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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 4, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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for the wall -- >> a dollar? one dollar. yeah, one dollar. >> too soon? just hours after taking back the house, one freshman democrat shakes up the party by calling for impeachment, and cursing out the president all caught on tape. >> mama, look, you won and bullies don't win. and i said, look, baby, we are going to go in there and impeach that bullp[ bleep ] >> coming up, joy reid will speak to nancy pelosi 100 years after women got the right to vote. and women are ushering in a new era on capitol hill. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president trump is back in the situation room today with the congressional leaders facing off against a new democratic speaker nancy pelosi. and neither side is budging
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while the government shutdown is day 14 and leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers in financial limbo and nothing of the scores of businesses around dc and federal installations around the country hurting. joining me is geoff bennett, and garrett haake on capitol hill, and msnbc political analyst michael steele, a former republican national committee chair. and first, are they still in that meeting at the white house? >> yes, and no signs of horse trading between president trump and the house democrats so we will have to see what if anything comes from are the meet i ing. what we do know though is in order for the shutdown to end, one side has to give in, and one side has to cave, and if it is going to be donald trump, then he is going to be needing political cover to do that, and the president to this point has balked at every attempt by the ai aides and allies to do just
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that. earlier in the process with nick mulvaney and kellyanne conway and lindsey graham trying to budge, the president wanted ono parts of it. so is one thing that i am going keep an eye on is at some point in this afternoon, if the president is open to expanding the scope of the deal and take this idea that lindsey graham floated of protection for the dreamer s dreamers is which juan to pushing the price tag up in the $5 billion range, and gives both sides something they want with, and ultimately reopen the government, and we will have to see. so far, it is mes sanling coming from -- messaging coming from the white house the pin it on nancy pelosi. and sarah sanders saying it is a test of her new leadership, and even though president trump preemptively claimed credit for the shutdown, andrea. >> and the facts are, garrett haake, that the senate, and the republican senate, and mitch
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mcconnell had unanimously accepted the same deal, and what nancy p pe lelosi had them pass night is what the senate had passed word-for-word, and it is the burden on mitch mcconnell to say why he is standing firm, and the obvious answer is that he had the rug pulled out from underneath him by the president of his own party and he does not want to bring anything no the floor that he doesn't know for shurna the president is going to accept. and now a crack in the republican ranks, right? so far, susan collins and gardner from colorado saying, make a deal and end this shutdown. >> so the republicans made two tactical missteps into the leadup of the shutdown. first, the president saying that he would own the shutdown, and the second is the white house giving the senate assurances if they passed that clean c.r. to keep the government funded until february, the government would pass it. and mitch mcconnell does not put
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it on the floor for practice. it was passed and then the president reneged and the democrats have using that fact against the republicans throughout the negotiations, and as things stand right now, and again, the republicans are looking down the barrel of the vote that is similar the to o t they have taken, mitch mcconnell does not want to take a vote and at the same time not get crosswise with the president. and so it is worth remembering that the context of all of this will change, because the democrats don't have to protect red state senators anymore, because the math for 2020 revolving around protecting the republican senators in places like maine and colorado and now all of the sudden a crack in the armour here, and the democrats will continue the apply the pressure no the president, and to mitch mcconnell to move these things forward to a vote and separate the issue of the wall from the rest of government funding. that is what we will continue to see. the other thing that i am watching for today, the white
