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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  November 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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going to win that the people of missouri are going to go to your governor and they're going to say, governor, please go see the president. we can't stand winning so much. remember i used to say that? i used to say it, and that's what's happening. that's what's happening. and then the governor is going to come to that beautiful, historic oval office and he's going to say to me, mr. president, the people of missouri cannot stand all this winning. they don't want to win so much. they love the old way where they had lousy job numbers. lousy economic numbers. they loved it. please, mr. president. please. and i'll say, governor, i don't care what they say in missouri. we're going to keep winning and winning and winning. remember? that's right.
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i used to say that. i had fun with that. but we are winning. we're winning again. we're winning a lot bigger than anyone ever thought possible for such a short period of time. for too long, our tax code has incentivized companies to leave our country in search of lower tax rates. that happens. many, many companies are going to ireland. they're going all over. going all over asia but they're stopping because they now want to take advantage of what's happening and what we're about to pass, hopefully. my administration rejects the offshoring model. let's build a factory in another country. isn't that wonderful? that really helps us a lot. fire everybody n let's build the product and send it in without tax back into the united states. that model doesn't work for me. it never worked and shouldn't have worked for any of our other past presidents. believe me.
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our new model is the american model. call it the trump model where we build it here. as much as possible, we build it here. simply put, our tax plan is antioffshoring and 100% worker, 100% pro-america. under the american model, we're reducing burdens on our businesses as long as they do business in our country. okay? they do business here. now we love mexico. it's a wonderful place, but i don't like when our car companies move to mexico, fire everybody, build the same car in mexico, send it through our borders with no taxes, no nothing, and we buy the car. same price. we buy the car. in the meantime, we get no tax and we get unemployment all over. that's stopping.
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so now the plants are starting to move back. and now there's a price to pay when they do that little number on us. that's how we all succeed and grow together. as one team, one people, as one american family. [ applause ] this week's vote can be the beginning of the next great chapter for the american worker. to summarize, our plan cuts taxes for the working and middle income families. it nearly doubles the amount of income taxed at the rate of zero. it lowers tax rate. it expands the child tax credit. it provides relief from the estate tax, also known as the death tax. it cuts small business taxes. it reduces the corporate rate from 35% all the way down to
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20%. and it provides a one-time low tax rate to return corporate money parked overseas. trillions and trillions of dollars. this is the right plan. this is the right time. we have a moment in time, the republicans have the senate, the house. the republicans have the white house. it's very unusual. very unusual. this is our chance to free our economy from our workers, from the terrible tax burdens. we have workers thatburd enened with taxes. we're freeing our workers. republicans in congress campaigned on cutting taxes. we also campaigned on repeal and replace. it's going to happen. it's going to happen. take your time. it's going to happen.
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it's going to happen. many democrats have promised tax cuts that don't mean anything because they really want major tax increases. senator claire mccaskill, have you ever heard of her? is doing you a tremendous disservice. she wants your taxes to go up. she's weak on crime. she's weak on borders. she's weak on illegal immigration. and she's weak on the military. other than that, i think she's doing a fantastic job. but now comes the moment of truth. in the coming days, the american people will learn which politicians are part of the swamp and which politicians want to drain the swamp. [ applause ] if you make your voices heard and call up your congressmen and
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they've been terrific, and call up your senators, and they have been totally terrific. most of them have been incredible. they really are. they're friends of mine. they've been incredible. but it doesn't take much. that's why we need more. we need to have a larger number. most of them have been incredible. but call your senators, your congressmen because we have no choice. we have to act. we have to act. as a country. this isn't good for the republican party. this is good for the country. and that's ultimately what it's all about. so this week hopefully the senate can join the house and take that strong stand for middle class families and for business and for jobs and for competition and for bringing money back. together, we will give the american people a big, beautiful christmas present.
