for the huffington post. jonathan, let's start with what mia is reporting and then move on to the president's attacks against al franken. what do you make of the money and the messaging that might be on the airwaves that mia was talking about, might the democratic candidate be doing too much, overplaying the hand and that is a concern when you have that much money. >> well i think in terms of the negative messaging against roy moore, doug jones doesn't have to do a whole lot. the media is covering the allegations of sexual harassment and the fact that these were teenagers involved. but, look, jones has an opportunity to win a senate seat that democrats haven't haeld for more than 20 years and he will use the money to try to promote himself and to let people know who he is and where he stands on things. and i just came from alabama
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this week and voters there are confused about what to do. you have the die hard moore supporters who are standing by him and you have some democrats in the state who are with doug jones but a whole lot of people are still trying to figure out just what happened with roy moore many years ago and whether they could stomach that and vote for him or whether that is enough for them to vote for a candidate they may not agree with in jones. >> that is a good point, jonathan. over to you laura, there is question marks up in the air for those in alabama as well as folks like ourselves that are discussing the very issue itful. laura, if you look at the birmingham news, local reporting and i was reading them this morning and they had 11 roy moore election scenarios. 11 different scenarios and that gives you an indication that what jonathan is saying, we don't know where it is going to go. the poll numbers themselves as mias awaying, we don't know if they are real. >> a lot of people said that donald trump's campaign was dead after that video came out of him admitting to groping women. i reported that that must be the
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nail in the coffin for donald trump and it wasn't. so i think it is impossible to tell until the very end. i think the conservative movement is having a crisis and they tied the political views to christian values and feeling morally superior to democrats on issues like abortion and gay marriage and it is impossible to do that while refusing to take a stand against child rape, a potential child rapist. and do you go against your own christian values and vote for roy moore or choose partisan politics and i think it is interesting to see which way alabama falls. >> now to the white house jeff mason and we heard from the white house press secretary the difference here is that al franken in terms of now the president making comments about al franken, that he has admitted but the president has not said
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anything personally about the very topic for what is happening in rye moore nor the acusations for himself as of late. >> and that distinction is the one that is there that sarah huckabee sanders made from the podium and would disagree with what you just said because i asked her that question why she hasn't weighed in and it is her view and the white house view that he has weighed in via her as a spokesperson and addressing it briefly before more of the allegations came out while on the road in asia. it does pose a dilemma for the white house and the president didn't see it as a huge dilemma to just jump in and criticize al franken. and the allegations are serious and that is a very big story as well. but from the white house perspective, it was the choice of going just after al franken and not coming in after roy moore that led to calls of hypocrisy. >> jonathan, your view? >> well i mean, look, each of
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the cases is its own individual case. and the allegations are different for people, president trump boasted on video about sexually assaulting women and denied the allegations against him. al franken, there is a picture of him and impossible for him not to admit it. i think you will see a senate ethics process move forward there and i think there is still a lot for the political world and the rest of the country to deal with in terms of reckoning with what is going on. >> and al franken did ask for an investigation and i think you were head nodding into his very own behavior. laura, some would say watching as we discussed the white house, as we dus what is happening there in alabama, don't forget the victims and the survivors of these incidents. and that it is potentially at this point being overly politicized. some people saying that.
