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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  April 13, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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don't have the privilege to wait for what fits into someone else's narrow view of what it means to be a progressive. our first priority must be to make people's lives better. right now to move the ball forward how best we can, as fast as we can, and to ensure that the closest -- those folks closest to the pain and closest to the struggle have an active hand in defining how we confront it. a real progressive movement refuses to stall out in righteo righteous indignation. it challenges thatt -- indignation that improves people's lives. a progressive movement does not hold progress for communities
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like mine hostages for promises today for promises for perfection that will come tomorrow. we are the inheritors of those kind of movements. movements of committed americans who came together gathering just like we are now. this has been the truth of generations of people in our country who in moments of great moral crisis and great moral challenge summoned great moral imagination. they did not surrender to the seduction of hatred. they fought with a defiant love and when they rose, our nati nation -- our nation rose with them. i'm here today, we are here today, because of those kinds of movements. as many of you know, i wasn't born here in newark.
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when i was a baby, my mom, who you saw, with my dad, they tried to move into a neighborhood in harrington park, new jersey, about 20 miles up the road and they moved there attracted by the public schools and proximity to new york but real estate agents refused to sell us a home because of the color of our skin and what would have been that, us denied housing didn't happen because of a group of activists that came together. a young black activist head of the fair housing council and a group of white volunteers who had watched and been encouraged by the rights of civil rights marchers, they worked to help black families in their community come together and they stood up to the illegal housing immigration that my parents faced and they won and they changed the course of my entire life. when you grow up with a mom like
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mine, they made sure my brother and i never forgot what it took to get us to where we are. they said, like all of us in this generation, we could never pay back what has been done for us, but we could and we had to pay it forward. what my parents wanted us to do is nurse the urgency of the work still left to do in our country. they wanted us to understand that in the face of injustice, there is no wait. there must be work. there is no wait, there must be struggle. there is no wait, because all of us stand on the shoulders of giants, generations before who did not wait. and so here we are 56 years ago this very morning a young
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preacher woke up in a jail cell in alabama. because he sand so many other young people had joined together to take on the toughest kwhal enks of their day. a fight others called impossible to win. they joined with local activists and eventually folks from all around the country to confront a city where injustice and division were literally written into the law. he was arrested on good friday morning while demonstrating against segregation. and on this very date, this very date, saturday, april 13th, in 1963, martin luther king woke up in that jail cell in birmingham. that same jail cell where he wrote on the margins of a newspaper that had been smuggled into him, he wrote this letter, these words. for years now i have heard the
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word "wait." this wait has almost always meant never. we come to see that justice too long delayed is justice denied. martin luther king on this date in history, he spoke to the possibility of what we can achieve when we realize our own power and when we refuse to wait. the children of birmingham and a man named king joining arms with others showed what was possible when they refused to wait and confronted dogs and fire hoses, when they confronted and defeated bull connor and brought down segregation in their city. america, america we know our history. it is a perpetual testimony to
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impatient, demanding, unrelenting people who in every generation with love stood up for justice. generations of americans have shown us what was possible when they refused to wait and now it is our turn. and we have work to do. america, we can't wait. america, we will not wait. together we will run at the tough challenges, together we will do the things that other people say are impossible. together we will fulfill our pledge to be a nation of liberty, and justice for all. together we will win, and together america, we will rise. [ cheering and applause ]
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♪ ♪ >> is that chance? >> this is msnbc news headquarters in new york. we were just watching the senator there from new jersey, cory booker making it official-official. holding his campaign kickoff event in the city of newark, a city where he was once dubed super-mayor from saving a woman from a burning home and rescuing a dog from freezing cold and now he is looking for help for the presidential bid. the speech had a sense of urgency and touting the need for justice for all and equality surround by many friends and family members there. leigh ann caldwell is there live. how did the message land with reporters? >> reporter: he just finished up so we haven't spoken to any supporters but leading into the speech they're intrigued of what he had to say. of course he was the home-town candidate. he lives down the street from
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here in downtown newark. but this is a speech of soaring democratic ideals and rhetoric. he checked all of the boxes as far as issues are concerned. medicare for all, lgbtq, and women's economic and equality and rights. path to citizenship for immigration and he challenged donald trump's divisiveness. but that wasn't the only shot he took. he challenged this idea of a progressive perfection. this idea that a democratic candidate in the primary has to be -- there has to be a purity test to be a progressive. he said, look, we will not take our community hostage for the idea of perfection. he said incremental change is as good change and will lead to the path to get there so it is an excited crowd behind me. there is a lot of music. people were cheering and loved a lot of points in his speech,
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kendis. >> and he's there in the middle of the crowd there in military park in downtown newark and he said i will not hold communities like my hostage and for promises and perfection of tomorrow people can't afford the politics of division. but let's talk about politics of polling. right now he's polling fairly low in the polls in iowa, polling at 3%. do you get a sense this rally is what the campaign needed? what sort of excitement was there out there? i think we may have lost leigh ann and buried by chance the rapper there. can you hear me? >> reporter: yeah. sorry, i can't hear anything if you are talking to me. >> all right. leigh ann caldwell, thank you so much. we'll continue to watch the pictures there from newark. it is a dancing party.
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and interesting choice of music, taking chicago's own chance the rapper for his kickoff campaign there in newark, the senator from new jersey. for more insight on the booker campaign and the race let's bring in mara gay and a. scott bolden former chair of the d.c. democratic party and the former chair of the national bar association. and michael steel, former senior adviser to jeb bush and a former spokesperson for house speaker john boehner. and it is a very big day right there in newark. so booker, as i mentioned, is polling around 4% and new hampshire poll and 3% and ascott, is this what his campaign needed. >> his campaign hopes so. i have to tell you there are people -- a lot of people in this space and while he very seldom invokes trump's name this justice for all economically and politically will resonate with the democrats.
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the problem is he's only raised $5 million and he's polling in the single-digits and whether this rally puts him further ahead or not and we'll have to see whether he has that bump but has a lot of people in that space to distinguish himself and they are way ahead of him now. we'll have to see. >> and you didn't get a sense he was trying to put himself in a lane. you have many candidates who are trying -- inslee saying i'm going to be the climate change candidate and others running on gun rights, eric swalwell. he didn't try to put himself in a lane. >> there may be a place for him here. there is a lot of competition and democratic voters are feeling like they have an embarrassment of riches and don't know who they are going with yet and so the question for all of the candidates, especially someone like cory polling so low, what will allow them to break through. he tried something different today and kind of went with a
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barack obama-style, i'm going to be floating above the politics of the democratic party and the fistfight the party is having over progressivism and what that looks like. and that may work with some voters, especially moderate ones but it may also turn off some of the party base who are more in the alexandria ocasio-cortez camp. that is yet to be seen. >> he does seem to have a fiery tone. >> he does give a great speech. he is a great campaigner. one of the most talented retail politicians in american politics. >> so michael steel, so that end, why does it appear at this point it is not sticking and he's polling so low in iowa and in new hampshire. he's been at this since february 1st. that is when he declared. what is going on here. >> it is a incredibly crowded field. this is similar to what republicans faced in 2016 and i think if cory booker can't get back into the top tier, can't show some momentum either in polling or in fundraising, he's
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going to face calls to get oust race -- to allow a mainstream alternative to the block of bernie sanders supporters to come together. i think the danger for the democratic party is so many centrist democrats split the vote and you hand the nomination to bernie sanders and i think the country deserves better than a presidential election that is between a 70-something blow hard from queens and a 70-something-year-old blow hard from brooklyn. >> there is a 37-year-old from indiana who will declare his candidacy tomorrow, talking about mayor buttigieg. but let's talk about the 77-year-old from vermont, bernie sanders leading the pack as you mentioned in fundraising followed by kamala harris and beto o'rourke, they raised a total of about $63 million. so that is less than $85 million, the top candidates raised for the first quarter. so michael, can we tell from these first quarter numbers
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anything and who has momentum and what this might come down to. >> yeah, the surprise is mayor pete buttigieg. i think that predictic the nominee or the shape of the field this time next year is trying to predict next year's ncaa final four now on april 13th, at the same time -- >> i have texas tech. >> i have tar heels. i'm not the right guy to pick them next year. but i think there is something very real about moment up and very real about getting out in the early states, recruiting supporters and these activists. building the team that is going to allow you to win next year and if you are not part of the conversation right now, that is going to be harder and harder and i think mayor pete now is taking a lot of the buzz that cory booker wants for himself. >> in the meantime, ascott, i'll ask you about this. because there are negatives against booker. of course he's been attacked for being one of the candidates that took the most money from wall street back in 2014.
