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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 31, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> all right. >> good morning to you. i'm alex witt here at msnbc headquarters in new york. it's 7:00 a.m. on the east, 4:00 a.m. out west. a new poll shows at least one aspect of the mueller report is not turning into a partisan issue. how is that possible? details ahead. plus -- >> a very good likelihood that i'll be closing the border next week. that will be just fine with me. >> looming threat. latest word from president trump in his battle with democrats over the border issue. moment of truth. and we cannot be found wanting. the challenges before us are the greatest of our lifetimes. >> beto fever in el paso, a host of candidates in iowa. but the president may be getting competition from his own party. i'll talk one on one with a republican vowing to take on trump. and seeming to want no part of the president's latest
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efforts to get rid of the affordable care act, next. new this morning, a poll just out highlighting the public's appetite for a full mueller report as a legal and political battle brews over its release, for the attorney general to make the unredacted version public. a gamp ag barr says he will release a redacted version. 62% of democrats do not accept the special counsel's conclusion that the president did not conspire with russia and consistent with a myriad of polls, 83%, including 70% of republicans, a few 93% of democrats say the entire mueller report should be made public. the vice president yesterday campaigning for republican senator lindsey graham, echoing
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the president's claim that he has been exonerated. >> the special counsel confirmed what president trump said all along. there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia during 2016. and the ag said there was no obstruction of justice. >> meanwhile, the trump administration is now officially seeking to cut off about $450 million in foreign aid to three central american countries. the president accuses el salvador, guatemala and honduras of not doing enough to stop the flow of migrants from crossing the border. >> i end payments to guatemala, el salvador, honduras. we're giving them tremendous aid. we're not doing that anymore. they haven't done a thing for us. they set up these caravans. in many cases they put their worst people in the caravan. they're not going to put their
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best in. they're going to get rid of their problems, and they march up here. >> money is the best way to stop migration from three countries who have long been the most violent and poorest in the americas. democrats in el salvador say they are extremely disappointed, quote, the president's approach is entirely counterproductive. hans nichols is at the white house for us. good morning to you, my friend. this is all coming on the heels of the president threatening to shut down the border with mexico. >> yeah. >> he has a lot on his plate in this regard. >> reporter: last week the president wanted to talk about the mueller report. this week he wants to talk about mexico. it's clear he wants to have some sort of fight. al alex, it isn't just the president's twitter feed. this is also the state department formally announcing that $450 million, that could be in the 2018 money. there could be leftover money in
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earlier traunchs that won't be going to those countries. it's clear he's angry. he's saying it would be so easy to fix or weak and very stupid democratic inspired immigration laws in less than one hour, and then a vote and it would be solved. but the dems don't care about the crime. they don't want any victory for trump and the republicans even if good for usa. then mexico must use its very strong immigration laws to stop the many thousands of people trying to get into the usa. our detention areas are maxed out and we will take no more illeg illegals. next step is to close the border. this will also help us with stopping the drug flow from mexico. you remember him threatening to shut down the border, then they worked out an agreement that asylum sookers would make their claim on mexican soil, so they wouldn't come into the u.s. and have their applications processed while they were in the country. it looked as though the trump
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administration and new mexican government were going to have a productive, cooperative relationship. this marks a deterioration. it's awfully hard to fix and seal what you're going to do on the border if you're not in alliance with your counterparts to the south. looks like the president wants to escalate. then we'll see if he wants to come up with some sort of deal. alex? >> great set up there, hans. thank you so much for that. i'm going to discuss it right now. joining me reporter for politico and julia manchester. julia, the president made these threats before. does he act on this one? >> you know, we'll really have to see. i think this really goes along with the president's continuing rhetoric of trying to make some sort of substantial action on the border wall. it comes after he declared that state of emergency at the border. clearly, he's trying to put pressure around that area in an effort to really appeal to his base.
