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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 19, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that does it for me. the news continues. and a big show ahead for you. >> very big show ahead. and happy thanksgiving. have a fantastic holiday. welcome, i'm yasmin vossoughian. a fund raising good motion. more accusers speaking out and washington wants him to quit. why are people still throwing money at roy moore? plus the british publicist who finagled a meeting at trump tower ready to talk to bob mueller. what does rob goldstone have to say. and is joe biden heading back to the white house? we'll ask his former chief of staff his plans for 2020. let's get started. >> are republicans better off if roy moore wins or if he loses?
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>> i said that i thought the story -- the women's story was more credible than his response, alabama voters deserved a better choice. >> what is better for senate rops, if roy moore wins or a democrat wins? >> what is better for senate republicans and the american people is that we focus on the work ahead of us. >> can you work with roy moore if he gets elected? she be investigated, will you vote to expel? >> first of all, my hope is that we won't get to that point and that the voters of alabama will not elect roy moore. i've read his denials. i've listened to his radio interview. and i did not find him to be credible. >> the roy moore scandal continues to dominate the conversation. alabama's three largest newspaper sharing a front passengpage editorial urging voters to show
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themselves to be people of principle and vote for what they call the only dits left fferen worthy of representing alabama. and a colleague of an accuser recalling a conversation of more than a decade ago. >> she interrupted the conversation by saying he had molested her when she was either a young teen or when she was 14. it's been a long time, so i can't remember the exact conversation. but she was deadly serious and after she finished, the room was quiet. and i believed her. >> let's get into this. joining me now, myra rodriguez, ken vogel, and kim better thanly atkins.
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curtis lee. reporting from the ground there, give me an update as to what you have been seeing so far. >> voters are divided between moore and jones. you saw the editorial on the front page of those papers. there were folks out at church services today. and you hear opinions from both sides. on the one hachnd, they say tha they will vote for roy moore, that it's important to maintain the republican control of the senate, they see this as a vote for something that they call the bigger picture here on issues like budget and the debt and border control and bore ader security. on the other hand, you have people who say based on these allegations from nine women, these people say the allegations are quite disturbing, we can't find it within ourselves to vote for him. now, there have been a couple polls done on this senate race
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here in alabama, one of the are more recent ones was from fox news and they found that jones was leading moore by eight points. but when you look at sort of the average of these polls, from real clear politics, that shrinks down to two tenths of a point. so that tells you voters are guided. it depends of course how much you trust polls and whether people are being truthful when they are polled. so in the end, we have a long three plus weeks to go here before election day on december 12 before we really know how people feel in this election. >> and you're wondering if there is a change of tide considering the headlines this morning. ken, i'll go to you on this one. how significant is this new development with this former colleague of leigh corfman recalling a conversation from a decade or so ago? >> it certainly adds to the credibility of these accusers at large, not just that one who in
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many ways is the most -- levied the most damaging accusation because she alleges that she was 14 at the time that this sexual advance and activity took place. that said, i don't know how many more bolstering you need. these women are on the record, there are now nine of them. it's pretty difficult to refute or find ways to continue to cling to this if true explanation that you heard a lot of republicans seizing on initially oof ter tafter the st out. you hear that a lot less. we're now basically dug into two camps where folks are saying it is true and i do believe the accusers and others saying i don't believe the accusers at all, there is not a whole lot more if true sort of argument being made. and that is because you have corroborating evidence like this former co-worker who just came out. >> and you wouldn't necessarily say that that former co-worker has any incentive to come out