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he has a lot of things. a lot of people say he's not very authentic. did you get a sense that he was trying to counter some of them today? >> i've known cory booker for several years. years ago when he first came to the senate i raised money for him and he's a deeply gifted speaker and retail politician. as of late, though, the issue of authenticity has come to mind and the spartic us and other comments he's made. he's a moderate with a populous message but his authenticity is being questioned because he's not connecting to the voters recently the way he woxt the speech he gave is an inspiring speech as i listen to it but the challenge is how is he connecting to voters in iowa and new hampshire and other parts of the country. he simply is not. so he could make a great speech in newark and take money from wall street because he's a moderate, but that just raises more questions than answers. you've also got to be organized.
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when you have 20 people in the race, whoever the most organized is, whoever connects and whoever can raise the money, that is the candidate that is going to break out. and remember, biden hasn't even gotten in yet and if biden gets in, that is further bad news for cory booker. >> some of the money will go toward the former vice president's way. speaking of that authenticity, part of it deals with relationships and he tried to address that in a washington post articles within the last 24 hours, he's not married, and a good chunk of the country is not married right now and he is dating someone, the actress rosario dawson. does it matter if he says who he's dating. do we care? >> we have a president right now who has -- been married several times, has -- what, five kids with three different women. that is not really the issue. >> so he's committed, but at least committed three times. >> i don't know that i would say
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he's committed. but i would say that this is an issue of authenticity. when you have someone like donald trump who for better and worse connects so deeply with his base, you need someone on the other side who can have the same effect and i think that is what the democrats right now are missing, that someone like mayor pete has in spades. >> we'll see what he says tomorrow when he has his kickoff rally. part of that article with "the washington post," i should say cory said that i hait it people assume i'm a bachelor president. it is literally 700 days away. so rosario, i'm saying, he might be putting a ring on it in some days ahead. but seriously, go ahead. >> can i make a point real quick. >> go ahead. >> in all of the polling in the last three months the number one issue for democrats that they are passionate about, while it may be health care, but the other number one issue, if i could have two number ones, they want to elect somebody who can beat donald trump. even if they don't agree with
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them on everything. you would think that would help a cory booker and a few other people but the problem is he's got to get the nomination and get there. the democrats are smart. they got to find somebody to beat donald trump and the progressives are in that group that's been polled that even says that. so we'll have to see. but whoever polls best and right now i think biden and i think bernie sanders do, that is why they're getting the attention and the money. not because they're passionate about the issues that people care about, but because people believe that they have the best chance of beating donald trump. >> and he did try to attack all of that, i would say. tried to attack saying that he would be the one that could be -- beat donald trump and took him on but laid out careful policies. medicare is -- as you mentioned is an important thing for him. and you see there he supports a green new deal and criminal justice reform, $15 minimum wage and fighting wealthy inequity and gun background checks which is key part. as you look at his policy stance there, do you feel as if that is
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a stance of somebody who could beat donald trump? >> i think that it is a sign of how far the democratic party has slipped to the left that this is considered a moderate. somebody who supports the green new deal and medicare for all and adjusting fighting wealth inequality and these positions that would have been at the left ward fringes of the democratic party a few years ago and to answer your question i don't think this is a problem that he's a bachelor. we had bachelor president's before and i do question how anyone who is a vegetarian can campaign in iowa and south carolina effectively. [ laughter ] >> he is a vegan. imagine the iowa state fair, he does not drink, we have a current president that doesn't drink and he's a bachelor. we'll see how he connects with the folks there in middle america. thank you, all. i appreciate your time on this saturday. tax deadline and we're not talking about the -- the one we
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or download the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week, free. now through april 14. we're following breaking news on the fight for the president's tax returns. in a new letter to the irs, a short time ago a house ways and means chairman richard neal, now giving the agency a second final deadline of april 23rd to turn
11:24 am
in six years of personal and business tax returns. it all comes just days after the treasury secretary steve mnuchin said the -- they would miss the initial deadline. kelly o'connell at the white house. how is the white house responding or not at all. >> reporter: they are not responding and we've not heard back from the treasury department either but you could imagine this is going to keep bubbling along and could be contested in court. we don't know the boundaries of this legal challenge. but it goes to the heart of something that president trump has said for a long time, he claims to be under audit, it is standard that presidents and vice presidents are audited by the irs as a matter of course. the president, of course, goes back further than that saying that his business life tax returns prior to being president have been under audit and therefore he won't make those public even though there is no prohibition on someone under
11:25 am
audit making the returns public but he said legally as a lawyer telling you advice he doesn't want to do. bottom line he doesn't want to make his taxes public based on his actions and words for a long time. this committee is using the law and finding ways to argue that they have the right to this information. they are the tax writing committee of congress and part of what they could do is figure out is the irs carrying out its policies properly. so in oversight, are they, in fact, auditing the president, is it being done properly? that is the argument and they look to a piece of the law to make this case to the treasury secretary who oversees the irs using the tax code 6013. we don't often read from the tax code but it matters. upon written request the secretary shall funnish such committee with any return or return information specified in the request. so here is a case where because
11:26 am
of the -- the obligations of this committee they are saying they have a right to this information. now the president's personal lawyers who he's hired for dealing with this specific set of facts said this is the committee trying to weaponize and politicize the private information of an individual even the president and that that is something that should not be done. so those are sort of the fault lines hear. the committee said it is clear they should have access and the president's lawyers say this is an attempt to weaponize his returns to use against him and the treasury department has been slow walking this to figure out how they will respond. so there will be more on this for sure and a lot of us are thinking about taxes with the april 15th deadline almost upon us. kendis. >> the rest of us don't get an extension but the treasury department does with this case. kelly, so the president said this was litigated at the november election in 2016. but what sort of political implications do we think could get if they pass this deadline?
