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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  March 20, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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father uses until he ripped his blindfold off after spending ten months serving our country in jordan and syria. his dad surprised his boy with an early homecoming. i have to go but man, i love that. that wraps up this hour. more news with my friend now. >> i watched that last night at home alone on my couch. >> i felt out of shape and sad. i'm sitting on my couch weeping. this morning the president is preoccupied apparently taking his attacking off twitter going after john mccain. the free press, you name it. maybe the preview of his reelection campaign heading to a key battleground state to test
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it out. we are live at the white house. >> new overnight the special counsel's drop in a kind of clue bomb telling a judge he is super busy this week. is that a sign somebody may see his report soon? and don the diplomat, don jr., it turns out he doesn't hate saying i told you so. we have our team saying we love all of it. senior senator firing back in defense of fellow john mccain saying he has had it with the president putting down his friend. the president is going toe to toe with the person he calls the husband from hell as the white house tries to refocus on a state critical to the president's reelection. the columbus dispatch is greeting this morning with this head l headline. we are over at the white house also joining us robert costa.
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anita and shannon for bloomberg news. i will start with you. boy, the president has been up and tweeting this morning. we'll see him when he heads out maybe taking some questions. >> we certainly hope so. you're absolutely right. president trump starting this day by doubling down on his personal grievances. here was his tweet this morning. george conway often referred to as mr. kellyanne conway. i barely know him. take a look. a stone cold loser and husband from hell. of course george conway is a frequent critic. he disputes he was turned down by that job. this is what he tweeted. simply, you are nuts. it really sets the stage and
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comes on the heels of him escalating the attack. you do have a number of lawmakers rushing to the late senators defense. you also have daughter megan mccain and cindy mccain saying she has gotten some bullying tweets because of the president's escalating his attack. all of this basically serves to overshadow the policy message. he is heading to the major battleground state to talk about jobs, cars and the economy. this is what he is focused on. he is going to depart today. we'll have a chance to ask him about all of this and his messaging. is it a preview of things to come? undoubtedly it will be. he is making it very clear he is not holding any punches. >> that is for sure. i'll see you in a bit. thank you. let me bring in bob here. he could not have been more clear about how he felt about the president's attacks on his late friend. i just want to lay it on the
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line that the country deserves better. the mccain family deserves better. i don't care if he is building the greatest immigration system in the world. nothing is more important than those that fought and risked their lives for all of us. do you think it will reasonate with the president or not? >> it is not reasonating with the president they say there is a through line between what's happening with senator mccain and by the president and what the president is saying about george conway. in their words the president's railing against the republican establishment ahead of mueller report, ahead of the 2020 lek. he is trying to rally his core voters to have them stick by him through turbulence ahead. >> is that going to be an effective strategy do you think? >> effectiveness to be determined for others to decide.
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it is certainly a strategy, the strategy of this white house to make sure that the base, the republican base is with this president despite all of the other challenges and a lot of criticism from members of his own party who say the late senator was a war hero fought in vietnam, defended his country for years and served it in the senate. the president says his voters see mccain not so much as that but as someone that's a foil and someone that's part of the establishment. he doesn't feel apologetic at all based on my reporting. >> he is not john mccain to say the least. why is this bubbling so much over the last couple of days?
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sit what networks are saying. he has his antenna highly attuned. even though it comes with someone and he likes to elevate the fights. >> conway saying everybody has seen my tweets. he has more followers than i do. if you look at ohio and the president's approval ratings there, by the way, he is headed in a matter of hours. the net approval is down 19 points, right? so what makes him think it will reasonate there particularly as his trade war is having an impact. >> the trade war hovers as a possible political problem for
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2020. when white house officials look at ohio they see the governor was able to win a race in a tough year, 2018. they also saw senator brown, a democrat was able to win reelection in that same state. they know ahead of 2020 it could be up for grabs. ohio is more in play because of that win than a state like pennsylvania which seems to be training more towards the democrats. they have to cultivate the voters. it is hard to say how that appeals but if they t president casting himself as an outsider that is really the 30,000 foot view here. >> i would be surprised if he didn't talk about either in those remarks later today given how president seems to be in the president's mind. what do you think? >> the president can't resist. most have stopped trying to pull him back from commenting about mccain or mr. conway.
