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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  March 22, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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every -- clinton and bush and obama, everybody campaigned on jerusalem and the embassy going to jerusalem but they never did it. when i got elected i was inundated from all over world say please don't do it. i did it and it's been done and it's fine. golan heights is the same thing. >> let's start with our nbc news reporters jeff bennett at the white house. andrea mitchell will join us momentarily. the president, making those remarks moments ago on the white house south lawn as he's on his way to south florida. talking, making these unfounded claims against democrats they're anti-jewish. also talking about robert mueller, bring us up to speed on what has been a busy morning if you. >> reporter: on this announcement related today the golan heights, president trump is delivering the israeli prime
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minister a victory three weeks before israelis go to the polls there to determine who should remain in power. and a couple days before netanyahu is set to come here for a meeting with president trump at the white house. that meeting is scheduled for early next week. so president trump as we know enjoyed sky high approval ratings in israel. his embrace of netanyahu, this overture certainly boosts netanyahu's standing and could determine the outcome of the election. president trump was asked about this earlier today, he says he sees it a little differently, take a look. >> this is sovereignty security and regional security. >> it's not about netanyahu's reelection. >> i wouldn't even know about that. i have no idea. i hear he's doing okay. >> reporter: combined with the embassy move to jerusalem, this is the latest unilateral controversial move by the president that bucks long-standing u.s. policy. >> jeff bennett there at the white house, thank you. the president also talking about
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robert mueller's report as washington is on the watch and wait period. for that, here's what he had to say. >> we're going to see what happens. it's going to be very interesting but we'll see what happens. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. it's like a witch hunt, all a big hoax. we'll see what happens. i know the attorney general, highly respected. ultimately will make a decision. >> let me go now to andrea mitchell who is live in ju jerusal jerusalem. the president being pushed about his decision as it relates to israel. tell us how it's being received there and what you've heard from your several days on the ground. >> reporter: people here are very, very happy about this. this cuts across all political lines in israel.
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they feel very much under pressure by iranian militants who have been rocketing them from the golan heights. there was no reason for this other than netanyahu who is up for reelection. there was a lot of discussion about it went to secretary of state pompeo and the secretary of state here. they had a heads up on this, the president tweeted his decision to unilateral say that israel has sovereignly over the golan, they took that land in 1967, ten years later annexed it. it's been under u.n. monitoring and is considered under international law and u.n. resolutions to be not israel's property. still to be negotiated. but for all intents and purposes, israel does have custody of that land and see president said he was recognizing that fact. he said with some exaggeration,
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shall we say, that every other president wanted to do this. this is what he told maria bartiromo on fox business. it's something he wanted to do and it's very impactful on netanyahu's election chances. >> andrea mitchell live for us in jerusalem. a quick trip down memory lane. flashback to 2015. president obama also had the opportunity to meet with netanyahu before israeli elections. he said i'm declining to meet with him simply because our general policy is we don't meet with any world leader two weeks before their election. bill crystal director of the advocacy group defending democracy is here. next we can, you know who is going to be at it white house, benjamin netanyahu. >> it makes sense to recognize israel's sovereignty, it's 52
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years and i'd say israeli control of the golan has helped stability and hasn't hurt it. doing it two or three weeks before an israeli election makes one wonder whether this is a judgment based on sensible foreign policy, what's in the interest of israel, the u.s., and the region. for me, that moment on the white house lawn this morning is really revealing and pretty appalling. when president trump says the democrats, i think, are anti-jewish. i mean, i am pretty strongly pro israel. i've criticized president obama's israel policies. i've been critical, very critical of anti-semites on right and left. i think i have some standing to say for the president of the united states to say one of the two major national parties in the country is anti-jewish. that is deeply irresponsible. somewhat dangerous i think. is that what our politics is now going to go? we're going to accuse a party that disagrees with you on policy issues or has fringe elements that are anti-jewish,