11:27 am
>> reporter: well democrats believe strongly there is more to learn in the president's tax returns that they believe should be brought to light. and it is certainly the case that other presidents have quite willingly provided their tax return information. and many of the candidates on the democratic side are providing that as well. this president, who bucks many normal conventions of washington and the white house says -- he said a couple of things. he said he would release them when the audit is over and then it evolved into, no, he's not releasing them and their argument is this was litigated during the 2016 campaign and that voters knew they did not have access to this information and yet he was elected president. so where does it go? will it be another part of the 2020 campaign? probably. and congress may, in fact, try to pass laws to require presidential candidates to make their tax returns public. the president did comply with requirements for financial disclosure which are not as -- not the same as tax returns, but
11:28 am
give broad sweeping sort of look inside of their holdings and so forth and so the president profipr pro -- provided that information but the tax fight goes on. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. it is three days since the attorney general used the word "spying" to suggest that obama administration officials did that to the trump campaign some two years ago. so that is still reverberating across the world and now barr said spying on but what exactly is the difference between that and surveillance? according to webster's dictionary, spying on is to watch someone secretly. meanwhile surveillance is when a close watch is kept over someone or something. but barr had his own definitions. he later tried to clean it up by saying he was referring to unauthorized surveillance when he accused the obama administration for spying on the 2016 campaign.
11:29 am
barr launchinga any probe into the fbi conduct during the counterintelligence investigation into trump and now growing mistrust in barr is intensifying as democrats worry he's trying to tip the scales in the president's favor when he releases a redacted version of the mueller report as soon as monday. let's break it down now with the attorney and msnbc legal contributor katie phang here with me in new york and correspondent jeff mason. so glad you are here. so break it down. we'll get to barr in a second. but i want to get your -- your take on the house ways and means and the tax fight. what are the legal implications if they pass this. >> the suggestion is if you are going to play hide the ball or hide the nut, what exactly are you hiding? if the law requires that you have to produce this information, donald trump cannot unilaterally state that he's exempt from that. there is nothing that indicates that he does not have to provide this information and as a
11:30 am
result, does he want to go to court on this and get another legal ruling against him where in he's compelled and my answer is no, you don't want the political or legal fallout from that. >> but it will be a long fight ahead as kelly alluded to. and jeff, barr revealed that four areas of the mueller report will be redacted but watch as he refused to confirm that the white house has not yet read the complete report. >> did the white house see the report before you released your summarizing letter? has the white house seen it since then? have they been briefed on the contents beyond what was in your summarizing letter to the judiciary committee? >> um, i've said what i'm going to say about the report today. i have issued three letters about it. >> so, jeff, do democrats have a valid cause for concern there? >> well, it is interesting that
11:31 am
he hedged on that a little bit because up until that point he's been pretty clear that at least made the suggestion that the white house has not interfered with the report, has not interfered with him. that he was not giving them an advanced copy before releasing that letter a couple of weeks ago now. so it was interesting that he didn't want to be quite as definitive there as he has been in the past. we'll see. one thing i just kind of look at the politics of this, the white house is very pleased with bill barr. it is worth noting that he's only been attorney general, what, a few months now. this is the new -- new into the tenure and came at what is a pretty significant time for the country and for the trump administration and he's probably trying to show some independence but also showing who he's working for and that is donald trump. >> he's in the honeymoon phase of the game itself. okay. so katie, let's talk about the report itself. our reporting is that it might come out as soon as monday.
11:32 am
most likely tuesday. what -- what in it are you looking for the most. >> what is not redacted. i don't mean to be so flippant about it. we just want to read it. i mean, i respect the norms that exist, that you actually have to redact certain things that fall within the purview of the redactions that you cannot read. fine. but i'm interested in seeing what is not redacted and i don't want to have to play let me piece it together from the blocked out portion. >> and the obstruction parts not redacted and the counter intelligence, what do you look out for. >> we wanted to break this down into two separate buckets. i look at buckets. one was the collusion bucket, which is not a real crime and look at the conspiracy bucket and the other bucket was the obstruction. but i would hazard the statement, kendis. >> if there is a lot that is redacted that has to do with the obstruction that would suggest there is still more going, ongoing investigations and still more out there we need to hear.
11:33 am
>> and jeff, as you know, the president took to twitter claiming that the attorney general will investigating possible criminal behavior by the fbi and hillary clinton and democrats. right after that the former trump campaign aide carter page accused the fbi of obtaining a fraudulent fisa warrant against him. take a listen. >> there is a lot of wrongdoing going on within the u.s. department of justice and the fbi. mr. comey filed that fraudulent fisa warrant -- >> you heard it there. what do you make of that, jeff? >> i make it that, number one, there is a lot of bitterness among president trump's advisers, people with him since the campaign about the investigation and the fact that attorney general bar is now looking into the investigators or looking into the behavior of the fbi at that time is exactly what president trump wants to see. and there was a little bit of a debate after the first conclusions came out at least in the letter from attorney general
11:34 am
barr about whether or not he should take the high road, he being the president, and move on and be happy with those conclusions or whether there should be a look back at why this happened and how it got to this place. that is where they came down, was on that latter option and the fact that the attorney general was looking into that now is fulfilling that. >> it is gratuitious. he doesn't have to do it. there is an inspector general conclusion in its next month or two that was the purpose of having the inspector general do that investigation to see if there was something improper in the way the fisa warrants were obtained for carter page and for others and as a result of that i think barr is kowtowing to donald trump and giving him information and trump surrogates to scream this huge conspiracy theory that something illicit went into the fisa warrants but i think he's pandering to the president is what he's doing. >> i think we'll get a sense of how big the conspiracy theory goes when we do see what is redacted -- >> and why it is important to
11:35 am
read the whole thing. >> and what else is in there. and the big question for democrat and others watching this closely, what was not in the summary that the attorney general gave that might tell a different story. that is what they'll be looking for. >> the summary he wasn't required to give either by the way. >> one is four pages and the other is 400 pages with exhibits. katie phang and jeff mason, thank you. immigration retaliation. president trump threatens to release migrants to sanctuary cities across the country. after the break i'll speak one-on-one with one big city mayor and not afraid to them them. but janessa webb is following a storm system moving through several southern states. >> kendis, this is a detrimental situation across the south. we have a bow echo that has formed and we've already seen six tornados touch down across eastern texas, enhanced risk across northern louisiana and into southern arkansas throughout your afternoon.
11:36 am
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nine thousand five hundred dollars when financing with gm financial. welcome back. political outrage this morning over president trump's latest controversial immigration proposal. >> we'll bring the illegal -- the illegals, i call them the illegals, they came across the border illegally, we'll bring them to sanctuary city areas and
11:40 am
let that particular area take care of it. and they want more people in their sanctuary cities, well we'll give them more people. we can give them a lot. we can give them an unlimited supply and see if they are so happy. they say we have open arms. they say we have open arms. let's see if they have open arms. >> the plan called for migrants to be bused to sanctuary cities and the democrats say it is inhumane and counter productive. >> just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful to the challenges that we face as a country, as a people to address who we are, a nation of immigrants. >> the president probably thought cities would say, no, no thank you. but instead they are calling the president's bluff. check out the new york daily news, we'll take them and seattle democratic mayor jenny durkin said in part, her sanctuary city is not afraid of the president's threats.
