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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  March 18, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you were a little chippy at the start of the show. tonight, senator corey booker on "hardball" and at 8:00 p.m. kirsten gillibrand with chris hays and "mtp daily" starting right now with not katy tur. with, the one, the only, the woman, the myth, the legend katy tur. >> there is so many things that i could comment on for the past minute that you have been on the air, number one no one puts john lamir in a corner, and number two thank god nicolle is coming back tomorrow, so it chuck. >> let's have drinks, no wait, can't, hold on, anyway, if it is
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monday, a storm is brewing. good evening i'm katy tur in for chuck todd and welcome to mtp daily, what if a war hero, a federal investigation, a comedy show, are all in it together to take down the president, john mccain was colluding with democrats, and the court papers prove it, the biggest scandal in american history. what if this person went on with rants about joe biden, judge jeanne, and showed you how a group of random people agree with them. i would guess your first reaction would not be "somebody
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make this person president." it comes from a 58 tweet biarrae from the president. the strangest 36 hour stretch of ra rantings and ravens from mr. trump as president that lead us to some uncomfortable questions for the white house and the country, why is he suddenly so enranged. does the president know something we do not or is this about something we do not know. what is a scarier explanation? that they are about mueller or that they're not. joining me now is national political correspondent robert costa. and we have susan del persio, a
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republican strategy, gosh, it is getting harder to read the further i get into this pregnancy. we'll leave that aside. what happened over the weekend, why did the president go on such a robust tweet storm? >> in a series of text messages to allies of trump i asked that question. what happened. and they said how can you be be surprised. he is often isolated, looking at social media, gauging tis pop lair -- his popularity, and trying to stoke them. >> do they believe the president knows something that the rest of us do not know? that it is stemming from worry about investigation that could come out there? is it worry that he doesn't know about what is out there? >> it is stemming from
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uncertainty. they insist they do not have inside information about when the attorney general will report on the mueller report. they see that something is about to come with those on the mueller team recently departed. >> if this came from someone else what we we do. >> he is constantly spinning out. he is bouncing around and 58 tweets in two days is insane. what is just so scary is that in some ways he is also so transparent. what is he concerned about? why does he go after people? there was a tragedy in new zealand and everyone talked about the prime minister's leadership and he knows he
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doesn't have any. >> they also talked about the president donald trump because the terrorist mentioned donald trump in his manifesto. >> i mean when he is looking in, he is looking to over compensate, he is projecting. he seeing leadership by a woman doing an amazing job healing her country and all he is known for doing is dividing the country. he doubles down on it, it is the same thing about mccain. he is a hero. he went to vietnam, he suffered in the camps, donald trump got out of vietnam and is a kcoward because of bone spurs. >> he paints himself has a victim. >> certainly people that exhibit
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this type of behavior can be bullying and claim the victimhood for themselves. often doctors are not able to freely comment on the behavior exhibited by the president. if it was someone that you loved and cared about in the same age range you would contact a medical professional to see if this person was okay. on one hand it is disturbing because it is the president, on the other it is just disturbing human behavior if is not decent to attack someone who is dead. it is not decent to sit by an and attack someone that is dead. i think the bar needs to be raised for republicans. where is -- the moral rot starts with donald trump, but that will maintain throughout 2020. >> it is not just a question
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about republicans. something that is important to remember is we didn't learn anything new. we have seen him say these things over and over. what you heard robert say a few minutes ago, everyone is like why are you surprised by this. >> is it still news to talk about the president? >> still he is saying these things and we still -- >> are they the rantings and the ravings of a 72-year-old conspiracier thi conspiracy theorist. how come no one in the white house can say to him maybe we should stop this, and we know that people have tried. we know that -- >> why would you think that -- there is no one that can. >> we don't have the option at this point -- >> let's ask bob costa about
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this. has anyone tried to reign him in? sdrump his best when he is saying whatever he wants to say. and when someone like paul manafort wants to get him more in line, he punched back against it. that is part of the reason he didn't have a good relationship, and part of the reason that he lasted as long as he did and still talks to the president. >> even the acting chief of staff in mick mulvaney has tried to leave the communication sector alone. >> and now shine is gone from the white house, because of sunshine outside and the president's white house staff
