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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 31, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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alex witt, i'm still in your sort of somewhere on that line, hood. >> i'm so jealous, but i'm so right? you want to be far away from proud of you and your whole team that line, and i think that it's for being nominated on these going to be incumbent on folks amazing awards. like elizabeth warren, other did you great. >> thank you. >> if you're losing to oprah, candidates to say something michelle obama, it's a good day. here, because the democratic >> just having my name with candidates want to draw a firm line on me too. their names made my entire life. they want to be strong on this like, i'm good. issue. they want to draw a line between >> going forward, that's going them and republicans, and to be the norm, my friend. strongly support women, and thank you, safe travels home. believe people when they come see you soon. forward. i think we've seen clearly >> have a great day, thank you. that's where this party is going right now, and so i think that hi noon here in the east, this will be something that 9:00 a.m. out west. biden will likely have to welcome to "weekends with alex weather, and you know, again, witt." the public is unconvinced about we're redrawing the lines of one aspect of the first word what's okay. from the mueller report and has heys a long history as charlie to do with the president and whether he's innocent. said, in politics and the lines are moving, and that puts him in a tough position. >> he has to draw a line with a >> i didn't know how to react. big old black sharpie. i felt shocked, powerless, i felt like i couldn't move. >> the woman who says joe biden pe pema levy, charlie, thanks. touched her inproet prappropria how can democrats fight off speaks out as the vice president president trump's latest challenge? releases his first statement on the controversy. border battle, is it
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possible for the president to shut down the border as he threatened to do? new reaction this hour. why republicans seem to want no part of the president's latest efforts to get rid of the affordable care act. happening this hour, widening political fallout in the battle over release of the much-anticipated mueller report. democrats set a tuesday deadline for the attorney general to make you're having one more bite the unredacted report app. william barr says he'll release no! one more bite! ♪ a redacted version by mid-april or sooner. this morning echoing chair adam schiff the report could have evidence of collusion, even if the special counsel concluded kraft. for the win win. there was no criminal conspiracy. >> the conclusion is there was not explicit collusion conspiracy but it does not mean there is no evidence. my guess is when you see the whole report, you will see good reasons, good reasons for why a number of people, a lot of people were concerned by the
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possibility since disproved that the trump campaign was colludeing with the russians. >> kellyanne conway defending him, when it was the attorney general, not the special counsel, who reached that conclusion. >> when the president says that total exoneration on obstruction, that's just not true. >> the president is probably so, recently my son's band was signed by a record label. comparing that report and the ultimate conclusions of no while we're on the road, i can keep my parents in the loop with the whole facetime thing. conspiracy. >> i'm asking but obstruction. >> we'll see what the full i created a rockstar. (both laughing) mueller report says. >> meanwhile a new poll by nbc (announcer) the best network is even better when you share it. news and the "wall street buy the latest iphone and get iphone 10r on us. journal" found most americans do not think the president is in the clear. you might or joints.hing for your heart... 29% say the president has been but do you take something for your brain. cleared of wrongdoing. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, 40% say the president has not been cleared, and 31% are prevagen has been shown in clinical trials unsure. to improve short-term memory. meanwhile, not a big change on the president's approval rating, prevagen. healthier brain. better life. now at 43%, down three percentage points from last month but still within the
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margin of error. developing today the acting chief of staff trying to justify the president's threat to close the southern border next week if mexico does not do more to stop the flow of my grantigrants. >> we need the people to patrol in the desert where we don't have a wall. we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. >> mick mulvaney backing an administration push to cut about why are all these business owners so excited? $450 million in aid. we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. >> if we're going to give the countries hundreds of millions it's going to add to the productivity of our business. of dollars we'd like them to do more, that, jake, i would it's switch and save days at comcast business. respectfully submit is not an right now, get fast, unreasonable position. reliable internet if it's working so well, why are for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. the people still coming? >> let's go now to white house just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. correspondent kelly o'donnell, there in florida for us. internet that's reliable. kel internet that's fast. kelly, lots to talk about. that's super important. what else is the white house saying on this? >> reporter: the president has a i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. closed sign can he try to lahan on the southern border on his national security powers. questions come up because the
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president ratcheted up his rhetoric. he has said this before but we don't have specifics where and when this would take place. also, there are consequences, if the president is doing this to compel different action from the mexico government, will this work, when there is trade and commerce between the two countries on the line, as well as all the human interactions of people who lawfully go back and forth every day across the u.s. border. kellyanne conway was asked is the president serious, earlier you think it was appropriate today. for him to want to do business >> is the president really serious about closing the border with vladimir putin in russia while running for president? this week, with all the >> the president is an international businessman, has disruption to our economy, or is success all around the world. this just a bluff? it is not surprising that when >> it certainly isn't a bluff. he chose to run for president, you it k take the president he was continuing to do business. it probably did trigger the seriously. you're giving the metrics. suspicion but i don't think that he's looking at 4,000 migrants there is a fault there on the part of the president. apprehended in one day recently, >> john barrosso on "meet the we're on track this month for close to 100,000. we have never seen a surge like press" supporting the president and the russia investigation and this. it's coming from the northern triangle. congress can fix this, chris, in supports the release of the full
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unredacted mueller report. joining me, congress lloyd an hour. >> reporter: the president has said he plans to make a border doggett of texas, welcome back, visit soon, details still to be sir, nice to see you. made public, and he is also as you know, there's no indication the attorney general taken action against three will be releasing the full central american countries, report or make that tuesday honduras, el salvador and deadline set by six house guatemala, saying u.s. aid to the countries is cut off, committee chairman. something that typically what can we expect, subpoenas on congress must approve. so there's some gray legal area wednesday? >> well, i think it's time to there about what the president can actually do, but they have notified congress, the state take action. department has said those funds we don't have the 400-page would be cut. there's also the argument there mueller report. we have the 400 page barr report about is sending funding to and a number of excuses and those countries, which are part of the flow of migrants, that so delay, brought again with his latest letter on friday. upset the president, does that actually deal with programs and i want to see the fall report. security in those countries that i think it should be turned over could reduce the flow? to the house intelligence lots of questions sorted out but committee and if he's unwilling to make the full report that's another way the president is taking action related to available to the public, each immigration, using his powers as president. word, page, paragraph he alex? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you blackens out, we ought to get a black page.
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for that. we ought to be able to see what joining me pamela leavy from is deleted, and the excuse he is "mother jones" and charlie giving for each of those savage of "the new york times" deletions or redactions. the american people really can't and msnbc contributor. do we know what a closure would form a final judgment on this, entail or if it's even possible until they hear more than or is kellyanne conway says president trump's tweets and the excuses from the attorney congress can fix this in the general. >> your expectation, sir, of hour. >> the second part of your what you want to get goes question is this possible is the further in "usa today," the one to focus on. does trump mean he'll shut down democrats aren't going to stop the flow of goods and trade, until they get mueller's grand destroy the economy of texas and jury testimony. make all the fruit and is that what you hear from your vegetables disappear from colleagues, that it is all or grocery stores across the nothing? >> i think our position say country, he thinks that's going to stand up in court and if people with american citizenship reasonabis a or green cards show up at the reasonable one, we want to see the entire report if there is an border, they're not allowed ongoing investigation, that some through? that doesn't seem like that's legally possible. part of that report would cotry to close the gates and impair, that should be simply not accept asylum considered perhaps in classified requests from people coming up session by the intelligence from central america and that committee or the judiciary will lead to the same instant committee, but the entire report lawsuits that plagued his needs to come out and there say initial travel ban.