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they know at this point he is his own communications director, his own chief of staff. >> i'll see you next week. >> thank you. >> you two top democrats accused the president and allies of stone walling. in a washington post house oversite committee says they have not received any of the documents he requested in what he described as unprecedented delay. you have them reporting that the house oversight committee has received a total of eight responses. as the committees keep up their investigations pelosi is who were calling for impeachment of the president. in an exclusive interview pelosi said some wanted to impeach the president since the day he got elected. it is unless it was so conclusive that the republicans will come on board or
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understand. it is a gift to the president. we take our eye off the ball. collins is here to talk about that and anita and shannon are also with us onset. talk with us about what you heard. it doesn't look like pelosi is giving one inch when it comes to impeachment. could it be because there's a broader thinking that this mueller report is not going to be everything democrats think it will be. >> that's what some democrats think and some republicans say. they believe she is giving cover to some of those people that won in trump districts or hillary districts kind of plus one that are nervous about impeachment where trump is popular. they believe by saying this members of congress say the speaker said this. we'll wait and see what's happening and we'll proceed from there. >> they weighed there and talked about this. want to play for you a little bit ability what he had to say.
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>> i athink all of us know if te committees do their work properly they will be able to bring the public along with them. they will be able to set the tone for impeachment if that is deserving. it has to go through the senate where republicans are in power. the deadline was earlier this week. 81 requests and only eight came back. what is the deal with that? >> it's not that surprising. it's the first letter. often times people do not respond or they don't respond with a letter that says i won't difr you anything.
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this is a long road for house chls. it will take into into next year for them to get what they need. >> they say if our committee must resort to issuing subpoenas there should be no doubt about why. he says it has nothing to do with harassment and everything to do with unprecedented obstruction. is that where this is headed? >> yes. i think so. certainly some people are going to hate our -- or voluntarily turn over documents but don't expect the white house to just hand everything over. the white house feels that this is not just about turning over documents but also about protecting the office and that congress no matter who the president is shouldn't be able to come in an make unprecedented request for records. that's the argument they will make. they in talks back and forth with the committee they have been told. they will likely make some
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responsement even if congress does issue a subpoena a subpoena is not that enforceable by congress. what are they going to do? go to the white house and arrest the president or general counsel? >> no. >> the congress has limited power here. if the white house isn't turning it over they are not turning it over. >> does she understand that? >> she absolutely understands that. she was here when congress impeached bill clinton and he came out more popular. his popularity went up. she is aware of that and aware of limitations of congressional power in oversight. >> there is a distinction between the agencies and the white house. they have to give more than the white house does. it has all sorts of protections because of the president. they can probably get some of those documents eventually. >> even those individuals, trump or donald trump jr. don't have
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as much pushback. again, what is congress going to do arrest them and hold them in jail? >> yeah. >> how does that make congress look? >> lots of moving pieces to this. we'll talk more about some of the mueller related pieces. stick around for that. congratulations. thank you for coming on with us. coming up we may be getting closer to the final russia report. we know that because of something the special counsel is saying. why biden is closer to announcing his 2020 run. nouncing his 2020 run. it was here. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib. what's afib? i knew that meant i was at a greater risk of stroke. i needed answers. my doctor and i chose xarelto® to help keep me protected from a stroke. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner
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joe biden hasn't told us she running for president but he told other people. he told at least half a dozen supporters she in this thing adding he isn't worried he won't be able to rake in money fast. they both pulled in right around $6 million in their first 24 hours in the race. by the way, we are learning new information about that. o' rourke announcing it is $47 billion. by way of comparison sanders average donation was about $26 in that first day. now joe biden is is trying to line up big donors so he can also raise big bucks. joining me here onset -- well,
7:18 am
not onset, mike has been covering biden forever. sen your adviser and anita and shannon are back with us too. you have distinction of being a biden whisperer. i don't know if you like that but it sort of stuck. >> it is sticking i guess. >> what do you know as of 10:18 eastern time? >> i'm not onset with you. i'm here in part because another of the not yet candidates i have been covering was here yesterday and here as well today. but also because if joe biden runs for president south car line fla carolina is a critical pafrt of his strategy. i was having a clat yesterday with somebody that would be a very important part of the biden operation. if he runs while we were chatting with each other his phone rang. it was vice president biden's office calling to schedule time