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only to corroborate his former co-worker's story. i want to take a little bit of a listen more to winton. let's hear it. >> she wanted to confront him will, she was afraid. and she didn't. but she was definitely upset about it. we all knew she was upset. so the rant ended and everyone was quiet. >> kimberly, the astounding thing to me is that it seems as if people knew about roy moore's behavior from the get-go. again, not to sort of beat a dead horse here, but this was a guy who was banned from a mall. and it's hard to be banned from a mall. they knew about his behavior over and over again. and yet they continued to support him. it's astounding to me. >> and i think that explains in one way why we have seen him not suffer in terms of fund raising,
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not suffer in terms of support he is receiving including from several prominent alabama officials who have known him for a long time, studented hupporte the beginning. you have to believe some of thieves people heard some of these rumors that circulated for decades, but still their rationale is he is the vote that they want in the senate, casting important votes. remember that the senate only has two member majority for the republicans. and losing one to them is a big political blow. so i think a lot of people are making a political calculation here with bills that they want to pass, the potential of maybe another vacancy on the supreme court having a republican in that senate seat and sort of trying to look past some of these allegations as horrific as they are. >> so let's talk about the white house's response to all of this. considering all the accusers that have come out against al
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franken let's say, the white house he questioning moore's accusers, but not questioning franken's accusers. president trump specifically coming forward against al franken and yet not coming forward specifically against roy moore. in fact we're saying let's leave it up to the voters. >> it's interesting to see the president very silent on roy moore. and not stepping forward. he's only had his press secretary make comments about it, the president has not taken to twitter as he usually does in these instances to speak out. but then moments -- i mean it was hours after the revelations about senator franken accusations came out on that the president took to twitter and made some strong comments about senator franken, obviously a democrat who is faced with sexual assault allegations. and it is interesting to see if in these weeks ahead the president will come out and forcefully denounce roy moore as other republicans have on the
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national ticket -- or nationally. >> ken, do you think this is about trump himself or do you think this is about bannon? >> there is certainly an elements of bannon pushing for candidates who he sees as carrying the trump mantle, but i think this is so much bigger than either trump or bannon. the overriding issue in this race is whether you believe these victims or these alleged victims who have come forward and told very specific tales about what roy moore did to them, granted 30 years ago, whatever, still that is the issue here. and it's really part of a bigger national debate that wire having about whether you believe victims and whether you want to encourage victims to come forward and then believer them and then make changes to our institutions that discourage the type of behavior that they are alleging or whether you will continue to cast doubt on their stories, which let's face it is the reason why so many of these stories come out years and years
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later, but we're now potentially at a point where we've sort of crossed a precipice and there will be more accusations in real time. that said if this alabama special election goes the other way and roy moore wins, maybe that will also say something, that will be a referendum as well and it will be sort of the conclusion that many people will take away from it as it was put in those very poignant editorials on the three alabama papers today, that if roy moore wins, it will be saying to victims of sexual assault or sexual misconduct we don't believe you. and i think that is the way that this election is being viewed. certainly nationally, maybe not in alabama quite as much. >> and i want to talk about what nbc news is reporting that there has been sort of a fund raising wi windfall for dust jones along with roy moore. >> and there has been. roy moore apparently has raised about half a million in the three days after the scandal
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first broke, and then of course on the other side, doug jones has also seen a swell of fund raising. apparently telling nbc news some sources that he has raised about a quarter of a million dollars a day since the scandal broke. so just goes to show that there is a lot of interest not just in alabama, but across the nation in the outcome of this race because again, it's a race where so many things are at stake as other panel members have noted. >> and it shows the extreme split that exists in that state. certainly a huge day for the editorial boards to come out so strongly against roy moore for sure. thank you all. the man who set up the meeting at trump tower is breaking his silence. what rob goldstone remembers about the meetings. and me at 14, the lahash tag th went viral. we go beyond the divide. and tomorrow, an exclusive with leigh corfman, the first accuser in the moore scandal.
