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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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4:00 out east. the latest development, michael flynn's legal team has cut ties with lawyers around president trump and his family. so is flynn flipping? the white house tells nbc news it's not worried. >> one white house official says, look, there's no angst inside the white house about the fact that flynn is no longer sharing information with the president's legal team. they say he's got to do what he's got to do. >> a signal that michael flynn is at the very least considering some sort of plea arrangement or cooperation arrangement with the special counsel robert mueller. >> there is every indication what robert mueller is doing is methodically trying to gather information and go up the chain. >> i'm suspecting that because donald trump protected him so much, he knows something really significant. >> i don't think this goes anywhere to michael flynn and o potentially his son. >> and bring it on. donald trump jr. whose trump
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tower meet with russians and contact with wikileaks is under scrutiny is also challenging critics. president trump is so far silent on all of that instead spending his day tweeting about egypt, the nfl and his golf game with tiger woods. let's go to our team of reporters as well as our analysts who break this down. start with kelly o'donnell in west palm beach, florida, near the mar-a-lago resort. also daily beast congressional reporter andrew desederio. what is the white house -- what is their position right now on michael flynn? are they concerned privately at least? publicly they say they're not. >> well, the unpredictable nature of what could happen is always a source of concern. but they do try to manage this by saying there is no angst, there's no worry. the fact that flynn had been a close adviser does not mean anything that he might be legally exposed for directly
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reflects on the president. time will tell, and as that unfolds. we do know that flynn had a private business before he was a government official in the white house. and so some of the concerns that have been drawing the attention of investigators deal with that foreign lobbying work he did. also his required disclosures as a former flag officer, a general and his interactions with foreign officials. things like that appear at least on what we publicly know to be areas where flynn may be in some trouble. again, waiting to see what happens. those things don't necessarily connect to the president. the proximity to the president is always a concern and flynn was a top adviser inside the white house, which is different than a paul manafort or rick gates who were a part of the campaign but not a part of the administration. so it is a time when anyone associated with this white house would like to talk about other things, but these news events
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that drive the conversation on russia certainly present them with challenges on that. >> and talking about how close the white house was to flynn, how close the president was to flynn, he was protective of him. all but glowing when it came to michael flynn and his service. the day that -- or when he was asked about the day that attorney general sally yates, acting attorney general sally yates warned him the national security adviser might have been compromised or might have been subject to bribery because he lied to vice president pence about his contact with the russian ambassador, donald trump said this. >> this man has served for many years. he's a general. in my opinion, he's a very good person. i believe that it would be very unfair to hear from somebody who we don't even know and immediately run out and fire a general. >> so, clearly, he was
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protective of him. that was in that exclusive interview that donald trump did with our own lester holt. how much distance can the administration really put between itself, the president and michael flynn? >> well, they certainly trying to do that by indicating that there is not contact between the president and flynn any longer. it's important to remember, and you know it better than anyone, at the very beginning of the campaign of donald trump, flynn was one of the few voices in national security circles who was eager to embrace him. so there's a loyalty factor there and we know broadly the president has been certainly admiring of those who have achieved status in the military and have become generals. so that plays out very clearly that the president has an affinity there. he is also continued to speak in more neutral but favorable terms about flynn. certainly the white house wants to point out it's months ago
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since he left public service and because of the lobbying business which is not directly tied to the president, they think there is some daylight there. but clearly there has been an alliance that goes back to the heart of the campaign and that's inescapable. >> he was walking in and out of trump tower. very often he was traveling with donald trump. he was on the trump plane. he was introducing him at rallies. he was introducing him or even speaking at the rnc. michael flynn was around a lot. and he was also somebody just like the president who was very reluctant to criticize vladimir putin. just look at this exchange that my colleague stephanie ruhle had with him on msnbc. a year before the election. >> vladimir putin someone you would respect, someone who kills journists who has invaded crimea. is that someone you respect? >> stop it with that kind of stuff. this is a -- >> i'm sorry, stop it with what,
