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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  April 29, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thank you kirby! upgrade now to add a premium channel of your choice so you can keep on watching all year long. i'm alex witt. i owe an apology to my friend and colleague, david guran. >> that was a hell of a panel, that last one. >> it was good. thank you. hello, everyone. washington square and a very lively saturday night from washington, d.c., to washington township in michigan. >> tonight, i'm going to try to make fun of the president in a new way, in a way that i think will really get him. mr. president? i don't think you're very rich. >> i could be up there tonight smiling like i love where they're hitting you, shot after shot. these people, they hate your guts. washington township where president trump rallied his base in a battleground state in the
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nation's capital 500 miles away, mixed reviews of a d.c. tradition that some say has taken a turn. north korea announcement. kim jong-un sets a site to shut down his nuclear sites. and a long-time tie to president trump zeros in on michael cohen as an investigation into him intensifies. at the u.s.-mexico boarder inially 400 migrants are ready to turn themselves in to authorities to seek asylum. they are meet being with volunteer lawyers about their options. i'm joined by nbc's gadi schwartz at the border in tijuana, mexico. what's happening there now? they've made their way here, what do we expect will happen next? >> reporter: right now they came to friendship park in tijuana. this is the fence on the tijuana side. over there, this is the first time that a lot of these members
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of the caravan are seeing support over on the united states side. those are people over there in san diego. they have come out with signs saying immigrants welcome. we've been talking to a few of these immigrants here who have been members of this caravan. they have been traveling for morn months and they are telling us this is the closest they have been to the united states. a little bit later today the plan is to go to the border crossing which is 10, 15 miles away from here and turn themselves in. i see one of the attorneys down here. we'll check in with her. people are starting to thin out around here. i believe a lot of them are going to go to lunch but this is nicole ramos. she's been one of the organizers here and you can see we're down here on the beach. don't want to interrupt your conversation. i can talk to you real fast? >> this is erica. we are both with the refugees program. >> it seems as though crowds are thinning out, people are going for lunch. what happens next? >> we are going to meet
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somewhere where we'll have final preparation for families that are going to seek asylum at the port of entry. from there we are going to walk together in an orderly fashion to the port of entry where families will present themselves to u.s. authorities. >> this caravan was over 1,000 at one point. tell us where it is at right now and how many people might have a pretty strong case for asylum. >> we have reviewed everyone's case that has come to tijuana. right now we have approximately between 150 and 185 people. but the large majority of them are children that are part of families. and so the cases won't be 185 cases. the reason why the legal review is important is to that people who do not have a well articulated asylum claim and no chance of winning do not needlessly subject themselves to a system that is designed to detort pem. not protect them. deport them. >> one of the things they did, department of homeland security has been putting out, almost seem to target the activists and attorneys helping the caravan.
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we've heard things of along the lines if you're caught coaching members of the caravan, you will be liable for prosecution. what does that mean and what's your response? >> we always joke actually that the department of homeland security should be paying us because what we really are doing in large part is encouraging people to stay in mexico if they don't have a viable claim in the united states or just if they -- even if they do, if they don't want to have their families separated. we really, really encourage people to stay here if mexico and seek asylum here, connect with mexican attorneys if at all possible in southern mexico and just from a larger perspective we are attorneys, we have an ethical obligation to tell our clients to tell the truth. we certainly encourage people to never embellish a claim or lie or anything like that. we are just trying to give them the facts and what they'll be facing whether they get to the united states. there is nothing wrong for preparing for a legal proceeding. that's what we do in the united states, we prepare our clients
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for court. that's the exact same thing we're doing here. >> thanks very much. we'll take one more look over here. there are still some families, a lot of people are up the hill getting lunch. you still have families down here that are just trying to soak in what they can see. you've got this little boy over here. he's taking a look at the united states. [ speaking foreign language ] what do you think when you look over there? >> reporter: he says it is very pretty. this is what he's seeing. that's the united states. those are people that have come out to support. they're holding signs that say refugees welcome. a very different picture obviously than what a lot of these immigrants feared would happen after hearing a lot of the rhetoric from the trump administration. president trump tweeting that these caravans like this should be banned from the united states. so it seems like everybody's
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making their way up the hill. we'll make our way up the hill as well. in just a little while we'll head to the port of entry to see what happens there. >> in talking to nicole ramos you brought up the department of homeland security. i wonder what we've heard from the administration about what's likely to happen when these folks make their way to that point of entry. has the federal government said anything about what they can expect when they get there? >> yeah. we've gotten some press releases from local authorities here at the border port of entry. and it is a very, very complicated case. we are about to see how logistics all come together. i'll try to set the scene. here on the mexico side, it is very complex. you've got a lot of people from a lot of different places that come to tijuana that try to claim political asylum. this is little plaza where a lot of these people will gather. there is this unofficial line where everybody waits. some of them are waiting for days to try to get into the port
