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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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watching. >> thank you. >> good morning, everybody. i'm stephanie ruhle live in washington, d.c. my colleague ali velshi in new york. you will see him in one hour. it is black friday, november 24th. let's get you started. >> breaking news. in egypt -- >> following a bombing and a shooting at a mosque in cairo. >> men in four offroad vehicles opened fire inside a mosque during a sermon. it looked like a well organized and well armed attack. >> now there is new drama surrounding his one-time ally. >> major news about former national security adviser michael flynn tied to the russia investigation. >> flynn's lawyer notified the president's legal team wednesday night that the retired general's defense team would no longer share information. >> i think it indicates there's serious legal jeopardy for the president of the united states. there's only one person up higher the chain and that's the president. >> if michael flynn did
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something wrong by not disclosing the relationships he had with turkey and other governments, then he should be held accountable for that. >> already up early and tweeting. perhaps the president is trying to take a holiday from the investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. >> yet another a-list celebrity weighing in on the sexual abuse scandals rocking hollywood. >> leading lady uma thurman wielding sharp words. happy thanksgiving, everyone. except you harvey and all your wicked conspirators. i'm glad it's going slowly. you don't deserve a bullet. now thurman hinting more may be coming signing off with an apparent warning, stay tuned. >> after the stuffing comes the shopping. >> this line here at best buy has been growing all morning. >> we're out of that one. we have the one for $949. >> i wait all year for this. it's all cheaper. >> for the first time, shoppers top destination for spending is online. as retailers set to survive in the age of amazon.
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breaking news this morning. as reports of gunfire and explosions at a mosque throw an egyptian coastal city into chaos. hundreds reported dead and state officials say dozens of ambulances were needed to carry the more than 100 injured to hospitals in the north town of bir al abed. i'm not sure how to pronounce it. maybe my producers can help me? bir al abed. video shows ambulances rushing back and forth. and images from inside that i want to warn you are very graphic. they show the carnage as workers look for the tally of those killed. president trump tweeted horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshippers in egypt. the world cannot tolerate terrorism. we must defeat them. military and discredit the
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extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence. retired atf special agent jim cavanaugh also joins us. ali, what is the latest information we have on this? i'm unfamiliar with the territory so i want to be sure i get the name of the town correct. what can you tell us? >> well, stephanie, the details are still coming in. but worshippers attending friday prayer this morning were massacred in that mosque. egyptian state tv is reporting that at least 235 people have been killed. and about 130 others injured in a gun and bomb attack in the packed mosque and the volatile peninsula area of egypt. those numbers have been going up throughout the day and are expected to rise even further. state officials estimate that about 50 ambulances ferried casualties from the scene to nearby hospitals after the attack which seems to have been well organized by heavily armed perpetrators. egyptian officials say militants
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in four offroad vehicles bombed the mosque and fired on worshippers. the gunman also shot at people as they left the mosque and also the balances that were rescuing people. so a scene of utter carnage there, stephanie. >> do we have any thoughts now or do security forces have any thoughts on who could be behind the attack? >> well, right now no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. which appears to be the deadliest in the region so far. but egypt has been targeted both by isis and al qaeda in the past. egyptian security forces have battled the islamic state insurgency. in what's been a very, very violent few years in egypt. stephanie? >> jim, we haven't heard from isis yet. normally in a big attack like this, they like to take responsibility early. what will investigators be looking for as they try to determine responsibility? >> it'd be a hard crackdown on the militants there, stephanie.
