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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  December 18, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i'm chris jansing. katie turr joins me now to pick up our coverage on a very busy day. at this hour we're awaiting remarks from the president. he's expected to give a speech on national security in washington, d.c. you can see vice president mike pence there getting ready to introduce him in just moments. first, we want to get to the breaking news we're following in washington state. we're expecting a briefing. three people were reportedly killed, have died and at least
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77 injured after an amtrak passenger trail derailed onto interstate 5, i-5. witnesses onboard that train describe the terrifying moments when their train car plunged off a bridge and onto a highway packed with traffic. >> it jumped and hit, derailed off the track and hit two cars. it was awful. i saw bodies on the ground. i don't know if they fell from the train, but there were about three or five bodies on the ground, about two or three people injured with gashes in the knees, head wounds. >> this happened in the middle of the rush hour at 7:40 a.m. this morning on the west coast. the president tweeted a moment ago, the train accident that just occurred in dupont, washington shows now more than ever why our infrastructure plan
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must approved quickly. not for long. we've got a number of reporters following this story. from our los angeles bureau is nbc's jo ling kent and dr. torres. i want to do a bit of push back from our white house on that presidential tweet. this is brand new train, a brand new railway. so the crumbling aspect of that isn't quite accurate as of now. again, these are the first public remarks from the administration and no mention of the victims whatsoever. three people have died according to our affiliate king in seattle. and multiple other people have been injured including some very serious injuries. joe, we're just restarting at the top of this hour. what do we know about algsties and fatalities, and what is the status of the majority of the
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victims? >> well, we know 77 people have been hospitalized with injuries adross the region there. we know four are experiencing level red condition. about nine are in stable but serious condition and 11 are in fair but stable condition. all happened in the train cars, not the vehicles below that were on i-5 going southbound. most of those people according to the sheriff's department were able to get up and walk away with no injuries. we also know the mtsb is launching a team to investigation the situation. and president trump obviously aware. but this is new train service. and i want to point out one thing. there's a 10-minute travel time that's supposed to be saved. it's supposed to be an efficient travel line, katie. >> and president trump has just taken the stage giving his first national security strategy speech. it's the first one we've heard
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from from the president of the united states since 2015. >> who devoted their lives to serving our nation. in particular i want to recognize general dunford and the members of the join chiefs of staff. thank you, thank you. [ applause ] in addition, we are honored to be joined by house majority leader kevin mccarthy, homeland security chairman mike mccall, and senate majority whip john cornyn. thank you very much. thank you for being here. thank you, thank you. [ applause ] let me begin by expressing our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in washington state. we are closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with local authorities. it is all the more reason why we
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must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the united states. we're here today to discuss matters of vital importance to us all. america's security, prosperity and standing in the world. i want to talk about where we've been, where we are now, and finally our strategy for where we are going in the years ahead. over the past 11 months i have traveled tens of thousands of miles to visit 13 countries. i have met with more than 100 world leaders. i have carried america's message to a grand hall in saudi arabia, a great square in warsall, to a general assembly of the united nations and to seat of democracy of the korean peninsula. everywhere i traveled it was my highest privilege and greatest
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honor to represent the american people. throughout our history the american people have always been the true source of american greatness. our people have promoted our culture and promoted our values. americans have fought and sacrificed on the battlefields all over the world. we have liberated captive nations, transformed former enemies into the best of friends and lifted entire regions of the planet from poverty to prosperity. because of our people america has been among the greatest forces for peace and justice in the history of the world. the american people are generous. you are determined, you are brave, you are strong, and you are wise. when the american people speak all of us should listen. and just over one year ago you spoke loud and you spoke clear.
