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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  May 30, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> i'm not hearing about the mueller report or impeachment. i am hearing about farm prices, rural hospitals, img hearing can i stay in my community because while the economy is booming for some people a lot of folks aren't feeling it along the way. i am hearing about the base issues, jobs, education. >> montana governor, 2020 presidential candidate, steve bullock thanks for hanging with us. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage. >> hi, i am stephanie ruhle, it is 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. we have lot to get to. our team of extraordinary msnbc reporters is here with new details on the stories impacting your life today starting with the president, who just responded to robert mueller after the special counsel broke his silence, stressing that if they could have cleared the president, they would have. and was it a typo or did the
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president just admit russia helped him in the election? and louisiana lawmakers officially pass an abortion ban becoming the fifth state to prohibit terminating a pregnancy once a fetal heartbeat is protected this as virginia's only clinic performing abortion is on the brink of losing its right to do so. texas lawmakers go around the nra to pass a gun safety law. the woman nicknamed the nra's worst nightmare will join me to talk about how small victories are adding up to big success. breaking news from the white house. the swift fallout and reaction this morning to special counsel robert mueller surprise public comments on the russia investigation. let's start with peter alexander outside the white house now where the president just spoke publicly to reporters for the first time sense mueller's statement. peter, the president had a lot to say. break it down for us. >> you are right.
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this was an extended statement for the president before heading off the marine one. he is on his way to the commencement address at the air force academy. he took the opportunity to lash out at mueller saying among other things that he was a true never trumper. he again, the president did declare his innocence as well in what amounted to his first formal reaction at least on camera since robert mueller's public statements yesterday. take a listen. >> i think it was the same as the report. there wasn't much change. it was to me the same as the report. and there is no obstruction. you see what we are seeing. there is no obstruction. there is no collusion. there is no nothing. it is nothing but a witch-hunt. this is a witch-hunt by the media and the democrats. they are partners. and it keeps going. i thought it was finished when the report was released. but it goes on. and to me, it was the same,
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frankly, as the report. and he said basically, it was the same as the report. i think he is a total conflicted person. i think mueller is a true never trumper. he's somebody that dislikes donald trump. he's somebody that didn't get a job that he requested that he wanted very badly. and then he was appointed. and despite that and despite $40 million, 18 trump haters, including people that worked for hillary clinton and some of the worst human beings on earth, they got nothing. it's pretty amazing. >> the president also referred to what he in the past has called the i word impeachment saying it was a dirty filthy disgusting word when pressed on whether democrats will move forward with impeachment given the words of robert mueller yesterday. he said it amounted to harassment and he also said his
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greatest achievement would be exposing the depth of the corruption here again going after the origins of the investigate itself. one thing i will flag for you, there was a striking tweet from the president this morning where he said mopping other things now russia has disappeared because i had nothing to do with russia helping me to get elected. it was the first time that the president acknowledged russia helped him to get elected. the president in his remarks just moments ago walked back that tweet he said russia didn't help me at all. he said if anything at all he said russia tried to help the other side. >> the president there reminding people article ii -- he's talking about the presidential power section of the constitution, while robert mueller appeared to be imploring people to simply read his report. geoff bennett following the capitol hill reaction.
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jeff, congress is not in session. but given robert mueller's statement yesterday, what position does this put at least democrats and moderate republicans in? >> now that robert mueller has closed up shot and handed his case load to congress by our count you have 46 house democrats and one house republican justin amash who are angling for pushing for impeachment. that's only 10% of congress total, 20% of house democrats. it is still a minority view. as you mentioned members are away this week for the memorial day break. when they come back next week the bellwether will be the house members from the swing districts that donald trump won in 2016 that they won in 2018. they will the ones that will push house leadership in either direction. you have pressure mounting on two fronts here. you have some house democrats pushing for impeachment and some still pushing for robert mueller to come testify before congress.
