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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  July 28, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower? come on, man. what's that about? none of us would have our children in that position. they are human beings. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." maryland congressman elijah cummings, the influential chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee has leveled some of the most scathing criticisms of donald trump's cruel border policies and he had strong words for acting homeland security director caven mcleanen during a hearing earlier this month. that started the cascade of one of trump's ugliest fox news triggered outbursts on twitter. on saturday morning trump tv aka fox news aired a segment including a video from a baltimore county woman slamming
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comings in his majority black district which includes much of baltimore city. >> democrats including elijah cummings say they care about how migrants are being treated at the border but what about the families in people in their own district? living conditions at the border are better than most areas in his district. the city lined with abandoned buildings and trash on the streets. >> and right on cue the man that you are apparently paying to golf and watch television all day like an angry retiree did his version of yelling at the tv. tweeting an hour after that segment aired and calling comings, a, quote, brutal bully and attacking his district as quote infested and infested mess. if fested being a word trump has repeatedly used to describe black and brown people and where they live. two weeks ago trump attacked four minority leaders saying they should go back to their home countries despite all four
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being u.s. citizens which technically he described his own government as a complete and total catastrophe. and let's not forget his attack on june lewis which read almost as the exact same on the attack on comings only in this case he didn't misspell his name. he wrote on twitter responding i go home and fight for my neighbors. it is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch, but it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents. social media erupted while former baltimore resident victor blackwell on cnn offered what was the must-see take down of trump's latest eruption of racism. >> infested. that's usually reserved for references to rodents and insects, but we've seen the president invoke infestation to
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criticize lawmakers before. the president says about congress cummings district -- that no human would want to live there, you know who did mr. president, i did. from the day i was brought home from the hospital to the day i left for college, there are challenges no doubt, but people are proud of their community. >> joining me now is the director of public policy for leaders of a beautiful struggle in baltimore. thank you very much for coming down or coming up actually. the baltimore son excoriated trump along with everybody else. while we would not sink to name-calling in the trumpian manner we would tell the most dishonest man to ever occupy the white house, the serial
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bankrupter of businesses, the guy who cysted there are good people among neo nazis he's not fooling most americans into believing he's slightly competent in his post or he possesses a scintilla of integrity. better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one. when you heard this tweet what is your response? >> when a society is structured on racism and white supremacy there's certain images of representations made most available to main stream america and popular culture and those ideas that black folks are inherently criminal and pathological and intellectually inferior. and so the president's tweets are a manifestation and example of the way in that notion of black inferiority, is seared into the black american consciousness, and the reason that's important is the tweet is using that as something as a
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lube knt for mass incarceration which has impacted communities like baltimore, and there was an intentional effort to criminalize black people as part of a political strategy. trump's tweet is an example of using that language to rally up a base that has internalized this notion of the perceived gains of the civil rights movement is something that would take away from a lot of poor white working class voters that unfortunately have been tripped by the machinery and collective white consciousness of society, tricked into supporting a president that's advancing something against their interests. >> president obama has been very quiet most of the time. he is a dignified man so he doesn't jump in with trump. he retweeted a piece that had been written by some more former members of his administration. we are african-americans, we are patriots and we refuse to sit
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idly by. when president obama was in the white house donald trump called him stupid, said the country was garbage. so under president obama's leeldership in his mind this country was garbage. he thought this country was garbage until he was president. he thought john lewis' district is garbage. he thinks the district in baltimore is garbage. and the supposed countries these four american women come from, supposedly garbage, elijah cummings's district, garbage. there's a theme. >> and that's why it's important to talk about it because i would argue there are lots of folks even folks believe some of these notions of our communities being infestations or believe in them being crime infested. >> which is why certain people don't want black or brown people
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to move near them because they think anywhere black people live is a terrible community. the video trump is now tweeting out, at least some of that video came from a black woman. a black woman republican who apparently lives in baltimore county named kimberley claysic who on her facebook page previewed elijah cummings better be ready because i'm coming for him tomorrow on fox, that kind of a post. what does it mean that a black woman from the community, from the baltimore area would joan in essentially and help to provoke an attack on a fellow black man of great dignity elijah cummings and on the community? she's going through and shooting video of her own community? >> right, what that shows is the way in which people cash in and traffic on the suffering of black people for their own personal political gain. and one of my biggest frustrations particularly with conservatives who talk about,
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you know, how quote-unquote terrible our communities are, you very rarely hear them in a non-news event environment talk about lifting up the people that are doing work to address violence and the other problems in our communities. there are people -- baltimore cease-fire, these are organizations on the ground that are doing the work to address a lot of these issues and you don't hear people actually lift up folks doing the work. so people like liz claysic are not connected to the communities from which -- it's a very voyeuristic kind of national geographic approach to looking at our community. so she's doing that and it reproduces the notion of black pa pathology because you're showing what many people would say are the worst parts of the districts instead of putting into context the policies that have created the conditions the people are in. >> i was here for the up risings in baltimore after freddy gray was killed by police, and you
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could see the scars that the city of baltimore still has and west baltimore. of course you can. this country by the way has poverty all over it. and i hate to break it to donald trump and republicans, there's a whole lot of poverty in red america. okay, it is not just in a blue state like baltimore. there's a lot of poverty in white -- there are white poor communities. there are white communities losing their hospitals because he won't let them have medicaid. so republicans need to look in their own back yards first of all. that's my own editorial comment. but when i saw those challenges there trump is now punishing those poor people by saying he's going to cut them off of food stamps, taking away their benefits. it's ironic does he care about it? because he's hurting these people. >> and part of what fuels some of these notions is that the conditions, the overrepresentation of black
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folks in poverty and homelessness to them serves as proof of their notions of black inferiority. it's important to understand the larger structure dynamics so the reframe of it should be black folks have been able to survive and in some cases thrive in those conditions, and show the intellectual acuity and resiliency of black people that should be modeled. >> some of the greatest, you know, tal. >> in this country have come out of baltimore. baltimore is a great city. thurgood marshal was from baltimore. let me add to this conversation. joining me by phone is long time resident and filmmaker john waters. who's also author of the book "mr. know-it-all" give me your reaction to donald trump disparaging your home city? >> i was amazed when the story broke msnbc didn't call me, "the
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new york times" didn't call me, art news called me. that was a new leader in fast breaking headlines. you know, i wrote a statement that basically said to him give me the rats and roaches of baltimore any day over the lies and racism of your washington, mr. trump. come on over to that neighborhood and see you have the nerve to say it in person. and i lived in that neighborhood in a predominantly african-american neighborhood in mr. cummings district which for 17 years i made hair spray when i lived there. and, you know, i never had to slightest bit of trouble. i never had any trouble. people were lovely to me. and rats and roaches, you know, baltimore, we work with what we got and we make it better. i use that in hairspray. rickey lake kicked off her shoe when she was doing a love scene, she wore roaches on her dress. we inspire artists and baltimore still has a bohemia and that's very important too.