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>> hi, everyone. welcome to the 4:00 hour in new york. that's the president on the road in missouri trying to drum up support for an unpopular tax reform bill inching its way forward in congress. it's the republicans' last hope for a legislative accomplishment this year. and it is far from a sure thing. before we talk about the president, we need to talk about some breaking news in the story that has rocked this company. matt lauer, anchor of the "today" show and a friend and colleague to many of us was fired. in a statement, the chairman of nbc news, writing, on monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. as a result, we've decided to terminate his employment. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he's been at nbc news, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not
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have been an isolated incident. we were deeply saddened by this turn of events but we will face it together as a news organization and do it in as transparent a manner as we can. his co-anchors responded with their characteristic grace and humanity. >> we are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced these past few weeks. how do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly? and i don't know the answer to that, but i do know that this reckoning that so many organizations have been going through is important. it's long overdue. and it must result in workplaces where all women, all people feel safe and respected. as painful as it is this moment in our cultu uure and this chan it had to happen. >> i speak for everyone in this company saying that we're all proud to have savannah guthrie as a colleague, especially today. in the last hour, a new report
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from variety details multiple allegations of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances against lauer. nbc's stephanie gosk is following developments. >> this article just dropped from variety magazine, although we knew there was something in the works for a while. they say it's part of a two-month long investigation where they spoke to a dozen or more current and former employees. they spoke to three women who allege they were sexually harassed by matt lauer. they then corroborated those women's accounts. according to the magazine, with friends and colleagues. i want to read you a quote from this article that quotes a former producer at the "today" show. it says there were a lot, quote, a lot of consensual relationships but that's still a problem because of the power he held, says a former producer who knew firsthand of these encounters. he couldn't sleep around town with celebrities or on the road
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with random people because he's matt lauer and he's married. so he'd have to do it within his stable where he exerted power. and he knew people wouldn't ever complain. on a personal note, i would say this has been a very difficult day. a very sad day for me, as well as everyone else in this building. >> stephanie gosk, i've watched your coverage. you've been covering this story for every hour and you're crashing for "nightly." i appreciate that you jumped on with us. what about this "variety" story rings familiar to you? we've now heard these stories and it is a reckoning, as savannah guthrie described it this morning. it's a moment where the benefit of the doubt deserves to be held by all of the women and all the accusers. but what do you see in the account that has just dropped that is part of a familiar pattern of these men in power that get enshared by this me,
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too movement? >> there are a number of themes that stretch through these. what i find particularly striking and we saw this in hollywood and we heard about this with charlie rose at cbs, at fox news, at nbc, that there were people that were aware these things were going on. that this was kind of a part of the culture and everyone sort of rolled with it and thought it was okay. that they had heard rumors or they knew harvey weinstein was up to dirty tricks. however they wanted to characterize it, but people didn't come forward and say it was wrong and what we are seeing now is a flood of people coming forward and saying that this is wrong. and that there need to be repercussions. and, you know, in andy lack's statement today, a point of saying there is no tolerance for this behavior. and it does not matter who the perpetrator is. there's a zero tolerance policy. >> stephanie gosk, thank you so much for making time for one more hour for ours. katy tur is with us today to be
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part of our panel. we'll get on to the political news of the day, but, katy, i want to get your thoughts. i saw your coverage of this story. obviously, when we cover a story about ourselves, it's inhernessly auk ward. but this moment and savannah guthrie's comments set the tone for all of us. >> these allegations are terrible. they are terrible. and it is really hard to reconcile someone you knew, someone you had a good relationship with, with what is coming out in the press. i think we need to talk about the woman who came forward to nbc news and got this ball rolling. our colleague. i don't know who she is, but the amount of bravery that she -- that it took to go to our bosses and say the most powerful man in our company, a man who has been at the "today" show for 20 years, a man who wields a ton of influence, who is