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you know, the president of egypt has been battling them in that peninsula. the attacks before have been on police officials. you know, suicide bomb attacks, vehicle ieds on policemen in 2014, last july where they killed 23 and 18 policemen. so it's been a volatile region. the interesting part about it is, i think, the full circle history. just give me a moment to explain. because it's really interesting. 1981 the assassination of sadat by hand grenades and kalashnikovs. we all remember that. they attacked him and killed him. the blind cleric abdul was the one we put in prison for life over the bombing. and so zawahiri formed, his
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group the base and they formed the group together. and zawahiri was the number two and of course we know al qaeda morphed into al qaeda and iraq which then morphed into isis and now is back in egypt and it's really the different iterations of the same group that killed sadat. it went full circle and it's back. it's not changing. it's still murderous. they have a lot to do there. looking at the instant attack, it's not clear if they planted the device initially and threw hand grenades, but it was an ambu ambush. what they were trying to do was draw the worshippers out of the mosque on friday prayer and massacre them as they come out. it's a real lesson for everybody that has to deal with any of these attacks. you don't just run headlong. i always say, you know, that's not the way to respond. you've got to keep your wits about you, better a fast walk or
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a slow jog because you might be running into the planned attack. that's what the worshippers faced here. the death toll is absolutely awful. 235 is the last number i saw. and many, many wounded. >> 235 and so many going to hospital. all right, gentlemen. thank you both. we're going to continue to follow this story as we get updates. turning back home, lawyers for president trump are waking up to a new kink in their defense strategy courtesy of michael flynn. news breaking late yesterday in "the new york times" that attorneys for the ousted national security adviser and early trump booster would stop discussing the special counsel's investigation with them. this could indicate flynn is now cooperating with prosecutors. flynn long denied the campaign's links to russian efforts to undermine the u.s. election often deflecting the issue. i spoke with then-campaign surrogate just over a year ago and tried to get his thoughts on vladimir putin.
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please watch this closely. take a look. >> when i think about vladimir putin and what a dangerous man he is, i ask you, how would you describe vladimir putin in one word? >> you know something, stephanie? here we just cut a deal -- the united states of america just cut a deal with russia -- with russia's direct involvement to give the state leading sponsor in tehran -- >> is putin someone you respect? someone who has killed journalists and innovated crimea? >> stop it with that kind of stuff. >> i'm sorry. stop it with what, sir? >> how you're describing a leader in the world that is -- actually that we have to deal with. we're dealing with him right now. >> okay then may i ask you -- >> you have to deal with russia. we have to deal with russia. we cannot make russia an enemy. russia is a nation that is deeply involved in the middle east right now. the middle east is totally
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unstable. >> okay. well, just for me i don't know vladimir putin, how would you describe him in a word? >> here's what i would say. that we have to find -- we have to find common ground with all of the nations on the -- in the world to be able to work with them to figure out ways to settle some of these situations down. >> sorry. i was just trying to take notes there exactly how did he describe puth nn a word? oh, he didn't. michael flynn's son posted this of tracy morgan yelling everybody calm down. don't we're. calmly joining me now is john harwood and danny cevallos. danny, let's start with you. what could this mean for the investigation if flynn is responding? >> if flynn is cooperating. but we don't know that yet. here's why. the modern joint defense
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agreement is a creation that allows multiple subjects of a grand jury investigation to share information between their attorneys and each other that would otherwise be destroyed by the privilege rules. if you tell anybody other than your attorney, you lose it. this allows them to collaborate. often if one of the parties is going to withdraw and start negotiating a plea agreement or cooperating with prosecutors, they will leave this joint defense agreement. which might be the reason that you see flynn cutting off ties. that is a standard maneuver. it doesn't necessarily mean he's cooperating. it may just mean he's negotiating for a favorable plea agreement or cooperation agreement. and like all negotiations, that may collapse. >> that may collapse. john, i want to share with you what corey lewandowski said earlier today on fox. take a look. >> is the whole russian collusion thing about to come crumbling down on michael flynn
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and this bhoowhite house? >> the bottom line is if michael flynn did something wrong by not disclosing the relationships he had with turkey and other governments, he should be held accountable for that. i don't think this goes to anywhere else but flynn and potentially his son. people who haven't followed the rules, people like paul manafort, mike flynn, if they have done something wrong they should be held accountable. >> okay. so he says these people have to take responsibility. but the list is getting longer and longer. and closer to the top. mike flynn, paul manafort. mike flynn was the nsa director. he was reporting to the top. >> right. and for that matter, the list includes corey lewandowski. remember corey lewandowski is the one who initially denied he approved carter page's trip to moscow. and later said i refresh my memory. now i do remember doing that. so, look. when you have a sequence of events that includes a meeting with the president's son, his