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house talking point for the last week and a half or so is that nancy pelosi can't strike a deal, because she needs the votes to be speaker first. and since nancy pelosi got the votes to be speaker, she has not changed the tune. she has continued to say there is no money for the border wall, and does the white house come to theizati the realization that there is not a break between pelosi and schumer and come to the bargaining table with something else? >> just today, preparing to the t town hall meeting that is going to air tonight on msnbc with joy reid, nancy pelosi talked about the position that mitch mcconnell is in. >> and one of the thing ths tha you talked about yesterday in the acceptance speech for the spe speakership for the second time is the power of congress as a branch of government. and mitch mcconnell your counterpart in the senate has made it clear that even though these were senate bills passed by republicans that he won't put them back on the floor unless the president approves of them, and how do you get around this
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conundrum if the other half of the first branch of government will only act at the behest of the president? >> well, i think that what mitch mcconnell is doing, and i say it as respectfully as possible is a saying that we are not needed, and congress might as well stay home. what we need is one person to show up, donald trump. that is not what our founders had in mind. they talked about can co-equal branches of government, and article i, the ledge sgislative branch, the people's branch of government. the president can sign or not, but he should never say, i amt not even going to put it on the president's desk. >> michael steele, how much leverage does nancy pelosi have and how little does mitch mcconnell have? >> mcconnell has very little leverage here largely because of the fact that he is weaken ed b
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a president who is mecurial on the subject. nancy pelosi has all of the cards in her hand right now and no incentive to go to the white house the say let's make a deal. she has made it firm to your point, and since she has landed the votes for the speakership, she has held her line that she will not put one dollar in the budget for a wall. the president now has to figure out what he is willing to settle with. his problem is rush limbaugh and laura ingraham sitting on the sidelines saying over and over again that you cannot capitulate here, because if you do, you lose a lot more than this particular debate with nancy pelosi. >> and you know, real people are involved. to all of you, our colleague vaughan hillyard was in north carolina with an air traffic control specialist matt craviati and he is one of hundreds of thousands of people affected by the shutdown.
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let's watch. >> reporter: what should d.c. know about you right now and what that paycheck means? >> the paycheck is going to help me to get my house back tot together. it is going to help me to feed my son, and put gas in my car. obviously i'm not a huge politics person, and i don't know the blame, but they are supposed to figure it out together. >> reporter: what what is their message then? >> do what you are paid to do. >> and these are people in his case that are affected by hurricane florence and just back to work, and so, to geoff bennett, the politics of this are really against the president. and maybe he is speaking to the the base, and fox news, but how long can he sustain this? i don't see a compromise unless he is willing to give in? >> it is a great question, and for the people directly affected by this and it is far more than the academic argument and the head of the largest federal workers union said that most government workers live paycheck to paycheck and most of the government workers live well outside of washington, d.c., and they are folks stretched across
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the country, and many of them in trump country, and as michael steele points out, there is a political dimension for the checkdown for president trump, and the primary one, but the substantive one is that the white house does not have much of the legislative agenda absent from the border security issue in part because the democrats control the house. in many ways, this border wall is the only game in town for donald trump, and now you have government workers who are being in effect held hostage by this overall debate. >> garrett and michael steele, what about the republicans? garrett, will susan collins and cory gardner and others, others follow them and put more pressure on mitch mcconnell to bring it up and present it to the president with a fate de compli and dare to veto it? >> it is possible, but it is more pressure on mitch mcconnell to fundamentally change the calculus here. among the senators, there is not a particular appetite for this
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fight. the wall as a political issue has always been much more about the president and much more about his hard core bases represented by the house republicans, and on the senate side, a widespread agreement for the need of border security, and perhaps the need for some type of barrier, but this is not the hill they want to die on so to speak. and so to keep the government closed has a real effect on some of the republican senators, but whether anyone is going to go as far as what jeff flake tried to do by blocking the judges or things of that nature to force the issue remains to be seen. all of the players that we have mentioned so far, susan collins, and cory gardner would like to work behind the scenes on something like this, and if the number grows, you would see more of the public pushback. and the other thing is that senator tri senators are trying to offer their own plans and deals. lindsey graham has done this and la mar alexander, and people who are trying to coax the president