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trying to stay away from the investigations, the lawyer, rudy jou giuliani, you have him isolated and alone, and he has to mount his own defense and the people around him. he tries to mount his own defense. >> can you explain what is going on with kellyann conway. i know there is a difference between what she says about the president and what her husband says. he was questioning donald trump's mental fitness. he put up some diagnoses on twitter as well. kellyanne conway was asked about that and she said -- we have that soundbite. >> your husband has been
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tweeting his concerned about the president's mental fitness for office. >> i know your colleague over at the white house interviewed them and gave us a window and gave you some insight. we have some idea of how they use reporters to get their message out, but can you explain how they can exist at the same time? is there a rational explanation? >> i don't try to have any window into personal relationships of the people i cover. but when i ask people in the white house, what is it about kellyanne conway, she has a rare relationship with the president trump, someone that comes from
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new jersey, the new york and new jersey area. and she is considered an in thisser in the trump political circle in an world where the president is operating among long time staffers and gop establishment types. he is comfortable with conway, and she is willing to go on television, and we can't discount the power of that, so many advisors are associated with these controversies, and she defending him. >> there is a horrible tragedy on friday, that person name checked the president, and he barely had a word to say about it over the weekend, but today
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he industriy tried to say woe i. the white house again had to come out and say the president of the united states is not a white supremacist. >> this speaks to the overall question of who in the white house is being the adult on these strategies, who is telling the president that maybe they have the conversation every few weeks now, why are they citing the president, why do we keep having this conversation? >> i sometimes wonder why do you want the vote of a nazi? why do you want richard spencer and david duke saying that is not easy to condemn. why do you want that support? and the answer is that he needs
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it because the shrinking republican party, up wards of 88% approval, it is a smaller and smaller portion of the voting population. she gra she grasping at straws. they have criticized the party and trump fairly, there is not a lot you agree on. and the behavior of donald trump is to divide and use hatred as a way of triangling an issue, it used to be we would pick certain issues and he would pick hate. he is not happy and he thinks it is his best tactic to put that out there, to divide, and to keep the country as divided as possible. it worked for him in 2016, he is still the president of the united states. the office of the president, that's why we keep talking about
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it, about all of these normal things, it is the president of the united states that happens that donald trump fills that office right now and that is still so disturbing. >> it's not normal, robert, thank you very much for all of your reporting. we appreciate that you don't get into the mind-set of the people you cover. gabe, susan, you guys are sticking around. we're going to dive into the topic of white supremacist including the dark side of the internet. what should the tech industry be doing? maybe more. that's next. y be doing? maybe more that's next. alright, i brought in
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clear, we will not permit such hate in the homeland. >> welcome back, that was homeland security trying to down play excite sue prim cypremcist. there was more than 1000 hate groups last year and 148 white nationalist groups, up 100% from the last year. the latest new zealand attacks are the latest reminder that social media companies are also struggling to reign in extremism. facebook says it removed a million and a half videos of the attack within 24 hours, there are still a lot more. with me now is frank figluzzi.
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also ben collins who covers extremendousie extremism and the internet. what is he doing to tackle this threat? >> this radical online organization is nothing new to online intelligence agencies, but what is knew is the space that it is happening with the far right and violence associated with those groups. we have a pretty good body of knowledge with regard to how radical violent muslims get radicalized online. but what we're seeing, cakatie,s an interesting comparison to what we're seeing in social media and radicalization on the far right. this is almost a game of
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whack-a-mole. once you take down an offensive video or posting another comes up or you deny someone privilege for access. another one comes up later, and it is a beast that needs to be tamed. and currently legislation and the sharing of information and strategy between law enforcement and platform providers are not yet where we're making a dent in it, we have to ask ourselves if the tool is there for the fbi, is there proper oversight of the silicon valley, and what is the strategy to deal with it. >> they can use the isis playbook. they used this in the past, they know where to take down the videos and find the videos, and the paths. researchers have been telling facebook and youtube this -- >> are there certain keywords --
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>> yeah, there is very specific path wways from relatively norm political content to extremist videos, right? they know how to use keywords, and auto play boxes, they start in a pretty decent place, and they ended in a pretty bad place because they were vulnerable. >> the answer is politics. >> it's easy to say that we should not have isis on our platform, right? there is differences in white nationali nationalism, right? is some of it all right and some of it not? the far right says this is a peach iss
2:22 pm
