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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  May 2, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ba nadler opened with this message. >> we will all be held accountable in one way or the other. if he does not provide this committee with the information it demands, and the respect it deserves, mr. barr's moment of accountability will come soon enough. >> as for republicans, they are saying, hey, it didn't have to be this way. >> democrats decided they daidnt want him here today. that's the reason he is not here. >> jeff, i want to start with you. this seemed to be finger licking
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good depending on which side of the aisle you were, with one lawmaker brings a bucket of fried chicken. it was a not so subtle message aimed at the attorney general. >> that was congressman steve cohen of tennessee. when he walked in, he tapped the chicken and said, he is here, he is here. he is referring to the attorney general who boycotted the hearing because he didn't want to be questioned by committee staffers, those subject matter experts on issues related to the russia report. i'm joined by congressman jeffreys of new york. he chairs the house democratic caucus. the question i have is, democrats say they see an unprecedented level of white house defiance when it comes to these oversight demands from house democrats. how are you prepared to put teeth behind your enforcement efforts? >> the attorney general is abrasive, evasive and unpersuasive. he is out of control. we will hold him accountable. in many ways, we will move beyond him to bob mueller. we are in negotiations with the
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department of justice to see if we can bring him before the house judiciary committee on may 15. we need him to tell his story to the american people. >> we talked about the substance of the thing. on the politics, you heard collins say democrats are trying to give the appearance of an impeachment hearing by having staff lawyers interrogate the attorney general and dp democr were wrong. >> the house is a separate and co-equal branch of government. we work for the american people. we have a constitution at responsibility to do oversight and serve as a check and balance on an out of control executive branch. the executive branch, the trump administration, so-called attorney general, they are out of control. we are not going to shirk from our oversight responsibilities. >> appreciate you. thanks for your time. the two takeaways is you heard they want mueller to come up here to speak before the committees and they are also considering putting the attorney general, holding him in contempt as a means of getting the full
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un-redacted mueller report. >> jeff, hang close. we will go live to the other side of the aisle, congressman doug collins, the ranking member speaking now. >> it's irrelevant in the sense of what they want to do. why does the chairman think so little of his lawyers on his committee that he wouldn't take 30 minutes for himself or for others to actually ask questions? he has great attorneys. to me, it's a slap in the face of his own people. we're going to continue to -- if the chairman wants to continue down that path, my questions are going to be, what is your hurry? have you looked for accommodations? have you tried to work with this department of justice? every time you didn't get what you want, which is the pattern, this chairman runs to make a subpoena, runs to make a contempt charge. it's almost like they are daring to go to court instead of doing proper legislative oversight. that's a travesty for this country. thank you so much.
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>> congressman doug collins speaking there. you saw him interviewed by casey hunt last hour. pete williams, a couple of facts to get through with you here before we continue the conversation. first, as it relates to the democratic threats that you heard congressman jeffreys also emphasize, to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress, what does it do? what does it mean? does it have any teeth? >> sure, it can be done. if you find someone in contempt of congress, you have two options. one is to refer it to the u.s. attorney and seek criminal charges. when it comes to cabinet members, that usually doesn't work. even though the statute that the house would use says that the u.s. attorney shall present this to a grand jury, u.s. attorneys often simply don't do that. that is often a dead letter. the house can sue. but judges typically hate to referee what they see as political disputes. there's a compromise when it cocop
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comes to documents. give a little. when you yes or no will you come, that's a tough one. it takes months to go through congress. if you look back at the history, this doesn't work very well. the congressional research service on a report said, the congress has very limited options to try to enforce it. on the subpoena for documents, there is a subpoena for documents. they want the whole un-redacted mueller report and the underlying documents. here the justice department is citing doj policy that goes back at least 100 years that says the government doesn't -- the executive branch, the justice department doesn't share investigative documents with congress. so that's going to be a tough one as well. when you seek documents, there may be some sort of accommodation. >> jeff, what is next then? what's the sense of time line as far as when democratic
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leadership in the house might move forward with some of the threats they have been talking about? i know jerry nadler said as recently as 24 hours ago he wants to negotiate. >> that's what he says. it's fair to say within a few days. if the attorney general, if the doj aren't acting in bad faith, then they will use the contempt process as some leverage. as you point out, as you talked with pete about, it's not a sure thing that that would be afw effective or it would have any remedy. if it goes to the courts, it could take years. republicans in the day held former attorney general eric holder in contempt and ultimately the inspector general found him not guilty, to use the phrase of wrongdoing. a federal judge knocked it down. the precedent doesn't really bode well for democrats. >> lindsey graham, we saw obviously everything go down yesterday as it related to the attorney general in that
