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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 27, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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senator al franken speaks out after more than a week of media silence. minnesota democrat addressing sexual harassment allegations made the against him. less than two weeks, roy moore is expected to return to campaign trail. as the year winds down, pressure ramping up for president trump. republicans and president heading to capitol hill tomorrow for another push for tax reform. good morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian.
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alongside lewis burgdorf. the fallout along john conyers continues to grow. conyers announcing he's stepping down as the ranking member of the house committee. 27 year terms congressman made that announcement. saying he was stepping down because of the ongoing ethics committee on the matter. released a statement saying i deny the allegations. many of which were raised bid documents reportedly paid for by a partisan a lot right blogger. i very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family before the house committee on ethics. office recently confirmed paying a settlement of $27,000 to a former staffer who says she was fired for resisting sexual advances. conyers acknowledged the payout. denied the allegations about what the money was for. tells the news that conyers
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decision to step aside comes after days of nancy pelosi working behind the scenes with conniers and other black congressional members to lay the groundwork for him. pelosi is calling for due process before making conclusions about the congressman. >> we are strengthened by due process. just because someone is accused, and was it one accusation, is it two? i think there has to be. john conyers is an icon in our country. done a great deal to protect women. violence against women act. right wing praising him for his work on that. the fact is as john reviews his case, which he knows, which i don't, i believe he will do -- >> why don't you. >> how is it you don't. >> may i finish my sentence. >> that he will do the right thing .
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>> meanwhile, a dozen of connier's former staffers are defending the congressman. requiring all senators, staff and interned to be trained on preventing sexual harassment. senator al franken back in the senate today after multiple women alleged thad the minnesota democrat groped them. franken apologized in three interviews yesterday saying he did not, quote, intentionally violate the women, respected how they experienced the encounter. last week, two anonymous women made allegations to huffington post about franken grabbing buttocks while posing for photos. nbc has not verified these claims. one in five minnesota yans say
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franken should remain in office. you have no intention to resign. >> no, we have an ethics process. that i agreed to cooperate with totally. >> hasn't your credibility been undermined. >> i would say yes, and i have a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. i've let the people down. i've let the people of minnesota down. with your family that you've been with over the past few days, have you talked about seriously resigning? have you considered that. >> no, no, the ethics committee is looking into all this.
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i will cooperate fully with it. i have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of people i led down. the people of minnesota, my friends and supporters and colleagues. and especially everyone who counts on me to be a champion and ally of women. barrel towards a make or break vote to overhaul the tax code. senate budget committee votes tomorrow and full senate is likely to take it up later this week. senate republicans still need to lock up key votes within their caucus. axios identifies john mccain, bob corker and jeff flake as those who could buck the party. ron johnson of wisconsin, steve danes of montana and susan coil collins have also expressed concerns about the bill. collins wanting more in property tax reductions and danes and johnson both seeking more for
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small businesses. senator tim scott are cautiously optimistic about. >> see a bill passing by christmas? >> well, i do believe in prayer, number one: i hope we get it done by christmas. if not, we'll be here through christmas looking at the end of the year. >> you got to appreciate the honesty there. joining us daniel litman. co-author of politico playbook. republican haves had a lot of misses, shall we say in the last couple of months or so. how damaging could it feasibly be to republican party if they don't make this deadline if the tax bill is not passed. i think they would work through the first quarter to see if they can get it done then. remember, with health care they had multiple trying. everyone would say it was dead and try back in a few weeks. it would be very damaging to the party if they can't pass one of their major legislative goals. one of the reasons they're not
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doing well is their messagers. you have people like steven mnuchin and gary cohen multimillionaires posing with money. which just does not sell well to the american people. it doesn't look like a middle class tax cut if you have goldman sax trying to sell it that way. democrats are pretty happy mnuchin and cohen are the messagers on this issue. >> then you have people saying they might be having a tax increase. not everyone getting a tax cut. that doesn't look well either. obviously, republicans don't necessarily need the democrats to pass their tax bill, they're thankful for that. they do need them to pass a spending bill and prevent a government shutdown. that's looming on the horizontal. how complicated could nose negotiations become in what will
