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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 20, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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clearly against it now. it does sort of speak to a malfunctioning about the messaging from this administration. >> and this goes to, extends to policymaking. >> right. again, we don't know how this came about. seems his son donald trump jr. has been photographed actually having hunted elephants, what seems like maybe pressure coming from her family. we don't know what the cause was. again, this is not normal. maybe this is just too much a metaphor of an elephant being killed by donald trump and didn't like it. >> spared this one. big thanks to you all. that does it for our hour. i'm nicolle wallace, "mtp daily" continues now with the fabulous katy tur. >> if it's monday, need we say more? tonight, more silence. >> do you believe his accusers? >> do you believe roy moore's accusers, mr. president? >> thank you very much. >> how president trump's silence about roy moore is magnifying
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the gop's political problems. plus -- the fallout from accusations against democratic senator al franken as another accuser steps forward. and the president takes new steps against pyongyang. >> today the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorists,. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. good evening. i'm katy tur in new york in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." we're a week and a half into the roy moore saga with 22 days remaining until the special election in alabama. we still don't know what the president thinks about the accused pedophile. although some in the white house today appeared to be warming to the idea of a moore victory. amid all the accusations and
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denials, some simple political questions have not been answered clearly. where does the white house actually stand on roy moore? do they consider the candidate an ally or not? president trump briefly addressed reporters before a cabinet meeting today, but did not respond to shouted questions on roy moore. since the accusations first dropped he's commented, though, on the sexual harassment allegations against democratic senator al franken and engaged in a battle of words with the father of a ucla basketball player -- who's also spoken out about hillary clinton, tax reform, north korea, poll number, the economy, elephant hunting and seemingly everything in between. but nothing substantial on roy moore. a quick reminder. nine women accused the alabama republican senate candidate as actions ranging from inappropriate romantic advances to sexual assault. some of whom were in their teens
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at the time. moore denies all allegations. the stock position from the trump administration and its officials recently has been that the allegations are serious and credib credible, but the people of alabama should decide who they want to be their next senator. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders reiterated that today and legislative director mark short and omb director mulvanie pitched that line on the sunday shows. >> we are concerned about several aspects of the story. very concerned about the anticipati allegations but at this point we think it's best that alabama make the decision for them. >> the allegations are very serious and should be taken very seriously. ultimately, it's up to the voters in the state. >> these answers stopped short of other republicans, mcconneit mcconnell, paul ryan and other saying the allegations are credible and roy moore should step aside. letting alabama voters decide is a bit of a loaded term from the white house. letting alabama voters decide in
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this deep state means the white house wants them to elect somebody to carry out the republican agenda. the white house agenda in congress, and kellyanne conway made it very clear this morning on "fox & friends" that moore's opponent will not do that. >> and doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he'll be a vote against tax cuts. he's weak on crime, weak on borders. he's strong on raising your taxes. he's terrible for property owners. >> so vote roy moore? >> not saying anything why the media are trying to boost him? >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you we wants the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> the white house is not alone. alabama's republican governor kay ivey didn't mince words on her position friday. >> we need to have a republican in the united states senate to vote on the things like supreme court justices, other
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appointments the senate has to kerm and make judicial decisions. that's who i plan to vote for, the republican nominee roy moore. >> curiously, puttous a supreme court wish list even though there be no currencies on the court. would the white house be pleased if moore won? here's sarah huckabee sanders' answer this afternoon. >> obviously the president wants people in the house and senate that support his agenda but as i've said and as the hatch act provide hibts me from going further, we think this is something the alabama voters should decide. >> and the candidate himself it attacking almost everyone in the american political landscape, except president trump. >> with all my heart i believe that mcconnell and the establishment are in cahoots with the democrats to stop this
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campaign. they have taken a calculated risk for two years with a democrat, trying to elect another republican in two years and they want me out. >> moore trumpeted president trump's most identifiable policy position on twitter today. we must build the wall to protect americans now, he tweeted. bottom line, roy moore is presenting himself as the candidate for trump voters. the white house has sort of distanced itself from roy moore, sometimes, but roy moore is still presenting himself as a loyal trump foot soldier with no pushback, and the administration is very clearly telling voters there are advantages to having a republican hold the seat. remember, you don't have to say you're making an endorsement to make an endorsement. i'm joined by two of my nbc news colleague, jeff bennett, nbc news white house correspondent, new one. and vaughn hilliard covering all things alabama in montgomery.