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so the simple phrase close the pro pro dur that exists to ask a border carries behind it a huge judge to open grand jury testimony and if there is some amount of questions, whether there's any there there. portion that would unfairly >> the president threatened to infringe on the rights of an close the border before and individual on the periphery of this investigation, that could threatened to cut aid from be excepted but some of that central american countries. grand jury investigation needs is there something different this time, if so, what? to come out. we're not even to that point yet. we don't have the base report >> a think a central premise of itself. we have excuses, delays, and president trump's tweets and campaign rallies. trump's presidency, there is a crisis at the border. they seem to, instead of that is the fact he wants the american people to believe, why he can justify his shutdown transparency, they seem to want to make the report largely invisible. >> let's move on, sir, to the earlier this year and border issues there, your appropriating money for a wall district not on the border. without congress giving it to you represent a border state. him. i see this in that same vain. you may not agree with the is he ginning up fear of a president's policies on immigration. in el paso the u.s. government crisis and threatening a policy held migrants under a bridge. we don't really understand what are democrats ready to admit it would look like, shutting there is a crisis on the border? down the border in order to continue to gin up those fears >> there's chaos on the border and may be a humanitarian crisis and so is it different? i see it as part of the same created by the incompetent and trend but certainly it's an
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indifferent policies of this escalation and if they are administration, the same serious, and they do try to put it into effect, i think it falls administration that in el paso into this other category we've along the border tore children seen with him, sort of from their mothers, the notion manufacturing a crisis. that the best we can do is we saw with family separation contain these folks under a they took what was a number of bridge is just totally migrants and manufactured a un-american. and the president's response, humanitarian crisis down there yes, i don't stretch quite all so they could manufacture the way to the border now but another crisis if they try to coming up, interstate 35 implement some form of a shutdown. >> charlie, do you get the sense that, let's say since sunday, yesterday, it's one 18 wheeler late in the day, the president has become more emboldened, now after another. the notion he could shut down our border would cause economic that the mueller investigation is over. look what he's taking on this kay was to add to the humanitarian chaos and this week, taking on obamacare, the latest notion that he'll cut off all aid with executive fiat to border, foreign aid. is that your sense of where he is? >> absolutely. trump is clearly feeling his the law enforcement agencies in three central american countries oats. he's had the best week in a long any gang efforts, he's going to time, starting with barr add more problems than those announcing that, in his he's already created. i think, again, alex, as we've interpretation of the still secret mueller report basically discussed before, he's not about exonerating him of everything, a wall with mexico or ending which of course we'll see what the thing actually says. immigration. he's about a fight over a wall
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but for now this looks like trump unleashed. and immigration. he's throwing it all to the wind he wants this issue out there and especially the second thing every day, to stir up his base the obamacare where they had with anti-immigrant hysteria. defended chunks of the law, including medicaid expansion >> congressman, do you have any before and now they're reversing ideas that have not yet been that opinion and saying the tried to try to solve the border whole thing should go, no preexisting conditions, no medicare expansion, just burnt problem? to the ground, that is a trump >> i think there are many ideas who feels unleashed. that have not been implemented >> well, that may be from the by this administration. first and foremost is trying to president's front, but on obamacare specifically it does not at all appear republicans reduce the number of people are willing to march into that particular fray. do you think that's the case or fleeing gangs and terrorism at do you think the president, in home by creating economic his acting chief of staff, could opportunities there and trying to see the law enforcement convince him yep, we're taking agencies locally are doing their this on? >> you know, that's a good job, which they quite clearly question. i think that one thing we've are not. on our border, we need to honor seen over the last several years the asylum claims that are now is that republicans in congress don't like to be on the presented. there are many organizations right now that are being opposite side of the president from the issue. overwhelmed all along the the base of the party loves this border, and in san antonio as president and they hate obamacare and want to see it overturned. well by the release of those i think there's going to be a really strong tension there people here and those held on the border. between folks looking ahead to the general election in 2020, we need to provide a
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and seeing that, you know, humanitarian answer to a repealing obamacare especially without a replacement plan as humanitarian crisis and i agree they attempted to do, is a with front is aescobar, from el political loser for them, particularly folks in swing paso, the homeland security secretary needs to step town states, and then on the other hand, you have a president riling up his base by renewing because she's clearly incapable doving her job. this promise to repeal this law, >> texas democratic congressman and i think there's going to be a strong tension there. lloyd doggett, thank you. certainly folks like susan how one suggested 2020 collins in maine, up for tandem could pose the biggest threat to a trump 2.0. re-electi re-election, i don't think she'll go along with the president. we saw her break ranks with the health care vote in 2017. >> before, right. >> there will be a few holdouts, but it will be interesting if we see the party follow him once again here. >> you guys, sit tight where you are. i have a question after this next topic we'll get to, for all of you t is another explosive story, a former nevada ♪ democratic politician now detailing allegations of what she says was an inappropriate carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast kiss from former vice president joe biden, back in 2014. cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. take a listen. >> where i feel joe biden put
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she's also taking prescription ibrance with an his hands on my shoulders, get aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with up very close to me from behind, hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer lean in, smell my hair, and then as the first hormonal based therapy. plant a slow kiss on the top of ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at my head. >> so biden responding this delaying disease progression versus letrozole. morning with a statement, and it says in part, "in my many years patients taking ibrance can develop on the campaign trail, and in low white blood cell counts, which may cause public life, i've offered serious infections that can lead to death. countless handshakes, hugs, before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if expressions of affection, you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, support and comfort, and not once, never did i believe i liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i do z so, i or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include low red blood cell will listen respectfully but it was never my intention." and low platelet counts, infections, tiredness, nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, mike, welcome to you, you covered the vice president for about a decade or so, you did so rash, and loss of appetite. carla calls it her new normal because a lot has changed, for more than a decade. what is the latest on this? >> alex, it's interesting, the but a lot hasn't. story surfacing friday, when ask your doctor about ibrance. lucy flores posted an online the #1 prescribed fda-approved op-ed for the cut, saying thee oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. felt edge bar rmbarrassed and c with expedia,
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i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. when she was a candidate. the vice president's office said so even when she grows up, commented he did not recall this she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. moment and we heard from one of the organizers of the event unlock savings when you add saturday night saying they've select hotels to your existing trip. reviewed photographs of this event, they have no evidence to only with expedia. support the allegation. we should also emphasize nbc select hotels to your existing trip. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? news has not independently flonase relieves your worst symptoms confirmed the allegation, but what we're also seeing now is including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. esent's office as you saw from that statement, flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. but also a new statement i just is conduct morere beginning to most pills only block one. flonase. [zara larsson - "wow"] broadly. i'm going to read from a ♪ statement i just received, from ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown cynthia hogan, she worked both ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ for the senator joe biden in the early '90s and also for vice ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ president biden in 2009, she says "i've often been asked what ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ it was like to work for the u.s. ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ senate, famously all male environment in the early 1990s. ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ i can happily answer that the experience was wonderful because ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ i was lucky enough to work for joe biden." she describes in this statement ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ two incidents she feels like joe biden supported her in an all ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ male environment, one of which was involving a former senator
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strom thurmond pointing to her at a hearing saying, joe, where did you get that fine-looking woman to work for you? senator biden replied "strom, i found her a brain trust and hired her because she is so smart." questions are being raised about flores herself and the fact she was a bernie sanders supporter in 2016, served on the board of his political foundation. here is how she was answering the question, whether she has a political motivation this morning. >> how would you respond to somebody out there who says she's attending a beto rally, supported bernie in 2016. politics might be partially motivating you here. what would you tell those people? >> i would say politics was definitely the impetus. the reason why we're having these conversations about vice president joe biden is because he's considering running for president. >> so a surprising and somewhat candid comment there, her acknowledging that politics is an issue. joe biden still has not announced his plans, but we should expect his team will continue to respond to this in the days and weeks ahead.