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that we're going fto accuse the entire party for being mahostil to a religion? it's another thing to accuse a major national party of being anti a certain religion. >> the president knows how upsetting it is to some people. he has come under fire before, but here he is repeating it, actively coming out and bringing it up in a proactive way. he wants to lean into this fight as he is in so many fights right now. >> reporter: it's right. he got criticism after his comments about john mccain, and then said them again unprompted at his speech at the tank factory this week. this is clearly an issue he cares about. i think he's got an eye on two elections with that. one, he's got an eye on prime
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minister netanyahu's election and he wants them to win. they're close allies and friends. he's got an eye on his own reelection. by framing the democratic party and democrats as being anti-israel and jewish he's trying to get -- jen up concern there amongst a key voting block and bring them to his side. >> just think of how unbelievable that is. framing the democrats as being anti-jewish. that's an astonishing thing for a leader of either party to say, let alone the president of the united states. is he saying joe biden is anti-jewish? nancy pelosi is antijewish? it's extraordinary to use that term. >> i've talked with people on the hill and lawmakers about this who are, frankly appalled that the president would make this claim considering how sort of not true it is. but, jeff, we've seen the president pump up this idea,
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right? i remember when he was tweeting about something called the new movement to try to get jewish americans away from the democratic party, encourage them to sort of join republicans. the president thinks -- it seems to me that this is a way for him to win votes. >> reporter: i think you're exactly right. he sees this as good politics, despite the fact he'll get criticism from it and certainly there will be pushback from the democratic side. looking forward to seeing how the democratic presidential candidates will respond to that. certainly, he sees it as a strategically good move for him and his reelection chances. >> bill, there was also this moment from secretary of state mike pompeo about whether or not the president is doing the work of god. i'm paraphrasing, but i want you to listen to his response, tying president trump to the story of purim. >> could it be that president trump has been raised for such a
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time like this, just like queen esther? >> i certainly believe that's possible. it was remarkal. we were down in the tunnels where we could see 3,000 years ago and 2,000 years ago if i have the history just right, to see the ratherable history of the faith in this place and the work that our administration's done to make sure that this democracy in the middle east, this jewish state remains. i'm confident that the lord is sat wo at work here. >> his answering a question about it, he's not like making a big deal of it. he's not volunteering it in his personal capacity as a christian. i'm not upset about it. the book of esther is the only book in the bible that doesn't mention god. the mordecai acts in a clever
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way to save the jewish people. god might be involved, but christians see it differently. it's best to keep it best that the divine is on one side out of politics. to be fair to pompeo, he's asking a question from a religious broadcaster. maybe he's trying to get out of the conversation. that's one thing. it's another thing to say -- if i can obsess on this -- one of our two major parties is anti-jewish. not just democrats, i'm sure how they're going to respond. how do other republicans responds? >> we know the answer to that, though. but the president has said this before. >> if you were a decent person in the democratic party, they're anti-jewish. >> he has said they're anti-jewish. he says he hates jewish people when he was in a fundraiser. >> how could you work with democrats? how could one have a bipartisan agreement on anything?
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one of our two major parties is hostile to the religion to which one belongs, you'd have to be dedicated to destroying that party. i guess that's how trump wants his supporters to feel. >> the president is trying to fight. he is -- not o subjective opinion, that's what the president wants to do when you look at how the south lawn departure went. he went after the house investigations into him. he praised his attorney general, as we've seen before. it does seem the specter of this report is hanging over the president as he is down in south florida today. by the way, we're going to see him later today, potentially, at this event with caribbean leade leaders. >> reporter: i was out on the south lawn with our colleagues. yeah, i mean, we asked him about the mueller report, because people are expecting that to drop anytime. he said he didn't know when it was coming. he used that opportunities and that venue to discredit other --
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the democratic probes into him and to people around him. and that's been his strategy all along. >> jared kushner, who is jewish worked with democrats in criminal justice. we want to get to breaking news this morning. two u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan overnight. a military spokesperson says the two were killed during an operation in an undisclosed part of the country. the details are still very thin here. according to the associated press, a total of four americans have been killed so far this year in afghanistan. there are about 14,000 u.s. forces still in the country, as the u.s. steps up efforts to end the 17 year long war. we are waiting for more updates from the pentagon. we'll bring them to you the second we get them. up next, a new report takes us inside president trump's decision to incessantly attack john mccain. ready for mueller.