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of entry where the united states is. and they've been sitting in lines so they all hold each other's lines in place. that means there are people from southern mexico that are trying to claim political asylum. others from somalia that we saw yesterday and sometimes those numbers are close to 100. we are unclear whether or not this group, the caravan group, is going to come in and get in line behind them or or not they're going to be possibly fast-tracked in or whether there is somebody there claiming political asylum today. thu once they get inside the port of entry, it is really a matter of seeing an officer from the united states. they will be interviewed there and deemed whether or not they are a case for political asylum. they may be given an arrange the monitor. that's what we've seen in the past. that's what many of them are hoping and released in a matter of days possibly. but attorneys here have been prepping the members of the caravan that they may be detained for weeks, maybe even months, and that they may be separated from their families.
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those are the worst case scenarios. it is still unclear what is going to happen today. there is still a chance they may be turned away by border patrol and by i.c.e. officials saying we are already prosecuting too many political asylum cases at this port of entry. you'll have to wait in mexico, and then come, as you will, here in mexico. so a lot of unanswered questions. but we should know in a couple of hours. >> that's my colleague gadi sh wards on the border between tijuana and san diego. thanks also to nicole ramos and their comments as well. president trump spoke about the caravan during a rally last night in michigan. >> are you watching that mess that's going on right now with the caravan coming up? are you watching this? and our laws are so weak, we've gotten mexico to work with us on stopping a lot of what's pouring in. but we have the worst laws anywhere in the world.
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we don't have borders. we're going to build a wall. we're getting it. we've already starred. >> president trump last night in michigan. geoff bennett covers the white house for nbc news. geoff, just put those remarks into context. that speech went on for an hour and 20 minutes last night. president spoke about a range of issues and spent some time talking about immigration and the border. >> that's right. on the issue of this caravan, the president and members of his cabinet have been tracking their progress since march 25th, the day it started. the president all the while trying to characterize it as a threat to the u.s. remember he tweeted about it saying that this caravan better be stopped before they reach the border. this will in many ways be a test of the president's rhetoric on immigration because even as the president has made those comments and his attorney general, jeff sessions, put out a statement calling it a deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system, homeland security
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secretary skikee kirstin nielse anybody that arrived at the border would have their case reviewed expeditiously. and to the lawyers, anyone who would file a false claim is said to expect prosecution. we know the president is here. we imagine he might be watching some of this unfold on tv because remember it was fox news' initial coverage on fox and friends that caught the president's attention. that was why he started tweeting about it initially. as we know, he ninks this ithine of illegal immigration is what really aen mat ll lly animates . that's why he keeps returning it to. remember he attacked undocumented mexican immigrants. so this is the thing we are told by members of his political operation he'll return to in the
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2018 mid-terms. this is the thing he hopes to get the base out to vote for the republican ticket. >> something relating to this that we heard last night from the president is his willingness to shut down the government if money isn't allocated to built the wall he wants built on the u.s.-mexico border. i know in the past this has been a point of controversy even from members of his own party who aren't happy with him using this as a card to play. >> still, this is the thing the president keeps returning to, in part -- this goes back to a couple of months ago when there were talks about some sort of resolution for the 700,000 or so d.r.e.a.m.ers in the country when the president was trying to arrive at a deal. he was pilloried by those on the right, his conservative base, for trying to find ways to give amnesty to undocumented immigrants. the way the president dealt with that was by pivoting back to the wall. every time he sort of catches a little flack from the right on trying to do too much for daca recipients, he comes back to
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this issue of wall funding. he did break some news last night suggesting that he would take steps to shut down the government if the government funding bill at that time didn't include the amount of funding he wants for the border wall. but as you point out, democrats and even republicans on the hill say it is a no-go. >> geoff bennett, stay with us as we talk more about that. but talking about another speech by comedian michelle wolf at the white house correspondents' dinner, an event the president skipped for a second straight year. while he wasn't in attendance for that event, he was nevertheless the focus of wolf's performance. >> and, look. i could call trump a racist, or a misogynist or xenophobic or unstable or incompetent or impotent. but he's heard all of those and he doesn't care. so tonight, i'm going to try to make fun of the president in a new way, in a way that i think will really get him. mr. president? i don't think you're very rich.
