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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  November 18, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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about her, because i think she's so off putting so many voters. >> thank you both for your patience, end of the hour. tough. up against a hard stop. wraps it up for us this hour on msnbc. have a good evening. this is nothing short of extraordinary. getting 227 members to agree on something as complicated -- [ applause ] -- this country has not rewritten its tax code since 1986. this powers of the status quo in this town are so strong, yet 227 men and women of this congress broke through that today. >> paul ryan inched closer to his longtime dream of reshaping the federal government in the image of an i ran noving. passing a pass plan thursday. the house's most significant
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vote since the obamacare repeal in may ultimately which failed in the senate. while there was no party in the rose garden paul ryan took a bit of a victory lap. >> this is about giving hard working taxpayer bigger paychecked and more take-home pay and getting this economy to grow faster for bigger wages, more jobs and put america in the driver's seat in the global economy once again. >> whether it's the house's version or the senate's version with a gop tax plan is about taking money from the poorest americans to give to the richest. a report on taxation shows that the senate bill would eventually raise taxes on most households earning $10,000 to $75,000 a year over the next decade and households earning more than $100,000 would see taxes reduced. and the lower and middle class americans occurs in part because the bill repeals the obamacare mandate requiring everyone to
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have health insurance eliminating that, 13 million fewer americans would have health insurance and republicans can use savings from lower spending on health care for corporate tax cuts which the republican plan does. and the middle class, temporary and elimination of the estate tax. benefits 0.2% of the richest in american. and private jets paid for by working class americans paying taxes. and "the truth matters." bruce, we were on lawrence o'donnell's show the other night and he said it was the most draconian tax increase and biggest tax cut on the rich ever in history. do you "glagree? >> exactly correct. certainly large tax increases on everyday americans especially during world war ii, but at the same time, taxes were increased
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even more on the wealthy. there's never been a tax cut in american history in which taxes were raised on the poor to benefit the wealthy. in fact, i don't know of any other country that has done anything remotely like this. >> is there any economic justification from an economic standpoint? a justification for permanently lowering the corporate tax rate, and increasing taxes on low income americans? any economic justification for it? >> a perfectly good justification for it fixing the corporate side of the tax code, but it absolutely must be done in a revenue neutral manner by getting rid of corporate tax loopholes not by raising taxes on individuals. this is co-verse. insane. for the life of me i don't understand why people aren't marching in the streets with, you know, against this thing. >> and about deficit, used to be
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republicans cared a lot about deficits. a big deal to them. cut from my producers. independence polls showing it reduces revenues by 1.5 to $1.7 trillion according to the university of pennsylvania, the house plan. the senate plan according to the joirnt taxation adds $1.4 trillion to the deficit by 2027. listen to white house adviser kevin hassett responding to criticism about that and take a listen. >> right now we have the highest corporate tax on earth generating almost no revenue because people avoid the tax by moving factories to ireland. if we fix that, repair it, make the u.s. an attractive place it will blow a hole in the deficit is not economically rational, what do you make of what he said. >> well, kevin's a friend of mine so i won't call him a liar to his face but this is total
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b.s. made up owl holed cloth. he's lying talking about the corporate tax rate. looking only at the statutory rate. effective rate taking into tax exemptions and so on corporations have is about average for other countries of our size. and he still is insisting the day we cut the corporate tax rate, wages will suddenly jump up when there's absolutely no historical evidence whatsoever that this will happen. we cut the corporate tax rate by 12 percentage points from 46% to 34% in 1986. does anybody remember a big pay rise in 1987 or 1988? no. because wages, in fact, fell. not saying there's a cause and effect relationship, but the argument kevin is making is just full of holes. >> you worked in the republican politics in administrations when trickle-down economics was dura
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goour for the republican party. and economic benefits trickle down to ordinary people? >> none whatsoever. the argument made back in 1981 was that we needed to increase the production of goods and services, because we had high inflation. but the idea that you would get any benefit whatsoever because of the rich people going out and buying second and third yachts is just ludicrous. and besides, it would be morally about hornet if th abhorrent if that were the case. the people living hand to mouth, namely, the poor and middle class who need every penny and will immediately spend it. rich people are just going to save the money and that's not even going to do any good because interest rates are already rock bottom. >> stay with us. i want to add into our discussion, our panel, business political and marketing consultant and senior adviser
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from and talky with you, small business owner. if you received an enormous corporate tax cut would that immediately spurs to hire more people and raise the wages of those you already employ. >> two thinks, joy. first of all, i am not going to receive a big tax cut as a small business owner. my taxes go up under the house and senate plan. that's number one. many small business owner across the country particularly in service businesses will see their taxes increase. that's something that's not getting enough attention. particularly given the fact small business owner are where the job creation occurs. we are the job creators not the large corporations getting the tax cuts and also the myth, the major myth is that if you give a company a tax cut they're going to immediately hire people. false. people hire for demand. i am not going to hire if i don't have a reason to hire someone.
