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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  April 27, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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show, breaking news, as we monitor that shooting situation in poway, california. nbc news is reporting that authorities have a suspect in custody after an unidentified man opened fire inside a synagogue, killing one person and wounding four others. no motive is known at this hour. we'll update you with the latest developments as they come in. nbc's molly hunter is in california. what more are you learning, molly? >> al, good evening. we just heard actually from the sheriff down there. he gave a briefing after we heard from ta witness. let's take a listen. >> this morning at approximately 11:23 hours, deputies responded to the synagogue regarding an active shooter situation. deputies found several victims
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with varying injuries. we were able to detain one suspect at the time, one shooter. we're confident there are no outstanding shooters. the victims have all been transported to the hospital. the missing children have been located. we do not believe we have any missing children at this time. unfortunately that's all the information i have for you guys right now. >> is it a female, male, young or old? >> that i don't know right now. >> are there any casualties? >> that i don't know. varying states of injuries. >> at one point there were two children missing? is that because they dispersed from the scene? >> yes. an steering wheel chaotic sweeney people rung everywhere when ewe got here. we were informed that we had two children unaccounted for by their parents, but they were located and reunited with their parents. >> do you know if there was religiously motivated or personal? >> that i don't know at this time. we're still in the extreme early
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stages investigation. no one is outstanding right now. >> where is this person detained now? >> that i don't know. >> where were they detained? at the scene or somewhere else? >> they were detained down the road but i don't know the exact location. >> were they detained by san diego police department? >> i don't have that information. i'm sorry. >> did the guy flee in his car? >> he was not on scene when we arrived. he was detained a short distance from the scene. >> did he run? >> that i don't know. again, we're in the early stages, you guys. i'm sorry i don't have any other information. >> do you know if any weapons were recovered? >> that i don't know. >> do you know how many people were in the synagogue at the time? >> there is a large group gathered, but i don't have estimates on numbers. >> are they still there? >> yes. >> how many witnesses would you say? >> again, i couldn't give an estimate to how many were in the temple at the time. >> was this a prayer or business
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as usual? do you know what was going on inside the synagogue at the time? >> i don't know what was going on at the time. >> sir, if you could say your name again? >> it's aaron meleen, and i'm a sergeant and the sheriff's department. >> male comes into the synagogue? >> it's the chabad temple. >> so he comes in and he just -- >> wait, have you confirmed it's a male? >> i don't know the gender of the suspect that's zblantd but somebody started shooting? >> yes. >> people were fleeing, and the suspect has been apprehended? >> we do not believe there's anyone outstanding. >> can you put a number on the injuries? >> i don't want to guesstimate right now. >> were children hurt: to my knowledge, no, but i don't know for sure. >> now we have a little bit more
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information. that presser was an hour ago. we're expecting another update in half an hour. let me bring you up to speed since we heard from the mayor of this 50,000 person town. he didn't have any more information necessarily about the weapon. you saw the sheriff there basically say i don't know to a lot of questions. but we do know the fbi is now on the scene. they're in the investigative stage. we know there are about 100 vehicles at that staging area. really all law enforcement working together to figure out what the motive was, who this guy was. we do know that the suspect is in custody. one key piece of information ux that was a bit confusion because the information changed, is there is one fatality. we know at least four other people were shot, al, including a woman, including the rabbi. the mayor who just spoke on the last hour spoke about how the rabbi was shot and he kept preaching. now, there will be a lot of witnesses because this was during passover services on the
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last day of passover. the mayor also added he doesn't know what kind of defensive measures are being taken at synagogues and other places of worship. he said his absolute priority and the county's priority is to make sure there are no copycat attacks, that no one gets another idea from it. we are on the last day of passover. the other thing that he did say clearly was this was a hate crime. i'm quoting the mayor right now. and that will not stand. he praised his community and said this is a community that will come together and there is significant support across different faiths that he says he expects everyone to really support the jewish community today. >> molly, he has said that this is a hate crime. this has occurred on the last day of passover. and we are checking in, but i believe it's six months to the day since the attack in the synagogue in pittsburgh.