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campaign chairman jared kushner. with russians promising dirt. they acknowledged they discussed in the meeting a measure that was related to russian sanctions. and then you go through the campaign and you have people like mike flynn and president trump never saying a bad word about vladimir putin. you try to get him to say it, he would not say anything bad. he said we've got to work with him. and then of course he lied about his conversations, mike flynn did, with the russian ambassador after the election. that got him fired. there is every indication that what robert mueller is doing is methodically trying to gather information and go up the chain. and there's not much further up the chain you can go than the national security adviser. and that's the president. >> national security adviser. that was mike flynn's post. danny, i want to ask you. a former russian broadcaster gave a talk in the netherlands recently and he discussed the kremlin's desire to push negative stories on hillary
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clinton and positive stories on president trump. why can't the administration just say, yes, they're involved and they want to get to the bottom of it? couldn't one make the argument vladimir putin had the same goal president trump had? but it doesn't mean that they worked together. >> it doesn't necessarily mean they worked together. remember you have election law that is violated any time a foreign national or foreign government is involved in an american election. so the key to the russia investigation really comes down to two major prongs. the first is was there any cooperation by an american in helping russia violate this alleged violation of campaign law or election law i should say. and secondly, was there a coverup? so any time you have any connection whatsoever even if there was an independent act by russia to be involved in an american election, then any connection between any americans
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is suddenly relevant for violation of that law. >> this is an interesting story. it's not going away any time soon. john harwood and danny cevallos, thank you so much. coming up, president trump wasted no time slamming the nfl commissioner after a giants player took a knee during last night's national anthem. what the president is saying and how the league might respond. i also have to point out, guess what happened at that game? the redskins won. even though it seemed like both teams were trying to lose, the redskins won and were pretty stoked about it. plus president trump hitting the golf course today with superstar golfer tiger woods. details after the break. i want to know the details of the president's tweet. he said after golf he's going to come back and talk about all the companies coming back, the jobs. president trump, i would love a detailed list of what companies, what jobs, and when. because we will surely report on it. jobs, they matter to americans. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do.
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the president teeing off with tiger woods and another pro golfer dustin johnson at his club in jupiter, florida. i noticed soledad o'brien said that almost looks like a black friday promo and it does. but he is still focused on another sport, football. and the protest by players during the national anthem. trump tweeting, can you believe that the disrespect for our country, our flag, our anthem continues without penalty to the players. the commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. players are the boss. that tweet came less than 12 hours after the new york giants' olivier vernon kneeled during the anthem. with us now tamara keith. also with us jeff mason.
8:19 am
jeff, let's start with you. president continues to have these feuds over nfl players taking a knee. how much does it impact his agenda? he would think it's a win. is it? >> well, i guess it depends on how you define his agenda. in terms of policy, i don't think it has any impact whatsoever than to perhaps distract people from paying attention to what he's trying to do on tax reform or health care. in terms of his base, it helps him. that's one reason he keeps coming back to this. "a," this is something he genuinely cares about and it really irritates him. and "b," he finds people among his political base who share that irritation. that's why he tweets about it. >> all right. he also tweeted that he plans to speak with the president of turkey. i want to share this. how about bringing peace to the mess that i inherited in the middle east? i will get it all done. but what a mistake in lives and
8:20 am
dollars. $6 trillion to be there in the first place. first all, "a," what mess is it that he's referring to? what role could turkey play in fixing it? and do you find it noteworthy that he brings up turkey -- this is not a thanksgiving pun. turkey the day after it seems that mike flynn who's tied to turkey might not be -- or his lawyers might not be cooperating or working with trump's lawyers. >> i don't know that we can draw those connections. i think most likely the mess he's referring to is syria. and the situation there with isis. of course turkey right next door to syria has been involved -- very much involved, has been affected by the isis presence in syria. so most likely. but, you know, sometimes it's hard to tell. they say the tweets speak for themselves, but sometimes the tweets are less than 100% clear. but here is the president talking about doing what presidents do which is talking
8:21 am
to other world leaders. erdogan is somebody the president has had a decent relationship with, it seems. but, you know, the ellipses at the end of that tweet are, and also i'm going to be golfing with tiger woods. i think he was throwing out there i'm doing president stuff and i'm also going to be golfing on black friday. >> i'm doing president stuff and golf stuff too. jeff, you said just a minute ago what the president's doing, for example, at the nfl is good messaging for his base. but i want to talk about policy for his base and what matters to them. and in that tiger woods tweet he says, after the turkey call, i'll be heading to trump national golf club in jupiter to play golf quickly with tiger woods and dustin johnson. then back to mar-a-lago for talks on bringing even more jobs and companies back to the usa. we hear that message all the time. but you cover this white house. you cover this president day in and day out.