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extraordinarily popular, did this to me, and it wasn't right. we have to look at her and applaud her for the courage to come forward and to do this. i am struck today as i have been struck for the last few weeks that we have a very different set of standards for men in the media, men in hollywood, men in tech than we have for men in politics. and i don't really understand why that is. why certain men lose their jobs and why others, we have to wait and see what's going to happen. is it just because they are the voters who put them into office? maybe that's the answer? but it does feel like even the way we talk about these things is different from one end to the other. >> you're talking about donald trump being accused -- >> i'm talking about donald trump having more than 12 accusers. >> john conyers. >> i'm talking about him denigrating his accusers, saying
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he's going to sue them. never following up with suing them. he's denied the allegations. john conyers, same thing. i'm talking about all of those instances. roy moore, especially. a man who is accused touching a 14-year-old girl and people in alabama and people in alabama saying, you know, even if it is true, and i have no reason to doubt it's not true, i'm still going to vote for him because i believe we need that vote. i don't get that. >> what everyone says behind the scenes is they all expect roy moore to win. how depressing is that. so the president weighed in on the matt lauer news. nbc news while we're covering this story, we have not verified any of the accounts in "variety" news. we brought it to you because it's just breaking but if the network responds to any of those specific allegations or if matt lauer or any of his representatives respond to that story in this hour, we will break into whatever other conversation we're having and bring that to you right away. but the president didn't miss an opportunity to weigh in on this
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story. it was one of several topics he hit in an early morning tweet storm that spanned the spect rum from swiping at nbc news, nbc executives and our on-air colleague joe scarborough. to retweeting anti-muslim videos so offensive, a top editor at infowars was offended and asked him to take them down. all of the president's twitter activity against the backdrop two of devastating pieces in the papers today. one in "the new york times" with this headline. trump once said the "access hollywood" tape was real. now he's not sure. the piece describes the president who increasingly believes his own lies. mr. trump's falsehoods about the "access hollywood" tape are part of his life-long habit of attempting to create and sell his own version of reality. advisers say he continues to privately harbor a handful of conspiracy theories that have no grounding in fact. the post writes a similar piece. from "access hollywood" to russia, trump seeks to paint the
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rosiest picture. the post reporting that trump has occasionally told senior advisers that the access hollywood tape could be fabricated or may not be real. at various moments, including in huddles with his aides at trump tower, after he won the election and before taking office, trump has sought to distance himself from the tape. which is him. which he admitted and apologized for. both the times and post accounts are deeply sourced and provide no on-the-ord pushback to these anec doetss from presidential aides. but the white house today claimed the stories contained a number of inaccuracies. the white house claiming nothing has changed on the president's view of the "access hollywood" tape. joining us today to sift through the jarring headlines from "the washington post," white house reporter ashley parker who has one of the bylines on the post story we just referenced. "wall street journal" reporter eli stokels and joining katy and me at the table, jonathan
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lamere, bill kristol and tara set meyer, republican strategist and former aid to dana rohrbacher. ashley, let me start with you. first of all, a stunning piece of reporting. i've picked up bits and snippets of this. but i want to ask you to share with us your reporting on the president's adherence to a set of facts that are not at all related to the truth. >> sure. so this president has always been prone to conspiracy theories. in this moment, one thing we found that on a number of issues from the "access hollywood" tape which you just covered there, even to the russia investigation, most people close to the investigation, most experts say this is going to go on for a while. it could reach a messy conclusion. we found the president believes the exact opposite and that he has been in pretty good spirits telling people he expects it to be over by the end of this year. in talking to aides and advisers
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and people close to him, they've said on the one hand they're confused he is trafficking in these theories. they don't think it's particularly helpful but they view him as newly emboldened and throughout his entire life he's always, to put it in charitable terms, been a salesman, a marketer. presented the rosiest reality and chosen his own set of alternative facts and lived at times nan alternate reality. >> eli, the word i heard from white house whisperers, a couple outside of the white house, one inside the white house, is that he increasingly projects a delusional version of himself to himself and to his twitter followers. this is someone staring in the mirror of his own most rabid fans and feeding them only what he thinks they will believe without acknowledging that it's moving further and further away from reality. do you have any reporting that suggests there is anyone on this white house staff who is