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the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. president trump is now defending his attacks on the late senator john mccain, as mccain's daughter has spoken out against the comments. the senator's youngest daughter is tweeting, asking the
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president to stop. everyone doesn't have to agree with my dad or like him, but i ask you to be decent and respectful. if you can't do those two things, be mindful we only said good bye to him seven months ago. i want to bring in ashley parker. it's great to see you, girl. >> good to see you. >> so talk through some of this. you have reporting on what the president must be thinking about here, why he continues to reiterate these attacks. he was asked about this overnight by fox business network's maria bartiromo. >> this is a longtime grudge that came to a head at the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign. senator mccain accused trump of riling up the quote unquote, crazies in the republican base with his immigration rhetoric. that's when the president said he prefers war heroes who aren't captures. in that moment a lot of people thought, including in the republican party and the media that would end trump's presidential bid.
8:18 am
it did not. it's an interesting question why this came up now. our understanding is the president saw a news report over the weekend about the senator's role in providing a copy of this dossier that outlined the president's possible ties to russia to the fbi. he blames that dossier and senator mccain for launching the whole fbi investigation into russian interference. he started tweeting and those tweets, we're now talking about them on friday. they've dominated the news cycle because the president, as he says correctly, is asked about them by journalists. but also because the president brings it up on his own. i was at a rally at an army manufacturing plant and he took a break to an unprompted attack senator mccain who has been dead for seven months in front of an audience that's not necessarily going to be the crowd that's going to be cheering on that kind of rhetoric. >> here is how the president addressed that in that interview, ashley.
8:19 am
>> you spent a good portion of your time in ohio the other day trashing john mccain. senator john mccain is dead, why are you doing is? >> it's not a good portion of my time, it's a small portion. if you realize about three days ago it came out his main person gave to the fbi the fake news dossi dossier, it was a fake, a fraud, it was paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats. he gave it to john mccain who gave it to the fbi. the other thing he voted against repeal and replace. >> he's dead, he can't punch back. >> no, i don't talk about it, people ask the me question. i didn't bring this up, you brought about it. >> you talked about it this week. >> you asked me the question. when i went out yesterday to the scrum, they asked me the question. when they ask me the question, i answer the question. but you people bring it up, i don't bring it up. >> at one point the president said to maria bartiromo i don't think you were supposed to bring
8:20 am
it up at all. your paper points out there's an audience on social media on fox news, other conservative leaning platforms in which donald trump's searing critiques of the late senator are acceptable to rank and rile republica, that's put it, republicans. >> i think there's a sense the president's comments claerl on in the campaign would derail his presidential bid and it didn't. he is not going to pay a price for attacking senator mccain, establishment republicans may not like it, other people may not like it. but in some ways the president going after mccain -- so the president is right, he may not pay a penalty with his core supporters. >> ashley parker there, thank you. it's great to see you. coming up, waiting for mueller, the president's lawyers says there's a big surprise they
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breaking news now. a big investigation into president trump. the federal prosecutor in new york who led the successful
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prosecution of former trump attorney michael cohen is leaving. nbc's tom winter is joining us with this story. the sdny is making it sound like typical turnover of staff, if you will. does that sync with your understanding of his departure? >> reporter: that's exactly correct based on the information and reporting from myself and my colleague, it appears this is purely a personal move. he's the deputy -- currently and about to leave on april 12th -- the deputy u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. that's him pictured on your screen right there. kuzami has led because the u.s. attorney in new york was appointed by president trump. he was recused. berman was recused when the investigation was kind of handed down from robert mueller to prosecutors here in new york. and so robert kuzami, his deputy, became the person in charge of the michael cohen investigation and has led that investigation. he's been commuting since january of 2018 between here and
