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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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sunday night plans because you have to be here with me. my weekend plans now includes spending sunday night here live at 9:00 p.m. we'll have the whole gang here covering the latest >> so that means i'm here tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m.? i am working saturday night in the rachel maddow time slot? >> yep. >> can you leave a little wardrobe behind for me? because it's a 9:00 p.m. look. it's a totally different thing.
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and i'm going to have captain sully here tomorrow night. and i've got our old friend michael moore here tonight sitting right beside me. he can see you but you can't see him. >> lawrence, you were out sick for a long time. do you have a strategy in terms of like keeping your voice and staying upright? i feel like i need advice in terms of how we're going to power through the next week. >> rachel, have i ever looked like a guy with a strategy? >> all right, i'll just do whatever you do. >> thank you, rachel. well, michael moore is here. he's actually sitting right beside me. with the magic of television you can't see me, unless sterling pop into a two-shot at the moment, which is okay. and michael is here because he correctly predicted what was going to happen in our last election, and i did not. and so that is why with four days to go, just four days to
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go, three campaign days until our next election, three days of campaigning left, michael moore will be our first guest here tonight. but first a real present, a person of wisdom, compassion, intelligence and sound dignity went to florida and georgia today to campaign for democratic candidates for governor. >> the real reason i came down to miami because this tuesday might be the most important election of our lifetimes. politicians will always say that, but this time it's actually true. the stakes really are that high. >> the stakes are so high that lifelong republicans are endorsing democrats tonight. john warner is 91 years old. when i worked in the united states senate for some of senator warner's 30 years as a republican senator he was always one of the pleasant decent people with whom i used to disagree with most of the time in the senate.
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our differences were never personal, always just about policy. john warner was good friends with senator mitch mcconnell in those days and tonight he's endorsing democrats in the hope that his former republican friend, mitch mcconnell, will lose control of the senate. john warner is endorsing tim kaine's re-election in his state of virginia. he's also endorsing democrats in-house races in virginia including former cia official abigail spamburger. john warner says abigail has really impressed him. senator warner told nbc news it goes beyond politics now, i'm a republican. i'll finish a republican. as i cruise through my 91st year, but you've got to put the nation's interest and the state's interests ahead of politics. i just feel that the democrats have got superior credentials to
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what is being offered. when asked about president trump today senator warner said he has no inner compass at all. president obama got some trump supporting hecklers in his audience today. and unlike president trump, president obama handled it with grace and patience, no threats. he didn't growl get them out of here. but he did wonder why they're so angry. >> the point is that cutting medicare and social security and medicaid to pay for tax cuts for folks like rick scott does not sound like fighting for a little guy to me.
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you know -- you know, actually i think -- hold on a second. there's an interesting observation i want to make. why is it that -- hold on, hold on, hold on. why is it -- why is it that the folks that won the last election are so mad all the time? it's an interesting question. i mean, like -- like, when i won the presidency at least my side felt pretty good.
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you know, i don't know -- it tells you something interesting. that even the folks who are in charge are still mad. because they're getting ginned up to be mad. >> leading off our discussion now, michael moore, an award winning filmmaker who's latest film is "fahrenheit 11-9." in fact the only one who got it right on this program last night. president obama makes an interesting point there about donald trump and about the republicans who elected him. he's saying why are they still mad? they've won, they've got the power and why are they still mad? >> i wondered the same thing. i've never seen a bigger bunch of sore winners. what more do you want? you got the white house by losing the election.
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she got 3 million more votes, you got the keys to the oval office. what are you still so upset about? it is amazing, i thought that obama's speech was incredible today. >> and it's all about turnout. and so what they are trying to do is get those people to vote who usually don't vote in elections like this. it is quite a challenge as new york magazine revealed by interviewing some voters who do not intend to vote. they are registered voters, and these are younger voters. aaron is 25 years old, and he lives in atlanta, georgia, where one of the most -- i mean it's hard to say one is more important than the other, but hugely important governor's race where the democrats could win the governorship for the first time in as long as i can remember. and it would be america's first african-american woman. listen to what aaron, age 25 in atlanta says about voting because i need you to talk to him.