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to a solution. and it is still a person who has to make a decision here about what he wants. >> and michael steele, the difference of the republican senators, most of them, and the president is that the republican senators know the facts of the border and the facts of the wall, and the facts of what can be done through other money to be spent. >> right. >> and they are not necessarily go going to die on this. >> they are not going to die on this, because they don't want the wall. the are republican leadership has never bought into the president's political agenda with respect to the wall. that is the first sticking point. the next sticking point is how do you then get the president to come into the space effectively and present something that the republicans can sign on to with the fix. >> yes. and so not different
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name name. >> and not wanting to defend the wall. and there is a daca deal. >> and that is back a year ago. >> and this is what the president signed off on, and the republicans are liking, that and the democrats have are like, if you want to put that on the table, then there is if there is enough of the president to get past his own self-interests to get this deal done on behalf of the federal workers. >> and michael steele, we will wait to see what comes out of the situation room, and geoff bennett and garrett haake, the numbers that came out for employment are bragging for him understandably, and even though there is not an end in sight to the stalemate, and there is a celebration for something special, and provided for something special on both sides of the aisle, the 116th congress and the most diverse group of
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lawmakers ever, and including the most women. and including a muslim women, one of wore a traditional headwear, and also, deb hollins and the other american indian women to be elected to congress. and this one i call this a reuniuniwelder and retired public secretary walking into youngest daughter's congressional office, my first visitors. >> and this is bella who was nancy pelosi's biggest fan jumping up and down when the
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votes were cast for her grandmoth grandmother. >> and nothing like babies. and lance goodwin taking a selfie with his 11-month-old son liam with maxine waters. and also, the most poignant photo of the day, the second-term congressman welcome ing in two fellow combat veterans into congress with this photo illustrating their sacrifices writing, five eyes, five arms, four leg, and all american. coming up no, apologies with a congresswoman caught on camera talking about impeaching the president in no uncertain terms. she said she wants to shake up washington, and she is sticking by her guns. this is on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. i am a family man.
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people love you and you win. and when your son is 15 and says, mama, you won with and bullies don't win. i said, baby, they don't, because we are going to go in there and teach the mother [ bleep ] >> and hours after being sworn in at one of the post swearing in parties one of the first muslim american women and palestinian women in congress rashida tlaib struck to president trump, and perhaps
9:19 am
showing what speaker nancy pelosi is going to have to rein in. and tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern is a town hall with joy reid and nancy pelosi. >> and one of your members who s is a newly elected congresswoman from michigan and you can talk about the language of what would happen to donald trump, the president, saying that quote, we are going to go in and impeach the mf er. your reaction to that comment. >> i probably have a generati generational reaction to it. but in any event, i'm not in the censorship business. i don't think, and i don't like that language. i wouldn't use that language. i don't, again, establish any language standard or for my colleagues, but i don't think it is anything worse than the president has said. >> fair enough, but i guess that
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the question would be does that kind of discussion of impeachment on that level help the the cause of oversight or make impeachment more likely or less likely or impact the actual trajectory of it? >> well, i think that it consolidates the base, but they don't need much consolidation, and so i don't think that it makes that much difference, no. >> and so you are not concerned about the way that the president's base is going to react to the way of an incoming caucus coming in with the idea already prebaked into the cake that they are going to go get him, and you guys are going to go get him? >> well, you so weigh the equities and that is not the position of the democratic caucus, and the freedom of speech of that individual member, and as i say generationally, that is not language that i would use, but nonetheless, i don't think that we should make a big deal of it. i really don't.
