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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  December 15, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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good friday afternoon. craig melvin from msnbc headquarters in new york city. firing at the fbi. president trump this morning ft. slamming the russia investigation and he went after the fbi again. the president saying, it's a shame what's happened with the agency and vows to rebuild it. he also said it before making an appearance at fbi headquarters. also, pleasing putin. as the president emphatically denies collusion with russia, calling it a bureaucratic hoax, he reveals president putin has had glowing praise for him. the details of their friendly phone call. and harassment scandals. nbc sits down for an interview with the lawyer of one of matt lauer's accusers. he asks those looking for the identity of his client to please stop. she's terrified. the lawyer also said that men have to do more. we start with republicans inching closer to a vick stotor tax cuts. president trump ending the week on two parting shots.
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in two separate appearances today, he took aim at the fbi, immigrants, the russia investigation, practically everyone except for the man he always has a kind word for, vladimir putin. here are just a few of the highlights. >> well, it's a shame what's happened with the fbi, but we're going to rebuild the fbi. it will be bigger and better than ever. when you look at what they did with respect to the hillary clinton investigation, it was rigged. >> how was your call with vladimir putin? >> it was great. he said very nice things about what i've done for this country in terms of the economy. >> as we have witnessed recently, america faces grave threats. both terrorists came to our country throughout dysfunctional immigration system to have a lottery. you pick people. do you think the country's giving us their best people? no. they give us their worst people. they put them in a bin.
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but in his hand when he's picking them is really the worst of the worst. congratulations. you're going to the united states. okay. >> to nbc reports and discussion now on both stories. we start at the white house with hans nichols. hans, this really had the feel of a campaign-style speech. >> craig, the president left the white house here on marine one. when he landed, it was campaign trump. it was very clear he was enjoying his element there, enjoying the audience, going off-script, riffing at several moments. railing against the press as we saw throughout the campaign, mentioning what's going on in chicago. now, before he left, he spoke to reporters and he was asked directly -- this is after he was sort of challenging the fbi, again questioning it. he was asked directly whether or not he would pardon michael flynn, his former national security adviser who has pled guilty and is cooperating with the fbi. listen to his answer. >> would you consider a pardon for michael flynn? >> i don't want to talk about pardons for michael flynn yet.
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we'll see what happens. let's see. i can say this. when you look at what's gone on with the fbi and the justice department, people are very, very angry. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> reporter: you know, that's part of the theme from president trump, railing against the fbi. let's go back and take a look at some of the things he said. this is a tweet from december 3rd, president trump after years of comey with the phoney and dishonest clinton investigation and more, running the fbi, its reputation is in tatters. worst in history. exclamation point. fear not, we will bring it back to greatness. that may have been part of what he was doing when he was visiting that training academy down there in quantico where some of the fbi trains. the class he was visiting today is more local and state law enforcement. another tweet, back in november before the election -- excuse me, the tucker carlson opening statement about our once cherished and great fbi is so sad to watch.
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james comey's leadership was a disaster. craig, it seems to me that the president of the united states, he came back here, it's snowing in washington, flew back on marine one, but he seemed to be very much in campaign mode down there. we'll see whether or not that shifts back into more presidential, less campaign rhetoric from the president. >> hans nick comes hols at 1600 pennsylvania. garrett, stand by, i want to bring in kate koppens, the staff writing at "atlantic," dave jolly and david ignatius, columnist at "the washington post" who is also an nbc contributor. mr. koppens, to a lot of folks, this all seems to be an effort to undercut americans' faith in the mueller investigation. do we know having an effect? >> i think it's fair to say it's having an effect with his base, which is probably where this is
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primarily aimed. trump has his rallying cries against the fbi, the jupt drngts the intelligence community in general have picked up steam and brought along vast swaths of the conservative media. if you listen to conservative media, talk radio in the last couple of weeks, past few weeks, you hear constant talk about how there's a conspiracy to take down trump, that there's rampant corruption and bias in the fbi. and i think that, you know, this is probably working with some trump voters. at the end of the day, trump has done very little throughout his presidency to bring along anyone besides his base. that might be enough to keep him in power. >> david, this is your column in "the post" today. the russia facts are hiding in plain sight. you end your column this way, quote, the next time trump
