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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  June 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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ruhle," ali and velshi. >> in any other world, this would be a much bigger story than today but because of all that we have got going on. thank you, andrea. >> it is monday, june 24th. race issues are two of t2020 candidates. two presidential hopefuls speak out on big new policies they just unveiled. until the first democratic debate. president trump's immigration raids are now on hold. we'll dig into the new lines coming from the white house. ignore red flags to vetting documents for several top trump officials. we are talking about ties to white supreme sis and discriminatory comments towards transgender people.
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the issue of race is a central topic. mayor pete buttigieg is facing backlash of the fatal shooting of a black man by a white officer in his city. most of the anger is aimed towards pete buttigieg. >> we are here first and for most because the city is hurting and the city is in pain. someone among our number died at the hands of another person in the set. >> i am not mad about me personally. it is the fact that the community reached out and they keep on belgigging for us to re out and we reached out to them and they said no. get the people that are racist off the streets. reorganize your department. you can do that by friday. is this respectful that i wake up everyday scared? is this respectful that i have three boys that i have to teach today what to do?
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>> buttigieg is not the only contender facing extra crediini. >> it hurts when you talk about boy. >> it means something different. it hurts -- that's not the biden i got to know. don't you understand? >> i do fully understand. that's not what i said, they did not report the whole deal. the context is totally different. >> joining me now is our tremaine lee and heidi, heidi got new report on bernie sanders that we'll get to in just a moment. tremaine, let's start with pete buttigieg, reporters asked him why he held that town hall. let's listen to what he said. >> i just think it is my job. i don't know -- if it is smart
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or not. i don't know if it is strategic or not. but, it is my city. >> seems a little shaken by the whole thing. he said the shooting has broken his heart. >> what do you make of all that has gone here? >> i have been talking to folks down at the south bay all morning. a few things are clear. they want to be heard. that town hallov over flown wit emotion. on the flip side, city councilwoman, she sees this as an opportunity for pete buttigieg to mature in this relationship with the black community especially with the national media attention. he stumbled along the way but he's growing and maybe this is a real opportunity to address the concerns of the residence. >> it is going to come up in the debate and one of the things that people have been saying about pete buttigieg, he's got a day job. he's the mayor of the city of america and that has come along
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with his intentions and we are watching them play out in realtime. does this add to what he's got to do with the debate to succeed? >> he's proven to be a articulate and smart guy. when gouyou go back home and go the streets where people are angry of the shooting of another black man. it is nice to go out and articulate your plans. when you go back home, they want to see action. it is a tougher point on the debate stage. >> i thought what ravenell said to joe biden is interesting. that's not the joe that i know. how he would use the term "boy." boy that's not a term that's offensive to most people but in the context uttered by a segregation senator, that would have a particular meaning to a lot of people. a lot of people in america in general. >> you look at the historic context.
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i have been watching videos of joe biden and some of it is kidney of disturbing. the cozy nature of working with segregation who explicitly condone violence. american citizens and black folks across this country, that's the bigger backdrop. it is not just the boy. i think there is a generational divide here where folks know full well that you have to maneuver, for younger groups of voters, no, nouryou are not goio pass because you are good old working class joe. it is not the boy comment. that's problematic for a lot of people. >> heidi, very things that are coming back because of a new audien
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audience. bernie sanders has not come under scrutiny as other kan candidates. >> your review shows something of a surprise. >> that's right, ali. we saw how this played out for hillary clinton in the last election where this issue alone was really used to target young african-american voters in particular to depress their enthusiasm for her to depress their support. we are seeing that also joe biden championing of it is a major liability potentially for him as we go into the debate season. bernie sanders voted for it. i wanted to find out why has he kind of dubbed this controversy and this controversy when he was standing under the debate with hillary clinton in 2016. his public statements today are really that he only supported it because it had the assault weapon banned and the violence against women's act attached to it. i did go back to 1994 and look