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alex, one thing that's sticking out to me throughout all of this is what's the future amca, renegotiation of nafta in congress? it's hitting roadblocks right now. i would imagine an action like this would really throw a bit of an issue into all of that. we're seeing that mexico and canada are potentially concerned about this action. we don't know how much this really could impact trade. however, i would imagine that it would impact this sort of -- you know, this usmca trying to get through congress, which is already facing so many hurdles. >> julia, is there any pushback from republicans on either cutting aid or closing the border? and is there a sense that congress is now going to weight into this and counter this? >> you know, we're seeing some pushback for more moderate republicans and i've talked to a couple of moderate republicans who have expressed a lot of concern with this. however i would think that for the most part, republicans are really in lockstep with the
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president on this issue. i think a lot of this plays into what's this narrative of is there really a crisis at the border? you know, we're seeing republicans saying there is a clear-cut humanitarian crisis at the border and there needs to be action taken. democrats will say yes, there is -- there are issues at the border. however, they would stop short of calling it a crisis and clearly these two sides have two ways to deal with this. but i would imagine, yes, you're absolutely going to see a lot of pushback from democrats on all of this, especially in the back of that announcement yesterday that the president is cutting aid to honduras and those central american countries. that plays into this wider narrative of how the president is going to deal with immigration coming across that southern border. >> lawyera if we look at senator bob menendez, he says that the president's decision to cut aid would, quote, undermine american interests and put our national
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security at risk. elaborate on that. what is the implications here? >> that money, which has already been appropriated by congress, so it's not necessarily clear that the president can redirect it, is going to people in these very poor central american countries in part in order to address some of the issues that are causing the mass migration to the border, the poverty, the violence. so, taking away that money could have a backfiring effect. it could cause more people to flee those countries and come for the border. >> is it just me or are you also sensing that the president is putting out an even further emboldened tenor now that the mueller investigation is over? it almost feels like he can go out guns ablazing right now. >> the president has a tendency to follow up a win with an attempt to get an even bigger
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one. he seems like he's feeling pretty high after what happened with the mueller report. he has been claiming that he has been completely exonerated, and he's just swinging for the fences at this point. he also is talking about trying to repeal obamacare again. >> yeah. >> so, he's just ready to pick another fight. >> which at this point it doesn't seem like speaking of the mueller report, julia, tuesday deadline day, at least in the minds of democrats. ag barr says mid april with some redactions. what do you see happening here? >> i'm going to see -- i'm going to predict that there will be a lot of push and pull between the justice department and democrats in congress and you'll see this tension coming to a tipping point. democrats are feeling a need to get as much of the mueller report out as possible. they're seeing republicans and the administration take a victory lap with this, saying
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there was no collusion. we need to move on. however, i think democrats are going to continue to dig in, to try to find -- you know, try to get as much of the report out as possible in order for them to be able to save face. there's also that very important line in ag barr's summary that came out a week ago today that said that mueller was unclear, and didn't come to a conclusion as to whether the president obstructed justice. i think there will be a lot of focus on that from democrats. however, alex, i would issue a note of caution from democrats going into 2020. a lot of voters, general election voters, view the mueller report as kind of a final word in all of this. they want to move on. although they want to see the entire report, i think they want the country to move on and they want to focus on maybe more kitchen table issues, such as the economy and health care. there's something that democrats are really going to have to keep in mind going into 2020.
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>> are you hearing any rumblings that perhaps a gang of eight might be able to get a fulook a this report before the full congress? that may quell concerns that it's taking too long and they're not getting a look at the full report? >> yes. when there's been a special investigation, most memorably the ken starr into bill clinton, the full report has come out. legal scholars are saying that barr doesn't really have a leg to stand on in terms of keeping the report from congress, because congress has a constitutional duty to investigate the president and in the possibility that he could be impeached. so they need all of the information that has been gathered by mueller and his team in order to fulfill that constitutional duty. >> they are certainly looking for all of it. laura and julia, thank you, ladies. good to see you.