11:41 am
contrary to what this president thinks, in seattle we have strong american values of inclusiveness and opportunity instead of threatening migrant families and the cities that welcome them, this president should spend a little bit more time trying to learn from us. and the mayor is joining us now from seattle. mayor, thank you so much for spending part of your saturday with me. >> great to be here. >> okay. so we just saw a little part of your op-ed there. what is the message that you want to send to the president and the nation as a whole here? >>le best of america is built on our diversity. we don't have to fear people from other countries. that is where we all came from unless we're native american and seattle is a region that has grown more quickly than other areas of the country and we've done it through diversity and that's made us stronger and made us better. >> but as you mentioned, as part of your washington post op-ed, it is the, did not one of the fastest growing cities in the country as you just mentioned as
11:42 am
well. i could imagine that comes with a little bit of burden as far as services and such. so adding more migrants to your city, won't that have a negative impact on the city and the services. >> we want the federal government to step up to its obligations to provide the supports to cities across america. but at the same time -- >> so the federal government is not -- if they are going to drop them off, they're not going to offer up supplies and support the migrants there, are they? >> well -- look at seattle. in the last ten years our region has added about a quarter million people and almost half of those people have come from other countries and in that same ten-year period we've given growth to small mom and pop companies like amazon and starbucks and costco and nordstrom. we're a city of innovation and a city that looks to the future and that future is built upon our diversity so diversity doesn't care us, we embrace it. what scares us is a man that
11:43 am
believesez above the law and trying to divide the nation instead of joining the nation together. we are better e plurib us uniom and from many come one and seattle is inno vating and growing stronger every day and i think the president could learn from that. >> and it is a expensive city to live in. how will migrants from the middle of nowhere central america going to afford seattle? >> well first, none of us believe the president will follow through on this bluff. but we're ready if he does. but we were there the first day that he entered muslim ban. i myself went to the airport and worked with the team of lawyers to get one of the first court orders to stop the muslim ban and then it was a judge from seattle that did the nationwide ban. we in seattle, in this region, will stand up against the president who divides america we will stand up for the promise of america. we know that what is best about america comes from us working together innovating together and moving forward together. >> and speaking of standing up
11:44 am
for america, as you say, this is not the first time you've taken on the president on the topic of sanctuary cities. in october, i believe, of last year a judge ruling in your favor over the administration's efforts to hold back funding from so-called sanctuary cities. what is it about this president and his politics that you feel important for you to stand up to? >> i think we have to stand for the rule of law and against divisiveness. but i think it is also really important for us not to be too distracted by this president and his antics. i don't think it is a coincidence he's trying to make this turmoil around this issue when we are about to see the mueller report. we have to quit getting distracted by his antics and move forward. that is why in seattle if you look at what we've done over the last ten years, the number of jobs we've created an the opportunity we want to create, we -- a lot of candidates talk about free college, we in seattle have done that because we know we have to provide opportunity down the road. and if you look across america,
11:45 am
if the president would take the lessons from the cities that he scorns, all of america would be better. because we are driving innovation and driving the economy and building that economy for the future that is inclusive of all people. >> and welcoming many of the migrants from all over the world. thanks to mayor durkan there. beautiful city of seattle. thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> still ahead, extradition fight. the case against julian assange and the legal challenge prosecutors face getting him to the u.s. my mom's pain from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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you can barely feel. -while you ponder that, consider adopting a rescue pet. there are 6.5 million of them; they all need a forever home. it would mean the world to them, and they will love you forever. oh, man. that is one of the most embarrassing ways you could get arrested because look at this. that is his head, and then those are his feet. they carried him out of the embassy like he was an old couch. all right, watch the corners. >> it is sort of like low hanging fruit for comedians when you are dragged screaming out of an embassy off your feet. julian assange not going quietly from ecuador embassy and turns out he may not leave the u.k. without a fight either. he's likely to fight extradition
11:50 am
to several countries including the united states. assange has been wanted by the u.s. for helping former army intelligence official chelsea manning, then known as bradley manning, try to crack government computers back in 2010. wikileaks ultimately obtained and publics afghanistan and iraq war logs and secret diplomatic cables from manning. in the meantime assange has also been a central figure, of course, in mueller russia probe and an interest to investigators because wikileaks released democratic emails stolen by russian hackers back in october of 2016. president trump mentioned wikileaks more than 140 times ahead of the 2016 election but this week following asong's arrest he pulled a mariah carey move saying i don't know her. >> take a look at wikileaks. >> wikileaks, some new stuff. >> brutal stuff. >> this just cake out. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> i know nothing about
11:51 am
wikileaks. it is not my thing. >> well joining me now, former fbi double agent and author of "how to capture a russian spy" vaggie and contributor charlie savage. welcome to you. so let me start with you, charlie, the u.s. indictment against assange notes that this attempt to help manning crack a government password, where does the u.s. case go against assange from now? >> well, right now what is going to happen is that assange will challenge extradition to the united states in the british court system. and he'll say this is not a legitimate crime he's accused of and persecuted for political reasons here in the united states that is going after him because he published information they didn't want to come out. they being the u.s. government, the deep state essentially. and that is going to take a long time. if he doesn't waive extradition when there is no reason to think he will, could t could be a matter of years before he
11:52 am
exhausts appeals and transfers to u.s. soil to face trial on this charge and any superceding indictment they may later hand down against him to add charges. >> and we've heard all of the reports that assange was not necessarily the best house guest there at the ecuador embassy. and we're told the ambassador was threatened by assange with pressing something of a panic button that he said would bring devastating consequences for the embassy in the event of his arrest. now that he's arrested, do you think this factored into his asylum being dropped by ecuador. >> i'm sure it is part of it. when you think about assange, it is important to remember why he was seeking asylum in the first place. while he might claim it was because he's being persecuted for political reasons, he was accused by two separate women of charges including rape. and one of the cases was dropped because the authorities couldn't interview assange and the statute of limitations had run
11:53 am
out. and we talk about wikileaks and chelsea manning now and the russia investigation, also important to remember that julian assange, the man, separate of wikileaks is being investigated for crimes including rape and that is essentially why he was hiding out and fighting extradition to sweden in the first place. i think it just speaks volumes about the character of this person. >> but to that said, you mentioned that as a former intel official that you despite assange being called a journalist. why? >> yes. because when i think of journalism, i think of a level of analysis. you just don't just take the pentagon papers or classified information and just push it out there with no regard for things like people's personal safety. look, you do so -- if you are going to do something like that, you do that equally. he's never spoken out against russia. there is a ton of dirt he could collect on russia. this is not journalism. to me it is a component analysis and a responsibility to protect the lives of people in the
11:54 am
reporting that they do. julian assange has been on the record and said that when it comes to names of afghanis that might have been helping the u.s. government and that he doesn't care what happens because they are informants. as someone who lived this life, who is anonymity and security resee was tant amount to my survival, i take that personally. that is not journalism and that is just looking to create chaos and damage for no reason other than personal gain. that is not journalism. >> charlie, you're a journalist, what do you make of that. >> there is plenty of reasons that people in the fbi are not going to like julian assange or wikileaks. but what he does at wikileaks is indistinguishable from the most part from what traditional news organizations like my own, "the new york times" do every day. he solicits information that government officials would rather keep secret, including classified information. he publishes it and he tries to protect the confidentiality of his sources. and so the charges against him
11:55 am
now narrowly focused on this conspiracy to crack a password, but there is no guarantee it won't expand to try to prosecute him for the act of publishing government secrets. >> is he in a lot of trouble. >> it raises a tremendous threat to press freedoms in this country and it could be used to establish that publishing government secrets can be a crime and that is why press at freedom advocates are so alarmed this is happening. >> how much trouble do you really think he's in. >> i think the governments of the world would very much like to keep him locked up for a long time. they are probably happy he's locked up now in british custody if it takes years to fight extradition and goes to sweden and has to stay there locked up for a while and then comes here and it takes a long time for a trial here, that all serves the goal of keeping him locked up and don't see how he will get out any time soon. >> it will be several years in the courts indeed. thanks to you. a lot of people were wondering about whatever happened to his well-dressed cat there at the
11:56 am
embassy. we're told it has been moved to a foster home somewhere. still ahead, tax ultimatum. more on the new deadline the congress is giving to the irs to hand over the president's tax returns. e president's tax returns.