8:22 am
nuts and bolts. what jobs, what companies specifically can the president take credit for that have already come back or have concrete plans? not just pledges to do so? because he talks a lot about it. but we really don't get those specifics. and for his base and the rest of the country, jobs matter. >> they certainly do. it's a good question. it's a question that really needs to be directed at the white house. there are times when president trump has taken credit for jobs coming back or for companies saying that they're not going to, perhaps, outsource some of their jobs overseas when they had previously said that that was the plan or that had already been in the works. that said, i think the president really believes in this. white house really believes that the tax overhaul will help that process and that giving corporations, for example, a tax break, bringing the corporate tax rate down to 20% will be an incentive for them to keep jobs in america. will be an incentive for them to invest money into their workers and invest jobs -- and create
8:23 am
jobs. democrats, of course, dispute that. and are also concerned about other provisions in those tax bills. so, you know, it sort of depends on the way you look at it, it depends on what you read or how you read the legislation that is under way. but it comes down very much to get back to your question in terms of jobs, it comes down to that tax reform bill which is just a huge part of his domestic policy agenda. >> but are there concrete agendas? put how you read it aside and how you view trickle down economics aside. the president said more jobs, more companies. are there concrete examples of companies and jobs the president is responsible for bringing back? >> i think that assigning responsibility is difficult, but i think that the white house and the president would point to foxconn which is the -- >> foxconn is only a pledge.
8:24 am
and foxconn over six years ago pledged to build a massive plant in pennsylvania that they never did. >> right. >> foxconn which makes the glass on our iphones makes that glass with robots. and foxconn moving to wisconsin, if foxconn does build that plant there, that will be the biggest tax break any company has ever seen. i want to say by a factor of two, maybe more. so is foxconn only the example? because if it is, that's not a winning example or it is not an example that supports the bringing jobs and companies back. >> well, it is certainly a complicated example. but it is one that the white house points to with regularity. they got a big white house ceremony. >> that's my point. it's a pledge. it's not real action. >> and i think there was a recent agreement with wisconsin. there's been incremental movement on that. i'm not here to be the spokesperson for the white house. but foxconn is one. there have been a couple of other companies where they've
8:25 am
gotten basically white house ceremonies, east room ceremonies out of the deal saying they're going to bring jobs to the united states. i think it's early. let's see if they actually show up. you know, the president would point to the f-35. he'd point to boeing. he'd point to a bunch of other different things. but there are a lot of memoranda of understanding and not a lot of, like, hi i'm the person who got the job. just yet. >> just yet. guess what. i'm optimistic. tamara, jeff, thank you so much. president trump, i love parties and i love job creation. so let's get the job creation side up and we will report on it in a jiffy. up next, actress uma thurman getting serious taking aim at harvey weinstein. telling her followers on instagram -- i'm not following her after this one -- to, quote, stay tuned. we're going to tell you what uma thurman is saying and update you on a wave of new investigations by the beverly hills police department.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." i'm stephanie ruhle. yet another a-list celebrity is breaking her silence on the sexual abuse scandals rocking hollywood. uma thurman recently hinted she has her own story involving harvey weinstein. and now she is speaking up a little bit for the first time. here's nbc's steve patterson.
8:30 am
>> reporter: this morning leading lady uma thurman wielding some very sharp words. cutting through her silence on the sex abuse scandal with a chilling message on social media. taking aim at harvey weinstein in an instagram post. i said i was angry recently eni have a few reasons. #metoo. in case you couldn't tell by the look on my face. adding happy thanksgiving, everyone. except you harvey and all your wicked conspirators. i'm glad it's going slowly. you don't deserve a bullet. the message is a long-awaited answer to a question "access hollywood" asked thurman last month when the sexual assault allegations against weinstein began to surface. >> i don't have a tidy sound bite for you. because i've learned i am not a child and i have learned that
8:31 am
when i've spoken in anger, i usually regret the way i express myself. so i've been waiting to feel less angry. and when i'm ready, i'll say what i have to say. >> thurman was apparently ready last night. the post reminiscent of her revenge-fueled kill bill character. even attaching a still photo from one of the most famous scenes. >> i am going to kill bill. >> it's a reference to one of several weinstein produced movies they collaborated on. quentin tarantino said he knew of alleged misconduct by weinstein for years. now admitting he feels ashamed he didn't do more. meanwhile, more than 80 accusers have come out against weinstein since early october alleging everything from sexual misconduct to assault to rape. weinstein has categorically denied any allegations of
8:32 am
non-consensual sex. now uma thurman hinting more may be coming signing off on her post with an apparent warning, stay tuned. >> wow. isn't that something? nbc's steve patterson, thank you. i wonder what could be in store. still ahead -- i got to ask you though, steve, before we go, what do you think is going to come here? >> you know, we reached out to thurman's camp about any possible follow-up or sequel, if you will, to that cliff-hanger ending of a instagram post. nothing yet so far. i hate to speculate on what she has in store, stephanie. >> well, it's going to be interesting. all right. thanks so much, steve. this story. still ahead, even though online shopping is already off to a strong start, brick and mortars are competing more than. we're going to head to my home state of new jersey to check up on the black friday crowds. you're watching "velshi & ruhle."
