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tv   The Royal Wedding  MSNBC  May 19, 2018 2:00am-9:00am PDT

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one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. welcome back to msnbc's special coverage of the royal wedding. what a beautiful day for the wedding it is. you are looking at live pictures of st. george's chapel in windsor, england. a crch where kings have been christened and buried. in two hours, an american will take her place among the royal family. not just any american, a black american. prince harry defying centuries of protocol will marry meghan
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markle. it's a who's who of symbolism, which means so much to many. just outside that chapel, my fellow wedding crashers, stephanie rule and katy tur. ladies, the doors have opened. >> we are holding out to be plus ones of two lucky guests tonight. don't call us wedding crashers. we consider ourselves, not yet invited. >> i think we are overhyped and over caffeinated. we are excited to talk about something happy and something else for a change. bear with us. >> let's talk about the guests who have shown up. actress elba. she described markle and a beacon and role model for women in britain. let's talk about a beacon and role model we believe in, oprah winfrey. she arrived a short time ago. she was wearing a grand, large, and i'd say gorgeous hat.
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the queen, sh morning, she gave them the official titles. harry will be the duke of essex -- >> sussex. >> excuse me. meghan will become the duchess of sussex. our own american princess. >> everyone has one hour to get inside the doors. when they get there, at 6:00 a.m. eastern, what time is that? 11:00 a.m. local, and they sit down, that's it. there's no going to the bathroom. once you are there, you are in. when the queen gets there, they don't want anybody moving around. they will make their arrivals after that. the queen is last. prince harry and meghan are 15 miles apart. he is at the coworth park hotel, she is at the cliveden house. they will take the last leg by
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foot at the steps. >> as excited as we are, i'm thrilled to see the children, ten children in all will be part of this wedding ceremony. the youngest, just 2 years old. the ceremony should take an hour, maybe less. kate and william's took 45 minutes. then, then we will see them for the first time. >> you keep glossing over the kids. the great and interesting part of it, all kids are great and wonderful, yes, i'm going to get killed on social media. >> all kids are great. >> they are, but it's great to see prince george and princess charlotte. prince louie will not be here. they are flower girls and page boys. >> actually a bridesmaid. >> you don't see much of them, so that's exciting. the royal family will arrive shortly after william and harry get that. that includes the queen. then all eyes will be on meghan.
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she will get here with her mother, they will get here by car. meghan will take her long, history making walk down the aisle. the first portion is alone, then with prince charles. her father had heart surgery this week and is unable to make it. prince charles answered the call of duty and will do the honors instead. one thing everyone is looking for is what is she going to wear? >> what is she going to wear. she is a fashionista. she's been talking fashion for years. before she was engaged, she had a lifestyle blog. she was a bride on "suits". carolyn kennedy, the favorite bridal look of all time. will she go american designer or follow kate middleton? >> there are a few contenders. a top contender was ralph and
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russo, an australian couple, which she wore for engagement photos. they are known for detailed em employedry. they are in the top contention. tlf there was a rumor it could be stella mccartny. as far as harry, he could wear a traditional morning suit. royals, more often, wear military uniforms. charles did, william did. harry, most likely will. he served in the british armed forces. >> he did. he was on the front lines. it was a big deal for him to be there. the british press kept it a secret as long as they could. they didn't want to put him in danger or his platoon, not platoon, but fellow soldiers in danger as well. the idea of a royal being there is more of a target. that is, until, matt drudge -- >> thanks, matt drudge.
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he was serving in afghanistan. he made his way home. he is so passionate and connected to serving, most likely, that's what we will see him wear. joy, we are going through the rest of the day with you. the ceremony is just the beginning. they have a horse drawn carriage ride. >> the very loud americans screaming at meghan markle. >> i'm green with envy. it's a beautiful day there. obviously, neither of you were born, yet. i remember waking up at 4:00 or 3:00 in the morning to watch princess diana's wedding. i was an infant. i woke up from my crib and watched it from my cradle. you know, i wonder if, you know, that sense of excitement was about diana. this feels like it's bigger than that because it's the celebrities, the drama. it's almost a princess grace combined with diana. do you feel that there? >> i did.
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i was struck by how many american accents i have heard. it feels like there are a lot of americans here invested in this wedding in a way i have not seen in the past. invested in the royals in a way i have not seen in the past. i spoke to a woman in illinois who suddenly booked tickets. her husband said why didn't you invite me? there's a lot of excitement. another group of woman who camped out overnight on the steps of the castle here. >> it's not just the celebrity factor, it's the common person factor. meghan markle, while she is a hollywood starlet, she went to northwestern. she's an advocate for women. she had her own start-up lifestyle blog. she was a girl who is truly living this unbelievable fantasy dream. when you thought about princess diana, the people adored her, she is part of this royal mix. meghan markle is like your best girlfriend who is about to become a princess. >> so much more accessible.
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because she's not just an american and commoner, seems like you could walk up to her and have a conversation, she would be nice to you, friendly, give you a hug. it's giving that extra element of, i want to see what happens, i want to root for them. this desire to see this wedding go off well and the marriage go off well. >> people always rooted for harry. william is a far more reserv, formal guy. harry has always been the devil. >> the cheeky one. we love it. we are watching the pomp and circumstance. if meghan gives you a hug, i want selfies of it. make sure, if you get a hug -- >> i wouldn't count on it. >> thank you, ladies. we are going to come back to you. enjoy the sunshine, first of all. it looks beautiful there. we are going to come back to you in a second. i want to bring back the folks in the panel. it is interesting, we broke away from britain as a colony.
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there is something about, i remember when harry and william were younger. maybe they could date an american starlet, someone from hollywood. when rihanna got into a photo with harry, even though she's from the caribbean. there's a sense of wanting to bring royalty back here. >> taking it back to when you were in the crib, prince andrew went out with an american actress. the very name coo said the films she did were more intimate at times. but, even then, there was the you can't do that. there was the residual thing that caused an english king to advocate. back in those days, there was a kind of anti-american, anti-actors. >> not now. >> no, no. >> what's interesting about it, too, you have the formality and the pomp and circumstance and the marching.
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it's really married to a very hollywood, very celebrity moment. there are a lot of stars there. >> they both go in. tom is, of course, camilla's son and hosts a food show, which i have been on. the modern royals work in television. they really do embrace that whole celebrity thing a lot more. >> absolutely. >> it's interesting, joy. you said it was a splash of princess grace and a splash of princess diana and a splash of the obamas, too. the marriage is pop culture, high celebrity, royalty, all combined. it's interesting, amazing kuld ron of energy. >> you have that same sense when katy interviewed the young black girl. the mixed race of meghan markle becomes a factor. that is what is magical about barack obama, the sense of bringing together the sort of
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various, positive and negative histories of the united states, bringing it together and unifying. this does feel like that moment for britain. >> i was going to say and no one wants to say it, i'm putting it out there. this is because of walt disney, we grew up loving the wonderful world of disney, sleeping beauty, cinderella. as little girls, that's what we knew. this is a fantasy. this is a dream come true for so many american girls. that's why so many of them are connected and watching us and waiting to see. >> you make a good point. one of my favorite quotes in doing my research and meghan markle is she is remixing the idea of being a modern princess. she said it's time to focus less on glass slippers and breaking them. >> i love that line. >> she has a glass slipper in one hand and useing it to break
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a ceiling. >> a gospel choir performing, a black bishop performing the sermon. >> yes. >> a black cellist harry met. there's a lot of blackness. i think that has a lot to do with meghan. >> meghan has always been proud of her interracial background. she has a very strong relationship with her mother and she's been very clear about the fact she is a black woman. she writes, often, about her biracial identity. i think in 2015 she wrote an es sate of navigating the world not black enough for hollywood, not white enough for hollywood. hearing her mother called the "n" word and the impact on her. seeing her father made sure she had black and white dogs. >> i had a white father and sisters and everything in between. 60 years ago.
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that was a real scandal, a black and a white person being together. so, i went through all of that. for me, personally, to see this moment when you never really belong to either culture, this is a really, and for my kids as well. >> yeah. >> this is modern britain. in fairness to the british establishment, they were equal opportunity offenders. they didn't like black people -- >> they didn't like poor people. >> i'm the token jew. >> the top hat. >> i want to bring in, because, of course great britain is a larger entity and the welsh are part of it as well, they have something to do with this, including the ring. i'm going back to stephanie and katy, i think you have ring updates for us. >> bling talk. >> yes. >> the official announcement is out, to your point. welsh gold. this is a family tradition. green elizabeth gifted this.
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harry is wearing a platinum band with a texture finish. >> the british royal rings have all come from this single hunk of welsh gold that was gifted to the royal family quite a while ago. but, after they made diana's ring, that welsh gold was down to the last few grams. they needed a new chunk. they have been regifted with a new nugget of gold. it's unexpected for harry to wear a wedding ring. prince william doesn't wear a wedding ring. prince philip does not wear a wedding ring. he is going to wear one. it's notable, prince charles did wear a wedding ring when married to princess diana. he wears that on his pinky ring. >> the ring isn't the only bling. there's talk of a tiara. we don't know if meghan will
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wear one. kate middleton did. >> the spencer tiara is what diana wore for her wedding. she opted not to wear one of the queens. that's a tiara that has been on display in museums, her sisters wore it for her wedding. it would be a big deal for meghan to wear it and a homage to harry's mother. >> she had been photographed in the love notch. that might be what we are going to see in a couple of hours from now. why? because it is royal wedding day. we have live coverage. stay with us. there's so much more to cover. californians are leading the fight
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everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. it is royal wedding day here on msnbc. while we were just outside windsor castle, very famous guests just made their way in. pippa middleton and her family, up colluding kate middleton's mother joined the procession inside to take their seats. obviously, these would be the inlaws, sort of. >> inlaws once removed. we know quite a few more royals will be making their way in. we haven't seen her, yet, but
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sarah ferguson is going to be coming, along with her daughters. >> she was not invited to will and kate's wedding. >> well, she's invite today. >> i wonder what they are going to wear? >> the fascinators they wore to william and kate's wedding could only be described as a whole other level. >> one said the flying spaghetti monster or spaghetti on her head. i want to see it. are they going to one up themselves? >> you know who is going to see it before we do? keir simmons, inside the castlegates. keir, what is going on there? >> good morning. we are watching famous guest after famous guest, friends and family arriving behind me, just a quick list, if you would like. oprah is the big news. we had no idea that oprah was going to be here. she arrived right on time,
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stephanie, almost as soon as the doors opened. elba, the british actor and his brother here. her sister will give a reading. we have had the opportunity to walk around the chapel and have to tell you, on the west steps, just through the door here, where harry will enter, where meghan will enter, a beautiful floral arrangement which are a tribute to princess diana. in an hour's time, we expect harry to arrive at the chapel. i think he may walk down past the glass area here. there are thousands of people outside specially invited, people from charities, locals. they, too, have had a special ticket. they may get a chance to greet the groom before he goes inside, just before he's married. so, it is, as you can hear, people clapping. it is exciting. our very wonderful producer has said when she sees, if she sees
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george clooney, she will faint. that's how i will know he's arrived, if he does come. >> keir, you have the best seat in the house or best, at least standing position for our coverage. you are going to see it all first. keir, thank you very much. >> now, we have to take you to the long walk thach. that is the famous pathway where two days ago, we saw harry and meghan make her way. when i say cheers in this town, people were thrilled when they made their way here. again, windsor castle is the official weekend residence of the queen and what she calls her home. >> it's going to be exciting. stephanie gosk is out there. you are among the crowd. what is the feeling out there? are people getting ramped? >> katy, good morning. it's a party. i was just standing here and someone, out of the blue handed me a pin.
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so, it's pims-o-clock. this walk was established in the 17th century. the people that have come out here are royal watchers, royal fans. they are from this country and america as well. i want to introduce you to this trio. these ladies are from up north. elizabeth, run me through how many royal events you have been to. >> three. three. >> what are they? >> the queen's jubilee and this one. i can't remember the other one. >> i notice you have interesting strategies for the long walk today. >> there you have it. live pictures of that marching band. one thing we have not seen yet, katy, is a horse drawn carriage. there will only be one today and
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the royal couple will get in right after the ceremony. >> it's called an ascot landow. >> it will be pulled by a father/son duo. a horse duo. they are windsor greys. if you wonder what it looks like, harry arrived to will and kate's wedding in one of these carriages. they are in the royal carriage fleet, if you will. he arrived with a number of flower girls and page boys. >> as we said, he's always been that naughty, younger brother. today is his big day. we are a couple hours away from that first kiss and the carriage ride through windsor castle. >> stay with us.
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we are doing royal wedding coverage. i have to come back to the panel quickly and talk about the fashion and celebrities we are seeing. we have had a george and amal sighting. >> they showed up looking like royalty. i'm dying. amal's mustard gold dress with a matching fascinator hat. the gold tails off the back of her dress, that is perfection. >> gorgeous.
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>> this high waist. keep in mind, amal just slayed at the met gala. now she's back in yellow. >> she does nothing wrong in fashion. >> we saw victoria beckham. i believe she is wearing her own. >> there's a slit from her neck down to the belly button. >> she was pregnant at kate and william's wedding. she is definitely not pregnant now. >> oh, my goodness. >> to show up at a royal wedding. >> she might become pregnant. >> i'maiting to say dara philips. she is pregnant. >> who is that for those who don't know? >> princess ann's children by her first husband, captain mark philips. she lost her baby and this is her second pregnancy. very much wanted.
2:30 am
so, she's a real favorite of harry and his brother. he's a favorite with the british public. if she turns up, it will be fantastic. >> yep. >> it was lovely to see george and amal. amal is a very acclaimed human rights lawyer. >> yes, she is. >> george clooney had his hand in his pocket. royal wedding, please. >> can we stipulate, george clooney can do no wrong. he is perfect. >> we just had another celebrity sighting. oh, the beckham's. >> talk about how she is giving you full southern blackness with that hat. it is gorgeous. >> one objection i have to the sighting of oprah, they didn't show the full outfit. >> you saw it, right? >> i saw it. it's on instagram. the shoes are beautiful, a blush
2:31 am
pink and more frilly and fancy below the waist. >> one of the other things you saw on instagram is serena williams. as we all know, serena and meghan are very good friends. she happens to be getting ready for a friend's wedding, i wonder who that friend is. >> did you see with victoria beckham, she almost, accidentally smiled. >> look at her dress. look how open it is. >> i was going to say, it's similar to the dress she wore to kate's wedding. >> i have met victoria, i know victoria. she gets bad press for not smiling. she is a hoot. she has a dry sense of humor. she doesn't think she looks good when she smiles, which is sad. >> the spice girls are not performing. >> not performing, just coming. >> elton john is said to be
2:32 am
performing. >> if victoria looks miserable, she is ecstatic. >> she had some food three weeks ago. >> oh. >> can we talk about what we are seeing? this room, the entry they are walking into. can you talk about what we are seeing, martin? do you have updates on that? >> i'm not sure. they are probably on somebody famous' tomb. i think that is david. i can't tell. >> david, that would mean john is nearby. absolutely. any other celebrities? >> is that helen? >> it's hard to tell. >> there are many deadings in that chapel. they just walk overhem. it's an homage. >> here is the thing that is also going to be interesting. when royal brides traditionally lay their bouquet at the, you know, tomb of the fallen soldier, they think they might
2:33 am
send it back there. harry being -- >> there's about 15,000 people hoping she throws the bouquet. >> women. >> trying to grab it. >> while we are on the subject of fashion, i know they spoke earlier, but she is rumored to be wearing ralph and russo. >> there may be a second dress. >> they were saying that late last night. >> she wears a lot of burrberry on "suits." >> her mother is supposed to wear that today. >> target. >> it's target. >> we are having a ball here doing our celebrity sightings, royal wedding coverage. we are going to keep watching for stars and celebrities and fabulous fashion. when we come back, we will dish, dish, dish, talk more about the wedding and the clothes. if we find out who that designer is, we'll bring it to you first. this is royal wedding coverage
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on msnbc. stay right there.
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we are continuing our live coverage of the royal wedding, prince harry marrying his american princess, meghan markle. joining us from london is loya and ken. ken, i have to come to you first. you know harry. tell us a little bit about him. he is known over here across the pond as the cheeky one, the fun prince. what is he like in real life? >> i think you have summed it up. i remember harry when he was a 3-year-old, when i first met him, he was cheeky then. i remember meeting his mother in
2:38 am
norfolk, one of the queen's palaces. harry stood on a small table destabilizing a vase of lilis. his mother said, i don't envy you watching after my kids. harry fell off the table, followed by the lilis. that gave me an idea of what to expect for seven years. he was always funny, entertaining, just like his mother. what is so great is he talked about those happy childhood days and the fun he had with his mom. what you see is what you get, without a doubt. >> i want to come back and stay with you for a moment, ken. we know about the streaking incidents at his father's 50th birthday party. he's gotten in a little trouble. he's been the naughty royal in a lot of ways. how, i mean, you knew diana.
2:39 am
what would she have made of him now? he's really matured. obviously, he's making an interesting match, having fallen in love with this biracial woman. what would diana have made of this today? >> what diana, his mom, would have made of this, she would have been proud of harry. harry continued this program of modernization. he's a local celebrity, we all know that. but, when you think of diana in the '80s and '90s, diana made changes to how the royal family was perceived by the world. part of the problem was the element of the royal family was jealous of her popularity. here we have now, harry, continuing that, picking up where diana left off with her charitable work. two things diana had foremost in her mind, loyalty to the queen and love and care of her children.
2:40 am
as i said before, not necessarily in that order. clearly, she would have been delighted with harry and meghan, that he found this bride himself, an american, a divorcee, mixed heritage. all of that doesn't matter in the 21st century. it sends out a positive message. she would have been delighted. >> i want to bring in lola on that point. this is a moment, i think, for black britain, you know, as well as african-americans who are excited. what does it mean in your mind for black britains to see this young, american divorcee, of mixed race, marrying into the royal family? >> i think it means a lot. right now, the uk is in a place where going through brexit and things are moving away from multiculturalism to isolationist idea and stuff like that. to see somebody coming into the royal family who is american,
2:41 am
she's different, she's biracial, it is amazing. it gives people hope for the future of the country. >> talk about young britain as well. there is a cynicism toward the royal family. it does feel like harry, in particular, william as well. they are trying to infuse this family. is it working? do young britains get excited about this stuff or just us yankees? >> it's hard to say because i have met people that have two opinions. people love or hate it, basically. i think it's really important for the royal family, not only to be seen to be modernizing, but to be modernizing. there are other royal families around the world who have regular jobs and live in regular homes and i think it feels to me, william and marharry like t.
2:42 am
they want to be normal guys. they want normal lives. it's important they show that and people perceive them that way. that helps the royal family a bit, too. >> diana wanted to have a life, a normal life and couldn't. a lot of it was down to the paparazzi and constantly hounded by the press, something that bothered her son as well, when he lost his mom. is it possible harry can have a normal life because he is sixth down the line to the throne? >> i don't know. it will be interesting to see what happens. i kind of have a feeling that, who knows, maybe they might not stay in the uk forever. i don't think it's possible because the press here is pretty, you know, when it comes to royal family. i don't think, especially not now with meghan, i don't think he's going to have a normal celebrity life now. >> ken, same question to you.
2:43 am
>> i think that harry has lived with this his life and the paparazzi and the media. post diana, the media backed off as a number of inquiries were taking place. it isn't going to stop here. it's very happy. it's great and everyone loves it. the royal family loves to see and read about good, positive publicity. as always happens, there's the negative side in the weeks to come. what harry and meghan have that diana and charles didn't have is moving forward in this direction. they could be great ambassadors of the united kingdom and the world. meghan's life has changed forever. as long as she gets support from harry and other members of the royal family, there's hope. it is a life changer, no doubt about that. >> thank you both. we are going to take a quick
2:44 am
break. our guests, the guests in windsor have 15 minutes, a little more than 15 minutes to get in and take their seats. the royal family is set to arrive soon after. then harry, william and finally meghan markle will be on the scene. we are going to look at prince harry's evolution from wild child to the man he is today. that's coming up after this very quick break.
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rock stars and royalty. rock stars and royalty, that's what we are talking about here at windsor castle as we watch the extraordinary guests file in for the wedding taking place this afternoon. >> a moment ago, we saw, come on -- >> the sir elton john speaking to none other than -- >> david beckham. >> david and victoria beckham. it's been a roc s affair all day long. >> james blont. joss stone. >> elton john, really? think about the relationship he had with lady diana. after she passed, he rededicated "candle in the wind." >> it became her anthem. >> it did. he's had influence on the royal family. >> there was speculation elton john would perform during a
2:49 am
reception or party at the frogmore house that is happening. here is elton john talking with the beckham's. >> the last time we saw them at a royal wedding, victoria was in navy like today, but nine months pregnant with harper. she's been on this royal scene for a while. harry said, probably before meeting meghan, the best day of his life was when he was a little boy and he met the spice girls. we don't know if the rest of the spice girls are going to be there today, but that is victoria beckham. >> we are keeping an eye out for that. this is amal clooney. i don't know about you, but my jaw dropped when i saw her and i was jealous i was not wearing that dress. >> most recently on the cover of "vogue" magazine. obviously maried to george clooney, human rights attorney, mother of twins and fashionista
2:50 am
extroud nar. you have business leaders, not many political leaders. previous royal weddings you might see -- >> they are state awares. >> this is not. >> they are state awares. you will get the prime minister, potentially other world potenti other world leaders. generally american presidents have not gone to royal weddings. i believe nancy reagan went to the charles and diana's wedding. >> ronald reagan didn't. the obamas did not go to kate and williams but some people speculated they might go to this wedding because they have a special relationship. william did an interview with president trump obama not that long ago. but the obamas have said this before, they're trying to keep a low profile. >> if you're inviting president obama why are you not inviting president trump and today really is more about the bride and
2:51 am
groom than it is about politics so they're going to keep politics out of it. we're inside the castle walls. keir, from your vantage point, what's it look like to you? >> don't forget to tell david beckham i said hey. >> i'll let him know. you've mentioned all the names. oprah was early. she arrived almost as soon as the doors opened. george clooney a little cooler arriving later. unshaven. i did ask a member of the palace staff whether harry would shave this morning. we have yet to see harry, of course, and he told me if you had a beard for a number of years would you choose your wedding day to shave so suggesting we'll see an unshaven harry on his wedding day and
2:52 am
wedding day is when history is forgotten so we've seen camilla's family mixing with diana's family. her brother arriving a little while ago and just out here, these are the thousands who have been invited to be within the grounds of windsor castle. >> and you know, we just saw i guess you could call it the fashion contingent walking in. chopra and she's really tied with not just celebrities but the fashion set. >> i'm really impressed by the dresses and the hats. >> i think that's ellie golding we're seeing right there. i also want to talk food because after the ceremony, after the long procession through town, then they're going to be sitting down for lunch.
2:53 am
i know we don't have an invite yet. we want one. what are they serving? >> so in the luncheon, it's not a brunch, but a luncheon that's going to happen immediately after this, people are going to walk to the great george hall i believe it's called and they're going to be having bowls. bowl food in quotes. i'm not entirely what bowl food means. >> i don't think sweet greens is catering it but they're trying to go -- >> they're talking about a springtime fresh food, fresh produce, meghan markle is very into all of that los angeles cuisine. >> she is. she's an l.a. girl. her mom is a yoga instructor and after the lunch they're going to take a break and tonight is the real party. tonight is less than 200 people and that's when she's most likely to be in her second dress and that's time for the dancing. >> that's the party you need to get the invite to.
2:54 am
the next party is when they're going to get it in. we're here having a wonderful time looking at all the celebrities and all the fashion, ladies, but on the subject of food we have the inside scoop that the cake is not going to be the traditional fruit cake but a lemon elder flour cake. i might have something here. >> and she's from l.a. and meghan has known her for a few years and meghan used to have a blog and when she had the blog she profiled this woman so meghan used to be in our seats as the interviewer. she interviewered her as one of the best bakers in l.a.
2:55 am
>> so the baker had to stall in a place called broadway market. it's in a really hipster part of east london. you go to broadway market, you get all sorts of local arts and crafts. you get great coffee, great bakery items, you can get a scotch egg that will knock your socks off and she had her own little stall there and that's how she became more popular in london. it's definitely part of the hipster set. >> we have serena williams. >> we have the queen of tennis, oh, my goodness. she looks absolutely gorgeous. we've seen so many beautiful dresses. i don't know if you have a favorite but that was stunning. >> rafferty, the cast of "suits. that's donna from "suits.