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interested in offering the president a reality check? >> it's very difficult. i've heard the word delusional from some folks as well. and the people around him, john kelly came in and changed some things in the white house. but he has not changed donald trump's behavior. his compulsion to grab his phone and tweet or retweet things. and he really hasn't tried. he has disclosed sometimes to reporters, you know, you should see the things that we've got him not to tweet but, really, donald trump is going to be -- to behave in the way he always has. there are not going to be too many guard rails that get put in place that will last for very long because he's the one calling the shots. and certainly in this situation, some of this, yes, is the same behavior that he displayed throughout his career in media and it always worked for him. spinning stories. always selling and there were never any consequences for what he sort of optimistically
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referred to in "art of the deal" as truth of hyperbole. there may be soft soothing. but he's also the president. he's tweeting these things to 43 million people and there is a sort of authoritarian aspect to a president who so brazenly takes issue with objective truth, who disputes things that are clear and obvious to the public and has staffers out there saying -- basically backing him up and saying you don't know what's true. we're disputing that reality. it's one of the darker aspects of this administration, and i think we're seeing it every day. >> i heard from aides today who said that there were people who felt john kelly is actually enabling the president. that he has not only is he not addressed the president's
1:21 pm
twitterifi feed, not viewed it a problem but he's enabled some of these base instincts in the president and that's part of the reason the president seems so unchecked. the other thing that i picked up today was that there is pretty grave concern that by re-upping birtherism in the face and wake of all these -- we played a tape of about a minute and a half of just this blatantly racially divisive statements and he retweeted three anti-muslim videos today. the dye is now cast. he is advancing and advocating racism in this country. >> john kelly has pointedly said he's not trying to manage the president. i think there is something to be said. kelly holds hard line views on immigration. and i think trump seized off that and feeds off of that sometimes. this is someone who has always had a shaky relationship with the truth. trump tower, just a few blocks from here. he has lied about how tall it is. he says it's ten stories higher than it is.
1:22 pm
he says 68. it's 58. this is someone whose whole political career was born on the bocks of birtherism. a lie. a racist lay. >> a racist lie about the birthplace of his pred cessor barack obama. he, of course, very grudgingly had to disavow that during the later stages of the campaign, although he then claimed hillary clinton was responsible for starting that rumor. and here he is in the office with the gravity of the oval office behind him. the gravity of the white house behind him and still perpetrating in this, including these tweets this morning with these -- retweeting from an islam phobic website, tweets so inflammatory they were denounced by theresa may and endorsed by david duke. >> good lord. when we come back, we're just hitting pause, we have so much more on both these fronts. as jonathan just said, the president shared inflammatory anti-muslim videos on twitter, inviting those rebuks from across the political spect rum and praise from kkk grand wizard
1:23 pm
david duke. where are we? bill kristol is going to answer that question. the former director of national intelligence warned after that that the tweets could incite anti-muslim violence. also mike flynn is in the hot seat after any report details some of his work inside the white house that has come under scrutiny as the investigation into flynn sr. and his son intensifies. please stay with us. as you can clearly see, the updates you made to your plan strengthened your retirement score. so, that goal you've been saving for, you can do it. we can do this? we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things you want to do today. nana, let's do this! aye aye, captain! ♪ and as you go through life -whoo! -♪ tryin' to reach your goal
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♪ and as you go through life was supposed to be a wake reup call for our government?sh people all across the country lost their savings, their pensions and their jobs. i'm tom steyer and it turned out that the system that had benefited people like me who are well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else. it's why i left my investment firm and resolved to use my savings for the public good. but here we are nine years later and this president and the republican congress are making a bad situation even worse. they won't tell you that their so called "tax reform" plan
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is really for the wealthy and big corporations, while hurting the middle class. it blows up the deficit and that means fewer investments in education, health care and job creation. it's up to all of us to stand up to this president. not just for impeachable offenses, but also to demand a country where everyone has a real chance to succeed. join us. your voice matters.
