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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  November 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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regardless of what it happens to be. tater and tot. >> there are turkeys running scared around america right now. >> getting bye-bye the skin of -- do turkey's have teeth. >> we are in over your heads. case katie tur, have yourself a good afternoon. >> bye. >> any moment now, president trump is going to be departing the white house. now that the pardons are all over he's heading to florida for the thanksgiving holiday. we will ar' bring that to you live in case he answers questions that will surely be shouted as he leaves. less than 24 hours after a "washington post" exposé alleging news anchor charlie rose sexually harassed eight women cbs and pbs fired which areally rose. we'll speak with one of those "washington post" writers who broke the story. john conyers is denying allegations from a woman who says the congressman touched her
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in an inappropriate matter. roy moore continues the deny mounting allegations of misconduct by numerous women and we are awaiting a news conference from him. we begin with charlie rose. cbs and pba fired the once acclaimed news anchor following a report that he sexually harassed at least eight women. cbs said quote this followed disturbing and intolerable behavior said to have evolved around his pbs program. pbs said we expect producers to provide a workplace where people feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect. rose issued an apologize after the "washington post" report saying quote it is essential that these women know i hear them and i deputily apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i'm embarrassed i behaved incensetively at times. and i regret that though i do
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not believe all of these allegations are accurate. he had much less to say when the cameras caught up with him. listen. >> how are you doing mr. rose? >> fine. >> do you want to say anything to the accusers that's accusing you? >> what? >> do you want to say anything to the accusers, those people accusing you of all these wrongdoings. >> it's not wrong doings. >> rose's coanchor at cbs this morning addressed the issue head on this morning. >> let me be very clear. there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. it is systematic and pervasive. >> charlie does not get a pass here. he doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. we are all deeply affected. we are all rocked by this. and he want to echo who nora said. i really applaud the women that speak up. >> there could be even more women. one of the writers of the piece, amy britain tweeted she has been flooded with similar tales about rose. amy britain a reporter with the "washington post" who broke the
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charlie rose story joins me now. amy, let's start with the lightest information. you have been getting information from women who say they have a similar tale to tell or krabting the stories that you already know? >> yes. sadly, even just hours after our story was published last night my inbox was already flooded with e-mails from other women who have had inappropriate encounters with charlie rose. some going back decades. we are currently working through those tips and planning the reach out to everyone who wrote us or called us in the last 24 hours. our reporting efforts are definitely continuing at this point. >> did you get any sense from the women with whom you spoke what a satisfactory outcome looks like to people? because as we have more and more of these stories it always becomes unclear what is it that the women wanted? would they be satisfied that charlie rose has been exposed and fired? sore is there more to this? >> you know i just want to be clear that none of these women sought us out, you know, to tell their stories. we have been pursuing this story
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along with my colleague for weeks. and we have had extensive conversations with these women. some in person. some over the phone that lasted hours. and many of them were so deeply reluctant to go on the record to put their names to these allegations out of fear of possible repercussion force speaking out against someone as powerful as charlie rose. for them, none of them said that there was an outcome that they were hoping for this when it relates to charlie rose specifically. one woman told me that the one reason she wanted to speak out was because the reason for not speaking out would be still living in a place of fear and she wanted to now come forward from a place of power rather than fear. >> one of the women you wrote about explained how he inappropriatebly spoke the me touring those times. she, yvette vega would just slug and say that's just charlie being charily. tell me about that. >> these are accounts that we heard from several women. the executive producer of the
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show has been with charlie at the show since 1991. i will say that numerous women told us they were initially very assured by her presence even if they were feeling perhaps a little bit of concern about how charlie was acting. many thought if he had such strong powerful woman by his side running the show they were in a safe environment. unfortunately, many of them feel deeply conflicted emotions toward evet. they feel that they communicated to her he was acting inappropriately and she should have done more in certain cases. >> vega said i should have stood up for them. it is crushing. i deeply regret not helping them. amy britain thank you for your report and thank you for joining us. one of the writers who broke the charlie rose story. i want to go to montgomery alabama, where members of roy moore's campaign are holding a press conference. >> her own mother told breitbart news that there was no phone in her bedroom. so we know that has proved to be
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a falsehood as well. fourthly, corfman claims that moore picked her up around the corner from her house. corfman alleges she would meet moore around the corner from her house and he would take her to her house, according to her. however, according to public records that the media has not bothered to look at we've been able to find that corfman's supposed pick up place was almost a mile away from her mother's house and would have been across a major thoroughfare. this is yet another improbable fact in leigh corfman's own words and story that the media has not bothered to investigate. final lesion i would point out that corfman's father didn't live in gads den or rainbow city. he lived farther away in owe hatchy, alabama as is borne out by these court documents that you may all find at the county courthouses. john adams once stayed facts are