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how do we put this all into a understanding based on that sort of question. >> i think that is a really good point. and i'm afraid of this movement getting weaponized. i'm worried about fake bots starting to come forward to mess with people. i'm worried about women starting to not be believed and there being a backlash. i think there is a big cultural wound lanced and we are all sitting around in shock watching all of the women come forward and even though millions of -- not millions but hundreds of women are coming forward and speaking about things that have been difficult for them, that they haven't said in years, the solidarity helps but it doesn't make it less difficult for each vid individual woman to come forward and accusing a powerful man is really hard. so i do think it is very important for us to honor and respect and think about the survivors here and not just how
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this is going to affect a man's political career. >> and journalists being careful and thoughtful about this very topic. jeff mason, i was -- just looking at the very issue itself,ker stin gillibrand bringing it up and she coming out against bill clinton surprising some in the new york times and there is going to be a casy hunt conversation with the senator tomorrow. but as we look at the women in congress coming out, one might ask where the men that are standing up and leading -- and the co-authoring and co-sponsoring the bills. your thought. >> well i have a question and i think -- this is an issue that is affecting both men and women. of course given the kevin spacey example, there are victims that are both men and women. but it affects both politicians from democrats and from the republican party and it is important for men and women be they politicians, be they in the business community or in hollywood or in journalism like all of us to pay close attention
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to it. but i think you are right, people will look to see how men particularly in congress address this and going forward that those are questions that will continue to be asked in terms of what are you doing legislatively and doing in your own office or doing to make sure that this issue gets the attention that it deserves. >> so part of it might be the composition. jonathan,a long time watcher here of the beltway, of the corridor if you will and as we look at the number of women in congress, the number is low. as was mentioned earlier, but we saw a group of those elected in virginia and new jersey and so i guess the question for 2018 and 2020, will we see that wave continue where we are getting those in congress, those in the senate and the house that may bring the balance closer to gender equity here? >> for the entirety of our union, women have been underrepresented and that has
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affected their empowerment in the political and policy making sphere. we've seen the numbers increase. i imagine that trend will continue. it will probably be a while. before you get close to parity. but what you do see with the increasing number of women in congress in particular is a shift in the debate and a shift not just on the particular issue but in general on issues that affect women and families that were getting short shrift in the past including pay equity so women are becoming more represented and still vastly under represented in our political sphere. >> laura, the final word to you. >> i know that more than 10,000 women have stepped forward and contacted emily's list about running since donald trump became president. i think the part of the resistance and the reaction to the women's march is that women are stepping up who would never consider running for office before and they want to get in there and make a change in all levels of office so i do think
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that in the next couple of years you'll see a wave of new women candidates. >> we'll see soon. this 2018 election with so many eyes, including the eight of ours. thank you. just days after house republicans pass their version of the tax reform, the battle now shifts to the senate. we'll discuss the challenges that the gop tax bill now faced today. and jared kushner does not recall having contact with wikileaks. the members of the senator judiciary say otherwise why they son the son-in-law and top foreign adviser has not been forthcoming. ability. now i want you to give it to the friend that you think is most dependable. ohhhh. ughh. wow. that's just not fair. does she have to? she doesn't have to! oh, i don't? no, but it's a tough choice, isn't it? yes. well luckily, chevy makes it a little easier. cause it's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs -
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since the first questions were raised in march, i have been consistent in saying that i was eager to share any information i have with the investigating bodies and i've done so. >> that was jared kushner. that was back in july. assuring senate investigators and america that he's complying with the russia probe. well today it is a different story. nbc news reporting kushner failed to disclose that a putin ally accused of having ties to organized crime reaching out to the trump campaign in the days leading up to the 2016 election. the senate judiciary committee alleges that he withheld an e-mail he was sent by donald jr. about contact with wikileaks founder julian assange. and let's bring in jamil javer
1:18 pm
from george mason university school of law and frank figlussy. and kick us off with this. when we look at the reporting out of nbc, jared kushner is saying he's been consistent. it appears based on this reporting that he has not been consistent because he did have an outreach from an individual that had ties as i alleged -- as i should say to organized crime asking for a meeting with donald trump. that was not disclosed. >> yes, richard, a lot of times when lawyers respond to document production requests, they seek to narrow the scope of the production by interpreting what they are asked for in different ways. and so when you write back and return documents, you send a letter saying i understand your request to be for x and here are the documents so the judiciary committee came back and say you interpret this way and we meant it the following way and we want these additional documents and you need to deliver them to us. and that is what is going on.
1:19 pm
this is typical back and forth in investigations and litigation where the lawyers go back and forth about documents being produces in a given investigation. >> and then there was a meeting and it was reported as happenstance with donald jr. with again this russian official. it was at a dinner, it was a walk by and a hello and nothing more. a -- frank, as you put together the reporting of this outreach to the trump campaign, and then later on that meeting at the dinner, some might ask, and certainly it is a robert mueller team question, was that the compromise. you didn't have a official meeting but a quick drive by if you will at this dinner. >> look, i think kushner has repeated assertions that he's been complaint with the request are becoming less and less credible and i think this scenario, the overture and the e-mail are becoming problematic. and i'll tell you specifically
1:20 pm
the wikileaks e-mail. so it is getting hard to -- it is getting hard to accept the i don't recall mantra when he took a proactive step, once receiving from don jr. that e-mail about wikileaks he forwarded it on to hope hicks who is now the white house director of strategic communications and thought it important enough to pass on but can't recall it. what i'm intrigued by is how the mueller team will deal with this. so we're talking about congress saying he's not complaint but let's not forget, kushner has turned over very similar documents to the mueller team and we have to see how mueller will react to this. now is kushner facing potential charges for lying to congress and has he been disingenuous and all of this will play out. >> and build on that frank. we know that hope hicks will be meeting in the coming weeks regarding the questions and that is with the mueller team, this could break it open.
