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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 15, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> oh, you would like to look at which now? i said my chief of staff couldn't have messed up that e-mail, it must have been ha hacked. you're going to send it to the justice department for investigation. okay. that's serious. tonight it's reported that the congressman has referred the allegation of hacking to the justice department for investigation. meanwhile, these can't be fun days for va secretary david shulkin, the taxpayer funded trip to europe with his wife might have been fun but these days are no fun at all. now it's time for the "last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> good evening rachel. remember for candidate trump there was nothing more important than fixing the va. and now $4,000 in airport parking to me is the biggest
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mystery on that list. >> the overcharges on airport parking. the only thing i can think is they parked the car on a baggage carousel and that's the ticket you get. in 10 days how do you pay $4,000 for parking? >> that's the mystery for me. figure it out and report bang. in tonight's news, there's reporting at that trump campaign associate rick gates is in the final stages of coming up with a plea deal with robert mueller. he would be the third to do so, following in the footsteps of michael flynn and george papadopoulos. and steve bannon was interviewed by the special prosecutor's staff over multiple days this week according to two sources
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familiar with the proceedings. according to nbc news bannon spent a total of some 20 hours in conversations with the team led by mueller. tonight a person family with the process told the associated press that steve bannon answered every question that was put to him by mueller's p team. last month the daily beast reported that what they call a lawyer close to robert mueller's investigation, a source close to robert mueller's investigation, which could have been any one of the defense lawyers in the case, said that before the release of michael wolff's book, "fire and f fury," the special counsel's team indicated zero interest in questioning steve bannon. i said, why did you say it was off limits to go after your family's finances? and he said, well, it is. hey they are going to determine
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their mandate. you may not like it. but you just guaranteed if you want to get anybody else in the special prosecutor slot every senator will make him swear that the first thing he's going to do is come in and swear that he'll get your tax returns. seriously, dude? and steve bannon also said this, the chance that don junior did not walk these people up to their father's office on the 26th floor is zero, said an astonished and derisive bannon. today bannon with the house intelligence committee behind closed doors and refused to answer questions related to the transition period and his tenure in the white house. some of the members on the committee are considering further steps to get him to answer, possibly contempt of congress charges. >> certainly it will be our
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recommendation to our leadership that we initiate contempt proceedings paul manafo proceedings. i hope we have a meeting on the minds. i expect we will judging by the comments that my colleagues have made about the necessity of compelling answers to these questions. >> joining us john hileman, national affairs analyst and jill wine banks, nbc contributor and ron klain former chief of staff to albiden. >> jill, i want to start with you on this news that steve bannon spent maybe 20 hours with the special prosecutor and answered every single question. >> it stands in stark contrast to what happened in congress today. so i think it's a good step, and there's probably a lot of information that bannon can offer that will be very helpful
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to mueller. >> and, ron, the sources of information to the investigators are surprising now. there's a couple of books, there's "fire and fury" another book about white house chiefs of staff, that reince priebus is now quoted in. but steve bannon gave the prosecutors a lot to study which might explain why this turned into 20 hours. >> there's plenty of basis to ask steve bannon questions. and i have to say, lawrence, it is infrastructure week and if steve bannon spent 20 hours with robert mueller you my guess he was paving a road to jared kushner's front door. you look at the evidence that bannon has about kushner and his -- in "fire and fury" and other sources. his awareness in kushner's role in dealing with the russians during the campaign. i think you put all this together and i think if you're
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jared kushner it's been a nerve wracking couple of days here to see steve bannon singing a very long song to the special counsel. >> john, i want you to give us a perspective on rick gates but first let's listen to the president talking about rick gates. >> come on up, rick. so we have a great group of people. and we have a group of people that really wants to win and i think knows how to win. and we've also been winning all our lives. this group of people in front of me, i know so many of you, we've been winning all our lives. >> we just saw rick gates taking his position there behind donald trump. if he becomes a guilty plea and he's cooperating with the special prosecutor, life just got a lot harder for donald trump. >> that's rights, lawrence. i will say two quick things about bannon first. ron said he sang a long song. he doesn't know any short songs.
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he's not a beetles guy he does "stairway to heaven'. he mueller is the person who can put him in jail, the house intelligence committee cannot, he think it is house intelligence committee is a bunch of clouns, he's not going to play with them. he's going to play with mueller. so rick gates, you have the corey lewandowski era, the paul manafort era and the bannon era. there are not that many people who span the last two eras beside the president's family. you have the corey lewandowski and paul manafort people, many of them did not stick around. rick gates was a paul manafort guy through and through, who was so important and knew so much about what was going on in the campaign from the period some dodgy things went on.