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the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. you've got a lot of people running, but only one person is going to win. i hope you know who that person is. >> president trump expressing confidence, as more and more democratic candidates are
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entering the 2020 race. he has approval from 90% of republicans right now. despite that number, our next guest is considering challenging him in a gop primary. william weld, popular former governor of massachusetts. welcome back to the broadcast, governor. good to see you. >> alex, it's good to be with you. >> thank you. these numbers, though, you just saw the approval rating among republicans, 90%, sir. does that at all discourage you as awe explore a challenge? >> you don't think he was referring to me when he said ohm one person will win? >> well -- >> the adjacent state to where i was governor for two terms. i feel right at home there. i've been in and around new hampshire my whole life. that's a very important primary, first in the nation. the trump campaign tried to shut it down this year and have no primary. that did not go over well in new
4:17 am
hampshire. they're well aware that part of their stock as a state is -- rests on that first in the nation primary. so, that would be topic a for me. and then the rest of new england. polls also show that 45% of republicans are open to a primary, including in new hampshire. so, that will be where i'll go hunting. 20 states permit crossover voting. independent independents favored me 6-1 when i was running for governor, not so far way from new hampshire. those are some of the elements of the campaign. >> you have said, sir, you would set an april deadline as to making your decision. it's april 1st tomorrow. granted you have another 30 days or so. is that still the case? >> no, april deadline for announcing is firm, yeah. i can't wait to get on with this. i do feel a responsibility to stand up to the president, if you will. i think it's a situation of the
4:18 am
emper emperor's new clothes and the petiness and vindictiveness are beyond the pail. someone has to say enough. because of the president's way of doing things and sloganeering and all politics all the time, there's a lot of work that's not getting done in washington, like all the jobs we're going to lose to artificial intelligence and robotics and drones and autonomous self-driving vehicles. we need to plan for the future and make sure that those people who lose those jobs have the skill sets to get the replacement jobs that will come along but no one is worrying about that because they're too busy pointing fingers at each oth other. >> sounds like you're making an announcement right there. are you the man to do it? >> i think i could start monday in the oval office, let's put it that way. i've thought that for at least a decade. and i am dismayed at how the
4:19 am
president treats things just one word deep. hoax. it's not a hoax that the polar ice cap is melting and there's going to be no more snow in the mountains in new hampshire. we need grown-ups in washington and we're not getting it right now. >> let's take a look at another poll since you will not confirm that you are running. it sure sounds like you are. 74% of republicans would vote for the president, 8% will vote for you. you must have a plan to bridge that gap. what is it in how you think you can beat the president? >> the plan is to meet the voters in new hampshire, one at a time. that's what john mccain did when he won the primary in 2000, against the man who ultimately went on to be president but the new hampshire voters like to meet their candidates. they don't like to see them on tv. they like to see them in their living room. i'm driving back up to dover, new hampshire for a house party
4:20 am
at the former chairman of the party of new hampshire. there has to be changes. six months is an eternity. and we've got two times six months before we get to the new hampshire primary. i think i have plenty of time, honestly. >> there's a new article in the guardian, which report thats rnc is taking extra steps to discourage the never trump movement ahead of a primary election. suggesting any primary challenge could hurt the president's re-election prospects. aside to trying to beat trump, are you hoping to damage him in a general election? would you even support him in the general election, were you to lose the nomination? >> you're quite right that the trump campaign seems almost paranoid. they're sending out memos saying how to present anyone representing bill wld to speak at a republican town county meeting. move to adjourn. if that motion fails, move to change the subject. if that motion fails, walk out
4:21 am
of the room. i'm not sure what they're scared of that i might say except it might be the truth. >> are you speaking with people who are echoing your sentiments at all in upper he shall lon republican circles? >> absolutely. >> is this a whisper campaign you are reflecting? >> it's not a whisper campaign, not in new england for sure. people i talk to on the trail, meeting voters and seeing about the financial underpinnings for the campaign, they're absolutely dismayed about what's going on in washington and it's just sort of a paralysis where people are not standing up and being counted. and that's why i'm looking very carefully at doing exactly what you're talking about, alex, making the move. >> would you support a democratic candidate over the president in a re-election? >> i'm not going to go there. i think i would not be endorsing the president after what he has done, his campaign to sow fear,
4:22 am
to stir up division among americans instead of trying to unify us. he is pulling all the classic moves of -- frankly, this is a heddy brew for 7:00 in the morning, but moves of a would-be dictator and then he says i'm just joking about we don't need a free press or elections. baloney. if the president had his way there wouldn't not only be a primary but there wouldn't be an election. >> there's a bizarre sense of humor there and i've commented it at times as well. i've described you as a liberal conservative in massachusetts. your views break from the majority of the republicans. legalizing marijuana, pro choice. you also supported increased medicaid access. so, do you think the party has shifted? have you shifted? and is the president a bit closer to what the republican party is today or are you?
