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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  July 21, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that does it for me today. "am joy" with joy reid starts right now. so the president not only knew about the payments, he knew in how to hide the payments and reimbursements to you? >> we discussed it. everything had to go through mr. trump and it had to be approved by mr. trump. >> and now you're going to prison. >> and i'm going to prison, yes, ma'am. to those who support the president and his rhetoric as i once did, i pray the country doesn't make the same mistakes that i have made or paid the heavy price that my family and i are paying. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." well, we've got a lot to get to today including the latest on donald trump's re-election strategy of stoking white
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resentment. the international reaction to his racist attempts against four congresswomen of color and the latest reporting how his team tried to amid the bail out. you haven't heard from michael coman letly because he's in prison but back in february trump's long time fixer gave that testimony in congress mincing no words calling trump a con man, a racist and a keto. and pulling back the curtain on trump world to reveal a vast operation of lies and crimes including the then candidate trump directing a hush money plan. during the 2016 election for stormy daniels, a porn graphic film actress who alleged an affair with trump. this week the department of justice closed it's investigation involving trump and its payments with a federal judge in manhattan oring the release of some investigative
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documents. the most explosive details offer more confirmation that trump knew about the hush money payments and was personally involved, something he has actively denied. the documents detail trump was in close communications with cohen while the illegal money scheme was being arranged. they also reveal that hope hicks, trump loyal and say his former communications aide had a more substantial role in bringing and buying stormy daniels' silence. taking part in a flurry of calls in the days leading up to the payments from daniels with cohen. trump, stormy's attorney and two american media executives. trump emphasis involvement is no longer in question as these neely unsell sealed documents show for the very first time. but so far he has faced no real consequences. michael cohen, the man who covered up the crime is now in federal prison for breaking campaign finance laws. on thursday he reiterated from
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prison, quote, i and members of the trump organization were directed by mr. trump to handle stormy daniels' matter including making the hush money payment. the other major characters, hope hix who was walking around free despite these new court documents suggesting that she lied to congress about the cover-up. while the third and most important up indicted coconspear in this crime is sitting in the white house. well, today maybe at a golf course while you are paying the bill. and donald trump's new address is probably the only reason he's not facing indictment. joining me now is timothy o'brien of bloomberg opinion, maya wily, and jill wine-banks. jill, i'm going to start with you because if somebody told someone else to rob a bank and they said go and get me $1,000
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from the bank and the person robbed the bank and that person was arrested and put in jail typically the person who ordered the crime or asked them to do it, would they not be indicted? so is trump only literally free of being indicted with michael cohen because his president? >> yes is the simple answer. a conspiracy makes everybody that's part of the conspiracy responsible for whatever crime is committed. if you rob a bank with someone who has a gun and that person kills someone you're responsible for the murder just as much as a robbery. and the only reason a person wouldn't be indicted in those circumstances is the office of legal counsel, if the department of justice said you cannot indict. and this is so much like watergate because it's not fair when the main actors in an event are free like the president but
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the people who carried out his policies and orders and did the crimes go to jail, that isn't fair and the american people should be upset about the fact that the president gets away with doing things and michael cohen goes to jail in the same way the attorney general went to jail in watergate. >> it was during watergate, it was after watergate this issue first came up about whether or not the president and in 1973 in the midst of the watergate scandal engulfing president dixon the office of legal council adopted an internal memo thepulsion that a sitting president cannot be indicted. the department said court decisions in the intervening years had not changed its conclusion that a sitting president is constitutionally immune from indictment and criminal prosecution. the 1973 and 2000 memos are
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binding on justice department employees including mueller according to many legal experts. do you agree those memos even though they're not laws are binding on the department of justice? >> yes, i agree they're binding on the department of justice. but i think they're only binding so far as no one is willing to challenge them and i believe they are legally and constitutionally invalid. they are not correct. i didn't think they were correct in 1973. i argued that the president nixon should be indicted for his clear involvement in the watergate case and i argued thathat twice once while he was sitting president and after he was pardoned i argued again he should be indicted. we failed to persuade leon juwarsky to take that action but we were at least able to name him an undited coconspirator. and the evidence against him was
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what led to his forced resignation. so at least there was some consequences to richard nixon for his crimes. i hope there will be, but in this era of the multiplication of media and the fake news at fox where people do not believe, if you look at the paper we did not exonerate the president and yet we are behind the people who watch fox news actually believe he was exonerated. they believe the narrative created by the president and barr. >> and maya wily i think what people, you know, don't understand is that the difference here between civil and legal consequences for a sitting president because i'm old enough to remember that bill clinton was allowed to be sued civilly while he was president. so if the argument for not indicting a president was that it would interfere with his duties as president, president clinton was still acting as
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president and was still, you know, trying -- actively doing that while he was being sued. in 1997 the supreme court ruled 9 to 0 and it rejected the clinton administration's argument to put off the sexual harassment lawsuit against him by paula jones ruling for the first time that a sitting president can be sued for actions outside the scope of his official duties. the supreme court today rejected president clinton's request to delay proceedings and that was in 1997. so can you explain this disconnect as to why a president could be allowed to be sued especially in a suit like this which brought up all sorts of sort of gross personal details about his life, very serious accusations that also have been made against the current president. so why can a president be sued but not indicted? >> well, not that i want to be in a position of defending the office of legal council memo because i'm with jill on this
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one, but i think there is a difference we should acknowledge which is the consequences of losing a civil case are very different from the consequences of being indicted and ending up in priz if you're a sitting president. so in one case you pay money. in another case you're literally potentially ending up in prison. and so, you know, essentially if you look at what the argument is, it's that the constitution creates the power in congress to determine whether or not a sitting president duly elected shld be removed from office and that it shouldn't be in the hands of prosecutors on the theory that you could potentially politicize an office that's supposed to be politically neutral if say some prosecutors want to just go after the president buzz they don't like the president. and so that's an oversimplification of what the legal arguments are but it is a difference in consequence. and the fact there is a mechanism in the constitution i think part of what's so