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sir? >> what you're -- how you're describing a leader in the world that is -- actually that we have to deal with. >> so what could this flynn development, this news that he is no longer, his lawyers will no longer be coordinate with the white house's lawyers mean for the russia investigation on capitol hill, andrew? >> well, you know better than anyone that the president values unfettered loyalty and this is something michael flynn has given him for a very long time. in a cruel sense of irony, the president is returning the favor in terms of that loyalty. could actually implicate him in the special investigation into obstruction of justice. as we know from james comey's testimony, he alleges that the president asked him to, quote, lift the cloud of the investigation on michael flynn. this is part of this idea that the president stands by the people who are loyal to him. and michael flynn knows a lot about the potential for russian election meddling, in addition to the fact the special counsel is investigating potential
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collusion between the trump campaign and russian operatives. so in a cruel sense of irony, what michael flynn knows really could implicate the president and could be because of that unfettered sense of loyalty they've each given to each other over time. >> thank you very much. we've been showing that face on the screen. let's go to him. michael flynn potentially could be coordinating with robert mueller's investigation. when you read that, do you think that that means that there must be some sort of reason for mueller to want him to coordinate with him? some bigger fish to catch? >> well, that's the interesting part. as we know, it's a prosecutorial tactic to go from small fish to big fish. to use those small fish to lead to the much bigger catch. here's the thing about mike flynn. he's not exactly a small fish. this was president trump's
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first, if short lived, national security adviser for 24 days. he was a key campaign surrogate, around for all the meetings, there early on, and he was in the west wing until he had to go after apparently misleading vice president pence. so what this says to me is that general flynn has indicated to bob mueller's prosecutorial team that he has insight into someone higher than him, someone more important than him and more significant than him that he is or could well be interested in sharing with them. and there were only a couple people who are more significant, more prominent than mike flynn. of course at the top of that list is donald trump. >> who else could it be if it's not donald trump? >> there are a couple possibilities. jared kushner is another. he seems to have a lot of criminal liability as well in this whole affair. but obviously, mike flynn worked very closely with candidate trump and for 24 days, then
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president trump. and very few people if any, have better insight into the campaign's foreign policy and the early days of the administration's foreign policy than mike flynn. >> and vanity fair has a piece out which included this nugget about kushner and the russian investigation. it says that despite kushner's efforts to express confidence, he expressed worry after the indictments of paul manafort and rick gates about how far the investigation could go. reportedly saying, according to vanity fair, do you think they'll get the president? that's what kushner asked a friend according to a person briefed on the conversation. and what does this mean for the larger russia investigation? >> well, look, the white house is clearly trying to put on a happy face. we've heard that from jared kushner. we've heard ty cobb, the president's lawyer responsible for the russia investigation, offer his conjecture, his speculation the investigation will be over late this year or
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perhaps early next year. i think most legal experts find that dubious but the white house is trying to portray, trying to project an image that they're going on with business as usual. but, look there is no business as usual when you have a white house that is beset by scandal and plagued most importantly by an investigation led by someone as competent and capable and experienced as bob mueller and his team of nearly 20 prosecutors. >> yeah. >> the indictments just in recent months of paul manafort and gates, his deputy, along with the guilty plea of a trump campaign staffer. that was a shot across the bow and i suspect it will not be the last one that we'll hear from bob mueller. >> i spent a lot of time following this campaign. i don't know how this is going to shake out, but there's a ring of truth when the associates say, listen, we were not organized enough to do this. we didn't know what we were
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doing. i mean that seemed true while we orp the campaign trail that they were really lurching from one position to another trying to figure it out as they went along and relying on donald trump's forciive personality. i don't know how it's going to turn out, but do you see with all these developments we've been hearing about michael flynn not coordinate with the white house, george papadopoulos. is there a scenario where he comes back and says they were really messy but didn't technically do anything wrong? >> of course that's a possibility. we can't rule that out and, obviously, the presumption of innocence until one is proven guilty applies here. but here's the thing about that defense that we've heard from any number of trump associates. it was a fly by the seat of the pants campaign. it was chaotic. hec hectic. but you can have all of those traits and characteristics and still engage in collusion or conspiracy with the russians.