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>> so the arts community is one of the things that just -- it lives in donald trump's head that he can't get your community, he can't get artist, he can't get hollywood, he can't get the love he wants and craves from your community. i wonder now if he's just being savage, you know, like people like yourself. he's already so angry that he can't get you to come to the white house? >> the thing is, though, i don't think he cares what i say but the problem is i don't know how he's going to get votes from this. the other people that may be starting to crumble, this is going tomake them not vote for him. so i don't even think it's smart politically. only 53% is the african-american percentage of his district. it also has wealthy people, black and white in his
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community. so i don't think trump even did his homework. >> let me give you the final word on this. donald trump could -- he doesn't listen to anybody. he just watches tv and live tweets tv like an angry person. he's just an angry man tweeting at the tv, but if he did listen to you, what would you say to him? >> i would say to him and i would say to this country we really have to deal in the way in which notions of black inferiority and white superiority impacted our country as such he would see this as something that would be politically advantageous. i hope we don't over emphasize the bigotry part of it. it's really important for us to understand we live in a society where that kind of statement has political assailants and has had disastrous impacts on the lives of people. and we need to as a society attack the way in which racism and white supremacy make these kinds of things political ammunition. >> and i would say the president
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trump is not the president of it united states. he's not done one thing to help black poor people, help white poor people. all you're doing is taking money out of the mouths of literally poor children and locking migrant kids up in cages. instead of tweeting maybe you should do your job, mr. president, i'm just saying. there's a lot you could do if you had any desire to do so. thank you both very much. and coming up, donald trump's tweet rage spiral comes just one day after democrats launch an impeachment investigation. coincidence or not? we'll talk impeachment inquiry next. not we'll talk impeachment inquiry next liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand.
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as soon as it actually conduct an impeachment inquiry that unlocks the door to grand jury material and a lot else. that's what's going on now. that's what i've been calling for ever since april. people who want more than that are obviously asking for the impossible. there's not going to be an impeachment vote on articles of impeachment until this inquiry generates more information. even if we already have enough to justify impeachment. but the bottom line is, yes, the answer to your question, an impeachment inquiry is now under way. >> harvard law professor lawrence tribe in an interview with me on saturday cleared up some of the confusion after jerry nadler announced the
7:19 am
democrats are pursuing an in facto impeachment inquiry against trump. it seems that whatever they want to call it now the impeachment process has begun. even as polls show little change in public support for impeachment after mueller's testimony. joining me now is democratic congresswoman val demings of florida who got a chance to question robert mueller this week. and congresswoman thank you for being here. you are on the judiciary committee so you had a chance to also question robert mueller as to the kbequestion of impeachme. the polls show that did want necessari necessarily move people to a different direction. 26% say they're less likely. 46% said it made no difference. either way, here is what your chairman said after that testimony is this is on friday. >> among other things we will consider obviously are whether to recommend articles of impeachment. we may not do that, we may do that, but that's a conclusion at the end of the process.
7:20 am
>> in your view, are we now in an impeachment inquiry? >> well, good morning, joy. it's good to be with you and i think the chairman said it correctly. i think the constitution professor said it correctly as well, and i would ask you to consider this as any other criminal investigation. you may have a confession, you may have sworn testimony, but if you were doing a murder investigation you would want the murder weapon as well. and what we need are the supporting documentation of those documents, financial records, everything that will support what we already know tat the president on multiple times obstructed justice, conspired basically with a foreign power to undermine the 2016 election, lied about it and tried to convince others to lie about it. so, yes, we are in on impeachment investigation. >> and i know you are a great law enforcement professional so you know exactly what it takes
7:21 am
to build a case. i want to play a little bit of your questioning of robert mueller because one of the potential reasons for impeachment would be obstruction of justice. listen. >> in fact, there were many questions you asked the president hat he simply didn't answer, isn't that correct? >> true. >> and there were many answers that contradicted other evidence you gathered during investigation, isn't that correct, director mueller? >> yes. >> isn't it fair to say the president's written answers were not only inadequate and complete but his answers showed he wasn't always being truthful? >> there i would say generally. >> first of all editorially i would say it is striking that director mueller gave the democrats very straightforward yes or no answers to your questions. maybe because you guys asked questions and you guys weren't screaming at hill, but he seemed to give you guys a lot.