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stun on things and whatever may be our wishes, inclinations or the dictates of our passions they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. if the liberal media were half as interested in investigating these accusations against judge moore as they are in scaring up 1980s erra false gossip at the gads den mall then we would be getting to the bottom of this and moving on. we urge the press to do its job. thank you. >> my name is stan cook. i've known judge moore for many, many years. knowing his history, knowing that he has run five campaigns in 35 years, i would like to point out never has there been a time that his character or his integrity has been questioned in any of those political races. and with all of this vetting, why now, four weeks before the election? and why has he been attacked so
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ruthlessly, especially by the media, when the evidence and the facts are so easy to find? for my part, i want the review two things. the gloria all red story as attached to beverly nelson and the yearbook, and to the mall ban, the supposed mall ban. first, judge moore adamantly, and without any hesitation, rebuked gloria allred and beverly nelson for the false allegations concerning the yearbook. on wednesday, one of our attorneys pointed out the message in the yearbook had been altered, faked, to look like moore's signature and the moore campaign has called on nelson's attorney, gloria allred to release this yearbook for further analysis. she has refused. allred has refused. and she said on msnbc that even
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if the yearbook entry was altered, it would not affect the integrity of the allegation. allegations are words. they are not facts. allegations are words. they are not indictments. and they are not charges. it would not affect the integrity of their allegation? that's ridiculous. the yearbook was her star witness, and the witness has failed. nelson's stepson took it upon himself to even post a video saying that he believed his stepmother was lying, being deceptive, and she did that for financial gain. in additional news reports, nelson's former boyfriend at the time alleged that when this incident took place that the nelson story was false and her former boyfriend believes judge
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moore and not beverly nelson. in addition, the moore campaign has unveiled statements from key witnesses that completely counter all details of beverly nelson's story. and we can provide those to you. they are from past news releases that news media outlets have refused to print. now, onto the restaurant itself. former waitresses at the old hickory house restaurant said employees had to be 16 years of age. no 15-year-olds worked there. according to employees the dumpsters were located on the side of the building. they were never in the back. the old hickory house set off a four-lane highway. it had a wraparound porch, lights all around that porch, and it was lit properly. nelson claimed the surroundings were dark and isolated. again, a major contradiction.
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rhonda ledbetter, who worked at the old hickory house almost three years states that the earliest that the restaurant closed was at 11 a.m., but almost midnight. the reason why the restaurant never closed at 10 a.m. was that the good year plant workers would come over and have their meal after their shift ended at 10 p.m. the restaurant never closed at 10 p.m. and this also contradicts nelson's claim. it is unlikely there was an entrance to the back of the building because the property was adjacent to homes and their backyards. there was no thoroughfare behind the building. nelson claimed that judge moore came in almost every night and set at the counter. but former employees tell us that customers that set at the counter were served by the short order cook and they never
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interacted with the wait staff. additionally, two former waitresses and two former patrons state that they never saw judge moore in that restaurant. these witnesses have shared their testimony on multiple occasions with multiple news outlets. but these media outlets have refused to tell this story. now let me go on to the shopping mall ban innette waugh county. as you know, it is a small county. politics is rough in that county. political knives are sharp. it's old school. some contests from old days are being relived now. some people are seeking vengeance for past events that they have concocted or said or dreamed up. but let me set this record
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straight. roy moore's character has been spoken of and spoken for for 40-plus years of public service. and only now has these accusers come forward. this is an effort by these people, the liberal media, the republican establishment, to malign the good name of judge noor r moore. yesterday judge moore's campaign unveiled key witnesses that have debunked the claims of being banned from the mall. we contacted johnny adams. johnny adams was the mads den mall operations manager for 14 years. he worked there for 26 years. his statement is as follows. in all my 26 works of working at the mall, i never heard anything about roy moore being banned from the mall or any other
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mention of issues concerning him. as the operations manager overseeing mall security, i would have been aware of any incident that would have occurred. there were none. in closing, i want to say this. you men and women of the media are responsible for the stories and printing the truth. free press is what we cherish in this country. but not being free with the facts. and i'm asking you, i'm urging you, i'm imploring you, to print and tell the truth. thank you. >> will you take some questions? >> no. we're not. not right now. listen. i'm dean young. i've been with judge moore for 25 years and i was with him before the aclu rolled into alabama and had their tails kicked. and i have been with him all these years. let me just tell you something. the same thing is going to happen on december the 12th.