9:14 am
>> great question and thank you mike, memoli. charlie, that's to you, is this going to influence biden's decision on whether or not he runs? look, he is still well above the rest of the field in the polls but he has yet to announce. >> well, joe biden his strength and his weakness as a potential i frankly didn't even know contender in 2020 is the long how to react. i was just shocked. history he's been in public i felt, i felt powerless. office, and how he took positions and did things that, i felt like i couldn't move. i just didn't know how to where the culture shifted over process it. never do i claim that this was, time. this issue of maybe he's too that rises to the level of a handsy or a little creepy around sexual assault. women and sort of hugging them what i am saying is that it's too much has been a thing before completely inappropriate. this. for me, it's disqualifying. that's why this seems sort of i think it's up to everybody else to make that decision. believable, there's a million pictures of vice president biden >> that was former nevada behaving this way. on the other hand, on the democratic politician lucy flores, just this morning spectrum of things from a little handsy to, you know, criminal, detailing her actions, former this is way on the left into that spectrum. vice president joe biden the broader thing, though, is inappropriately kissed her on the back of the head in 2014. that he has a mixed history. biden releases a statement he is the joe biden who authored saying in part "in my many years on the campaign trail and public the violence against women act life, i've offered countless and that's how he wants to be
9:15 am
handshakes, tugs hugs, thought of going into this expressions of affection, primary, if he does put his hat support and comfort and not once, never, did i believe i in the race, but he's also the joe biden who presided over the acted inappropriately. clarence thomas/anita hill if it is suggested i did so, i hearings and how his rival also want to frame him. it's clear this development is will listen respectfully but it something that will help his was never my intention." rivals. we saw elizabeth warren saying he has to decide whether he runs nbc news has not independently after this, and so in that verified her allegations and not tension between the violence against women act, joe biden, seen the correspondence she showed to "the daily beast" that and the clarence thomas/atina gives credence to her claim. hill, joe biden, this was not one he'll like. >> bernie sanders said he has no reason not to believe lucy senator heitkamp, it's great to flores. what do you think, pam, bottom line, warning shot for biden if speak to you. he gets in? lucy flores said her allegations >> yes, i do. are disqualifying for joe look, i think what we're doing biden's possible white house run, for her. she says everybody else has to broadly in the me too era is make up their own minds, but do we're redrawing the lines of you agree? does this potentially disqualify what's appropriate, what you can him for president in a lot of get awayt we tolerate, what we think is okay and what people's minds? >> i think that what a lot of we think is not, even if it's no be people that i talk to, throughout the country, they really don't know what the rules are anymore. they don't know what the boundari
9:16 am
boundaries. they don't know what the consequences should be for an event like this. they are very much struggling and let me tell you, it brings out really hard feelings on both sides, people who firmly believe it should be disqualifying but people who think this really is nothing more than the person ae personality of somebody who reaches out, who makes that connection not only with communication, with voice but by touching and so i think that one of the things that we have failed in the me too movement is to have that next step, which is what are the consequences? are the norms changing, which i think you have to argue they are, things that you would have thought nothing about 20 years ago, you think that wasn't the right way to manage that or wasn't a good thing to do. we keep having these moments of high-profile accusations, and i'm not saying that it was in any way a false accusation, but
9:17 am
we keep having these moments, but we do not ever get to the point of what should be the consequences, and how do we have a broader discussion. >> well, let's be clear. lucy flores says she felt he acted inappropriately, it made her uncomfortable. we played that sound bite, she's not making a claim it rises to a level of a sexual assault. where that distinction goes, it's not up for just you and toy decide, it's certainly a national conversation that has to be had there. i'm curious, your experience with joe biden, because you've been with him, he rallied for you back in november during your re-election campaign. what has your experience with the former vice president been like? >> it's been incredibly -- >> we saw a hug there, he's just hugging you. >> it's been incredibly positive. i think that he is somebody who has a background that's very, very similar to mine, very blue collar, grew up believing in social justice, as a catholic, grew up as an fdl democrat. joe and i share a the love the
9:18 am
same values and i think that every experience i've had has been one of warmth, compassion and empathy, but that's not to take away from how someone feels in some other -- you just saw me hugging joe, some people would have said that's not good. but that's our relationship, and i think sometimes we need to think especially if we don't know someone that maybe that's not appropriate. maybe that statement is not appropriate and i have to tell you, i've recalibrated things that i've said that i think, oh, well that really could be taken the wrong way, and so we all need to kind of be sensitive, and think about our behaviors and how those behaviors impact other people, but we also need to lighten up a little bit, and i think that's what i hear over and over, when i'm out and about in this country. >> all right, let's take a look together at 2020, and the democrats who announced a presidential run. senator, there are a half a dozen that are your former
9:19 am
colleagues in the senate. i want you to listen to steve bannon, former white house strategi strategist, who says two have the best shot of beating trump. take a listen. >> i think a combination of harris and beto o'rourke is a combination, harris for president, beto o'rourke for vp, is the way to mobilize their base and give it the best shot. >> others are saying ka ma mala harris and beto. would you endorse it? >> i will tell you this, anyone who thinks that they can today announce who would be the most competitive candidate -- >> well, yes. >> -- it's ridiculous. the last person the democrats are going to let pick their ticket is steve bannon. >> point well-taken. >> he gave us the president. i don't think we're going to necessarily let him select our candidates, but i will tell you, i know kamala harris. kamala harris is a very serious, responsible public official, and
9:20 am
we share that former ag role that we both had, and i'm proud of all of my colleagues in this race. i expect we're going to have more colleagues who get in this race, and i think they're going to add to the discussion. we're going to watch him compete and we're going to pick the best team. >> let's look at the president, who has been reviving his push to strike down obamacare. i know, senator, that you had long opposed repealing obamacare. do you think democrats are concerned about these new threats? >> i think that it's not just what he's doing with the litigation. he's been undermining obamacare since the beginning and inserting the repeal of the individual mandate in to the tax bill had dramatic consequences, reducing the amount of time for sign-ups, not advertising sign-ups, not helping people expand in to medicaid expansion. you know, we need to remember that obamacare came out of the right wing. it came out of heritage. it came out of kato, out of
9:21 am
places where the pushback was no, we really should have medicare for all, we should have single payer, and the response was to pass obamacare. it's not perfect. it needs to be fixed, but i'll tell you this, when they say no, we believe in preexisting condition, we believe in keeping your kids on your health insurance, but they file a court action that says we're going to take those benefits away, it's nothing short of hypocrisy to say we now support preexisting conditions, we now support children on our health insurance. it just doesn't mass the smell test nor should it, and it is, i think, very treacherous ground for the republicans. >> i am' curious, senator, i know you've had time to reflect on your 2018 election loss. do you think the enthusiasm for this president remains strong in north dakota, heading into 2020, or can you point a place where he is vulnerable? >> absolutely, i think it's strong.