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this does not have to be a well-organized conspiracy. it does not have to be a conspiracy that was planned from "a" to "z" and implemented flawlessly. far from it. even if there was a fly by the seat of the pants attempt or successful efforts to engage criminally with the russians, that would be something that bob mueller would be very interested in and, frankly, few people had a better vantage, a better viewpoint of this than mike flynn. >> at the very least, i think about all the ways a democrat or even a republican can campaign against donald trump in 2020 and all of his campaign officials saying on tv program after tv program how disorganized and inexperienced and how they didn't know what they were doing. that can't be a campaign ad that will instill confidence in whatever they end trying to do in 2020 if donald trump does decide to run if he goes that far. i have no idea but it's always
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just made me wonder. ned price, thank you. hope you had a happy holiday. >> thanks, you, too. breaking news out of egypt where a terrorist attack on a mosque today killed at least 235 people and injured over 100 more. just a warning that some of the images we're about to show you are graph icand may be disturbing to watch. egyptian police say that armed gunmen drove to the mosque in o offroad vehicles setting off explosives and opening fire on the largely sufi muslim worshippers. president trump has tweeted twice about the incident earlier calling it a horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshippers. then this afternoon he announced he would call egypt's president el sisi adding he thinks we need the wall and need the ban. that phone call was scheduled to take place some time in the last hour. joining me now is cairo-based journalist jacob who covered the
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middle east for the "usa today" and the "washington times." what more do we know about this attack? >> so since we last spoke, it's become more and more clear that this is about an attack on the sufi religious order. i just got off a phone with some folks in the town that's about 20 miles away. and they said they lost three relatives in this attack who had made a special trip to this mosque today because three sufi sheikhs or religious preachers were doing special prayers there. doing special meditations. the sufi order is about contemplating, about being meditative, about a peaceful outlook. isis targeted this town. they've warned people in this town to abandon the sufi tradition and to let isis come in there and establish a bridgehead. they rebuffed them and this is the response from isis. >> so is it that all sufis and all shia muslims aren't really muslims? you can only be a sunni muslim in the way they read scripture
1:15 pm
or read the koran, i should say. >> yeah, exactly. for clarity sake, we should say sufism is a stream, an important part of sunni islam and here in cairo, there are many sufi orders. it's a part, it's a part of the suni tradition, but it's certainly not a part that's compatible with a jihadi part of that tradition that isis thrives upon. >> donald trump is tweeting talking about building a wall. this is why we need a ban. the reality, though, jacob, is that when terrorism occurs, when isis attacks, the majority of its victims are muslims. they're muslims living in the middle east. very few of them end up occurring outside of that. they happen. i'm not saying they don't happen, but the majority of the victims, the vast majority of the victims are muslims. so when the president comes out and -- >> the majority --
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>> to build the wall or have a ban, are we missing the bigger picture here? >> the parallels are kind of sometimes hard to follow but i would look at the gaza/egypt border as an example of this. there was this big important breakthrough in terms of palestinian reconciliation bringing hamas and fatah together and opening that border at gaza for egypt for goods and people to move. who is going to suffer most from this terror attack? the gazans. and that's the poor people in the sinai. and muslims. and egyptians. so the losers here, of course, are civilians, mostly. the military is ready to pounce. they are pouncing. air strikes happening in the sinai now against isis bases. i'm sure there will be more military aid on the way to egypt from the united states. but the question is, you know, on the civilian side, what can be done to relieve the suffering that, well, it's not the cause of the violence. it certainly makes it possible
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for extremists to infiltrate and to recruit. >> jacob in cairo, thank you very much for joining us. there are just a couple weeks left for people in alabama to decide whether they will send roy moore or doug jones to the senate. i'm going to talk with two alabama natives who probably know better than just about anyone else where this race stands. people are fighting type 2 diabetes... with fitness... food... and the pill that starts with f. farxiga, along with diet and exercise,
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just 18 days. it's just 18 days until alabama voters pick a new senator. according to a polling average from real clear politics, democrat doug jones holds a razor thin lead over republican roy moore. eight points. i'm sorry, 0.8% to be exact. despite those numbers and the multiple women that have accused moore of sexual misconduct, officials with the campaign say they feel pretty good about their chances. they released this statement saying we're up in the polls. money is flowing in, and our
