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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  January 6, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PST

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it was so sad watching the in washington, d.c., that is not funeral of the slain police the case. according to data by wallet hub, officer yesterday. officer singh. these are the 25 states most that was a very sad thing. impacted by the shutdown. this is going on in many places. and here is a man of the states over the course of -- if you go with republican senators up for re-election in 2020. back to the year 2000, we have which is why conservative media thousands of people that have is trying to keep the focus and been killed by illegal blame off donald trump and the growing pain that this shutdown immigration, by people coming in is causing. and joining me now is a writer to the country illegally and killing our citizens. we can't have it. and commentator, and also an we can't have it. >> mr. president, will federal author and media analyst and workers get a paycheck on february 11? >> we'll see whether or not it also host so sirius xm. let's put the maps back up happens. we'll see if it's settled. again. the states most impacted, we >>. [ inaudible ] republican senators -- >> i will say this. i have tremendous support within the republican party. if you look at congress you saw talked with indicacaitlin you dt with all of the numbers you saw this. federal workers are everywhere. a very small group of people and when you super impose that with the man of where the 2020 voting. it wasn't really against. it was a vote to open. states are, and this is it it wasn't against.
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element two, similar. i think everybody agrees. and when yyou put them together frankly, the democrats agree that you need border security. our wonderful producers put them they agree that you need a back to back. there are the states that are barrier. i put out a quote this morning impacted. there are the states where of barack obama. i put out a quote this morning senators will start getting phone calls. fox news has to keep this off of hillary clinton in 2015. donald trump because it is that was a few years ago. republican senators who are -- strongly saying that you need a >> yes. i can't believe they trying to border to keep illegals out. rebrand the shutdown as the pelosi shutdown because we have that's what you have to have. that very clear sound bite from it's not just illegals. the schumer/pelosi meeting. >> where trump said that he it's criminals. would own it. it's drugs. >> yes. he said he will take the mantle. it's the new phenomena that's and he wouldn't blame it on the been age-old. >> good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy." democrats. but i can't stop thinking about you heard donald trump there these federal workers because speaking to reporters on his way trump doesn't know what it is like to live paycheck to to camp david. paycheck. a lot of these tsa agents are his vice president mike pence single parents, they don't know continues negotiations at the white house to end the where their next pay check is government shutdown. going to come from. i want to play another sound they can't get medicine from bite, this one from acting chief their children. and trump is living in his of staff mick mulvaney -- fantasy world and he doesn't understand the real worlded world implications of his words. acting. talking about donald trump's metaphorical wall. >> the president really does
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>> donald trump has never had to believe you can solve this in live pay check to paycheck. ten minutes. we are asking for $5.6 billion. he inherited 4$413 million. they are offering zero. it sounds like we are arguing about one variable which is how much will we spend on the so he doesn't understand what it means not to be able to pay your barrier on the southern border, on the wall, on the steel slat represent. fence, whatever you call it. he is >> did you hear that? -- rent. we have now reached the point in he's never been a ten nachbts, he is a plan lord. this season of our national and so you look at the things that are happening. reality show where donald trump but fox news' and you hudience is desperately offering up anything -- anything at all just to get something he can call a can. local coast guard families decry wall. a wall over which donald trump shutdown's slap in the face as has shut down the government endangering the basic economic they borrow maybe from pay day lenders to pay bills. well-being of 800,000 federal i mean, then you've got farmers, workers and millions of americans who depend on federal these are other people who many employment, federal agencies, of them are republicans. u.s. department of agriculture and the businesses connected to them. is not processing any new farm a wall that, according to his own former advisers, as reported loans, loans for rural development or grants for low by the "new york times," was not income rural americans. even a real thing. it was, instead, a pnemonic the implementation of the new farm bill could be delayed. device roger stone made up so farmers cannot apply for the payments trump promised them to the candidate who hated to read offset the tariffs that he would remember to bash imposed on agricultural exports.
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immigrants during campaign so people will start to lose stops. a wall donald trump is afraid to real money in red states. walk away from. >> absolutely. and let's look at a couple quick now that he said it so many numbers. 60% of americans don't have $1,000 in their savings account. times at campaign rallies where meaning if you are a typical he also said mexico would pay american and you are working for the government now, you are not getting paid for weeks and for it, right wing media members weeks, you can't pay your mortgage, you can't pay your won't let him walk away. rent or child care. and secondly going forward if he can't because he could face there is no government funding, food is stamps will not be indictment or impeachment funded. without them. and 20 million children a month we are in the 16th day over a memory device, a made-up piece depend on food stamps. that means that children will go of campaign rhetoric. hungry because of donald trump, it would be like bill clinton because he takes his from basic shutting down the government cable and not the good basic over a promise to build a cable like this one, the fox literal bridge to the 21st century or barack obama because news basic cable which tells him he wanted $5 billion earmarked stand strong. donald trump tweeted that all for "yes we cans." the democrats were not working. there is no end in sight to this so me that says so much. he sees america as his base government shutdown. things are only going to get versus the rest of us. and i'm not being snarky when i worse from here for republicans, for donald trump and for say donald trump is not my millions of americans who are president. joy, he's not your president. about to find out just how much he doesn't want to be our
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the federal government does. president. he only wants to be president of his base. that's who he cares about, not joining me now, e.j. deyoung, the united states of america. and because of that this shutdown will continue, people msnbc contributor and columnist for the washington post, maria will suffer and bottom line, trump doesn't care if you suffer. cumar, president of voter that is the reality. he is about cruelty. latino, jamil smith from rolling >> and the thing is, gabriel, he stone and kaden dawson, has guy in the white house, bill republican strategist. shine, whose job it is to manage you're at a disadvantage, you're the imaging of the president to dean's point just to the base. not here with us so i'll go to that is who he is always only you first. one of the reasons donald trump talking to. but they are not going to be for now has been able to get immune -- we just showed the away with this with his base is partly because he can get away with anything with his base. but a lot of people and man hopefully i'm not just speaking mans -- maps from the impacts. for the right, on your side of they are on military bases, on the aisle, think of the federal forestry service jobs. government as bean counters so he has to deal with that. this morning the tactic that sitting in washington. bill shine i'm assuming is forgetting federal workers are behind rolling out is for donald everywhere. trump to do this wide ranging i want to show you graphics. press conference to try to lure this is a map of where federal cable media to cover it. workers live. in washington, d.c., yes. also in georgia. these are the toip itopic he we in washington state federal to. interest rates, clk, john ebojo
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workers make up more than 10% of the metro area workforce. i want to show you another map. these are states most impacted other people in his cabinet, by the government shutdown. jerusalem,elect electoral victo. it's all over the country. a lot of those are your states. and here is the one bite that we that's the south, the west. have. >> look, they have to do what >> they are. >> these are states where people they have to do. many of those workers agree he with me. will be hurting soon if the i don't like doing this. government isn't re-opened. i have no fun doing this. at what point do republican i was elected to protect our voters say, wait a minute, the federal workforce is in my town. country. that's what i'm doing. re-open the government. and presidents before me have >> joy, let me tell you, the all voted for this or many of republican base is pretty solid. them and many of the senators that i'm gosh greati ingnegotia to make the politics of it, there are winners and losers in now have voted for this. a government shutdown. but they didn't have the guts to probably not. do it. are there political winners and just like they didn't have the guts to move the embassy to losers in a government shutdown? yes. on this one, i equate it a lot jerusalem. they didn't have the guts to do to donald trump promised this. things that they should have the same thing barack obama done. >> for the record, that is full promised health care. we as republicans thought we of lies. could win an election because there is no one who said they wanted to shut the government you couldn't choose your own doctor, couldn't do this and the done for a wall except him.