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on november 8, 2016, you voted to make america great again. [ applause ] you embraced new leadership and very new strategies and also a glorious new hope. that is why we are here today. but to seize the opportunities of the future we must first understand the failures of the past. for many years our citizens watched as washington politicians presided over one disappointment after another. to many of our leaders, so many who forgot whose voices they were to respect and whose interests they were supposed to
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defend, our leaders in washington negotiated disastrous trade deals that sent profits to many nation but sent thousands of american factories and millions of american jobs to those other countries. our leaders engaged in nation building abroad while they failed up to build up and replenish our nation at home. they undercut and short changed our men and women in uniform with inadequate resources, unstable funding and unclear missions. they failed to insist that our often very wealthy allies pay their fair share for defense, putting a massive and unfair burden on the u.s. taxpayer and our great u.s. military. they neglected a nuclear menace
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in north korea, made a zr disasterous, weak and incomprehensive deal. they put a lot of energy under lock and key. they imposed regulations and crippling taxes. they imposed sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats over capitals. and over the profound objections of the american people our politicians left our borders wide open. millions of immigrants entered illegally. millions more were admitted into our country without the proper vetting needed to protect our security and our economy. leaders in washington imposed on
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the country an immigration policy that americans never voted for, never asked for, and never approved. a policy where the wrong people are allowed into our country and the right people are rejected. american citizens as usual have been left to bear the cost and to pick up the tab. on top of everything else, our leaders drifted from american principles. they lost sight of america's destiny, and they lost their belief in american greatness. as a result, our citizens lost something as well. the people lost confidence in their government and eventually even lost confidence in their future. and last year all of that began to change. the american people rejected the
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failures of the past. you rediscovered your voice and re-claimed ownership of this nation and its destiny. on january 20, 2017, i stood on the steps of the capitol to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again. [ applause ] thank you, thank you. now, less than one year later i am proud to report that the entire world has heard the news and has already seen the sights. america is coming back and coming back strong. upon my inauguration i announced that the united states would return to a simple principle.
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the first duty of our government is to serve its citizens, many of whom have been forgotten. but they are not forgotten anymore. with every decision and every action, we are now putting america first. we are rebuilding our nation, our confidence and our standing in the world. we have moved swiftly to confront our challenges, and we have confronted them head-on. we are once again investing in our defense. almost $700 billion, a record this coming year. we are demanding extraordinary strength, which will hopefully lead to long and extraordinary peace. we are giving our courageous military men and women the support they need and so dearly deserve. we have withdrawn the united states from job killing deals such as the transpacific
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partnership and the very expensive and unfair paris climate accord. and on our trip to asia last month i announced that we will no longer tolerate trading abuse. we have established strict new vetting procedures to keep terrorists out of the united states, and our vetting is getting tougher each month. i sanctioned the islamic revolutionary guard corp for its support of terrorism, and i declined to certify the iran deal to congress. following my trip to the middle east, the gulf states and other nations joined together to fight radical islamist ideology and terrorist financing. we have dealt isis one devastating defeat after
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another. the coalition to defeat isis has now recaptured almost 100% of the land once held by these terrorists in iraq and in syria. great job. great job. really good. [ applause ] thank you, thank you. we have a great military. we're now chasing them wherever they flee, and we will not let them into the united states. in afghanistan our troops are no longer undermined by artificial time lines, and we no longer tell our enemies of our plans. we are beginning to see results on the battlefield, and we have made clear to pakistan that while we desire continued partnership, we must see decisive action against terrorist groups operating on
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their territory. and we make massive payments every year to pakistan. they have to help. our efforts to strengthen the nato alliance set the stage for significant increases in member contributions with tens of billions of dollars more pouring in because i would not allow member states to pea delinquent in the payment while we guarantee their safety and are willing to fight wars for them. we have made clear that countries that are immensely wealthy should reimburse the united states for the cost of defending them. this is a major departure from the past but a fair and necessary one. necessary for our country, necessary for our taxpayer, necessary for our own thought process. our campaign of maximum pressure
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on the north korean regime has resulted in the toughest ever sanctions. we have united our allies in an unprecedented effort to isolate north korea. however, there is much more work to do. america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world. [ applause ] thank you. this situation should have been taken care of long before i got into office, when it was much easier to handle. but it will be taken care of. we have no choice. at home we are keeping our promises and liberating the american economy. we have created more than 2
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million jobs since the election. unemployment is at a 17-year low. the stock market is at an all-time high and just a little while ago hit another all-time hi high, the 85th time since my election. [ applause ] we have cut 22 regulations for every one new regulation, the most in the history of our country. we've unlocked america's vast energy resources. as the world watches and the world is indeed watching, we are days away from passing historic tax cuts for american families and businesses. it will be the biggest tax cut and tax reform in the history of our country.
