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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 22, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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question, that's why we follow it, even though it isn't a midterm message on the ground. if you don't understand russia's role in the election, nothing else matters. >> i think that's exactly right. the issue at stake here is you have a major candidate for an office of presidency, now the president, who was at best indifferent to the foreign meddling by an american adversary into a sacred american tradition, and that's the heart of the russia story. >> that's just what we know. my thanks to you. that does it. "mtp daily." sorry i'm late. hey. >> that's okay. thank you very much. if it is monday, dems fighting words. good evening, i am katy tur in
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for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." t minus 15 days, and with two weeks to go until election night, momentum is going to be everything. so which side is going to have it in the all important final sprint to the finish and how are they going to get it? democrats seem to think they're going to get it by focusing on health care, and president trump is hammering the issue of immigration. you're looking at live pictures out of las vegas, nevada, where president obama took the stage just moments ago, making his return to the midterm campaign trail for democrats. he's talking a lot about health care for one thing. right now he is going off on republicans on the issue of pre-existing conditions. more on that in a moment. but it is clear this rally is all about one thing and one thing only, and that is turnout. >> you go ahead and take a seat. i have a lot to say. this november's elections are more important than any i can remember in my lifetime, and that includes when i was on the
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ballot. that's saying something. >> in addition to president obama on the trail, joe biden is hitting the stump for democrats as well. he is looking to fire up that base. this afternoon, he ripped into president trump while rallying for democrats in florida. >> we have a president who's put his own selfish interest ahead of the country. a president who is trying to amass power so he can abuse the power. i never thought i would see the day where neo-nazis, crawling out from rocks with lighted torches, with crazed expression on their face, carrying nazi flags. america already knows who donald trump is. they've got to make sure they know who we are. >> so that right there is a bit of the turnout message for democrats, and here is what
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they're going to be up against. >> democrats produce mobs. republicans produce jobs. that's become hash tag. the democrats don't care that a flood of illegal immigration will bankrupt our country. this will be the election of kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order, tax cuts, and common sense. >> and with just 15 days to go, president trump is doubling down on the issue of immigration or more accurately put, the fear of immigration to energize republican voters. today he warned there's a caravan headed to the southern border with criminals and unknown middle easterners mixed in. it is a national emergency. i assume he meant emergency. let's assume it is emergency. blame the democrats and remember the midterms. let's bring in tonight's panel.
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jonathan lamier, jillian tent, and susan del percio. there are two opposed messages. the democrats learned the lesson from 2016, can't totally focus on donald trump and how horrible he is, we think. we need to focus on some substance as well. that's why we see them hitting health care over and over again. donald trump, meanwhile, is going back to his basics and what worked for him. it is interesting because when i was on the road, all i heard about was health care, over and over again from republicans and democrats alike, so i wonder if the republican messaging from trump himself is broad enough to get anybody out beyond the after i did donald trump voter -- avid donald trump voter. >> it is a greatest hits in some ways. he revived immigration or fear of immigration as sort of his
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closing argument with two weeks until the election day. people are already starting to vote. and we are talking about the wall, they seized on this caravan, this image, kavanaugh ankara van. newt gingrich provided that sound bite about a week ago on fox news, trump seems to have seized on that, made that a big part of what he is doing. they believe the contentious hearings over justice kavanaugh electrified republican voters. it is unclear whether that energy will remain next two weeks. so this close to the end, you think the final sprint, people would still be fired up about it, but less so than perhaps had he been denied a seat, then there would have been anger. now, he's in, we win. now they're trying to lean on something else. economic messaging doesn't seem to have worked enough. now we have a phantom tax cut plan. >> he throws out, before november, and meanwhile, the house isn't in session before november, congress is not in session. >> and associated press colleagues who talked to people on the hill have no idea what he
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is talking about. there's no momentum for this to happen. >> put aside the fact the reason democrats are talking health care now is it is hard for them to talk about the economy because the economy is growing and growing pretty strongly. one thing that's striking thus far, doesn't seem like the trade war issues are hurting the overall economy at all. yes, they're hitting specific pockets, but it is hard for the democrats now to come up with a coherent alternative economic message or to go to voting base and say look, the president has messed up the economy, you should vote for us. >> two number one issues according to polling are the economy and health care, and while donald trump gets points for the economy, it is not entirely clear that voters want to give him all of the credit for the economy. when it comes to health care, i think voters are clear on who is going to be -- the republicans i talk to on the road last week, when i asked what they cared about and when they would say health care, i said do you trust the democrats or the republicans on health care, and anecdotal,
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obviously, they said the democrats. these were the republicans, these were not the democrats which i imagine is why you hear someone like president obama obviously near and dear to his heart, going out, talking about health care a moment ago. let's listen to that. >> let me say something as the person who actually passed the law that prevents people with pre-existing conditions from being discriminated against, i can tell you that they have no way of protecting pre-existing conditions with anything they've proposed. they're just saying it. they're just making it up. >> let's talk about them just saying it before i go to you, susan. you have republicans like josh hawley saying in missouri he wants to protect pre-existing conditions, he is invoking his son.