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as we mentioned, donald trump retweeted three anti -- i can't even read this with a straight face. the president of the united states of america retweeted three anti-muslim videos this morning raising concerns that by doing so he may incite violence against muslims. the videos came from the account of jada franzen, the leader of a far right group in the uk with a history of extreme anti-muslim
1:27 pm
views. the british prime minister and piers morgan. he asked trump to untweet. endorsing a bunch of muslim-hating fascists is the very worst thing trump has done as president. even the editor of infowars disapproved. wow. hard to get them mad. but someone liked what he saw on the president's twitter feed. former grand wizard of the kkk david duke wrote thank god for trump. that's why we love him. and sarah huckabee sanders doubled down on the president's tweets today. >> -- to verify information before they retweet it out. isn't it fake news not to do that? >> look, whether it's a real video, the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about. that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats. and those are real no matter how you look at it. >> i doents even know what to
1:28 pm
say. what's real is north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile and the president acts like a jackass on twitter. >> one of these three tweets which is headlines muslim migrant beats up dutch boy on crutches and is unpleasant to watch, obviously, it turns out is not true. that was a dutch boy beat up another dutch boy. the perpetrator was arrested. >> wasn't a migrant. >> he's not a migrant and not a muslim. this went up in march as an anti-muslim thing. resolved quickly. he's retweeting something that's flat-out false. and he's has not deleted it. >> it's just out there. and the embassy in the netherlands came out and said this is fake news. you can't do this. the embassy in the nethserlands says this. the prime minister of the uk condemned the president saying what he did was wrong. the uk rejects this. this is divisive. when is the last time a statement came out of downing street with the prime minister's name on it condemning or telling
1:29 pm
the u.s. president that they are wrong or that they did something bad? name it. >> sarah sanders' defense -- and this gets back to -- what are the consequences? he's president of the united states. he's got a tax bill. republicans are going to vote for it and possibly pass it through the senate. he's endorsed roy moore. some republican senators have distanced themselves from moore, except for jeff flake. another has stepped up and said you captain vote for him and you need to vote for the democrat or at least the write-in candidate and i'm going to send $5,000 down to an anti -- when i worked in the first bush white house we encouraged people to fund an anti-david duke campaign when he made the run-off. there was a lot of conservative money that went in to send a message to conservative voters down there. it was legal done through pacs and so forth. has any republican senator gone to the trouble of saying more than, gee, i'm comfortable with roy moore.
1:30 pm
and how do we treat -- i've been an advocate of serious people taking serious jobs in this administration to keep things from going off the rails. >> to what end, though? >> that's difference from sarah sanders. shouldn't someone in the white house today or in the communications team or somewhere not at the h.r. mcmaster level but some communications person say this is too much? has anyone quit in protest? >> do you think donald trump knows anyone too much beneeths the level of -- why not someone like h.r. mcmaster. take a stand for what the country -- we are a disgrace the world over. and i don't know if the republican party ever puts itself back together again. we're led by someone accused of sexual misconduct, as katy tur said, being treated very difference from every other man accused of sexual misconduct. he's a flagrant racist. he retweets things that are racist, fake things that are racist. he -- to be rebuked by infowars
1:31 pm
is something i'm still processing. i mean, how do you make infowars mad? and to get the praise of david duke? i just -- where are we? >> we're in oup side down land because in no other reality would this be real? this is -- the problem here is that we've seen the president this week go off the rails every time we think he can't go any further, he does. there are very serious things going on, and why he's chosen to just tweet things that are from out of left field this week makes me question what's going down the pike. is it what's going on in the russia probe? is it because mike flynn is possibly flipping on trump and things are squeezing him? is it because -- i'm not sure. but you have a major tax bill going on which is a huge legislative lift. and the president is engaged in things that are just not -- they are beneeths the office of the presidency.