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troubling for us today is we are not seeing that constitutional mechanism working. and i think that's part of the tension we're confronting and that's frankly a new one for uses. as we saw with nixon at least we had even republicans members of his own party willing to take up the inquiry, willing to look at whether or not there were serious allegations that required consideration of removing him from office. >> let's play this is anderson cooper who actually had an interview with jim comey, with the former fbi director who was fired by donald trump. and he's talking about the conclusions that came out of the mueller report and the mueller report is separate from this because this is talking about the unindited coconspirator potential there. >> in your experience there was
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intent. >> looks like that from the reports. >> there are now i think it's up to 800 former prosecutors who have worked in both republican and democratic administrations who have signed a statement saying mueller's findings would have been produced obstruction charges against president trump if he weren't president. do you agree? >> yeah, i agree. >> no doubt. >> no doubt. >> tim, if we have, you know, donald trump's former lawyer sitting in prison for a crime he says he did at donald trump's behalf that's one thing, you have trump's former aide hope hix who's also facing no consequences but there's no consequences for her. and then you have a former fbi director saying he believes there was contempt and obstruction of justice committed by this sitting president. that's multiple things a regular person would not be indicted for. he can't be indicted and he
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can't be impeached. are what we looking at is donald trump going to get awiwaall of this in. >> he can be impeached. >> but the house doesn't want to. >> but i think, you know, the very question can he be indicted leads you to ask about impeachment. and if you say no to both i think what you're then saying is the president exists above the rule of law. i don't think that's what the framers of the constitution intended otherwise they wouldn't put in a provision for impeachment. and i think what we're confronted with is this very question. the examples you gave also left out michael flynn and paul manafort. paul manafort was his campaign manager. michael flynn was his national security advisor. you had people with real power and influence who are paying the kaulss of breaking the law because it was clear as day they
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did. yeng they have very little doubt that the president obstructed justice. there's no doubt in my mind having read that report twice now that the president obstructed justice. what do we do as a country and around that reality if we're not going to indict? and we have to take seriously the reality of impeachment. and if we don't at the end of the day what we're saying is we're creating a precedent that the president of the united states is above the law. >> all of these guests are going to be right back so please stay right there. and coming up, it's finally mueller time. that's next. d coming up, it's f mueller time that's next. thanks! and a unicorn notebook! get everything on your list. this week's doorbuster - notebooks for 10¢, 10¢ in store or online from the advisors at office depot officemax.
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under long standing department policy a present president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. that is unconstitutional. even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited. the special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy. charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. >> nearly two months after robert mueller signed off as
7:18 am
special counsel he is set to return to capitol hill on wednesday for a set of back-to-back public hearings before the house judiciary and intelligence committees. "the new york times" is framing this as a make-or-break moment for democrats. but at this point house intel chairman adam schiff says he isn't sure what to expect. here's what he told my colleague kristen welker yesterday. >> i'm very realistic in my expectations. he is clearly deeply reluctant to testify. he has made it clear he doesn't want to go beyond the report. and i want to make it clear that is choice that bob mueller is making. that is not required by law. that is not required by regulation. we will be doing our hearing after the judiciary committee so we will get some sense of how worth while it is to fight with him over areas outside the rorlt. >> back with me. tim arb as you look at this
7:19 am
outside of the process looking in, is this entire process like a month and a half too late? because, you know, for the most part people have formed their opinions on what they think is in the mueller report because although it is now a "new york times" best-seller most people haven't read it, so most people have heard of the spin from william barr or fox news or donald trump or they've heard various democrats or people like on these shows talking about it. so people already have an an opinion and it doesn't seem mueller is the type of guy he's going to come out there and try to change anything. he's just going to repeat what's in the report. what do you make of the fact this much time later now democrats are doing this kind of a hearing? >> i do think the democrats have been too slow off the mark throughout this whole process. i think bill barr who has operated very much like a political operative and an immediate strategist around this rather than the nation's top law enforcement official i think
7:20 am
recognized early on it was important to craft a message about what the mueller report said and to get ahead of that in terms of the public conversation. and he was very effective at that when he dissembled what the report says and offered an account on what it present for the president. i think understand now barr was a bad actor in this, but for most americans wondering about how they should think about this i do think some of this is settled. i do think most people haven't read the mueller report nor do i think they will. and i think all the momentum that went into the kavanaugh hearings or michael cohen hearings, people watched both of those things with great attention and emotional attachment. i think some of that momentum is gone too. having said all of that, though, i don't think you can discount how powerful television is as a
7:21 am
theater. and i think this could be a very powerful learning moment for most americans if this plays out in a way in which they realize how dramatic and damning this report is. it is the most i think damning report that's ever been presented for a sitting president, i think that that's been lost on the public. and i think strategically it will really hinge on how wise judiciary and intel are in stage managing robert mueller's appearance. >> yeah. let's talk about just sort of what the content could actually be, maya. jim comey has given his thoughts on what should be asked of michael cohen. just to give you a few of them, he would like to see mr. mueller ask did you reach a judgment as to whether the president committed obstruction of justice crimes, did you find substantial evidence that the president had committed obstruction of justice crimes. for example, did you find the president directed the white house counsel to call the acting attorney general and tell him the special counsel must be removed? did you find the president later directed the white house counsel
7:22 am
to say he did not have the special counsel be removed, and did you have the president write a false memo and did you find the white house counsel refused to do that because it was not true. what he seems to want to do is ask yes or no questions. did you find potentially the person committed this crime. which seems like that would be smart because that seems like democrats could find potentially useful. do you think that's the way democrats should go, sort of yes or no questions with mueller? >> i would absolutely go that way. we know that by the book bob is going to stick with his report. and what that house judiciary committee has done if the reporting is accurate in terms of which part of the obstruction, remember there are ten areas of obstruction. they've highlighted five they're going to focus on. they've picked the right five because those five like mcgahn, like cory lewandowski, those are the examples where in the report robert mueller said obstructive
7:23 am
act. he said a connection to a proceeding. donald trump knew there was was a grand jury proceeding. he was aware of it. he was talking about it. he was concerned about it. and thirdly he literally uses this language, there was substantial evidence of corrupt intent essentially, which is those are the three elements of the crime. so what democrats can do is literally say on page 47 you found in your report obstructive acts. trump knew there was a proceeding and there was substantial evidence. is that correct? because then he's going to answer factually. i think the other thing neal catchal made very clear and goes back to tim it was point is they should ask very clear broad questions about barr's framing of the report meaning you did not find that there was no collusion, you found significant