8:26 am
washington, d.c. which is where his family is. this is really just an opportunity for him to be closer to them. i know there's been reporting out there reporting from "the new york times" and it's been suggested elsewhere that at different points the president thought perhaps about pressuring prosecutors here in new york through then acting attorney general matt whittaker. there's no indeication here basd upon who we've talked to and reporting here over the past several days that this is due to any pressure anywhere. this is purely a personal decision we're told. he's going to be replaced by somebody who is very qualified, has an extensive history with the justice department, audrey strauss. she was involved in the independent investigation into the iran contra affair. she's someone who is very experienced, taking the place of robert kuzami who is also
8:27 am
experienced who has a terrific track record. frankly, this is something that in normal circumstances we wouldn't be talking about. it would be a big deal in the justice department circumstancelcircumstancles, in legal circles. >> right. tom winter, you have our attention. thank you much my friend, appreciate it. let's talk pins, needles and robert mueller and the russia investigation. because that could be dropping, or at least the notification of it at any time. president trump says he doesn't know when it's going to come out. as he said to reporters this morning outside the white house. >> we're going to see what happens. it's going to be very interesting. but we'll see what happens. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. it's like a witch hunt, it's all a big hoax. we'll see what happens. i know that the attorney general, highly respected, ultimately will make a decision.
8:28 am
>> let me bring in now chuck rosenburg, former u.s. attorney and senior fbi official and nick acerman, currently a partner at the firm of dorsey and whitney. gentlemen, thank you for being here. chuck, we know this mueller report will get sent to the doj sometime between now and when the sun forms a red dwarf and engulfed the family. >> give or take. >> give or take. we don't know much more than that. >> that's right. bob mueller is required by the order issued to him about 22 months ago to write a confidential report to the department of justice. having worked for the man, knowing a little bit about him, i can tell you he's going to heed closely to that order, which is quite narrow. it is russian interference in the election. right? and any coordination with those associated with the trump campaign. he's not rummaging through donald trump's attic. he's going to stick closely to
8:29 am
his order. >> and yet, nick, you heard the president there say very definiti definitively, no collusion, no obstruction, witch hunt, i'm good basically. potentially could be optimistic for president trump? >> extremely optimistic. as far as the mueller report goes, we've been getting it on the install plment plan. we got it in july of 2018 with respect to the hacking into thethe democratic national committee and the staging and release of those documents to help the trump campaign. the question is is anybody in the trump campaign, including donald trump a member of that conspiracy. are we going to get it in the installment plan or will there be a later report? if we get it in the installment
8:30 am
plan, that means that robert mueller believes there are other people who should be charged in that conspiracy s. >> and, darren, whatever to nick's points, whatever we end up finding out, it seems like it's important to draw a distinction between any possible legal liabilities for the president and the political liabilities for him as they may develop? >> that's right. i mean, both the legal and the political have merged together for president trump. they've been that way for the last two years. you think back to the 2018 campaign and donald trump was using the mueller probe as a way to turn out his base politically. it didn't obviously work for him. he's going to use this as a cudgel going forward no matter what, whether he's exonerated, whether there's larger charges found against him or other people. whether democrats bring impeachment proceedings forward. donald trump will be using this for some time to come, saying he's been a victim of a vendetta
8:31 am
