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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 20, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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that wraps up this hour msnbc live. my colleague katy tur takes over right now. katie, i really need to learn a fish joke for times like these. >> casey hunt of casey d.c. bag everybody. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. we're going to begin in washington where we're expecting a white house briefing in one hour from now, it has been 11 days since the first allegation against alabama candidate senator roy moore first surfaced, the question remains, what will donald trump do. the president is still silent on the talking and is letting his advisors doing the talking for him. what message are they sending? >> folks, don't be fooled, he'll
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be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you, we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> i think the president has talked about roy moore, he doesn't know who to believe, i think most folks don't. >> we are concerned about the allegations that have been made, but all this information is out there for the people of alabama. >> moore's first accuser was just 14 years old when she met moore. >> i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world and he was 32 years old. he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to seduce me. he removed my clothing, he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. and he touched me over my clothing, what was left of it. he tried to get me to touch him
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as well. and i was expecting candle light and roses and what i got was very different. >> roy moore denies these allegations and further says he does not even know you. >> i wonder how many mes he doesn't know? >> moore has slammed corkman and his other eight accusers before, will he do it again as his supports continues to slip? alabama's biggest newspaper says voters must reject roy moore, another group is also distancing its group from the controversial candidate. with just three weeks to go before alabama votes, how much longer can the president keep his thoughts on moore to himself. let's get right to our team of reporters, but let's start with kristen welker, and the breaking news on north korea. kristen, the president announced that he's going to be putting north korea back on the list as a state sponsor of terrorism.
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what does it mean and why now? >> reporter: it's significant because it means there are going to be new sanctions imposed on north korea, the president saying that those sanctions will be specifically announced by the treasury department tomorrow. he described them as the toughest sanctions we have seen yet. after the president's trip throughout asia, the focus of that trip was trying to turn on the heat on north korea, to get it's trading partners to -- the president citing the fact that there's been assassinations ordered by leader kim jong-un and then of course the death of american otto warmbier, president trump taking the step that he says will be significant, will have an impact. let's take a look at what the president had to say today during his cabinet meeting. >> today the united states is
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designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. should have happened a long time ago, should have happened years ago. this designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on north korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime. >> katie, this reverses a move made by former president george w. bush who lifted that designation of being a state sponsor of terror. it's also coming with some scrutiny, because a number of experts in the region say, look, the real pressure needs to come from china, china has taken steps to sanction north korea but that country needs to go a lot further. so the question right now, katie is this a largely symbol inic m or will it influence north korea. >> we're going to get more into
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north korea in just a little bit, but i want to pivot back to the top news of the day, which is roy moore, it has been 11 days since these allegations came to light. donald trump now has been back in the united states for many days. what is the white house message on roy moore? the president's silent, but then kellyanne conway is coming out and all but saying you should still vote for him if you're in alabama? >> reporter: the white house messaging has been mixed, katie, there's no doubt about that. president trump while he was in asia was asked about this and said that he would have more to say once he returned. we have yet to hear from him. in fact he was pressed on where he stands with roy moore again today, and he again shouted questions yet another day. his press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said he is disturbed by the allegations, his daughter ivanka trump says she has no reason to doubt the accuser.
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it does run counter to what we heard from kellyanne conway earlier today, and i think what you heard from kellyanne conway is a reflection of how this administration is divided. a number of officials don't want to see him go to washington. at the same time, there are real questions about what is going to happen if this goes to a democrat. that would imperil tax reform as well as the president's other agenda. >> joining me now from alabama is nbc's vaughn hilliard, vaughn, moore's first accuse r had an interview today. >> i wanted to walk into his office and say, hey, you remember me? you need to knock this stuff off, you know, i need to go
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public. my children were small so i didn't do it. >> vaughn, how are alabamans reacting? >> reporter: let's start with popular congressman mo brooks over the weekend who essentially made the case to hold your nose alabamans and vote for roy moore, for the good of the republicans. we heard from kay ivey, who said vote for roy moore. whether that ultimately seeps into the electorate, only time will tell, there's 18 days until the election, roy moore had no public events today, he hasn't had any public events over the weekend. he hasn't said anything to the media outside of sean hannity a few weeks ago. he did speak with breitbart reporter over the weekend, and we'll play a sound bite from that, and i caution calling it
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an interview because it was more an opportunity for roy moore to more broadly discuss the allegations against them. here's one of the bites. >> they brought up matters supposedly of a sexual impropriety, which never happened, never would have happened and never would have been brought up because -- but to detract this campaign from arguing the issues with mightily affect our country. >> reporter: meanwhile the executive committee of the young republicans of alabama, katie, have reneged and pulled their endorsement of roy moore and said if he's not able to convincely argue against allegations that are made against him he needs to step down, as well as an editorial over the weekend that said here in alabama they back doug jones the democrat running.