7:22 am
that sounded to me like enough to at least start looking at an article of impeachment on obstruction. what do you think? >> i couldn't agree with you more. i mean we all know director mueller's history. a decorated veteran, served as the fbi director for two terms. he's a middle of the road kind of guy and i think he did a good job during the two years with the interference that he had to endure. we certainly know that attorney general barr certainly did not help but really contradicted the conclusions in the special counsel's report. i believe that, you know, i was pleased with the hearing. he did exactly what we needed him to do. and we did get even a little more than we expected to get. >> yeah, i was actually surprised because i thought it would simply be him reciting a report and didn't think much would some of it. but i certainly thought you guys would get a lot of out of him. my last question to you on the
7:23 am
question of impeachment, in your district when you're talking to your constiff wnts is impeachment something that you get the sense your constituents want you to do in florida? >> you know, joy, from the very beginning when the report first came out i said there was enough in the report to begin an impeachment process. every time i make those statements either in the district or in washington, d.c. i receive numerous multiple phone calls, tweets, texts and other forms of communications from constituents. it's always included in the list, though, affordable housing, health care, education, all of those things are important. immigration, the tragedy that is happening at the border, a self-inflicted wound by the president, but impeachment is never left out of the conversation. >> yeah. let me ask you very quickly i know you're from jacksonville originally and you group up in a
7:24 am
city and donald trump seems to not like cities too much that have a lot of black folks in them. jacksonville is one of them. what do you make of him attacking your colleague elijah cummings. >>ever time i think this president has topped himself he proves to me and others there's still more venom, hatred and racism in him. i can tell you this, having served with congressman cummings on the oversight committee, he's one of the most respected members of congress, respected members in maryland and really one of the most respected members in the nation. but this is nothing surprising. the distracter in chief will use anything that he can to distract the american people where our focus is on, and that his blatant instances of obstruction of justice and telling people in the campaign and in the administration to lie to cover up his misdoings. but i tell you what, it won't
7:25 am
work and we're very focused and we're not going to stop until we get to where we need to be. >> all right, congresswoman, thank you for your time this morning. have a great day. >> thank you, you too. thank you. and coming up trump probably doesn't want us talking about his draconian immigration policy either. but too bad. that's next. ion policy either but too bad. that's next. ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪
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an official with the u.s. immigration services, the cbp said you never told them you were a u.s. citizen. is he telling the truth? >> translator: i always said i was an american citizen and i showed my documents. they even charged me because they said my papers were falsified. they contradict themselves because they charged me for supposedly falsifying my citizenship and i am a citizen here. >> francisco is a dallas born u.s. citizen who spent 23 days detained by border patrol, he says he nearly chose to self-deport in order to escape the terrible conditions. meanwhile cbs news reported this week unaccompanied migrant children in federal custody could be detained get this indefinitely while the administration pursued new rules to restrict asylum claims from central american migrants.
7:30 am
and the supreme court ruled trump could divert $2.4 billion of defense money to go towards his precious wall. despite that spending not being authorized by congress as the constitution says it must be. joining me now the democratic congressman of california, and msnbc correspondent. thank you both for being here. i want to start with you. i want to play a little bit more of his interview about the cruelty that he experienced as an american inside of this migrant detention center. take a listen. >> translator: we went through something inhumane. all of us that were in that detention center. there we couldn't bathe or brush our teeth, nothing, you didn't have anything. the only thing that they would give us from time to time to clean ourselves were wipes. >> so congressman, if this is happening to an american and, you know, god bless chris hayes
7:31 am
for that interview. on another innetwork somebody asked the same young man if maybe if he could speak english people would have known he was american, which is a fun way to go. but that aside if that's happening to an american god only knows what's happening to those who are not american. your thoughts. >> we do know what are happening to those in cbp custody. you're seeing children sleeping on concrete floors, babies soiled themselves in diapers, children being given burr reteoes that are still frozen to eat. it is an abomination the way the cbp and the federal government is treating young children, pregnant women and the eld laer. and that's why i introduced and the house passed my bill the cbp custody act because you could put all the money you want into a system to buy the equipment
7:32 am
they say they need but if you do not change their behavior, if you do not change their cultural norm and the way they treat and use that money or use those supplies then you're not going to change anything and you're going to continue to see young children and women and elderly suffer at the hands of the cbpp system. >> to stay with you for one moment, the idea is it now that anyone who is brown or who might be perceived as latino, at latinx has to carry their birth soift or social security card around or even then that night motbe enough to prove it to i.c.e. who now has the power to go all over the world and snatch people. that is what an apart tide was. are we literally saying all brown people around the country need to carry their papers am. >> that's definitely a veiled threat for anyone who lives around an area where cbp is very
7:33 am
active in detaining, apprehending and also deportation. that's also the veiled threat when the president says he's going to deport millions thru raids throughout the country, that if you're not prepared, if you don't have the information on you and you don't necessarily fit them all of not being an undocumented person then, yes, very likely you may be detained and while in their custody, harassed, kept in inhumane, subhuman conditions and also coerced to sign papers to be deported like this young man was under cbp custody. >> there was a story about a 9-year-old grabbed also an american citizen and held for 36 hours and her according to her brother was threatened if he didn't say he was the cousin he would be deported. so there's a lot going on. so there's another story i want
7:34 am
to bring to your attention because you've seen thee conditions yourself. one crossed the border alone in may from texas monthly and was held in a processing center in texas for six days when he fell ill with the flu complicated by pneumonia and sepsis. he was never taken to the hospital despite the apparent seriousness of his flu and a 130 degree fever. he's the fifth guatemalan child to die since december since being taken into border patrol custody. the fact the trump administration is trying to get countries like quat mall taw to hold people rather than take more here. >> it's evident the conditions are atrocious which is no longer a secret. i think it's directly connected to what you were talking about on your program before we came on the air this morning, the racist outburst by the president directed at chairman cummings are directly related to his aggressive oversight on the
7:35 am