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welcome back. now on to the latest in the russia investigation. rob goldstone is he speaking out for the first time today about his role arranging a meeting between the trump campaign and a russian lawyer last year. goldstone had e-mailed don trufrnl jr. offering what he called high level and sensitive information that proved the russian government support for trump. today though goldstone said that he actually had little knowledge
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and was really what he called a useful idiot helping on behalf of a musical client with poyerfpoyebo powerful russian ties. goldstone has agreed to be interviewed by bob mueller. joining he me now are daniel hoffm hoffman and barbara mcquaid. welcome to you both. daniel, i'll start with you. do you buy what goldstone has to say in that it was injuries sort of he was and idiot, a pawn in all of this? >> yeah, i do. the communists used to refer to individuals who were unwittingly supporting their cause as useful idiots. and it's interesting that rob goldstone refers to himself that way. i think in this case, yeah, he was asked to write an e-mail, he embellished on his own to entice the trump campaign to appear. but when you look at it, it was
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and on oligarch who asked him do it and it gets back to the point we've made before that this was a kremlin-inspired influence operation that goes directly fr from moscow to those who attended the meeting in june 2016. >> so how does that conversation go, the kremlin down to goldstone? is it an actual conversation that comes from someone like putin like get in touch with this guy and make sure that he sets up a meeting? >> the way i would envision this based on my experience of having served five years in moscow and tracked soviet and russian operations is that goldstone would have been considered a cutout and again this was all discoverable, an e-mail that he sent is discoverable, so the kremlin would have asked her father first to try to arrange this. and each of those russians who attended the june 2016 meeting at trump tower were all connected one way or another with the kremlin. and so i think it was absolutely
1:18 pm
a kremlin-inspired operation. >> if goldstone is speaking with mueller, how could this affect the investigation? >> well, if you're robert mueller, you want to get to the truth here. you probably see rob gold stone not sch asmuch as a punitive defendant, but a witness. so there are many he questions to ask, what happened at the meeting, all of the things leading up to planning the meeting and anything that happened after the meeting. of course one goal to see if there isany but also learning the trade craft. so i think that i would think interviewing rob goldstone would be a high priority for robert mueller. >> i want to take a listen to luke harding, a journalist and author. he was interviewed earlier by a colleague of mine. take a listen. >> you say that researches led you to ask whether or not moscow was blackmailing president
1:19 pm
trump. what made you suspicious of that? >> it's in plain sight when you have drud on the campaign trail saying russia, if you're listening, find the 30,000 e-mails. but you also have a long history of engagement. trump first visited moscow in 2007 and who invited him? the soviet government. and who organized his travel? a soviet agency which is basically the kgb. in other words, we can say without exaggerating that the kgb has a huge file on donald trump nep a trump. they are interested in explo exploiting his psychological weaknesses. >> what is your reaction and would you go so far as to use the word blackmail? >> i think i agree that the kgb and then the russian security police would have had a file on president trump. and those who worked with him.
1:20 pm
i think it's a great leap to make some conclusion that there was collusion involved. we haven't seen any evidence of that. but for sure the russians sought in this case to use president trump's interaction with russians include flag 2013 mis universe pageant to trite to create some image of engagement between the trump campaign and the russians to soil our democratic process i think for sure that is what they were trying to do. and it was natural for rob goldstone to be that link and again entice the trump campaign to show up in june at trump tower for the meeting. >> let's talk now about the development with tortian. he's an alleged mobster and also a close friend of putin. >> right, he is. >> and hard to get inside that circle. >> yeah, he's also very active with the nra, he was a member of the upper house of parliament in
1:21 pm
russia and had dealings with the russian security police, fsb. this is a case of the russians using oddly enough their soft power which is americans' interests in guns. and using that to develop contacts, make contacts with people ostensibly out of a joint mutual interest in shooting weapons, but in fact sometimes there is something behind that which leads to an intelligence operation. >> so jared kushner was e-mailed from alexander tortian, was asked to have an official to attend the event. these e-mails were not disclosed from jared kushner. how much trouble couldfeezly be in? >> it is a crime to engage in
1:22 pm
obstruction. so if he did it willfully and he failed to turn them over, that could be a crime in itself. but i also think it shows something deeper which is he is just not anktsi iacting like so who is interest by saying this warrant within the scope of what you asked for. if you truly have nothing to hide and you truly want to helped u.s. government understand the full scope of russian interference with the election, you turnover everything arguably within the scope. and to parse the language so carefully and turnover only that which you you absolutely have to turn over suggests someone with something to hide. >> and daniel, is this pro forma for the kremlin to reach out using people that have top connections like putin to reach out to the u.s. administration asking for meetings like this one? >> sure, they would use this sort of a cutout to develop a relationship. and i would just say that the celle lynn has the full story and when i was at the cia, one
1:23 pm
of the great concerns we had is ifs foreign intelligence service knows something that we don't about one of our own people, that a bit disconcerting. so hopefully we'll get to the facts and see where they lead us. >> all right. thank you to you both. hillary clinton and donald trump are back to trading jabs as joe biden flirts with the idea of running for president. do the democrats need a new plan for 2020? that is next.