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hearing. senator graham says he has had enough when it comes to the calls for robert mueller to testify or don mcgahn. i want to play for you a little of what the senator had to say. >> why not call for mueller to testify? >> because i'm not going to do any more -- enough already. it's over. if there's any dispute about a conversation, then he will come. but i'm not going to retry the case. i'm not calling mccann. it is over. >> i play that because the democrats -- it is not over. you heard from congressman jeffreys that he wants toert mu. what's the process by which mueller would agree, not agree? he would have to go through doj unless he were to depart before then? >> he works for the justice department, i guess. i'm not sure when he stops being special counsel. i would have thought that would -- i think he is no longer the special counsel. in any event, the justice
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department has said, they won't object to his testimony. while the focus of the moment seems to be on whether william barr accurately or inaccurately described the mueller report in his letter, we have the mueller report now. we can look at it. we can decide whether that is right or not. i think there are real questions about two main questions, why didn't mueller make the call on whether or not the president obstructed justice and what role did the justice department policy that says you can't indict a sitting president play in that? the justice department -- the special counsel report lays that out. many people looking at it have found it confusing. the attorney general himself said he didn't understand parts of it. i think there are questions that mueller could shed some light on. what does he think about the process of special counsel? a lot of people are saying maybe it's time to look at revising those rules yet again. >> cynthia, do you see that as a possibility moving forward? >> yes. i think it's important.
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i think it's a gift that barr doesn't come. what does barr add? it's a discussion about barr and a letter and what happened on one day or the other day. >> speaking of letters, i want to jump in here. our hill team is reporting now that senator democratic leader chuck schumer was out on the floor of the senate. he is going to send the attorney general a letter today. in it, senator schumer says he is going to ask a series of questions, including about whether if the president thinks he is falsely accused and he cannot obstruct justice. looking to put barr on the record more so than he has been to this point. >> i could answer the letter for chuck schumer. barr is going to say, could you -- anybody could do it. they need to enforce the subpoena. the meat of the matter is with mcgahn and mueller and lewandowski and what actually happened. that's what the american people need to really flesh out and
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bring the mueller report to life. >> harry, do you think hearing from robert mueller publically would help on that front? >> it will help. >> explain why it's important. >> look, it will help. it won't necessarily be the cure all. he is the eagle scout, good soldier. they are obviously in an antagonistic position now, the mueller camp and barr camp. i don't think you can expect mueller to come to congress and really have no-holds-barred testimony. you have right now his 448 page report where he lays out fact after fact. somehow the attorney general was able to just completely reinterpret each one at each turn. he will reiterate what he found. i think by the way on close reading, he may not answer the $64,000 question but there's only one answer to it. he did find the president committed conduct that amounted to crimes. will he clear his throat and say
7:11 am
that or will he leave it to the obvious interpretation of reading the report? that's not clear. >> ashley, what are you hearing from your sources on the white house end? we know the president has been on a mini-retreat storm, citing conservative pundits, fox news hosts. the president is standing by the attorney general. >> the president is quite pleased with the attorney general's performance. the president, for instance, there was a headline in "the wall street journal" that called barr a real attorney general. i was told the president was very taken with that. you can see that in his twitter feed. he retweeted that. he believes that a quote unquote real attorney general is someone who will defend him at all costs. that is what he believes that bob barr has done so far. and is doing going forward. in talking to people at the white house last night, i said, what did you think of barr's testimony? they said, look, it's -- we believe it's a good day for us
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when barr goes up and testifies. as of now at least the president and his staff is quite happy with how this is playing out. >> ashley, casey hunt had a question about this to jerry nadler. i want to play a little bit of that. >> what's the time line on that? how long are you going to give the attorney general to answer your questions? and to negotiate in good faith? >> a day or two. >> by the end of the week you want this resolved? >> maybe by monday. we will see. >> we are looking at a busy weekend on the part of the department of justice, potentially the next 48 hours or so. >> my guess is he will continue to stonewall. that makes perfect sense. then the discussion is all about what's barr doing. it's not really about the substance about what happened in the mueller report. that's the discussion that needs to be happening. it takes up all the oxygen. >> in the discussion, there's polling out this morning over the last 12 hours showing the
7:13 am
number of voters who believe president trump committed crimes before his presidency and during his presidency. it's interesting. before his presidency, the numbers are down seven points since early march. after, but during the presidency, the number of people who think he committed crimes is 46%. to us, it's an indication that the no collusion line you have heard from the president and bill barr related to campaign events may be sinking in. the obstruction piece, the jury is out. >> it may be baked into his -- that's what people think about it. he doesn't play by the rules. >> busy morning so far. we expect it to continue. we have live cameras with jeff, casey, all over the hill, pete williams in washington. ashley, i want to thank you for joining us along with cynthia and harry. we have a ton more to get to, including more on what the 2020 contenders want to see from the attorney general. an exclusive look inside the trump administration's newest migrant tent city as the
7:14 am
commander in chief compares the border to the happiest place on earth. gabe gutierrez is on the ground in texas with an exclusive reality check. there he is. he is with us after the break. t.