oversight committee of these exact conditions of migrants in custody. the president is obviously scared that chairman cummings and looking into these conditions and these systematic underminnings of why this is happening. the same thing can be said of the president -- chairman cummings looking into the the financial dealings of the president. it's all connected. he's angry with chairman cummings because he is ecposing the systemic underpinnings of a very broken immigration system. credit going directly to the trump administration for that. >> yeah, i want to play actually a clip because you have a special coming up and i have a related question for you. this is clip from the great new documentary you did called "american swamp." let's play this clip. >> the more you look, the swamp yr it gets. a murky mix of powerful corporations, special-interest groups and a handful of staggeringly wealthy individuals are buying our elections. and it's all perfectly legal. >> what's the difference between
7:36 am
what you're describing and money laundering? >> not a whole heck of a lot. >> you know, jacob, one of the important points you guys make is money is at the root of everything. in this immigration system how much is profit playing a role in what's being done to these migrants including little kids? >> oh, the majority of the i.c.e. detention centers, joy, are run by for profit private prison companies that are part of this system that we expose in episode one of "american swamp" of putting money into the pockets of politicians for the gain of corporations. it's basically example number one. and again i think what chairman cummings is doing is exposing that president trump which is frustrating the president to no end, obviously, is exposing the president's inability to drain the swamp he said he was going to drain. in fact, he's making it deeper. this first episode doesn't explicitly go into the president's business dealings. that'll happen in the second episode. so some sentive to tune in. we look at the spervasiveness of
7:37 am
money in all areas of our society, immigration is a huge one. but we're going to look at solar power and energy, and good news we go to the light at the end of the tunnel in montana, they're making inroads to fight this problem. >> absolutely. it is sunday. the love of money is the root of all evil. thank you very much for being here. definitely be sure to tune in to four part documentary "american swamp." that premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you should be in front of your television to watch that. that's important viewing. coming up, joe biden picks a fight with cory booker and kamala harris. that's next. kamala hriars. that's next. h: at safelite auto, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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i was probably overly polite in the way i did respond. >> are you going to be less polite then? >> what did you mean when you said you're not going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. >> joe biden doesn't seem to be over his first debate. still as shown now with senator kamala harris and now he's warning he may not be solite in the rematch. harris in the minds of republicans is truly the most dangerous threat to donald trump's re-election. joining me now is john hardwick. just the strategy of potentially
7:42 am
going after calm lah harris, we're also hearing he may target cory booker, the two black candidates. strategically, your thought? >> well he's trying to defend himself. joe biden has a substantial lead among those voters right now. he's trying to protect that asset in his campaign and not get pushed around. so the question is how well does he handle it? he did not have a good first debate. kamala harris did very well, although some of her advantages have faded since then. cory booker has lately engaged pretty aggressive with joe biden, and so i think it's going to be on, and i also think, by the way, it's going to be on for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren in the other debate because bernie sanders is in a tenuous position in the race, he's seen elizabeth warren move
7:43 am
past him in certain respects. >> it is a competition, right, so they do have to compete but to go back to biden for a moment, what you just described sounds like hillary clinton in 2008 when the clintons felt entitled to the black vote, and seemed quite offended that this young black candidate named barack obama was seeming to challenge them for it, and they made a lot of mistakes because of feeling that kind of offense. is biden teetering on beating hillary clinton in '08? >> yes, in the sense that hillary clinton was beating obamacare among african-americans until he showed he was a viable candidate. joe biden has that sport right now on part in that he's familiar, electable, he can take on trump, he's safer than some of the altuernatives. i also think joe biden believes he is a racially progressive person. i think it hurt him that kamala
7:44 am
harris made an attack where she said i don't think you're a racist but you did this with segregationists back in the 1970s. i think that hurt him and we've seen him respond by invoking his late son beau who was a colleague of calm lah harris. so i think it's protecting his own reputation in the race. >> actually a lot of pressure on is on her to do well again. is there anybody out there that seems obvious? mayor buttigieg has raised a lot of money but he hasn't seemed to go anywhere polls wise. cory booker, hulgen castro have gotten a lot of great press and attention. is there someone you think might be poised to have a moment? >> well, julian castro is going to be tempted to repeat the success he had in the first
7:45 am
debate. he needs to try to regenerate that. all the candidates in the lower tiers of the race and i don't put buttigieg there because he's raised so much money, have got to fight to stay in this race because in the third debate the standards go up. >> thank god because there won't be 20 of them. >> i think we're going to have a real whittling after this debate. but if you're somebody like steve bullock who's now on the stage, he was not the first time, he's got to show something to try to get some traction. i think it's a very important time for somebody like beto o'rourke who had a poor debate. amy klobuchar, i think one of the things is joe biden is taking up a lot of space. he's a moderate. then you've got potential moderate alternatives who could step up. amy klobuchar, beto o'rourke possibly, pete buttigieg. they're competing for that spots. >> who's going to be the moderate. you know what my favorite word
7:46 am
today was? winnowing. we're the prowinnowing team. thank you so much. more "am joy" after the break. . more "am joy" after the break. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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look our president has a hate agenda. he does not have a policy agenda and that's what he falls down on. we are not going to get played here that you can see far away that he's in cocompetent and ha
7:54 am
not been following through his promises he made. >> that was congresswoman rashida tlaib. trump's attack including that cummings' district is quote, "rat and infested." the nationwide trendin trending #wearebaltimore. >> it is better to have a rat than to be one. tiffany cross of "the beat dc" and karine jean-pierre and timothy o'brien, ka rrine, they
7:55 am
are super subtle with their shades because they are super dignify because they're at a whole different level than donald trump. michelle obama tweeted on saturday, the same day donald trump attacked baltimore. on national dance day i am shouting out the lethal ladies of baltimore step team who i saw perform back in 2017, i am so proud of you all and we have president obama retweeted an op-ed and you wrote this back in baltimore in the washington post. what do you make of the obamas sort of southerubtly weighing i. >> they're trying to follow a protocol of former president and former family of the white house is to give the president behind them that's coming behind them of the opportunity to do what they need to do to run this country and not step on that.