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is that going to work, gabe? president said -- you know, we were wrong because the american >> i think what this really shows is we have to flashback to public didn't turn their back on what he promised. the fact that donald trump was donald trump promised to secure willing to cave on the wall and that southern border. in fact he stopped calling it a wall, he called it slats or a if he doesn't, the peril that fence. and it was only until fox news rebelled and others, tucker will come from that will be carlson and laura ingraham and massive from his base in the party whether it's aviation ann coulter's xhentd comments assets, a wall of cement, steel, that he would be a failed that's semantics. president were he to panic and >> my friend, katen, you know i dug in. so this is all donald trump governing just because he saw the possibility of a revolt from love you. his base. president obama promised health the person i'm watching throughout all this is going to care when he actually meant -- going back to when he was a be mitch mcconnell because he state senator. said that he will not really he actually wanted health care take up any issue that he knows reform. this is a "new york times" piece the president won't sign. but at some point as you showed in which donald trump's own that map, caucus will start to adviser said his promise to build a wall wasn't a real thing get antsy. he was promising them. we've seen some republican it was a rhetorical device so he senators break with the president on this. would remember to talk about and at some point mitch mcconnell could go to trump and immigration. he wasn't promising to build say listen, my guys are getting them a physical wall. killed here. he was saying like yes, we can, you have to end this. and that is i think where the or build a bridge to the 21st
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democrats are going to have century. i joked about it, but if bill leverage. >> absolutely. look at that map of the south clinton said we are really where the states most impacted, building a bridge to the 21st a lot of military bases. he will start getting some calls century people would have said from republicans who are like he was crazy. donald trump just said it how long are we supposed to go because it was a great campaign on with this. this is a case of rich media device. people telling a rich media yo can you really -- if he told his base he's not doing it, they person who is president that you would be like, okay. anything he says they would be can't back done on something that is hurting ordinary working okay with. why not say it was a rhetorical people. >> yeah, i mean it is this total device. fox fantasy. >> you can put the face on the completely devoid from reality, wall easily. i disagree. you can see the numbers. people understand drug devoid of the fact that he is traffickers and cartels. harming his own viewers. they understand human we're to the point -- i mean the trafficking and criminals. they understand the illegal fox/trump relationship has aspect. they also now are beginning to always been dangerous, but now understand how long the wall is it is affecting the federal government in a specific way and now it is impossible to tell who and how big it is. 697 something miles of cover. is influencing who. >> drug traffickers can get on a plane. i want to go to maria teresa trump flewi ifluencing fox or t other way around? we saw reporting where any cumar. on the dawson side of the ledger didn't really understand what a shutdown would do, they didn't the argument is made that all of understand that it would affect the irs, food stamps, national the people trying to come
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through the southern borders are security. just a bunch of criminals and at that marathon of lie, someone asked about the safety net for dug traffickers. >> no, no. furloughed workers. >> which is not true. his response made clear that he you went right to drug has no idea what the phrase safety net means in the federal traffickers. when people know agriculture government context. workers go back and forth. people go to school back and so this is very dangerous stuff. forth across the border. >> all the time. we are in sort of or wellian >> just ordinary commerce. not crime and drugs. if you have been at the southern propaganda, we've always been at war with east asia, this crisis border it's just natural that doesn't exist at the traffic. >> i came from el paso a couple border. and the last point, as we've all of days ago. part of my family lives there. discussed, this is political it is the safest city in the suicide. the republican party just ran on border hysteria, had their worst country. el paso, literally. it shares a border with juarez. midterms since watergate and now trump is tripling down on all of donald trump has created a trumped up notion that we have it and living in this fox world to secure the border because it fantasy. is the only thing that rallies >> i'll jump back to xwab fgabe his base. in fact, it's detrimental to the second. is someone at fox news well-being of americans. president? i mean i don't mean that in a right now with this government glib way. shutdown he's saying what he if donald trump can only do what said in his breaking news. it's okay. laura ingraham and company say people will adjust. he can do or ann coulter say he the average american's median savings is $11,000. functionally the president? that doesn't last long. should democrats be negotiating when he's threatening to shut with them? >> as much as we laugh, you have
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down the government for years, to laugh so you don't cry, you shame on him. we depend on these individuals know, i feel like back when to be our safety. the tsa is going to be -- roger ailes ran fox, i think there was a single person you could point to to say this is >> it's all over the country. >> this is a charade. where the messaging originated. and now it is really a we know immigration levels are down in the southern border distributed form of power where since 2008. they have historically kept the individual hosts have the going down. direct line to the president so individuals that are fleeing people like sean hannity, host their countries are people of fox and friends in the seeking political asylum. morning, and others can get through to the president. if we can talk about immigration there is not one person per se, reform, absolutely. we need sound borders, sound but as you point out, i think that the collective hole, the security. he doesn't know how to legislate. he doesn't know how to lead. his only talking point now is idea that network is secretary government policy is something let me scare the american people not out of the realm of to their detriment. absurdity and i think people should actually be thinking >> jamil, you're from california. the states most impacted even if about that. whether nancy pelosi and chuck it was possible to build a wall schumer sits down with brian and across the southern border, it is not. go to google earth. a lot of the border is water. steve doocy to mahash out borde at lot of it is desert, of it policy is another matter. >> maybe we should build a wall around fox news to keep them safe.
