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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  July 21, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> good evening, and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, multitasking. if you're unsure of whether president trump's ongoing harassment of four congresswomen of color is motivated by his documented baseline racism, or you believe it has at least grown into an election year ploy to distract from his troubles and speak to the most deplorable tendencies of his base, well, reverend al is here to tell you when it comes to using racism as a personal and political philosophy, this president can do both. and he's keeping it going against the so-called squad. tweeting this morning that he doesn't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country, that they should apologize to america and
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israel, and calling them weak and insecure. and his administration's foot soldiers parroted that same line on the sunday talk shows insisting that the president's racist attacks are response to the squad's, in many cases, debunked criticisms of his version of america, which they should understand is strictly a presidential privilege. we'll have more on that fight with figures in the 2020 race and the internal struggle in the trump white house to contain the damage. all this as we gear up for special counsel robert mueller's congressional testimony on wednesday, which the president who famously takes policy cues from cable news, says he won't be tuning in for. we'll see about that. joining me is dean ogudala,
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sirius xm radio host and columnist for the daily beast. and noah rothman, associate editor of "commentary" magazine and an msnbc contributor. let's start with you, noah. the president's week, he started with making a lot of headlines going after the squad and making statements that many feel, including me, were racist, and then he seemed to, like, back up a little and then he came full forward again. some are saying that he was just doing it to distract. others are saying that now it has become a political strategy that he thinks works with his base. and then you see a front page "new york times" story this morning saying he always has known how to use race to his advantage in business, on politics. what sayeth now, noah, sincelic?
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>> it's all of the above. i don't see strategy here initially. it's since become something of an effort to bran the democratic party as the party of these four representatives. and i do think that works for him to an extent. when you mobilize these kind of sentiments. these racial and obnoxious sentiments. it doesn't help him. in 2016 when he'd delve into these waters, we have data to suggest that it was a turnoff to the voters that he needed. the last several days of the campaign, last two weeks of the campaign, he kind of quieted down. i think that helped him quite a bit. what he's done here is help to unify democrats. you had ayanna suppress prepresd rasheida tlaib saying any time we're criticized by nancy pelosi, tantamount to calling for death threats against us, really upping the rhetoric and nancy pelosi can't respond because the perception among democrats is we'd be doing donald trump's work for him. i don't know how donald trump is helped by unity within the democratic party more than disunity but seems to think it's a working strategy. >> dean, listen to trump's 2020
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campaign adviser mercedes schlapp today. >> what are you seeing on the other side? you're seeing the squad dictating the rules of the democratic party. that is where you see the democratic party in disarray, where these democratic presidential candidates are going to have to kiss the ring of the squad because they are the new voices of the democrat party. and that should be concerning. >> it -- it's puzzling because every week, they're kissing somebody else's ring, including mine, whoever they appear with. so is this ongoing thing of trying to deal with who they're going to say they're kowtowing to, when, in fact, the squad, as noah just pointed out, has attacked some of the leaders of the democratic party. and many in congress. so how do you read this as part of the trump defense and from some of his main, let's say, aides, because this is a
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campaign -- >> well, the trump campaign in 2016 wanted to exacerbate the tension between hillary and the bernie camps as much as possible. they're trying to do that again. they think the democratic party is divided. i can tell you i was at netroots nation last week, a record turnout, 3,700 people came out. i spoke to countless people and they told me who they wanted as the nominee and i'll be blunt, nobody said joe biden. i asked them as a group and individually, if biden is nominee, will you support that person? they said absolutely. no one brought up the pelosi/aoc fight. that was not relevant. the only thing that was relevant with pelosi was not doing impeachment. soi so, look, the grassroots, great unity. the leaders in congress, the call, because they're having a fight. personalities. that's fine. >> it's beltway. >> it's a beltway dispute. the grassroots base understands this threat that donald trump represents to our nation. it's not -- it's not -- it's about american values versus trump's values. racism and bigotry are not american values. they're trump value. and thiey knew as progress is,