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he says i volunteered for bernie sanders. i went to many rallies. i was at the first presidential debate in las vegas. and then when he folded and immediately went to defend hillary, a person who's been campaigning against him for 18 months, that just really killed it for me. i just have no respect for that. and he is a political science student. okay, his last line is this. he says so would i vote in the future? i don't know. if somebody came along that was exciting like that, yeah, probably. so can you talk to voters who don't think their candidates are exciting? is there a reason to vote even if you don't find your candidate exciting? >> the non-voters are the largest political party in the country. trump caught 63 million votes, hillary 66 million. and usually mid-terms over 120 million. they're the largest political force. so what i would say to aaron and
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other nonvoters is first of all i understand why a lot of you don't vote. i understand why you think the system is corrupt. it is. i understand why you think the candidates sometimes look like a bunch of old party hacks. they are. i understand why you're fed up, and especially where i come from in the midwest, why you're so upset how the system has failed you. but here's the good news, and can i just speak to aaron directly? >> please do. >> aaron, you have more power than lawrence or i or anyone else because you belong to the largest political force in the country. all the nonvoters out there, you need to understand you hold the power over this election. you control it. you can show up on tuesday and stick it to the man in a way nobody's ever been able to do it because you, these nonvoters, lawrence, are going to control this election. now, just imagine -- >> and aaron lives in georgia
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where it makes a huge difference. >> you can make huge history. we were young once, and they do get upset at how they think things should be a certain way -- >> aaron's an idealist. >> you want them to call that out. you need to have a segment of the population that's calling out the old people nonstop. that's the job of young people. so that's what aaron does. but on tuesday aaron can actually make history in georgia by electing the first black woman to serve as a governor i believe anywhere in the united states. and you can let them have it because here's what trump is so afraid of. he is so afraid of tuesday now, i mean he can't even speak right at the rally, i don't know if it was today or yesterday where he said i had this big momentum --
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>> he was complaining that a mass murder at a synagogue broke his momentum. >> and the man with the mail bombs in a white van, those two broke his momentum and now he's afraid he's going to lose. but here's what happens with a bully and that's what trump is -- if you remember back in school, the important job of the bully was to make sure everyone else was afraid of him. and when people stopped being afraid of the bully the bully lost all his power. and trump is very afraid somehow he's going to lose all his power on tuesday. and the hordes are coming, the brown people from central america are going to come here and commit crimes, and rape your women. the man is out of control right now because he sees the writing on the wall. that doesn't mean, though, he's going to lose. because every time as you've pointed out when i sat here two years ago and said every time
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you think he's going to lose, he wins. when you think kavanaugh isn't going to make it out of the supreme court, he's on the supreme court. so you have to really -- everybody, everybody has to take him seriously. >> well, donald trump is depending on aaron and voters like that in order to win. he can't win unless voters make the kinds of decisions that aaron's describing. and by the way, about this article about these young people not voting that i really appreciate it is they talk about the difficulty of registration. some of them couldn't register, some of them missed deadlines and things like that. we make it as difficult as possible for you to vote so you've got to rise to that challenge. >> i'm just saying, though, if they are watching -- >> what else would they do? >> it's -- if they have a problem on tuesday always say these words, i want a provisional ballot.