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he is one of the ags suing to repeal obamacare. republicans remember, they have been in control of congress. they had the chance to repeal and come up with a replacement, that did not happen. yet you see ads like this and interviews like this. let's watch. >> we totally support people with pre-existing conditions. >> i have never said we need to get rid of pre-existing conditions. i support legislation to make sure it stays. >> in wisconsin everyone living with pre-existing conditions is covered now, as long as i am governor it will always be covered in the state of wisconsin. >> let me read the republican bill i voted for. section 137. nothing in this act shall be construed as permitting health insurance issuers to limit access to individuals with pre-existing conditions, unambiguous. >> congressman dated, people like my little boy with a pre-existing condition should be covered under the law. >> congress had a chance to do this. >> of course they did. let's not forget, health care is another economic issue. that's what a lot of people are
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thinking when they go there. yes, pre-existing conditions are extremely important, but people are looking that they can't afford their ral afford their rates and hit deductibles. it is the perfect foil for the democrats to use. you can't go genagainst the economy, but you can use it as a sound economic issue that's still hurting you very hard. so it works for the democrats in that regard. and of course donald trump is going to go to immigration because that's what kicked him off. this is really not about the other knlcandidates, it is abou donald trump when he is campaigning. that's the difference. donald trump is out there campaigning for him, trying to solidify his base, whereas democrats are trying to change the voter turnout model so they get new voters out there. >> i wonder -- go ahead. >> one thing that's interesting about the day is appearance of
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joe biden because i have been speaking a lot to people around donald trump's team who are doing the polling and number crunching, the teamworki workin the last election, and a lot of people think it is a struggle to beat joe biden. he pulls in crowds and has enthusiasm. interesting to see if he gets more prominent in the coming days or not. >> i think you're right. donald trump is trying to come up with nicknames to stick to joe biden. >> 1% joe is the new one. he got 1% in iowa caucus in one of the runs for president. joe biden is several years oe oemder -- older than trump, comes with a couple of failed presidential runs. certainly he does perhaps present a more challenging opponent than some of the others, but i think that trump at this point is reasonably
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confident. >> we'll get into 2020 in a while, i don't want to step on that. my question, john, maybe best posed to you, this feels a lot to me like 2016. it feels like the conversations being had on tv news and news rooms and by republican strategists or democratic strategists is set. there's going to be a blue wave, the democrats have the momentum in the house, the senate is definitely going to be held by the republicans, it just feels like there's a lot of confidence about how things are going to go in the same way everybody had confidence in 2016, and maybe it is because i lived through 2016, i'm certainly cynical and skeptical that it will turn out the way everyone expects it to. >> one person that does say reminds me of 2016, trumdonald trump. we interviewed him last weerk ad he feels the ground swell is like what he benefitted from two years ago. people not picked up by polls
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are outraged over kavanaugh and immigration and will turn out and vote like they did last time, even though his name is not on the ballot, but i certainly agree. any of us being in prediction, it is a little fool hardy. we are gun shy of doing that. the normal rules of politics seem to have changed and donald trump is a major player in that, even though he is not up for election now, he hovers over this. we should be prepared for any outcome. >> you look at the polling numbers, nbc, "the wall street journal" poll today essentially showing donald trump has the highest approval rating of his entire presidency, 47%. that's striking. and he hasn't campaigned hard. >> he is back on the road, talking to reporters again, saying what he wants to say, whatever comes to top of his mind, he is throwing out things like a tax plan that have no basis in reality, he is saying a lot of things that aren't true