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he was so important bannon said i want to keep rick gates around. and it surprised people that rick gates stuck around the campaign after paul manafort was gone but he did stick around and played an important role inside the campaign. so if there's somebody who has information related to collusion, possibly collusion, conspiracy and possibly conspiracy, bannon doesn't know what happened firsthand before he got there, manafort doesn't know what happened after he left. rick gates knows both sides of that wall. and that makes him, on the question of collusion, not as much of the obstruction question, but on the russia question, that makes him a very, very valuable witness to bob mueller and a dangerous man to donald trump. >> jill, your reaction to the possibility that the special prosecutor might have yet another cooperating witness pleading guilty? >> it's just one more piece of the puzzle that's fitting together. it's showing it's not a fishing
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expedition, not a witch hunt. this is a serious thing. and i think also gate's cooperating means he may be able to testify against manafort and manafort may have information he might be forced to produce. i want to add what john said about bannon because bannon can't treat congress the way he is. it sounds like even the republicans are ready to hold him in contempt and the white house is abusing the concept of executive privilege. they are stone walling, they are obstructing justice by saying here are 25 scripted questions, the answer to all of them are no. that's not cooperating. it's stone walling, it's corruption, that's what nixon did. it's one of the charges in the impeachment against him and i think it might lead to that here, too. >> go ahead, ron. >> i think there's also an alternative theory here. which is it's possible that the reason bannon is stiffing the house intelligence committee,
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maybe as john said, he thinks they're clowns, partly at the direction of the white house as jill said, but i think bannon knows everything that gets said in that committee gets reported back immediately to the trump white house. it's a sif to the white house. and if bannon is telling tales about people close to the president, it doesn't surprise me he's not repeating the tales in the house intelligence committee because he doesn't want it fed back to the president and his closest allies and family members. >> good point. >> john, it doesn't really matter. we say the congressional committees are interesting but the only thing that matters is the robert mueller investigation. >> in the end i think that's right. look, i agree with jill, you shouldn't be allowed to stiff the committee whether you think they're clowns or not. you shouldn't be acting under the direction of the white
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house. the air sergss of privilege they've offered are absurd and overbroad. the thing i was trying to channel is how bannon see it is situation. i agree there's this extra element here. bannon is someone who reguards himself as a truth teller. he does believe -- you know although i think he has many complaints with michael wolff and how michael wolff handled the terms of their interviews maybe and how some of those conversations were conducted privately, he's not gone out and attacked michael wolff, he's not taken back a word he said in the book. i think part of that is he knows he's caught, he's on the record, his words are recorded. and also he told michael wolff the truth, what he thought at the time. that reflects the an mouse he feels towards jared kushner. and i think with don junior it's a low regard. he's not taking him serious.
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between the two things, the disdain for don junior and the cop tempt and hatred he feels for jared, there's a lot of emotional and psychological baggage and motivational factors that come in. he's not going down for any of these people. >> they're both right. but the congress is looking at a different thing than mueller. mueller is looking at what crimes have been committed and by who. congress should be looking at how do we keep the russians from hacking and hurting our elections in 2018. we know they're at it, we know they did it in 2016 and we need to protect our system. so congress ought to be focussing on doing something about that. >> ron, to the rick gates development, again, obviously the special prosecutor really needs to get a conviction, wants to get a conviction on paul manafort, so the most -- in some
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ways the most important stuff to get out of rick gates is how do you help us get a conviction with the case we've already filed, but is that enough? how much more do they want from him? >> i think they want whatever he has and i think they want quite a lot. donald trump can pretend that george papadopoulos was the coffee boy. but as you showed in the tape you ran earlier, rick gates was one of the senior most members of the trump campaign. >> someone who donald trump said was a key part of the thing. i think when you've got this amazing case, the president's senior national security adviser, michael flynn, pleading guilty and we're on the eve of one of the top people in his campaign, rick gates pleading guilty. the noose is tightening and it tightens first on paul manafort, the chairman of the campaign. we haven't seen anything like this since watergate, people of this level being convicted in the president's inner
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circumstan circle. but gates had a lot of drelkt exposure to donald trump, this is a key development. >> you have to understand after the period manafort left, one of the things he was trying to do was professionalize the campaign. and bannon recognized he was not a manager, he was focussed on the message and he spent most of the time in that campaign focussing on getting trump to say the nationalist things that bannon wanted him to say and he thought would help him win the white house. so he was not an orpgsal figure. that's why gates was so important to bannon. he was the guy that was coo, along with jared kushner had a huge role in running the operation. this is a guy who knows, in some ways, more than bannon knew what happened in that crucial period, the middle of august through november 8th. there are a handful of people
