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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  March 31, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. until then, keep the conversation going. like us at and follow us on twitter @politicsnation. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> this sunday the fall out. president trump claims victory over the mueller report. >> total exoneration, complete vindication. >> allies line up to defend him. >> and what did we hear this week? no collusion. no obstruction. >> a total vindication. >> and the president goes after his opponents. >> little pencil neck adam schiff. >> but democrats push back. >> the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel. >> and condemn mr. trump's conduct. >> i think it's immoral. i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic.
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and yes, i think it's corrupt and evidence of collusion. >> my guests this morning, two senate leaders, republican john bah rah sew and dick durbin of illinois. president trump vows to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. >> did mr. trump just hand democrats a winning issue. and the 2020 campaign. >> i am a dreamer and a doer. >> can a self-described moderate win an election in an increasingly progressive democratic party. joining me for analysis are hallie jackson, democratic pollster cornell belcher, peggy newnan, and rich lowery. welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press."
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>> from nbc news in washington, this is meet the press with chuck todd. >> good sunday morning. it turns out we're still waiting for the mueller report. on friday attorney general bill barr sent a letter to congress promising to release the report no later than mid-april and says there are no plans to submit the report to the white house in advance. what may be surprising is how little in effect the summary seems to have had on public opinion. our latest wall "wall street journal" poll says 40% of adults don't believe the report clears president trump of wrong doing. just 29% says it does. but a significant 32% remain unsure. perhaps those 31% are wisely waiting for the report to be released or they haven't been paying that close attention to this story.
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president trump's approval rating is slightly down from last month. let's be honest, it's well within the president's trading range that we've seen all presidency long. as you can see over the past four months as throughout this presidency, mr. trump's approval numbers have held remarkably stable even though we are weak. it's perhaps why the president debuted a scorched earth strategy of sorts in michigan as democrats are debates which candidate can survive the onslaught. what is surprising is mr. trump stepped on his good news. he pivoted away from the best gift he's received as president, no collusion, and handed the democrats a political gift of their own, a chance to defend obamacare now that he has vowed to repeal it without any alternative. >> the russia hoax is finally dead. >> president trump took a victory lap this week. >> total exoneration, complete
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vi vindication. >> a total vindication. >> as clear p vindication as you can get. >> while mueller did not conclude the president committed a crime with the russian government, he also did not exonerate him of obstruction of justice. and "the wall street journal" poll says only 6% of democrats, 19% of independents, and 64% of republicans believes the report clears president trump. now demanding the full release be released by tuesday. >> show us the report and we can draw our own conclusions. we don't need you interpreting for us. it was condescending. it was arrogant. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general, and if that's what he would like to do, i have nothing to hide. but by friday evening the president appeared to have reversed course tweeting no matter what the we give them, it will never be enough. maybe we should take our victory and say no.
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barr has already said he will redact the report for grand jury testimony, classified information, material that could achks ongoing investigations, and information that would, quote, infringe on the personal privacy and reputations of what he calls peripheral third parties, another way, perhaps, of invoking executive privilege. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [ bleep ]. >> republicans have moved on to singling out political enemies. >> adam schiff's leadership is compromised. >> he needs to resign. >> little pencil neck adam schiff. sick, sick, these are sick people. >> schiff called out the president's conduct. >> i think it's immoral. i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic. and yes, i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. >> and mr. trump appears focused on revenge, attacking his investigators, seeking to blunt
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their credibility. >> i'm sorry. they have to be accountable. >> some republicans worry that the president will fixate on the wrong message and were rattled by the trump administration surprising decision to tell a federal appeals court on monday that the entire affordable care act should beov yofr turned. >> i'm very disappointed. >> we have a chance of killing obamacare. we almost did it but somebody surprised us with thumbs down. we'll do it a different way. >> joining me now is the chair of the senate ub are can conference, john brass sew. >> i want to get to health care. but let me start with the mueller report. the attorney general is working on getting a redacted report to the congress and public by mid april. i understand the public seeing a redacted report. shouldn't congress see the full -- some members of congress see the full report.