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[ applause ] thank you, thank you. and we are seeing the response we fully expected. economic growth has topped 3% for ftwo quarters in a row. gdp growth which is way ahead of schedule under my administration will be one of america's greatest weapons. optimism has surged, confidence has returned. with this new confidence we are also bringing back clarity to our thinking. we are reasserting these fundamental truths. a nation without borders is not a nation. [ applause ] a nation that does not protect prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad.
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a nation that is not prepared to win a war is a nation not capable of preventing a war. a nation that is not proud of its history cannot be confident in its future. and a nation that is not certain of its values cannot be summon the will to defend them. today grounded in these truths we are presenting to the world our new national security strategy. based on my direction that this document has been in development for over a year, it has the endorsement of my entire cabinet. our new strategy is based on a principle guided by our national interest and rooted in our timeless values. this strategy recognizes that whether we like it or not we are
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engaged in a new era of competition. we accept that economic and political contests are now playing out all around the world. we face rogue regimes that threaten the kroouns aunited st our allies. we face terrorist organizations, transnational criminal networks and others who spread violence and evil around the globe. we also face rival powers, russia and china, that seek to challenge american influence and values as well. we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interests. as an example yesterday i received a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that our cia was able to provide
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them concerning a major terrorist attack planned in st. petersburg where many people, perhaps in the thousands could have been kill. they were able to apprehend these terrorists before the event with no loss of life. and that's a great thing. and the way it's supposed to work. that is the way it's supposed to work. while we seek such opportunities of cooperation, we will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like weave never stood up before. [ applause ] thank you, thank you. thank you. we know that american success is not a forgone conclusion. it must be earned, and it must be won. our rivals are tough.
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they're tenacious and committed to the long-term, but so are we. to succeed we must integrate every dimension of our national strength, and we must compete with every instrument of our national power. under the trump administration, america is gaining wealth leading to enhanced power faster than anyone thought with $6 trillion more in the stock market alone since the election. $6 trillion. with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and america is going to win. our strategy -- thank you. [ applause ] our strategy advances four vital national interests. first, we must protect the american people, the homeland
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and our great american way of life. this strategy recognizes that we cannot secure our nation if we do not secure our borders. so for the first time ever american strategy now includes a serious plan to defend our homeland. it calls for the construction of a wall on our southern border ending chain migration and the horrible visa and lottery programs, closing loopholes that undermine enforcement and strongly supporting our border patrol agents, i.c.e. officers, and homeland security personnel. [ applause ] >> in addition, our strategy calls for us to confront, discredit and defeat radical
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islamic terrorism and ideology and to prevent it from spreading into the united states. and we will develop new ways to counter those who use new domains such as cyber and social media to attack our nation or threaten our society. the second pillar of our strategy is to promote american prosperity. for the first time american strategy recognizes that economic security is national security. economic vitality, growth and prosperity at home is absolutely necessary for american power and influence abroad. any nation that trades away its prosperity for security will end up losing both. that is why this national security strategy emphasizes more than ever before the critical steps we must take to ensure the prosparierity of our
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nation for a long, long time to come. it calls for cutting taxes and rolling back unnecessary regulations. it calls for trade based on the principles of fairness and reciprocity. it calls for firm action against unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft. and it calls for new steps to protect our national security industrial and innovation base. the strategy proposes a complete rebuilding of america infrastructure. our roads, bridges, airports, waterways and communications infrastructure. and it embraces a future of american energy dominance and self-sufficiency. the third pillar of our strategy is to preserve peace through strength.
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[ applause ] we recognize that weakness is the surest path to conflict and unrivalled power is the most certain means of defense. for this reason our strategy breaks from the damaging defense sequester. we're going to get rid of that. [ applause ] it calls for a total modernization of our military and reversing previous decisions to shrink our armed forces even as threats to national security grew. it calls for stream lining accusation, eliminating bloated bureaucracy and massively building up our military, which has the fundamental side benefit of creating millions and millions of jobs.
