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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  July 10, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thank you both so much for being on on another busy day here that. does it for us on this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you back here tomorrow. for now, much more with my colleague craig melvin up in new york. >> craig melvin here, msnbc headquarters in new york city. trying to get back on track. joe biden on capitol hill right now. he's meeting with members of the hispanic caucus as his campaign tries to move past the bumpy few weeks that he's had. new details about how they are planning to turn the page. we'll have that for you. also an nbc news exclusive. we sit down with the latest woman to accuse jeffrey epstein. she says that he raped her had she was just 15 years old. and it's not just testimony. chilling new accounts from children who are being held inside a migrant ma silt in arizona, including new allegations of sexual assault and retaliation. our exclusive new reporting coming up, but we start with new
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signs that joe biden is working to reinvig rate his campaign for the presidential domination. two new reports lay out a new strategy for the biden campaign moving forward, and it starts right now on capitol hill. the former vice president is there to pitch members of the congressional his pan congressional his panic caucus trying to break it down. we have jonathan allan and kareem for move she's also an nbc contributor. mike, what are you hearing? any visible change in the candidate's campaign style yet? >> i've had briden campaign advisers tell me that that debate was a wakeup call not just for the former vice president but for his campaign. they really can't maintain their status above the fray, that their opponents are coming after them. i was with the former vice
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president in south carolina, a state i know you know well. we saw that apology directly for his past comments about segregationist working alongside with this civility, as had he put it. but that speech ef gave in sf sumpter was broader than that and in some cases to apologize and some cases to explain where he stood on past issues. there was a preemptive warning to elizabeth waurng when rren a policy on bankruptcisy. and i think he needs to get ready to prepare more for a debate. i just spoke with top biden endorsed, one of the members of congress who endorsed him. he said everybody has a bad day but the candidate he saw here was very much still in the fight going forward. >> what did we hear from the former vice president today? >> a real interesting dynamic in this meeting with the caucus. biden was put on the defensive
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for some of his past comments about race, but he was also put on the defensive about the obama's report on deportations. he did explain that said in his administration his deportations would focus on criminal aliens. but we also had a chance to ask the vice president whether immigration reform would in fact be a top priority. let's take a listen to what he told us here a few minutes ago. >> members inside there said they were frustrated the obama administration didn't do more with imaggregation reform. >> i could do a whole lot. 23% of all kids in grade school hispanic and latino. if we don't pay attention, the country can't grow. >> we also know from members who were in that meeting that the former vice president talked about his role in the obama administration in surging resources and working with some of that so-called northern triangle countries in central america to try to stem the immigration surge that we've seen, especially of unaccompanied minors. he's willing to make that
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promise going forward and try to work with those people again to stem that flow of unaccompanied minors at the border. >> the hill is reporting this morning that biden's campaign is expected to make a string of policy rollouts aiming to shift the conversation over a bumpy few weeks. they're seeking to quiet critics who says he needs to do more than cite poels polls showiholz strong chance to beat president trump in the 2020 election. how far will that go to help the campaign, jonathan? >> there's a frame change that's important for the vice president here in terms of rolling out new policies. there's two things that that really does for him. number one, it gets him talking about the future instead of the past. he's spent a lot of the past several weeks talking about himself in the 1970s. he really needs to get to a place where he's talking about what america looks like in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. and the other thing that it
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does, it also gets him talking about what he wants to do 40 american public rather than talking about himself. both of these things are, i think if he's able to pull this off, are positive changes in what the discussion is for him. you know, there are some other issues that he may still have to deal with in terms of his record and certainly other candidates are going try to drag him back into talking about that. but the policy rollout's giving him an opportunity do both of those things. we're going to hear him on thursday, give a foreign policy address. and i would be pretty surprised if we don't hear something about his healthcare plan shortly after that. >> kareem, you had an interesting assessment of theed bide on campaign. he said joe biden is a closet republican and he explained it this way. biden is trying to get democrats to do something that republicans have more practice at. choose a nominee who's due over one who's new. he's the liberal iteration of
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bob dole, the looser version of mitt romney. john mccain without lindsey graham glued to his side. one who's due over one who's new, what do you make of that assessment? >> that's a tough one because you've got to get out of a primary. joe biden tried the rose garden approached. he tried running a general election in a primary approach. and clearly he has to do something different now. the base, yes, they do want someone who is going to beat donald trump, that's clear. we see that in polling time and time again. but they also want some meat on the bones. they want to know what are you going to do to move the country forward? what is your vision? what is your policy? how are you going to do this? because they see that donald trump has put us in a really big hole. how are these 20 some odd candidates going to get us out of it? and that's one of the issues that joe biden has. it's not just him. it is a very talented, diverse crowd that he's up against.