speech issue. the conservatives will say you're trying to quiet us. why do they feel like they need to help protect right wing extremists. >> their base is not that, but it could brush up against things that brush up against the extremists. >> that is why it is political. >> so when elizabeth warren puts out something that says maybe we should break up these companies, he and the people in that sphere are trying to take that conversation and turn it into the conversation about hate speech. >> because it will somehow bleed into conservative voices. >> people should be taking a stand here and saying no, this is not us, it isn't them. >> it is weird they're defending that. is politics part of the issue in trying to root out or trying to, you know, when you're looking at
2:23 pm
isis or you're looking at radical islamic terrorism, i covered a number of stories where the fbi would track young kids or young men and they would talk to them online and say you know, here is how you build a bomb or get your bomb making materials, and they track that person as that person radicalized and arrest them before they could do anything bad. why is the same not being done for white extremists? or is it being done? >> no, it is time to seriously ask that question and wrestle with it. politics does enter in, once you mention the need for a domestic terrorism statute, you will here people screaming this is the thought police, you're trying to suppress thought. my answer to that is that this is not about thought, it is about verbalizing an invention to excite violen commit violenc. when you have that going on in
2:24 pm
droves online, it's time to do it head on between law enforcement and providers. we only need to look at recent pasts. a kind of radicalized person online. ending bombs to politicians and media organizations. look at the pittsburgh synagogue shooter, the same thing, advocating violence and white supremacy. if we don't get out in front of it it will just keep happening. the president represents a believe pulpit. the same goes for state subsidized news next that refuses to denounce this kind of thing, they would give their right arm to have that fresh dillly content going on and we're seeing it happen on the far right? >> is it because the word white is involved, it is white extremism, is that why there is such push back. if it was black extremism or
2:25 pm
muslim extremism? indian extremism, would that be as hard to tackle? >> you're asking the right questions and i think there is a body of evidence that indicates that when white people commit these kinds of crimes their crazy. and when people of other color commit the crimes their terrorists. we don't have a domestic terrorist statute that draws a distinction between robbing a bank to get food on your table and robbing a bank to fund blowing up a building for political purposes. both of those people get ten years in prison. it is time to think about a new domestic terrorism statute. >> so you're saying that congress needs to do more? >> yeah. >> gentleman, thank you very much. coming up, beto's no bust.
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at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. welcome back tonight, beto o'rourke's first few days at a
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candidate for president had some missteps. >> we're going to stay on the road for a long time. >> he asked and his supporters answered. his campaign says they raised $6.1 million in online contributions in the first 24 hours. no word on the number of donors or the average amount, but that is a bigger fist day haul an bernie sanders and kamala harris. >> i thoep sendshope it sends a. >> he is not just bringing in the money, but he is bringing in the crowds, he hit iowa, wisconsin, michigan, and ohio, all states won by president trump in 2016. >> when we don't show up, we get
2:31 pm
what we deserve which is to lose. so i will show up everywhere for everyone. >> up next we hit the trail with beto o'rourke and his campaign. and we're digging into bidens accidental almost announcement. more coming up all night on msnbc. coreybook corey booker joining us later and kirsten gillibrand on chris hays town hall. on chris hays town hall
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they said you're criticized by the far left. i have the most progressive record of anyone running -- of anyone that would run -- whoops, former vice president joe biden nearly accidentally declared his
2:35 pm
race for presidency. he would like i will be prop propelled to the top top tier. but one potential rival is already welcoming him into the race, former texas congressman beto o'rourke said democrats would be lucky to have biden join the primary. in his first days on the campaign trail, he even sounded a bit like biden pushing for unity across political lines. here is what he told chuck todd over the weekend. >> everyone wants to see us come together, and they want to make sure we get something done. they don't want the perfect to be the enmy of the good. if we wait until we're in off the to begin the work it will be too late. >> joining me is jared haake who
2:36 pm
has been with beto o'rourke throughout the entire campaign swing and mike mellany who is our point person on all things joe biden. garrett, you have been with beto every step since he announced. what are you hearing from voters out there? we're hearing chattering from the voters class, but what are they saying? >> they are two distinct conversations. they are not the same conversation that's we're hearing. there is discussions about things like the vanity fair event. the event here in cleveland was nearly entirely about health care. as he has been going, he is tyke
2:37 pm
the sky net that and he was talking more and more about tariffs, here he heard about abortion restrictions in ohio. and they all get about toshed into his message. and the topics and the knowledge and the specifics about policy. he is getting more specific about gun control and health care. it is already changing now 4.5 days in. >> let me ask you that, does he have an idea of what he is running or on is he winging it? >> he is evently learning as he
2:38 pm