7:24 am
interference with your ability to investigate, didn't you? so, you know, they can unravel that some of the damage that william barr did in painting the report inaccurately. >> yeah, and jill wine-banks we know the republican strategy which they want to go into bias, they want to sort of beat up on mueller and allege there was some sort of bias in the investigation. you obviously are a student of what it looks like when this kind of a hearing -- this isn't quite a watergate hearing. it's not at that level. but, you know, it's a public hearing in which the principle investigator is sitting in the hot seat. if republicans go after him, which is not what happened during the watergate hearings, is there a possibility that this could be more useful because it will force mueller to defend himself? >> so far mueller has not shown any instinct to defend himself. i keep hoping that he will, but the accusations against him from
7:25 am
the republicans have been so absurd that maybe he feels it isn't necessary. he's been cleared by everybody who has officially looked at his supposed bias or his hiring of democrats. prosecutors are not democrats or republicans. they are people who are charged with finding the truth, the facts. and that's what robert mueller and his team did. i think that both what tim and maya says is exactly correct. the questions have to be framed as this is what you said on page so-and-so, is that correct? you have to stick to what's there, and he will do that. and it can be a smoking gun. >> yeah,otomy be interesting. really quick before we go. very quick answer, tim, donald trump claims he's not going to watch the mueller testimony, and that it's all over already. do you believe he's not going to watch it? >> i think he is going to be
7:26 am
very, very enwrapped in all of this. this is what he lives for. this is his own he lives in day to day. >> he's going to live tweet it probably. and very quick jill wine-banks, what's your pin? >> it is a mueller pin. show mueller against the background of a flag. >> thank you all very much. coming up, i'll explain how trump's attack on people of color could be a national security threat. that is next. r could be a natio security threat. that is next
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the sort of language like go back to where you came from, you don't belong is the sort of language i've heard in my lifetime from racists and fascists, never from a main stream republican. here you have the president of the usa using that same sort of language. >> the outrage over president trump's racist tweets isn't isolated to the united states. the attacks have provoked revulgz from many of our allies around the globe. trump's comments were even condemned by boris johnson, the conservative politician poised
7:31 am
to become britain's prime minister who trump was secretly flattering last week. >> if you're the leader of a great multiracial, multicultural society you simply cannot use that kind of language about sending people back to where they came from. that went out decades and decades ago, and thank heavens for that. so it's totally unacceptable. >> joining me now is paul, host of the podcast angry americans. it really goes around the world. just to stay in britain for a moment, the outgoing british prime minister theresa may who just treated trump to a state visit and forced the royal family to wine and dine him, she put out a statement out saying the prime minister's view that the language used to refer to these women was completely unacceptable according to her spokesman. saying donald trump telling four ethnic minority congresswomen to go back to where they originally
7:32 am
came from, 1950s racism straight from the white house. any british politician fit to serve would condemn which boris johnson did. when our closest allies are condemning the american president, where does that leave us? >> it leaves us in very deep waters in precarious times. the president's tweets are racist. the president is racist. the policies are racist, and the command kpliemt he has created is racist. that's ripping our country apart. more than half the country views him as racist and our children is watching, all americans are watching, the military is watching but the world is watching. our allies are watching and they are now looking to us to correct him, to check mim. this is more than a tipping point, this is defining moment. this is gut check time for america to find out who has integrity and who doesn't, who's going to call it what it is and who's going to recognize our enemies are also watching. a divided america is a weakened
7:33 am
america. they've now taken a british tanker. even this morning southern command is tweeting about a jen swalen jet and pushing the stakes there. so the stakes couldn't possibly pea higher and we're in very deep waters. >> i think that's an important point. the reality is that post-world war ii the u.s. really organized the sort of last man standing literally after europe was devastated after world war ii and we have this primary rival with the then soviet union. but what the u.s. has used to say, no, you need to stick with us and stay on our side of what was the cold war were these values, which we weren't always living, which we weren't living at all when it came to race. when you have people coddling dictators and then at the same time he is taking these racist elements within our country the same way that the leader of poland is and the leaders of
7:34 am
other countries are we consider to be sort of falling towards a fascist element. what does that do to the organization of the world? what does it do to the national security for us? >> it rips it apart. a destabilizing force for our country but the entire world. we're looked to be a pillar of strengths and integrity. and our commander in chief is a racist and most of the world sees it. i think it behooves the rest of us how to adapt, impvise and overcome. how are we going to work around donald trump, put other faces forward and especially frankly white people. white people need to speak up and call it racist and this is gut check time for all americans but especially for the national security community, for retired generals, for diplomats for other people who can show a contrast to donald trump. but it's got to go a lot broader than that to show the worlds that all americans are not racist. >> it's interesting because germany which obviously experienced first-hand what it meant to have extremist an
7:35 am
extremist government that, you know, did the worst of it worst a year ago -- and this is circling again on twit, stern which is the most popular magazine in germany literally depicted donald trump as a nazi on its cover. that was a year ago. that circulated again today. angela merkel in germany fighting against far right forces, she came out and was asked do you personally feel solidarity with the women who were attacked and here's what she said. >> and i don't have to time to read them all but you've got the leaders of canada attacking, you know, denouncing donald trump. scotland denouncing donald
7:36 am
trump, the leader of new zealand who just had a horrendous anti-muslim attack in her country coming out and condemning donald trump. when the leader of germany is as well and a german newspaper is depicting the american president as a nazi, my god i'll just get your final comment. >> it's upside down. and boris johnson. boris johnson is now checking donald trump. that's how far it's gone. my podcast focuses a lot on independence and people from the defense community and veterans. i think we as a community are extremely concerned here because we understand how this endangers every single platoon, every single squad in the world. that goes from border security all the way to the middle east. so the stakes couldn't possibly be higher and that's why trump's racism inarjs all americans and the entire world. >> absolutely. i'm old enough to remember when ronald reagan meant him being depicted as a cowboy, and this
7:37 am
is how far we've fallen. yeah, we've fallen pretty far down. good to talk to you. coming up, i'll tell you about the latest on the man made crisis in puerto rico. that's next. the man made crisis in puerto rico. that's next. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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are you doing enough? ask your doctor if it's time for xarelto®. to learn more about cost and how janssen can help, visit thousands of protesters have crammed here on the cobblestone streets of old san juan. and right now authorities have added more police around the governor's mansion. why should the governor resign?