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on a daily basis, and talking about a caravan, wants everybody on television to talk about the caravan. i talked to a dhs official last week about this, and they were saying this is something that they believe is good for them to get covered. like the administration wants us to talk about the caravan because images of the caravan and my granigrants -- >> he floated the idea that they're behind the caravan. argument could be made the other way, certainly not a political party behind it, but it benefits the republicans. the message he is trying to get out there, plays to those fears. >> the problem is there are trump voters that hate washington. so trump, even though he says vote for him is a vote for the
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candidate to vote for him, he is not on the ballot. there's also that fear. whereas democrats have fear in a different way, not fear, anger in a different way because of the result of the 2016 elections, and that's the major difference between 2016 i think and today. >> can i say one other thing from the point of view of the economy, i was in the white house friday, talking to some senior team there, they made two important points. firstly, if there are any more signs of stock market wobbling or falling, they're going to present it as investors fear of blue wave, and the idea investors will roll back deregulation reform. >> use whatever is happening to their advantage. >> looking very much to the stock market. if they're in the stock market between now and election day, that will definitely be played by the republicans. they will try anyway. second point from the tax cuts, it is interesting. yes, donald trump tossed out this idea of a tax cut for the middle class, the other issue
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that they're looking at closely is trying to take some corporate tax cuts and make them permanent. insofar as people are putting personal income through small companies, you're basically looking at them being able to stand up and say we're giving permanent tax cuts or permanent tax rates of 18, 20%. >> set up a corporation, funnel the earnings through yourself. >> which the trump team have experience of, and helps small businesses. >> doesn't generally help the middle class. many people are making corporations for themselves. >> the ideas being tossed around. >> wage salary employees versus what you talk about are small bit businesses that set up an llc. i have one, it is normal, that's what you do in starting your own business. it is common. salary employee is a different thing, a tax cut would effect. those are two completely -- >> there's an attempt to look at
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♪ today is a good day to make a plan for your financial goals and your everyday ones too. pnc can help. we'll be with you every step of the way. let's start today. ♪ like a big pizza pie, ♪ that's amore. ♪ when the world seems... ♪ applebee's new neighborhood pastas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. one thing we know, we are looking at unprecedented enthusiasm or anger for both parties. on the same day, thousands began to line up before sunrise to attend a president trump rally
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with ted cruz in houston. thousands gathered to cheer on cruz's opponent beto o'rourke. they join more than 5 million americans nationwide that already voted, already voted in this year's midterms. and that should come as no surprise when you consider the new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll that finds that 65% of all registered voters have a high interest in this year's election. that's the largest number since 2006. which party is benefitting most from early voting is a question we need to answer. to help do that, let's go to mark murray, senior political editor for nbc news. mark, when i go out and talk to voters, i hear health care more than anything else. that is anecdotal. what do the numbers and polling show you, what are voters caring mostly about? >> according to the nbc, "the wall street journal" poll yesterday, the economy and jobs
2:21 pm
is issue number one, close second is health care. and there's an interesting divide as you mention. democrats are the ones talking health care, republicans are the ones talking the economy and jobs. some of the other issues democrats are talking about, the middle class, republicans are talking about immigration. but clearly this kind of jobs, economy versus health care is the big issues that are going on and what we are seeing play out in ads and races across the country. >> who is it benefitting more, the up tick in enthusiasm, the up tick in early voting? >> well, one on the enthusiasm, what you see now are two fired up political parties, and normally in a midterm environment, katie, you have one party out of power that's fired up, the party in power isn't. that was the dynamic in 2006. this is two fired up sides.