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. retailers are desperately hoping for a big win this weekend as the shopping holiday is hitting its stride. 164 million consumers are expected to shop between thanksgiving day and cyber monday. that's, of course, just three days from now. that is 69% of all americans. but the real headline is how they're shopping. for the first time ever, more people are crossing off their lists online than shopping brick
8:37 am
and mortar. 59% of shoppers are avoiding stores. jolen ling kent is at a best bun new jersey this morning. i know today it's more like the sport of shopping. it's an event for people so it's a big deal. but how big is it really given how many people are going online? >> well, it seems like the most people we're talking to right here are really going online and they're also shopping here in person to get the best deep discounts on the bigger ticket items like tvs and smart speakers and tablets and phones and things like that. they're coming into stores here at best buy. it has been totally packed. i want to share new numbers with you on the online spending front. adobe analytics putting out new data this morning saying over $640 million has already been spent online as of 10:00 a.m. this morning. just to give you context on that number, that is up by almost 20% from last year. so you really do see an uptick in online shopping. here's where that online
8:38 am
shopping war is being fought and battled out. it is on mobile devices. i know i've been looking at my phone, looking at deals. 44% of those who are shopping online are actually doing it on their mobile device, your tablet, your smartphone. you really see that shift. so what are some of these big retailers doing in order to get you back in this store? they're offering exclusive discounts to get you to come in. they hope you not only buy the item on your list, but you also do a little bit of extra shopping. we know here at this best buy, the line was out this door and around the corner starting about 5:00. >> all right. thank you. i want to bring in a friend of mine. retail analyst author of "black market billings." this is your day. this is your super bowl. this is your mtv awards. this is your oscars all at once. this is the day for you. talk to us about how it's actually doing. because early signs seem like we're getting off on the right foot. shoppers spent more than a
8:39 am
billion and a half bucks online by last night. but the deals are so great and margins are shrinking so much, is it really a win for the retailers? >> yeah. stephanie, it has been insane the last couple hours. in fact, i don't know if you can tell or not, but i haven't really slept since i've been over at the walmart earlier this evening. and to your point, there are some insane deals out there. but the deals are going to get even better. and what these retailers do, back in the couple -- ten years ago even, they were unprepared to have these deep discounts. they basically over-inventoried. now what retailers are doing are baking this promotion into their prices. so when you go into the stores and see these deep discounts, these retailers have accounted for that. and to jo ling's point, walmart was saying 70% of their online traffic came from mobile devices as well. so now that it's so easy to shop on your mobile devices and you can be shopping -- in fact, i
8:40 am
have a stat here from paypal saying 20% of people shopped from their dinner table last night. so this is something that people are just doing. they're trying to ignore their family and friends. maybe they're just obsessed with the deals. but this is definitely a trend that's getting deeper and better. >> ignoring your dinner partner so you can buy them a gift for christmas seems like a terrible idea. i want to stay on walmart though. take us inside the store. because the experience shopping is what's luring people in. walmart, for example, throwing something like 20,000 parties at different stores just to get people there. talk us through this trend. >> right. so it's all about the experiential shopping. to your point, there are all these parties at walmart. but really you're also seeing cooking demonstrations. you're seeing real life scenarios. influencers come in and take shoppers through, you know, very select shopping experiences.