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people be dangling in order to make sure there's no government shutdown. >> i think republicans are trying to hope they learned a less son a couple of years ago when they shutdown the government in the barack obama administration. really damaged the party's brand. this time the big deal will be over the dreamers. 800,000 daca recipients that trump and republican leaders have promised to protect. democrats want to use this as their bargaining ship trying to protect these people in any budget negotiation. the problem is that the clock is ticking down. they'll probably have to do a temporary spending deal and then you need three to four weeks to actually hammer down the budget numbers for every agency. they haven't even gone into that work yet. >> they certainly have to hit the ground running come today. that's for sure. talk to you at the bottom of the hour. thank you. president trump has weighted deeper into alabama's senate
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ra race. on sunday tweeted against democrat candidate doug jones. that last thing we need is a puppet weak on crime. weak on border. bad for military and great vets. bad for second amendment and wants to raise taxes to the sky. jones would be a disaster. the "new york times" reports that president trump has told senate majority leader mitch mcconnell what he said to reporters on tuesday that the women might not be telling the truth. the report says when a group of senators gathered with the president in the white house last week to discuss the tax overall, took little to get trump on the topic of moore. immediately offered up the same it was 40 years ago defense. according to officials at that meeting. times claims trump seized the calls for moore to step aside as a version of a response to the access hollywood tape in which he posted groping and kissing
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women. trump reportedly suggested to senator earlier this year it was not authentic and apparently repeated that claim to adviser more recently. however, trump has admitted to making the comments and apologized for them. mixed messaging there. take a listen. >> identify said and done things i regret. and the words released today on more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me, knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. >> so why he would change his position on this is pretty baffling. good to talk to you this morning. i know you spoke to doug jones last night. what did he say. >> good morning, doug jones, democrat in this race has been quite accessible ever since the allegations came out.
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polling is up in the air. hard to tell where the race is at. been on the campaign trail practically every day at this point. at the big football game saturday. just yesterday out in hail county. part of the black belt. high concentration of democratic and african-american voters. not only is he going to have to convince republicans in this race to come over. going to have to bring out democratic turnout. never been that relevant in alabama politics in quite some time. i did catch up with him last night. asked him about his opponent roy moore. and roy moore's lack of appearance on the campaign trail. this is what he told us. >> i don't know what it says about him. he hasn't talked about issues since he got in the race. he talks about issues that divide us. >> donald trump tweeted out. comments about your opponent seemingly backing him up. and also calling you out for being proabortion. anti-second amendment. when you read that from the president of the united states. >> i don't read it. i talk about issue.
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i continue to talk about issues. my record speaks for itself. that's why we're on trajectory to win the race. that's all we're thinking and talking about. >> as you can hear, doug jones played the kitchen table issues of this race. >> we have a little over two weeks until this election. all eyes on alabama that is for sure. everybody wanting to see exactly what's growing to happen there. as you mentioned, roy moore has been missing from the campaign trail for some time. do we have any idea if the president is going to head to alabama to endorse him and get behind him and bring him over the finish line? >> we don't know if the president is going to actually appear out here or not. obviously really looking for a victory after original candidate lost roy moore just a month and a half ago, but roy moore we haven't seen roy moore now 11 days on the campaign trail. he's been 11 days without a
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campaign or public appearance at all. today though it's supposed to be different. that's why we're up here in fort pain. a town of 14,000. used to be the sock capital of the world. most of those jobs have since gone overseas. we're told he's going to be engaging in a meet and greet down the road. we will be there. >> looks pretty cold. maybe you can pick up some sox. not a good joke. talk to you again in a little bit. still ahead, the latest an the terror attack at a mosque in egypt. gunmen still on the run. and a look at jared kushner's shrinking role inside the white house. and a check on weather on this cold monday morning in new york city. we'll be right back.