1:32 pm
he's been a professional bs artist his entire life. so that's what he's doing right now. the bser in chief in the white house making things up, tweeting things that have nothing to do with anything, watching cable news in the morning and tweeting reactions. and those tweets this morning are so concerning on so many levels from attacking the media to conspiracy theorys to what he tweeted about those muslim videos this morning is disgusting. and they have real-life, real world consequences. >> they showed the rally in missouri. who was with him? josh, the leading republican candidate to run against claire mccaskill. he's a very intelligent and respectable guy. a supreme court law clerk. people like josh, i understand trump is the republican president and came into the state in a normal world. a -- >> this is not a normal world. >> seriously, shouldn't -- i'm saying it, shouldn't mitch mcconnell and others say to josh, we'll support you for senator from missouri but
1:33 pm
shouldn't josh say to himself, do i want to stand up there with this president? this is the problem. >> i think -- >> he's been so enabled by republican office holders and conservatives -- a fair number of -- >> let me bring ashley parker back in. i believe the white house addressed some of these slow-moving car accidents on the flight to missouri? >> yes, they did. and they may have actually -- one thing i want to point out, is gotten themselves in a little bit of trouble because they were basically asked, so is the president or is the president not concerned about muslims? the person doing the briefing said he's taken care of that with the travel ban. you'll recall what the president is arguing about in court is that the travel ban has nothing to do with muslims. but that public statements like this have sort of gotten the administration in trouble in arguing their points. i will also say for the question of where this stuff is coming from, again, there's never any
1:34 pm
good answer. i talked to aides who say they were caught unaware. they were trying to figure out a strategy, how to defend it. one said they didn't know how they could possibly defend it. one thing i heard is when the president is in mar-a-lago as he was this weekend over thanksgiving, he was not there with a ton of staff or his full family. it's a sort of free-wheeling environment where wealthy club members and friends of his come up to him and can sort of say to the president, well, have you seen this article? have you seen this youtube video? what do you think of this? he's calling friends and they're sort of planting little seeds which the wot, once something is on his mind, he often blurts it out publicly. that's why we saw this return to washington on a week he should have been focused on taxes, being focused on everything but. >> what ashley just laid out is their for real, honest to god answer on collusion. if he was colluding, he would
1:35 pm
have tweeted about it. he would have been proud of it. they don't think it's a wise move that a twice divorced, thrice married man who has sort of thrown the office of the american presidency behind roy moore, a man accused of preying on a 14-year-old girl, they believe this may be something that backfires on them big time. >> they worry about that, i think, more than the president himself does. he's never really felt shame over his own behavior and ashley's points are correct. this is a guy who -- from the folks i talk to around him, been nervous about losing his base. so these sorts of things, he's a provook to provocateur and has been for decades. he has no problem just sort of tweeting them out. retweeting them because he knows they'll draw a reaction and stir everyone up and, two, he knows his base won't have a problem
1:36 pm
with the islamophobia and other things that we're all talking about sort of overtly racist things that come from this president's twitter feed and from his mouth sometimes. and those are things that, as bill was saying, there's never any consequence. nobody ever resigns. all these aides frustrated privately and worry this may blow up in our face or complicate things. things have been complicated for a long, long time. the fact this president makes them more so. they've all had months to get used to that, and none of them are walking away. >> bob corker said in tennessee on a visit to his district this summer that the president lacks the competence and stability for the office he holds, and what all of these stories have in common, this retweeting of racist videos or whatever they were on his twitter feed, this brazen embrace of roy moore, all of the things he's doing sitting
1:37 pm
there yesterday with the props of the two empty chairs, three hours after north korea had launched an interballistic missile. what they all have in common is to prove bob corker right. donald trump lacks the stability and competence for the office he holds. ashley parker, thank you for spending the first half of this hour with us. we're going to hit pause and pick this up on the other side of the break. mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. but after an electrical fire from faulty wiring, mary's vintage clothing
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it has all kinds of ripple effects in terms of inciting or encouraging anti-muslim violence and, as well, causes, i think, our friends and allies around the world to wonder about the judgment of the president of the united states. >> that was former director of national intelligence james clapper talking about the consequences, potential consequences of donald trump's tweets. it's the second day in a row
1:41 pm
we've talked about donald trump's tweets having consequences. >> not just the tweets today. his rhetoric against muslims is already having negative consequences. two indian men were targeted at a bar in kansas back in february. a white man walked in screaming get out of my country. charged with a hate crime. killing one. targeting them, according to prosecutors, for their race, the color of their skin, their religion. this is already -- it's already had bad consequences here on american soil. where is donald trump standing up for this poor indian man and his family who lost his life because a guy went after him because of the color of his skin? incited by what many believe is the president's words and rhetoric on muslims. >> what is the white house to do? they don't view him as someone who can be controlled. as bill kristol said, people
