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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  May 1, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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normpay -- guys, there's caughto correct. double-check this stuff, triple check it. we're the white house. we're not all the best spellers, but you guys got to be, right? the only typo i will accept is anything that says duck you. that's all we have for tonight. the beat with ari melber starts right now. good evening. >> chuck, one thing. i finds auto correct leaves me spelling things the wrong way as well. >> that is true. i will duck out of here. we begin with breaking news. there's a new filing tonight from bob mueller showing he wants more time to get evidence from michael flynn. bob mueller just filed this in federal court. it is a new motion asking a judge to grant more time with mike flynn here in usa v. flynn.
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the details we do have are not good news. tonight mueller's name is on the request. his prosecutor signed it saying they want to delay mike flynn due the status of the investigation. the status is of course, open. and this suggests whatever mueller's team is investigating they want more time from flynn and evidence. once he's sentenced they lose obviously some of their potential leverage. usually this news would stand alone. one filing, one clue. but this comes with a whole lot of new questions, about 49 of them bob mueller wants to ask donald trump. that of course from the detailed leak making shock waives first reported by "the new york times," and it shows mueller is now moving up from the office himself. how much trump was talking to his long time aid roger stone.
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all of this a hot topic at today's white house briefing where reporters noted trump falsely stated that no mueller questions were about collusion. >> the president has tweeted about it. he's talked about how none of these questions relate to collusion. but that's not true. why is he mischaracterizing these reports? >> over 12 of these 49 questions are about collusion. other questions go into trump's meetings with putin or paul manafort, possibly asking russia for help in 2016 and jared kushner's attempt at a back channel communication with russia. also the names in trump world that weave come to learn about in all of these developments, well, a lot of them obviously pop up. key questions about key people. take a look at this break down. of the 19 names 11 have reportedly faced their own
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questioning by bob mueller's team. a big name that's not on either list, though, of course, donald trump himself. let's get right to it with jack quinn who knows a lot about this thing as a former white house counsel to bill clinton. what does it tell you they want more time with mike flynn? >> this is not good news for donald trump. what they are looking to do is bring a major indictment in which flynn is going to be one of the star witnesses. what flynn wants to do is get as many brownie points as he can so when he goes to a sentencing judge he can say that he went all out, he testified for the government, he testified truthfully and as a result of his testimony there were a number of convections. also as you alluded to before, robert mueller wants to kind of keep the lid on flynn so that he has an incentive to go in and testify fully and truthfully.
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and by doing that he keeps open the sentencing. so in a sense both sides have a big incentive to keep this open, and it's all open because there's likely to be a big indictment in which flynn is going to be one of the star witnesses. >> so your read is this fortifies the idea that flynn is going to talk both to mueller but ultimately talk in a more setting. five of them touch on flynn, 21 on comey. nine about sessions, 14 that circle around the collusion russia question, 49 in total. you're view then of flynn being in the news tonight. >> you know, i totally agree. i mean, look, he is a star witness. and i'd like to make one other observation about this question and what the questions are all about. if you put to one side all of the people who are government officials are law enforcement personnel. every single person mentioned in
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the questions is somebody who is involved in the russia issue. in other words, there are no other people involved in any of the obstruction or any other issues. everybody is in there because of the possible russia connection. >> it's a great point you make because some of the critics here have said, oh, maybe they've lost sight of that, and as you're pointing out we don't believe this to be a leak from the mueller side. they're all over it. >> in every single one of these questions involving another person whether it's don junior, jared kushner, paul manafort they're all people one way or another are involved in the question mueller has, the most important question he's looking at. was there any quadination between the russian government and the campaign. >> then there's the other piece i want to get you in on wra, ja there's tweets that go to it