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i really don't. that is the way people talk around, and again, i am a grandmother, and it is a different story. but it is really that wordses have a way of weighing a a ton, and the president's do, too, and his words have an impact on people's lives, and my colleague's comments do not have an impact on people's lives. >> and joining me is former democratic congressman joe crowley who chaired the democratic caucus and you could say stepping back that nancy pelosi's response pitch perfect? >> i thought so. >> watching your reaction. >> and yes, recognizing the right to free speech, and express one self and the temperament starts from the top. if president sets the agenda, ta tone, and the language that hehn
9:22 am
to what he has said. so get back to the most vulgar way that the congress is a collaborate body and needs to work together to get things done. i think that nancy handled it just perfectly. >> and in fact, you could argue if you were in rashida talib's shoes that the muslim are ban and so many things that are offensive and that is what nancy pelosi is alluding to. and the spokesperson has issued a statement saying that in part the congresswoman absolutely believes that he needs to be impeached. she ran and won by making it very clear to the voters in her district, that donald trump's actions have harmed the 13th congressional district and this country, and congresswoman tlaib will not stay silent while this happens. we have debbie dingell a fellow michigander and veteran congresswoman, and veteran in democratic politic, and this is
9:23 am
her reaction in the hallway about her new colleague. >> she represents a group of people who have strong feelings. she had strong feelings and she expressed it. that is what is great about the caucus. we are diverse and we come together to get things done. impeachment would tear this country apart and you have to have facts, but you have to have responsibility for oversight. >> and comments from elijah cummings who is also looking at oversight chairman. >> one thing i have said about my committee, we will, we will reclaim civility. you cannot accomplish very much of anything unless you have civility, and show respect for your colleagues. i think that those kinds of comments do not take us in the right direction. >> how challenging for nancy pelosi?
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is this her experience with what the tea party represented and the freedom caucus, and mark d mead meadows and the speaker boehner? >> well, she is going to have the challenges, but nobody is up to the challenges more than nancy pelosi. she has been through the rodeo before and she knows how to operate and work the body. she has always said know your power, and she knows how the wield it and use it, and she has demonstrated that. elijah did hit the nail on the head here as well there. is an opportunity for house democrats to bring back that the civility that i think that we have been missing here in washington. especially coming toe ting to s of impeachment, and if it is presented to congress or not, and we are a ways from that, andrea, and this is a ways to play out. >> and let me ask you about 2020 as an observer -- >> now 24 hours of being an observer, i am used to it. >> and the initial response is 2020 elizabeth warren heading to
9:25 am
iowa and bernie sanders is obviously a competitor in that same ideological space and generational and hulian castro with who has an exploratory committee, and also joe biden and who do you feel is in front? >> well, don't forget about beto o'rourke, and she is my daugt es''s favorite candidate. >> and she is how old? >> 18. and so, there are many folks out there yet to announce, and what is critical, andrea, is that, we didn't win the house of representatives back in cities like new york and boston. we won it back in the middle of the country by winning seats that we had not won in many, many years because you had great candidates that won. that is also a powerful message
9:26 am
that we have to be paying attention to as well. >> that is the amy klobuchar message as well from the midw t midwest, and what about terry brown. >> amy is a great candidate. she is a wonderful, wonderful senator and person, and i have a great and fond relationship with her. i they sherrod brown, certainly, with the gravelly voice from ohio wins a senate seat not in a purpose seat, but in a red seat and consistently wins. that is a strong message to bring as well. so i do think that we have folks who can -- and labor left candidate who would be a great president as well. >> and kamala harris? >> yes, she brings the diversity to the ticket, and the smarts and former attorney general of california, and i think of kirsten gillibrand, and i don't
9:27 am
want to forget mike bloomberg or andrew cuomo, and bloomberg is getting around well, and he has the reresources to stick it out. >> and he has the resource, but can he run and win in a primary with all of the ro progressive democrats pushing hard. >> it is a great question, and it is a great question. one thing he has is staying power and the ability to wait for super tuesday and he has to be respectful in the early state. the person with the greatest advantage right now is joe biden in terms of the former vice president, and the name recognition, but the resources are going to mat er ter to the folks. they have to perform and do well in iowa and new hampshire and get the south carolina and then to tup super tuesday, and bloom can wait for super tuesday. >> come back often. >> thank you, andrea. good to see you. and revisionist history, and why is president trump taking russia's side in the retelling of historical events. this is really fascinating. "andrea mitchell reports" on
9:28 am
msnbc. rea mitchell reports" on msnbc. take your razor, yup. up and down, never side to side, shaquem, you got it? come on stay focused. hard work baby, it gonna pay off.