4:23 am
>> i've always been a republican since i was 18 years old. that did not require any change in how i approach things. i believe in emphasis on individual liberty, smaller government. i cut taxes 21 times and i cut spending, more to the point. this president seems in love with deficits. he has added $8 trillion to the deficit in the last budget that he filed. that's not fair to the younger generations, to the millennials and gen-xors. i do think that the party has strayed from being of the party of lincoln to something else and i think that's really troubling and i would like to think that i am rejoining the party of lincoln and putting abraham lincoln's stamp on how republicans are going to deal with the challenges facing this nation right now. as long as donald trump is president, that's not going to happen. >> governor, i want to turn to
4:24 am
the situation at the border with you. let's both take a listen to former homeland security secretary jeh johnson on what's happening with the illegal crossings. >> we're on pace to reach 100,000 right now. that's a crisis not only in central america, poverty and violence, but it also overwhelms our border security officials and their ability to deal with it, and it overwhelms can communities on the border, on the mexican side and the u.s. side. >> the president's approach here is saying that mexico is doing nothing and is threatening to close the border as soon as this week. if you were to be president, what would you do right now to stop the crisis? >> i wouldn't be waving the bloody shirt and trying to panic everybody. the real pros down there will tell you what we need is not necessarily more wall -- not that i'm against a secure border, but you need more drones and personnel and i go with the experts instead of just intoning the world wall and waving my
4:25 am
arms and trying to incite people to fear. the president's decisiveness really knows no limit. he reminds me of big brother in the novel "1984." he wants everybody to be filled with hatred from people of any other country. we're under assault from every other country in the world. only i, donald trump, can save you. it's the man on horseback trying to take over a country. that's been the path to tyranny to so many countries in the past and i find it unsettling. >> you served as head of the doj in the reagan administration. how do you feel not only about the outcome of the mueller report but how it's being handled by the attorney general? do you feel any of his possible rea krchctions could be to help president? >> i don't think his timeline is
4:26 am
inappropriate. i wouldn't exactly put out a press release highlighting that if i were the president with all the other matters swirling around him in politicization of the justice department, demanding loyalty oaths from law enforcement officials. that is perilously close to obstruction of justice, speaking of obstruction of justice. >> all right. former governor william weld, potentially republican candidate for president in 2020. we shall see. thank you, governor. >> thank you. always a pleasure. >> thank you. more 2020 ticket talk and the one that could be the president's biggest threat. that's next. ent's biggest threat th'sat next. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪
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b beto o'rourke is taking his immigration fight right to the president. >> let's remember that every single one of us, including those who are just three or four blocks from here, detained under the international bridge that connects us with mexico, behind chain linked fence and barbed wire, that they are our fellow
4:31 am
human beings and deserve to be treated like our fellow human beings. >> reporter: joining me now bishop gariesson, co-founder of the center for public policy and ryan darling, president of liberty government affairs. good to see you on a sunday morning as usual. bishop, let's get into it. you first here. can this kinder, gentler approach work for beto when the system in el paso seems to be overwhelmed when officials are holding immigrants in a pen under a bridge, about a ten-minute walk from where he held that rally yesterday? >> the thing for me here is exactly what beto is mentioning, that we need to have empathy in everything that we do. i've been on your show and it's something that i try to do everything that i can. not only here but generally in my own policy work to emphasize. if we're going to speak to the traditional values of what it means to be americans we need to
4:32 am
ensure that that is reflected in the policy and law that we provide for our nation and our governance. he's talking about ensuring that we have empathy for these people who are trying to escape these desperate conditions in their countries. >> a kamala/beto ticket, steve ban on says, has the best shot at beating trump. why are they seeing this as a potential threat? >> first, i don't think the democrats are going to be taking advice from steve bannon. but what i do see is that would make a lot of sense, to have a ticket this early in the primary fight because if you're a candidate who is looking to get some oxygen and move forward and distinguish yourself and kind of start that race against joe biden, who hasn't even announced yet, try to catch up to bernie