7:56 am
bush did that for obama and it has been that way for a while. but, what we are seeing today is hard to be silent, back to the op-ed of 149 of us signed, it was to stand up for the four congressional women of color. >> right. >> i work alongside some amazing people in the administration, we truly believe making change. the slogan, the change we believe in. it was not just about obama. it was about using good government to see how we can make lives better. i think we felt that we could use our voice and needed to make a political statement and looking at where we are today in our country. i am glad president obama retweeted that. i am glad that michelle obama retweeted that video of the young girl dancing. it is important. we need their voice and what we are seeing today by this
7:57 am
president is so dangerous. we have to remember donald trump put his hands-on the bible on june 2017 to be a president for all of us. he refuses to do that especially when it comes to people. >> i want to talk about media in this block. this has been a challenge, donald trump for the media. it is taken a long time but now your paper of the washington post and wall street journal are overly describing this president of the things he does is racist. "the new york times" is struggling. it is a test to the media. you kn the media is almost last to catch up with the fact that donald trump is not president. he's not the president of the united states. he's the president of white voters who are anxious about black people and brown people. he's their president. he's not pretending he's not racist. no president -- for the media
7:58 am
has this moment, i have a whole list of congress people, nancy pelosi whose father was mayor of baltimore and rashida tlaib and on and on. >> i wrote in 2015, donald trump is a bigot and a racist. you look at the long history of things he said, paul ryan in 2016 said textbook racism. >> i am not going to put you on spot alone on this. why not the people who vote for him? the reality is first time people voted for him. the media went on the exercise to find white working class and people in whole foods or walmart or they're economically anxious and struggling. now, anybody who voted for donald trump. i don't see how the media is going to be able to make that excuse.
7:59 am
>> study shows it motivated trump's base with racial. people are uncomfortable saying i. each time as donald trump does it, it is a quan do you follow ? half of his supporters are what hillary clinton unwisely. the dough pleplorables are raci. there are 65% of the american public say this stuff is unacceptable and it is wrong and racist. 15% or 20% in there, those are the people who need to be spoken to now. you may not be racist but your vote in 2020 is saying i condone this and i accept it is free to be openly racist. >> we always think of the voters as pristine and glorious person, right. >> there are people who'll
8:00 am
openly vote for racism. and suggest to be okay with racism and not racist is really hard. if you are saying yes, i understand this person says derogatory things all the time, he's doing something great for me. it is interesting because there was this anthropological security. this week you saw reporters invite members of congress on and other people on. do you think the president is racis racist? can we stop asking that question. it is ridiculous. and, look here is the thing that we have to acknowledge, a lot of people feel how donald trump felt. a lot of people in his base. that's right, look at baltimore. i would encourage people to look at the history of this country and how they treated most urban
8:01 am
city. baltimore was one of those cities, white agresers destroyed the country. this is the time black soldiers fought for this country and moving into the industrialized city. attacking by white police officers and became a proxy for the white community and what they wanted. we have not gotten to the civil rights movement and how a lot of government appointed officials destroyed leaders of color and improve these communities and i am sorry, when we talk about inve infestati infestation, mar-a-lago has had maybe four or five code of violations. >> this is actually number three. rust, mold and parasites.
8:02 am
mar-a-lago cited 78 health violation in the last three years. >> so his mar-a-lago is full of parasites and infested. >> do they have orange fur? >> let me get tim here. timothy o'brien. tim, we found out this week the trump administration because they always try to back into donald trump just angry tweeting at the tv oh no, it is strategy. he means to do that because he's going to somehow win the election. okay. now what is his back filler are saying is that this how he wants to win. he needs to excite more working class voter using the strategy being racist towards anybody he sees black or brown on television. we'll talk about it more. i don't want you to ex pend all of it now.
8:03 am
should white people be offended that donald trump and his party think white people are knee-jerk racist that the only way to get him to vote, literally donald trump and his people think white people are so racist that the way to get them to vote is be racist. these are people who lost their minds because hillary clinton referred to them as deplorable. they voted for a guy who believes they are deplorable and believes they are gbigoted that he can play this role of political opioid. what is an opioid do? it takes away your pain but it does not solve your problem. he tells white people i can take away your pain but he does not fix their communities and does not do the things necessary to make their lives better and he believes them to be so bigoted that he overlooks that. it is not just the folks in john
8:04 am
lewis' district where he says the same kind of thing a year ago. they ought to be awe feoffended this but of course a good number of them will not be. will enough of them be to make a difference in 2020. >> donald trump seems to assume all poor people are black and all black people are poor except celebrities and the only people who he accepts in the way he treats black people. you are from the south. are there white poor people? >> there are millions of white poor people. he has done little to fix their communities and little to do the jobs back to their community. he does not have any plans to do those things. politics of prejudice which is what he's doing, politics of scapegoating blaming black and brown problem for problems they did not create. it is like donald trump open the political play book. it was on page one, yeah, i am going to go into that one.