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into the congressional record, this is just reflective of the party at the time, allei, many democrats including those in -- balanced and he supported many of these things. i saw a coverage back in burlington of him supporting the hiring of more costs and imprison funding. he saw this as a good compromise a a ti as the nation was facing a big crack and cocaine epidemic. he fought against the bill and succeeded in getting those water down. there are other democrats who are taking it on the chin
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because today the standard is much different. today we have hindsight. we see that this is considered to be part of the problem that created a mass incarceration epidemic. people who cast 30 years worth of vote. it is important to go back and look at the contest in which these votes were forecast. bernie was supported of this on balance, supported of the crime specific elements of this. >> this is interesting. >> the point that heidi makes here, 25 years ago and context is relevant. if you are a voting age of 25 years ago, you may understand what hawaeidi just said. they did not live through some of these things that led to the reaction that we got even through democrats. how do they square this? >> when you look at 1993. we got the highest homicide
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rates ever recording. a city by city, people were really concerned and black and whites and democrats. when you heard joe biden on the senate floor saying i don't care how they got there or they got the gun ofs or the drugs, lock m up. we understand now and some people understood then -- >> and have a more whole istic approach. >> thank you to both of you for a great reporting on this. s heidi and tremaine. all right, beto o'rourke has a new plan. end wars in iraq and afghanistan. it would invest in the state of the art veteran healthcare system. provide all veterans equal treatment including women and lbgtq community and veterans and
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ensure veterans when they come home they would have a program. o'rourke talks about the plan called the war text. >> before we go to war again after we ended the wars that we are in. we'll make sure we understand the full costs and consequences. it is not just the women and men and missiles and bombs. it is their care when they come back. it took us 40 years to recognize exposu exposure, of the vietnam veterans dying of. we have yet to pay for the cost for the research and innovation and care for those who served in those wars. before we go into the next war. we set aside a veteran trust fund that'll pay for the care of those who are born in those wars. >> don't forget, we are two days
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away from the first democratic debate of the campaign. live from miami right here on msnbc and nbc news and telemundo. coming up next, president trump promised mass arrests of immigrant families. those raids are postponed. what's behind the delay? you are watching "velshi & ruhle," live on msnbc. watching & ruhle," live on msnbc. th cologu. turning 50 opens the door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home. it all starts when your doctor orders me. then it's as easy as get, go, gone. you get me when i'm delivered... right to your front door and in the privacy of your own home. there's no prep or special diet needed. you just go to the bathroom, to collect your sample. after that, i'm gone, shipped to the lab for dna testing that finds colon cancer and precancer. cologuard is not right for everyone. it is not for high risk individuals,
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democrats are holding up aid. if they change loopholes and everything on the border would be perfect. >> president trump did an exclusive interview with chuck todd blaming democrats of the crisis at the border. two dhs officials tell nbc news the raids were called off because details had leaked to the immediamedia. last hour, house speaker nancy pelosi broke out about the plan saying i.c.e. agents have no business showing up without a warrant. >> if i.c.e. agent don't have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door to let them in. immigration authorities is not enough. know your rights and you all are
10:16 am
doing such a great job to make sure people know their rights. joining me now, director of i.c.e. for the obama administration, eliot william, good to see you, thank you for being with us. you heard speaker pelosi's comment there. what does it mean if i.c.e. shows up at somebody's door with or without a warrant, what do they have to power to do? >> again, we should be careful here because these are federal officers showing up at our home the speaker is correct. it is not a search warrant for criminal activities. when a federal judge demonstrated theres as crack of cocaine sitting at the coffee table, that authorizes the officer to get a warrant to enter and search. this is a warrant for arrest. that does not entitle officers to enter their home. if the answer is yes, hey, can we talk to him?