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this strategy includes plans to counter modern threats such as cyber and electromagnetic attacks. it recognizes space as a competitive domain and calls for multilayer missile defense. [ applause ] this strategy outlines important steps to address new forms of conflict such as economic and political aggression. and our strategy emphasizes strengthening alliances to cope with these threats. it recognizes that our strength is magnified by allies who share principles and our principles and shoulder their fair share of responsibility for our common security. fourth and finally our strategy
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is to advance american influence in the world. but this begins with building up our wealth and power at home. america will lead again. we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but we will champion the values without apology. we want strong alliances and partnerships based on cooperation and reciprocity. we will make new partnerships with those who share our goals and make common interests into a common cause. we will not allow inflexible ideology to become an obsolete and obstacle to peace. we will pursue the vision we have carried around the world over this past year. a vision of strong, sovereign and independent nations that
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respect their citizens and respect their neighbors. nations that thrive in commerce and cooperation, rooted in their histories and branching out towards their destinies. that is the future we wish for this world, and that is the future we seek in america. [ applause ] thank you. with this strategy we are calling for a great reawakening in america, a resurgeance of confidence and a rebirth of patriotism, prosperity and pride. and we are returning to the wisdom of our founders. in america the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign. what we have built here in america is precious and unique. in all of history never before
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has freedom reigned, the rule of law prevailed and the people thrived as we have here for nearly 250 years. we must love and defend it. we must guard it with vigilance and spirit, and if necessary like many before us, with our very lives. and we declare that our will is renewed, our future is regained, and our dreams are restored. every american has a role to play in this grand national effort. and today i invite every citizen to take their part in our vital mission. together our task is to strengthen our families, to build up our communities, to serve our citizens and to celebrate american greatness as
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a shining example to the world. as long as we are proud and very proud of who we are, how we got here, and what we are fighting for to preserve, we will not fail. if we do all of this, if we rediscover our resolve and commit ourselves to compete and win again, then together we will leave our children and our grandchildren a nation that is stronger, better, freer, prouder, and, yes, an america that is greater than ever before. god bless you. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> the president of the united states, donald j. trump, giving his very first national security strategy speech. it's the first one that we have seen from an american president since 2015 when president obama
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gave his second national security speech. it didn't depart too much from the past two presidents, but it was trumpian in its own way. it was a little bit over a 20-minute speech and he spent about six or seven minutes of that speech bashing past administrations before going onto self-congratulate himself and then getting into the meat of this speech. remember this comes as the u.n. votes 14-1 to try and demand the u.s. change its jerusalem. that one no vote, that veto coming from nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. vivian salaama, cory shacky for defense strategy and requirements on the national security counsel and current hoover institution research fellow, senior fellow with the center for american progress and
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max boots, senior fellow on the counsel of foreign relations. he was talking about russia and china, calling them revisionist powers. what exactly is the tone this president is trying to strike with those two nations, especially since we've seen him be so friendly with those two leaders in person. he was in ausia just a month ag and had a call with vladimir putin, two calls in fact in the last week. >> i think you raised the question with the national security strategy, which the the president's policies in many ways seem in contradiction with the strategy itself and what we saw today. the example of russia and china as revisionist powers is especially interesting. since based on the president's remarks today the country that is the most revisionist, that is
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the one seeking most aggressively to change the rules by which the international order is currently functioning is the united states. the president seeking to move away from positive sum relationships. that is what is good for germany is also good for the united states. he's stridently mercantilest about trade policy. that what is good for others cannot be good for us. and to seek to emphasize that the united states is going to use its strength, going to use its power to force changes to the rules, that actually sounds very much like the leaders of china and russia and not like the leaders of other liberal democratic states. >> and reminder to our viewers, we're also waiting on an mtfb briefing coming out of that train crash in washington state. max, what struck you from this speech? >> well, to pick up on a point