9:22 am
i think anyone who thinks that this president can't get beaten should spend time out in the hinterlands where i am, spend time talking to people who are concerned about border security, rightfully concerned and don't hear a response on the other side that really listens. they are concerned about affordability of health care and frustrated, and it's going to be the candidate who has a message of hope, but also has a message of solutions that's going to break through, and so i think that the support i see in my state for this president is as strong as it was on election day in 2018 >> okay. former north dakota senator heidi heitkamp, good to speak with you. come back and see us. >> thank you. the white house says the mueller report clears the president, but what do americans believe and how much does popular opinion really matter right now? we fit a lot of life into our subaru forester. (dad) it's good to be back. (mom) it sure is. (mom vo) over the years, we trusted it to carry and protect
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there's nowhere in the barr report that says the president obstructed justice, nowhere in the barr memo that says you or i obstructed justice and remember, we were fed -- >> there was no barr report. barr is summarizing. >> barr memo summarizing but i think -- >> mueller says it did not exonerate him. >> well t said many things and most importantly said that this president and his campaign did not commit a crime, that there was no conspiracy, no collusion. >> kelleyanne conway there, counselor to the president, with the white house's line on the
9:27 am
special counsel robert mueller's failure to exonerate the president of obstructing justice. joining me susan del percio, elena beverly, and jonathan alter, columnist for "the daily beast" and also msnbc political analyst. welcome to the three of you. susan, what do you make of how the white house is trying to dance around the issue of the president falsely claiming total exonerati exoneration. >> the president is always making false claims, so this is nothing new for them to dance around, but i think they are starting to realize there may be things in the mueller report that could be damning to the president. they may not come to the conclusion that they are illegal or that actually could be taken against the president, but there is probably going to be a lot of information that comes out toward the president's actions, and that they were not necessarily all very good things as the president claims. >> and despite those claims, jonath jonathan, you have a new nbc
9:28 am
news/"wall street journal" poll, most americans don't believe mueller cleared trump of wrong-doing. 71% believe he was not cleared or unsure. only 29% believe he was cleared. what does that tell you? >> that's a bad finding for president trump. you know, it's even lower than his base. you can find 29% who believe the earth is flat. it's a terrible number, and it suggests that this pressure to release the unredacted report, which even republican senator and trump supporter john barrosso called for this morning on television. this is going to happen. we are going to see this report, one way or another. if barr wants to cover it up, it will be leaked. this will come out, and at that point, i think, alex, something really interesting will happen. there will be a distinction made that should have been made all along, between conspiracy and
9:29 am
collusion. collusion is not a legal term. he was not cleared of collusion he was cleared of conspiracy. there wasn't enough evidence for bob mueller to find to bring a conspiracy charge against the president. i think we'll see a lot of evidence in this report of collusion, of them them making inappropriate improper contacts with the russians. >> john said we'll get it at some point. the question is when. attorney general bill barr expects to give a redacted version of the mueller report to congress by mid-april. democrats are rejecting that, saying that's too little, it's too late, because they want it, they want it tuesday, april 2nd. what should we expect to see from democrats, when he misses their deadline come 5:00 tuesday or 9:00 a.m. wednesday, do you think we'll see subpoenas? >> i do. i think that chairman nadler of the house judiciary committee is intent on ensuring they see the
9:30 am
entire report, and you will remember that bill barr suggested in his redacted version, there would be a number of elements that would call for redactions in the report, grand jury testimony, yes, but also the reputation of third parties. i think that we have chairman nadler saying that we want to make sure the american public and congress in exercising their oversight duty has full access to the report. he's willing to issue subpoenas, and he's expressed interest in taking this all the way to the supreme court, if necessary. >> i'm curious what you think is stopping barr from putting this whole report out there. concerns about grand jury information doesn't really hold water, when he hasn't tried to get a court order to release that material. >> he's also now working with mueller and rosenstein to go over the report, which is over 300 pages, to find out what should be held classified and redacted, and what shouldn't. so if mueller signing off on some of this, then i think there
9:31 am
is cause to be concerned that maybe it shouldn't be released. and let's not -- everyone was so rush to judgment that barr had the audacity to put out the memo less than 48 hours after he got the report, which was 300 pages long, and because he didn't have time to read it all. so you can't exactly have it both ways. i do think that two weeks is fine. i think it's good that mueller's involved in this process and anything that doesn't come out, congress will be able to have a hearing, and subpoena or ask mueller to testify, and say what in the report do you believe should not have been classified. so that will happen. i have faith in that system. >> take a listen to this, jonathan, on another front, here is senator lindsey graham. >> i hope there's a special counsel appointed to look at doj corruption and political bias, you know, because mueller did his job against trump. nobody's really looked at the clinton campaign, the fisa warrant abuse or the
9:32 am
counter-intelligence investigation for criminality yet and somebody should. >> what do you think on -- >> 100% b.s. >> bill? >> sorry to be so vague and dodgy in my answer to your question. lindsey graham is up for re-electi re-election, worried about a right wing primary challenge. i think he'll look back at this moment in his career and hang his head in shame five, ten years from now. he knows it's completely ridiculous. he knows there were perfectly legitimate reasons for the justice department to look into this. there was a very, very serious question at the beginning. remember, the russians had tried to subvert our democracy, so the idea that somehow it was wrong for the justice department to look into this is just ridiculous, and he knows it. he's just doing this to throw out some red meat to right wing south carolinians. >> calling it as you see it, jonathan, as do you, susan and ilana. thank you so much. >> thank you >> it is not a headline the
9:33 am
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i went to the best schools they didn't. much more beautiful house. much more beautiful apartment. much more beautiful everything. >> yeah, okay. the president, no stranger to s superlatives. but possible exaggerations about his financials are now attracting the attention of the house oversight committee. chair elijah cummings asking for ten years of trump's net worth statements. joining me now, "washington post" reporter covering the trump family and business interests. co-writer of that article. so david, let's get into it here. i know it all started with michael cohen's testimony. you got a look at the documents he produced. what did he say was the purpose of these so-called statements of net worth? >> cohen said the purpose was twofold. well, the purposes we care about today. one purpose was to give to trump's lenders or would-be lenders, basically to convince them he had enough money in his pocket that he would be a good
9:38 am
risk to loan money to. also, to trump's insurers. he tried to lower his premiums b by proving he was wealthy. >> so these valuations in this document that cohen presented, are these numbers supported by profession professional audits or who puts them together? >> they're not audited. they're put together by trump's accounting firm. they look very official. they say they're signed by the accounting firm. there's a disclaimer at the beginning saying basically so much of this document diverges from regular accounting procedures. although we put it together, we're not really vouching for any of it. trump is the source of all the numbers. none of the numbers are audited in the way you would think an accounting firm would. >> given that we described him being no stranger to superlatives, you wrote that one
9:39 am
of the statements overstated the number of homes for sale. the claim was 55. reality it was 31. the effect of a claim like that equals what, tens of millions of dollars or what? >> that's a really important distinction here. the accounting firm said, look, there's only errors in here. the valuations are weird. but they don't disclaim everything. one of the things they didn't warn people about was the claim you just mentioned. trump said he had 55 homes ready to sell in california for $3 million minimum each. really, he had only had 31. so 24 is the difference. 24 times 3 million, that's $72 million, at least, that trump was telling these potential lenders, look, i have that coming in. that's out there ready for me to take. those sellable lots didn't exist. >> this one is rather confounding. you report that even the actual height of trump tower -- i mean, that's so easily fact checked. go to the elevator, for heaven's sake. the claim was 68 stories. the reality, 58 stories. what are they saying, maybe it's a typo or something? >> no, they did the same thing
9:40 am
with trump world tower by the united nations. he said it was 90 stories when really it's 72. >> that's not a typo. >> trump had been saying this for years in new york. he'd renumbered the buttons in the elevator just because it made it sound more prestigious. there's not 68 stories. there's 58. if you're representing that to a lender, you're telling them something about the revenue that building might produce. ten more stories might make a difference. those ten stories just don't exist. >> so look, aside from people who are going to look at this and just scratch their heads, why is it important for the public to know about these documents? >> the importance -- the reason we wrote about this now is these documents seem set to be the centerpiece of a couple different investigations. one is on the house side of capitol hill. the other is in new york state. after michael cohen described how trump used these documents to send them to lenders, send them to insurers, people raised questions about whether this was fraud in a legal sense. there are laws against misleading your lenders, misleading your insurers, and
9:41 am
getting a financial benefit out of that. we don't know if trump's actions rose to the level of criminality, but you're seeing the beginning of two sets of investigations on capitol hill and in new york state, they're going to ask what the effect of using these documents was. it's important to understand how far from reality they are as those investigations begin. >> your reporting always makes for great conversation. come see me again soon. thank you. all of the major 2020 democratic candidates will be attending reverend al sharpton's national action network convention. coming up, i'm going to speak with the rev and talk about the 2020 outlook. and talk about th 2020 outlook
9:42 am
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not playing games. the president says he's serious about his threats to shut down the southern border, but does he have the legal authority to make that happen? addressing the controversy. joe biden responding to claims he inappropriately touched a woman at a campaign event. what that means for his 2020 ambitions. plus, an inside look, the documentary that's created a lot of questions about steve bannon. i'll ask the filmmaker why she decided to follow him around and why he let her. good day, everyone. right here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." happening this hour, widening political fallout in the battle over the much-anticipated mueller report. democrats set a tuesday deadline for the attorney general to make the unredacted report public.