1:21 pm
she's been a long time trump-y an. >> i think she's a key witness here. think about that e-mail forwarded from kushner to her and that said don jr. had contact with wikileaks. what did kushner say on his forwarding e-mail, what did hope hicks do with that. she reports directly now to president trump. did she give the president that briefing? what does he know. she's a key witness. >> jamil, as you look at how the mueller team is moving along, the inner circle now clearly part of the questions that are out there and what hope hicks could potentially provide to the mueller team in terms of the questions related to the russia connection what you what do you think she -- what do you think she olds or could reveal to this investigation. >> it is a great question, richard. as frank knows sh the fbi moves very carefully and the mueller understands this methodology and moving up the chain trying to
1:22 pm
narrow the circle and close the inner circle and hope has been there for a long time and she knows the president there and knows his mind. they have very close conversations from what public reporting suggests and so she's going to know a lot about what was going on and what the president knew and didn't know and that is what gets interesting. so i think frank is right that the circle is starting to narrow and there is a very real possibility that kushner could become a target. we don't know that he's a target yet. but as -- as we've seen with papadapoulos, if you don't tell the truth to the investigators, that could cause you your own problems and put additional pressure on you and that is used as an investigative te-- technique. >> as they use the techniques, one of the requirements for hope hicks is to to have proper representation and frank, the president has promised that he will pay for again legal fees and that could be at least the way it looks a very big number. >> this is fraught with peril,
1:23 pm
this concept of paying for legal fees for someone who you have a self interest in. so it is so fraught with peril the american bar association has conflict of interest rules about it. it is rule 1.8 f encouraging lawyers not to take money from someone other than their client. imagine your legal defense contingent upon funds running out or someone dictating what they will pay for and how long they will pay for it. a lot of issues. i've seen it in the fbi with mafia families paying for someone's defense and then drug king pens paying for a witness defense and then fortune 500 companies playing for an employee counsel because they have a self interest in doing it. very sticky situation that the ethics lawyers have to weigh in on. >> jamil. >> as frank points out, it is common for corporations to provide for employees and for the employees defense to have corporate lawyers so that is not unusual.
1:24 pm
i think what you are seeing here is they are working with the office of government ethics and so oge will have to sign off on anything done here because what we're focusing on here is white house employees. and so i think it is not unusual for government employees to have their defense paid for. but it is just -- and for corporate employees, it is a question of making sure it is done right and in a ethical manner. >> and the british publicity according to our reporting here, bob goldstone who helped broker a meeting between don jr. and the russian lawyers wants to meet with mueller and that could also -- we're talking about hope hicks. rob gold -- bob goldstone, also could provide inside information in terms of what really did happen in terms of how was this meeting brokered. >> this is going to be a develop insightful interview if it takes place. you could see we are getting so much closer. and these are how the cases are made. you have to flip people and get
1:25 pm
cooperation and that is how you make a corruption case, a drug case and other cases. it is the standard procedure and we see now some very critical people coming to the table. >> some major blocks being put together by the mueller team. we had mike flynn in terms of those revelations that came out over the last two weeks. that was big. so jamil, when we add this in, as well as what is happening with jared kushner, are we add a critical point, we ask this fairly frequently, but are you seeing a new critical point that we are reaching in this investigation? >> you know, richard, it is hard to know because the investigations you get pretty far up the line but then the trail sort of peters out. and then you can't get beyond it. in fact all of the special counsel investigations to date in recent memory have targeted and ultimately only indicted folks around the sort of original topic they were looking at. and even on other topics. so it wouldn't be unusual to get to a point where it looks like
1:26 pm
it is building up and falls off. but robert mueller is a sharp guy and do this as long as he needs to get it right and he will keep his team tight and keep the leaks locked down so it is what is coming out with public filing. >> hope hicks will be watching in the next couple of weeks and the question of whether jared kushner about l be in an opening hearing infully one of the investigations. that is a headline in the next couple of weeks. thank you very much. appreciate it. tax reform, a plus for the rich. but what about the middle class? next we have some numbers that show just what every day americans think of the gop tax plans.
