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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  January 18, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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impeachment if he does? speaker pelosi cancels the state of the union, president trump cancels her flight overseas. nancy pelosi says the administration leaked her commercial travel plans as well. all of this while 800,000 federal workers still aren't getting paid. and accused. r. kelly under fire for a range of allegations including sexual, physical and emotional abuse. all of which he denies. now a new alleged victim speaks out for the first time to dateline nbc. we start with that new bombshell report that claims president trump ordered his attorney, michael cohen, to lie to congress. buzzfeed citing two federal law enforcement officials reports president trump directed cohen to lie about negotiations to build the trump tower in moscow. quote, the special counsel's office learned about trump's directive for cohen to lie to
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congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the trump organization. and internal company e-mails, text messages and a cache of other documents. cohen then acknowledged those instructions during his interviews with that office. nbc news has not confirmed the buzzfeed report. democratic reaction to the report? unsurprisingly fast and furious. ad adam schiff tweeting we'll do what is needed. that is obstruction of justice. congressman castro, if the story is true, president trump must resign or be impeached. the president's tv attorney, rudy guiliani told nbc news, if you believe cohen i can get you a great deal on the brooklyn bridge. jeff, what are you hearing from the white house? >> hey, craig. the strategy from the white house appears to be a simple
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one. they're making the case that michael cohen is a convicted liar, therefore you can't believe anything he says. and to give you a sense of it, here's a tweet the president fired off earlier this morning. he quotes a fox news reporter at the start. he says don't forget michael cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud. "the wall street journal" has suggested he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars. lying to reduce his jail time. watch father-in-law. michael cohen's father-in-law was charged with defrauding the irs. what's that got to do with anything? nothing that we know of anyway. it's one of the reasons why michael cohen's legal team is making the case of the talk from the father-in-law of the president is designed to intimidate michael cohen who is scheduled to testify before
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congress. you asked more broadly about the white house's response to all this. >> this is just another in a long line of ridiculous charges without any corroboration. >> the president did not tell michael cohen to do that? >> this is why the president refuses to give any credence or credibility to news outlets because they have no ability to corroborate anything they're putting out there. they're using innuendo -- >> that was not a denial of my question. >> but the premise is ridiculous. >> so here's the thing. the buzzfeed reporting makes clear that the special counsel team is relying on more than just cohen's word. according to the reporting, the special counsel team had this corroborating evidence first and then presented it to michael cohen who then confirmed it to
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be true. if true, if this reporting is true, this is certainly damning and damaging stuff. because up until this point, as to this question of whether or not the president obstructed justice, we have not had such clear-cut evidence. perhaps if true, the president told a witness to lie to congress, craig. >> to be clear, jeff, we didn't edit that exchange there with hogan gidley and bill hemmer on fox news. at no point did he ever deny that the president actually directed cohen. he didn't say no, that's not true? >> you're right about that. i would add that even the responses we've seen from sarah sanders starting from over the weekend with that bombshell "new york times" reporting that the fbi was looking into whether or not the president was knowingly or unknowingly a russian asset. "the washington post" reported the next day about why the president took extraordinary steps to shield his conversations with vladmir putin. those responses, neither of them
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were direct denials. >> mr. delaney, bring us up to date here. how could this disclosure that the president did in fact order michael cohen to lie to congress. how could that impact bob mueller's investigation? what might that mean for cohen's testimony before congress, which if i'm not mistaken is going to happen the first week in february? >> well, i'm told he's not going to be able to address this question before congress. he's been warned off dealing with anything that's a matter of pending investigation. but look in a sense this is separate from the question of russia conspiracy. if this story is true, it means that donald trump as president suborned perjury and orchestrated a scheme to lie to a co-equal branch of government. that's considered an impeachable offense. that's why you're seeing democrats saying if the stroorys true we must begin impeachment
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proceedings. if the story is true the question is why. why would he ask him to lie to lawyer about the timing of the trump moscow project? was it just because it looked bad or was he concerned about other things that could emerge about his relationship with russia. vladmir putin would have had to have approved this project. we all remember that donald trump didn't have a bad word to say about vladmir putin during the campaign or since. another implication is that one of the questions that robert mueller put in writing to donald trump, according to that "new york times" account was what conversations did you have with michael cohen or other foreign nationals about real estate deals in moscow during the campaign? how did donald trump answer that question? did he answer it truthfully? if he didn't he could be facing a perjury allegation from the special counsel. >> all right. thank you. let me bring in aaron blake, senior political director at the
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washington post and also danny cevallos. again, you know, not to belabor the point, but i think it bears repeating. if the president did in fact order michael cohen to lie to congress, is that obstruction of justice? >> it may be a crime. the way we get to that is we work backwards from what we know. what we know is michael cohen did plead guilty to a number of crimes. one of them was false statements, which is not perjury. it's a separate crime for the statements that he gave to congress. because they were not under oath. so working backwards from that, if president trump directed that activity that constituted the crime that may fall under a number of different criminal statutes. one would be conspiracy, for example, to commit that crime of lying to congress. the other might be the aiding and abetting statute. anyone who persuades someone to commit a federal crime is liable as if they had committed that crime him or herself.