goes but he makes no apology. he says i want to listen, i want to learn from you, and hear what your ideas are. that doesn't mean he doesn't have concrete positions. he has been talking about the need for universal background checks and stopping the sale of assault weapons, but questions you might get in ohio that you don't get in texas, he is unapoll junapo unapoll get -- unapologetically learning as he goes. he got a question about the flint water crisis. >> there is a lot of talk about who democrats need to come out
2:39 pm
and vote. it is vie verdiversity, african-americans, latino voters, have you seen much diversity in the pebeto crowds? >> not in iowa, but you don't expect to there. the detroit stops are interesting, they were the most diverse of any stops i saw. you're hearing the chant of b-e-t-o. he was asked how can a white ma male of significant privilege relate to the african-american community. he did do some of this in the texas senate race, but it is
2:40 pm
difference than if you were in other parts of the country. not to say they're a small percentage here, but certainly not in iowa. so biden had a slip of the tongue over the weekend, what is stopping him from announcing? >> there are some biden confidents part of the inner circle that say it is easier for him to say there is a lot of terrific from getting in too early, but there are some issues they're still wrestling with. biden said with a little edge in his voice, he said publicly he doesn't want this to be a foo foolsfool fools
2:41 pm
foolserrand, but there is a recognition that the party was very different from where it was when he started his career. he is aware that his message rooted in working again with republicans in the way he used to with the senate is maybe not what the democrats have an appetite for right now. >> are democratic voters going to agree with that? >> his public record will be strut needs in a way it has not before. they talk about putting forward proposals like a $15 per hour wage. and as he said, he believes his record is progressive but the other issue in a i think we paid a lot of attention to, that gaffe saturday night, the issue that he really wanted to get across in that speech was raising the stakes of the election. he had sharp words for the
2:42 pm
president. he said the president is dism d dismantling the guard rails of our democracy. so if he is as he views the strongest candidate to beat donald trump, he wants to make sure that democrats agree on that. >> it is a lot different than what we heard from president obama. he talked about believing in the country and the american people, believing that things will be okay, president obama had an optimistics message that the country could ride out the storm, if you will, of a donald trump presidency. biden is staking a completely different tact. is he trying to send a message to democratic voters that this is not a time to mess around? that they need to find the most electable person? >> he specifically said that
2:43 pm
saturday night, actually, that we better open our eyes to what is happening, this is a much more fragile and people have unz to be the case. he also says that he and president obama agreed when they left to the white house to stay silent and give him space like george bush gave them, but he said that charlottesville was a turning point, hearing the anticometant anti-semitic language, and those protesting and making those chabts, was a point of no return for him and that was the point that he realized that our country was in trouble and that he needed to speak out. >> we have more than 300 days for the iowa caucuses, you're seeing people campaign as if it was the final throws of a presidential election, look at what garrett is doing following
2:44 pm
beto around, is joe biden up for that hard charging campaigning? >> i heard him say elsewhere of all of the events that he did in the midterm elections, if you're the front runner, essentially, you can maybe not campaign as aggressively, but i know he spoke to some senior members of his team, they recognize they do, even someone leading in the poles can't take anything for granted. >> what about beto? can he sustain this, it is exhausting. >> yes, it is, but i think this is how he prefers to campaign, this is how they did things for the last month, and he feeds the
2:45 pm
crowds. he enjoys all of this, this is the only way that he knows how to campaign. it is not hard to see how they could sustain the attention in each new state and every new part of the country. the minute he steps forward in california. there are ways he could extend this and he seems inclined to run. >> i can't believe you were already on the road as much as you have been. you're going to make my 510 days on the trump campaign look like nothing in comparison to what you're doing now. thank you, ahead, the president finds another misleading way to go after bob mueller, we will report and debunk, next. l report and debunk, next. it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what,
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it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ welcome back, among the many, many topics on the president's mind and twitter feed today were polls, he tweeted wow a suffolk/usa today poll just out states 50% of americans agree that robert mueller's investigation is a witch hunt. we will soon find out, sheer what that question really asked. he called the special council's investigation a witch hunt and said he has been do you agree, but it is not clear what they
2:48 pm
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coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. ♪ welcome back. time for the lid. the panel is back. gabe, zerlina and susan. let's talk about a girl. kirsten gillibrand relaunched -- well, she officially launched her campaign. she was one of the first to announce an exploratory committee, and today she came out with a video saying that's it, i'm officially running. what do you think, zerlina? >> i'm never not excited when a woman is officially running for president, because we've never had one of those. i also say i get emotional every time i watch one of these launch videos. >> never had a woman president.
