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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 2, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PST

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respecific. >> you guys are going for it. >> we're watching and we'll see you tomorrow, my friend. i'm talking about wall street. thank you so much. i'm talking about the insurance from right here msnbc world companies. the drug companies. headquarters in new york. welcome to "weekends with alex the military industrial complex. witt." ready to rally, senator bernie sanders is about to hold his the prison industrial complex. first 2020 campaign rally. the fossil fuel industry. how he's changing the race and getting personal. democrats demanding all and a corrupt campaign finance documents related to jared system that enables billionaires kushner's security clearance and they want it by monday. to buy elections. there is new fallout to discuss. ripple effects of michael cohen's testimony. how it could haunt the president even after he leaves office. tax time. the house poised to call for the brothers and sisters, we have -- president's tax returns. what democrats are expecting to find especially after cohen's testimony. but first, at the top of the hour, bernie sanders set 0 kick off his 2020 presidential run at any moment with a rally in brooklyn college. brothers and sisters, we have an there you see a woman familiar to many of you who are bernie enormous amount of work in front
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of us. fans. that is his wife jane right now. and the path forward will not be not sure if she's going to be easy. introducing bernie or if she will be one of a litany of the wealthy and powerful elite speakers leading into him. beth fouhy is standing by for us who decade after decade having there. gotten everything they want will with a welcome to you. look, he is expected to get personal in his speech, beth. do all that they canning to what are we going to hear from him? defend their financial >> reporter: hey there alex. jane sanders just started a interests. and they have an unlimited couple minutes ago. this was supposed to start amount of money at their disposal. 11:30. they're running late. bernie sanders is going to come out probably after jane just for but we have something that they our planning. do not have. we are expecting he's going to get more personal than he did in we have the people together. 2016 when he was running against just hillary clinton and all he was doing was trying to distinguish himself as the progressive figure in that race. this time we've got a lot of progressives running, people of color, women in the field. bernie sanders is figuring out so this is what i believe. another way he can distinguish this is what i believe from the himself, stand out. bottom of my heart. a lot of those other democrats also have adopted his policy if we do not allow trump and his
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positions on things like friends top divide us up, if we medicare for all, health care for all. free tuition for college. stand together black and white so in order they don't just and latino, asian-american, coopt his message, he wants to flush himself out more as a native american, if we stand person than he did in 2016 and talk about growing up in together urban and rural, north, brooklyn as a kid of lower middle class parents, how his south, east and west, if we parents left poland to fleet stand together not as red state holocaust. and blue state but as working he's going to talk about going to brooklyn college for one year people fighting for dignity, if where he got a good public education. so you're going to hear that and also the litany of the many we stand together, believing in things he's talked about for his whole career. so we went and talked to several justice and human dignity, if we of the support others standing in line and standing in the stand together, believing in crowd to ask them why they were here on this cold snowy day to support bernie sanders. let's listen to what they had to love and compassion, if we stand say. >> i'm here to support bernie together, brothers andsisters, because i was supporting him in the future of this country is 2016 but couldn't vote this en. >> i voted for bernie last time. extraordinary and there is this time around i wanted to get nothing we will not be able to more involved. accomplish. i like all of his life has been
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fighting for the people and i thank you all very much. thank you all very much. feel that's what we should all do. >> he is a true progressive and ♪ power to the people standing up for what he believes. if you go back to the civil rights movement, he put his money where his mouth is. ♪ power to the people he makes all the right people scared and that's what makes me like him. ♪ power to the people >> reporter: so i have to tell you, all the people we've spoken ♪ power to the people to, those folks and others we >> it was about a 37-minute long spoke to have all said they have speech from bernie sanders right there as he kicks off his stayed with him ever since 2016. campaign with the first campaign they don't care that other rally of the 2020 presidential progressive democrats are now in the field. season. for him, he's in brooklyn, new they're going to stick with their man and feel like he's the york. one who has been true blue, he went through policy committed to the issues. certainly, but something perhaps they're not interested in a bit more unique to bernie sanders this time around as looking at any other candidates. opposed to his run in 2016. >> no doubt bernie sanders is he got quite personal and well aware of that which is why explained why he was in brooklyn, a little bit about his he's thrown his hat in the ring family background and their beliefs and how that shaped him for this race. thank you so much. we'll monitor to see when he into the person that he is takes the podium there. today. we've got four terrific people we're monitoring the to break this down for us. we're joined once again by president be to speak at the conservative political action conference known at cpac at the zerlina maxwell and rick tyler. also two terrific journalists
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national harbor near washington, jay newton small and laura d.c. mike viqueira is covering that bassett. for us at the white house right now. good afternoon to you. zerlina, i'm going to go to you. what do we expect 0 hear we saw a little bit of your following what turned out to be the tumultuous week for the reaction. and. >> oh, no. president. i was asking you you earlier to >> but we didn't broadcast it. look, there were a couple times chronicle everything going on. that you had a couple eye rolls job well done. >> this is a welcome refuge for and just explain your thoughts the president. while this was scheduled well as you were listening to bernie ahead of time, it is a place sanders. >> i worked for hillary clinton so i have a lot of opinion. where the president will come >> that was it right there. after a very difficult week. >> about bernie sanders. he'll be speaking to the base of to be very serious about it, i the republican party, the base clocked. he did not mention race or of trump world, if you will. gender until 23 minutes into the and that is a base that will speech. and just for point of listen to the red meat, a comparison, i went back and salivating base. they're going to eat it up, looked at elizabeth warren's alex. as he has in 2017 and 2018. opening speech, for example. she mentions race and discrimination in the first paragraph. the third consecutive year now so that's a big difference. that the president is making the and as somebody who is a black trip to suburban maryland just woman knowing that black women are going to be a core south of here, national harbor. constituency for any democrat it comes after a week of who hopes to win the nomination, controversy. obviously, the talks with kim i was looking to hear messaging jong-un in hanoi did not bear specifically for my community fruit. this is the explosive and dinot till 23 minutes into
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controversy around his the speech. son-in-law and top adviser jared a lot of what bernie sanders has kushner and the procedures which said today we've heard before. he got the highest level his economic messaging. security clearance. i could probably quote it to there's the cohen testimony that you, alex. happened while the president was but i think what was missing was overseas. and then there's the pending sort of a building upon that manafort sentencing and all the economic message where he's other investigations that are happening all across theous of fully understanding that those economic, ha those economic representatives and the many committees now controlled by messages intersect with other democrats. policy problems that people of that notwithstanding, we can color and women have to deal expect president trump to hold with and so until he comes up forth. he loves these stem-winders with specifics, in terms of whether it be a rally or cpac. policy to address those issues, i think that he's still going to have a problem in this crowded when he declared that national emergency to get the funding to field and a democratic primary that's going to rely on those divert funding from military construction and elsewhere to build the wall that congress constituencies. i do think the message obviously denied him, denying him those resonates with a large swathe of funds after the shutdown and the democratic primary everything else that went with electorate. it, this is the audience is he i think that it's not taking playing to. anything away from bernie sanders. this is the audience that wants there are a lot of people that to see a wall built on the will support bernie sanders. southern border. problem for him is that that i think we can expect the president to talk about that and message was not enough in terms hit the familiar themes he hits of the math to win the last time. often when he's before crowds and he has not tweaked it to win like there about tax cuts, about
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over voters that he needed. the low unemployment rate, about and that heal need in 2020. the economic success, growth in gdp that occurred over last two >> rick tyler, the question to years and occurred leading up to you is, did bernie sanders the trump presidency under deliver anything that a, donald president obama. but again, this is a place, a trump has to fear or b, that welcome ref future for the president with a crowd that just republicans down ballot would have to fear were he to get the an dords everything he says and top of the ticket for the does. the president is going to likely democrats? >> no, but let me first say that be reveling in this situation bernie sanders comes across as and adulation. very authentic. >> he will indeed. i think he is authentic and mike, thank you so much from the white house. believes these things. the explosive testimony of he made very good points about criminal justice, crumbling trump's former lawyer and infrastructure and the meed for so-called fixer michael cohen sparked a new phase in the comprehensive immigration investigation surrounding the reform. the problem i see is he's president and inner circle. playing right into donald trump's hands and if donald as cohen prepares to go to trump were re-elected i think prison in may, he he had this warning for republicans. you could, i would predict in some part, you'd be able to >> i'm responsible for your point to bernie sanders because silliness because i did the same this is a radical change that thing that you're doing now for he's suggesting. a few may support it. ten years. he's basically saying guaranteed i protected mr. trump for ten years. and i can only warn people the job for everyone. free child care, free college more people that follow education and free health care. mr. trump as i did blindly are those are wonderful things. but who is going to pay for all
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going to suffer the same these things? consequences that i'm suffering. and it's going to be the middle class. >> joining me now former trump they're going to have to pay for campaign adviser michael caputo, all these things. there's not enough rich people he wants to punish. michael with a welcome to you. i want to put this out here so you don't punish people. they go on longer vacations and the viewers understand your perspective. buy picassos. you communicated with michael there's no message how to lift cohen a little more than two people up. weeks ago on a friendly yes, he says about a $15 wage exchange. but i do want to get your but amazon and disney are reaction 0 cohen's message to raising wages because of the republicans because as you're competitive job market not legislation that requires them well aware, at least six former to do it. look, it used to be that the trump advisers have been charged or pleaded guilty for lying to republican party would goard and call democrats socialists. authorities among other crimes. that wasn't always true but it doesn't cohen have a point warning republicans about used to be they used to deny blindly following the president? basically socialist. now it seems because of bernie >> i think cohen's point really sanders they're starting to is don't lie on your taxes. embrace it. donald trump raised that in the state of the union address. don't steal money from the if he wants to run against government. don't steal money from your taxi anything, it would be socialism businesses. that's why he's going to jail because i think that's a dead here. he also pleaded guilty to a loser. >> bathe fouhy has been out in the crowd. nonexistent campaign elections beth, it was a pretty exuberant violation. i mean, listen, this is not michael cohen as john dean.