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. we go out and we stop the separation. the problem is, you have ten times more people coming up with their families. it's like disneyland. before you get separated. people would say, let's not go up. >> that was president trump comparing the southern border to
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the happiest place on earth. this morning, nbc news is getting an exclusive first look at one of the places the president compares to disneyland. one of two new tent cities about to open in texas to help handle the largest influx of migrants in more than a decade. gabe gutierrez is on the ground with this story. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning. this is one of two new tent cities. the other one is in el paso. as you can see, they have set up the mattresses. migrants are expected to be led into the facility by the end of today. portable toilets are set up. this position right here, there will be an agent here monitoring this area. 500 migrants are set to be in this facility alone. they will partition them into age groups. the rio grande sector says the influx is the most they have
7:19 am
seen in over a decade. 33,000 migrants in the month of march alone. they are seeing 1,200 a day. i'm joined by john morris. thanks for joining us. why is this tent city necessary? >> this soft-sided facility is necessary because of the unprecedented migrant flow that's currently coming across the border. specifically here in the rio grande sector, but the numbers are up across the country. the numbers that we have, they are full. we don't have anywhere to put these people, the migrants, until the rest of the government enterprise can move them through the process. >> why are we seeing this? how dire is it? >> this influx has been climbing. it's been climbing for a while. right now, there's a loophole, if you will, in the law that allows the folks to come in,
7:20 am
make a claim for some type of immigration relief, and then we have to release them after 20 days. basically, they know they're going to get released. as long as people can come into the country illegally and then get released into the country without fear of deportation or extended stays in detention, they will keep coming. >> put these numbers in perspective. is this a crisis at the border? >> absolutely this is a crisis. this sector alone is over 177,000 apprehensions. that's more than we had in the entire fiscal year last year. in addition to that, this sector leads the nation in marijuana seizures, it leads the nation in cocaine seizures. while we have this policy crisis going on, there's also this border security crisis going on. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. this is one of two soft-sided facilities, tent cities as others call them. those two facilities will cost more than $37 million by the end
7:21 am
of the year for u.s. taxpayers. >> gabe, thank you. another exclusive report to share with you. e-mails obtained by nbc news show the trump administration had, quote, no way to reunite separated migrant children with their parents even though publically they said last june they would reunite thousands with the help of a central database. privately, an official said, in short, no, we don't have any linkages from parents to unaccompanied children, save for a hadn't f a handful. dhs said they did have a database. a former administration official tells nbc news the database did not contain enough information to successfully reunite parents and kids. that seems to be at the heart of this. on the one hand, the administration will say, we had this database, this report that you have scooped overnight shows we had this database. the issue is others is it wasn't
7:22 am
complete enough to actually be useful. am i understanding that correctly? >> that's correct. we are talking about thousands of children and that's very nice that they had a database. if it didn't have the requisite data to get the children and their parents back together at the same time, the administration was making the case they were well on their way to reunification. this was a couple days after the president signed the executive order ending separations, then what good is it a database if it doesn't work? you see a conversation between health and human services and the acting head of immigration and customs enforcement, at the time the head of enforce money an and removal for the agency. it said we don't have information to get over 2,000 parents and children back together. we have never seen the behind the scenes. why this is important if i
7:23 am
could, the intent was always to reunify these children. looking closely at the e-mails, it doesn't look that way. >> jacob, thank you. bill barr called the house democrats' bluff and left them facing off against an empty chair today. what happens now? we have a live report coming up next. back then, we checked our zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients to help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. when you start with a better that's no way to treat a dog... can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs.