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know as progressive, we're a firewall of trump's values coming america's values over america's values. they can say whatever, mercedes schlapp and others, the rank and file understands the threat of trump, pragmatism over purity. that's how we won in 2018. we're going to win in 2020. >> the fact is, though, we're seeing polling that suggests that in the electoral college that trump is in a better position than he was in '16. can the fact that he is now being charged with racism affect independent voters that he may need? let me show you what elijah cummings, who is the chair of the oversight committee, no young flame thrower, a senior member of the democratic party, well respected, let me show you what he said about president trump today. >> no matter where i go, what i'm hearing over and over again
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is from my constituents is please save our democracy. please save our country. and you know something else they say, george, they say, i'm scared. and i've never in my total of 37 years in public service, ever heard a constituent say that they were scared of their leader. >> scared of their leader. scared of the president of the united states? >> of the -- president of the united states, that's exactly right. >> now, you follow that up with cory booker who is by no means considered an extremist. let me show you what he said. >> the reality is this is a guy who is worse than a racist. he's actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gains. trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself. >> so while they're going -- while they're going in trump land after the squad, you have senior members of congress, elijah cummings, well respected on all sides, you have cory
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booker who no one calls an extremist, that's saying this man is racist and my constituents are scared. couldn't that affect independent voters, they voted for obama and then turn around and voted for trump? >> it certainly could. that's why i don't think that the argument that this was all strategy is really a convincing argument because he's making the case against himself for democrats. you don't now have to talk about the economy. when you're talking about this. you don't now have to talk about the lack of foreign wars that are producing a significant amount of casualties. bring them home. the fundamentals that are helping buoy this president and putting him on a pathway that should lead him to re-election is now undermined by his own comments and setting fires where he doesn't really have to and, again, making the case against himself for democrats in a way that they weren't previously able to. this is part of the reason why this president is mired in the low 40s on job approval rating. when people are asked about fundamentals in their livesing
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che s, checkbooks, economy, 50%, 60%, he does really well when it come to fundamentals which should be helping him but his own mouth gets in the way. >> the fact that the nation is divided -- >> yes. >> there are new numbers out, let me show that. how america feels about race at this morgment. 40% of the country thinks we're very divided along racial lines. 40%. 47% think we're somewhat divided. 13% don't think we're divided at all. so together you have 87% of those polled, 87%, saying we're somewhat divided or divided. how does that politically translate when people get ready to vote if this kind of trend holds? >> i think what chairman cummings said was so important that people are saying i'm afraid. this is not political. this is personal. for various community. i'm muslim. donald trump came after my community wanting to ban muslims, said islam hates us.
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he's called leading black figures low i.q., unintelligent, demonized hispanic immigrants, demonized the lgbt community with actual bans. using government policy to ban transjechbdgender americans who to serve in the military. all set a tone if you're not a white evangelical american male who's straight, you're tolerated, at best, you're demonized and want to be sent out of the country. people call my show, older people said i never thought i'd see the united states of america, the president of the united states standing there while they cheered send a black woman back to africa. that's what they were saying. we know that, rev. not in america from the president. people are afraid. i hope it doesn't make some check out because of fear instead of check in, get more involved. we are our brothers' and sist s sisters' keepers in this. >> noah, you said it may not have started out as a political strategy. has it become that now? and if not, how do they stop
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this? because he won't stop. he was tweeting this morning as i read about the squad. he keeps pounding on this. how do they stop it or have they embraced it and said this is the way we're going? despite the fear, despite the fact that they could lose independent voters? who they're going to need in some of these key states. >> well, it's very difficult to etch a sketch this moment away, i think, however, it does serve this president well to highlight the members of the democratic coalition who are self-described as democratic socialists because that is not a majority proposition in this country. it highlights the fact that they are, again, having a lot of fights with leadership. more pragmatic sort of democratic leadership that i think would be more attractive to voters than what these four congre congresswomen are representing. it serves this president to make them the face of the democratic party. what he's done by introducing a racial element to it is undermining that element. that's a sound strategic approach. >> he's not bringing up their fight with the democratic leadership. >> no. >> he's not bringing up -- >> no. >> he's bringing up where they