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crowd. mere moments once the rally has he's not john dean. ended, that place is vacating behind you. there was a lot of enthusiasm he's john vov vitz, the saturday while he did pack it in there. night live character, the national president of the >> reporter: it's really cold here. a lot of folks have been waiting pathological liars association. four or five hours to get into michael cohen can't help but lie. the space. he lied multiple times in his so pretty understandable they'll testimony two that i know of run home and try to warm up a personally that i personally little bit. while he was on the stage and experienced. even beforehand when the michael cohen in our exchange speakers were introducing him, two weeks ago, he's still a there was a lot of enthusiasm bully, still a nasty person. here. we know looking at bernie he presents himself as some kind sanders fund-raising since he of man looking for redemption. announced a couple weeks ago he was getting in the race, he's he's headed to prison now the because he was involved with raising tons of money everyone mr. trump but because he cheated online donors. the taxpayers and lied to banks that sort of hard-core bernie and was running his taxi base is very much with him. businesses illegally. that was very much in evidence >> look, michael, with regard to here today. it was packed. i haven't heard any crowd the trump organization, it estimates yet but it's a very, very crowded speech. stands to reason that thing stem i saw quite a bit of diversity from the top and the whole tenor of things, the actions in the here, too. more than i ever saw in 2016 with busy. trump organization and there be there were more people of probably the white house, come different age ranges, moraysal from the top which means donald
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diversity than i've seen. trump. if michael cohen's a liar, this is brooklyn. it's a more diverse neighborhood admittedly so, convicted as being one, was he following the anyway. but i will also tell you i heard words of a liar, as well and by what zerlina was saying about not getting to a discussion of extension my first question, are republicans when they throw the challenges of their support behind the president, do they risk african-americans or following the words of a liar. african-american women till later in the speech. but he did touch on race more >> well, i've spent a good deal than he typically does. of time on the 26th floor of trump tower. there are dozens of people on the first three speakers to that floor including some of the introduce bernie sanders were people that michael cohen is trying to throw under the bus. african-american. he's definitely trying to lean all of them honest, good people. in on race a bit more than he as far as i know, every single did, quite a bit more than he one of them is a standup great did in 2016 talking about his activism and the civil rights american. and michael cohen, it's the one movement and talking about martin luther king. bad apple in the bunch as far as tomorrow he's going down to i'm concerned. i've known michael cohen since selma to march in the annual march commemorating that bloody 2013. we worked together a little bit here and there. sunday crackdown down there. i always thought he was a little and that from there, he's going to go to chicago to give another bit heninky. big rally like this. all the way up till this book chicago where he went to college, alex into university of proposal he talked about what a great man the president was, chicago. he'll be there tomorrow night. until he got his law offices beth, thank you for that wrap-up from brooklyn college there. raided and they figured out he was cheating on his taxes, lying let's bring in our two
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journalists. to you first, laura bassett. to banks and run agillegal give me your sense on and what taxicab business, then he suddenly decided it's time to bernie sanders said. turn on the president. is it a potentially winning what we have in trump tower is a great group of people and message? does it differentiate much from michael cohen was the bad and. >> stormy daniels, what did mike 2016. >> the main ditches he's going a lot more into his own personal have to gain by lying about her? story talking more about why would eli about her and himself, from what i understand from his campaign in 2016, it making payments? was like pulling teeth to try to >> i don't know that he's lying get him to do that. about her. he doesn't like to talk about i think he's protecting the himself. president's marriage. i think the president was very he's the opposite off donald trump in that way. and i think that's sort of the concerned that this relationship he had with her was going to strongest message here is that he is really drawing a contrast. upset melania. i don't know, and i don't want he's talking about how his to get into their marriage but salary, sorry, his -- his you know, when we look at you parents gave him 25 cents a know, senator john edwards, they week. compared to trump being born with a silver spoon, his rent tried to pull this same thing, this same accusation, the controlled apartment, his public high school in brooklyn. department of justice on so mucu and being a man who has fought for the people for many decades. as opposed to donald trump. so i think that he's drawing a contrast there and giving people that's present tense. something to grab on to. one more thing about the 26th >> jay newton small, your
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floor of trump tower. thoughts? >> from all of the bernie sanders rallies that i went to felix sater and his office in 2016, this one was a lot more there, why would the president say he could not even effective recognize felix sater? biographical as laura was saying a lot of people there. and it was a lot softer tone. the ending message of ending on i would imagine there's mingling and the president knows who is love and unity and coming exactly on that floor. together. that's the only way they would >> i don't know that for a fact. i wouldn't recognize himself. beat donald trump. that was something you would never have heard from bernie sanders i think in 2016. i spent a great deal of time with the president. in 2016, it was all revolution he spends time about with a lot of people. and sort of really bringing a i don't know if he would recognize me. movement together. i think what's really different he's got a very full day. this time around is that the maybe he was exaggerating a bit. field is different. in 2016, it was just him versus i don't know. but felix sater was several hillary clinton. just the two of them that entire doors down from the president. sort of primary race. he wasn't there all that long. now you've got this incredibly it was some time ago. remember, michael cohen said he crowded field and a lot of other had the office that michael cohen had up till the end. candidates are more similar to michael cohen's been there over bernie himself like elizabeth warren is an economic populist ten years. if felix sater was there in the the way bernie is. same office, it was over a he has to not only differentiate decade ago. >> point well taken. one of the most consequential himself from the moderate democrats but others in the left allegations from michael cohen side of the field. that was the then candidate what was really striking is trump had had the advance here's a candidate who is a knowledge from his long time adviser roger stone that
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self-avowed socialist. wikileaks was going to release if you go to the other end of e-mails from the dnc. the political spectrum, cpac is let's listen to this. >> mr. stone told mr. trump that just outside of d.c. he had just gotten off the phone the catch phrase was socialism with julian assange. is evil. and that mr. assange told that's a real contrast to bernie mr. stone that within a couple sanders. >> you bring up cpac. of days, there would be a we want to address what's massive dump of e-mails that happening also live right now. the president is still speaking. would damage hillary clinton's he's been talking for the better part of an hour and 15 minutes campaign. mr. trump responded by stating at cpac. he has struck many of his to the effect, wouldn't that be great. >> okay. favorite themes especially the a couple of questions to you mueller investigation. about roger stone. we'll play some of the chunks he has denied he was in contact from the president we've been with assange. missing. let's take a listen to this. what do you know about his interactions with assange? >> they nigfight so hard on thi >> as you know, roger stone is witch hunt, this phony deal they my dear friend of 35 years. i've not spoken to him since his put together, this phony thing arrest on abundance of caution that looks like it's dying. of our attorneys. so they don't have anything with i'm authorized obviously, i'm russia. there's no collusion. not under the gag order out now they go and morph into let's there. i believe that michael cohen is inspect every deal he's ever lying here again. done. we're going to go into his which is a commonplace for him. finances. you don't have to look further we're going to check his deals. we're going to check -- these than the "washington post" people are sick. piece. i think it came out today. the "washington post" is kind of