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demands a probe of mueller's investigation or the fbi's handling of clinton e-mails, remember that he isn't arguing the facts or the law about collusion with russia. he's pounding the table. it's a point worth noting. here's something else, david, that continues to strike me. the fact that the president continues to try to convince large swaths of america that the fbi is filled with card-carrying liberals and that it seems to be working. he seems to be convincing people that the quib is just this bastion of liberalism. >> we'll see how many people he's convincing with this. the alabama result suggests that the president's rhetoric, while it appeals to a narrow base, kind of steve bannon slice of the electorate, it is not a broad-based appeal. one thing i'll tell you is that
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these comments are quite upsetting to fbi officers. this is an agency that prides itself on being outside politics. and every time trump makes a very political comment, attacks the fbi, says it's in tatters, people working there, working as hard as they can and often dangerous investigations are upset. the new fbi director, chris rice, said last week very specifically that that's not the agency he's leading. this is trump's own appointee, mind you. i think we'll see how broadly, but certainly conservative media is picking it up. whether the country as a whole is buying into this, i'm not sure. >> the chief evidence that president's key supporters keep pointing to are texts between an fbi agent and an attorney,
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former doj lawyer in which they reportedly criticized president trump. it's noteworthy they criticized bernie sanders, they criticized hillary clinton as well, even chelsea clinton. is there anything to these texts, david? >> no, because, listen, that suggests that a professional law enforcement officer can't check their own political opinions at the doorway of their place of employment. that would suggest at the same time that no member of congress could objectively approach an issue because they have proclaimed their political interests before entering office. it really is an attack of the integrity of these law enforcement officers. i would say what's disconcerting, and i agree with david and mckay, this is something on the right growing in conservative media. it's easy to think it's isolated to just trump's base but here's the problem. the problem is this, every single one of those republican members of congress and republican senators still need the votes of that base to get re-elected. they can't just get re-elected on the non-trump republicans.
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so, the disconcerting thing is that they will begin to give aid and comfort to this argument for their own political re-elections, just like we saw them embrace donald trump, even though many of them opposed him initially. >> that's an excellent point. guys, do stand by for me just a second. i want to bring in garrett haake now. there's been some developments on the tax bill. republicans, we understand, hoping to unveil their final, final, final version later this afternoon. they have to win over a few senators each with their own issues. what's the latest on senator marco rubio out of florida? >> reporter: marco rubio was asking for a more generous tax credit. he wanted it to be significantly more generous. he got most of what he wanted. the negotiators ended up adding a couple hundred dollars of refundability to this tax care credit. rubio's office is being very coy about whether or not this is good enough for him. i should be careful how i
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describe this, but everyone i'm talking to on the hill and in rubio's orbit believe that this will be enough to get him to vote yes. at they are being very careful to not come out and say that he is a yes. there is optimism here on the hill. i think you heard this morning from the president, optimism from him and optimism from folks who know rubio in different political circles that this will be enough to get him on board. this changes a number of changes that have been made in this conference committee process to smooth out some of the details in this bill and get something that gives a lot of holdout senators what they want and continue to afford to pass it. for example, the big red line on the corporate tax rate, which had been set at 20% in every previous version of this bill now creeps up a little bit to 21%. and the alternative minimum tax for corporations but sounds like keeping it for some individuals. they're lowering the top tax rate on high earners. and they're tweaking a little
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bit the provisions on state and local tax deductions and property taxes. that was a big sticking point in the house. ultimately, craig, we're going to get our first look at this around 5:30 tonight, the same time everybody else in the country does, the same time democratic lawmakers do. and the plan is still to hold a vote on this bill on tuesday. probably the house going forward, but it looks like they're on track to move this thing early next week. >> and the individual mandate for obamacare? >> reporter: individual mandate is out. remember, the senate put that in as a way to save money. the house has already voted to repeal it in their obamacare repeal bill that didn't go anywhere in the senate so they were happy to keep that in -- the removal. that got confusing. >> garrett haake on the hill. stand by. david, let's talk about this tax bill really quickly. is this going to be the win that republicans need that's, perhaps, going to propel them to victory roughly a year from now?