2:22 pm
it isn't even going to be 2016, it is an electorate we have never seen before. all kinds of outcomes are very possible. and as you mention, how is that enthusiasm playing out in some early voting, we end up having tea leaves in early important states like florida, nevada, and arly vote in right now according places like arizona and florida seems to be benefitting republicans. more republicans are turning in ballots, more democrats turning in ballots so far in nevada. but not only are these tea leaves, they're incomplete. one of the reasons why, a lot of early voting, ones that traditionally benefit republicans are vote by mail. and republicans normally have a big advantage there. democrats have the big advantage in the in person voting where you go in to the voting place and cast ballots, and that's on-going. a place like florida hasn't started the statewide early voting yet, so we need to check
2:23 pm
the numbers a couple of weeks from now. then there's one other caveat, no idea how the independent votes break. so they are tea leaves, it is fun to watch, but don't give you the whole picture. >> they do not. the most important issues, third thing was change in washington. when economy, jobs, health care, then change in washington, how large was percentage that wanted a change in washington and what does that say to you? >> the poll showed republicans with a one point advantage on the question on which party better handles trying to change washington. that was a surprise, given it is republicans that are in charge. we have seen democrats leaning in to health care, not talking as much about a culture of corruption or their own version of draining the swamp, trying to bring change. they want to stick to pocketbook
2:24 pm
issues, talk health care. one of the big reasons why i talk to democratic strategists and that do focus groups, they believe voters get more depressed the more you talk about washington and donald trump, in a way leaning in on health care is something you're able to talk about, an issue that doesn't demoralize your base or segment the base that don't want to talk about the president. >> i'm going to ask you, you did so much prognosticating, following the close closely, when you look at 2016 and today, do you feel there's a big difference, does it feel the same to you? what's your take? >> my take is, katie, one, elections are always unpredictable. one thing you can say, who has the advantage, who would you rather be. going into 2016, i was of the mind set i would rather be hillary clinton than donald trump. he ended up winning, it was still a possibility he could win. going into 2018 for the house of representatives, you would rather be the democrats, but there's still a chance that republicans can hold onto power
2:25 pm
in the house of representatives. one of the great things about elections and following this, there are so many different possibilities that can occur. but i think one thing to keep in mind in 2016, usually conventional wisdom is wrong, so i think what we should do with this unpredictable electoral environment is expect the unexpected. >> expect the unexpected. a good motto to go by. mark murray, thank you so much. >> thanks. bipartisan outrage growing over the jamal khashoggi killing, but president trump is still defending saudi arabia's crown prince. how should congress respond? i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner that's...
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going to the middle of the caravan, take your cameras and search. search. no, no. take your camera, go into the middle and search. you're going to find ms-13, and middle eastern and you're going to find everything. and guess what, we're not allowing them in our country. we want safety. >> ms-13 and middle eastern. welcome back. that was president trump just a few hours ago talking about the migrant caravan making it through mexico, doubling down on what he said about it on twitter. the president said sadly looks like mexico's police and military are unable to stop the caravan headed to the southern border of the united states. criminalers and unknown middle easterners are mixed in.
2:30 pm
julie ainsley did checking on that and a few other things the president has been saying about migrants. first, former senior intelligence official still briefed on intelligence tells nbc news there's no evidence of any middle east terrorists because let's read it the most generous way, he is talking middle east terrorists, hiding in the caravan. last year immigrants accounted for less than 1 in 100 apprehended at the border. the president also tweeted he alerted border patrol and military that this is a national emergency. again, misspelled emergency if you're reading along. senior officials from u.s. customs and border protection tell nbc news they have not received special instructions how to deal with the caravan if and when it arrives at the u.s. border. the president also blamed democrats for not giving republicans the votes to change immigration laws. keep in mind, republicans have
2:31 pm
controlled both chambers of congress since donald trump took office, yet lawmakers haven't passed any immigration reform legislation during his presidency. and it isn't congress but rather federal courts that kept the trump administration from implementing many of the president's wishes when it comes to immigration reform. more "mtp daily" when we come back. olay regenerist wipes out the competition; hydrating better than $100, $200 even $400 creams. with our b3 complex,
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welcome back. president trump is casting some doubt on the saudis' explanation for the death of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> you know what, i'm going to go shortly. i have a great group of people in turkey now, a great group of people in saudi arabia. we will know very soon. we have tremendously talented people that do this very well, they're coming back tonight, tomorrow, and i will know very soon. and i am not satisfied with what
2:35 pm