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i saw little shifty schiff palms up why ronner stone would be looking for a contact, a go yesterday. it's the first time he went into between in august with julian a meeting and he said we're assange when he had spoken going to look into his finances. directly with him allegedly by i said where did that come from? michael cohen in mid-july. he always talked about russia, this is another john lo vitz collusion with russia, the moment for michael cohen. collusion delusion. i half expected him to say he now we have people that lost and and the president were in the minimum leias when in comes a unfortunately, you put the wrong people in a couple of positions. and they leave people for a long call from roger stone. time that shouldn't be there. >> sam nunberg told me just this morning he don't believe that and all of a sudden, they're roger stone was in fact in trying to take you out with bull contact with julian assange. but he probably lied about it to [ bleep ], okay? mr. trump. >> nbc's mike viqueira is listen to this into roger would have loved to talk to julian covering this from the white assange. roger would have loved to have house. there's a lot more that the seen the e-mails from russia. president had to say. >> reporter: we expected the roger would have loved if he president to throw red meat to could have to sit in that his base there at cpac. embassy and have the russians that is a base of trump visit julian assange look supporters. but this was something else. through those e-mails. this was raw meat. roger would have even hacked the i don't think i've ever seen the president this unrestrained. e-mails but he didn't. as we all know, that is saying he was lying. >> you said yourself you've something off hook, a wild bit
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known him for 35 years and of rhetoric from the president worked closely with him. today. as you can see, he's still going is is that the roger stone that at it. it's important to remember the you know, the one described by context. the president had a bad week sam? >> no, it's not. both on capitol hill with the every journalist in the country was looking for an opportunity testimony of michael cohen, the to sit down up with julian ongoing and many investigations that are now under way by assange. everybody in the country was looking for those e-mails. democrats who hold the gavels there. i don't agree with sam on this. but also the failure in hanoi to i've known roger stone three come to a deal with kim jong-un times as long or even more than of north korea. president taking after his sam nunberg. enemies time and time again as sam nunberg has known michael you can see still going at it. cohen longer than i have. he joked about those hillary you don't have to look further than the indictment of roger e-mails. remember when he said russia, if stone because nowhere in there are they alleging he had a phone you're listening find the call with the president and i'm e-mails. today he was saying it was just sure that michael cohen told the a joke. the media is taking him out of special counsel's office the context. he attacked jeff sessions. exact same thing. mocking his southern accent. he had to if he was being president speaking in a southern completely honest. it's nowhere in that indictment. accent. and bob mueller and james comey, some of the president's greatest hits if you are going after so unless there's a superceding indictment which there might be, them, as well. he said he fired james comey i'd have to go with the special counsel here and doubt michael because he was a bad, bad, bad cohen's word on this. >> let me give you a few names man, bad man as we've heard before over the course of the that cape up in the testimony on last two years. he thought the democrats would
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wednesday from michael cohen even if you don't know them, i stand up and applaud. want your take on the degree of here's more of what he had to threat they might pose to the say, the attacks on bob mueller and james comey. president with respect to the investigation. first up, the house intelligence >> robert mueller put 13 of the committee plans to call money angriest democrats in the history of our country on the man of the trump organization commission. allen weisselberg to testify. how do you do that? how much coreveal about these are angry, angry people mr. trump's financial dealings? you. take a look at them. >> i just intersected with allen we have conflicts. i had a nasty business weisselberg, glanced off him in transaction with robert mueller a couple different meetings. he's a very good man. a number of years ago. i said why isn't that mentioned. he would certainly tell the truth if asked questions. he wanted the job as fbi he also kept the financial director. i mean these are things that are organization within the trump out there. they know it. tower fenced in within why isn't that -- i didn't give it to him. legalities. why isn't that mentioned. don't forget this is a new york jim comey lying james comey is city-based developer who was under a lot of scrutiny and had his best friend. high level accountants and lawyers keeping them within the james comey is his best friend. boundaries of the law. i expect that mr. weisselberg and those are a few of the would know everything and problem in fact that the trump conflicts. other than that, it's wonderful. organization was within the >> alex, of course, we have to letter of the law. >> so you think he's a good guy remind people that the president told our lester holt that he and think he would tell the truth to the committee? fired james comey. >> i do. he was thinking about russia >> another name that was
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mentioned here, matthew calamari when he did it, hitting a lot of who began as a bodyguard for the those greatest hits. he was talking about the trump organization, something inauguration size. he was trying to refight that about impressing the president fight. when he beat up somebody at the >> again? >> talking about obamacare. he's talking about repealing u.s. open which is a strange place to beat somebody up. but that said, he became a top obamacare again. he says right now we have people in congress who hate this executive. country. it's very, very, very sad. what do you know about him and how much does he know? so the president again unrestrained making all kinds >> i've always found mat a ufd unverified claims, claims calamari to be a good honest proven wrong in the past. but as you can see, he's still guy, very sweet person, very there. and he again asked people to helpful person. i think it's going to look vote in 2020 to verify as he put terrible when the congress hauls him out there for public it his election of 2016. testimony and starts beating him alex? up looking like elite snobbish >> he can't let go of the inauguration size. that is really rather numbing. people. manny calamari is a good man and mike at the white house, thank nice man. you for that. if they try and embarrass him, the panel zerlina, rick, jay and flayover country where i live is laura. the president clearly frustrated going to be really upset with by all this. wouldn't you say, rick? the united states house of representatives democrats for >> he's absolutely frustrated. just basically beating up on a it's interesting about cpac. good guy. it used to be the con fab of he's a six character who works a hard job in the trump tower and conservatives who would get together wince a year and it's i'd hate to see the democrats do that. but i think if they do, they'll not cpac anymore.