2:56 am
>> we've seen chopra, we've seen sir elton john. >> gina torres. >> okay. katy, we have to -- i have to ask you too, ladies, do you have a favorite dress yet? >> oh, easy. it's cl it's clooney. >> and then middleton. >> katy has already been google searching because she wants to pick up pippa's dress. >> i love them all. clooney head to toe but i'm going to wait. i think kate middleton is going to look fantastic but it's going to be all about meghan. >> i think it's going to be hard to beat clooney. >> serena williams is giving me life everlasting. >> look at her waist. she did have a child, didn't she? >> and her hair is perfection. >> and a billionaire with her.
2:57 am
>> serena's husband,e looks for dapper. >> cofounder of readit. he has that hipster vibe. he met serena while he was working away on his computer pool side and it was serena who gave him a hey, should we get together? he is a spectacular guy. he's in the moment. >> i love a woman who asks a man out. >> if you're serena -- >> go on. >> i think if you're serena, there's not a lot of guys who would have the gut to ask you out. >> i think it doesn't matter if it's about guts, it's about women taking control. >> absolutely. can we talk -- actually, you guys were gorgeous wedding too but you didn't invite any of us. can we talk about gina torres? there was a beautiful pink
2:58 am
number and do you -- i want to -- >> she was a costar on "suits" with meghan. she plays the head of the law firm where meghan's character works. she was just divorced from the actor lawrence fishborn. i know that she went something simple. the had is not my favorite but i do have to say overall she's one of the best dressed there today. >> she's about 6 feet tall. >> she's so statueesque. serena is a close second. it's clear that the invitation said come to slay or don't come at all. >> i don't want to raise the excitement. i don't want anyone to faint but i think i just spotted a member
2:59 am
of right said fred. >> meghan's role on "suits" almost has us cheating. we've seen how breathtakingly gorgeous she is and she said before she had done interviews before, she likes simple and elegant with a twist, so you traditional traditionally see -- princess diana had a 25-foot train. she was just 19 years old and while kate was wearing an alexander mcqueen, sort of a slimmer dress, that also had a 9 #-foot train so you wonder what will meghan have today? >> you can fit a family of four in inside the sleeves of diana's dress. >> can you believe diana was just 19 years old when she married charles? she mixed up his name. she mixed it up on the altar. wouldn't you? can you imagine it was the most viewed event at that time in history.
3:00 am
they called it the wedding of the century and she was a 19-year-old girl. could you have pulled that off at 19? >> pop quiz though, do you know all of harry's names? >> there's a lot of them. henry david christopher albert. >> and meghan's first name is rachel. >> so harry is prince henry charles albert david is his actual name. i want to bringveryone u to speed that the royals will soon bedeparting for windsor castle. it is a 7:00 a.m. eastern ceremony. it will take about an hour. so we'll be continuing to watch for that. we are just here celebrity watching in the studio. we have fergie. she has been persona in the royal family for years. she was not invited to the other
3:01 am
wedding. the fact that she's here is a very big deal. >> she says i can call her fergie. >> here's another fascinating fact. we're just talking about princess diana. when she and charles walked up the aisle together it was onltd the 14th time they had ever met. >> oh, my goodness. talk about speed dating. >> that's why the marriage lasted so long. >> fergie might have a notebook in her purse taking notes because we mentioned it earlier. one of her two daughters is going to be married in the fall in st. george's chapel so she may be doing a yes, yes, definitely yes, maybe not review because she's going to use this as her dress rehearsal for their big day in the fall. >> she's also doing a yes, yes, my waist is great because she's looking good. >> she used to be a weight
3:02 am
watchers spokeswoman. >> can we talk about the windsor wedding, it doesn't happen often that typically these weddings now at a certain point the royal families began to do the weddings in london. >> the tradition for many, many decades was west minister abbey which is over a thousand years old and that was where the queen's father, that's whether he got married. that's whe the q, everybody cement prince charles and dianadidn't. i can tell you the reason for that if you want to know. >> quickly tell us. >> well, because what happened was that west minister abbey was going to be the choice for the wedding but they held a rock concert there a few months before, and it was the first time they'd had this heathen music and the palace was so cross they -- they did not -- they said you cannot have a wedding there and i know about
3:03 am
this because i happened to be the producer of that rock concert. >> oh, my goodness! >> can we just go back to fashion for just one moment. i'm not sure who that was. she's an actress and she's part of meghan's squad as well. >> what's interesting about all these actresses that are here, because meghan doesn't have a lot of family here and her father is not here, it's just her mother that's there from her. she has a circle of friends that are so tight, they're like family. that's her girl squad. that's her family. all these actresses. >> and it's only her mom here. >> but what's interesting, she does have this girl posse. but meghan stayed at the hotel alone last night. we were talking about it earlier. i think if i were in her position the night before i think i would have my girlfriends in bed with me
3:04 am
saying i'm moving into a castle. meghan is much cooler than i am. >> calling everybody, going wild. we are watching cliveden house for any sport ort of movement. she will be coming with her mother. they will be arriving at the west steps. we will hopefully see a royal kiss after the wedding. usually as you were talking about the weddings in london, it means the first royal kiss would be on the balcony of buckingham palace. obviously we are to the west in windsor, so the first kiss, if it happens anywhere, presumably will happen at the top of the west steps. we're getting close to 11:00 and that's around the witching hour, right?
3:05 am
>> social securi . >> it is. that's when meghan is expected to leave the hotel. and they're likely to stay on schedule. this is a full day of events. after the ceremony they will be taking that horse drawn carriage ride through windsor castle followed by lunch and then a break. we don't know if they'll be taking a honeymoon. >> they could be going to botswana. harry said please come with me and they went. apparently that was the time that they had according to them to really get to know each other outside of the spotlight. it's hard given how much attention is on him at all times, and they didn't want to leak it that they were dating. they wanted a moment to see if this was the real thing and that's where they were able to solidify it, they say. >> but joy, one thing that's important to harry, it would be
3:06 am
great to get you and your panel to weigh in on it, once it became public that these two were having a relationship, harry had to witness something that hurts him a lot. meghan was getting attacked by the media. remember how he lost his mother tragically. he had over a decade in so much pain where he says he shut down and he was feeling repressed and he considers in many ways the media to be the enemy. so last fall when meghan was being brutalized by the media he put a statement forward saying how hard this was. the tabloid press which is notoriously been very critical of not only the politicians in this country but the celebrities in this country and certainly the royals so he sent out this statement, it was a first for the palace, describing her as his girlfriend, that was the official confirmation, basically
3:07 am
back off my bigirlfriend, this too much and it seems for the most part and you'll have to correct me if i'm wrong on this, but there was a great degree of backing off. >> you're dialing it back when attacking her. >> some said he didn't get clearance from his brother but soon after william who also very rarely speaks to the press put out a statement saying he absolutely backs his brother harry and their family's right to privacy so it would be great if you guys would just weigh in on how aggressive the tabloid press is here in the uk and obviously what a tragic history the royal family has with them. >> let's bring in trish on that point. >> what's really happened is a lot of the tabloid press reporting was actually fairy racist and i think that came from the palace as well and it's pushed it underground now. they pulled back for a while but they couched it in different language and you're very correct in saying the media, the press
3:08 am
in britain is one of the reasons that i have chosen to base myself here in the u.s., because you do get absolutely hounded and there's some people who caught it and some people who want it. so i know that the tabloid press is going to be an interesting one for harry because it's not exactly the same as diana. it's going to be -- there was a report just the other day about meghan's mom's hair, about how she'd smartened it up and twisted it into dread locks and things like that. so there's a lot of ignorance in the press you know, of people of color and styles and lifestyles. >> the press is really going to have to learn how to talk about this biracial woman and her -- the black side of her family. >> and keep it civil. >> and keep it civil. >> one of the headlines that struck me is really troubling was when they referred to her as straight out of compton. >> you know, the dog whistle
3:09 am
language that has accompanied her ascension is really problematic but i'm hoping the fact that she is now going to be a part of this family will force the media at large and the tabloid press in particular to learn how to speak about her. >> it's going to be a very difficult time because it's not just ignorance it's actual vile behavior and the media in britain has always been tough but the british tabloid media especially from the 1980s on, they're all meat for the lions and their attitude is just to make money, to make headlines and they fill it up with a lot of hatred and venom. playing to the insecurities. >> and it wasn't just the british paparazzi. let's point out that her mother in california was being harassed. i mean, she couldn't even get to her front door because there was so many photographers. meghan as well in toronto.
3:10 am
>> paid for by british and ultimately some of the british tabloids, they make the national enquire look like pulitzer prize. >> and the part of the reason that her father is not here is because of the paparazzi. he was posing for photos. >> you guys have updates? >> they have won a pulitzer so there's one, but you're right, the british tabloid press is considerably harsher than anything we see in america but i think it's really important though to make the distinction that it's not the british press, it's not the press by and large. i think we paint too broad a brush to say the media does this. it is really the tabloids that does this. it's not the london times going
3:11 am
out and saying this. it's a certain section and it's not just the british tabloids. it's often the european tap lloy -- tabloids. taking pictures of kate middleton while she was on her honeymoon and publishing them. >> as the clock ticks on, we are getting closer to the moment when meghan arrives, when harry arrives, when queen elizabeth does. in just a few minutes they're going to be closing the doors. inside the church and this church seats about 800 people, which is smaller than the venues where william and kate got marrieand diana and charles, ere' pbabl a little more than 600 of their closest friends and families and just outside, but within the windsor castle property walls, there's about 2,000 locals, charity workers, kids, school kids, picnicking in the area so we're
3:12 am
going to watch because charles -- excuse me, harry and his brother william of course are going to make their way here and meghan's going to be coming with her mom. can you imagine that car ride? >> i think i would be speechless. i'd look at my mom and she would be shaking and i mean, what do you do when you're -- i mean, a wedding is scary in itself regardless of the circumstances. it's scary when it's just two people standing alone. it is terrifying when you're about to walk down the aisle over -- literally over the graves of kings and queens that have come before you. the graves of history in front of 600 people, not to mention the thousands within the walls. not to mention the millions that are watching on television. that's got to take a great deal of composure that i'm not sure i possess within me. >> harry has been playing windsor castle for the last 33 years. he was baptized in st. george's
3:13 am
chapel. meghan and her mom sitting in that car, they weren't thinking about this. it's going to be a moment for them. it's going to be just her walk down the aisle. her alone, everybody watching and scrutinizing i imagine, every look on her face. does she look excited. is she terrified, is she shaking at all. >> and what do you think about this tremendous compliment she's paying her soon to be father-in-law, prince charles. he's going to be walking her down the aisle. >> and obviously they have no daughters and so he's getting to do this sort of duty standing in for her father. i think it's important too because it is sort of bringing back together prince charles who does get a bit of a bad rap after diana's death and remarrying and he's had a difficult journey in whether or
3:14 am
not the british public want him to be become the next soften. i think it's important, but as we look at that gallery and that walk that we were just talking about we can see the celebrities sitting in that gallery. we want to talk about who decides who gets to sit behind those little lamps that we're seeing on the side. and so let's bring in james brooks. he's a director of broadcasting and communications at royal central. so can you just explain to us, james, how -- who decides? who selects and who gets to sit in that special gallery on the sides of st. george's chapel? >> reporter: well, lovely to hear from you. fab weather. in terms of the choir which it's called generally it will be harry and meghan i would have thought who have made the decision. they would have been poring over where to sit people. anyone and everybody is here so
3:15 am
it must have been a pretty hard decision for both of them. i think the friends, family is where you generally tend to find the senior members of the royal family there, so generally i would have thought the guests who are close, particularly close to the royal couple soon to be are going to be sat there in the choir. >> and one of the interesting sort of features here is that meghan will not have a maid of honor. obviously prince william is going to be the best man for his brother harry. is it typical for -- in a royal ceremony like this for there not to be a maid of honor? >> it is a little bit unusual. i think the fact that we've got meghan who is quite a modern woman and the reasoning behind it is we're hearing that she does have that close knit group of friends and she didn't necessarily want to choose between them for that role. and i think that's any bride who does have that close knit group of friends would -- i think want
3:16 am
to make sure that everybody gets the same role and nobody's kind of favoritism on the day itself. so yeah, i think the fact that meghan is putting her own stamp on this wedding along with harry just kind of symbolizes the new era of monarchy that we can see in the next few years. i think that's really important for them going forward is that harry and meghan and william and kate will be aware that in order to keep the monarchy relevant and stop those questions being asked of should we go to an elected head of state, they need to make sure they're modernizing and changing with the times. >> absolutely. because that stipend is ultimately controlled by the british public. i want to talk about what you've seen on the screen. you've seen the hotel. we keep putting up that live picture. we've seen some movement which will signal that meghan markle is getting into the car.
3:17 am
we haven't seen that happen yet. people are trying to get into the chapel. there's a certain point where the doors close and you cannot get in. so all the dignitaries have to hot foot it into the st. george's cathedral to make sure they are in place. we are waiting for any kind of movement that will tell us that the bride is on her way. and to wrap up with you on this, james, some of the other touches that are nontraditional here, would those have been things that had to be approved by the queen or was this under the control of the pride? >> well, i think harry and meghan will have had the say in the ideas behind it. the queen will have been involved along with the way in order to not only support the decisions that they're making. she'll be well aware of the media attention surrounding the wedding as will h and megagmeg meghan but also a day that he can look back with fondness and
3:18 am
happiness. and we saw that with william saying i don't know where to start with all the dignitaries. the plus point is they've not necessarily got the pressure to invite the many, many politicians and world leaders and what have you from around the world. they've got a little bit more freedom and that again reflects harry's in the line of succession because he's not going to become king. he's got a little more weight off of his shoulders and we've seen that as they've gone about royal engagements the last few months. just behind us on the high street, i was down there when they did the walk about yesterday and you've got the impression that harry was much more relaxed and i think that does reflect him as a person and then obviously that reflects on the wedding itself. >> yeah, absolutely. james brooks, royals expert, commentator, director of broadcast communications at royal central. really appreciate all that great info. i want to toss it back to
3:19 am
stephanie and katy who are in the place to be in that gorgeous sunshine there in windsor giving us the lay of the land from where you see it. what a fabulous fashions are you enjoying? give us some update, my friends. >> well, y, you ow, we went from movie stars and the rock stores aars all taking the seats and now it's time for the royals. the cousins and remember queen elizabeth has quite a few grandchildren seem to be making their way in. the boys grew up with these cousins so they've been playing on the grounds of windsor castle their whole lives. >> this is a car leaving cliveden house. it's a rolls royce. web kate middleton arrived in her wedding in a rolls royce. a departure from weddings in the past, royal weddings in the past where the bride had always arrived in a carriage. this is a furthering of a new
3:20 am
modern tradition. of course this is not quite a modern car. >> and there she is. >> meghan markle sitting in the car next to her mother, a thoroughly modern woman she certainly is. we're talking about, you know, changing traditions. it was diana, the first who when reciting her vows didn't say love, honor and obey. she left obey out. we saw the same from kate middleton and i'm going to take a leap here if i'm a betting woman. i cannot imagine that meghan markle will be saying that. >> we don't expect her to say that. they're going to be taking on the more modern version of the vows where she will not be promisesing to obey harry. there she is in a veil. >> but her mother going with the english tradition is wearing a hat and i'm going to again, take another guess, those two probably are breathing in a few deep yoga breaths. >> i can't quite tell but can you see if she's wearing a tiara
3:21 am
or not. >> i am going to ask, what do you think? what can you see? it's hard to spot, but what are we seeing? >> the big reveal here, i don't know if stephanie said that or kate but that she has a veil on. >> does she have a tiara. >> we can't tell if it's a head band or a tiara. >> they were saying she was going to wear something from dia dia diana's family. something borrowed. >> it looks like something princess diana has been photographed wearing. i'm goirs going i'm going to put that out there. >> her arms are covered. she's wearing a veil. i think she may expose her arm because she is a young and vibrant bride but she's gone with something very traditional and respectful of her position. >> in a royal wedding you have
3:22 am
to not only dress for your personality but you have to dress for the venue and the occasion. >> and spoiler alert. the bride is wearing white. >> we did see phillips there who is very heavily pregnant. there she is. she's very heavily pregnant. she's just gorgeous. i love zara. >> her mother is princess anne who's prince charles' sister. so they're cousins. william, harry and zara are cousins. >> let's talk about diana's family who are going to be there. both of the sisters, lady sarah as well as lady jane fellows. i believe she's going to speak and earl charles spencer. snoop yes, she will be giving a reading. i believe it's the same reading that was read during diana's funeral i believe.
3:23 am
i could be wrong about that but this is going to be the first time that we hear from her. she did not speak after diana's funeral. she's never come out and said anything so for her to be giving a reading is certainly very symbolic. obviously that was a very fraught time, the way the monarchy reacted to the death. it was offensive to a lot of members of the public as well, a very hard time, clearly for harry and william. hr ray talks abo harry talks about one of the reasons -- and this is princess anne. you were just talking about her a moment ago. harry talks about one of the reasons he, kate and william started bringing more light to mental health awareness and not stigmatizing it was because of
3:24 am
what we hent through with his mother's death. he didn't really come to it until he was in his 20s. there is princess eugene a moment ago and again, here is meghan markle add her mother in this rolls royce. it's going to take 20 minutes. they left a couple minutes ago so i think we're probably 15 minutes away from her arrival. they're going to drive right down the long walk and we've been seeing pictures of it on our screen. that's a very skinny pathway, buttressed by trees. it is lined with thousands of well wishers who are just trying to get their glimpse of the bride. they will get a second one a little bit later on when the now married or the then married couple, harry and meghan leave the castle after their kiss, leave the chapel. they will be getting in a carriage and doing a loop around
3:25 am
the windsor grounds. then they're going to go through the windsor town and wave to the crowds here. at the very end they will come up from that long walk, the end of that long walk and make their way back into the castle grounds and that is where these thousands of people who have been lined up for hours and hours, some of them camping out overnight will get their real chance to spot the new member of the royal family. >> and let's point out, princess anne in her seat and joy, we were just talking about princess diana. i would love for you to weigh in. one of the reasons today is such an emotional day for people around the world, we've been rooting for those buys, these brothers their whole lives. when you think about they lost their mom when they were just little kids and when you think about the way diana was raising them, she was only 36 years old when she was killed tragically. that's the same age as meghan markle and she was very conscious on having a private life and having a loving and
3:26 am
warm household for the boys. >> yeah. >> so when she was -- when she passed they were then being thrust into a lifestyle that wasn't one she was committed to, so for all of us we've been watching them and adoring these boys and just amazed by their successes and how graceful they are and humble given the lives they lived. >> it's safe to say the british people who are not royalists or maybe aren't necessarily fans of the royal family are fans of william and harry and are fans of them because they were there with them and they -- they grieved alongside them when princess diana died. >> harry walked in his own mom's funeral procession as just a schoolboy. >> and i don't think anyone can forget if you watched that funeral as i did, particularly harry who was so small and was sort of made to walk behind that procession and the fact that there's this duty that is
3:27 am
ingrained into these members of the royal family, the things they must do, they don't have a choice and the boys had to endure that funeral and they had to do the stiff upper lip and it had to be horrific for them. these were little kids when they lost their mom and they were particularly close to diana and i think when you look at all the troubles you see harry as a young man, he's talk btd about his own struggles dealing with his mom's death and then having to deal with the paparazzi that in a lot of ways he blamed for his mother's death and then dealing with it with his new girlfriend and then having to fight then, it was one point at which he hit a photographer with a camera and bloodied his lip because he just -- when he was a young man so he's been through a lot. so william was a little older and sort of a little more prepared but harry always seemed to be the more fragile one. >> we saw him walking behind that casket, head held down.
3:28 am
he barely looked up. he seemed to uncomfortable and sad. they were all sad but he just as a little boy, your heart just broke for him particularly in that moment. >> and i don't know for you, but that moment for me had echos of john john having to salute his father's casket. so i definitely saw parallels there with the kennedys. >> so for now, if so many americans because we loved as americans we loved diana and so he's diana's boy, her baby boy, so to see him become what we believe diana wanted him to become. she is now the man she wanted him to become. >> and what was so special about their relationship is historically you'd see these royal mothers and they were a bit distant from their children. a bit unemotional. diana bucked all of that. she was very attentive with her children. she was very demonstrative in
3:29 am
her love for her boys. she would lplay on slides with them. >> that's one of the things that made her relatable, modern mother. >> and prince charles left to raise his churn after diana's death. when he was 11 years old and going away to a british boarding school, his mother took him to the station, he's 11 years old and how does she say good-bye? she shook him by the hand. no love, no warmth. that came up from the tradition that she grew up in and diana was way raising them with warmth and love. once diana died charles didn't have the skill set to give that warmth and love that diana was raising them.