7:19 am
for a phone call. so we know that as i have laid out internally as well is the time line is largely sticking to plan, that his team wanted him to get something of a green light to them by the middle of march with an eyes on the april launch date. >> based on the fact that we know he is starting to have these con ver says i don't know if we can say he made that decision but they are at the next phase of planning. it would be to how he launches and some of the nitty-gritty parts if he runs. >> i think it's fair to say the news would be if he dpunt run. you the concerns now that are apparently being raised inside biden world. the money, right? it does make an impact as far as kwa what you can do. in a 2008 presidential run biden raised 13 million. it was about half of his actual goal. should he and his team be
7:20 am
worried? >> so it's really fascinating in covering this democratic primary how much fundraising has become something of a test. if you could put forward a huge multi-million dollars number at the end of a quarter it was a good sign of your viability as a candidate. now the real metrics are not that top line number but how many donors you have. how much many donations did you receiver and can you go back to keep raising more money. there's no doubt that he has deep connections with a lot of top democratic donors could raise large sums in a hurry. the real challenge is how to be creative and how to grow their small dollar fundraising pool and use their small e-mail list to grow that e-mail list and then be able to use that to raise money in the kind of eye popping numbers that we have seen already. >> okay. so let's talk about my favorite thing to talk about which are some of the policy pieces.
7:21 am
there is an interesting piece out today talk about how world leaders, people that joe biden knows from his time in the world stage are asking him to run, are pushing him to. he writes biden heard a repeated refrain. the world needs you. there are in the a lot of other candidates that have that kind of foreign policy experience. >> yeah. if joe biden decides to run it would be more of a shock. >> at this point -- >> you to assume he is. >> my guess is he probably will win. i think there's a lot to that. we are in a situation where donald trump is president and he constantly attacks our allies. he has really hurt us in the foreign policy world as a super power, if you will. if i were some of our allies out there you see kind of the pool of people and you are hearing joe biden might jump in you
7:22 am
would be like we are in a danger zone right now. we are really really worried with what's happening with the current president of the united states. we would like a joe biden to come in and kind of normalize things and bring us back into the fold because they are being pushed out. i understand that because of the current time that we are in. >> it's not like they don't get to vote. >> no. >> they don't get to vote. all they can do is persuade them to run. >> russia will -- >> yeah. >> remember, when he was vice president he traveled the world over and over for barack obama. he has ties back when he was in the senate. he is a foreign policy expert. >> he is. when you look at the rest of the field you can look at reparations. you can look at the issues of expandsing the supreme court. you can look at getting that all together. that's an interesting one. you look at where the candidates stand. she sort of notably said that.
7:23 am
o'rourke says it's got to go. harris says she is open to the discussion. it is an interesting discussion point. i'm interested considering like you don't get to be president and get rid of the electoral check. >> it's not something that's easy to do. there's a movement out there for it. you about 10 to 15 states saying they would like the electoral college to be gone. look, we vote for our senator, our governor, our house members with the popular vote. why should we not do it with the presidency? i agree with someone that has been forceful and accurate about it. it is something to look at and discuss. >> do you see it as an issue? >> i think it will. after 2016 there was -- remember there was a big fight with the electoral college voters. it was like a first week of
7:24 am
january. people were actually making a movement to try to convince them. it lead to a conversation. >> i totally agree. after 2016 democrats, not politicians but the actual democrats, they were the ones saying this system isn't right. >> it would mobilize republicans too. look who benefits from that. you california and new york. >> right. >> everyone else, republicans who live in the red states are not going to want to see that weight shifted to the coast. >> i'm sure it's not the last discussion we'll have about that. have fun in south carolina. if you hear anymore phone calls let us know. stick around. you should stick around as well to see democratic presidential candidate right here just about 90 minutes from now. up next the new clue that hints at a heavy workload ahead. we are alive in washington with spring just about ready to
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learning more about a filing
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from the special counsel. it could be a hint about what the week has in store for all of us. the washington post put in this request to unseal records in the d.c. criminal case. mueller's team was supposed to respond to the judge about that request by tomorrow but instead they asked for the deadline to be pushed to april 1st siting a press of other work. what does that mean? here to translate that in english for us msnbc contributor. so press some other work. >> what the washington post said, and i agree with this, is that it's the latest sign that they are working on this report which we expect to go over any day now. the lawyers that were responding to this are not assigned any particular prosecution that we know of. we think they are working on the report.