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it hasn't been since 2016. pay the price. >> last question for you, michael. relative to the family because it's now trump pac and should be cohen also said he briefed tpac because the people there ivanka and don junior regularly talk about pro tariffs, about the ongoing negotiations anti-justice, anti-law enforcement, anti-immigrant, to build the moscow trump tower. how much do you think they knew anti-muslim. pro-russia, pro autocrat. and does that is potentially it's unrecognizable what donald open up ivanka or don junior to trump has done to the party and what he's done to the questions they may have been conservative movement and cpac compromised by a foreign adversary before the election. which used to be the flagship of >> as the one person in contact the conservative media. it's a shame. >> can i ask you, what can be with more russians than all of done to resurrect the republican them put together, i never once party as it was? or is that gone? heard about had moss kuo cow to >> you're asking me? >> yeah. your. >> rest in peace. as far as i'm concerned this is no, it's over. another one of michael cohen's the problem is that the deals that would never come to fruition. republican party has no he had big daenz low execution. grounding governing philosophy as you know from the facts he anymore because they've signed brought up at the committee, he on to all these things as i just never secured the rights to a mentioned that were antithetical parcel of land where to build. to the conservative movement. if he was briefing these folks so it's the trump party. on the moscow tower that would when trump passes on one way or make him rich, they would the other, ha party will no longer exist and the republican probably rolling hair eyes. party will have -- it has no the president didn't get
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invested in it personally. fundamental belief. this was another one of michael you have to believe in cohen's pie in the sky projects. something. and i don't know what the republican party believes in or >> former trump campaign adviser what its message is anymore. michael caputo. >> a republican activist here i appreciate you appearing on the show. and republican analyst for us. >> thank you. take a look what we're looking at live right now. zerlina, what do you think about to the left of your screen, you the clips we've played and the see the president taking to the fact he's still going. podium at the cpac conference in almost an hour and 20 minutes. maryland. >> i don't think they put enough and we will take a monitor of that and let you know what the foundation on him today president is saying. considering the length of his we have a pretty good idea of speech. he looks pretty sweaty there. the topics he'll be addressing. i am very alarmed by just the he will do so with a lot of applause to you that audience. recent rhetoric over the president because he's increasingly unhinged. and when you have a summit that to the right bernie sanders first official campaign rally in is as important as north korea new york. was this week, have you his it is expected to kick off his personal attorney testifying, 2020 campaign. you have the potential for stay with us here on msnbc. cam. stay with us here on msnbc prosecutors to go after his family, and you see a performance like this today, it ♪ doesn't make you feel really calm and secure in the fact that your grace. this person has the nuclear your majesty. launch codes. and i had i that the president, you know, he's -- he definitely your king.
9:19 am
feels freer when he's with "his a legacy of leaders, speeders and serpent feeders. people." so cpac as rick said is his the alfa romeo giulia, stelvio and c37. people. he's sort of in a safe space today where you can just say all the things he wants to tweet about robert mueller in front of an audience and get in applause. that's going to fill up his ego. he's going to have a real problem because again, he's still the president of the country. he's still my president even though i didn't support or vote for him. i'm waiting for him to say your digestive system has billions of bacteria, something that would resonate but life can throw them off balance. with someone like me who doesn't necessarily support him because re-align yourself, he still is the president for with align probiotic. everyone. and it seems to me that he and try align gummies, cannot get out of essentially with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health this habit of everything, literally everything in the country being about him personally. that is a dysfunction that i think is going to come to a head at some point. i just hope that we're all safe when it does. >> look, as we see the president live there. he's wrapped up after about an hour and 22 minutes of speaking.
9:20 am
he ceded the microphone. that said, i want to pick up on your first point regarding north korea because overall, this address has capped a very tumultious week for the president. he walked away from kim jong-un you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. without a deal. he appeared to absolve the you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. president about the death of now you're even smarter. otto warmbier and michael this is truecar. cohen's many hours long testimony publicly on wednesday let alone the other ones behind closed doors. jay, what do you think was problem number one for him? >> there's so many problems. this has been one of the worst weeks of his presidency. that's saying something because there's been really a bunch of pretty awful weeks for the president. the fact this week stands out, he was visibly deflated leaving vietnam. could you see him he was so disappointed he didn't get that deal with north korea. that's something they pinned their hopes on changing the
9:21 am
narrative and moving away from other domestic failures with congress being not very interested in passing his agenda at this point given the democrats control contract house. all the investigations going on in the house. michael cohen testifying. there's so many bad things for the president, so much bad news. i found a companyeans to who believes in me.rt. it's not that surprising he they look out for me. would use the speech at cpac to and they help me grow my career. lash out. that's so donald trump. it's always somebody else's at comcast it's my job to constantly monitor our network, fault. always he's being misinterpreted. it's the media's fault, hillary prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. clinton's fault. lock her up which they chanted my name is tanya, again today three years later. i work at the network operations center for comcast. she's such a straw man at this we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. point because she hasn't been his opponent in more than three years. she's not in power and not somebody who is going to make a difference in legislature or power or anything at all. i think this is very donald trump. in this speech. it's probably a good indication of what we'll see more from him on the campaign trail as he looks for the love he really feeds on and in times where he
9:22 am
doesn't feel the love from the national media. >> final thought to you, laura. most problematic issue for the president this week was in your mind? >> it's really hard to say. failing to denuclearize north korea is a huge deal. especially given the fact that he says he has all this chemistry with kim jong-un and speaks about it like it's this at what's happening in two places. to the left, that is the cpac conference. epic bromance. what has he gotten out of that you see the president at the podium. that is the conservative besides seriously embarrassing political action conference in the united states by cozying up national harbor, maryland. to the right of your screen, to this dictator and having this brooklyn college, new york, failure as cohen tells everyone where bernie sanders spent a he's a liar and a criminal which year of college and from which most people already knew. he will officially launch his i just think it can't get any first campaign rally for the worse for donald trump. 2020 presidential election. it can get worse. so as soon as bernie begins the mueller report can drop. speaking we'll bring that to beyond that, i don't see him you. we're also monitoring what the recovering. president says. >> thank all of you for sticking we have an idea what he will be through the live events. we see the president pacing to saying. the left. if at the deebates from that, we he's been speaking for the will get that to you, too. better part of an hour and a half. michael cohen's blockbuster thank you all so much. testimony on capitol hill this i'm joined by congress man gerry
9:23 am
week, the president's former connelly, democrat from attorney acknowledging he has virginia, member of the house oversight and foreign affairs been in constant contact with committee from which we heard this week. always good to see you. prosecutors at the southern i want to get your reaction to district of new york office. >> is there any other illegal the president's remarks, sir. act you are aware of regarding >> well, i agree with the description that he, i think donald trump we haven't yet discussed today. >> yes, and again those are part he's a little bit unhinged. i think he's had maybe the most of the investigation that's currently being looked at by the abysmal week of his presidency southern district of new york. and one of the most abysmal >> joining me now is zerlina weeks of any presidency. maxwell from sirius xm and there's more to follow. political analyst and republican remember what really has him upset is one hearing. strategist rick tyler, also a one. political analyst. we still have a long way to go. with a welcome to you both. and so much came out of that zerlina, you first here. how worried should the president hearing that is a direct threat be he's on the southern district to him. i think he's reacting to that. of new york's radar? i think the collapse of the >> he should be very worried. i don't think that anybody going into this week's hearing thought korean summit also highlights that michael cohen was going to though the cost of an unprepared enumerate 14 zing felonies that the president could possibly be president. to have a summit with an implicated in. i think when you come with adversary like kim jong-un who documentation like checks and has developed nuclear weapons, financial statements to back up your testimony, i think that
9:24 am
you know, there's no substitute tore preparation and very that lends what you're saying a careful examination with lot of credibility. i think the southern district is detailed goals and objectives. trump had none of that including scouring through all of those personally being properly financial statements. they're looking at tax returns. prepared for it. they're likely looking at all what can go wrong with a summit the things that donald trump did not want prosecutors to look at when there's no preparation in the normal course of diplomacy? crossing that proverbial red we just saw what could go wrong. line. and i think that that would be now kim jong-un could become very worrisome especially if more of a threat than he's been you're a family member of the even before liberated from any trumps or married to a trump because andrew weissmann who is obligation to the united states the prosecutor that bob mueller in terms of a future summit. hired first put members of >> with regard to what you know from the foreign affairs enron -- family members of the enron executives in prison for committee, do you think we've been set back by the lack of tax evasion and other financial success? >> yes. >> because we have put kim crimes. so anybody who is linked to a jong-un on a global stage on a trump is in trouble potentially. >> wow. platform that he was not on let's listen to what former new prior to that. yes he was there. jersey governor chris christie, we knew who he amount of a former federal prosecutor what he said on cnn and get your reaction and the other side. fear. but he was validated by >> bob mueller is what they're president trump. >> you're exactly right. >> making him morxactly right.