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a client to then service. so this is a major myth. a huge lie and companies that are larger on average in the best economies shed jobs, because they get to a point there's diminishing returns and no longer grow and no longer need to actually hire peep people. a foundation speaks to that. >> and meanwhile, because of the tax cuts, if enacted would do to the deficit, the cbo has sent a letter to steny hoyer explaining how the rules, pay as you go rules in congress, would trigger medicare cuts, if, in fact, this tax bill was passed. they said without enacteding a subsequent legislation to offset the deficit increase, oab would be required to order a sequestration order by the resultant total to medicare to 4 percentage points or roughly $25
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billion for the year. meani ining if this goes throug congress has to cut into medicare? >> exactly right. remarkable there is no cry over the deficit we talked about. rest assure if it goes through that will then start and then a great demand not only for sequestration and cost of medicare even deeper cuts. the social security program would be back on the table for ways to try to reduce spending or that program entirely. this is -- joy, in essence, a movement towards the complete corporate takeover of this country. one of the things this past week reported on the fact the next nomination, appointee for hhs secretary is coming straight out of the pharmaceutical industry. not only that but has been
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treasurer of an organization advocating the complete privatization of medicare for many, many years. it's part of that total piece. >> seems people are catching on to what happens. one of the other things the bill does is raising tuition on graduate students. now a rule that allows graduate students to waive the grants they get and not count them at income. this bill forces them to count at income, 145,000 people receiving tuition deductions in 2011, 2012, that kind of thing would be gone. essentially make it more expensive to go to school basically only the rich would afford to go to graduate. the american people figured it out. 35% of people believe it will raise their taxes only 16% believe reduce another 36% think not much impact. you're on the activism side of think equation. the same human cry against this tax cut for the rich that also will include medicare cuts and
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likely medicaid cuts as there was at the health bill? >> yes, joy. on the senate side they added the -- the repeal or the taking away of vital parts of aca, made this bill, already unpopular, the only thing more unpopular this this was trumpcare. the reason both of those bills really hurt everyday people. the vast majority of people and not only does this, is this going to hurt people who want to pay for their children to go to college also mortgage deduction. takes that away. child tax credit takes that away. this is a piece of legislation that is truly just when you think that republicans can't go any lower, they've found a way to do that. it is immoral and shameful what they're trying to do here just for a small percentage of americans. for the rich, the wealthy, the people with large corporations.
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that's all this does. and we were talking about how it's going to give 1.5 trillion, add $1.5 trillion to the deficit and this is like, paul ryan's kind of salivating over this to go after entitlements to cut medicare even go after social security. the other component, too, all for what? for donors? to make sure donors get a tax break and regular people get nothing? that's what you're seeing here with this bill. >> mick miulvaney believes it's welfare. want to cut that, too. trump is already talking welfare reform. and they know it's unpopular and constituents hate it, a blue state and the even the mayor of columbus, states like georgia, seeing huge tax increase getting rid of the deductibility of
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state and local plans. any and all, for individuals businesses, impose elimination credits matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates. how does that pledge impact the behavior of republicans? >> well, the plan, which was devised by my friend grover nordqvist, ratchet down the size of government until it's small enough to drown it in a bathtub. his words. and so what you've got is a situation here where they're deliberately and intentionally increasing the national debt, the budget deficit, by $1.5 trillion and then pretending there are no offsetting effects. but the minute the ink is dry on this legislation you'll see not only the automatic cuts that you already talked about, but there are $4 trillion of cuts to medicare and social security in the republican budget and just
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like captain reno in "casablanca" suddenly notice the deficit is a problem but will not under any circumstances undo the tax cut, becauthat caused t deficit to increase because the pledge makes it impossible to do so, therefore all reduction in the deficit comes from spending. >> indeed. quick last word. do you think it will pass? >> i hope not. i think as bruce said, there should be people marching in the stre street. so bad for middle class and low income. saved by susan collinsened a few others who see the impact of this on middle americans. >> and president trump said he won't benefit, that's the comedy. we'll be back. coming up. s bishop william barbour calls