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who know the most about the inner workings of what went on in trump's world from march of 2016 to the end, rick gates is one of them. >> john, jill and ron thank you all for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next, sarah sanders can't take it anymore. she doesn't want to do any more white house briefings about what john kelly knew and when he knew it about rob porter. politico says she is demanding that john kelly himself step up to the microphone. and the president and the governor of florida today guaranteed that american mass murderers and florida mass murderers in particular will always be the best equipped mass murderers in the world. nancial, we can't predict what tomorrow will bring. but our comprehensive approach to financial planning can help make
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the white house press secretary just can't take it anymore. she doesn't want to have to answer another question about what john kelly and don mcgahn knew and when they knew it about white house aide rob porter being charged with domestic violence by both of his former wives, and so according to politico, sarah huckabee-sanders wants john kelly and don mcgahn to take the heat at the microphone themselves. politico says that sarah huckabee-sanders wants white house counsel don mcgahn or chief of staff john kelly to brief the press directly, according to a person close to the white house, a senior
7:19 pm
administration official said later wednesday that kelly had been set to take the podium until the decision was made to cancel it. the white house then denied that there was any plan for kelly to brief reporters on wednesday. yesterday house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy sent a letter to the fbi director demanding to know exactly who was told what about rob porter by the fbi and when they were told it. today trey gowdy sent a letter directly to john kelly requesting a list of all employees in the white house for whom a security clearance was pending or has been adjudicated since the inauguration. politico reports that the white house was, quote, startled by trey gowdy's public criticism of their security clearance process and the handling of the rob porter case. joining us now steve smith and josh earnest, both are msnbc
7:20 pm
political analysts. >> josh, to you when i hear that the press secretary wants someone else to step up to the microphone in a situation that has been impossible to handle so far, it doesn't seem like the press secretary is doing anyone a favor with that idea. >> it sounds like the white house chief of staff is not doing the press secretary favors by giving her information that puts her in a position that she's blatantly lying. in some ways, sarah sanders had her own trump inaugural crowd size moment when she said something that was a day later contradicted by the fbi director who was appointed by donald trump who was testifying under oath on live television. sara i think is smart to recognize the impact that that moment had on her predecessor and his credibility and ability
7:21 pm
to do his job moving forward. so the report would suggest she's drawing a line in the stand and she's smart to do that. >> steve, sarah sanders knows two things she knows that john kelly can't handle that room, he did a bad job the one time he was there before, she also knows he doesn't have any good answers to this, and she wants him to step up there. it sounds like sarah sanders is trying to cause problems for john kelly. >> look, what sarah sanders is saying is i lie blatantly and professionally for donald trump i don't lie blatantly and professionally for you, john kelly. so why don't you go up and lie to the american people for yourself directly because the whole story is unraveling. what we're going to find out, lawrence, is this investigation about rob porter was substantially done by july with some augmentations in november. and when the report is done, both josh and i when we served
7:22 pm
in white houses, held stop secret sci clearances and when the investigation was done, our clearances were made permanent. so in this case when that investigation was done, his temporary status was not shifted to permanent, why not? who decided to maintain him knowing that he could not get a permanent clearance in a position on a temporary status with access to the nation's most closely guarded secrets? and how many more people in and around the president and in and around the nation's most closely guarded secrets, how many of those people have substantially finished fbi full field background investigations but have not been granted clearances and are inappropriately seeing all of this stuff without the ability to pass the background check on a permanent temporary
7:23 pm
status? it's an enormously reckless handling of our nation's secret by this white house. >> josh, if a white house press secretary knows than an administration member will fail if he or she steps up to the microphone, why would the press secretary be recommending that the person who's likely to fail do that and do that publically? >> when i was the white house press secretary, it was often my responsibility to speak publically and advocate for the elements of the government that could not advocate for themselves. often times it was for agencies drawing heavy fire, and it was the responsibility of the white house press secretary to step into that line of fire and defend them. this situation is different. you're talking about someone who works side by side with sarah sanders every day. whether it's the white house chief of staff or the chief counsel in the white house. when i was the press secretary,
7:24 pm