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russia used to be the soviet union. afghanistan made it russia because they went bankrupt fighting in afghanistan. russia. but russia should be fighting, and the reason that russia was
9:32 am
in afghanistan was because terrorists were going into russia, and they were right to be there >> so while trying to defend his position for pulling the troops out of syria and afghanistan, president trump spark ed a whol new controversy and criticism over his bizarre and false remarks about the soviet invasion of afghanistan 40 years ago. the president appearing to endorse old soviet union talking point s points in the cabinet meeting earlier in the week about the 1979 invasion by the soviets which they justified as a extension of the brezhnev doctrine. and the decade-long war was universally condemned at the time and since throughout the noncommunist world and leading jimmy carter to cancel participation in the 1980 moscow olympics and after the russians retreated and leaving afghanistan shattered and the taliban in control, it largely broke up because of nato and military resolve and other
9:33 am
economic and political pressures. so why would the pressure now accept what the "wall street journal" today is calling on the front page trump's cracked afghan history. the falsehoods about the allies and the soviets reach a new low. could it be perhaps that vladimir putin is now proposing a resolution to rewriting soviet history to once again justify their war in afghanistan and how would president trump who is famously not taking briefings be aware of putin's plans. that is explored by rachel maddow last night, and joining me is charlie baker who is a former moscow bureau chief at the time, and our politics editor from the "daily beast" peter simon. and the rewriting of history and how would donald trump know about this? >> this is a good version, because his version of history
9:34 am
has no basis in reality. what the soviets were trying to do is to nott only prop up the communist government, but taking sides of rival communists in kabul and trying to have friendly power to them, and they didn't intend to stumbleb and become a decade-long war which is what it did become, and it had nothing to do with terrorism conducted in rush sharks and about their own geopolitic, and obviously the president has been misinformed or superimposing his own ideas of terrorism, and afghanistan on to the soviet experience in order to justify his own opolicy decisions. >> and, sam, the president also in another instance adopted weird talking points about montenegro which was engendering the soviet, russian opposition, because they are trying to join nato and this is what the
9:35 am
president had to say about them. >> montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people. and by the way, they are very strong people, and very aggressive people. they may get aggressive and congratulati congratulation, you are in world war iii. >> and when they did join nato the president was also seen shoving, basically shoving the montenegrin prime minister out of his way, the man in the blue tie there in brussels, seemingly related to his notion that the montenegrins are somehow strong and hostile people. and it is raising weird questions, and i'm not a conspiracy theorists, but who is talking to him. what is the pipeline of -- >> you don't have to be a conspiracy theer theorists to know that every step of the way on the diplomatic way that he is siding with the russian's version of history or the current geopolitical doctrine -- sglantd not conservative public
9:36 am
doctrine -- >> and in opposition to. and in one or two instances coincidental, and we have a year of seeing that trump has a russian-centric world view of how the world works or a world view that is decades of building up alliances with western european countries including na nato. i am bothered by not only the butchered afghan history, but he offended allies in numerous ways. and also the contributions that may made to the afghanistan war, and they built a library, and in the indian press that was greatly reviled. and the iranians can go to do what they want, and the israelis are very offended by that doctrine and then their failure to contribute to nato. so he is showing no regard to
9:37 am
keep the national alliances in place, and you have to wonder if this is going to come back to bite him. >> and peter, you and i have talked to a lot of foreign leaders and diplomats from around the world. i don't know what you are hearing, but what i am hearing is that they are reaching the stage after the mattis firing or the resignation i should say and then the president claiming that he fired him at the same cabinet meeting which is completely not true. and they are reaching the point of saying what is happening with america? can we rely on america? we can't is the conclusion of nato allies and do we have to rethink the european alliance without american leadership? >> and one thing that the europeans would the tell you for the last two years that at least jim mattis is there and we feel okay as long as he is at the pentagon, because he is a like-mind like-minded support over the alliance and a check on the
9:38 am