1:21 pm
pastors network is ramping up the largest get out the vote effort in alabama history. we continue to add support every day, and we are confident in victory. joining me now are two people who know alabama politics well. john hammondtry is a writer for and david lowery is chairman of the mowry consulting group. the real clear polling politics average is an average of a number of polls. do you trust its average or do you think that roy moore is actually doing much better than it seems? >> well, there's no question that doug jones has certainly gained standing in the polls since this news first broke. but alabama is not a very reliable state when it comes to polling for a variety of reasons. one, the democrats haven't had a candidate they've really been excited about in a really long time. so it's possible there have been some dormant democratic voters
1:22 pm
out there who may become active in this race. so when breaking down the number of people who are democrat versus independent, versus republican, it can get dicey. it's also possible that there are republicans who, you know, similar to trump last year will say publicly that they are not supporting roy moore but privately may end up casting a vote against the democrats. and so, you know, while i see it certainly possible and certain -- and probably likely that today doug joenes is leadig in the polls, it's definitely a coin flip. >> the president didn't support roy moore in the primary. that did not matter. roy moore won the primary. the president now says basically is saying he supports roy moore. that he believes his denials. is that going to matter to alabamans? >> i don't know that it necessarily matters. it didn't matter in the primary or in the run-off because local dynamics overwhelm that and i think that's the same here that local dynamics are going to
1:23 pm
decide who people vote for and, you know, if jones wins. >> these allegations are not news to you. maybe the specifics of them, but the fact that roy moore had a thing for young girls isn't news to you. you said in your role as campaign manager for moore opponent in 2012 for his race for chief justice when you there were with bob vance, you had said there had been a rumor about this for a while. if that's true, and tell me if i'm wrong if i'm misreading that, why didn't it come out then? >> well, a, rumors, but more about just sexual impropriety or weirdness with women. not anything specific you can point to. and i think that the bigger spotlight on this race gave somebody the impetus and gave them a budget to put reporters on the ground locally that could find the story and they found the story. as you know, sometimes it can be hard to break stories no matter
1:24 pm
what the rumors are or who says what. you have to get people on record. that's what it was. having the resources and the reason to do it. >> let's be honest about the timing of this. it's not just, hey, i have this news about a certain candidate, and i want to get out with it at any one moment. most people don't believe women. we've had a pattern of people not believing women in this country until this moment in time. the zeitgeist if you will, where women are starting to be believed in the media and hollywood. that does not seem to be extending to politics, at least not completely when you have the president of the united states saying he believes the accuse ears excuse me, believes roy moore and not the accusers. that being said, roy moore hasn't necessarily been the most popular person in alabama when he was running against vance in 2012, an estimated 200,000 alabama voters who pulled the lever for the republican romney in 2012 also voted for the
1:25 pm
democrat vance for chief justice. what does that say about roy moore's chances now? could a democrat be more palatable given all this? >> well, you know, that also, you have to keep in mind that barack obama was also at the top of the ticket which did lead to a lot of black voters turning out in 2012 and they may turn out for doug jones this year. >> why not? >> despite his recordo on thing, he's made his campaign about courting moderates and courting republicans and a lot of black voters feel he's taken their vote for granted and hasn't reached out and tried to court the black vote. he has -- >> would he be better served in f if he went in that direction? >> he's made an effort to pick up the endorsement of the new mayor who is a very popular young mayor. he's been campaigning with
1:26 pm
reverend barber had an event here last week and john lewis has been campaigning with him around the state. he is making efforts now but he also has to try to bring republican voters over and looking back at the 2012 numbers, what's particularly interesting is that even in etowah county, he vastly underformed mitt romney. when you do say, oh, these rumors have been around for a while, the people that knew him best, his home county, rejected him more than they rejected the top of the ticket. >> so interesting if you think about whether -- if this was luther strange running, it just wouldn't even be a contest given that luther strange was much more moderate and not quite as divisive and also hasn't been accused of touching a 14-year-old inappropriately when he was in his 30s. >> i think if doug jones had not initially come out and taken a publicly pro choice stance, it
1:27 pm
wouldn't be a contest either. >> that is what is just killing him in alabama. >> thank you john and david. appreciate having you. we'll see you soon. meanwhile, actress uma thurman is no longer silent when it comes to harvey weinstein. how she is calling him out on instagram in pretty graphic terms. whoooo.