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what is happening right now in alabama matters for the soul 69 nation. just like the march across the edmund pettus bridge matteredship wanted to stay out of alabama but good people have
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invited people to come. let me say for the record, 'bama ain't staying out of alabama. money from all over the country and just like freedom years ago we're coming into alabama, joining brothers and sisters in alabama, and our word to everybody is anyone who has any influence must have bracks progressive whites, latinos, gays, straight, christians, muslims jews and all who want too move our country forward, get out and vote like you have never voted before! this is no time to -- >> that is bishop william barber who is speaking in birmingham, alabama with a gathering of faith leaders in opposition to roy moore. there's another candidate in the race. democrat doug jones. who in a normal universe would be considered an american hero. grew up in fairfield, alabama. a child when the church was bombed in 1963 killing four
3:20 pm
teenage girls between the ages 11 and 14 a crime that galvanized the civil rights movement. and decades later jones brought charges against two of the ku klux klan members responsible for the bombing and won convictions in 2001 and 2002. he recently wrote "i may have the honor serving alabama at your senator the most important thing i've done prosecuting those klansmen who killed four little girls eight the baptist church." and reeling that story would make him a shoo-in for public office. in this universe, in a tight race with a man allegedly banned from the mall for preying on teenage girls. back with me and jimmy, hate to make you the stand-in for all southern politics but have to unfortunately make you do it. it's strange a place like alabama that has a fraught history with race would not sort of hold up doug jones as kind of a beacon what we used to hear
3:21 pm
about with the new south. does it confound you he is struggling to get a lead against someone like roy moore? >> let me be clear. racism is not just in the south. it is in every state in this country. >> absolutely. >> and this country was founded on the backbone of racism and will continue to, sadly, for a long time to come. secondly, look, this is going to be about turnout. it's going to be in 2017 in a special election in a southern state with a little known candidate, i.e., the word democrat behind his name and a very well-known candidate who is not only in the media in alabama, birmingham and mobile, but all over the country and thash that's going to gal vvanize his people. his bay se is not going to let this go under any circumstances. the question, takes me back to tuesday of last week. what will democrats independent-minded people and
3:22 pm
republicans who are fed up with this do about it? and will they turn out? i was in birmingham, alabama, about a month and a half ago, and there's a, there's a place in birmingham that is a very wealthy all-white, mountain brook. it's beautiful. a stunning -- lots and lots and lots of old mansions. i didn't see a single roy moore yard sign. all i saw were doug jones yard signs, and let me be really clear. these are republican voters. >> right. >> so i -- i don't think that's a prediction. but i can tell you that if -- if in fact doug jones can win this race it's going to be because democrats, yes, did show up, but a lot of republicans who are not of the evangelical nature, don't bury their hands in christian sand every day show up and vote for the democrat. unlike the state's sitting governor because she can't imagine the ideas of a democrat running or winning a senate seat
3:23 pm
or any other seat for that matter, but there's a bigger problem here, which is sexual molestation doesn't know political parties, but political parties know sexual molestation, that's both of them. and both parties should take a hard, inirlook what they're doing about it. democrats should do better than republicans when it comes to this and force their own members to pony up and to be forthright and do the right thing. republicans? they're going to go out and vote for this guy because he has an r by his name and is a christian. tells you everything you need to know about the two political parties. >> grab the sound of the governor of alabama talking about the fact she -- it is very true what jimmy williams said. the south doesn't have a lock on racism definitely a peculiar history with voter registration particularly of african-american's's alabama by percentage more african-americans than maybe michigan but a difficult time getting people registered and
3:24 pm
turning out. have the democratic party done enough to create more voters on their side in a state like alabama? no. they need to do a lot more, joy. alabama an interesting state, african-american majority is there for democrats but we have to go out and get them. have to do voter registration. have to inspire them and let them know that we are here for them and that we are here for their interests in order for them to come out and vote. the thing about doug jones is, like you said. in normal times would be a hero. he prosecuted klansmen on a case when no one else was and made the race competitive even before we found out roy moore was a pedophile. remember, before all of this news had broken out about roy moore he was a bigot and racist. had a hard time winning state-wide race in 2012, barely got to 50%. and so roy moore is not, not