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the following images are from inside the mosque. some viewers may find them distu disturbing. citing police official as group of men in four offroad vehicles opened fire on worshippers inside of that mosque during the sermon. also as they fled the shooting. at some point, at least one bomb was detonated. after the attack, egyptian war planes conducted a wave of air strikes against terrorist targets. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the mosque is reportedly attended by islams considered heretical. in recent jeers, there have been multiple attacks. sue iffi responded to attack wrg
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horrible and you bardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshipners egypt. the world cannot tolerate terrorism. we must defeat them. the president followed that up with a tweet strangely tying in desired border wall with mexico adding quote, need the wall. need the ban. aviation men aparen disbrian grossow also assigned. now the eight other people on board were riescued shortly aftr the crash. reported to be in good
2:19 am
condition. conducting a routine transport. in the area for exercises. the incident is under investigation. let's turn now to weather and get a check on it with meteorologist bonnie snider. >> hi, we are looking at just a little bit of lake affect snow in upstate new york. not really travel trouble spot. people are heading back from thanksgiving and the weekend. watching out for strong wind. really across much of the west. palm springs to vegas all the way to flag staff, look for intense winds. stronger as you head north. hurricane force winds into parts of montana and wyoming. may cause travel troubles. elsewhere across the country, temperatures are really warming up. record highs across much of the nation's midsection. numbers warming up into the 80s across oklahoma and texas. not too many cool spots on the map.
2:20 am
if you're flying today or tomorrow. delays we're anticipating to seattle and portland due to unsettle weather. rain and wind expected both days. today we could see strong winds in chicago as well as clouds in new york. low clouds can cause airport delays in new york and philadelphia. this is yenly lgenerally a goodr travel. little rain in san francisco right now. otherwise a good travel day. >> good travel day. always tough to return to work after you had a couple of days off with friends and family. i imagine after the thanksgiving holiday. a lot of people are ready to get back. >> yes. still ahead, all the highlights from sunday night football. week 12. a sports is next. yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations
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sorry, it's a tandem bicycle. what? what?! as long as sloths are slow, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. hits the snap. bobbles the ball. fires it in the air. down there is julio jones. jones is in for the touchdown. >> rolling, looking. throwing end zone. caught in the end zone. touchdown. brady from the gun. throws it. complete for a touchdown. the hands of rob grin you and. >> blitz come in here and make it. is that a turnover or did he throw the ball. ball still and scoops it up. race into the end zone.
2:24 am
saints set them up for winning touchdown. >> to the end zone for the touchdown. >> first and ten. takes the hand off play action. campbell giving chase. cameron has his man. he's open. into the end zone. it's jerome brown for the touchdown. cardinals getting that one out. welcome back. those were some of the biggest scoring plays around the nfl. showed you highlight from the oakland win over the broncos. first quarter after raiders wide receiver locked broncos quarterback into the sideline shoving him to the ground and sparking all-out brawl between the two teams.
2:25 am
fists and helmets flew. managed to escape and ended up exchanging punches one-on-one. both ejected from the game. look at that. along with raiders guard tossed for making contact with an official. turning now to sunday night football in pittsburgh. the steelers facing the aaron roger-less packers. hits adams who takes it for a 55 yard touchdown. shaking off defenders for the 21-14 lead there. hundredly had three touchdowns on the nightthe night.
2:26 am
hundley. steelers battle back oning this one. a lot of close games in the nfl yesterday. new report claiming the fbi failed to warn about russian hackers. mitch mcconnell at odds with president trump. for roy moore support. latest on that race coming up next. ♪ all you smart holiday shoppers will be glad to know buick has great deals planned for you this black friday. or, if you prefer, crimson red tintcoat friday. or quicksilver metallic friday? ♪ ring in the holidays with buick. it's the enclave black friday event at your buick dealer. get 20% below msrp on all 2017 enclave premium models. that's over $10,500 on this specially equipped enclave. depend silhouette active fit briefs,
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian. alongside louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with top stories. senate republicans preparing to hold a make or break vote to overhaul the tax code. senate budget committee votes tomorrow and full senate may take it up later this week. republican leaders still need to lock up key votes within caucus. axios identifies john mccain, bob corker and jeff flake as those who conduct the party. also expressed concerns about the bill. and congressman john conyers has announced he's stepping down as the ranking member of the house judiciary committee. conyers made the announcement yesterday denies the allegations against him denying he buzz stepping down because of the ongoing house investigation. senator al franken back in the senate today after multiple women alleged he groped them. apologized in three interviews yesterday saying he did not,
2:31 am