3:30 am
>> the arch bishop of cant you are -- cant bury, he's done a lot to do with grieving and mental health as well and as you were saying with both boys with harry and william as a patron of british mental health charity, they actually gave a statement and said he has been both boys and catherine have been integral about moving along the conversation about mental health and grieving and make it okay to say you know what, i wasn't coping. that's very powerful. >> let me bring stephanie back in because we are nearing the moment when we will see meghan markle emerge from that beautiful rolls royce but your thoughts on all that we're talking about. >> we're just under ten minutes away from seeing harry and william. harry has said he considers the
3:31 am
sister-in-law kate to be the big sister he never had. in his engagement interview he was asked about diana and he said he knows his mother would absolutely love meghan. he said if she was here she'd be jumping for joy. a mother sending her son off to boarding school while he's just 10 or 11 years old shaking his hand and he's saying my mother if she was here she would be jumping for joy knowing meghan and they said what similar spirits they have as women. >> and what kate and william have tried to do is instill that same warmth, that same family closeness that diana was trying to instill in harry and william. keeping them away from the spotlight. that's why we don't see prince george or princess charlotte all that much. they want them to grow up in as normal a setting as possible which is obviously very hard because they are royal. again, we are just moments away from meghan markle getting out of this car. we'll be able to see what dress
3:32 am
she's wearing. she is wearing a veil. there was some talk about whether or not she would do that. there was a lot of talk about whether she'll be wearing a tiara. and will it be one from the queen's collection, her personal collection or will she potentially -- a lot of speculation on this -- be wearing the spencer tiara. the shar tiara del that diana war from the spencer family not from the queen's family. there was talk about her wearing the lover's knot. we saw diana wear a lot. it's rather big and it has those drop down diamonds. from the vantage point i have looking into that car it does not look like he's wearing tiara. and when you look at pictures you see most often of kate she's taking the kids, she's at the grocery store. i mean, when harry proposed to
3:33 am
meghan, they were cooking dinner at home, a roast clickehicken. she was making dinner and that's when he got down on one knee so here we are at the grandest most formal affairs and a guy who got down on his knee in the kitchen and said will you marry me over a roast chicken. >> word is they will live at least for a time in kensington palace right nearby to william and kate. we know that prince harry has a really close relationship to his nieces. >> he said he wants to start a family. >> they're going to try and create something of a community within those palace walls. obviously you're still within walls there and the eyes are on you. it's unclear how long the eyes will be on prince harry and meghan markle. when you look at the royals in the family we don't often pay that much attention to, at least in the states, princess anne or
3:34 am
the siblings to the direct heir to the throne. they can sort of retreat and have a relatively normal life, relative in comparison to william and kate. then again, the attention on harry by virtue of what happened with diana has always been i think more significant than the attention on other royal siblings, other spares to the throne. >> what do you think, joy, because meghan markle is a celebrity, she's an actress and she was very prolific in social media and she shut down her social media accounts several months ago. and while she's looefeaving act she's now saying she's ready for her next chapter. how do you think meghan will play into this new role -- oh, here we go. >> i think we have the boys. we have the heir and the spare. william and harry and they look dashing in their military
3:35 am
uniforms. he did opt for the military uniform. he has the stubble. >> he did not shave. >> that's perfect. >> it's perfect. >> so we have obviously the heir, prince william and harry, the man of the hour doing that walk. they look wonderful if their uniforms. now -- >> the swagger. >> these guys are dripping swag right now. and i'm there for all of this. >> we should point out, i'm going to bring james brooks back in here because typically when british members of the military are in their uniforms they are
3:36 am
not bearded. th so once again prince harry breaking with tradition. >> absolutely. it comes down to the fact that the british army here do like their serving soldiers at least to be clean shaven. the navy are slight different but yeah, it's slightly different for harry as well because of his position. naturally a member of the royal family, you get a few more perks, but also the fact that he's not -- he's not serving anymore. it is a -- a ceremonial role that he plays so i imagine like we were saying earlier, for him to shave that beard, the day of all days when so much could go wrong, you could nick your skin and have cuts or whatever, it's probably not the best day when you've got the media watching you. >> and he's a ginger. let's take a listen to the
3:37 am
goings on there and the sights and sounds. all right. they have gone inside. i'm going to come back to the panel on this. we are waiting. obviously the dress is the big reveal. >> do notice prince william the senior has more bling. >> a bit of ropes. >> there's a very great quality to that. >> i think they look so relaxed. we were just talking about the last time they probably walked together with this much of the world's focus was at their mother's funeral. so i mean, but they're so joy s joyous. they're so relaxed and casual, just the way they're walking, yet a new beginning, another new beginning for the royal family. >> and who can forget harry just being so fun and having his brother be so relaxed ate his wedding. >> yeah. the best man there. you can see that william is going to do the exact thing
3:38 am
there. >> you can see william's shoulders just drop. so i have a feeling that they're going to -- he's going to provide him a little bit of comic relief if harry's a wee bit nervous which i doubt he will be. >> a wonderful relationship obviously as brothers. >> they're genuinely friends. >> they've been through so much and they've come through it as a strong and unified family. back to you. >> william has a bit more bling. he's got two more pieces of bling because he has on him those two rings that we were talking about earlier that the gold ring that he -- that harry will be giving to meghan and he's going to be wearing a platinum one. at this point william has them in his possession. in just a few minutes we'll be seeing their father and stepmother prince charles and of course camilla. something to note all those kids
3:39 am
ten in total ranging in age all under the age of ten. there are no handlers. there are no nannies for those children. they are just going to be managed by their moms so i personally have an 11, a 9 and a 5-year-old at home. let me tell you, those kids, they are going to be super stars. >> these kids have had some practice. prince george and princess charlotte were on hand for middleton's wedding earlier. maybe it was late last year and they apparently were very well behaved. there was a bit of a strap at the end of that wedding. there were some photos. >> i see a procession. do you guys see a procession coming? here comes the car. yes, i do believe we have the pride. -- bride. >> it's such a princess moment. this is our disney princess moment. we want to know whether it's going to --
3:40 am
>> she is tears right now. she's mourning princess diana and she's celebrating this wedding. >> joy is feeling life with everything that she sees. >> i'm remembering when i was in my crib watching diana. it's going to be gorgeous because there's all the big -- is she going to do a straight down dress? is she going to do a long train? >> it's going to be full on glamour. >> it she had a trial run on her show "suits." >> she's going to take it to the next level. >> i think she's going to be really downplayed and very classy because that will -- doing otherwise would feed so that lower level paparazzi sort of shot. >> she likes sleek, she likes clean, she doesn't wear a lot of big jewelry. it's always understated and
3:41 am
elegant and people are expecting the same thing from her style today, particularly her dress. >> and we talked a lot of -- >> not a lot of embellishments are expected. >> we talked a about diana as a mom. we haven't talked about meghan's mom. she's got that matching pill box hat going on. let's talk a little bit about the mom. i want to go quickly to james. the mom, she has now met the royals. she sat with the queen. give us a little bit of background on how the mom has been introduced into the family. >> yeah, i would have thought earlier, finding this whole thing quite surreal because she comes in from l.a. and then straight into meeting the senior members of the royal family. it's as if anybody who is a fan of the royals, that would probably be their dream, but yeah, she met with prince charles and camilla first, the
3:42 am
duchess of cornuwall and the description of that meeting was very jolly so i think that went down very well. again, we've seen and we know that meghan getting on very well with prince charles, the fact that he's involved at such a pit tall point today. she's also met the cambridges of course, includi prince william, the duchess of cambridge and there three children and and of course now the queen and prince phillip as well. so real family affair. >> quite an introduction. can you talk a little bit about this route that they're taking? because this is a sort of formality to the process of how the bride and groom get to the wedding venue. give us a little bit of background on that. >> so even though they're coming from different places they both stayed at separate hotels last night. they're going to make their way into windsor. we mentioned it before through that long path and on that path,
3:43 am
on the grounds of windsor are almost 2,000 people who have been invited. they are plebs of the royal staff, some who liver on the grounds, some charitable workers, and then some school kids. so they're going to make their way through that path. you're going to see meghan arrive at the western entrance. when after the ceremony which lasts just under an hour they will take the horse charge ride. they'll have that lunch with the 800 guests who are inside the church and the people who are on the grounds on the outside, how nice is this? they're going to have picnics. we've seen a lot of them line up next to us this morning with beautiful blankets, picnic pa baskets. they're going to make a glorious day out of this before the closest friends and family take a rest and before the party tonight. but one of the reasons this is so emotional we all feel like we have relationships with the royals.
3:44 am
we joke and say i watched it in my crib but i think about watching william and kate get married on that friday morning. being on the phone with my mom and sister. even though it was 1981 and i was five years old i can remember charles and diana's wedding. so for all of us we're also brought back to our own family experiences and sort of this nostalgic deja vu. >> i used to say you guys, you stole me at birth. i'm really a royal,a aren't i? and they would say no. i had a giant crush on prince william. i told my mom that i was going to marry him. and she said of course if anyone is going to marry him it would be you, katie. it was not me katie, but kate middleton. >> don't you feel like you have a relationship with them, joy? >> i think we all -- partly because my mother did live in
3:45 am
great britain for a long time and she came from a country that was a colony so we were involved in the whole world of the royals but yeah, i think everyone felt like we knew diana. >> we're starting to hear the bells here. the bells are chiming. >> natalee will have that rolls royce pass by her in just a moment. >> we're just minutes away from it happening. not even seconds. and this is -- they've been here for hours. i got to tell you again because the streets were closed off to the public. here we go. we're starting to see the first of the motorcade coming through. the rolls royce. i see them coming through. now you're going to see them at my spot within a couple of seconds. and here we go. you hear those cheers. people welcoming the bride as she and her mom make their grand entrance here along the long
3:46 am
walk. there's -- hi, meghan! good luck, meghan! i just have to get into it. there they go down the long walk where the eruption of cheers continue all along the route. such a fun moment. >> see if katie had gotten into it just now, that would be the get of the century. >> amazing. so we see meghan and her mom in that gorgeous car. you can see all of britain and probably lots of yankees, lots of americans along those crowds waving those british flags. let's listen.
3:47 am
>> all right. we are looking at the procession going -- katie and stephanie, tell us -- you guys are pretty close to this. how does this feel to see it so close? >> it's amazing. you hear the bells, you can hear the cheering, they're about to go into the castle gates right behind us, a little bit out of our eyesight unfortunately, but the excite in the ment is certa building. there are a ton of americans here. the eyes of the world are on meghan markle and prince harry right now. >> joy, we can hear the church bells and i mentioned it jokingly but just a few years
3:48 am
ago a friend of meghan's who is in the fashion scene in new york set her up on a blind date with harry. harry had never even seen the show "suits," but he knew he wanted a second date. fast forward not even two years here she is at the most extraordinary wedding we've seen up close and personal, stunning. you cannot overstate how grand and amazing this is. >> it's a blind date. i don't know about you guys but i've only been set up with frogs on blind dates. >> it never works out this way and she's literally becoming an american princess. she's going to be pa part of the british royal family. i feel like it's sort of the 1776 convergence in reverse. so we've like remerged with the british empire. there we see william and harry, the two brothers sitting next to each other. they don't look nervous. he seems to be prepared for this moment. you're looking inside st. george's cathedral.
3:49 am
there's so much pomp and circumstance to it. it's so formal but this couple is so accessible. >> they're used to it. and isn't it great this is a sunny day. >> they were cracking jokes. >> you're seeing harry and william laughing. you did not see prince charles laughing. >> a different time. >> this is a different time. they're able to be more relaxed. >> and prince charles wasn't exactly making his own decisions about who he was marrying. >> and prince charles may not have been marrying the true love of his life. >> and very famously prince charles had the assurance, the father of diana felt he had to make an announcement in the london times that his daughter was definitely a virgin. >> different times. >> now he's escorting the bride down the aisle not because the queen said so, not because he said so, because this is what harry and meghan wanted. >> she's doing that first bit of the walk on her own which is yes.
3:50 am
>> but he said he didn't -- she asked him if he would -- she didn't impose it at all. this was their decision for this to happen. >> it had been thought that her mother would walk her down the aisle. but prince charles will walk her partially down the aisle. but she's doing the the bulk of. she's going to get herself down that aisle. >> she's a fairly private woman. so i don't think she would have wanted to do that. >> let's get stephanie and katie back in for a comment before we start. >> i don't know if you were just watching that moment between prince harry and prince william as they were looking around. i was living in the moment and you saw harry look up, take in the sights, assess the situation and take a really deep breath. i know he doesn't look nervous and he's smiling, but i think he's pretty nervous right now. >> to your point before that
3:51 am
this wasn't the expression we saw in prince charles, and it's a different time, more importantly, these are very different men. if you look at harry there. he is the dictionary definition of a handsome devil. he's so relaxed and found his path and got there on his own. we talked about before he had troubles in his past. we should always put it into context. what he's been is just a naughty boy. not a bad guy in any way. we know lots of his school friends, he's very well known for sort of his social posse. i think we're going to see that tonight and some of the dear friends he has around him. yes, this is a royal event. >> can we give prince harry his fashion due. the coat is made from blue dough skin, single breasted with a standup collar. the uniform was cut and made by
3:52 am
hand. the fraught coat is made to major. the bag on the left is his pilot wings which he attained while serving in the army air corps for flying apache helicopters. the wings from left to right from afghanistan -- the fact is, he's also a war hero. >> we have another car pulling up. >> it's either going to be the queen, camila and charles or kate middleton. the queen will be last, so it won't be the queen. >> let's see who emerges. >> st. george's chapel, they actually had a prayer service there. >> that's the mom. it's doria. did they do a car change?
3:53 am
>> they must have done a car switch. >> maybe meghan hopped out. >> a car change. wow. look at that. >> ever keeping it mysterious. >> always keeping it magical. now we have another vehicle pulling up. do you know who this is, katie? >> i don't know. but remember, we haven't seen charles. we haven't seen camila. we have not seen kate middleton. we have not seen prince george or princess charlotte. so i'm going to put my money down on one of those people. >> i just saw a very large hat. >> a camila-esque hat to me. >> doria had to be dropped off beforehand because she has to take her seat. >> that's camila. look at that hat. >> that's quite a hat. >> just a few minutes ago camilla's children, when the
3:54 am
cousins were arriving, you saw camilla's children make their way in. now it is their father, prince charles and his wife camila. >> a big grand hat. >> that's the sort of hat you see in "my fair lady." >> not a fascinator. i guess i'll just ask, tricia, what is the status of camila now? is she more popular now? >> she pretty much keeps her head down. there still is a lot of resentment -- >> we have the queen. we have the queen in a smart green outfit -- is it yellow or green? >> looks like lime green. >> so glad the duke could make it. >> we should make men's of the fa -- mention of the fact that the
3:55 am
televising of these nuptials was not always the thing. she instituted it in 1947, putting it on television, allowing the public to be a part of the ceremony. >> that was news reel. it was princess margaret 1960 when they first had live tv. i was in the womb when i heard about it. >> prince philip just had hip surgery. >> so there was question about her et not he would be here. >> let'satch the queen emerge from her vehicle. she's going to step out and we'll see her full outfit. >> there she is. >> ever with the purse, with the pocketbook. >> there she is. >> apparently the queen very rarely has anything in her handbag. >> but she always has one. >> prince philip is 96 years old. >> and she's 92.
3:56 am
there they are. >> katie and stephanie, after we've had the queen, that can mean the next arrival would be the bride. >> we haven't seen kate middleton. i'm not sure. maybe she'll be coming in a side entrance. >> kate also has to wrangle. she's got a page boy and a bridesmaid. she's got to manage their entrance. >> this is kate's car. this is the maroon -- >> waving from children. >> oh, no, we see the babies. there they are. the little heirs. is that george? >> that's not prince george, no. i think these are some of the other page boys and bridesmaids. >> ten in total, six girls, four boys.
3:57 am
>> you can see, as we can see in the car, we are getting a glimpse at what some of these young bridesmaids are wearing. right there, a beautiful crown of ivory colored roses. that looks like we're seeing charlotte and george. >> stephanie is going to lose it. >> i just can't take it. >> the queen has entered st. george's. >> it's chartreuse. >> i have a fashion report for the queen. let me read it. wearing a delicately flared dress in lime, lemon, purple and gray printed silk. the coat is an edge to edge coat with a frogging in lime silk, tweet. both by stewart parvin. she's wearing an angela kelly hat using the same lime silk
3:58 am
tweed with handmade lace crystals and pearls made by lucy price. her broach is the richmond diamond broach in a pearl drop. stephanie is now completely m t melted into a puddle. >> you're even starting to see the flowers. we're inside the grounds yesterday. it's this overwhelming green and white. we'll see meghan with not one, not two, but three bouquets -- >> here is kate middleton in white with two bridesmaids on her hands, one of them i assume being princess charlotte but i can't see. there is prince george as well. >> remember, meghan markle is not having her own bridesmaids.
3:59 am
she's having her god children as braids maids along with some other children that are close to the family. the friends -- the kids ofheir friends. >> brian mulroney, former pm of canada's daughter, and their children will be part of this extraordinary day. >> here is the royals royce carrying the bride. >> looks like it's going to be a big dress. >> joy, let me tell you who else arrived at this moment. mother nature. when we arrived this morning it was sunny but cold. it is absolutely perfect weather at this moment. in the last half an hour, i think we reached weather perfection. so let's just listen in. >> we are chartreuse with envy as we watch you enjoy that sunny weather.
4:00 am
4:01 am
all right. i have to get my panel to weigh in on this dress. it's gorgeous. >> i'm just stunned by how beautiful she looks. as we said, not a lot of embellishment. it was expected she would have a
4:02 am
lot of material because of the venue and the nature of the day. she looks gorgeous. i love the veil. it seems like there's a train of a veil as well as a long train of a dress. i think it's beautiful. i can't wait to find out who she's wearing. >> she to me ep pit miedss the queen's el grans and simplicity. classic cut, beautiful veil, cathedral length veil. >> we'll listen in now. ♪
4:03 am
♪ ♪
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4:06 am
with the grace of our lord jesus christ, the love of grod and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you. god i love, and those who live in love live in god and god lives in them. >> in the presence of god, father, son and holy spirit, we have come together to witness the marriage of henry charles albert david and rachel meghan to pray for god's blessing on them, to share their joy and to
4:07 am
celebrate their love. marriage is a gift of god in creation through which husband and wife may know the grace of god. it is given that as man and woman grow together in love and trust, they shall be united with one another in heart, body and mind as christ is united with his bride, the church. the gift of marriage brings husband and wife together in the delight and tenderness of union and joyful commitment to the end of their lives. it's given as the foundation of family life in which children are born and nurtured and in which each member of the family in good times and bad may find strength, companionship and comfort and grow to maturity in
4:08 am
love. marriage is a way of life made holy by god and blessed by the presence of our lord jesus christ with those celebrating awaiting at cain nah in galilee. marriage is a sign of unity and loyalty which all should uphold and honor. it enriches society and strengthens community. no one should enter into it lightly or selfishly, nbut reverently and responsibly in the sight of almighty god. harry and meghan are now to enter this way of life. they will each give their consent to the other and make solemn vows, and in token of this, they will each give and
4:09 am
receive a ring. we pray with them that the holy spirit will guide and strengthen them, that they may fulfill god's purposes for the whole of their earthly life together. ♪ ♪
4:10 am
4:11 am
first i am required to ask anyone present who knows a reason why these persons may not lawfully marry to declare it now. harry and meghan, the vows you are about to take are to be made in the presence of god who is judge of all and knows all the secrets of our hearts. therefore, if either of you knows a reason why you may not lawfully marry, you must declare it now.
4:12 am
harry, will you take meghan to be your wife? will you love her, comfort her, honor and protect her and f forsaking all others be faithful to her as long as you both shall live? >> i will. >> meghan, will youake harry to be your husband? will you love him, comfort him, honor and protect him and for saking all others be faithful to him as long as you both shall live? >> i will. >> and will you, the family and friends of harry and meghan
4:13 am
support and uphold them in their marriage now and in the years to come? >> we will. >> as we stand, let us pray for harry and meghan. >> god, our father, from the beginning you have blessed creation with abundant life. pour out your blessings upon harry and meghan that they may be joined in mutual love and companionship, in holiness and commitment to each other. we ask this through our lord jesus christ, your son, who is alive and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one god now and forever. amen.
4:14 am
>> this next reading is by lady jane fellowes. princess diana's sister. >> speaks to me and says arise my love and fair one and come away for now the winter is passed, the rain is over and gone. the flowers appear on the earth. the time of singing has come and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land. the fig tree puts forth its figs and the vines are in blossom. they give forth fragrance. arise, my love, my fair one and come away. set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm,
4:15 am
for love as strong as death, passion as fierce as the grave, its fleshes are fleshes of fire, a raging flame. many waters cannot quench love. neither can floods drown it. if one offered for love all the wealth of one's house, it would be utterly scorned. ♪
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now in the name of our loving, liberating and life giving god, father, son and holy spirit, amen. from the psalm of solomon in the bible, set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm. love is as strong as death. passion fierce as the grave. its flashes are flashes of fire, raging flames. many waters cannot quench love. neither can floods drown it out. . the late dr. martin luther king once said, and i quote, we must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love, and
4:19 am
when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world. for love, love is the only way. there's power in love. don't underestimate it. don't even oversentimentalize it. there's power, power in love. if you don't believe me, think about a time when you first fell in love. the whole world seemed to center around you and your be loved. there's power, power in love. not just in its romantic forms but any form, any shape of love. there's a certain sense in which, when you are loved and
4:20 am
you know it, when someone cares for you and you know it, when you love and you show it, it actually feels right. there's something right about it. and there's a reason for it. the reason has to do with the source. we were made by a power of love, and our lives were meant and are meant to be lived in that love. that's why we are here. ultimately the source of love is god himself. the source of all of our lives. there's an old medieval poem that says, where true love is found, god himself is there. the new testament says it this way. be loved, let us love one another because love is of god,
4:21 am
and those who love are born of god and know god. those who do not love do not know god. why? for god is love. there's power in love. there's power in love to help and heal when nothing else can. there's power in love to lift up and liberate when nothing else will. there's power in love to show us the way to live. set me as a seal on your heart, a seal on your arm, for love, it's as strong as death. but love is not only about a young couple. now, the power of love is demonstrated by the fact that we're all here. two young people fell in love
4:22 am
and we all showed up. but it's not just for and about a young couple who we rejoice with. it's more than that. jesus of nazareth on one occasion was asked by a lawyer to sum up the essence of the teachings of moses, and he went back and reached back into the hebrew scriptures to dude rot any and says you shall love with all your heart, sole, mind and strength. this is the first and great commandment. the second is like it. love your neighbor as yourself. and then in matthew's version he added, he said on these two, love of god and love of neighbor hang all the law, all the prophet, everything thing in the holy prophets, everything thing in the scriptures, everything thing that god has been trying
4:23 am
to tellhe world, love god, love your neighbo and while you're at it, love yourself. someone once said that jesus began the most revolutionary movement in all of human history, a movement grounded in the unconditional love of god for the world and a movement mandating people to live that love, and in so doing, to change not only their lives, but the very life of the world itself. i'm talking about the power, real power, power to change the world. if you don't believe me, there
4:24 am
were some old slaves in america's antebellum south who explained the power of love and why it has the power to transform. they explained it this way, they sang a spiritual, even in the midst of their captivity, the one that says there is a balm in gilead to make the wounded whole. there is a balm to heal the soul. they said, if you cannot preach like peter and cannot pray like paul, you just tell the love of jesus how he died to save us all. that's the psalm in gill add. jesus did not get an honorary doctorate for dying.
4:25 am
he wasn't getting anything out of it. he gave up his life, sacrificed his life for the good of others, for the well-being of the world, for us. that's what love is. love is not selfish and self-centered. love can be sacrificial and in so doing becomes redemptive. that way of unselfish sacrificial redemptive love changes lives, and it can change this world. if you don't believe me, just stop and think and imagine. think and imagine, think and imagine a world where love is the way. imagine our homes and families
4:26 am
when love is the way. imagine neighborhoods and communities where love is the way. imagine governments and nations where love is the way. imagine business and commerce where love is the way. imagine this tired old world when love is the way, when love is the way, unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive, when love is the way. then no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again. when love is the way, we will let justice roll down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an everflowing brook. when love is the way, poverty will become history. when love is the way, the earth will be a sanctuary. when love is the way, we will
4:27 am
lay down our swords and shields down by the river dloet side to study war no more. when love is the way, there's plenty good room, plenty good room for all of god's children. when love is the way, we actually treat each other, well, like we're actually family. when love is the way, we know that god is the source of us all and we are brothers and sisters, children of god. my brothers and sisters, that's a new heaven, a new earth, a new world, a new human family.
4:28 am
and let me tell you something, solomon was right in the old testament. there's fire. with this i will sit down. we have to et get you married. >> the french jesuit was arguably one of the great minds, great spirits of the 20th century, jesuit, roman catholic priest, scientist, a scholar, a mystic. in some of his writings he said from his scientific background as well as theological one. he said, as others have that the discovery or invention or harnessing of fire was one of the great scientific and technological discoveries in all of human history. fire to a great extent made human civilization possible.
4:29 am
fire made it possible to cook food and to provide sanitary ways of eating which reduced the spread of disease in its time. fire made it possible to heat warm environments and thereby made human migration around the world a possibility, even into colder climates. fire made it possible -- there was no bronze age without fire, no iron age without fire, no industrial revolution without fire. the advances of science and technology are greatly dependent on the human ability and capacity to take fire and use it for human good. anybody get here in a car today, an automobile? nod your heads if you did. i know there were some carriages. those of us who came i cars, re, the controlled harness fire made that possible.
4:30 am
i know that the bible says, and i believe it, that jesus walked on the water, but i have to tell you i didn't walk across the atlantic ocean to get here. controlled fire in that plane got me here. fooir makes it possible for us to text and tweet and e-mail and instagram and facebook and socially be dysfunctional with each other. fire makes all of that possible. dechardon said fire is one of the greatest discoveries in all of human history. he then went on to say that if humanity ever harnesses the energy of fire again, if humanity ever captures the energy of love, it will be the second time in history that we have discovered fire. dr. king was right. we must discover love, the
4:31 am
redemptive power of love. and when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world. my brother, my sister, god love y you, god bless you and may god hold us all in those almighty hands of love. ♪
4:32 am
♪ when the night has come and the land is dark and the moon is the only light we see ♪ ♪ no i won't be afraid ♪ no i won't be afraid ♪ just as long as you stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling, darling stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me
4:33 am
♪ if the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountains should crumble to the sea ♪ ♪ i won't cry ♪ i won't cry ♪ no i won't shed a tear ♪ just as long as you stand, stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling, darling stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me
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♪ whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ so darling stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ so darling stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ ooh, ooh, stand by me ♪ stand by me
4:35 am
♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me >> harry and meghan, i now invite you to join hands and make your vows in the presence of god and his people. i harry take you meghan. >> i harry take you meghan. >> to be my wife. >> to be my wife. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> for better for worse. >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> in sickness and in health. >> in sickness and in health. >> to love and to cherish. >> to love and to cherish. >> till death us do part.
4:36 am
>> till death us do part. >> according to god's holy law. >> according to god's holy law. >> in the presence of god. >> in the presence of god. >> in the presence of god. >> i make this vow. >> i make this vow. >> i meghan, take you harry. >> i meghan, take you harry. >> to be my husband. >> to be my husband. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> for better, for worse? >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> for richness, for poorer. >> in sick sense and in health. >> in sickness and in health. >> to love and to cherish. >> to love and to cherish. >> till death us do part. >> till death us do part. >> in the presence of god i make this vow. >> in the presence of god i make this vow.
4:37 am
>> henley father, by your blessing let these rings be to harry and meghan a symbol of unending love and faithfulness to remind them of the vow and covenant which they have made this day through jesus christ our lord. amen. >> meghan, i give you this ring.
4:38 am
>> meghan, i give you this ring. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body i honor you. >> with my body i honor you. >> all that i am i give to you. >> all that i am i give to you. >> and all that i have. >> and all that i have. >> i share with you. >> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> father son and holy spirit. >> harry i give you this ring. >> harry, i give you this ring. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body i honor you. >> with my body i honor you. >> all that i am i give to you. >> all that i am i give to you. >> and all that i have. >> and all that i have. >> i share with you. >> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god.