8:05 am
just for our viewers, the highest poverty rate in america is in a state that voted for donald trump, louisiana. the second highest is 20%. one out of five people in red louisiana are poor. mississippi 19%. new mexico which is a blue state listed 18.7%. west virginia and then kentucky. two republican senators including the senate majority leader, you know how much power mitch mcconnell has? what has he done? alabama follows that red state that voted for trump and georgia probably might have voted the other way but they can't trust their elections. arizona also is a tending towards blue state and the district of columbia. donald trump got a lot to work on. let's go to timothy o'brien. somebody else who may have been able to stop the rats and inf t
8:06 am
infestation in baltimore. jared kushner had a family company that has faced more than 170 violations. he's been called a slum lord by people who lived in his building in baltimore. timothy o'brien, your thoughts. >> look at the pandora box issues that the president opened up and being racist and invite people of these netheories he h of life and city he does not live in or visit. mick mulvaney was on fox and friends this morning saying if he presided over the district that had the kind of problems that baltimore has, he would have lost his jobs and in fact poverty rate and unemployment rate in the district that makes mulvaney represented in congress
8:07 am
has poverty rate comparable to baltimore. if the president is going to hold politicians accountable for some of the problems of employment and crimes among them that the city struggles with like baltimore then he should hold the business community accountable for helping solve them. that's the thing thrown into relief when he talks about baltimore and talk about it as he was a plantation owner and overlook the fact that jared kushner has a long track record of running residential properties that are plagued by housing violations but also accused of rigging court actions to drive vulnerable or low income tenants into the ground in those residential properties. >> tiffany, didn't trump let
8:08 am
buildings go bad and over run with garbage so he can repurpose the building and make money? >> that was the multi income strategy he uses. on central property, on central park shout-oouth, he invited ho into the building so he can encourage people to leave so he can convert it to condominium. >> what this is about is the president fighting back of what he saw of being illegitimate tax of the border in the hearing this week. mr. cummings saying children were sleeping and eating in their own feces. when the president hears lies like that, he's going to fight back. >> mick mulvaney says it is not true that people were sleeping in their own feces, that's just
8:09 am
not right. >> put up the element here. put it up. >> there it is, there is a stench and soiled clothes and no baths for migrant children at a texas center, children as young as 7 or 8. many of them wearing clothes caked with snack aots and tears. they just met the lawyers. toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. so even when they try to help them out. they don't go deeper. >> this i think shows who these people are. who the crowd that votes for him are. these are children were being abused in these shelters and the fact that this all lives matter crowd. this is a very american thing. this is no the first time they
8:10 am
rip families apart and putting people in these types of circumstances. this is where everybody, this is not a partisan issue. this is a humanitarian crisis. it is shameful that somebody like mick mulvaney will come on air and defend it. anybody who comes after him to defend this kind of behavior cht , it brings me to tears of these children ripped from their family. a 15-year-old died from the flu in this care. this country would not tolerate this type of behavior if these were white babies. the fact that consistently this keeps happening, is heartbreaking. all these people are hypocrite ths that they are not peeking ospea. >> if they both want to believe
8:11 am
they're not doing it and all these people trying to tweet that donald trump is a great christian, they are being told by people like mulvaney, you are not doing this. if they are so proud of it, be proud of it. they lie about it. >> is there any wonder why donald trump has set every record for turnovers and his cabinets in the staff level. each one of he is chief, general kelly and priebus and his reputation is being destroyed. now i don't think mulvaney is the same as steven miller. i don't think he's one that delights in the miseries of others. he's in this larger group of the people in the white house who are in a position of saying ridiculous things and lying about it and just generally destroying their reputations. you have steven miller who delights in the evil of it and the rest of them just in a sense destroying their own reputation.
8:12 am
>> i think you may be right. even let's say he does not delight in it? >> what's the difference? >> there is no difference. >> karine, it is being put in that position, accepting and doing is another. >> right. >> mick mulvaney seems to delight letting people take high interest loans. these rent states are essenti essentially -- only texas is aboveground in term of paying more in federal taxes. he comes frs a poor state and he has no problem of payday lender offering in his state. he seems to be delighted to getting paid. >> if mulvaney is having problems, he would leave. he would leave and walk out of the administration. i think because they're getting exactly what they want from this administration. donald trump is giving them what they want, deregulation and the supreme court and you name it.
8:13 am
this is their dream of a president that they let him say crazy things but he's doing what they want. can i just add, i think another part listening to mick mulvaney there, yes, donald trump does these racist things intentionally because he wants to throw red meat at his base. they see the numbers and losing independence and losing suburban moms. we are going to do this and lie about it, too. we are trying to hold onto where they are bleeding. they're bleeding with those two. >> they have these record levels of turnover. mulvaney is third string, he's not of the quality you get of a typical president get in the white house. >> none of these are. it is a good amount of questions motivated by races. >> what also donald trump is getting and we had this
8:14 am
conversation a little bit on the show before. calling trump racist at this point for most people on the right goes right over their head. there is a difference between racism. archie bunker is racism. white nationalism is another thing. that's a whole different level and the concern i have is donald trump is not doing what the far right, people who watch the far right have been mourning for years. the far right have been trying to draw ordinary white people towards white nationalism. donald trump is doing that. >> right. >> that's what is happening. it is not just racism. it is this idea that america's fundamentally a white nation and anyone who's not white is just here because we let them be here. they fantasize this nostanostal
8:15 am
america. they have always hated deplorablists because it challenges the idea of america. they hate that which is to say by their own logic if you hate america as it is. you should leave and not those who are fighting to preserve what america is supposed to be and said what it has always been and never lived up to. >> timothy, can you talk a little bit about. a lot of things of the united states of what we do. we portray racism as a specific thing and it is always a southern thing. can you talk about donald trump's queens and coney island. they were from queens. when donald trump coming into the national attention, racist us prolific in new york. >> further back in the '80s and early 1970s, trump ran housing
8:16 am
and development in queens that was sanctioned by the justice department for turning away representative tenants of color. they were turned away solely because of their race and not because of their income. most of these people could have afforded to live in the project field being reviewed for. trump comes from a world that was happily segregated and he wants to return to that world. that's where he's most comfortable. >> google it if you have a chance. that was new york when donald trump was coming up in new york when he was making himself a famous man. tim, tiffany, dana and karine and timothy o'brien. thank you very much. coming up, david dukes, what david dukes' ugly and short career could tell us about 2020, that's next. ut 2020, that's next. i've always been amazed by what's next.