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>> and i want to point out one have to seize private property. thing. fox news has never existed to be talk about it a little bit from an economic standpoint. a governing vehicle. a lot of the federal workers are it has been an outrage machine. in california. >> right. >> there is a lot of forest, forest workers. three people have died in they have done their most national parks because of success when they are in the depleted amounts of staff and opposition. so the fact that they are trying people still going in. to dictate policy, we've seen >> right. >> this is not just about bean the disastrous results of that. counters in washington who also >> and talk radio is the other need their jobs. element of this. rush limbaugh was bragging that >> right. >> people all over the country like in california as well are donald trump essentially came to without money now. him for permission to set >> right. policy. we are seeing essentially you do a talk radio show. i know a lot of conservatives america without adult supervision. we have seen it throughout the call in and are you yet trump presidency, of course. we are seeing it really in our detecting anyone saying wait a minute, i didn't legalize my parks. previous presidents closed the parks during government che -- realize my check wasn't come shutdowns to avoid these something. >> it is stunning. incidents, avoid excrement on the idea they were promised mexico was going to pay for the the sides of the road, people wall didn't seem to bother them potentially doing dangerous acts that donald trump has reneged on that. some progressives actually or desecrating the parks, trump support a wall, but that is a left them open. wall around donald trump, a people have gone to joshua tree different type of wall. but the reality is that progressives who call my show and, you know, desecrated the are very clear and the grass parks. roots base is very clear, do not yosemite and urinated on the side of the roads. give a penny to donald trump's
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wall. and democrats, you do that at what we are seeing is a mess your peril of your own base that frankly will be difficult peeling away from you and coming out against you because it is to clean up afterwards. >> and expensive. >> so, you know, look, people not the get along go along type are saying that he promised them of scenario. democrats want results and they a wall promised them was white will hold those they elected in supremacy. november their feet to the fire. okay? he didn't promise them anything so no wall fmoney for the wall. physical. he's promising white safety. he promised white supremacy, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. >> and democrats are very fixed in their position for good white patriarchy. reason. >> the laura ingrams, rush we now know the wall is just a made up thing anyway. limbaughs, in their minds if you >> i can't believe they are saying that. said physical wall, we want a how did we go from the wall being a concrete fixture to big wall to go across the southern border. if you don't do it, we'll punish you. steel slabs and now a metaphor? he's afraid of them. there was a point at which even i'm offended on behalf of all donald trump seemed to admit, americans are the fox viewers are not offended, that fox hosts you know, i don't necessarily mean it. i just need to save face. are calling this an inconvenience. this is from last february when not being able to teed your kids or keep the lights on is not an donald trump was trying to persuade then president neto to ib convenience. it is a matter of life and death for a lot of these workers. agree to pay for the wall which and i can't stop thinking about never was going to happen. it because we know what it is
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like. he said in the transcript, we i'm a freelance writer, we know are both in a political bind. what it is like when people i have to have mexico pay for count on their weekly paychecks. the wall. he told him, i have to. i have been talking about it for two years. >> even at the museums here in if you're going to say mexico isn't going to pay for the wall d.c., the security guards, those i don't want to meet with you are the people not working. anymore. i can't live with that. he said, come on, just say and give us a bit of a critique you'll pay for it. here in the media because the he knew it wasn't real. tendency is as you well know, >> right. for the media to then go to the the notion that we are negotiating, having this trouble over a memory device which you place saying why can't the adults in the room, the stressed is really astonishing. democrat, simply compromise and give him something for the wall here's what i'm worried about. in order to reopen the government. how do we avoid that media donald trump loves the shutdown. pressure on democrats to he's been out again and again and again. something that we now know would why? because it makes it look like just be to pay for a rhetorical he's doing something when he's device? >> i think that there is a actually not doing anything at all except keeping the temptation for the press to use government from doing its work. the democrats are in this very difficult position. nixon had the great old mad man the previous sxricripts. theory. if you act crazy enough, people this is completely different. the republican party was ready you're negotiating with say, to vote as gabe pointed out and at the last minute, trump came gee, somebody here has to act in and said wait, fox news says reasonably. so then they begin to give we can't do this. none of those templates worked.
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concessions, not because they believe in them but because they this is insanitinsanity. don't want this guy to wreck the he is a mad man. he has no end game. government, wreck the lives of so the press really needs to these people and pressure comes on them. people say, well, why can't they stressing there not democrat give him something when what we versus republican. is this a mad man burning down are in is a hostage situation. the republican party and taking if they give in to trump on this the federal government with it. and so i hope that the press has purely symbolic demand who else the courage to stand up and say knows what he'll do in the this is insane. future? we could well be stuck here. what's intriguing in the "new >> thank you all swrech. york times" and also in a dean will come back and join us "washington post" story is the hard liners on immigration are later. coming up, 2019 americans should uneasy about the wall because they start worrying he might get used to hearing three words. give away something of substance to get the wall. medicare for all. >> exactly. he might be willing to give we'll separate fact from anything away, daca, anything fiction. fact from fiction. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card else because he must have the wall. from capital one. >> to save face. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. >> i'm going to come back to you, katen. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. this is a map of where federal workers live. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. then let's do element two again what's in your wallet? which is the states most impacted. look at that. the states most impacted.
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there's that. these are the states where people are losing money. checks won't come. farm subsidy checks won't come if you are counting on an agricultural loan. then i want to show you this map. these are 20 state where is make yourself comfy. senate republicans are up for it's the biggest streaming collection of british telly ever. re-election in 2020. we'll put that up. at a certain point -- do you see enjoy loved classics from the bbc and itv and discover exclusive how similar it is to the states that are most impacted? new shows fresh from the uk. the states that are hurting the very good. most are the states you have to run elections in, my friend. brighten your new year with a britbox annual plan and get two months free. at what point do the cory are you kidding? bring it on. gardeners, the republican this year, escape to britbox. senators get enough phone calls from agricultural interests sign up for an annual plan saying, i'm sorry, but i need the loan check. and start your free trial at you can't keep doing this over a rhetorical device? >> i get it, joy. all politics are local. but right now everybody we just mentioned, all the people are going to get paid. the workers will get paid. >> what if they go bankrupt in the interim? what if they don't have savings
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to pay rent now? >> we will have to see how big a washington problem it becomes with everybody back home. that's what it looks like now -- a washington problem. we have made it out this morning like it's a donald trump problem. >> it is. >> it is a washington problem to people back home. >> we just described it. >> hold on. what i have seen both electorally now, it is a sh with a -- washington problem. when heartburn hits... nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. fight back fast with tums smoothies. >> literally, the republicans it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum tum tum tum tums... got -- >> wait a minute. smoothies... the democrats -- first of all, ...and introducing new tums sugar-free. wait a minute. the democrats aren't willing to use taxpayer dollars to give donald trump money to build a wall that was not even a real thing and that mexico was supposed to pay for. why should the democrats give donald trump money for a rhetorical device just to make him not look bad? why should they do that? >> i would disagree with you