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trump is so broke -- >> how broke is he? >> he has to fly failed business class. there's kellyanne conway. man, she has the perfect last night for what she does. conway. you guys got to stop putting kellyanne on your shows. all she does is lie. if you don't give her a platform, she has nowhere to lie. it's like that old saying -- if a tree falls in the woods, how do we get kellyanne under that tree? i'm not suggesting she zbets hu gets hurt. just stuck. he has helped you. he's helped you so your papers and your books and your tv. you help create this monster and now you're profiting off of him. and if you're going to profit off of trurl, you should at least give him some money because he doesn't have! >> geoff bennett still with us. kevin surly of bloomberg news as
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well. both at the dinner last night. jason johnson with me as well. jason, let me start with you. you've soon teen the reaction t those comments and others by michelle wolf. dare i say there was a bit of sa sa santimony. >> i wonder if the people complaining were mad when george bush joked about weapons of mass destruction and involved in a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people. k the vast majority of people laughed in the room. i was in the room. at least those not caught on camera. this hand-wringing ining nonset happens every year after the white house correspondents' dinner has become an event in and of itself. it doesn't make sense. they are hiring someone edgy.
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if you want an easy, simple comic who is not going to offend anyone, get wayne brady. if you keep getting people from the daily show, this is what happens. >> kevin, you weighed in on this after the event took place. your tweet -- it was uncomfortable sitting through the comedian's attacks but i can't imagine how it must have felt to be on the receiving end of those attacks. not jokes. highlight for me last night, hearing about the incredible scholarship winners and courageous war journalists, #whcd. kevin, just reaction to this. this is part of the event. those say maybe michelle wolf took it a step farther than others have in the past. as you point out, there are component parts to this event. there was the speech by the white house correspondents association president. those getting money from the white house correspondents association. then the component part of this, that is just a comedy routine. what did you make of it as it played out? what were people saying during the course of the comedy routine?
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i'll be honest. for me with be that comic act was not the highlight of it, by any stretch of the imagination. i think quite frankly it missed the mark on what the whole night is supposed to be about. comedy can bring people together. i don't think that did. the highlight for me was the imprisoned war journalist under the egyptian regime who was fleed in response to non-partisan back and forth by republican and democrats in april of 2017. she was jailed, imprisoned in egypt. hearing her story last night is really what that night for me is supposed to be all about. by the way, also the $136,000 in scholarship grants that the whca gives out to aspiring journalists. that to me is the highlight every year. i'll leave it up to the rest for what they want to say but it was uncomfortable. >> geoff, do you agree with that? i just think about the way this event has evolved, how well attended it was during the obama years, that's gone down. there are also just funny quirks
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about this. i read president trump and vice president pence did meet with the young recipients of these scholarship grants on the friday before the event took place. they are saying they want no part of it, in fact they were part of the event or weekend as a whole. what was your reaction to what you heard last night? >> michelle wolf at the outset of her routine made clear that she does not typically do political comedy. i think that that was clear. her set was not really designed for people in the room. it was designed to gin up controversy. she certainly did that. i think the way people react to her is entirely dependent on what they think of the president. you have trump supporters saying that her routine was vile, inappropriate, not funny. those on the left saying it was sort of a speak truth to power moment. her attack, her bullying of sarah sanders i think was certainly the case. we've heard from those on the left who say it was in many case warranted given that the president himself, they say, is a bully who has attacked a disabled reporter, often attacks lawmakers and reporters based on their looks. so again, kevin's point is a good one. there are things about that