1:42 pm
have taken some comfort in the kinds of people in the national security apparatus. it's now sort of accepted as fact that if they didn't resign after charlottesville and didn't resign after he offended the navajo code talkers this week and didn't resign after -- is there a white house that's tipping or are they just sort of in constant crisis containment? >> first, i wanted to say, what katy says, you would hear some very angry anti-muslim remarks from the crowd. shouts, fueled by the president. and there's certainly a belief that he's given cover to racist behavior across this country. >> do they believe that in the white house? >> there are some people there who do who have chosen to put their blinders on and move forwards but they feel they're doing it out of patriotism and for the good of the country or feel this is the white house, the pinnacle. i want to keep going. or i believe in some portion of his agenda, but not all. this is back to john kelly. he has said his mission is to control the flow of information
1:43 pm
to the president. >> well, mission failed. >> i agree. and he has says that people point to one of trump's other crazy tweet storms back in march when he accused obama of wiretapping trump tower. that was written up in a breitbart article placed on the president's desk. he saw it and went after it. what john kelly has streamlined the paper process but he has yet to get his hands on what we heard there. the president's conversations at mar-a-lago or his twitter feed. these anti-islamic videos at least one of them appeared in ann coulter's feed yesterday. he can inspire others to violence. >> there are others in the white house who feel they're under siege by the media, and they're being treated inn fairly. the president is being treated for unfairly. we don't get it when he's just joking and we don't give him a pass and we treat him differently than we treat everyone else and we treated president obama. there is this -- >> no one else has ever said pocahontas in front of native
1:44 pm
americans. >> a stockholm syndrome where they genuinely believe that this is not fair. and when you bring up pocahontas, what they will say is, look at elizabeth warren. she was lying about her heritage. it's fine to say that sort of stuff. >> and to -- his latitude to attack elizabeth warren, no one quibbles with. it was saying it in front of world war ii veterans. >> there are people who do not see that as problematic and that itself is problem attic to have those sorts of people working in the white house. when we talk about who can rein donald trump in -- >> no one. >> the very few people can rein him in, if anybody, but there's also just an absence of folks in the white house to believe that he should be reined in. >> if you can't rein him in, you can at least say something. maybe get fired. >> the daughter said she was supposed to be that person. >> she has not gone on this show and said i deplore what my
1:45 pm
father said. the vice president of the united states who say constitutional officer, elected by the same people who elected trump. would it be the end of the world if mike pence put out a statement saying it's unfortunate what the president said this morning? of course it can't happen, but why can't it happen? it can't happen because these people -- >> because they don't have the cajones to do it. you think mike pence is going to do it who is just sitting there happy to be in the white house? he's not going to do it. look, if republican -- >> he can't be fired. >> if the republican leadership had the intestinal fortitude to say anything, they would have done it before trump became the nominee. paul ryan started to, even when he said what trump said about judge curiel was racist. the speaker of the house said the republican nominee says something that was textbook racist but he's still there willing to pass that aside for a
1:46 pm
legislative agenda that's gone nowhere. they told me they thought, you know, trump is going to change. we'll be able to contain him. and i said how naive are you? >> are we dumb -- is the fairytale over? if you stand before navajo code talkers who are world war ii veterans and launch into a racial slur in front of them, you'll do anything into any of them. and the whole idea that they are the victims is going to be their undoing because they are the assailants on a free press. i've never seen people like general mike hayden with his hair on fire. he is a -- he was the cia director. the assault on truth, and i read that jeff flake is going to go out and give a series of speeches. the first about an assault on truth. but we don't -- it used to be you'd look up at cable news and they'd all be covering the iraq war. fox news would give my old boss the benefit of the doubt, focus
1:47 pm
on the veterans and their families. and msnbc and keith olbermann calling bush the worst person in the world. now fox news is covering how huge trump's hands are. msnbc is telling the truth and cnn has got a mix of the two fighting with each other. where we are and how do we get back to anything? you said the word shame. this is shameful sort of state of political affairs. >> here's one way. it seems impossible. so let's say the tax bill passes. president trump will want to ha have mitch mcconnell over for a celebratory in the white house. we're just going to pass on going to the white house. we're not going to stand with president trump. >> there's a zero percent chance -- >> why? why would that be so hard? i'm letting them vote for their legislation. i'm just asking them for a little bit of dignity in standing apart from him.
1:48 pm
>> maybe. but they're worried about what kind of fire they'll face from the president. they are worried about their voters because their voters are more pro-trump than they are pro them. everybody is worried about getting re-elected. they're also worried about their donors. why are they passing this tax reform? this tax reform in quotes, tax cuts for the wealthy? because of their donors. and they have admitted it on camera. we don't do this, our donors will not fund our re-election. it is all about getting back into office. >> depressing thoughts. we're sorry about that. but it is the truth. still ahead, new details surrounding president trump's former national security adviser mike flynn and what it could mean for robert mueller's growing case against him.