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came from. >> which is why it's such a missed opportunity to say -- >> he stepped on his own message. >> yeah, he could have at one point -- with democrats if he were to come out swinging in defense of nancy pelosi. >> isn't the irony they try to make nancy pelosi the face of the democratic party for decades, now they want to shift her, she's okay, look at these four young women of color are who are not okay. >> which could help if you a so-called centrist or slightly left of centrist candidate. but when you take it away from all of that and go to -- go back to where you come from, that's kind of raw confederate flag guy in a pickup truck kind of talk. >> there was a moment that happened this week within 24 hours i think sums up the divide between trump's view of america and the rest of ours, left, right and center. the send her back then congressman omar goes to minnesota, comes out of the airport, they're cheering, "welcome home." that's the vision, what we have in this country. in 2020, "send her back" or "welcome home" and that means welcoming everyone of all immigrants, different sexual
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lifestyles, race, religion, ethnici ethnicity. that's the vision. what do you want? i want trump to run on his values, which are not american values, and the rest of us run on embracing and celebrating our diversity about who we are. >> all right. we'll have more with dean and noah later in the hour. coming up next, my guest says president trump's bigotry qualifies as a high crime and misdemeanor worthy of impeachment. texas congressman al green is next. when the hot sun hits your ice cream lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out on 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. plus earn complimentary maintenance through (announcer) important message for women and men ages 50 to 85.
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you've read the 448-page report. do you believe the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, marker for impeachment by the house? >> i think there is very substantial -- well, the report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to present -- or let mueller present those facts to the american people and then see where we go from there because the administration must be held accountable. no president can be above the law. >> despite recent lly squashing bid to open an impeachment inquiry into the president, house democrats could soon be singing a different tune. once robert mueller testifies in congress in recent days, more and more democrats have come forward, to support the prospect impeachment. tennessee congressman steve
2:18 pm
carney introduced articles of m impeachment against trump in 2017 and says he plans to do so again in the coming weeks. texas representative al green who forced the impeachment vote this past week says she will certainly try again within this election cycle. >> it will be far better for this country to impeach the president for his hate, for his means by which he's harming society, with his bigotry and impeach him for obstruction of justice. because his hate is what's at the root after owl of this. >> soon the calls for impeachment may become too loud for even house speaker nancy pelosi to ignore. joining me now, the aforementioned democratic congressman al green of texas. thank you for being on, congressman. >> thank you, reverend, it's an honor to be on with you.
2:19 pm
>> thank you. you, this week, propose d impeaching him on his racist statement of telling four women of color, go back where you came from. it did not succeed in the house vote, but how do you define that as how crimes and misdemeanors? >> reverend, i'm very pleased that you asked because there's misinformation shared earlier in your program, not by you. the president can be impeached for a high misdemeanor. i have in my hands the articles of impeachment against andrew johnson. i'm going to read to you the last part of paragraph 10, article 10, of these articles of impeachment. they read as follows. "andrew johnson has brought the high office of the president of the united states into contempt, ridicule, and disgrace. to the great scandal of all good citizens. whereby said andrew johnson, president of the united states, did commit and was then and
2:20 pm
there guilty of a high misdemeanor in office." the framers of the tconstitutio wanted a president to be impeached for things other than crimes and in so doing, they used this term, misdemeanor, which means misdeed as well as a small crime. so andrew johnson was impeached for a misdeed, a high misdemeanor. that's what president trump is doing when he says that he believes that these ladies, or persons, should be sent back to africa or some other place, sometimes hard to tell where he wants to send them. but the truth is this -- >> well, three of them are from -- >> president committed high misdemeanors. >> three of them are from here, when he says go back to where you came from, they'd be right here. but we never found this president let facts get in the way. but let me just focus on what you said. president andrew johnson was impeached. >> yes, sir. >> for misdemeanors. >> yes, sir. >> for misdeeds.