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so it can't just be about your record in the past. you've got look forward. and also you have to put up a vision. you have to tell people what are you all about. so what he's trying to do will not work in tay primary, not wi with this base. but he has to get to that point to make that argument. >> we just heard from mike, this meeting on the hill. we have now one of the attendees of that aforementioned meeting. arizona democrat congressman reuben guy egg go, first vice chair of the caucus. he was with the former vice president this morning. congressman, what did you hear from joe biden? >> look, i heard some very positive comments about what his vision is for latino community here in the coming -- his coming term, hopefully, according to him. but we were very honest with him. we were honest with him as a caucus that we were disappointed that reform was not a priority
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for him in the obama administration in the first term and we were left as a community and, you know, by the wayside and we did not want to see that happen again. but overall i think it was a positive conversation. i think it's a conversation that we wanted to have with not just him but every democratic kabd date because we want to make sure we're here to fight for the community and working class families of the united states. >> it sounds like it was positive. was it positive enough for you to endorse the former vice president? >> well, look, i enjoyed the fact he was there the i'm glad he spent time with us. i'm going to talk to all the other campaigns to make sure i hear their perspective. i want to see where the policy issues are going in respect to working class families and latino community before i make a decision like that. >> as you know, mr. biden was criticized by a number of folks for skipping the latino leadership conference in miami at the end of last month. do you think that he's been slow to reach out to the growing community of latino voters? >> well, i think it's not just him. i think almost all the campaigns have been slow to actually reach
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out to our community. >> why? why do you think that is? >> i think for a lot of the campaigns i think for some reason they believe that we are not going to be voting in the primaries. i think it's just absolutely wrong. if you actually see what happened in 2018, latinos came out in numbers that has not been seen in decades. whoever does not -- whichever campaign does not pay attention to the latino community will probably not have a viable chance at the democratic primary. >> while i have you here i do have to ask you about some exclusive reporting related to your home state. as you know, nbc news has found that diozens of migrant childre at an overcrowded uma, arizona, have made allegations of sexual assault, allegations of retaliation from border agents there. what more do you know about that? >> well, unfortunately what i know is everything that the press is telling us, because this administration has now allowed proper oversight of this facility or any other
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facilities. and more importantly, the reason this cruelty is occurring is because cruelty is the point. this president and his administration want to be cruel to this community. they want to be cruel to immigrants. instead of actually having a sane border solution that was under president obama, what he's trying to do is crowd as many people into detention centers to create the drama. i actually have been involved in trying to help refugees find, you know, space to stay in phoenix and from what we hear from a lot of our nonprofits evangelical churches, a lot of times the border facility does not even release these refugees without even notifying us. they just release them into the streets. so chaos and terror is what this administration wants. they want to create this sense of dire consequences instead of actually treating this in a humane, sane manner. and only donald trump could break the border, you know, and, you know, for someone who claimed that he was going to be
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able to control it, he's actually broken down our whole system. >> i want to go back to something you have just said a few moments ago recording the vice president -- former vice president. did you guys in that room take him to task on the deportation policy under the obama administration? >> we certainly did. look, we were very honest -- >> why? >> excuse me? why? >> yeah. >> because it's our job as members the hispanic caucus to keep ourselves honest as well as anybody else, especially any future candidates. we do believe that the deportation policy under president obama was way too harsh and created the environment that we are now living in. and we don't want to see those mistakes repeated. of course we're also going to do this with all the other candidates. it's not something that's just aimed at vice president biden. we're going to keep every candidate that comes brus honest and make sure they understand what our priorities are of this caucus. >> do you believe in
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decriminalization? do you think it should be illegal to cross into this country? >> i think there's actually many ways for to us actually control the border and, for example, the term decriminalization has gone a little too far. we're not asking for open borders. i think this is something that's been thrown about. we're not asking for people just to come in here without consequences. we don't believe, however, is what's been occurring at least the last ten years where we end up crowding people on minor offenses where we could find a better and safe solution, you know, when it comes to our bortd hence, while we're all for immigration reform. >> i appreciate your time, congressman. thank you. >> thank you, craig. i want to turn back to the panel for a moment here. january on thi jonathan, let me ask you, this human tragedy that's take place on our southern border, is it going to play in the primary campaign in a significant way? is it going affect this president in 2020 at the polls? >> well, we think that is two