4:33 am
sanders, it would make a lot of sense. the problem is if you're beto, if you're kamala harris why would you give up the front-runner this early in the process? >> you know the saying no one is running for second place. that said, the real clear politics average shows that kamala and beto are neck and neck and they are behind joe biden about bernie sanders. it is early in the race. are democrats looking at a generational battle, bishop? do you think that might be brewing? >> we always had -- americans generally are looking for a lot of new fresh ideas, a lot of individuals that are frankly going to be a little younger, that are from a new generation of political thought and political leadership. and that's something, i think, that's ultimately going to be reflected here. a part of it that we can't -- that we need to ensure that we
4:34 am
address, that we can't forget is, to some degree, name recognition. people have known of joe biden, have known of bernie sanders for years and they're getting to know more about beto o'rourke. they're getting to know more about kamala harris. i think we have a long runway here in terms of what the 2020 election is going to look like. there's a lot of opportunity for these vibrant young leaders to show the american people who they are, moving forward. >> let's listen to what the president said about democrats at this rally in michigan this week. take a listen, everyone. >> radical democrats are the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime, hoaxes and delusions. the republican party is the party for all americans. it's what we want to be. it's the way we want to live. >> you know, brian, he has had
4:35 am
success with name calling, brand i ing. not so much the bread and butter issues that midterm voters care about, or say they care about. does rhetoric continue to be the gop strategy for 2020? how long until kamala harris and beto get their nicknames, do you think? >> their nicknames are coming very soon. i think one thing that the president is spot on on is the fact that when he lists out the issues, democrats have run out of the mainstream on so many issues. and they have become the party of alexandria ocasio-cortez, championing socialist ideas of a green new deal and medicare for all and all of these issues that aren't in the mainstream of america. what americans want are jobs, an economy that's booming and they want a reasonable person to become our next president. and if you're looking for change, you're not looking at any of the democrats right now and seeing reason. you're seeing them raise to the left and get way out of the
4:36 am
mainstream. >> you're not seeing reason out of this administration either. you're seeing tax cuts for the rich. and you're seeing a lot of ideas that the american people just don't want. >> brian, bishop, thank you for the chat. see you next sunday. of course, we're just getting started on this sunday. at the top of the hour, "up with david gura." and he has a preview of what's going on on "up." love saying that, david. >> democrats say they want to see the mueller report in full. we'll bring you the back and forth between them and the attorney general. gavin debecker, working for jeff bezos as a private investigate investigator. the billionaire asked him to look at how "the enquirer" got ahold of his text messages and photos. what we are learning is that it was not just a family member forking them over to the
4:37 am
"enquirer" but he alleges that the saudi arabia was involved. such a crazy story, i can't wait to talk about it more with a reporter for the daily beast. he has been all over this story since "the national enquirer" published that story. >> i'm glad that you're following that story. new green deal, is it a pie in the sky deal or can any of it be achieved any time soon? ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪
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the president this past week raising issues at the border and health care as the legal and political worlds await the special counsel's report. joining me now sean caston, democrat from illinois. good morning, sir. thank you for joining me. i want to get right into your opinion of the trump administration seeking to cut off aid to guatemala, el salvador and honduras. are there any valid reasons why the president would make this decision? >> no, there simply aren't. look, what we have -- and i wish people would clarify the terms a little bit. you guys do a better job of this than some stations. we have a huge surge in asylum seekers coming here. it's in nocurtailed foreign aid
4:42 am