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>> i think the polls and just general analysis tells us that it this tax bill is not that popular in the country. the argument that this is largely going to benefit corporations and wealthier taxpayers seems to have gotten through. people always like the idea of a tax cut in principle. i think people that want to wait and see how it actually affects them. the thing that i think is really worrying is the speed with which this has been done. there's essentially no legislative history. so, when the irs sits down to try to write regulations to implement this and later tax courts try to resolve cases about it, there's going to be nothing to look at. typically you have months and months of hearings, have you a clear sign of congressional intent. in this case basically an empty can page. the fact that nobody has seen this final version until it debuts at 5:00 --
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>> on a friday during hole aida season. >> it's a crazy way to pass an important piece of legislation for our economy. >> mckay, also on the tax bill, the president made this promise to his evangelical voters that he would repeal the ban on church activity. that's now out. what do you make of that? ed. >> yeah, this was a core campaign promise trump made to conservative christian voters which is they would repeal the johnson bill. that being taken out basically means that trump has failed at least at this point to deliver on the one major promise that he made to conservative christians. now, his supporters would point to the nomination of gorsuch and the confirmation of gorsuch, getting a conservative on the supreme court. that's something. but i think a lot of evangelical voters may look at this and be pretty disappointed that the broad package of religious freedom protections they were
10:14 am
hoping to get from the president has kind of disappearing. the one remaining promise that looked viable has also not happened. >> switching topics. the rumor mill has paul ryan out some time after the mid-terms. ryan's office insists he is going to stick around. i know when you were there in the house, you worked with the spee speaker. what say you? do you think he sticks around or do you think his days for the lower chamber are short? >> i think it's more than likely he leave. here's why. he's a student of the institution. he's incredibly risk-averse politically. he knows republicans likely lose the house in '18 and it's better he goes out on top than coming back possibly being minority leader or facing a challenge to his leadership role having just lost the house for republicans. listen, paul ryan's never been a john boehner. he's never been a natural at being able to corral the members of the caucus. we're just seeing that now as he
10:15 am
carries a big stick on the tax bill and other provisions. it wouldn't surprise me at all if paul ryan leaves the house after this term. >> thank you. mckay, garrett, enjoy the weekend, guys. >> you, too. the attorney for one of matt lauer's accusers speaks out, saying his client is terrified that her identity is going to be revealed. he pens an op-ed calling on men be to do more to change the culture. also, fit to serve. president trump setting records with his judicial confirmations. some of them quite controversial. one of his nominees was grilled on his legal experience by republican senator john kennedy. >> have you ever tried a jury trial? >> i have not. >> civil? >> no. >> criminal? >> no. >> bench? >> no. >> state or federal court? >> i have not. tic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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president trump's pick to fill one of the most powerful
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jobs in the country is raising quite a few eyebrows. matthew petersen is trump's nominee to be a lifetime district court judge. he struggled to answer basic questions about the law during his confirmation hearing thursday. let's take a look at one of the exchanges with republican senator john kennedy. >> have any of you not tried a case to verdict in a courtroom? >> i have not. >> have you tried a jury trial? >> no. >> civil? >> no. >> criminal? >> no. >> bench? >> no. >> state or federal court? >> i have not. >> have you ever argued a motion in state court? >> i have not. >> have you ever argued a motion in federal court? >> no. >> just for the record, do you know what a motion in liminee is. >> i wouldn't be able to give you a good definition. >> do you know what the younger abstention doctrine is. >> i've heard of it but i --
10:20 am
>> how about the pullman abstention doctrine? >> i'll -- >> you'll see that a lot in federal court. >> yeah, getting to be clear, that's a -- that's a republican senator there. danny is here, an msnbc legal analyst. to be clear, those questions, were those all questions that a wannabe district court judge should be able to answer or was the senator -- was he throwing some fast curveballs there? >> in fairness, there are some questions -- i divided these into acceptable and unacceptable things to not know as a federal district judge, which is such an important position because they serve for -- there it is right there. that is danny's list of acceptable and nonacceptable answers. acceptable, not having tried a case, actually acceptable because some of these -- many of these federal district court judges are geniuses and they come out of law school with
10:21 am
impeccable credentials and clerk for another judge or go into some fancy law firm where they may not have the opportunity to try a case. >> let's bring in that graphic. >> let's take a look at this. not knowing what we call pullman and younger abstention doctrines. you don't need these at your fingertips. they are federal abstention doctrines where a court will refer to hear a state court case if there's a freedom naturing state court or state law issue. hadn't read the rules. i thought that was a trick question. none of us sit down with the rules of civil procedure or evidence and read them from cover to cover like agrisham novel. we have them on our desk and we refer to them. i referred to them today to a particular rule. you need to be familiar with them. the unacceptable -- let's go one more. a couple depositions, never arguing a motion. i put that under never having tried a case, possibly. it's a close call. but the unacceptable category is two-fold. number one, not knowing what a motion in limine is.