1:49 pm
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some day we'll put our brakes on tv. untils they thing for you -- on top of the long list of things special counsel robert mueller may be investigating when it comes to michael flynn, serious allegations when he was a member of the white house staff. only about 20 days, you remember. from the "wall street journal" expanded on by the "washington post." a week after president trump's inauguration flynn forward add memo from a former business associate to the nfc staff. the memo included a plan to build nuclear power plants in the middle east. part of a new martial plan for that region.
1:53 pm
flynn instructed his staff to put it on white house letterhead and send to the president for approval. the "post" added, this surprised some add smin straministration and raised concerns flynn had a conflict of issues. no indication the letter ever went to the president. bill kristol, the idea mueller has enough to charge flynn, simply waiting, has drawn out and made it the worst best kept xri secret. >> seen a couple of mueller's deputies and i think they are trying to work out a deal. very interesting. in the white house in the first month, and always felt the first month was key if this was going to get to donald trump himself. that one week, one-on-one dinner with jim comey.
1:54 pm
the way he talks to the attorney general. >> see to it to let mike flynn go? >> was that another dinner? there were two or three. crazy about one-on-one with the fbi director, celebrating right after the inauguration. close to donald trump. what did donald trump tell flynn? flip someone there, senior level, access to conversations, suddenly, and reports. then call up -- of course, mueller will have trump himself testify and then -- well, we hear you said this. is that true? no. never said it. trump says -- someone else in the room is under oath saying you did say it. i think flynn is a very important figure here. >> and eli, ask you a question. donald trump, would steve bannon let donald trump say, ah, steve bannon didn't do much. my own political adviser, and rinse priebus, ah, hardly new paul manafort.
1:55 pm
but mike flynn, mike flynn was a guy donald trump saw to ask jim comey, director of the fbi, to let go, see to it to let him go. donald trump is barely that loyal to his ex-wives. what does mike flynn have on donald trump? >> well, that's a great question. i mean, mike flynn was there throughout the campaign. he was very close to trump. he was at almost every rally in the motorcades. he was at trump's side and there through most of the first month of the administration. so clearly he was very close to the president. he seems to, based on a lot of different reports out there, there seems to be a lot of legal issues surrounding him that could put him in legal jeopardy if he doesn't make a deal. so you can understand why he may be talking to bob mueller and there's been a lot of speculation this week about the president seeming a little more unhinged than normal. what is it that set him off? he may publicly be telling people that he's confident in the way the investigation is going, but i have talked to other people who say that's not
1:56 pm
entirely the case. this could be a major source for the president as well. >> remember, why would flynn -- mueller can prosecute michael flynn if he wants to, and paul manafort. why flip? what's the deal? the only reason you make a deal with someone, with a defendant, you get him to talk on someone above him. who is more senior than mike flynn? >> flynn is in a lot of trouble. >> and his son. >> they are. >> his foreign dealings with turkey are under a lot of scrutiny and should be. he literally went from criticizing turkey becoming more radical to writing op easy after taking a $600,000 contract from a turkish business counsel. then all of a sudden pro-turkey. association with erdogan and asked susan rice to hold off on an attack to raqqah, because of the turk -- turkey didn't want us -- with the peri pe sh persh.
1:57 pm
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often late night from katy tur beginning of "mtp daily" when she hosts. ten seconds. >> reckoning. talking sex walt harassment. a reckoning, we need to figure out how to stop it and what to do. >> figure out how to hold or political leaders as accountable in business and other industries. thanks to my guests. that does it for our hour. i'm nicolle wallace. "mtp daily" starts right now. hi, chuck. i guess these are your seconds i keep taking. gave them to katy. trying to give them back. sorry. >> nice try. >> failed. >> i saw what you did. good luck. whatever. teaming up on me. >> busted. >> all for katy. busted. no worries. steal time later. if it's wednesday -- washington still can't find its moral compass. tonight as new media figures are fired for sexual misconduct, why is the political world so far behind the rest of the country t


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