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jeff, simple question. does the white house want roy moore elected? >> reporter: a simple question, but the answer, it seems, from this white house is far more complicated than that. today at the white house press briefing you heard sarah huckabee sanders say of course the president wants more people elected to the house, to the senate, who would support his agenda but wouldn't go beyond that saying it's up to the people of alabama to decide the race. in doing so, doing cleanup work for kellyanne conway. for voting for roy moore and against the democrat doug jones. helping the trump agenda. speaks at politics as a zero sum game. represented by governor ivey. saying she has no reason to doubt the accusers, believes them, but still, rather than
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confirm republican nominees to the supreme court, to the bench, is still voting for roy moore. >> sorry to interrupt you. republicans control both houses of congress now and still can't get the president's agenda done. even if they did lose this seat they would still have a majority in the senate. so i'm a little confused by, we need him to get our agenda done when they already have enough people to get the agenda done. >> reporter: technically enough people but a razor thin majority in the senate and different structures in the senate than the house. as we've seen already from the great number of debates, whether health care or pick your issue, it's important for the republican party to keep ahold and keep in play as many seats as they possibly can. it's vital and frankly, i think it accounts for some of the attention we're seeing surrounding this race. they know how crucial it is to keep this seat in republican hands. >> vaughn, does roy moore consider donald trump an ally?
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>> reporter: well, he sure isn't getting pushback from the white house. is he, katy? i mean, i'd like to -- being on the ground here for the last two weeks, the young republicans this weekend in alabama have been more forceful in language against roy moore than you've heard from the white house or really any alabama gop official at this point. the alabama young republicans voted this weekend to remove their, and pull back their endorsement and support of roy moore and what they added -- a resolution calls for roy moore to step aside as republican nominee if unable to clearly and convincingly refute the allegations against him. still just allegations. we here at nbc have been trying the last few weeks to talk with roy moore about the allegations. he's only gone on with breitbart this weekend and what is something i wouldn't even call an interview. more of a conversation painting that broad stroke's denial. yet the young republicans saying, okay. we want to give you a chance to continue to be the candidate. give us something more here, because what he offered up has
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been anything far from convincing at this point. >> interviews. interviews in quotes, we breitbart and sean hannity. no one else. it's interesting that that's the only -- those are the only outlets he'll speak to. speaks volumes. jeff and vaughn, thank you. and joining me, sam nunbern. appreciate you being here. do you think that donald trump should be campaigning on behalf of roy moore? >> first of all i want to note the alabama state republican party endorsed roy moore, and the congressman endorsed roy moore i believe his name is barden that lost to luther strange. >> kay ivey says she's voting for him. do you think -- republicans nationally have come out against him, for the most part. >> the most part. >> and besides the younger republican groups vaughn spoke about, at least officials, gone on the record supporting him. do you think the president should side with the republicans locally in alabama or the republicans nationally?
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should he be campaigning with roy moore? >> i think the president should make clear he needs roy moore's vote and, yes, therefore, i think the president should make clear he endorses roy moore, despite the allegations. >> so the president should make clear he endorse as man who has credible allegations, credibly accused of being a pedophile? >> the president should say he need this vote. look at the allegations. i'm not defending roy moore -- >> politics is more important than the safety of children? >> that's not what i'm saying. >> seems to be what you're saying, sam. >> look, apparently we have a slush fund in the senate and the house where we're already paying for these politicians to commit sexual harassment. that's inexcusable. >> and a fund for politicians to pudge children? i'm not aware of that one. >> i don't know what the accusations were we actually funded. >> haven't heard of a single allegation, maybe something is out there. >> maybe there is. >> a congressman or senator touching a child in
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inappropriately. numerous patterns of roy moore targeting teenage girls, asking their mothers if he can go out with them. a 14-year-old girl saying he touched her, touched her and then tried to get her to touch him while he was a 30-something-year-old. >> absolutely reprehensible, inexcusable, but, katy -- katy. >> the president should be campaigning alongside him? >> i will tell you this. if there were charges filed and he was found guilty and he got the nomination, he should resign. there weren't. these were accusations made from a very, very long time ago. and i saw your interview with gloria allred. they don't make sense. and some allegations are being discredited. >> where has one been discredited. >> allegations he was banned from a mall. >> yes it has. >> no, it wasn't.