president's most impulsive instincts, and that is obviously no longer the case. and they are very perplexed for what it means and there talk in europe asht what it means to be going it themselves, and president macron creating a european-only army which chancellor angela merkel of germany has embraced. and the united states is not playing the same role as it has historically since world war ii as the chief ally and protector of the european project. and so, yeah, the jim mattis has had big ripple effects across the world. >> and big ripple effects among republicans in congress, like marco rubio and lindsey graham, and so we may see reshuffling with politics at home over this as well, peter and sam? >> yes, that is true. what is interesting -- >> sorry. >> and one thing, let me say one thing, the confirmation hears
9:39 am
for the replacement of mattiss going to be interesting because the degree they have broken with him has been minimal, but with the combination of the mattis resignation and the syrian drawdown and some senators are vocalizing the concern about the president's direction, and those hearings could be interesting. >> and peter? >> he has to find somebody who shares his point of view, and as secretary mattis says that he deserves a secretary who believes the same way he does, and that is the way that the system works, but the people that you would put in that position like tom cotton the or lindsey graham or tom keen, and they don't agree with him, but with general mattis and so that is going to shrink the pool. and so my colleague maggie ha e hagarman said that maybe jim
9:40 am
hagarmu would be a candidate, because he does feel how he believes. so is going to be interesting. >> thank you both so much. this is in from the senate. fo four-term kansas republican pat roberts the agriculture chair is announcing that he is not seeking re-election in 2020. as the powerful agriculture chair m chairman he has been a major player on capitol hill. and he came to washington in 1981 as a member of the house before being elected to the senate in 1997. this could become a competitive senate race after the democrats took the governorship of that state in 2018, and the senator tweeting moments ago, i am proud of the work we have done and i am looking forward to serving the people of kansas for the next two years and a strong ally of course of bob dole. we will be right back.
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give me one area that you have been waiting and eager to dive into that you can now dive into that you couldn't before? >> the phone call before the trump tower meeting in the summer of 2016 and we would like to know to whom that call was made and to whom it was received by donald trump jr. >> that is denny heck saying that is some of issues that they want to dig into now that democrats are in charge, and that is adam schiff the new chair. and joining me is barbara
9:45 am
mcquade, and that is obviously steve can kornacki on "hardball" last night, and what about that phone call? who is that phone call to, because it is a blocked number in trump tower. >> one of the great frustrations of adam schiff when they shutdown the investigation, they could not get that answer, and with a subpoena to the phone company they could get the answer to who belongs to that number. it would not tell us the content, but it would tell us if it is donald trump for example, and also to know if he had advanced knowledge of that meeting, and so that would be subpoena power to reopen the investigation, th investigation, that is an answer
9:46 am
to which they can seek an answer to. >> and now, the fact that the democrats are leading the critical committees backstop orobert mueller so that he can work with them, and share information if you will and, you know, if something happens to his leadership given what is happening over at the justice department preserve some of his investigation. >> in a perfect world, it should not matter if it is republicans or democrats running the the committees burk as we saw last year when devin nunez was running the committees some of them have been a roadblock to some of the things that robert mueller has been trying the do, and so by having democrats in power more interested in seeing robert mueller learn the truth, there will be more cooperation. for example the transcripts of the people testifying behind closed doors and before the committees, and people like jared kushner and donald trump jr., and there is transcripts of the testimony, and so they will
9:47 am
share it with robert mueller to determine if they were lying, and there is an interesting line in the michael cohen sentencing memo that he provided information about how he circulated false information about the meeting with a trump tower meeting and he lied about it, and also that his testimony is consistent with the testimony of others. if i were a member of mueller's team, i would want to see the transcri transcripts to see if the people were telling the lie, and not only the consider for prosecuting them for false statements, but to get past the bigger picture of why were they lying and trying to cover-up. >> and briefly, barbara, and what about what nancy pelosi and others have said that it is an open question about the justice department guidance of whether indicting a sitting president is binding? >> well, it is an open question, and everyone would agree with that, that it is an office of legal counsel opinion that says that a president cannot be indicted, and no court has decided, and in fact, when
9:48 am
jaworski was the independent counsel, there might be an obligation to indict if there is evidence and should not share rish -- shirk. >> and now sh, to proof that a woman's place is in the house. we will talk to the new members after this. ill talk to the new after this.