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all of this stuff is going to be settled. and judge moore will be our necks senator. alabama ans, i want to talk to you. you guys are seeing us through the national tv shows, but the local alabamians, i want to tell you what's going on. i want you to understand, alabamians, that the judge moore you knew two weeks ago is the same judge moore. and what we're seeing on a national and a worldwide effort is to stop judge roy moore at any cost. when i say any cost, mitch mcconnell has spent over $30 million trying to stop judge moore. the "washington post" and all the fake media for the last two weeks have said everything they can say about judge moore. they are trying to dig people up, put them on tv, and say judge moore is a bad guy. the contest is this. and this is whether the rubber hits the road. what are alabamians going to do? if you can be tricked, bam
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bapibap i -- alabamians with the $30 million from mitch mcconnell -- maybe it's $40 million by now and the "washington post" fake stories -- if you can be tricked in two weeks about judge roy moore, then they win. and what do they win? why is it such a big deal? why two weeks ago did we wake up and we hear all this stuff about judge roy moore that we have never heard although we have watched him for 25 years stand for what's right. always has. he stands for what's right, what's just, and what's fair. . and we all know that in alabama. all right? so why did this happen? i think the future of this country rides on this race. and let me tell you why. donald trump just exploded the establishment. this is the first senatorial election since donald trump went into office. so the magnitude of what's going on here can't be overestimated.
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you have got to understand, alabamians, that the world is watching you. you know, we read that story about esther, says such a time as this. it's not just judge moore for such a time as this. it's you people in alabama, because you are the ones that are put here, i believe, by god, to make a decision that will affect the course of not only this nation, but the world, because the world is watching to see what you do. and the question is, can you be tricked? can you be tricked? because all hell is coming to alabama against judge roy moore. anything they can do, any lie they can make up, any person they can drag up and put in front of a tv camera and say negative things about judge moore is coming. but don't be tricked. because you -- >> all right. that's dean young. he's roy moore campaign strategist. we'll continue to listen to him
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off camera. i want to talk to van hillyard in huntsville, alabama. this is the third of three speakers, von, who attacked a combination of the liberal media and the republican establishment. it's going to come as news to a lot of americans that those two groups are working together. but, again, a full throated defense once again of roy moore as you heard. >> you just heard stan cook there all hell is being let loose here in alabama. but they still haven't talked -- i mean they are talking about this in almost conspiratorial terms. these are nine separate women now living in different parts of the state. when you talk to voters you say who is behind this? and they throw out names like luther strange, mitch mcconnell, the democrats. the former chief of staff to roy moore is standing up there as well as a friend in stan cook but they don't have much evidence beyond suggestions that there was no back door of the restaurant. and le corfman didn't have a
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phone in her bedroom, that the yearbook is faked. gloria allred, to note, she called a congressional hearing in which they would turn over the yearbook if roy moore would testify under oath. the hard part is ali you and i weren't around for this and these are allegations. at the same time, roy moore hasn't been seen since thursday. he's not coming out today and giving this press conference. he has been missing. there is nothing on his schedule. i think until we hear the words coming directly out of his mouth right now he is up against the likes of le corfman and beverly nelson. and the point i want to make here is there are seven other women that have come forward with allegations that no one at the press conference is speaking to or breaking down. >> they focused on a couple of unique things. i think it is affair to say -- you know this, von, and i have interviewed several roy moore supporters. we are very involved in this discussion. we are talking to accusers and
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we are talking to supporters because it is a big deal what's going on there. von, i heard you talking earlier. there is polling that indicates that doug jones, the democrat, is ahead. but that polling is less accurate in a special election because of turnout normally which would be in most cases low and because of the fact that in this case there may be republicans who would have been roy moore supporters. they are not going to vote for doug jones but they may stay home. so reading those polls doesn't really tell who you is going to win this election on december 12th. >> it's not dissimilar from what we saw in president trump's election. republicans that were disenchanted but suggested that they either vote for a third party candidate or not vote at all. essentially what happens is here in alabama roy moore has this base level. but if you take off one republican vote and they don't go to the follows and it doesn't go to doug jones it paks it that much more difficult it's essentially half as effective. going around over the last two weeks, i talked with voters here in huptsville and i want to play you sound bytes where i think
