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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 22, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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person in there. a democrat. >> should assad go? >> well, he denies. roy moore denies. >> what about the women. what about the nine women? >> he's in total denial and i have to say, 40 years is a long time. he's run eight races this has never come up. >> he seems to be endorsing someone who's in an accused child molester. >> he is undermining all the senators who have threatened to expel roy moore. >> if the president embraces roy moore, this is a huge gift for democrats. >> the president isn't just siding with moore, he's not ruling out the possibility of campaigning with him. politico reports the president privately doubted the reports of the accusers and that according to white house advisers, he quote, drew parallels between moore's predicament and the one
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he faced just over a year ago. in alabama, the moore is taking a page out of the president's own playbook. he's now threatening to see one of his accusers. >> did you ever date or go out with underage women? >> no. no. >> have you ever engaged in any sexual misconduct with any person? >> no, it's against the law and it's, it would be wrong. >> with just weeks to go until alabama votes, who do they believe and which side will they take? let's get to our reporters. peter alexander is in west palm beach, florida. nbc capitol hill reporter, leanne caldwell is in d.c. earlier in the week, the white house's line was this matter should be left to voters. even with that, moore's opponent is using many in the white
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house's, many in the house white house, in the administration's own words, to further his cause for senate. he's now out with this new ad. take a look at it. >> and the list is growing. they were girls who roy moore immorally pursued them. now they are women. witnesses to us all of his disturbing conduct. will we make their abuser a u.s. senator? tina johnson. >> that's doug jones' new ad. follows the one where he used ivanka trump's words and jeff sessions' words. now he is weighing in. >> well specifically, we heard from the white house earlier this week. sarah huckabee sanders saying the president and white house would leave it to the alabama
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voters here, but what changed is that the president got before cameras yesterday and was pressed on this topic by kristen welker and that's when you see similarities between his own experience. as you just noted, the white house advisers that he saw the predicament he faced where he face ed allegations of sexual misconduct, all that he denied and he saw moore and what he described as a similar situation. he raised that issue yesterday. what was striking is at the same time, he said he was happy with these women coming forward. he said women are very special. he described this as a very special time right now. so o when it's done privately, white house officials say to me that president has gotten into this. has only made their job more can difficult to sort of fight on his behalf on this issue. specifically to the web video you just ed played from doug jones' campaign. it's not an ad, just a web
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video. means they spent almost on it. it's purpose is obvious, for us to be talking about it. to get the traction it's getting. and doug jones in the course of the last several days, really beginning yesterday, has begun to use these accusations against moore. he said yesterday he believes some of the accusers now using their names in the new web video to draw yet more attention to this and democrats believe this is the president's support of roy moore. >> peter, we're going to get back to moore in a second, but the other thing is of news today in donald trump's world, at least from his twitter feed, he's going after the ucla player's father again today. >> yeah, that's right. this was a pre dawn tirade, a series of insults on twitter. he's on vacation, but not off social media.
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here's what the president specifically tweeted about the father of one of those ucla basketball players that we've been reporting on who was briefly detained in china along with some teammates after being arrested for shoplifting. the president writes it wasn't the white house, it wasn't the state department, it wasn't the father's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long-term prison sentence. it was me. too bad he is just a poor man's version of don king but without the hair. you could have spent the next five to ten years during than thanksgiving in china with no nnb ar nba contract. remember, shoplifting is a big deal in china. punk waiting with ungrateful fool. this follows ball, an interview he did saying that you know, he wasn't backing down. he wasn't thinking the president, that he played a role in this. his people helped him in this course of this process but what's most notable is the president enjoys several days at
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his mar-a-lago estate in south florida is that many of his senior aides, almost all, are not with him during the course of the next several days, staying home either to work or be with their own families, which means the potential for the president to do more tweets seems pretty high. >> use every one of those 280 characters. peter alexander, thanks. leanne, back to roy moore. there was a number of folks who do not agree with the president in the republican party. the rnc, which has pulled funding for moore. alabama's plthree biggest newspapers as well, which have urged voters to reject moore and more than 300 faith leerds from across the country who have signed a letter saying moore is unfit to serve. then there are the republicans. republican senators who have called for moore to step aside without the qualifier of if these accusations are true. and leanne, here is a litvinenko l bit more of the gop's