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welcome back. there are currently 1080 days left until the 2020 election, but it might not be enough time to shake off 2016. joe biden has been dropping hints that he may consider running for president in 20. a new poll shows biden would beat trump in a match-up, but it also says if voters were faced with a different democratic candidate, they would be even more likely to vote against trump. meanwhile hillary clinton is laughing off president trump's latest tweet calling her the worst and biggest loser of all time. >> i'm going to keep speaking out. apparently, you know, my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out. apparently there was another somebody told me tweet today.
1:28 pm
honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? i don't understand it. >> joining me are former chief of staff to joe biden and al gore and also reporter for the los angeles times. welcome to you both. i'm going to start with you, ron. is biden seriously considering running in 2020? >> well, he said that he hasn't ruled it out, he will give it some thought. i think it will be more of a personal choice than a political choice. but certainly if he chooses to run, he will be a very serious candidate for president in 2020. >> you know the guy. what will be the deciding factor for him? >> as i said, the deciding factor will be personal. he has given 40 years of his life to public service. he obviously cares deeply about the issues that face our country and world. he is speaking out about them. but whether or not he will put himself and his family through another presidential campaign,
1:29 pm
that is a choice that he and his family will have to make. >> those out there say biden is the only person that could feasibly beat donald trump. do you agree? >> i think there will be a wide range of candidates. it's november 2017 and we're talking about 2020. for joe biden though, i think the key factor, a lot has to do with his age. he's run for president twice in 1988 and then 2008. he will be in his late 70s once 2020 comes around. so he has a lot to consider on that front. and there will be a lot of younger candidates who look to run. elizabeth warren, kamala harris, cory booker. and there is an angle that says that we need younger people, younger leadership. and kind of this old guard needs to go as side. so i think the former vice president will be challenged with that obviously.
1:30 pm
but it's so early. again, we're only november 2017. >> but it's something that people keep talking about, so we have to bring it up. but let's talk about sort of the age factor in all of this. do you think that biden could fe feasibly appeal to the millennial voters? >> right now he's out on a tour talking about police book, about events of to 16 and drawing in huge crowds of all ages and backgrounds. and it's no surprise. we've spent a year with a president who cares only about rich people, who is mean to everything he talks to. and who is a mumbler on the world stage. no surprise that people are drawn to someone who has spent his career fighting for the middle class, who is known for his decency and kindness by friend and foe alike and who is a skilled player in international affairs. so i think people of all ages will be drawn to joe biden if he runs. we have a lot of great democrats too if he chooses not to run, but i think it will be a personal choice that he makes. >> and how do you think he will
1:31 pm
fair against all of those other democrats if he does choose to run? and what would a ticket look like and how would it be received if there was a came mali harrir came mali lkamala harris or cory booker? >> he is a blue collar sdit and in the last election, democrats had tribl appetrouble appealing the rust belt. and the former vpd is saying i can do that, i can make those voters come back to democrats. but he also is facing these younger more diverse candidates on the cory bookers, kamala harris who are thinking about this. and saying hey, this is possibly the time for the national ticket to again have a minority at the top or a woman, a minority woman, as well. and he's also going to get challenged from the left. those bernie sanders folks are still out there. and even bernie sanders could possibly look to run again. so there are a number of factors
1:32 pm
at play that the vice president would face. >> and one more thing that i want to throw out there, and i want your opinion on this. could you run as a one term president? >> well, i think it is certainly possible. but again, all this -- >> would he? >> well, i don't know. in a is it a decision he would have to make at the time. i think he will run only if he believed he is fit and able to serve four or eight years. he is in great shape. you see him on the stump and talking about police book. he is in fantastin mafantastic . he has given 40 he is in fantastic shape. he has given 40 years. he is entitled to make his own choice. >> i want to take a listen to joe biden talking about his relationship with mike pence which a lot of found surprising. and then we'll talk.