most days about 30 minutes before i went to do my briefing i'd hear a knock at my door and the white house chief of staff would stick his head in my office, that was filled with other staffers helping me prepare for the briefing, he'd look at me and say do you have everything you need for the briefing? it was not a situation -- obviously not a situation he was trying to intentionally mislead me. it is one of the chief responsibilities of the white house chief of staff to be in a position to make sure that the white house press secretary has the information he or she needs to go out and tell the truth and make an effective case in support of the president. so in this case it's pretty clear that john kelly is doing the opposite of what he's supposed to be doing. and the reason he's doing it, lawrence, this is important, is not because he's looking out for the best interests of the country or the institution of the white house or donald trump, he's trying to cover his own backside here. he has been caught in a grieve
7:25 pm
vous act of misjudgment. he's trying to cover it up and putting sarah sanders in a position where she is lying to protect his lies. this is a big problem for the white house. and certainly, i again, i can understand why sarah sanders is fed up with it and doesn't want any part of it anymore. >> steve, what would happen if don mcgahn or john kelly stepped up to that microphone? >> well, i think the -- what we would find out pretty quickly is they knew there were credible allegations of domestic abuse going back as far as a year ago. that he was maintained in this position on the temporary status that they knew that he would not receive a permanent clearance and they knew the reason why. and to josh's point. again a hoe ren douse misjudgment for senior officials in the white house with the responsibilities that they have for the operations of the white house and clearly this is all
7:26 pm
unraveling. it's unraveling in real time and the stories don't make sense. again, the porter piece of this is the tip of the iceberg. how many other people in this west wing, for whatever reason in this cast of characters, are unable to get permanent clearances through this process? is it a half dozen? is it a dozen? fe we know for example that jared kushner does not have a permanent security clearance yet and is operating in this temporary status. it's inappropriate. it's a national security scandal of the first order. >> steve and josh, the bipartisan white house veterans we needed to hear from tonight. thank you both for joining us, really appreciate it. >> thanks, lawrence. american soldiers killed in the line of duty, their families get $100,000 tax free. something their families desperately need.
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here is the president reading some of the words that were written for him today. >> no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them good-bye in the morning. >> and, of course, we know that
7:31 pm
every child and every teacher is in danger in every american school because part of donald trump's definition of making america great is to make sure that our mass murderers are the greatest mass murderers in the world and have the best equipment in the world. here's florida governor rick scott today. >> we know the parents need to wake up in the morning and say i know my children can go to a safe school. >> of course, not one parent in florida can wake up tomorrow thinking that, thinking their children go to a safe school because governor rick scott has done everything he can to make sure that florida's mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in this country and in the world. any 18-year-old in florida can walk right up to the counter and buy an ar-15 assault weapon on the spot and walk out of the gun store and immediately open fire right there in the parking lot if they want to on whoever they want. and rick scott is absolutely
7:32 pm
committed to making sure that 18-year-olds in florida continue to have that right. we saw hell in florida yesterday and saw heroism at the same time. heroism to which no words could ever do justice. teachers and students were killed while they were saving the lives of other students. american soldiers killed in action get $100,000 tax free death benefit for their families. american teachers killed in action get absolutely nothing. more american teachers were killed in action yesterday than american soldiers. the teachers killed in action yesterday will immediately, in fact, have their names removed from the school payroll now that they have been identified. that's it. their families won't get one
7:33 pm
more paycheck. 18-year-old high school senior meadow polllack was murdered yesterday. 14-year-old martin dueque was a freshman. 14-year-old jamie guttenburg was a freshman. her father said we were trying to figure out how to get through this. her aunt said that her family could not, quote, protect jamie from the sickness that has gripped our country. joaquin oliver was a senior. he came from venezuela when he
7:34 pm
was three years old and became a citizen just last month. gina monaltoe was 14 years old. nicholas was a star swimmer who just signed with the university of indianapolis. carmen shentrop was a national merit scholarship semifinalist. elena petty was 14 years old. her aunt said there are no hashtags for a moment like this, only sadness. >> luke hoyer was 15 years old. they searched for him in hospitals and finally went to the law enforcement command center and learned that's where luke was dead. peter wang was a freshman in the rtc program. his cousin said she wasn't
7:35 pm
surprised he was killed when he was holding a door to let other students escape. >> car ra laugh lin was 14. her aunt said we are gutted. i beg you to do something. it should not have happened to our niece, cara and it should not happen to other people. alex shatner was a 14-year-old freshman, he played trumbone in the marching band. elena ramsay was 17 years old and a senior. a family said on factual basis, she was brilliant and whitty and i'm wrestling with the idea she is gone. she would have started college next year. allye was 15 years old.