quote, intentionally violate the women, but respected how they experience the encounter. he has no intention of resigning, but admitted his credibility has been undermined. president trump's backing republican senate candidate roy moore could have dire consequences on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell and senate republicans bracing for disaster. "new york times" reporting that mitch mcconnell and senate republicans were blind sided and infuriated by trump's defense of moore last week as mcconnell had repeatedly asked trump to stay out of the race. alabama and republicans face a no win situation here. a loss would leave democrats two seats closer to a majority in senate. win could derail chances for legislative win as they would face a month long debate over whether to expel moore. mcconnell does not believe moore will win, he and allies according to the times have made it clear they intend to move
2:32 am
against moore if elected. however, not all republicans seem ready to talk about expelling moore. ohio senator when asked about the possibility said this yesterday on "meet the press." >> the voters send back people that you believe ethically are morally are unsuited for the senate, do you believe the senate should expel those folks or do you think the voters, you have to respect the right of the voters on that one. >> well, it's an important question, but that's why you have an ethics committee. i think there is a way for this ethics process to work. it needs to be expedited and moving on it quickly. needs to provide due process and provide the transparency so voters know what the situation is. >> let's go back to fort pain alabama. where we find vaughn hillyard once again. vau vaughn, you spoke with voters over the weekend. what are they saying to you? are there undecided voters out
2:33 am
there or voters saying we're just going to stay home. >> reporter: 15 days out, there are a lot of voters we talked to that are still undecided. particularly when you're talking to republicans. the question is, do you vote for roy moore, do they not vote for all, or they go on a limb and for the first time in their living vote for a democrat. that being doug jones. we at the auburn football game and talked to many of them along the way. this is what a few of them told us. gives you an idea of what we're talking about. >> doug jones, cause he ain't no liar like roy moore is. >> roy moore. roy moore, you're sticking with him. >> yes. just does, he's a swing vote. >> do you believe him. >> well, i just sort of wonder why it's taken 40 years for all the stuff to come up. >> you usually vote republican. >> yes. >> but this time. >> this time it will be a write in. >> yasmin, we talked to a lot of
2:34 am
the local alabama journalists and politicos and the race is so up in the air. polling is really tough. voter registration ending today. alabama hasn't seen a competitive race in quite some time. it's very much heading to the last 15 days. a question of how this race is going to turn out on december 12. >> interesting to hear from the men saying they're definitely going to be voting for roy moore. and the two women saying it was going to be a write in for them. so interesting sort of to point that out there. >> president trump as i've been tweeting several times about doug jones, are those tweets resinating with people in alabama. >> yes, donald trump, remember his comments that he made in access hollywood tape didn't seem to affect voters much a year ago. donald trump received the highest vote yet for any republican presidential candidate in history. the question is can roy moore replicate that and can the president saying voter republican. we need a republican in the
2:35 am
senate, ultimately turn out and turn up enough. roy moore has been plagued in campaign by the allegations. the focus has been far and away from any issues of substance. he's been gone from the campaign trail for ten days. today we are in for pain where roy moore is expected to attend a meet and greet for the first time. official tefl tells us is he go be holding a much busier schedule here in the final two weeks. when you're looking at this race here, there's going to be a lot of action in the last 15 days. >> vaughn hall yaillyard for usk you. according to new report, fbi failed to warn of russian hacking for over a year. investigation over fancy bear found that only two of 80 americans targeted were given a heads-up by the fbi. those targeted included senior officials when approached by the
2:36 am
ap called the lack of disclosure bizarre and disspiriting. unnamed senior fbi official explained the failure of employe employe employees possible hacks is the bureau was overwhelmed by the sheer number of attempts. president trump's son-in-law was in the news other the weekend. signaling his desire to step back from the responsibilities he took on during the first eight months of the trump administration. "new york times" reported that some friends of kushner and his wife ivanka trump were at times so discouraged by their brief white house careers and shrinking social circle they would leap at a chance to gracefully turn to new york. at one point this fall, scenario circulated in which ivanka trump could replace nikki haley as ambassador to united nations if haley replaced secretary of state rex tillerson. aides to president trump said they never heard that discussed
2:37 am
internally. back with us is daniel litman. good to talk to you once again. there was a time early on in this administration that some looked at jarred and ivanka as the moderating force of all of this. is there any of that sentiment left in washington? are they seen more increasingly as having not much power there, not much say? >> it does seem the liberals and even some moderate conservatives in washington all wanted jarred and ivanka to be whispering in trump's ear and saying don't pull out of paris. don't pull out of nafta and it doesn't seem like they have many policy wins in their score board. and it does seem that john kelly, the new chief of staff, has clipped jarred's wings because he wanted a more orderly process. and even the fact that there are trump's daughter and his son-in-law in the white house as