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we do not know any connections, of course. we're not suggesting that. but it has been announced by the mayor this is a hate crime. joining me now by phone is knsd affiliate reporter on the ground, ramon caleeno. what is the latest from san diego you can tell us, ramon. >> reporter: as the reporter just mentioned, we confirmed just a short while ago that the shooting has been confirmed, that there is a fatality. hearing from the witnesses i've spoken to on the scene, they them the rabbi was one of the persons who was shot, shot in the hand, and that a woman was also shot. this is information that we're gathering from witnesses as you know, breaking news can change throughout the day. we're waiting to get another briefing from the sheriff's department in about an hour or so. but this town here in poway, just to give you an idea, it's
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about 50,000 people, about 20, 30 minutes north of downtown san diego. a really sleepy town. the synagogue is next to a couple of other churches, a very quiet place. this neighborhood here really shook up, not used to hearing gunfire, not used to seeing all these police here. the national press is here, obviously, another attack on a religious institution. so this shooting here in poway has really shaken up this community. it's still really early in this investigation, but we have video showing the suspect was arrested a little bit down the road. they were able to evacuate or close off a huge area surrounding this synagogue. there is a church right next to it, but, again, still gathering details. we do know that a couple of people were shot and unfortunately one has been fatal. a lot of the people that i spoke
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to here, they say that the rabbi, very beloved member of this community, a man in his 60s, someone who is not just really respected in the jewish community, but in the community here of poway. so this investigation, it appears like it's going to happen for a long time. as you heard earlier, the mayor of poway confirming that there is one fatality and that it appears this is going to be investigated as a hate crime. we don't know exactly what the shooter said when he went into this synagogue, but they were celebrating shabbat. it's a saturday. they were celebrating the end of passover, so the temple was filled with men, women, and children who were obviously running out to escape the shooting. now neighbors here in poway just wondering what could have caused this person to commit this atrocity in this quiet little community. >> now, we do know -- we were told that the children, the
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ones -- there were two they were looking for, have been located, and that we do not believe the children were shot. the rabbi kept preaching, we're told, even after he was shot. can you confirm that? >> reporter: i haven't heard that from the witnesses who were inside. the witnesses who were inside, there was quite a commotion, a lot of people running. the extend of their injuries uncertain, but definitely what people remember the most is most vivid in the minds of the witnesses was the rabbi being shot in the hand and several witnesses telling me that, as gruesome as it sounds and i apologize to the witnesses, they saw the fingers blown off, and that's the lasting memory these worshippers had during the shabbat service here at the end of passover.
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>> thank you. joining me is sean henry, president and chief security officer of crowd strike and msnbc cybersecurity analyst. from what we know, what are law enforcement -- what are they looking for right now? >> i think we've turned now to the investigative phase of this as opposed to the reactive phase. once the scene has been secured, they extracted the injured, they've determined that there's no other shooters, they're looking at the investigative phase now. the point you made about copycat shooters, some things the mayor said, you want to ensure there are people who are sitting on the fence, we know there are extremists who go through these processes all the time and there's some action that causes them to flip from being theoretical to being operational. aspirational to operational. so law enforcement wants to make sure if they have people under surveillance that might be in that category , that they're keeping a close eye. they're going to exploit any steitch social media they may be able to, some of the devices,
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computers, telephones that they'll pick up through swaurea warrants, we heard the mayor say it's a hate crime, still very, very preliminary this investigation. >> what would they need to designate this as a hate crime? because there are specific hate crime laws in california. what would they need because an hour, hour and a half ago they were saying they didn't know the motive. what did they need to move this in the category of saying this was a hate crime? >> from where we were an hour and a half ago to now, it would appear to me based on the statement that the mayor said, he was in the command postand he sounded pretty emphatic that it was a hate crime, statements he may have made, perhaps they were able to find a vehicle on scene that he was able to arrive there in, and they did a search warrant and were able to extract documentation.