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>> the headlines were very clear last week, no collusion, no collaboration, no conspiracy. i've called for a release of the full report. >> unredacted? >> that's what i've been calling for. i understand the attorney general has some specific issues in areas he has to be concerned. i think anything you give to congress ultimately everyone will see so i don't see a lot of difference in terms of making sure the public seeing it. >> do you think this is a mistake to draw out the fact, the more he redacts, the more it becomes -- that you're essentially having the wrong debate in congress which is about transparency and the lack thereof? >> i'm for transparency and accountability. when mueller was appointed he was the saint of what is all and good in the world. now they want to throw him under the bus when he found out that there was nothing there. they don't seem to be happy with the results. but he is somebody that was praised from both sides of the aisle as being able to do a fair
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job of the job assigned to him. >> are you confident there's no there. mr. barr says while the report does not conclude the president created a crime, it also does not exonerate him. the president says he's exonerated. who's right? >> the headlines are no collusion, no collaboration, no conspiracy. that's what's there. >> the headlines are from bill barr's memo. bill barr said the report doesn't exonerate him. the president says he is. where do you come down? >> i've asked for a full report to be released. the attorney general will make that final decision. and ultimately the voters will make that decision as you just saw from your report. last week, nbc interrupted a golf tournament, cbs interrupted the final four, people wanted to get back to their sports. they were more interested in that than the breaking news. >> you may be right. let me ask you this. the special counsel did not find a crime when it comes to conspiracy. there is a counterintelligence investigation.
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this is what we know from it. and i'm curious if you think the president is exonerated from all of these things, allegedly asked comey for loyalty, allegedly telling comey he hoped he could let flynn go, telling the russian ambassador in the oval office he got the comey thing out of the way, the public asking for help. the president's behavior, while he's technically exonerated from a crime, is he exonerated from his behavior as a president? >> every president is judged on many things. behavior is part of that. the electorate will be asked to make that judgment in 2020 and we'll see how they decide. >> what do you think on this? >> yeah, i think the president has been clear with the american people. he has been, i believe, falsely accused for the last two years and mueller has proven the fact that there was no collusion. >> you think he was falsely accused because some of his behavior led people to believe there was something more there. he's the one that wanted to -- do you think it was appropriate for him to want to do business
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with vladimir putin in russia while he was running for president. >> the president has success all around the world. it is not surprising he was continuing to do the business. >> i understand you stated a bunch of facts there. you didn't state opinion. do you think it's appropriate? >> i think it's not surprising that international businessmen do these things. >> he wanted to run for >> it probably did help trigger the suspicion but i don't think there is a fault there on the part of the president. >> i want to ask you one other thing about bill barr's reading of expansive executive power. here's what he said about what he wrote in his memo before becoming attorney general. he said constitutionally it is wrong to conceive the president is highest officer. he alone is the executive branch, thus the full measure of law enforcement authority is placed in the president's hands and no limit is placed on the kind of cases subject to his
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control and supervision. this maintains -- do you believe the attorney general is right of this expansive view that essentially the president of the united states is the law? >> well, i believe the attorney general is right in his evaluation of the law and how it works, but no man is above the law. >> how could you, though, correct this viewpoint? i mean you're saying that he's right, but it does claim that as sitting president of the united states, he is above the law. maybe he won't be after or before but he is while. >> i'm not a lawyer. i don't play a lawyer on television. there are experts that look into that and i know that lindsey graham, the pit bull he is is going to continue to work on this area. >> do you think investigating the investigators is a good idea. >> lindsey is a pit bull and i think he's heading down that road? >> do you think it's a good idea? >> my okpinion is we need to ge beyond this. we need to focus on our healthy
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economy and the issues on the american public mind. this is not something i hear about in wyoming chuck. i was there this past weekend. >> do you think then not investigating hillary clinton is the way to go? >> it does seem to me that that's how we got here to begin with and all the things leading up to the 2016 election. i wish it would all be behind us, but we're not there yet. >> let me move forward in health care. the president said you, senators cassidy, and senator scott are coming up with an alternative health care plan that can replace obamacare. is that true and what does the plan look like? >> as you know it's going to need bipartisan support because nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. every time i talk to president trump we talk about k had. he knows with regard to pre-existing conditioning, i'm a doctor. my wife is a breast cancer
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survivor. he knows we're committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions. we're working on this realizing it has to be bipartisan. my concern is that the biggest threat i see to the freedom and the economy of this country is this complete government takeover of health care which is where the democrats are going, medicare for all, longer lines, less taxes. it is the liberal litmus test of all the democrats running for president. >> but that isn't the law as of now. is it a mistake for the president to join the lawsuit saying obamacare is unconstitutional. do you want itover turned or kept in place? >> this lawsuit isn't imminent. there's not going to be any decision on this for a couple of years, but it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody tha republicans are opposed to obamacare. we have been for a long time. >> for ten years -- i was thinking aboutthis.