10:22 am
the name of the motion almost answers the question. it's a limiting motion. it's a motion filed or argued in almost every single trial where you try to limit the area of admissible evidence that can come in against your client or something that might be prejudicial. the other unacceptable one, not knowing the daubert standard. this has been the standard for a long time. it governs the admissibility of expert evidence where a judge acts as a gatekeeper and evaluates whether the proposed scientific evidence is reliable enough to be admitted in court. is it astrology or is it astronomy? there's a huge difference. >> one of this president's biggest accomplishments is the fact he has managed to get 12 circuit court judges approved in his first year in office. that's the most of any president in the modern era. how consequential is that?
10:23 am
how will that affect us? >> federal judges do not serve for four, six, two years. they serve for life. and the position was designed to be immune to the general feelings of the public. they are truly independent and the closest things we have to monarchs because unless they really misbehave, they're on the bench for life. a circuit court judge in particular is often the last court of resort for most litigants because the supreme court declines to hear the vast majority of cases. for all purposes, a circuit court -- a federal circuit court judge is at the apex. they are often the final say in most appellate cases. >> we always learn something from you when you're on television. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> that was eye-opening. harassment scandals, a former production assistant detailing a consensual relationship with matt lauer in which she says she felt like a victim. what qualifies as an abuse of
10:24 am
power in a consensual relationship? we'll take a look at that. north korea crisis at the u.n. today. secretary of state rex tillerson says north korea's threatening behavior has to stop before talks can start. that's not exactly what he said a few days ago. once again, there's talk about how much longer rex tillerson will be secretary of state. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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new details today on the
10:28 am
growing list of men accused of sexual misconduct of varying levels. at least 36 high-profile men are facing allegations of misconduct since the harvey weinstein allegations were first reported back in october. they include men in entertainment, journalism, media, business, government. there are new details today of a relationship matt lauer had with a junior-level employee at the "today" show. it was a relationship the woman admitted was consensual, but according to "variety" had a, quote, devastating and lasting effect on her personal and professional life. our reporters have contacted nbc news public relations and matt lauer's representatives for comments. at this time nbc news is declining to comment. and the rep for lauer has indicated that he has no further comment right now. nbc's stephanie gosk has been following this story. >> reporter: in his 20 years at the "today" show, matt lauer had
10:29 am
become one of the biggest names in the media world. but it took one woman coming forward with her story, according to nbc news, and roughly 24 hours later, he was gone. her attorney, ari, spoke with us exclusively. >> she showed her face. she gave her name. she told her story. and at the conclusion of the interview, she was asked, what do you want? and she said, i want you guys to do the right thing. and also i'd like you to maintain my confidentiality. >> reporter: what was it like emotionally for her? >> i think it was difficult like it is for all victims of sexual harassment. it's scary. that's why many women want to have those meetings, go home, close their door and never be heard from again. >> reporter: does she live with this fear that she's going to be found out? >> my client is terrified. she does live in constant fear that people are going to, you know, track her down and figure out who she is. she feels badly for the many other women who are suspected of
10:30 am
being her, who are also being hounded and harassed. >> reporter: little has been made about his client's relationship with lauer, but according to nbc executives, the misconduct began during the 2014 sochi olympics. he says nbc hasn't done enough to protected her identity. can you be more specific on where they have fallen short? >> i can say that nbc has a duty to maintain confidentiality. that means to maintain secrecy over her name and to hold to themselves the details of her story. and they have not done a good job of doing that. they know exactly what they've done and they need to stop. >> reporter: in a past statement, he wrote that nbc acted quickly and responsibly. an nbc news spokesperson said the network has protected the employee's anonymity and will continue to do so. >> there's a hunt to figure out who she is. i think that will have a chilling effect on her woman who might want to come forward and
10:31 am
tell their stories. >> reporter: he would not specify how nbc failed to keep her client's identity secret. >> she's been incredibly brave and helped protect the other women who work at nbc. she's also shined a lot on the different ways women can come forward. >> reporter: do you think that we are at an inflexion point right now for our society? >> i really hope so. i hope we have the ability to go beyond outrage and takedown jobs to actual lly fundamentally alt the way our culture and workplace culture works. men need to step forward. they need to start protecting women in the workplace. >> reporter: this morning another woman has come forward. the first to do so publicly. a former production assist apt for the "today" show says she had a month-long sexual relationship with lauer in 2000. right before she was about to leave the company. she says lauer began sending her flattering messages, messages she printed out. then he invited her to his
10:32 am