4:39 am
>> father, son and holy spirit. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> in the presence of god and before this congregation, harry and meghan have given their consent and made their marriage vows to each other. they have declared their marriage by the joining of hands and by the giving and receiving of rings. i, therefore, proclaim that they are husband and wife. >> those whom god has joined
4:40 am
together let no one put usunder. ♪
4:41 am
4:42 am
4:43 am
blessed are you, o lord our god. you love, peace and fellowship. pour out the abundance of your blessing upon harry and meghan and their new life together, let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts and a crown upon their heads. bless them in their work and in their companionship, awake and asleep, in joy and in sorrow, in life and in death. finally, in your mercy, bring them to that banquet where your saints feast forever in your heavenly home. we ask this through jesus christ your son, our lord, who lives and reigns with you and the holy
4:44 am
spirit, one god now and forever. amen. god the father, god the son, god the holy spirit, bless, preserve and keep you. the lord mercifully grants you the riches of his grace, that you may please him both in body and in soul, and living together in faith and love may receive the blessings of eternal life. amen. >> faithful god, holy and eternal, source of life and spring of love, we thank and praise you for bringing harry and meghan to this day and we
4:45 am
pray for them. lord of life and love, may their marriage be life giving and lifelong, enriched by your presence and strengthened by your grace. may they bring comfort and confidence to each other in faithfulness and trust. lord of life and love, may the hospitality of their home bring refreshment and joy to all around them. may their love overflow to neighbors in need and i'm bres those in distress.
4:46 am
lord of life and love. >> may they discern in your word order and purpose for their lives, and may the power of your holy spirit lead them in truth and defend them in adversity. lord of life and love. may they nurture their family with devotion, see their children grow in body, mind and spirit and come at last to the end of their lives with heart content and in joyful anticipation of heaven. lord of life and love, let us pray with confidence as our
4:47 am
savior taught us. our father in heaven, hallowed be your name. your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. give us today our daily bread, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. for the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever. amen. ♪
4:48 am
4:49 am
♪ ♪
4:50 am
god the holy trinity, make you strong in in faith and love, defend you on every side and guide you in truth and peace. and the blessing of god almighty, the father, the son and the holy spirit, be among you and remain with you always. amen. ♪ this has been an
4:51 am
extraordinary service. they're stepping back, they'll sign out of eye shot in order to sign the registry to make their marriage official. that will be about ten minutes of them being out of sight of the attendees of the wedding and that gives us an opportunity to react to some of the extraordinary things we've seen this morning and i am back with my panel. i have to start with the most reverend michael curry. any of us who have been in an episcopal church know that this was a very unusual message. this address that was given which followed by the choir. a very african church moment. just very quickly about michael curry. he was elected in 2015 just one week after the massacres at the historic church in charleston,
4:52 am
s.c. z south carolina. interestingly enough, he replaced another historic first presiding bishop who had been elected the church's first female presiding bishop back in 2006. he gave an address that had references of dr. king, it had references of the black tradition, the black church tradition, something martin i'm sure that is not typically heard inside of an anglican church. >> this was sensational. in a very real sense barack and michelle obama were present today. this spirit, this beautiful speaking to evoke dr. king, to talk in such passionate about love as a force, channelling john len nonabout imagining a better world. this is a wonderful thing that gives hope to young people and i could imagine that though it
4:53 am
wouldn't show on the british faces there would be some traditionalists who. >> reporter: -- were probably horrified. they would not have understood this passion and this lust for life and for joy and for love. and so i think it was a glorious moment, well planned and it would probably get a backlash from some of the negative forces in britain, but through young people and to people with kindness in their heart, this was a joyous poemoment. >> and we were watching the faces as they were going around the room, not just as the reverend was speaking and really preaching as we are used to here listening to more of a black church here in the united states, but then when that choir starts to sing "stand by me" and just the look of them, the sound of them, so different from what you hear. >> and watching the cellist now,
4:54 am
i have never seen so many people of color and so many nationalalties and so many different faiths included and that's what really moves me. this is a really powerful antidote to the kind of racism we've seen start to reemerge here in the states and in england post brexit and it's going to be very interesting. i'm a journalist myself. i don't have to give other journalists' messages but i know editors will be telling them to tread very carefully because this is a moment that can be built upon but anybody trying to tear it down is going to come into some very criticism and rightfully so. >> let's listen to this cellist a little bit. ♪
4:55 am
4:56 am
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ . [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:09 am
♪ >> absolutely extraordinary. wow, prince harry there with meghan, please, you must stay with us. you know why? we're moments away. where katie and i are standing right now are at the gates of windsor castle. they are making their way through the property. it will be their first public sighting here and what we just heard, the gospel choir, "this little light of mine." this is british royalty, this is american royalty. what an iconic moment.
5:10 am
>> she reminds me of grace kelly in that dress and for me the moment that stole the show was the most reverend he was incredible and the way he instilled love and progressiveness and excitement into that -- into that ceremony. it was so unlike what we're used to seeing with the royals. it was so warm and welcoming and it really seemed to embody what this couple is going to be like. they're going to go through the castle grounds right now. they're going to be waving to the folks that work on the castle, live on the castle, but also the other commenters that they invited. the charity workers, the school children, the regular folk that have come out and been lucky enough to get into the castle grounds. they'll be having a picnic here. it's a day of celebration for them. the second they leave windsor castle to go through the town of
5:11 am
windsor. >> two really loud voices been the two of us and joy, what was amazing when you were speaking earlier about the reverend and you said it was reminiscent for you to be at a black church, it was also, we felt connected to it and why? because his message was togetherness. his message was actually so sent ric -- centric. you know, when he said love is god, life is god. at this time when so many of us are divided he gave us a message that we all must come together. >> come together. >> and it was amazing. >> have some love. i don't know about you, joy, but i saw, for me, princess charlotte waving, princess charlotte being so excited to be there, that was such a gorgeous moment and there was that other moment where one of the page boys, i don't know if you saw it, one of the page boys photo bombing as she was walking down
5:12 am
the aisle. >> yes, look at him. right there. there we have it. >> with his two front teeth missing. you know, it was such a beautiful, well thought out, brilliantly architected ceremony, ladies. i felt for a moment when i was listening to the most reverend michael curry like i was back at new birth cathedral faith international in miami listening to my bishop, bishop victor t. curry preaching and that was a baptist church. it had that feel of sort of old time black church religion with the reality of the africans into the world was violent. it was traumatic. it involved the reverse of colonialism, great britain of course the architect of much of the sort of colonial wreckage of what we call sometimes the third world. these two people, harry and
5:13 am
meghan, have managed to take that history, distill the soul that was wrung out of it because what came out of that trauma was a culture firmment that lives in not just black america, but in -- if you go to africa, we have a member off our panel who's from nigeria, if you go to where my father comes from, if you go to africa where britain predominated that same collective spirit is there. and it's in britain. you saw that coming together of these cultures in that room where you have these very episcopal moments with that beautiful young youth choir with that soaring voice, right, that soaring, very sweet and then you have that west indian piece all in one ceremony. >> here they come. here they come. they're coming right behind katie and i right now. stay with us. we're seeing the horses make
5:14 am
their way and you know, it's amazing when you talk about the togetherness and that message. it's simply a message of unity and love. every person here feels that. we cannot wait to see them. for katie and i know i know it's all about that dress. the veil with her dress represents all 53 countries of the commonwealth. there is one flower for each country and the california poppy which is the state flower from of course meghan's home state. so the message today is love, inclusion and happiness. it's -- it's -- here they are right here. meghan! we love you! >> are you seeing this? >> yes, we are. >> meghan! >> there they go. >> amazing. >> we're going to take that. >> you're frightening the
5:15 am
horses. >> we can't believe we got the first wave from the royal couple. >> they're still going for the interview. >> always, always go for the interview. and we want them to get the hug as well. it's hard to get the hug when you're in a carriage. >> they could not look -- she could not look more elegant. as beautiful as she looks on tv, she was radiant. >> i'm -- >> you are making this so much more fun for us because your excitement is literally jumping through the screen. >> that was one of the best moments of our lives. >> we are professional strong women and we don't take bs from anybody at all but we have a softer side. >> that was unbelievable. >> that was the most girly moment of your entire lives on television. >> did you see -- >> you know what though?
5:16 am
i have to say stephanie and katie, every young girl, there is that princess inside of every young girl and this really speaks to that. it's hard to resist it. >> joy, but when you think about -- when you think about what a regal moment is and so stiff, she was looking right at us. >> all right. i'm out here in the crowd. everyone is so excited. they're about to come down from right here. we're a quarter of the mile from where katie and steph just were and they over coming right here. we are so excited. we've been waiting and watching all morning. >> harry, meghan! hi, guys! meghan! >> i am totally wigging out. >> i love it. >> i think she looked over here. >> everyone got a personal wave.
5:17 am
>> to your children and grandchildren, they waved at you first. we know that's exactly what happened. >> guy, i'm pretty sure we're all going to be memes on social media. >> when you think about a princess there's this sort of distant connection. i think she looked at me, that's how we feel. it's as though your best girlfriend just became a princess and she looked right at you and gave away, like this is me. it was unbelievable. >> the ceremony was so happy and so warm and so welcoming. i mean, it was one of those ceremonies where no matter what you think of the royals, no matter what you think about the pomp and circumstance surrounding the excitement, surrounding this, you could not help but smile when the most reverend started talking about love. you could not help but smile when that choir was singing "stand by me." you could not help but smile, but watch as harry and meghan held hands and glanced at each other.
5:18 am
it was exciting. it's hopeful. it's giving everybody a reason to be happy for a moment with all the terrible news that surrounds our day-to-day lives and all of the arguments. >> but the beauty, this message was about togetherness and love. so while it's a departure from what we've seen in the past, the message was come to me with my open heart and open mind. everyone here i will tell you could not feel more loved. it is incredible. >> absolutely. and you know, i have to say that watching the carriage, the sort of formality of it. all the uniforms of it, i want to get the panel in it as well. the formality couldn't be a bigger contrast with the acce accessibility of that service. that service, as katie and stephanie said, you felt like you were there. like a friend's wedding. >> it's nice and it is the bringing together of the old and the new. what's going to be really interesting is people going to church now are going to be looking at that ceremony and
5:19 am
saying why can't we have a church service like that? because they get more young people coming and more young people of color. >> yeah. >> at one point i thought they were going to pass the collection plate. >> the doors of the church are open. i thought they were going to say souls. >> it didn't happen. >> let me say this because i think there is kind of like two groups of african americans, some who are like who cares about this royal wedding and some who are so excited about this and the people that are not for it basically feel as far as race relations she's not going to do much. while she speaks on race and being of mixed race she really doesn't talk a lot about being -- you know, the black side of things. she doesn't weigh in on black lives matter and now that she's a royal she's not going to be allowed so we think to speak on politics and controversial matters, but i think that this ceremony -- >> yeah. >> -- will change that.
5:20 am
>> there are groups of black women having teas. >> there's one group in seattle having a brunch. they're calling it the black af brunch. >> and black royal wedding as jackie pointed out is now trending. >> if you go on twitter -- there you go. >> when you talked about the fact that there is an uncomfortable past for britain and america that had slavery. this was a great moment of redemption. this was something where we can say we look back, we cannot hide the past, but we learn from it and we look forward to something of bigger and better and brighter future. and this was something inspiring. >> that's why i'm saying it will matter a lot how they deal with this and i think they will keep that in mind because they actually have the opportunity to do great good and people will be called out for it if they don't do that. >> you know, they always say that representation matters.
5:21 am
i think this wedding is indicative of the fact just how important representation is. if you look at the black choir, the assortment of women on display right there alone, from the body size to the hair texture, incredible. >> and dreads and a nose ring. >> and can we also mention sheku kanneh mason who played three pieces and also brought the old and the knnew. he's a 19-year-old british cellist. >> you know what? it's our turn now. we're right outside of the windsor castle as we wait to see her. so many people had the option to go inside and watch the monitors but they chose not to. they wanted to stay here to see a glimpse of the royal couple with their own eyes. congratulations!
5:22 am
congratulations! and there it is. you're all going to be memes. >> you know, but i just wanted to say when it comes to, tricia, you mentioned how the british press will cover them as a couple, there was a moment a few weeks ago where harry and meghan attended the memorial anniversary of a black man killed 25 years ago at the age of 18. he was stabbed to death by a white mob and they read a message from prince charles and i think it's telling. this wedding, them going to this service. how they will handle race. maybe, you know, without saying something, but in their actions. >> you're correct because they are -- as members of the royal family that cannot get involved in polits but the symbolism is great. there's a lovely end of the movie yellow submarine where all you need is love is the message.
5:23 am
and i think they're going to do that. >> let me bring back katie and stephanie. the newly wed couple made a lot of these decisions whether it was the veil that you had mentioned with all of the flowers sim ymbolizing all the parts of the commonwealth. harry choosing the cellist. they made a lot of these decisions and they're brilliant. >> and so many of these choices touch us in different ways. while we're here listening to you talk about what african american women, how they're perceiving this, giving a historical perspective, i looked down at my phone who my daughter is five and all the other moms from her class are messaging me saying you and katie just met the princess. and i said it before, you know, it's like your girlfriend, but that princess looked at all of us. so i just love hearing everyone's perspective because each of us are taking something so personal away and that has so much to do with the decisions they made. they did not just go with well,
5:24 am
it's always been done this way. that moved forward and in moving forward it reached so many people. >> meanwhile i have texts from my girlfriends all mocking me endlessly. >> apologizing to my husband. i'm saying that was the greatest moment of my life. >> stephanie and i about to run away together. >> tell them don't be haters. they're green with envy that you are there. >> they are lime green with envy. i'm thinking of the little girl i interviewed yesterday who lives in south london who is of caribbean descent and she just moved here from i believe south africa a few years ago and when she got here she didn't really have a lot of interest in the royals and prince harry proposed po meghan markle and she said oh, my god, that girl looks like
5:25 am
me. this is me. i can be a part of this. and she herself feels -- she's 12 years old. she feels defensive of meghan markle so if the tabloids come out and they attack her, they're going to have to contend with her who will stand up for meghan markle who will say don't listen to those people, they're haters, they don't know what they're talking about, you be you. she literally said that to me. i'm going to tell her to be herself. she is great and she is now a princess. >> and as progressive as that is, there's also such a nod to traditional. look at that dress she wore. that dress is absolutely traditional. it's made of silk, there is only six seams but that veil, a nod to every single territory in the commonwealth and one of their official duties are going to be youth ambassadors for the commonwealth so they'll be spending a lot of their work time traveling and today, a nod to every single commonwealth
5:26 am
showing each flower. it shows what a considerate couple this is. >> also the california poptpy. >> the designer is clair is kell keller. we were all wondering. so everything they did had a significan significance. >> and she has a second dress coming up. >> kate middleton's dress was designed by a woman for alexander mcqueen. it was a very deliberate choice that meghan went with a woman as well. >> i'm curious, did you get a chance to look at your first crush, prince william? >> i did. i did. but i -- i'm married now, so i have to say -- >> i want you to know -- >> i've got to keep a healthy distance. i may actually get more crushes. >> i want you to know you're not
5:27 am
alone when having a crush when you were a child. i had a crush on queen victoria. >> look at that. >> i just wanted to say a little something about the style. some said that stella mccartney was going to be the designer of the dress but that was laid to rest when oprah walked in because she was wearing stella. >> do we know what clooney was wearing? >> we do not know. >> one of the thing about the dress that was important is that it didn't give any tabloids who may have wanted to attack meghan, she gave them nothing. >> she gave them absolutely nothing and gave them a lot with all the uncollusion of the flowers in the veil. she dressed -- nobody can allude to her being, you know, those brash yanks or hollywood or ghetto. you know -- they can't do that because this has got to be one of the most classic wedding
5:28 am
dresses we've seen in modern times but with that twist that meant something and i absolutely agree, you can say things without saying things. i always believed my mom from the wind rush generation who say actions speak louder than words and that's what this whole wedding has been about. >> i like this dress a lot better that princess diana's dress. you think back to that wedding, it was so magical, but at is same time so many of her choices felt imposed on her. right? she seemed so overwhelmed. this was so opposite. >> she was 20. >> but a 19-year-old girl, she was 20 when they got married and it was such a massive dress with 10,000 beads and what we really saw here was timeless relaxed elegance. and you asked earlier what clooney was wearing and if you notice it was that yellow. what she was wearing was the color of perfection.
5:29 am
she was actually wearing perfect. it was designed by mother nature. it was from another world. >> the word timeless will come up with you see this dress. this will age beautifully. it also is reminiscent of audrey hep burn and her style. and she was very much a muse. >> absolutely. this will age beautifully. >> well, we are, i believe we now know, guys -- >> it's coming to a wedding near you. >> i think there will be a lot of look alikes. >> can i tell you quickly, the clooneys in a golden road stella mccartney so she was wearing stella mccartney, same as oprah. i think it's an omen. your thoughts? >> i think it -- without a doubt. but i also think for those when we listen to the media analysis over the next few days, this is
5:30 am
going to be a very difficult event knock, and mbehose traditionalists who will say well, it was a departure, yes, it was a departure, but in leaving the tradition, it brought absolutely everyone and even more -- >> you have to evolve with the times. and the times in 2018 are a lot different than they were in 1981. they're a lot different than they were in the 50s. you have to move forward and start including more people because remember, you guys alluded to this. they work for this british public. without the public's support, they do not exist. there aren't that many monarchies left in our world. there's only a handful. and very few if not any as recognizable and as large as this royal family, given this much attention and this much room. so they need the public to support them in order to continue existing. >> and maybe we're
5:31 am
mischaracterizing saying that it was a departure, what it really was was evolved. and in evolving you're not leaving. you're just moving forward and that's absolutely what they did. he's the brother we've all felt more connected to because she's a naughty one. she's a girl who you could have known your whole life and it feels like we're all rooting for it. >> great gossip websites, everybody loves prince harry. >> yes. >> i love those. i think it's a funny website and -- >> does that mean you play in vegas? >> through social media certainly. >> i mean, he's gotten a lot of class, and appeal. >> so they've gone past us and now they're making their way really through the town. the town has welcomed -- once they -- they've already made their way through the town. they've made their way winding
5:32 am
down these windy roads. >> 100,000 people greeted them. >> then they went through the long walk. they've now gone past the long walk. they are now in the windsor grounds proper again. they're going straight to their luncheon. >> in st. george's hall. >> this is being hosted by the queen and everyone who is inside the chapel earlier, so that's just over 600 people will be having this bowl lunch. we don't know what the bowl food is. >> we must know where the second party, the real party will be. >> we've got to give you a tool because inside the grounds, the people who are on the outside are all picnicking. everyone is going to take a break after this. then their nearest and dearest, just about 200 people are going to make their way to frogmore house. not frogless, nothing mofrogmor.
5:33 am
>> and they'll have musical guests. there's a lot of talk, are they going to be the spice girls? is it going to be elton john? we haven't heard that. is it going to be, the other guy. ed sheeran. >> thank you. >> who's a friend of harry's. >> also joss stone. >> ellie golding is another one. >> freddie and the dreamers. we don't know who that is, but -- >> let me ask the panel this. why -- why do the ex-s come to the weddings? why was chelsea here? >> because they're friends. they evolved from girlfriend
5:34 am
boyfriend. they were pretty young. they've also got a lot of other friends in common. >> and their families are in the same circles. >> that's why meghan was so different because she was outside of that usual regular group. >> that's right. in a very real sense, if you remember four weddings and a funeral it was all the same people getting together. fortunately we didn't have the equivalent of duck face. >> we're now back inside the castle, so tell us what happens from here. is this where the luncheon takes place? >> so yeah, they'll go to the luncheon at st. george hall and ey're going to have that -- those -- that bowl food which we think might be like -- finger food. >> this evening at the party, meghan is going to give a speech. she will give a speech. >> departure from tradition. >> yes, tonight at the dinner, at the smaller party meghan is going to give a speech. >> to honor harry and to talk about her love for him. that is not a normal thing in
5:35 am
the royal family. usually the brides don't speak. and this week they will be in england taking on their first official duties. there's no announcement or timing on any sort of honeymoon. >> they'll be sleeping in windsor tonight. >> and do you know where they're going to live? where are they going to liff? >> they're going to live at least initially as far as i know at kensington palace in an apartment near kate and william. that's where a lot of royals do live in these apartments on the palace grounds. so they'll be spending some time there. it's unclear whether they'll have a house somewhere outside of town. i know william and kate do when they want to get away and have a little more privacy. that town has been accommodating to them, mostly letting them keep to themselves and not photographing them too much. >> but it also sounds like when they take on this duty as youth ambassadors for the commonwealth they'll be doing a lot of traveling. that's not something that you see kate and william do.
5:36 am
it most probably because they have three very young kids and you don't see queen elizabeth who's 92 and her husband who's 96. >> you remember that adorable story about prince george when kate was -- prince william was away in china and prince george walked up to cabinet and kate said what are you doing and he said i'm looking for daddy. he walked up to the china cabinet. >> we were talking about what meghan's mom might do and whether she might sort of pull, as michelle obama's mom did and some other moms when you have a big move in your family and a big marriage in your family or a big change of life, any hint on what meghan's mom might do? might she stay in the uk? >> we've heard very, very little about meghan's mom. she's had to deal with such a fire storm of issues surrounding some of her more distant family
5:37 am
members so she's really been private about her mom and what they're doing and this really is just about joining and being part of this. yesterday for meghan's mom to have tea and meet the queen for the first time, huge, and just a few months ago when meghan got to celebrate christmas with the royal family and harry made a statement saying you know, we're the family that she never had. i think she's embracing being part of this. the new baby, charlotte, george, this is a time for all of them to be together. >> well, it wouldn't be a royal wedding without lots and lots of talk about the dress. the dress is the other star of the show of course besides the bride herself it was deshrined by clair keller. weave got lots of photos of it. let's look at the dress there.
5:38 am
that beautiful train so as a fashion statement i'm going to start at the end with jackie and then to lowila. obviously they get a lot of attention from diana on. >> a lot of people have been saying it this morning as we talk about this on air and during the commercial break. this is timeless. it is such an elegant classic dress that will be relevant until the end of time. she looked so beautiful. we talked about how, you know, she and harry try to do somethings differently but they had to follow protocol when it came to this dress. her dress could not be more expensive than princess kate's dress. that was a definite and they're still trying to figure out who paid for the dress. prince harry or meghan herself. >> meghan is supposed to have paid for it out of her own pocket. >> we don't know. >> she is supposed to have paid for the dress by herself. >> so she used her "suits" check to pay for that dress. >> it could not cost more than
5:39 am
kate's dress. >> and what about the train? princess diana had the longest train, 25 feet. there was a 9-foot train for kate. was there any sort of rule as to whether or not her train could be long? >> i don't know what protocol says about that. just the cost. >> just the cost. >> yeah, just the cost. >> one of the things that i do think this dress was trying to do, she was playing for the history books, she was not giving anybody an opportunity to say anything remotely negative about this dress because it is so simple and so classic and she is so understated and elegant, but i also think this dress in my ways was a real announcement for her as a real fashion player. this is going to be the new one to watch in the royal family. >> she's already been one to watch since right before -- >> this dress in particular says that she is -- it is game on. she has arrived and there will be hundreds and hundreds of websites now dedicated to meghan
5:40 am
markle. >> there's already one making one in the millions. there's two, but there's one that's making in the millions called meghan's where they detail everything she wears. and it went up right after news came out that the two of them were dating. >> let me go back to stephanie who has some veil news for us. veil detail. >> if you recall, when meghan was just getting out of the car and we were looking at harry and william, you were saying gosh, they sort of look relaxed and elegant and that is exactly what meghan and her dress was. and the veil that you're talking about, the train is 5 meters so that's just over 16 feet long. it's made of silk organza. the designer said she was searching for months to find the exact right material and though meghan is a fashionista and knows quite a few in the fashion world, she's a stylist.