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that corygist made, i think the huge disconnect between the national security strategy and what trump actually says and does, it almost sounded as if the speech was written by a very different hand than the folks who wrote the national security policy. in fact, that's probably the case. bragging about the great economy, trashing his preseders, attacking immigrants, the hits you would expect. whereas the national security strategy sounds much more like a many stream normal conservative internationalists document with a few tweaks here or there could have easily been released in a george w. bush or even jeb bush administration. >> max, i'm so sorry to interrupt you, but the mtfb has started a little bit early. >> to investigate the derailment
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of amtrak train number 501 which derailed this morning. we'd like to express our deepest condolences to family and friends and all those affected by this tragic accident. the ntsb will be led by ted hurten, and companied by staff in in the following operations, mechanical, track, signals, human performance and survival factors. also accompanying the team are members of the ntsb operations. this meet the criteria of the disaster railway act. our assistants are already working closely with officials at the scene locally as well as with amtrak to assist them in their efforts to support all of those who have been affected by
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this accident. several of our investigators on the west coast will be arriving on scene this afternoon. the rest of our go team expects to arrive at the scene late tonight. for the latest information on media briefings i encourage you to follow us on twitter at ntsb under score, newsroom. we will have more information after we arrive on scene and start the investigation. we'll be holding a number of media briefings at the scene over the next few days in washington state. now, i'd be happy to take a few questions, and if you'd like to ask a question please raise your hand and i will recognize you. and then please identify yourself and your media outlet. thank you. yes? >> from abc news. do we know if this is actually speed related? do we know what speed? >> it's a little bit too early
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to know. right now we're spending investigators onto the scene. so we'll find out all of that and want to give as accurate information as possible. >> [ inaudible ]. >> so you've probably heard a lot of different numbers reported by different outlets, and we leave that to local outlets to report, and that varies according to jurisdiction. >> [ inaudible ]. >> actually at this moment we don't know because we don't have an investigator on scene, but they're headed there as we speak. we are looking at that because we want to make sure we get the right information. there's a lot of different information. we don't want to speculate on that. >> i've seen conflicting reports that this was a brand new track.
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can you clarify some of that? was it a new route? >> so the question is was this a new route, has there been any information about whether the track was new, and so we are aware of the fact that this was called an inaugural run of this service. but we want to check and make sure what that exactly means and find out more information about that specifically. >> do you know if the conductor or other train person to interview -- >> the question is have any of the train personnel been interviewed, and that is what we'll be doing as soon as our investigator gets on scene, and our investigator is actually en route as we speak. last question in the back.
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>> does it use technology that allows the train -- is that new or different technology that isn't already in place or being used in other amtrak routes? >> the question is what kind of technology -- is there any kind of new technology that is being used on this track, and that's why we've launched a full go team with all the different types of experts. we're gathering information, and we will do our best to pass it onto you as soon as we fiend out exactly what type of technology and what type of technology you're speaking about, if it actually is on that route. thank you. >> the ntsb wrapping up its press conference in washington, d.c. on the train derailment in washington state. saying that they have a go team on its way. not very many answers right now
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from the ntsb. this crash only happened this morning, and they're still trying to determine exactly what happened. jo ling kent is with us once again from our los angeles bureau. jo, she was asked just then about the inaugural run of this train. does it mean it was a new track, does it mean it was a new route with old track, was it refu refurbished, and so far they don't have an answer to that. >> we know it was a new service. so people were getting on celebrating this new convenience in the region. we should note the idea of opening this was to save about 10 minutes on the commute time in this quote, high-speed rail situation going from seattle down south to portland. and so the idea was to actually add two daily round trips as part of an investment from the stimulus bact back to the obama administration to actually alleviate some of the congestion in the area. what we do know right now in
11:42 am
addition to the ntsb going and launching their investigation were that 78 people were on the train as passengers and five were crew. 77 people have been transported to area hospitals. four of them in level red condition, nine in serious but stable condition, and 11 in fair but stable condition. we're really going through all of this information as it breaks right now. but the first reported derailment was at 7:40 pacific time. >> just a reminder to our viewers who might be tuning in for the first time, this train derailed off an overpass onto the i-5, interstate 5 in washington. about 50 miles south of seattle. it happened right during rush hour, 7:40 a.m. as jo was just saying. the car was actually tumbling down onto the highway.