2:38 am
senior advisers, that is very unorthodox and something even steve bannon he really clashed with jarred and ivanka because he saw that as a play that never works out well. >> we'll talk about something else unfolding over the weekend. sort of the showdown over the leadership of the cfpb. consumer financial protection bureau. filing a motion to block the trump administration from removing her as the acting head. the trump administration wanting to put mic mull gayny in to head up the christian friedrich fpbc >> the court will decide sometime this week. mulvaney. restrain this agency which has been one of the few independent
2:39 am
agencies that the trump white house has not been able to get under its control. mulvaney never liked the agency. he took a lot of money from big wall street banks and lenders so they want to stop this agency from really protecting consumers. they think if you just let banks and other financial institutions ordinary, reasonable, and prudent freely then it would help the economy. >> interesting to note as you mentioned back in 2015, mull say was very vocal that he didn't protect this. interesting he's now being appointed head of that. daniel litman. thank you. the numbers are coming in and looks like americans are looking to shop this black friday. retailers reporting record figures as they prepare for round two of cyber monday today. jo ling kent has more. >> reporter: the door buster deals ushered in record breaking
2:40 am
holiday shopping weekend. instead of in stores, much of the spending surged online. as retailers made a record $5 billion on line by the tend of black friday. that's up 17% from last year. more than half of online shopping happened on mobile devices. this as in store foot traffic on black friday slowed down by about 1%, but some struggling department stores are still calling black friday a victory. the ceo of chokohl's. traffic is slightly better than last year. >> to capture more customers in person, certain chaining like best buy, kmart, and macy's guaranteeing price adjustments if customers find a better deal elsewhere. very best discount especially on
2:41 am
electronics and clothing are expected on cyber monday. americans will spend record $6.6 billion online in a single day. make it the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. amazon is expected to come out on top, but the deepest discounts may require a little extra strategizing. >> when you're shopping online, you can add items to your cart and wawa from your computer. give yourself a day to think about it. some retailers will actually send you a coupon to get you to complete the transaction of what's in your cart. >> sales won't stop on monday. discounts continue through the rest of the week. >> thanks to jo ling kent on that report. get a check of what to expect this cyber monday. joins us live from monday. as jo ling kent reported, a lot of that shopping on friday was online. so cyber monday projected to be pretty big. yes, indeed. the same momentum is expected to continue today. let me just give you some stats
2:42 am
here. according to trend source data 7% of people plan to do shopping on cyber monday. compares to 10%. so for cyber monday, expecting further $6.6 billion worth of internet sales. that compares to 7.9 we saw on friday. that's up almost 18% year on year. now for the entire holiday season, they're expecting online sales to reach $107.4 billion. increase of 14%. and overall holiday sales to top 684 billion. up 4% from last year. big numbers there. let me turn your attention to another big story in the political space. at the trump administration has been sued by obama era official from the consumkocon cfpb and f lawsuit after president trump asserted he had the power to appoint an acting director and
2:43 am
put forward mic mull value anva they accomplished time sports illustrated people. they've agreed to sell themselves themselves to meredith court in a deal to change the accomplishing landscape. >> so meredith who own all reci recipe, gardens, different angle from time have agreed to buy out time inning for $3 billion. now, this is the second time that meredith did approach time. they approached them in 2013 and the deal fell through. they couldn't get financing. this time around, they were helped by the aides of the private equity brothers, provided $650 million worth of financing. clearly this will change the landscape for both of those media companies, but for now, back to you. still ahead, some pleasant
2:44 am
breaking news out of the uk. a royal engagement featuring prince harry. live to buckingham palace. plus, back to reality. colder more seasonal air makes way across the country. post holiday forecast coming up. [ keyboard clacking ] [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ]
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common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. said he informed his grandmother and received the blessing of the family. couple became engaged earlier this month. wedding will take place in the spring of 2018. joining us live outside of buckingham palace. matt, how did it happen? when are they going to get married? what is she going to wear? when is the baby due? >> reporter: i don't have any of
2:48 am
that information for you. i'm sorry. i can tell you from the statement from the palace, we're hearing spring 2018. that's coming up. these royal weddings are no small event. that takes a lot of planning. a wedding alone for a normal civilian takes a lot of planning. this is coming up very fast. you can see here, you're seeing the royal changing of the kbaurd. this has nothiguard. what is so incredible about this event is we're going to be seeing an american bride in a royal wedding. that's among the first. only about 80 years ago edward the eighth had to advocate in order to marry an americandy vor say. exactly what meghan markle is. first americans. mixed race heritage. that's a big deal.