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question of the state of the mind of the president. comey better hope there are no, quote, tapes of conversations before he starts leaking, and where is the justice department. i don't think your client, the president did a lot of tweeting or generally shooting off his mouth. he was a lawyer himself. but your view of how these tweets figure into what mueller wants to know. >> well, you put your finger on it. i mean these tweets reflect the state of mind. and the special counsel will take into account what this might say about what the president might have been thinking. and as you well know having parsed through all these questions a good many of them goes to what he was thinking when he did certain things, you know, including firing mike flynn, firing james comey and so on. the special counsel really wants to get into the president's head
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to find out whether there was specifically any corrupt intent in terms of the actions he took, which arguably might have been for the purpose of obstructing the investigation. >> right. i want you both to stay with my. i want to add in betsey woodrow, as well as richard painter. now running as a senator for democrat in minnesota. betsey, there are leaks and then there are leaks. this one has everyone talking because it's got a lot of meat on the bone. what's your take away? >> this is really damaging to talks between the president's legal team and mueller about a potential interview. and the reason being it's going to be in mueller's circle of trust. we now know what mueller is actually interested in. one thing particularly interesting about this leak is
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it shows much of the reporting mueller is headed appears to be correct. there's been some skepticism from reporters that mueller over hyping the probe. buts this leak shows, no, that reporting, speaking very broadly about most of the reporting that's on this is borne out. it's going to be viewed as a betrayal of trust and make it much harder for the president's lawyers to negotiate an agreement that's going to make everyone happy. it just takes those talks and dramatically raises the temperature. >> richard? >> well, this demonstrates that robert mueller is focusing on exactly what he is supposed to be focusing on, and that is russia and the criminal activity, the espionage conducted by russian agents inside the united states, computer hacking. all of the criminal activity with respect to facebook and
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social media and any and all americans who collaborated with that criminal activity. we already have clear evidence of collaboration between the trump campaign and russian agents. that's what happened in the trump tower. whether that collaboration was criminal and rises to the level in which criminal prosecution would be warranted has yet to be determined, but this does not look good for the trump administration, and it looks absolutely awful for congress. because congress should be uncovering the facts, and all they did last week was put out a report from the house intelligence committee saying that there wasn't collaboration, saying we learned from the new york times that the person who met in the trump tower last june was a russian spy.
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and this is very, very bad situation. very bad for the president of the united states who has had so many people in his campaign collaborating with the russians when there's known criminal activity going on. and robert mueller is going to get to the bottom of it. and the big question for the slo voters is why congress hasn't been getting to the bottom of it, too. and that's of course because they don't want to. >> and you raise a big issue, which is if you're going to meet with a russian spy you should have a good reason. and so far that hasn't been substantiated. bet quin on the question of private negotiations between the lawyers, we know rudy guiliani went in and did the mueller meeting. we know john dowd did the interview. what do you think of of the people who has been in a few
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rooms. it's pretty obvious this is a leak from trump land. >> there's no doubt in my mind these questions were leaked out of trump land. the big question i think i'm really interested in is who wrote the questions. because the framing of the questions can provide a tell in one way or another. let me just give you a small example. there's a question in there about pardons, and interestingly enough its raised in connection with general flynn. and the question alludes to whether or not whether there's any approach made to him to seek a pardon or immunity. i noticed that the word "pardon" actually in the question is in the plural, "pardons." and it makes me think that question was written by somebody who was thinking not only about flynn but manafort. and to me that was one dead give away that this document did not
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come out of the special counsel's office but instead was written on the basis of topics that were provided by the special counsel. >> nick? >> yeah, i think that the questions give you an idea of the general topics. but wheat's really important ar the detailed questions as to the follow up of what trump's answers are going to be. and those are going to be based on what mueller has gathered from his cooperation, from the witnesses that have pled guilty, other documents, documents that were taken in the search warrants on manafort's home, the ones from michael cohen's office. i think all of these things they give you an idea of where this is going. but i think the real critical piece here is what the follow up questions are going to be. and of course the big question is why did they leak this out? and i really believe that the people who are responsible for this leak are trump's lawyers,