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they have to give you a ballot. if they say you're not registered there, you're registered in the wrong precinct or whatever, ask for the provision ballot, and you can vote on tuesday. if there's a close vote, if there's a lawsuit, you want to have your "x" on that ballot so ask for the provisional ballot. i want to say this too about the young voters it's not just young kids like aaron. it's also single moms who have got three kids to feed and they have two job. most other democracies election day is either a holiday or the weekend and/or the boss gives you time off to vote. we don't have that here. so a lot of people that end up not voting, it's simply because they can't vote. if they're sick, if they're disabled, if there's a whole bunch of reasons, we make a very hard as you said. >> listen, i have a very smart lawyer relative in his mid-70s who hasn't changed his address
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in i don't know 40 years who got bumped off the voting rolls in massachusetts. and then when he discovered it, it was too late to register. so we do everything we can to get in your way as a voter in this country. >> right. >> and it forces the voter to take on a real job. >> and the reason why it's made hard is because those in power who are beholden to the rich, to the wealthy who control this country, who buy our politicians in our elections, the last thing that the top 1% want you to do is to show up and have your voice heard. because there's so many more of working people and poor people than there are rich people. so the more that they can make it hard for people to have their voice heard, the more they can continue the status quo. so to upset that status quo, you have to get out there. and most people watching your show are probably going to vote. so what i would say to them is think tonight who are are the five people you know, friends or family, that are nonvoters.
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and if any relatives of aaron are watching -- >> 25 years old in atlanta, aaron. >> any aaron in atlanta is a target. but seriously, though, think of the five people you know that don't vote and make it your mission is to get them to vote. you're going to take them to vote. you're going to have a party. you're going to take lunch off, going to do whatever. i've been encouraging people to take election day off if they can and volunteer, to make phone calls. i can't think of a more important day to sacrifice for your country than this tuesday. and this weekend there's a website called the go to that right now -- during the commercial break. not right now. >> they can use the keyboard. they're multitaskers. >> the, and it can show you what you can do in your zip code tomorrow and
10:16 pm
sunday, be involved. the nonvoters hold the power. >> they control the outcome. >> you own america on tuesday if you're a nonvoter. get out and vote. get out and vote and show how powerful this is. and can i say one more thing -- >> let's do it after the commercial. and when we come back, a couple of things. barack obama said today this is the most important election of our lifetimes. and what i like about the way he said it is he said i know politicians always say that. this time it's really true. i've been through a lot of elections in my lifetime. this is the one that's really true. when we come back, we're going to do that. i also want to talk about the picture of you that was on the van belonging to the man who was accused of sending the pipe bombs around the country. the fbi has talked to you about that picture of you and the way you might be threatened by him and others. and if you're surprised donald trump's former lawyer
10:17 pm
michael cohen, revealing racist things trump has been saying in private then you have not been listening to donald trump in public. and we'll have more of barack obama on the campaign trail in georgia. joy reed is in georgia. she will join us live from georgia. if you have psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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when the arrest was finally made in the case of the mail bombs sent to hillary clinton, george soros and many other critics of donald trump, we saw
10:20 pm
michael moore's picture on the side of the van of the suspect. the picture showed michael moore as if he was being targeted through the scope of a rifle. it turns out michael moore had come closer to the suspect than he realized. the suspect was picked up on michael moore's cameras for michael's latest film "fahrenheit 11-9." right there, there he is. and michael moore is back with us. so you're sitting at home possibly watching the coverage of this, possibly the way i was when they made the arrest. you see the van, you see your face on the van. how do you feel? >> i was -- i was both stunned and the honest truth is honestly i thought, well, at least he used a decent picture. i'm not that quite photogenic. i don't normally see a good picture of myself, no, but seriously i was --
10:21 pm
>> the fbi came to see you about it. >> yes, and the fbi came to see me a couple days later and said they'd found an abundance of research, their words, in his van on me. both on his commuter -- >> a lot more than a picture. >> yes, materials and things in the van. and they were concerned they may be in the system still a package on its way. so they wanted to take the necessary precautions and me to -- listen, i've been at this a long time and it's not really that unusual for me to have to put up with this kind of hate or threats of violence or whatever. you know, it's the country i live it, and that's the way i've had to deal with it. but this week has been a little more -- the security here was very kind to me when i came in. >> yeah.