by the democrats and turning the tables and saying hillary clinton should be investigated. so i think politically for the president that's the message, that's why when you see rudy guiliani and his other lawyers talking, i think they're trying to push a political message than a legal one. i think that's clearly been the strategy from the start. >> speaking of the president's attorney, darren, let me go to you on what the president told nbc news. he says he doesn't expect anymore indictments. rudy guiliani doesn't know either way. he is like 99.9% of people on this planet speculating at this point. he said if there's something factually inaccurate that's stated we'll respond as appropriate. he also told a front of the show robert costa, if mueller's report is given to bill barr friday, guiliani says he plans to stay in washington this weekend to do some sunday tv
8:32 am
interviews. >> i talked to rudy guiliani last night myself talking about this, he said the same things to me. he didn't know what was going to be in the report. he said he was waiting around like an expected father. they have multiple responses depending on what they see. donald trump tweeted a couple weeks ago they had an 85 to 90 page opposition or response report. rudy said it's going to be a pared down version on that and it depends if this is a complete exoneration or there's some partial attacks on the president. then they'll get a partial report response. i think rudy told me he wasn't expecting this investigation to be announced it was going to be over today. i think rudy predicted to me more likely monday or later in the week next week as opposed to today. so, you know, we are all waiting on pins and needles. we're waiting today. it's possible it could come today. another key point, likely what we learn today is -- or when the
8:33 am
next announcement from the justice department is that the investigation is over. >> it's going to be a sentence. i don't know how many times i can say that. i think the expectations do need to be set. as you talk about expectations, james comey is writing about this, he says the interests of justice will be served by maximum transparency about the special counsel's work. because the doj is guided first and always by the public interest. they should provide details about the finished investigations when the public needs to know them as it traditionally has. >> i think jim's article is both important and interesting for at least two reasons. the first, that you cited, we should see as much as we possibly can. there is obviously keen interest in this thing. i'd like to read the report, i'm sure you would too. >> i bet you would. >> he's making a second important point in his article, which is about process. that if the process is fair, if the mueller team, agents and prosecutors, have access to the
8:34 am
documents and witnesses they need. if there's no obstruction, right? if he happpeople allow the proc proceed unimpeded, then the result will be fair. whether the president is exonerated or implicated, comey says it doesn't matter. what matters is that process is fair. and he's right. that's what matters. >> nick, you were part of the watergate prosecution team. can you talk about what might happen once the report is turned over to the doj, how you'd expect how those on the hill would be notified about what mueller has found in an outline, how they might use that? >> first of all, the watergate prosecution, we did release a report but it was about 14 -- >> do you carry that with you always? >> always, always. >> any moment? >> you never know when it's going to come up. >> bar trick. >> we released that 14 months after nixon resigned. our report just like the mueller report up to this point, has
8:35 am
been on the installment plan. assuming suddenly they decide to put all of this into a report, what they really need to do is go through it and make sure that whatever's in there doesn't reveal what is grand jury material. that under the law cannot be released unless a federal district court judge orders it to be released. under these circumstances, certainly it would be appropriate to go before the district court to say this is important information that ought to be released to the public. it ought to be released to congress. and ask the judge to enter an order to that effect. so that's kind of the process. but not everything can automatically be released under our system of justice. it is released, however, when someone is indicted. so that's why this report on the installment plan is much more significant than just a recitation of what mueller found, which i don't believe can
8:36 am
be put into a report without approval by the district court. >> quick final thoughts, chuck? >> nick's right. there's other categories that can automatically be released, classified information, and information about ongoing investigations. so there may be other things in addition to grand jury information which should remain confidential for the time being. >> thank you for joining us, much appreciated. coming up, a 2020 strategy for president trump. senior republicans reportedly ready to give up winning the popular vote saying it's out of reach. kushner's messages. the big questions lawmakers are asking about his use of what's app. asking about his use of whas app. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him.
