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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  December 29, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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and that wraps it up for me. i'm richard lui this hour. for now we throw it to reverend al sharpton and politics nation. good evening, and welcome to politics nation. tonight lead, i'm a grandpa. earlier today my daughter and her husband welcomed my grandson, marcus al sharpton right to the world. here is the two of us preparing for the show ton. i'll have more on his thoughts later. because we are now in woke two of the partial shutdown of the federal government. and the white house and congressional democrats are
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digging in over the cause of the grid lock. president trump's proposed wall on the u.s./mexico border, which the president repeatedly threatened to close this week if funding for his wall doesn't materialize. we have three days left in 2018, the outgoing congress will punt on the showdown until the new one convenes next week. it's first legislative fight already laid out to get the government fully working again. joining me now, joe madsen, sirius xm radio talk show hoyt. hue hewitt salem radio network host and mailboxes nbc analyst and maya wiley former u.s. assist attorney and msnbc legal analyst. maya, we are looking at a shutdown with no end in sight.
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the president seemingly alone or almost alone in the white house, only 40% of the white house staff working because of the shutdown. first lady has gone to florida. and he is tweeting all kiengds of things, blaming the democrats, blaming in and that, even though he was the one that said he was going to make mexico pay for the wall. here we are in a shutdown. and here we are with no end in sight. >> and here we are with a president mo ran his campaign saying he was a phenomenal negotiator and he was going to be able to negotiate and get things done for in nation. and what we look at now with in shutdown is a president who actually snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory if you remember at the beginning of 2018 when a republican senator came together with an independent senator came one a deal that said $25 billion more
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the wall and in exchange 800 thoup young people who came in the country as children. daca students, would have a pathway to citizenship, donald trump said no to that, despite the popularity of that position on both sides of the aisle. and the fact that his own party had helped construct that deal. so now he has actually put 400,000 people in harm's way. we are talking about people returning christmas gifts figuring out how to make mortgage or rent payments because now he calls a game of chicken over $5 billion for a wall we don't need. >> hue hewitt when we look at the 800,000 federal employees attacked by this, either by furlough or late payments, about a wall the president said over
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and over again that he was going to make mexico pay for, you are probably one of the most eloquent conservatives in the country. how can you even explain the inconsistency of the president. >> well let this i will kwent conservative by saying congratulations. the only thing in the world that isn't overrated is being a grandparent. so marcus is -- injury the shutdown will will be over by the time marcus has the first birthday. >> that's a year from now. born today. that's not god news. that's not good news. >> here is the deal you guys missed the second quarter. president trump said in the oval office that he would take the mantle but last week he lateraled to chuck schumer and the democrats they don't want to spend this on border security. >> they said that today he took the mantle. the day he took the manhuntle
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they wrg weren't giving the 5 billion. >> and chuck schumer refuses to protect this country at the southern border and nancy pelosi went to hawaii and now stuck with a shutdown. >> it's your contention mr. eloquent conservative i've given you that title, that the only way to protect the border is by building a wall that even some border patrol experts don't believe will protect the wall. there are many ways to protect the border. they all want to protect the border. building a wall is not the only option and is questionable. >> i don't think democrats are interest interested in the border at all. it doesn't str to be a $10 foot high wall over 2,000 mile sit it's double fencing over six seven hundred miles. there is a lot of give. they need at least 5 billion, al and the democrats don't want any money spent on border security. >> they don't want to spend it
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on the wall. joe madsen this is a shrinking wall from ten feet to three feet. we'll be going for a gate but won't move on the $5 billion, joe. >> first of all, let me help hugh. hugh, the offense that has the ball does not lateral to the defense. i mean, that's why i started laughing. and the reality is for you to say he -- the offense -- because he took credit. we have the video it's going to be played over and over again. i will take credit. that is ingrained in the minds of all of these tens of thousands that are now trying to figure out when and where they are going to get the next paycheck. i do agree with hugh that it doesn't -- it shouldn't be a wall. but this wall has become symbolic now. and he wants that structure.