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mueller made clear yesterday he is done talking about this. he said the report speaks for itself. yesterday you also had jerry nadler who chairs the house judiciary committee which is still in talks trying to get mueller to testify publicly or privately. nadler was asked if he might somebody mueller for his testimony and side stepped the question. take a listen to how that unfolded. >> will you subpoena mueller to testify then? >> mr. mueller told us a lot of what we need to hear today. it is very important to be clear on what he told us on what the special prosecutor told the american people. he reaffirmed what was in the investigation. >> that's jerry nadler. how about speaker pelosi? what is her response? >> she hasn't shifted her position much at all. she said she is not against impeachment. she's just not for it right now.
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she wants the current house investigations to play out first. here's nancy pelosi in her own words yesterday speaking in san francisco. >> nothing is off the table. but we do want to make such a compelling case, such an ironclad case that even the republican senate which at the time seems to be not an objective jury will be convinced of the path that we have to take as country. >> that's nancy pelosi. julia ainsley covers the justice department. a spokesperson for the special counsel's office, i realize they are closing up shop but today they are trying to provide some clarification around his comments. explain. >> there were confusion yesterday as people try to decide was robert mueller conflicting with the attorney general when it comes to the big question of why he did not make a decision on obstruction? the attorney general previously said in that famous press conference he held before the
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report was released that his office asked the special counsel's office would you have made a decision on obstruction, charged the president with a crime but for this office of legal counsel opinion that says you cannot charge a sitting president and that robert mueller and his office responded no. now, what robert mueller said yesterday is that they didn't even come to that point. he said that's in his report as well. they did not come to the point of making a charging decision because of the olc opinion. in other words, they couldn't even walk down that road because of that blockade that they saw at the beginning. now the justice department with the special counsel's office put out a joint statement last night to say there is no daylight between what these two men are saying, the attorney general and robert mueller are saying the same thing about that office of legal counsel opinion. if you read it more closely i do i this it can be said that robert mueller provides for context because he is saying it is not that we did not charge
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the president because he was inspect or exonerated or we didn't find enough evidence of obstruction, we couldn't even make a prosecutorial decision. that's what is causing confusion today and yesterday and why we are hearing more from special counsel's office even as they close up shop. >> context maybe, but here we are another day out, two months after the report came out. and legally and practically robert mueller's statement or his findings are confusing to a whole lot of people out there. peter alexander i have to go back to you. >> yeah. >> now there is new controversy surrounding the president and his recent trip to japan. this controversy is not about shinzo abe and it's not about kim jong-un. >> no, steph, you are exactly right. this is what the controversy focuses on, the president remarked onnis acknowledging it was the case although he is disconnected from this. this is the white house wanting the u.s. navy to move the warship, the "uss john s.
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mccain" out of sight during the president's visit to japan. it also asked navy officials to confirm that that directive, quote, will be satisfied. the president denied any responsibility on twitter overnight. and then he he is contracted it just a few moments ago on the south lawn. take a listen. >> i don't know what happened. i wasn't involved. i would not have done that. i was very angry with john mccain because he killed health care. i was not a big fan of john mccain in any way, shape, or form. i think john mccain had a lot to getting president bush -- a lot to do with it, to go into the middle east, which was a catastrophe. to me, john mccain, i wasn't a fan. but i would never do a thing like that. >> strikingly, the president said that effort was, quote, well meaning. nonetheless he says he wouldn't have done it. john mccain's daughter meghan
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repeatedly defended her father. she did so again overnight. she said trump won't let him rest in peace. i have to stand up for him. it makes my grief unbearable. >> we will dig deeper into this over the next hour. remember, the first half of that report, and robert mueller said it, was about russian interference in the election. we have got another election coming up. we are going to discuss more about what this president is or is not doing about that going forward. now we have to take you to louisiana where the democratic governor, democratic governor is set to sign a new abortion ban into law. state lawmakers passed the law with bipartisan support yesterday banning the procedure as early as the sixth week of pregnancy after a heartbeat is detected. the only exception is for abortions deemed medically necessary. medical correspondent dr. john torrez is in st. louis, missouri, where the state's only clinic offering abortion services could be forced to stop
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providing those services. dr. john, we need to repeat just for our audience, that's a democratic governor. in these states where this is happening you are seeing bipartisan support for this action. but the people you are speaking to who are running clinics such as that, they are in a very different position. >> stephanie, you are right, the clinic here in missouri is the only kellyanne conway providing abortion care in the entire state. the concern is if it shuts down the state will no longer have abortion services for women, women will have to go to other states. today at 10:30 in the court behind me the judgment is going to have a hearing to decide whether or not to issue a restraining order. if he does, it will allow them to continue. approximating abortions beyond tomorrow when they license expires. if not, they will no longer be able to provide abortion services and in clinic in the state will be able do.