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>> yes it was. >> i'm not going to argue with you. it's a he said/she said. people in town talk about it being an open secret. roy moore's infatuation, interest in teenage girls. >> then how is he able -- >> let me finish. >> one quick question. how was he able to serve all's these years? >> kicked off the bench twice. >> not for misconduct. >> you didn't denight there's a zeitgeist, women are feeling empowered to say what happened to them years ago. do you believe weinstein's accusers? >> yes. >> al franken's accuser? >> i don't know the facts of that. i'm not familiar with the story. >> why do you believe weinstein's accusers and not roy moore's accusers? >> well, i don't want -- do you want plea to get into the details of weinstein? >> lots from earlier. >> and more frequently and david boies funding a scheme. that's why i believe him.
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>> donald trump is at 33% in glal gallup and can't go lower or he's f-ed. how does a pedophile help that. >> because he lost when campaigning -- this could help rehabilitate him with his party. you're 100% right. you said we control the house and senate. the problem, the senate, i told you before, a day-care center with the house's conservative legislation goes to die. donald trump has at least five senators in the republican, republican senators who won't vote legislation that comes out of the house and i want tax reform. >> majkowski and mccain and johnson and flake potentially and collins will suddenly support taxes? that's just one person. there has been more than one republican senator who's voted against the president's agenda.
2:15 pm
is that more because the president's agenda is not well thought out and is not moderate in a way that's going to get democrats onboard? i mean, is the solution just to pack it with -- with people no matter what who will decide that they'll vote in line with the president? no matter what? >> this tax package had a lot of problems from the very beginning including the fact they said they can only add $1.5 trillion to the debt and decided to keep corporate rate at 20%. this tax plan does not help me. i'll tell you personally. i would not vote for this -- >> so if you were not on the outside, on the inside advising president trump would you say to him, hey, how about you find a way to move some of your policies more towards the middle to get the democrats onboard, maybe spend fences. build bridges there, or would you say, you know what? ho tel with ahell with all that. go for support of an accused pedophile? >> it's not realistic to look at eight democrats at all to
2:16 pm
support legislation. only three democrats voting for it because they're up your re-election. i'd say about roy moore once again, i'm not here to defend. if it was true he did it to my sister, i would be in jail for my reaction. the fact of the ma thor is -- >> if he did it to your sister would you support the president campaigning with limb? >> if he did it to my sister would i support the campaign? no, i wouldn't. >> if it's somebody else's sister or daughter it's okay. >> somebody else's sister or daughter -- look, these accusations, look, if he did it. these are accusations. >> how important is -- >> he's not been charged. >> how important is character for the president? >> i don't know. ask bill clinton. >> how important is character for donald trump? >> how important is character for donald trump? you'd have to ask donald trump that question. >> you know donald trump. >> i think donald trump judges people in a way whether or not they will be loyal to the agenda he's going to pass.
2:17 pm
so character, for instance, he may not -- may not think that it's good character to not vote, to be the final vote to go like this, like john mccain did get health care. may not think that's good character. >> bashcharacter is based on wh that person can do for donald trump? >> in a political sense, sure. yes. >> and there's a story out that allegations you made up that chris christie fetching hamburgers for donald trump. what is -- >> first of all, josh dossey called me, said he had two sources that said that i told people that chris christie used to fetch hamburgers for donald trump after every campaign event we used to stop for hamburgers. i said to josh i could have very well done it. this was reported. i was not a source of ryan lizza's who reported this and made it clear. i could have very well --
2:18 pm
>> you're not the source nor that story. >> i am not and i do not like chris christie. when chris christie joined the campaign he was doing it to be vp. had no place to be vp and endorsed in texas when trump started to lose every single state and chris christie was an extreme liability. >> did you tell anybody that chris christie got hamburgers for donald trump? >> not a reporter. >> sam, good to see pup thanks for coming on. happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. still ahead, one of roy moore's accusers speaks out. >> i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world and he was 32 years old. >> roy moore denying these allegations and further says he does not even know you. >> i wonder how many mes he doesn't know?