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dinner that are far more important than any one comedian's routine. the thing i would point out, one of the reasons why her routine felt so one-sided was because the president for a second year in a row was not there. typically the president offers his own takedown, offers his own roast, in many ways returns the gesture. president obama was often funnier than the chosen comedian of the given night. but that was missing this year. so that was one reason why i felt why it seemed entirely one-sided. >> jason, i'll give the last word to you. i lived in washington for a long time, i have been to this event before. i enjoyed watching cut-aways much folks in the audience reacting occasionally to what initial wolf had to say but i saw sort of a fundamental misunderstanding of what a comedian does. it was as in many people in that room hadn't seen a comedy routine before or been the subject or butt of jokes made by a comedian. i'm struck by something geoff bennett said a moment ago, here
11:20 am
you have michelle wolf speaking truth to power. it is a misapprehension to her role in this. she's not a journalist, she's a comedian and that's what she was doing there. >> she is there to be a court jess to jester and give people things to laugh about. and you laugh about the people in power. i want to say two quick things about the audience and people who were attacked. she was making a joke about sarah huckabee sanders lying. and she has lied. that's what the joke was about. . it is not about makeup or looks. it was a joke about lying and everybody understood that. but also this. and i think this is important. i watched some of her jokes at the table and i watched some of the backless staff. the staff thought it was hilarious. maybe some of the people who don't spend their entire lives doing the kind of washington thing and feeling like they have to be is up psupplicant to this house. those of us in the press or those of us in the white house, america every once in a while likes to see us taken down a
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peg. >> jason johnson, thank you very much for your time. geoff bennett, kevin, thanks to you as well. as president trump touts the new republican house intelligence committee report fired director james comey dismissing it. why he called it a "complete wreck." and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done.
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i want to thank, by the way, the house intelligence committee.
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okay? russian collusion. you know, i guarantee you, i'm tougher on russia. nobody ever thought. the democrats colluded with the russians, and the democrats colluded with lots of other people. >> that was president trump last night in washington township, michigan, talking about house intelligence committee report issued by republicans finding, as he said, no collusion with russia but a thorn in the president's side, former fbi director james comey dismissed that report today. >> did the house intelligence committee at all serve a good investigative purpose during all this, in your observations? >> not that i can see. erect a committee and it damaged relationships with thefy is a court, intelligence community. it is just a wreck. >> natasha bertrand and danny cevallos are with me. natasha, let's talk a bit about
11:26 am
the role of the house intelligence committee, what it has been, what it is now as we see it in this fractured state. trey gowdy, congressman from that committee was on cbs's "nas the nation today." >> the president when he looks at your report feels vindicated. are you saying he should not? >> be careful how i phrase this. no report -- the best we can do is say with a we learned. i can't say what's in the universe of witnesses we have not talked to. and i have always maintained, i am awaiting the mueller investigation. they get to use a grand jury and have investigative tools that we don't have. investigative branch investigations are just better than congressional ones. >> newly liberated republican congressman from south carolina counting down the days to his retirement. natasha, give us your take on the composition of the integrity of the house intelligence committee at this point and the role it is playing when you look at the orbit here of all of the investigations that have been taking place? >> i find that comment by trey gowdy to be really bizarre.