7:41 am
>> because he isn't worthy of being the governor of puerto rico. >> there have been other demonstrations are creator lin manuel miranda sounded off. >> this week protesters flooded the streets of san juan, puerto rico, to demand the resignation of governor ricardia rosello, after nearly 900 pages of his private text messages were leaked. in them he and 11 of his closest aides and cabinet members used offensive homophobic and misogynistic language and at one point even joked about the victims of hurricane maria. joining me now is victoria leandra. give us a bit of the background for those of us who have not been following the story. >> the protests have been going on for about a week now. it all started because of a leaked chat but the protest is not about it. this is something that's been bottling up for a long time.
7:42 am
it's about the corruption going on the island, about the failed response to hurricane maria. it's about the years of mismanagement that the island has had to its own people. so now it's a turning point for puerto ricans and that's why they're going out on the streets. >> and so just to give folks there, they're calling it rickey leaks is sort of the nickname for it. but there were points at which according to the reporting the governor attacked the san juan mayor carlie cruz and exchanged conversations with the chief fiscal officer of puerto rico at the time and the federal board responsible for managing the island's finances and they joked about salivating to shoot her and the governor said you'd be doing me a grand favor. they joked about rickey martin and made fun of him, making fun of him and saying, likening his sexual orientation to pach
7:43 am
rackle oppression because he didn't think women measured up. but also talking about the financial situation and having some, you know, colorful things to say towards the board that governs the finances of the island. so is this at the end about the rivalry between carmine julian cruz and the governor, fights about the government. what is it that you were saying it's not about just the text messages. >> exactly. the text messages prove something that's been going on the island for years. and that is the political class on the island has been corrupt. so this message is a proof of that. that's the last straw puerto ricans fleeded to go out and actually fight against this political class because carmine's comment -- it's only
7:44 am
homophobic, it's misogynistic and sexist but it's corruption that is the main problem on the island as of now. >> and politicians are now calling for rosello's reination. representative jennifer gonzalez-colon says it's time to stabilize puerto rico to continue its reconstruction. senator elizabeth warren say the people have spoken loud and clear and he needs to resign. even rick squaut the right wing republican governor of florida says puerto rico needs new leadership. sorry, i'm getting this wrong, he does not have a comment on it. he was just one of the people who was attacked. is the governor planning to resign? is there any chance he's going to resign from your reporting?
7:45 am
>> governor rosello will need to resign. he has no one left on his own party, and in the -- in the pepile party that supports him. he doesn't even have many of the support of the republicans and democrats here in the u.s. like he has claimed he has. it's a very little amount of people on the island who still support him. this past week they planned a march for his state and power and no one attended. >> thank you very much. we're out of time but thank you so much. really appreciate you being here. more "am joy" after the break. more "am joy" after the break. i'll never forget that day. (announcer) the network more people rely on gives you more, like a free galaxy s10e when you buy one. that's verizon.
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once you start telling american citizens to quote "go back to your own countries." this tells you this president's policies is not about immigration, it is about racism and ethnicity.
7:54 am
>> good morning. trump's only top aide did not think he fully understood what he had done. after days of damage control, aides reportedly believe the force was behind him until on wednesday, trump leaned back and stuck his chin in the air and took it all in. in response to trump's tactic the somalia born citizen, congresswoman, ilhan omar. figure out how to deal with the danger of the chant catching on. with trump doubling and tripling
7:55 am
down on attacking congresswoman, his number is going up. joining me now is tiffany cross and jason johnson and republican strategist kate dawson. tiffany, a little bit more from that post story. trump defended himself when he was confronted by his aides. the president thought that he would inject himself into politics in a good way. some of the aides supposedly sat down with him, cheney went out and heard damage control. they did not seem to do anything right. >> right. this is nothing new. this is something and i think when we put all this up on trump and his rhetoric. to ask the question, i still see
7:56 am
time and again members come on television and we can stop asking everybody's time asking that. but, this did not begin with trump's presidency. this is the president the republican party created for the past few decades, long before trump came into office, you had white supremacists going in the halls of congress. demand the media to call it what it is. i remember when it happened. i didn't flinch. you break up and you see the breaking news banner, trump said something racist. we are finally ready to call it. i think if i may say if we had
7:57 am
newsroom with more representatives of the country of more people of color in them. i think we'll have a lot more honest discourse of identifying these things as a racist comment. >> right, because people in the media have been so reluctant to go straight on at things like racism. it gives republicans a cover to say this is another thing that's racially charged and bad language. it also does seem there is a scramble that the republicans have not figured out. they could not know this was bad. this looks really bad. they don't know how to -- i want to show a confrontation between yourself and andrew and kellyanne conway who at this point sort of defacto, she tried to defend him. she clearly did not know what to do. here is her reaction.