9:46 am
a.g. barr says it will happen by mid-april, perhaps sooner. the number two on the house democrat intelligence committee echoing adam schiff that there could be evidence of collusion. >> my guess is that when you see the whole report, you will see good reasons, good reasons for why a number of people, a lot of people were concerned by the possibility, since disproved, that the trump campaign was colluding with the russians. >> counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, defending him for claiming he was exonerated of obstruction of justice when it was the attorney general, not the special counsel, who reached that conclusion. >> when the president says it's a total exoneration of obstruction, kellyanne, that's just not true. >> well, the president is probably comparing that report and the ultimate conclusions of no conspiracy, no collusion -- >> i'm asking you about obstruction, though. >> we'll see what the full
9:47 am
mueller report says. >> meanwhile, the new poll by nbc news and "the wall street journal" found that most americans do not think the president is in the clear. 29% said the president has been cleared of wrongdoing. 40% said the president has not been cleared. 31% are still unsure. meanwhile, not a big change on the president's approval rating, though now at 43%, which is down three percentage points from last month. it is still within the margin of error. also developing today, the acting chief of staff trying to justify the president's threat to close the southern border next week if mexico does not do more to stop the flow of pmy granteds. >> we need the people from the ports of entry to patrol in the desert where we don't have any wall. we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. >> mick mulvaney also backing an administration push to cut about $450 million in foreign aid to elle val salvador, guatemala, a honduras. >> if we're going to give these countries hundreds of millions of dollars, we would like them
9:48 am
to do many. that, i would respectfully submit, is not an unreasonable position. if it's working so well, why are the people still coming? >> joining me now, betsy woodruff and aaron blake. hey, guys. good to see you both. we'll go ladies first, betsy. kellyanne conway said this morning the president is not bluffing, that he's serious about closing the border. where is this headed? >> well, if this is something that the president decides to do, there would be immediate legal pushback and potentially litigation from any number of allegedly aggrieved parties. one of the biggest impacts that closing the border would immediately have would be on getting fresh produce. americans rely on the mexican agricultural sector for any number of fruits and vegetables that we eat in this country. if you were to close down the border immediately, you would have trucks full of produce and other food products sitting and rotting basically. the relationship between the
9:49 am
u.s. and mexico and the agricultural sector is very closely intertwined and just putting a freeze on transportation of goods from mexico into the united states would likely have an immediate impact that thousands of americans would see at the grocery store. >> empty shelves, in fact. i'm curious, since last sunday about 4:30, 5:00 p.m., do you get the sense the president feels emboldened? because the mueller investigation is over. look at what he's taken on this week. obamacare, the border, foreign aid. big topics. this is to you. i'm sorry, betsy. >> of course. there's no question the president feels like the last week was one of the most successful of his presidency. people in the white house also point to the recent indictment of michael avenatti, the former attorney for stormy daniels who played a key role in bringing up the information leading to michael cohen pleading guilty. the fact they now see him facing
9:50 am
new legal challenges is something the president's own son has crowed about on twitter. so there's no question that the president is looking at, you know, a spate of extremely good news, good news that may not be least for the last two weeks has been incredibly cheering to the white house and is feeling confident and feeling like many of his critics and opponents are sort of pushed back on their heels. that's absolutely the explanation for why we're seeing a lot of the more daring and aggressive steps that he's been taking on some of these domestic policy issues. >> aaron, you have a number of articles out this week following the mueller report. if there's one takeaway in your mind from the report summary and from barr's letters, what would that be? >> you know, i think there's a lot of talk still about the idea that william barr might have misled the american people about exactly what's in the report. he certainly seemed to have internalized that criticism judging by the letter that he released on friday in which he addressed the criticism that was in the media and from some of
9:51 am
the democrats in congress where he basically said this wasn't intended to be an extensive, conclusive summary of everything. i was just giving you the highlights here. i think the biggest issue and the one we should still keep looking at is the one we looked at initially, which is that william barr decided once this report was sent to him and robert mueller had decided not to clear the president of obstruction of justice, william barr stepped forward to do that. i think that's a very valid question. legal experts have questioned his rationale on that front. we were always going to get more information about this. the idea he was using that letter to mislead people i think is kind of missing the story here. the real question is why the president's new attorney general, which he appointed, has basically overridden the nonconclusion of the special counsel who is supposed to be taking over this case and giving us a conclusion that's not colored by politics. >> last summer while the mueller investigation was in full swing, you wrote an op-ed essentially
9:52 am
saying regardless of the investigation's outcome, quote, this won't end well. you think that will still be the case when we get the full report? >> i think it's even more the case now. look, this is always going to be a process that concludes with a political solution, not a legal one. even the recommendations that special counsel robert mueller was going to deliver were going to be up to congress to decide upon. i think even if there was a conclusion that the president had obstructed justice, that there was some kind of collusion, the idea that republicans in congress were just going to accept that and impeach and remove the president was always far fetched. this was always going to operate in some kind of political gray area. there are people that are dug in on both sides. we don't see much movement in the polls as far as what people believe the president actually did here. and so this is ultimately something that's going to be decided in the 2020 presidential election, which is always the way it was going to be, but there's just going to be a lot more hard feelings. we're seeing that especially over the last week, where we see democrats trying to figure out how they're going to play this
9:53 am
now that robert mueller did not find the things that they've been saying took place here. >> you guys, sit tight. i have another topic for you on the other side of this discussion. a former nevada democratic politician now detailing allegations of what she says was an inappropriate kiss on her head from former vice president joe biden. it happened in 2014. >> out of nowhere, i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair, and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. >> well, biden responding this morning with a statement. it say in part, quote, in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, i've offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support, and comfort. not one, never, did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully, but it was never my intention.