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>> guys, thank you very much. sounds like it's going to be a busy week, even though it's a holiday. >> why hasn't president trump spoken out about roy moore? susan collins said it impacted her decision not to vote for donald trump in november. >> president trump was not my choice for the republican nominee for president. and i did not support him in part because of the way that all of these reports about how he was treating women. he is president now, and i am working with him on some issues. but those allegations remain very disturbing. >> let's run through some of the allegations. about a dozen women went on the record to accuse donald trump of sexual misconduct in the final months of the 2016 presidential campaign. the allegations ranged from walking in on girls as young as 15 years old in a dressing room
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at the miss teen usa pageant, to forcing his tongue down a woman's throat and putting his hand down another woman's skirt and touching her there would her consent. remember in the "access hollywood" tape, donald trump bragged he can do all that and get away with it because he is, quote, a star. the president has denied all the allegations against him and even threatened to sue his accusers. so far he has not followed through with any of those lawsuits, i am joined now by josh moon, and jonathan la mere, white house reporter for the associated press. he's also an msnbc political analyst. a lot to talk about, not just about moore, but the president's reaction, jonathan, the president said he was going to have more to say on this when he got back from china. he's detailed about al franken, seemed to have no problem
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commenting on that, maybe because there's a d in front of his name. why is he not talking about roy moore? can you chalk it up to his accuser or is there more there? >> he said on the plane, i haven't studied it, we're on the other side of the pacific, i'll have a lot to say when we get back, we're still waiting, of course. this is obviously a different issue for him to touch because of the allegations levied against him during the campaign. this has already been litigated in the public, because he won, these accusations were made and he won. perhaps he's thinking the same thing could happen here with alabama voters and roy moore. we're not going to sit here and say the president is condemning this, but we're not going to wrap our arms around him either. they're still saying that the president is not going to go to
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alabama, he's not going to actively campaign. but we heard kellyanne conway say that this may not be appropriate, but we still don't want a democrat in that seat. >> it's murky territory to say that you believe moore's accusers but you should completely discount donald trump's accusers. mark short has said that he does believe roy moore's accusers, kellyanne conway this morning was interesting in saying, all but saying, you should vote for roy moore because doug jones is a democrat. what do we make of all of this? is this just politics at the end of the day? >> i was struck by that position by kellyanne, their position seems to be you should vote for an accused child molester, to get by a tax cut that's opposed by 70% of the american public. the founders did not have parties. the idea that a representative
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of the voters would be there to just cast a vote for a party's priorities, was foreign to them. but it is a reality today, that parties, these coalitions have been addressed and whoever's in that seat is going to more or less side with that coalition of interests and it's clear that some people are thinking about it that way, including in his home state of alabama. >> if the president did come forward and in fact called for moore to step aside, how would alabama react? would it carry any weight if he 2k did that? >> no, and first of all it wouldn't carry any weight with roy moore, roy moore is in a position where he can't step aside, he can't back out of this, this is his only real income source, this is the way he's gone about his life for the majority of his political career, he's out on an island by himself and there's no way he can step off of this island. >> what about the voters?
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>> i don't know that that carries a lot of weight because again i think those roy moore voters are isolated with him in kind of that cult mentality that they have always had here, they are with him. >> is it all of these reasons, it's the politics, it's donald trump has his own accusers, but also is he worried about potentially looking, jonathan, like a loser? if he says to roy moore, he should step aside, he doesn't do so, and ends up winning the senate seat, remember what happened with luther strange. is donald trump concerned that his word is going to look like it doesn't mean anything to voters down there in that state. >> president trump was steering to back luther strange as the candidate. they said this is the surest bet, he lost. and the president said he really regretted that, and this is prior to those allegations that roy moore was more aligned with
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him, it was about his base, trump is still popular in alabama, even at the time when he backed strange, most said moohe was pushed into that. steve bannon and others have been in the president's air, and said, look, roy moore is more your guy. now of course things have changed in the last 11 days since these accusations, and trump seems reluctant to criticize because his base is going to stay with roy moor ea' base. >> the more this go -- i think a lot of the poll numbers skewing towards doug jones at this point are people who are really embarrassed to tell a pollster that they're going to continue to vote for roy moore in this.