9:25 am
he was a pariah contained and doing is building a case for two things. to go after those around the president who may have committed confined to his small part of the korean peninsula. crimes and two, to build a case today he can strut on the world stage, having been accepted by if they have one. i don't think they have one at no less a figure than the the moment. president of the united states if they were trying to build who has elevated him. one, against the president for when he leaves office. something that i don't think anybody thought was possible until of course, the first >> rick you heard zeer lynn na make her case. what do you think in terms of summit. the threat level from the i think re-daniel has been done. southern district of new york? >> it's a real threat. i also think he can say i gave it a good try. impeachment is a political everyone saw i did. process. but the southern district of new and it was trump who walked york is not. away. it's a legal process. so i'm going to proceed. and he won't find any refuge in >> i mentioned we had heard from you. i want to play to a question you asked during the hearing and get political support. he could be held to account. your response on the other side. now, it's unclear 0 me whether here it is. the -- whether he could still be >> sure. >> you had a conversation with indicted as he's president. the president of the united states about your impending but as the governor pointed out there, he could certainly be testimony before the house indicted when he leaves office. intelligence committee. is that correct? that's got to be potentially >> that's correct. >> what was the nature of that worryish for him. >> i want to put up, zerlina, conversation? >> he wanted me to cooperate. maggie haberman of "the new york times." she tweeted, but this is he also wanted just to insure something several trump advisers i'm making the statement and i
9:26 am
believe and they see it as part said it in my testimony. of a personal ration malfor there is no russia. seeking a second term. there is no collusion. is it really feasible that this is one reason why the president would be running for re-election there is no -- there is no deal. because there's the policy of he goes it's all a witch hunt not indicting sitting and he goes, this stuff has to presidents? >> yes, i think likely he's had end. >> what did you make of michael that conversation with somebody who at least thought that far cohen's answer there? ahead like a steve bannon, for >> i think mr. cohen took a example. i can imagine a scenario where one of his advisers did posit little bit of time to refocus himself on that meeting. out this scenario where they were talking about the fact that but ha that meeting is pretty he does have a certain level of strategic. immunity from prosecution as the no one knew about meeting till i president. asked that question. but the bottom line here is that it was not on the public record. it was a meeting that took place ivanka does not have the that just prior to cohen's testimony immunity. just prior to the house jared kushner does not. intelligence committee where he donald trump jr. does not have lied and for which he's been that immunity from the quick and going to jail. prosecution. i think donald trump is going to question is, why did the eventually have to make a president want to meet with you? decision between protecting his that's not usual before you family members and himself. that's not a position i think testify before a house committee? anybody would want to be in. why was it limited to you and unfortunately, that's where jay sekulow, the other attorney donald trump is right now. >> unenviable for sure as a and did the president coach you in your answers? did he give you code? parent. rick, do you think this
9:27 am
president may be looking at did he in fact counsel you to this, i can put off southern skirt account truth or not tell district of new york for another four years but to what end? the truth? that's material given the it would still be there four conviction of mr. cohen. years later. so that's worthy of subsequent >> well, then you have to consider his age. he's not going to live forever. examination but it's a very troubling development with four years in his potential life echoes of richard nixon and span is a lot. watergate. >> i'll tell you congressman so yes, i've heard that. gerry connelly, i'm sorry this except that it would be a real was a bit briefer nan than problem when you think about it like elect me so i don't get usual. >> i understood perfectly. indicted and go to jail. >> thank you so much. >> the president just moments it seems like a ridiculous sort ago made what might be a very of message which is why the surprising revelation about his democrats really have to focus firing of james comey and it on a cad who can actually beat involves his wife melania. trump in this cycle and not that's next. d it involves his wife melania. that's next. ♪ allow him to get reelected. >> let's talk about the 2020 race. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. zerlina, the democratic field certainly growing. what do you think the dems need it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. to do to differentiate amongst ♪tum tum tum tum smoothies. themselves? also available tums sugar-free. and what do you think is the dems' best strategy to beat president trump? >> well, i think that the at first slice pizza lovers everywhere strategy it's not wholly meet o, that's good! frozen pizza different than the 2016 or 201 one third of our classic crust strategy. is made with cauliflower
9:28 am
elearned a lot of lessens making but that's not stopping anyone sure voters are very excited to o, that's good! vote for the candidate that the democrats put up. in 2018 we learned that the there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. coalition that we can build to defeat republicans even in swing oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said districts is one that is a core going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. of women of color. and unlike sonicare, and so i think that any dem suc oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. this primary and in 2020 oral-b. brush like a pro. latina women. i think that's the way that you gain a path to victory. it's just how the math works. i think that same thing is true watergate. for kamala harris, elizabeth involves his wife melania. watergate. involves his wife melania. warren, bernie sanders. one of the reasons bernie sanders did not win in 2016 is that he did not have a message for black women. he did very poorly in states where black vote hes made the difference on super tuesday and also south carolina. i think there are going to be a number of buckets of policies that democrats are going to have to highlight that resonate
9:29 am
particularly with black women. and in order to win. if they don't do that, they're not going to win. >> how about the biden factor, rick? if he gets officially into the race, how does he change things up? >> i'm not a democrat. the way i see it, normally in the democratic party and the republican party you have the establishment and on the left would be the versus the progressive wing of the party. what's happening in this cycle actually i think is an rang to the establishment candidate like a bernie sanders, like an klobuchar who is eschewing the progressive wing of the partybe bucket, if you will, bracket if you like, is so full and they're going to divide that vote. that allows a establishment candidate to come up the middle. i also think an establishment candidate will have a much better chance of beating donald trump because the calculus is you've got to not only turn on your base which i think most any
9:30 am
democratic candidate could because the number one factor is democrats want to beat donald trump but what you want want to do is pull the middle with you, the independents and republicans who can't vote for donald trump if you can attract that coalition, it's very simple to win. i think that's why bernie sanders has a problem because bernie sanders is over on the left and he's driving the party to the left. i don't think that's going to be attractive to the people. i understand about motivating the base and i sake zerlina's point. but i think you have a much better chance if you can put together that whole loelgs to insure that you're going to beat guys do whatever it takes to deal with shave irritation. donald trump because look at the so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. poll numbers. bernie is too close for comfort in a match-up ah both it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave. of you. it's sanders 2.0. how the vermont senator set because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. himself apart from other progressives? i'll speak with a senior adviser from the bernie 2020 campaign. hr from the bernie 2020 campaign.