2:21 pm
you read it right from the statement of his impeachment. that is the -- >> the articles of articles of impeachment. that's the basis of where you went to say that based on these statements and others by this president, he should be held to the same standard that led to the impeachment of president andrew johnson. >> reverend, you said it much better than i could have. one more thing. before my articles of impeachment were presented for a vote, they had to be approved by the presiding officer at that time. they were legitimate articles of impeachment or they never would have gone to a vote, reverend. there is an attempt, it seems, either by accident or design, maybe, to somehow say that these are illegitimate. these are legitimate articles of impeachment. andrew johnson was impeached for his harangues, his racism. andrew johnson was a bigot of his time, by the way. if we could do it for andrew johnson, we did, meaning the country, we should surely do it for president trump.
2:22 pm
that's what we've been doing. we've been following the constitution. and by the way, no one could stop me from bringing those articles once they were declared legitimate. no one. this is not something that the speaker can say, well, al, you may bring them or you may not. this is what the rules permit me to do and the law that we say he's violating, when we say he is now above the law, is the constitution of the united states of america. that's where we get this language from by virtue of article 2, section 4, having been used to impeach andrew johnson. >> now, as we saw that go to the house floor and we saw that it was not successful in terms of it being voted for, now we go to this week where special counsel mueller's going to testify. and is going to shift, i would presume, to whether or not there will be established high crimes because there clearly, as been said in the mueller report, that they could not exonerate this
2:23 pm
president for obstruction. are you and other members of congress looking to see if mueller's statement or even him just reading those parts of the report, that clearly says they could not exonerate him, is that a basis to get even more members of congress to have to deal with the fact that there may be high crimes and misdedeeeds done by s president? >> thank you, reverend. my hope is that mr. mueller will prevail. my belief is that when we have him, if he will, speak of what happened with mr. cohen, speak of what happened with mcgahn, the president of the white house counsel, the president has tried to interfere with mr. mueller, the president has been involved with a person who is now serving time, who is serving time, mr. cohen is serving time. this was his friend, his fixer, serving time, and the president
2:24 pm
was named in the indictment, not so we could read the name, but the president is part of that indictment. so the president has done much to be impeached for for high crimes and misdemeanors. my hope is that we will see this and we will move forward with this. but, reverend, let me tell you this, i think that mr. mueller should bring with him a certain amount of spirit for us because we already know that we have the evidence. the question is do we have the spirit, do we have the wome will, to do this? will we not allow this president to be above the law? this is our challenge. it's not a question of way. the way is there. the question is will we develop the will? i trust that mueller will bring some evidence of something that will give us the will to move forward. >> now, i'm out of time but i must ask this. you were one of the first, if not the first, to bring up impeachment in the house. have you seen more and more of your colleagues starting to move
2:25 pm
toward impeachment than when you practically alone out there earlier trying to get this -- these articles of impeachment introduced? >> reverend, i can say to you without reservation, hesitation or equivocation, the answer is, yes. we started out with 58. we now are at 95. and you know the words, "march on until victory is won" from "lift every voice and sing." that's what we're doing. we're marching on until victory is won. this president will be impeached. i am convinced of it. i believe my colleagues are moving in this direction and i trust that it will happen sooner rather than later because mr. cummings is right, there are people fearful in this country. there's a fear factor that i've not experienced to the extent that i'm seeing it now. people are concerned of their safety as a result of the way the president is treating a member of congress. >> all right. texas congressman al green, thank you vefor being with us. >> thank you, reverend. as trump continues to wage
2:26 pm
war against democratic congresswomen of color, he's putting many republican minorities between a rock and a hard place. coming up, we'll talk about the plight with former senior trump aide omarosa manigault-newman. plus amid this racially charged crisis, my thoughts on the president's motivations to help spring asap rocky, a black rapper, from jail in sweden. you're watching "politicsnation." ♪ sick and tired of running circles ♪ for miles and miles. ♪ being lost ain't never really been my style. ♪ but i told ya... yo, jer! we gotta get to the show. ♪ i was looking for a sign. get on the bus. ♪ i need something to believe in.