7:30 am
>> and because of the type of attorney, the people who are involved in this, that's another hint. explain that. >> that's right. she more of an appellate guy. is that right? he makes arguments. >> what does that tell you about the filing? >> that he needs -- he would be the guy that's writing the report. >> you will put a guy who is looking ahead and thinking about it. >> they also have fbi analysts. there's a host of people working on it. they have been working on it since august. we don't flow whknow what the h is. >> what is your take on this? >>. >> i don't mean to insult the prosecutors. if you have somebody wouldn't it be somebody that has an eye on potential appeals down the road? >> yes. he is a brilliant lawyer. i worked with him when i was a federal prosecutor. we go to him on important questions routinely. i imagine the report was being written from day one.
7:31 am
let me explain that. >> okay. >> when i was a prosecutor if i was preparing for trial and i knew i needed to cross examine somebody i wouldn't craft that the night before. you build that each an every day of your investigation throwing things in there that dwroul put out at some later date. remember, it was russian interference. it was a fairly narrow remit. i imagine they have been working on this all along. they are probably very close to finalizing it. >> i will knowledge, we are reading a lot of tea leaves
7:32 am
here. the only people that know for sure are sitting inside the department of justice and they are not leaking to reporters. they haven't been consistently. there are some signs. 17 attorneys have been on this team. now that number is down to ten. >> yes. >> and you heard from the special counsel spokesperson that very rarely speaks. >> it is about who is a noted counter terrorism prosecutor designed to the mike flynn case. she concluded with special counsel's office but will continue on specific pending matters that were assigned to her. we assume it means the flynn case. he will be sentenced at some point and she will need to be there. she is not working on anything else otherwise she wouldn't be leaving the office. speaking to the contents of the mueller report, right? >> let me pause you there. i want to do a reality check here. there is a new story out about
7:33 am
mueller memorabilia. earrings, paintings, prayer candles, valentines, ornaments related to this guy that has become this folk hero. a stuffed toy of mueller in a super man outfit has been seen even an illustration of his haircut to hang on the wall. this is somebody who has been sort of the idolized but there is a real concern i think or just a fact chul thing. his report is not going to be what everybody thinks it will be. >> it will be confidential. to chuck's point his mandate is narrow. what you described is a lot of people putting a lot of hope and prayer into what mueller can do that he may not be able to do. i spoke to chairman of the house intelligence committee that is concerned that he did not delve deeply into this question whether he did business with russians.
7:34 am
adam schiff plans do that. >> what is your reality check? >> for those of us that grew up in the justice department he has been an icon for a long time. i don't have a pick clur. >> do you a onsie. he has been somebody we all looked up to and tried to emulate. but i think he is right. mueller was a marine infantry officer. if you order him to take the hill in front of him he is not going to take the hill to the left or right. he will do what he is told to do. he was told to look at russian interference. to the extent there is a broader investigation going on. they have a much longer and wider court on which to play.
7:35 am
>> good to see you both onset. coming up donald trump's message for the british prime minister. it turns out nbc news learned a former senior drug enforcement advising one of the largest drug manufacturers in the country. ashley testified before congress in 2017 on the dea's efforts to stop the opioid epidemic is on one of the payroll. more on that on we encourage you to check it out. we encourage you to check it out. smile dad.
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rjs this morning weighing in on another country's internal politics. he is writing in a new the new prime minister should have taken his dad's suggestions. may ignored advice from miz father. the clock has run out and it appears the democracy in the uchl k. is all but dead. the president's son also tied what's happening to what he thinks is happening here at home. in a way you can say brexit and my father's are one in the same.