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who have no control of their client and they feel that the only way they can even try and convince him not to go through this interview was to put it out there in the public, get trump to watch "fox & friends" and so that they can advise him on national television not to be interviewed by robert mueller. >> you know, there's a lot of support for that. jack, i'll give you a quick final word. it is a surreal part of 2018 that we know from our own reporting that trump aide say if you really want to influence the president it's not in a one-on-one meeting, briefing material. it's getting it up on a television where he can then watch it back. >> i agree with nick that some are trying to discourage him from submitting to the interview. but let me remind you that's not entirely up to them. you can be certain if he refuses to submit to an interview there may well be a grand jury subpoena coming. >> right, and that becomes a
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legal fight which all the presidents have had up to the supreme court which allows you to question what presidents are allowed to protect. please stay with me for more. coming up we turn to nbc's exclusive reporting for the story of the bodyguard and the president's medical office. what was that about? also, we're going to show you trump tv going into overdrive spinning away this mueller news. >> "the new york times" is full of crap. half of these questions are dumb anyway. this garbage from "the new york times" tonight, absolute garbage. and new tough words from mueller's boss attacking republicans threatening him with potential impeachment. >> there are people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time. the department of justice is not going to be extorted. later tonight we'll also turn to mark zuckerberg who's now saying the only way to
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>> i feel raped. that's how i feel. raped, frightened and sad. >> dr. harold there was donald trump's personal doctor for 34 years. he now says it all changed within two days he told "the new york times" trump took a drug for hair growth. >> what did they find? >> they must have been here for 25 to 30 minutes and created a lot of chaos. i didn't know what to make of the whole thing. i couldn't believe everybody was making a big deal about a drug to grow his hair which seemed to be so important. >> a couple of points on this
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bizarre story. first, in fairness to trump any patient is entitled to dr.-patient confidentially and not having any treatment disclosed to the president. and if you want your medical records moved, supposed and sending in the muscle does seem excessive. third, of course, there are the washington word games. white house didn't really deny this happened but cost a bodyguard issue as a standard operating procedure not a raid. >> why did keith schiller go and take medical records from the president's personal doctor last year? >> the white house medical unit took possession of the president's medical records. >> it was characterized as a raid. is that how you understand it? >> no, that is not my understanding. >> trump has lost the doctor he
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nominated to lead the va, his fixer michael cohen under criminal probe and now his personal doctor over this weird raucous. so donald trump has moved from people he discarded and adding them back into his team in various ways as he's under increasing strain. i'm joined now by again. betsey, the old "saturday night live" question is what's up with that? >> it's a good question. keith schiller is a really important character in the broader trump constellation of individuals. at one point during the campaign he actually punched a protester protesting at trump tower. and at another point he physically dragged a reporter. in some ways we can see keith schiller as sort of the physical
3:22 pm
embodiment as trump's quote-unquote live order persona. that said at the same time he's politically is legally savvy. schiller was brought onto the intelligence committee i believe earlier this year for an interview as part of their investigation which is now complete in the potential coordination between the trump world and russia. i was told with a person in that interview that schiller was very polite and coy and gave them nothing. which is pretty extraordinary from someone who spent more time with trump in person over the last ten years than just about anyone else. schiller used to be a police detective in new york. he's questioned witnesses. so he seemed to approach his interview with sort of that perspective. knew how not to give away any information, even information that would be of help to
3:23 pm
investigators who even liked trump. he's a really important character in trump world. >> yeah, i mean how the game is played. nick, i think the larger question seems to be surrounding trump right now is what game are they playing? schiller has been involved in everything. he was questioned of course, about aspects of the dossier in the hotel issues, if you will. here's karen mcdougal who recently won her suit about the parent company and michael cohen talking about keith schiller. >> he would always pick-me-up, drop me off, take me to events, whether it's the beverly hills hotel or wherever we were going, keith was always involved, keith was a nice man. >> he always seems to be with the women.