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that that point should be taken under consideration here if you are democrat doug jones with just three weeks left. here's what a couple people told us. are the allegations giving you pause? >> yes. >> how do you think you will decide three weeks from now? >> i'm just not sure. just have to put my thoughts into it. >> you are definitely voting for doug jones? >> yes. >> would you vote potentially for doug jones? >> probably not. >> what's your alternative? ? >> i would vote for roy moore. yeah, i've been a life long conservative. >> roy moore or doug jones? >> neither. >> why? >> don't like either candidate. >> do you usually vote republican? >> yeah. >> this time though? >> neither. >> you are a little hesitant? >> probably not going to vote. >> for all the attention we give roy moore, i should note that doug jones is actually on the campaign trail. he's here in huntsville where he is going to be meeting with
12:22 pm
defense contractors here this afternoon. he will be delivering his open press conference at 5:00 in person. and he is participating in a town hall in madison tonight. roy moore has essentially gone missing and has left his spokespeople to do the talking for him. doug jones is crossing the state doing the campaigning himself. >> von, thank you for your great reporting from alabama. in montgomery for us. the other high-profile case of alleged sexual misconduct we are volg involved the longest serving member of the house. john conyers denying allegations first reported by buzz feed. however he acknowledges he paid out a former staffer $27,000. he says it was not for millions of dollars but for an amount that equated to a reasonable severance payment. there are statutory requirements of confidentiality that apply to
12:23 pm
the employee and me regarding this matter. lee yawn caldwell joins us now. there are calls for an investigation into conyers, including by the top democrat in the house. >> that's right ali. there is a lot to unpack here in this story. leader nancy pelosi put out a statement saying the committee should investigate this. what is deeping than this, what we know about this is not only that there is more allegations against this member of congress, but also we are finding out more about the process. we are finding out that the woman who accused conyers, conyers and the woman settled their claim outside of the official process. instead, they had a settlement within each other. and congressman conyers used his discretionary funds that he gets from congress to give her this severance package. we have a statement from representative jackie spehr who has been very critical of this process. and she highlights this.
12:24 pm
she says, quote, if this is true, talking about the taxpayers dollars from conyers's official funding -- says the amount of taxpayer money used to settle these case is even higher than the number that's been provided by the office of compliance. not only are more allegations coming out here in washington, but also there is more spotlight on the process and the accountability that these members have. and reporting it, and the victims' rights that they have in talking about it. >> this is an interesting point that you make. because under normal circumstances it would seem really weird to work outside the process. except that stephanie and i have been looking into the process at congress. and it's an impossible byzantine ridiculous process. i almost wonder whether sometimes someone might want to work outside of that process. look, clearly there is a lot of work to be done on congress about how to deal with sexual
12:25 pm
improprietity. leann caldwell for us in washington. as we continue to talk about allegations of sexual misduct in hollywood and congress and media, we cannot forget this happens everywhere, in all types of work environments. i'm talking with the author of "on your case". lisa, it is saddening the degree to which we are learning how pervasive this is. a recent poll indicates that 35% of women say that they have been sexually harassed in the workplace. 9% of men have said so. i don't know how much you know about that congressional system. it's awful. it's really -- it was invented, i don't know by whom. but it's the most ridiculous thing around. >> here's where we are. that chart, i saw it of the congressional process, byzantine is the appropriate word. let's look at the law. when i wrote my book the chapter on sexual harassment will make
12:26 pm
you want to put your head in your hands and take ten aspirin. you have to keep notes, you have to go to hr. you have to go to the eeoc sometime. and the percentage of women -- mostly women who have claims hare heard and jude kated finally in a court, about 5%. compare that to the extraordinary scenes we are seeing now where men are admitting behavior and suffering consequences and ask yourself do we have systemic problems in congress, in the court system that are barring women from coming forward faster when there are claims. a lot of these women's are decades away from the jobs that made them miserable. >> that's part of it. a woman i was speaking to this morning said your courses of action, possible outcomes if you have been a victim of harassment are all bad. either you are not believed. or you are believed and you are still associated with it. or you do nothing and you live with either the anguish or the guilt or the responsibility of
12:27 pm
not having taken down somebody who then may have done it to someone else. there's no -- there's no great outcome if you are a woman who has been harassed. >> you know what is weird? there is a loss in all of all of these stories about celebrities is a supreme court case. justices heard oral argument this year about a case that would restrict employees rights to ban together and sue a company and instead would have to go through individual arbitration. i ask you does that improve the odds for women at an employer who are together experiencing sexual harassment to get appropriate kpags or does it make it harder? >> right. >> if it makes it harder why is the law heading in a direction that seems opposed to the extraordinary scenes we are seeing right now. >> what's the solution? part of is -- some of this is only going to be solved by men who understand they are enablers. each if they are not harassers or abusers or assaulters. there is a bigger situation in that we have got an environment in which we as men arev allowed this to -- i'm going to ask you