dressing room. it was a consensual encounter she first told "variety" but he was 24 and he was one of the most powerful men in the company. even though my situation with matt was consensual, i ultimately felt like a victim because of the power dynamic. nbc refused to comment on the "variety" article. matt lauer has been terminated. >> that was nbc's stephanie gosk reporting. let's bring in gabe sherman, special correspondent for "vanity fair" and nbc contributor and rebecca weir, an attorney who handles sexual harassment claims, and also a former congressional staffer. let's start with the stephanie gosk report and also an opinion column in "the washington post." i have received more questions about my client's identity than i can count. i understand the desire to learn her name but it is unfair to expect all women to face the
10:33 am
spotlight when they report sexual harassment, especially because it is men. yes, all men who should be facing the mirror. all men should be facing the mirror. do you agree with that point, that nothing can change until men have changed their attitudes towards women? >> yes, i do. you know, we are not in a post-sexist society in america yet. we've obviously made great strides over the past 50-plus years but we're not there yet as this epidemic is showing us. so, yes, all men should be reflecting on their behavior and recognizing that sometimes given their status and their privilege, their behavior may be interpreted by women, particularly subordinate women in the workplace as inappropriate. >> a former "today" show production assistant detailing a consensual relationship with matt lauer that made her feel like a victim.
10:34 am
does a consensual relationship, does it qualify as an abuse of power? >> well, i think it depends on where that relationship is occurring. but when you're in the workplace and you have a very senior and well-respected man -- male superior and a young, very low on the totem pole female employee having an consensual relationship, that's a problem. i think inherently. because of that power dynamic, because of the economics, because of the potential for career, you know, interference and i think it's inherently problematic. that's why you see so many companies having, you know, relationship or nepotism policies where you can't have consensual or any other kind of relationships at the office. >> as we talk about men's attitudes, there's something rupert murdoch said today in an interview with disney buying
10:35 am
most of 21st century fox that caught our attention. this is just part of what rupert murdoch said. >> there was a problem with our chief executive. sort of over the years but isolated incidences. as soon as we investigated, he was out of our place in hours -- well, three, four days. we're conservative. at liberals are going down the drain. >> your reaction. >> i mean, there's so much there. the fact that roger ailes got away with almost two decades of sexual harassment is illustrated in that quote by rupert murdoch. the fact that he just dismisses this whole scandal, you know, dozens of women have come forward at fox as not much nonsense, there was sort of a problem. i mean, that blase attitude, the hear no evil, see no evil attitude is this permissive culture that allowed this toxic
10:36 am
workplace at fox news to fester for so long. women at fox news are so troubled by that attitude. i've been hearing from women over the last several months that not much have changed. yes, the people are gone, roger ailes and his loyalists are gone, but they feel this is window dressing. there are men at fox news known to be harassers that are still there and women are terrified that the company has not fully cleaned up. >> it was bizarre to hear him essentially basically sort of blame this vast left-wing conspiracy for sexual harassment at fox news. >> that's the victim line that bill o'reilly took, that roger ailes took. le and i think that is, you know, reflective of, again, rupert murdoch runs a company where profit matters above all. he doesn't really care about workplace culture. yes, when he gets found out and caught, he'll take some moves to clean up but it's not necessarily because he truly believes this fundamental change should happen. >> russell simmons also facing
10:37 am
new allegations. there are reports now that the new york police department has opened this preliminary investigation into his actions. simmons again denied all the allegations of rape and other misconduct. and then he posted the hashtag and he used not me after that. after that posting, kelly ka troen who alleges she was attacked by simmons and she issued the statement, the #notme is subversive license for sexual predators to continue to perpetrate sexual acts against men and women. are we going to see a backlash against men accused of sexual misconduct now? >> i would hope not. i hope men would take the steps to, again, look at their behavior through a different lens and see. you know, most women are not looking to take people down. they're looking for acknowledgment and change and so
10:38 am
i believe these women. and i think that we should support them. as far as simmons and others who are denying these allegations, what else do we expect? it's worked. it's an effective tactic. but justice requires we look at all the facts on both sides and make a reasonable judgment about what really happened and what the punishment should be. >> you ask, what should we expect. you look at morgan spurlock, for instance, who a couple days ago put it all out there on his own. rebec rebecca, thank you. gabe sherman, enjoy your weekend as well. >> happy holidays. tillerson on the ropes. the already embattled secretary of state under new scrutiny after suggesting -- after he suggested sitting down with north korea to talk face-to-face should happen. he's making the rounds at the u.n. today. is he long for the job? is. pleasing putin. president trump says russia's president has said very nice things about him. the details on their friendly
10:39 am
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the president's policy on north korea is quite clear. with respect to the talks, the pre -- we are not going to accept preconditions. as i indicated in my remarks, our communication channels remain open. north korea knows they're open. they know where the door is. they know where to walk through that door when they want to