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there are a number of federal statutes that may apply if it's established that donald trump directed michael cohen to lie to congress. we already know that lie to congress by michael cohen was the crime of false statements. that's what he pleaded guilty to. >> we talked about this before, danny, this isn't just michael cohen saying it. according to this buzzfeed article they have corroborating evidence. the special counsel's office wouldn't just take michael cohen's word for them? >> never. michael cohen, even if he's a cooperating witness, as with all cooperating witnesses, he has series credibility problems. after all, one of the crimes he's pleaded guilty to is lying. you better believe the southern district of new york and every single federal prosecutor since the dawn of federal prosecution, when they're using those kinds of statement from a cooperator like michael cohen, then they
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have corroborating information. in today's modern era, that corroborating information has grown because of text messages, e-mails, all this other wake of digital evidence that we all leave trailing behind us. >> aaron, if bob mueller does, in fact, have the evidence, this cr corroborating evidence, what might the president be looking at here? >> well, i would argue if, in fact, the evidence is there and it's clear, this could be the most damaging revolution we've seen so far. not because it would be the most illegal thing or whatever word you want to use for that. politically speaking, the nature of collusion and obstruction of justice is that all these things are very debatable. the president's authorities are very debatable. this is going to congress where congress is going to have to make the ultimate call. that means you need to have republicans who are going to be willing to either impeach or remove the president from
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office. as long as these things operate in something of a gray area it will be difficult for those republicans to vote to impeach or remove the president from office. if it's just circumstantial cases in obstruction i think that's a difficult argument for democrats to win. if you have a situation in which it is proven that the president prevailed upon his attorney and fixer to lie to congress about something, that would be clear-cclear cut. that would be difficult for them to argue against during impeachment proceedings, during a senate investigation into this whole matter. to the extent this is substantiated and irrefutable. this could be a significant development. >> the report coming out a few weeks before cohen is set to testify before the oversight committee. parallels already being drawn to 1973. you weren't alive then, i wasn't alive then but we know what
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happened. john dean's testimony before the senate committee. this could be his john dean moment, which, of course, this is the watergate committee. could this be donald trump's john dean moment? >> there are a lot of reasons to believe that it could be. i think certainly michael cohen in many ways would like it to be. he seems to enjoy the idea he's going to be seen as kind of this, you know, figure who redeemed himself, came forward with information that the american people needed to know. you know, i think there are some limiting factors here. danny mentioned the idea that maybe he be able to talk about these matters, especially this new buzzfeed report. it could be part of an ongoing investigation. i would imagine there are many discussions that are being being had behind closed doors. i think michael cohen doesn't agree to testify in public at this juncture unless he's
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prepared today co come forward y something that's going to make some news. the question is how much is he able to move the ball forward given the relationship with the mueller investigation. >> here's the thing, we've talked about it before. michael cohen is not the perfect witness. i think we've gotten a preview of the attack line we're going to see. this morning, this is the president's daughter-in-law, laura trump, who was the advisor to the 2020 campaign as well. take a listen. >> i think michael cohen is a very desperate man. he holds no water whatsoever. he perjured himself in the past. it's ridiculous. it's all made up. i always say the truth will come out with these things. i think you will see the truth come out and i think sadly, michael cohen is a fraud. he's trying to get his last couple minutes of fame. >> michael cohen, undoubtedly has a credibility problem. >> as do all cooperating witnesses. they're not testifying against
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the other bad guys out of the goodness of their heart. they're testifying because they got caught. they're testifying for a deal. this is something all u.s. attorneys have to consider when cooperating a witness. does his lack of credibility, is it outweighed by the value of information he's giving? oftentimes jury can be convinced that it takes a criminal to catch a criminal. even somebody with horrible credibility issues, if they can withstand cross-examination, a jury is often willing to believe that, yeah, this guy's a liar, but he knows it takes a scoundrel to know a scoundrel. >> a buddy of mine is of your ilk. he said to me once, you know, if you've got the devil on trial sometimes you've got to go to hell to get the wintnesses. >> that's right. we are this morning now able to put faces to two of the four
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americans killed in that attack in northern syria earlier this week. army chief wearrant officer jonathan farmer from buoyaoynto beach, florida. he enlisted in the army in 2005. he served six overseas combat tours, including duty in iraq and afghanistan. also killed, navy chief te technician shannon cekent. she was 35. she joined the navy in 2003. our condolences go out to their families on this friday morning. much more on this story, including blame game. why a new report says trump's inner circle could be the gift that keeps on giving for robert mueller. sandbox politics. in d.c., a canceled speech, a canceled trip but no real relief for the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who are still waiting to be paid. and christian values?