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he really honestly does. and so the reality is, look, you had a deal, you reneged on the deal. now you want to say that it's -- the it's the democrats' fault. the reality is he took credit for the shutdown. it's his. he owns it. and quite candidly he ought to be having meetings right now trying to figure out how to get 800,000 people back to work. >> that's the point, maya they're not even negotiating. there hasn't been meetings i understand even the three days they were still there there really was no meeting. and when you look and you talk about real people mo live check to check, that serve our government. i mean these are not people -- the president said most are democrats. they're not democrats or republicans. they're government workers. they may decide whatever party they want. and the thought that they are facing new year's, not knowing
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if they are able to pay mortgages, pay their bills, pay their rents, many of them do not have the kinds of cushion that will have them go over a long period of time or a short period of time in terms of paying their bills. certainly not as you say until my grandson's first birthday i don't think they're waiting on marcus's first birthday. i mean you are talking about reality. government workers don't make that much money they need the checks. >> that's absolutely right. what we also have to remember it's government workers mo themselves are hard working people who often don't earn a lot of money. people in the parks department, a lot of those jobs are fairly low paying. but all the businesses and people employed by firms that make money off of the federal government. and we also forget that's part of the economic impact, part of the americans who are harmed when there is a shutdown.
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that's why in 2013 when there was a shutdown when barack obama and congress couldn't come one a deal that we saw $24 billion in lost economic activity in the united states. >> yes. >> so -- but i do think what we want to come back to is $5 billion now we have 16,000 border patrol agents. 16,000. by the way they're not furloughed. and we have 700 miles of wall right now. and border security is an issue both parties need to talk about in the context of what actually addresses it. but adding 5 billion when we have one of the biggest unaddressed pmgs problems in the nation when most people can't afford their homes. >> let me ask you this between you and i. i'll cut maya and joe's sound down. just between us, when you think about it, this president got adamant about it after his fellow conservatives rush rim
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bau and others started beating up on him. isn't this the president trying to hold his base because there was an erosion from the likes of ann coulter and rush limbaugh that he panicked and went in overdrive trying to prove to the 33% base that listens to these people that he is tough and going to do what he said? >> well, look, i don't think it was panic. one ought to always take into account if you're conservative what rush has to say he has the largest audience in america with 20 million people tuning in every week to listen to rush. the rest of the us on talk radio. the border skourt has been a smu reemtedly defaulted on pap and he ran on being the tipping. being the republican mo waive. there have been 17 previous shutdowns. i was deputy counsel of opm for a couple. any always end with compromise. and this time the compromise is defied by the senate.
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the the the president sent up the vice president minnesota minnesota and mick mulvaney. >> there is figures the white house wouldn't agree to. they had kpropzs on the table. the president got adamant when rush and others went after him. >> you're still in the first quarter. schumer got the wall. chuck schumer got the football at 2.5 billion offer. >> the leader of the senate when he was sitting in the oval office when the president had this televised showdown that he lot because he thought he could work the cameras, he said i own it give it to me he leaned to chuck schumer and said give it to me i own it. now he says it's chuck schumer. >> this is the first where quarter processes the second quarter chuck schumer has the ball. >> people can't get on the field to go to work if you want to use that analogy. >> let's quit this football analogy when i have family members too saying we don't mow
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what we're doing do. nobody it playing games. let me tell you the mortgage companies aren't playing games let's quit the talk about football first quarter that type of thing. the reality is that the president of the united states said and he said it emphatically i will take responsibility for the shutdown. >> he did. >> and so -- >> he said it's my mandate put it on me. we can't change when he said we can run the tape. but let me -- the panel will take a breath and we will be right back. they're going to stay with us. but first a democratic congresswoman who has a surprising take on trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria. we'll be right back. of syria we'll be rightac bk. (dad) got it? (boy) got it. (dad) it's slippery. (boy) nooooooo... (grandma) nooooooo... (dad) nooooooo... (dog) yessssss....
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in week president trump announced his decision to pull 2000 u.s. troops from syria and his plan to cut in half roughly 14,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan. joining me now is democratic congresswoman barbara lee, cochair of the house democrat steering and policy committee. and the first african-american woman to serve in a leadership position in congress. congresswoman lee, you have person fieed for as long as i can remember the term progressive being used.
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you person fieed progressive politics at various stages in your career. yet you don't disagree with the pullout in syria and in afghanistan and feel it is a progressive position not to disagree. explain. >> thank you, reverend al wsh first of all let me say that i actually have introduced legislation in the past calling for no funds for combat troops in syria. this war in syria has never been authorized by congress. and so we have never debated the costs and consequences of our brave young men and women in the military operations who are engaged in syria. but secondly, let me say, that there is no military solution. most military experts will acknowledge that. we have a comprehensive strategy that needs to be put together or we should have one that should be put together. the president by announcing a withdrawal on twitter to me is totally irresponsible.