10:22 pm
when the fbi talks to you about something like this they can't tell you everything they know, but they're trying to be as helpful to you as they can be, and do they invite questions from you? >> yes, they want to know other possible addresses where he might have sent it. and they also said that they decided instead of waiting until the investigation was all completed that they wanted to fill me in as the investigation goes along, not keep me in the dark. and they wanted to -- even though they haven't officially said he was acting alone, they didn't want to make any assumptions just in case. and one of them said actually these guys even in this time that we live in, they don't really act alone because they think they're part of a larger army in a war against liberals and democrats or whatever. >> this is week where candidates make their closing statements of their campaigns.
10:23 pm
what would be your closing statement to american voters? >> 150 years ago today actually my grandfather was born. it's my grandfather, 1868, three years after the civil war. i know you're doing the math at home and thinking you look too young, really to have a 150-year-old grandfather. but we're irish, and the women in my family always married late and had babies. i'm not going to go into it anymore than that. but he moved to united states, he wanted to be a doctor. came to michigan, went to medical school and wanting to be so much a part of this country and became the leader of the republican party in the town where i grew up. but remember he was born in 1868 so the idea of being a republican meant that you were for abolition and you were, you know, against the terrorizing of black people and women should have the vote, it was that kind of republican. today he wouldn't understand any of this. but i do know that by being a
10:24 pm
citizen of michigan, that he -- if he were alive this week, he would want to make sure that the people did the right and the decent thing. all his canadian values in terms of how you treat people and how we want to live in a peaceful world those -- you know, he died just before i turned 3. i have only two memories of him. one of them i'm sitting on his lap and he's playing the irish fiddle. but he was a kind and generous man. and there's a wall in my grandparent's house, there was wallpaper, no book shelves. and today i'm grateful just to be able to tell that story on your show, that this is his 150th birthday, and that i could
10:25 pm
honor him by encouraging my fellow americans to get out and vote on tuesday. take advantage of this. our democracy is fragile right now. there's no guarantee that it'll be here in two years or four years. this is our really perhaps could be our last moment to act. don't give up that moment. the possibilities are tremendous of what could happen on tuesday. and just as well the republicans could hold the house by one seat. and i don't want that feeling on wednesday that we all felt the day after the election on 2016. so everybody to the polls. so many good candidates on the ballot now. so many women, so many progressive people, so many young people voting. this is the moment to have your voice heard and to elect new people. it's a great moment. don't give it up. >> and it is michael moore's grandfather's birthday. michael, thank you very much for joining us. and when we come back former president barack obama on the campaign trail in georgia.
10:26 pm
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president obama went to georgia from florida today to campaign for stacey abrams for governor in georgia. both sides know it's all going to come down to turnout in the georgia race where it is tied. here is some of what president obama told georgia voters tonight. >> i want a leader who stands up for other people's health care even if they've got health care. i want a leader who will stand up for other kids, kids being
10:30 pm
bullied even if their kids are okay. i want a leader who will stand up for somebody else's right to worship as they please even if i disagree with how they worship. because this is america. and that's what all of us need to stand up with clarity and with patriotism and with purpose. those core values that bind us to our fellow citizens no matter who we are. because that's what americans are supposed to do. that's what america's supposed to be. and that's what stacey abrams believes. >> joining us now from atlanta joy reed, msnbc's national
10:31 pm
correspondent and the host of "am joy" on weekends here on msnbc. joy, you were at the abrams event. i hear the president losing his voice there. he is campaigning his voice away. it looks like classic obama out there on the campaign trail. >> yeah, absolutely. that was at moorhouse college. you had a lot of people from the house there, people from spellman university, people from all over and president obama had campaigned earlier in the day from florida obviously for andrew gillum and he made his way to moorehouse to campaign for stacey abrams. he was hoarse. people were chanting vote, vote, vote in the crowd. they were excited to see him. lawrence, it's interesting. i listened to the earlier obama speech in florida and a little bit of the trump latest speech in the car, just as i was driving around today, following around the abrams campaign.