8:17 am
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i think it is coming from the other side. former kkk leader, david duke, who said he voted for donald trump to take our country back. he lost his campaign for u.s. senator and louisiana governor in the 1990s, thanks to tim wise
8:21 am
who works for an organization founded for the purpose of defeating duke. wise compares the challenges of what democrats facing now and duke. tim is back with me. you wrote that people who say the dems should ignore trump's race baiting because it is some genius political strategy calculated to distract us. expand on that. if you are running a campaign against donald trump, how would you do it? >> i would start recognizing that trumpism did not gain steam based on policies. the people who voted for donald trump did not sit down and compare policy decisions. they were responding to the rage that donald trump was tapping into. he hates who they hate and that's why they stuck with them. i am talking about the hard core base. you are not going to win the
8:22 am
election by an emotional movement by talking about the wonderful plan this or that or the other thing. the entire campaign if any democrat needs to focus on the thread that trumpism poses to the america that we care about and the values that we believe in. talking about the way in which this divides and islam-phobia and all of it, it is intended to distract from that problem and it is the same thing david duke tried to do in louisiana. duki dukism, the movement was making it a moral crusade. we had a lot of people on the left left, progressives like myself and republicans and moderates are not going to agree on policies. they're not going to agree on tax policies or healthcare. one thing be were able to get them to agree on was
8:23 am
fundamentally on basic decency level about dukism. that's the message that's unifying people. i am afraid right now the democrats are still acting and bringing spread sheets to a gunfight and debate evidence to a gunfight rather than understanding. this is about values. the values that we care about as a country as oppose to values of trumpism represents. >> i talk to you about this before. did david duke run a racist campaign or did he try to run on something else? he tried to cover it up and make it about taxes are too high, he always talked about the reason for that was all the spending we do on quote on quote on those people. he would talk about the fact that unemployment was high for white folks. the reason was they're taking your jobs whether it is immigrants or black folks because of affirmative action. it was explicitly racist.
8:24 am
we did not talk about side-like issues. in the u.s. senate race, those in the organization who were fighting ended up going down that road. we had our own coalition that were afraid to challenge him on his racism. oh, let's talk about the fact that he paid his taxes late or he did not go to vietnam. you need to focus on what's real or focus people on the moral issue. >> the only way to defeat donald trump is to pivot off of talking about his racism and talk about it all and just talk about healthcare. >> i think that's absurd. no one is sitting around. all of a sudden they're getting online and looking at the ten point plan. that's not the say we don't need good plans for healthcare. it is not going to get people excited about this as a moral
8:25 am
crusade. in this moment, i stood up and i did something. donald trump did not come to pour on the bases of policies. his hard core base, they're not going to move. david duke kept 91% of his voters from the senate race to the governor's race. the reason for that was very simple. the only way you can get duke people to leave him or trump is for them to acknowledge they voted for a monster and nobody wants to do that. those independent voters of whom they are not nearly what we think. the progressive base has to be driven on the polls on the bases of decent plans and policies but also on the base of a value position. what kind of america do we want the live in. this is a threat. it is not a normal campaign. you can't run against donald trump the way you would george w. bush by comparing plans and policies. trumpism is fundamentally at its roots rooted in emotion and not logic. you can't bring that spread sheet to the gunfight.
8:26 am
you can't treat politics like the debate team when the other side treats it like a cheering squad. democrats need plan and i am not saying they don't. every time they talk about those, they should filter it back by critiquing politics. >> i hope people listen to you, tim wise, wise words from experience. thank you so much. really peesappreciate it. >> donald trump's chief of staff, does his very best to put his lipstick on the page. that's next. his lipstick on the page that's next. you don't really talk about your insurance unless you're complaining about it. you go on about how...'s so confusing it hurts my brain. ya i hear ya... or say you can't believe... much of a hassle it is! and tell anyone who'll listen... (garbled)'s so expensive! she said it's so expensive. tell me about it.