7:16 am
respectfully that it is a real thing. fencing is a real thing. aviation assets is a real thing. we'll argue that later. what i will tell you is the politics of this are still being seen back home as a washington argument. >> they are not feeling the pain. ♪ [ ] >> one second. >> katon -- it's bedtime. peace of mind should never be out of reach. >> let everybody else pile in. >> you stick with the [ voice command beep ] xfinity home. anti-washington talking point. >> he's good. >> even when your side controls xfinity home connects you to total home security two-thirds of the elected you can control from anywhere on any device. government of the united states. >> we do. >> that's impressive. and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. >> and who didn't give him the wall when they had the i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. opportunity. >> we have to end the segment. i'm going to end with a reading. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. katon, i love you. as mr. trump began exploring a presidential run -- this is the "new york times" in 2014. m his political advisers used a border wall to make their candidate who loved boasting about himselves and talents would remember to talk about getting tough on immigration
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which was an issue in the campaign. here comes a quote from donald trump's adviser. how do we get him to continue to talk about immigration, sam nunberg one of donald trump's early political advisers recalled telling roger stone, jr. we are going to get him to talk about he's going to build a wall. it was a strict lly mnemonic medicare for all sounds as a good idea, but medicare is not as good a benefit as the device. it was "yes, we can." affordable care act is for the it wasn't a real thing. younger. and so we either have to expand it was a bridge to the 21st century. just saying. we have to go. people who are getting i'll let you come back in when affordable care act in a way you come back later. my producers are now enraged that they understand or we have to improve the benefits of because i went way over time. medicare. medicare does not have the cash next up, donald trump's dangerous grasp on russian history. ory. plan. you have to buy that. so we're saying understand what it is, what it means to the hey, darryl! hey, thomas. individual. and that is a fair review that if you were choosing a network, would you want the one the experts at rootmetrics say we should have. >> and you will have hearings is number one in the nation? now. >> we'll have hearings on the sure, they probably know what they're talking about. subject. >> that was speaker nancy or the one that j.d. power says is highest in network quality pelosi's very nuanced answer as
7:18 am
by people who use it every day? to whether medicare for all this is a tough one. well, not really, would make to the house floor because verizon won both. this year during our msnbc town so you don't even have to choose. why didn't you just lead with that? hall. but many of her democratic it's like a fun thing. colleagues in congress are (vo) chosen by experts. chosen by you. determined to make it happen. get six months apple music on us. the house will soon take up the issue with its first ever it's the unlimited plan you need on the network you deserve. medicare for all hearings. and joining me now is the person now buy the latest galaxy phones, get galaxy s9 free. leading the medicare for all charge in the house. and thank you so much for being here, congresswoman. >> always great to be with you, joy. >> so let's start with i think that the term medicare for all, people started to hear it during the bernie sanders campaign during the 2016 primary. but i don't know that most people really know what it is. explain what it is. >> well, medicare is the system that covers seniors. and so essentially what we're saying is, and it is funded by the government. now, there are additional plans within medicare you can add on and that creates some concerns because not everything is provided under medicare as it should. however, the majority of
7:19 am
americans that are on head care are satisfied with their plan. and so the plan here is to expand medicare. we already know how do it. it is providing really good benefit for seniors. gentlemen, we can improve it and in fact my medicare for all plan does that. and we can make sure that it gets expanded to everybody. there a system is a system in p we think can cover every single american and frankly, it is way past time, joy. there are 44 million americans uninsured right now. another 38 million get inadequate health care. and even with obamacare, which did tremendous things for our country, we can fight tooth and nail to keep obamacare, to expand -- to make sure that it is really doing what it is supposed to do in spite of republican attempts. and we can fight tooth and nail for a real single payor universal health care system that covers everyone in this country. no deductibles, no premiums, and
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good health care is what we're about. >> the first time that i actually heard at all about this idea of medicare for all, it came up during the debate over the affordable care act when it was first being debated in the house of representatives and in the senate. and senator joe lieberman, at the time he was an independent, senator from connecticut, he really threw cold water on and amazon prime video so when you say words like... ended up killing the idea of show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. just dropping medicare down to people aged 55 from age 65. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... so democrats have for a long tom clancy's jack ryan... time not been bullish on this idea of expanding medicare and and the man in the high castle. expanding to more people. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. so if it doesn't sell very easily within the democratic caucus, how would you expect to that's how xfinity makes tv... actually pass and become law? simple. easy. awesome. >> well, it is completely changed now because americans understand that the market for health care is broken. these pharmaceutical companies are gouging, price gouging consumers, insurance company, people are paying way too much for their premiums and their
7:21 am
deductibles and they can't afford health care. and so now you have president obama, interesting, right, during the campaign saying medicare for all is a great new idea. so the country has moved. 70% of americans believe that we should have a medicare for all type system. and so i think that the caucus is far behind where americans are on or dock i should say -- russia used to be the soviet union. congress i should say. afghanistan made it russia because they went bankrupt not this new caucus. and everything has shifted. fighting in afghanistan. and frankly the affordable care russia. act was part of helping people the reason russia was in to understand that health care is a right and not a privilege. afghanistan was because terrorists were going into russia. they were right to be there. but so has the republican the problem is it was a tough attempts to strip health care fight. away and drive health care costs literally they went bankrupt. they went into being called back up after a period of time where the affordable care act russia again as opposed to the was helping consumers across the soviet union. country. people are saying wait a second, a lot of these places you're this makes no sense. reading about now are no longer the average family in america is a part of russia because of paying about $1,000 a month in
7:22 am
afghanistan. >> donald trump says a lot of premiums and deductsables. things that are prove bli false. and that is just unacceptable what you just heard has for people across the country. that is not employer based, that historians cringing wondering why he parroted old soviet union is just people on obamacare. those premiums have really gone talking points about the invasion of afghanistan 40 years up. so we need to make sure health ago. care is a right and not a prifr no. the invasion didn't target terrorists. and people don't delay their the fact is the soviets were health care which ends up trying to bolster communists in costing us so much more. >> let me tackle some of the afghanistan. why defend the invasion four components of it. decades later randomly, out of speaker pelosi made the point the blue? and you just acknowledged that could trump's weird pattern of medicare doesn't provide as robust a set of benefits as the repeating russian talking points be a point of concern for affordable care act. so in order to expand it, you'd intelligence officials? have to add those things in here's what former u.s. attorney because you don't have things and senior fbi official chuck like catastrophic care under the rosenberg told my colleague affordable care act. nicole wallace on friday. that is one. but even doing that would have a >> the president of the united tremendous cost. states is echoing directly the polls show, later kazki kaiser line of the kremlin on a bunch of things. so whether or not it results in poll, 59% to include everyone. an indictment, whether or not it's something we ultimately can but the cost estimate that is see, touch, feel, and hear this most often thrown around, and in is something u.s. intelligence organization is more on the officials have to understand.