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my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. this morning the white house is firing back at accusations about house speaker nancy pelosi that the administration leaked her commercial travel plans to afghanistan. when the speaker of the house and about 20 others from capitol hill decided to book their own commercial flights to afghanistan, the world is going to find out.
8:19 am
the idea we would leak anything that would put the safety and security of any american at risk is a flat out lie. it follows the speaker's announcement that she officially canceled her trip to afghanistan. meanwhile, while people are more focused on trying to one up each other over the shutdown in d.c., the state department has ordered its employees to return to work next week. saying it would figure out a way to cover their next paycheck. this on top of the white house calling nearly 50,000 government employees back to work unpaid. federal workers have not received a paycheck in four long weeks. irs worker crystal kirkpatrick has turned to selling her own plasma for $50 to support her family. >> i'm donating plasma. i'm cutting back on anything that we don't need. those are things i haven't ever had to do before. yeah, i mean, desperate times call for desperate measures.
8:20 am
>> garret haik is live on capitol hill. i will start, what are we hearing from speaker pelosi's office about the cancellation of her trip? >> sure. this morning speaker pelosi put out a statement that saying after this curkfl with the white house, they still had plans to go to afghanistan. members of the media don't know where they're going, if we do we don't talk about it. they were planning to still go with the understanding it would be more dangerous knowing that that was one of their destinations. then the spokesperson said it became clear to them that the white house had leaked the details of their commercial travel, asking him to confirm the travel details. the white house has denied this.
8:21 am
but the result here is that pelosi will not be going to afghanistan, nor will the other members of their delegation who were hoping to go not just to talk to troops and to visit but to get briefings there from military leadership about the ongoing war. >> jill, the political gamesmanship, the back and forth, the things that are being done clearly to score points with the base and make a point, perhaps. do you get the sense this administration or even other lawmakers there in d.c., do you get the sense that they are truly being affected by the plight of the few hundred thousand or so folks who aren't getting their paychecks? do they talk about them to you? >> reporter: definitely the white house has been criticized for not -- the president has been criticized for not paying enough attention to those people. saying they'll cope, they can handle these kinds of things by claiming that federal workers are in favor of the shutdown, even though there's no evidence supporting that whatsoever.
8:22 am
but you've begun to see over the last couple of days the administration really upping its efforts to minimize some of the impacts of the shutdown as they begin to realize what the ramifications are and as the american public continues to hold them responsible for the shutdown. you've seen things like you've referenced earlier with them bringing back irs employees to process tax refunds. you've seen them saying they're going to start patieying and bringing back state department officials. you have hundreds of thousands of people who are -- we have this tuesday deadline coming up where they're now going to be potentially missing their second paycheck. this is an increasingly dire situation. and the white house every day is seeing on television screens stories like the one you played about people struggling to try to make ends meet. >> $4.8 billion, that's the amount that this shutdown has cost the economy so far. $4.8 billion. with both sides so dug in,
8:23 am
apparently, what are you hearing about a way out of this thing? what's the latest on how we get out of this mess? >> reporter: this is uncharted territory for a shutdown. not because of its lengths, but the intractable positions on both sides here. the white house has insisted time and time again they're not reopening the government without money for a wall. mitch mcconnell and the senate has said he will not allow a vote on any of the bills that have come out of the house that would reopen the government that might require overriding a presidential veto. nancy pelosi shut me down yesterday in the midst of asking a question about this saying no wall, no wall. they will not build a wall. we are in a position here where it may take some extraordinary act outside of the city of washington, d.c. to shake this thing loose. because every traditional way out of a shutdown has been tried and come up wanting so far. i don't mean to be overly bleak about it.