10:17 am
but she sort of steps up to the line of suggesting that i.c.e. agent don't have authorities. they may not be able to enter but they can wait across the street. not because you are an immigrant. >>. >> i get the example. >> it is still a warrant for apprehension of someone. a huge cost for being fast and lo loose. how do you respond to what donald trump said to chuck todd that if democrats had done x, we would not have this problem at all. >> it is a great dodge and great deflection in the election season. we know for a long time there is conditions in south and central america that led to an influx of people at the border. we know that and can all agree
10:18 am
on that. you can deflect and blame democrats for it or you can say immigration is a complicated subject. this whole and even the tweet about i am giving democrats two weeks the fix this, puts democrats on the -- they're not going to solve our immigration crisis between now and the first or second week of july. ultimately, i do think this enforcement action we are talking about is going to happen in some form if it truly is a question of if we don't get new laws passed by july 10th or whatever the date is. >> there are two different narratives of these raids, one they were not in the position going out, he talked about getting millions of people but they were not in the position to take these 2,000 people. we heard remarkable stories of the conditions people are being held and tension center at the border and there is the other thing, if there were raids in place, the president telling people who could be on a target
10:19 am
list that they'll start raids on sunday morning would have an ill effect on the success of the operation. what's going on here? t >> the president is not talking to the expert. you and i talking about the justice department and same thing is happening there. number one, he's putting agents and officers at risk by tipping people off as to whether enforcement actions are happening and also driving up fear among people who really are a threat to the united states and you know who are unlawfully present but are not posing a threat to anybody. he has not done anything except give the president, like the chance to say again as he did at his convention two plus years ago. i, alone can fix its. it was bad for law enforcement and public safety to out the fact that these enforcement operations are going to happen and once again using rhetoric of millions of people if that's
10:20 am
your goal, it is not just about getting criminals or folks with prior criminal orders out. you are talking about families and small business owners and on. it is a mass that the president has fuelled and more conversations with congress might fix but not there anymore. >> good to see you. eliot williams, former assistant director of i.c.e. president trump signed an executive order of new iran sanctions. you are watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. you are watching "velshi & ruhl le"ive on msnbc at panera, our salads with peak-season berries... creamy avocado... and a dressing fit for a goddess. come taste what a salad should be.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." steve mnuchin delivered on the president's announcement on iran. >> the executive order i am about to sign will deny the supreme court leader and supreme court leaders' office. access to keep financial resources in support. the assets --
10:25 am
>> we locked up tens and tens of billions of dollars. these sanctions will come along with additional entities where people are hiding, these sanctions are highly effective. we'll look forward to a time and release sanctions if they are willing to negotiate. >> these sanctions are just the latest tension points that the president's newest akicting secretary of defense will have to deal with as he starts his interim today. u.s. cyber command stepped up attacking foreign network in iran. joining me now, national security evelin and our secretary of defense, ali
10:26 am
arouzi. thank you both of you for joining us. the president did not push the situation further in iran last week. it is not clear whether he's trying to de-escalate. what's your assessment of this? >> ali, it sounds like he's continuing to put the maximum pressure on iranians. it is through economic sanctions so i don't think it is as esclatory. i don't see a path to get to the negotiation table. it is good that the president is willing to talk. what's the mechanism to get the iranians to the table? >> ali arouzi, let's talk about these sanctions, targeting the office and those allies of his office, what's the reaction? these are significant. even though they may largely be symbolic, symbolism is important
10:27 am
especially when there is so much of animosity and a lack of dialogue. many see this as the death of diplomacy. that's what one analyst told me before we went on-air, i was talking to him and he said this is going to guarantee the depth of diplomacy between teheran. it is not going to have much effect, the founder of revolution and died in 1989. maybe helps to get the guy's name right if you are going to sanction him. it is not going to have a practical effect on him. if you are talking about a travel ban, he has not left the country since the 1980s when he was president. as for denying him and his office's access to overseas funds, it is unnerving and how much money he has abroad. they'll be certainly keeping
10:28 am