10:43 am
talk. >> secretary of state rex tillerson there at the united nations last hour, backtracking on an offer from earlier this week to start talks with north korea on their terms. this is speculation continues to grow about tillerson's future in the trump administration. "the washington post" reporting president trump is increasingly angry at tillerson over his approach to north korea and that tillerson's days at the state department are numbered. i want to bring in nbc news diplomacy expert, ambassador chris hill, and steve clemons, editor-at-large at "the atlantic" and msnbc contributor. mr. ambassador, let me start with you. according to "the washington post," there's this deep distrust between the white house and rex tillerson. earlier this week after tillerson offered north korea a seat at the table without preconditions, his word, one white house official said tillerson had not learned his lesson from the last time. i think our allies know at this point he's not really speaking for the administration.
10:44 am
is this just gossip, mr. ambassador, or are there real problems with the state department being so at odds with the white house? >> i think there's some real problems. and in particular, i think there's some real problems with some of secretary tillerson's public remarks. this is not a question of preconditions, that is to have a purpose to the talks. so i don't think he should slip into the use of the term preconditions, which, of course, which is what the north koreans have been calling having a purpose to the talks. so to then say, we'll talk to them, we'll talk about anything and to make a joke about, we'll talk about the weather, really does call into question, well, what would be the purpose of the talks if we're just going to talk? i think one thing he's failed to do is also to explain that on the one hand, you might want to have some communications to handle an immediate crisis. on the other hand, you might want to have longer-term communications to have a negotiation. and i think he's kind of jumbled that all up. and, unfortunately, i think he's had to have the white house step
10:45 am
in once again. so, i think this is kind of an own goal on his part. >> steve, tillerson changing his rhetoric on north korea today, now saying pyongyang needs to earn a seat at table. do you think he's giving into pressure from the white house or is there more to it than that? >> well, i think he's clearly giving into pressure in the sense that he's outlined one thing last tuesday at the atlantic council where he was essentially providing an open door and to some degree many have been wondering, is tillerson the softball guy and donald trump the hard ball guy. we had basically a two-handed game going on with north korea. it's really clear that's not the strategy here. they're just divided. and as chris hill just said, rex tillerson seems to be confused about what his mandate is. and the white house seems to be disinterested in anything less than, you know, at least a few more steps towards capitulation by north korea before it really
10:46 am
engages them. chris hill, if i can just say, is one of the country's leading, most iconic diplomats. one has to put out there is when chris hill was engaging in north korea, he had a full team behind him. he knew where the president of the united states was. they had an ambassador in south korea. you know, you had all of these component pieces, which are another part of the missing dimensions of this we're not talking about. the state department is missing a few limbs as it's trying to deal with this north korea mess. >> steve, isn't that deliberate? i mean, don't you think that, perhaps, this administration has decided to starve the diplomatic arm of the u.s. government? >> it may have, but what a reckless thing if that is true. when you have lindsey graham out there saying we're 30% chances of war with north korea right now and if north korea, which has already had 30 missile tests in the last three years, saying if they have another test, which
10:47 am
they're likely to do, we're at a 70% chance of war. there's the sense that kinetic conflict is palpable. they're promulgating that notion. to handicap the diplomatic bridge to that country is really derelict. >> ambassador, i want to ask you about president trump's relationship with vladimir putin. the president personally called putin on thursday to thank him for acknowledging president trump's achievements in office, apparently. this is what the president said when asked about that call. take a listen. >> how was your call with vladimir putin? >> it was great. he said very nice things about what i've done for this country in terms of the economy. >> ambassador, is that -- is that normal, a president calling a foreign leader to thank them for praise? >> it's great to have vladimir putin's high -- high esteem for how the president is handled the
10:48 am
u.s., but usually a president -- that would be the last thing on his list to go. this is an extremely unusual relationship and, frankly, defies a lot of common sense. >> steve, thank you, and ambassador chris hill, a big thanks to you as well. enjoy the weekend. >> thank you. we have new information right now on precisely when this vote is going to happen on the republican tax plan. let's bring back msnbc's garrett haake. just the fact they have a schedule makes it sound like they're confident of passage. what have you learned? >> reporter: they are confident, craig. right now the plan going forward is that the house would vote first on this combined bill on tuesday, and the senate would then take it up afterwards. essentially as soon as they're able. some of that may depend on the health of some of these members of the senate. we talked about the fact that john mccain and thad cochran of mississippi were both out all week last week. again, the scheduling part of this seems to be moving forward with both of these votes happening as early in the week as possible.