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piece there's. i think it will play into the primary campaign in terms of a lot of questions you just asked the congressman. i think we are dealing with a crisis at the border. definitely a humanitarian crisis. we watch never day, obviously the reporting by our colleagues jacob soboroff and juliaensly tod julia inslee about sexual assault of minors within the camps at the border is something that, i think, breaks all of our hearts, number one. and number two needs to be dealt with at a criminal level potentially and certainly on a policy level. i think the democrats are going to argue over what solutions. you just heard the congressman say that decriminalization goes too far and yet we heard so many of the candidate on the debate stage the other night say that they think there should be
8:14 am
decriminalization. as far as other immigration issues go, the hispanic caucus was very upset with president obama for not allowing undocumented immigrants to be part of the affordable air contacare act to be able to sign up under it and we saw them say undocumented immigrants should have access to a medicare for all plan or for another healthcare plan that would take the place of aca eventually. so all these issues are going to be big in the primary. in the general election, i think whoever the democratic nominee is is going to have to have some answer for what they would do that president donald trump is not doing or what they would not to do that he is doing that appeals to the american public on -- on all of these issues regarding immigration and the border. >> really quickly here, it was revealed today that the vice president has apparently made about $15 million in the two years since he left office. he's always sort of prided himself on his blue-collar
8:15 am
roots. is he going to start catching flak for the amount of money that he has made? >> i actually don't think voters care, craig. i don't think voters care how much joe biden made after he left the white house. i think they care about what's -- about their own pocketbook and how these candidat candidates are going to make their economic future better for them. i don't think it will move the needle all that move. bernie sanders dealt with something like this, making a million dollars after his book release and it became a story for a day or two and i don't think it really matters at the end of the day for voters. >> all right. thank you all. let's get back to break news here recording president trump and his business. an appeals court has just thrown out an emoluments case against him. pete williams joins us. what can you tell us. >> this was filed by the district of columbia and at state of maryland claiming that president trump's continued
8:16 am
business interest in his hotel was violating a provision of the constitution, one we don't hear much about called the emoluments clause that says presidents can't get gifts or benefits or payments or any kind of favors from foreign governments or, indeed, from states. and d.c. and maryland basically claim that the trump hotel was -- people were patron nizing it in order to gain curry with the president. and this was happening in d.c. businesses and the maryland national harbor as a convention site and the d.c. consensing center. but the court of appeals has dismissed this lawsuit basically saying that the case here is very weak. they say first of all that the governments, these local governments can't prove that people are staying and doing business with this hotel because it's owned and because president trump benefits from it financially, they say, for example, some people may choose not to stay at the hotel because of the trump connection.
8:17 am
but secondly, they say even if somehow the court could stop these benefits to trump, there's no evidence that that would stop people from staying at the hotel. they say even if government officials were patronizing the hotel to curry the president's favor, there's no reason to conclude they would stop doing that if the president were barred by the courts from receiving any income from the hotel. and they say, you know, it's possible that people stay at that hotel for lots of reasons because it's a nice place, because it's close to the white house, its location. for all these reasons they say it's too speculative and there's no clear indication that if the court did something there's no way to know it would agriculture problem that maryland and d.c. say exist here. this is a big deal because this is the furthest we've ever gone in the federal courts on this emoluments clause. it's part of the constitution
8:18 am
that doesn't get much airing. the supreme court has never ruled exactly on what it means and what it says and what somebody does about it. craig. >> the emoluments clause has been enjoying a moment here. pete, thank you. our justice correspondent there in washington. more on those new allegations of sexual assault and retaliation that we just mentioned. our nbc news exclusive reporting on the treatment of migrant children inside an arizona facility. also, more breaking news on this wednesday. we've just learned that labor secretary alex acosta will be taking questions from reporters this afternoon as calls grow for him to step aside over how he handled the jeffrey epstein case. all of this comes as a new epstein accusers speaks out. nbc news talking exclusively to the latest woman to come forward describing her encounter with him. she claims that he raped her when she was just 15 years old.