8:24 am
but the smart folks up here are basically out of ideas for how to shift this thing without some external factor changing. >> i want to read something here quickly. this is from hogan gidley, when asked about how this thing could end, the spokesperson raised the possibility is that super bowl may be delayed because of the shutdown. he says it's quite telling there are certain designated events that require mass protection, one of those is the super bowl. the question becomes if that's what it's going to take to get democrats to come to the table, the potential that the super bowl may have to be delayed. are you hearing that's a possibility, jill, that the super bowl could suffer as a result of the shutdown? >> reporter: i was surprised to hear hogan say that in that interview with fox news. i mean, technically, it does have the same special security
8:25 am
designation that the state of the union speech is designated. it's something the homeland security department chooses to designate certain big events that require a great deal of security, that require federal coordination. we had the department of homeland security secretary saying just two days ago in fact they do have the capabilities to provide security for the state of the union speech. so if dhs, this own administration is saying they have the ability to secure the state of the union, i would be surprised to hear them coming out and admitting, announcing to the american people they don't have the capacity to secure the super bowl. obviously, if the administration chose to lean into that, that would be an extraordinary development, something that would impact so many people across this country. but given the fact that this administration has been working so hard to do all they can to try to minimize the impacts of the shutdown, i would be surprised if that's the direction that they decide to go. you have to look at the polling, which shows most americans now
8:26 am
blame the president, now blame the republican party for the shutdown, which means the pain people experience is going to be blamed on the president. >> thank you. enjoy the weekend. let me bring in chris jansing. you talked about some new lawmakers about the feud between the president and the speaker of the house. >> reporter: they're fired up about it. four of them flipped districts in orange county. that's old reagan country. they think they were sent here to be a check on donald trump. so hogan gidley saying maybe the super bowl isn't going to happen isn't going to suddenly turn them to the other side. they are firmly behind their speaker. they're not going to be bullied. take a listen to what else they told me. your leader, nancy pelosi decided to disinvite or whatever word you want to use the president from the state of the union. was that the right thing to do, do you support that? >> i think it was.
8:27 am
i mean, i think she has the best interest of the safety of the country at heart. >> our understanding is the actual preparation that needs to occur for the state of the union to be safe and secure with all leaders in our government there at one time, we literally are not doing that because of the government shutdown. >> and the people who are supposed to be protecting us there are not getting paid. that, to me -- i mean, i've been talking with my staff about this. we get a guest, right, to go to the state of the union. i was not planning on bringing anybody. i'm not going to bring anybody into that situation. i was not going. when you're holding the government hostage, when you're holding the american people hostage, i'm not going to go and sit and listen to you for however long it's going to be. this is just a show. he just lies. and i know -- we've been all coached, right, on how to speak and the things we should say and what we shouldn't. as a woman in particular we're not supposed to use the word lie. i'm so over that. i'm using the word lie constantly.
8:28 am
that's all it is. >> reporter: is this better worse or what you expected when you thought about coming to congress? >> they don't train you for a shutdown. some of us have young kids, we know what a temper tantrum looks like. that can't happen. it's a horrible precedent to set. >> compromise is not a bad word. that's our job to fight for what we believe in. >> reporter: would any of you have run if it weren't for trump? >> probably not. >> me either. if that's the case, we knew we were coming into a mess with him in the white house. is it a surprise? not really, especially after he lost the midterms. he's mad. he's having his fit because we won so handily. he's trying to stop that momentum. he's trying to take over the conversation, own the narrative and force us to be reactive and not pursue this agenda. >> i have never read his book, the art of the deal. but just by going by the way he
8:29 am
acts, you know, it must just be full of how you pout and cry until you get what you want. he's acting like my 4-year-old twins right now. >> reporter: go fix things will you? >> we're on it. >> thank you. >> reporter: yeah, they're on it. i asked them is there a scenario where they get the government back up and running. they said open government first and then we'll talk. they really believe, craig, that their constituents sent them to be a check on trump. they're not going to say i folded on the wall. >> always good to see you, my friend. thank you. we have breaking news to get to right now. secretary of state mike pompeo is currently meeting with north korea's lead negotiator. we just saw the two leaders at the photo op here in washington. we just got this video in a few molts ago. pompeo there of course in the middle. jeff bennett is back with us.