3:24 pm
he also adds some extremely highly corroborative evidence of what occurred in 2013 at the miss universe pageant in moskow. even though denies having anything to do with prostitutes during that time keith schiller admitted to the house committee that the russians did in fact offer trump prostitutes. but schiller stated that he didn't know what happened afterwards. he sat outside mr. trump's hotel room for a short time and then left. so he really leaves open the entire allegation. and when you couple that what comey has in his memos, it certainly adds credence to the seven installments christopher steele reports on in his reports. >> thank you for your analysis
3:25 pm
on both of these stories tonight. up ahead we're going to look at more of this bobal shell revelation whether paul manafort was asking russia for help in the middle of 2016. what does he know? >> are there any ties between mr. trump, you or your campaign and putin and his regime? >> no, there are not. it's absurd and no basis to it. and then something important and unusual. bob mueller's boss speaking out publicly. rod rosenstein, this is as fiery as we've seen. he also had a message for trump. and later shawn hannity's melt down moment in realtime when "the beat" rolls on. for . so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me.
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a governor for all of california. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. what knowledge did you have any outreach of your campaign including paul manafort to russia about potential assistance to the campaign? i was just about to say this is an intriguing question. "the times" notes about this question this is one of the most intriguing questions on the
3:29 pm
list. >> rachel maddow reading 1 of the biggest mess of news revealed as "the new york times" story was breaking last night. the questions intriguing because it has a premise. bob mueller doesn't just lob hail marys or conspiracy theories at anyone. for the first time we're learning mueller is not only asking -- here is that exact question. do you any of any outreach to russia about potential assistance to the campaign? here's how this news continues to play out today. manafort's potential talks with russian operatives hadn't been reported before. >> we hadn't seen anything quite so overt as the campaign reaching out to campaign
3:30 pm
officials. >> when you're this far along in the inquiry and talking about sitting down with your main subject, you already know the answers to the main questions. >> these properties aren't going to the ask the president questions they don't already know the answers to. >> tonight as we noted he's taking more time with the co cooperation of mike flynn. if donald trump does not know why mueller's asking the question then as the old legal saying goes, you better ask somebody. jessica levinson a loyola law school, and david, i'm going to go ahead and better ask you why all this attention on paul manafort actually requesting
3:31 pm
russian assistance. >> well, you know, he says including paul manafort. in the book that i wrote with mike we report that george papadopoulos said that he was encouraged by druonald trump at march 2016 meeting to continue to make contacts with russians and moskow. so this question could be keyed with something ability that. we assume that after the trump tower meeting there might have been further communications or speculation there might have been further communications in which perhaps donald trump, jr. caught up with the context would work with the trumps and said how come we didn't get better dirt than you promised? so there are a lot of particular pieces that could be applied to this question. of course people are focused on paul manafort. and what we do know is during
3:32 pm
the campaign he offered inside assistance to the russian campaign to a russian oligarch who is close to putin and did it through an intelligence officer named constantine. that may be what mueller's looking at as well. but this question really applies far more widely than just to manafort. >> well, david, the book is called "russian roulette." it could easily be crossword puzzles in 2016 with all the names. jessica, i don't know if you want to buy a vowel but bottom line how would this questioning work if you were sitting there and you did not see the questions being leaked? >> one, they start with very open ended questions.