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it was '09 when we began the debate. it's 2019. you guys have been talking about having a plan but you haven't been able to come up with one. why should we expect it now? >> the obama health care law, i think republicans and democrats agree it has failed to keep promises. prices are skyrocketing. i was in wyoming on friday talking to patients. brons plan in wyoming for a family of four, $1,900, the deductible. the president is right, this is on americans' minds. >> but you haven't come up with a plan yet. >> right now we've done things to lower the cost of pharmaceuticals. they're lower this year than last year. we've gotten rid of the gag order on pharmacists w. e have health plans to have people join together to get half the costs of insurance. you want to let people buy what they need, what's appropriate for them so they can get the
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care they need from a doctor they choose at lower cost. >> let me ask this. should the american people expect a health care plan alternative from the republican party this year. >> the american people should expect to not have to be burdened with the incredible costs that are affecting them now. >> a plan. will we see a new plan? >> i've been working on a plan since the day i got to the senate. >> 12 years now. >> it is allowing people to buy what works for them. let ranchers join together and deal with transparency. the president is right on that. drug costs which are coming down, there are things that are working but we need bipartisan support at a time where the democrats want to take over all of health care and eliminate insurance from 160 million americans. >> senator barraso, i wish we had more time. thanks for coming on. joining me now from the other
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side of the aisle is dick durbin from illinois. welcome back to "meet the press." >> good to be with you, chuck. >> i know you're champing at the bit at health care, but i want to ask about mueller and this tuesday deadline. what mr. barr's already said he's not going to meet the tuesday deadline for the mueller report to be in congress. what are the consequences? do you have consequences planned? >> we have a new species of political dinosaurs. it's called the barr redactal. william barr believes he can redact the 3 and 400 page report from bob mueller. i think it's longover due to apply to court to get a waiver when it applies to grand jury information and to produce the report for the entirety of congress. there's ample precedent when it came to clinton investigations in the past. there were massive reports,
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unredacted turned over to congress. that should be the case here as well. >> before mueller had came out, you had been preaching some sort of calmness. you said things like park yourselves okay tennessee sidelines until mueller's work is completed. i know you're waiting to see what's in it. you saw the polling. you know that this is, while this is an obsession among the bases of both parties, the vast -- there's a vast chunk of america that is tuned this out and doesn't want this focus. you heard senator barrasso say he wishes their side could move on. do you think it's time for your side to move on? >> well, i think there should be a complete disclosure of the mueller report. i was standing in the subway in chicago on friday and a lady came up to me named debra and she said we paid for that inquiry, i can't can't we see the report. she's not a professional politician by any means but i think she speaks for most of america. i don't want to dwell on it, but i think it's important we at
3:18 pm
least see what bob mueller released. sally yates said remember at the heart of this was the russian interference in our election. to stop them from doing it again, to find out what helped or hurt them, we should see the full mueller report. so, it does have application to what we do moving forward. let's release the entire report, let the american people see what happened. >> you said on the judiciary committee, chairman there from south carolina lindsey graham has indicated he wants to do investigating of the investigators. how did this get started? he wants to talk about comey. are you with him on this? do you think that's necessary? >> i don't want to return to travel gate, benghazi, the clinton emails. i think we can move forward from here. we ought to focus on the counterintelligence aspects of this and the security of the 2020 election. that's the one thing both parties ought to agree on. no one should interfere with the opportunity and the obligation of the american people to choose their next rank of leadership.