11:27 am
he basically acknowledges that the house intel committee was never supposed to be a well-functioning entity. and of course it wasn't. it hasn't been ever since march of 2017 when devin nunes decided to reveal to the world he was working with the white house to undermine the entire investigation into the trump campaign and russia. this is not something trump should feel especially vindicated by. i think trey gowdy was right not to say that he should categorically say he should feel vindicated by this report. after a year of investigating the allegations against the president and his campaign and russia's campaign interference, they issued it prematurely. they did not subpoena deutsche bank or twitter for messages between the trump campaign and russian entities. they didn't interview relevant witnesses and ones that they did interview they simply asked
11:28 am
them, did you collude with russia. of course they were never going to get straight answers when they were asked that way. this is something the house intel committee, republicans and democrats, were always extremely divided on. how far the democrats' investigation will go remains to be seen. they've issued their own report. but just the amount of news that's come out since the republicans ended their investigation shows how premature it was to end it including the news about natalia veselnitska veselnitskaya, and trump's conversations with wikileaks. there's so much evidence here to say the house intel committee was never something that -- it just never was an effective panel. >> danny cevallos, that tar shah just brought up that russian lawyer. this was a rather extraordinary exchange between her and my colleague richard engel about that infamous meeting in trump tower. in the past she said in a
11:29 am
statement to a senate committee that she was there on her own in that meeting with campaign aides, including the president's son. she's reversed that, saying she was there at the behest of the kremlin. your take on just how significant that pivot is, that about-face is. >> if she was involved with russia, it's more evidence of a nexus, a connection between the russian government and the trump campaign. so the next thing that still has to be established is what degree of intent was involved. what did the trump campaign members who met with that russian lawyer, what did they reasonably know at the time, and what were their expectations. and contrast those to their stated expectations so far, which is essentially that this was a nothing meeting. we had no plan of anything other than seeing if maybe there was some dirt. but the closer that that lawyer was related to the russian government, the closer this could be perceived as direct collusion with the russian
11:30 am
government. now, whether or not that implicates any federal criminal statutes is another thing. but if it gets us closer to this amorphous concept of collusion with the actual russian government, then, yes, it is significant. >> natasha, that speech last night was a campaign event for president trump. he was there, it was billed as a speech about the economy. about the economic gains that michigan, where he was speaking, has seen since he became president of the united states but he talked about any number of things, including james comey. let's listen to what president trump had to say about him. >> a lot about -- hey, what about comey? you watch him on the interviews? comey's a liar and a leaker. you know, i did you a great favor when i fired this guy. >> went on to have a great late '90s pop culture illusion to john lovett's "the liar." let me ask you about the signaling we've seen from the president of the united states.
11:31 am
he also talked about andrew mccabe, had a new spin on andrew mccabe's wife's election, money she got from the pac sponsored by the governor of west virginia. >> the governor's legal advisors are very worried that robert mueller's team thinks that jim comey is more credible than donald trump. of course there is this consistent effort now by the president to undermine james comey's credibility by calling him a liar. now of course that doesn't really make much sense but at the same time he's saying that what jim comey leaked in terms of the memos were classified. so what was it? was it that the memos were classified and they contained classified information, or is it that they were made up? that's another thing that he said, which is that jim comey didn't take xraress notes and if he did, he must not have remembered it correctly. this is dental definitely a sus effort by the president to get out ahead of comey who now has a lot of visibility because of his book and he's getting his chance to tell his side of the story.
11:32 am
of course you can question jim co-py's judgment during the election and how he handled the hillary clinton investigation and how he did not reveal the existence, for example, of the investigation into the trump campaign and russia. but no one except for the president has fundamentally questioned comey's integrity. where jassm people have questioned whether or not the president is always or ever fully truthful. when it comes to a battle between the credibility of the president versus credibility of jim comey, from what we've seen in reports over the last two weeks, his newest lawyer, rudy giuliani, is very worried about that and that is ultimately what is going to -- whether or not the president sits down for an interview with mueller is going to depend on their sense of how seriously they are taking jim comey's allegations. >> natasha bertrand of the atlantic, thank you very much. and danny cevallos, my colleague here at msnbc, to you as withel. tonight msnbc's "headliners" look at michael cohen. a special hour hosted by my
11:33 am
colleague, ari melber, right here at 9:00 eastern time on msnbc. a new era of peace. kim jong-un makes pledges to turn over his country's weapons if his u.s. can make one important promise. what the north korean leader wants in return. that my ex-ex- ex-boyfriend actually went to law school, so i called him. he didn't call me back! if your ex-ex- ex-boyfriend isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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let's turn our attention to north korea where newly confirmed secretary of state mike pompeo revealed more today about the meeting he had with kim jong-un. >> we had an extensive
11:37 am
conversation on the hardest issues that face our two countries. i had a clear mission statement from president trump. when i left there king jong ununderstood the mission as i described it today and he made it clear he was prepared to talk about that and lay out a map that would help us achieve that objective. only time will tell if we can get that done. >> the north korean leader now vowing to help close the country's nuclear test sites next month and he's offering to invite experts from south korea and from the united states to the sites as a sign of transparency. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is looking at kim jong-un's latest efforts ahead of a leaders summit with president trump. >> reporter: hi, david. this could be another sign of progress or it could be another sign of north korea once again trying to fool the world. the south korean presidency says kim jong-un has offered not just to scrap his main nuclear site, but to invite american and other foreign experts and journalists along to witness that.