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i don't have a tidy sound bite for you because i've learned i am not a child, and i have learned that when i've spoken in anger, i usually regret the way i express myself. so i've been waiting to feel less angry. and when i'm ready, i'll say what i have to say. >> boy, did it take some time but now uma thurman is less angry and ready to talk about harvey weinstein. in an instagram post over the holiday she said she'd been angry recently and has a few reasons why #metoo. she did wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. well, almost. except you, harvey and all your
1:32 pm
wicked conspirators. i'm glad it's going slowly. you don't deserve a bullet. stay tuned. i'm joined by lola, host of the entertainment weekly, the show. >> you got it right. >> uma thurman was pissed, i'll say it. pissed in the first interview. now we're finding out why. seriously. there must have been some sort of interaction with harvey weinstein in movies she did with him. she didn't call him out specifically but she did say me, too. >> she said #metoo. now a proud member of that campaign. she's worked on several projects over the years with harvey weinstein. we do know they have a deep and long past and whatever happened made her angry enough to say that a bullet for harvey weinstein was too easy. you could see it on her face in that interview. i mean, furious. >> she's furious.
1:33 pm
>> quinton tarantino also worked with her and he says to "the new york times," there was more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. it wasn't secondhand. i knew he did a couple of these things. i wish i had taken responsibility for what i heard. >> yes, and in that same interview he said i know enough to do more than i did. >> so why don't people do more? >> you have to understand just how powerful harvey weinstein was at the height of his career. his word was bond. it was gold. he could make or break a career. and he was known for being extremely vindictive. he could be extremely loyal and giving to those on his side who were team harvey. but for those who dared go against him, he could obliterate your career and ensure that you never worked in that town again. so people were afraid of him. not just women. but men as well. he physically attacked women, allegedly raped and sexually harassed women but he also beat up men as well. he was physically abusive to
1:34 pm
many people he encountered. it wasn't gender specific. he was known to be a proud, unadulterated bully. >> is the culture changing? >> i think it is actually. you see more and more women and men speaking up about the abuse they've endured. >> is it going to get swept back under the rug in a year or two years or is this going to be change that's lasting? >> it's thanksgiving so i'm going to take a glass half full approach and say it's going to get better. for decades a lot people felt wildly uncomfortable. now we've seen an avalanche of people coming forward saying enough is enough. >> is it just people in certain jobs, people in the media, in hollywood. what about those in politics still getting skewered or those in jobs that may not have the same amount of attention that jobs luike ours have? >> for those who don't have high-prosecute file jobs like ours, it is more difficult for them to come forward. but what i'm seeing on social media in particular is that
1:35 pm
people are feeling emboldened by the likes of these a-list stars coming forward and uma thurman and nicole kidman and all the women who have come forward if they are saying this has happened to them, then the other people who don't have as high profile jobs are saying they're more comfortable coming forward with their own stories as well. and they are finding solace and community on social media. >> i wonder what it would be like for one of these women to take these allegations to court and face a jury and have the usual practice of trying to slime the woman, bring up her fast, see whether that would work on a jury any longer. >> that's a big question, a good question. i don't think that's as likely to work. that was a simple playbook but now the tides have shifted. definitely that playbook, that's not likely to work. >> she was just asking for it, right? >> she wore the wrong outfit. >> i'm being sarcastic. >> not uma thurman's side. >> happy thanksgiving.
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the supreme court is about to hear a case involving big brother. here's the question before justices. are police violating your civil liberties if they use your phone to track you? any object. any surface.
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which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. welcome back. i'm katy tur in new york with some of the headlines. earlier today a panic in london after people called police reporting shots fired inside the oxford circus train station.