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truth is this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. because it is hard. we're going to get it done. >> vice president mike pence sounding confident that his party will successfully push tax reform through congress. but this once in a lifetime opportunity as pence put it could face resistance from some of the very own republicans in the senate who finance committee approved the chamber's only bill late on thursday. ron johnson said no i will not
1:31 pm
do this plan. and susan collins and bob corker and jeff flake and lisa murkowski has expressed skepticism. and this is just the first obstacle. house republicans have been vocal with their concerns beltway way the senate's plan is written and how the two could combine them together in a conference committee. and a new poll found that 52% of americans disapprove of the gop tax proposal, 25% approve of them so far. now the president is blaming lack of support for the bills on democrats. he tweeted this, if democrats were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes, we would be able to get many of their ideas into bill. let's bring in long chun, from the rodney campaign and jared bernstein and we have two big brains when it comes to stuff like this. and when you look at the
1:32 pm
mechanics of the senate and the house bill, based on those who might be critical and i listed those who are critical and might be in play right now, what is the one element you are watching that might pivot this one way or the other? >> i don't know that there is a single element, because the challenge is you have different kinds of complaints coming from different kinds of members. so for example, susan collins and lisa murkowski, they have a concern about mixing obamacare repeal and repeal of the individual mandate in obamacare with the tax reform package. and others like bob corker are worried about the deficit and then people like ron johnson are worried about the treatment of small businesses. so there isn't a single factor, but that is why tax reform is so complicated. it is like a rubix cube and when you twist one side, another side will change and tax reform is an exercise that we haven't seen since 1986. >> jared, same question to you. of all of the different elements, is there one that you are watching that might push
1:33 pm
this one way or the other? >> yeah, certainly the tax increases on middle class families are of great concern to not just democrats, but to some republicans as well. and if you look at the senate plan, that is where you see this problem is pretty egregious. it doesn't start off that way. but over time, all of the kind of goodies for the individual side of the code, targeted at middle and lower income taxpayers, they phase out, understood to squeeze this thing into a $1.5 trillion deficit increase instead of something larger. meanwhile the corporate and estate tax and the stuff for the rich folks just keeps givening. now granted that is more of a democrat issue and republican donors, that is a feature for them not a bug. but i think that certainly is behind those poll numbers you showed. and it is going to give some moderate republicans some angst, i would say appropriately so.
1:34 pm
>> long hee, one of the parts here and the debate is again across the aisle, there are those that say that because of the individual mandate being repealed, that is an affective raise in taxes. you are increasing taxes, do you agree with that? >> no. i don't agree with that. i think the reason why there is this accounting problem is because if you get rid of the individual mandate, what some of the score keepers have said is that people are not going to take advantage of the tax credits therefore it is a tax increase. i don't buy that. i think the reality is on the individual mandate, whether you call it a penalty or tax and we had this debate before the supreme court in 2012, it does hurt some middle class families so the idea of getting rid of the mandate is to give them a tax break. the problem with it, which worries me is that you are rolling a grenade into a very, very explosive fight already. when you talk about dealing with obamacare and the context of tax
1:35 pm
reform, it makes thing potentially even more hazardous for republicans. >> and jared, it is about the math. the $338 million -- or billion dollars. i can't forget -- >> i wish we were talking millions. >> a lot of people do. a billion dollars we are talking about. that is needed for the equation to stay in this $1.5 trillion addition to the deficit? >> no question. and in fact, they are trying to balance this plan on the back of 13 fewer -- 13 million fewer people with health coverage and i agree with lonnie's characterization up to a point. but one of the biggest contributors $338 billion of spending cuts is people who will no longer be on medicaid. now how does that work? well it turns out that when you have an individual mandate in place, people find out about the medicaid program and they get into it. you take it away and they won't. and as i said, this is about $190 billion of those savings and so again, it is not like you are taking away -- it is not
1:36 pm
like taking away a subsidy but you will end up with fewer people, 13 million, covered and again for some of the key republican votes, that is a problem and it should be a problem. >> let's go to the next step. if they make it and what they have maybe four weeks left of work in the calendar year, and the next step would be presumably reconciliation. both the house and the senate and they are going to come together and try to cobble together something that will work and you've been through this process, what do you think will happen because on the republican side you already have some members saying i can't support either one of these because the state or the district i'm from. >> the senate version gets rid of the state and local tax deduction which for residents of california and new york, like you and i, this is a problem potentially. so i think you will see some modification of the state and local tax deduction feature. i think you might see the obamacare stuff get pulled out