2:18 pm
i have never said let's just immediately put pull our troopts out from anywhere. we need a plan, a strategy, we need to know what we're going to do to fill the gaps for example in seer how to protect the kurds. there is a lot to be to be done but the way the president is doing this it's irresponsible and wrong. >> now, let me ask the other prevailing question as you and others head to washington this week to start the new congress. how do we deal with the shutdown? hundreds of thousands of people will not be paid or furloughed. that really need to be paid. and they're being held as leverage to try and get a $5 billion allotment to build a wall at the mexican border. how do the democrats and you intend to try to deal to salvage this situation? >> first, it's outrageous and a shame and disgrace that this
2:19 pm
administration would do this to so many federal workers, up to 800,000 federal workers who as you said earlier aren't making a lot of month. aband it's downright wrong. first of all the republicans own the house, senate and white house. they are totally responsible for the shutdown. and believe you me once democrats take control next woke one of our first legislative initiatives will be to offer legislation to open the government up. shutting down the government is wrong in many respects. and president trump and the way he has handled this by holding federal workers hostage is downright unamerican. and it should not happen. we have offered in many instances ways to solve this crisis -- and that's what it is. and he continues to say that he wants wants fund for an immoral wall that is not necessary. we all agree border security is an issue that we have to deal with. but building a wall, wasting
2:20 pm
taxpayer dollars to do this is totally wrong and we're going to take care of that as democrats being responsible and doing our job. >> what are the first things that the democrats are going to begin with when they get to town this woke? what are the priorities, the time table. >> well, of course, first we have to make sure that we move forward to open the government up. so that in -- so that people can get their paychecks, so that they can take care of their families, put food on the table. secondly we have hr 1, which is really a bill to restore our democracy to look at campaign finance reform, to make sure voting -- our voting rights are restored and to make sure that government functions. that will be the first item of business. but also we have legislation working again for the people to make sure we have an infrastructure bill that creates good paying jobs and providing the type of infrastructure
2:21 pm
initiative that is we need in our country. we're going to fight to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. we know how to do this and we're going to do this. and it's very important that we help restore hope and faith in the american people by showing that we're going to make sure that we're going to get rid of the corruption in washington, d.c. with this trump administration. we have a lot on our plate. but i think our history as democrats have shone that we can get the job done for the people. and that's exactly what we are going to do. >> you -- you mentioned infrastructure. and it seems interesting to me that we have all of in about a wall in the -- on the mexican border and all of us are concerned about border security, no doubt about it. i think everybody agrees with that. but we are not even dealing with the walls and the bridges and the highways in the infrastructure in the united states. i mean, that's not even a priority discussion with this president. who also promised, by the way to
2:22 pm
do something about the infrastructure. >> and we're not even dealing with our crumbling schools. we're not addressing the infrastructure needs in rural communities. look at issues around water and load in our pipes in many communities. and infrastructure needs as it relates to affordable housings there is a crisis in america, a state of emergency as it relates to affordable housing. and so all of these basic standard of living initiatives will fall under what would be a very strong and robust infrastructure plan. the president is not talking anything about in. by doing some of these things we would create jobs, create good paying jobs and help lift people out of poverty. right now, reverend al, so many people are working two and three jobs and still living below the poverty line and just barely hanging on. and so democrats are going to do something about that because we care about the people and we care about their lives. >> will the battle then be
2:23 pm
between the house where the democrats are pushing forward on agenda items you've outlined and the senate where the republicans still maintain control, even picked up a seat? there is going to be the legislative battle between the senate and the house on many of these things. >> yes with, but i think that just speaks volumes to the fact that we have towork in a bi camerale way. we have to work with senators and make sure that we have the type of policies leaving the house that really the senate can embrace or negotiate with us. and so it's extremely important that the house and senate work together for the common good. and i think we can do that. when you look at issues around comprehensive immigration reform, when you look at all of the issues as it relates to climate change. when you look at again infrastructure, when you look at reducing the cost of prescription drugs and when you look at really working to make sure that we restore our
2:24 pm
democracy, i think there is a lot of common ground that can be found with members of the senate. >> well, congresswoman barbara lee, we thank you for being with us. up next. after a second migrant child dies in u.s. custody, my memo to the president regarding his zero tolerance border policy. be right back. border policy. be right back.