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>> if you have any past precedent for something like this, donald trump, "access hollywood" tape happened on october 7, we didn't vote for another month and remember all those republicans who said they would never vote for him or he should drop out, oh, how things changed as time passed, guys, thank you very much. we'll turn back to the breaking news at the white house. today president trump declared north korea a state sponsor of terror, could that heighten the threat of nuclear war? you manage your a1c,n you, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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days after returning from a trip to asia, president trump moved to increase the pressure on north korea. >> today the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorists. should have happened a long time ago. should have happened years ago. in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, north korea has repeatedly
11:20 am
supported acts of international terrorism, including assassinations on foreign soil. >> this isn't the first appearance on the state department's list. president reagan added them to the list in 1988. the bush administration removed it in 2008. joining us now to take a closer look at this, isclemens, a writer at "the atlantic" and an msnbc contributor. the president says this is a long time coming, they should have been on the state sponsor of terrorism list for a while. why was it removed? >> it was removed in part because there was a last ditch effort on the part of the bush administration to try to salvage a deal on the same things that we are worried about today, on north korea's nuclear ambitions and where it was going. i remember very well when this
11:21 am
happened, it was october of 2008. i was in an open forum with vice president dick cheney. i asked him about it and he said take your issue offstage, it was a clear time when president bush had not consulted or informed cheney that this was about to happen. i don't think in donald trump's comments today as you just noted, it didn't sound like they had been previously on that list. >> do you think that this readdition of them on the list that it's going to make a disturbance one way or the other? >> two schools of thought, in u.s. perspective, it doesn't do anything because we're not providing north korea foreign aid, or dual use technology, what this does do is it shoves
11:22 am
north korea back on the list of most horrible nations in the world. and the truth is that respectable nations of the world don't want to have people to people exchanges with north korean students, they don't want to come in and spend time. tourism groups don't want to go to a place that's on a state sponsor of terror list. this could increase international pressure in ways that seem innocuous to us but it does do -- it could affect other countries. >> very clearly there's a lot of ego here, so in keeping with that question, how is kim jong-un going to respond to this? >> i don't think he's going to sta take it well, i think it will feed into what he's going to do. but what we don't know, is at what point north korea will possibly break either in doing something reckless or break in
11:23 am
saying, okay, let's begin to get serious about talking about these issues that are controversial, meaning their ballistic missile program and war head program and begin doing something, probably communicating through china that it might be willing to do that. i don't think we're there yet, but it could split either way, and a lot of people, i was just talking to a bunch of asian security analysts who see this trip to asia as one where on the whole trump communicated that he's not going to engage in first strike activity, and he seemed a bit more mature that many people might -- they worry about him being as isolated as he is. >> steve clemmons, always good to see you, even from afar, appreciate your time. and "the washington post" says winter is coming at the white house. they're reporting on the paranoia inside the west wing about the russia probe, including a comparison between
11:24 am
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. here are some of the other headlines we're following at this hour. first to southwest texas where governor greg abbott is offering a $20,000 reward to find the killer of a border patrol agent. 36-year-old officer martinez was attacked while responding to a call yesterday morning. so far they have released no
11:28 am
details on what he was responding to when he was killed. after 46 years in prison, charles manson died behind bars last night at the age of 83. mans manson. take a look at this video. this morning the georgia dome which house the atlanta falcons and '96 summer olympics, was imploded. not exploded but imploded. it took 300 pounds of explosives to bring down that building, it's expected to take months to haul away all that debris. special prosecutor robert mueller's probe into russia and its interference in the 2016 election has entered a critical new phase, mueller has asked for documents related to the firing of fbi director james comey. meanwhile "the washington post" is detailing a divide in the west wing over just how worried donald trump officials believe