11:38 am
now the site is buried deep inside a mountain in a very remote part of north korea. it's been used six times before. it is the only active nuclear test site in the world. it was last used in september. but the explosion there was so violent that seismologists say they believe the inside of the mountain may actually have caved in and made the site unusable. now kim jong-un has already anticipated that, because he said apparently on friday, yes, that's what the world will say, that we're only closing down sites that don't work. but you will see, he says, there are two more tunnels even bigger than that, and they are just fine. so kim jong-un, in a sense, deflecting any criticism before it actually comes. he's also quoted by south korea as saying, the u.s. will now know soon that i am not the kind of person to fire a nuclear weapon at america.
11:39 am
well, this in spite of the fact that he spent last year threatening to do exactly that. now he wants to scrap this nuclear site in mid-may. that could be just weeks before a proposed summit with president trump. really what he's trying to do is capture the narrative and to prove to skeptics that he's open to the world, that he can be trusted while u.s. officials may point to decades of broken promises by north korea and they may take some convincing. but in one respect, things really are changing. times are changing because kim jong-un has also proposed moving north korea's clocks forward by 30 minutes to match south korea's. changed times indeed. >> chief global correspondent bill knneely on the streets of seoul. michelle wolf under fire for her roast at the white house
11:40 am
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trump is so broke -- >> how broke is it? >> -- he has to fly failed business class. >> last night comedian michelle wolf taking aim at president trump who skipped the white house correspondents association dinner for a campaign event in michigan. she also took aim at members of the administration in attendance, including the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. but if her jokes go too far, "the new york times" is reporting that it, quote, set off a furor and scores of attendees criticized the event on twitter. for more, i'm joined by a columnist for the daily beast. how different was this speech from speeches in the past? just pull up a picture here of headlines from the past. we've seen this time and time
11:44 am
again. >> this is an annual tradition in april. you have the dinner, then the right wing backlash to the dinner. they even went after president obama using weaponized economy. people on the write wrote articles how dare he use comedy as a weapon. this is a tradition to have some fun. if you like the jokes or don't, it is subjective. i get it. i was in the room last night. there was not horror. a few people did leave apparently from their own tweets. the comedy performance began i think strong and unified. little by little as you get more divisive in your comedy, you lose part of that room. it is a very unique room. it is all political people. so if they don't like the premise, they don't laugh at the joke which is unfortunate as opposed to a comedy club where if it's funny, it is funny. people aren't going to take it personally. here people take it personally. that's the unique thing about it. >> part of me says here are people not going to a comedy club, this is an event with
11:45 am
scholarships and awards. correct me if i'm wrong, this is what this event is all about. there is all of that which is well and noble and good. we talk about the first amendment but the draw at this event has been the comedian now for many years. >> especially if you don't have the president there. but standing behind michelle wolf is a big sign about this is for the first amendment. the essence of this is a celebration of freedom of expression. people have the right to criticize. i get it. but it is a little overblown. there are comedy jokes. in the room, the interesting thing, michelle's getting laughs and the camera is just focused on her in the room. >> set the scene. this is a huge ballroom in d.c. >> huge. >> you can't see the stage so you have big screens. >> i'm watching it from the screen like most people. you just see the comedian. once michelle starts doing jokes about sarah huckabee sanders, the camera all of a sudden slowly enlarnlgs and yges and y sarah there who was clearly not happy. sarah was laughing it off,ing you go, that's all good-natured
11:46 am
fun. her look was like this is not good-natured fun, this is hurting me personally. i understand that upset a lot of people. i feel for sarah huckabee sanders. but let's remember, this is a political comedy night. the ultimate punching up in comedy is punching at the president of the united states where the person formally representing the president of the united states. you must give michelle wolf or any comedian great latitude. i think she is the winner out of this. people are getting to know her name, whether you like or not or not. she's got a netflix series starting soon. i think she is going to be something special. >> one more line from politico last night --- persistent criticism of the glitzy dinner is it fuels perceptions of excessive chummyism. but some journalists feared saturday's dinner could lead to a different perception as being seen as the opposition to the president. i think you will agree there is an oppositional relationship,
11:47 am
between a healthy one, between the president and reporters. i'm surprised a lot of the blowback was from journalists. one media reporter was at the parties that followed the event afterwards sew didn't go home and go to bed. what do you make of that? there is this opposition. we can agree on that. how much does this dinner responsible for that adversarial relationship? >> i don't think this dinner has anything to do with that, frankly. you have an administration who doesn't like to be criticized, who has a loose connection with the facts, we know that. washington documented over 2,000 either lies or half truths by donald trump in his first year. the media of course is going to go after that. i think the media will always be an adversary on some level with any president. that's the reality and that's the way it should be. you go to this dinner, it will not change things one way or the other. the food is not that good. >> no. we can agree on that as well. >> you need to be calling out people in power if you are a journalist. that's the goal and i think that's the rule of journalists.