6:13 am
the attorney said the reason they are in this situation is because the governor started the use medical requirements for license renewal that aren't medically indicated. he is using those as a way to target abortions. >> if the state had a concern about the had, we provide the department of health has the prerogative to stop us were providing care that day. i am not sure why they are chosing to wait until our license laps or making it impossible for us to comply with the license renewal process. that's what is happening. i am not sure why the governor felt he had to get involved in the practice of medicine today but it is clear that the governor and the deputy of health are using this regulatory process to try to eliminate abortion care in the state of missouri. >> thank you dr. john torrez. we have a lot to cover this hour. we will dig deeper into the big stories and what they mean to you, including more on what happens now, now that robert mueller is a private citizen, and after he broke his silence. did yesterday's statement make
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it more or less likely for house democrats to push towards impeachment? and later the impact on 2020. with at least two more candidates coming out in favor of impeachment hearings. to a single defining moment...
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it's like you're the dad and i'm the mom and we're in a relationship and this is our baby. [ laughing ] well... it's exactly like that! exactly! this morning president trump embraced the portion of robert mueller's report that found no collusion between his campaign and russia but seemed to down play one of mueller's other massive findings.
6:18 am
the first finding, the first half of the report, that russia interfered with the last presidential election using sophisticated attacks to influence the outcome. listen to this. >> russia didn't help me at all. russia, if anything, i think helped the other side. what you ought to ask is this, do you think the media helped hillary clinton get elected? >> here for this conversation, former federal prosecutor sint in a objectionny, l.a. times white house reporter eli stokels and our own political reporter and my dear friend carol lee. eli, i want to compare what we just heard from the president this morning with what we heard robert mueller say about russia yesterday. here's what mueller said. >> i will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments that there were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election. and that allegation deserves the attention of every american. >> deserves the attention of every american. that's the same way he started
6:19 am
the report. eli, what we heard from the president again is a complete down play. do we have any reason to believe that's going to change? the president could say there is no collusion. but i'm about to whack them with series sanctions. he's not doing that. >> he's not doing that. his own response to election security during the gaggle outside on the south lawn a few moments ago is we should go to paper ballots, paper ballots are old-fashioned but they work better. that's basically the sum of the president's response. bt are mueller in his comments that was what he ended on but he laid out in decent detail how russia went about it that they hacked into computers, they hacked into the democratic servers, they released the information at strategic times using wikileak. we all remember the president on the campaign trail emphasizing the daily leaks from wikileaks about hillary clinton and his
6:20 am
staffers' e-mails. obviously there are a lot of problems here. about you the president -- you know, the president in his tweet this morning seemed to inadvertently for the first time recognize russia's interference saying i had nothing to do with russia help meeg get elected. he walked that back talking to reporters saying russia didn't get me elected i got me elected. whether there is collaboration, collusion, conspiracy with the president or not, that russia was working to get him elected. even that premises something the president is still struggling to accept. >> safe election is what people depend on. there you have rebound mueller again, space kated systematic interference and the president's response is let's hit you up with paper ballots. >> it is something he said for a while now. a lot of it is rhetoric.