7:23 am
why is the president saying what libertarian side, so probably not a huge fan of medicare for he's saying? is he just wrong? all, but they put that cost at does he actually believe it? or is something being fed to him with the intent of shaping his $32.6 trillion. conduct, shaping his words and a lot of americans when they see that go whoa, it sounds really shaping his actions? >> joining me now is timothy too expensive. o'brien, author of "trump how would your plan be paid for? nation," clint watts, former fbi special agent, and jill would it be huge taxes? >> the crazy thing is, americans winebanks, former assistant are already paying an enormous watergate prosecutor. amount of money for health care. clint, even the "wall street and that is the thing that never gets considered is, you know, if journal" which is usually trump-friendly, their editorial you look at employers, even board slammed this weird defense employer -- people say employer of the soviet invasion of afghanistan called it cracked based health care is so great, you well, the average employer afghanistan history and saying, right to be there? based plan has increased cost sharing for individuals. we can't recall a more absurd so now people are paying about misstatement of history by an american president. the soviet union invaded $5700 a month under those employer based plans. afghanistan in 1979 to prop up a so i think most americans that i fellow communist government. talk to say look, we're already jonathan che in new york paying money and we're not even magazine points out the russian getting a good plan, we're not government is moving an official getting a comprehensive plan. we are willing to put some money resolution defending the invasion of afghanistan which will take place next month and
7:24 am
russians have called the into this in terms of higher taxes. invasion a tragic error, but but the bigger question here is how do you estimate what the vladimir putin's regime regards cost is of people dying? you know, how do you estimate the fact that in the united the collapse of the soviet states we pay more for health union. as rachel maddow pointed out not care overall as a country nankc any industrialized country in only is trump repeating this he's doing it in tandem with the world? 20% of our gdp is spent on vladimir putin officially doing health care. so. what do you make of it? in canada, it is 10%. so we have to understand that >> i don't know. ultimately the cost of not this is a multi year pattern providing health care, of allowing people to die, of not with donald trump. allowing americans to go out and he can't even be specific about form small businesses because his wall but he can get really they are worried about health specific at odd times about care, those costs are much, much talking points regarding the greater in an if we transform the system, take the profit away former soviet union ndand russi. from a price gouging that was a specific argument. rarely do you see him be pharmaceutical industry that is specific about everything. he uses the words very and great more concerned about their profits than about consumers' most if you count. health. that ultimately is what will bring the cost down for he's highly specific and this is everybody individually, but also for our country as a whole. only found in one place. >> so are you talking about it comes from the kremlin. basically ending employer based it is revisionist history. insurance, everyone would
7:25 am
the big question has been going essentially switch themselves on to medicare, but if you did on for years. that, again, the cost to do that where does he get it? would be significant. he's not known to be a reader. and what about the people who this didn't come from the u.s. work in the insurance is industry, are you talking about a massive loss of jobs if an intelligence community. industry goes away? who provides kremlin talking points so he repeats them and >> well, you know, we are saying doesn't seem to think anything that the government would otherwise. it is alarming. provide health care instead of why does it happen at times when insurance companies taking so the russian government is also much profit and pharmaceutical worried about these issues? companies takes so much profits. >> right. there could always be wrap around plans obviously that it is weird. tim o'brien, you're a biographer people could add to, but we anticipate that the health care of donald trump. that would be provided under it's not as if donald trump medicare for all would really be steeps himself in intellectual history and reading history. sufficient for the majority of he's not a reader. all of the sudden he does these americ americans. right now in this country today, unless you are really rich, you things where he seems to know don't get to have really good something specific and have a health care. that is really outrageous. specific take on some aspect of and is so, yes, i think in the russian history. again, thank god for rachel end the insurance industry would adapt to this new system. but nowhere in the world do insurance companies make so much madmaddoma money off of people's health maddow. care. here is tucker carlson talking why is it right that somebody about montenegro which americans should die instead of being able to go and seek treatment early, don't probably know a ton about which by the way it costs us all
7:26 am
it. >> montenegro is a tiny country a lot less money if people are not going to emergency rooms but with strong people. are actually getting preventive by the way, they are strong, aggressive people. care? but everyone tn the opportunityf they may get aggressive. congratulations, you're in world war iii. what we are doing to our country >> that was last july. by not having what every it doesn't stop there. in may of 2017 here is how individualized country in the world has except for the united donald trump treated the prime states, and that is a government funded health care system. minister of the same country. that is our medicare for all do you remember this? system and i'm thrilled that we played it at the time. we're actually going to have he just shoved him. hearings on this for the first time. that is a big deal. what's going on here in your view? >> well, what connects and i really, you know -- it too took a lot for us to negotiate montenegro is that it is that commitment and we appreciate the speaker throwing important to vladimir putin. revising our understanding about her support behind it and we are why the soviet union invaded looking to getting that going in the house in the next several afghanistan is important to vladimir putin. we have to wonder why these monthse talking points that are clearly months. >> thank you so much. and do you have a link where kremlin talking points end up in people can read more details? donald trump's mouth. so will you promise to come back he's probably the most wildly is so we can keep having this conversation, and can you get us ill-informed and illiterate a link so that people can president we have had in the actually read the details for oval office. themselves? >> the text hasn't been he would be hard-pressed to find afghanistan on a map. finalized yet.
7:27 am
he's not approaching these we hope to finalize that in the next couple weeks. we hope to release the bill dialogues as a student of policy probably in early february. or with real national security in mind. certainly bernie sanders' bill has some components of it, but our bill will be different from the senate bill and it will be different than the original he's freelancing to create a universal health care bill. and i think people will be narrative. what's disturbing is when you really happy with it in terms of move past the word salad of it, its 34r57b fplan for how we tra joy, and the sort of tragic our health care system so that comic aspects of trump when he pharmaceutical companies can't gouge us, insurance companies does this strange performance can't gouge us and every single art is it's a national security american gets real quality problem. you have someone who is the health care. >> all right. we look forward to continuing commander in chief and has lots the debate on this. of power to execute policy on thank you very much, congresswoman. and coming up, trump has behalf of the country overseas. he really doesn't know what he's only his very best people out on the sunday shows this morning of course. that's next. talking about. when he does speak it looks like he's the puppet of other people. are >> jill winebanks, this dove tails with the mueller investigation which began with potential collusion conspiracy to act with a foreign government, namely russia, to obtain the office of president.
7:28 am
james comey was asked by abc news whether or not he thinks russia may have something on donald trump. this was his answer. >> do you think the russians have something on donald trump? >> i think it's possible. i don't know. these are more words i never thought i would utter about a president of the united states. it's possible. >> could it be an aspect of the investigation which has now been extended? the mueller investigation has a second lease on life. could this kind of behavior wind up being an aspect of the investigation? >> it certainly can be. you have to ask yourself are these policies which make no sense, are these statements that are historically inaccurate something related to a conspiracy with russia? is the reason that he's so close to russia something to do with anything they have on him? is it just due to his failure to understand history?