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perhaps he provided access to his phone, maybe they had access to social media. >> we don't know if he's a local resident. >> that's not clear. but for them to say it's a hate crime, it would appear to me there were specific statements that he made, perhaps while he was shooting in the synagogue or information that was collected consent to him being taken into custody that would give law enforcement reason to believe his motivation was clearly based on his religious hate. >> and being the last day of passover, knowing that there would be a large gathering for the episond of passover, assumi that was his motive, this makes it even more disturbing and despicable, i'll say. >> i think you're absolutely right. it's abhorrent what happened here, what we've seen historically at houses of worship for people to take their violence out in these communities. one of the things we heard one of the guests say recently is how do we stop these from occurring and how do --
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particularly when you're talking about soft targets, when you have people in houses of worship, schools, et cetera, and a lot of this comes down to law enforcement having the intelligence up front. in the case where they can't collect intelligence, it's about the community. we heard jonathan greenblat from the adl talking about this collaboration and coordination between the community and law enforcement, looking for that spot where that intelligence can be shared so that the community is the eyes and ears and helping law enforcement identify potential trouble spots and those individuals who might take this type of extremist action so law enforcement can mitigate it prior to some sort of incident. >> six months after the shooting of pittsburgh, we're talking about houses of worship, houses of refuge for people under attack. this is very, very frightening. stay right here. much more on the synagogue shooting outside saying, california, after the break. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink into your own little world.
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how is your husband doing? >> he has high blood pressure and he was shaking. i was very worried about him. >> you were saying that one woman and the rabbi were shot? >> yes, yes. >> can you tell me about shabbat? you said a lot of people don't have technology right now, so how are they getting the word out? >> well, we are jewish, but we use our phone.
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i mean, it doesn't matter if you are or not. but lots of people, they're not that religious. it's shabbat. you can touch it. so so many people that have family, they don't know what's going on. i was lucky. my husband called me. but with i feel bad for the rest of the people they don't know what's happening. >> so you're telling me that the shooter shot rabbi and the woman and the rabbi it happened to speak to his congregation? >> rabbi continued to speak to his congregation, and my friend was -- she said -- my husband said she's down. they tried to stop her bleeding, but immediately they had to take her to hospital. >> have you ever hheard anythin her family?
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>> no. >> we're back with more breaking news out of poway, california, where an unidentified gunman has shot and killed one person, wounding three others at a synagogue on the final day of jewish passover. i want to bring in jonathan greenblat, ceo of the anti-deaf foundation league who joins us by phone. jonathan, clearly this is a stunning -- i just can't even find the words, again, we're six months from pittsburgh, another synagogue under attack during service, during woman. your reaction? >> rev, thank you for having me on. i wish it were under different circumstances. today was the last day of passover, which we celebrate as a holiday in the jewish community. it ends the period of time where we remember the exodus from egypt. we remember juice coming into
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their own. to think about today, a day of worship, our holy day of shabbat, which even more compounds it, being subverted in this way is tragically beyond words. our hearts go out to the community in poway, to the chabad congregation specifically, and to all those people who suffered. but i must say, rev, as we've talked about before on your show, we are living in a moment of fear. anti-semitic incidents are up in ways we never thought before were possible, and rhetoric and harassment and vandalism can lead to violence, the kind of which we saw six months ago today at tree of life, and now we're seeing in poway. >> the rise of anti-semitic attacks and rhetoric, the rise
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of hate crimes is something you and i have talked about and worked together on. what is even more as appalling, i can't say anything is more appalling than that, there seems to be now houses of worship, tree of life in pittsburgh and the hate crime with churches in louisiana, and now we are looking at chabad in poway. the fact that their targeting or seem to be targeting based on the mayor in poway saying this is a hate crime, houses of refuge, houses of worship, while people are worshiping, which makes them more vulnerable than at any point you can think of. how do as we when we stop this, jonathan? what should we doing about our houses of worship? >> i must say, i think in the jewish community we've seen this before. so in the last 10 or 15 years, there's been some high-profile attacks on synagogues, as you mentioned, on jewish community