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just days before robert mueller testifies before congress, tonight msnbc looks at the biggest revelations in the mueller report. what you need to know" hosted by ari melber at 9:00 3p.m. easter. on wednesday morning, join msnbc for special coverage of mueller's testimony starting at 8:30 a.m. eastern led by brian williams and nicolle wallace. but first, up next, is it possible right now to be a black republican supporting the current president? i'll ask a former senior aide to
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donald trump wants to start a race war in this country and it started at that rally. it started with the tweet. at those rallies, these things are choreographed. that was no accident. it didn't start spontaneously. he knew what they would be chanting. >> as president trump continues his war of words against congresswomen of color, black
2:35 pm
republicans find themselves in the unenviable position of toeing their party's line even as its leaders make disparaging comments about people who look like them. it's a delicate dance. especially for the only black republicans in congress. senator tim scott and congressman will hurd both of use some form of the "r" word to describe the president's language this week, both of whom stop short of disowning the president, himself. but this is obviously not the first time this president has made comments that his black supporters had to wrestle with and that includes the very few that have served him in the white house. joining me now is former senior trump white house official, omarosa manigault-newman. omarosa, you called him a racist. you said he's trying to start a
2:36 pm
race war. you and i've known black republicans who have maybe disagreed, and they may have had political disagreements, but you respect, they've stood up and showed some integrity. we just disagree with ways of governing. but how does a black republican stand up when he continues to come with these racist rants and now tells people of color, go back where you come from? how do they -- how do they deal with this? how do they balance this and still support this president? >> well first of all, rev, i think it's very difficult for any republican, black, white, or purple, to support a president who has spewed these ugly racial slurs and continues to attack women of color in congress, women of color who served him. i mean, he has really divided this country and he's very dangerous. and so the black republicans will have to make a decision. when he first came on as the
2:37 pm
nominee, they struggled with supporting him. now they're going to move away from him. but it's time for us to put our country above partisan politics, whether you're a democrat or republican, you have to acknowledge that what donald trump is doing is tearing apart the fabric of our democracy and the damages we'll feel for years and years to come. >> now, let me ask you this, you were in his campaign and you were a senior in the white house. one of the few, if not the only one, certainly the only one we know in the white house under mr. trump. have you ever heard him say to a white who criticized him, he's been criticized by many whites and he's called them names, but have you ever heard them tell them come back to where you come from? >> no, i never heard him say that to them. he reserves that only for people of color. you'll notice, rev, that he particularly has a lot of animosity and disdain for women of color. from maxine waters, to myself,
2:38 pm
to reporters who criticize him who are women of color. hae has a lot of vitreal for them. >> a combination of race and gender that really makes him go off. now, do you think this is an unrehearsed just this is who he is or is there political strategy to this? >> no, you know, when you look at these rallies, you know, i had to attend many of these rallies when i worked on the campaign and even in the white house. there are these section leaders who start the chant, control how long the chants go and quiet them down when they want to. >> so these are organized section leaders in the rallies, itself. >> absolutely. in fact, you'll be surprised to learn that vice president pence's nephew, john pence, is one of the big coordinators of these rallies. and so this is how closely these rallies are coordinated with also what's going on in the white house. john pence is a very big key player in the campaign, but he's
2:39 pm
particularly responsible for all of the staging and choreography of the campaigns and, yes, they are very much orchestrated and manufactured to get the outcome that we saw from donald trump saying go back to your countries that you came from and if you don't love it, leave it. all of that is coordinated and manufactured to stoke fear in this country and we've seen it, we feel it and they're going to continue on because they believe it's a winning strategy. >> so when we saw the president in north carolina this week and the crowd started yelling, "send her back, send her back" and he stood there 13 seconds, have it on videotape, and as they continued to shout this, and he later tried, the next day, to disassociate himself, then he came all the way back and supported it. you're saying that crowd could not have done that 13 seconds without the section leaders
2:40 pm