12:28 pm
to hang on. president trump did comment about roy moore. >> i will be talking. i can tell you witness thing for sure. we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. jones, i've looked at his record. it's terrible on crime. it's terrible on the border. it's terrible on the military. i can tell you for a fact we do not need somebody that's going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad with the military, bad for the second amendment. >> is an accused child molester better than a democrat? is -- >> well, he denies it. look, he denies it. i mean, if you look at what is really going on and you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen. and you know, you have to listen to him also. you are talking about -- he said 40 years ago this did not happen. you know. i'll be letting you know next
12:29 pm
week, but i can tell you you don't need somebody who is soft on crime like jones. >>. [ overlapping speakers ] >> what is your message to women sir during this pivotal moment in our country when we are talking about sexual misconduct. you have had your own allegations against you -- what do you say to women? >> let me just tell you, roy moore denies it. that's all i can say. he denies it. by the way, he totally denies it. go ahead. >> mr. president, what is your message to women? this is a pivotal moment in our nation's history? >> women are very special. i think it's a very special time because a lot of things are coming out. and i think that's good for our society. and i think it's very, very good for women. and i'm very happy a lot of these things are coming out. >> do you believe the accusers. >> i'm very happy it's being exposed. >> do you believe the -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> i don't know. look. i don't want to speak for al franken. i don't know -- i just heard
12:30 pm
about conyers two minutes ago. as far as franken is concerned, he's going to have to speak for himself. i'd rather have him speak for himself. what? >> [ inaudible ]. >> we had a great call with president putin. we are talking about peace in syria. very important. we are talking about north korea. we had a call that lasted almost an hour and a half. we just put out a release on the call. but we are talking very strongly about bringing peace to syria. we are talking very strongly about north korea and ukraine. >> should assad go? >> [ inaudible ]. >> can't hear you, louder? [ inaudible ] >> i'm not going to get involved in litigation. but personal lesion i've always felt that that was a deal that's not good for the country. i think your pricing is going to go up. i don't think it is a good deal for the country. but i'm not going to get involved iflts' litigation. >> mr. president, should assad
12:31 pm
go. >> have a very great thanksgiving. >> should assad go? >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, he denies. roy moore denies it. >> what about the women, what about the anyone women. >> he is in total denial. i do have to say, 40 years is a long time. he has run eight races and this has never come up. so 40 years is a long time. the women are trump voters. most of them are trump voters. all you can do is you have to do what you have to do. he totally denies it. >> but what about the nine women, mr. president? the "washington post" went to them. >> mr. president, do you believe congress should release the names of lawmakers who have settled on sexual harassment claims? >> i do. i really do. i think they should. thank you. have a good thanksgiving, everybody. >> should assad go? >> okay. i just want to be clear that everybody heard that. this is a shift in position by the president, who until now had been saying it is up to the voters to decide.
12:32 pm
he has said it numerous times. sarah huckabee sanders said that. the president changed his tune. he said we do not want a liberal democrat in the senate. we do not want somebody who will imperil the second amendment and we do not want somebody who is soft on crime. he said those are the things doug jones is. let's just be clear in case this was missed. the president has for all intents and purposes endorsed roy moore for the senate in alabama. that is a shift in the president's position that we have just heard. kristen welker was there when it happened and was questioning the president aggressively on this. kristen, the president said he's glad a lot of these things are coming out but in the next sentence he said there is no way, you have got to take roy moore's dms at face value. >> the shift in tone is striking ali. no doubt about that. you are absolutely right. and just to reiterate this very
12:33 pm
important point, when the president was in asia the message that was coming were the white house was that if roy moore was in fact guilty of these accusations that he should in fact drop out of the race. now we've had more women come forward. we have heard more fulsome details about their stories and yet the president today saying effectively that roy moore would be better than a liberal democrat, essentially he's saying he wants someone who is going to support his agenda. he wants someone who is going to be a yes vote when it comes to tax reform. i don't know if you could hear it but i pressed him on whether an accused child molester was better to go to the u.s. senate than a liberal democrat. he again went back to that talking point ali that bottom line is he wants to see his agenda upheld. it is he was asked whether he would campaign for roy moore. he said he might have more details about that next week. i can give you a zones of some of what has been happening behind the scenes.