5:41 am
so she just met this designer in 2018. so they pulled this together very quickly. >> and it was one of the boys who photo bombed meghan as she was on the aisle. i want to talk about the -- the tiara. there was a lot of speculation earlier. would she wear the tiara from diana's family. she did not. she wore one lent to her by the queen. the diamond bandeau was dated back from 1983. made of diamonds and platinum is formed as a flexible band of eleven sections pierced with interlac interlaced ovals with small and brilliant diamonds. it's set with a detachable brooch of ten diamonds. we're also seeing coming out of
5:42 am
the castle gates a marching band but joy, what's funny is as traditional as this is, i can tell you, this marching band next to us is absolute joy. you can feel the percussion under our feet and we're in a building across the street. it's amazing. the pomp and circumstance while at the same time being just modern and celebratory. it's extraordinary. >> it's such a treat for the people that came out here and literally spent the night or spent days on end on the streets here securing their spot so they could get an upclose look at this celebration. not only did they get to wave to the bride and groom as they passed by, but they get to experience all of the pomp and circumstances of a royal wedding. they get to be right on the front lines as this marching band passes by them. they're watching history. they could be at home watching it on their televisions and getting a better look at it arguably, a more indepth look, a
5:43 am
more detailed look with all the cameras that are all around here, but i got to tell you, watching it on television is never going to compare to being here. >> and being here -- >> and feeling the energy and the excitement. there are so many americans here as well. >> katie and i keep joking about can we get ourselves invited tonight? i'm telling you, every person in windsor. the 100,000 people in the streets we all feel like invited guests. it's the pol opposite. every person in this town feels like we are invited guests because this is about togetherness. >> let me show you how you're gong to get yourselves into the party. send this to the palace and then they're going to immediately demand that you come to the party after. >> there is one flower for each country and the california poppy which is the state flower from meghan's home state. so the message today is love, inclusion and happiness.
5:44 am
it's -- here they are right here. meghan! >> meghan! >> we love you! joy, are you seeing this? meghan! me meghan! >> if i were throwing a party -- >> we're going to take that. >> i wouldn't party without those two ladies. those are two party girls right there. >> look at that. >> let me warn you, that is a woman terrified of the two loud americans. >> that princess right there is saying hey, home girls i can't wait to have you girls over for my roast chicken. >> it's a lemon roast chicken and i know how to rock that chicken. >> what she was saying to you ladies is that i know when the wobble breaks out i know who
5:45 am
ladies who are going to wobble with me. that's what happened right there. >> you didn't see my -- i look so calm from the back. i was like shaking with excitement from the front. >> that's the moment when meghan realized she's our best friend. she just hadn't met us yet. >> where were those ladies all my life? and by the way, i'm sorry to my husband. that was the best moment of my life. >> you know, this is what we need right now. with all that's going on in the world, the daily headlines, the onslaught of bad news, what you just need is love and unbridled joy. >> it's the perfect anecdote to all the emotional stirring that we're going through right now. it's fantastic. >> it's got to be a great sense of pride. we lost our empire, we're getting out of europe but there's one thing we can still do is the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding and it brings in american tourists so it's
5:46 am
perfect. >> i'm so loving watching this because as i said, i grew up in the area and i'm looking at places where i used to have to trudge to my saturday job and things like that. i know these streets, i've run through these streets and seeing them like this really brings a lump to my throat and i grew up with this and you can get a it will blasai. h when you hear americans talk about it -- >> speaking of americans who give you a newfound appreciation for pretty much anything, we have al roker. how often do i get to talk to al roker? not often so let me do it now. take it away. >> it's so good to talk to you. we were just treated oa military demonstration here. this has been so exciting and weave got folks from america here. what's your name? >> adrian. >> and jen. >> where are you guys from?
5:47 am
>> cleveland. >> cleveland, ohio, so what was the best time for you today? >> seeing the carriage go by. >> what time did you get here. >> 9:00 this morning. >> that's not so bad. we talked to some folks who were here at 5:00 a.m. >> where are you from? >> michigan. >> 3:30 this morning. >> all right. was it worth it? >> oh, absolutely. >> al roker, we love you. >> good to see you. and joy, let me tell you, what was really special when the choir was singing "stand by me." this was packed on both sides and everybody was singing along and it was -- it was magical. i got to tell you. and we had the carriage ride by and i got a wave from meghan or the duchess which was very exciting. it was -- it was terrific. >> al, can i tell you, somehow or other, meghan managed to personally greet each and every member of the nbc on air family.
5:48 am
i don't know how you all pulled that off. >> i know. it was amazing. and i don't think -- it couldn't have happened if we planned it. but it did. and we got more -- it seems like more and more americans are coming by. i've seen more americans than i've seen brits. it's crazy. >> it's interesting, we broke away from the empire, but we do seem to want back in. what do you think is behind this real giddiness and excitement of americans and i have to say a lot of african americans, a lot of the black folk that i know are really excited about this wedding. >> well, i think if you -- if you watched this morning, and you looked out amongst the crowd of the invitees you saw probably the most diverse group and crowd that they will probably have ever seen in that church. and i think it's represented along this parade route. you see people of every denomination, every -- every
5:49 am
racial and ethnic background. i think what meghan markle and harry have achieved is bringing, you know, everybody together. i mean, there's a -- everybody feels good about this couple because they feel good about thep the themselves and who they represent and what they represent and i think people wanted to be part of that. you know, look, i think i've seen on the streets here, people of all shades and while people of all shades come to london, i don't necessarily think they come to windsor. you know, and i think it's -- i think that's why people were so excited. i think everybody was excited. it's something that they've never seen before. i don't think anybody's -- i don't think that church has heard a sermon like reverend curry gave before. it was amazing. >> and can you talk a little -- you see a fair number of celebrities yourself in your day job, mr. roker, but this was a real celebrity wedding.
5:50 am
oprah, the clooneys. >> serena williams. >> absolutely. talk a little bit about -- is that part of what the magic of this was? this was not just royalty. it was also hollywood royalty and sports royalty. >> that's it. it was all kinds of royalty. it was you said, hollywood royalty. both from an american standpoint and a british standpoint. you had a melding of, only really tony blair was, i should say john major was the only, john major was the only really political person who was there. but boy, i mean you just saw folks from the sports world, david beckham and serena williams. you saw, i mean amal clooney in that yellow was just blew everybody away. it's like, yikes, any other woman who wore yellow at the wedding was going, dog gone it. you know. >> i have to -- >> what was i thinking? >> i think one of the other
5:51 am
stars of the wedding was stella mccartney who designed both amal clooney's dress and oprah winfrey's. >> i'm sure she's going to be walking along any minute. >> please get an interview with stella mccartney. >> was it just me or did victoria beckham look like somebody ticked her off? >> i think that's her look. i think -- i want to say, that's her look. >> she just looked like -- she just looked angry. somebody -- according to sources, that means she was having a fabulous time. that's the indication that she's having a great time. >> is that bizarro world. down is down and down is up? >> she was thrilled. absolutely. >> we were thrilled to get to hang out with you a little bit, al roker. have fun, enjoy the beautiful weather. >> i'm going to savannah
5:52 am
cellars, along the parade route and she's got updates onnal the giddiness happening there. what's happening? >> we're a little down the street from where al is right here. sort of in this church's front lawn area we actually we have this monitor here that was showing us program for the hits so we had a little viewing party going on. it was awesome. everybody around us saw we had a tv. i was shouting out to everyone. can you see her shoulders in the dress, it's like this. and everybody was like, yeah, it was so much fun watching it. everyone is so excited. i have a group here, tell us where you guys are from? >> puerto rico. >> and now you guys live in -- >> new york. >> you came here just for this, basically. >> we came to visit them, it was the perfect excuse for a girls trip. >> you two are in london and you're like we got to come for that. >> as soon as we got engaged it's like, we're coming for the wedding. >> there's a reason for a
5:53 am
reunion. was it worth it? >> yes. >> so lovely. we had a great time. we drank a lot. we cheered, it was fun. >> i will say one of the frequent noises we kept hearing was the popping of champagne bottles. up here, even out here on the street. tell me about the moment when she came by, what happened for you guys? >> it was overwhelming. none of us, we had a plan of selfie picture. they didn't work. >> everything went out the window. >> we were so excited to see them. >> did she look in your direction and wave or anything? >> yes. >> i want to see the videos later. >> i'm sure she noticed you guys, and was so excited. i think she looked at me. i totally agree with you. like my plan went out the window. i'm live on tv. but it's so much fun out here. >> thank you, savannah and of course she spoke directly to you because the nbc team has that kind of magic. i want to come back to my panel for some final thoughts, jackie reed there was a lot of hype and
5:54 am
expectation. lived up to the hype, yes, no, maybe? >> it exceeded it. this was just incredible to witness. i mean i know katie and stephanie were saying it was incredible to be there. but to witness it, to watch it live and talk about it and really just take it all in. this was incredible. >> absolutely. same question, lola. >> exact same feeling, incredible to witness history and to witness the actual changing of the royal family in this moment, it is forever changed. it will never be the same this is extraordinary. >> as a black britain? >> i loved the inclusiveness. that's really unusual as we heard before. just the sights, the, we haven't seen anything. i mean i remember when i was a little girl back in the stone age, my mother calling me and saying quick, quick, come look at the television because the jackson five are on screen this is how far we have come. it's an important message at a very, very important time in
5:55 am
history. >> i need you to don your top hat. >> if i can put it on a rakish fred astaire angle. ultimately i feel superbly proud of what they've achieved. because normally the royal family tends to follow what goes on. they're about 50 years behind the times. now once they are right there in front. and what this young couple has done has shown away in an era of negativity and hatred and xenophobia, they've taken a leave with something very positive and please, god that will pass on. >> absolutely. i echo all of those sentiments. i got to wear a fascinator on tv for four hours. i will be back at 10:0 a.m. eawith "a.m. joy" and that's just like uptown over an hour in three minutes we're going to go to alex witt and take it back to my girls, stephanie rule and katie tur.
5:56 am
we pick it back up on the other side of the break. happy wedding, congratulations to the bride and the groom. >> i harry, take you, meghan, to be my wife. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward.
5:57 am
5:58 am
what a moment, a very good day to all of you.
5:59 am
i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we have continuing coverage of the royal wedding of meghan markle and prince hary. the pomp and circumstance, the vow sealed with a kiss just outside the church. it's been a day of celebration, symbolism and bold statements, meghan choosing to walk down the aisle solo and being given away by prince charles. and then an address from a black bishop from the u.s. and crowds of spectators who gathered hours earlier to get their first glimpse as a royal couple. their patience paid off as they watched the couple take a carriage ride. the queen of talk, oprah winfrey, to the other british couple. david and victoria beckham. serena williams, the cast of "suits" and the real queen elizabeth herself. prince harry's mother was there in spirit. remembered every step of the
6:00 am
way, her sister, lady jane fellowes giving a reading, my colleagues, stephanie rule and katie tur got a look at the carriage, a royal wave. >> all 53 countries of the commonwealth. there's one flower for each country and a california poppy. which is the state flower from meghan's home state. so the message today is love, inclusion and happiness. it's, it's, here they are. right here. meghan! we love you! joy, are you seeing this? meghan! meghan! >> we're going to take that, katie tur and i believe we got the first wave from the royal couple. >> i feel very -- >> are you kidding? are we watching this? indeed we were.
6:01 am
stephanie and katie, i think that may have been my favorite part of the whole morning, was watching you two. that was so much fun. >> i'm still giddy. my face hurts. >> we have to correct you. we are the new very best girlfriends, the duke and duchess of sussex. it was so extraordinary and that personal moment, yes, we did get the first public appearance, because we are right outside the gates. but the feel here is so personal. you know this message, all you need is love, i assure you, everyone here feels that. i'm blown away by this. >> we were able to watch inside the church as meghan walked down the aisle as they took the vows, as the gospel choir sang. as the reverend preached. but you could also hear it, just from where we are standing. blasted out from the church, it's literally, i don't know, 500 yards away from us, and you could feel the energy from the crowd here, the people that had been waiting for hours on end to
6:02 am
get a glimpse of prince harry and meghan markle. now the duke and duchess of sussex. >> and i would joke that she's our best friend. but the truth is that you somehow felt totally connected to her and everyone does. as regal and formal as this is, it's also not. it's very personal. >> i think everybody is making up a slightly bigger deal. i think she was looking at us, like we were two crazy people. >> no. >> no. i mean she was looking right at us. we asked other people. savannah sellers. >> she gave us a really awkward side-eye. like who are these people? >> do you guys -- we are seeing this. we are seeing meghan looking right at the camera, looking at you. proof! >> that wouldn't doesn't know what to do. >> hey, katie, what's up? how about a girl's trip, miami, next winter, that's what she was saying. i felt it. >> let's, go ahead. ask a question.
6:03 am
>> can you guys, what was your favorite moment other than that? do you each have a moment where you just said, oh, this is it. >> i loved, i loved the most reverend curry. i thought he was amazing, i thought his message was powerful and inclusive and so unlike anything you experience in the anglican church and the church of england. it's not something you get when you go to church in this country. it was much bigger and bolder and just more welcoming. much warmer. i thought for me, that was, that was the moment where i said to myself. i'm not just witting a wedding, i'm witting history and i'm witting something where minds are changing. where social attitudes are changing. >> evolving. >> evolving. where we're watching the royal family truly step into the next century. the next phase of what royals will be like going forward. >> and it's the kind of leadership that young people are asking for. they're demanding today. i would say my moment would be
6:04 am
just after he spoke, when we heard that gospel choir sing "stand by me." >> that's great. >> when you hear a gospel choir sing a song like that, you feel it. that was also the time to digest his words. and again, peel are going to continue to say it was a departure. i don't think it was a departure. it was an evolution. >> it really, truly was and i'm anxious to see what traditionalists how they took this. i just can't see anything, but this was so loving and open. it was amazing. how do you not root for this couple? >> let's go to james brooks, he's a royal commentator and journalist. the director of broadcasting and communications at the royal central. >> i'm guessing he would be far more professional when seeing the royal couple go by him. >> james, what would you do? >> well you know, guys, what a service, it's been absolutely fantastic. i think the crowds here down here, we're just on the high street, started to dissipate a
6:05 am
little bit now that the majority of the day's events have gone past. social media reaction saying that service was riveting for most people and even if you weren't religious, in any way, still riveted and kind of even if you weren't interested in the royals, people just tuning in to, to get a glimpse of the royals just having a bit of a chuckle. because you found that some of the royals couldn't really take their eyes off the bishop as he was making his address. >> i noticed that zara tindall had her mouth kind of agape during one of the cut-aways as the reverend was speaking. what do you think the reaction is going to be among the royal family about the way that went off? >> i think that it was probably a surprise to some of the more senior royals. i think prince phillip might have been a little bit confused by the style of delivery.
6:06 am
not something that he's used to. but i think you could see from the look on the duchess of cambridge's face, for instance, during that service that she was trying to hold back a few giggles. and i think it just does reflect the way that harry and meghan are trying to bring something completely new to monarchy. and i think on social media, when we've been looking through the reaction, people saying it was a nice blend of british tradition and that american theater that we're used to. so i think it's a good -- >> i was going to say, and stephanie, i think you want to comment on how poised and amazing the two of them looked. >> and effortless. >> yeah. >> if you look at the duchess's makeup and presentation and her hair, her hair wasn't pulled back and perfect. you saw wisps sort of coming down. >> and her makeup was so light and so natural. >> she just looked -- simply, simple relaxed, elegance. >> james --
6:07 am
>> one of the -- one of the things that the -- i was going to say one of the things that we, we saw on twitter was jeremy vine, who is a broadcaster here in the uk saying that the preacher was going 50 in a 30 zone and i think that just encapsulates the whole service, it was something that people just didn't expect from the day. and i think it really just makes the day go a lot quicker in a way. because sometimes these services can be quite drab, they can be quite dull and i think it just broke it up a bit and it gave people something to smile about. on a day that's been very eventful. >> i think back to the thousands of catholic masses i sat through as a child. just sort of like, counting the minutes, wishing they would go by and they were lethally slow. and his remarks touched everyone. they were spiritual. more than anything. >> james, if can you stay with us, a note to you, stephanie, we
6:08 am
were talking before the wedding started about whether or not there was going to be a lot of meghan in this wedding. whether or not she was going to be overshadowed by royal tradition and the royal way of doing things and the royals at the wepd wedi wedding and the g, i'm eating my words. i'm going to eat crow. that wedding felt more about her and more about what she was like than i think it felt for me at least, about the royals. it was such, it was such an evolution as we keep talking about. >> i would say exactly that. but what it was was considerate. it wasn't about meghan in terms of look at meghan, look at meghan. it was sort of meghan's perspective on how she and harry see the world. we have to talk about him for a minute. he's a guy with a huge amount of frnds, people always talk about how social he is. yoit. you could see he and william sitting there. they didn't have their shoul ch. they were sort of relaxed. sitting back and enjoying this moment of a truly great day and
6:09 am
a great party. that's his. >> it was a wonderful first kiss, a perfect first kiss, unlike the first kiss with prince william and kate, the first kiss didn't go over so well with the british public as they watched on the porch of buckingham palace. they said do it again, kiss her again. their public displays of affection have not been quite as natural as the public displays of affection that we've already seen from this couple obviously a much newer couple. they don't have the same sort of responsibility placed on them. not the same pressures. william is the third in line or the second in line for the throne right now. harry is the sixth in line. >> much lower expectations. >> very unlikely that he will ever see the throne. the expectations again are much lower for this couple. i'm so excited to see what they're going to be like as they travel the world as youth ambassadors, how they're going to interact with the public. what sort of charities they focus on. what sort of exposure they bring to plights for people around the
6:10 am
world. for charities and how they try to make it a happier, better more just place, i hope. >> think about what a stressful event this could be and it absolutely wasn't. you could see that she had ten little kids in her wedding. that could have gone absolutely haywire. >> there was one photo bomb. >> the photo bomb. >> i love that photo bomb. i have three little kids, when you put them in tense situations they are tense. those kids, they were pac-10. and they were wearing designs also by the same designer who created her dress from givenchy. let's bring in our friend and colleague stephanie gosk. we are basking in the glory and wonder of this day. tell us where you are. >> hey, guys, i'm at the long walk. this is where the carriage made its turn up towards the castle and i heard you speaking earlier about how the ceremony was really indicative of the evolution of the royal family into the modern era.
6:11 am
there's one moment that was as traditional as it could possibly be. it was this moment that turned up the long walk and just a little bit of history for you. the long walk was established by king charles ii in the 17th century. the reason he felt it was necessary is because he had visited versailles, saw the splendor of the french monarchy and wanted to bring some of that splendor back here. as you can see, it is grand, it is historic. it is traditional and it is definitely regal. and it was quite a moment for the people that were here to watch that carriage make its turn and hit that long walk and you heard the crowd really erupt. unlike the streets of peopleecse they're so narrow. this is where the viewing plic really opened up and thousands poured in here. we were with them all throughout the morning. it was incredibly celebratory. there were lots of americans, as i'm sure you've been talking about. but there were also people that had travelled from australia and
6:12 am
new zealand, never mind just all over england and the uk. it was quite a morning and people here right now still kind of lingering in the party. as you know, katie, from having lived here. sunshine is rare in this country when it comes out in the spring people get happy. you take that, combine it with a royal wedding and it's quite a cocktail. guys, back to you. >> that's exactly it. >> perfect weather. and this morning i mean the sun was shining but it was a little cold. by the time meghan arrived at st. george's chapel, there's no other way to describe the weather, i wish al roker was with us, it was perfect. >> and it is rare in london. but i have to say it feels like it's been sunnier here lately than it's been in new york. i don't think we've seen the sun in new york in months so i'm happy to be certainly in windsor and happy to see the sun shining. so stephanie, thank you very much. we'll come back to you a little bit later. >> we're with 100,000 of our friends outside. inside the 600-plus private
6:13 am
guests are having lunch inside st. george hall. we've been on cloud nine and on our feet for the last few hours. i'm reading about creme brulee tarts and pistachio maccaroons. we've been asking all morning what bowl food is. sweet green bowl. a free range chickle with morel mushrooms and young leeks. 10-hour slow-roasted windsor pork belly. with apple compote and crackling. >> the night they got engaged she was serving an ina garten roast chicken. >> we are going to get some food. stephanie. >> i need a commercial break for a snack. >> in the meantime. alex witt, we miss you. >> i miss you, guys, but i'm
6:14 am
thoroughly entertained watching you and i'm feeding off your energy and your joy. >> we're losing our minds out here. >> all for good reasons, you know. >> well more power to you. i know we'll be seeing you again and so go get a little food break. take a load off for a commercial break and for all of you, we will be right back with more from the royal wedding in windsor. stay with us. i, harry, take you meghan. >> i, harry, take you meghan. >> to be my wife. >> to be my wife. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> for better for worse. >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> in sickness and in health.
6:15 am
the sun comes up, the sun goes down. you run those miles, squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom and floss to set a good example.
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to be my wife. >> to be my wife. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> for better, for worse. >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> in sickness and in health. >> in sickness and in health. >> i, meghan, take you, harry. >> to be my husband. >> to be my husband. >> to have and to hold.
6:19 am
>> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> i therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife. >> and now that beautiful moment, it is official. welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt. we're going to go to the panel to talk about all that we've seen and heard on this glorious morning. martin lewis, columnist and humorist and trish goddard. journalist in the uk. wu do you think the public is so interested in this? >> british royalty has always been catnip to the americans. winner's remorse. you got rid of the british but you secretly thought, gosh, we got rid of all of that classy stuff. when charles and diana and before that, when the queen got married, there's always uptick.
6:20 am
the ampage is way, way high. a beautiful american biracial woman getting married and prince harry has always had our heart. after diana's death. he's had his rough-and-tumble times in public. as a member of the royal family. but people willing him on and what we saw today and why people have been so interested in america, is we've seen the legacy of princess diana, who was determined to bring her children up without that stuffiness that the royal family were noted for before and we see what a triumph that has been. >> absolutely. >> trish, the lack of stuffiness, i think part of that can be because of the intimacy of this location and the fact that these two people as individuals are very certain who they are. >> yes, they are. >> they are older. >> they are older. >> it seems as our colleagues katie and is stephanie were saying, it was one big friendship group. everybody was a part of this. was that your feeling as well? >> it was.
6:21 am
there were so many departures from what used to be. for instance, sex was mentioned. i was like, holy moly! for a member of the church to actually mention sex -- >> british don't have sex. >> smelling salts, matron. >> and the diversity of the audience within the chapel. now i grew up not far from there, i know this area very, very well indeed. when i used to go to school things there, i was the only person of color there. to see such a diverse and inclusive group and i loved that her veil included that. it was all about inclusion and involvement of everyone. it wasn't like the old royal family things of privilege for the few. we've got past that. >> do you think, martin, that meghan feels a certain pressure going forward that there are going to be expectations of her, how she presents herself and the change that will be derived from her presence in the royal
6:22 am
family? >> there will be pressures, but if today was an example of how she dealt with it, she was very graceful and she handled it well. yes, there's always pressure within a royal family and expectation, the british tabloid media are exceptionally difficult to cope with. what they are not in the royal family allowed to talk about politics, but they can use symbolism. that's what they did today. and i for one not just for reference to sex, i was blown away with, i've been to church weddings in england, anglican, everything is very stiff upper lip. a few readings from the bible and a 17th century hymn and done. here, you know i felt like -- barack and michelle obama were in the house. suddenly that wonderful reverend michael curry. he mentioned dr. martin luther king and the message and he talked about imagine a better world. he's channeling john lennon. idealism and this is what young
6:23 am
people want. instead of just the stuffiness, it was about inclusion. it was also in this dystopian world that we're living in, especially in britain with brexit, something very positive. and i thought that was remarkable and it's going to create a huge impact. >> and trish, right now there will be this luncheon for all those who were invited to the wedding. the tone of that is not going to be quite as festive and frivolous as it might get tonight because of the queen's presence. >> yet, but i think there will be a lot of catching up to do. people exchanging stories and what have you. i've been to things at buckingham palace quite a few things and it's a great gab-fest. everyone is gossiping until her majesty comes past. look, eyes right. but i love that they're using finger food. because it does enable people to mix if you've got people sitting down, it's cliques sticking together. here you can mix things up a lot and so they have really thought
6:24 am
this out. it's just been fantastic. >> it's a reflection of something very contemporary. i suspect that stephanie will, and katie tur may be able to gate-crash this lunch. i've not seen such excitement since the beatles were on the ed sullivan show. two american girls going crazy. and i said well, that's the royal fans for you. >> msnbc style, you just wait and see. >> martin and trish, thank you very much for your insight, i'm sure i'll be speaking with you again. we're going to take you back to windsor because the festivities are far from over, we'll be right back. (vo) i was born during the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story.
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6:28 am
heavenly father, by your blessing, let these rings be to harry and meghan, a symbol of unending love and faithfulness. to remind them of the vow and covenant which they have made this day. through jesus christ our lord, amen. >> harry, i girlfriend you this ring. >> harry, i give you this ring. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body, i honor you. >> with my body, i honor you. >> all that i am i give to you. >> all that i am, i give to you. >> and all that i have. >> and all that i have. >> i share with you.