3:33 pm
and i think part of it is the initial question really is important in the sense what you want to do as a prosecutor is just get donald trump talking. because we know that will basically be an unequivocal good thing for the special counsel and i think an unequivocally bad thing for donald trump. but then i also think what we've heard is the follow up questions are going to be key. and every -- my guess is every bit of this from what donald trump's rambling first answers are going to be to what the follow up questions are going to be have already been scripted -- >> so you have a led zeppelin theory here which is ramble on. >> i put a led zellen approach to life. >> you do. but i guess the question is anyone watching at home and it's 2018 they might be thinking, okay, did you ask him if manafort asked for help, and the
3:34 pm
prosecutor says actually here's an e-mail showing michael cohen was told -- i'm saying that this forsake of hypothetical -- that he was. and the president says i don't remember that, no collusion. at what point does that get muter somewhere? >> i think your question of the end game is an important one. there's an open question whether you can indict a sitting president. even at the end of those questions if he had said, my goodness, you're right i guess i just lied to you and i'm so sorry, the question at the end of the day is what does robert mueller want out of it. and i think what he wants is a document released to the public. and i don't think for trump ultimately this ends up in an indictment. i think this ends up to put political pressure here to say now you have to go through an impeachment. >> and david, i want your
3:35 pm
response the theory raised in the hour that all of this is designed by trump-friendly allies to show trump on television just how many tough questions there are and why he ought to really think twice about sitsing down witing down . >> well, shawn hannity said these are dumb questions and made it seem as if trump would have an easy time of it. i hope donald trump is watching right now. but nevertheless i think a lot of the fuss out there may not encourage him or discourage him one way. but remember this is guy who really seems to have problems remembering, sticking to an accurate story. he told jim comey that had hadn't spent the night in moskow, and that was kind of just a ridiculous lie to make. a couple of days ago he said of course i didn't say that when of course he did. i think in a lot of ways he's the unreliable narrator in a movie or book.
3:36 pm
i don't know what mueller will get out of him in terms any real information to use. >> thank you for being here. mueller's boss speaking out. this is a defiant rosenstein comparing those threatening to impeach him to extortionists, and shawn hannity's realtime answer to questions. push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. my time is thin, but so is my lawn. now there's new scotts thick 'r lawn 3-in-1 solution. with a soil improver! seed! and fertilizer to feed!
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rare public push back today from the man overseeing the russia probe. bob mueller's boss rod rosenstein clashing back when he alleges are trying to basically extort the doj with threats. the issue is that right wing faction house republicans have a draft to potentially impeach rosenstein. and they say it's over the doj withholding documents. >> they can't even resist leaking their own drafts. >> would you care to elaborate on that? i saw that draft. i don't know who wrote it. i just don't have anything to say about documents like that who don't have the courage to put their name on. there have been people making threats publicly and privately against me for quite some time, and i think they should understand by now the department of justice is not going to be extorted. >> no courage. that is strong a language you'll
3:39 pm
see from most nonpartisan prosecutors in public. and keep in mind there's nothing partisan about this fight. this is republicans waging a stealth war on republicans. firing back and saying rosenstein should, quote, step aside if he feels he's facing extortion, which doesn't even make sense. we'll get to that. take fox news hannity who had been hiding the fact he had a relationship with the public. as he was processing "the new york times" report about the mueller questions in realtime. >> i am told by my sources tonight that "the new york times" is full of crap. how stupid is it. they want to get in the president's mind? if this is successful, this isn't america becoming venezuela. half of them are asnite. this "the new york times" thing,
3:40 pm
burn it. this garbage from "the new york times" tonight, absolute garbage. >> i want to bring in a former aide to the clinton and obama campaigns who served in the white house as deputy press secretary for president obama as well. bill, your friend shawn there clearly moved. what is happening? >> i have to start by fact checking you. he's not my friend. >> a friend loosely. >> this white house is in croesus. and shawn hannity as its number one cheerleader on the outside i think he's doing everything he can to throw dust up in the air about this very serious investigation. he clearly was unhinged last night. i like he assumed his viewers all had fireplaces they could go and burn these questions. look, if this is like getting the test in advance and being able to go in and take it. if donald trump can't do that,
3:41 pm