12:34 pm
we know he has been taking calls from outside people who are close confidants who have been encouraging him to stand by roy moore. of course we have seen the steve bannon branch of trump people not break ranks with moore your. and that encouraged him to stay in the race. the president himself effectively endorsed roy moore although not by name, you will notice. he didn't say vote roy moore. he instead says we don't want a liberal democrat to head to the u.s. senate. anticipate this is going to get a lot of reaction throughout the day particularly as we continue to track these growing and mounting developments of sexual misconduct throughout our country. >> this is a big development. we don't always see the sausage being made there, but we did hear you being insistent in our questioning of the president on a remarkably important topic.
12:35 pm
thank you for that. >> thanks ali. up next, the trump administration announcing it is going to end temporary residency status for victims of haiti's earthquake. and we've got another -- multiple topics to cover. we'll do that when we come back. the president is taking off. he just landed now. he is going to get on air force one and he is going to go to florida. we will see you on the other side of the break. lower back pain has met its match. aleve direct therapy. the only remote controlled tens device that's drug free, wire free for deep penetrating lower back pain relief. get aleve direct therapy. now $10 off with a coupon at walgreens.
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across the atlantic, russian president vladimir putin's call with president trump lasted for more than an hour according to
12:39 pm
the white house. one of the main focuses of their talks was the future of syria and supporting the u.n.-led geneva process to peacefully resolve the syrian civil war. president trump spoke about the call moments ago. >> we had a great call with president putin. we are talking about peace in syria. very important. we are talking about north korea. we had a call that lasted almost an hour and a half. we just put out a release on the call. but we're talking very strongly about bringing peace to syria. we are talking very strongly about north korea and ukraine. >> i want to break this down with my old friend bobby gouache, the former editor in chief with the hindu stan times. one of the smartest guys i know on these things. let's put aside that some people believe that trump is too colonel conciliatory with vladimir putin. vladimir putin met with assad in
12:40 pm
sochi making it clear that he remains in power with russian support? >> yep. >> how do we put this in line. >>? >> it underlines the point that assad is now part of the russia iran example and the u.s. if it had any influence in the past, which was very little, has no influence now. assad is a puppet of putin now. >> by the way, this president is working to weak ten iran deal, in some cases threatened it entirely, which was an area of nunes that the united states had had with iran. as flawed as the deal may be. >> the u.s. had some leverage, but once the deal was made that leverage went away. i think president trump is trying to regain some leverage. but he's trying to do it in a way that would embarrass and put in a difficult situation many of america's allies who signed up on the same deal. it's not -- if it was a question of the u.s. and iran just being the two signatories on the deal that's one thing. but you have the european powers
12:41 pm
have also signed up on the deal and they can't be seen to break their word. their countries depend on iran for more oil and gas than the u.s. does. so he's -- putin -- beg your pardon. trump is in a really weird place. on one hand he is good friends or wants to be good friends with putin. putin is good friends with iran but trump is not. in syria, and iraq and the middle east you have to look at this through the prism of the weird dysfunctional three sided. >> both leaders said there is no military solution to syria. >> after bombing the living daylights out of the country. >> what does that do, how does it kmapg the dynamic, if the two powers involved said there is no military solution here that
12:42 pm
might look like it emboldens assad. >> assad now is sitting pretty. he has momentum on his side. the last important town that was held by isis, isis has been driven away. the non-villages, the non-terrorist opposition to him, which was backed by the u.s. in the past is not getting the same kind of love from washington under the trump administration. assad is sitting pretty. he has two powerful patrons who are closer to him physically than the united states in iran and russia. >> our defees of isis which was necessary because it was a horrible organization, while they have in large part been defeated on the ground in iraq and syria, the syria problem started with assad and his regime not with ice snis that's right. you have a secular opposition. some of them associated with religious groups. a lot of them are fighting against assad because they are fighting for democracy, not because of any religious
12:43 pm
doctrine. they are now sort of orphaned, if you like, they don't have a lot of support. a little bit from turkey. but turkey, recognizing the changing dimensions in the middle east, is also beginning to quietly shift its position. knows guys the people who stood up against assad and demanded democracy they are being isolated and left to essentially die in the middle of the bad lands of syria. >> let me ask you about a story that's been flying under the radar but remarkably important in zimbabwe. after 37 years, robert mugabe resigned. he started off as a revolutionary. he was a hopeful guy, a hopeful guy, revolution leader and never released power.