9:31 am
i'm really into this car, the best a man can get. gillette. well, new revelations just a short time ago from the president who now says he spoke with the first lady about his efforts to fire former fbi director james comey. take a listen to him at cpac. >> when i fired comey, i said, you know, first lady, i said but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want melania, i'm doing something today, i'm doing it because it and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car really has to be done. so i know if i'm getting a great price. he's bad. this is how car buying was always meant to be. he's a bad, bad -- he's a bad, this is truecar. bad guy that's been prison now
9:32 am
with all of the e-mails and the texts. i'm doing something that has to be done. >> joining me now former federal prosecutor glen kirschner and benjamin wittes from law fair. you both are legal analysts, as well. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis ben, we now know that he and a high risk for fracture discussed firing comey before he now might not be the best time to ask yourself did it with melania. are my bones strong? is she important here? life is full of make-or-break moments. would she be someone that that's why it's so important congress cos subpoena? to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. >> of course, you have a only prolia® is proven to help strengthen question whether he you're and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. talking about somebody's wife about a marital privilege which would generally prevent that. when the president makes a do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, speech in which he talks about weather told her, there is a are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. question of a waiver of that serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure; trouble breathing; privilege. so you know in, my capacity as throat tightness; face, lip, or tongue swelling; rash; itching; or hives have happened. the president's on television legal adviser, i would say tell your doctor about dental problems mr. president, probably a good as severe jaw bone problems may happen idea to stop talking about your or new or unusual pain in your hip groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. conversations with your wife about firing the fbi director. speak to your doctor before stopping prolia® as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. that said, i do have a hard time
9:33 am
prolia® can cause serious side effects, believing that the conversations like low blood calcium, serious infections, with melania are going to be all which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. that significant to the are you ready? investigation. bob mueller even assuming he ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. doesn't have insight into what the president talked about with guys go through a lot to deal with shave irritation. his wife has access to all the so, we built the new gillette skinguard white house officials who were with a specialized guard designed to reduce it. involved, all fbi officials who were involved. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. and all the justice department officials. and the whole paper trail. the best a man can get. gillette. so i'm really you know, not you wouldn't accept an incomplete job convinced this conversation from any one else. actually happened. the president is not above just why accept it from your allergy pills? making ithappened. flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, the president is not above just making it up at cpac or anywhere including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist and if it did, i'm not convince you can barely feel. that had it would be terribly flonase sensimist. significant. that said, it's quite a statement for him to have made. >> yeah. as the president continues talking, i want you to glenn also to weigh in on this. are you concerned about melania being brought bray deposition or having a hearing here or is her
9:34 am
communication privilege because she is a wife? >> yeah, i think i'm with ben on this one, alex. just because the president said he had a conversation with melania about this topic, i don't know that we should credit that. i think the presidential lie tally is approaching 9,000 at this point so, you know, yes, there would be a marital privilege and there are different marital privilege laws in different jurisdictions but essentially the marital privilege is designed to protect from public scrutiny, one-on-one private communications between spouses and by virtue of the fact that he just said this in a public setting, that would actually cut against the viability of a marital privilege with respect to the statements that he's claiming he made to once again at 34 past the melania. i think this is a lot of hot houring what we are monitoring. air. i think this is the president, the president is speaking at the basically, appeasing the folks cpac, conservative political who are at that conference action conference in maryland
9:35 am
right now. he's striking many of the same saying whatever occurs to him on the spur of the moment. i don't think any of this will themes we are used to seeing in have any legal consequence in a his campaigns and public potential congressional hearing speeches. we should note as we've been or otherwise. >> okay. i want to bring in another three listening, he has said the kinds folks to join our conversation of things that will evoke from the crowd the chants of "lack her up," relative to hillary now. clinton. let's go from there in maryland to brooklyn. a picture of what we're keeping an eye on there, as well. the busy for 2020 campaign so listen, let's get to the rally. and that is in brooklyn right point of michael cohen in just a near brooklyn college, second. your take on the comments about melania, jonathan, what do you specifically on the grouchbds brooklyn college. think? he is going to be kicking off >> i actually -- i don't have his campaign rally for 2020 here anything to add to what your great legal analysts say. and as soon as he takes to the >> okay. podium, we'll listen to that. ashley, anything to add to that? joining me right now is chuck >> yeah. it just seems like president rocha, senior adviser for bernie trump has implicated multiple people in his family now in his 2020. how excited are you? dealings. it is interesting as his it's a big day. presidency moves forward to see just how these cards are falling looking at that the great and just how many of them could picture, i want to thank the potentially be facing whether it be more public scrutiny, more staff to don't get the credit. investigations or even we've had a whole earp working potentially jail time with, you
9:36 am
on this and the supporters who have been standing in line for know, potentially jared and four hours in the cold, that's donald trump jr. when you know you're touching at it is interesting to watch these the heart beat of what people family members as we move forward. care about. >> i think peter to jonathan's that's inspiring this morning. >> absolutely. people have gathered. point that we had great legal i was worried about the size because it was pretty cold analysis, i do want to ask you getting to work this morning. about what you learned you were question about brooklyn today, down in washington this week, chicago tomorrow. you were watching all this from why not iowa or new hampshire? various positions, all the >> we want to tell a story. activity in washington this week. tell me what you learned from bernie's been out there from the the people you spoke with about last campaign, we talked about these bedrock fundamental issues the week and its effect on the that rallied people. medicare for all, talking about a liveable minimum wage, talking president. >> two things, no doubt that about free college tuition for what chairman cummins said is public university. now people know who bernie going to be true. sanders is. they will end up with additional when we started this 3 1/2 years names from the people they call ago, he was a senator from whether they testify or not or vermont. now they know him and his policy need to be subpoena. that's up in the air and the positions. second thing, it's very clear now we're going to weave in the right now that the only candidate that can defeat donald story of who he is. he lived in a rent crowed trump in 2020 is the southern building in new york city. district of new york and the he went to chicago where he newly elected attorney general joined the civil rights of new york state. movement. we want to draw a contrast jonathan, i want to go back to between a billionaire in the you. i do want to h president? was there a number one takeaway
9:37 am
white house whose father gave problem that he'll have to deal him a million dollar loan to with going forward? start to business to somebody >> i think it is the various who grew up like us worried about butting food on table. strands of the investigation or >> what was said in an nbc multiple investigations. article about bernie sanders, to donald trump is now like gull an extent trying to reinvent ver in gulliver's travel. himself as he makes the approach for the president. you remember that picture of him the title is "the bernie you where gulliver is strapped down don't know, sanders gets personal on the campaign trial." to your points, here's come of what sanders 2.0 likely lance where they have strings all over his body. plans to talk about the campaign trail. he will not hear the end of this he was raised in a jewish neighborhood where kids played until he leaves office, even if stick ball in the street and he serves two terms, he will not nazi concentration camp tattoos get past this. this is what we understood from peeked out from under sleeves in the grocery store. this week. there's just too many strands to that's enough to give anybody this investigation. the one that interested me the pause right there. what don't we know about bernie most that i hadn't really heard sanders? >> you know, i said in this about before was that he grossly morning. it rings true. i've been doing campaigns almost inflated the value of an estate 30 years. one thing all politicians have in bedford, new york, by six in common is they love to talk about themselves. fold. he said it was worth over guess what, bernie sanders is the opposite of that. he has struck me different than $250 million on a bank
9:38 am
anybody i've worked for. he wants to talk about the application. neighborhood. he wants to talk about people this is a crime. and the way issues is affect you can't make fraudulent those people. statements. he doesn't want the spotlight to it's not like he exaggerated by $5 million or something. be about him. so there's all sorts of new we've had to bring him here to talk about it a little bit. evidence coming out that michael he says it's not about me. cohen advanced that we'll be hearing an awful lot about. the people were sold a bill of goods by a guy who said he would >> listen, i only have a minute left. make america great again and ashley, as the republican here, i want to go to you and find out they've been hoodwinked again. what you think is the most we've got to make sure they can problematic thing for the trust in the process again. president going forward. >> i want to draw on the irony >> here's what's different this time. he has a populist agenda. and hypocrisy for all of this. it has been embrace bid other if we look at trump supporters and as someone who's a former democrats this go around big-time. how does it impact his message republican voter who could not vote for trump, everyone was and how does he stand out from saying that if clinton gets the others in the crowd, specifically the elizabeth investigated and the nepotism warren and others like that who and look at this week. it's just unbelievable to me have very similar messages? that this trump white house is >> alex, that's a great proving that potentially here question. we're glad to see all the other hillary clinton wouldn't have candidates get on board with a been as big as a problem as his message we started talking about own family and administration. three years ago. people were like he's got these this wild week has definitely proven that there's a lot of