8:30 am
nbc white house correspondent. jeff, what are we expecting to come out of this meeting? there had been talk there might be an announcement about another summit between president trump and kim jong-un. >> reporter: well, craig, this meeting is certainly aimed at clearing the way for a second u.s./north korea summit. kim jong-un said in a speech he was willing to meet with president trump at any time. trouble is the efforts made to get pyongyang to denuclearize appear to have stalled. bottom line is that despite the lack of tangible progress, president trump is still eager to hold another summit. we'll have to see if it ever comes to fruition. >> there had also been talk, jeff, that president trump might be entertaining a guest today from north korea.
8:31 am
is that him as well? >> reporter: we're not getting signals he'll make his way here to the white house. >> jeff bennett there from 1600 pennsylvania. thank you. vice president mike pence and his wife taking under fire. the vice president is defending his wife, calling the controversy itself deeply offensive. ing the controrsvey itself deeply offensive. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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vice president mike pence is defending his wife, karen pence, for accepting a part-time teaching job at the private christian elementary school. >> to see major news organizations attacking christian education is deeply offensive to us. we'll let the critics roll off our back, but this criticism of christian education in america should stop. >> the emmanuel christian school, which enrolls kindergartners through eighth graders requires employees to maintain a lifestyle based on
8:36 am
biblical beliefs. in their parental agreement, the school asserts their right to refuse to admit or kick out a student if they identify or support quote, homosexual activity. and references a passage in leviticus that says if a man has sexual relations as a man as one does with a woman, both have done what is detestable. they are to be put to death. their blood will be on their own heads. i'm gentlemjoined by the senior at the national review and dana milbank is with me. there's fairly recent polling from 2017 that shows that most white american christians support same-sex marriage. catholics, 66%. mainline protestants, 67%. evangelical protestants, 34%. this is according to public religion research institute
8:37 am
here. is this aimed at the evangelical base, or do the pences really believe this? >> oh, i wouldn't doubt the sincerity of the pence's beliefs or anybody who says they have these religious beliefs. but you have to consider also what's going on here. certainly it's her right to do it. it's her legal right. it's legal to discriminate against gay people in many ways in america today. the problem is when he says this is deeply offensive. he doesn't find it apparently deeply offensive that the man he's working for and defending on a daily basis was on tape talking about sexually assaulting women and has on the record paying hush money to a porn star who alleged an affair. i think it does rally a certain element of evangelical christians to say this sort of thing. but i think at the same time we also have to remember that this sort of thing was done in the
8:38 am
60s and earlier to ban black people, minorities, on the basis of religious beliefs. i suspect someday we'll see these policies in the same light. >> you write that reporting on the school's policy is, quote, christianity 101. i read your piece. explain that for us. >> this is orsexual morality th has existed within the christian faith for 2,000 years. i'm going to respectfully disagree and say this isn't going to be a thing of the past. it's going to exist for another 2,000 years. this is essential christian teaching that sexu sexual activs between a man and a woman after marriage. christian ministries exist by this in the tens of thousands across the united states. my kids went to a school like
8:39 am
this, i attended to a college like this, i've been on a school board like a school like this. it's not hateful, it's not bigoted. it's an expression of a belief in a high belief in the authority of scripture. and a belief that god has outlined the best form of sexuality for all of us. >> can you, david -- can you -- i want to be very careful. i want to choose my words carefully here. is it possible understanding your position here, being affiliated with these kinds of schools, can you endorse a school like this and still rear children who are open minded? can you send your kid to a school like this without that child believing that it's okay to discriminate against gay people? >> well, not only can you, i mean, those are my kids. my kids are believing christians who love people.
8:40 am
who love all people. and jesus christ loves all people. this is not an issue of bigotry or hate. there are some christians are bigoted, no question about that. but these beliefs are not an issue of bigotry or hate. they are an issue of what is true, what is eternally true, what is best for human flourishes as designed by our creator. that's the issue. we can have a disagreement on that. i vigorously defend the rights of people to disagree with me about this and to form schools and to attend schools and to have exclusive rules as to who can attend those schools, people who have beliefs that are different from mine. that's what a pluralistic society is about. the problem i have about the criticism of karen pence is the presumption it's about bigotry. what's she's doing is about bigotry as opposed to what she's doing is about belief that is sincere and loving.