7:29 am
or is it part of the crimes that have been committed against our election. we are all relying a lot on the mueller team to gather the evidence that will show us the answer. i think we should also rely on congress to investigate this to have public hearings. i think public education on this is very important. during water gate it took a public outcry to get to a point where the republicans turned against richard nixon. we need to have the facts. even if the mueller investigation report becomes public it's not the same thing as seeing the witnesses live. for people able to judge their credibility based on everything they see in a public hearing. i would like to see a public hearing go forward. >> clinton watts, do you think that ought to include the question of how this information
7:30 am
could be getting to donald trump? we know he uses an insecure cell phone. >> sure. there is technical and process questions that need to be asked about how the information continues to not only enter the white house but to trump other information being provided to trump. how does the entire u.s. intelligence community which is an enormous apparatus not be able to give the president which it is there to serve information that's accurate and supports u.s. foreign policy and can quickly be sidestepped by anything in twitter, a phone call or someone on his staff that delivers something? it's bizarre. this is an oversight question congress should take on which is how does this keep happening over and over again? it would not seem to jive to me with the intelligence committees that this is a good way for a country to conduct business. >> tim, trump's affinity for russia goes way back? >> he's always wanted to do
7:31 am
deals there. the question that needs to be answered isn't diplomatic. it is financial. does russia have its financial hooks in trump in any way? i would suggest that a lot of answers to the question aren't in russia. they are here in the united states. they are in deals like the trump soho hotel, deutsche bank. those could be explored. >> jill, what's your pin? >> it's in support of the women in congress saying a woman's place is in the house, the senate and the oval office. . >> thank you very much. overnight donald trump timothy o'brien. clint watts, jill winebanks, tweeted this to try to convince thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, the dna of the americans to pay for his met 2020 race. information cal wall. i'm going to guess that donald trump has never seen game of thrones oig because this is what happened to the wall. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
7:32 am
originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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only six days into 2019 and a lot of democrats are preparing already for a 2020 presidential run. even hitting the campaign trail. up next, a look at who has the best chance of winning the nomination and of defeating donald trump. iger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. if he has no give up a concrete wall and replace it with a steel fence in order to because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. do that so democrats can say ♪ see, he's not building a wall
7:36 am
anymore, that should -- >> so the president no longer so even when she outgrows her costume, wants a wall, he wants a fence? >> the president will secure the we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. border with a barrier. >> acting whois chiite house ch unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. staff giving another example of only when you book with expedia. how are far the goal posts have moved. now saying that trump is willing to accept a steel fence. joining me now, dana milbank. and dean is back with me. thank you and i will. so dana, new to the table. let me play you one of the other justifications besides just give us anything and call it wall. that is one tact. the other tact is to say you must give us wall because there are terrifying people on the other side who are going to kill us all. >> thousands. >> thousands of them on foot. and she here is sarah sanders doing that. >> we know that roughly nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country
7:37 am
illegally. and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border. >> i studied up on this. do you know where those 4,000 people are captured? airports. >> not always. certainly -- >> the state department says there hasn't been any terrorists that they found coming across the southern border. >> it is by air, by land, by sea. all of the above. >> no, no, chris wallace is right. nbc new also fact checked this. the figure say have a sarah san citing was not even 2018. it was 2017. >> at least they call mick mulvaney acting because he is acting. and sarah huckabee sanders is acting and they are way, way off broadway with this show. they are in a pretty bad position. the guy starts out saying mexico is paying for this wall. and then he says i volunteered to shut down the government so i
7:38 am
can break my campaign promise. and then he says it can go on for years and people will be perfectly happy for people not to earn money. so i'm not sure what they can possibly say. but of course sarah sanders' point is exactly what the democrats say. it is not about a wall, it is about comprehensive border security and immigration changes. air, land and sea as share are a sa -- sarah sanders says. >> and donald trump constantly negotiating public and publicly because they let me to customize my insurance, reducing his demands like daily. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. here is donald trump speaking to reporters about an hour ago at like my bike and my calves. the white house before he heads off to camp david talking about liberty mutual customizes your car insurance what the wall could be made of. so you only pay for what you need. it could be made of anything. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> the wall could be of steel instead of concrete. it may be better. but i'm willing to do that so our great steel companies which are now back in -- i intends to call the head of united states steel and a couple of other of
7:39 am
our great steel companies to have them come up with a plate or a design of a beautiful steel product which we now make here and we'll use that as our barrier. >> that steel companies were all closed. so donald trump even when he built his own companies didn't use american steel, he used chinese or concrete. so now he's claiming that he i think there are a bunch of will create a job program. people that feel a tremendous where are we going with this? >> and how many jobs is that difference in terms of the really going to create to create leadership that we had under the wall. let's be honest, his former barack obama versus the lack of leadership and the total disaster that we have under chief of testistaff john kelly donald trump and for me, i to give him an out saying what he is really trying to do is make it secure with a completely believe that i have a strong vision for the country's future. different combination of tools. i think being mayor of a large but instead he says no, i want a city and serving in the wall. this is nonsense. what he is trying to do is gin president's cabinet certainly qualifies one to be commander in chief and i'm going to go out up his base, get the american there and make the case. people scared. >> just days away from his and the fact that they don't official 2020 announcement, know how do you actually secure
7:40 am
former hud chair julian castro our border, ensure that the american people are safer, just is out on the sunday shows this morning making a pitch to be demonstrates this is a ruse. >> this is actually the third president of the united states. first, castro would have to i material he's proposed for the can ma it through a crowded wall. if you remember, he used to say field of democrats reportedly it would be a transparent wall eyeing a white house run. that you could see through. so i think we have a glass or back with me, e.j., maria and perhaps a lucite wall. and now we're steel or -- jamil. what do you make of julian >> or really literally metaphorical. castro's candidacy? >> our topping oography doesn' >> to have castro and o'rourke allow for a wall. >> dean, at this stage even some in the race is interesting. i think it is a blocking move republican members of the united states senate who are toward beta o'rourke. unfailingly loyal to donald he wants to say, i was a mayor, trump and will vote for anything that he wants won't stand up for i worked with president obama. he's clearly going to hug this. they won't ride for this at president obama. i'm also a latino. least on the sunday shows. here is susan collins who will i think he's looking to carve have a tough reelect in 2020 out a space. the difficulty he'll have is talking about her view on this debate on this wall. this interest in o'rourke has >> i've always thought that the brought a lot of excited obama debate over what the physical barrier should be constructed of
7:41 am
folks. it will be interesting to see was rather bizarre. we need to look at more than how the guys, put outside all the other splits in the field, just a physical barrier, we need those guys work out their to look at more border patrol arrangements going forward. agents, technology and other >> part of the arrangement is means as well. the texas primary is the same day as the big california >> in other words, republicans are still arguing just back to primary which is now in march. >> right. everything was moved. comprehensive immigration reform what's interesting is that when and border security, they can't you look at the caucuses, the even with a straight face argue way they happen, all of a sudden that there should be a border wall. you have nevada. >> and not a member of the senate, but a member of the that's the first caucus that reflects the larger portion of house will hurd, a former cia the country. it is reflective of it. i believe that's one of the operative who has 800 miles of biggest bets when it comes to this border said that the wall julian. he's saying, look, if i can get is the most in-efficient and cost ineffective way to do this. a good stronghold in nevada i we are talking about spending have a shot at the rest of the our dollars. if trump proposed an ice wall, would his base say that is fine? electoral map. he's a close friend, full you can debate what you want, but when you're spending our disclosure. but he modernized san antonio, money and it is 25 bhl$25 bhl2$t greened it, created wealth in san antonio and was able to have a platform he was able to $5 billion, not including taking then -- that's a reason he was people's land and maintaining the wall, there are better ways tapped to go to head up hud. he was one of the individuals to spend that money for border that was actually thought of as