9:39 am
crazy ideas, pie in the sky. things in the closet there how can he afford paying for within the trump family and this administration and i think more college for young people, how do of that's going to be unraveled we afford $15 minimum wage. leading up to the election. today it's commonplace in a >> your thoughts, peter? democratic primary. we'll be out front on our policy >> i completely agree. stances by saying if we talk one of the big takeaways is that about it and mobilize the grass donald trump signaled very root s, america will come with clearly in the speech at cpac today is the russian us because they believe in us. investigation isn't as important medicare for all is at a 70% as the lying and the deceit and approval rating. the fraud on his financial these are common sense american dealings. >> guys, thank you so much. value issues. >> okay. jonathan, ashley, peter, and my let's get to what happened yesterday on "the view." legal analysts on the top there, you know where i'm going. the senator was asked about ben and glenn. hillary clinton. i want us all 0 listen together thank you guys so much. it was a missed opportunity to what he said and get your to diffuse north korea's nuclear reaction on the other side. here it is. >> we're hearing about a lot of ambitions, but what kim jong-un really serious about reaching a deal? democratic candidates who are 300 miles an hour, meeting with hillary clinton for vice. people like amy klobuchar. do you think you'll do the same. >> i suspect not. hillary has not called me. look, we have differences. hillary played a very important role in modern american politics. >> you're not interested in any advice from her. >> i think not. >> i will say that did garner a
9:40 am
laugh and response there. what are your thoughts on that? that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. the relationship with hillary clinton and flatly saying that we're not going to consult with learn more at retire your risk dot org. her? >> the democratic party is a big tent of people. we got divided last time. we don't want there time. hillary clinton hasn't called me. we would welcome all ideas here. i would remind everybody that we need to bring our coalition together if we're going to beat donald trump. i remember being on the road with bernie sanders the last two weeks of hillary's campaign doing one campaign stop after another where bernie was telling all his supporters we have to vote for hillary clinton if we're going to beat donald trump. there's been obviously a difference of opinion on policy stop fearing your alarm clock... stances but he was out there with zzzquil pure zzzs. busting his back end trying to a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin get her elected at the end of the aebz last time. that supports your natural sleep cycle >> if he's trying to unify, i so you can seize the morning. want you to listen to or rather hear after senator sanders zzzquil pure zzzs. comments what nick merrill, senior advisor to hillary clinton tweeted this, he said i might mean a trip back to the doctor's office don't know who our nominee is just for a shot. going to be, but i'm damn sure but why go back there
9:41 am
that beating trump and getting when you can stay home america back on the right with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. footing is going to require a unified democratic party. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection so he's saying this word, crap from 17% to 1%, like this, 613 days before a 94% decrease. election day is irresponsible. counter productive and sets us neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the day after chemo all back. and is used by most patients today. what's your comment about? neulasta is for certain cancer patients >> it sounds like a lot of sour receiving strong chemotherapy. grapes. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it what i know is that out on the campaign trail, there are or neupogen (filgrastim). millions of people signing up to an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. be part of this. you can look at the unbelievable ruptured spleen, amount of pone we raised in 24 sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, hours. that happens because you inspire kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. people and they understand that report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing message. people from around the different parts of campaigns will say oh, or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. this or that. look at the results that are in patients with sickle cell disorders, there that aren't poll results serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. but real results. millions of people coming on board and people standing in the most common sie, line in brooklyn right now ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. trying to get in to see bernie sanders. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. >> yeah. chuck, bernie sanders has taken to the podium. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job lots of cheers and music and from any one else. chanting going on there. why accept it from your allergy pills?
9:42 am
how do you expect him to deliver flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, this? is this going to be fiery? which most pills don't. so he can fire up this crowd? and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. he turns around looking at flonase sensimist. everybody and the signs rather exuberant to have him there. do you know how long the speech is going to be and what the bacon tent will be? >> i know a lot about this speech and stay tuned. we're going to lay out the policy agenda that bernie sanders has been talking about for years and years. and talk about how far we've come as a movement to make these you can barely feel. mental policy positions fruition. patients with serious diseases we're going to go policy by policy and way these policies are being targeted for cuts need to be addressed. then he's going to pivot into to their medicare drug coverage. his personal narrative. new government restrictions it's going to be really special would allow insurance companies for people to see. to come between doctor and patient... >> i have just been handed a copy of what he's going to say. and deny access to individualized therapies i'm going to follow along. millions depend on. chuck rocha, very good to talk call and tell congress. protect medicare patients. to you. perfect as we dove tail from stop cuts to part d drug coverage. this to listening to bernie sanders and that crowd behind him in. take a listen, everyone. thanks, chuck.
9:43 am
>> what an incredible crowd. thank you so much. let me thank akila for her that is a wrap for me this hour. i look forward to seeing you all wonderful rendition confident star spangled banner. at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. let me thank scott shousen who kind of a slow news day, not is standing up not just for the much to talk about. >> it's been sort of a trend, workers in eerie, pennsylvania hasn't it? >> yeah. take it away. against corporate greed but for >> hello, everybody. every worker in america, scott, i'm kendis gibson live in msnbc thank you very much. headquarters in new york. it's turning out to be a very busy saturday. following that breaking news and let me thank representative from the suburbs of washington, d.c. where there's a terry alexander of south presidential filibuster that is taking place right now, carolina. president trump throwing red and terry is right. meat to his base and using his address to a conservative this is going to be a 50-state conference that's ran now some campaign. well over 90 minutes, the live pictures you see there from suburban maryland. he started speaking at the we're not going to concede one state to donald trump. conservative political action
9:44 am
committee conference at 12:15 eastern time and is still going. he covered a lot -- and let me thank my very good >> we're waiting for a report by friend nina turner. people that weren't elected. we had the greates nina has been with me all across this country. nina has helped develop one of the great grassroots organizations in this country, our revolution. and nina is mobilizing people from one end of this country to the other. nina, thank you very much. and let me thank shaun king. all over this country and i'm going to say a few words about it today and more tomorrow,
9:45 am
people understand we have a broken criminal justice system. and there are few people in america more than sean who are fighting to change that system. sean, thank you. and lastly, let me thank my wife and my family. thank you, jane, and levy and david and heather anchor rina and all my beautiful seven grandchildren for the support you've given me. thank you all for coming out today. let me thank the weathermen for giving us vermont weather. thank you.
9:46 am
and thank you all for being part of a political revolution which is going to transform america. no, no, no, it is not bernie. it is you. it's us together. and i want to thank all of you for being part of a campaign which is not only going to win the democratic nomination, which is not only going to defeat donald trump, who is the most dangerous president in modern
9:47 am
american history, but with your help, we are going to transform this country. and finally create an economy and a government which works for all of us, not just account 1%. today, at our very first ali, i want to welcome you to a campaign which says loudly and clearly that the underlying principles of our government will not be greed, hatred, and lies. it will not be racism, sexism,
9:48 am
xenophobia homophobia and religious bigotry. it will not be tax breaks for billionaires. and efforts to throw millions off the health care that they currently have. think campaign is going to end all of that. the principles of our government will be based on justice. on economic justice. on social justice. on racial justice. on environmental justice.
9:49 am
today, i welcome you to a campaign which tells the powerful special interests who control so much our economic and political life that we will no longer tolerate the greed of corporate america and the billionaire class. greed which has resulted in this country having more income and wealth inequality than any other major country on earth. know we will no longer stand idly by and allow three families in this country to own more wealth than the bottom half of
9:50 am
the american people. and while these families become richer, over 20% of our children live in poverty, veterans sleep out on the streets. and senior citizens cannot afford their prescription drugs. we are here to tell the 1% that we will no longer tolerate 46% of all new income going to the very richest people in this country while millions of americans are out working two or three jobs just to survive and pay the bills. today we launch our fight for a
9:51 am
political revolution. and we say to the private health insurance companies, whether you like it or not, the united states is going to join every other major country on earth and guarantee health care to all people as a right. antee health l people as a right. and you can spend all of the money you want against us. we will have a medicare for all single payer system. and today, we say to the pharmaceutical industry that you will no longer charge the american people the highest prices in the world by far for the medicine they desperately need.