1:33 pm
>> i do speak through vice president pence. >> what do you talk about? >> well, he's asked my view on a number of issues. i spent a lot of time dealing with foreign policy and i had responsibility for certain chunks of the world. and he is, you know -- i've let him know in a security setting what i thought they should look out for, what i thought the land mines were. >> like he's still in the game having a conversation with pence, talking about foreign policy. i mean didn't sound like he is retiring any titime soon. >> and that is an interesting relationship. pence is reaching out to past vice presidents to seek advice. and they were not necessarily seeing that with president. you see president obama, former bush presidents, president clinton remaining in touch as well as with jimmy carter, all of those past presidents remaining in touch. an even obama when he was in office was reaching out to former president bush for
1:34 pm
advice. but we're not really seeing president trump doing that, but there is an interesting dynamic between joe biden and mike pence these last couple months. >> ron, do you have by deny on your speed dial? >> he has me on his speed deal whenever he needs me.deny on your speed dial? >> he has me on his speed deal whenever he needs me. right now he is busy traveling the country talking about his book. and people are interested in what he has to hear. that is the first measure of your impact on the political process today is do people want to hear you and people definitely want to hear from joe biden right now. >> and if you could call him after the segment and get a read on whether or not he will run, i'd appreciate that. maybe send me an e-mail. >> you bet. >> so get back to me before 5:00 p.m. all right. ron, curtis, thank you both. it started as a tweet and turned into a movement high lighting the age of consent. the north carolina attorney who started the me at 14 campaign.
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welcome back. let's go yochbd th beyond the d. me at 14 took off in response to else as that roy moore pursued a sexual relationship with teenage a girls, one as young as 14. moore has denied those allegations. that hasn't stopped women from posting photos of themselves using the #me at 14 hoping to reinforce the understanding of just how young a child is at
1:39 pm
that age. it augull started with this twe by katherine lawson. thank you so much for joining me. so talk to us about why exactly you decided to start this hash tag, what inspired you you? >> so in the "washington post" story, when it first came out, very well researched, it contained a lot of disturbing allegations. but to me what was more disturbing were the number of people who were willing to defend the conduct described in the report, who were willing to say that it was possible for a relationship between a 14, 15, 16-year-old and a 32-year-old to be consensual or for it to be something that we didn't have to worry about. and i completely disagreed with both of those arguments and thought that sharing a picture of myself from when i was 14 would be a way to illustrate that there is no acceptable version of this story. >> so what did you want to accomplish with all of it besides getting people to see that a girl at 14 cannot consent
1:40 pm
to these types of things? what were you really wanting to accomplish by starting this? >> i was hoping to just affirm that there are certain values that we have to say exist beyond politics. political values and part sisan loyalty are not so strong take it's worth setting aside values like children need to be protected from predators. >> are you surprise at all the support that you have been getting with the hash tag? >> the response has been overwhelming. i wish people didn't have as many stories to share as they do, but it's been humbling to see people share stories of their childhood that were protected but also exploitation of abuse and to use the hash tag to show incredible vulnerability in a way that think is just truly extraordinary. >> and what do you think campaigns that are driven by
1:41 pm
hash tag get done? a lot of people criticize those campaigns because it doesn't really drive policy or anything like that. sometimes it actually does. but what are you hoping it gets done? >> i hope that there are two kind of results from the hash tag. one, i hope that it contributes to the overall conversation that we're having in the country about exploitation and abuse, whether that is between adults and children, whether between co-workers. we need to have a reckoning for how powerful people abuse their own power. and use to exploit others. but i also do hope that the national conversations end up leading to local action. whether that is realizing that there are vulnerable children in communities who could use people to care for them or whether that is learning to find out what problems are in your own backyard, what can you actually do. and i hope that that is a transition that we become more adept at making as time goes on. >> katherine lawson, thank you. according to the "washington post," the president makes at least five misleading claim as
1:42 pm