that part of the world. they don't have a lot of hope and they see us to the north as a great hope. they're coming here, legally seeking asylum. we're treating them horribly. we do a disservice when we describe that as a surge in illegal immigrants. they're not illegal. they're coming here, seeking asylum. when we cut off that egg, we're going to make the problem worse not better at the southern border. >> what can you or your fellow democrats do? the president called it $500 million, that's not true, but he wants to redirect that money. >> well, i wish that we had bipartisan support to address. what we can do constitutionally is pretty clear. congress controls the power of the purse. we set what we appropriate money for. as we saw in the attempt to override the veto on the president's shutdown, i'm not getting a lot of support from my colleagues across the idea from
4:43 am
the aisle over the idea that congress should protect article i. we do, in fact, have the power of the purse and decide how money is spent and the president's ability to reappropriate money is very narrow, very limited. and i would submit what he's doing right now is unconstitutional. we just need to make sure that the other branches stand up to defend what i think say beautiful document. >> let get to the mueller report, sir. americans are divide over whether house democrats should continue to investigate, whether or not the president interfered in the russia investigation. do democrats risk going too far? >> i want to be very clear. i do not care about polling. and i don't think that any of us should. what we have to know is do we trust the president and the circle of people around him to act in the best interest of the country? we're all going to get into a political spin on this but we don't know anything right now
4:44 am
except what -- you know, a four-page memo. with anything coming out of the white house we have to work under the assumption of don't trust until you verify. so did the president do something that was illegal and prosecutable? if we're to believe what mr. barr said, the answer is no. that doesn't mean that he didn't do anything illegal that wasn't prosecutable and it also doesn't mean there isn't evidence in that report that might seriously compromise his ability to fulfill his job. i sit on the financial services committee. did the president shift from being the king of dead, as he has described himself, that's not illegal, prosecutable. but if that's, in fact, true you couldn't get a clearance to be a junior fbi agent much less the president of the united states. >> i know you serve on the select committee on climate
4:45 am
crisis and the new dems climate task force. is there a divide between what the green new deal proposes and how the public and republicans are interpreting those goals? is it a messaging problem, even among democrats? if so how do you get past that? >> i thiching you will not find a single democrat who doesn't agree that the climate crisis is real and we have to address it and much faster than any party has prioritized it. >> and there are republicans coming on board with that concept. >> that's good. the fact that good and reasonable people have agreements, that's good. that's how democracy works. we collectively, as a country, really don't understand climate change in the way that we should. i spent 16 years running clean energy companies. you cannot release co2 without burning fossil fuel and nobody gives away fossil fuel for free. we, today, have a large, old,
4:46 am
largely amortized structure. we want to get to a world that builds out a whole lot of new capital, creates construction jobs in the process and doesn't have a lot of operating costs because it doesn't use a lot of fuel. we frame that in washington as a how do you pay for it problem? every other place in the world that's an investment opportunity. we should be embracing this, sailing into it. we will save a ton of money, make our economy way more competitive. and oh, by the way, we're going to lower co2 emissions. if you have a tin foil hat that you love to wear, but you're greedy, we should be able to get this done. >> democrat from illinois, come see me again. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you might call it trump inflation. can it put the president in legal jeopardy? a number one salute to those college basketball teams who survived in advance to make it to the elite eight. men's side number one ranked
4:47 am
duke blue devils and the championship battle between auburn and kentucky. wildcats win on friday were celebrated by all its fans, including the governor of kvenz, matt bevin congratulated the cats however he failed to give credit to the louisville women's. i'll be sure to let my players know you said congrats. they may expect another tweet after today's game win or lose. after today's game win or lose
4:48 am
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but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i am going to make as much information available as i can, consistent with the rules and regulations. >> we'll have great confidence in the attorney general, and if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. >> a new op-ed in "the washington post" argued the mueller report may cause severe damage to trump and his legitimacy because the special
4:52 am