11:57 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit good afternoon, i'm kendis gibson live at msnbc headquarters in new york. tax with holding, after missing one deadline democrats are giving the irs one more chance to release the president's tax
12:00 pm
returns. but will treasury secretary steve mnuchin comply. plus home coming celebration. senator cory booker returns home to newark to lay out his 2020 vision for america. >> together we will run at the tough challenges, together we will do the things that other people say are impossible. together we will fulfill our pledge to be a nation of liberty and justice for all. together we will win and together america, we will rise. >> that taking place moments ago. and now defending her own, new today speaker nancy pelosi hits back at president trump after he tweets a 9/11 video attacking the minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar. but first here is something we're not used to hearing. the irs is the one getting an extension. talking of course about the legal battle over president
12:01 pm
trump's tax returns. a few hours ago the house ways an means committee gave the irs a final deadline of april 23g to provide trump's personal and business tax documents, and this is days after steve mnuchin said his department would miss the initial deadline. for trump's part, he's preparing for this long war by using the a-word as a shield. >> i'm under audit. but that's up to whoever it is. from what i understand, the law is 100% on my side. >> while i'm under audit, i won't do it. if i'm not under audit i would do it. i have no problem with it. but while i'm under audit i would not give me taxes. there is no law whatsoever. >> so that is not true. under the u.s. tax code trump's treasury secretary must comply with congress's request. kelly o'donnell is at the white house and is following this story. kelly, what will lawmakers do if the secretary blows past this
12:02 pm
deadline which many feels as if he will? >> reporter: well it is more complicated. the law in that little piece that showed there does make it seem very plain on its face that the committee has the right for this information. but elsewhere in the law it does talk about the fact that the information cannot be utilized for purposes that are not appropriate and legislative. so for example, if you and i as taxpayers had something in our return that the tax writing committee wanted to better understand as a policy matter, they could get access to our tax returns in the furtherance of perhaps writing a law or doing something that is the official business of congress. the question being raised by the president's lawyers and in a way by extension with the treasury department is they believe this is an attempt by democrats who have this authority and power in the ways and means committee to get access to the president's tax returns for political purposes. now that requires knowing what is the intent of the chairman of the committee, what is the
12:03 pm
intent of the president for not providing this information. and that is what makes this such a political battle. because the committee is relying on law looking for a pathway to get this information. they say it is for oversight because they are the tax-writing committee and want to know that audits of the president are being done properly but there are protections for any american taxpayer about the privacy of our information which is why we -- we typically rely on president's to publicly share tax returns as the way of the public to see in a transparent fashion the sources of income and what influences might be on their decision-making based on their financial picture. the president has not done that and resisted it for years now. and some of his political allies say that is something that voters considered and voted him into office any way. so this is what will make a case here in a political fight.
12:04 pm
will the treasury secretary bend under pressure, will he side with the president and put steve mnuchin in a very tough political position as this is thrashed out between two co-equal branches of government. the congress, which believes it has a right to the information and the president who is saying as an individual taxpayer, he has a right to privacy. so that makes the outline of quite a fight. >> so the outline is all there and you do get a sense it will be a long fight. so how is the white house preparing for this? >> reporter: well, they are pretty much turning everything over to the treasury department and that is what is putting this giant target on steve mnuchin. the white house is not commenting on this beyond what the president is saying. and you heard him in that clip saying that he believes the law is on his side. again, under the idea which is expressly written into the law it can't be used for political purposes, there has to be a legitimate committee purpose for the request and the committee said there is one.
12:05 pm
but that is where the basis of the fight lies. and if the treasury secretary does not provide this information, and at this point he is resisting that, then perhaps it goes to court. we just don't know what is around the corner yet. but so far the treasury department has not said that they will engage on this april 23rd deadline and that puts more pressure on congress to perhaps use subpoena power or other means to try too get this information. kendis. >> and they are attempting other means. we'll talk about that in a second. but first our thanks to kelly o'connell there at the white house. we do want to dig deeper into this contentious issue, joining me barbara mcquade and as well as ann garrett from "the washington post" andam yamiche. and barbara, what legal implications does steve mnuchin
12:06 pm
face if he fails to meet the new deadline. >> it said the documents shall be produced and the law there is clear but it is unprecedented territory to seek the tax returns of the president and i believe congress has to tie it to some sort of legislative function which could be oversight. the fact that secretary of treasury steve mnuchin has taken this on as opposed to deferring to the irs administrator suggests that they are prepared for a fight. ordinarily these kind of disputes between coequal branches of government are resolved by accommodation and they negotiate something and each side gives something up and they are happy to go their separate ways. this suggests he's bracing for a fight and they won't go easily. >> that is an interesting take there. that is why steve mnuchin might fight this. and ann, i did find this intriguing, elijah cummings
12:07 pm
issued a letter of intent for the trump accounting firm to get his financial records. could this be seen as an end around and still give us the kwif lentd -- the equivalent of tax's tax yfgs information. >> it would indeed be another avenue to get the same information and potentially more because it would be business reports that are not simply tax returns. the tax-writing committee is seeking trump's personal and business tax returns. the financial documents involving his business being sought separately by the oversight committee in chairman cummings are potentially broader than that. but would cover the information that congressional democrats say is most relevant here which would go to the various questions that we've all been looking at in the context of the mueller investigation. potential conflict of interest, and also the idea that trump may
12:08 pm
have introduced by michael cohen in his separate testimony that trump may have over-inflated his income for some purposes when buying or selling things, undersold it at other times and maybe done a few other bits of slight of hand financially that could be revealed within those financial documents. >> so those financial documents could be more intriguing indeed. that intent of subpoena will go out on monday. the company accounting firm said it may cooperate. in the meantime, yamiche, there is growing protest over barr's fox news talking point during his testimony on capitol hill claiming that obama's administration spied on trump at the campaign. take a listen. >> i think spying did occur. yes, i think spying did occur. >> spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> i am not saying that improper
12:09 pm
surveillance occurred. i'm saying that i am concerned about it and looking into it. that's all. >> of course that word "spying" goes with a heavy meeting. you were there reporting on the barr capitol hill hearing, did that sort of drop like a lead balloon. >> it did and people were taken aback by the idea that the attorney general was really, i think, giving some sort of support to this idea that the obama administration was spying on the trump campaign. now of course the president has trafficked in conspiracy theories for a while now. going back to the idea that he said that president obama wasn't born in the country and ted cruz's father was involved in the death of kennedy. so that mood is part of the president's public persona so in this case people that i talk to say attorney general barr knew he had an audience of one and that was president trump. he wants an attorney general
12:10 pm
that is loyal to him and will protect him and also be aggressive in defending his administration. so i think it is going to be really interesting to see where this goes. attorney general barr said that he is not opening an fbi investigation. and he also, when pressed on capitol hill, to say what is the basis for you thinking that way and he couldn't say this is the evidence that i've seen or i've seen something that makes me feel this way. so i think we're going to have to watch closely of how he handles this but the idea he's willing to say this, helps i think the red -- the red meat for the base on the president has often served up. >> people are watching barr carefully, staring him down and now watching him with a side eye. barbara, i do want to quote part of your recent piece for the daily beast. what do you mean? >> we know that president trump would complain about jeff sessions when he was the attorney general. he said i want an attorney general that would protect me and envious of attorney journals in prior administrations that he
12:11 pm
perceived as protecting the president and serving the way area michael cohen served him in the private sector and that is what he wanted in an attorney journal. the proper role is not to protect the president, but to protect the people and to defend the constitution. but some of the language that william barr is using like "spying" is such a loaded term and stepping in to make the decision on the question of obstruction of justice instead of robert mueller or congress, holding back this report while it is being redacted. all of those things i think are raising this idea of suspicion as to whether william barr is fulfilling his duty for being the attorney general for the people or serving as the michael cohen that president trump has wished for. >> and the justice department will now focus and investigate the counterintelligence probe into trump's 2016 presidential campaign. what are they going to focus on? >> whether or not there was -- basically the beginnings of what