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with great performance and value. get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. lawmakers are demanding answers this morning after an exclusive report from nbc news found claims for migrant children of sex assault and
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retaliation from u.s. agents inside an arizona facility. >> it just expands our request for an investigation based on that ig report. we'll have the secretary here for an election security briefing this afternoon and i wondi wouldn't be surprised if some of that came up. >> there's a toxic culture at border patrol. cbp needs to clean house. the top people at cbp ought to be fired now. >> nbc news reviewed incident reports with the stories of children and teenagers being held in yuma, arizona. a 15-year-old girl from honduras reported a large-bearded officer putting his hands inside her bra, pulling down her underwear and groping her as part of what was meant to be a routine pat down in front of other immigrants and officers.
8:24 am
a 16 guatemalan boy said he and others in his complained about the taste of the water and food they were given. the agents took their mats out of their cell in retaliation forcing them to sleep on hard concrete. jacob soboroff joins me live from los angeles has been covering the story from the very beginning. let's start with these new allegations in this particular arizona facility, jacob. what, if anything's being done about them? >> well, the thing have craig, about these allegations. they go so far beyond the overcrowding that we have already seen in primarily texas, the rio grand valley and el paso. now we're seg continues on other side of the country almost in california at the border in yuma, arizona. >> and at this particular station all of what we heard before still exists. virtually every report we heard cited some form of overcrowding or unsanitary conditions.
8:25 am
but what's disturbing about these allegations is that they are abusive and potentially illegal behavior by border patrol agents towards migrant children, including as you've mentioned, sexual assault, an allegation of sexual assault against a 15-year-old at the time girl and a retaliation against a group of boys who simply complained that their water tasted like chlorine and their food was not edible, basically. so now the question is, dhs says they're investigating this, but when did they know about it? what did they know about it? and what is the status of the agents that was complabd aboine about? specifically the one accused of sexual assault. and we don't have the answers to that yet. >> and the officer involved in the accuse sex assault, is that officer still on the job? >> we don't know. we don't know and we've asked back to cbp, what's the status of that officer and they won't tell us. which is, if you think about it, that's a lot different than if someone was accused sexual assault in any other circumstance. idea that this man is -- this
8:26 am
bearded man is the description description we got of him may still be inside that facility with other children is troubling and we're not getting enough information from cbp. >> any formal response from the trump administration? >> we do have a response. it's important to hear this whole thing. in a statement the cbp says u.s. customs and border protection treats those in our custody with dignity and respect and provides multiple avenues to report any allegations of miscontukt. the allegations do not align with our common practice at our facilities and will be fully investigated. it it's important to know that the allegation of sexual assault is already under investigation by the department of homeland security's office of inspector general. it should sound reassuring that they're looking into this, but so many unanswered questions of how long they knew about it, the status of this individual and why they didn't investigate the other dozens of allegations that we brought to them and put in front of them about all of these
8:27 am
other conditions that are being reported in this facility in yuma. >> that statement also does not sound like a strong denial of the allegations either. i know that you talked to an advocacy attorney who said in part, quote, our clients tell us that they have seen cbp agency the kick other children awake. that children do not know whether it's day or night because lights are left on all the time and that they have food thrown at them like they are -- like they're wild animals. how long were these children and teenagers in custody? >> every single one of them in the dozens of reports that we have reviewed have been in custody for longer than 72 hours, and that is the rule. they are not allowed to be in custody for longer than 72 hours because these are jails designed for adult men. and you've got young men and young women inside these facilities literally every single one of them beyond the maximum allotted time. some of them have been in there not just for days, but for weeks. and that -- that really is the
8:28 am
issue. when you hear administration officials like ken who was on with hallie jackson or max gates put all of this off on we need more funding to alleviate the overcrowding situation, the people staying there for a long time, let me just say overcrowding does not beget sexual assault. overzrougd not beget retaliatory efforts by border patrol agents against a group of young boys. we're talking about different things here. and i think it's important to know that. >> jacob soboroff for us in los angeles. thank you, sir. keep us posted. from that nbc news kploous exclusive to another nbc news exclusive. we sat down with the latest woman to break her silence about jeffrey epstein. she claims that epstein raped her when she was 15 years old. this is the fallout over labor secretary alex acosta's handling of the epstein case intensifies. one senior white house official now reportedly wants him out. we have learned that he is going to be talking to reporters in
8:29 am
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u.s. labor secretary alex acosta expected to talk to the press about three hours from now, 2:30 eastern standard time.