3:25 pm
having an easy time already and we're talking about an alabama senate race doug jones was able to make competitive. he is a great candidate. he is passionate and we do, he has to figure out, i think he is, how to get that african-american majority out there and that's going to be really key and important in this race. >> by the way, remind you we are looking at one side of your screen, my left, maybe your right if looking at it at home is faith leaders, interracial group of faith leaders from alabama joined by a friend of the show bishop barber smeek speaking out against roy moore. play the governor of alabama, a woman herself, talking about the dichotomy of believing the women yet still standing behind roy moore because of politics. take a live. >> i will cast my ballot december 12th and i do believe that the nominee of the party is the one i'll vote for. i believe in the republican party what we stand for and most important we need to have a
3:26 pm
republican in the united states senate. >> do you believe any of the women that brought accusations against roy moore? >> i certainly have no reason to disbelieve any of them. the too iming is a little curious, but same time, no reason to disbelieve them. there's never an excuse or rationale for sexual misconduct or sexual abuse. it -- it bothers me. but at the same time, the united states senate needs to have, in my opinion, a majority of republican votes. >> you do political strategy for a living's how do you combat that? saying it bothers her what she's hearing about roy moore but forced to vote for him anyway and she speaks for a lot of voters. >> that's stunning. and one thing not getting enough attention is the fact the right has been primed for decades to believe they are at war with democrats. at war with liberals. and so for a lot of people on the right i think her sentiments
3:27 pm
really embody this dynamic. a lot of people on the right really believe that democrats, there's nothing worse than a democrat. like, there's no crime worse than being a democrat. that's come from talk radio, cable news. all this messaging, ads, it's been done over decades. done effectively and i think what you see is how effectively that's done and that's something that democrats have to recognize, just going to be a barrier i think not overcome anytime soon. if we'll ever overcome it. but where doug jones has an opportunity is that, if he gets 30% white vote and a huge black turnout he will win the election. that's where the focus should be. >> amazing to think, a few decades ago exactly the opposite and no greater crime to be a republican. amazing? literally the opposite. all african-americans republicans. white voters democrats. mazing history and politics are fascinating.
3:28 pm
thank you all. bring you back to see your predictions. up next -- potential problem for michael flynn. another one. coming up form on "a.m. joy," creator of the broadway sensation hamilton. joining me live, lin-manuel miranda talking about puerto rico. still struggling two months after hurricane maria.
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the president this morning is banking in praise for doing nothing. retweeting gratitude from greta van susteren after reversing course saying he would not allow importation of elephant trophies from africa. recap, trump is taking credit for not trying to destroy one more piece of the obama legacy, which he previously said he would destroy. coming up next, a gold trader charged with violating u.s. sanctions may have dirt on michael flynn. we'll fill you in, next. in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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this week the russiagate story dove deeper into the "mission impossible" genre. we learned a turkish ironen gold treasurer in custody for cheating u.s. sanctions was quietly removed from prison and is cooperating with federal prosecutors. the man a close to turkish president erdogan, per nbc news, legal experts say prosecutors may be seeking information about ties between the turkish government and former national security adviser mike flynn. special counsel robert mueller is investigating whether erdogan
3:37 pm
offered money to return him to turkey and whether getting the case against the gold trader dropped as part of that deal. bring in an analyst and a former watergate prosecutor and former chief white house ethics lawyer for president george w. bush. your story in "the daily beast" how does this relate to michael flynn? >> born in iran, grew up in turkey and made a lot of money helping turkey and iran evade sanctions with the blessing of senior turkish and iranian officials. that's the key to the case. normally turkey might not care about a random citizen but at the core of the turkish corruption scandal in 2013. started looking into it, bribes to turkish senior ministers and audience erdogan was involved in
3:38 pm