11:29 am
they should be about the inquiry. according to that report, some are even afraid to utter the word russia. others have characterized the investigation as close to being finished. while mueller's team, quote, is working through the staff like pac-man. both reports come as new questions surface about jared kushner. trump's son-in-law is once again under fire about what he did and did not divulge during his contacts with russia. now msnbc national intelligence and security reporter and frank figly, the washington, d.c. reporter. there are those in the white house who believe this probe is almost done, also many in the white house also insist they believe the probe is closed. most of the investigations start
11:30 am
with periphery players and move ever closer to the inner circle. how does that sound to you, frank? >> well, he's right, it is moving closer to the inner circle, but i think it's wishful thinking to think that this is going to wrap soon and i'll tell you why. the news that a subpoena has issued to doj is interesting timing, specifically because it's requesting documents related to the firing of fbi director jim comey. remember, there's always a reason for the issuing of a subpoena, they have a reason now in the last few days to issue a specific subpoena. i think it's coming on the cusp of the interview with hope hicks, they want to know what the white house was talking to doj about regarding comey and his termination. they want to be able to have that in hand before they sit down with hope hicks so they can
11:31 am
challenge her or confront her if needed. if it happened 30 days ago, you have 30 days to comply with a subpoena. so they may already have it. >> can you invoke pra privilege for this? >> if there's crime or wrong doing, they need to put that privilege aside. while we're approach iing appro >> and if you're -- that would be getting closer in, but remember, hope hicks is somebody who has spent a ton of time with the president and has been in meetings, more meetings than i think anybody else. she's, you know, his right hand woman and has been there since the very beginning of the campaign and before that worked with ivanka, so she's been around for quite a while. ken, inside the white house
11:32 am
according to "the washington post," there's a mix of feelings, one is full on paranoia, can't even say the word russia and others that say i don't think there's anything here and there's nothing to fear, and in talking to my sources within the campaign, that there is nothing there and they're not going to find anything. what do you make of the mixed reactions? >> well, katie, if they're right, they don't have anything to fear. i recall hearing a friend of robert mueller saying if he was innocent, there was nobody he would rather have investigating him than robert mueller, but if he was guilty, there's nobody he would fear more than robert mueller. one thing frank was just describing is whether the president obstructed justice. that may go more quickly because it involves a limited scope of time and a limited number of people. the whole question of collusion is a much more sprawling investigation and it is just inconceivable to me that that could be wrapped up in one way
11:33 am
or another before the end of the year, as ty cobb and other reporters have been saying. if you need the testimony, if you're robert mueller, of the testimony of paul manafort or mike flynn, he may have to go to trial. >> do you think the president or anybody else could be questioned by robert mueller? >> i actually think it's a likely scenario. i think the team would be remiss if they didn't approach the president for an interview. that's going to happen. >> then there's jared kushner, who's being accused by the senate panel of not providing key documents alleging -- a series of attempts by russiaens in 2016, to make inroads to the campaign. and an email from don jr. about the communications the trump son
11:34 am
had with wikileaks. this isn't the first time they have had to provide information with regard to russians. >> i know the investigators would like him to come up to the hill and clarify these discrepancies. but the other thing this has done, charles grassley, chastising kushner's lawyer, has put a new spotlight on a meeting with a man named alexander torsion, and apparently jared kushner advised kushner not to attend the meeting. so i know investigators want to talk to don jr. about that. today keystone xl pipeline, the project was cleared in a key hurdle, cleared in a key hurdle, that the nebraska -- i am a mumbly mary today. the nebraska public service commission approved the route for the proposed pipeline
11:35 am
extension. it comes just days after hundreds of thousands of gallons leaked from the pipeline in south dakota. nebraska is the only state that had approved the pipeline's route. the $8 billion project would ultimately connect canada's oil to u.s. refineries. and next the new allegation made against senator al franken and the women coming forward in defense of the minnesota democrat. there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service.