those funds anywhere for these reasons because they can get frozen. most of their assets will be here in iran or friendly countries. this is not only going to anger his supporters here in iran who are in support of him but sure to make followers of him abroad figu furious. many of those are those proxy that we have been talking about and have posters of him all over the place. this is going to have wide ranging ramifications. >> evelin, we have a number of other things going on, the international community is set to weigh in on all of this. u.n. security council meeting later today at the request of the united states. there is a meeting of nato defense minister on wednesday and the g 20 summit this weekend. what does success look like to you given where we are and understanding fully that we were not in this crisis but for the fact that president trump
10:29 am
decided to pull out of the iran deal. we have to be clear. this was not based on some unique iranian escalation. based on where we are now where there was a drone down and possibly an air strike that's happening and no body is accepting trump's invitation to talk from iran. what does success looks like based on these things that are unveiling. >> as you mention, we were the ones that took all these angscts and our closest allies starting with the europeans but i am sure, they are more focused ocon on north korea. they opposed of what we did. succe success means we have to get those allies back to our camp. the europeans have been fighting all along to keep the deal together and keep the iranians breaking out and developing a capabilities in a matter of month. they don't want to go back to where we were preview obama deal. success means we have the
10:30 am
europeans on board with us. we have a plan to diplomatic action and we have a timeline and deadline for the iranians and us, obviously that comes to an agreement. and we can throw in a couple of other things, ballistic missile and etcetera if possible. we need to get the situation back under control. >> all right, thanks to both of you. evelin farcus and ali arouzi. coming up, mayor red flags found in the trump administration as they were found. we'll tell you which official made the cut anyway. the businesses behind voting machines to reveal any foreign ties, you are watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. hi & ruhl 'll match it at the end of your first year. nice! i'm thinking about a scuba diving trip. woman: ooh! (gasp) or not. you okay? yeah, no, i'm good. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year.
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when you start with a better that's no way to treat a dog... can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs. red flags, that's how several members of president trump's current administration are described. vetting documents are leaked to access. the documents mention cabinet members like like scott pruitt who was cozy with big energy companies, he was later fired and tom price, criticism of management ability. he later resigned as hss secretary. rudy giuliani and david patraeus
10:35 am
were under consideration for secretary of state. patraeus, his documents had these three words, "opposed to torture." >> president trump has done more to improve the lives of the american people than past presidents have done in eight. d.c. swamp creature's cowardly leaks can that i think that. jonathan swan of axios. one of the reporters that broke the story. good to see you. you say some of the contenders were quote, referred to strikingly swampy. who were these people and what is it about that that made them swampy. >> let me go down to the swampy section for you, ali. seema verma is one of them.
10:36 am
trump appointed to the administrator for medicare and medicaid, the top of her vetting dossier, she was simultaneously advising indiana $3.5 million contract on issues impacting how it would spend medicaid funds while she was being paid by clients that receive medicaid funds. sunny purdue, trump's pick for agriculture secretary. he had a vetting dossier or family and business conflicts of interest. he's the owner fertiliz fertilizer. the pruitt example is really important. this is someone who lost their job because of serial ethical abuse us and clobbering with
10:37 am
lobbyists. >> a lot of reporters had written about this. this was the public domain. >> right, right. >> in the report, you see the rnc research identifying chris kobach. considered as homeland security. they're listed as white supremacy as a vulnerability. he was put in charge of the president's voter fraud panel. the question is, how does this happen? how does it allow them to get into the influential of trump's circle. >> when he talked to people who ran the george w. bush and obama's transition, they kaind f
10:38 am
imagine transferring to fire. they fired chris christie who ran the election for most of the year. they threw out much of the work that christie had done and they starts from scratch. you had these 20 something years old research at the republican national community who were vetting top people, you had, this is like serial aeras acros the board because there is no time. you had a mixture of real serious ethical problems. a really good example of this is process was andrew. these 20 something years old
10:39 am
vetted. allegations she later retracted. they nominated in the day before of h his confirmation he had to withdraw. this happens in many different ways. >> so there is two separate issues. there is a weakness in the vetting and there is examples where the vetting was done and ultimately the president who makes a decision and do we know whether he actively over rode some of the decisions and never saw them and was told it was not a big deal? do we have anything that says why somebody was red flagged for ties to white supremacy, do we have any information about how it finally got made in some of these cases? >> well, kobach does not have a job the administration, i don't know how closely he reviewed the vetting of scott pruitt. i do know he reviewed some of