8:33 am
all of this coming under intense scrutiny as his role of the u.s. attorney involved in billionaire jeffrey epstein's lenient plea dooil deal more than a decade ago. since then, just this weekend, epstein was arrested and charged with sex traffic dozens of girls. he has pled not guilty. house speaker nancy pelosi, senate minority leader chuck schumer and several 2020 democratic candidates have called on acosta to resign. acosta has been tweeting about the new charges. he wrote, quote, the crimes committed by epstein are horrific and i am pleased that new york prosecutors are moving forward with the case based on new evidence. with the evidence available more than a decade ago, federal prosecutors insisted that epstein go to jail, register as a sex offender and put the world on notice he was a sexual predator. now that new evidence and additional testimony is available, the new york prosecution offers an important opportunity to more fully bring
8:34 am
him to justice. joe lockhart, white house bureau chief for the "washington post," he's also an msnbc political analyst. and michelle golberg. first of all, what are you hearing from your sources about this 2:30 event from acosta where he's going to be taking questions? >> it sounds like he's going to be strike to mount a defense for him receive. he did some of that in those tweets that that you referenced earlier. this will be his first time on camera presumably delivering a statement that would explain the decisions and the actions he took as the u.s. attorney in this case more than a decade ago. and then hopefully open up it to questions from journalist, because there are a lot of questions about how acosta handled that case and there's an accountability measure here. the president and his white house advisers will be watching very closely to see how acosta defends himself. as of right now, the president is digging his heels in and
8:35 am
backing acosta against, you know, mounting cries from democrats on capitol hill for acosta to resign. >> you mentioned the president's support here. that's at least the case publicly. we should remind our viewers and listeners on sirius satellite radio what the president said about his labor secretary. here it is. >> i can tell you that for 2 1/2 years he's been just an excellent secretary of labor. i feel very badly, actually, for secretary acosta because i've known him as being somebody that works so hard and has done such a good job. >> the president saying he feels bad for secretary acosta but nothing about the women who accused him was a bit strange to a lot of folks. but, that notwithstanding, phil, any sign that support for the labor secretary has eroded at all in the past 24 hours? >> well, certainly it's eroded among some prominent democrats in the senate and in the house. and behind the scenes there's a great deal of concern about this, whether, you know, acosta
8:36 am
remaining as the labor secretary provides this link between the very messy and troubling situation involving epstein and the trump administration, does it become such a distraction that the administration has a difficult time enacting its agenda? and is the labor secretary compromised? that's one of the reasons that i think acosta is coming forward to try to take this on directly. and this is the type of stuff that the president likes to see from his people. he likes to see them delved defe defend themselves. remember at kavanaugh's hearing when he forcefully and passionately defended himself following the testimony of christine blaseyed fo ford. >> phil, stand by for me if you can. i want to get to an exclusive today. a woman is sharing a new allegation of rain against jeffrey epstein. for the first time, makeup artist jennifer spoke to my colleague savannah guthrie in an
8:37 am
exclusive interview. she said epstein raped her when she was in high school. she's not part of the new york's case against epstein. he has pled not guilty to those sex trafficking charges. she says she was 14 years withhold she was recruited to give massages to epstein dressed only in her underwear. had she turned 15, she says things changed. >> you know, just take your under wear off and get on top. and i said i didn't want to. and he, you know, very forcefully kind of brought me to the table and i just did what i -- what he told me do. i was really scared. i didn't necessarily think that he was going to rape me. >> did he hold you there? >> yeah, he -- uh-huh. >> no question in your mind he knew you did not want that to happen? >> oh, yeah. there was no way. i was like -- i don't want to
8:38 am
say i was screaming or anything of that nature. but i was terrified and i was telling him to stop, please stop, you know. >> and did he? >> no, he did not stop. he had no intention of stopping and that's what he wanted, that's what he got. >> when you left there, you never went back? >> after that day, no, i never went back. i was terrified. i just thought, like, you know, it's my fault. like i was like obligated, like that's just what you're supposed to do. so i really did not know better. >> they just filed a new lawsuit in this case. it's not a civil suit alleging rape or assault. she wants prelitigation discovery. basically meaning she's asking for more information from epstein in part to be able to nome name any additional defendants. nbc news reached out to epstein's attorneys for comment multiple times. they have not responded to our
8:39 am
requests. in previous discussions with the lawyers, epstein's attorneys are said to have challenged her credibility. michelle, let me turn to you here what was your initial reaction when you heard that new accusation of rape? >> and i red the whole story of what she described and it was exactly the m.o. that other vekts victims about have been describing for years, many, many other victims, including when this case was originally handled by alex acosta's team back in 2007 and 2008. the kind of having the woman recruit somebody outside of high school, someone who was troubled, in her case her father had died, her family needed money, you know, they sort of preyed on that. the entire process of luring her into his network, it's all the same exact story over and over and over again. and this has been in plain sight for over a decade. >> you wrote something earlier this week that caught my attention. i would encourage others to read it as well.