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[ clapping ] and that's why every memorial we create is a true reflection of the individual. only a dignity memorial professional can celebrate a life like no other. find out how at welcome back. one of the women accusing roy moore of sexual misconduct
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appeared on nbc's "today" in her first television interview since going public. leigh corfman says when a teenager 32-year-old moore initiated a sexual encounter with her. >> he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room, and proceeded to -- seduce me, i guess you would say, and -- during the course of that he removed my clothing. he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. and -- he touched me over my clothing, what was left of it, and he -- tried to get me to touch him as well, and at that point i pulled back and said that i was not comfortable, and i got dressed, and he took me home. >> moore denies all of the allegations. we'll be right back. small businesses show their love to you.
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welcome back. a busy monday in politics. let's dig right in to tonight with tonight's panel, elise jordan, contributor to "time" magazine. heather is with us and nicholas, reporter for the "new york times" and msnbc contributor. guys, welcome. i want to talk a bit about moore and what i just spoke -- nimy conversation with sam nunberg and the contortion with which allies the president has too go through to get roy moore elected. >> party line if true -- >> yes. >> probably true, but we are so hell-bent on frankly repaying our political donors with a bill that is enormously unpopular. historically unpopular, that we'd be willing to seat a pedophile. it's an astonishing moment in
2:24 pm
our politics. where first of all, a bill, i mean they keep talking about tax reform as if its something that will help them politically. you've seen the numbers. 30% approval rating. >> not clear if elected and did vote in line with republicans they would still, with the president, they would still be able to get any agenda done. it's not generally a one-senator margin for a lot of this stuff. it's one, two, three, maybe more sometimes and issues in the house. not like this one seat will seat anything. that's why we should overlook pedophilia allegations? >> and until it threatens our tax reform, threatens our ability to confirm jumps. unless it threatens whatever policy we're working 0en that d day. it's not a good look for the party or anybody else but they're going to stick to it.
2:25 pm
the assumption, tribalism in politics will overcome people's moral sense or hatred of the behavior. that just shows you, i think, where we have gone to in our national politics. i'm knocking on both sides of this one but i think people are extraordinarily tribal in their politics today and that's why moore still has a good chance of winning this election. >> so what happens next? >> there's the question of if that tribalism is going to be enough to actually propel roy moore to victory and i would argue based on the current trajectory it's not going to be. look how he's followed by double digits in polling. since these allegations went public and the news is only getting more baked in with the electorate, we're on week three now of this story, and you have leigh corfman, first accuser, youngest accuser, talked how roy moore preyed upon her at 14 years old. in a very honest interview on the "today" show with savannah
2:26 pm
guthrie. i think something like that, human testimony, as more women speak out, it is not looking good for roy moore in alabama and the republican establishment might actually win this -- s. it better or worse for republicans if roy moore gets elected? >> it's worse. definitely is worse, because you are going to have a pedophile, someone with a history of predatory behavior that has now been documented in numerous publications and numerous allegations have been aired forward. it is a total distraction and, i mean, just a moral issue, i think. >> i have to tell you. 2016 disposed me of a lot of my ability to be surprised or shocked at things. i am shocked that we're talking about a man who's been accused of pedophilia who might get elected into the senate. i mean, i am shocked this is what it's come down to in our politics right now. that there are defenses of somebody who has touched little girls, and people who believe the accusers but still think
2:27 pm
it's okay to put him in the senate. >> it's -- shocking. it's really shocking. i know that some people feel like there's been too much coverage. >> who feels like too much coverage of this? >> part of a little bit of a sort of counternarrative we're not paying enough attention to taxes and health care, just talking about this salacious click base of sexual assault. this is huge. and if we don't continue to feel like this is not normal and not acceptable, i think it's a major problem. >> where's the floor? what do you -- >> i thought pedophilia was the floor but was totally wrong. >> murdering somebody, but it's okay because i'm going to vote in line with my party? it's hyperbolic, but where is the floor if it's not pedophilia? >> look, we saw a clip of a congressman from alabama, who was a republican, running away down the stairs from a
2:28 pm