what's he going to do here? >> this is new statement from mark meadows. i don't understand literally the claim that if rod rosenstein feels if he's being extorted out, he should get out. that's what they came up with. but this is actually pretty serious. and it's very rare to see -- he's the acting attorney general speaking out in this way. >> one of the things the freedom caucus shawn hannity and donald trump are doing, is they are attacking bob mueller and this investigation the same way they attacked hillary clinton in the campaign. they are accusing them of everything they themselves are guilty of. to the extent shawn hannity is accusing bob mueller of asking questions ha questions -- it's a very heavy lift. bob mueller is a middle-aged white male with a very expensive experience and background in the military and law enforcement. these areas make him very attracted to republican voters. and if you look at polling on
3:42 pm
the mueller investigation it is very clear this is backfiring. there's a recent fox news poll that shows 67% of respondents believe hat the mueller probe should continue. 64% said that bob mueller has treated donald trump fairly. those numbers are extremely high and would not be that high if not a significant number of republicans were approving of this probe. >> you're making a political observation if the old saying if every tool you have is hammer the only thing you can make is a nail. while more voters rejected that than supported it it did provide an electoral college path. put that into context. it's because shawn hannity at this juncture does not appear to be an independent member of the media. it is one of the quickest ways
3:43 pm
we can learn about the mind-set of the actual trump team. you read "the washington post" hannity offers the media driven president a sympathetic ear and shared grievances. and he basically has, quote, a desk in the place. "the washington post" report. >> this should really give chills to every american the way shawn hannity is going about this. basically if you think 40 years ago we had a conservative icon who went to nixon and said you have to go. and now 40 years later we have his reported ideological heir shawn hannity and the freedom caucus now willing to assist donald trump. >> in that spirit let's take a look at shawn hannity on rod rosenstein. take a look. >> look at rod rosenstein. articles of impeachment drafted and the media is ignoring it.
3:44 pm
did rod rosenstein have anything to do with lying to fisa courts with information unverified and uncorroborated and paid for by hillary clinton. >> when you look at everything that's going on, the questions by mueller and mike flynn tonight having extra time or potentially getting sentenced to jail because 06 the information he's providing, do you look at this as a full melt down or is this more noise that would come on any given week? >> i think in this case it's much more serious. it's very rare you talk about articles of impeachment being drawn up at any level. the fact this is happening now, i wish we'd used this when george bush was president to get some of the people who were working on his staff, on his cabinet out. here's the problem as my friend points out, it takes courage for republicans to stand up and say
3:45 pm
at some point this isn't right. and the only courage you've seen out of house republicans these days, where they actually have some power what happens at the white house, is -- it's unfortunate you don't have the conservative icons who are willing to stand up and be strong even as they go off into retirement and their next phase of life and actually say all this is wrong, we need to do something to stand up and stop this. >> thanks to both of you. i want to turn now to a related topic and report. with the mid-terms coming up there are new questions about what bob mueller will do about any new charges or potential public report as election day approaches. >> do you believe that director mueller is mindful of the political calendar has he goes through and that the closer things gets to an election the more investigations can play an
3:46 pm
outsized role, fair or unfair? >> i'm sure he knows all that. he's definitely attentive to the calendar. >> james comey saying broadly mueller is attentive to the calendar. we also know comey was attentive to the calendar in his own when he publicly revealed he was opening that clinton e-mail probe right smack in the middle of the 2016 election. jim comey may have been trying to do the right thing legally but has done it so poorly and vaguely that practically it is a mess. i've never seen anything like this. that's why it's so concerning. >> well, i think the fbi fully anticipated the kind of criticism they're getting. maybe not the volume. >> one ran they knew they would get criticism back then is that comey's move did appear to
3:47 pm
depart from justice department guidelines. an attorney stated that officials should not select the timing that could affect an election. many alleged that was at least the result of comey's october surprise. and last night he alleged there aren't any rules at all on action before election day. >> despite what you've heard or read there aren't any rules on how we act in the run up to an election. there's a norm. you avoid any action in the run up to an election that might have an impact if you can. whether what conduct that will drive it's hard to say. >> that's comey talking about how mueller will look towards the next mid-terms. it is also true, though, i can tell you that other prosecutors have made moves very close to an election.