6:21 am
it has been debated. the white house has resisted legislation on paper ballots saying you deent want to move the power and funding from states to federal government. bradley it is just lip service. one of the other things they continue to say is they are enhancing coordination between state, local governments, and federal government, intelligence sharing, those sorts of things. but when you have a president who is not leading on this issue, largely because he sees it -- >> or addressing it. >> or addressing the issue. because he sees it as so tied up with his own election then it is hard to gain any traction on doing something about it. so you reason is seen any real strides in preparing for 2020. not just in terms of what we saw in 2016, but the expectation is we are going to see a whole host of other very aggressive moves in terms of foreign election interference that perhaps we haven't thought of or considered or prepared for. >> cynthia, robert mueller did not clear president trump.
6:22 am
but he also said, because he's a sitting president he cannot charge him. can you please explain to us why that is the case? it islaw. >> no. there is this justice department memo which says because the president has to run the country, basically, he can be indicted while he's in office and that the constitution has set up a system of impeachment to handle major crimes or high crimes and misdemeanors. and that is the method which it should go. >> you should run the country even if you broke a law? >> run the country until the congress thinks his behavior is so terrible that they have to impeach him. that's what the olc memo is. mueller has taken that and feels strongly that it would be unconstitutional to look into whether he committed high crimes or misdemeanors which implicitly says not only could i not do it,
6:23 am
barr couldn't do it. that is a implicit slam, of barr that he shouldn't be doing it and number two that he didn't tell the truth in the april press conference when he suggested mueller was not using that for a reason why he wasn't indicting the president. >> except the issue for implicit is a license to confuse a whole lot of people. watch this. >> under long standing department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. that is unconstitutional. the opinion says that the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. >> carol, it seems pretty clear at least to me that he's talking about impeachment. why be so ambiguous? why not just say it?
6:24 am
>> i am not going to try to get into robert mueller's head but everyone who worked with him and observed him for a long time have said that's just not his way. and that sort of directive would be counter to how he has conducted himself. which is to not necessarily put a thumb on the scale one way or the other. so he is leaving this ambiguous. the problem with that is everybody is taking from it what they want to take from it and the expectation that people had that after robert mueller investigating he was going to come out and tell everybody what happens and what needs to be done. now that he's not doing it it just seems to create more confusion and chaos. and is basically leaving it up to interpretation. so the broad interpretation is that's what he meant but that's not how you rolls in terms of coming out and saying it
6:25 am
explicitly. >> that's why he felt he needed to come out and clarify thing. it is why we saw the memo he sent to bill barr expressing his displeasure with bill barr's four page summary. is it an unreasonable expectation to hope from more from robert mueller. >> he can be yoda-like. i don't think there is any question about that. he obviously does not want to testify. because of the things you are mentioning here and what we are talking about he really needs to go to congress. he doesn't want to go to congress but he needs to testify and explain what all the ambiguous esities are. and i would add when he is not president anymore he can be indicted. he said that not only yesterday but on page one of the second volume which has to do with obstruction he mentioned it not once but twice. so there is the real possibility
6:26 am
that the president can be indicted as soon as he leaves office. >> eli, the president basically dared democrats to impeach him. steve bullock said earlier today when he's in iowa people are not talking about impeachment or the report. they are talking about health care and farm issues. what position does this put democrats in? >> there is more pressure on nancy pelosi today it seems like than there was yesterday. there are a few democrats who came out after mueller's comments. cory booker was notably one of them saying now i have decided. but there are a lot of democrats that moved to a more pro-impeachment stance over the last weeks. it wasn't in response to what mueller said. it's been in response to the president stonewalling the subpoenas and refusing to allow the congress to perform its oversight role. that -- more evidence of obstruction is what prompted more and more democrats to say
6:27 am
okay we have no choice now. and the president, you know, is of two minds of this. he is saying today and publicly and he believes that impeachment is something -- he says the courts wouldn't allow it. it is a terrible crime against me. it is a re-do of the mueller report. it is a political witch-hunt. all of these things. on some level the president when he thinks about the politics of this is thinking to the democrats put up or shut up and wants to amp up the pressure on nancy pelosi because he feels confident about the senate making sure he is not ultimately removed from office. >> cynthia, before we go, this one is weighing on many people. when we hear this idea where is president is basically daring, saying, you know, go ahead, impeach me and all of these people are being subpoenaed -- robert mueller just yesterday. it's clear he doesn't want to go and testify. how come all of these regular people are allowed to say no thanks to a subpoena? i was taught you get subpoenaed oh, you better show up. >> that's correct.