corruption. why it was key having him released and may have talked to michael flynn about wa toy to make that happen. >> for him to be able to get out of confinement, the yesterday he was cooking up a scheme to kidnap another guy, a third party? explain how that fits in. >> it's a crazy scheme and the score is just as crazy, fighting tooth and nail. hired rudy giuliani to talk to the turkish government and senior trump officials to broker a diplomatic deal allows him to skip out of jail and not actually go on trial. >> right. >> now last week we learned that during that december meeting they talked about the $15 million kidnapping plot for a turk, cleric in pennsylvania may have also discussed this case and how to get him off. >> for those who don't know, sorry, skipping around. from my producers. actually runs charter schools. lives in the poconos but is a cleric with a movement in turkey
3:39 pm
and erdogan thinks he plot add coup against him? >> a complicated story. erdogan and glennon allies in the desecularization in turkey and had a falling out. since then everything that goes wrong it's automatically the gulen's fault. and blaming it on others saying they were lackeys for goulen an in cahoots. >> listen to congresswoman zoe lofgren from california actually questioning jeffrey sessions on tuesday, our attorney general during the house justice oversight meeting. take a live. >> did you know flynn was working for the turkish government while actinging a a sursg sursurrogate for the trump campaign? >> i don't believe i had
3:40 pm
information to that effect. >> did you know he was working for the turkish government after the election? >> i don't believe so. >> to you on this, paul. he was the leader of the trump trn igs team claiming he had no knowledge of flynn possibly d g deeg-of-being on the payroll of the turkish government to kidnap a u.s. resident, send rendition back to turk around cutting a deal this person is actually talking to the fbi is jeff sessions in any trouble over the flynn case and how much trouble is flynn in? >> sessions answered in a lawyerly way. wee people don't like lawyers. evasive and not answering the questions. michael flynn, valentin's day this year, president trump met with fbi director comey and said can you see your way clear to giving michael flynn a break? joy, if president trump knew what we all know now, that flynn was a double agent, that at the time that he was in
3:41 pm
consideration to be the national security director, that he was also talking about kidnapping a guy for $15 million? that's president trump's exposure. thinking obstruction of justice, but i haven't talked about treason, we're getting close to that. >> let me correct myself. jeff sessions head of the national security advisory team. chris christie and also warned by look at mike flynn. may have problems. everyone is pleading ignorance. >> either ig nger innan neger g and keep an attorney general with a loose relationship with the truth or get rid of him and open the door to trump selecting a new attorney general who will stop the russia investigation, and this is again, continuing to question jeff sessions in the
3:42 pm
house oversight hearing about the sort of really insane flynn potential flot. ta plot. take a listen. >> you did not know that the fbi was requested to conduct a new review of turkey's 2016 extradition request for mr. gulen? >> the fbi was -- >> did you know about that? >> i'm aware that the turkish government continued to press the federal government with regard to seeking the return of mr. gulen to turkey. >> did you know -- >> our department had a role positive play in that although i'm not at liberty to discuss details of that. >> richard painter, will jeff sessions be able to hide behind
3:43 pm
not being able to discuss -- >> depends how hard congress pushes to get the information. he's obviously not answering her question and when she does answer is not answering truthful pi. we have a lot of undisclosed foreign agents running all over washington infiltrating our government why we have the foreign registration act of 1938. japanese and german and tall yant agents trying to infiltrate our government. a threat to our national security. there's a throat our national security today and the justice department is tolerating it, and jeff sessions just last night, federalist society dinner was cracking jokes about the russians. thinks it's funny. well, it's not funny and this amounts to treason. if people tolerate unregistered foreign agents and double acts infiltrating our government, we cannot tolerate it and have to sort it out fast.
3:44 pm
>> referencing the jokes. jeff sessions at the federalist society in a speech just yesterday. this is jeff sessions telling jokes. >> but i just was thinking, you know, i should, when i ask you is, is ambassador kislyak in the room? before i get started here. any russians? [ applause ] ah -- anybody been to russia? got a cousin in russia or something. >> you were involved in the watergate investigation. do you recall anyone in the nixon administration finding that humorous? >> i couldn't hear your question. >> you were invoftlved in the
3:45 pm
watergate investigation. did anyone in the administration find that funny. >> no. and this wasn't funny either. it's nothing to laugh about. more importantly what did the president know and when did he know it and that was a question in watergate of great importance and it is here, too. if the president likely now about the investigation into the turkish connections of flynn, whether he knew about the kidnapping potential of gulen or just the fact he had an unregister unregister ed foreign agent was working on his team and is very important and change obstruction of justice from obstructing the russia investigation into a potentially treasonous investigation. >> we shall see where this goes. thank you all. appreciate it. we'll have you back. up next, jared kushner on the hot seat again.