12:12 pm
ultimately became the mueller investigation. were there connections between the trump came and russia that might have caused the intelligence agencies to want to have a look and to see whether -- basically what was happening and they could have done from a counterintelligence protecting the country standpoint but it is a political campaign and that raises separate issues which we think is what barr was getting at. >> and one last question, we expect the mueller report to be out, the redacted version any day now, by monday or tuesday, do you expect more redactions than what we're able to read? >> i'm not sure. i think it is hard to tell what they will redact and not. but the important thing when attorney general barr went to capitol hill to testify, he said he wasn't going to redact anything that was going to protect the president's reputation. so i think reporters including myself were interested in whether or not attorney general barr and the federal government would look at this document and say we don't want anything that
12:13 pm
looks bad for the president. attorney general barr is saying we're not going to do that and everyone is looking at that idea of obstruction of justice. the idea that special counsel did not come to a conclusion for that. i'm already going be quickly making a list of the case for and against obstruction of justice and if it is not completely redacted, hopefully we'll learn a lot more about what went into the decision not to make a decision. >> a lot of people looking into trying to read the tea leaves. 400 pages worth of it. thank you to barbara mcquade and ann stick around. and from brick city to capitol hill and now the white house. senator cory booker goes back to his base trying to hype up voters for 2020. but first he discusses going up against president trump with a.m. joy's joy reid. >> you don't use a tactic for the people you are against, the tactic you deploy and use those same tactics to win. that is not our history as a country. story as a country. every day,
12:14 pm
visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it.
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alcindor. into 296 days until the iowa caucus and it is a marathon but the democratic hopefuls are sprinting and flooding key states across the country. take a look. last hour senator cory booker addressed crowds at his kickoff rally in his home town of newark, new jersey. and booker did not -- is not the only candidate capitalizing on his roots. tomorrow congressman eric swalwell will hold his kickoff rally in his hometown high
12:18 pm
school of dublin and in sound bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg will make it official with an expected announcement on sunday. so buttigieg will be the latest democrat to join a very, very crowded field that could continue to grow. it is dizzying to look at. i want to bring in my strategists. welcome to all of you. busy day. >> thank you. >> the political front, so as we mention that cory booker held his kickoff rally today. he's calling his campaign the justice for all tour. and he did shy away from taking a shot at the president. here is a listen. >> we can't wait when this administration is throwing children and -- fleeing violence into cages. banning muslims from entering the nation founded on religious
12:19 pm
liberty. and preventing bra-- preventing brave transgender americas from serving the country they love and we can't wait because many of the most serious challenges as a nation were with us long before donald trump entered the white house. >> you kind of got a sense that he has trump as a unifying message there. gabrielle, i start with you on this and get your take. will trump be the universal strategy among candidates? >> i think what we learned in the last election is that you can't just go against somebody. you have to express your own point of view and your own vision. what i like about what cory booker said, besides the fact that compassion is in his headlines of his campaign motto, is he's talking to an expanded base which all democrats need to be mindful of, especially in a crowded race. >> and he didn't try to take in any lane, evan, in particular.
12:20 pm
you have so many of the candidates that i've mentioned, eric swalwell will mention gun rights and mayor buttigieg might talk religion come tomorrow and we have inslee talking environment. he tried to present a broad lane. >> i was very under -- overwhelmed and he came off as a pitch man and not a candidate. i'm cory booker and you won't believe what this stain remover could do. he had an announcement on february 1st and this is a second one and they had to delay this by hours because they couldn't find enough people in the rally and his fundraising numbers are anemic and his poll numbers are in the toilet. this is a very, very struggling campaign and no enthusiasm behind it. look at pete buttigieg who is speaking to audiences and drawing record crowds. cory booker, he has to find
12:21 pm
them. it is night and day. >> it was a beautiful day in newark. we haven't had a beautiful day in a -- >> i don't think the weather is any indication of an endorsement. >> pick up on that. what sense do you get of where his campaign is, is it struggling in he's not registering on the recent polls in iowa and new hampshire and 3% and 4% respectively. >> i think it is good to stipulate at the outset of the segments it is early in the cycle. while you can glean trends and patterns, it is still early. i would say it is smart to have a second announcement because when you are competing in a field -- a crowded field, you want to get any earned media you could. so what i mean by earned media is get free publicity. so the fact that we're sitting here talking about his campaign is a win for his campaign. so strategically use any angle you can to try to get traction within in the news media. >> aim sure they call it a whin when you just say --
12:22 pm
>> but evan, your a republican strategist. >> and i praised a democratic candidate in the same breath. >> a democrat candidate that is a media darling. so we see movement for buttigieg because he's getting so much attention. >> from the base. >> i'm not -- not just from the base. from the media in many ways. i'm not criticizing his campaign. if i'm buttigieg's team, i'm taking full advantage of this media attention that i'm getting but you have kamala harris raised $12 million. she is a woman of color. she is a black woman. she is an asian woman. and so to have a candidate of her caliber raise $12 million, excuse me, even with all of her accomplishments, it is an achievement because women candidates do not have struggle with fundraising and so when she raised that money the first response was that shows that buttigieg lower number is a good number. >> pretty significant $7 million where he came from -- out of nowhere. >> but to benchmark -- but it
12:23 pm
wasn't benchmarked against any of the other candidates who raised less money. >> who were big names for years ongoing. >> but i'm saying beto raised less than kamala and he wasn't benchmarked against buttigieg. that is my point. >> understood. >> so i think we have to take away from the media -- >> go ahead. >> into the reality of the ground. >> it is such -- i think you're absolutely right. it is such a crowded race, right. so any opportunity, whether it is making a hologram of yourself or another campaign announcement, it is making us talk about this. but somebody is going to have to permeate and somebody will have to shine through. again, what i liked about cory booker, whether you call it an underwelcoming announcement or not, is that he took on specific things that the president has in his cross-hairs. first thing he mentioned in the clip is we're putting kids in cages. he's leaning into things where we do need a moral and ethical response from whoever wants to
12:24 pm
lead this country -- >> but you worked a presidential campaign before. if you were on a campaign right now, would you rather be on the booker campaign with wherever that is in the polls and money raising, or buttigieg right now? >> i don't want to work another presidential campaign. i did two already. >> but from a poll position standpoint? >> what i'm looking for my specialty in the campaigns weren't your block voters but how to expand your electorate and that is what the democrats need to do. so i think as far as buttigieg and cory booker, right now cory booker said many more things that ring true to me heart that i want presidential candidates to say but we have to name the cruelty and the division this president is sowing and that is why i'm excited by the democratic field. >> and talking about expanding the electorate, i think
12:25 pm
buttigieg is taking on mike pence on his own terms and mike pence always invoked religion and no other democrat is doing that and if it is saying donald trump is bad, democrats agree on that. that is not expanding the electorate. >> but a lot of the electorate and the people who will vote in the general election, are we ready for a gay mayor from south bend, indiana and will he be able to beat trump? >> i'm ready for a gay mayor from south bend, indiana or sheboygan. >> in the middle of the country, will they vote for him. >> i think there are plenty of younger votes that think he is great and on the conservative side too. >> and i don't think -- let me say this, evan, democrats aren't just speaking in platitudes as evan said. there are specific policies the democrats are advancing but the question is when the coverage comes out around what they say about trump, you about they are speaking very specifically with reams of policy initiatives and cory booker talked about baby
12:26 pm
bonds and criminal justice reform and he has legislation that he could use to back that up. opportunities and all of the candidates -- elizabeth warren has laid out -- >> just laid out a tax -- >> so i want to correct the record. when these candidates are talking to voters, face-to-face, they are talking about the issues overwhelmingly. with respect to can someone win, people didn't think president obama a black man could win. so i don't think it is a smart policy for democrats or for democrats to engage in can this person win or can that person win based on race, gender or sexual orientation. >> thank you. enjoy the decision. and tomorrow we'll have pete buttigieg's announcement from south bend live right here. tara, evan, gabriella, thank you. still ahead, a live look at the radar and a dangerous situation developing right now in parts of the south. these storms are tornados and hail and damaging winds are on the move.