7:58 am
suppo supposed which the president telling them to return back to their own countries. >> which country? >> why does it matter? >> yes, it does, my country is ireland. >> i am used to her being being inappropriate with me and responding to region questions with often insulting question. that was weirder than normal and i don't think that she really knew how to answer the question so her response to deflect. this time it did not go so well. >> clearly it didn't. >> another piece from "the washington post" story.
7:59 am
trump always doubles down. advisers wrote new talking points and handed him reams of opposition research on the four congresswomen, pivot to patrioti patriotism. it is clear they understood donald trump has been blatantly racist on these women. he wrote on his twitter feed and he said the country you came from. he did not say anything of the green new deal or medicare for all. that pedaling into those things was too late, right? >> it was sort of like what's in the chapter of your book. >> i read it and i didn't finish it. no matter what you hand donald trump as an operative. he's going to do what he thinks he needs to do.
8:00 am
he address it in your book. it is true. donald trump has instincts that certainly fe certainly failed him well sel t intelle electorial electorially. donald trump inside the base as a factor that people will look past what he says and pick out what they like and accentuate that. that's what i have seen in this instance so far. >> do you worry that, i like for it to -- just because it is in my head. it is similar in the way that you saw the naturalist party, it formed around white identity and took it from there. do you worry that the image of republican party, there is a poll out, and my predecessor
8:01 am
talked about it that among younger people being the republican party's name is mud at this point. they can't get anywhere. your party is becoming an identify with this kind of racism and nationalism. is that a problem? >> i don't fully agree with that. i do agree the tone is what bothers us that elect people to office. i come from the electoral place and we try to diversify the party. the tone matters to me. this is all purely political. this is about re-election for donald trump. this is about democratic party verses the republican party. i took a big note from what happened at the democratic congressional meetings that they had for the congresswomen and
8:02 am
for the governors and the democrat governor were the ones i read that concerns both ways that donald trump gave them a huge win two years ago and now this presidential primary and the rhetoric that are used now, i agree with him now that the democratic party is not talking about what matters to the voters and these young voters. republicans are not taking advantage of a primary that is going on that's getting a lot of coverage. i would contend not in mainstream electoral politics right now. >> let me go to jason on this, so there is the politics of it whi and then there is the optics of it. i want to get your read on this. you are out in the world talking to voters, jason, it feels to me that over the past week we have not talked at all of whatever the four women are for in terms
8:03 am
of policies. they can demonize the green new deal through them and demonize medicare for all through them. that's gone. the democratic party is all united. the german chancellor is uniting with them and on and on and saying who they are is who donald trump aattack. they are elevated stature. they are beneficial to the party in a way and as far with younger voters. they're now really useful with younger voters. now younger voters know who they are if they did not already. this is coming from donald trump's own friend that he hired and made a star. this was what he said yesterday on "saturday night politics." take a listen. >> at those rallies these things are choreographed. they are section leaders who
8:04 am
start chothose chants. it is intentional. it is omarosa. she's now going after the former white house aide. your thoughts, jason. >> well, a couple of things. omarosa known donald trump was a racist for years, she told me that during the debate. that's not a surprise. i think joy, the really, the dangerous issue here is that we always want to make sure that in a discussion of how racist is being used politically. we understand the consequence is life and death. i disagree of what kate is talking about here. it is all political. it is life and death for these women and people at the border. it is life and death for black and brown and heather heyer and white people in america. when you have a president that says my philosophy to stay in power is to demonize and incur
8:05 am
violence against people who do not look like me. everybody knows he's doing it. some people say it is political convenient. i want to live in america, i encourage every single person to have this conversation, it is not a strategic issue, it is a national security issue, it is a moral issue and an ethical issue. the degree we allow trump to make this about policies, when the real could not. republicans would be mad of these four women regardless of what they did. it is not strategic. >> i want to come back to you on this. it is not strategy. donald trump sort of burped the tweet out. he goes to this rally are omarosa claiming the way they did the rally and whether you
8:06 am
believe her or not, it is something they wanted to happen. he would lean back of a whole 13 seconds which tv time is half of a television commercial, okay? and so it is not strategic for him. it is him. what it is unleashing, in new orleans has a piece about officer, on gretna police officer suggests u.s. rep ocasio-cortez' needs a round in social media post. >> it is unleashing violent thread inside the right. is that a domestic security problem katon? >> when you have the rhetoric that we have seen is problematic.
8:07 am
i don't agree with everybody on the panel today. and i do think the tone is not proper but it does go bac back -- donald trump would not be doing this if there was not an election in 24 months. i don't think so. >> you are on your own arguing. >> the media does have a part to play in this. we saw earlier in the interaction that andrew has with kellyanne conway. on a bigger picture, the media in respond to what they have seen. they're still fighting whether to call this racism. this is not just the guy at the end of the bar raises the president to the united states. they don't even go close to that. you had what i did show you of the potential violence and instances according to him.
8:08 am
the media decides who should we talk to about this. oh, richard spencer. let's let him comment. chris cobiak could not get a job in this administration. he could not get a job here. here is what he had to say on cnn. >> what would you do if the president said i am a racist, that's why i said it. what would you do? >> i would not defend him. >> would you still support the president? >> you have to think about it? you have to think about whether or not you would support a racist? >> so that happened >> how do you assess eric as how the media is handling this situation which could be dangerous. how are we doing? >> well, there is a lot of things to unpack there for sure.