11:43 am
officials say the deaths that occurred happened inside those cars, not on the highway. jo, do we have any idea -- first to mention to our viewers governor enzly is headed dune to the site. >> we don't have any official reports on exactly how was it was going. we know the governor has declared of state of emergency, and also that section of the railway has also been suspended. what you should know, though, is this train here basically took a nosedive and was dangling according to witnesses. and the ridership on this cascades line is 810,000 people over this past year. the capacity for this train while rather empty this morning could carry i believe 250 people. but there were only 28 passengers riding the train at
11:44 am
the time of derailment. the pierce county sheriff's office says the fatalities that did occur were in the amtrak train itself not from the cars below. some of those passengers according to the sheriff's office were able to get up and walk away unharmed from this incident. katie. >> jo stick with us. we also have former ntsb board member john goal yo with us. we're hearing reports this train was going about 81 miles an hour. 79 is the supposed upper limit for this train. a 2 mile per hour difference. should that matter? >> no, 2 miles should not matter. it may just be an indication difference. so it's going to take a bit of time for the ntsb to dig into that and figure out how was the train was going, very early in
11:45 am
the investigation. >> in your experience what is usually the issue at hand? is it a track issue? >> it does it all. i did crashes that had track issues with the undercarriage of the train, had issues with the speed and the signals. so maybe he was going 79 and the signals shouldn't have had him going that fast. >> i mean this happened on a curve. >> if the track was certified for 75 on a curve, then it was okay for a train to go that fast. we're speculating on the train. and i made comment, we're talking about trying to determine if this was new track or old track, take a look at the brim. that's not a new bridge. >> that's a good point. that is not a new bridge, and the train itself doesn't look to be a new trade. >> right. and talking about track technology, actually tilts the
11:46 am
train with the speed when you're going around the turn. so it shouldn't affect the safety of the train, but they're saying there's new technology in that is what's being reported. so we don't know. >> not to bring politics into this, but the president tweeted about it, he mentioned in his speech a moment ago, talking about his infrastructure plan. is this an infrastructure issue right here? do we not spend enough on our railways on our highways, can more be done? >> oh, yes, more can be done. we do not spend enough money on our instruct. and the maintenance and our roadways today and many areas of this country is a disgrace. my home state is massachusetts and not long ago in the western part of the state i road under the massachusetts turnpike and was looking up at the bridge and it was scare awhat i was looking at. >> how often do you have guys checking these tracks, making
11:47 am
sure these trains are running properly? >> there are people walking the tracks virtually every day. they don't walk 100% of the track every day, but they're out there every single day doing it piece by piece by piece. so i don't think the railroads are undercutting their piece of it. but don't amtrak doesn't own the rail. it's own bide another entity, most likely a freight railroad. so there's all sorts of this puzzle that have to be put together. when i do look at the pictures, the aerial views, it does look like speed may have been a factor of this. butthe that's a guess on my par. >> they're sending a team to figure it out. it does take days for them to figure out the exact cause of these sorts of crashes. we had a few in just the past
11:48 am
few years out here in the northeast. one along the route from new york to d.c., another on the metro north line, right above new york city. so we aren't unfamiliar with these sorts of thing. >> and the ntsb staff is very tal wanted on trains and highways. they're some of the best people in this country that understand rail travel. so ted is a fine investigator, and he has the attention to detail and the fortitude to take care of this issue and come up with a good conclusion. >> joe, thank you very much for joining us. and joining me by phone is a witness to this derailment. greg, tell us what you saw. >> well, i was traveling southbound i-5 when traffic came to a very sudden halt to the point where we all had to drive
11:49 am
to the side of the road to avoid one another. after we were safe ourselves, we looked up to realize this train was hanging from this overpass. so it had to have happened immediately before i came to a complete stop. it took to me a while to focus on what's happening. because it's not something you'd expect to see ever or would want to see ever. the folks behind me, there were military personnel that were likely off-duty. they were in their pt outfits or heading the same direction and they were running to the scene and trying to help. and even came back if we had first aid kits or any material that could help with first aid. i didn't -- you know we didn't see anybody. it was really kind of eerily quiet for a situation like that where you would imagine a lot of noise. i think people overall were just kind of shocked by the whole event.