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and now for my weekly memo to president trump who finally tweeted just hours ago about the deaths of migrant children in u.s. custody in past month. while migrant violence on the border is otherwise an obsession for this president, it took him a full three weeks to address these tragedies, which he cast as, quote, strictly the fault of the democrats and their pathetic immigration policy that is allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally. mr. president, you and i are in rare agreement that nations have borders. worthy of respect.
2:29 pm
but let me tell what you i think about your zero-tolerance border policy when it comes to little children. when these two 7-year-olds died, they were in the custody of the united states. this was not a border issue. this was ha detention issue. why are we not making sure that those that we detain, whether i agree with the detention or others do or not, have medical care, checkup to see if there is any existing condition they bring to the country that should be treated? why are we acting as though children are expendable to the policies of democrats or republicans? they're children. they were brought here by their parents, whether you agree with their parents decision or not, whether you agree with what happened at the border or not, this country cannot have a policy where a child in its custody is not given the ultimate checkup, ultimate
2:30 pm
health care and security. we can't play partisan games with the lives of children. and call ourselves a nation that's supposed to represent the light in a dark world. dark wor. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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we used 50% fewer ingredients added one handed pumps and beat the top safety standards the new johnson's® choose gentle welcome back to politics nation. as 2018 comes to a chose, i want to remind that you tomorrow, sunday, at 5:00 p.m. eastern,
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it's the eighth annual revvie awards, celebrating the best and worst in 2018 and give awards to those who deserve it. a real celebration you don't want to miss. but for now we'll stay serious and try to predict where will 2019 take us. our panel is back. with me joe madison and hugh hewitt and former u.s. attorney maya wiley. joe, what are the highlights of 2018 that stood out to you? and what are your predictions for 2019. >> well, i got to tell you, though -- and this is something that doesn't get a lot of national news. but it does on my program. this game of calling policeman on anything black people do -- if they barbecue, call the police. if they like -- like the other
2:35 pm
day, a young man mo is in a hotel room with his hotel key. >> in oregon. >> in oregon. in has got to stop. this is ridiculous. and the reality is i don't know what it will take. but it happened all year-round. i don't want to diminish the natural disasters that took place. but that was one thing that my audience really was concerned about. and it has almost become a sport. now my prediction this is something else my audience mab talking about, that i think after 200 tries, over 100 years, that we're going to finally get in the united states of america an anti-lynching law. by the way, the senate majority leader mcconnell, he supports it. and he said so on our sirius xm network. and it's already been introduced
2:36 pm
by a republican and two democrats in the united states senate. and also a bill in congress. and i think after 100 years long overdue. i'd also -- i also think affordable care act is going to be law. >> especiallily on the 400th anniversary of blacks being brought here enslaved. what are your big memory items of 2018 and what is your prediction for 2019, hugh. >> well the biggest political story of 2018 is the confirms of justice kavanaugh bringing to the end at least the first phase of 30 years war for the court. it's the first reliable five conservative majority on the supreme court in my lifetime. it's something i've been weather for my entire lifetime. and i'm pleased to see it happen. along with it came 30 conservative appeals court judges one sixth of the federal judges of the united states. all put forward by donald trump
2:37 pm
and maneuvered through the the senate by chuck grassley. lindsey graham has taken up the gavel. next store is whether or not the democrats defend the country. the president is sending a bill for $750 in defense spending that was dachtsed by barack obama during the sequester. democrats have a security issue in 2020 will they step up and fund the military? >> well, you mean deferred the countries are against russia and hacking and interference with our elections too. >> absolutely sfwloot maya, what do you think is the big story that you take out of 2018 and your predictions for 2019? >> well, first, let me thank both joe and hugh because i agree that both of those were hugely important things, both the attacks on black people being black and also the change in the court. i would say and add, hugh, i hope we see protection of women because i don't think that was
2:38 pm