1:40 pm
police responded initially treating the incident as if it could be a terrorist attack but found no evidence of gunfire. the london ambulance service says nine people were taken to the hospital and seven people were treated at the scene for injuries they suffered while leaving the train station. a big change in sentencing for south african athlete oscar historuous after prosecutors complained his six-year sentence was too light for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend. the country's supreme court more than doubled it to 13 years and five months. and amazon's ceo jeff bezos is now worth $100 billion. that is thanks to black friday and it further bolsters his title as the world's richest man. bezos is the first person to reach the $100 billion milestone since bill gates in 2013. the supreme court is set to hear a case that's leaving civil libertarians concerned. i'm joined by nbc justice
1:41 pm
correspondent pete williams to explain. pete, what's the deal with this? >> this is about whether the police need a search warrant to use your cell phone to track you. here's why they can do that. when you use your cell phone, it signals a nearby cell tower to connect to the network and as you travel along, it connects to different cell towers as you make your journey. the police can go to the phone company and get the records of those cell towers and find out where you were at various times of days, weeks or even months in the past. so the question is, do they need a search warrant? the question comes to the supreme court involving a man accused of robbing a series of radio shack and t-mobile stores. he was convicted in part on evidence presented by fbi agents who showed that his cell phone tracking detail showed he was in the areas where all those stores were robbed at the times of the robberies. he says his conviction should be thrown out because they didn't get a search warrant. here's the legal question. do you have an expectation of
1:42 pm
privacy in those records? four decades ago, the supreme court said the answer is no in terms of the numbers you dial from the home that's hard wired into your house. but that was simply because the courts said people don't expect their phone numbers will be private because the phone company collects that data to bill you. should that same analogy apply in the digital age when the police can learn a lot more from your cell phone other than just what numbers you dialed and how long the phone calls lasted. and the people representing him, the aclu, the man involved in the case, say they should have to get a search warrant which requires going to a judge and making out that you have a probable cause for some sort of a case against a person. >> i know i joked in the last hour about just maybe leaving your phone at home if you don't want to be tracked since you're willfully taking a gps around with you or don't commit a crime when carrying a phone or at all, but it's a really interesting question because the expectation from billing, when you had a house phone is one thing.
1:43 pm
the expectation of you just walking around and being tracked is something else entirely. pete williams, thank you very much. i hope you have a good evening. >> same to you. when it comes to sexual misconduct allegations on capitol hill, when is it time to step down for the sake of the party? the first democratic woman in congress who is calling for an accused colleague, a colleague who has been accused of sexual misconduct to go.
1:44 pm
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1:47 pm
for the first time, a democratic lawmaker, a female is calling for a michigan democratic congressman john conyers to step down after claims were made of sexual misconduct. kathleen rice says she's just speaking up for what everyone else is saying. >> enough is enough at this point. what i am voicing, publicly, is what every single private citizen is saying across america. why are the rules for politicians in washington different than they are for everyone else? >> according to his attorney general, conyers denies the allegations and has no plans to resign. meanwhile, minnesota senator al franken has released a statement of his own about his own allegations. after leeann tweeden came forward with her story, three additional women have accused franken of grabbing their behinds when he posed for photos with them. franken says he's a warm person who likes to hug but says he's
1:48 pm
learned from recent stories he, quote, crossed the line for some women, and i know that any number is too many. he adds he is sorry if he made women feel bodily and wants minnesotans to know he's committed to regaining their trust. for more i'm joined by rick tyler, republican strategist and co-founder of foundry strategists, howard dean, former governor of vermont and gabe, a politics reporter for politico. howard, why does it -- why should it come as a surprise that maybe it's inappropriate to touch someone's behind when you're taking a photo? >> i don't think it comes as a surprise at all. you know, i don't know why the hell people think they can get away with that and apparently they do. so i do want to say, though, all these cases are different, and i understand why people are calling for everyone's resignation. i do think -- first of all, roy
1:49 pm
moore is running for office. he's not in a position to -- he could step aside if he wanted to. the problem is the ethics committee which is where you should go with these complaints has been totally toothless. it's like the hr department at most corporations. >> if you have a culture where women feel like -- men feel like they can disrespect women without consequence. there are differing allegations and some are considerably more severe than others but why not make a statement, howard, and just say -- >> and we're going to clean house and start over. >> i don't have a problem with that. the problem is that's usually an excuse not to change the institution. this has been going on for a very long time. and they have been paying settlements for a long time. hush-hush settlements. conyers is accused of having payoffs and nobody knows what they are. so i think if these people want
1:50 pm
to resign or they should or whatever, i think that's important, but i don't think it's as important as fixing the system so that there is transparency in congress so you don't have the committees supposed to be investigating this stuff are protecting the congresspeople. what they're doing now. >> rick, roy moore is a different case. roy moore has been accused by nine women. roy moore is accused by someone when she was 14 years old of touching her inappropriately, and trying to get her to touch him inappropriately when he was in his 30s. this san accused child molester. a recent quinnipiac poll shows 60% of americans feel he should be expelled if elected next month. break it down by party. 49% of republicans don't think he should do that. so is this sending a message that republicans don't take allegations against roy moore seriously? >> it does.