republican, the congressman, hol brooks, a reporter chasing him asked about moore. all he could say was i think democrats are taking the country to a terrible place. that was his answer. and it goes to show you that, like, certain people have built up a narrative that the other side of their party is so horrifying that there is nipg y anything you can do to stop them some having pow sir wher is wha do. >> kellyanne conway was frank about her feelings getting elected saying roy moore should get elected. a pro second amendment. pro lgbtq rights. he's -- pro-choice. is he so out of line, though, with what alabama voters
2:29 pm
generally -- generally vote for? so different from the conservatives that they've put into office? >> first of all we need to consider it's extraordinary a democrat might well win a senate seat in alabama. they haven't been within a striking distance of that in two decades. second point, doug jones would be incredibly competitive from the get-go if he was pro life, and being pro-choice is so damaging with him among the electorate. >> in alabama, because they are so religious conservative? >> because of the democratic party, it's really just an entrenched tenant candidates must be pro-choice. that hurts democrats in states like alabama where they need to be a -- need to have a pro life perspective. >> i think the irony, of course, being not willing to vote for doug jones because of how he
2:30 pm
might enable a woman, a mother, to treat her unborn child versus putting them at risk of a, being preyed upon by an actual sexual predator at age 14 is -- is kind of -- renders me a little speechless, honestly at this moment. >> that's turnout, too. those people upset by both just don't show up to vote for roy moore like they would have. >> and i think doug jones is a very strong candidate. i think we talk about these issues about guns and abortion, but he's been very clear, a., that for the millions of people in alabama who are african-american for whom the democratic party is still an important home. the fact that he was able to take on the klan, and put the, the four men, the men who killed the four little girls in prison is a huge and compelling part of the story and he's insisted on talking about kitchen table issues. it's actually not so clear what's conservative and what's
2:31 pm
liberal. the need for workers to get fair pay. the need to protect pensions. actually running as a kind of inclusive populist. >> still three weeks to go. anything can happen in three weeks as we saw last year with the "access hollywood" tape. things changed in a month. elise, heather, nick, stick around. still ahead, how khalil tca hill tackles allegations that continue to come out. talking to a democratic member of congress ahead this hour revealing her story of harassment. in rich when we moved into the new house. but having his parents over was enlightening. ♪ you don't like my lasagna? no, it's good. -hmm. -oh. huh. [ both laugh ] here, blow. blow on it. you see it, right? is there a draft in here? i'm telling you, it's so easy to get home insurance on progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto.
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more "mtp daily" ahead. first, josh lipton has the cnbc market wrap. aloha, josh. >> thanks, katy. stocks finished higher on wall street. the dow gained 72 points. the s&p added three points. nasdaq closed 8 points higher. the justice department is suing to block at&t's merger with time warner. the doj says the $85 billion merger would result in higher bills for consumers. and federal reserve chair janet yellen leaves the fed after her successor jerome powell is sworn in leaving four seats for president trump to fill on the fed's board of governors. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. u start trad. u start trad. >>yeah, 5 years already. 5 years, hmm. you ever call your broker for help? >>once, when volatility spiked... and? >>by the time they got me an answer, it was too late. td ameritrade's elite service team can handle
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welcome back. more and more women are speaking
2:39 pm
out. this movement rocked entire industries whether hollywood, media or politics. and joining us now is another woman who is apparently ready to tell her story. joined by democratic congresswoman from colorado. thank you for joining us. we were just told that you have a story to tell. we have not heard it, but the question is, have you been harassed in congress? >> well, i think that many members of congress certainly professional women have been harassed over the years, and i'm certainly no different. what strikes me in this conversation is that a lot of my colleagues and others have said this is going on, but they -- they seem somehow so reluctant to say who did it, and i don't understand that. particularly if those people are still in congress or whatever the profession is, then they're
2:40 pm