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democrats are coming out swinging after bill brar are bar refused to show up over objections to a round of questioning about lawyers. >> the attorney general is missing in action and has clearly made the decision to serve as the personal fixer for donald trump. >> we all believe very strongly that the next step is to begin proceedings to hold the attorney general in contempt for the failure to comply with the subpoena. i think we are all pressing our chairman to do that. >> democrats are not rushing toward impeachment. but neither are we afraid of it. >> i have to say as a former
7:28 am
police chief that it was painful and disgraceful to see the nation's top cop abandon his responsibilities to allow an empty chair to speak for him. >> today attorney general barr and this administration have done a great disservice to the american people. >> attorney general bill barr is now one of the most dangerous men in washington, d.c. >> i'm joined by congressman steve cohen, democrat from tennessee and a member of the house judiciary committee. thanks for joining us. >> you are welcome. >> we are looking at images of you at that hearing today with what appears to be a bucket of fried chicken. there it is. you brought props with you here. what is the message? >> the message is that bill barr is a chicken. he was chicken to comejudiciary
7:29 am
face 30 minutes from counsel that would have been difficult for him to respond to, because he stands on shaky ground. his legal premises are questionable. his facts are false. he lies. he tries to defend the president at all cost. he did not want to go as did he before the senate and be exposed as a liar and fixer and a coverup for donald trump. >> as you know, my day job is at the white house covering that for nbc news. i was speaking with officials there yesterday who say that democrats are not treating the attorney general with the respect that they think he deserves. do you think your chicken problprop plays into that? >> the attorney general deserves no respect. people who abuse the constitution, people who flaunt the law and take their position to use it for politics and trample on our constitution and facilitate and forget about the russian interference in our
7:30 am
election and people who call bob mueller basically not a career prosecutor, somebody who wouldn't be able to write a letter and calls his letter snooty, he does not deserve respect. he has lowered the bar. >> do you see any room for compromise, to be able to get the attorney general in front of your committee, perhaps maybe have shorter questioning from staff counsel to do that behind closed doors? do you see room for compromise? >> i don't think there is. chairman nadler might see it. in other hearings over many years, counsel have asked questions. it happened when the senator from new york and the whitewater hearings. many, many times counsel have asked questions. it's an investigative hearing. it's difficult in five minutes to get in your questions and to follow-up and be able to not be filibustered, which is what barr
7:31 am
did yesterday. 30 minutes, you can do that. there's not time for all the members of the democratic side or republican side to have 30 minutes to question. the only fair way is to keep it to five and give counsel one 30-minute shot. any attorney general worth his salt should be able to, if he is telling the truth and his facts are sound and his law is just, he should be able to stand up to that questioning. >> let me do a lightning round here on some positions of where you stand. do you believe that the attorney general should be held in contempt of congress? >> no question about it. >> whether n do you think that d happen? >> as soon as possible. >> should the attorney general resign? >> he should never have accepted the position. he lobbied for it. he should resign. he won't. >> do you believe that he should be impeached as some of your democratic colleagues have suggested? >> i think that's a reasonable -- it's a process that's out there. we should use it. he has lied to congress. that's the ultimate lie that you
7:32 am
can have up here. the attorney general should be impeached for that. >> the president stands by his attorney general. he has made that clear in a series of tweets this morning and the reporting we have shared. what make u.s you think what yo are calling for will have any impact on the future of bill barr. >> probably have none. trump likes everybody no matter what their moral barometer is, as long as they support him. michael cohen was a fine lawyer until he went against trump. same thing for knnopalitano on fox. james comey said it so well. so many people have sold their soul to be in with this president who is beneath the office of president and what a human being should be. you are supposed to be about truth, about helping people, having compassion and reaching out and caring about others.