9:52 am
whether you like it or not, your greed is going to end and we are going to lower the cost of prescription drugs in this country. today we say to walmart, to the fast food industry, and to other low wage employers, stop paying your workers starvation wages. yes, we are going to raise the minimum wage in this country to at least 15 bucks an hour. and we are going to make it easier for workers to join unions. today we say to the american
9:53 am
people that we will rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. our roads and our bridges and our rail system. our water systems, our wastewater plants and our airports and when we do that, we're going to create up to 13 million decent paying jobs. and today, we say to the parents in our country that you and your children deserve quality, affordable child care. and today, here at brooklyn college, we say to young people all over this country, we want you to get the best education
9:54 am
you can. regardless of your income. good jobs require a good education. and that is why we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free and why we are going to substantially lower the outrageous level of student debt in this country. america once had, once had the best educated workforce in the world. and we are going to make that happen again. and today, we say to our senior
9:55 am
citizens in vermont, in brooklyn in, california, we know you cannot survive with dignity on $14,000 a year social security. my republican colleagues in the senate want social security benefits. we we're going to raise social security benefits. today we say to donald trump and the fossil fuel industry, that climate change is not a hoax. but it is an existential threat to our country and the entire planet.
9:56 am
and we intend to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy. and when we do that, we're going to create millions of good paying jobs. all of us and every person in this country has a moral responsibility to make certain that the planet we leave our kids and our grandchildren is a planet that is healthy and habitable. and today, we say to the prison
9:57 am
industrial complex, that we are going to achieve real criminal justice reform in this country. we are going to end the international embarrassment of the united states having more people in jail than any other country on earth. instead of spending $80 billion a year in jails incarceration, we are going to invest in jobs and education for our young people. no more private prisons. no more profiteering from locking people up. no more war on drugs that has
9:58 am
destroyed so many lives. no more keeping people in jail because they are too poor to afford cash bail. and by the way, when we talk about criminal justice reform, we are going to change a system in which tens of thousands of americans every year get criminal records for possessing marijuana. but not one major wall street executive went to jail for destroying our economy in 2008.
9:59 am
no, they didn't go to jail. they got arion dollar bailout. today we say to the american people that instead of demonizing the undocumented immigrants in this country, we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. and provide a path toward citizenship. we're going to provide legal status to the 1.28 million young people eligible for the daca program. and develop a humane border policy for those who seek asylum. the united states will no longer snatch babies from the arms of
10:00 am
their mothers. today, we say to the 1% and the large profitable corporations in america, listen up because this applies to you. we say to the 1%s in large corporations that under a bernie sanders administration, you're not going to getting more tax breaks. quite the contrary. we're going to end your tax breaks and your loopholes. are you going to start paying your fair share of taxes. we will no longer, we will no
10:01 am
longer accept the absurd situation where large multibillion dollar corporations like amazon, netflix and general motors pay nothing in federal income taxes. and we're not going to allow these corporations and the billionaires to stash their money in the cayman islands and in other tax havens. yes, the wealthy and multinational corporations will start paying their fair share of taxes. we're going to end austerity for working families and bring a little austerity for the wealthy and the powerful. today we say to the military industrial complex that we will
10:02 am
not continue to spend $700 billion a year on the military, more than the top ten nations combined. we're going to invest in affordable housing. we're going to invest in public education. and we're going to invest in our crumbling infrastructure. no more major, major investments in never-ending wars. brothers and sisters, we are going to win this election not because we have a super pac funded by billionaires.
10:03 am
we're going to win this election because we are putting together the strongest grassroots campaign in the history of american politics. donald trump wants to divide us up based on the color of our skin, based on where we were born, based on our gender, based on our religion, or our sexual orientation. what we are about is doing exactly the opposite. we're going to bring our people together.
10:04 am
black and white, latino, asian-american, native american, gay and straight, young and old, men and women, native born and immigrant, we are together. and together, we will transform this country. if i might take a moment as i return here to the area that i was born, let me say a few personal words. as we launch this campaign for president, you deserve to know where i came from because family history obviously heavily influences the values that we develop as adults. i was born literally a few miles
10:05 am
away from here on east 26th street in kings highway. and my family and i lived in a 3 1/2 room rent controlled apartment. my father was a paint salesman who worked hard his entire life. but never made much money. and my mother raised my brother and me. i learned a great deal about immigration as a child because my father came from poland at the age of 17 without a nickel in his pocket, without knowing one word of english. he came to the united states to escape the crushing poverty that existed in his community and to
10:06 am
escape widespread anti-semitism. and it was a good thing that he came to this country because virtually his entire family was wiped out by hitler and nazi barberism. i am mot going to tell you that i grew up in a home of desperate poverty. that would not be true. but what i will tell you is that coming from a lower middle class family, i will never forget about how money or really lack of money was always a point of stress in our family. my mother's dream was that some day our family would move out of that rent controlled apartment to a home of our own. that dream was never fulfilled. she died young while we still
10:07 am
lived in that rent controlled apartment. my experience as a child living in a family that struggled economically, powerfully influenced my life and my values. i know where i came from. and that is something i will never forget. unlike donald trump who shut down the government and left 800,000 federal employees without income to pay their bills, i know what it's like to be in a family that lives pay collect to paycheck. now it is true i did not have a father who gave me millions of dollars to build luxury
10:08 am
skyscrapers. casinos and country clubs. i did not come from a family that gave me a $200,000 allowance every year beginning at the age of 3. as i recall, my allowance was 25 cents a week. but i had something more valuable. i had the role model of a father who had unbelievable courage in journeying across an ocean with no money in his pocket to start a new and better life. i did not come from a family of privilege that prepared me to entertain people on television by telling workers you're fired.
10:09 am
i came from a family who knew all too well the frightening power employers can have over everyday workers. i did not come from a family that could afford to send my brother and me to an elite boarding school. in fact, i was educated proudly in high quality public schools here in brooklyn. and began my higher education right here on this campus. i should also mention that my brother larry graduated from brooklyn college. i did not come from a family
10:10 am
that taught me to build a corporate empire through housing discrimination. i protested housing discrimination. was arrested for protesting school segregation. and one of the proudest days of my life was attending the march on washington for jobs and freedom led by dr. martin luther king junior. brothers and sisters, over the last two years and before that, you and i and millions of americans have stood up and fought for justice in every part of our society. and we've had some successes. together as billionaires and large corporaitons have attacked
10:11 am
unions, destroyed pensions, deregulated the banks and slashed wages, we have succeeded in raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour in states and cities all across this country. and together we forced amazon and the disney corporation to do the same. and together we have stood with type ofs all across this country who went out on strikeing to fight for better schools for their kids. together as the forces of militarism have kept us engaged in never-ending wars, we have stood together and fought back for the first time in 45 years,
10:12 am
we have utilized the war powers acting to move us forward to end the horrific saudi-led war in yemen. together, as so many of our young people very received criminal records for nonviolent offenses, we have fought to end the war on drugs and have seen state after state decriminalize the possession of marijuana. and are beginning to see states and communities expunk the records of those who are arrested for marijuana. we have won some victories but clearly we have a long, long way to go. and i am here to tell you that
10:13 am
because all of the work we have done together, we are on the brink of not just winning an election, but transforming our country. and let me tell you a little of what that means. when we are in the white house, we will enact a federal jobs guarantee to ensure that everyone in this country is guaranteed a job. there is more than enough work to be done in this country. let's get it done. when we are in the white house, we will attack the problem of urban gentrification.
10:14 am
and build the affordable housing this country desperately needs. when we are in the white house, we will end the decline of rural america. we will reopen rural hospitals that have been closed. and we will make sure that the young people in rural communities have decent jobs so that they can remain in the communities that they love. when we are in the white house, we're going to end the epidemic of gun violence in this country. and we are going to pass the common sense gun safety legislation that the overwhelming majority of americans want to see.
10:15 am
when we are in the white house, we're going to address not only the national disparities of wealth and income, but the racial disparities of wealth and income. we are going together to root out institutional racism wherever it exists. not only will we end the cowardly outrage of voter suppression, we're going to make it easier for people to vote, not harder. when we are in the white house, we are going to protect a woman's right to control her own body. that decision is a woman's
10:16 am
decision. not the federal government, not the state government. not the local government. please make no mistake about it. the struggle that we are undertaking is not just about deeting donald trump. this struggle is about taking on the incredibly powerful institutions that control the -
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