in evidence when we saw the change in the courts. but one of the stories i want to point attention to it because i think it's phenomenal and fascinating is we saw an army medical team take a private, a private shamika, burridge who had a near fatal accident and removed tissue from the ribs and grou a new left ear. it's a first. it's an example what a public system can do particularlyfare those who keep us staef and low on the totem pole, not a wealthy person. we should remember there are good things that happened. >> that is true. you know, joe, when you were talking about doing various things, anything while black, i thought my year in terms of activism, starting with the police shooting in sacramento and all the way through the
2:39 pm
waffle house in mobile, alabama. we have had a busy year on the feel. stand your ground case. in atlasty. a lot of people talk about civil rights like 30 years ago. this year alone we had to deal on a monthly basis with national issues where we had to go underground. and i would be there to try and stand with families to raise a question of justice in 2018. >> that's right. >> and nostradamus. predictsens for 2019 watts justice and natural disaster. >> all of it, starbucks, all of that happened this year. voting rights, the robbery of -- of people's right to vote, all in year. we've had serious set backs in terms of how we deal with racial justice, joe. >> and i think that that's one of the things that barbara lee
2:40 pm
mentioned. and that's one of the things that the democrats are going to look at. and quite candidly, i think if the republican party -- and i'm not one to advise them or speak for enemy -- but i think me and others in the republican party have said to them if you want to expand this party and its diversity you have to really deal with the social justice issues. >> hugh, we saw a bipartisan first step bill on criminal justice where you had people on both sides of the aisle including some that were attacked for it on the progressive side. at least make a first step toward criminal justice. do you think there will be a second step to address some of the things that were not in in first step that could deal with the questions lake mass incarceration, like police reform, like things that have happened this year that we have had to highlight and even been
2:41 pm
on the ground dealing with in. >> well, let's see thousand works. 54,000 people are eligible under the first step act. most of the credit for its passage goes to jared kushner working closely with democrats like dick durbin. and the bill changed. i was spoosed to but then they made changes to take fentle dealers out. i'll see what happens with the 54,000 releasees and see if the reoccuren rate is lower. why are the top three people in the poll bernie sanders, beto o'rourke white males? why isn't kamala harris. >> why don't we. >> wait a minute, joe. >> excuse me. >> why aren't excuse me. >> where they are the polls hugh. i'm not going to let you get away with that. who are they polling let's ask that. >> we don't even need to look at the polls let's tlook at the
2:42 pm
number of women particularly women of color who are now in congress as a result and it's in the democratic party. so i think the real question is here we should all want to see on -- in any party we should see a much morp representative party. it doesn't matter which party. hugh you are right. we should see it in all parties. but at what point are the republicans going to actually acknowledge that they are not representing all americans? >> and everybody equally go to the police. >> i think we do. >> every -- every -- every -- every effort to circumvent the vote and? states like georgia, kansas, wasabi the republican party. and hugh, stop it. darn it, stop it. how many black people do you have in the mouse of representatives on your side of the aisle? not one. >> and there is north carolina let's not forget we have a.
2:43 pm
>> south carolina. >> did not say the house. representativives you heard me. >> i heard i was just pointing out that our party is -- >> you are the eloquent and intelligent conservative. how many blacks. >> i know i won a revvi e.r. li e already. >> how many blacks in the west wing of the white house. >> i don't know of any al, i think that's a shortcoming. >> you talked about. >> but i go back to what i was saying. >> you have talked about all you have done in your life process in your lifetime have you seen a republican or a democratic president that had no black working in the west wing? >> no. and i think that's a big deficit. but i go back to kamala hair sis a incan't he issant talent why isn't she getting the support of the exactic party which is rushing to jody biden. >> why are tlnt aren't there any intelligent blacks on the west wing of the white house.
2:44 pm
>> i'll tell you i think that's a failure. >> in the west wing of the white house there is not. >> i think that's a failure. >> it's a disgrace thank you, joe. thank you. >> i agree it should be remedy pd. >> on the other side. >> then do something about it, hugh. >> after it was the center of school degracious crisis, the town of little rock, arkds now elected its first african-american mayor. we'll talk to him in just a moment. ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? now when you go out, you cash in. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex.