letting them do it, cheering him on and not trying to shut them up? >> if he wanted to shut it down, he would have looked to his right which is where the lead is standing, and he would have given a signal. they would have been shut down immediately. the way that he stepped back and he basked in the glow of these ugly chants, it indicated to the section leaders to let them keep going, to stoke them up, to keep it going. and so the segment leaders were probably also cheering as well. i think it would be important to have cameras kind of pan to the crowds at the next rally and you will see the orchestration, the coordination and how they manufacture this environment that makes donald trump look like this horrible leader that he is because he loves it. you saw him basking in it because that is the end result that he was going for. >> so, therefore, we are really headed now in a political strategy and we are going to have a very racially divisive
2:41 pm
campaign ahead because he's decided he's throwing the gaunt lent down, this is how he's going to shape and mold his campaign. >> even before we look down the road, let's be clear. the reason that he's gone down this really dark way is because we know that mueller is going to be on the hill next week. he was trying to distract from that. he knew what was going on with the epstein case. he wanted to distract from that. anything that really makes him look bad, he's going to try to make us look over here as opposed to looking at the release of all of the records with the cohen case. there were three things that hit this week which made me realize when he started attacking those congresswomen, it was so everybody could focus on them and not focus on his ties to epstein, his ties to cohen, his ties to the campaign finance mishandling and the upcoming testimony from robert mueller. >> so, you feel that he purposely did this to take attention away from the mueller upcoming testimony and was coming out, tapes and all, about
2:42 pm
he and jeff epstein. in new york, they call it -- >> without a question. >> -- they call it three card in new york. >> exactly. >> omarosa manigault-newman, thank you and thank you for being with us. >> thanks, rev. up next, it's mueller time. what can we expect to hear when special counsel robert mueller testifies before two house committees on wednesday? and will it change anything at all? that's ahead. maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. (rates vehicles for safety, andr hsome reach a level of mom and dad: maria ramirez!!!
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in just three days, robert mueller will testify publicly before two committees in the house of representatives. the former special counsel is expected to once again outline his findings, but likely not much else. most americans did not read his redacted report, including some lawmakers on capitol hill. so mueller will likely detail once again his most important findings. now, my question is, will members of congress actually be able to compel mueller to reveal more than was already documented? seems like a tall order. our panel is back with me.
2:47 pm
talk radio host, dean obudala and "commentary" magazine's noah rothman. no noah, what do you think donald trump and his team is afraid could happen on wednesday? >> well, the mueller report does not reflect well on them so any time the focus is on the mueller report, it doesn't reflect well on the president and exposes himself to some political jeopardy. however, i find it hard to believe that we're going to hear anything new. the mueller probe and special counsel's office and mueller, himself, have been very clear that the entirety of what they know about this incident is in the record, they're not going to expand on that. what democrats want from mr. mueller is to go beyond the olc memo and say would you as a prosecutor have charged based on what you see here? i don't think they're going to get an answer to that. i mean, if mueller's smart, i think he is, and he's circumspect enough not to go
2:48 pm
beyond what he can demonstrate is in that report, he's not going to answer that. to that end, if he doesn't answer that question, my point is what is this point of the exercise beyond reestablishing what's already in the public record? >> what's the point? >> what's the point? the democrats are dreaming mueller comes in with mand cuha and orange jumpsuit for donald trump and let's go get him. that's not going to happen. >> right. >> let's remember, robert mueller's ten-minute statement in may impacted public opinion. that's because most americans had not heard from robert mueller. a ten-minute statement saying i could not charge donald trump, it was unconstitutional. he talked a little bit about his findings. i think hearing it, for the american people to hear a human being talk about his findings, think there's specific things democrats have to have strategy. first and foremost, destroy the talking point that donald trump is exonerated, donald trump -- the cloud of criminality has to go back over trump because it's not politically right, it's legally right. i say as a lawyer, legally, it's ye correct. i'll also go through how russia -- it's right from the report, mueller said russia
2:49 pm
perceived it would be helpful to have donald trump as their president. and the campaign -- >> that's in the report. >> right. right in the beginning. and the campaign knew it electorally would benefit from the help of russia. make that point over and over again. while it was not a criminal conspiracy, there is trump accepting the help of russia and russia helping him not to help the united states of america, but to help their own self-interest. >> but noah, is it not effective if they ask mr. mueller, can you say on the record from your report that you could not exonerate the president on obstruction? and if he says i cannot exonerate, in fact, he even said that's up to you, does it not open the door then for them to go forward and deal with the possibilities of obstruction of justice because as dean is saying, he's clearly saying, no, i did not exonerate him. >> well, democrats better hope it doesn't because house leadership does not want to open impeachment proceedings. they've been very explicit se l