10:40 am
these forms. it was a slapped at process. it is not just these times where he ignored serious concerns about people. it is abts maout making decisio based on their feelings. the perfect example of that is rex tillerson, his secretary of state where he made that decision very quickly without considering that on basic philosophical fundamental policy questions, they were completely opposed. it was never going to work out. >> jo jonathan swan from axios. thank you. >> now elected officials in north carolina and maryland, voting system vendors for potential foreign ownership demanding more transparency after revelations of russian
10:41 am
russian -- this comes just after two months after robert mueller revealed in his final report that russian back hackers were able to tap into our system in florida during the last presidential election. >> joining me now, our senior business reporter, this is a fascinating story. there was russian interference, we had some voting machines, tied to oligarchs who may have tied to the administration? >> russia conducted basically a whole system, tried every door and window attacked on our election. we had to scrutinize in the same way. that's what's happening in north carolina and what has been happening in maryland. in north carolina, the voting
10:42 am
e vendors, they don't have any voting entanglement. they are owned by private companies which are not required to disclose much information about their ownership structure and so before they buy new systems which north carolina is doing, they want to know more about who's behind them. >> is this an issue of people who are generally speaking, investors in a private equity firm funds who may not have anything to do with the end results or are there closer relationship relationships in that? >> these vendors they were owned by private equity companies and one of them revealed some of the shareholders and in north carolina they are asking for more information and i don't think they are satisfied by oh we are own by priefvate compani.
10:43 am
after that company got the contract it was acquired by a private equity company that was owned by a russian oligarch with close ties with putin. we want to keep it close and keep it secure and we are watching from all angles. >> coming up next as leaders are participating in cushner's talk. you are watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. but only a select few of the very safest vehicles are awarded a top safety pick plus. the highest level of safety possible. how many 2019 top safety pick plus-winning vehicles does your brand have?
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serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. over the week, the trump administration released its long awaited mideast peace plan. it is an economic plan the administration hopes will appeal the palestinians and the larger muslim world. let's take a look at what the white house is proposing. it sets out a decade long time frame, $27.8 billion, the largest chunk would go to gaza
10:48 am
and the west bank and the rest is split up between georgia and egypt and lebanon. planning for how the money is allocated including $5 billion for transportation network connecting with gaza which is on is own to the west bank. it includes a billion dollars worth of investment in the palestinians in building up the palestinians tourism industry and there are 179 different projects in palestinians territory and neighboring countries all looking to address among other things the need for electricity and water and telecommunication and healthcare. the plan calls for new anticorruption authorities to be developed and allocate funds for educational assistance and work force training efforts. here the metric for success over the ten years. double palestinians gdp and cut
10:49 am
the poverty rate and reduce palestinians employment. fadi is joining me now. he's also joining us, are we joining -- are we getting anybody else? i am sorry, fadi, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> good to see you ali. >> on paper it looks good. the idea there will be something that creates prosperity for palestinians especially those in gaza. there is not a political solution to accompany this right now, talk to me about the idea, is this an incentive or is it a bribe or hush money, what is it? i would say it is all of the above. and none of the above. it depends on who you are talking to. some see it as an economic solution and it has no political
10:50 am
solution but if you listen to some of the trump administration officials they say there is not a political component to this. it has not been developed yet, it is being formulated it. we go back to the palestinian position and palestinian position and they say there's a political two state solution, include 1967 borders, what is it exactly, and can we hear it from the president himself publicly in an official statement. so, it's still not very clear. but for me, as a palestinian, i am somewhat encouraged by the economic component. but i do believe that it's not enough. you do need to put forward a clear political component to this. how is this money going to be spent, by whom? everybody knows there is a palestinian president now who has overstayed his term by about ten years. so, there are allegations of corruptions around him, surrounding him. so, people are going to be asking who are you going to give 50 billion or 60 billion, how
10:51 am