8:41 am
this is all just to get the traffic into the stores. because as you know, you know, looking at these stats, everyone is wanting to stay home and shop. which makes sense. this is where the consumer is going. just to get the traffic in there and try to get those product out the door that are in those brick and mortar stores, they have to have some sort of get into those stores. so this is how they do it. >> okay. but those aren't free. putting together virtual reality extravaganzas costs a whole lot of money. >> sure. >> is that really going to help these companies in the end? >> if you think about it, it brings brand loyalty. so if you think that you can go to a store and see your favorite influencer or meet your favorite chef or, you know, maybe have the first -- be first in line to sit on santa's lap because you made an appointment because you like that macy's store, then yeah. this will just keep that person coming back into that store over and over and over again. >> except i wonder while i'm waiting in line to see that santa at macy's, what if i start
8:42 am
buying all my stuff cheaper on amazon? that could be a problem. all right. it is absolutely fantastic to see you. this is the woman to follow on black friday. she knows what she's talking about. all right. coming up, the first democratic lawmaker calls for congressman john conyers' resignation after allegations of sexual harassment. we're going to break down the extremely lengthy process for reporting harassment on capitol hill. it's like over the river and through the woods just to get justice. and talk to another member of congress of what they think should happen next. you're watching "velshi & ruhle." honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." the first democratic law make ser calling on john conyers to resign after allegations of sexual harassment. kathleen rice says the longest serving member of the house should step aside. >> because enough is enough at this point. what i am voicing publicly is what every single private citizen is saying across america. why are the rules for politicians in washington different than they are for everyone else? right now what we're talking about is are there going to be any level of accountability? you know, saying we're going to have these allegations against politicians go before an ethics committee that can sometimes take a couple of years, no offense to my colleagues who are on the ethics committee, but that's not real.
8:47 am
that's not real. and that's not accountability. >> why are the rules for washington different from everyone else? important to note that congresswoman is a democrat. conyers' attorney says the michigan democrat will not resign. so you know what i want to do? i want to look at the process involved in making a sexual harassment claim against a member of congress. and why we're hearing so little about them. i can assure you, this is the exact kind of thing that makes people so angry about d.c. so what happens when you want to file a report? you must make a written request within 180 days. to fill out that request, you've got to call the office of compliance to get an online password. you are then forced to have counseling, you the one who was harassed where they go over your rights in the workplace. that could take 30 days. the next step, mediation. the accused a given a lawyer from the house.
8:48 am
you the victim are not. so the victim who's probably someone junior or doesn't necessarily make a lot of money has to pay for their own lawyer. both parties meet and can agree to make a settlement. during this process, both parties sign an agreement that says whatever is said or signed during this period is confidential. confidential -- remember. these are lawmakers. people serving the public. voted into office by the public. it expires after the 30-day period. but if you do settle, chances are you'll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. but let's say you want to continue after mediation. you're required to take a cooling off period of 30 days before you can even go on. and in that period, you could still be working in the same office -- and these are small offices in many cases -- as the person you're accusing. after the 30 days are finished, you got two options. either have an administrative hearing to force a resolution or file in federal district court. and we want to note, interns are
8:49 am
not offered these same protections. so let's say a settlement is made. the person accused pays for all the legal costs, right? wrong! the payment is paid by the treasury department. meaning it is coming out of your taxpayer dollars. mine too. the special fund used to make these payments do not just cover sexual harassment. they also cover things like racial discrimination and americans with disabilities act violations. paying out more than $15 million in the last 20 years. don't you think this type of information, these type of settlements are the kind of things the american people should know about? joining me now is democratic congresswoman bonnie watson coleman who established the new jersey department of transportation office of civil rights. congresswoman, when you see that confusing flowchart, for me it's mind boggling. what can be done to change that? >> well, i'm sure that they can
8:50 am
eliminate some of the steps or the amount of days that are in between the steps. but i should tell you, i worked for the division on civil rights. so from the moment you filed a complaint, from the moment the incident the incident happened, you had 180 days to file the complaint in order to maintain jurisdiction. so, for me, that's understandable. that's been in the law and that actually protects the person who feels that they've been discriminated against because they have that, after the complaint is filed, generally speaking, the complaint, the person is notified that there's a complaint against that person. so, i see that there may be some issues within the system that are a little convoluted, but i think that we also have to recognize that these are allegations and that allegations need to be proven and then steps need to be taken in order to ensure the due process and fairness takes place.