11:48 am
that's their doing. >> dean, great to meet you. just back from washington, d.c. and that dinner last night. an election three centuries in the making, new orleans mayor elect latoya cantrell joins me live to talk about becoming the first female mayor in the crescent city's 300-year history.
11:49 am
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packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide welcome back. new orleans breaking a glass ceiling with an historic win for the first time in the city's
11:52 am
300-year history latoya cantrell will become the first female mayor of new orleans. she joins a list of women and minorities in recent months who have won groundbreaking elections. joining mess is the mayor-elect. i want to start by talking about the import, the significance i just mentioned. how much does that stand out to you? how much are you thinking about that when you approach your inauguration? >> you know, i didn't run to be the first of anything, just the best mayor that our city needs at this time, but i tell you, being elected the first female mayor of the city of new orleans in 300 years, it means the progress and the promise i ran on, but intentional on how we govern and how we live, and being inclusive. this is what our people try will
11:53 am
you deserve. >> how will city hall change? what do you hope to do first? >> i'm hoping to change the culture, one of being very inclusive, wanting to ensure all of our people can truly see themselves reflected in their government. i stand for the people. there's a lot of hope throughout the city of new orleans that they have for my leadership, and one that has been bottom up, that spirit of empathy, being able to meet people where they are, and focus on the daily quality of life of our citizens. >> i've had the opportunity to talk to your predecessor a few times, mitch landrieu. he's somebody who tried very hard to elevate that profile, to be seen as one truffling the country talking about what new orleans has accomplished. how much do you think about that, the role you'll play on the national stage? >> oh, you know, i do definitely
11:54 am
think about that national stage. new orleans is a world-class city, but what i am focused on is improving the quality of life of the people in the city of new orleans, the disparity gaps have grown wider innocent post-katrina environment. so it's really back to the basics. you talk about infrastructure, i'm inheriting infrastructure as it's declining in our city, so it's a real focus and a priority to address. sewer, water, drainage, of course as climate change is happening, so there's other ways we have to live with water, but i tell you our people want a better quality of life. they want their streets free of potholes and debris. housing stock that is affordable, a community they feel they can walk in, be safe in. so again, this is bringing it back to the basics and meeting
11:55 am
people where they are. let's talk about safety for a moment. gun violence still a big issue in new orleans. what's your plan for reducing the it incidence. >> gun violence is focus across the united states, no different in the city of new orleans, but we're going to have to take a laser focus on, again, the wraparound services, stabilizing environments, cleaning them up, providing mental health services, addictive disorder, we have to address it head-on. so, again, looking at the whole family, you have to address it. last question here. a lot of women seeking elective office here. what is your message to them, having been through this for yourself? >> women have been on the national stage of being great legislators, but we're even better executives. i say there's no stopping us now. we cannot turn back the clock. we need it.
11:56 am
we need to be inclusive. we need to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of our people, and when women are leading, egos are put aside and focused on real results. that's the mayor-elect joining me on the first weekend of jazz fest. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. stay with us. hey, want to try it? ok here you go... over... under... hey whoa, pop, pop... your shoe's untied. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement. see how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact of long-term care expenses at >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin,
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hey, everybody. i'm david gura. children climbs the walls after a 3,000-mile journey. what's next for the caravan that had the president deploying the on national guard. is this really a peace offering or political posture? he said/she said. the president unleashing in an unscripted speech, as his attach had unscripted comedy in d.c. at the u.s./mexico border, where hundreds of migrants have arrived. their goal to turn themselves into -- we have this store from


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