3:19 pm
>> given the fact that senator graham admitted he was involved in the process or at least knew of the process of how the dossier got to james comey from senator mccain and read it before it got to comey, does he have to recuse himself on your committee or not? >> do you think lindsey graham would recuse himself from any investigation? i can't imagine it. i tell you i hope we don't dwell on this. as i said it is yesterday's newspaper with mueller's report. let's put it to rest one way or the other. if there's action needed by congress to keep our political system intact, let's move forward. >> i want to move to a few issues. i want to start with immigration. the front page of the "new york times" this morning notes that look whatever you want to call it, wherever you want to put the blame, we have a problem right now on the border. the secretary of homeland security wrote this letter to congress. dhs is doing everything possible to respond to a growing humanitarian crisis while
3:20 pm
supporting our borders. we have reached peak capacity. i'm well aware you don't like the president's plans on immigration, the wall, all of those things. the fact is we know there's a massive migration crisis right now. does congress have the responsibility to give secretary nielsen more tools to deal with this temporarily? >> let me tell you the first thing we ought to do in this administration which was the author of the zero tolerance policy, removing over 2,800 toddlers, infants, and children from their parents with no tracing of where they were being sent so they could be returned, the first thing we need to do is to meet the humanitarian needs at the border. instead of building fences two or three years in the future, focus on facilities to serve these families so there aren't children hurt and dying as a result of this situation. then take a look at the big picture. when the president says he's going to close the border, that
3:21 pm
is a totally unrealistic boast on his part. what we need to do is focus on what's happening in central america where three countries are disassembling before our eyes and people are desperately coming to the united states. the president is cutting off aide to those countries will not solve the problem. >> let me move to k had. the democratic presidential candidates are talking about remaking obamacare, some of them radically, some on the edges. the republican party is obviously in a different place. you're trying to defend obamacare while the rest of your party wants to change it. should the presidential candidates be more focused on defending obamacare than changing it? >> i can tell you, i voted for it and think it's one of my most important votes. it cut the number of uninsured americans and in illinois in half. back to john barrasso, 95% of
3:22 pm
people get a subsidy for the premium payment. the affordable care act was not written by moses on clay tablets. there are ways to improve it. most americans believe and i do too that prescription drug prices are through the roof and indefensible. we should be addressing that as one of the first changes to make the affordable care act more effective. >> quickly on 2020, joe biden, there's an allegation that he's basically -- made some women feel uncomfortable by some ways that he acted around them. he has put out a more complete statement saying he still doesn't remember the incident but that he will -- men in general need to pay more attention to how they interact with women. are you concerned that joe biden can handle the on slouslaught o
3:23 pm
2020? do you think he should run? >> i can tell you joe biden is a friend and a seasoned veteran when it comes to political campaigns. i know nothing of the allegations. i think we should all take allegations seriously and with respect. i took joe biden's statement to say just that exactly. so, yes, i think he's ready if that's his decision to move forward in this presidential campaign. we have a spirited field of 15 or 16 candidates --? >> this isn't disqualifying. >> -- across the democratic party. one allegation is not disqualifying. >> dick durbin from illinois, thanks for your time and sharing your views. >> thank you. >> when we come back, the president spent the week going after his opponents in the wake of the mueller headlines. was it a missed opportunity? >> there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things, i would say teres nous things against our country.
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democratic pollster cornell belcher, chief white house correspondent hallie jackson, and editor of national review rich lowery. you're in a much better mood this morning i imagine. let me play -- the president had a couple of paths to go down after getting good news on sunday as far as he was concerned. here was the president at his first campaign rally post-barr/mueller report. >> there are a lot of people out there that have done very, very evil things, bad things, i would say treasonous things against our country. those people will certainly be looked at. the russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power. sick, sick. these are sick people. >> peggy, maybe i'm stuck in a time warp that thinks that boy
3:28 pm
you have a political opportunity, take it. he could have gone down one path, the uma thurman killed bill path. or he could have cornered the party and said i'm ready for infrastructure. he went down the revenge path. >> yeah. somebody said when it was announced the trump white house was going to now push on health care once again after having been unsuccessful the first time, reporter said to a white house official why are you doing health care? and the white house official said too much good news. have to change the subject. so, there was an element of that. it would have been wonderful to see the president -- there's something eye little surprising. he was angry when the good news came in. didn't you get the impression he was feeling anger. >> he loves the grievance. >> relief and generosity would have been nice, a little history of how we got there, then put it
3:29 pm
away. as you say and i agree go forward on infrastructure. he is the builder. america wants to build. dems are for it, reps are for it. >> there was consternation about the whole plan. let me take you back to six days ago. not just the barr summary came out but you also had the guy who was the chief nemesis, michael avenue naty got arrested. you have netanyahu giving him wine. he was riding high and that all changed because of the filing deadline on the affordable care act and the lawsuit. there was real concern, not a disagreement on the policy but exactly this, the tactics. where do you go from here because she could see people like senator barrasso are going to get hammered like where is the plan, do you have a plan? there were questions from the lawyers on the legal viability of this argument. the president, i don't think it's spriedsing he went full revenge mode. he was so mad for two years