still getting away with it, and i don't think my story is much different than most professional women. when i was a young lawyer, i didn't have -- i didn't have a lot of untoward advances but had situations. i'd be a a dinner. someone would put their hand on my knee a couple of times. when i was a young congresswoman, i was at a diplomatic dinner and one of the french diplomats tried to put his hand up my dress. you can imagine the shock when you're sitting at a dinner like that. and then some years ago, i was in an elevator and then congressman bob villener tried to pin me to the door of the elevator and kiss me and i pushed him away and, of course, some years later he left congress. he became the mayor of san diego, and then he had to leave that position for harassing younger women. what really concerns me is that these men who are in positions of power, like congressman
2:41 pm
filner. i was his colleague. he couldn't take action against me and believe you me, i never got in an elevator with him again, but what concerns me now which should concern everybody is, what about the young staffers? what about the interns? was this happening with them, too? i think we have to ask ourselves a question. is this happening with current members of congress? al franken i thought very appropriately apologized and said that this, his future should be decided by the ethics committee. but if there are other people, we immediate to know who they are. >> why don't you think your colleagues aren't naming names in this scenario? what's stopping them? >> i don't know, but this is the problem that we've had all along. is when these advances happen, they're brushed under the rug. this is one reason why i think it's so important that we update our house employment rules.
2:42 pm
because always in the past it's sort of been referred to this committee and then it just sort of is swept under the rug, but if there are people who are sexual predators in congress right now, we need to know who they are so we can have -- >> have you named any names? of potential sexual predators in congress? >> i haven't -- well, some of my colleagues are saying that some of the people who are doing this are still there. i don't know who they are. i haven't heard names, but frankly, given what happened to me, and -- i'm not surprised to hear it. >> al franken. do you think that the allegations are against him, warrant him resigning? >> well, this is something that we have to decide, and that's why i think it's very appropriate that the senate ethics committee decide what should happen. if these things had happened now, while senator franken was a
2:43 pm
senator, then i think probably he should resign, but i think that -- the ethics committee should investigate it and what do you do with somebody who h has -- who had -- who did things before they were in the senate, and what should the repercussions for that person be? i'll tell you what. with the alabama election coming up, i think the voters of alabama need to say, do we want to elect somebody now who had a whole pattern of misconduct, many, many years ago, but it still impacts his whole electability, i think. >> there's one woman, nbc hasn't confirmed her story but she told cnn that al franken grabbed her behind at the minnesota state fair while they were taking a photo. that was while he was a senator. >> yes. i heard that allegation just today myself. that's what i think the -- the ethics committee needs to investigate and decide whether
2:44 pm
that's true. >> if alabamians decide they do want roy moore as their senator, do you think that he should jev serve? >> well, i -- i think that the senate's going have a big problem deciding what to do with roy moore, and i think that mitch mcconnell and the republican leadership needs to decide that. they -- on the one hand, they say that they believe these women, and on the other hand, they don't know what to do with roy moore, and the going to be a real problem for them, but now i think that we have -- ever since donald trump was elected president, with all of his checkered background, i think that our awareness in this country has grown about these practices and how they happen, and so i think the voters of alabama will really have a, a test to sdooind decidecide whett to elect somebody who has gone far beyond moral boundaries in his life. >> congresswoman diana degette,
2:45 pm
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2:47 pm
assassinations on foreign soil. >> the president also said the u.s. treasury will be levying new sanctions on north korea in the next two weeks in addition to the already tough sanctions that are currently in place. this announcement comes less than a week after the president returned from a long trip to asia, and after the ever-escalating rhetoric from both sides in the past few months. north korea was previously designated a state sponsor of terror back in 1988, but it was taken off the list by the bush administration in 2008 while they tried to work out a halt to the regime's nuclear weapons program. the other countries on the u.s. list of state sponsors are terrori terrorism, iran, sudan and syria right now. the morning walk was so peaceful. until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. even if you reach your a1c goal you are still at risk for heart attack or stroke. talk to your health care provider today
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2:50 pm