12:27 pm
we'll get a live update after the break from meteorologist janessa webb and from a storm chaser moving through louisiana. stay with us. breaking news. g through louisia. stay with us breaking news. needles. essential for the cactus, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill
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12:31 pm
political headlines this week. greg craig pleaded not guilty to lobbying violations and charged with making false statements and concealing activities to doj. officials say if found guilty he could face up to ten years behind bars. a chinese woman arrested at mar-a-lago after they found suspicious mal-ware on her thumb drive has been charged with lying to agents and entering restricted property. authorities say the 32-year-old woman also had four cell phones and a laptop. the president was golfing nearby at the time. we're now learning that jared kushner registered as rm ahead of the midterms. according to documents obtained by cnn, he switched from no party to republican party about a year and a afl after he went to work at the white house. and new this afternoon, morehouse college, the nation's all all black college will begin
12:32 pm
admitting transgender students next year. morehouse officials are hailing the move as an important step toward a more inclusive campus. but right now breaking news from the south. millions of people in harm's way. as a significant tornado threat moves from east texas to western alabama. the live radar right there, forecasters warn of thunderstorms, wind and even worse. this brand-new video into our newsroom of hail pommeling parts of san antonio on the west side of the storm system, for the latest let's go to janessa webb and this situation continues. >> we continue to see this bow echo make its way through central and eastern texas and starting to fall away but we still have tornado watches across northern louisiana, to southern arkansas throughout the evening. so this signature of this storm system continues to be at an enhanced risk and the problem for that, we're about to see daylight go down in some areas
12:33 pm
so potential for tornados to spin up throughout your evening and into overnight in these locations. houston will continue to be on our radar. shreveport to lake charles, louisiana. we'll continue to watch southern arkansas for the damaging winds and severe thunderstorms throughout the evening here. so the enhanced risk zone could be broadened for the next few hours, from little rock even memphis as well. we'll continue to watch these storms really start t to three e reason being temperatures are in the 80s. we're seeing a gulf temperatures in the 70s. and also the wind shear on these storms are picking up to about 70 to 70 miles per hour. so that will continue to be a problem. and if you are in this path, we have 31 million under risk for at least the next 12 hours. kendis. >> and the city of houston, the biggest city in this country, at one point was under a tornado
12:34 pm
watch. we do know that there have been reports of some areas that have been hit by tornados. what are we learning? >> well, we're going to continue to see these tornados in that squaw line make its way through but already we've seen reports of five tornados, possibly that have touched down. now i looked at the damage in franklin, texas, potentially just from looking at it, an ef-1 to an ef toward in that area. we're still working on the reports if any lives were threatened in that area but looking at the damage, it is very critical. and that squaw line is really not letting u. let me remind this here from the radar. you could see the squaw line making its way through also, little rock, jackson, alexandria, you need to be taking shelter. >> a lot of people are taking shelter. the town of franklin, a town of roughly 1600 residents, hopefully they were warned ahead of time. meteorologist janessa webb, thank you to you. that storm is moving east and could impact the masters as
12:35 pm
early as tomorrow there in georgia. well still ahead, the speaker has spoken. nancy pelosi condemns president trump after he tweets a disturbing 911 video to attack congresswoman ilhan omar. woman , and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. to help you grow and protect your wealth. i felt i couldn't be at my best wifor my family. c, in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. even hanging with friends i worried about my hep c. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all common types of hep c. before starting mavyret your doctor will test if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b,
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this calls for a taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. moments ago democratic congresswoman ilhan omar defending herself against the president's tweet about remarks that she made about 9/11 that were taken out of context.
12:39 pm
in a series of tweets she said no one person, no matter how corrupt or inept or vicious could threaten my unwavering love for america and i continue fighting for equal opportunity in our pursuit for happiness of all americans. so omar is referring to a video tweeted by president trump that used imagery from september 11th which msnbc will not show you. he was trying to aim at her and joining me is zara bullu, the director of san francisco chancer of the council of american islamic relations and back with me aanne gearan and yamiche alcindor. and the congresswoman's comments at a civil rights event last month that started this. >> care was founded after 9/11. because they recognized that some people did something, and
12:40 pm
that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> so she's saying her comments were taken out of context and what is the end goal here and why are they running with this? >> well, from the -- from the president's perspective, he sees this as a slam dunk way to tar not only ilhan omar but other congressional democrats as unpatriotic to put it politely. and her point and that of her defenders is that she was making a much more subtle point about fear and about inclusion in this country. and although she's wrong on the facts about when kair was formed, her point is pretty clear and well-understood when you watch the whole video. she's saying it is not fair and it is not right and for muslims generally in the united states to all be the subject of
12:41 pm
suspicion because of 9/11. saying some people did some things might not be the most artful way to express that. but the meaning of what she said is quite clear if you listen the to the whole thing versus the little clip contained in the president's video. >> and zara, some of the congresswoman's closest friends including alexandria ocasio-cortez there on capitol hill tweeted out support for the congresswoman among them saying, aoc, members of congress have a duty to respond to the president's explicit attack today. speaker pelosi released a statement today, however it didn't mention the representative by name. should it have? are the democrats coming to her defense enough? >> speaker pelosi's tweet, not even a formal statement, her tweet which came 14 hours after the president was inciting violence against congresswoman ilhan omar. we should not, no, condemn it.