6:29 am
>> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> it has been nearly two hours since those very poignant and important words were uttered by the new duchess and duke of sussex. and welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters, you see behind me, what we have envisioned for you here, that is windsor, we must go there right now. my colleagues stephanie rulend katie tur are still there. i thi you guys are having so much fun and have so excited and energized by all this i suspect you don't need a plane to get back to the states. >> we're going to fly on cloud nine all the way back. >> it's tremendous here as we stand outside the gates, that's where katie and i had the opportunity to have the first public wave, with the duke and duchess of sussex and what a moment it was. let's bring in our friend, al roker. al, no doubt meghan has seen you
6:30 am
for years and years, giving her the weather in her neck of the woods. but katie actually thinks that when meghan waved at us, she might know hot two of us are. and as much as i love katie, there's no way that's the case. >> i'm going to kill you. >> i think absolutely. why wouldn't she. i mean, come on. these folks are all waving. very excited. they're thrilled and in fact. so, so -- can you just push that. >> they want you guys to move in. so these folks can get out. so when did you decide to come? >> the day they announced the wedding. >> really? >> yes. >> why do you think so many people were so excited about this? >> for one thing we got an american princess now. so it's exciting. >> and you, you booked your ticket, too, the same day? >> i booked it the day they announced the wedding date and i said that's it, i'm going. i wanted to be here for everything. go was it worth coming down?
6:31 am
>> yes. [ cheers and applause ] . >> what's your name, young lady? >> 0 olivia. >> where are you from, olivia? >> i'm from texas. >> wow. very nice. guys, if this was very, very exciting and i think i actually did get a wave from the duchess. she came right by here on high street and it was, it was, extremely exciting. not as exciting as seeing you guys this morning at about 7:00 a.m. when you looked -- i think we have some pictures, of -- of your prep. and you can see katie and stephanie, able to receive country radio stations on that apparatus in their hair. that was very exciting. >> al, al, al. >> we're trying to have the audience thing that the wheels only come off when we see the royal couple but alas, that
6:32 am
seems to be the case -- >> the wheels were off very early this morning. >> al, i appreciate when we were talking earlier, were you talking about amal clooney and how gorgeous she looked and al said any woman who is also wearing that yellow would say dog gone it. i assure you, if i walked in somewhere wearing the same outfit as amal clooney, i would be saying so much worse as dog gone it. she did look incredible. >> but i got to tell you, here we are, two hours later and folks are still kind of hanging around and just -- basking in the moment. part of the reason is the fact that this is spectacular weather for this time of year. this time of year in the uk. it's been beautiful all week long. so everybody is having a great time. >> will you bring the sunshine back to new york with you for us? >> i'm sorry, say one more time? >> will you bring the sunshine back to new york with you for
6:33 am
us, please? >> it's been raining like crazy. hi, how are you? we've got americans on the other side, too. and we're going to try to bring some of this rain back. but and then there's been -- and the good news is none of these people have been drinking. so -- >> so that's very exciting, too. >> al. it's also been an emotional build-up. because a lot of people have been here for a few days and you and i were together last night. i know katie was at this prime spot so when william and harry did their walk-about and they came out of the castle and gave everyone a wave. people on that street got to see it. but you and i were just a couple of blocks away for an hour with loads of people in the street and we did not get a glimpse of the princes. >> i did get a glimpse and -- i was even less composed than i was when we saw meghan markle a little bit earlier. >> but there we were, last
6:34 am
night, waiting. >> you know -- nobody seemed to mind. and i got to tell you, i mentioned this with joy, one of the really to me emotional moments that was very special, that showed just how connected this crowd is to this couple. when the choir was singing "stand by me" that ben e. king number, folks all along here started singing. were you guys singing, too? they were singing along and just thinking about it right now. i've got goosebumps, tit was really extremely special. >> what you didn't see was stephanie and i embracing and swaying back and forth and saying i'll stand by you. >> we mean it right now. >> didn't need to see that. we, you may have needed that. we don't need that. >> al, i think you need to come back. come back over here and party a
6:35 am
little bit with us. i think we're going to be -- high on life for a while. >> i can tell you where people are definitely partying. inside pubs throughout windsor, our dear friend and colleague chanel jones is inside one of those. chanel? >> sha sheinelle, this is the windsor castle pub. i want to bring you inside of the party, it's packed are you guys having fun? how many of you guys have had any sleep today? no! and i'm meeting people from all around the world. this is tracy. tracy, this is your neighborhood, right? >> it is. >> what do you think of all of us crashing your neighborhood? >> fantastic. >> what did you think when you saw her dress? >> it's so fantastic. >> tell them your name.
6:36 am
>> my name is sally windsor. >> her name is mrs. windsor. >> except she's from australia, but it works. >> and i have a nephew called harry windsor. would you believe it? >> no way. and we've got folks from our hometown, new york city in the house, what are you drinking? >> a windsor knot. >> meghan and harry are bringing love into the air. woo he have got australia, winds windsor, new york city, shall we do a toast? there you go, guys, you can't say i didn't bring you inside the windsor castle. it's a pub, but it's still the windsor castle, back to you. >> sheinelle, you got the prime location, i hope you're having a pimm's cup or an ale. we did get the first look at the wedding cake, kensington palace just tweeted a picture of the wedding cake. remember it's a lemon and elderflower cake. >> with buttercream icing.
6:37 am
it was designed, there you have it, right there by claire patak. who meghan has known for several years, before she was dating harry, living in los angeles, she had her own lifestyle blog, the tig and this baker was one of the people she profiled she opened up the violet bakery in london a couple of years ago and alas, these two ladies reconnected and there we have it. >> she had a stall on broadway market. which is where the cool kids go on a saturday. to get some, some food. maybe do a little bit of shopping. maybe do some people watching, a bit hipster. you might have seen me there a lot when i used to live in london. it's right along regent's canal. stephanie thinks she's going to get away with revealing my secrets on the air. >> every time i hear someone behind us -- >> let's talk about stephanie rule who thinks she looks like kate middleton and told all of
6:38 am
her friends, you know what, i think i look like kate middleton? >> 15 years ago, more than that, when they were in college dating, i had no idea she would then go on to marry him and one possible day i joked to my friends, like wow, maybe i could date prince william, i kind of look like his girlfriend. at that one day when she looked the worst she's ever looked, she then goes on to be the most beautiful gorgeous elegant demure woman to marry. who will be second in line to be the king. >> your amazing friends, i love you, stephanie rule's friends, how often do they raise you to that? >> on a regular basis, they send side by side photographs of me next to kate middleton. they tell new friends, you know she looks like kate middleton. it's the most mean-spirited thing ever. >> they would call that taking the piss here. >> i can't hold a glass to kate middleton. we have to show this before we
6:39 am
go. you know we're not invited to the wedding. we did get a sneak peek. you know those special guests, not the guests there inside the chapel. but the 2,000 people, the charity workers, those who work on the royal grounds, local students who got to go inside? these are the gift bags they got. so they're burlap bags, a turquoise handle. >> there's a water. >> always stay hydrated. it's the windsor castle water. >> a giant golden pound. made of chocolate, i presume. >> there's a -- bottle of -- >> a thing of shortbread, who doesn't like that? >> and as any royal wedding needs -- a commemorative magnet. >> lovely. >> i don't know about you, alex, but i think i might go get a -- meghan and harry tea set. with their faces on it? i think i kind of have to have one. >> can you bring me back just a tea towel or something? you can slip in the suitcase, i'd like to have one of those. >> i think we can find
6:40 am
something. >> i was going to get an airbrushed t-shirt, with meghan, katie and i, with just like "bff" on the bottom. >> so it's just a little after 2:30 there. i'm just curious how long you guys are going to keep going. because you have been up since before the crack of dawn. >> forever. >> i'm so glad. >> 5:00 a.m. london time. >> we can't get an invite. we cannot get invited to the party, because we won't be able to walk. >> i think of all the people who have to go to those parties, and people drinking all day, good luck with that. don't go anywhere, we're going to take a short commercial break to pay the bills to keep you there a little longer. so we'll be right back here on msnbc. a special coverage of the royal wedding from windsor.
6:41 am
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6:44 am
there are a few moments that are just priceless, this being one of them. look at that adorable page who was just living it up and i guess you can honestly say he was photo mbing, i wonder if he was aware this will live in infamy for the rest of his life. he will be shown that. and look at the other one from the 2011 wedding there of will and kate. there you see one of her little bridesmaids. she wants nothing to do with that lovely kiss on the buckingham palace balcony there. so kids always have a shot at stealing the show and in this
6:45 am
case, it was a very big show, but there were a couple of little moments that were certainly stolen by the kids. welcome back. i'm alex witt i want to go back over to windsor and go to james brooks, he's a royal commentator and journalist. director of broadcasting and communications and royal central. we've just gotten some information about the cake, he know it is elderflower and lemon. which sounds just divine. but it's being described, james, as an installation by the baker, who made it, miss ptak. and i mean it's unique, entirely unique to any sort of royal wedding cake we've ever seen, it seems. >> absolutely. it's, it's a step away from tradition. the fact that it is lemon and elderflower to begin with. usually you have the traditional fruit cake at a reception. so harry and meghan wanting to make sure that their guests get something to a not only look at, about you something to actually enjoy. because the running joke here,
6:46 am
has been up until kind of the day before the wedding, who wants to eat fruit cake? does anybody actually enjoy fruit cake? what actually happens to the cake when people don't eat it? but i have no doubt whatsoever that this installation will get snapped up quite quickly. >> not being a fan of fruit cake myself, it's understanding they could have made the fruit cake back in 2011 when they made that one for wills and kate and kept it around to be eaten. which does not sound good this artistic installation, do you have any idea what it might represent. these two magnificent gold cups, and there you see, you know, different sizes, it really does look like a piece of art. you hardly want to cut into it. >> yeah, absolutely. the, it is designed to make a statement itself. it's designed to draw the eye. which it definitely does. obviously clare has worked extremely hard to put it together. and the fact of the matter being as well that the cake didn't
6:47 am
have a spare. which quite risky. considering what it's been used for. we found that out yesterday. when it was actually being baked. how many eggs it used, 500 eggs, 200 lemons, it's a cake on a grand scale. so yeah, definitely something for the guests to look at and make sure that when they are at that reception, they, they can go in and think yeah, i'm definitely at the royal wedding this time around. >> and much different in terms of texture than a fruit cake. it's being described by kensington palace who sent out a tweet about it. saying it's a light sponge cake uniquely formulated for this couple. i want to bring in martin lewis and trish goddard. we were talking during the commercial break about the cuisine at this luncheon. it doesn't seem like a formal luncheon, because it's not sit-down and people are moving about. they're taking what canapes or a
6:48 am
bowl of food and moving around. >> that's what they would have wanted. it's something that prince charles does and i've been to supper with prince charles and camilla. they do the same thing. it's so people can mingle and talk. and the fact that they call it a supper and not a dinner or anything else, that's the whole idea. so it's nice to see this younger generation taking the ball and running with it. i did notice with the cake there's not the traditional bride and groom figurine on the top. how do they cut it? >> first of all, it's a low-carb wedding cake for the new era. though the royal family are fabulously wealthy. they are not known, the traditional royals are not known for their governmeastronomic el. guests are surprised to see just very plain, not very fancy food. so i -- >> meat on a stick. >> they're not, just kind of underplaying it. however, i think that both harry and meghan are a little bit more
6:49 am
cosmopolitan. they'll probably like more unusual food and probably with some flavor. which for british cuisine is unusual. because normally you can't taste it it tastes like cardboard. >> how dare you! >> is it, true, james that when the queen is dining, as soon as she stops eating, everything gets cleared? so what does everyone do, keep an eye on the queen and say i'm still hungry, eat quickly. >> it's one of those things that people don't start eating until the queen has started, and as soon as she's finished, that's the signal for the end of the meal. she is quite a paced eater, we hear, she's not exactly wolfing her food down so nobody else can get a bite in. is but it's one of those things that it allows her to keep control of the, of the room when there's state banquets and what have you. she's done this for many, many years now. so she's well tuned to the
6:50 am
intricacies of making sure that everybody enjoys and is comfortable with the reception. because i think that's what we found in the last week or so. we were talking earlier about thomas markle not being at this wedding and the awkwardness he might have felt about being here. one of those things is the misconception that that etiquete is meant to trip people up. there is snobbery around it. it's ultimately designed so that everybody is on the same page and everybody can know what's happening and enjoy the day and then make sure that when they are in a service with members of the royal family they know kind of what's expected of them as well. >> yeah. and james, tonight the queen will not be in attendance. this is supposedly hosted this event for that 200 people by prince charles. so just by that definition, does that mean the queen will not be in attendance? >> usually, yes. usually find that the queen is getting older.
6:51 am
she usually she's hosting this lunchtime reception so that she can be a part of the day and she's had her input and then obviously this evening smaller reception for close family and friends. prince charles giving that reception. i think we'll see them let their hair down a little bit. i can't imagine it will get too rowdy, but i imagine stories will come out in the days to come. >> we'll look to you to bring them to us. we want to know everything here at msnbc. james, thank you so much for that. martin and trish, don't go away. very quick commercial break, everybody, but we are back with more right after a short break. at ally, we're doing digital financial services right. but if that's not enough, we have more than 8000 allys looking out for one thing: you. call in the next ten minutes... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. (beeping sound) (computer voice) access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save...
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6:55 am
commonwealth, there is one flower for each country and the california poppy, which is the state flower from of course meghan's home state. so the message today is love, inclusion and happiness. here they are right here. meghan! we love you. joy, are you seeing this? meghan! meghan! we're going to take that. we got the first waive. >> we did.
6:56 am
>> from the royal couple. >> i feel very -- >> that's what happens when soul sisters meet for the first time. >> i'm never going to get enough of you and that little wiggle you did when they came out. >> it's called soul sisters right there. it's cosmic. it's cosmic. >> we'll get an invite. i can feel it. i want to wrap this up since we've been out since 5:00 a.m. we're obviously a little punchdrunk on life right now, but this is really all about love. it's about equality. it's about inclusion. fabulous clothes. >> fabulous clothes from amal clooney and oprah winfrey and stella mccartney to of course the bride and her beautiful ten-person bridal part all kids themselves in givenchy. r dressas simply, simple. >> elegance. >> perfect. >> amazing and forward thinking as she is, that dress was traditional and fabulous. >> it's the modern grace kelly.
6:57 am
>> it is. and we have to detail that vail one more time. 16 feet of organza. on it hand sewn 53 different flowers, each representing the commonwealth of great britain and then two more. >> one of them being the state flower of california, my state as well, the poppy. and the other one is straight from the gardens of windsor. >> from kensington palace. >> excuse me. it's called the winter -- >> green? >> our knowledge is running short. >> it's running short but we're not. this has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. the joy they just gave the world was unbelievable. >> the joy they just gave stephanie and i were overwhelming. it was nice to have a break to talk about something happy. it was so nice for you guys to be a part of it with us. i hope we haven't made your head spin a little too much or maybe just enough. you don't need coffee when stephanie and i are around.
6:58 am
>> this was a really, really special day. beautiful in every way. again, i have to talk about my standout moment. i mean, the emiss ka pail yan peach. >> alex whit, it was an amazing experience. we'll replay it later today. i might just go back and watch our coverage. in the meantime, though, stephanie and i, if anyone from the palace is listening, we're available tonight. >> the queen and prince philip aren't going, that means there's two seats left. >> that's true. you and i both being l.a. girls, i've been wondering when harry and meghan -- i mean, when they might head back and visit meghan's mom and how much of a hoopla that will be in los angeles. let's face it, we have a few movie stars. we have a few celebs out there, of course you when you go. but that will be fun to see that happen. >> i don't think we've seen a royal in los angeles before. but if they do that, i think we
6:59 am
have to be on hand. >> we might need to go. they'll both be youth sberds for the commonwealth. a lot of travel is in their future. we might have to follow them. thank you so much for this experience, this day with us. what a royal wedding. >> thank you to the bosses at nbc and msnbc. >> we're never coming home. >> you guys actually got paid doing this. i mean, that's pretty amazing. you were having so much fun. you did such a great job covering it. we love your energy. >> alex, that means they're never going to let us take a day off ever again. >> i know. they're going to hold this over our heads. >> forever. >> that's okay. we were all entertained. we appreciate that. all right, girls. we will see you again. i'm back on in a couple of hour. i'm expecting an appearance, okay? so you just gather more info and fun and share it all with us in a couple hours at noon. thank you, guys. enjoy. you and your royal waives. that is a wrap of this hour of "msnbc live." i'll see you at noon eastern. right now, let's go to am
7:00 am
joy with my friend joy reed. ♪ harry, will you take meghan to be your wife? will you love her, comfort her, honor and protect her and fore saking all other, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live? >> i will. >> meghan, will you take harry to be your husband? >> i will. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." yes, there is a lot of news to get to this morning. i promise we'll get to all of it in just a bit, but we begin with the wedding that has captivated the world this morning. just a few hours ago, britain's prince harry married his american princess, actress meghan markle in an extraordinary ceremony in st. george's chapel at windsor
7:01 am
castle. an estimated 600 guests including celebrity friends of the couple like oprah winfrey, serena williams and george and amal clooney looked on as markle became princess harry of wales, the duchess of sussex and the woman hailed as britain's first black royal. it was unprecedented ceremony, steeped in african-american culture. bishop michael curry the first african-american to lead the episcopal church nearly stole the show with his emotional sermon. >> the power of love is demonstrated by the fact that we're all here. two young people fell in love and we all showed up. but it's not just for and about a young couple who we rejoice with. it's more than that. i'm talking about some power. real power. power to change the world.
7:02 am
if you don't believe me, well, there were small slaves in america's antti bell um south who explained the dynamic power of love and why it has the power to transform. they explained it this way. they sang a spiritual, even in the midst of their captivity, it's one that says there is a bomb in gilliad, a healing bomb. there is a bomb in gilliad to make the wounded whole. >> joining me now from windsor, england, are my friends and colleagues. probably the happiest two people that were on the air this morning. give us a lay of the land of where we are now. what are the new royal couple doing at this moment? oh, i don't know if they can hear me. we may not be able to -- do we have audio? no. darn. i doot tnk we ve them.
7:03 am
wait a minute. >> but we just got it, so ask what you were just going to ask. >> oh, i don't think we have the audio. nope. we're having audio difficulties. technical difficulties, everyone. you're watching cable tv. martin lewis, jackie reed, my partner in crime, pop culture expert chris witherspoon and lola, a tv anchor for "people." we weren't able to get the update from katie and stephanie. if we do get them, let the viewers know we'll try to bring them back in. i want to get this panel to react to this wedding this morning. i was hanging out with these three for four hours from the wee hours of 4:00 a.m. chris, i'm just now getting to get your perspective on this. i have to mention, i did mention in the open that, you know, meghan is being styled as -- hailed as the first black royal, but we should acknowledge there was a woman named queen charlotte. >> yes. >> who a lot of historians believe was actually the first
7:04 am
black royal way, way, way, way back. but as far as officially. >> yes. >> what does this all mean? >> first off, props to y'all for still being awake and alive since being on air since 4:00 a.m. i think that watching meghan become this royal princess, to me, i look at her as an actress. this is a role of a life time. these roles aren't really offered to black women in hollywood and the fact that she's now on the biggest stage in front of billions of people with her mother, her beautiful black mother with her dread locks, you know, really embracing standing in this moment with so much poise and elegance, i think it's ground breaking for not just her but for black women across the country and black women also in the uk and commonwealth parts of commonwealth like in africa and the indys. these young black girls are now seeing representation that really matters in a big way. >> that's a really important thing that you just said. if you look at the idea of becoming a princess, whether it's disney princesses had to
7:05 am
diversify and move on and add black princesses to the mix, you don't see black women even in hollywood cast in this sort of a princess role. >> think of the audrey hepburns, one of the big princesses, anne hathaway who played a princess, amy adams. you don't see black women in hollywood. meghan probably wanted a role like that. now she is getting it in real life. >> that's animated, yeah. >> brandi did play cinderella. >> you will have a lot of hollywood producers trying to retell this story on the big screen in some way. >> there was a small screen version that broke the internet and did really well. you had the princess diana wedding which is the precedent for all the excitement and hype around royal weddings, at least the british royal family. princess charles attracted 17 million viewers. the tragic funeral 33.2 million. princess william and kate
7:06 am
middleton attracted 23 million viewers. there's an interest all around the world. how does this stack up? from the perspective of people in britain to all of those previous weddings? >> this is going to be of great import. obviously first of all royal weddings cat knit all around the world and especially in america, but with a beautiful american girl biracial, this has upped the anticonsiderably. there's pride? britain so much interest in the rest of the world. what we also saw today was inspiring. there was a lot of speculation, would the obamas be invited. frankly they couldn't be invited because it would have created an international diplomatic incident with certain unnamed president who would be upset. but you know what, the obamas were there today in the person of that brilliant reverend michael curry who spoke with passion, who channelled and spoke the words of dr. martin luther king, john lennon's
7:07 am
message of all you need is love. the royal family used to be 50 years and 100 years behind people they were leading. from this vision we had the last two or three years in britain and america, suddenly we have the sun lit up lands, a way positive for these positive and joyous and it was a remarkable thing. >> can we play a little bit of minister michael curry. i will just note that michael curry was elected to head the episcopal church back in 2015. he was the first presiding black bishop, first black african-american to be named presiding bishop and he was named just after the massacre at mother emanuel. it was literally a week later after that massacre that he was named to head the episcopal church and succeeded tst woman presiding bishop of the church. he is from chicago n a senses martin mentioned, chicago, the obamas, all of that sort of imagery was in the house. but let's listen to him.
7:08 am
>> love is the way. we know that god is the source of us all. and we are brothers and sisters, children of god. >> with thisly sit down. we have to get y'all married. >> and jackie, you were talking earlier this morning about the black women who were holding teas and brunches in celebration of this. >> across the country. >> this was a truly african-american service blended into a very traditional esp episcopal service. >> it was unapologetically black. there's no way other way to look at it. black people did not anticipate that from meghan markle. they thought that she was going to be up staged by the pomp and circumstance of the royals. you know, the tradition. but she definitely was not. and i think not only did we see who meghan markle and what kind of princess she is going to be but also we saw harry and who he is and who his mother raised him
7:09 am
to be because he chose that cellist. it was the two of them -- >> 19-year-old black brit. >> they decided together to have the gospel choir there. it was something they planned together. so even though i want to give meghan markle the praise for what was represented in that wedding, i also want to give prince harry credit as well because i think the two of them showed us today that they're not just going to be figures of the monarch but they'll be leaders to change the world for what they do moving forward. >> he is truly mother's son in every way. >> he grew up to be the man that she was raising him to be. >> absolutely. we have to talk about the dress. the dress was not just beautiful and tasteful and classic, but it also had all these incredible nods to the entire commonwealth, to asia, africa, to the caribbean. >> the flowers woven within the vail had nods to the commonwealth. it was sort of reminiscent of the portrait of obama the florals were a nod to all of his history and where he traveled
7:10 am
throughout the world. there were echos of that. the obamas were here. the obamas were here. there were nods to them. this entire celebration that when we see black people in rarefied spaces like this, it also causes us to sit up and say, yes. when you see misty, the ballerina misty copeland, misty on point perform and/or serena and venus conquering that world. this princess entering so beautifully in that givenchy. >> black people have never been involved in a royal wedding before in. >> absolutely not. literally air brushed out. you would not see that. british royal weddings were terribly white, terribly british, terribly anoingglican. we saw william and harry their mother's intention, smiling and
7:11 am
laughing. this was joy personified. a nod to princess diana. when she joined the royal family, she was determined to break the mold of that stuffiness and bring her children up to have humanity and heart. you see that in the charities they support and you see it. >> that didn't make her popular with the royal family but it made her popular with the people. >> can we just play a little bit of katy tur spoke with a little girl, a black british young girl and asked her what this wedding meant to her. take a listen. >> it means a lot to me because if you actually think about it, it's like british royal heritage with african-americans, you think about it, wow. she's making history. and it means a lot to me because you know and also something because they're probably thinking -- they're probably
7:12 am
thinking -- >> i mean, a wedding that was perfectly inclusive of black britain as well. >> i was talking to a black girl security downstairs. she checked us in. how do you feel as a black woman seeing this happened. she was included they included us in the ceremony. she referenced, black panther was big, but this is bigger. >> yes. >> you know? >> it really is. >> a lot of black people did not expect this from meghan markle because of her history. even though she talks about race, she talks about being of mixed race and her mother's black african heritage, but what she does not do is really talk about black lives matter. she doesn't really talk about those issues confronting african-americans in the united states. so she's -- now she will become a royal where she really is not going to be allowed to speak out about these things. >> she'll have a platform. >> only do it through symbolism. that's how they achieved it really. >> i'm sorry, i know this is very important.