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one of the most pernicious effects of the trump administration with the nonstop lying from the podium, from the president, the vice president, on down everywhere, is the american people are becoming desensitized to the concept of truth. that up is up, down is down, and when you live in a society and culture where red can be blue and blue can be red, that truth is subjective, that truth is dependent on what tribe you belong to, we are in dangerous, dangerous currents. >> dangerous currents. that is not just steve schmidt's take on the political climate. we've seen a swarm of writers and thinkers claiming we are living in a post-truth era. some philosophies are taking ar
1:47 pm
the ability to know what is true in the first place. what they call an enstemic crisis. joining me now assistant professor, author of being nixon, and back with us ken vogel. welcome. john, how would you distinguish an epistemic crisis from the usual political lies deception that we do face in this country? >> it's that people are being given different evidence and being told to draw different conclusions from that evidence. and part of the explanation is that people by nature want to believe things that they want to think are true. even if they are not supported by the evidence. a really helpful example comes from doomsday cults. members are told that the world will end on a particular day. but when the day comes ands word doesn't end, you would expect them to give up their belief in
1:48 pm
the cult. in fact they typically respond by increasing their confidence in the cult. and something similar goes on in the political sphere as well. some beliefs are so important to your identity that when you think there is evidence that violates it, you instead find ways of explaining away the evidence and that gives rise to the epistemic crisis we're facing today. >> so you believe what you want to hear. evan, is that what is happening now? >> yes. there is a long history of paranoia in american politics, but it's gotten way worse thanks to the internet and yeah, we're heading in a bad direction. >> can tthe "washington post" f that while in office, president trump has lied or made misleading claims over 1600 times so far. what do you think the harm is with this? >> well, there is a confluence of things that i think do have us approaching a crisis situation. and would is as evan suggested
1:49 pm
the internet, fragmentation of information flow. the sort of erosion of some of these trusted brands. media outlets for instance, you know, people can choose their news. and if they don't like what the "new york times" or "washington post" is report, they can find a media outlet that is reporting something even if it is not true that more closely dovetails with what they want to hear. and then certainly donald trump and the age of trump, one of the most sort of profound takeaways from the trump campaign and from the early months of the trump administration is this idea that if donald trump or his supporters are faced with a set of facts or a news story or allegations that they don't like, not on only can they effect difference effectively change the conversation by highlighting other stories, but they can turn it back against the media or whoever is makings allegations by saying this is -- these are our enemies, these are the people who are trying to bring us down.
1:50 pm
>> it's an art form. >> and that was effective. it was effective in his ability to overcome some very damaging stories on the campaign trail including the "access hollywood" tape. it was his own words and he was somehow able stories on the campaign trail including the "access hollywood" tape. it was his own words and somehow he was able to survive that and now we're seeing candidates and politicians like roy moore trying to turn to that similar blueprint to overcome similarly damaging facts. >> we've been using trumpism in regard to roy moore in how he's dealing with the sexual assault allegations as well. evan, have we ever seen this before? >> there is a paranoid streak in american history. people have conspiracy theories forever. >> conspiracy theories are different than what we're dealing with now. >> conspiracy theories are based on untruths. people just wanting to believe that martians killed jfk or whatever. what's different is the pervasiveness of it and i think
1:51 pm
this is due to a lot of facts, one is the biggest i think is the internet the way we get our information but there are other things. people are frightened. any time people are fearful it gives rise to untruth. people have to believe -- there has to be something to complain how terrible they feel. it was true after world war ii and the russians got the bomb. we were sure that, well, there must be a reason for that, there must be communist under every bed and spies here. that wasn't true but we needed that explanation to explain what made us afraid. >> interesting that it's been driven by fear in what you're saying. i want to take a listen to my colleague who interviewed someone on the ground about roy moore. i think it plays well to this conversation. >> do you think that these women are telling the truth? >> i think that they are out for money, i think that they've been pushed by the other people to say things that are not true. >> who are these other people?