i've heard. >> yet he told "the washington post" over the weekend he would like to see crown prince muhammed bin salman to remain in power, calling him a strong person that truly loves his country. that's in contrast to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> the crown prince has his fingerprints all over this. >> i feel certain the crown prince is involved and directed this. that's why we cannot continue to have relations with him. >> if he has gone forth and murdered this journalist, he's now crossed the line and there has to be a punishment and price paid for that. >> meanwhile, germany announced it will halt arms sales with saudi arabia, but will that encourage allies like the u.s. to do the same? i am joined by rhode island senator jack reed, top democrat on the armed services committee. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> do you believe that we should stop our arms sale deal with
2:36 pm
saudi arabia the same way that germany is doing, the same way that chancellor angela merkel announced today? >> i think we should suspend arms sales until we have a full, complete, thorough investigation that's credible, that is an international investigation, not one conducted by the saudis or one influenced by the saudis, and we should wait for that suspend any arms sales. the last proposal before the senate was june of 2017, i voted against it. it was precision guided munitions. we have to send a signal to the saudis they have to respect international norms. >> do you believe there's any chance that mbs, the crown prince, did not know about the khashoggi interrogation and then killing, that he was not involved? >> i believe that he was aware of what was going on, the detail is something that should be subject to careful
2:37 pm
investigation. particularly convinced once the incident took place, he was fully aware of what was going on and had for many, many days, total denial, total obfuscation of what went on, so there's a k culpability here. >> the president is sometimes more skeptical than other times but emphasized over and over that the u.s. needs this arms deal and the folks that could be employed by the arms deal don't need to suffer for a killing like this essentially. what should congress do independent of the president of the united states? >> well, what we should do after again clarifying facts with a thorough investigation consider very seriously sanctions so we have the act passed because of activity in russia that we found
2:38 pm
abhorrent, put those types of sanctions against culpable individuals in saudi arabia. we have to look and see who was involved, how far the involvement went up of leadership levels, but people should be held responsible for this. if we don't, then we are tolerating, which is something this is horrid. >> if it goes up to mbs, what would sanctions look like against him? >> well, sanctions can be imposed on holdings you have outside of your own country, particularly holdings in the united states, could be restrictions on travel, lots of factors that could be introduced. but it would send a message, a powerful message that we're not going to tolerate this type of behavior. >> rand paul thinks he should be replaced. do you? >> i think again it helps to have the facts and we have to get the facts, but if they continue to try to disrupt -- >> if he was involved or knew about it -- >> if the facts show he's involved, i think he should go
2:39 pm
frankly because i think the best interests of not only the world community but of saudi arabia would have someone who is in authority that would respect basic norms and this killing of khashoggi violates fundamental norms. >> let's talk about the relationship between saudi arabia and donald trump specifically. last week, a group of senate democrats sent a letter to donald trump and his organization, the trump organization, seeking full accounting of any financial ties between the trump organization and saudi arabia. i presume you have not heard back about that? >> i have not heard personally, no, but the president has himself stated how he has sold multiple condominiums and apartments and other real estate to saudi arabians over the years, made quite a bit of money, so this relationship that exists, he even admitted that. >> again, you're right, apartments sold to saudi arabia, kingdom of saudi arabia in one of donald trump's buildings,
2:40 pm
donald trump sold one of his yachts, $20 million, to a former crown prince of saudi arabia. they stay at his d.c. hotel. if democrats are able to retake control of the house do you believe there should be investigations into the financial interactions between donald trump's organization and saudi arabia? >> i think that would be something that should be seriously considered and probably pursued. i think the first challenge would be first let's get to the bottom of this terrible case with the killing of khashoggi. and if that points in the direction of involvement, entanglement of anyone else outside saudi arabia, we should look there. >> his conflicts of interest, he hasn't divested from his business, there are questions about how much money he has all around the world, how much business he has all around the world, and whether or not any of that is influencing his decision making. are you confident the president of the united states is making decisions independently of his
2:41 pm
pocket and in the best interest of the american people when it comes to foreign policy? >> well, he's injected this skepticism by his refusal from the beginning to release his income taxes, by his comments on the campaign trail about how saudi arabia, he sold properties through them. i think he owes the american people a clarification, a clear, incontestable divulging, showing no involvement. staying technically involved in the trump operation, organization just leads to suspicion which hurts the ability of the american people to have confidence that every decision is made without any recognition of personal gain or personal profit. >> donald trump on another subject said that russia has been in violation of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty, inf.