9:54 am
nbc's national political reporter is joining us once again. we go to you, mike, because i know you covered the vice president for more than a decade. so what is the latest on this? how is this all being perceived out there? >> well, we saw this first surface on friday when lucy flores posted an op-ed online describing this moment, saying it made her feel embarrassed and shocked. we've also now heard from the vice president, saying he doesn't recall these incidents in the same way. as the story is evolving, it's less about whether or not this incident happened as described. nbc news has not independently verified that fact. it's more becoming a discussion about the vice president and how he's treated women. i want to read a new statement as the vice president and his team begin to engage. this is from cynthia hogan, a senior staffer to senator biden but also vice president biden years later. she says, i've often been asked what it was like to work for the u.s. senate, a famously all-male environment in the early to mid-1990s. i can happily answer that the experience was wonderful because
9:55 am
i was lucky enough to work for joe biden who had promoted several women, including me, to leadership roles on the staff of the senate judiciary committee and who treated us with respect and insisted that others do the same. now, there are also questions today about the timing of this. of course, the former vice president hasn't announced his campaign just yet. we may be weeks away from that. here's how lucy flores responded to the question of why she was raising this now and whether there might be some political motivation involved. >> how would you respond to somebody out there who says she's attending a beto rally, she supported bernie in 2016, politics might be partially motivating you here. what would you tell those people? >> i would say politics was definitely the impetus. the reason why we're having these conversations about vice president joe biden is because he's considering running for president. >> a key question is as the vice president was sitting with his top aides and trying to come to a final decision, does this whole episode now affect that final decision. >> all right. mike, thank you for that from
9:56 am
washington. back to betsy and aaron. betsy, to you, how much does this weigh on biden's decision whether or not to run? >> one of the considerations that biden has to make is the impact that any presidential election would have on his family. that's a consideration that anyone running for office has to weigh. the other consideration he faces is whether running for president would burnish or undermine the long legacy he has of working in american politics. when you enter the fray of a presidential campaign, you know you're going to face dramatically heightened scrutiny on all parts of your life. that's obviously appropriate. it's vital we big through the backgrounds of people who are competing to become the leaders of the free world. in biden's case, the question he has to weigh is would that scrutiny, would that re-examination now especially in the wake of the me too movement
9:57 am
and a more aggressive approach to how to handle misconduct on the part of powerful men, now that that's coloring how we think about many of these potential candidates, biden has to ask himself, is that scrutiny going to be something that's worth it? is it something that's going to tarnish his legacy and color the way that future generations look at him as a figure in american history? or is it something that he thinks he can get through and won't potentially present a legacy harming reality for him. >> i'm curious, aaron, do we think that biden, who's clearly a very tactile man -- i mean, there are any number of photos of him embracing people on the campaign trail. he's a tactile guy. there's no way around it. the fact is that lucy flores says she in no way is suggesting this rose to a level of sexual assault. it's the level to which he made her and potentially other women feel uncomfortable. is there a sense that joe biden, a man who's lived his life this way, could tone this down? i mean, take a big fat black sharpie and say this is the line, i'm not crossing it.
9:58 am
>> you know, this is in a lot of ways symptomatic of how joe biden has conducted himself throughout his time in public life. he's always been somebody who has been more free whiling, more willing to speak off the cuff. a lot of times that's gotten him in trouble with some of the things he's said. certainly a lot of politicians would probably have taken a more cautious approach to embracing people and physical contact. you know, this is a guy who has been in public life for a very long time. there is a lot to work with. it's not just this issue. we've seen a lot of different reporting when it comes to his past on abortion rights, when it comes to his past on racial issues. you know, he left office as vice president very popular, maybe at the apex of his popularity in public life. but he wasn't always terribly popular when he was in the obama white house. i think if 2016 showed us anything, it's just that because somebody who enters this race is extremely popular, which hillary clinton was when she entered that race, does not mean that
9:59 am
will carry through. if joe biden's past has shown us anything, including his presidential campaigns which didn't go very well, the odds of success in this campaign are not very high, even if he might be a favorite to start out with. if you're him, you have to look at that and think, you know, is this going to be worth it, not just because i'm going to have to go through this, but also the likelihood it's never going to work out and this is going to be the koe da to an unsuccessful campaign. >> a great discussion as alms. thank you both so much. the fallout from the mueller report. i'll speak with a member of the intel committee who could help determine where the investigation goes next. determine where the investigation goes next. what is that? uh mine, why? it's just that it's... lavender. yes it is, it's for men but i like the smell of it laughs ♪ [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪
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asylum seekers and other immigrants, many of them children, detained under a bridge in el paso, texas, because border facilities are far beyond capacity. in response, the president is threatening to close the southern border and cut off about $450 million in foreign aid to el salvador, honduras, and guatemala. joining me now, representative denny heck, a democrat from washington, also a member of the intelligence committee. always good to talk to you. let's get right into it here. is that the right move, to tackle the search urge of migra? >> it's exactly the opposite of the right move. the fact of the matter is if he cuts off aid to these three countries, honduras, el
10:04 am
salvador, and guatemala, it'll exacerbate the problem. the fact of the matter is if he cuts the border off, it's not going to stop the flow of people seeking political asylum. it will have the opposite effect. in fact, with respect to his proposal to close the border with mexico, can you say recession? i worry very genuinely, frankly, that if he were to close the border, that this would be another brick on the low to slow economic growth in america and could hold with it the potential to actually tip us into a recession. it's a dangerous move that he should not take. >> so what is it that you and your democratic colleagues think should be done? as of today, where do we go? >> i think we ought to work more closely with the three countries, the so-called triangle that seem to be the source of so many people seeking political asylum. i think also that we need to sit down and have finally once again, as we did several years ago, an adult bipartisan conversation about how to deal with the immigration problem. but as we all know now, as all
10:05 am
the evidence suggests, as all the data suggests, this has to be a comprehensive collusion so we hope to curtail the issue. >> can you and fellow members in congress push back on this? does the white house have the legal authority to just cut off the $450 million that the administration wants to redirect elsewhere? >> well, obviously as we learned recently with respect to the president's suggestion that he steal money from department of defense and military related projects to build his wall that he has a different interpretation of the constitution than we do. i think it's an open question but one that i would rather be on the side of congress, which according to the constitution has the sole authority to do this. as the constitution says, no money shall be spent from the treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law, and the president doesn't have the authority to do that, only congress does. >> okay. this all comes as the president is claiming total exoneration ahead of the release of the
10:06 am
mueller report. i'm just going to point out i'm not asking you to dig into your intelligence on the committee. here's what i want to know. as a member of the intelligence committee and echoing the sentiments of your committee chair adam schiff, are you convinced the president was compromised by russia? >> yes, i am. i am convinced he was compromised. i am convinced, and i think collusion was conducted scene hiding in plain sight. the point that attorney general barr was making is that he interprets whatever it is that bob mueller submitted to him, which we don't yet know the contents of, that it did not rise to the level of criminal conspiracy. those are separate questions. this is why american public and the members of congress unanimously have indicated they would like to see the contents of the mueller report. i trust and hope that will happen at some point in the future. the sooner, the better. >> the mueller report addresses
10:07 am
the past. are you concerned the president might still in the present be compromised by russia? >> well, it's a little difficult to explain and understand his behavior throughout the presidency and campaign. whether it was his private conversations or comments in helsinki about vladimir putin or his continuing to lie about the deal pending for him to construct a trump tower in moscow or whether it's about the meeting that took place in new york trump tower or whether it's about his campaign manager submitting very confidential polling data to russian operatives. it's a little hard to understand what motivates all that unless there is not some form of entanglement. again, i think we would have a fuller understanding of all of that if we were allowed to see the contents of the mueller report. alex, as i've said on this program i don't know how many times, in bob mueller i trust. if i can actually see his report and he comes to that conclusion
10:08 am
that there was no criminal conspiracy based on the evidence he was able to uncover, i'm more than willing to accept that. >> what happens if the attorney general, as expected, does not deliver on democrats' demands on tuesday and deliver the full report unredacted? he said he would do so redacted ultimately, but what happens then? will you be subpoenaing, do you think? >> well, the chair of the intelligence committee and i think the chair of the judiciary committee have both indicated they would resort to the tool of subpoenaing the records. look, it's going to be a long, protracted hot mess. i'm increasingly convinced, frankly, that where this will ultimately be litigated is in november of 2020. but in the meantime, the focus and the pressure needs to stay on to actually get to the contents and the actual work of the mueller report. >> but there is a long time between now and november of next year. how do democrats move forward during this time? there is a poll that was from "the washington post" finding
10:09 am
that americans are divided 49% to 48% on whether democrats should continue to investigate whether the president interfered in the russia probe. might it be in the best interest of the country to move past these issues and focus on policy issues, as i know the democrats want to do? >> yeah, we're attempting, frankly, with a great deal of effort to continue to advance legislation that will improve the condition of american people. in fact, in just the two-plus month, almost three months we've been in, we of course passed a pay equity act. we've passed a bill to clean up government ethics and reform legislation. so we're continuing to work very hard. we'll be bringing forward legislation to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. ironically, one week after the president has decided he wants to repeal the affordable care act in its entirety and strip people of all protections, those that have pre-existing
10:10 am
conditions or protections against lifetime caps that may be arbitrarily placed on them or protection for women who paid a great deal for more their health care than their male counterparts did. so we'll be pushing forward on that. we'll be pushing forward on infrastructure legislation. as the saying goes, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. we have been and we will continue to. >> look, the acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney, had this to say this morning about whether there's a legitimate reason to investigate the president on ethics and morality. >> i think the voters are going to decide about the ethics and morality of the people they vote for on either side. that's not the job of the house intelligence committee. it's not the job of the house judiciary committee. it's not the job of the house oversight committee. they're supposed to review the functioning of government. members of congress, even if they are the chairman of the house intelligence committee, don't get to substitute their judgment for the voters.