7:33 am
this man is a narcissist and grifter. >> thank you for running up to me in front of the camera for us. i want to bring in white house correspondent kelly o'donnell at the white house. betty woodruff and aaron blake for "the washington post." betsy and aaron, what you heard from congressman cohen, the phrase mincing no words is overused by feels appropriate. >> it's reflective of where most of the house democrats are at on this particular issue. there's a really stark divide between democrats on whether barr should have complied. this is nothing new. on this issue, the question of whether or not barr had the right to stand up house judiciary, specifically over the narrow question of members of the committee staff asking him, is actually -- it's an interesting technical question. it's something the courts will have to decide.
7:34 am
it's striking to see so many democratic members without question stand up behind nadler on this particular matter. >> what are you hearing? >> i'm a little surprised that william barr doesn't want to submit to this, even if it's by counsel for the committee. whatever you think of his actions in this case, i don't think dp democrats landed a lo gloves on him yesterday. in the confirmation hearings, they were mul p-- they suggeste answers were good. whatever you think about him, he is smart. he is good on his feet. he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. the idea that some 30-minute questioning round by actual counsel rather than members of congress is going to trip him up, i have a hard time believing that he really doesn't believe in himself to get through that. >> kelly, as tough talk as we heard from cohen, equally tough talk from the driveway in front of the west wing. i know you had a chance to talk with sarah sanders after she did
7:35 am
a tv hit on fox. >> an evolving new political adversary with -- from the white house point of view, the mueller report behind them, they are having new targets in the political landscape. nadler is clearly one of those. they are undercutting him personally and professionally in his role as the judiciary chairman and at the front and center of this debate over access to the attorney general. here is sarah sanders taking on nadler quite personally about his ability to be chairman and his interesting how she takes a shot at his own self-confidence in this clip. >> what we are seeing from chairman nadler is that he is incapable of holding power. if he and his committee aren't capable of actually asking the attorney general questions themselves and need to staff that out, it seems like a pathetic moment for the chairman of that committee.
7:36 am
>> that's pretty harsh language. people need their thsynonym boo handy. it's a continuation of a pattern of defiance and pushing back hard. as i point out, some new characters in this drama from a white house point of view, taking hits and nadler, who the president has known as a member of the new york delegation. he has known him a long time. >> that's a good point. kelly o'donnell, see you in a bit. betsy and aaron, stay where you are. this huge college admission scandal that could get bigger soon. prosecutors are putting more parents on notice. tom costello is following the story. tom, this morning, nbc news is learning new details about this investigation which is now getting bigger. >> reporter: that's right. a new group of wealthy families is on edge. sources familiar with this case tell nbc news the federal prosecutors have sent letters to
7:37 am
multiple parents letting them know that they are under investigation as part of this college admission scandal. nbc news learning a staggering amount of money documented in march actually came from the family of a chinese student who allegedly paid $6.5 million to a private college counselor to get their daughter into stanford. that chinese family has not been charged. 33 parents along with college coaches, test proctors and employees of a counseling service were charged back in march. we can also tell you that all of the parents accused of working with college consultant rick singer to bribe their kids into top schools -- bribe their kids into top skills and among the eyes isaacsons, they said no words can express how profoundly sorry they are for what they have done.
7:38 am
a primary free-for-all, with a 2020 challenger making it official and his xeters acompete taking on the attorney general. developments in venezuela. it's getting more and more volatile there. opposition leader juan guaido, he is defiant after he struck out in efforts to recruit the military. maduro is accusing them of serious krisea serious crimes that will not go unpunished. we may get reaction from the white house on next steps. we will bring it to you if we get it. steps. we will bring it to you if we get it
7:39 am
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if we don't have a neutral actor in the attorney general, somebody else will have to act. >> do you think the attorney general should resign? >> yes, i do. because i think he lost the confidence. >> it is concerning. i think he has proven that he is no longer representing the american people. >> you got that handful of 2020 democrats now calling on the attorney general to step down. president trump overnight unsurprisingly brushing it all off as pure politics. race for 2020 is pure politics. the president is in the thick of it, not necessarily watching any one candidate in particular.