8:09 am
the cuomo interview, that's a pretty good example of taking someone and holding them to account and showing how so many republicans struggle to reconcile the support for the president with his racist action. having someone like richard spencer on is a different issue. being acknowledged boo i a major media outlet like cnn, that's a victory. he wants to be seen as a valid mainstream on racist issue. and so you have to ask yourself as a journalest, whist, what amg to get out of talking to this person that's going to make it worse and validating him of issues of race and media and politics. i think that was a mistake. i would also say there is n not -- i mean there is a lot of media outlets that are using
8:10 am
racist to describe what president trump is doing. i think the thing that's frightening to a lot of people is that there is a frustration that even though those words are being attached to what he's doing, there is still significant portion of people who will not reject him. even though those toxic words have applied to what he does. there is some discussion of the media of when you make that determination. a google search will reveal there are a ton of major outlets call those tweets racist and called what happened during the rally racist. we are beyond that now. we are at a unchartered territory something racist does not cause some people to reject this president and his policy. >> there is an idea that as soon as you hear the racism, it may turn off. i see people argue about that on twitter. not every racist is a white
8:11 am
nationalist. every white nationiallnationall racist. >> can add one other thing? >> the idea that this is supposed to be a white country. the under lining message of what donald trump said is worse than racism. this is as white country verses what white nationalists say. saying this is a white country and you are white and european, you can criticize the country for 20 years until he was president. he said it was couggarbage. >> right. >> we are hopeless because that's not going to happen. the deal is i have never met a
8:12 am
racist oh, i am totally a racist, you nail it or a white supremaci supremacist. most people like to cloak themselves in their own blanket of security and equality until you start talking to them. i met two trump supporters and they were trying to convince me they're not racist, do you know how many black people i kiss hello? that's so racist to me. if race did not matter, you would not know how many black people you kissed. just quickly a lot of the reasons is because of the media. the media legitimatize people like richard spencer. the media is scared. most cable news. if you have more people of color and exactly we are making these decisions, they can stop a lot of this happening.
8:13 am
there is no debate. this is the second round of debate where is there are no black women apart of this conversation. the backbone of the democratic party. cnn had a segment when they called kellyanne conway a b bad -- woman. >> there is not enough representation of people of color in the newsroom. the newsroom industry has a whole has been decades of being barbed as the liberal media. what happens is a lot of editor and some reporters think if i go too hard on this, they're going to call me liberal. >> the other thing that donald trump got away to do away with this week is link israel in. he just retweeted. a woman lost her murdoch into the street. katy porter, he keeps on retweeting her. he retweeted neo-nazi multiple
8:14 am
times with his son. they're trying to do this thing where they pivot and grab israel in order to defend themselves against the president's racism. he's allowed to get away with that. >> i think the president is taken advantage of the fact that -- hello? the president is taking advantage of the fact that a lot of americans don't have a real in-depth knowledge of the issues that involves israel and twhy progressives are criticizing them and what it means and taking advantage of you know a tendency of evangelicals towards israel. >> exactly. you know one thing i want to say that's fascinating to me about this is i think the president and other people engaged in talking about race the way he
8:15 am
has is they try to move the goal post of what he define as rac m racism. that's one of the reasons why important to push back. even in this moment, people who are white supremacist do not want to be called racist. they don't want to be called racist. that's one of the enduring treatment of the classic civil rights movement. >> it is important to not allow those posts. >> we are out of time. jason, you will hold your comment until the next block. tiffany and jason will come back with us. andrew and eric and thank you guys very much. the next segment is your moment of maxine, that's next. t of maxine, that's next chugga-chugga, charles! my man!
8:16 am
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8:19 am
on this vote, the yay's are 332 and the nays at 95. the motion is adopted. this week, the house
8:20 am
representatives overwhelmingly voted down a proceeding against donald trump. joining me now maxine waters, she's the chair of the committee and the most vocal component of impeaching donald trump. so great to talk with you. thank you for being here. let me ask you about this vote. "bloomberg" reported that it is possible. let me read what they vote. one interpretation is that she simply wanted to molify proimpeachment democrats by giving them an easy opportunity to express their views. did you read that impeachment vote as one of those two thing s s? >> well, the speaker certainly
8:21 am
has to reconsider the leadership she provided against impeachment. yes, every time there is a demonstration of an increase vote among her caucus of people who either moving towards impeachment inquiry or been away from the issue or who have not supported impeachment. at least they want to get into an impeachment inquiry. she has to consider it as the vote matters. if that vote that's put forward based on donald trump's racism. had that vote been on obstruction of justice or on his participation in the crime that michael cohen is in prison for or those ten instances laid out of the mueller report. if he had put that inquiry on that, do you think it will get more vote? >> i think it is a great possible. >> i think as members look at what is wrong with this president and all the information that they received
8:22 am
about what he has done, collusion and obstruction of justice has been merged. the members want to go towards impeachment and query at least that. >> let me play you donald trump's reaction to that vote. >> i heard the united states house of representatives have overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project i have ever been involved in. the resolution, how stupid is that on impeachment. i want to thank those democrats because many of them voted for us, the vote was a totally lopsided, 332 to 95. >> your reaction? >> well, he's such a liar.
8:23 am
he takes every opportunity to put his label on what ever is going on. you know i expect nothing from him as president. he taken the vote where the impeachment inquiry perhaps is rising and despite the fact it is tabled and he's trying to make it seem like it is failing. the majority certainly do not believe that he should be impeached. he's just doing everything he can to make it believe that we, those of us who want to impeach that we don't know what we are doing and it is absolutely a witch hunt as he has said. we can't believe anything he says or does. he's a liar and someone that has misled this country. he's a divisive president. he's donald trump. we waited too long. we waited too long. he gotten away with too much. what is happening is the more we
8:24 am
wait, the more ridiculous he gets. so when we should have stopped him a long time ago and gotten into the impeachment effort, i think he would have backed up and focus on what he could do to keep the impeachment going forward even more. we waited a long time but i am still hopeful that the members of congress will rise to the level of our responsibility to deal with the president who is unworthy and divisive and dangero dangerodange dangerous. >> do you think congress waited too long to speak to mueller and do you think that hearing will make any difference? >> what happens was the members of congress puts their efforts into saying we got to vote for the mueller report. when the report comes out we'll do what to do and he'll be able to justify impeachment. he put out his report and led us
8:25 am
right to the point where we know if we take the responsibility that's mandated to us by the constitution. we would grab onto what he's given us. he's giving us the fact certainly on obstruction of justice, i think it is up there to prove collusion also but then that was not enough. and now the members of the judiciary committee, got to have him before them. they're waiting to see if he's going to be bringing out more information about his investigation. basically what he said is my report speaks for me. i will refer you to page 131, line 10, that's my answer. so i don't know if they're going to get more than that in the report. >> state of new york passed the law congress could have donald trump's new york state returns. do you think the way as and mea
8:26 am
committee get it? >> it should be in the hands of the ways and means committee. i am pleased of what's happening in new york. it would be the ways and means committee who has the oversight in tax returns. >> congresswoman maxine waters, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll take a peek of what's happening on the other sunday's show that's next. the other sun show that's next the shawn mendes verizon up concert was surreal.