6:28 am
if bob mueller is subpoenaed he will show up. to the point, there are six people now under house subpoena who stiff armed the subpoena from the house. the house is sitting there. it is, showing. they need to get into court and force the subpoenas. otherwise they are not a cocall branch of government. >> i always thought you show up. >> you are supposed to. the markets opening in just two minutes after suffering very big losses yesterday closing at a three-month low. what is behind this drop? a major announcement from china this morning that could be devastating for american farmers. and the price you are paying. before we go, we must update you on the deadly weather across the midwest and plains. evacuations now underway in parts of oklahoma as officials worry that the strained levees will not be able to keep up with rising flood waters. that is just one of the 12 states dealing with major flooding. last night in texas, a tornado touched down, making it the 14th
6:29 am
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welcome back. we now go to wall street, where markets just opened. they are up a smidge after
6:33 am
yesterday. the dow closed more than 200 points, falling to a three-month low over fears of the continuing trade war and chaos in d.c. but the president didn't seem worried about the standoff in china while he spoke to reporters in the last hour. >> china would love to make a deal with us. we had a deal and they broke the deal. i think if they had it to do again they wouldn't have done what they did. we are taking in billions of dollars in tariffs. china is subsidizing products. so the united states taxpayer is paying for very little of it. if you look at inflation and if you look at pricing it is gone up very little. >> maybe he should be worried. bloomberg reporting china has halted purchases of american soy beans a move that could sigh fell farmers across the nation and ultimately the price consumers pay. we welcome in ben white.
6:34 am
the president says china probably regrets not making a deal but earlier today the chinese foreign minister accused the united states of engaging in naked economic terrorism. china said they are not afraid of a trade war. trump is not afraid of one. who do we believe? nobody? >> nobody. they are both afraid of a trade war. >> brazil is going buy soy beans here. >> the president was incorrect. united states consumers and companies are paying the tariffs. and markets suffered since may 3rd. since then the dow is off 1400 points. the nasdaq is 8% down from that point. markets are clearly suffering. wall street is worried about both the impact of the trade war and the potential for recession coming. we have seen the inversion of the yield curve which we could talk about and do economic long speak on that. but there are a lot of things weighing on wall street right now. fear of recession, fear of a trade war and the fact that
6:35 am
trump doesn't seem to get it on trade at all. >> companies are racking up debt. don't forget that we told you that. the president has said people aren't worried about prices going up very much. it is not really happening. i am talking about the american consumers. but poll after poll you are hearing consumers say they are worried about the trade war hurting us. which one is right? >> it is right that prices are going up based on the tariffs. inflation overall is not that great. he's right about that. it is still below 2%. if you put a 10% tax on something or 25% tax on something as trump is talking about doing and has done that's almost immediately passed along to the consumers so the prices would be higher than they otherwise would be. there is evidence out there if you put 25% tariffs on everything china exports the american family would spend $2,000 more per year. it is simple economics when you put a tax on something prices go
6:36 am
up for consumers. nothing can change that. >> even $2,000 is child's play compared to what this is going to do from farmers soy beans farmers. we know approximate the multibillion dollar aid pang package the president has already given to them. what will it do to them? it is president trump's base. >> crushing to them if they can't sell the pork and soy beans and sorgum to china. if china says they are not going to buy any soy beans at all that's really bad for farmers. that's their market. it is bad for business now. they are getting handouts they don't want. they want to do business. china is willing to play long term here and suffer some economic pain in order to not give up all of the industrial policies they have. er this going to inflict pain on the u.s., on trump's base and they are not happy about it. >> it might help the president
6:37 am
in getting the federate cut that he wants. next, multiple 2020 candidates come out in favor of impeachment after mueller's statement yesterday. we will tell you who. and what those not in favor of impeachment are saying. e saying or home insight, to search for a new house within your budget. because, they really need their space. pnc - make today the day.