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response. >> i believe the women, yes. i think he should step aside. >> i suggest he do what's best for him, the state, his family, the gop if he stepped aside. >> if the choice is between a democrat or roy moore, i'd choose a democrat. >> the message? >> get out. >> him and the country and for him to find something else to do. >> if he cares about the values and people he claims to care about, then he should step aside. >> so where does this leave mitch mcconnell and other republicans who have said that moore should not serve if he is in fact elected? >> well, katy, if you notice that since the president essentially endorsed roy moore last night, not one senator has come back and reendorsed moore since that happened. every single senator has taken away their endorsement from him p since these allegations came out, except for one. senator rand paul. he's made no comment on the
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issue yet. but majority leader mitch mcconnell, he's very politically savvy as we know and he made the calculation that withdrawing his endorsement of roy moore is more prudent and perhaps the right thing to do than continuing to endorse him. he does know that he has a big vote coming up on tax reform and he still said that roy moore should not be the next united states senator from alabama. >> democrats have their own problems right now as well. there are more calls for congressman john con iniers to step down. is that right? >> that's right. there's more calls for him to step down from his hometown newspaper. and but he did get one instance of perhaps support today from a very high ranking democrat. james clyburn. who said perhaps these allegations aren't true. but still, that's one of very many who are calling for conniers to step down. the ethics investigation is officially open. you know, "the new york times," they referenced an eck tote in
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their story about this, where conniers showed up wearing his pajamas and seems confusesed, twice at official events. he's 88 years old. i think his health has been declining. his mental state has been declining as far as we can tell in the halls of congress and i don't know if this is going to be taken into consideration with the ethics committee, but regardless, the calls for him to step down and for this ethics investigation to not only investigation, but to investigate quickly continue. >> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving and i want to go to the white house. white house reporter for the "wall street journal" and msnbc political analyst and michael, a political reporter for the nbc affiliate in montgomery, alabama. wsfa and senior adviser with mo also contributing editor for
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bustle. eli, not sure if you read petrie dishes this morning, "the washington post" writer, but she had a really brilliant satire piece about donald trump's relationship to words. yesterday, he said women are very special. this is a very special time for them. and that more of these women are feeling empowered the come out, but at the same time, he doesn't believe any of moore's accusers. >> right, the incoherence we often hear when trump speaks is part of the reason and the glibness that it's hard to take some of these words seriously. they sound like satire. biographers of trump have said he's beyond parody. this is one of those intanss where it's sort of impossible to believe this is a good moment when he is also saying that roy moore should be believed, but if you step back from this, you have to remember donald trump's mor ality is entirely political. his view of these events very
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selective. what does he see? a parallel and that of roy moore. and moore's really running the same playbook trump ran, deny, deny, deny and blame the media. so you can understand donald trump feeling the same sort of grievances that roy moore feels. he wants a republican vote in the senate. and you know, he's going to look at it that way where as when al franken is accused or somebody b that's politically expedient for donald trump to attack, who's accused of the exact same thing, he goes right after them. >> it's amazing what tribalism will do to a person's morals, if they have the morals to begin with. let you look over a whole lot of stuff. michael, a quinnipiac poll was looking at what would happen if moore ended up winning and was in the senate. it found 60% of f americans believe the senate should expel more if he is elected. your station also conducted its own poll about the race on whether they believe moore's
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accusers. what did you u guys find? >> when it comes to the actually whether people believe these allegations, seems like most alabamans will have their doubt. it's about 30% hoff of the people who believe the alsos. because that doubt, that's why you still see a lot of people supporting moore when it comes to these issues. because either they don't believe these allegations, they believe it's a political hit job against moore, who's been well-known and controversial here in al fl for quite some time. or they only believe some of the allegations and don't believe they're enough to convince them to vote for democrat who may not reflect what they view and what their political beliefs may be. >> if he wins, how are democrats going to use the vote? how are they going to use moore in the senate to their advantage? >> i think the awful part is that now they will own roy moore and all of the you know,