8:41 am
>> vice president pence's record on lgbt issues, it's been criticized by a lot of folks. back in september of 2018 he spoke at a conference that was hosted by the family research council which has been designated a hate group by the southern poverty law center. is this something that folks aren't going to be talking about a few months from now? >> i mean, given that we're watching a national circus on a daily basis, i would say the answer to that is no, we won't be talking about anything. but this is -- controversy wasn't created by the pences. it's a long-standing debate. it'ssmi coming repeatedly in fr of the supreme court. i suspect it will be resolved in some way. neither david or i knows what the future will bring.
8:42 am
as a political matter, i think this -- given that the trump base is whittled down at this point and consists of a large percentage of evangelical christians, i don't think this is necessarily bad politics. it's rewarding the base. let's give mrs. pence the benefit of the doubt. she probably didn't do the job strictly to make a decision or to give voice to lbgtq issues. it's also fair game, i think that people raise this issue. >> thank you. thank you very much, sir. do appreciate it, gentlemen have a good weekend. guiliani made it clear wednesday, michael cohen is making it clear today. it's everyone for themselves in the trump russia investigation. the knives are out. we'll tell you for whom coming up. also, the victims. r. kelly lhas been accused by a number of people, sexual
8:43 am
assault, physical assault, emotional abuse. this friday never before heard allegations. a dateline nbc interview you don't want to miss. coming up. teline nbc interview u don't want to miss coming up. ♪ hey, saved you a seat.
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8:47 am
mueller's investigation are turning on each other. likening it to a circular firing squad. the special counsel has benefitted from the sniping. darren samuelson is a senior reporter with politico. he filed that report. good friday to you, sir. no i in team anymore. can't call this team trump, huh? >> no, they've been breaking apart slowly and surely over the last year and a half. obviously starting with michael flynn and rick gates flipping and becoming government witnesses. you know, the longer this goes on and the more that things seem to get closer and closer to president donald trump the sniping has taken on a whole new level. you're seeing it in court filings, media interviews, rudy guiliani's comment on cnn a couple days ago he tried to walk back. but by saying that he didn't know if the campaign had colluded he basically threw, you know, lots of people under the
8:48 am
bus and the people who worked on the trump campaign took notice. one responding to me right away saying, you think when i asked if he felt like they were being thrown under the bus. >> how much does this sihelp th special counsel some. >> i think it's ehuhuge. when people are not on the same team, not sharing information, not being, you know, working in the same direction, they're absolutely trying to save themselves. they're trying to save their reputation. they're trying to reduce their prison sentences. we saw this with michael cohen, just one example, when his lawyer was pleading with the judge back in december. the lawyer for michael cohen made a point his client was cooperating, wasn't double dealing which was something a backhand slap at paul manafort who was being charged with lying to investigators. you're seeing with michael flynn as well, his lawyers were arguing before the judges. that judge was considering the sentence he's going to impose on michael flynn, pointing out our
8:49 am
client is not tongialking to th media. that was a slap at people like george pop dopiloapadopoulos. this is something that donald trump has fostered in his environment going all the way back to when he was a real estate developer on the apprentice. this is his mission. this is how he treats a lot of his employees. i think people realize they need to save themselves. >> darren, thank you, have a good weekend. >> thank you. another woman speaking out against r. kelly. her story about meeting the musician as a teenager and her accusations of abusive behavior. your soup... just as important as what you get out of it? our broccoli cheddar is made with aged melted cheddar, simmered broccoli, and no artificial flavors. enjoy 100% clean soup today. panera. food as it should be. when cravings hit, hit back.
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so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. more fallout and another woman speaking out against r. kelly this morning. this just two weeks after that explosive docuseries, "surviving r. kelly," which documented sexual and emotional abuse by the singer, all of which he denies. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> we're hearing from a young woman who says she met with r. kelly as a teenager when she was working as an intern. she's accusing r. kelly of abusive behavior. this as we hear from the battled singer's attorney as well.