10:11 am
>> do you agree with that? >> once again, they're reading a different version of the united states constitution than i am. article 1 of the constitution sets forth the responsibilities of the united states congress, not the executive branch, and it's pretty clear that it intended the founders -- the founders intended for the congressional branch to exercise oversight and hold the executive branch accountable. part of the reason the congressional branch was set forth first was that they were worried about an executive branch that would continue to accumulate power at the expense of the congressional branch and the american public. alex, let us remember this is not just a question of the congressional branch exercising its oversight responsibility. the fact of the matter is there continue to be, count them, four u.s. attorney offices engaged in an investigation of this administration and the president, at least one state regulator, and i don't know how many local prosecuting attorneys. there are, as of prior to the mueller report, 17 investigations under way of this
10:12 am
administration. everything from the trump organization to the inaugural committee, to the campaign committee, to him personally, to the trump white house and executive branch members. this is not just the congressional branch. >> all right. house intel committee member representative denny heck. i'm getting better at this. not once did you have to say to me, i can't answer that, alex. so good to know. all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. new 2020 polls taking the pulse of voters on everything from health care to climate change to immigration reform. but which issue matters the most to the american public? reverend al sharpton is here to weigh in on that. al sharpton i weigh in on that mom! he's blinking too loud. sorry, is that too loud? you don't need any more hormones in your house. that's why you chose kraft natural cheese.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
it is a big week for democratic presidential candidates who have begun highlighting key issues that they want to bring to the campaign trail. while they're looking to win the most important seat in washington, d.c., this week they're all going to be at new york's national action network national convention. joining me now is the founder and president of that civil rights organization. he's also the host of "politics nation" here on msnbc, my dear friend reverend al sharpton. this is a pretty big get. >> yeah, it's important. we're in the midst of the most
10:17 am
racially polarized presidency we've seen in our lifetimes. i think that the issues of civil rights, racial disparities need to be addressed by all of the candidates, and just about all of them are coming, certainly the ones that have been polled at the highest end. and stacy ab rarams and others t will be speaking. we need to not just have sound bites. we need to know specifically how will you deal with the economic disparities, the educational disparities, and the criminal justice matters. so i'm very happy that everyone from beto o'rourke to liz warren to kamala harris, everyone's coming. we want to hear what they have to say. >> you're also going to discuss some of the issues very important to the voters in addition to what you just said, health care, the economy. how much time are you going to be spending on that, and how is is that all going to work out? are you going to have panels? i'm curious how they're all
10:18 am
going to get their time. >> we're going to have each of the candidates address us. we'll ask them a few questions. then we're going to have workshops and panels that we'll put together what i call an action agenda. we've done this for the last several presidential cycles in terms of these are the things that we want to see. these are the things we're going to push. and these are the ways that we're going to move forward. >> look, you're going to push these things because you think these are the most important issues to the american people right now. on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most important, health care. where does that stand? >> 8 1/2 to 9 probably. >> economy? >> probably seven or eight. >> immigration? >> immigration, i think three or four. >> really? >> i do a lot of traveling. i'm not hearing from the american people what this president is trying to project. the fact of the matter is, alex, as you know, immigration across the mexican border had gone
10:19 am
down. ironically, it's began to pick up under trump. so i think that the concerns are about what's going on in the country, not as much in terms of the immigration. i think there are concerns, but i don't think they're anywhere near the concerns that we've seen with health care and the concerns we've seen in terms of dealing with an economy. you have people now working two jobs that can't pay their bills. and i think that they're very concerned about that. a lot of the benefits that this president promised with tax cuts and rearranging things where the top would get more, it just hasn't happened. the trickle-down effect has not happened. they've taken the profits from the tax cuts and reinvested in their own stock and have not reinvested in their workers. >> on that one to ten scale again, how about climate change? >> i think climate change is high. i think six, seven. even then there's a civil rights
10:20 am
aspect because a lot of the most environmentally dangerous things are in communities of the underprivileged and communities of color. it's called environmental racism. alexandria ocasio-cortez will be speaking. we're going to be dealing with all of that. >> how about the president? how important is he to the democrats when they talk about the issues? i guess the question is, how much is it about running against this president as opposed to on these policy platforms? >> i think it's very important about running against this president, but i think they're one in the same. let's remember, this president ran against the policies of barack obama and what the democrats had done. >> and continues trying to undo them. >> right away, as soon as he got the summation that we really don't know whether or not that summation equals the mueller report, he went right after the
10:21 am
affordable care act. he's now talking about closing the borders. so in many ways, to ask is it against donald trump or for policies is the same thing. it's against donald trump because he has vowed to try and eradicate all the policies that were established. >> there's another big issue that's been discussed. let's listen to what that is. >> i believe it's time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations in this country. >> can i tell you why i'm frustrated and disappointed by this reparations conversation? it's because it's being reduced to just a box to check on a presidential list. when this is so much more of a serious conversation. >> people aren't starting out on the same base in terms of their ability to succeed. we have a history of racism in america. >> so you are for some type of -- >> yes, i am. >> where do you come down on the issue of reparation? >> i've always said there must
10:22 am
be reparations, but it needs to be studied in a way that is done fair to those that are descendents of those that were enslaved in the country and how it is going to be executed. i think that just to say, okay, i'm for reparations, i'm for some form -- what does that mean? i don't wte. we've always been supportive of it. i'm glad it's in the presidential conversation. we certainly will be bringing it up this week. but at the same time, it must be substantive, and you must not only deal with repairing what was done in the past but the continued institution of bigotry we see demonstrated every day. >> quickly, we were talking in the commercial break about joe biden and lucy flores and the statements she's made about being made to feel uncomfortable by him. do you think that's going to influence whether or not he runs? >> my guess is that he's in. i think the fact that she says it was a matter of discomfort,
10:23 am
not an assault, i think he will probably come in. i think that he is somebody that should not be taken lightly in this process. >> okay. well, you showed up to work a little early. you're on at 5:00. >> 5:00 live, that's right. >> thank you for joining me. much appreciated. so watch him, as you see there. meantime, new poll numbers on the mueller investigation as the white house says the report clears the president, but how much does public opinion on it matter right now? does public ot matter right n ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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if he is saying that he never believed that was inappropriate, then frankly, i think that's a little bit of a disconnect. i want him to change his behavior, and i want him to acknowledge that it was wrong. >> lucy flores there reacting to former vice president joe biden's latest statement on her accusation of an inappropriate kiss on the top of her head at a 2014 campaign event. now, nbc news has not independently verified that claim. biden's statement said in part, not once did i ever believe i acted inappropriately. it was never my intention. he says, i will listen respectfully. let's bring in adrian elrod, democratic strategist don calloway, and former nevada state gop chairwoman. big welcome to my 1:00 p.m. troop on sundays. adrian, where do you stand on