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centers, people killed in the parking lot of the jcc in kansas city, people killed at the jewish federation of seattle. people attacked at a jewish museum in los angeles. and every day on the streets in places like new york and brooklyn, juice being assaulted in front of houses of worship. this is a heartbreaking, wrenching moment. we work closely with law enforcement at adl. we need to do more not only to ensure that our institutions are fortified, we need our values to be reinforced so people in positions of authority continually and consistently and clearly call out anti-semitism in all forms. i would prefer not to be talking about this. i would prefer to interrupt intolerance before it happens, and part of that can take place
2:23 pm
in a community a beloved community where everyone appreciates that hate has no place. >> one of the things things the mayor of poway said is that the faith community, even those that are not members of the jewish faith, have come together quickly and stand together. how is it important, because you and i have been on some of these, for people that are not jewish to stand up when we see this rise of anti-semitism, people who are not bloc black, when we see churches burned in louisiana. what should people of other faiths be doing tonight? >> i'm so glad you asked that question. this was, indeed, a murderous, lethal attack on the jewish community, but make no mistake, this is an attack on all communities. whether it's a mosque in christchurch, a church, a black church in charleston, or
2:24 pm
churches in louisiana which have been burned down, or the attack on synagogues like this one, whether it's, you know, an orthodox synagogue like the chabad house that was attacked today or a conservative synagogue like the tree of life six months ago, these are attacks on us all. so people of all faiths, people of all races, people from all walks of life need to lock arms and stand up for what we value. the values that have made this country great, values like pluralism and diversity and respect, we need to remind one another that we stand together in these difficult moments because this is when it counts. >> do you feel as we watch this that there is more collectively we ought to be calling on government to do? if nothing more than a tone being set for these kinds of things to not be tolerated and for americans to come together
2:25 pm
against what is now seemingly a pattern? >> i certainly think in this moment people of all walks of faith, people from all walks of life, from all faiths, should be able to see our leaders leading, and that, of course, starts with setting a tone. whether you're a democrat or a republican, whether you're in the white house or city hall, all our leaders need to lead. and so i will tell you that we have great respect for law enforcement, which typically responds to hate crimes like this or others we've been talking about, very effectively and very swiftly. but more needs to be done. >> i'm going to ask you to hol. we're going live to a press conference in poway. i'll come right back to you. >> -- shortly taken into custody and i'll turn it over to the chief of san diego police department to give you the details of that arrest. chief? >> thank you, sir. good afternoon. as this incident was unfolding,
2:26 pm
a san diego police officer k-9 officer was en route to the scene. he was monitoring both the san diego police department's dispatch and the sheriffs dispatch. he also overheard chp scanner of a suspect who called into chp to report he was just involved in the shooting and his location, which was rancho bernardo and the interstate 15. as our officer was exiting the freeway, he saw the suspect. suspect pulled over and jumped out of his car with his hands up and was immediately taken into custody by the san diego police department. as officer placed this 19-year-old male into custody, he clearly saw a rifle sitting on the front passenger seat of the suspect vehicle, and the suspect was taken into custody without any further incident. >> this investigation will be led by the san diego county sheriff's department, but it will be a joint investigation
2:27 pm
with the san diego police department and the federal investigation. with us this afternoon is acting special agent in charge. >> froirirst and foremost we'd to offer our deepest condolences to the victims of this tragedy. as soon as we were made aware of the incident, the fbi deployed immediately to the scene. we deployed all relevant assets to assist. we're working closely with our local state and united states attorneys office on the investigation. with that, i'll turn it back over to you. >> thanks. san diego county sheriff's department provides law enforcement services to the city of poway. we're joined here this afternoon by the mayor of poway, steve vaus. >> i want you to know this is
2:28 pm
not poway. the poway i know comes together as we did just a few weeks ago in an interfaith event. we always walk with our arms around each other and we will walk through this tragedy with our arms around each other. we have deep appreciation for those who showed courage at the chabad, deep appreciation for the law enforcement agencies that responded so quickly. we will get through this. our thoughts and prayers will be with the families and those who are investigating. poway will stay strong and we will always be a community that cares for one another. >> the anti-defamation league and our trauma -- have set up a center for anybody who wants their services.