10:32 pm
and i've got to tell you it's sort of like visiting two countries. it's hard to believe these two campaigns exist in the same country. you know, the current president is so focused and so fixated on racial panic, quite honestly, and on fear and on rage. and then you go to these stacey abrams' events like the one in moorehouse and earlier the one i went to in makin', georgia, where you had lewis and the crowds are more diverse. the abrams campaign, two women, something the political mucky mucks tell you you can't do. two women running, one black, one white. it's this incredible coalition of women, and it's hopeful. it's just a different world from what donald trump is presenting. >> and in that different world the discussion of pre-existing conditions and health care policy is something like we've
10:33 pm
never seen. we just have one side just plain lying about it. listen to what president obama said about it today. >> right at election time suddenly republicans are saying they are going to protect your pre-existing conditions when they've literally been doing the opposite. that's some kind of gall. that's some kind of hootspa. let's call it what it is. it's a lie. they're lying to you. >> and, joy, barack obama's not one of those people who easily uses the word lie in situations like this. >> right. and it's interesting because if you followed and i know you did, lawrence, the health care debate. democrats passed it and ran, they tried not to run on it. i remember following around candidates including here in georgia. there was a senate candidate in georgia who didn't want to answer questions if she would
10:34 pm
have voted for the affordable care act if she had been in the senate. she of course lost. but now yum talking to voters today every single stop i went to today, the number one issue on their minds is health care. the number one thing that they want the abrams voters that i spoke to today in georgia, they want the medicaid expansion to happen. and you have two candidates and at least brian kemp isn't pretending. he's made it pretty clear he's not going to expand medicare. if he's governor they'll continue to have 5,000, 6,000 people who can't have medicaid. so democrats, they have turned around their 2014 stance and they are running hard on obamacare. and guess what, people like having health care.
10:35 pm
they've discovered that people actually do like being able to go to a doctor without worrying they're going to go broke. and that is what people i talked today cared about. and the president is right. doing this incredible thing after saying they wanted to rip up obamacare root and branch, some of who are suing to get rid of obamacare, all of the pre-existing conditions and pretending we're going to protect your health care. >> joy, please stay with us, we're going to have more campaign coverage when we come back. also donald trump's former private lawyer, michael cohen, revealed racist things which donald trump has said which should surprise absolutely no one. this is not a bed.
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ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. donald trump grew up in the home of a racist farer father who was arrested at a ku klux klan event in 1927. and then donald trump and his racist father were breath charged by the united states justice department in the 1970s with running a racist real estate company that discriminated against black tenants. and no one should be surprised that michael cohen is now saying he has heard donald trump saying racist things in private. michael cohen telling emily jane fox of vanity fair about some of the poidsen s things he heard from trump. quote, i told trump that the rally looked vanilla on television. and trump said that's because black people are too stupid to vote for me.
10:40 pm
america's most famous public racists including david duke have always been full-fledged trump supporters. david duke knows a racist when he sees one. so the democratic campaigns against trumpism are also campaigns against racism. here's what president obama had to say in georgia tonight campaigning for stacey abrams to become not just the first african-american woman governor of georgia but the first african-american woman governor of any state in the united states. >> in the closing weeks of this election we have seen repeated constant incessant nonstop attempts to divide us.