7:36 pm
on factual basebook her mother knife was stabbed in my heart, i wish i could take those bullets for you. scott beagle did that. he took a bullet, maybe several, for the kids. he was a teacher and the cross country coach. he rushed students into his classroom. chris hixon was the athletic director and wrestling coach. a coach at another school said if you needed something, he was the first one there. aaron feis was a graduate of the high school and an assistant football coach and a security guard. he jumped between the shooter and a student and now he's never coming home to his wife melissa
7:37 pm
and his 8-year-old daughter. in american high schools now you look around and wonder who the shooter might be. who might show up with an ar-15 and start wiping people out. the shooter who did that yesterday had been expelled from the school last year. kids at the school talked about him as maybe one of the people who just might show up one day, show up with an assault weapon. but there was absolutely nothing they could do about that suspicion because their federal and state governments have done everything that possibly can be done to make sure that those assault weapons are available to mass murderers who want to walk into their schools and start shooting. and so, on twhen the gun storesn up in florida tomorrow, another
7:38 pm
18 or 19-year-old aspiring mass murderer can walk in, grab one, and go back to his high school or any other place he wants to go where he thinks he can murder a lot of people. and as long as rick scott is the governor of florida, mass murderers in florida have exactly the governor they need to carry out their crazed missions. we'll be joined next by a man who wants to be the next governor of florida. mine's way better.
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here's the governor of florida today asking the questions republicans always ask and always refuse to answer. >> we're going to have a real conversation about two things. how do we make sure when a parent is ready to send their child to school that that parent knows that child is going to be safe? number two, how do we make sure that individuals with mental illness do not touch a gun? we need to have a real conversation so we have public safety for schools in this state. >> we're joined by andrew gillham, he's a democrat, running to be florida's next governor. mr. mayor, what's your reaction to what the governor had to say today? >> i have to tell you, these words continue to ring hollow.
7:43 pm
not just my ears but the ears of so many of those in florida and frankly across the country. they've had opportunity after opportunity after opportunity in our state to get it right. unfortunately the only thing they seem to be able to get right is an executing of the complete and total agenda of the nra in our state making sure that they do absolutely nothing in the aftermath of these kinds of tragic and preventable events in our state except make it easier for folks to get access to lethal and deadly weapons. as i said before, if you want to shoot a weapon, that's a weapon in my opinion of war, you ought to join the military. but our kids have asked us for protection, they want to go to school to learn. they don't want to have to go through drills of dodging bullets coming at rapid pace, 90 rounds in 90 seconds.
7:44 pm
it's tragic. and it's time for our leaders in the state of florida, led by the governor to do something about it. >> let's listen to two students who were in the high school yesterday and managed to get out alive. >> i feel like he needs to take into consideration all this gun control. there's no reason that a kid, 19 years old, that's been investigated already and not even a year ago, being able to purchase an ar-15. >> the state that this country has been allowed to come to, through the work of politicians saying yeah, we're going to impose these ideas. we don't need ideas. we need action. we need action from our elected officials and from the public. because without that, this is going to happen again. >> mayor, gillham, what do you have to say to those students? >> the most salient voices we've heard in the middle of this
7:45 pm
tragedy have been from our young people. the student voices have been so strong. they have reminded and, quite frankly, embarrassed a lot of the adults in our state who have done nothing. these students have asked that they want to be kept safe. they want their elected officials to do exactly what we were elected to do, and that's to lead, not take temperatures, not to test every policy against the acceptability of the nra. and it's simple things, background checks making sure weapons of war aren't accessible to civilians in our community. making sure that those with mental illness don't get access to weapons. making sure that domestic abusers don't get access to weapons because their victims are 16 times more likely to be killed by weapons. i thought sandy hook was going
7:46 pm
to be it for this. but here we are after sandy hook, pulse, and vegas and after what happened in parkland, we're still sending thoughts and prayers. this requires more than thoughts and prayers, it requires action. and that's what people are asking for from their governor, and their elected officials in washington. >> thank you for joining us on this difficult subject. >> thank you. >> coming up, michael wolff's book, fire and fury probably added hours of questions that the special prosecutor had for steve bannon. and there's a new book that's coming out that the special prosecutor will study for leads in their investigation. the author of that book will join us.