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in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. this week, the house oversight committee chair alielh cummings says that gjared kushnr used the what's app for official business. [ inaudible question ] >> i know nothing about it. i've never heard that. i've never heard about it. >> so the president saying he knows nothing about it. here to discuss is david drucker. you heard the president is his strategy on this particular issue to deflect and just hope
8:41 am
the news cycle eventually overtakes this? >> yeah, he's got a good chance that he'll get away with it. look, whenever the president doesn't want to deal with an issue, he deflects. which is interesting because he follows the work we do probably more closely than past presidents. but, you know, it gets to the point this is a potential problem. it's one of those things that's coming to light because you now have much more aggressive oversight in the house of representatives with the democratic majority than you had under republicans. i just -- i don't think ultimately this is going to be a major issue for the president, given how many hot topics are on his plate, how many controversies he tends to fan. whether or not we ask him a question or he decides to volunteer information. i do think, though, that democrats are going to try and look at all of the unusual means in which he and his close advisors are communicating to try and figure out whether they are, one, following security protocol and number two
8:42 am
preserving information. i think sometimes the president, having come to politics late, forgets his communications don't belong to him. they belong to the country. and so while he's in charge of it for now, this is something that's supposed to be preserved. sometimes i wonder if jared kushner, also a latecomer to president doesn't internalize the fact they're acting on behalf of the government and not on behalf of themselves. they're doing things out of habit and not necessarily maybe out of a strategic design. >> do you think that is a fair rationale not two days into a new administration, but two years into one? should they have figured it out by now? >> i didn't say it was a fair rationale. a lot of us who have covered politics know this and we haven't actually served in government. so i'm not saying that it is an excuse. i'm not saying -- >> that's fair. i'm just asking the question.
8:43 am
>> no. no. i'm responding to you because i think it's a fair question. should they have figured these things out by now. i think they should have figured it out by now. maybe it's part of a sort of nefarious design to avoid scrutiny. but this is par for the course. it's not surprising, it's nothing new. >> abbie lowell, the attorney representi representi representing jared kushner sent a letter. i said go talk to the white house. what is chairman cummings' next move here? >> well, look, i think they're going to have to try and see if they can get documents from the white house. i think there were some claims they are -- which we know is going to be difficult because they haven't wanted to respond. i think the president actually likes the fight with congress. so i think he would prefer not to hand over documentation. i think they're going to have to
8:44 am
look at this factor where it's been reported that jared kushner said he was keeping the images. one of our colleagues on twitter said it could make it difficult for search for information if it's saved by image and you can't keywaord it. part of the reason you hold information and store it is so it can be searched and reviewed. this is a way of getting around that. ultimately republicans, if this becomes a wider spread problem within the administration, especially given all of the high level tasks the president has given to jared kushner -- >> let me ask you -- >> go ahead. >> we're running out of time here, i only have 30 seconds. alexandria ocasio-cortez and hillary clinton are talking about exactly what you're
8:45 am
talking about with ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman, referencing the criticism against clinton by, quote, tweeting the story and saying the what's app, the former secretary of state responded tell me about it. do you see this as something democrats will seize on as evidence of potential hypocrisy inside the trump administration? >> i'm sure they will. they already are. you're seeing that from hillary clinton and the congresswoman. i think then they have toic acknowledge that hillary clinton, it was a serious problem and something that deserved the level of scrutiny it got and may have cost her the white house. then you have to acknowledge it was fair on the other side. if you want to have that conversation, go for it. one can't be okay if the other isn't. >> thank you so much, appreciate that. coming up, don't do it. that's the advice to stacy abrams from a concerned washington post op-ed writer.
8:46 am
the warning about running with joe biden come 2020. we're watching the dow right now, so it's down, look at that 366 points for several reasons. including in part the fed's cautious outlook on the u.s. economy. we'll be keeping our eye on this throughout the afternoon. we'll pop back in with updates for you as the morning goes on. s for you as the morning goes on hey there people eligible for medicare.
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592 days until the 2020 election. but candidates on both sides of the aisle are already talking general election strategy. this new report from "the washington examiner" says senior republicans are resigned to trump losing the popular vote in 2020. that's their headline. but they're confident president trump can pull off an electoral college investigatory. joining me now, jonathan capehart, and david drucker joins us back as well. david, explain this, why do republicans think winning the popular vote is out of reach? >> well, they've looked at the map and the political conditions. they've looked at the president's performance in 2016. they've concluded he may have even a few more paths to an electoral college victory than he had in 2016 even as he has to make sure he protects his flank in the sun belt.