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we've talked a lot about the next u.s. congress. but the new year will also usher in discernible change at the local level. in three days little rock, arkansas, long identified with the fight over school desegregation 60 years ago will swear in its first african-american mayor. former banking executive. franke scott junior. whose earlier runoff made him the most prominent black official since reconstruction. joining me now is the mayor elect of little rock, arkansas,
2:49 pm
frank scott, junior. mr. mayor elect, thank you for being with us. one of the things that struck me about your campaign, is you didn't run to be the first elected black mayor. you ran to be a good mayor for everyone. and everyone -- well not everyone -- but people across racial lines supported you, which was really what struggle was about. we didn't want favors or pity. we wanted an even playing field to show we were qualified to do the best job. >> well, first, thank you, reverend al sharpton for this opportunity. i also want to wish you congratulations. i understand you just brought in a new grandson by the name of marcus al sharpton bright. >> my daughter brought him in but thank you. >> exactly. want to neighboring sure i acknowledge that there. >> thank you. >> but you're right. i did for the run to become the first popularly elected black leader of the city of little rock. i ran to become mayor of my
2:50 pm
hometown. we focused on unifying our cities, jobs, growth and securing our communities. that was dead center why we wanted to you run. we felt withes time for new leadership and era in of little rock to chart a new course towards a new northstar. >> now, one of the things i struggle with my activism down through the last several decades is getting people to understand the president sees a pardon, senate and congress but if you don't put local officials in, a lot that you may even get out of washington will never get to the ground. tell the viewers of importance of winning local elections like yours, what it really means to the people in little rock and other cities around this country. >> the great thing about the city of little rock, as you've stated, not only our history but we're a microcosm of these united states of america. we're both rural and you are
2:51 pm
been at the same time. we're in the deep south, and we are sharing new opportunities for growth. and it all starts in local politics. it starts with your school boards and electing city council members and mayors as you move forward. that's where the dirt meets the road as it relates to local politics to help you help someone else move things forward because it all started on those tables and kitchen cabinets in the great cities in the united states of america. >> now, when you look at where we're going now after january 2, next wednesday and thursday, the new congress is seated, senate, republican, house, democrat, white house with donald trump, what do you need from washington to help you effectively deal with the needs, health care needs, education needs, criminal justice needs in your city as an incoming mayor, what do you need? >> one of the things we're truly focused on here in the city of little rock is the internet
2:52 pm
sales tax, which had already been passed from a federal perspective, it's a local perspective. we really want to address that, how we can get those internet sales tax dollars back into our cities in arkansas. that's number one. number two, we have to start with infrastructure. we want to see a new infrastructure bill come forward and we also have to continue focus on what we're doing for securing our communities, both by understanding the recidivism rates and understanding prison reform and things of that nature as we move forward. >> we saw a strong race in florida by andrew gillum. we saw a strong race by stacey abrams in georgia, which i thought clearly she won, but because of other circumstances that we're going to keep fighting, it did not end up that way. and we see you elected mayor where the big battle around desegregation was 60 years ago. are we seeing a new south?
2:53 pm
>> yes, i think we're starting to see a great new south. one thing we recently learned in the deep south right now, you have -- in all of the major cities of the deep south, you have african-american mayors, majority of them under the age of 50 now representing and leading the south. so there is a new south as we chart forward but we're going to focus on jobs growth, focus on uniting our city in the city of little rock, new focus structure on innovation and technology, and that's where we see the south moving forward. >> and we want to see the people living in the south get a new deal, not just some get new positions, and that's the commitment the people like frank scott jr. are making. thank you, incoming mayor frank scott jr. up next, "my final thoughts." smoking. it dictates your day. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how.
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i started this show by talking about how 8:30 this morning, my first grandchild, marcus al sharpton bright, was born. means a lot to me. it's a huge deal. and that's an understatement. but as i sat there helping him with drinking his first bottle of formula, i thought about my grandfather, coleman sharpton, who was the son of a slave, coleman sharpton sr. in edgefield, south carolina.
2:58 pm
my grandfather's generation helped to fight to end the slavery as we knew it. and his son, al sharpton sr., fought to give us the right to vote and to give us public accommodations. and they fought to bring us from a level of segregation and apartheid. every generation preceding me, despite the fact they continued to face unfairness and big trot they gave the generation behind them a better life. what will marcus and his children say of my generation? did we allow the voting rights given to us to erode? did we poison the waters? did we make it unbearable the air we breathe? did we allow a nation to build walls at the border and not rebuild the bridges in our
2:59 pm
cities and in our small towns? what will they say about us? will we be the generation that broke the cycle of progress? my great grandfather, grandfather and father had to fight to get the right to vote, and they made it possible for me to run for president of the united states and work with the first black president. and now that can all be at risk with these voter suppression moves. it could all be at risk with these new modern, sanitized jim crow moves that are being made from housing to education to criminal justice. i owe little marcus more than his formula bottle. i owe him to do what the generations before me did, make sure his generation had a better life than mine did, or at least maintain the life i was given.
3:00 pm
that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. even. for "politics nation" eighth annual revvie awards, where we celebrate the best and worst in 2018 and give rewards who those who deserve it, a real celebration you don't want to miss. up next, "deadline: white house." hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. i'm elise jordan in for nicolle. we saw it when donald trump gets desperate, he revives his greatest hit, the wall. trump is fear mongering while 2,000 low-wage employees, grandmothers like bonita williams work as a janitor in the state department, work


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