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accusations of abusing minors and women. that is the quintessential think of what donald trump did yesterday. by stepping own, by taking that action and he is the head of the republican party. not they still own him even before this election is even done on december 12th and so but it also, it's not ali all that surprising because bird of f a feit like to flock together. one sexual abuser standing up for another. in regards to doug jones, i think he's been running smart campaign. he's a champion for women. a champion for lgbt issues. a champion for the civil rights movement. he stood up to the kkk. which was pretty heroic for him to have done that. and what's happening now if you look at the polls, you see that he has gained some ground. this is doug jones. what he's doing now is he has to go after those moderate republicans, those college educated republicans, those disaffected roy moore voters, but at the same time, he has to make sure he energizes his base. sfwl it's a race as all are,
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that will be all about turnout. you were talk iing about doug jones' record. the president yesterday when talking about why voters should not vote for doug jones, used a lot of those stock antidemocrat criticisms that you hear from republicans just why you can't vote for democrats period. the president said jones is bad on crime. we mentioned this yesterday. but jones is a former u.s. toerp. he prosecutored the kkk and members behind the street baptist church for bombing. for a bombing and a birmingham abortion clinic bombing. the president said jones is bad on borders. when it comes to the border wall, jones reportically said it's too expensive, but we need to increase enforcemenenforceme. the president said jones is bad for the military. he said that strong national defense is incredibly important and the president said jones is bad for the second amendment. jones called himself a second amendment guy in an interview
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with chuck todd. the one thing we're not talk in about is his position on borgs. he's pro-choice s. that going to be the one big issue for alabama voters? >> this is a huge issue when it comes to alabama voters. we are more here in alabama, a pro-life state than a more pro republican state. so when it came out he's more pro-choice, that hurt and for those republicans who may be looking to herbally cross over to maybe vote for the democrat for the first time in over a decade, the fact he is pro-choice has given them a little bit of apprehension about potentially voting for him at this point. however, we're going to have to see how this progresses because there's been a lot of misinformation actually put out there about what his views are when it comes to his pro-choice views. and that's also impacted this race here in alabama as well. >> if charlie rose and moore
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deserve banishment, why not trump in more than a dozen women have accused him of sexual misconduct. why can donald trump be in the white house? >> i think that's a great question. he shouldn't be in the white house. he has no credibility. when he talks about women are special. we know exactly how he feels about women. he believes you can do anything to women when you're a tv star. grab them, rape them by the way they look. he believes you can walk into a dressing room with young teenage pageant contestants while they're naked because he can do that. there is no reason i believe that donald trump should be president of the united states. >> guys, thank you very much. one last thing though, eli, congratulations on your engagement, my friend. >> thanks. >> congratulates. >> a wonderful women. many women out there who are i'm sure very sad to hear the news. thank you very much. thank you for joining us. good to see you here. and careen, happy thanksgiving,
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three more women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against charlie rose. all three women were employees at cbs and spoke on the condition of anonymity. while one refrained from detailing her accusations, two more describe unwanted encounters with rose at work related events. the latest roubd follows a "washington post" report that identified eight women who say they were harassed by rose. their allegations range from lewd comments to nudity. nbc news spoke exclusively to sarah gordon, an intern at the show in 2002. she described this encount er with the tv host, when she delivered mail to his apartment. >> he said i want to show you this scene from this movie.
11:21 am
and he said have a seat, you know, relax. and he proceeded to turn on the film, secretary, which is a you know, sexually involved film. involving s and m. alone in an apartment with a man and he's showing it and you're what is going on. and he asked me how does this make you feel. you know, does it turn you on. that kind of stuff. >> cbs, pbs and bloomberg have all severed tied with with him and he told reporters that the claims against him, or told tmz, were not wrong doings. joining me now is the reporter who first broke the story about the charges of sexual misconduct face iing rose. she's a contributing writer for the "washington post" outlook.