10:41 pm
with rhetoric that is designed to make us angry and make us fearful. with images and rhetoric that are designed to exploit our history of racial and ethnic and religious division, to try to pit us against one another, to make us believe that things will be better if it just weren't for those who don't look like us. the good news is in four days, georgia, you can reject that politic. we can come together to shape our country's course. that's what stacey stands for. >> joy reid is back with us from georgia. and joy, on the day that we discover to no one's surprise that donald trump says racist
10:42 pm
things in private there is barack obama out there on the campaign trail trying to address this, trying to heal in whatever way he can the racial division that's out there. >> yeah, and i mean again they are presidents of two different countries. and you saw it earlier today when john lewis spoke in makin', georgia, for stacey abrams and talking about what he went through just to have the right to vote. stacey abrams tells a story when she was valid victorian of her high school class, going to the governor's mansion and turned away by the guard who was white and saying you don't belong here. and having her parents who were both methodist ministers having to dress down this white guard who was refusing to let her into the governor's mansion. and the sort of poetic irony she's now running to be the governor of this state -- and i think we tend to consign that history of racism to it distant
10:43 pm
past, and it isn't distant at all. and donald trump is literally making the closing argument to white america. he's saying racial panic. those people are coming to take over your country. those people are invading. brown people are invading. brown people don't belong here. this is our country, and you need to vote for republicans to keep them out. and barack obama is saying no, no, no, this is shared country. this is country where we all can have a piece of it, where we all can share in its benefits, we all have to take responsibility for its history together. they are such different presidents it's hard to imagine they were both presidents of the same country. and i think it is a challenge because donald trump isn't just making that argument to white extremists. he's hoping to migrate that argument to main stream white america. much as richard spencer has
10:44 pm
said, you know, i can migrate this extremist argument to the middle, to get the little discomfort that the ordinary sort of middle of the road white person might feel that sense of discomfort, that there's something wrong with those people. donald trump wants to exploit that. he's made it very clear this is sort of soft civil war he's attempting to launch just for political advantage. and it's kind of gross, but now we also get some confirmation that it isn't just tactics. it's him. it's what he really thinks. >> and the campaigning he's done to the extent he's done it against stacey abrams, donald trump's campaigning has been outright racist. he's actually said she isn't qualified. he just dismissed her as not qualified. she's far better educated than he is. yale law school graduate, and she talked about her qualification -- she doesn't even talk about her own qualification but her own work in a city legislator. she's going to be a guest on
10:45 pm
your program tomorrow morning. i imagine that issue of donald trump saying she's not qualified just might come up there. >> absolutely we're going to have stacey abrams on tomorrow. we're going to then travel to florida to look at the andrew gillum campaign. we're going to talk to people who want this new america to embrace it. do you want this america that sort of tries to retrench or do you want to go forward? so it should be an interesting conversation. >> i have this sound of stacey abrams, and again this is not her refuting donald trump saying he's not qualified, but this is the way she talks about her work on the campaign trail. >> i live these values every day and i use them to solve real problems. as deputy city attorney i wrote the strongest ethics legislation of any georgia city.
10:46 pm
and when i was the house minority leader i blocked the largest tax increase on working families in georgia history. it's the value of responsibility that led me to found an organization to register voters and defend voting rights. >> joy, donald trump doesn't know what he's running against in georgia. >> he absolutely doesn't. i have to say political talent is something that you can't teach. and i have seen in this cycle people like stacey abrams, beto o'rourke, and andrew gillum are political stars. and stacey spoke in front of that small crowd in the rain in makin', georgia, today and then went to moorehouse. and she has just raw, natural political tal want. i've talked to people here black and white who just love her and are devoted to her. i haven't seen this energy since the barack obama campaign, frankly. when i spoke to white abrams
10:47 pm
supporters, they loved her for two reasons they said, education and health care. she's keeping it on the issues and people care about those issue. they really, really care about them here. >> and you can hear about those issues from stacey abrams tomorrow morning. and iowa congressman steve king has been rebuked for saying european nazis would be republicans if they were living in the united states. steve king's democratic opponent will be our next guest. steve king declined our invitation to appear on the program tonight. oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death.