2:42 pm
he is not the first president to say that, president obama said it as well. but he is the first president to say he could withdraw from the inf. do you think he should? >> i think that would begin to solely unwind the arms control regime that's built up over many, many decades that has not reversed possession of nuclear weapons but had a check on them. then i think we have a start agreement that will be negotiated to be renewed, which covers ballistic intercontinental missiles. so i think that's a dangerous step to step away right now. we have the ability to respond to these types of weapons, i hope we don't have to, but i think at this point the real problem is beginning to slowly undermine an arms control regime that brought some stability to the international situation over many, many years.
2:43 pm
>> how confident do you feel about the democrats' chances of retaking the house or potentially the senate in a couple of weeks? >> i feel very good. i think the enthusiasm is there, i think the issue that's most striking and compelling is the issue of health care. senator mcconnell said he is going to try to repeal the affordable care act, which means pre-existing protections for millions of americans will go away. you talk to people about medicare, social security, medicaid, when again senator mcconnell talks about balancing the budget after the tax cuts produced a tremendous deficit by going after medicare, social security, and medicaid, i think that's worry some to middle incomes. >> senator jack reed, thank you very much. >> thank you.
2:44 pm
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that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. with that music, you know it is time for meet the midterms. last night was debate night in one of the most watched races in the country. the candidates vying for next governor of florida traded barbs
2:46 pm
on the economy, race, and president trump. >> do you think president trump is a good role model for the children of florida? >> well jake, my wife and i were poking fun at ourselves because of the way the campaign was going. i'm proud of my family though. i don't read "the art of the deal" to my son mason. he is a great kid but that's not necessarily his cup of tea. here's what i know. i was passionate about moving our embassy from tel aviv. andrew opposed that. >> i'm confused by the question. >> whether he thinks president trump is the good role model for the children of florida. >> that's where i was confused. no, he's not. donald trump is weak. >> a poll released hours before, shows gillum reading desantis by 12 points. we have much more on all of the races in florida and what's driving voters in the country's largest swing state tomorrow on "mtp daily" on our meet the
2:47 pm
midterms show, heads to the road in tampa. chuck will be live at the barefoot beach bar at whiskey joe's. lucky chuck. if you're there, come join us. first 50 people in get a special "mtp daily" prize. we have much more "mtp daily" from here in new york right after the break. - [narrator] if you want serious cleaning with a cord-free vacuum, you need a shark. because only shark's cord-free lineup has duo-clean technology so you can deep clean carpets and give hard floors a polished look. and with two swappable batteries at maximum suction, our shark ion f80 gives you more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. and now shark takes cord-free beyond stick vacuums by introducing a full upright model. shark ion cord-free vacuums available in stick and upright. by introducing a full upright model. ♪ with venus, you're in charge of how your skin feels. so, when the world expects you to follow the rules,
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2:50 pm
rafters, looked down, the crowd was booing cruz. and lying ted is my favorite donald trump nickname. today he calls him beautiful ted, although he did say he did not regress, suggesting that did cruz's father may have killed kennedy. >> and ted cruz refused to -- >> it was the day after he accepted the nomination. >> everyone is like, great, he's going to move to the center and be normal. >> he was supposed to thank his supporters. he not only went after ted cruz's father for killing kennedy, he insulted his wife's appearance. >> but tonight, ted cruz is going to be rallying with him. which is why people hate politics. >> it's like a wrestling match. donald trump built up so much of his brand among his television viewers through wrestlers. this is like a wrestling match.