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as "the washington post" reports today, women lawmakers had to wait until 2011 to even get a restroom off the floor of the house. on thursday for the first time there was a line to get in. today, nancy pelosi assembled the record 102 women members of congress for a photo. joining me now is one of them, congresswoman chrissy hulan from pennsylvania. great to see you. congratulations. we haven't talked since before your election. you're an air force veteran and from chester county, redding, pennsylvania, outside philadelphia. first, what is the feeling today right now? the meeting is still going on at the white house. nancy pelosi is certainly on solid ground with the democratic caucus standing firm with the
9:53 am
president so how do we get out of the shutdown? >> well, first off, thank you for having me back on the show. i'm really excited to be here and grateful to serve in this way and to your question i think that we're enthusiastic to begin work. many of us running for congress for a very long time, all with an effort to change the narrative and the will and work of the people to bear here. i'm excited to get started. >> what do you see as a way to get out of the stalemate over the shutdown? >> i think what's important is the folks that elected me from my community were asking us as representatives of theirs to worry about the kitchen table issues, health care, quality, affordable, quality health care so our kids and they are educated and prepared for terrific jobs of today and tomorrow and to have good jobs that treated one another with decency and so i think that the president's opinion and position
9:54 am
on the wall is something that is relatively speaking untenable because it is not the kind of thing that people us in office to think about. we are here to think about the issues that matter to everybody on a day-to-day basis. >> want to also ask you about talib, the freshman -- freshman congresswoman i guess is the terminology. you know what i mean from detroit. and the expletive she used to talk about the president in relationship to impeachment. your reaction to that? >> so, you know, we are a very caucus and big tent the democratic party and also independent people and individuals and represent our people in different ways and this is certainly not the language that i would use, nor is it necessarily my position. similar to any a vote i take and thought process i undergo as a representative for the 6th congressional, i -- i'm sorry, i'm getting an echo in my ear. >> sorry about this.
9:55 am
>> i take this responsibility seriously to take all of the facts that i have into account with regards to the president and any sort of impeachment proceedings. i don't have any new facts. >> well, i'm sorry about the audio problem. we'll try to fix that but thank you for powering through. just what your top priorities are going forward? >> sure. as we mentioned, the top priorities are quality and affordable health care for everyone, making sure we have jobs that treat one another with dignity, equal pay and equal work. making sure we have the education to do that. h r-1 was introduced today an a bill that talked about something i was put forward to serve for which is taking out some of the ethical constraints and problems we have in the current government, making sure that we exercise the dark money that allows people to be influenced unnecessarily that kind of -- those kinds of ethical issues and some of the things i'm compelled to legislate on, as
9:56 am
well. >> congresswoman howl haulihan,k you for being with us. >> thank you. >> and a quick update now on the mar markets. the dow up 700 points. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports." the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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and don't forget tonight at
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10:00 p.m. eastern join joy reid for a town hall event with house speaker nancy pelosi and follow our show online. here's ali velshi for "velshi & ruhle." >> thank you. have a great afternoon. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ali velshi. stephanie's off. it's friday, january 4th. let's get smarter. the shutdown now at day 14, of course. no end in sight. no deal in the works. >> words have -- way a ton and the president has to realize his words weigh a ton, too. >> i just want to start off by con gara congratulating nancy pelosi on being speaker of the house. >> is there a situation to accept a dollar of wall funding for the president to reopen the government? >> a dollar? a dollar? one dollar? yeah. $1. >> you will not accept a deal that doesn't include a wall if i'm hearing this right. >> i think the president's made it very clear. no


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