11:22 am
and also just a really great person. >> thank you. >> you're my friend, so full disclosure on that. that you said you've been hearing from more accusers since that first story was published. >> we have. i would say that you know, the process of reporting this piece, you have to be so careful. you want to be really scrupulous about what you report, what you say, how you say it, who you talk to at the time. so everything that is in "the washington post" has been reported to the thorough capacity. of who at is possible of any ki of story. since the piece came out, we have been hearing from a lot of women, we're trying to get back in touch with them. it seems clear there was a pattern of behavior here. if you read our story, you can see there were patterns emerging and there's no reason b to believe this is the end of it. >> the employees at cbs who have come forward, is there any reason b to believe that they came forward before and they weren't listen eed to or is thi
11:23 am
sort of thing where people are finally feeling like they have a voice to say it? >> i think you're asking the right questions. i don't want to speculate, but we're certainly doing more reporting on this and also that in our piece, you see that cbs said they did not receive any come plapts relating to charlie rose. we're certainly interested in hearing from any women at cbs who may have had any issues relating to sexual harassment. >> what do you think the difference is between what's going on in hollywood, media and politic. the men who have been accused have been swiftly removed from their positions. the backlash has been fierce. politics. people are hanging on. you have john conniers. al franken. roy moore. there are differing allegations there, and not of all the same severity. but do you think there's a different set of standards for politicians than for everybody else? >> speaking generally, you and i just had this conversation.
11:24 am
i think that we need as many stories as b possible. whether they're in the realm of hollywood or hotel housekeepers or politicians because i think we need to understand this is not about any particular industry. it's about abuses of power across the board. i think politics also has to be accountable, politicians have to be held accountable just like anybody else, but it is not the most helpful conduit u to understand this because it triggers people's tribalism. anybody who's abusing their power needs to be accountable to the public, but what we see is that it figure, that's my guy and i want to defend him. >> i had a fascinating con v conversation with sam noneberg, a former donald trump campaign aide and long-term donald trump associate. he was saying if this sort of thing happened to his sister, if roy moore did these things to his sister, he would have been in jail for the reaction he would have had towards roy moore.
11:25 am
i asked him if he thought donald trump should campaign with him. he said in that respect, no, not if it was my sister, but apparently, it's okay if it's another person's sister. we got to the point where if it doesn't directly affect you or your interests, then you're able to just sweep it under the rug. are we that selfish and single minded that we are sabable so s this person as a d or r in front of their name or might help me that i'm going to ignore something terrible as a women saying she was touched inappropriately when she was a girl, 14, a child, by a 32-year-old man? >> look, i think this is the moment where we are seeing that everybody says when these things come out, how could this have happened. how could no one have told, not put a stop to this. but the human instinct and i would say our societial instinct to cover up for people in power when it doesn't seem to hit
11:26 am
close to home or the lack of empathy for victim, it's across the board. when we think about how much of the world is is organized on these powerful men's terms, whether it's something who's a n newscaster or politician. >> is this just the tip of the iceberg? >> about charlie rose? >> anyone. >> i feel safe to say with all of the reporters working on this issue, i mean one of the things that's interesting to hear now as wer interviewing worses is is is evaluating things they took for granted. >> what about the women in the media, where their accusers might be well-known. what about those just working at a restaurant or a factory or somebody who has a job where no one really cares who her boss is. >> that's the thing that's really difficult about this. that's why i think we have to make it not object any particular incident, but about you know, the culture in
11:27 am
general. and how we make excuses for people who we think are on our side. >> and the same standards should apply to everybody. no matter what their field is. wonderful to see you. happy thanksgiving to you, my friend. contributing writer for the "washington post." we have breaking news from the moore senate campaign. nbc news has confirmed that communications director john rogers has left the campaign. he resigned. we're gathering more information to find out what led to this decision and we'll bring it to you as soon as we figure it out. using the president's twitter feed, a federal judge has blocked donald trump's ban on transgender troops an as we'll show you u next, it is not the first time his tweets have cost him in court.
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a second tweet, a transgender military ban. said the white house offered justification -- calling trump's tweets capricious and arbitrary. pete williams joins us from our washington news room to explain. pete, what else did the judge say about the president's tweets and how are they affecting these decisions? >> they were a factor. basically what the judge says is
11:32 am
you can't just change policy like the this by tossing off a tweet or to quote from his ruling, he says a tweet does not trump the review by military stakeholders qualified to understand the ramifications of policy changes and the fact the judge says is the it's the government can't in certain circumstances discriminate among certain types of employees. you can say for example we don't want drug users driving our trai trains, but there has to be a sound government decision for it. in this case and the earlier rules that reached the same conclusion in late october from a judge here in washington, boeft those rulings said the military has looked into this thoroughly in the past. there was a study that military personnel were involved and that the pentagon concluded there was no reason to ban transgender people. so against that backdrop, both rulings say the simply toss it
11:33 am
off and say we no longer want transgender people in our services, it's bad for unit cohesion. that's not a sufficient bases for that kind of discrimination and both judges say it's unconstitutional. >> this is not the first time that trump's tweets or television interviews or what he said in a rally have been used against him in a court. its religious liberty order its sanctuary city ban. how much are donald trump's own words a factor in these decisions and if he'd just stop tweeting or giving interviews, would that make it more likely his policies would be upheld in the court sns. >> it's most notably in the travel ban context. he said in the campaign and in tweets and speeches he wanted a muslim ban. that sort of was a light motif throughout all the court rulings later. even when the administration's said that doesn't really count.