10:28 am
this accusation? what does it mean for biden's potential run for the presidency? >> well, look, in some ways it is disturbing. at the same time, this is something -- uncle joe, as we affectionately call him, has always been somebody who has given warm embraces, hugs, it's what he's known for. so i think you're going into a situation where this is not surprising to anybody. if he did make this particular woman feel uncomfortable, then it's something that he probably has to contend with. he put out a very forceful statement acknowledging that he is happy to change his behaviors, but at the same time, he also made very clear that i've focused my entire career on helping to empower women. he's just an affectionate guy. i do think we will see how this plays out, but i don't think this is the way he's very warm and fuzzy, i don't think it surprises anybody. >> we have to reiterate, amy, that lucy flores says this did
10:29 am
not rise to the level of sexual assault. she's very clear on that. what's your take on it? >> well, let's go back to when she did run for office. she was an assemblywoman. she ran for lieutenant governor then congress in 2016. back then, she endorsed and campaigned heavily for bernie sanders, who just so happens to be in second place in today's polling behind biden. so we need to take that into consideration, with the timing of this information being divulged. i'm not saying it happened. i'm not saying it didn't happen. when you have a former candidate who is actually raising money at the same time with a presidential candidate, he did what was called a money bomb for her. he raised her almost half a million dollars, which is a tremendous amount of money, especially here in the state of nevada. so that's where i question her motive and her timing on this.
10:30 am
>> interesting perspective, given you're right there in nevada. don, what's your response? >> i think adrienne is right in that this is not a sexual assault. i think amy is right in that there's probably potentially a political angle. i'm somewhere in the middle. this is not sexual assault, but it's certainly inappropriate. we're not too far removed from having discussed here week after week judge kavanaugh. i know this is not a sexual assault, but to me it feels inappropriate. we know this is uncle joe and this is how he gets down, but if you're a democrat, you got to keep that same energy and raise an eyebrow here. i don't think it keeps him out of the race, but i do think that he should probably have some explaining to do. let's be clear, us in d.c., we know this is not the only situation of this sort. he probably needs to modify his behavior going forward. i don't think that it kicks him out of the race. his statement was really good. his response was really good. frankly, he's a beloved individual. but i think it's a moment for him to have some introspection about his personal behavior when it comes to women and his
10:31 am
personal space. >> here's the bottom line. if it makes anybody uncomfortable what you do or say, do not do it. >> that's right. >> pretty much that simple, right? that would really solve the problem. let's go to this next topic because we have the new claims from the white house about attorney general bill barr's conclusions from the mueller report. here's what kellyanne conway and mick mulvaney are saying. >> barr is simply summarizing, and mueller says it did not exonerate him. >> it said many things. most importantly, it said this president and his campaign did not commit a crime, that there was no conspiracy, no collusion. >> it completely exonerates the president. there's no collusion, no obstruction of justice. >> want to get your reactions to it. adrienne, you first. >> yeah, alex, this is -- i think the white house probably had the best week they were going to have around that summary because when the actual mueller report is released with redactions as appropriate, it's going to shed a lot of light and be far more information and far
10:32 am
more detail. so i'm not really quite sure what to think about kellyanne conway's comments. i think we need to see the report. >> amy? >> i agree with adrienne, actually. i felt that it was good week for the president and the white house. i agree with mick mulvaney that it did exonerate the president from any collusion and obstruction of justice. but i'm also one for transparency, and i'm looking forward to the remaining report being shared with the rest of us. >> okay. last quick word to you, don. >> you know, rule 6-e, federal rules of civil procedure, matters a whole lot here. we know some things will have to be redaked, but that rule will give william barr and the white house a broad mandate to redact way too much. that's where you can hold back stuff from folks who have not been indicted. that's going to be their reasoning for redacting a whole
10:33 am
lot of stuff. i don't see us getting a full report here. >> okay. i love our conversations. i'll look forward to seeing the three of you again. thanks. so even if you're not a fan of steve bannon, there's a new documentary about him that may fascinate you. what he says in it may surprise you. we'll speak to the director of the documentary next. ntary nextt an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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10:37 am
. >> the white house, there's no glam mouse to the job. >> i hated every second i was there. >> he went from being the parki president's top strike that just. steve bannon hitting screens this year. joining me now is allison. she is the director of the brink. have you had people ask you why you close to spend so much time shadowing something that a large number of people view as unlikable? >> yes. the opportunity presented itself. i jumped on it because i felt like getting that kind of access to a figure like steve bannon even though i disagree with his politics it would be a vector
10:38 am
into the world of a far right and frankly the mainstream of the republican party. i was able to see what his strategies are, who he works with, who supports him and what was going to happen once he left the white house. >> i want to take a look where she was discussing about his time how he felt in the white house. the the west wing has a bad karma to it. it has a bad feel. they would say because you were doing evil stuff. >> does he fit the rule of an evil villain he has been portrayed as? do you think it will at all? >> i think the 1 dementional image that i had before i first met him as this sort of evil mastermind or death itself on snl. it is something very powerful.
10:39 am
it's all very powerful and he didn't mind it at all. it was feeding him and giving him strength. it ended up being a currency he could use to go around the world and say listen, i'm this great we strategist. he calls himself a nationalist. do you think his views are different from white nationalists? >> personally, you know, when he gets behind closed doors it is really a dlans to look behind the curtain. what i witnessed was not him meeting with far right leaders and billionaires to talk about how to bring manufacturing jobs. he uses terms about economic
10:40 am
nationalism. sit much more than for anything that's concerned about economics. >> did you reach your goal when you set out to make this film? >> my it was let me never under estimate him. i feel like i was able to get in the room and show people what's really going on. some times it's challenging. he is not necessarily breathing fire 24 hours a day. that's going to be something that i think people have to reckon with, that peep do bad things. >> that daily montra, pretty smart. i can't wait to say it. thank you for talking with me about it. >> sure. democrats don't trust. coming up the legal and political fight that may come up to get the mueller report in full. to get the mueller report n full
10:41 am
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10:44 am
xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. boop! oh, there, look at the time. that's a the wrap for me. i wish we could continue our conversation we were having. >> yes. >> we had good coffin vnversati. >> enjoy the rest of your sunday. good afternoon everybody. in new york completely closed and illegal immigrants crossing the border.
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