8:54 am
>> i was in love with him. i just didn't know what to do. like i didn't know if this was normal. i didn't know if this is how adults acted. like, i just didn't know. i didn't know. >> reporter: tracy sampson says she was introduced to r. kelly while working as an intern at epic records during the summer of 1999, starting when she was 16 years old. >> he's like, well, can i kiss you? i was like, no. he said, well, give me a hug. when he gave me a hug, he just started kissing me. >> reporter: sampson tells "dateline" her relationship with kelly lasted until she was 18. then she broke things off and filed a lawsuit against the singer, accusing him of sexual abuse. kelly denied having sex with her but settled with sampson out of court for $250,000. her first on-camera interview coming in the wake of anti-kelly rallies outside of sony music
8:55 am
headquarters in new york and kelly's chicago studio. protesters calling for police action and an end to producing and playing r. kelly's music. lady gaga, celine dion, and chance the rapper have all pulled their collaborations with the chart-topping artist. >> the record companies are abandoning him. other artists are all of a sudden acting like they're shocked by these rumors that are floating around. he's having a very difficult time. but he's strong. he's tough. he wants to put out his music and continue performing for people. and i expect that's what he'll be able to do. >> reporter: kelly's attorney says he didn't represent the artist when sampson alleges she was abused but insists his client has done nothing wrong to her or any of the women who have come forward. >> so is r. kelly saying that all these women, they are all lying? >> that is absolutely correct. >> every one of them? >> every one of them, yes. >> police haven't discussed formally opening an
8:56 am
investigation. but just last week in chicago they visited kelly's home after a tip that two women were being held there. police say those women were independently interviewed and said they were not being held against their will and were in good health and spirits. craig? >> thank you, miguel, thank you so much. again, you can watch that "dateline" report, tonight, 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central, only on nbc. all right. that breaking news there, nancy pelosi, the new speaker of the house, has just responded to the president canceling her trip. take a listen. >> at 2:00 yesterday, our members were on the bus. i was ready to join them to go for a 2:15 wheels-up from here to andrews air force base to visit our troops, to pay our respects, to thank them for their service, their sacrifice,
8:57 am
and their dedication, to get a measure of the leadership in afghanistan, the strength of their military, the morale of their people. it's about governance, it's about security, it's about the civilian affairs in the country, as we make our oversight decisions about our policy, the engagement that we have in afghanistan. members are on the bus, i was set to join them. the president then canceled the trip. it was a kind of a funny letter, saying seven days -- somebody didn't tell him it was a weekend trip. but nonetheless that served his purpose. forgetting him for a moment, so then he said we had the prerogative to travel commercial. we made plans to do that until the administration then leaked that we were traveling commercially and that endangered it. we weren't going to go because we had a report from afghanistan
8:58 am
that the president outing our trip had made the scene on the ground much more dangerous, because it's just a signal to the bad actors that we're coming. you never advance, you never give advance notice of going into a battle area, you have just never do. perhaps the president's inexperience didn't have him understand that protocol. the people around him, though, should have known that because that's very dangerous. and so we're saying, it's not only been our safety, that's one thing, but the more important thing is the people who we would be meeting with, civilians there, our own troops, first and foremost, again, they take so many risks for us, we didn't want to heighten the risk for them. so then we were going commercially, so we say, okay, let's review this in light of the state department's report that the president's statement
8:59 am
has heightened the danger on the ground. as we're making that decision, all of us together, then the state department doubles down and says we don't think you should come because the president's statement has made this worse. but the fact that they would leak the commercial -- that we were flying commercial is a danger not only to us but to other people flying commercially. it's very irresponsible on the part of the president. we'll go again. we'll go another time. this would have been my ninth trip. one of my colleagues, it was his 15th. i' we've been many times to see what the needs are of our men and women in uniform to see those needs and thank the troops. >> reporter: the white house has denied it. >> i rest my case. >> reporter: do you view this as retaliation for your letter about the state of the union?
9:00 am
>> i would hope that. i don't think the president would be that petty, due? >> reporter: you're essentially accusing the president of the united states of endangering the lives -- >> all right. speaker of the house nancy pelosi there taking questions from reporters on the white house, how she dubbed it there, outing her travel plans to afghanistan. the back and forth between the speaker and the white house continues. we'll have more on that. our garrett haake there on capitol hill just asked that question. he'll join us in just a bit. that's going to wrap up this hour of "msnbc live." "andrea mitchell reports" starts right now. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," if true, the two most important words in washington today after a bombshell report lays out for the first time that the president of the united states allegedly instructed his former fixer to lie to congress about the trump organization's plans to build a tower in moscow. >> if trump said to michael cohen, look, this is going to be politically embarrassing to me,


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