11:50 am
>> did you see any victims? >> no. you know, i didn't see anybody at all, to be honest. i saw people running to the incident. i am not one whose giving treat. so i decided my best thing to do would be stay out of it. stay back. let people who know what they're doing, be on the outskirts, for anybody that needed anything for whatever reason. i wasn't involved and didn't see anything until emergency people arrived. >> smart decision. greg, scare toy see thy to see in front of your eyes. unbelievable i think is the only way to describe it. multiple cars off that overpass and on to the i-5. greg, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and coming up after the break, following new
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developments in the russia investigation. it is a busy day here at msnbc. what the fbi told donald trump just weeks before he became the republican nominee, and an nbc exclusive report, next. but we call it "the wish house." people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years. get 0% financing for 63 months on select models. plus we'll donate $250 to charity. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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we have breaking news in the russia investigation. nbc news reports exclusively in the weeks after he became the republican nominee donald trump was warned by the fbi that foreign adversaries including
11:55 am
russia would likely try to infiltrate his campaign. this comes as part of president trump's legal team is waging war on robert mueller. let's get to our reporters and analysts. with me, "washington post" white house bureau chief and msnbc political analyst phil rucker. also getting ken delanian, our nbc news national security reporter hooked up now and co-author of that exclusive nbc news reporting. phil, start with you and these, this -- strategy now by the trump legal team to say that mueller illegally and unlawfully obtained transition e-mails. what's going on here? >> that's right. a lawyer representing the trump transition team claimed over the weekend in a letter to congress mueller, special counsel investigative team obtained thousands of e-mails from trump officials during the transition before the president was sworn into office, that they obtained
11:56 am
these inappropriately a lly im r improperly, even unlawfully. there was nothing wrong here that they obtained them through the normal course of thin investigation but a flashpoint between the trump organization if it were, and the mueller team. there's been a campaign, a loud campaign, a growing campaign on the right among trump allies to try to discredit this investigation and attack mueller directly. >> interesting. because trump's legal team has not been antagonistic towards the special counsel whatsoever. quickly -- >> that's right. >> phil what i don't understand, if they say it's unlawful, why write a letter to congress? why did they not go to the courts to try and raise this? >> that's a great question, katy. i think they wrote a letter to congress because they knew it would become a public relations issue. congressman trey gowdy release add copy of the letter to reporters, it was written about over the weekend. as far as we know, no actual
11:57 am
complaint to a grand jury judge or any traditional steps taken if a legitimate issue. >> when something is actually unlawful or illegal. >> correct. >> ken, you have exclusive reporting. why is it significant for the fbi to go and warn the republican nominee right after he became the republican nominee that russians, foreign powers, would try to infiltrate his campaign? >> sig cant because all along learning about these contacts by members of the trump campaign and russia. the defense has been raised a novice campaign, new to politics and maybe didn't understand that these contacting could be viewed inappropriate and potentially a threat to security. we know at least the candidate and perhaps top aides were briefed and so was hillary clinton. sand counterintelligence briefings and told -- whoops. >> your mike dropped, ken.
11:58 am
>> sorry about that. can you hear me? >> we got it. the candidate were told, look, foreign adversaries are trying to infiltrate your campaign. here are the steps to take, the things to watch out for. please, let us know if you get suspicious approaches. there was a history of contacts before this briefing which occurred around early july or august and afterwards. donald trump jr. in touch with wikileaks and no evidence the trump campaign ever reported any of this to the fbi and the other report, it's not clear what was shared, specific warnings given. reporting we're still pursuing. >> seven trump campaign officials made contact with russia by that time. donald trump jr., jared kushner, carter page, george papadopoulos, michael flynn, jeff sessions and paul manafort,
11:59 am
several made contact with russia according to all the reports. that is out there. ken, what could this mean for special prosecutor robert mueller? >> the extent to which the candidate or others were warned that there was a problem and could be a problem with russian contacts and what they did about it, if anything, and what they notified the fbi involving future contacts. that could be seen, some officials told us, as consciousness of guilt, in fact they didn't talk about things, maybe should have, katy. >> thank you both, gentlemen. it is a busy day, as usual here on msnbc. we have that train crash in washington state we're following. >> a little t-- also the president's strategy speech, the first one given, the first heard from a president since 2015. following that, and exclusive reporting from our own ken delanian. that will wrap things up for me this hour. you are in good hands still, though, with my good friend ali
12:00 pm
velshi. >> thank you, friend. talk to you later. have a good rest of your afternoon. >> see you at 5:00. >> good to know. we are breaking, new breaking news this hour as katy was saying tragedy near tacoma, washington. several people dead, a train derailing. inaugural run for amtrak. part of an $800 million project to add more frequent, reliable faster service between seattle and portland. last hour the president weighed in on the tragedy emphasizing the importance of infrastructure. >> let me begin expressing our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in washington state. it is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the united states. >> reporting on this started. nbc news jim forman


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