3:30 pm
about this. >> but when he wonders why is he sitting at 43 to 46%, i would just say exhibit a. >> this is true. he was genuinely angry. you have to think from his perspective. he fires james comey as far as i can tell because comey refused to say what he is telling trump privately. sir, you are not under investigating. then he's under investigation two years with people suggesting he is committing treason. i do think this process went off the rails. we let a garbage op gather sources from an ex-foreign spy distorte politics for two years. >> should lindsey graham be the guy investigating this? >> lindsey switched around on a lot of stuff. i would say i know this isn't going to happen, but this should be after the conclusion of the star report where all fair minded people say let's never do
3:31 pm
this this way again. >> you want to take this first? >> go ahead. >> i don't know where to start. the stinks and this is why it stinks. can you imagine for one moment if democrats had taken the star memo and said this exonerates president, nothing to see here. newt gingrich's head would have exploded. this is part of what americans think is wrong with washington. there's no transparency. if he's innocent, put it out there and let us see it. the number that's striking from the wall "wall street journal" poll to me is 19. only 19% think it clears the president. if you give the information to the russians, it's hard to say you're not colluding. >> this is paying a lot of attention to news coverage. we do this all the time on the poll. look where the mueller report sits compared to other major
3:32 pm
reports over the last couple years, the orlando shooting, the spread of ebola, access hollywood tape. mueller report is sitting at 39, peggy. it is one of these things where understandably why all of us are into it because it's an important investigation, but the middle of the country, that's who this is. >> the middle of the country and america in 2019 has been used for decades to watching washington do its thing and have its partisan investigations. they do filter it out i think to a good degree. i'm sure they're all happy to have an answer now. i have a feeling that president's fauxes are never going to let this whole mueller thing, the investigation, go. i think the mueller report, once it is made public to the degree it is made public and then we'll all argue about that, is going to be seen less as a definitive to explicit star report and more
3:33 pm
like oh we can do warren report on this for the next few years and pull every thread we see. >> what are we going to be debating more in the next six months, obamacare or the full release of the mueller report? i don't think we're going to be debating what's in the mueller report for a while. what matters more? >> the health care law definitely. when you look at the numbers and what people are interested in. when you look at what people are talking about on the campaign trail, specifically democrats, they are not talking about russia and the mueller report. there are people around the president who see it as something to use against democrats. bill barr said by mid april. i'm told by folks in the white house they're okay with that. and they're going to blast the democrats for demanding it. >> russia was always a blind ally for the democrats. the case against trump is not that he's a russian spy. it's what nancy pelosi has been
3:34 pm
trying to do. he's a republican masquerading as a populist. that is the more powerful case. >> fascinating way to put it. i'm going to pause it there because that's a dangerous place for trump to be because he ran as something not as that. up next can an extreme moderate win the nomination? john hickenlooper is trying. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. plants capture co2. what if other kinds of plants captured it too?
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>> welcome back. in a democratic party moving to the left at least rhetorically, it could be hard to accuse john hickenlooper of pandering. the former governor is opposed to thing likes medicare for all, and considers himself a moderate conservative. he's been elected governor twice and mayor of denver twice. governor hickenlooper, welcome back. >> good morning. >> let me start. i want to dive into it. people want to assess your ability to be president. we've got a front page story in
3:38 pm
the "new york times" about the crisis at the border that we have a larger debate about immigration -- and i'm not asking for your larger answer on that. i'm curious what would you be doing right now. we have a huge influx right now. they're gaming the system differently. we don't have the facilities to deal with these type of asylum seekers. what would you do right now? >> well, certainly i wouldn't have gotten us into this situation we find ourselves at the border now and i would not have ripped away hundreds and hundreds, thousands of kids away from their mothers and then shipped them off to adoptive families. i mean, it's a form of kidnapping. i think the key was to keep out in front of this issue and make sure we had the facilities so that we could provide, you know, humane processing of people that were in many cases fearing their lives were at risk and fleeing perhaps certain death to try and come to america. this country's been built on immigration. we should respect and have a process that's fair for
3:39 pm
everyone. >> what does a border -- what do our borders look like in aic hadden looper administration? how tight? how secure? how porous? how would you describe it? >> i think you need borders but you have to recognize that we are a country built on immigration. right now we have more job openings than we have people looking for work. we've got to re-evaluate our entire immigration system and whether we need more workers to help bring in our crops which we borderline now we're leaving some fruits and vegetables field unharvested. that's all got to be incorporated into a comprehensive treatment of immigration and making sure that in the process of doing that we saw the complexities at the border. >> right. what is an extreme moderate? a rad cat model rat? there's different versions of this. i've heard you off the record say versions of this as well. define it for voters.