8:40 am
it's the article's titled jeffrey epstein is the ultimate symbol of pluto crattic rot. and you wrote it's the he teen case is about the casual victim mydation of young girls but also a political scandal if to the a bart san one. it involves a deep corruption among male elites across parties and the way the very rich can purchase immanu pun knitty for even the most loathsome of crimes. walk us through what you're arguing here. >> okay. i think it starts with the deal that had he received in 2007 and 2008 from alex acosta's team champion was scandalously lenient. as you know a judge has now ruled that the terms of the deal or that acosta's team violated laws protecting crime victims when they made this deal. he got 13 months in a county jail. he would be able to leave for 12 hours a day, six days a week. the terms of the deal were kept
8:41 am
secret from his victims. i mean, it was just unbelievable. and then he sort of was able to go back and live his life. he moved to new york step. or he resumed part of his social life in new york city. when he got here, the district attorney's office here in new york run by democrats, somebody went to court and argued that he deserved a more lenient sex offender classification than he should have got and he that he ultimately did get really shocking the judge. so he's gotten this dies czar inexplicably favorable treatment emt from law enforcement officers, politicians. he was friends with bill clinton. he was very close to donald trump. there's a story in the times today about him and donald trump having -- or about donald trump having a party where the only guests were jeffrey epstein and 28 models. and so he has -- so you see the way that, again, everybody sort of knew this about jeffrey epstein. if you look at a quote from
8:42 am
donald trump in 2002, he likes beautiful girls, many of them on the younger side. and yet because he was rich and connected, this was both overlooked in terms of his social and business world and also frequently overlooked by the law. >> and not just rich, like uber wealthy. >> i don't think we now hoy how wealthy he is. because the other thing about -- >> you don't by that ease uber wealthy. >> i know he's wealthy i don't know that he's a billionaire. and the source of his wealth is mysterious and dubious and is one of the mysteries that will hopefully be unraveled as this case progresses. >> it's always good to have you. phil, while i have you here, i want to ask you about another article there in your paper. your colleague david reporting that president trump's golfers who are down there in florida is scheduled to hold -- hold this golf tournament on saturday put on by miami area strip club. they're going to allow golfers to pay for a dancer to serve as their caddieing girl while they play at the president's club.
8:43 am
white house saying anything about this strip club golf tournament at one of the president's courses? >> craig, we've not heard from the white house on this yet, i don't believe. nor should we expect to because the typical white house reaction to things involving the president's businesses including mar-a-lago is to let those businesses speak for themselves. but, listen, mar-a-lago, the president's private club in florida has continued to host all kinds of parties, some of them for charity, some of them not for charity. it's quite striking, though, the optics of this particular party and coming this week with the epstein allegations. and as michelle was noting, the story in the "new york times" today about the calendar girl party that trump and epstein hosted together at mar-a-lago in 1992. >> we'll leave it there. phil rucker, thank you. michelle, always good to have you. >> thank you. right now on capitol hill, lawmakers are grilling department of homeland security officials over what's being called a massive unwarranted intrusion. the use of our driver's license
8:44 am
photos without consent for facial recognition scams. we're going to explain how the fbi and i.c.e. may be using your photos. photos l. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet.
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happening right now on the left side of your screen there, congresswoman jackson lee part of the homeland security committee that's grilling homeland security officials in part.