7:42 am
security and things let over, a potential vice president like pre-k and helping seniors. candidate for hillary clinton. so let's talk about border >> i always loved that he had a security, that is fine. picture in his office of his mom but let's not play games. this is trump's campaign promise. and i wish the media would say who was a candidate. to him donald trump when you were negotiating new nafta with she was just this formidable organizer. >> it was an interesting story. mexico, did you ask them to pay he's an identical twin which is for the wall on day one? what did you do to try to get fun. the challenge is -- jamil, i'm mexico to pay for this wall not making you captain because i want to see him answer that. california. >> that's a good title. >> absolutely. and not only that, uncaging >> but your newly minted state moving up the primary changes children, sending them back to the field. their parents. castro has a lot going for him. i think he wants an attractive donald trump has also used this potential veep candidate back in 2016. there will be a big charisma rhetorical device often saying many support this and he doesn't primary essentially. name the many people. you have to be able to win one but sometimes he names them of the first early primaries and enough that you can check. he is claiming that former then catapult into a very presidents have told him that expensive california primary. they wish they had built a wall. i wonder with him and beto both there are living former challenging for that and presidents. competing in texas which is president obama is like -- like their home state, he has a they are still around. people could ask them. formidable challenge. and is -- and so of course they >> the challenge will also come
7:43 am
should senator kamala harris did ask them and they all said no, that is not true. enter the race in terms of and so here is mick mulvaney, charisma and also time. >> yes. acting chief of staff, because >> people of california don't it is not a real job -- just know harris because she's >> even if you are chief of been on tv a lot. she's been in their communities. staff, you are still acting. >> so here is mick mulvaney they know her because she's working toward goals they have attempting to explain this claim elected her to accomplish. that other presidents said they >> it's complicated. wished they built a border wall she's in law enforcement as which isn't true. >> i'm not really sure -- well. the locals will have something >> you don't know what president to say. >> people on both sides in it was? >> no, i don't know what california may like or dislike her for those reasons. presidents mean when they say it's early obviously. they don't support a wall. the security fence act is what but with california and texas we're using right now. >> which presidents -- being on the same day, it can be >> i have no idea. i haven't asked the question. complicated for texas candidates to make a mark in california. >> shouldn't he? i wonder which one will be more shouldn't he ask? >> well, i think in fairness i think andrew jackson probably came to him in a dream and said impactful. >> i think it's exciting that not only could he have avoided you are having these individuals that are not only qualified but the civil war, but he would have able to compete on a level of ideas. that's what the democratic party in fact built a war and preve needs. they need to be able to break prevented all these problems. through the idea of what is the they are out of proposals to make. they are out of arguments to
7:44 am
republican opposition now? make. so you are just throwing what's the equivalent of policy everything up there and seeing that will impact the american what is sticks. i mean there are people out people? i think with democrats and the there who agree with the people are actually thriving president and they just happen to be hosts on fox news. for. they want a debate of how are and it is a very shrinking you going to make my life better component of the population. and how are we going to push through the future. but they are delighted. the fact that we have a diverse set of candidates can only >> and dean, we live in this improve it. >> it only works if we behave in media world, you are in talk the media and allow ideas to. radio, what would bill shine have to say to laura ingraham coforward. >> good luck with that. and sean hannity and others to just a small point. games within games here. get them to back off and let's him back down? dianne feinstein, the other because the outcome here is, mr. senator from california this week said she liked joe biden. president, you get nothing, you >> here we go. back down. >> you're going to have -- you what do they have to say to get have something going on in him to say fine, i'll you just back down and tell his texas, california. supporters there is no wall? maria teresa is right. >> nancy pelosi said yes, i'll i think there is an interesting offer a dollar toward the wall which is great. so she has allocated one dollar opportunity here for democratic candidates to think about who is for the wall. she really said that in a going to shape the message that the democrats offer, not just presser. >> didn't she say beaded curtains though? message broad but the specific >> she said sure, i'll offer a ideas. it's not just them. dollar. i think the only way
7:45 am
it's the new democratic house majority. >> very true. collectively the government that >> you're going to need synergy. runs the government within the government at fox news says how nancy pelosi and those democrats do we declare a victory, how do are talking about a big reform we make donald trump get out of this by saying you still won. package, a democracy reform package with voting rights, campaign reform and other stuff. maybe it is $2 billion not for a they are talking about green wall. and he goes we have the down payment and we all move on infrastructure and health care. i think what people are going to collectively. and people working for free right now and can't pay their bills, finally get paid. get, you know, snatches of this kids who worry about getting their food stamps, they don't and that. it's important the two things have to worry anymore about come together to say, hey, there are concrete ideas here that that. so i would -- i have no problem people are going to run on in if he declares victory, we move 2020. >> you bought up biden. on to more important nations like the 30 americans killed biden in the name i.d. race has today by gun violence including five to eight children. 32% at least in this particular let's talk about that. >> absolutely. des moines register poll. my panel will come back. that matters in the sense people and next up, they will tell me need to know who you are. who won the week. jou julian castro has a challenge getting up to 1%. there goes our first big order. beto gets to 11%. ♪ 44, 45, 46... bernie sanders is swaandwiched how many of these did they order? between them. ooh, that's hot. i wonder if we talk about this ♪ as an ideas primary, but with so you know, we could sell these.
7:46 am
many people, the media can only nah. focus on so many. ♪ do we wind up having biden blot we don't bake. ♪ out the sun because he's the opportunity. best known and he can command what we deliver by delivering. the attention of us? >> i don't think so. with biden you have people able to examine his record. there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. >> a lot of record which is not even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. always good for you as a candida and unlike sonicare, candidate. >> biden isn't currently in oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand office. that's helpful to us because we are not examining what he's accepted by the ada. oral-b. doing currently or proposals brush like a pro. he's putting forward. same thing with beto. we are looking at videos beto is putting out, not bills he's putting forward. i think what's important for people like kamala, cory booker, other folk who is are in offices currently like e.j. was saying to plant their flag on particular issues. >> right. >> and say, hey, i am for a green new deal, for voting reform and specific positions they can stand by and say, hey, i'm going to enact this when i'm
7:47 am
president. >> they have to wait on things like medicare for all. they are going to push the debate. they are actually legislating. people have to say what it's for. >> i think you saw the challenge of doing what jamil talked about this week when elizabeth warren laid out who she wants to be and what she wants to run on with maddow. there will be a ton of questions about her dna test. that's going to happen -- every candidate will have something like that. it will be a challenge. >> i think the democrats, the way they win is to make sure they put points on the board in the house. they have to demonstrate that they are not just about investigating trump but the policies will make your life better. >> what are they going to do for you. >> right. the presidential election has started but not by the folks that declare but by what happens in the house. >> you should run. >> good idea. we have an exclusive. >> what did i do to you? >> exclusive announcements. i'll end the segment by saying
7:48 am
it is incumbent upon us in the media to do better. we do a lot of style over substance, go for shiny objects. i hope this presidential election will be different. i'm saying that to myself, to all of us. they're always perfect. it's me. next up, the question that's becoming more buzz-worthy by the day. will donald trump quit before he gets impeached? stay with us. ith us with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good,
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we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. all right. now it's time for this great panel to tell us and tell you, who won the week! dean, you're at a disadvantage. who won the week? >> clearly, joy we have two more muslims and congress and a third one there, next up, that's what i'm hoping for. the reality is, i think american values won this week.
7:50 am
when you look at the 116th congress, all of the firsts, first two african new england women, first two indian woman, and it really is a celebration of diversity. i can tell you watching rashida talib get sworn in wearing traditional palestinian robe, i wish my father were alive to see that. that this country he picked fulfilled the promise. that you can have aniest nicety and work your way up to the united states house of congress. i wish he was here to see that. >> absolutely. was it omar who was sworn in on the koran? >> rasheed talib did that. >> i think that was a good answer muslims won the week.