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the fire of the day, according to a former bush white house chief of staff, that seemed to be the only thing that reince priebus was worried about when he was the trump white house chief of staff. josh bolton says when he spoke to prebus about the job he seemed neither focussed on organizing his white house staff nor in control of his own life. he was just responding to the fire of the day. that quote is in a new edition of chris whipples book "the gate keepe keepers" about white house chiefs of staff.
7:51 pm
it's a book that robert mueller is no doubt studying tonight because it includes the 6-month run of reince priebus as the white house chief of staff. one fire of the day, and that was the day that donald trump attacked and humiliated his attorney general jeff sessions to the point he decided to quit, it went this way, don mcgahn came in my office pretty hot red and out of breath and said, we've got a problem. i responded what? and he said, well, we just got a special counsel and attorney general js jeff sessions just resigned. i said what, i knocked on the door and rob portjeff was sitti. he said he was going to resign, i said you can't resign we're going to talk about this.
7:52 pm
jeff sessions delivered a letter of resignation but reince priebus said he talked about the president out of accepting the resignation letter but that didn't stop the president for continuing to push jeff sessions being fired. the bood book says take everything you heard and multiply it by 50. the author of the book will join us next with more of what he learned about the chaos inside the trump white house. ls nothing like a back seat? why give it every feature you could want, along with a few you didn't know you needed? it's simple. you can build a car, or you can build a cadillac. come in now for this exceptional offer on the cadillac ct6. get this low-mileage lease on this 2018 cadillac ct6 from around $549 per month. visit your local cadillac dealer.
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do you stand by jeff sessions as your attorney general? >> yes, i do. >> joining us now chris whistle. p the author of "the gaitkete keepers" soon to be released in paperwork with a new addition to the trump administration. i'm not sure about the sub title when it comes to the white house. the white house chiefs of staff, we've had two, are they defining the trump presidency. >> i have to concede that. donald trump is one of a kind. he may be the only person defining his presidency. it's been the most dysfunctional white house in modern history. and what i learned in reporting this chapter in the paper back, it's a wild ride. the first thing reince priebus told me when we sat down to talk
7:57 pm
off the record and then i got it on the record, was take everything you know and multiply it by 50. he would hasen to note even john kelly said it's the most difficult job he's had. and he would note for every crazy thing that president trump tried, like the executive order on immigration, there was ten things he stopped. >> that's what i expected. when they get out of it they'll tell us the much worse things they stopped, including quite possibly a nuclear exchange with north korea. >> that's the thing. at the end of the day it does get lame to keep hearing over and over again, you wouldn't believe the blank i stopped from happening. but it is true, if you belief reince priebus that there were things trump wanted to do out of
7:58 pm
the gate. they had like 100 executive orders out of the gate. a lot of them more draconian than the one on immigration. he wanted to scrap nafta immediately, reince priebus had to sit down with him and explain there were a lot of farmers in the swing states who would be killed by that, you had to renegotiate. so it's a granular inside look at the wildest six months in presidential history. >> so donald trump wanted to increase the cost -- the price of a new car by 25%? he didn't understand that it's not a foreign country that pays that, it's the american automobile buyer that pays that. i want to go to the material about jeff sessions because this has to be the stuff that the special prosecutor will be very interested in because here's a president trying to fire his attorney general and trying to fire him because he's not protecting him. and you have material in there
7:59 pm
that we have never learned before about priebus having to chase the attorney general out into the driveway to hold onto him. >> it's a wild story that's never been reported before. it was the 17th of may, eight days after comey had been fired and the day rosenstein appointed a special counsel and jeff sessions was in the oval office. this much was reported that trump insulted him, called him an idiot, dressed him down. what wasn't reported was sessions said i'm resigning and stormed out and ran down to the west wing parking lot. priebus got wind of it, raced down the stairs, found him in the car with the engine running, jumped in, said you can't resign, this can't happen. dragged him back to the office in the west wing. steve bannon and mike pence came in and they managed to talk him out of resigning right then and
8:00 pm
there. of course, he did deliver a letter offering his resignation which trump didn't accept. >> and, of course, the special prosecutor is going to want to go over every word of that scene. chris whipple gets tonight's last word. next on the "11th hour" the immigration debate. we didn't have time to cover it, but it will be covered in the 11th hour and that starts now. >> steve bannon spending the day with house intel as nbc learned he spent some 20 hours with robert mueller. president trump addresses the school shooting tragedy without mentioning the word guns. as florida mourns and washington doesn't act, are students going to be the one to push this issue where o


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