7:40 am
they voted the uproot the establishment for the sake of individual freedom and independence only to see them try to silence their voices and overturn their mandates. he doesn't say what his father gave but here is what she said about it last year. >> he told me i should sue the eu. >> bottom line on brexit negotiations have failed so far. no plan in place which lead may to ask for a three month delay. bringing up bigger questions about the role in trump world and fruankly the rest of the world too. they joining us as well. katherine, we don't often see donald trump jr. putting this up. he is getting some from member of parliment who says donald
7:41 am
trump jr. telling britain our democracy is dead. he was promised dirt on health care health caillary clinton. >> i think it is a continuation of what we'll see again in the general elections. it is a continuation of a message we have heard from the president about advice he has given to theresa may. also setting up a pitch for 2020 which is this trump versus the establishment, that they still want to frame this race as much as they frame the 16 race but forces are working against him that he is fighting this fight alone. >> and not new to see him as a
7:42 am
surrogate. >> it was a little bit of a surprise. president trump said a couple of days ago she should have listened to me. he kind of took that and went to the next step. i covered him during the midterms. the donald trump jr. rally is just like the trump rally but smaller. there are people enthusiastic for him. there is the lock her up chant. he was just like his dad. i'm the fighter. my dad is the fighterme. we are fighting for you. we will see that again later this year starting next year. >> and because of his own political ambitions too. >> he may not be the next one. this new book out from ward writing about kushner and trump and their roles in the white house.
7:43 am
one claim she makes is that ivanka trump thinks she will be president. she writes her father's reign in washington d.c. is she believes the beginning of a great american dynasty. it is something ward talks about this morning. i want you to watch. >> what's your sense based on the reporting? >> you know, we haven't seen her speak publicly at all about any sort of political aspirations. we have to be careful how we frame that. we do know she is a very influential adviser. she is one of the closest people to him. he takes her advice very seriously. also she has really sought to
7:44 am
distinguish herself in this white house on issues that might not get that much attention. we have seen her work on issues around, you know, the work place, family leave, you know, education and has really sought to sort of carve out a specific place for herself there. >> and her husband, by the way, has taken on this issue of middle east peace and the book talks about that. it is in the most political pli con saluted in the world. it doesn't we should note the white house is saying it is a book based on shady sources not focusing on the they are doing for the country. i heard it is serious skepticism that curb nkushner is going to middle east peace. >> no one has ever been able to?
7:45 am
yeah. i mean that's going to be a big obstacle. trump has taken this very safe comfortable middle road that she has chosen to get on very sort of bland noncontroversial issues. they could not be taking more different approaches. >> that's a -- >> he does have a very strong following. >> yeah. >> they do see him as a future of this party. >> before i let you go you have reporting on kushner and how it is received in the state department, right? >> yes. one of my colleagues wrote about pompeo's trip. he is in israel this week and not expected to talk publicly about the peace plan. we are still really waiting to see a sort of public detail on
7:46 am
what is in this and how they think they are going to lay it out. >> i'll see you for the departure. >> thank you very much. still hanging out because one big question after that big college admissions cscandal. what happened to the students whose parents tried to cheat the system? we now have an answer next. system we now have an answer next or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪
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morning from that huge college admissions cheating scandal that people are still talking about usc, one of at least nine schools implicated, is now taking action against students that may be associated with this alleged scheme i want to bring in nbc's joe fryer who is in our l.a. bureau this morning joe, it is so great to see you, especially in this question. one thing i keep hearing is what happens to the students who are in school who were caught up in this because of their parents? >> yeah, and that's something that a lot of these schools are really wrestling with right now. the university of southern california is taking one first they're investigating students who might be link eed to this scandal. usc is one of nine schools that have been impactedf by this alleged scheme and all of those universities are trying to
7:51 am
figure out how to respond.ll a week after the admissions scandal rocked the college world, usc is taking action against students whose parents are accused of paying big bucks to getg their kids into colleg. the school says it's placing holds on those students' accounts. that means they can't register for classes or get transcripts. the school won't confirm how many students are impacted, but says these students have been notified. following the review we will take the proper action related to their status, up to revoking admission or expulsion. >> i believe if usc wants and other schools want to claim themselves as a victim, then they have to takea action so ts never happens again. >> at wake forest university a different approach. the women's volleyball coach is on administrative leave after he was charged in the scandal. ferguson took a bribe to get one student into the school. the student is currently enrolled. at this time we do not plan to take any action against her when