7:13 am
amal clooney in that incredible dress, stella mccartney, oprah winfrey in mccartney. >> only thing was missing was beyonce. >> you can't have two queens in one room. >> she does refer to herself as sasha fierce. >> she is part of the super hero women. >> serena williams. >> one more thing, let's show the cake. can we show the cake. we know that the cake is a lemon and elderflower cake. they dispensed with the traditional fruitcake. we don't have a picture. maybe better than a picture, i've decided that in commemoration -- >> we're popping bottles. >> we are popping bottles. last night i experimented -- i might have indulged in it myself. the perfect cocktail is do a lemon and elder flower cocktail.
7:14 am
we don't usually do mixology on the show. you do a proseco or nice sparkling wine. you twist it up. you do a little lemon cello and pop a little vodka. and it's fabulous. we are going to indulge during the commercial break. i'm handing out the glasses. >> thank you, yes. >> while we prepare to imbibe our fabulous cocktail and commemoration of meghan and harry, i want you to listen to this incredible choir who performed during the ceremony -- >> the kingdom choir. >> this was one of the many nods to african-american culture and heritage that were a part of this ceremony. martin lewis will be back on the show. he donned his top hat. jackie reed, down load the podcast. and chris witherspoon, lola soon
7:15 am
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7:19 am
here is charlie rose with you in the interview. you tell me what you meant. >> come on. >> you don't want to hear it. >> it's not relevant. no. >> if the president is asked to testify, subpoenaed to testify. >> that's unfair. what you're doing is extremely unfair. i'm giving you a chance to clear it. with all that, he had that promoting. >> what happens if -- >> that does that have to do with this? >> they're all trying to bring trump into it and he's not involved, chris. >> trump attorney rudy giuliani clearly did not want viewers to hear that clip. which is why we're going to play it for you right now. >> if the president is asked to testify, subpoenaed to testify before grand jury and says no, not going to do it. >> you have to do it. you don't have a choice. the president is not above the law, is not able to avoid subpoenas and the president has a right like anyone else to go
7:20 am
before a judge and say, this is being done for an improper purpose. this is being done for purposes of harassment and if the judge agrees with that, fine. if the judge doesn't, then you have to testify. >> oops. giuliani now claims that a sitting president cannot after all be subpoenaed. and that it's unfair to ask him why his position has changed. meanwhile, attorneys for trump fixer michael cohen have asked the federal judge to exclude stormy daniels attorney michael avenatti from cohen's case, challenging the raid on his office and home. cohen is accusing avenatti of creating a, quote, carnival atmosphere with his many tv appearances and predictions about the case. joining me now is michael avenatti, attorney for stormy daniels. so i want to talk about this challenge to your presence in the case. first of all, good morning. >> good morning, joy. >> so you have now michael cohen's attorney claiming that you should be pushed off the case because you are so prolific in talking about the case including making a lot of predictions that wind upcoming true.
7:21 am
what is your response to that? >> joy, whether we're going to be involved in that case technically or not and i'm confident that we will be, but regardless, we're not going away. i mean, we're not going to change what we've been doing. it's been incredibly successful. it's been very fruitful. it continues to be fruitful. frankly, joy, whether we're involved in that matter or not, it's going to remain a circus. it's going to remain a carnival because the stakes are so high and because michael cohen keeps lying about what happened, donald trump keeps lying about what happened. if they want the carnival and the circus to leave town, they need to stop the coverup. >> and part of the reason that you're involved at all is that you did obtain and did release non-public bank information that was relevant to michael cohen's case, meaning these czars, suspicious activity reports that had to do with bank transactions that michael cohen did. so is it possible to extra
7:22 am
indicate you from the case given the fact that you were the person who provided that information to the public? >> well, joy, we didn't release any czars or information per se. what we did was rereleased an executive summaryhat detailed some financial transactions 99% of which have been proven to be true by independent sources and by the companies coming forward and admitting to paying these moneys to michael cohen. what we haven't heard, of course, we haven't heard a valid explanation from mr. giuliani, mr. trump, or michael cohen as to why michael cohen was selling access to the president, where those moneys went, did mr. trump know about it, did he receive any of the moneys. they continued to dodge those questions. they won't answer those questions. and the reason should be fairly apparent to the american people. and that is because the answers are very, very bad for mr. trump and michael cohen. >> well, one of the things that they are accusing you of doing in the court documents that they filed in u.s. district court in
7:23 am
manhattan on friday was saying that you in the appearances that you made such as appearances here are primarily focussed on smearing michael cohen personally in his efforts to further his interest and garnering as much media attention as possible. how do you respond to that? >> joy, i only appear on about 30% of the shows if that that i'm invited on. i think you and your bookers and ores at msncb and cnn are well aware of that. so that's number one. number two of course they want to exclude me and they want to exclude my client from these proceedings because we speak the truth and we disseminate information that's very damaging to michael cohen. they don't like the fact that we are out there providing information and evidence to the american people. they would prefer us to continue with the coverup and continue spewing their lies as they've done for months about what transpired here. you have rudy giuliani, you know, you want to talk about a carnival, circus atmosphere, rudy giuliani is the ultimate circus act at this point.
7:24 am
guy doesn't know the facts. he goes on television. says all kinds of things. confronted with his past statements, i-e in the video clip you just showed he's interrupting, trying to dodge the questions. he doesn't know what to do. and i have a simple question, the president of the united states when he was running, donald trump, he promised the american people that he was going to surround himself with the best and the brightest. we heard that repeatedly. rudy giuliani is hardly the best and the brightest. i mean, he is one of the worst tv -- one of the worst attorneys that could appear on television on behalf of an attorney right now. he's an embarrassment. i can't believe the president of the united states this is the best he can get to represent his interest. it's an absolute joke. >> one of the arguments that rudy giuliani is trying to make, he changed his mind whether a sitting president could be subpoenaed to testify. but we do know there is a supreme court case that controls whether or not a president can be deposed at least in a civil suit.
7:25 am
are you still seeking to depose the president of the united states and do you suspect you will ultimately be able to do so. >> the case that you mentioned, jones v. clinton allows a sitting president to be deposed in connection with a civil matter. that's exactly what we intend on doing. we have a pending motion in our case as soon as the stay is lifted we expect that motion to be heard and granted. it is still our intention to depose the president of the united states, mr. trump, because now more than ever we need some straight answers under oath, none of this nonsense where the story changes every week, every month and when we take the deposition of the president, we're going to be taking his deposition, which means mr. giuliani and all of his other handlers will not be able to testify for him. >> and what is it that you want to know that you think -- that you think that donald trump substantively can tell you that has to do with your case? >> we want to know what he knew about the nda, when he knew it, what he did about it, how was the money actually reimbursed,
7:26 am
was it, in fact, reimbursed by him or by russian interests or other interests that have yet to be disclosed. we want the details of that entire transaction and what he knew. i am confident, joy, that when we get him under oath and he's actually forced to look me in the eye across the table and answer those questions that we're going to find out that even more lieings and deceptive conduct than the american people have learned to date. i'm highly confident of that. >> and you have alleged there are two additional women, you have not named, who are in a position, i presume, similar to stormy daniels. are these women who you believe were paid by michael cohen or by donald trump in a similar vain to ms. danis? >> ye although we are not in a positi to releasdetails yet because we do not have approval from either of the two women. they're in the process of deciding whether they want to come forward or not and subject themselves to the scrutiny of the far right media and some of the nonsense and the tacts that
7:27 am
my client and i are presently under going. >> and do you know how many or do you have a sense of how many women in total may have been paid? we know that michael cohen was taking out substantial sums of money in terms of loans, over $700,000. there seem to be increasing numbers of women who are in the same position as ms. clifford, stormy daniels. do you know how many women were paid in total either by donald trump or by michael cohen on his behalf? >> i don't know an exact number, joy, but i will tell you that i think at the end of the day we're going to discover many, many, many women. >> and do -- were all of these women to your knowledge paid as a result of consensual sexual activity between themselves and the president? >> yes. >> all right. and are you at this point prepared to release any additional information about that specifically? and we still have a matter of a certain disk with some information on it that we still aren't sure what's on it. do you want to disclose what
7:28 am
that might be? >> not this morning, joy. >> we'll just have to have you back on and ask you again because we have to try. michael avenatti, thank you very much for your time. >> thanks joy. coming up, the lates russiagate. that's next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night,
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coming up, the latest in robert mueller's russia investigation. there is so much to get to. more "am joy" after the break. (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah. ♪ now, here is the issue that i really feel strongly about with this informant, if there is one. first of all, i don't know for sure nor does the president if there ever was one. we were told that.
7:36 am
>> told that by whom? >> people for a long time we've been told there was some kind of infiltration. >> well, it's year two of the mueller investigation and the latest twist is that donald trump and his friends in congress are engaging in a potentially dangerous game of trying to expose an fbi informant, one who they falsely claim was sent by the obama administration to spy o trump's campgn. enter two new reports from the new york times and "the washington post," both papers siting people familiar with the matter. according to the reports, the fbi did, indpeed, send an informant to talk to three trump campaign advisers. after receiving evidence that they had suspicious contacts with russia. those advisers carter page, george papadopoulos and sam clovis. folks, that's not spying. it's called counterintelligence. joining me now is malcolm nance, and scholar of authoritarian state. same conversation we've been
7:37 am
having for two and a half years, this idea that the obama administration was spying on the trump campaign, this does not strike me as a smart defense for the trump campaign because they're admitting that the fbi was so concerned about three people that were actively working in the campaign that they sent an fbi informant to talk to them about their ties to russia. am i reading that right or wrong? >> you're reading it right. it's the same attitude as if a mafia boss goes into his favorite italian restaurant finds mie koe phones and police vans and informantds inside there and goes what did i do? well, what you did was the very nature of your criminal enterprise. for us to wake up and find that the fbi was so concerned as we predicted years -- two years ago almost that they had to go in there and found people within the campaign or near the campaign who were willing to come to the fbi and act as an informant tells you that there is an underlying basis of
7:38 am
criminality happening here that is real and pretending that it's not is not going to get them out of the hole that they're in. >> there's been this whole debate going on twitter, a former fbi agent who works with another network a contributor there has been trying to school members -- defenders of the donald trump and saying, no, the fbi didn't even have to believe there was some criminal activity, they just had to believe there was a reason to go in from a counterintelligence point of view. having been a double agent and worked with the fbi, why would the fbi send somebody into a campaign like this to talk to someone? do they have to believe that a robbery was about to take place or a crime was going to take place or what other reason would they do it? >> that's exactly right. it's a counterintelligence operation. the outcome of which is to stop a foreign adversary from successfully running an operation, intelligence operation. you're not necessarily looking for criminal activity, not necessarily looking to prosecute someone. and i think, joy, that goes back to the heart of the question here that this is -- this was started because russia was
7:39 am
engaged in an operation to harm the united states by interfering with our elections. let's underscore that, harm the united states. and the real question here, the simple question is were there any americans who helped russia in their operations to harm? that doesn't mean when you help russia in that effort, that doesn't necessarily mean they're doing something criminal. may not rise to that level. i remember a time when doing the right thing didn't require a law. you take a meeting with the russians and don't call the fbi n my book that is helping the russians in their efforts to harm the united states. it may not be criminal but you're doing so. that alone is enough for the fbi to come in and say, why did you take a meeting? why did you do this? let's figure out if there is a crime but let's look into this. we know russia is engaged in activities to hurt the united states. let's see if anyone is actually doing anything to help them. >> sarah, the fact they were able to obtain fisa warrants to look into these people, there was some contact that was nefarious that was helping russia and not the united
7:40 am
states. i want to play fbi director christopher wray who on wednesday was trying to explain the responsibilities of the fbi to those who provide information to it. and this is in the context of some republicans, devin nunes and friends who want to unmask, they want to reveal the identity of this informant and the fbi is trying to explain to them why this would be a very, very bad idea. take a listen. >> human sources in particular who put themselves at great risk to work with us and with our foreign partners have to be able to trust that we're going to protect their identities and in many cases their lives and the lives of their families. and the day that we can't protect human sources is the day the american people start becoming less safe. >> and we know from "the washington post" that trump allies believe that outing the source, this source who was trying to help the united states against russia and revealing details about his or her work for the fbi can challenge the
7:41 am
investigation and potentially provide a cause for removing robert mueller or his overseer rod rosenstein. that's extraordinary that's something they proactively want to do. >> it's just another chapter in on going obstruction of justice. other outlets revealed enough information that many people are guessing his identity. that's a very dangerous thing. one thing that's particularly frustrating is that the fbi has been looking into these criminal connections for a very long time. they've been looking into the russian mafia for a very long time. mueller in 2011 gave a very interesting speech about this network between government interests, corporate interests, criminal interests all colliding in a globalized, technologically bound way that would have profound impact on our lives. the kinds of people sound exactly like trump and his network. and so kind of continues to blow my mind about this is how did they allow this band of multinational criminals to gain such access to the white house when manafort joined the
7:42 am
campaign, why wasn't there more of an effort to break that down or at least to inform the american public about what they're doing because the position we're in now is that they are in charge. they do have the executive branch. they're using every capacity they can to try to wipe out this investigation, to try to prevent justice from being served and to keep people in the dark. the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to fight. >> and you have now -- i want to first ask malcolm and naveed, malcolm, i want to start with you on this, you now have open speculation on the right who this informant might be and really trying to reveal this person's identity. obviously the reason that devin nunes and his committee want this information is so they can reveal it, give it to fox news, give it to their allies. have you ever heard of in the course of your career working in the intelligence world politicians actively trying to reveal -- other than valerie plain thrown under the bus
7:43 am
during the bush administration, trying to actively reveal the identity of somebody who could be put in harm's way by that revelation. >> never, never. this is -- i mean, until valerie plain who is a friend of mine, until valerie, this was considered a treasonist act. no one would ever, ever out a clan december tine service officer, an agent who was being handled, fbi confidential informant for political purposes. and it needs to go back to that because this is dangerous. not just to democracy but to our national security. this could kill americans. and for them to actually believe that the political expedience is worth outing these people, they will harm this nation in the long run. >> and you know, naveed, could you ever in your wildest imagination have imagined that one of the risks you were taking was that you would run a foul
7:44 am
politically of some political party and that members of that party would then seek to reveal your identity merely to protected a fellow member of their party? >> it's crazy. it's shocking. it's one of the things that disturbs me the most. look, in 2015 well before donald trump actually decided to run for president or was anywhere in the public spectrum here, i actually wrote a book and we went to the fbi, the book sold as a movie. we had all this publicity went to the fbi, look, this is now a public story. will you comment on that? they came back and said we very much like to. it's a positive story that puts the fbi in good light but we don't comment on human operations. that is something they take very, very seriously because it has ramifications beyond just you. and i think that not only is it putting this person in danger but it's putting other people in danger. look, if there are spies, people out there collecting intelligence in a very sensitive manner, they'll come back and say, look, i don't want to work for the u.s. government. you're potentially cutting uf
7:45 am
our ability to recruit and retain people who are providing really important national security level national intelligence to us. it's shocking. it's damaging. it's infuriating. >> meanwhile, sarah, as we find out more and more and more about this investigation, we're finding out how many family ties, how many of the people who are main characters in russia gate were involving their sons, michael flynn involving his son michael flynn jr., obviously you have donald trump whose son-in-law and son are both potentially implicated in the things that are going on and now enter paul manafort whose former son-in-law has now also become embroiled in this special counsel robert mueller and his team have been focussing for the past six months on jeffrey yohai. nothing and that's from nbc news. no direct ties being made between him and russia gate as of now, but it certainly seems like a way to squeeze paul manafort for information. >> it might be. i'm not sure how concerned paul manafort is about his family and
7:46 am
whether that actually provides any leverage, but yohai would potentially provide information. one thing that is notable, though, is this prevalence of nepotism because you see this in autocracies and mafia crime families where people will rely only on blood relatives, only on kin because those are the networks you can trust. those are vessels to funnel money. you can have conveniently timed marriages and divorces to try to work around the court system. and what is more alarming, you know, than yohai again is the presence of kushner in this administration and his transactions and his deals and ivanka and the fact that they are able to exert this level of influence over not just the u.s. other countries solely for their personal benefit and solely to protect the trump family from any kind of consequences. that is emblematic of a very corrupt system. >> there are plenty of countries in the world where governing is a family business and a lucrative one for the people who do it. we're not used to the united
7:47 am
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7:51 am
i asked him specifically if they -- if they realized or acknowledged they didn't have the power to indict, both under the justice department memo, which gives them their power in essence, confines their power, and under the constitution. they could probably require you to testify in a civil case, possibly even as a witness in a criminal case, but they can't require you to testify in what would be your own case because, after all, it's all about a possible impeachment. impeachment has to come before indictment. >> the biggest legal question of the moment, can donald trump be indicted? joining me now is paul butler, former federal prosecutor and professor at georgetown law school. as i now know former professor of michael avenatti. >> that's right. >> let's get into this. i'm not sure that just to be blunt that rudy giuliani is really the foremost authority on pretty much anything. >> that's right. >> but he's talking and so we
7:52 am
have to respond to the things he's saying. this is rudy giuliani claiming that he has direct knowledge, i suppose from talking to folks in the mueller investigation, that they have narrowed the scope of their investigation. here he is. >> wednesday night we received a communication from them. i can't go into detail, but narrowing the subjects for questioning down to about two and -- >> from all like 50, that list that came out. >> you could actually have divided those and i did into like five categories, subject areas. >> all right. that's fair. five, maybe seven. >> no secret that the whole thing with michael cohen is out because that's in the southern district of new york. >> you believe that mueller has turned over all of that investigation or do you think he may have reserved certain aspects? >> it's my belief that he turned all of it over. >> so, paul, i think he's saying narrowing it down to two subjects from five. does any of that make sense to you or sound credible to you? >> well, it could be, too, collusion and obstruction of justice, those two are pretty --
7:53 am
>> that's two. >> the special counsel can subpoena trump and that would start a big legal battle that might go all the way up to the supreme court. so they can get trump to come and voluntarily -- in voluntarily then that's better for everybody. at the end of the day as irresponsible a lawyer as giuliani is i can't see him letting trump go in. trump would self-implode. >> let's hear another thing that giuliani talked about. this is a different interview. this is now on fox news. and he's talking about the legitimacy of the investigation and wanting the mueller investigation to be turned over for a criminal referral. take a listen. >> this is a far worse crime and intrusion on democracy than a nonrussian conspiracy. who is investigating it? i hope that this is turned over
7:54 am
for criminal referral and i hope for once the justice department wakes up and investigates something other than, you know, empowering mueller to do an illegitimate investigation. it is illegitimate. >> i take it that he believes that robert mueller investigating donald trump or the fbi attempting to ascertain whether a foreign power was interfering in an american presidential campaign is itself a crime, to investigate that is a crime. your thoughts? >> i don't get it, joy. you can't really say rudy giuliani has fallen from grace because he never had grace in the first place. many new yorkers have always known that he's erratic, highly partisan and has no respect for civil rights or civil liberties unless they apply to rich white dudes. now we see that he is a bad lawyer, you know, his one claim to fame was that he stood up for new york city on 9/11. so you would think he would be especially concerned about
7:55 am
national security, about our democra democracy, which is the subject of the mueller investigation, and yet he's calling for that investigation to be halted. he told cnn that if he were the attorney general that he would stop the investigation. so this is a man who, again, has no respect for the rule of law. >> let's talk about the rule of law here because there is a question of whether or not a sitting president can be indicted. let's say that robert mueller finds absolute crimes, bribery, you know, obstruction of justice. can he indict the sitting president of the united states? >> so there is department of justice rules which have no more force of law than an employee handbook. under those rules the president as sitting cannot be indicted and mueller is found to follow those rules basically because rod rosenstein is his boss and rosenstein is going to enforce those laws. as a matter of constitutional law there's two cases on point, one is the jones case, jones versus clinton which says that
7:56 am
the president can be made to testify in a civil case. the only criminal case is the nixon case and that was about documents. so the president can be forced to turn over documents. now, if you put those two cases together and take those to the supreme court, i think it's fairly clear that the court would say that the president can be required to testify. even under the view that he can't be indicted while sitting, the constitutional remedy is impeachment and then after he's removed from office there's no question that he could be charged with a crime. >> very quickly before we go, if let's say a president cannot be indicted then couldn't a president in theory commit murder and then walk away from it? >> well, again, the remedy would be up to the congress. the remedy would be he would be impeached by the house, convicted by the senate, removed from office and then charged with a high crime or misdemeanor. >> paul butler, thank you very
7:57 am
much, giving us a lesson in the law this morning: morning.. so, i needed legal advice, and i heard that my cousin's wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him. but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal. hehi, welcome!
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8:00 am
was there a part of you that was like, this isn't real? this would not happen in my school? >> no, there wasn't. >> why so? >> it's been happening everywhere, i felt -- i've always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here, too, so -- i don't know. i wasn't surprised, i was just scared. >> welcome back to "a.m. joy."