2:50 pm
essentially that they're not interested in that course of action. i expect them to say that. it's in the report. he said it in the press conference in may. he's going to say it again. we can re-establish that. republicans get a vote here, too. republicans -- >> they arer going to press the mueller probe on its origins. cast a shadow over the orogens of of the investigation, whether it was legitimate to seek an investigation on page, for example. and they're going to try to impugn his credibility and they have a genuine, honest objection. say this report goes beyond what the d objectioj establishes wha going to do. es for you don't impugn them. he said her behavior is reckless, hillary clinton. they cast donald trump's actions and his family and the people
2:51 pm
around him in ways that -- in a light that was very negative. but not in a prosecutable way, which violates guidelineses. it will resonate with np independents who will see this is not the sterling oversight they thought it was. >> i could not exonerate him with obstruction and gave them everything which is largely diffant from hillary who they did say they found no evidence. he did not say he found no evidence of obstruction. >> first all of the republicans are going to ask in the origin story to benghazi to jimmy carter 1978. they're going to get everything to get away from the real message. i hope democrats are strategic and drill down. maybe the most glaring is michael cohen. as the report says they say it
2:52 pm
would be an inference to get michael cohen not to testify before congress. i think pick a few things, not everything. understand how the media works and drill down on those things. why could he not exonerate? and we'll find out the answer. we'll find out why. es for go through michael cohen, russia. it was an organized military attack our organization. >> nor could the republicans go too far? could it backfire if they go too heavily after mueller? >> it certainly could. they could really cast themselves as nocedly partisan actors of an others withes with unimpeachable person. i think the risk is morer for democrats, that they risk undermining the impact, whatever
2:53 pm
impact that has had with regard donald trump by trying to go beyond hot the record already establish and coming up short and that will pea the headline. democrats swing and miss with the effort to try to get bob mule make the report into something that's impeachable or changes how they view donald trump. i feel democrats are going to like like they came up short and that would be an a aciate assumption. >> right. do you pleev the presidents when he says he won't be watching sng. >> no. >> no. >> i got you to both agree on something. we'll have special coverage starting wednesday morning of robert mueller's testimony before congress. tune in. up next my final thoughts. stay with us. stay with us this is the story of john smith. not this john smith or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths
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2:57 pm
a week ago yesterday the mother off asap rocky, the rapper, joined my at national action headquarters as we called for his release and talked about his unjust incarceration in stockholm, sweden. yesterday, president trump, we're told at the request of kim kardashian and kanye west called the president off sweden and said it was unfair.
2:58 pm
i think that was good. even a broke clock is right twice a day. but i hope that everyone would support this because i think it is an injustice. but i might add while weir are talking about policing in stockholm, let's talk about policing, mr. president, in the united states where you're the head of state, where we saw this week in philadelphia police suspended to be fired for race tinged facebook pages, where policeman were fired in chicago because of their misleading investigators and silence in key parts of the mcdonald case and in new york where your justice department would not prosecute a police officer who on tape choked a man to death who said 11 times i can't breathe. it's time to not be so
2:59 pm
understanding of of what police do wrong abroad that you're not even willing to inquire and have fair and impartial investigations where you are president. that's why this tuesday we're going to washington and meet with the head of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler and senators like kamala harris and conresswoman ocauseio cortez who you told to go back where she comes from, even though she's from right here in new york. there needs to be congressional hearings with subpoena power to call in police chiefs and really start going for legislation. so you won't need an overseas car, you'll need a local car to deal with policing here. yes, asap should get justice. but so should a lot of people in the police scene of the united states. that does it for me.
3:00 pm
thanks for watching. i'll see you next saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. until then like us on nation and like us on twitter at "politics nation." now my colleague philip mena. this hour the fire storm intensifies over the president's controversial tweets. a new report says his top aids fee he didn't understand the seriousness of the remarks and exactly one week later he is still attacking the squad. plus senator bernie sanders speaks exclusively about the 2020 race and his opponents ahead of the second democratic debate. and a big week ahead in waugsz as robert mueller testifies in public. what to watch for and what his testimony could mean for the president.


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