2:49 am
that's something that's continuing as the royal family is modern iedsmodernizing. trying to reach out to people. trying to have the connection with the people of britain and throughout the world. i can't tell you any details about the wedding coming up. that's all to be announced later on. i do know it's coming in spring 2018. it's going to be a very glamorous event. a lot of pop and circumstance. >> a lot of people thumbing through the pictures when the pictures do eventually surface. change is good. especially when it's with the blessing of the queen. there you go. matt bradley for us. thank you. let's get a check on your weather now. nbc meteorologist bonnie. rest of the country unseasonably warm. here in the northeast, it's nice and cold. >> we're definitely getting a cool start for sure. cool enough for lake affect snow in upstate new york.
2:50 am
across the country, look for record high temperatures. feeling so mild. mild thanksgiving for so many. see more of that heading back to work or many of you traveling really warm conditions for all of that. denver, 15 degrees above normal. so it will be very warm in texas into the 80s there. look how mild it is as warm air sprends spreads to the east of great lakes. and end of the week does push further to the east. there the rain coming across the sfian francisco bay. as well as know across the rockies. storm moves on shore. see the rainfall intensify for washington. front move inland and see wind pick up. wind advisories across so many states today. including montana. wind climb up to 70 miles per hour. traveling today or tomorrow,
2:51 am
expecting airport delays. winds and low clouds may cause flight delays later today in new york and philadelphia. what the decision to stop arming kurds could mean for the war. simmering tensions between neighboring turkey. that's coming up. more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. (clapping) and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. ( ♪ ) because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest. evenyou or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide.
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how can we take russia seriously? >> we're talking very strongly about bringing peace to syria. >> president trump and u.n. ambassador nikki haley in recent weeks have offered differing comments about russia's role in syria. now putting out a recent statement that a political solution is the only viable option for syria. at least 53 civilians, including more than 20 children, are dead after russian air strikes hit residential buildings in areas held by isis in eastern syria. this, according to british base for human rights. it did conduct air strikes in the area but denies hitting civilians. it comes just before the eighth round of u.n.-brokered peace talks, which are scheduled to fwin in geneva tomorrow. days after putin hosted
2:55 am
president bashir al-assad in sochi, in addition to leaders of iran and turkey. >> president putin telling erdogan that they will stop arming. reportedly took the state department by surprise. no details on the timing having been released or confirmed. coming up next on "morning joe," everybody, republican leaders look to get a tax bill over the finish line as president trump continues to play salesman to gop members on the fence. and steps democrats need to take to handle the problems facing the party. "morning joe" moments away. [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [mascot] oh, yeah!
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welcome back. republican senate candidate roy moore is expected to speak at an event this evening one day after
2:59 am
president trump threw his support behind him by attacking his democratic opponent on twitter. meanwhile, president trump is said to meet with republican members of the senate finance committee today. the president, along with vice president pence, will welcome lawmakers to the white house where tax reform will likely be the big topic of the conversation. later today, president trump participates in an event. this is footage from last year's tree arriving. house speaker paul ryan is scheduled to light the tree in just over one week. that does it for us on this monday morning. i'm yasmin vasoughian.
3:00 am
i'm stuffed. wait a minute. i said that friday. sorry. with us now -- >> wait. we already -- >> yeah. >> oh, you caught me. >> do you believe those people? >> they're crazy. >> did you see this? >> a couple people that were like -- >> big show. >> every time we do a thanksgiving show -- >> we tape it. >> we tape it because -- >> then we make fun of the fact that we're taping it. >> how was your dinner? oh, i am stuffed and then willie will always go, but, boy, that game last night. and i'll go oh, what a -- it's very obvious. you would have to be extraordinarily -- >> a moron. maybe trump was watching and -- oh, my god, that's it. >> fake news, fake news. and we're making this up. it's a schtick. we've been doing this for ten years. >> i think trump was watching. he can't help himself. >> i won't say the great news source that printed this out. >> one unnamed


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