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high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein. low sugar. mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine. the number of democratic presidential candidates calling for impeachment proceedings continues to grow with at least ten of those candidates now explicitly supporting such a move. ali batali has been keeping a
6:41 am
list for us. shaquille brewster is in help derson -- henderson, nevada. we have had candidates jumping on the band wagon. tell us about it. >> we are at about ten contenters in the 2020 race who are now calling for impeachment proceedings to begin. clearly the number that you have on the screen is ratcheting up. i think there is two things that stand out to me in the way which the contepers are talking about it. first they have to make sure this doesn't become the central underopinioning of their campaigns. when elizabeth warren came out her aides were clear it was not going to be a central focus of her campaign. it was just going to be an addendum of the things she talked about on the campaign trail. democrats should keep that in mean and focus on the bread and putter issues that americans want to focus on.
6:42 am
secondly, it is also interesting how they are talking about it, making it mostly an apolitical thing to look at impeachment in regards to what mueller has said. listen to how a few contenders talked about it on msnbc last night. >> clearly in this case i think the right thing, above and beyond the pits of it, is that we do what the framers intended, which was to have oversight over the executive and hold them accountable because nobody is above the law. >> if we want to prevent this from happening again to our democracy we have to hold those responsible accountable. and the only method that we can do that is for our representatives in congress to begin impeachment proceedings. >> sha we will, bernie sanders says he will support impeachment proceedings if the house takes that step. it is not a leading issue for him but he will on board. why the cautiousness. >> it took him a while to get to that point. he said yesterday in a tweet he
6:43 am
said given the reality that we have a president who believes he's above the law congress must tin its investigations if the his judiciary committee deems it necessary i will support them decision to open an impeachment inqui inquiry. but earlier this month senator sanders was against the idea of impeachment saying it plays into president trump's hands and only distracts from the issues that voters care more about. that's why on the campaign trail you see him largely ignoring the issue. yesterday he had a rally in reno, nevada. didn't bring it up once. today he is going to be speaking to senior citizens about prescription drugs and medicare for all. he is trying to avoid the issue all together in interactions with voters. that highlights what you have said between the democratic base and the core voters and the candidates who want to be cautious because they don't want to alienate the voters they
6:44 am
need. >> thank you. i want to bring in the chief public affairs officer for move which is hosting eight presidential candidates at their big ideas forum. and tim o'brien, executive editor at bloolberg and a trump auditor. he knows the man in the oval office. kareem we have heard over and over impeachment is not a number one priority for voters. for those on the campaigncare, prescription drug prices, jobs, the economy and let all the democrats in washington, in congress work on it? >> i think we have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time which is lot congress do their constitutional duty, hold this president accountable, which they must do. it is imperative. it is the one thing we kberpted from mueller's statement yesterday. the other thing is we have to learn the lessons from 2018,
6:45 am
talk about the bread and putter issues. what are big ideas that you have to move this country forward. >> what are you doing for people? that's what people want to hear. when we talk about the four early states most of the base, the democratic voters when they go to the town halls and rallies they want to hear how are you going to make sure my minimum wage goes up. as president -- on health care, that's what they want to hear about. >> they want to have their basic needs met. tim you wrote about this and said republicans aren't going the stand up for principle here, democrats on the other hand will have to decide whether they party and politicians exist to win elections or to uphold the old-fashioned principle that everybody, including the president, should obey the law. why does it have to be an either/or? >> i don't know that it is necessarily an either simil/or
6:46 am