2:29 pm
i would have them meet in poway to talk about the grief we're all suffering right now. we will be back in about two hours with more details as the investigation unfolds. i'll take a few questions if you have any right now. >>, sir, do you know any details about the suspect that you can give us and maybe even a motivation for this? >> we're not going to release that right now. it's in the process of being interviewed by homicide investigators from the sheriff's department and the fbi. we'll have those details later. [ inaudible question ] we have copies of his social media posts and his open letter. we'll be reviewing those to determine legitimatety of it and exactly how it plays into the investigation. >> how many shots were fired? >> i don't have the exact number of shots that were being fired. the crime scene is being done as we speak. >> was he connected to the
2:30 pm
chabad? >> i do not know. >> do we know where he came from? >> we have an address for him here in san diego. he's in the city of san diego, yes. he's an adult male from the city of san diego. [ inaudible question ] i'm sorry? [ inaudible question ] yeah, there are a lot of people still at the synagogue waiting to be interviewed by homicide investigators. >> how many people were inside? >> close to 100 people waiting to be interviewed. >> how many were -- >> i couldn't give you the exact number there's about 100 people to be interviewed right now. >> was there a service going on? >> i couldn't tell you. [ inaudible question ] not that i know of. i don't know all the details on the victims. >> did the suspect saying anything? >> we're not going to discuss that right now while the investigation is ongoing. >> was the off-duty border patrol agent inside when this happened? >> my understanding is he was inside the synagogue when the shooting broke out.
2:31 pm
>> did the man enter the synagogue in the middle of services? >> i don't know those details. >> last question, guys. >> we'll be back in about two hours hopefully with more details for you. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> we're back with our breaking news coverage of the shooting in poway, california. one person reported dead, three wounded after an unidentified shooter attacked a synagogue. joining me now on the phone is the executive director of terror and msnbc terrorism analyst, malcolm nance. malcolm, we don't have a motive yet or an identified suspect, but the mayor has already called it a hate crime. your thoughts? >> yes. when the mayor identified it as a hate crime, it appeared that he was speaking to some
2:32 pm
characteristic of the suspect. what we know right now is that this is a male suspect, 19 years old. we don't know what his confession is. we know that he obviously had animosity towards the jewish community. one significant thing there, rev. he's called law enforcement and surrendered himself on the side of the highway, which is very significant. that leads me to believe that it is most likely not a person from the muslim extremist community. they don't surrender for the most part. most likely someone who is from the right-wing extremist community or someone with a personal or psychological defect that has yet to be identified. >> i believe one person identified him as a 19-year-old and the sheriff said he was a resident of san diego. >> that's absolutely right.
2:33 pm
despite the fact that california has relatively strict gun laws, they do the ability to gain long rifles. he surrendered himself when highway patrol identified his vehicle on the side of the road. this would lead me to believe he's more of an extremist like the one who shot up the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, more of a right-wing anti-jewish extremist. and those types of extremists tend to have a very deep-seeded animosity based on their belief in what they call the white genocide, which is being perpetrated by what they believe is a conspiracy against the jews. it's absolutely and this
2:34 pm
was, you know, also an equal motivation for the murderer in christchurch in new zealand. >> i want to ask you this. we're told that he had a manifesto and social media, but they're trying to confirm this. if they do find that to be the case, what could his manifesto and social media tell us that could lead us to the conclusions that you're raising? >> right. if they're using the word manifesto, that's a significant term in the right-wing extremist community. and the most noteworthy of all was an ders brevity, the norwegian who murdered 38 the people in norway because he
2:35 pm
believed the norwegian government was facilitating immigration and committing what they called white genocide. the same thing for the shooter in the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. he was a anti-immigrationist who thought this white genocide was being perpetrated through a jewish immigration group along with these fake immigrant caverns that the preside caravans that the president was shouting about. they wrote their manifestos where they can we find to everything. so if this is true, and we don't have that confirmed yet. i'll wait 'til law enforcement says it. then we have a significant trend here and a key intelligence indicator. >> what do you feel from your
2:36 pm