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a mass murder killed 11 jus in a synagogue in pittsburgh because he believes donald trump's rhetoric about an invasion coming to our southern border. congressman steve king believes and uses the rhetoric himself. here is steve king on the campaign trail in iowa yesterday when he was asked to specify any policy disagreements, ideological disagreements he has with the mass murder who killed those people in pittsburgh. >> this saturday there was a shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh that tragically left 11 people dead and the terrorist who did -- committed this crime, he was quoted as saying they bring invaders in that kill our people. i can't sit back and watch our people get slaughtered. you, steve king, have been quoted as saying we can't
10:52 pm
restore our civilization with other people's babies. you and the shooter both share an ideology that is -- >> no, don't you do that. do not associate me with that shooter. i knew you were an ambusher when you walked in the room. there's no basis for that and you get no question and you get no answer. no, you're done. we don't play these games here in iowa. no, you're done. you crossed the line. it's not tolerable to accuse me to be associated with a guy that shot 11 people in pittsburgh. i am a person who has stood with israel from the beginning, the length of that nation is the length of my life. and i've been with them all along and i will not answer your question and i'll not listen to another word from you. this is over if he keeps talking. this is over if you don't stop talking. i'm leaving if you don't -- >> he's given his answer, his answer is his answer. >> sir -- >> stop it. you're done. i would ask whoever is guarding this door to lead this man out of the room.
10:53 pm
>> and so we have no idea if there are any ideological differences between steve king and the mass murderer in pittsburgh, the man asking those questions is kaleb van foszen. joining us is jd sholen running against steve king. in the final, you have three days of campaigning left in those final three days. what are the closing issues for you? >> well, we're going to continue to get out there to the people. and that's what we've been doing for the last 15 months. there's 39 counties in this district and i've gone to all 39 counties, three different times, and the last time we did a town hall in each county. and so we're just going to go back to several areas where we just want to go one last time and just talk about health care, talk about an economy that works for all of us, and talk about how frustrated most of the people in this fourth district are with washington and how
10:54 pm
special interests dictate our democracy. >> and the -- steve king won the seat two years ago, just two years ago with a 23 point winning margin. you've closed that gap. is that -- is that as much about steve king's performance in office as it is about the issues you're campaigning on? >> well, i think there's a lot of things. people have been frustrated with king for several years now. but they hasn't had a candidate that they trust. that's why we got out there to the people so much because we really want to just focus on and be accessible. if people had questions, be there because i believe in the philosophy if you get out there you prove that you're trust worthy and you prove that you're going to fight for the people of your district, you're going to earn votes. that's what we're doing and that's how we brought this race from 22 points to ten to six and now on monday to one. >> you're talking to voters who have been voting republican, certainly a lot of them for most of their lives, accustomed to
10:55 pm
voting republican, do you have a particular pitch to republican voters about why they'd want to switch parties this time? >> well, i mean, there's not one issue or anything like that. it's just being -- representing what the district is and talking a lot about agriculture because we're the second most agriculture producing district in america. and that's the most frustrating thing is because you have king going off on a tangent about some mayoral race in canada and some far extreme group in austria and retweeting neo-nazis. he's not on the farm bill conference committee fighting for things the people in this district need. and that's the big thing that people are starting to realize and saying, you know what, enough is enough. before you would always just hear, that's just steve king being steve king like that weird uncle. you don't hear that anymore. you have people out there who are frustrated and looking for other options.
10:56 pm
>> jd schullton, canada dal for congress, thank you very much for joining us. really appreciate it. tonight's last word is next. (chime) - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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after safely landing his jet liner on the hudson river and saving the lives of all of the passengers in it captain sully sullenberger says he "had an
11:00 pm
obligation to use this bully pulpit for good and as an advocate for the safety of the traveling public i feel that i now have yet another mission as a defender of democracy. he also says for the first 85% of my life i was a registered as an american. this critical election day, an i will do so by voting is for lead serious committed to rebuilding our common values not pandering to our basest impulses. captain sully sullenberger will be my special guest tomorrow here at 9:00 p.m. in our special live election coverage tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m., saturday night, 9:00 p.m. right here. that is tonight's last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. tonight a split screen in the final days as the president tells his crowd, a blue wave equals a crime wave and a red wave equals jobs and security. while his predecessor barack obama warns voters of the attempts to terrify them before election day.


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