1:37 pm
because it is too controversial. you might see some compromise around the rate structure. you might not see a reduction for example at the higher end of the income scale. but all of this is going to get worked out once both sides pass whatever they will pass. i still remain optimistic because there is the policy component and good reasons for wanting a tax cut but the politics cannot be avoided here. that is clearly a big factor driving this as well. >> a huge issue that is driving this. and jared, final word to you, can they get it done? in the four weeks that they have left of work, are we seeing it. >> when we say can they get it done, i don't think it is going to look like what we are looking at now. there will be changes in bringing down the deficit and taking out the mandate repeal. but i think it is a heavier lift than lonnie, i would put the passage north of 50% but i'm hearing much more optimistic. and when they get to conference,
1:38 pm
this is a delicate balance and you could only lose two republicans in the senate. so stay tuned. >> q 1. >> i think they could get it done by the end of the year. i'm an optimist, though, richard, unlike jared. >> optimistically, i hope it doesn't pass. it sort of depends on the polarity of the question. >> i love you both. are you making fun of me there jared? thank you both so much. and next, new poll numbers reveal just how the accusations against roy moore are affecting his campaign for senate on the ground. s a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house". (mom) and it just immediately brought something positive in our life. "oh, i gotta get up get matthew on his treatment." (matthew) it's not that bad, though. (mom) yeah. (matthew) the good thing about the surgeries is i get to have a popsicle at the end. (mom) he makes the best of everything and he teaches us to be strong and brave, too. (vo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped grant the wishes of fifteen hundred kids so far. get a new subaru and we'll donate two hundred fifty dollars more to help those in need.
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we're going to turn back to alabama where governor kay ivy said she sees no reason why the senate special election should not proceed as planned next month. take a listen. >> we need to have a republican in the united states senate to vote on the things like supreme court justices, other things that the senate has to confirm and make major decisions. and so that is -- that is what i plan to do, is vote for the republican nominee roy moore. >> supporters of roy moore seem to be dismissive of allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls but in recent days national party leaders have distanced themself from moore and the threat looms over should more emerge on december 12th. let's bring in rick moore and
1:43 pm
crist coughinous. and noel to you on this one, so it is very interesting as you know and you watch the governor basically saying, i do not agree with the allegations and what -- the accusers are saying right now, i tend to believe is what she was saying. but i'm still going to support roy moore. the question to you on this, noel, is do many of conservative vote thae voters that are women in the state and will they follow and believe the same process. >> this is a very horrible thing for the gop and especially for the alabama gop in general. this is now become about roy moore. it is supposed to be about a gop senate race. more importantly the gop versus the democrats and now it is -- it is basically roy moore. roy moore versus washington post, roy moore versus gop.
1:44 pm
this is really horrible. it is really bad that we've all been put in this position. but governor ivy, why -- why can't she just absolutely say, look, this isn't fair to the voters of my state and i'm going to say this is null and void. and instead of saying i understand the victims, i believe the victims, but yet i'm going to vote for roy moore because he stands for the republican party platform. it sends a mixed message. it is really not -- it is not the way to go. and the other thing of it is, i really recent that roy moore's campaign has masked itself around religion. and you have to ask yourself, is this the will of roy moore or is this god's will. it is really -- it is a horrible predicament and what the campaign has done is really bizarre. on that, when his wife kayla moore spoke, i believed her.
1:45 pm
she's authentic. this is her husband and the man she knows. she probably didn't know the man at 32 that was walking around the malls looking for young ladies. >> chris? >> well, i think where the race is now, given the recent poll numbers, it is hard to believe how roy moore wins this race. even if you assume for a second that he does, i cannot see a scenario where the republican leadership in the senate allows him to take a seat. it would be catastrophic for them for the next almost year going into the mid terms and mid terms is already shaping up to be very difficult for a host of other reasons that we already know about. so i think what is interesting is what you are seeing is the tension within the republican party obviously within alabama but also with -- at the national level of what to do. the voters in the initial polls, we'll see the way things play out in the coming weeks, seem to be moving against him. the -- the significant
1:46 pm
difference between women and men in the polls in it particular, jones is like -- for women under 45 has plus 49 points with women. i've never seen a spread that large in terms of public opinion. that is a significant number. he's getting 18% of republican women. if you are talking about a significant advantage of that degree going into a special election, i find it hard to believe how he wins. but if he does, it actually is the worst case scenario for republicans because they will be stuck with him and then stuck with the decision of do they allow him to come in, or do they take him out and taking him out will create another political disaster for them. >> noel, as you reflect on what chris is saying and this special election being a lab case right for what may happen in 2018, there is a question of the trump coalition from 2016, does it translate here into alabama, is that what this outcome will show us or is it going to see the