11:34 am
what he said after he became president. that's the most serious problem for him. to some extent in the sanctuary cities, too. what the judges are say sg that by threatening to withhold money from cities that are sanctuary cities, you're imposing a new restriction on the government spending program that only congress can do. and that's beyond the president's authority. so in all those rulings, the courts have sited other legal reasons other than just the statements or tweets, but especially in the travel ban case, it was more of a problem. >> it's not just they were focusing on the government's arguments. they have to take the president into consideration as well. >> right. and been no help to him. i don't think it's desis neviaeh any of these cases. it may have tipped the scales more in the travel ban context, but it didn't help the president's position. a search is underway for three missing u.s. service members after a navy plane
11:35 am
crashed into the fill fien sea. the navy says the plane was heading to the aircraft carrier when it was shot down southeast of okinawa. 11 were on board. eight were rescued and are said to be in good condition. president trump tweeted he is monitoring the situation and offered prayers for all involved. and we're getting a new look at the dramatic scene from unfolded when a north korean soldier defected earlier this month. security video released by united nations command shows a military vehicle tweeding toward the border. the vehicle passed through check points before getting stuck in a ditch. that's when the driver abandoned the vehicle. north korean guards ran after the soldier and fired at him as he raced towards south korea, hitting him several times. during the pursuit, a north korean soldier briefly crossed the border. cameras captured b south korean soldie
11:36 am
soldiers. they say the actions violated the agreement that ended the korean war. >> the key findings of the special investigation team are that the kpa violated the armistice agreement by one, firing weapons across the mdl and two, by actually crossing the mdl temporarily. >> the defector was flown to a u.s. military hospital and surgeons removed du ed dozens o parasites. including roundworm, nearly a foot long. doctors say he is expected to survive. the soldier's rank and name have not been releaseded. north korea has not yet commented on the defection. joining us now is retired admiral james, dean of the fletcher school at tufts university. a former nato spry allied commander and chief of security and diplomacy analyst. wow. this north korea video is pretty
11:37 am
jarring. they violated the rules. they violated the agreement. what's going to happen next? >> first we've got to look back and recall, this is what we used to see across the berlin wall. you remember that old cold war movie, the spy who came in. people getting shot on the barbed wire. really haven't seen scenes like this in decade. what happens next is hard to say. what we got to worry b about is that this could create a cycle of es kcalatioescalation. north korea will certainly respond with a military attack. south korea might respond. we could be in a real sickle of escalation. by the way, the people you wugt the feel sorry for in addition to the guy with the roundworm, those north koreans who chased and failed to stop him. i guarantee you, they will all be tried, convicted and probably execu execute. heads will roll quite literally
11:38 am
in north korea. >> what could we potentially learn from this e defector? >> they'll be a tactical debrief about his immediate unit. routine, what he did. how he managed to get a and escape. there are a lot of protocols in place. two machin rule kind of things. we'll get a tact kl debrief and a look at the society and psychology of o north korea. we are going to get a pretty interesting picture. we haven't seen one come over in this circumstance in quite a while. >> what about though just what they were able to find in his stomach with the roundworms. what does that tell us about conditions in north korea? >> very, very symptomatic of the distopia that is unfolding in front of the world's eyes there. and of course, the it's not just
11:39 am
on the inside, ka thty. a society that is often considered rather vertically challenged as you and i would relate to, but the size of the north korean people are getting smaller and smaller because of bad nutrition and its brain quo development. all of it indicates a society in deep, deep trouble. >> when they bring journalists into pyongyang to give them a tour of the regime, what journalists say their struck by is the facade they see. these new buildings. grand marches. they make a show of making things look like and then you find out from finding out how bad things are from opening up his body. it's remarkable. go ahead. >> it's the -- village that the soviets put up you're right. happy thanksgiving.