12:44 pm
>> he was brought down would you tell without a lot of bloodshed. in a country where his creatures turned on him. nearly four decades of this man. stepped out. it was reminiscent from the square in egypt and cairo. the question to see there is what the military does next. do they hand power over to the people or do they hands it over to cronies of mugabe. unfortunately it look like the latter rather than the former. >> right. >> right you no, it will be churlish not to celebrate with the zimbabweans. they are happen to see the back of this man and we should be happy. >> economically the people suffered. currency was devalued by hundreds of times. their money was worth nothing. zimbabweans of means left the country. denuded the place of all of its resources. >> this used to be the bread basket of africa. >> absolutely. >> it is rich with fertile
12:45 pm
potential. the potential still exists. the world wants zimbabwe to succeed. african countries want them to suck set. if they can get the leadership thing sorted out if they can get a bit of democracy going soon the potential in that country is enormous. we hope they can live up to it. >> bobby, because you follow the world so closely i want your quick read on what's going on in the middle east vis-a-vis saudi arabia, which seems to have been given license by the house of trump to meddle in a way that might be destabilizing. >> yes, they have been given carte blanche by the trump administration but i would not read too much into that. this is being driven by domestic politics. you have a crown prince who needs to prove himself. >> young man, mohammad bin salman on the right-hand side. >> he wants to prove himself. he is 30 years old. he has no track record of any islanders kind of success. he was instrumental in the war in yemen who is going padly for
12:46 pm
saudi arabia. he needs to compensate for that in some way. he is flexing his muscles, using iran as the baggie man has always been a go-to play for many arab leaders. and he's doing the same. yes, the trump administration signed off on it. you know what, each if they hadn't he would have done the same anyways. my take. >> bobby, thank you for joining us today. bobby gouache, general expert on all things in the world. developing news in the united states. governments continue fight to isolate north korea. the trust department issued new sanctions the day after the country labeled the country a state sponsor of terror. joining me, a person who understands these things better than most of us. agar, what do you make it of. tillerson said yesterday these sanctions are going to matter actually probably more than the declaration of north korea as a
12:47 pm
state sponsor of terrorism. they were once, until 2008, on that list. now they are back on it. but these treasury sanctions he said might move the kneeling. >> that's right. president trump also tried to prepare everybody for some strong action. said at the end of the next few weeks this administration will have imposed the highest level of sanctions to date on north korea and that this is all part of a maximum pressure campaign. >> right. >> so today's move is certainly important. and it is a good move. it's in the right direction. treasury today imposed sanctions on 13 entities and a number of vessels and one individual. those include chinese trading companies. a number of vessels in north korea's shipping sector and some companies as well. and then interestingly, an entity that handles north korean overseas labor. and so where you are going to see the real effect is obviously north korea as trade, trade related -- the trade they did with these chinese companies in particular. that is obvious low a road they used to -- >> just to be clear, we think of
12:48 pm
and we talk about north korea as the hermit kingdom by most standards it is a very isolated country. but what you are describing is a country where they still have some ability to get other currency and other money from other places. it's not entirely sealed off and these sanctions move a little bit closer to sealing them off? >> right. that's right. so north korea, it is -- it's relatively isolated, of course. but they are still very much able to continue raising and moving funds, pursuing trade, accessing the international financial system, posing risks to everybody. and that's mainly through entities based abroad with whom they work. >> right. >> and so they are not -- >> that's not just china. there are north koreans in other places. >> right. china probably bears the bruptd of most of it. >> right. >> which is why their cooperation is so critical. i hope that was a main talking point of president trump's on his trip. but there are other avenue. when it comes to these guest workers, they are in africa, in the middle east, in poland. that's something that the
12:49 pm
administration can crack down on. >> they go the other places work, earn currency and take that back to north korea and that's some sort of income for north korea. >> right. >> this administration is trying to bring north korea to its knees. it appears with the information we get out of north korea their gas shortages, gas stations closed food shortages. we already know that north koreans don't eat the number of calories that you knead to eat to survive. how does one look at sanctions when one knows that there is a starving country? >> there is an interesting aspect to today's action that actually i think treasury carefully deliberately pursued this action to impose pain on the elites or the regime. and that's the sanctions against the chinese trading companies in particular. the reason is because those trading companies out over the course of the last four years exported $650 million worth of goods to north korea. >> right. >> and imported $100 million worth of goods from north korea. so those goods are like coal and
12:50 pm
iron and things like that. but the goods that the north koreans are seving, these are goods that make their lives easier, better, things like vehicles and stuff like that. that's what, vehicles, these actions are meant to make their daily lives and that of the elite more painful. >> former spokesperson covering terrorism financial intelligence. up next, big changes could be coming to how you surf the internet. but a man is being charged with hacking into hbo's computer system leaking some of the cable network's cable shows, demanding millions of dollars in ransom. his face is now be found on fbi's wanted posters. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪
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so how old do you want uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure...