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. coming up, donald trump's most royal adviser, steven miller returns. we'll show you how it works out. spoiler alert. when we'll be right back. when wk ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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8:34 am
i fundamentally disagree that if you criticize somebody that happens to be a different color of the skin, that makes it a criticism. the congresswoman pressley says if she was brown, you have to sleep with a brown person and if you are black, you have to -- >> steven miller was the white house's choice to put on tv to defend donald trump's racist attack against the squad. like most of trump's base he continues to deny this. here is tiffany cross and jason johnson from the
8:35 am
>> jason, you have been sitting on this comment, that's boiling inside of you. i am going to let you go first. do what you had to say and respond to steven miller. the pressure is high. >> i already feel judged by tiffany. >> they're all expecting big things from you right now. >> first, i want to talk about richard spencer. it is not a sentence that would come out of my mouth. richard spencer is not an expert, he's just a racist. you can find any of those at an uber driver. we see this happen all the time. they're just people with bad haircuts. some of us have to do with editorial decision. i would not ask him anymore to defend the president than having
8:36 am
him defend epstein. but i am not surprised what miller is saying what he's saying. his politics and policies have been very clear. every time he goes on the sunday's show, his job is to push back and attack the media. he's playing for r tthe audiencf one which is president trump. i am not surprised of anything he says. they believe this is a winning conversation strategically and imperative for them through immigration policies and housing policies and economic policies to make america a whiter nation. they are a white nationalist. therefore, he's doing his job. it makes sense for him. >> i think he did quite well. i am quite proud. >> i want to go to you first and
8:37 am
i am going to come down the line, danielle, when the news sund sunday show. >> language that had a tinge of color in it. when they called and ask for that, the only person that's willing to go is him. >> of course. >> the possibility that he's doing the speaking because that's all they got. >> he's believing deeply in what he says. >> you don't want somebody coming out talking about your racism and white nationalist country then send out the white na na nation nationalist. he does not care what we think. it is just what donald trump thinks and donald trump thinks he's a fighter. >> let's play a little bit more of him. here is chris wallace taking him
8:38 am
on this question of race. >> i have never called any of those tweets racist but there is no question that he's stoking racial devisionivisions. >> chris, the core element of the president's philosophy is america's first. same as america needs to improve to get closer to america's first ideal as the president did criticizing obama and our foreign policy deals or ill congratulati immigration policies. >> that statement. >> okay putting aside the lie at the end of that statement. they never said immigrant are not americans. the start of what he said was instru instructi instructive. he says the core of the president's squad is america's
8:39 am
first. that's where the roots of it all. stephen miller is writing the policies for the trump administration who's under current that this is is a white nation. fewer brown people in it and they need to be deported of banned or no asylum seekers from africa. they need to be banned. that's white nationalism. people freak out when you use the term white nationalism. what it is, if you look up white nationalism in the dictionary, it is a belief that this country that any country that white nationalism is in a white country. that's what he just said >> you know what the great irony here is if you go back to the ill congratulati immigration of groups we now think of white. they're going into jews and polish and other from europe,
8:40 am
tso the people here who are white and who descends from people, everybody now agrees with white. when they got here of the same racial line of what's going on, trump has started with his racism of a fundamental debate of what it means to be american. america's first, right. the roots of that were in opposition to get into the be n organs. his america defines not to inclu include immigrants and women of color. if you tell the squad they should go back to where they came from, that's racist. there is no denying and they want to have it all the way, we were not being racist but by the way, we have the same definition of what it means to be american as you do white nagstionalistna.
8:41 am
i think they had a bad week because you know trump had to change his tune more than usual. we went forward and back and they know they got a problem. >> i call it full charlottesville. >> it is not completely new. >> it is. here is the thing, is that -- we didn't have immigration laws in this country until like the late 1800s, radight? it was the free white americans, we had open border to white people. you can come and show up in america and eventually the only way to stop is to say southern europeans were not white enough or the italians were not white enough. >> you would have to pay in penalty which was like 12 bucks. this argument where we can only be the america we used to be if we have closed border, that's the opposite of how white
8:42 am
americans got there. >> that makes no sense. donald trump has revealed something. not just racism. that's nationalism. if you are not white, you are not really american. you live in france but you are not really french. >> i think this is something his supporters and we have to start calling his supporters racist as well. that symbol has represent something. it is the new nazi symbol and the clan hood. they don't feel comfortable describiing themselves that way and so this president has to say no, you guys don't worry about it. he means white america first. that's something racism is so in grain in this country that when you criticize it, people feel like you are not a patriot. for black people, we have a s e
8:43 am
complicated history. we love this country for the promise of what the promise of the country could be. if i can address what stephen miller said about congresswoman pressley, she was saying we don't want women in congress who don't want to be black voices. you can take omarosa for example, she was a black face in this country. she's the new omarosa, candace owen whatever her name was. this is overwhelmingly offensive than even that comes with -- it is out dated. congressman castro introduced legislation to remove it from
8:44 am
the federal government so we can have an inclusive government. >> absolutely. we don't use it anymore. let me do one more clip of stephen miller and this was about when donald trump talked about president obama. >> he wrote the united states under president obama has truly become the gang that could not shoot straight. everything he touches turns to garbage. >> this interview, you are continuing to conflate of donald trump's criticism of obama and of the country itself. >> danielle. >> oh. don't curse, don't curse. are you kidding me? donald trump, he should leave by his on standards because he used to criticiextra credicriticize .