10:49 am
i know we've been talking about marco rubio's vote all day. i talked to a couple of republican lawmakers since you and i last spoke. the consensus on this seems to be, there is no one i have spoken to on capitol hill today who thinks marco rubio will vote against this bill, but also not enough people, not two people who can come to me and say that the changes made today have sealed the deal specifically. so, republicans are very optimistic that this has been enough to bring him along and they're ready to move forward. >> garrett haake with us for an update on the hill. thank you. today is the last day of open enrollment for obamacare. with the individual mandate on the verge of being real peel repealed, the program. >> reporter: i'm going to take you inside this enrollment center in broward county, florida, where this last push is being made to enroll people in the aca. what are folks finding when they get in here?
10:50 am
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the deadline to sign up for kovrmg under the affordable care act is today. the enrollment period this year's been shortened to 45 days, that's half of what it was last year. and there has been a serge in signups this week. but many callers are experiencing long hold times. callers who cannot get through are being asked to leave callback information. msnbc's mariana atencio spent
10:54 am
time at an obamacare enrollment center. she's in hollywood, florida, for us on this friday. what are you finding there? >> reporter: craig, we have been here since this morning. and they've had 21 appointments in addition to the walk-ins of people trying to get in on obamacare before it's too late. i want to walk into this room. this is where ruth, one of the navigators, helps people figure out their insurance plans. now, ruth, how many people have you enrolled, you personally? >> probably over 75 people. >> reporter: is that a record for this center in particular? >> no, not really. depends on which year we're enrolling, but it's been pretty good this year. a lot of people have come in. >> reporter: now, the trump administration has been pretty much saying obamacare is dead all year, are people confused when they come in? >> slightly. but we try to break down the stereotypes and let them know there's still a health insurance available for next year. >> reporter: so most of the folks here have they left pleasantly surprised? what are the outcomes?
10:55 am
>> they've been satisfied. a lot of people come in confused, but we help relieve that stress and give them the best information possible despite some of the stereotypes about health insurance with the affordable care act. a lot of them believe very satisfied. >> reporter: thank you so much, ruth. craig, some folks i spoke with today said please don't take this away, president trump. i don't care if you call it obamacare, i don't care if you rename it, but they left here as ruth said pleasantly surprised to find there were affordable options for them. now, she said this center in particular it hadn't really seen a spike, but in the state of florida we're definitely seeing record numbers, craig. we're seeing more than 800,000 people enroll in the aca in the sunshine state for 2017. that's compared to slightly more than half a million of the people who enrolled last year. but if the individual mandate is repealed, this tax plan passes, navigators like ruth say they're likely to see less people here
10:56 am
because people won't be obligated to get new insurance. >> all right. good to see ruth clearing up some of the confusion and misconceptions about obamacare as well. thank you. be sure to keep up with me on the social media. i'm on the twitter, the facebook, i'm even on instagram, paul. i'm on the gram. i'm cool, i'm hip. sometimes. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya!
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that's going to do it for
11:00 am
this hour of "msnbc live." my colleague katy tur is standing by to pick things up on this friday. >> happy friday, craig. >> you're leaving, just go. just go. happy friday to you at home. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in washington. and this hour on msnbc it is trump unplugged. >> it's a shame what's happened with the fbi. but we're going to rebuild the fbi. it will be bigger and better than ever. when you look at those documents and how they've done that is really, really disgraceful. there is absolutely no collusion. my worst enemies. they walk out they say there is no collusion, but we'll continue to look. they're spending millions and millions of dollars. there is absolutely no collusion. when you look at the hillary clinton investigation it was -- i've been saying it for a long time, that was a rigged system, folks. >> would you consider. [ inaudible ] >> i don't want to talk about pardons for michael flynn yet. we'll


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