1:52 pm
>> i just -- i wouldn't really like to say that on tv. >> sure. so you think -- >> i think luther strange is probably behind a lot of this. i really don't trust him and i just don't trust him. >> and this is exactly what we've been talking about. there's no evidence to suggest that what this woman is saying is the truth that luther strange is behind this. there are a lot of people blaming the former governor of alabama and luther strange for the position they're in that roy moore was really their only feasible republican candidate. there's no evidence to suggest that luther strange is behind this and yet this woman still on national television saying that she believes this? >> dogged investigative journalism and the idea that that can be dismissed as some kind of political attack is plays precisely into the situation that we're talking about where people, if they're faced with facts they don't like they just say they don't believe them and those facts are being
1:53 pm
pushed by some kind of hostile force that they can sort of rally against as opposed to rallying for something and that i think is in some ways the legacy of the "access hollywood" tape and the trump campaign and we'll see if it's effective in alabama in about a month. >> particularly, with these poll rising issues whether it's moore or the russian investigation and so many other things that these sort of conspiracy theories have popped up that you really seen epistemic crisis. >> absolutely. often times the evidence that we take can simply be dismissed. another example, we often believe things because they're fun to believe because our political believes are so disconnected to everyday life. it can reinforce our moral superiority. we're one of the smart people that sees things as they really are. it can reinforce our
1:54 pm
overwhelming feeling of well-being. many people given in to that temptation. >> we saw the impact that the watergate investigation made on the trust, the public trust that people had in their government. do you think this will be even worse? >> it's hard to know where it's going. we haven't gotten to that point yet. we're still waiting to see whether the special puerto ricoer finds damning evidence. we're not there yet. >> i want to believe that the institutions are going to work. i know we're talking about here is such an utter lack of trust that our basic institutions fail. i don't think we're there yet. we have a strong court system. we still are a government of laws and not man. let's not overreact to this. >> okay. thank you all for joining me. we'll be right back. of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce
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call the tax law firm of moskowitz, llp. i went from being a cpa to a tax attorney because our clients needed more. call us, and let us put our 30 years of tax experience to work for you. welcome back. at the top of the show, all three major alabama newspapers asked readers this morning to recorrect roy moore and get behind doug jones, a democrat. rump w president trump who speaks out on everything let's leave this to the voters. when we're asked to compare moore, franken and trump, they say this. >> i think in one case specifically senator franken has admitted wrongdoing and the president hasn't. i think that's a very clear distinction. >> if the president has been
1:59 pm
silent on which has been, where did why did he jump all over al franken, that, in fact, was something the president tweeted about immediately? >> i think one of the significant differences there is franken admits it and roy moore denies it so i do think that puts them in two different categories. >> what? what does that even mean? is it a bad thing to admit wrongdoing but at least one can say they fessed up, it has to stand for something. when we expect that truth telling from our own kids, we should expect it from those in political office. this is a town -- a time for accountability. that's it for me. the news conditions with my colleague. >> a lot to break down this hour. the politics of misconduct playing out own both sides of the aisle from roy moore to al franken right up to the
2:00 pm
president of the united states. what it says about where we are in this moment of history for this country. the man behind the infamous trump tower meeting between donald trump jr. and other campaign officials and a russian lawyer is now coming forward with an interview publicist spoke to one paper and is about to pe to the mueller investigation. what he's saying about his role in all of this? and president trump taking social media vows for putting a pause on a reversal of a ban on importing trophies from elephants killed by hunter in africa. we'll talk about that story and much more and we begin the politics of misconduct in the very latest on the allegations swirling against roy moore, silent again today from the alabama senate candidate about the nine women who have accused him of improper actions but no shortage of opinions on the sunday talk shows. >> i hope that the good voters of alabama decide not to send him t


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