11:40 am
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suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. the company's new ceo revealed tuesday that the personal information of 57 million drivers and customers
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was compromised in a cyber a tack raasch year. the hacker held that data for ransom demanding 100 ground grande before they delete the sensitive information. travis kept the data breach a secret. mike isaac is a tech correspondent for the "new york times." mike, good to see you. why in the world would they cover this up? >> seems pretty ill advised in retrospe retrospect. the whole idea is essentially uber thought they could keep this secret, this data breach a secret. it was one hack as they already had been hack nd the past and expose d the information of 50,000 drivers a few years ago. we'd get the data back by pay ing the ransom and force the hackers to sign mdas when they tracked them down and hopefully
11:45 am
the public never knows better. the problem with that is that it could be illegal because there are laws in a number of states requiring companies to disclose data breaches if certain information is revealed. >> what should consumers be on the lookout, uber users be on the lookout for. how do they know what information was compromised? >> sure, it's been really interesting. first, uber made clear that names, e-mails, phone numbers were the information that was compromised. then driver's license. which is pretty serious for identity theft. i would say monitor your accounts. there have been reports of ride evers and drivers they've been seeing rides not showing up they never took. so really, people should be keeping a close eye on whether
11:46 am
their activities normal. >> what happens to uber next? can they survive this or is lyft going to take their spot? >> it's interesting. i think two years ago, lyft's sort of ongoing survival was a conclusion they were going to lose denver and over the past year, uber has just sustain ed continue ver say over continue ver sy. they've had the scandals internally and it, the business has taken a hit and lyft has gained a lot of market share. now u as you've noted, the new ceo, has to really prove we're turning a new leaf here. this is uber 2.0 as he keeps put ing it. and do a lot of damage control and as you'll see, he's basically on an apology tour trying to say we're a different company. >> also background checks.
11:47 am
if the question, is the culture of dishonesty going to change there at uber. tech thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> thanks for having me. president trump yanks protection for nearly 60,000 refugees who fled haiti after a island. i'll speak with a dad whose children were born here but now he and their mother may be forced to leave. but first, the president is spending his thanksgiving holiday down at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. in case you haven't been count uing how many trips he takes, today marks 99 days that trump has spent at his own resort. so tomorrow is going to be lucky 100 and if you're curious about the golf properties, that number is 77. continuing with the presidential travel trivia, what's his most
11:48 am
visited resort you might ask? trump national bed minister in new jersey where he spent 39 days of his presidency. we'll be right back. are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer, including aarp medicarecomplete plans insured through unitedhealthcare.
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because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. better. that's what i intend to give them. >> i'm wanting to be president of all american. that's everybody. and whether you vote for me or don't vote for me, i really want to be your greatest champion.
11:52 am
>> president trump promised the haitian people he would be their greatest champion at a campaign stop last year in miami's little haiti, but it appears that he is going to break that promise. the homeland security department says it will end the temporary protected status or tps program for haitians by july 2019. it allowed nearly 60,000 people from the earthquake ravaged country to live and work here in the u.s. many of the haitians covered by the program live in florida. state and federal leaders join them in urging president trump to renew it. last week 10-year-old roneed mace a refg appe made a plea to the president. >> they are not criminals. like my parents, like you, they are hard-working honest people who just want a safe place to raise their families. they have deep roots in their communities. they pay taxes. they contribute to the social economic and political fabric of
11:53 am
this great nation. >> joining us now from miami, joined by her father, a tps recipient who is a registered nurse at a miami hospital and came to the u.s. in 1989. roneed and her brother both born in the u.s. thank you both so much for being here. that plea you made to the president, video plea, it was very emotional. how did you feel when you found out that the -- the government was going to end this program? >> well, when i heard that they were going to end this program, tps, it really made me sad, because after a lot of fighting, and this is, like, the result. it's not the best result i was looking for. i'm glad that they renewed tps for 18 mosnths. this is not the right way.