12:42 pm
it is an incitement to violence and he's taking her words out of context and cutting and pasting them with painful images of a tragic terrorist attack that all of us experienced, that all of us continue to suffer the consequences of. and he's showing it to millions of people. that video on twitter has over 7 million views. the white house just posted it on facebook through the formal white house page. and all speaker pelosi said is he shouldn't. no, condemn it. name her, she's living through death threats and condemn him for inciting violence against one of the first muslim women in congress. >> and speaking of that, do you think that the sort of heat that she's getting is because she's muslim? if any other member of congress short of tlaib had same the same words, they've gotten the same blowback we've seen in the last two weeks. >> this video is coming from a president who himself has bragged about howing the tallest building in manhattan as a result of the 9/11 attacks. if that itself is not evidence of the hypocrisy, i don't know
12:43 pm
what else it takes. this is a woman of color, a black woman, a muslim woman, who wears a head scarf and living through death threats. she is experiencing a double standard and hypocrisy at its highest. >> and that was one of the things that many people noted in the moments after 9/11, the president mentioning that he does have the tallest building now after the towers went down. representative tlaib was reacting and here is what she had to say. >> and the fact that these people are irresponsibly taking those words out of context an n endangering the life of rep omar is immoral and wrong and need to be called out by many colleagues ab not just myself and they need to stop targeting her this way. it is absolutely putting her life in danger. >> so yamiche, the represent there tlaib is also muslim, one of two in congress that is muslim. how come she hasn't come under
12:44 pm
as much fire as representative omar? >> i think if you ask the representative, she would say that she has been coming under fire and she has been someone that feels like she's been targeted unnecessarily because she was a woman of color. i think back on that idea that she was calling out -- when one of the representatives during a hearing with michael cohen brought out an african-american woman and she said, this looks -- people shouldn't be used as props. she had a lot of pushback for that and when she cursed talking about the president. so i think aoc, representative omar and tlaib have been sounding the alarm they feel like they're being criticized more so than other members of congress and more so than the president because they have these identity as women of color. i think the thing that nancy pelosi is really trying -- the line she's trying to thread is the fact that the president wants to have these kind of fights. the president sees these people, she's members of congress, as a way to have boogie women and we
12:45 pm
have fundraising letters talking about the women and the president has made socialism in talking about their policies part of his 2020 campaign. so i think nancy pelosi is trying to figure out how to deal with this from a political point of view and then of course also the idea there are all sorts of people including grassroots democratic voters who see these three women as the future of the party and see them targeting and feel personal about the way their weathering this because there are people around the country who feel the same way. >> i appreciate you being here. thank you, guys. still ahead, her take. cindy mccain speaks out about the president's border wall as well as recent twitter attacks on her late husband. it is an nbc news exclusive. >> i was not only offended i was damn mad about it. and so i thought well this person, their family needs to know what they do. this is how you're behaving. from any one else.
12:46 pm
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well from saying he he was not a hero to blaming him for a thumbs down vote trump has
12:50 pm
attacked john mccain and they sat down with the senator's wife cindy mccain and discusses what her late husband would say about the lack of civility in >> we're starting a new series called her take which much we talk to a wide array of women about how they see our lives and our country. the first person in the debut of the series is cindy mccain. >> it's an epidemic. >> she was in new york taking part in a panel on human trafficking. >> it's also something that is hiding in plain sight. it's everywhere. it's absolutely everywhere. >> something she and the mccain institute are working hard to stop. >> it's not an immigration issue at all. >> she was dismiss of president trump's suggestions that his border wall out loud help. >> he's living in disneyland. >> afterwards we sat down to talk one on one about why she
12:51 pm
cares about the topic and how she sees the country these days? >> i was in india and i went to buy sarri material. while i was buying it, you heard rumbling coming from the floor boards. so i was beginning to pay and i look down and there were slats in the floor boards and i could see a lot of eyes looking up at me. >> she says after she went home, she couldn't get the children out of her head. she educated herself about trafficking and was soon working to stop it. she is of course still mourning the loss of her husband who died last august. and this week, another heartbreak. >> my husband's dog, burma, she had a freak accident and she browned. she's with him now. he's throwing sticks to her up there because she would never leave his side. it was like losing him all over again. >> it isn't living life in public. people can be cruel. you just reposted a post, essentially what they're saying
12:52 pm
is we're glad your husband is dead and we wish your daughter would die. >> i was not only offended, i was mad about it. their family needs to know what they do, and i think it's time we step back and start practicing civility in all facets of life. this is one of them. my husband and i were fair game, but when you take on the younger kids, it's not fair and that's what happens. >> what would her husband think of the lack of civility in washington right now? >> he would be so upset over this just because of the tenor, the lack of inaction on many members' parts. i'm speaking specifically about members of congress. he would say we're going to work together, let's not fight. that was who he was. >> not that he didn't like a good fight. >> oh, he loved a good fight, but it was never personal with him. he and ted kennedy used to fight like cats and dogs on the floor, but they were best of friends.
12:53 pm
i wish we could go back to that. >> can we go back to that? >> this pendulum has to swing back. >> are you still a republican? >> i am. i'll always be a republican. you know, i just don't agree with many part of my party right now at all. yes, i'm frustrated like everybody. yes, i get angry sometimes. >> but she tells us that angry pales next to the joy of the long life with john mccain? >> what do you miss most? >> i miss talking to john a lot. i miss his jokes. i miss his humor. i hiss him very much. >> cindy mccain on a wide range of topics a. pleasure to sit down with her. we're looking forward to talking to lots more women about their lives and their views of america over the next several months. back to you, candace. >> our thanks to cynthia mcfadden there.
12:54 pm
evan, that silence was deafening and you got a sense of the pain she's still feeling there. but you kind of also have to imagine that every time the president attacks her late husband and sends a tweet, it kind of rubs a bit tough on them. >> yeah. it's so absolutely outrageous that the president continues to attack john mccain, who was a great man, who served this country. whether you agreed with him or not, he really goddembodied ame. when he lamented the lack of deliberation of politics and how we don't talk about laws and retreated to our tribal corners. they would fight like cats and dogs and still go out after. i don't think we do that as much
12:55 pm
anymore. >> what do you make of her response to all that and watching her with cynthia, in the sense she didn't seem as angry as we would expect her to be? >> i think that shows the class and dignity that she has, unlike the people attacking her, specifically the president of the united states. >> all right. thanks. thank you very much, evan. evan zig freed with us. the border battle continues. the mayor of atlanta speaks out after president trump threatens to release migrants to sanctuary cities. keisha bottoms will join richard lui at 4:00 p.m. eastern. subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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12:59 pm
of "msnbc live." i'll be back tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern. you can follow me on social media, instagram, and twitter. the news continuing right now with my colleague, richard lui. i'm jealous you get to talk to mayor bottoms from atlanta. >> i'm looking forward to that. any questions you want me to ask her. >> everyone is asking about stacy abrams being the rising star, but there's a lot of black girl magic taking place throughout that state. >> the great state of georgia. i will ask that question for you. good afternoon to all of you. i'm richard lui live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. democrats raggle to support freshman congresswoman ilhan
1:00 pm
omar after president trump's tweet along with graphic images from the 9/11 attacks. sanctuary city threat. president trump coming under fire for thing to release illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. the mayor of one of those cities, mayor keisha lance bottoms of atlanta will join us live. and then, ticktock, the mueller report redacted. a version could be released to congress and the public as early as monday. we're going to dive into what it could reveal. we'll start with president trump doubling down on a story first reported by "the washington post." here i am. describes how white house officials tried to pressure u.s. immigration authorities into dumping tainties on the streets of largely democratic sanctuary cities. late last night the president saying they suddenly don't want cote illegal migrants in their cities and telling them to go home. we'd like to bring in the mayor of one of those staengts the president is thing, aan


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