noted expertise can be done when we're seeing now a consistent pattern worldwide of houses of worship being targeted, particularly on days where there is the expected large turnout of people like today, the last day of passover? we see the chabad synagogue attacked, shot up, and one person dead on the last day of passover there in poway, california. >> you know, in the counterterrorism world, we often say you cannot let a terrorist, you know, lead your daily way of life. we can continue on with our way of life and perhaps there can be some hardening where he's working with jay johnson, former director of homeland security and others, to create a hardening process which would generally just start with locked doors once the ceremonies
2:37 pm
starts. but you cannot allow that to impact how and where and what manner you worship your god. because if you do, then you've allowed an extremist or a person who has a psychological defect to determine how you live your life. granted there is this right-wing extremist internationalist we're dealing with. we know of other forms of terrorism, and this is a type of terrorism that is growing throughout europe, and as we saw, its transmitted to the asian region. law enforcement have been led to believe and certainly this administration has been led to believe that only muslims commit terrorism. we have terrorists in our midst, and if this turns out to be a person who had a political or
2:38 pm
anti-religious bent as a hate crime, then that is a form of terrorism in itself. >> they've called it a hate crime. we do not know the basis of that call yet. we do not know the religion or race of the person. we're told it was a male, 19 years old, but clearly there has to be a reason they designated it as a hate crime. >> that is correct. the mayor has some information about the individual. again, let's wait to see. we have two hours before the next major breaching. i'm sure if they're arraigning the shooter, things have to come into the public record. my analysts are passing on to me the manifesto. none of that has been confirmed. i recommend people don't go looking for it. let the information fall out through official channels. >> none of it has been confirmed. sheriff said they're looking into it as well as his social
2:39 pm
media. but we do not know yet whether, one, they've confirmed any of that, or what it says, but the mayor has said it is a hate crime. one fatality, others wounded. moments ago president trump was asked about the shooting as he departed the white house. here's what he had to say. >> my deepest sympathies go to the people that were affected, the families, their loved ones. by the obviously looks right now based on my last conversations, looks like a hate crime. hard to believe. hard to believe. with respect to the synagogue in california near san diego and we're doing some very heavy research. we'll see what happens, what comes up. at this moment it looks like a hate crime. but my deepest sympathies to all those affected. and we'll get to the bottom of it. it looks like the person was
2:40 pm
apprehended, no more danger. and law enforcement has done a fantastic job, fantastic job. i'm heading out to wisconsin right now. we have a lot of people, and they've been lined up for a day already. i look forward to that. i just left, as you probably know, i just left with prime minister abe of japan. we had great talks this morning. we played a very fast round of golf. we had a meeting afterwards. and it looks like it's doing well, our trade deal, our relationship, our military ties. japan has agreed to buy a tremendous amount of military equipment. i mean, they're buying the best you can buy. we make the best and they're buying the best. but they're buying a lot of it. our trade relationship with japan is very good. there's been some weaknesses and
2:41 pm
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. we are back with live coverage of the synagogue shooting in california. we just heard from the president. but now he's tweeting saying, quote, thoughts and prayers to all those affected. god bless you all. suspect apprehended, law enforcement did outstanding job. thank you. joining me on the phone is knsd affiliate reporter on the ground, ramon gallendo. what is the latest from san diego, ramon. >> reporter: we got that brief from law enforcement officers a short term ago. and unfortunately the sheriff here in san diego was able to confirm that one woman was killed in this shooting inside the chabad community center here in poway. a total of four people were wounded in this shooting, two
2:46 pm
men, one girl. they are all being treated in the hospital right now. this all started a little bit before noon here, local time, in san diego. police tell us that a 19-year-old man with an ar-style rifle went into the synagogue and started firing. earlier today we heard from the mayor of poway. he said that the suspect yelled something at the congregation, and now this is being investigated as a hate crime. as this shooting was going down, an off-duty border patrol officer was here at the synagogue. he actually fired at the suspect. he wasn't able to hit the suspect, but he did damage the car. there was a huge police response after the shooting. the suspect sped off and was pulled over a few miles away from synagogue by a police officer. the police officer saw the rifle in the young man's passenger
2:47 pm