ex-san diego mayor bob filner while serving in congress and somebody who sexually harassed her, pinned her up in an elevator. we're reaching out for comment.e was forced to resign under similar allegations. she thinks her colleagues should be naming names. i guess a democrat and republican still 7ing right now that people have been talking about and no one is naming who they are. why not? >> it's still a boys' club end of the day. men and women, close colleagues, and high price to pay to break that bond and speak publicly. look at allegations against bob filner. he did that to sitting congresswoman, then repeats the behavior as mayor. there is a public responsibility. what we're seeing right now, so many victims coming forward to stop the behavior. >> that's exactly what the
2:51 pm
cocai congresswoman was saying. it's not her, able to defend herself, he didn't have sway over how she did her job, elected member of congress. but what about aides, people who work in the offices, don't have recourse, can't go to hr and say this congressman or woman or whatever did this to me and there should be consequences? >> people who work on these issues say ultimately sexual abuse and assault and harassment is not about sexual desire but power. we have to always look at power dynamics. why didn't x, y, z come out earlier, this moment is empowering for women. people feel there's strength in numbers and finally might be accountability. but let's be clear, waitress still working and having her boss sexually harass her outside
2:52 pm
of being able to be on tv to talk about it may not feel the dynamic has changed. >> i think these are important stories, important to cover them, zeitgeist, hopefully change will be ushered in with this. but it's also important for us to figure out where the line is. i don't know if we've figured that out yet. when is somebody just a creep, and when is somebody a predator or criminal? who deserves public humiliation, who deserves to have job taken away if them, and who just needs to be reprimanded in private or apologize in private? nick, you're the only guy on this panel, maybe not best question to pose to you, but what is it like right now as a man in the field of media? there are accusations coming out about so many people, is it nerve racking? not for you personally.
2:53 pm
not saying that. >> i understand, it's horrifying and disspiriting to see people you've worked with be credibly accused of behavior that's inappropriate and in some cases criminal. you're right, we can't put it on women to be the defenders of this world, to come forward. there have been to be men willing to speak about what they witness in the workplace, take the lead and help add not just be bystanders. otherwise created a world in which women always have to be on guard in the workplaces, always have to take the lead in making workplaces and lives safe for basic living and working. i find it upsetting and disturbing every day. i'm sure it's much worse if you've had this experience yourself which i haven't personally. >> there's news breaking right now for colleague, not in nbc but media, charlie rose, anchor
2:54 pm
of cbs "this morning" and "charlie rose show," been let go from both shows? that's right? after a "washington post" report that detailed a number of allegations against him. this is a huge deal. >> he is host of major morning show on network television. >> and well-respected man in journalism with a decade's long career. quite a way for him to fall. >> and always been a lion of the establishment so to speak and very secure perch where objectively you look at so many different people in media who tried to curry favor with him because of his power. so you see how that cycle of
2:55 pm
power also benefitted him personally and professionally and might have made his downfall a lot longer in the coming. >> i believe he's been suspended by cbs, not let go, suspended for the moment. it's just, i don't know, i find this to be just a sad day. i think good for the women who were able to come out and say what happened to them. i think we need more of that. but as more and more of these allegations are surfaced, i find myself getting more depressed by them. just feels like there's no -- i don't know. >> there's a positive aspect to this. hitting a moment of cultural impact on this issue unprecedented. and i fervently hope it changes how men think of their proper behavior in professional and personal context. and if every man in the country is now a little bit worried and thinking how should i act? what is responsible and respectful?
2:56 pm
that's not a terrible thing. >> absolutely right. looking at silver lining. thank you. we appreciate it. see you next time. we'll be right back. stay with us. remember how the economic crash
2:57 pm
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welcome back. in case you missed it, christmas season is coming a bit early at white house this year. just last hour melania and barron trump welcomed christmas,
3:00 pm
balsam fir. traditionally get it just before christmas but spending at beach this year. jackie kennedy was known for fondness of picking tree themes and spending holidays in, you guessed it, palm beach. that's it for me tonight. back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "the beat" with ari melber starts now. bob mueller is seeking evidence from his own bosses in justice department. has the authority to get documents from the agency overseeing his investigation, including man overseeing him and man saying he's recused from this probe, jeff sessions. he was back in congress again explaining his statements.


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