are you going to distribute it, and to what end? is there going to be a palestinian state? will there be an independent palestinian decision by the making of how to obviously spend this money? so, these are all questions that no clear answers have been put forward to address them. >> you as a palestinian, you just said something that when we speak to palestinians, you sometimes hear criticism of the palestinian authority or in gaza of hamas. who should be involved on behalf of the palestinians in the creation of this and in answering your questions about who gets the money, how does it get distributed, what does success look like, and in the political discussion? platt state prison yan leadership does not support this effort. they were not in this meeting. they're not going to bahrain for this meeting. you were invited. >> so, just to be clear, from what i understood from my conversation with the foreign minister of bahrain, no
10:52 am
palestinian or israeli officials were invited to the conference. it is palestinian, israeli, american, and other businessmen, thought leaders, politicians perhaps. but no palestinian or israeli officials are invited. the idea, ali, is if you're a palestinian leader and you know your people are in a very dire situation -- you already spoke about the poverty and the high unemployment -- you're being offered 50 billion, it's easy to say no. but it's much more productive to say no, but which would what i would like. this is what i would like. this is what i'm asking for. the palestinian position is not reasonable. he has to come forward to state exactly what is he hoping for from the trump administration, and maybe he would ask for more money. maybe he would ask for more, much clearer position on the two state solution. maybe he would ask for a revised statement on jerusalem. he has to engage. he cannot just hold his position
10:53 am
as no while palestinians are dealing with issues like unemployment, poverty, and israeli occupation that has not stopped. >> thank you for your insights into this. he's an adjunct fellow senior. coming up next, senator bernie sanders out with a big new plan to get rid of all college debt. how does he pull it off next? [ alarm beeping ] wake up! there's a lot that needs to get done today. small things. big things. too hard to do alone things. day after day, you need to get it all done. and here to listen and help you through it all is bank of america. with the expertise and know-how you need to reach that blissful state of done-ness. so let's get after it. ♪ everything is all right what would you like the power to do?® ♪ all right
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welcome back to velshi and ruhle. senator bernie sanders is joining others in congress to wipe out crushing student debt. the new plan announced just a short time ago in washington cancels the $1.6 trillion that americans currently owe on their loans. it eliminates tuition and fees in colleges and reduces tuition at private colleges. senator elizabeth warren has a plan tackling student debt. sanders plan cancels debt for all americans while warren's cancels a chunk of debt for house holds making up $250,000. here's why they think it's so important. >> we are punishing people and punishing them severely for the
10:58 am
"crime" of getting a higher education. and all of that is taking place at the same time as wages for the average worker have been stagnant for the last 45 years. >> senator, you've pushed quite a few expensive federal projects. green new deal, now this, medicare for all. do you believe that these things can actually be funded? all of these? >> this particular program is funded 100%. >> for this bill, this is not going to be paid for by the taxpayers. this is 100% going to be paid for by wall street. so, we want to make sure that when we bail them out, now they have the responsibility to bail out 45 million americans. and this cost is 1/10 of what we spend as taxpayers in bailing them out. >> your plan includes fee-free
10:59 am
apprenticeships and trade schools. what about people who don't plant to do any of that, who are saddled with high debt from small business loans? >> right now we're focusing on education. >> student loan debt now at $1.5 trillion. this is more than credit card debt, more than auto loan debt. it is one of the biggest crippling factors for a whole range of people. >> in what ways does this plan differ from elizabeth warren's plan? >> you'll have to ask senator warren about this. all i can tell you is this plan is pretty comprehensive. it's a revolutionary plan. >> just a reminder, we are two days away from the first democratic debate hosted by msnbc. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. stephanie will be back tomorrow. time to hand it to jeff bennett. i love saying that. you're here in studio with us. don't break anything for the next hour because i'll be back. >> i'll try not to.
11:00 am
good afternoon, i'm jeff bennett in for katy tur. it's debate week in america. we're two days away from the first democratic debates of the 2020 campaign cycle set for wednesday and thursday in miami. debates mark a more intense phase in the contention. just about every candidate is now off the trail and getting ready for the debate stage. but with such a big field, there's no time to waste. and some are still working hard to stand out, offering up some last minute pitches to voters. for early front runner joe biden, that meant an op-ed in today's "miami herald" outlining his vision for immigration. >> in what ways does this plan differ from elizabeth warren's plan? >> this plan is pretty


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