7:43 am
this person says, occasionally the president will comment on one or another crazy bernie, sleepy joe, but keep in mind his focus on joe biden in recent days suggests otherwise. the president says he doesn't know who he wants to face in 2020. >> he is a sleepy man. i don't know. i know he had an endorsement from the firefighters union. people went wild. firefighters are going crazy. they are for me. the firefighters are going to be voting for me. >> joining me now, gabby orr, andrea mitchell is with us on set, betty woodruff and aaron blake. gabby, you reported how president trump's biden bashing is slitting his advisers. he raged tweets. his allies debate whether it's better to ignore sleepy joe,
7:44 am
quote unquote. kushner is leading the team in the don't meddle in the primary front. >> that's right. there are two schools of thought here that are playing out behind the scenes in the trump campaign. there are those advisors who think joe biden because he is the current frontrunner in the presidential field needs to be attacked early and as often as possible. in order to prevent him from gaining any steam in the democratic field. then there's those advisers who think every time the president goes after biden -- yesterday, on his twitter feed we saw him retweet nearly 60 users who said they endorse president trump over joe biden, that legitimatizes him as a frontrunner and gives biden the image that he is going head to head with president trump. it makes it feel like we're in a general election and there are several trump advisers, including one who we spoke with who said that he has spoken to president trump personally and urged him to just sort of cut it out when it comes to going after
7:45 am
biden who think it's doing more harm than good. >> here is the quote. andrea, i'm going to ask you to weigh in. i have personally asked him to stop going after biden. it's not helping us. it's helping biden. we don't think biden can make it out of the woke democratic primary. but he will if the president gives him oxygen. andrea, here is how joe biden is responding. >> yesterday, president trump tweeted about me 50 times. i wonder why he is doing that. i wonder why he is doing that. >> joe biden doesn't seem to mind. >> not at all. in fact, he has not gone aftero. this is elevating him. the biden people feel this is helping them. he can now pretend this is a general election matchup.
7:46 am
he needs to prove that he, despite being one of the older candidates, not having experience on the campaign trail the way some others have, like bernie, and not being as progressive as the party now is, that he would have a problem getting to the top of the heap. with donald trump going after him 60 times -- actually 60 times in the retweets about the firefighters, it makes biden and his audience feel that the president thinks he is the toughest, at least in terms of appealing to those union workers in rust belt states and those are the three states, pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan, that made the difference. >> and are important this time around. you have been covering not just joe biden but the 2020 field. many of the challengers, if you will, are calling on bill barr to resign, as we showed you at the top of the segment. everybody from joe biden, ee z elizabeth warren.
7:47 am
do you see this as an opportunity to come out strong against this donald trump loyalist? >> yes. i'm not sure it has great purchase except for those on the judiciary committee and distinguish themselves with tough prosecutorial questioning like kamala harris, cory booker and amy klobuchar. for most americans, these are not the issues. >> the white house is going to try to capitalize on the fact that democrats are calling for barr's resignation. they will say and potentially use this to try to make an effort to undermine democratic oversight work. this has more to do with 2020 just look at the fact that it's now a campaign trail issue. i would be skep tal tical wheth that will hold up in court. judges will decide. but it's likely the white house will make it. >> all the democrats are rushing to criticize william barr and get a piece of the story. they saw what biden did and he
7:48 am
got in this race and he did what they had been avoiding pretty much for the campaign, which was make this about the president. he didn't want to talk about policy. it was about the president. he actually got a bump in the polls. every poll since his launch has shown him increasing his share of the vote. maybe they saw that and said, we can't just ignore the elephant in the room any longer. i want to be a part of the story. >> we are hearing from a top republican over on the senate side, lindsey graham. i haven't watched this yet or seen it or heard about it. i'm told the senator talked about bill barr and 2020, which seems relevant to our conversation here. >> all i can say to my democratic colleagues, you got the house. the way you run it will determine a lot about what happens in 2020. knock yourself out. if you think people need to go to jail, try to put them in jail. if you think attorney general barr is in contempt of congress, take him to court. if you think mueller needs to come testify, bring him. if you think trump needs to be
7:49 am
impeached, impeach him. just accept the consequences. >> a little double dog dare from senator graham. >> put me in the briar patch. go ahead and do that. he lived through what newt gingrich did with bill clinton and the republicans lost big. clinton was the real winner of that. even though he was impeached. of course, the senate didn't convict him. >> your guy looks at numbers all the time, every day. there seems to be truth to that. when you look at polling -- we have some somewhere. if our control room can pull it up. showing the number of americans who favor impeachment. it's not as many as i think democrats might want to see if they were going to move forward. >> they surveyed this in march. 66% of democrats want to start impeachment proceedings. that was down a little bit from whether it was three-quarters last year. the latest one it's down to 56%.