1:51 pm
but i think it's an extent of this hyperpartisan nature and the fact real power is at stake and the republican party is willing to sell its soul to stay in power. look, the evidence against roy moore is never going to be litigated. we'll never know in a court of law whether he's telling the truth or not but it's appropriate for people in an election to determine whether he's telling a truth or not and weigh it against do we want to send this republican party want to send an ay accused child molester? i watched testimony on this network the woman accused then 14 years old seemed very credible to me. roy moore has only denied inappropriate sexual misconduct, he really hasn't denied anything else. >> if he does get elected, he will have been elected democratically. whether you like it or not. the alabama voters will have decided that despite the allegations, that they want him in office. is it a slippery slope then
1:52 pm
having senators stay that they won't -- they won't serve alongside him and are going to expel him? >> it's obviously a huge political problem. as to whether it's a slippery slope. clearly that's what a lot of republican senators are worried about now and one of the reasons two weeks ago when the allegations came out all said we're not going to seat this guy or try to expel him. that's not the case anymore. people are trying to move on from the situation. yes, clearly big worries on capitol hill what starts to happen if you don't seat people who win elections or try to reschedule elections or any of these other options that they've been talking about. >> all so complicated and fraught, but if you're going to have a floor for anything, a man in his 30s touching a girl who's 14 -- should be your floor. gabe debenedetti. get it right? >> got it right. >> did it finally. so excited. rick tyler and howard dean, thank you all for joining me.
1:53 pm
appreciate your time. we will be right back. first, be sure to catch "the beat" later tonight. joining students at the john j. college of criminal justice exploring legal arguments of the russia investigation from inside a mock court at the college. russia on trial, debating evidence of collusion, tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern only with ari melber and only here on msnbc. [ keyboard clacking ] [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ]
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we have a bonus, one more thing today, and it's a story that proves the power of paying it forward. nbc's craig melvin shows how karma is coming back tenfold for a homeless man in new jersey. >> as of right now we have that much. >> thank you. >> 1,700 -- 1,764 changes my life. >> johnny was down on his luck but after one random act of kindness thousands are pitching in to help the homeless veteran with a heart of go. the gofundme page set up for him now nearly $300,000. that number, still climbing. the stunning outpouring of support comes after bobbitt helped this 27-year-old stranded alongside a highway outside philadelphia when she ran out of gas. after calling noticed a stranger approaching.
1:58 pm
bobbitt, homeless, just 20 bucks. he told her wait in his car, with the last of his money bought her a can of gasoline. a marine corps veteran, these pictures show him from before but recently had fallen on difficult times. drugs and money problems, he took an unfortunate turn, but he has a good heart. one man's act of kindness unleashed a tidal wave of goodwill. she and her boyfriend created the gofundme page to help them setting a $10,000 goal and quickly exceeded that goal in a few days. >> more than $130,000 ant and counting. >> no way. >> reporter: after donations surgsed into the hundreds of thousands the page taken down a short time because bobbitt said he didn't want to seem like he was taking advantage.
1:59 pm
>> y'all did all that? awesome. >> reporter: but people still wanted to donate, and now the page is back up. one man's simple act of kindness inspires others to find the true spirit of giving this holiday season. >> i couldn't love this story more. that man is just incredible. craig melvin reporting for us. here is a look at the gofundme page for johnny bobbitt. right now, it shows it's $330,000. $3 $330 -- watching "meet the press," there with chuck and back here monday in new york at 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. next week, a big week for the president and republicans in congress. returning from thanksgiving break trying to get tax reform
2:00 pm
passed and the president sitting down with gop senators to hopefully help him do that on tuesday. we'll be watching that. so, please, stick around with us then. meantime, here is "mtp daily." it starts right now. hello there, and happy day after thanksgiving. i hope you're enjoying your holiday, wherever you are. we're thankful you're spending a little time with us today. in honor of the holiday we're going to do something a little different from what we typically do here on "mtp daily." you've proerd heard, "meet the press" is now in the documentary film business. just last week we hit the big screen first time ever with a launch of the "meet the press" film festival in collaboration with the american film institute. featured 16 films and topics


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