3:40 pm
when you hear the phrase you're an extreme moderate? >> i don't like any of the labels. i've tried to do both when i was in small business but also when i was a mayor and governor. i tried to address bringing people together and getting things done. i believe we're in a crisis of division. that encompasses health care and the environment and the economy. and what i've done again and again is been able to bring people together and get stuff done. so, we got to almost universal coverage in health care in colorado, we expanded medicaid, created one of the most innovative exchanges in the country. we got the environmental industry to sit down and create the first methane regulations in the country that the oil and gas industry played $16 million to implement. it's the equivalent of taking 320,000 automobiles off the roads. i think of all the candidates so far i think i'm the person who has the most continuous example, the most continuous record of getting people together and
3:41 pm
bringing them together, put down your weapons and get things done. >> governor, somebody on the left would say you're going to sit down with the oil and gas industry, that's the problem. you're going to let them write the legislation. there's been too much accommodation over the years not just on that issue. but that is the argument coming from the new progressive left. how do you deal with that as a candidate? >> well, i hold out that the record of actual accomplishment. everyone else is pointing fingers and blaming each other. and you are know, when we got that methane regulation put in place, that system of regulations, not only has it helped colorado, it's now being rolled out as national policy across canada. it should be global policy. if we're going to address -- if we're really serious about addressing the challenges of climate change and the environment, it's not sufficient just to address it here in this country. we've got to do it globally to have the impact that we have to have. i mean, this is a place where we don't have the luxury of
3:42 pm
continuing this washington-style battle of blaming the other side. >> you know, one of these battles where we have this a lot is on the issue of abortion. i'm curious when it comes to this idea of trying to basically break impasses which i think is essentially what you're trying to say. you're going to be a guy that's going to try to break impasses. you have a lot of states, georgia the latest, passing fetal heart beat bills. they're trying to prevent abortions, making them illegal the minute you can hear a heart baetd. what is your reaction to laws like that? do you believe they're unconstitutional or not? and what is the line on abortion for you? >> well, i think those laws are unconstitutional and i think from my point of view i recognize the difficulty of the question and i empathize with people on both sides. i've always come down on the side of a woman's right to take care of her own health care. >> is there any limit that you believe there should be? >> wait, wait, wait. one of the things we did in
3:43 pm
but we provided long-acting reversible contracep young wome in that process over the last eight years we have reduced teenage pregnancy and abortion by over 60%. that's some of the -- that's the kind of accomplishment and achievement we should be looking at. again, you've got to have the debate. and i respect that. but i think a woman has to ultimately have the right to make decisions about her own health. >> and what is government's role at all? should government just draw that line? is there a line the government should draw? >> i think that the supreme court has already drawn that line and that in this country women are allowed that final decision of those issues that most directly affect their health care. >> let me ask you a final issue that is popped up this morning and that is this accusation against vice president biden. he has -- says he doesn't
3:44 pm
remember it, but he also says he wants to rethink how men in general interact with women. first of all, is it disqualifying from what you have read and seen about it, do you believe it is disqualifying? and second what should past -- what past behavior should be accountable these days and what shouldn't? >> well, i think the more important issue to recognize is that we are at an inflection point, really a moment of transformation of the entire country, where women in many cases for the first time are having the courage to come forward and speak about things that happened to them that make them intensely uncomfortable. in many cases they feel they've been damaged unfairly. i think our first responsibility is to make sure that we allow these women -- we recognize their bravery and listen to them and believe them. we have to make sure that that's a first issue. >> and what about is this disqualifying for vice president biden? >> well, again, i don't know
3:45 pm
aside from this one issue, i haven't -- even this issue i don't know all the details. i think that's why we have an election. that's that process. >> okay. >> but certainly it's very disconcerting and i think that, again, women have to be heard and we should really start by believing them. >> governor johnic hadd hickenl governor from colorado. up next, democrats are desperate to win back the white house. so, what do democratic voters think of some of the better-known candidates so far? ♪
3:46 pm