3:46 pm
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you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ since the first questions were raised in march, i have been consistent in saying that i was eager to share any information i have with the investigating bodies, and i've
3:50 pm
done so today. the record and documents i have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper, and occurred in the normal courts of events of a very unique campaign. >> jared kushner's assurances that he is supplying with the senate judiciary committee's russian investigation are coming into question again. he failed to turn over an e-mail about an invite, regarding a putin-linked banker and that kushner rebuffed the request. kushner also failed to hand over an e-mail he was went by donald trump jr. about contact with wikileaks in 2016. all right, let's talk wikileaks for a second. you have wikileaks reaching out to donald trump jr. in what
3:51 pm
we're calling secret correspondence. they're counselling donald trump to dispute the results of the election, saying, you should release these e-mails in a certain way. and donald trump jr. is open at certain points to these overtures. what does this tell us about wikileaks? >> well, wikileaks has always been a laundromat for russian intelligence. we said it from the first days that they started releasing things. it's one thing to get the information from the russians and use yourself as a conduit, but to feel so confident that the white house is on your side, that you would actually now open a second front and directly communicate with them in order to further channelize the information that you're using that was stolen and to get that team, you know, essentially to act as your surrogate. julian assange is bold, but now when you see this, you're going to be talking about the trump
3:52 pm
campaign is not just complicit in these activities, but they are in active communications and actively working with them. they didn't say everything, they didn't come back all the time, but you started seeing effects. jew assange would send an e-mail, no response would go back, but what he asked for would come into play in the campaign. >> even down to the fact that the messages that don junior released himself after the article came out, the times he responded. but even when he didn't reply back to what wikileaks was suggesting he should do, he would sometimes do it. wikileaks said, you should let us release your correspondence, but he did so himself. so he was responding to the instructions and suggestions even if he wasn't responding to them. wikileaks has gotten away for quite some time, particularly with people on the left, as presenting itself as a transparency organization. in your view, was it ever, or
3:53 pm
did it change into something else over time? >> maybe in the very beginning, there were people involved with wikileaks, who did see it as an organization that was trying to bring radical transparency to governments. but it was always imbalanced. it always focused on more free governments, the more closed a government was, the less likely it was to be targeted by wikileaks, and that includes governments like russia. i think that over time we've seen people move away from wikileaks, people who worked with assange, no longer wanted to work for him, once it became clear that this was at best, politically motivated trolling that backed authoritarian regimes and white supremacists, and at worse, a front for russian intelligence. i believe that's what it is now and it's clear they were backing donald trump in help to benefit the russian government. skpngets with this wikileaks back door communication suggesting, hey, maybe if he wins, donald trump should
3:54 pm
suggest assange be the ambassador to australia. which is where he's from. >> to send a shot across the bow, saying, wikileaks has worked for me, has facilitated the trump campaign, and even if that appointment doesn't go through, we want you to know where wikileaks stands. that's very bold. but you have to understand, julian assange, let's take the perception that he's operating as a junior spy for russian intelligence. he now knows that that information, based on the hundred 40 something times donald trump said wikileaks, i love wikileaks, he saw himself as a power player in the white house machinations in this election. then once they were elected there, he saw himself as technically a virtual ambassador of information. we're seeing all these things play together. we talk about donald trump jr. and you find out it plays even deeper. >> yeah, because those contacts
3:55 pm
were direct. let's talk about jared kushner. an e-mail chain described a former senator and deputy head of russia's central bank, close to putin, as wanting trump to attend an event on the sidelines of a national rifle association convention in louisville, kentucky, in may of 2016. the e-mail also suggests he was seeking to meet with high level trump campaign officials during the convention and he may have had a message for trump from putin. so this is directly attempting to contact members of the trump family right up until the convention. what do you make of that? >> that's not surprising, because they had already had contact with tor shin. he's in their social circle, in realize and campaign ties. trump met with tor shin at a convention in 2015. and tor shin met with donald trump jr. in 2016. so this guy's involvement, kushner's lawyer responded saying, we don't necessarily know anything about this guy,
3:56 pm
jared took a pass on him. that's very doubtful that jared did not know about this because he's been running in these circles, with ivanka, these oligarchs, these russian billionaires, they've been in collaboration for a very long time. a time that precedes the campaign. so i really doubt the credibility of that statement. >> tell us that you don't know about e-mails when you're forwarding stories. malcolm, sarah, thank you very much. that's our show for today. more a&m j more am joy tomorrow. lin manuel miranda will join me ahead of the unity march for puerto rico. you don't want to miss it. stay right here. 30-year marria. 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots.
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tonight on "all in" -- >> senator franken has admitted wrongdoing and the president hasn't. i think that's a very clear distinction. >> from the glass house white house, the president is chucking rocks. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. >> tonight, how trump got away with it. >> these are all horrible lies. all fabrications. >> and the lawsuits still going on. >> we can't let them change the most important election in our lifetime. then, new trouble for jared. >> i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> the new reporting that contradicts what the son-in-law of the president said in his testimony to congress. >> i've been fully transparent in providing all requested information. plus, who could have predicted a majo


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