that's the divide the democrats are confronting. >> then the question, republicans are forcing them into an either/or. reframe the question. >> it is not a question of reframing it. nancy pelosi doesn't have fiat control to begin a impeachment meeting. she has to know she has a majority of the house to support that. i don't know what that number is. 220, 225 democrats. i think she's looking at that first and foremost. i do think, though, the democrats have to look after their historical legacy and they have to he mind the rule of law here. right now, you don't have the other party upholing something it used to, which was the rule of law. they are letting a president sort of walk across issues like obstruction of justice that are as plain as day and choosing not to investigate it. >> but do they really have the rule of law on their side? robert mueller said i can't do anything here. >> robert mueller said he was
6:47 am
not empowered to charge a sitting president. but he also was not -- into how is that different from what i just said? >> i don't think mueller -- i don't think -- well i guess -- i think the idea that mueller is saying, i read that as nothing can be done here. >> by the department of justice, the ones who run the rule of law. >> then we agree. then we agree. but i think he was also saying in the same breath i am not exonerating the president of any crimes. >> then it takes us to congress. the fact that more candidates are now coming out saying we should move forward with impeachment, does that impact nancy pelosi in any way. >> i think the pressure is on. it is on in a big way. they are not in seg right now. i guess they will be back next week into we need mohamed break. we need their schedule. just want to point that out. >> for the past three years. i think the two things you can take from -- at least i took from the mueller statement yesterday is one that if the president held any other title, he would have been indicted. that's number one. and number two, i think he's saying let congress act.
6:48 am
it is your time to take what i -- the 448 pages and act on it. and that's what -- that's the crazy part about it for me. and that's what nancy pelosi is going to have to deal with. because mueller can't do anything. the courts can't do anything. so it is up to congress. that's what the framers have said. it is their constitutional duty to make sure that the president the united states is held accountable. he's not above the law. >> okay then if you are interpreting this as robert mueller is saying, congress do your job here, it is time to move forward potentially look at impeachment proceedings because i didn't clear the president, how do you make sense of this, here's what sean hannity the president's biggest cheerleader said last night, the me it sounds like he is daring democrats to move forward. >> without a doubt the radical extreme democratic socialist party they are clamoring for impeachment more than ever before. hoarse my message to them tonight. go for it.
6:49 am
you just stay right there and don't solve any problems for the american people or serve the people that put new washington. >> i say to sean hannity, remember president trump is currently in office. if the american people aren't being served, talk to the president. >> you know, he's making the same calculation the president is, that an impeachment would actually be good for him. that they could turn it into the a narrative that says trump is the victim, the democrats have extremists. >> what is nancy pelosi to do? if robert mueller is saying here's the road map, move forward and sean hannity is saying the same thing. sean hannity is saying it for a different reason. he believes it would be good for the president. i think in their heart of hearts they better test that with reality. when he says i am ready to be impeached it is the sames as him saying i am ready to go to war
6:50 am
in the middle east. i don't think donald trump wants to go through that when push comes to shove. >> as a real estate guy playing chicken is what he does. >> it is. >> tim, the trump whisperer over here. no. i think you have politics out of there and congress has to do their job. it's as simple as that. you cannot give -- they can't give their power over to the president. he's never going to give it back if they do that. >> it undermines the congress long term. >> tim o'brien says president trump is double dog daring nancy pelosi. the nra suffers a big defeat in the red state of texas. we'll be speaking to a woman called the nra's worst nightmare about how this has become the norm on a local level. before we go, you must hear this. on tuesday the energy department announced plans to increase fuel exports from a plant off the coast of texas. what kind of fuel? according to the release? molecules of u.s. freedom and