2:51 pm
the switching of allegiances, the melo drama. >> should the republicans be as confident in texas as they are claiming they are? >> yes. not because of donald trump, but because texas is not ready to swing blue yet. it will go there, and the democrats are very smart to keep making the investment that they are in texas. but it's not there yet. >> it was take a surge of first-time voters, the polls have not quite picked up on. >> republicans have a million voter registration advantage. in 2020, you have a people hitting the road. we talked about joe biden. he's been stumping for andrew gillam and other democrats. kamela harris made her first appearance in iowa. let's listen to what she said. >> this is a moment in time that is requiring each of us, and collectively as a country, to look in a mirror and ask a
2:52 pm
question, and that question is -- who are we? and i believe that part of the answer to that question is, we are better than this. we are better than this. we are better than this. >> there's no spark there. i mean, i know she's feeling for 2020, and i think she -- if you're on the progressive side, she has a very good resume. but there's no spark there. there's no beto o'rourke. there's nothing to really energize when it comes to her. that's the one thing i think she doesn't have behind her. she doesn't know how to spark that crowd. >> i would hate to say it, but i agree. she hasn't got the charisma, and the question of -- you imagine her up against -- on the debating stage against donald trump, you know, who would end up energizing that audience
2:53 pm
more? >> what about bernie sanders? he was in ft. dodge, iowa on sunday. here's what he said. >> i happen not to believe that there's going to be this great blue wave. i happen to believe that on election night, which party controls the u.s. house will come down to a very few seats, and one of those seats could be the fourth congressional district here in iowa. >> you talk about energy. i mean, he and harris have the same amount of energy there. is there a difference? is it unfair to judge harris by her energy in that last sound bite if you're going to show bernie sanders right there. >> bernie sanders has already proven he can electrify big crowds. whether that's transferrable to this time around, we'll see. but he's struck a cord on the progressive part of the party. that energy is still there. i mean, i think he's already proven that he can get people
2:54 pm
out there. i also think he's right in terms of election night, it is going to come down to a handful of seats in both houses. i think for senator harris, it's too early to say. in my opinion. she just started this out. she certainly was one of the people who made a name for herself, not all good or bad during the kavanaugh hearings. she's just getting her sea lugs under her. >> this is a very simplistic way, but the candidate that might do best against donald trump is least vulnerable to a donald trump nickname and having that stick. that's my very rudimentary analysis for 2020. >> or someone that's been somewhat unconventional like bernie sanders, or even joe biden, because they don't play by the typical politician playbook. they're always a little bit of a loose cannon, and that's what donald trump is not doing too well against. >> we have so much more time until 2020. any conversation we have now is completely useless. i'm sorry to everybody at home.
2:55 pm
it's still interesting to talk about. because you look back two years from now and say listen, we had that conversation. >> maybe it will be beautiful ted. >> and now i'm just trying to justify. guys, thank you. we'll be right back. what would it look like... ...if we listened more? could the right voice, the right set of words, bring us all just a little closer, get us to open up, even push us further?
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
it made its way to d.c. earlier this month, cruising down the potomac river on a barge. the boeing 747 is the center piece of a new exhibit called the air force one experience, which just opened to the public. got to say, that does seem pretty cool, but i do think that one part of the experience may be missing. >> it's the most famous airplane in the world. carrying the most powerful person in the world. but forget about being president. what's it like to be a journalist covering him? now, you can find out first hand with the air force one press pool experience. experience all the excitement of sitting on the tarmac, waiting for the commander in chief, hours of waiting. feel the crunch of sweat-inducing deadline pressure, while sitting upright for 14 hours. feel the strain of loading your bags of heavy equipment into the overhead compartments.
3:00 pm
meet special guests and ask them questions that never get answered. >> we'll see what happens. >> i don't want to comment. >> so set your course for air force one. put your seat in the upright position and get on board today. oh, sadly that part of the exhibit is not real. but honestly, though, in this day and age, shouldn't it be? that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow. "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. ari, you do get a cocktail napkin with air force one engraved into it, though, monogrammed into it if you get a chance to sit on air force one as a reporter. >> what about a toiletry kit? >> we don't get that. i think donald trump gets that. he changed the towels out because he wanted them to be softer, because they weren't as soft as the towels that were on his trump plane. >> well, towels and thread count, those are important things. >> it's air fun


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