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now to another allegation of sexual misconduct by minnesota congress mari congressman al franken. in a statement to cnn on sunday, franken said he did not remember taking the photo. he said he felt badly that she felt disrespected. mems posted her -- during a 2006 uso tour in the middle east. franken has apologized but he has said he will not resign. but he and several of his colleagues are calling for an investigation by the senate ethics committee to at the very
11:40 am
least clear the air. we have rebecca lewis who's a former staff person for congressman miller. oh, how lovely for you that must have been. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> i hope you don't mind my sarcasm. senator franken, are these the sort of allegations that will end up forcing him to resign? >> yeah, i think we still need to see where this goes. it seems that some of this behavior was heaoccurred before in office or even while he was in the middle of a satire piece, certainly not the one you just described. we have to see where it goes. but again, it shows what a pervasive problem this is not only on capitol hill but for america, sexual harassment is something we're grappling with,
11:41 am
we're at a tipping point here in america, and i think we have to ask the question of, you know, looking at our brothers, our sons, our husbands in a different way and coming to terms with the fact they may have engaged in behavior they thought was okay, but it wasn't appropriate. >> who should be publicly ashamed, who should lose their job, who should lose their livelihood and who just needs, i mean, i don't needs a talking to or needs to apologize? have we figured out where that line is? >> this is a question i have been asking myself, you know, what am i gaininging by coming forward with my story, what i hope will happen. and for me it's mostly about change of a culture that's so pervasive and institutionalized on the hill. but i think we're talking about a continuum of behavior, groping
11:42 am
is more than an insensitive comment made in a meeting. different situations are going to require a different response. certainly roy moore in the allegations of sexual child molestation against him i believe are disqualifying. incensensitive comment in a meeting? i don't know. i find myself hoping that the country will start thinking about constructive confrontation and that women will feel the power to confront their harassers in the moment. >> we have all had somebody say something totally ridiculous or inappropriate to us in an office setting, especially those above us, i certainly have in the time i have spent in the media. but there is a line i'm trying to figure out where exactly it is. but let's talk about senator franken. a number of women who have worked in his office have said
11:43 am
many of us spent years working for senator frank. he valued our work and our opinions and was a champion for women both in the legislation he supported and in promoting women to leadership roles in our office. how much weight does a statement like that have? >> i think it's compelling, but at the same time, it doesn't give senator franken a pass on what he did in these instances. good people can do bad things. you saw with the head of the democratic party in florida who recently resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment. you know, he came forward and said, i did this, i'm so sorry, i, you know, i had a personal failing, i'm going to work on it, and for the good of the party, i'm stepping aside. that's the kind of response that we would want to see from people acknowledging that there's a problem and working to correct it going forward so that true change can happen. and in order to do that, i think we need to create the space for
11:44 am
men and women to not feel so threatened, that they're going to lose everything they have worked for, that one instance negates years of good. that's where it comes back to this continuum really understanding what kind of repercussions have to come with what kind of behavior. >> or what behavior will be taken seriously early on in their careers. rebecca wier, thank you for being here. we're going to talk about the hurdles republicans must clear if they want to pass tax reform by christmas. that is next. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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just a couple minutes away from a white house press briefing, and i don't know about you, but this might come up. arizona senate jeff flake caught on a hot mic. not m-i-c-k. we're already toast. >> oh, gosh. of course, fired back calling flake, flaky, and unelectable in the great state of arizona. the president went on to say the senator was caught purposely on "mike." i don't know if it should be mic -- saying bad things about your favorite president. he'll be a no on tax cuts because his political career
11:49 am
anyway is toast. flake's comments, just the latest illustration of a party deeply divided as it tries to pass sweeping tax reform. the legislation already passed in the house, but could the in-fighting make for a tougher battle in the senate? here with me, former congressman harold ford and policymaker university of michigan's gerald ford school of public policy. also with me -- one of these days, shorten that title. you'll get mad. and former communications director for congressman dana rohrabacher. i'm sorry, guys. i mean, your favorite president? what is going on with that tweet? >> takes on lavar bell and should have left those kids in jail because they didn't lavish enough praise on him. >> o'mei mean, oye. >> a president, he might get a victory. if you're smart, tara knows as well as any on the hill, you
11:50 am
have to reach out to members as you try to get a victory. particularly when people have legitimate concerns about pressures on the debt. you're not providing a tax cut to the middle tax americans, an array of concerns but this president at least is one thing, consistent. consistent since the campaign started. >> his whole life. around in the '80s, i'm sure donald trump would be using it. one republican opposes this, ron johnson, flake may be. we don't know. collins, murkowski, maybe mccain. corker has concerns. can the party afford not to pass this? >> absolutely not. i think the party is clearly staking their entire political future on passing tax reforms. republicans failed at obamacare. major campaign promise. republicans ran on it seven years won the senate, the house, on that specific issue. a failure. partially because they didn't
11:51 am
have a stakeholder like the president fully, with full buy-in into what republicans are trying to do. had a big rose garden ceremony for health care when the house passed it. forget the other part. you have to get it through the senate. harold is correct about this and a criticism of president obama. he did have the rapport and the senate -- so important. why you sent joe biden, uncle biden to massage relationships and what the president is doing with mike pence. you can't insult senators. not only murkowski. you can't insult them and think they'll turn around and do what you want hem to do. >> and susan collins, who didn't vote for him last november. this tax bill is a big, big, big cut for the wealthy.