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now it's time for "money, power, politics." this week lawmakers in texas quietly went around the nra passing gun safety law, funding a million dollar campaign to help people better understand safe gun storage. the republican governor there will now need to decide whether to veto the entire spending bill because of this one provision. this small win for gun safety activists in texas represents a much larger battle that has been playing out in states across the nation. according to the giffords law center, in 2018, 67 gun safety bills were signed into law in 27 states across the country. it's worth noting that 14 of those states in fact have republican governors. gun safety may be an apolitical issue. a group at the center of these wins is mom's demand action, not politicians. it started as a facebook group of concerned moms and has transformed into a grassroots campaign with a presence in all
6:56 am
50 states. these mothers have taken the fight straight to the nra. the founder, shannon watts, nicknamed the nra's worst nightmare writes about this battle in her new book "fight like a mother," why women will change the world. she joins me now. van none, congratulations on the book. you started this group in the wake of the sandy hook massacre, really as a facebook group, a place to discuss concerns, fears you have about your kids in schools. how did you take that to where we are today? >> well, if you know anything about type a women, you know there was no choice. there was no going back. i just thought i was going to have an online conversation. i wanted to be part of something like mothers against drunk driving but for gun safety. that's what this facebook page turned into. suddenly these type a women were googling me, finding my email, my phone number and saying how do i do this where i live?
6:57 am
and what was an online conversation very quickly became an offline movement. >> it's tremendous the progress you've made. many people say it's a non-starter, congress is never going to act. you think they're wrong. >> that's absolutely not true. i understand we're waiting for this cathartic moment in congress that has not come b, but it will. when sandy hook happened, we didn't have the political power to fight back. we've spent six years building that. in the midterm elections, we not only outspent the nra but outmaneuvered them. they're weaker than they've ever been. we're stronger than them. >> the average person thinks of the nra of a massively powerful voting bloc with an unlimited amount of resources. >> it's absolutely not true. the roi on investments and campaigns for the nra delined since 2010. invested $30 million in donald
6:58 am
trump's campaign. haven't passed a single piece of priority legislation. >> do they need to pass anything new or just protect their turf. >> they want to do both. they thought with a republican president in congress they would be able to pass legislation to line the pockets of gun manufacturers. i can tell you when we show up at statehouses, it's dozens and hundreds of mom volunteers and one nra lobbyist. >> gun safety was front and center in the midterms. we didn't see it in the last presidential election. we've sign some democratic candidates make this a central issue of their campaigns. do you think that's going to be the case when we get to the big stage? >> it is a sea change in american politics. guns were considered the third rail of american politics a few years ago. every single candidate supports gun safety. even bill weld who is the president. we're seeing them compete to see who can be the best on this issue. that's because of the hard work our volunteers have done. >> i mentioned it earlier, more and more people are saying gun
6:59 am
safety is apolitical. "the washington post" is reporting that software company salesforce that says any of their gun selling retailers, if they sell military-style rifles, they can no longer work with sales force. that can cost those retailers a ton of money, it could cost salesforce a ton of money. do you think we'll see more corporate america take action like this? >> one thing we can leverage is our spending power. starbucks, we dragged them kicking and screaming into this discussion. suddenly we have salesforce, leavy's, dick's sporting goods saying how can we work with you on that issue. influencers want to be on the right side of this issue. >> congratulations on your book. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. i'll san jose see you all day on
7:00 am
twitter. coming up right now, more news with my friend hallie jackson. >> i am hallie jackson, a day of classic donald trump. the president characteristically defiant, unloading on robert mueller, insisting even in the face of the facts, that russia did not want to help him win the presidency and trying to turn the page, all after one of the most consequential 24-hour periods of his presidency. >> it was to me the same as the repo report. there's no obstruction, there's no collusion. there's no nothing. >> do you still think robert mueller behaved honorably? >> i think he's totally conflicted. as you know, he wanted to be the fbi director and i said no. he was conflicted. look, robert mueller should have never been chosen because he wanted the fbi job and he didn't get it, and the


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