1:47 pm
coalition that came out of virginia, is that going to be taking place here? minorities and young voters as well as women that are -- single women and women in the suburbs. does that win out in the state. then you throw in bannon into the soup because he pushed for roy moore. the republican party and the outcome of this particular election has a lot at stake here. >> you are right, richard. and if we hadn't had the sexual allegations against roy moore you would have seen -- it is no doubt in my mind that you would have seen roy moore win. and that would have given steve bannon huge steam for his movement to start targeting other races around the united states, to give republicans a run for their money in primary. with this, with this being his real big candidate out of the bank, i'm not really -- out of the bag, sorry, i don't -- i think this hurts steve bannon and it hurts the gop in alabama, but i really think that this is
1:48 pm
going to hurt the steam of the steve bannon movement. and with that said, there -- you have $250,000 a day coming into doug's campaign. >> a lot of money. >> that is a lot of money. number one. and number two, you have -- there was a poll that you stated that fox news put out, 9% undecided. that is pretty scary. that 9% are undecided. i wonder what they will do. are they even going to vote at all. this is a predicament because you have a moral -- you are challenging somebody's moral compass and then challenging voting for a democrat which is -- they are pro-choice and a lot of those alabama voters are prolife. now if the democrat would stand up and say, i've had a change of heart, i'll be pro-life, i would look for a lot of those people to goo and now i could vote my
1:49 pm
conscious. >> and the faith leaders got together this morning there in alabama. some coming out for roy moore and the other side saying this is all -- this is all about, in this case, about calling out men. like men are the -- are the target at the moment. chris, for your side of the aisle, what the opportunity for doug jones but for the democratic party because there is questions about where the energy is. where the new voice is going to come from. i was reading locally and i mentioned this earlier, in the birmingham news that 11 roy moore election scenarios where he could win in many of these cases. what does this say about the democratic party more broadly speaking based on what happens again on december 12th? >> well i think you are starting to see and you saw a semblance of this in virginia. virginia i think was a pretty strong signal that the trump coalition is starting to fracture. he didn't win it in the
1:50 pm
presidency, but that should have been -- >> or was it the democratic coalition coming together, chris? >> well that is the other part to it. and i think the other part is that it is fracturing a lot of those voters that in some cases were disaffected democrats are now democrats, are now coming back. i also think what's happening nationally, there is increasing exhaustion with a president that doesn't seem to understand that he's president, or act presidential, and his erratic decisions. on top of it, you see this republican civil war that plays out, whether it's in alabama, or in the senate or in congress, and it's exhausting to voters, and i think it's pushing voters to the democratic side. i think the challenge for democrats is, not only to feed off that, if you will, negative energy on the republican side, but to really mobilize the positive energy amongst its coalition to say, we can actually lead in a better way. s and i think that is starting to come together. the question is, what happens over the next six to 12 months, a little less than, going into
1:51 pm
'18. but if democrats win in alabama, as fractured and certain as moore should be to lose, it will be a significant victory and send a pretty strong signal to republicans that '18 is going to be a pretty tough year. >> for both sides, seemingly perpetual ambiguity. thank you both. >> thank you. all right, and as more women continue to come forward can accounts of sexual assault, the los angeles police department now saying it's handling 22 allegations linked sex crimes. half of the 22 cases fall outside the statute of limitations and cannot be criminally prosecuted. we'll be right back.
1:52 pm
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very good saturday to you on this afternoon hour. i'm richard lui, thanks for being with us. we start this hour in alabama, where the fight over who will be the next u.s. senator from that state is entering the final stretch. at the heart of this campaign, questions surrounding the republican nominee roy moore, and the allegations of sexual misconduct with young women, including some who were under age. nbc's maya rodriguez joins us live from birmingham. there was the republican prayer
2:00 pm
breakfast in huntsville, where we saw the theme attics of how roy moore was wrapping the issue of religion into his campaign and those who might support him. and then there's the energy for the democrat and the amount of money that he is getting day by day. >> reporter: this is a state right now that is divided. now, divided in whose direction, we won't know for sure until the special election in december. but yes, there were several elements even at play today. you mentioned the republican prayer breakfast. what's clear from that breakfast is that at least at the local and state level, there are republicans that are going out and saying they will support roy moore in this election, that they are looking at sort of this bigger picture, issues like the budget and taxes and that that is what they are choosing to focus on during this special election. then you have this other side, these religious leaders come out today, holding a news conference and basically denouncing roy moore, saying there was no way


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