seat and took that man into custody peacefully. right now they're actually still 100 worshippers inside the synagogue. right now they're talking about to investigators. but what we do know is that unfortunately one person has been killed in this synagogue shooting. the suspect has been arrested, a 19-year-old man. we have not been told his name, but there are no outstanding suspects at this time. >> so he shot at the suspect, the suspect kept going. but then we're told the suspect called in himself and said he was involved in the shooting and his location. >> reporter: sure. i can't confirm all the details. we got a briefing a short time ago, and these details are changing. but there were several people here, witnesses who called 911 at the time. so people did -- a lot of
2:48 pm
emergency calls came in and the response was so quick, reverend al, from the people who live here, they say police and paramedics were here within three or four minutes. the suspect cooperated with police and he did surrender peacefully. we know he's 19 years old. right now investigators do not want to release identity, but as we mentioned earlier, the mayor of poway says this is being investigated as a hate crime. he indicated that he did yell something at the congregation to make it seem like this synagogue was specifically targeted. >> thank you, ramon. much more on the synagogue shooting outside of san diego, california, after the break. let's be honest. safe drivers shouldnt have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! that's why esurance has drivesense.® the safer you drive, the more you save.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we're back with more live coverage of the shooting in poway, california. joining me now by phone is jim kavanaugh, retired atf special agent in charge and msnbc terrorism contributor. jim, what's next for the federal
2:53 pm
law enforcement's response after a shooting like this? >> deep investigation, reverend al. a lot of interviews. you have 100 people still on the scene. those are witnesses. you have to interview all of those people. you have to collect the physical evidence there, shell casings. you have to track back the gun. you have to track back his personal digital footprint, computers and phones, and, of course, interview him. these guys are always interesting, the hate crime attacks. they wear their motives out loud on their sleeve. i had a couple of guys who plotted to kill president-elect obama back in 2009 and painted their cars with giant swastikas. they did tattoos with hate symbols. they post manifestos as you discussed earlier with malcolm. they post stuff on their public websites. they hate out loud.
2:54 pm
they're proud of their eventual ger acts. so finding the motive sometimes is not that hard. the proof in this case will be strong. there's eyewitnesses. the rabbi, people apparently stopped this guy and border patrolman shot at him. so he was stopped by those who he was trying to kill. >> yes. all right, thank you very much, jim cavanaugh. a quick programming note. i will see you back here in two hours, 8:00 p.m. eastern, for my msnbc special "not just black and white: race and the 2020 election." you will hear from more than a dozen democratic contenders as i ask them the tough questions going into 2020. and after the tragedy today in california it matters more than ever, and here's why. unless we talk openly and we talk candidly about our
2:55 pm
differences, about how there is still inequality that must be addressed, we only feed to those that would do harm and those that would exploit our differences. i hope people of different races watch tonight at 8:00 so they can understand more of what the black community and people of color want to know from people that offer themselves for president. i hope more than views are horrified for what happened today in poway, california. until we start understanding each other and coming together, we are creating and supporting a climate for what happened today if, in fact, it is proven a hate crime and what has happened from charlottesville to char ston, from churches burning in our state of louisiana to the nation of new zealand, we cannot be accomplices to hate. i've been admonished by even mrs. coretta scott king and
2:56 pm
martin luther king iii. watch what you say, al. i had to grow out of identifying with anything that would help to make a climate that leads to days of tragedies like this. let's pray for the families, and let us pray for the family of the deceased. that does it for me. at the top of the hour, more live coverage of the shooting in poway, california. i've always been excited for what's next. i'm still going for my best... even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
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prjs if you're just joining us here on msnbc at the top of the hour, we continue to follow the breaking news out of poway, california. we have a lot of new details this hour for you. poway, california, if you're not familiar with it, 20 miles worth of san diego there in the southland of the state. there a gunman opening fire on a synagogue on a saturday, a day of worship, the last day of passover. this just happening hours ago. you're looking at some of the live shots there at 3:00 from one of the chopper cams that are down around the area. this could be, given the fact we have more information on the suspect, potentially a place of personal importance to the suspect. it could be his place of residence. actually as they pull back, there does now look to be the synagogue itself, the chabad of poway in california there, the synagogue i was talking about. four people were


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