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>> we are back. data download time. how do voters feel about the 2020 candidates so far. there's one candidate we're pretty confident will be on the ballot in 2020. that's president donald trump. republicans are enthusiastic or
3:49 pm
comfortable supporting him. democrats as you might expect are at the other end of the spectrum. only 34% of independents call themselves comfortable with trump right now. that's not a strong number for the president to be starting with out of the gate. most telling, a 50% of all respondents call themselves uncomfortable supporting the president's re-election. what we've been testing and will test in months to come is the floor and ceiling of potential support. this is not a horse race poll on purpose. among self-described democrats, the leader was biden followed by sanders, warren, harris, and o'rourke. with independents, the candidate order essentially held with lower levels, however biden and sanders having both close to 50% saying they would be comfortable
3:50 pm
or enthusiastic supporting them. republicans followed the same pattern with lower numbers. 21% saying they would be comfortable supporting appeal i wins the nomination. name recognition is obviously crucial when it comes to president and could show the stronger standings for biden and sanders. harris and o'rourke had the highest numbers for don't know the name. which means they have the best shot of defining themselves on the campaign, unless somebody does it for them. it's not a bad place to be in the spring of '19. when we come back, thinking of 2020. the political reeducation of joe biden. 2020 the political reeducation of joe biden. many have style...
3:51 pm
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we left the hospital on day one feeling like this is go be okay. we're gonna beat this and this is the place that's gonna help us do it ... that feeling is priceless. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. back now with end game. and a story that actually continues to develop this morning. the accusation against former vice president biden, he's put out a statement. let me read it and dive into the conversation. the original context had to do a democratic candidate for lieutenant governor talking about vice president joe biden invading her space. here's his second statement on this. in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, i have offered countless hand shakes,
3:54 pm
hugs, prekss of action, support and comfort. and not once did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully. but it was never my intention. i may not recall these moments the same way, and i may be surprised at what i hear. but we have arrived at an important time when women should be heard and listened to. they called this better. >> it's better than the first one. but it's not what you want to start the campaign talking about. they want to start the campaign with vision for the future. but this is what happens when you're the front runner and you die by a million paper cuts. i think this is going to be -- given his time in history, they want to focus on his competence and beating trump. they don't want to be talking
3:55 pm
about this this morning. >> we put up the headlines you referred to, politico has one, blinded by a dose of 2020 reality. obviously this allegation. anita hill has come up this week. his back and forth on roe v. wade. his strength is he's been in the political main stream for 40 years and his weakness is it's main stream. >> god gave us the hand shake, it's respectful. >> and gender neutral. >> i don't think this was sexual a but it would immediately get you reported to h.r. in the work place. the problem is the record. i think if we apologizes too much he seems inzsincere and weak. no one in either party in our national politics will say i want to own the old guy
3:56 pm
establishment lane in one of our major political parties. >> we're talking rightfully so about the political piece of this, but there is such a big cultural element to this, too. we are post me too. october 2017, that's not that long ago. candidates have to grapple with what it means to have had white male privilege for this years. you're seeing it in this way. voters are demanding it. the women that are running are demanding accountability, too. this is bigger than the realm of politics. >> i think it has to do with the fact in part that joe biden is a long-time american political figure who came from the fleshy world of '60s and '70s politics. and when everybody started to hug and kiss, different from the '40s and '50s. that's part of his story right now. another thing is i think for the first time in his life, joe
3:57 pm
biden is seeing himself the target of his own party's opo. he's got operatives for other candidates going after him in a way that will have to be startling. >> can we survive this? >> yes. >> how? >> he pivots to the issues. i think it was a good statement. he acknowledged, you're right, the culture has changed, which is a problem for your older candidates who, to your point, came up in a culture that's different. this is why he can survive it, why he survives it is comfort. democrats are very, very comfortable with joe biden. however i don't think that sets people on fire. >> the good news is you know what you get, the bad news is you know what you're going to get. that's all we have for today. what a show. thank you for watching. we'll be back next week. because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
3:58 pm
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