8:45 am
he could not stomach the fact that this country was led by a black person. i have to say i want to piggy back on something that tiffany said again that for black americans, our relationship with this country is very complicated. my parents are immigrants and i am a fourth generation, this past week has been very difficult. i will take a backseat to no one when it comes to love in this country and with that love comes the right to criticize everybody including the president. >> our own way from the very beginning. >> yeah, what's the whole point. tiffany and e.j., hold it in. we'll be right back, thank you for being here, here in america. all of us, the brown folks, we are not leaving. we do have to say good-bye to tiffany. she's taking away from us because she's coming to work with you.
8:46 am
put him on tv. she's leaving "am joy." we love you duane. i will admit that only this one time. >> coming up. congratulations. time to find who won the week. m. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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. okay, you know what time it is. time to ask my panel who won the week? week. >> 70 catholic nuns priests who sat in at the capitol. and an interfaith group including a lot of youish progressive act iivists who als sat in at i.c.e. a t shirt said resisting tyrants since -- at a time when religion is much contested and being used on behalf of trump, to see religious profits and 80-year-old nuns and priests go away in handcuffs the message it's supposed to send. >> trumpism has eaten up
8:51 am
religion. it's not that. the church that said if you hate america, leave. that is not church. >> and these folks put their lives on the line on a really depressing week. you could look at them and be inspired. >> good for them. well, god bless them. all right. let's go to tiffany. who won the week? >> michelle obama won the week. i'll tell you why. she wins every week for me. she kicked off a new program with her initiative when we all vote. she's focussed on getting young people to vote. in the midterms we saw a surge of young people, but only one in three young people voted. in 2020 there will be over 3.5 million young people who are currently high school students who will be eligible to vote, and she kicked off a program with the nea and aft teacher's organizations to say encourage students to register to vote. she's not telling them to vote for, wink, wink, but she is encouraging them to vote. she's one of the few people across polls that shows can beat
8:52 am
donald trump in the double digits. she and oprah. reconsider, michelle obama. >> she's the most respected woman in america. she is phenomenal. and she's not just about wearing cute boots. jason johnson, the pressure is on you. those were two good options. you got to go, you're going up jesus and michelle obama. i don't know what you're going to do, but do it. >> all right. i'm in san diego for comic con. you have over 150,000 people all races and sexualities and bodies and all different kinds. my winner goes to the only 2020 democratic candidate who came to comic con and that is cory booker who came here and said he is a geek. he's always liked science fiction and star trek. he won't impress tiffany because he hasn't seen the last season of "game of thrones," but he's the only democratic candidate
8:53 am
pushing to win the nerd vote. >> did he koz play? >> he did not. he dressed as a senator, but he did do vr glasses and talked about his favorite people. >> that's fine. i'm glad he went. i am very jealous you're at comic con. i should be wearing green. geeks rule. and cory booker is i can see him going. i think he would have gone anyway. >> yes. >> that's great. god bless him for going. my winner is i think you cannot beat this. sometimes i let you all win but not today. >> jesus, listen, it's sunld. sorry, social securijesus, i wo. my winner is katherine johnson. the ground breaking african american mathematician. she's celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing which was yesterday by coming out with her own memoir called
8:54 am
reaching for the moon. her handwritten calculations were the hidden figures behind nasa's first crude mission into space despite having to work in a male dominated and segregated space. she was the first woman to put her work on a report. it later put a man on the moon. the 2016 movie, i wanted to make sure i didn't miss anything. the 2016 movie portrays the work johnson and two other african american women contributed to nasa's 1962 launch. she was awarded the medal of freedom by president obama in 2015 and here's the even best part about it. i don't know if she watches msnbc but this sister is 100 years old. she's going to be 101. she's still rocking and the smartest person on earth, and so i had to pick katherine johnson as my who won the week. she won the last 50 years. >> we wouldn't have this kind of science fiction if it weren't
8:55 am
for her, so yes, she deserves it. >> and you're at comic con. i know you have to appreciate that. but god bless cory booker too. politically, who won the week politically? >> i'd say pete buttigieg. he marched out the douglas plan. i'm impressed and surprised. >> i think all the caucuses in the house, the democratic caucuses who kind of reached an agreement saying let's stop attacking each other for a while. >> that was smart. >> that was a big deal. >> i say congressman pressly. the squad gets a lot of talk about their pushback. they presented solid legislation. this week a bill about laser focus on student debt. that's a huge issue for a lot of young people. >> and out of that squad, watch her. i think that lady is going to be -- >> yes. she's going to be a senator. >> in the boston globe, she used to work -- >> she is going to be, that lady is going to be the next senator.
8:56 am
watch her. this is a special nomination from the a.m. joy team. oh. the people who greeted congresswoman omar when she returned to the minneapolis airport this week. that is the week-winning wonderful patriotism. you go, girl. that was great. for all those people, also the congresswoman gets a you go girl like what's her name would have said, mary ann williams. >> girlfriend. >> thank you guys very much. more a.m. joy after the break. but only a select few of the very safest vehicles are awarded a top safety pick plus. the highest level of safety possible. how many 2019 top safety pick plus-winning vehicles does your brand have? one. two. how about eight? subaru has more 2019 top safety pick plus awards than honda and toyota brands combined. there's safe, and then there's subaru safe.
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that is our show for today. thanks for watching. a.m. joy will be back next saturday. >> you know what i love about the katherine johnson saying she's the smartest person in the planet? she's also so modest. two years ago when she was asked about the nasa building being named after her, what do you think about that? she goes, i think they're crazy. she's modest and laughed it off. i'm like girl, you deserve that. >> she's awesome, and turning 101. she should win the week for that. >> indeed, for all of it. see you soon, my friend. thank you so much. a good day to all of you from msnbc world head quarters in new york. it's high noon in the east. a new attack from the president on four minority freshman members of congress. this morning the debate and the division grows. is it about race or politics,


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