8:48 am
this is about dhs using dmv driver's license databases. many of our photos, and using it as a facial recognition gold mine. neither congress nor state legislatures ever authorized such a system. and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are looking for appearances. i'm joined now by technology reporter from the "washington post" drew harwell. he's been following it from the outset. his headline, this draws lawmakers anger. drew, this is one of the few issues of the day right now that's uniting both democrats and republicans on the hill. they have voiced displeasure, shall we say, with this facial recognition calling it troubling, done in the shadows, fearful of getting out of control. walk us through -- walk us through how this all works. walk us through how we got here. >> yeah. how we've seen it work is that an fbi agent or an i.c.e. agent can take a photo of somebody
8:49 am
they're looking to identify and send it over to a state dmv official and one of more than 20 states probably, and start scrubbing through all of those driver's license photos and hopefully find a potential match. and, yeah, they're bipartisan anxiety, which is rare, obviously, in washington, over this surveillance technology which is one of the sort of more powerful surveillance technologies of the 21st centuries. it's leading to people being arrest and reshaping how police and agents do their work. >> bennie raised some concern as well about the acc race sthif technology, especially involving people of color. >> so the data right now is that women and dark-skinned people are misidentified more than anybody else. >> there are demographic effects that affect age, so significant
8:50 am
changes in age over time. age, race, and sex. >> so women, and dark-skinned people? >> yes. >> how serious are these issues that i think they're really serious. all of the research we've seen from multiple researchers have found that these algorithms do better with white guys. so, you know, that's a huge problem when you're thinking about a surveillance infrastructure that's pulling through million's of people's driver's license and is using for people being arrested or potentially people being deported. i think when you think about the potential for somebody to be falsely identified or falsely accused, that's really scary and that should make us think twice before help ing expanding that technology any further. >> i think a lot of folks find it hard to believe that in this day and age, any government can
8:51 am
use this kind of technology without our consent. >> yeah. and the worry is that this goes too far, this becomes a surveillance state like we see in china where facial recognition is used as a form of social control. there's something inherently unnerving about a system that can allow any government agent to identify anybody anywhere. that's why we're seeing a lot of that unease at the federal level over how far has this system gone. >> drew, thank you. >> thank you. are heroes welcome. thousands of fans lining the streets of manhattan to cheer on the world champion u.s. world's cup champs. >> let's listen into megan rapinoe. >> i think this team does an incredible job of taking that on our shoulders and understanding
8:52 am
the position that we have and the platform that we have within this world. yes, we play sports, yes, we play soccer, yes we're female at leasts, but we're so much more than that. you're so much more than that. you're more than a fan. you're more than someone who just supports sports. you're more than someone who tunes in every four years. you're someone who walks these streets every single day. you interact with your community every single day. how do you make your community better? how do you make the people around you better, your family, your closest friends, the 10 closest people to you, t. it's every person responsibility. there's been so much contention in the last couple of years. i've been a victim of that. i've been a perpetrator in that. sorry for some of the things i've said, not all of the things. but it's time to come together. this conversation is at the next
8:53 am
step. we have to collaborate, it take. do what you have to do. step outside yourself. be more. be better. be bigger than you've ever been before. if this team is any representation of what you can be when you do that, please take this as an example. this group is incredible. we took so much on your shoulders to be here today, to celebrate with you today. and we did it with a smile. do the same for us. please, i ask you. new york city, you're the best! [ cheers and applause ] >> well, we certainly want to apologize for the language at the end there.
8:54 am
but that is megan rapinoe speaking in new york city right now to the tens of thousands of fans who have assembled to celebrate that world cup championship. this morning, rapinoe and her teammates basking in their well-deserved glory first with the ticker tape parade. and now there's a ceremony where each of the 23 players are being presented the key to the city by new york city mayor bill de blasio. the crowd erupted in cheers. one of those cheers of course were chants of equal pay. >> equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! >> it has become well known now that the u.s. women's team, while world champions once again
8:55 am
continue to earn less than their male counterparts who have never won a championship. rapinoe taking to the podium and imploring people to love more and hate less. she talked about her future with rachel maddow last night. >> i'm excited to see where i can take this. how do we bring it out of sports and soccer and the things that we've been doing into something way bigger. i think i'm ready for that next thing. i want to be more impactful. leverage this moment but also understand that there's something so much more. >> mvp. megan rapinoe there. and the party continues here in new york city, as you can see, confetti raining down there at city hall. after this they'll head to the
8:56 am
west coast for the espys tomorrow night. go team usa. we'll be right back. ♪ a cancer fightin hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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9:00 am
answer questions this afternoon even as a new accuser against jeffrey epstein speaks out on today. >> what hurts more is that if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. i feel really guilty. to this day i feel really guilty. >> mind the gap. the british ambassador to the u.s. resigning today saying the rift with the white house is making it impossible for him to carry on as the outgoing prime minister comes to his defense. >> he has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. and we are the champions. honored with a ticker tape parade in new york city elevating their fight for equal pay. >> even though they're different


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