8:01 am
in a scene that's become all too familiar in the united states nine students and a teacher were killed at a texas high school on friday by a gunman armed with a shotgun and a roevolver. the suspected shooter was taken into custody and held without bo bond. the last time that you and i talked at least on the air it was at the march for our lives when you were reporting and talking to kids who were responding to that massacre. tell us how people are coping having had these two tragedies sort of compounded on top of one another there in texas. >> reporter: joy, good morning. people down here were sort of prepared, if you will, expecting that this might happen after the parkland shooting because they had a shooting incident around the time that parkland happened, but last night as i was at this vigil talking to families, talking to students who survived, they still tell you
8:02 am
that, you know, when it's 7:30 in the morning and you're walking the halls of your school and you think that a fire drill is happening and then seconds later you're running for your life, you still can't really believe that it's happening to you. so the scene that i've seen here is just dismay, there's also a lot of just sadness and frustration at what is happening in washington, especially after parkland. i spoke to jordan tornwell a ninth grader who told me when she saw her classmates running for their lives, when she saw those scenes of blood shed on the floor of that school she couldn't help but think that this has to stop and she said we are inspired by the students in parkland and we believe that even though we are a small town, we just can't keep praying that this won't happen again. as you said, at least ten people lost their lives yesterday and at least ten were injured. right now i'm standing in front of the university of texas medical branch where i just
8:03 am
spoke to the pio on the scene here who tells me that four of the ten people who were injured were brought to this hospital. one has been discharged, but three remain here and two are in critical condition fighting for their lives. that includes john barnes a santa fe police officer who was shielding other students trying to shop the gunman and sustained a wound to his shoulder. he had to undergo surgery yesterday in his elbow, it might have reached his artery so you have two people fighting for their lives and a community of children who is left dismayed but from what i gathered yesterday really looking for action from washington. and you had also a lot of stark contrasts at that vigil yesterday, joy, because on the scene there was governor greg abbott and i asked him, you know, what is the solution here, governor, and he said he's trying to fight to implement a bill that would focus on mental
8:04 am
health, but he also had texas senator ted cruz there and a lot of the children saying it's on the lawmakers' hands to prevent tragedies like these from happening at oth schools across the country. >> the repetition is incredibly depressing. thank you. friday's shooting was the deadliest school shooting since the february sh massacre in parkland, florida. unless something changes unfortunately it won't be the last. joining me now senior advisor at move on. coring and founder of the national school walk out, and also student and speaker for the march for our lives and karen mallard a teacher running for congress in january. it is depressing and i want to start with you, lane. may i ask how old you are? >> i'm 16 years old. >> it depresses me frankly as a parent that somebody your age is spending your time organizing school walkouts because kids your age are afraid of being
8:05 am
massacred in school. that is incredibly depressing to me as an adult. you instruct us adults on what are we doing wrong here? i feel like when parkland happened you had this big gal have a any zags, some things came of it. there was some legislative fixes in florida. what are we doing wrong? >> sadly, there's several things. i think number one we are not listening, we're watching our youth, but we are not listening to them. we read the articles, we watch the news, but when it comes to the demands and things we're saying, no one is listening. and i think more importantly the gun violence problem we have in this country isn't a new one. yes, we are taking a new approach, but this is a very old problem. so we can't pretend that, you know, we're going to have solutions overnight. we have to keep up with this fight and keep with momentum so we can eventually get to the place where i do feel and we all feel safe in school. >> matt, in between the parkland shooting and the shooting in
8:06 am
santa fe, texas, you are from maryland, there was a shooting in maryland, there was a school shooting in maryland. in some of these cases there is a school resource officer, that doesn't stop it, you know, we know that the one thing that these have in common is these kids have access to guns. i know that since the last time that we spoke and you've been in touch with dr. william barber, you've been talking with him and some of the movement that he's working on. you are another young person, another teenager. what are we doing wrong? >> well, ultimately i think very little is going to change so long as we have a morally empty man in the white house and congressional representatives who are just heartless. i don't know how you can see what's happening across this country every day in places like d.c. and baltimore and just do nothing. we as a group moco for gun control and team enough from the brady campaign are putting a lot of energy and effort into registering voters, educating voters and in 171 days
8:07 am
mobilizing voters. >> and voting obviously is a huge part of the component of making change. just a couple of statistics and this is from my producers, youth turnout 18 to 29 year olds over the past several elections you see that sea saw, 43% turnout in the 2016 election, but back in 2014 it was only 16%. they just sort of yo-yo between in the high to mid 40s, obviously the barack obama election in '08 was a high water mark at 48%. you go to youth versus overall turnout, same seesaw, but much higher base. overall the high water mark of the obama election in '08 was 64% turnout. so you have young people that turn out 20 points lower. >> yes, with he need to do better, but i have to say just listening to le in. a and matt and seeing what the parkland students have done this year alone, they are the ones who are the future, the young people are going to make this change, they've been really
8:08 am
advocating and getting their peers, hey, if you are going to turn 18 go out and vote and you are going to have millions of young people who are not able to vote in 2016 who will be able to vote in november. and since we cannot change the laws like the congress refuses to change the laws, we have to change congress. so that is -- i think that is the kind of the shining light that you see in all of this. young people are engaged, it's happening to them, they're becoming victims, they're losing their friends and they're saying, do you know what, we have a voice, let's use that platform, let's take it to the next level and i commend them for doing that because the people who are in charge are not going to do anything. >> and to that very point, karen, you're running for office, you are a democratic candidate for congress, virginia's second district, that's the virginia beach area, you were a former battle ground deputy state director for the obama campaign in 2012. the part of the issue here is that there is a voting base that wants more guns, more gun proliferation and is very pro
8:09 am
nra. i want to have you listen to a man who walked up to near where the santa fe high school shooting happened, this was on friday morning, carrying a gun and wearing a trump maga hat. this is what he said to a reporter who asked what on earth he was doing there. >> what was going through your head when you found that this was going on? >> get to the school. make america great again. >> by doing what? what was your plan of action? >> offering support. god bless you all will go a long ways for a lot of people. thank you. i'm going to head this way. god bless you all. >> so, karen, you have obviously a trump voter who felt that his -- the response that occurred to him wn a school shooting happened in his community was to sho up with his gun and make america great again. i'm not sure what he means by that. you're up against that in the
8:10 am
electorate. >> well, assen educator i would say that we need real solutions not just showing up in a t-shirt. this past week i participated in a round table discussion with virginia beach school system, we had the superintendent, chief of police and we had community leaders like me, school board members, students, parents and retired police officer and an active duty military member there and we were talking about solutions and how to keep our children safe. what people need to understand is that children do not feel safe in schools and the superintendent stated statistics about, you know, the odds of this happening in their school and, you know, what staggering odds against it happening. it doesn't matter what the statistics say. children do not feel safe in schools. i heard what bethany said at that table and we tried to come up with solutions, we brainstormed and came up with
8:11 am
ideas and the man in the military said that the navy has an app called live safe and they have this app as well in colleges and one thing that we talked about was like i teach elementary school and guidance counselors at the elementary level work with children and help them, they have support groups and at middle schools and high schools that's not what the guidance counselors do. they deal with scheduling and stuff. >> guidance counselors are important obviously, but you are from virginia, virginia is a gun supermarket. a lot of the problem that we have in new york with gun pro river operation is because people can drive down to your state to virginia and fill up their trunk with guns. you're running for congress. isn't part of the solution here to make your state less deadly for my state by making it harder for people to fill up their trunk with guns legally in the state of virginia? are you for stricter gun laws in your state? >> oh, absolutely, yes. absolutely. that's part of my -- that's part
8:12 am
of my platform is that i want to ban -- have a total ban on assault weapons and that's why i took such a strong stand and stood up to the nra months ago and i will do that, but when the student earlier was talking and saying about no one is listening to us, i want that student to know that teachers and that i am listening to them. i hear them. they don't feel safe. even with the guard at the front, even if you have metal detectors at school, they are not safe. we have to limit the guns. we have to stop that. we are an open carry state. >> absolutely. >> we have -- >> don't i know it. >> here is what you need to understand from an education standpoint of view. anyone who carries that gun openly is willing to use it to kill someone. you have to be willing to do that. so that's why it's a threat. >> right. >> and our children can't learn if they feel threatened or don't feel safe. you don't learn in that environment. so that was one thing that was happening. >> right. we know in some of those cases
8:13 am
the shooter just targets the guard as well. i want to let you, lane, listen to the lieutenant governor of texas, dan patrick red, saying what he thinks the solution is. >> we may have to look at the design of our schools moving forward and retrofitting schools that are already built. what i mean by that is there are too many entrances and too many exits to our over 8,000 campuses in texas. maybe we need to look at limiting the entrance and the exits into our schools so that we can have law enforcement looking at the people who come in one or two entrances. >> i mean, lane, is the solution to have fewer ways to get out? fewer doors? >> hold on, joy, we already have that -- >> hold on. lane first. >> this is a wonderful example of why the youth conversation that we're having right now needs to be listened to because the solutions that the adults are offering to us right now are
8:14 am
completely avoiding the cause to this problem. if you want to justify shooting based on the entrances and exits you are completely missing the point of the years of gun violence that have occurred. >> it's just complete bs. i mean, that is not the problem. there is no other country where -- that has this problem. no other country. the reason why is because kids, young people, people have access to guns and that is the problem. so when you have republicans who are being held hostage by extremist groups like the nra they are not going to do anything, which yet again if young people who are 18 and older want to be listened to, go out and vote in november. trust me, they will listen to you once you exercise your right to vote. >> and, matt, if you look at what pugh research pound when they asked registered voters who didn't vote in 2016 why they didn't vote the number one reason didn't like the candidates, issues, thought their vote wouldn't matter, too busy, illness or disability. how do you change that and have
8:15 am
people understand that the issues are very important even if the two candidates that are being offered to you are not ideal? >> we have to keep talking about it and we have to turn people out for the primaries, too, so the candidates can be ideal. all politics has human stakes. politics decides who lives and who dice. it's not a polite debate society. we need to make that clear and emphasize the blood that's being spilled because people are not voting. i want to quickly touch on something that was said earlier about guidance counselors. mental health is incredibly important and we have failed as a country to adequately address the mentally ill we have here, but other ton countries have mentally ill people, too, but these mass shootings are uniquely american. we can walk and chew gum at the same time, but if we really want to address these mass shootings, shootings in general, then we need to address the gun sickness we have in this country.
8:16 am
>> absolutely. my in-laws in england do not worry about going to school and being shot. it is not a thing that is on their list of things to worry about. i wish we had more time, i'm sorry, we don't have more time. >> joy, my husband is british and it's the same thing and -- >> they don't worry about it. >> we have to have -- those students who have committed these acts, they needed to have the help at school, too. >> right. >> they need to have mental health care, but we have to get control of the guns. >> absolutely. we are -- i'm so sorry, we are out of time. >> send a teacher to congress to teach them a lesson. >> thank you very much. thank you to lane murdoch, matt post and karen mallard. up next, 171 days before the midterm elections and some democrats have one word on their mind, impeachment. kyle: mom! mom! kyle, we talked about this. there's no monsters. but you said they'd be watching us all the time.
8:17 am
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17 years at alta bates, working to save newborn babies in intensive care. then organizing to save our hospital from closing. i'm rochelle pardue-okimoto, and i'm running for assembly because no one should be left behind. rochelle pardue-okimoto for assembly.
8:20 am
we took our prime ministers, we fought for our principles, we put them on paper, we passed them in a law and now we're seeing the fruits of that labor and the blue wave as they say it they want to take it all away. we're not going to let that happen, are we? >> if that blue wave does in fact happen during this year's midterms much more than those gop principles may be at stake. donald trump's very future as president could be at risk should a democratic controlled congress decide that impeachment
8:21 am
is on the table. jill wine-banks and jason politics editor at the root. i am obsessed with this issue of committees. i know it's not the sexiest thing in the world, but the reality is that people say i love elijah cummings but i don't carry the democrats saying if you love him wouldn't you like him to go from being ranking member of the house oversight and government reform committee to the chairman, the guy with the gavel. if you look at financial services, everybody loves aunty maxine. do you know that aunty maxine waters is the ranking member meaning she would inherit the gavel, she would be the chair. and the intelligence committee, adam schiff, he has no subpoena power. wouldn't you like him to have subpoena power. if you are a democrat that wants accountability, shouldn't democrats care more about these committee chairs? >> absolutely. i think we need to get away from this notion that we're going to
8:22 am
impeach and remove the president because that's a two-step process that's nearly impossible. in order to impeach the president you need 218 votes in the house to say yes to articles of impeachment then that goes over to the senate where you need 67 votes to remove the president of the united states so that's basically an impossible feat. that may not happen unless republicans do a 180 and decide that they want to hold this president accountable for any reason. so, yes, we need to stop talking about the "i" word and start talking about the "o" word which is oversight and congress stepping in to look into jared kushner's corruption potentially, to look into what donald trump is doing in terms of using his hotels and profiting off of the presidency. there are a lot of areas where congress can step in and conduct their constitutional duty of oversight. so we should stop talking about impeachment and start talk being that more. >> this is why we wanted to have jill wine-banks in this conversation even though she is not a political prognosticator.
8:23 am
it was very important to have you here because let's look at this for one moment. democrats in order to get congressional majorities they would need to get 23 net seats in the house which would put them barely over, wouldn't give them necessarily a majority big enough to impeach donald trump, in the senate they would need two sits we would give them 51 seats, they would not have the 67 votes needed to impeach. people need to understand that that is a big high hurdle. you served in an era where there were some republicans who were willing even though it was a democratic majority senate and house they were willing to cross over to give democrats that super majority that would have been necessary to impeach richard nixon. i want you to listen to paul ryan, i will readt to you. paul ryan what could happen if, in fact, donald trump were to lose control -- his part of control of the house. he said the president is strong in these states, he is an -- that's not the one i wanted. basically paul ryan said that -- here it is, number four, should
8:24 am
republicans lose control of either the house or senate you will have gridlock. you will have subpoenas, he said. he says the system would shut down. what he basically meant was you would have oversight. so if the current speaker is saying i won't do oversight, we won't do oversight, the only way you get oversight is if you get democrats, is that a system that you recognize having worked on the nixon impeachment? >> it's not just nixon and impeachment or indictment, it is oversight and there was bipartisanship in the nixon administration. yes, the democrats had the majority, but they worked together and it was the republicans who actually went to the president, walked into the oval office and said, you will be convicted in the senate, you have no support among republicans anymore, we've seen the evidence and you have to resign or you will be convicted on the articles of impeachment that have already passed. so there was a time in our
8:25 am
history when democrats and republicans met, talked, compromised, negotiated and got things done and it's time for us to return to that. i cannot even possibly imagine how we are going to go forward if we don't have that, but i agree with your last speaker that oversight would be a terrific thing to have and that a lot could be accomplished without impeachment. >> jason, i've been saying the word depressing a lot today, post wedding coverage it's all downhill from there, the idea that oversight is a purely partisan exercise, right, that when the president is a democrat it's 11 benghazi hearings, 11 separate hearings on benghazi, it's the house oversight and government reform committee constantly dragging members of the obama administration before them for things that they are saying are stand als. as soon as the republican gets there oversight is not something they do. when you flip it you have nancy pelosi responding she is now the
8:26 am
house minority leader saying, yeah, we would do oversight if we were to get control of the house. no duh. we would do that. but she also is saying that impeachment is too toxic, that it would be a gift to republicans, you know, to talk about it but that oversight is something she's saying we would do. what kind of a point have we reached when the only way to get oversight is to have the other party in charge? >> well, it's basically a point where people don't believe in right and wrong and they only care about power. it's one of the reasons that americans tend to like mayors, mayors are like there is not a republican or democratic way to fix a pothole, you just fix it. if you are using your private businesses and using the government to enrich yourself, you should probably be held accountable, whether you're scott pruitt or the president of the united states, but the republicans have decided oversight is only something they can use to go after democrats. i will say this and i think this is important to understand, when pelosi is saying i don't necessarily think that being a jerk is enough to go after the president, the president has been basically blowing his nose on the emoluments clause since
8:27 am
he got into office, engaging in plenty of behavior that would be absolutely impeachable. for the safety and well being of america i don't want to see president donald trump impeached, i think that would be dangerous, i don't want that man out on the streets, i want to see him repudiated at the voting box. that way we can shut down what he represents and everything he has to say. >> that is one reason that people will say impeachment is a bad idea, it would remove him from responsibility. but the second one is a purely political argument, this is nancy pelosi saying that impeachment just talking about it is a gift to republicans. >> impeachment is a very serious matter, it is -- if it happens it has to be a bipartisan initiative. i don't think that we have the information to go to that place and i discourage any discussion of impeachment. on a political side i think it's a gift to republicans to talk about impeachment. >> to that point max has argued in the "washington post" if democrats win the house and
8:28 am
initiate impeachment many strategists will believe it could backfire. >> it's a good point because what trump is thinking about is 2020, he is thinking about his reelection. there is a case to be made that if the democrats take over the house and they do the oversight and they lead to the "i" word that he's going to use that. we know when that comes to message control on that he's actually very good at that because he's talking to his base, his base that is not going to go anywhere but he wants them to be energized and exciting going into 2020 and that's where the political harm can potentially be is him using that for his reelection for 2020 and i could see -- i could see that him thinking that in his head, right? this is going to be my message, that's going to be the boogie man because he likes to have a boogie man and that's what he's going to be using. >> for a lot of democrats trump is the boogie man and impeachment is energizing for democrats. >> it is. >> i think that it's not that we
8:29 am
can't talk about impeachment, it's not about like avoiding discussing the things that donald trump is doing like jason said in the emoluments clause being a good example of a potentially impeachable defense but gerald ford saying it is anything that the people in the house say it is. donald trump is doing plenty of things that could be considered an impeachable offense because it is an a more if i say definition, but i think that democrats need to focus on energizing the base by saying they are going to hold this president accountable and laying out a plan for how they're going to do that. how are they going to conduct oversight and on what issues and i think that that's a much more effective and winning message for democrats in 2018. >> absolutely. we are out of time, but nonsecond quitter jason johnson, what's going to happen on tuesday in that georgia race. >> it took likes stacy abrams will pull it off. >> we could have the first black
8:30 am
woman governor of georgia. if you don't think voting matters ask alabama. >> and progressive -- a progressive black -- >> two stacys running, everybody in georgia get out and vote. this could really be historic. we're going to have to have you guys all come back, we will dish about the royal wedding. still to come we will tell you how jared kushner's latest crack at peace in the middle east is going. - i love my grandma. - anncr: as you grow older, your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate!
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as we have seen from the
8:38 am
protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution. >> the world witnessed a remarkable split screen image on monday when the u.s. opened its new embassy in jerusalem. as jared kushner, donald trump's son-in-law and point man on middle east peace and some major donald trump donors and right wing evangelical allies celebrated the embassy opening. miles away on the gaza border more than 50 palestinians aarp shot and killed in a protest. the company controlled by kushner's family is close to a finalizing a deal with a qatar-linked company to bail out a building. that's likely to raise new concerns about kushner's role in the middle east. back with me malcolm nance, navit jamali, and sara kinsior
8:39 am
author of "the view from flyover country." i'm going to go in reverse order and start with you, sara, you've been tweeting a lot about this. i think you made this point is that when we talked about jared kushner supposedly being the broker for peace in the middle east, we don't talk enough about his own family -- the financial ties between himself and the settlement movement. if you could expound on that. >> yeah, kushner's family, his a father, has had personal ties to netanyahu, kushner's father is also a convicted criminal. the family has investments in the west bank, they have investments in settlements. it's to their financial benefit for there to not be a two-state palestinian solution, for them to back the extremist policies of netanyahu. they may have an ideological goal or objective but they also
8:40 am
have a vested financial interest in traditionally this would be the sort of conflict of interest that would be, you know, deemed inappropriate for someone in kushner's position, of course, in the past you generally don't appoint the son-in-law of the president to oversee the middle east peace policies with a total lack of qualifications. yes, people should definitely be following the money when it comes to the curb in err family and the middle east. >> malcolm, this is somebody who could not retain a security clearance because he had too many unanswered questions when he filled out his forms about who he does business with, he is somebody who is working alongside our ambassador to israel on this project, the ambassador to israel before his appointment as ambassador to israel was david friedman, he is a veteran trump lawyer, headed a fund raising organization that raised tens of millions of dollars for one of the most idea logically radical israeli estimate on the west bank. i remember you talking during the campaign about this promise to move the embassy to jerusalem is such a provocative move in
8:41 am
theory denying the palestinians what they believe to be their capital, what they'd like to have as their capital. is this just lack of foresight in having people who are so tied to the settlement movement running our peace process or do you think the trump administration is sending a message to the palestinians, you're getting nothing? >> well, they sent that message to the palestinians over a year ago when they said you will accept what we offer you through the saudis, by the way, or you're getting nothing anyway because what's happening when you move that embassy to jerusalem you essentially said that the two-state solution is dead and you validate the largest open air prison policy for the west bank in gaza and open it to settlement. can i make a quick point because i know you will transition to it, that's small beans compared to this cqatari stuff.
8:42 am
they had a meeting and out of that came -- i guess there was discussions that they may have asked for assistance on 666 fifth avenue to bail them out. th we like a bilon dollars in debt. thatidn't happen and then within s months the saudis and emiratees started blocking qatar. after that the restart through the white house and kushner start essentially doing things which please the kushner and trump families and now everything is back and the qataris are baling out that building. i think that story is the next gigantic indictment-filled scandal because it really goes to beyond the fact that he's an employee of the united states government, this could be a massive bribery scheme and that is par for the course for the middle east. we want to exercise influence, you pay them. >> i remember on this very show we asked last year attempted to
8:43 am
find out from the white house, they were not pleased with this question whether or not when jared kushner was making these trips to assault and battery and becoming friends with the crown prince there wlns he was asking or inquiring about 666 fifth avenue. for those who have not been tolling it in 2007 the kushner family buys this property, they paid $1.8 billion for it, by 2012 a realty trust bought 49.5% of the office, theres a huge balloon payment due next year. they came close to a deal with a chinese insurance company that fell apart to refinance that. charles kushner meets whhe cuttinaner f minister where funding was discussed in 2017. thereafter when the qataris said no, they get block dated by the uae and saudis. 2019 the $1.4 billion mortgage is due and as "vanity fair" reports -- given the long
8:44 am
standing speculation about jared's alliances about mohammed ben sal tan and ben zaid, the bottom line being it appears a change of heart happened when qatar said no they ended up block kaded by saudis who are partners in our version of the palestinian peace deal and suddenly they said yes. >> this is at the heart of this what we're really -- what it comes to trump cabal what we're asking is the difference between quid pro quo and pay to play. with up is you're using your influence to negotiate something advantageous to the united states, the other is using your position and influence to negotiate something that the advantageous to you. look, this is not new as sara has reported on, you know, ad nauseam donald trump is a private citizen, i don't say this lightly, he was a crook. this is a man who before he entered the presidency settled a $25 million lawsuit against trump university. everyone who surrounded him did
8:45 am
business this way. the difference is now they are in a position where they are representing the united states, supposed to be doing things that are in the interest of the united states and they're using that position not to do things that are beneficial to the united states but to them. i don't know about the criminality of this but i know the morality of this, it's wrong. as dr. jason said in the last segment this is something if you feel strongly this is a voting issue. i don't know if donald trump is going to be impeached but i know we need to remember this, we need to remember that these are people involved a long history of acting this way and will continue doing that. if that's how want representing this country, if that's the ideals that you think this country represents you need to take a long, long look in the mirror. for those who don't, vote. >> let's read from the "washington post," the firm that seems likely to invest in 666 fifth avenue they issued a statement about qatar and saying brookfield asset management they have a real estate firm partially owned by the sovereign
8:46 am
wealth fund of cuttinger. they said no qatar linked company has investment in or no, ma'am of this potential transaction which seems odd to me if they are partly owned by qatar. but we will make hour sure that statement gets on the record. i am interested in qatar in general, sara, because they have been in the bailout business before. you know, after 2014 when the exxonmobil deal fell apart because the obama administration sanctioned rosnef and the man who led the company personally, qatar stepped up and bought up part of rosnef. they have a lot of money washing around in this world that includes a lot of oil and a lot of donald trump. donald trump is trying to do business in doha. what do you make of their leverage they are in or out depending on how nice they are to american business big folks. >> when it comes to the trump administration you basically have the question of what's going on. is it extortion or is it bribery? i think with qatar we've seen a lot bit of both.
8:47 am
when trump took power he basically put a sign on the white house lawn saying u.s.a. going out of business sale and all over the world you have seen, you know, the worst representatives, the worst businessmen and leaders of many different countries trying to get a piece of this action because they knew that they could exploit the situation to their benefit. so qatar if that sense is not very different than others but it is worth examining the 666 fifth avenue purchase because i agree that this is kind of a tip of the iceberg of a larger, you know, financial and criminal problem that this family is having. >> he certainly had a very big need for money and he somehow got the money. thank you very much to malcolm nance and you all. up next, the newlyweds who captivated millions this morning. (vo) why are subaru outback owners always smiling? because they've chosen the industry leader.
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8:52 am
>> for richer, for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> in sickness and in health. prince harry and meghan markle and now husband and wife, and duke and duchess of sussex, in front of millions around the world and 600 friends. i'm joined by martin lewis who hang out for four hours. it went by like a breeze. >> it was fun and lovely folks on the panel. we had fun and shared insight. >> so, it was interesting sitting next to you watching those sitting in that church. the most reverend michael curry, the bishop of the anglican
8:53 am
church, episcopal church. and that song "stand by me." >> it might be for producers where they do a song "springtime" as it was. and people thought, the younger people, wow, instead of it being a stuffy ceremony, it was meingf this chaplin was referencing martin luther king jr. and talking about jesus, and john lennon, all you need is love. this was magnificent. >> it was like bishop william barber giving the service. even the cake was different. normally, they have yucky fruitcake. that is the cake, a delicious lemon elderflower indicate by
8:54 am
buttercream. designed by a pastry chef claire ptak, who meghan got to know. >> it's perfect, it's low-carb and can put it in the museum of art. i have to say, hadn't america had a bit of a falling out. something to do by taxing. why do you expect revenue from tea? he should have taxed on coffee. the barista tax would have made money. but now, we are united again, so i thought it would be fun to bring out george washington's original u.s. flag. in 1776. it has the union jack in it. >> wow. wow. that could have been our flag? >> that could have been our flag. george washington used it but it was designed by john paul jones from the u.s. navy. that was before he became the bass player for led zeppelin. >> you know, the union jack is a
8:55 am
very attractive flag. let's just be honest. i have a pair of boots, doc martens with it on it. it's an interesting looking flag. americans are obsessed with the british royals more than britons are. >> james robert shaw said britain america. two separated by a language. however, i think there's going to be a cementing of that relationship. >> and talk about how having a biracially black princess, american, divorcee, all of the things you're not used to being, southeastern queen charlotte, we could have a debate about charlotte being black. how is that going to change or will it change society? >> it will change. britain has become a multicultural society on the surface. but what's happening underneath
8:56 am
there's been that festering. rather than as we saw the rise of populism with trump. what happened is it's accepted towards grievances. saying it's politically correct. and i don't care. in britain, they have that same problem. what's going to happen now, young people did not have those pregnancy, young people are going to say, wow, a very proud biracial lady, now she's part of the royal family, yes, we can. it's going to be very important in britain. i think it's a wonderful message in dispopian times. >> what is fascinate iing megha
8:57 am
markle were at reverse. >> the obamas were at the wedding today in spirited. >> thank you for hanging out with me. more "am joy" after the break. our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. fthere's flonase sensimist.f up around pets. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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