11:52 am
it's a tax break for the wealthy more than anything else. >> well, i think that -- there are things to love about this tax bill and -- >> if you're rich. >> not only if you're very rich but a business owner, and corporate business. people have to remember who the job creators are in this country. and there has been a disincentive to start companies and jobs for the first time in obama, more companies failing than starting. things in there that are good. the problem the gop had, not selling this properly. see how you led that question? it's a big tax cut for the wealthy, and -- >> but it is. >> there's tax cuts for everyone, but not enough convincing of the middle class. it's true. there's problems with it. >> tax cuts for the wealthy, for corporations, don't expire. you talk about -- >> the -- >> they're the job creators. >> right. >> gary cohn, donald trump's chief economic advisers at a
11:53 am
wall street journal breakfast, wealthy people who would be the people creating jobs, trickle-down effect. they were asked if they get this tax cut if they'll invest, if they will re-invent. they didn't raise their hands. i mean they didn't raise their hands, harold. how do you make the argument that this is something that's going to create jobs when the people who would be creating those jobs won't say that they're going to reinvest. >> a group of ceos. will you get more invest more going forward? his hunch, more certainty, invest more, create jobs. only a handful of hands went up and i think gary was surprised by the reality. to the point -- >> never ask a question you don't know the answer to. >> or the answer you'll get, his problem there. katy's point, tax cuts for the middle class americans. they do expire. i understand a bit of a gimmick. >> eight years. >> why not flip it?
11:54 am
make it permanent for everyday americans and temporary for corporate? i understand, look -- >> for the reason you just said. corporate is long-term investme investment. need to know what's happening. move your headquarters from ireland to the united states you can't risk that and it expires in six, seven, eight years. congressmen can re-up those if they want. >> opens your up to the point katy made. this is a tax cut designed over 15 years to benefit the wealthiest in the country. i think that's where they're going to run into problems with it. it will be clear -- it's unclear at this moment if they can convince nur republicans to come o o out. i don't know how they do t. i think the administration said they're willing to let it go. >> ditto. no way. >> individual mandate not -- >> i think state and local tax deductions put back n. i agree. lee zeldin will be very happy. >> republicans not onboard in
11:55 am
california. >> how can you go home in california and new york and vote on this? >> got to go. we'll have you back. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and to you as well. one more thing after the break. of course, as well, the white house press briefing, in case you forgot. it will begin in just a few minutes. keep it right here on msnbc. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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where we go, two months
11:59 am
since maria slammed puerto rico. left with little no-no fresh drinking waiter and eight weeks later little changed. website statuspr tracks outages on the island shows more than half of puerto rico was in the dark as of this morning. as the mayor of san juan told us over the weekend, outages are an everyday reality even after pow har been restored. full restoration won't happen until christmas or longer and the president asked congress for $44 billion in disaster aid, but if they approve it, the fuds split between texas, florida and puerto rico. as hundreds of po interester pointed out yesterday in d.c., that won't be enough to rebuild puerto rico. especially if the goal is build it back better. tro prevent the same situation from happening again the next time a massive hurricane rolls through. that will wrap up things for me this hour.
12:00 pm
ali velshi is here. got to eat my hat. >> why? >> apparently you can spell mike m-i-k-e. >> short for microphone? >> i think it should be mi ichm >> eating your hat's prevents me from doing the same thing. i had the same belief. short form for microphone is mic. thanks, came from a tweet by the president. awaiting this, white house press briefing on a day where president trump seems to be on the defense with just about everyone. added north korea to the top of that list designating north korea a state sponsor of terror. >> this designation will oppose further sanctions and penalties on --


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