counsel may have laid a road map for congress by drafting, quote, a detailed and damning account of trump's obstruction. joining me now, katy fang and criminal defense attorney ashley m merchant. the public has not seen this report other than those 74 records barr quotes in his conclusions. with the doj policy, how likely is this argument? >> we know that mueller is a rule of law man. we also suspected that per that olc memo that said you should not and cannot indict a sitting president, that mueller was likely not going to go and secure an indictment against the president of the united states. i would tend to agree with that op-ed. and although me haven't had the benefit of a 400-page mueller report, excludeing exhibits, the reality is such that if mueller laid out in explicit detail the conduct of donald trump and if
4:53 am
it's consistent with not only trump's public words, public actions, people around trump, then there could be a very strong case for obstruction of justice. the one thing, alex, that i want to point out to everybody that's listening is the following. the burden of proof in a criminal case to get a conviction against a defendant is completely different than any burden of proof you would need to be able to impeach a president. there is no burden of proof that has been set forth by a federal statute. each senator has to rely upon his or her self-sense and whether or not it rises to impeachment standards. >> this article, ashley, cites the president's public attempts to shut down the investigation. even without conspiracy indictments, the knowledge of russian attempts, quote, highlight the president's failure to fashion an adequate defense of american democracy.
4:54 am
ing -- could he face legal consequences from other investigations? >> oh, without a doubt. we have at least two other open investigations in other districts that are being p pursued. we have the stormy daniels issue, the inauguration, the money spent on his inauguration, and some other investigations that are happening around the country. so the mueller report was limited in scope. it was limited specifically to what he was tasked with investigating. that doesn't mean that things he found in other jurisdictions were not referred for prosecution in those jurisdictions. so i think we will see for years to come other investigations that are sort of spiralled out of this mueller report. >> wow. hey, i want to quickly turn to this bombshell "washington post" report in covering the documents that suggest the president inflated his assets to bank and insurance companies. he added ten stories to the trump tower, 800 acres to his virginia winery, and 55 ready to sell lots to his california
4:55 am
property. he'd only been designated for 31. is this financial fraud? it appears to be so, right? how serious is it? >> so it could rise to the level of being a crime. it could also lead to civil litigation, but fundamentally, it's an insult to people that donald trump thinks that we don't know how to count the number of floors that could exist in a building. as we all know, when we're submitting documents to a financial institution like a bank, in order to get money lent to you, you have to certify under oath that the information being provided is true and accurate. so for donald trump to inflate his net worth, well, according to what we've read, the statement of financial condition that are currently at issue could state that they were estimates, but the reality is such if you were ready to do something like that, you would get in a lot of trouble. it could rise to the level of a crime. we need to actually see his tax returns and the supporting documentation.
4:56 am
>> listen, ashleigh, i'm out of time, but i suspect you concur. >> i do. i want to see the tax returns. we need transparency. >> all right. katie and ashleigh, see you again soon. thank you much. ahead next hour on "up," the role the attorney general is playing in three major issues engulfing the white house. ing t. with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend® fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend® fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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that's a wrap for me. i'll see you all again at noon eastern. now it's time for "up" with
5:00 am
david guerra. on a sunday, this is "up." we begin with three big stories and the one thread tying them all together. the mueller report, the justice department's move to eliminate obamacare, and the president's threat to close the southern border. what do they have in common? or should i say, who do they have? common? >> bill barr. >> bill barr. >> william barr. >> it was william barr. >> the attorney general has been on the job for 45 days now, and he's at the center of everything. plus, the president at mar-a-lago announces cuts to three key countries. >> i've ended payments to guatemala, to honduras, and to el salvador. no money goes there anywhere. >> that decision has lawmakers scrambling, and former congressman beto o'rourke officially launches


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