2:51 pm
got it. not a candidate. >> i recall there was a woman. her name was hillary clinton that i worked for. but there is something visceral when you watch a launch video for woman running for president, because sometimes it can be a very different vision for what they want to do. studies show that women run for office to fix a specific problem. like there is a pothole. i'm going to run for city council and fix that. men run for different reasons. garrett was talking about how beto can't really articulate four days in why he was doing thinking he was born to do it. >> yes, but imagine a woman saying that and the criticism the woman would have received from the media writ large. >> more room to go around and say i'm just figuring out my positions. i'm going learn as i go. >> correct. men are allowed to try and fail and not know all of the aspects of the job and yet they apply for it. studies show even outside the context of politics, that when there are job postings, that men will apply even if they don't have any qualifications. women look down the list to make
2:52 pm
sure they match something before they apply. there is something to be said in the difference in the way we view men and women and leadership positions. >> just the launch and how she did it, i actually think it was quite smart. she stepped a little bit on beto's news. not a lot, but at least she got her own story told the way she wanted to. and it is very interesting. she represented upstate new york in congress. she at that point had a more moderate record, which she is now -- >> she was pro guns. >> she was very pro-gun. i remember working against her frankly in that congressional race. but she -- >> but she won. >> and she won. >> and she won handily. >> and she went down to washington and she turned very liberal. and that's fine. that's her right, and she got re-elected on those credentials, so-so be it. the thing that people forget about gillibrand, she is also sitting on about $10 million. she has a little bit of time to do this the way she wants to.
2:53 pm
it's a methodical roll-out. she is great at answering the questions and talking with people. she's got a good response. i think she like a few other candidates are waiting to let all the bluster go. >> there is something to be flying under the radar right now? >> absolutely. and she has done this very interestingly, because there have been a lot of people, a lot of chatterers saying where is kirsten gillibrand. why haven't we heard more about her? she has done a ton in iowa and new hampshire. >> she is talking to people. >> one thing she is doing that no one else has done and she is going to do is engage with trump in a real way. this launch rally is at the trump international in columbus circle near here. that's something that no one else is really done so far. >> she is protesting at trump hotels. >> absolutely. she is deciding we're going to take this fight to trump. the way she framed her launch is around the question of braveness. so there is a question here. it's not only specificity. it's not only a certain kind of forward-looking feeling, but she is going directly at trump. and listen, i don't know if that was necessarily the plan from day one, but it is abundantly clear that she is going to need
2:54 pm
attention. >> so you can have a message. you can talk about unity. you can talk about policy, but also go after donald trump in the same breath. you can use the way you go after donald trump to inform your policy, to inform the voters about how you would campaign. one quick question, though, why is she not getting more endorsements? andrew cuomo specifically did not endorse her today, the governor of new york. former congressman joe crowley also did not endorse her, although carolyn maloney here in new york did. >> not ruling it out. he is endorsing anyone now. and given his relationship with biden, he would most likely endorse him. >> so biden, okay. gabe, zerlina and susan, thank you, guys. we really appreciate it. up next, what is in a name.
2:55 pm
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. in case you missed it, some tv people are having a little trouble with beto o'rourke's name. >> what we do know is that beto loves beto. >> beto o'rourke. >> beto o'rourke. >> beto o'rourke. >> beto o'rourke. [ buzzer ] >> beto. >> maestro beto. >> his name is beto, beto o'rourke. >> i'll admit it, i've had some trouble with it as well. bet-o. come on, folks, it's not that hard. apparently it is. he is not the only one with a tough name. just look. >> let me put you on the spot. pronounce it for everybody so they can hear you say it.
2:59 pm
>> buttigieg. >> not beauty juice like michael steele said the other day. folks, we've got a lot of names in this race and there seems to be some confusion about how to pronounce them all. but we here at "mtp daily" are, as always, here to help. pete buttigieg, pete buttigieg. kamala harris. kamala harris. kirsten gillibrand. gillibrand. cory booker. beto. bet-o. julian castro. whoo-lee-on castro. amy klobuchar. klo-bu-char. bernie sanders. >> tune in next week when we tackle confusing city american city names. i'm looking at you quonakinog.
3:00 pm
in the meantime, "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. quonakinog. >> great to see you. we're coming on the air during a surge of activity of democrats running for president. that's not based solely on candidates hitting msnbc tonight. kirsten gillibrand with our own chris hayes and cory booker appearing in iowa to take questions from chris matthews. nose are certainly high profile appearances in our neighborhood, yes. but there is also senator elizabeth warren campaigning at a mississippi town hall that will be televised by another network, and a new candidate on the scene taking the lead in the fundraising primary. beto o'rourke raising $6 million in his first day on the trail, as you may have heard by now, that's more than everyone, which is reshuffling early ideas about who the frone


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