7:52 am
there is no evidence she had any knowledge about the alleged financial transaction. nbc news reached out to the coach for comment r but has not heard back. he's one of 50 people facing charges, 33 of them parents, including celebrities felicity huffmanit and lori loughlin. authorities said at least eight colleges were impacted by the multimillion dollar scandal, none of which has been charged with any crimes. now it has spread to another school, uc berkeley, which says it'ser investigating the acceptance of a former student after a parent, david sidoo is accused. he made two $100,000 payments to have someone secretly take college entrance exams in place of his two sons. one of the sons attended uc berkeley. in 2012 the fake test taker flew from tampa to los angeles and using a fake i.d. took the s.a.t. in jordan's place scoring 2280 out of a possible 2400. uc berkeley says we are aware of
7:53 am
the indictment and are looking into the allegation. david sidoo has pleaded not guilty and attorneys say his children have not been accused of any impropriety and have achieved great accomplishments in their own right. any attack on the sidoo children is unwarranted. >> so usc talked about how they may revoke admission or possibly expel students. those are among the options. what happens if these students have already graduated and are out of school at this point? >> that's a great question and something these schools will have toso wrestle with. some schools and experts say that one possibility is to actually take degrees that have already been conferred and revoke them. >> oh, my gosh. >> that depends on if they choose to investigate and what these school investigations find out. >> do you get the sense that that isga a realistic possibili? because that seems -- you know, that's severe to- a serious degree. >> it's hard to say. i meant' i think the schools ar really going to have to look into it and figure out how much, if anything, these kids knew anw
7:54 am
even then is it their fault. that's the big question. when you're 16, 17, and your parent does something, are you supposed to fight back? and if you did perform well in school then, p a lot of people might argue you should get that degree. it's a tough question. >> that is for sure. joe, great job staying on that story. i appreciate you joining us from west coast best coast. thank you. new fund-raising numbers show the democratic party had its first february ever. chris jansing is up next hour with how they'll spend all that cash. a we'll be right back with that and what our sources are saying. and what our sources are saying. truecar is great for finding new cars.
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we are back. time now to get a look at what our sources are saying. anita kumar and shannon pettypiece are back with us. shannon, let me start with you. you are a fighter, a warrior on that mueller report, girl. what are you hearing about it? >> you know, as everybody sits here and we've been saying it's, oh, any day now, any day now probably since february and here we are at the end of march. the sense i get from my sources is they go back and forth between being very anxious that something is going to happen any minute and that it's going to completely blow up any domestic agenda they have to this calm, confidence of everything is okay, we can handle it. >> your sources inside the white house? >> inside the white house. i see people gyrate back and forth. one day, oh, no, no, everything will fall apart. the next day, we're fine, we've got this. it goes to speak to the mood that no one knows what's going to happen here and washington in this circle is just kind of on edge. >> plan, does the white house
7:59 am
have a plan? i'm talking to my sources who have an idea what they're going to do and respond on the presidential side once this rolls out. >> they can have a plan but there's only one person who can change that plan. so the white house counsel's office can have its plan all lined up and the president picks up the phone, makes a phone call or sends the tweet and everything goes out the door. >> you're working on something else? >> we hear people close to the president want him to do what he's doing today, which is going to ohio, do something related to the economy, to jobs. that's the message they want to have for 2020 as all these democrats are getting out there. they want him to spending the rest of the year going to these official events and talking. we hear that he is itching to get back out on the campaign trail. we know he's going to michigan for a rally next week and i hear there are a couple of other campaign rallies in the works. >> interesting, wouldn't be surprised to see that. it's great to see you both. much more to come all day long. i'm heading over to the white house so i'll see you in a little bit for that departure by the president, one hour ten
8:00 am
minutes. we'll see if he answers any questions, chris jansing. i know you will be eagerly watching to see. >> oh, will i ever, as will you. good morning, i am chris jansing here at msnbc headquarters in new york. craig melvin is in new york. in fact i just saw him with his suitcase heading out. run joe run, that's what his supporters scream when he takes the stage. the big question, will he? today new reporting that he's telling supporters he's in. husband from hell. president trump this morning escalating the personal attacks, getting in the middle of the marriage of one of his closest advisers. and john mccain's widow makes a heart-breaking case against hate-filled twitter messages. but where is the republican outrage? voice of the people. grassroots efforts that helped flip the house blue in the midterms now focused on the 2020 election. can these newly energized democratic voters swing the entire government to the left? let's start with that new


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