8:51 am
what we have now in the system is that we don't have the encouragement for those individuals who believe that they have been sexually harassed to come forward and feel comfortable in making that complaint. the system doesn't protect them the way it should. so, there should be transparency, of course. there should be encouragement to file a complaint, if you feel you've been discriminated against, harassed or whatever. but you also need to understand that until these allegations are proven, they are simply allegations. >> so, do you disagree in a case of representative conyers where congresswoman rice believes he should resign. do you believe it's too soon to ask for that? >> yes, i think it is too soon. i think that as i said before when i work with a division on civil rights, enforcing the law against discrimination, i was advised, i was a very young professional. anyone has a right to file a
8:52 am
complaint. that doesn't mean that that complaint is always valid or that that complaint will always be substantiated under the law. that's why you go through an investigatory process to get the facts surrounding it to talk to witnesses and whatever so that you can get as much information as possible to make the determination if, in fact, it happened the way it is being alleged. if it is, then let the chips fall where they may. but if during this process this person it should presumed innocent until found guilty and that's the beauty of our american system and i don't think that that should change now. i do, however, think that we should expedite this process as much as possible. particularly received the flood gates opening up with complaints, even with some of my colleagues, you know, who said that they coming forward because they were experiences and that
8:53 am
they wanted to protect others and to them i say, you are very courageous for bringing this and you have a responsibility to name those individuals who are still supposedly in congress who did this to you. because you did it in order to protect those who have come behind you so they don't have to go through this kind of harassment. >> all right, congresswoman, thank you so much for joining me and sharing your thoughts with me. and we are continuing to follow this breaking news out of europe. this morning multiple gunmen opened fire, excuse me, egypt, opened fire and bombed a mosque during friday prayers. more than 235 people were killed and 125 injured. we're going to bring you more on that story as soon as we get it.
8:54 am
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welcome back to velshi and ruhle. in light of the fight we want to introduce you to one of my favorite parts of the show. monumental americans. one who may be deserving of a statue. today, what a better day for it. iconic new york american painter norman rockwell who is well known for this painting of thanksgiving scene from 1943 titled freedom from want. rockwell was born in new york city in 1894 and always wanted to be an artist. he found success in his teens after being hired as an art director of boys life. the official publication of the boy scouts.
8:58 am
rockwell eventually produced artwork for magazines like "life" and literally digest before moving to vermont where he focused on small town american life. in 1943, rockwell painted his ironic for freedoms painting after being inspired by president franklin roosevelt address to congress. the paintings toured the u.s. in an art exhibition sponsored by the treasury department that raised over $130 million for the war effort during world war ii. i'm a big fan of norman rockwell and a big fan of great americans. if you have got a monumental american, tweet us at #velshiruhle. give you a little your best self-if you're worried about getting stuff this weekend, you're in luck. remember, thanksgiving weekend is a whole weekend and it's only friday. we have three days to get out of this turkey day food coma and i want to give you some data that's going to motivate you. historical data from my fitness
8:59 am
pal tallied all the states everyone that inputs what they eat and sadly for me and ali massachusetts, new york and d.c. are the three states where people track the highest caloric intake on thanksgiving. so, ali and i are making up two-thirds of the biggest eaters. but, something is going to motivate you. the 6,000% spike in stuffing consumption and 940% spike in cornbread should guilt you into doing some good. here's what happens, when it gets cold outside we stop working out and we hibernate and we eat. but thanksgiving weekend, are you listening to me, ali velshi. it is time for a turn around. today a 55% hike, excuse me, spike in hiking and running and people who are willing to consider mall shopping a sport, 58% more are going to be out there. all ali, i ask you, i ate a lot yesterday. based on the statistics, maybe you did. what are you going to do today? >> i'm relocating.
9:00 am
friday afternoon so after work i take a train to philly. i have a stationary bike there andi i've already planned to do that. these numbers look wrong to me. how is it these three northeastern states consume more food than other places? >> it is about people who is recording this. people who record what they eat. people in other states might not. now we have millions of people who log what they eat. i get it. you're saying maybe somebody in a far off state that is just sitting and eating and sitting and eating. >> not telling anybody and telling their fitbit or anything. >> more of us are paying attention to the food we put in our bodies and in new york and d.c., a lot of food. you know, ali, i thought you were going to tell me you were biking to philly. >> not so much. thanks very much. you have a great weekend, i'll report back to you on monday and we're back into our normal slot 11:00 a.m. eastern time. stephanie, have a great weekend


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