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ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls. wow. yea. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change. investment management services from td ameritrade. okay, we're back with just minutes to go before the markets close. u.s. stocks were up a ton earlier today. it's mellowed a little bit. you can see the dow is up .66%. that's not bad, the other indexes are up as well. let's take a look at the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. we got some important news from the federal communications commission today on net neutrally, which could affect you if you watch the web or
12:55 pm
video streaming services so it will affect everybody. the fcc laid out a plan that would give internet providers broad power to possibly slow down -- or it could create internet fast lanes to make some content more user friendly. this could give -- the move from the fcc chairman targets obama era regulations that treated the internet like a public utility and regulated it as such. the new plan will be voted on by an fcc panel next month. this is a complicated one. i want to bring in tony rum, i always get push back when i say it's complicated, because people who like net neutrality, and i do too, either the internet is free and neutral or it's not. the broad claim made by the
12:56 pm
verizons and others is that it's the type of regulation that is in place that the obama administration put in that they feel they didn't like. >> the self-is always in the details and it is hard for most people to understand. it is this idea that network providers like comcast and verizon and so on shouldn't be allowed to regulate how you use the internet or being able to access the kind of contempt you want. this has been broken down in washington, d.c. over the course of 15 years on how to do it. under barack obama, the fcc put forward rules that treated internet companies like utilities. and now that republicans control the fcc, the chairman has set his agency on the course to delete those rules. and for him, this is all about deregulation, we have seen this with the trump administration across the board, with climate change regulations and whatnot. now we're focused on net
12:57 pm
neutrali neutrality. >> is it weird to think of these companies as utilities? when you have to provide id, you have to provide your account number. i guess it's becoming strange now because these companies that are distribution companies are also content companies. >> they're lifelines for people. and what the fcc did under obama, is put broad band internet companies on par with old school telephone companies. the issue is that in pursuing those regulations, it harmed investment, it created all kinds of uncertainty. they eventually took the fcc to court in order to try to overturn them. and that case didn't have to go to court because republicans took over the fcc. consumer groups say this is the sort of thing that is going to hurt consumers. >> and the danger that some
12:58 pm
people cite is if these internet companies -- startups and small companies that can't afford to pay the peopremium to be stream at the same speed. >> they call them internet toll lanes for a reason, it's because there's a fear that at&t and other internet companies would be able to charge to consumers for the fastest content available. the rules certainly don't close the door to that. and consumers lashed out at this very thing when democrats are trying to do net neutrality. it drove that protest online. consumers really didn't like the idea of online fast lanes. but if you talk to these companies, they say that having paid priority access, they can
12:59 pm
enable certain services. >> they make more money for charging toll lanes on the internet with faster services and with that money they will build out more? >> their argument is that you don't want that traffic traveling on the same part of the internet as us watching cat videos on youtube and so forth. one additional thing to put frart here is that the new rules would require more transparen transparencies, so companies would have to make clear that they're doing this, but these rules are more complicated than what democrats had. >> that wraps up another busy hour for me. i'm going to see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 eastern with stephanie reuhl and then again at 3:00 p.m. deadline white house stawith nie wallace starts right now. asked and now finally
1:00 pm
answered. president trump would rather have an accused sexual molester in office than a democrat. the president moments ago breaking his silence on alabama senate candidate roy moore one week after returning from his trip to asia, essentially endorsing, though not by name is man who's accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl. >> i can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat, jones, i have looked at his record, it's terrible on crime, it's terrible on the border, it's terrible in the military. i can tell you for a fact, we do not need somebody that's going to be bad an crime, bad on borders, bad for the military, bad for the second amendment. >> roy moore is an accused child molester. >> he denies it. if you look at what is really going on, and you look at all the things that have happed


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