3:48 pm
in 1992 a grand jury in the iran contrau case came out just days before. >> in the final days of the campaign the last thing george bush needs is a reminder of the arms for hostages deal with iran. >> a former indictment places bush at a key meeting. >> that was a huge deal. nowadays a key from mueller is that he does have to follow those doj rules or norms if you want to call it that which would appear to include the 2012 memo. because the rules that give mueller his power still say he has to notify the attorney general of key events in the probe. and since sessions accused himself that means rod rosenstein, which goes back to question of what mueller would do if he's in a position to make major steps or file charges if the election approaches. you can imagine people on both sides having strong opinions on that. if he were to wait for for example after mid-terms with a big charge, some would say would
3:49 pm
that affect the vote in the opposite direction? these are quite tough questions and perhaps even the historical examples don't give anyone great guidance. >> what advice would you give him about coming out and saying something? >> worked well for me. >> we'll find out who has the last laugh. up next we take a turn to an important different topic. mark zuckerberg on the resignation of a major facebook insider leaving the company over its biggest problem. (baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ring) and it's also a story mail aabout people
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3:53 pm
from many people for his apology dong gres. today he's finding out that didn't stem all the problems making his first public appearance since the hearings. today zuckerberg says this. >> this has been an intense year. i can't believe we're only four months in. we will make mistakes and they will have consequences and we will need to fix them.
3:54 pm
security isn't a problem that you ever fully solve. >> a sign of some of that and how hard the problems are is a new facebook board member resigning after disputes over people's privacy. this isn't just any board member, the founder and ceo of the company, what's app the application a billion people use to make phone calls and communicate. he's leaving over fights over facebook's attempts to use personal data. facebook bought the company over four years ago compared to instagram for only $1 billion. the founder has been an advocate for protecting privacy. apparently that led to clashes can within facebook for years in 2016. facebook was pressuring what's app to hand over user's phone numberses for better ads and wanted to weaken what's app protects so businesses could see people's messages they thought were the private.
3:55 pm
those disputes were a run-up to what has become this fish sue today. zuckerberg addressed the controversy by thanking the founder jan koum. >> i want to thank a moment to thank jan. he's done an amazing job building what's app. he's been a tireless advocate for privacy and encryption. we have by the largest fully encrypted communication network in the world. this would not have the happened without jan. i'm grateful for the work he has done. >> that is nice zuckerberg thanking him the founder for things he is known for. the problem is, some of those are the vet privacy protections that facebook has lobbied and personally tried to weaken. n in. get it for jean who's always cold. for the sales team, it and the warehouse crew. give us the data we need. in one place, anywhere we need it. help us do our jobs better.
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what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. we close tonight with an important piece of history. in montgomery, alabama, there is a new memorial for peace and justice and addresses the history of slavery and commemorates the over 4,400 victims of racist lynchings. you think about all the talk about statues in america recently. these new statues show many of the innocent victim who's in been scrubbed from southern history for too long. there are statues you see of people shackled and a mother holding her baby, also chained at her feet. there's a bronze statue called raise up that shows victims attempting to surrender. >> i grew up in the '60s with colored and whitewater fountains at montgomery fair.
4:00 pm
and i'm just so thrilled with the progress. >> i've seen stuff in there that i've never ever could have imagined. >> it's american history. we all need to be involved and to learn and to own up to the shame of it all. >> the names of those people murdered are engraved on 800 columns suspended in the air. it's a dramatic illustration of a history that must be acknowledged. we wanted to show you that. that is the end of our broadcast. "hardball" with chris matthews is up next. the big leak. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. the "new york times" has revealed dozens of questions that special counsel robert mueller and his prosecutors want president trump to answer


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