8:51 am
they're not all that confident he's going to pull off a popular vote victory and i think that's a very sensible prediction. what's interesting about this, hallie, is not so much the prediction on where the numbers are but that in many regards, they are just sort of resigned to it. and it's much different than after -- president bush lost the popular vote in 2000. his campaign going into 2004 was semi-obsessed with winning a popular vote victory in that election, not just winning reelection. they wanted to put to rest doubts about his legitimacy. we had not had the president win the white house without a popular vote since 1888. i think coming out of 2016, and if you look at where most republicans are as they check trump in regard to 2020, they're at least very comfortable with this notion that he has a strong path in the electoral college as they see it today and they're more confident today than when he was inaugurated.
8:52 am
but it's just not there for the popular vote. now, things can change, things aren't hard and fast, we have a long way to go. but that's how things are looking and they're okay with it. >> on the other hand, we have pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, and others saying, yeah, let's get rid of the electoral college altogether. you can see why it would incentivize them and not republicans. >> yes, because democrats have seen time and time again where the candidate who gets the most popular votes, usually the democrat, doesn't wind the whit house. we saw that with al gore and we saw that with hillary clinton. but to this notion -- not notion, but to david's column about republicans resigning themselves to the president not winning the popular vote, i mean, i think that spells sort of trouble for the country writ large. we saw a preview of what the 2020 election is going to look like in the last two weeks of
8:53 am
the midterm elections where the president basically gave up on trying to help republicans hang onto the house, where democrats overwhelmingly took back control of the house of representatives, but republicans picked up seats in the senate. and that's because the president spent the last two weeks of the 2018 midterm election cycle running around to red states with a campaign of hateful rhetoric about caravans, about disease-ridden immigrants coming over the border, quote unquote, invading the country. that's the kind of rhetoric we have to look forward to as the president, as we've seen, still, he continues this, this campaign based on fear and loathing and hatred. and unfortunately, as we saw in 2016, and in the senate races in 2018, that kind of campaigning works. >> let me ask you and shift gears here to talk about the democratic candidates that are out there as we take a live look
8:54 am
at beto o'rourke getting ready to head to a campaign event in south carolina. you can see the crowd waiting for him. joe biden will be soon, potentially, in front of crowds like this one if he does, as expected, decide to run. jonathan, your colleague at "the washington post," karen tumulty, wrote a piece about the potential of biden to announce stacey abrams as his running mate. she wrote, stacey, don't do of this. >> car karen tell you you mecau right. we've been talking about this possibility for a weeks now. when we first said it, the initial reaction was, whoa, that's amazing, that would totally blow up the democratic field. but the more you think about it and the more you really get into
8:55 am
what that would mean for him and for her, it doesn't look as good as it seems. i think karen tumulty outlines those things. the idea that stacey abrams would be the human shield for vice president biden is unfair to her. here is someone who were it not for voter suppression in georgia, would be the governor of georgia. she could run for the democratic primary for president in her own right. while it might be good for democrats to play these parlor games about who would the vp nominee would be and whether or not it's the right thing for vice president biden to name someone right out the gate, i think we have to then, once we finish the parlor games, look at the individuals involved. and i think karen is right, it would not be fair to stacey abrams. she should be able to run on her own two feet. >> jonathan capehart, david drucker, thanks to both of you. coming up, a look at robert
8:56 am
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9:00 am
with president trump saying this morning that he's in the dark too. >> i have no idea about the mueller report. we're going to see what happens. it's going to be very interesting. we'll see what happens. uh, there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. early win. the trump white house changes decades of foreign policy, giving a big boost to prime minister netanyahu just two weeks before his israeli election. >> president trump as just made history. i called him. i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel. he did it again. and all about that base. why is president trump continuing his days-long attack on the late senator john mccain? >> uh, i'm not a fan. after all of this time, he's -- think of this, repeal and replace, we


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