7:50 am
slightly more than a majority of democrats actually want to start impeachment proceedings. they asked another question after that. they said, do you want the democrats to continue investigating and look at potentially empooimpeachingpres support was significantly higher. if we're talking about impeachment, maybe that's a dicey proposition right now. generally speaking, the democratic base and much of america is on board with the idea that democrats need to be investigating these things. and maybe one day getting to that point. >> it's interesting because you brought up senator kamala harris and how she is this 2020 contender who had this role on the committee. she was asked about the interactions this morning and i want to play it for you. >> do you wish you had pressed him further to answer the question? >> he was clearly not going to answer the question as he was throughout the hearing. you know, i'm the most junior on the committee. i was the last to ask questions during the first round. repeatedly my colleagues asked questions that he did not
7:51 am
answer. >> i thought one of the most interesting questions in the hearing yesterday was from senator harris when she asked barr if the white house has asked him to investigate anyone. he paused, there was this pregnant pause and he said there had been conversations about certain matters. of course he wasn't going to go into detail of that. that seems to be a strong that the white house is more chatty with this attorney general than they have been with prior folks. >> sarah sanders said this morning, hey, william barr hears things publicly, and if the president says it, who's to say it's not up to him to listen. gabby orr, appreciate you, betsy stick around a little longer. how going to see the avenger's movie became a health scare. h a healt scare. to most, he's phil mickelson pro golfer.
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ new worries this morning about the measles. new exposures on a cruise ship, a movie theater, a hospital emergency room. miguel almanguer is following
7:56 am
the new developments for us. >> reporter: good morning. measles is so contagious, it can linger in the air for hours. long after the infected person has left. it's particularly dangerous in confined spaces like, say, a movie theater or a cruise ship. this morning, trouble at sea on the free winds. a cruise ship believed to be owned by the church of scientology. one confirmed case of measles. a female crew member sick with nearly 300 people aboard. this video taken years ago appears to show tom cruise on the same ship serenaded by others on board. the vessel now quarantined off st. lucia. doctors worry the virus could be spread to locals if anyone is allowed off the ship. >> we thought it prudent we quarantine the ship. >> reporter: it comes as movie goers at this amc in southern california where hundreds packed the theaters to see avenger's
7:57 am
end game are being warned to monitor -- developing news here. nancy pelosi is speaking live. >> attorney general barr, there's a connection. there is anti-governance, anti-science, anti-meeting the needs of the american people. when he was testifying and being so cavalier -- if you're a young
7:58 am
person you care about net neutrality. freedom on the internet. the grim reaper is going to kill it in the senate. if you're a woman, violence against women act, equal pay for equal work that we sent over to the senate, the grim reaper, mitch mcconnell will kill it. if you care about reducing the role of money in politics as hr1, legislation stopping the voter suppression and expanding the voice of the people in our political process, mitch mcconnell will kill it because he has said the problem is not too much money in politics, he said there's not enough money in
7:59 am
politics. hr1 is about expanding the voice of the people. they hr1 was giving tax benefit to the top 1%. this is about policy. it's also about gun safety. gun safety. we sent over hr1112 for a responsible background checks. handmaidens to the national rifle association and the special interest. connect the dots. when you see barr sitting there, what's his motivation? his motivation, his loyalty is not to his oath of office and it is to donald trump. but all of it and the republicans in congress is to the special interests. so whether it's hr1 or gun safety, paycheck fairness, violence against women, saving the internet, climate action now, the list goes on. we'll be sending more slairgz.
8:00 am
apparently i have news for mitch mcconnell. he may consider them dead on arrival and the grim reaper for all these actions taken by the house of representatives. they are alive and well among the american people. and there's a direction connection and the biggest and saddest of all, it's while the attorney general was sitting there withholding the truth from congress. misrepresenting, being inconsistent in his statements. the shame, how could he do such a thing? but, again, having the support of the republicans in congress and the senators behaving in a way that has said to them we don't wecare about the branch o government in which we serve. we're not even loyal to strengthening the institution of which we're a part. sitting there once again, his justice department was inten
8:01 am
intensifying its


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