7:51 am
fredericka wilson is known for her amazing hats but she wasn't allowed to wear them on the floor, but that rule has been changed so religious head ware. it's a complete change to the way the nation is going to look and feel, it's so inclusive. that rules changed happened immediately. that's a great answer, dean. and we're usaa members for life. a feel-good answer. >> who won the week? >> democracy. shaquem get in here. the reason i say our democracy, take your razor, yup. this was the first midterm in alright, up and down, never side to side, shaquem. you got it? 100 years where we had come on, get back. quem, you a second behind your brother, stay focused. oversubscriptions. one in six new voters were new can't nobody beat you, can't nobody beat you. voters. hard work baby, it gonna pay off. and we saw who they voted into our congress, a representative you got this. with the one hundred and forty-first pick, government. the seattle seahawks select. we are that much closer to living and breathing the constitution of representative government. that shows the power of the vote alright, you got it, shaquem. alright, let me see. and the power of the american people they're not taking this nonsense of what our country
7:52 am
looks like. >> this was record turn out. >> record turn out. the most participation in 100 years. not by coincidence, 100 years since women got the right to vot vote. >> you have the election of barack obama, the backlash the other way with donald trump, and then it feels like a counter is there al nhere any chancu backlash with this election people saying no, we want the might run against donald trump in the primaries in 2020? >> you may have heard i ran diversity of the 2008 election. and boy did we get it. before. i've had that experience and i acknowledge the president was >> i don't disagree with that successful and i was not. he did something i couldn't do. but i want to add to the mix. he won. and i recognize that and speaker pelosi, not only did she appreciate that. but, no, i'm not running again become speaker which is historic and we'll see whether someone else does in a republican in itself, but you have to primary or not. understand getting the democrats but time will tell. on board with anything is like >> well, mitt romney says that he will not challenge donald trump for the presidency in herding platpuss. 2020. at least for now. she repealed the effort to get with the swarm of investigations surrounding 2ru6r78 atrump and y her out of there. and the constant public and there were 15 votes to get her out of there. private meltdowns, couldn't the she has perfect awe namty in the
7:53 am
gop decide enough is enough? could another candidate jump in caucus during the shutdown. or might trump just step down if she can keep it up, it's and walk away? going to be an extraordinary two years for the democrats. i point you to a former aid to >> she doesn't push people away, she lets their ideas come into george w. bush and former committee, she makes sure there governor whitman of new jersey, are hearings. even the blow up of rasheed alan steinberg, who says in his view he thinks that donald trump talib, she said i'm not going to will leverage the oval office to sensor my members. i'm going to say as a grandma avoid any likely charges left that may not be the way i talk, individual against him and his but she's not going to try to family. just a quote from him. steinberg served as regional -- rein the in. not a goat. >> the only correct answer, i'm but served under george w. bush. giving it to alexander ocasio and what he is essentially saying is that durd has oonald cortez. she was booed on the house floor one bargaining chip that he can as she voted for speaker pelosi, use with robert mueller to avoid but her answer was don't hate me any sort of a sealed our you because you can't be any. she is great at social media and be been -- or unsealed indictment, stepping down. do you see that happen has shown you the potential of something. >> i haven't seen the body language to see that coming.
7:54 am
and sometimes we pay too much what a millennial member of attention to the president, but congress can be. i would watch that language. she'll get a green deal hearing. second of all, trump is not much of a quitter. and she's proven that it's okay i know that he has bankrupt some for women to dance. companies and done this, but he >> that's right. is a player, he is a deal maker. >> both collegiate women and he obviously loves the job. congress women. so i don't see that. nothing wrong with dancing. by the way, whoever thought that that would be the only thing showing somebody being cool and that would have it mike pence having friends and doing a dance running for president, but we video was bad publicity for know that turns out very poorly them? i don't know. maybe they should rethink the and all our chances go down the whole political thing. they made her more popular. drain. one thing you have to remember, it costs $67 million to really so she won the week. get up and start running for but you guys won the week president. so we got to have somebody who because your answers were great is up rauand running to beat th as well. thank you all very much. president in an organization happy sunday. more info after the break. happy sunday that is not made neither more info after the break. democratic nor republicans what?! i'm here to steal your car because, really to oust sitting incumbent well, that's my job. presidents. what? so you're right, about the only what?? what?! way you'd see it is if donald (laughing) what?? trump says i'm going to get on what?! what?! air force one and fly back to [crash] new york and see ya later. what?! haha, it happens. i don't see that happening. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, the guy is not you think he lik?
7:55 am
paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... he seems miserable to me. like me. but the question i guess about ♪ whether or not the party -- and you're right, i think peopunder this, but it is expensive to get even a name i.d. and register in polls. so if somebody were to challenge donald trump, and we've already had governor kasich of ohio saying he doesn't want to, mitt romney, but that is the level of person that you'd have to be to do it. so you see no one in the part it i who might say enough is enough, i have the name i.d., i'm going to get up and unare or persor -- run or just personal wealth to jump? ? >> i don't see another donald trump because he had the money. it isbalance access. every state is different. and it is expensive. and then you have to get to a
7:56 am
national convention. so when you have an incumbent it is tough. and donald trump mad had 20 yeaf built up and so he was able to do it. but i think that he got stuck when they came to him and said mr. trump, guess what, we got to raise this kind of money or you got to pay for it because all that is great, we got to do the mechanics of running for presidency. so that's what trump has in his favor. and if he doesn't run, i think we get washed out completely. ever notice how hard it is to clean >> last question before we go. impossible kitchen and bathroom messes with wipes and spray cleaners? we're short on time. what would have to happen for try mr. clean magic eraser. the party to go to him and say, just add water, squeeze, and erase. 3w mr. president, you need to stand mr. clean magic eraser works great on burnt-on food in the kitchen. down? >> he'd have to be indicted, it would have to be so much stuff it's perfect for cleaning stubborn bathroom soap scum. for the party to disintegrate even on glass. itself and not stick with the and it even removes four times president would be really impossible. more permanent marker per swipe. >> all right. you're the expert. try mr. clean magic eraser, thank you very much. have a great sunday. for your impossible kitchen and bathroom messes. >> happy new year. more "a.m. joy" after the break. patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water.
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its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. thanks so much for watching. "a.m. joy" will be back next saturday. up next my friend alex has the latest. >> are you going to be in the studio finally? >> i will be back in new york with you next week. promise. >> okay. safe travels home. >> good day to all of you i'm alex wit. hi noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. it
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is now day one of the pelosi shutdown. >> democrats are doing their best to delay and score political points. >> how many more kate steinles do very with to have, how many officers murdered on christmas day? the blood is on the hands of the democrats in congress. that is a fact. >> welcome back to "a.m. joy." this was another tough week for the folks at fox news. tasked with finding creative ways to avoid dealing with the
8:01 am
increasingly disaster shutdown that donald trump triggered over his metimetity -- border wall. they are trying to pass it off as the democrats' fault while also contradicting the narrative about who is responsible by urging trump to keep the shutdown going. >> the shutdown as much as it inconvenienced some people that work for the government and i hope they get their back pay, it needs to continue straight through the state of the union and maybe beyond. >> lost in the spin were the hundreds of thousands of federal employees caught in the cross hairs. working without pay or on unpaid leave and at risk of not being able to pay their rent. among those who remain on the job but without pay are border patrol, tsa agents, air traffic controllers and the coast guard. the irs is closed. good luck getting those tax returns if this continues through april. and so are many national parks
8:02 am
but not all. three people have died since the shutdown began in falls inside national parks that the trump administration kep
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