11:54 am
like he said in his election, he wanted to be haiti's biggest champion, but this is not the way, and i thought that he would do something better than to say he will end it. i thought he was going to renew it and start trying to find a way to find a permanent solution. it makes me very sad to know that after all my fightings, it didn't -- it's just -- after all of my fighting, this is, like, the result. it's really sad. >> roneed, since the earthquake, homeland security has made a statement saying that since the 2010 earthquake the number of displaced people in haiti decreased by the 7 perce97%. haiti is able to safely receive traditional levels of return citizens and haiti demonstrate add commitment to adequately prepare for when the country's tps designation is terminated.
11:55 am
is that your sense how things are going in haiti? that it is ready to have these tps recipients back, ready to house them and to employ them and to keep people on their feet? >> we are no doubt ready to receive all of those people after all of the tragedies in 2010. we had earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people. we had [ inaudible ] we had also hurricane matthew last year. we all know that haiti is not ready. not only are they going to deport those 60,000 people, how about the kids? the children? because how am i going it leave my daughter behind when she needs me to help her? she's only 10. and she's in fifth grade. she needs me, and my son born here, he's 17. it is not the right thing to do.
11:56 am
>> is there any other option for you? any way for you to stay here with your daughter, son and your family? >> for now, i don't see any option. the option we're looking for is for the congress to pass a law to give us permanent solution, because i know that tps is temporary, but -- they can change that. they can change it into tps, a solution. a new status. >> what if the government says, listen, you're going back and just take your family with you? that's what the president said in the past when we've asked about displacing undocumented immigrants. asked him, what about ripping families apart in the past? he said all of those families can go together? >> so we cannot go back to haiti, because we've been here for so long. >> yes. >> we have nothing left in haiti, and i'm working hard and been here 18 years. so people, they've been here for
11:57 am
20 and more. so we've been here and america is a country that is built on immigrants. so for, people they've been here, they are family, grandparent are immigrant and even the president, his grandfather came from germany. so already as some kind of immigrant and there are -- we are all immigrant. so -- we need to think about the families, because if we deport those people, there's going to be family separation and can lead to children behind. we need to stay together and for the thanksgiving we want to be able to stay to be joined with family. getting separated from our kids, it's very sad. >> thank you both. roneed, you are an amazing young woman. i think you're destined for great things. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here with us. >> thank you very much. thank you.
11:58 am
one more thing before we go. tomorrow as you know is thanksgiving, but polling show you guys aren't really looking forward to it. it's not the traffic or the flight delays or your sister's dry turkey. it's the man in the oval office. yes. according to the poll gurus at 5:38, 37 mrs percent say the issue most likely to start a turkey day argument is donald trump. more than terrorism, congress, foreign policy, abortion, gay marriage, birth control, health care, the economy, the environment, economic inequality, immigration and personal debt combined. i get it. it is exhausting talking about him all the time. i also get big family gatherings. they are like a chemistry experiment. one misplaced or aside can make the whole place explode. here's the thing. we need to talk to each other. now more than ever. i have been traveling a lot these past few months selling my book and at every event asked, why donald trump voters voted for donald trump, and i do my
11:59 am
best to explain it. the frustration, anger, the feeling like you're screaming at the top of your lungs, to a room full of people wearing ear plugs, and i also try to remind people that you can't write off a third of the electorate. you can't decide, and i hear this a lot from people -- you cannot decide that trump voters are all a bunch of racist, sexist hillbillies. can't use that broad brush and if you do, you're not just doing yourself a disservice but this country a disservice. i don't know the exact moment when we as americans stopped beal ache to talk to each other, the divide between the right and left started looking like a cannon instead of an aisle. the only fix, start talking again. not screams, not name-calling, but listening. listening, talking and trying to understand, especially when it's uncomfortable. especially when it is infuriating.
12:00 pm
if ke don't pull those ear plugs be out of our ears t s screamin never going to it stop. talk to your family this thanksgiving and which you feel like you're going to start screaming, eat another big piece of turkey. when chewing, no choice but listen. that will wrap things up for me this hour. ali velshi? >> that's how i get through life. i eat a lot. can't argue oh debate when eating. well, well said. >> thank you. i'm on the book tour still and that's the question i keep getting. can't paint voters with a broad brush on either side and it's important to talk. >> i agree weekend i wee keep on doing doing it. good afternoon, everybody. i'm ali velshi. one day after president trump all but endorsed roy moore, a shake-up. moore's communication s directo is not longer with the campaign. this comes less than three weeks away from the


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