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i this is what the president does, he fights. he's not wrong to do so. >> you are comfortable with that? >> have you seen some of the pictures of the conditions of baltimore? >> you could argue why does the president do something to stop
8:35 am
it? >> it was up to mulvaney to defend the president's latest rage tweet. back with ka rrinekarine. >> back with our members. >> mick mulvaney was a freedom caucus hat before he was elevated to the post of going on tv to lie about the president. his on congressional district has an average income of $20,000 a year, less than elijah cummin cummings' position was. i don't like to play the what if cup card? how long do we hear of president obama going to a private fundraiser talking about areas
8:36 am
clinging to their guns and religion? i think those are still echoing. those are still echoing through. i am not taking mick mulvaney seriously. >> shocking. >> let's play a little bit more. this is more from my producer, this is more of acting mick mulvaney. >> i think it is right for the president to raise the issue. look, i was in congress for six years. if i had poverty in my district like i did in baltimore or homelessness in my district in san francisco and i spent all of my time in washington, d.c. chasing down this mueller investigation, this bizarre impeachment crusade, ill get fired. i think the president is right to raise it and it has absolutely zero to do with race. >> let's go to you karine. i am going to focus this. poverty rate in my area of the
8:37 am
district, the poverty rate that the democratic that mulvaney represented in congress is 14.9%. >> charlie pearce's observation. apparently he did not do a phenomenal job as a congressman there. >> he did a terrible job as a congressman. >> yes. >> here you have it, last week we have steven miller and now we have mulvaney got to short stick and now he's defending donald trump. look, mulvaney has told me about trumpism. republicans in congress do not speak up and who stayed silent and watched this president over and over of the office he sits in. they're now trumpism. it is no longer the party of lincoln or the party of reagan. it is the party of donald trump
8:38 am
which is racism and bigotry and s so xenophobia. what will this party be after him and what will they do after trump? >> let me give mulvaney a point. the 14.9 rate was lower lie cummings' district by almost a full point. >> by four points. >> i have to quote, i literally was filling in on "the last word" and i read your op-ed and asked if i could read it. you said you called mulvaney a russian asset. the congressman is wasting his
8:39 am
time investigating trump on the russia investigation rather than fixing proveoverty in his distr. you wrote about mitch mcconnell. it does not mean he's a spy but neither is a flip accusation. russia attacked our country in 2016 and attacking us today. each time we tried to raise our defenses to repel the attack. mcconnell blocked us. so what is the republican party going to be when trump is gone? >> they're going to rely on it and to help them with their campaigns. think about this, the national intelligence director and the cia and the fbi director, these are people appointed by trump and the mueller and bipartisan senate intelligence say we are vulnerable. we need more. it has come up over and over.
8:40 am
each time it comes up, mcconnell has objection or otherwise stops it from coming to the floor. maybe he disagrees with a particular piece of it. >> of course, there is no alternative offer in essence. he's happy with the status quo. >> do you think in your reading in your reporting that mitch mcconnell would be -- does he want the same or want help from russia if that's what it takes to keep power or would he be happy with it? >> as my colleague peter waltman noted, he's all kinds of things keeping america less democratic of voters suppression or accepting help from russia. we have seen it across the board. he's trying to limit the plain field and essentially america
8:41 am
is fighting. it is a rare action to keep the white power in place. >> that's his new nickname. let's listen to mick mulvaney trying to explain to the american people or at least to fox news, why the same genera l gentleman, mick mcconnell -- oh, this is on "face the nation." >> the two bills that were put forward and the republican leaders have said don't need to be considered, you think everything is sufficient to this point? >> it deals with paper ballots and a lot of things on how to register the vote. it was a bill that came up in the last week because democrats saw an opportunity coming out of the mueller investigation to not talk about what mueller said about collusion and obstruction and instead wanted to focus on election security and the party
8:42 am
already worked together to do a great deal on election community. >> to ignore what mueller said. he could not clear the president of trying. he said it again at the hearing. what do you make of these answers that these bills are not necessary. one of those two bills were killed by the senate majority leader would require campaigns that seek offers of help from foreign government to tell the fbi. >> right. because i have utterly no life, i was in the chamber when this happens. there were 26 people in the chamber. there were three senators, mechan mcconnell and schumer and blumenthal. this whole thing is killing the entire program of keeping the election safe. killing that took about 20 minutes. mitch would say i object and it is not coming out of the rules committee and schumer and blumenthal would say something and it was all over.
8:43 am
i don't know about anybody else but even more than the mueller appearance which i thought was a heck of a lot more compelling than people were not convinced by the optics of it was the senate committee report. there is more of that coming. the chairman of that committee is a rock-red republican. not on-- ask about the key yaor their warfare capabilities. >> according to mitch mcconnell, whatever it takes to keep trump signing those judges in and sending those right wing judges to them. my panel is going to come right back because apparently none of
8:44 am
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oh yes, it is time for my panel to tell me --
8:48 am
>> who won the week? tiffany, david and karine and charlie are back with me. >> vladimir putin, it began with the mueller testimony which republican lawmakers essentially disparaged the whole notion of russia interfered in our election and with mitch mcconnell and mulvaney stopping the effort to do it again. sfo >> dane that, we need to invite you more often. let's see here. >> i think i am with you. the people of puerto rico won the week. they ousted the governor and took to the streets hundreds of thousands of people. they shown what the power of people could do and holding your government accountable and holding the governor clearly accountable. it is amazing to see. what a moment to see ricky martin on top of that truck and
8:49 am
he was waving -- >> he was living da vida loca. >> it was incredibly powerful and power to them. thank you for showing us on the mainland how to do it. you know working with protest organization. i think it was amazing to watch. >> puerto rico at this point has the most active engaged civic citizens in america. they are doing -- >> they are it. >> come on everybody. we got to follow soon. >> right? >> and even russia. >> we are going to work on it. we'll never give up on him. charl charlie pierce, who won the week? >> i would like to nominate somebody folks have not heard of him. a guy named paul brooke, he's a sculptor and for the ohio state fair, it is state fair seasons. our state fair don't miss it and
8:50 am
don't even be late. he has skuculpted 2200 pounds. there is a butter neil and butter astronaut saluting the flag. next to it there is a butter kyle with an ear tag that says 11. i presume that you are all laughing but in two weeks, all of us are going to be at the isle of state fair looking at the butter palace. the iowa state fair better up its game. the butter of paul 11 is going to live. they melted down and shredded on an english muffin in the size of montana. that's all i have to say about that.
8:51 am
>> repeat what you said. >> that puts the moon in moonlight. >> what is butter? the word butter -- you can get on tv and you can say butter. it is funny. a butter moon landing. >> oh my god. >> tiffany, you have the people of puerto rico and vladimir putin, he better win the week if you want to live. and butter. >> i am ready. >> can you beat butter that's landing on the moon. >> i am ready. >> bring it. >> so you guys remember in may 2018 when roseanne tweeted that tweet and ended up losing her job. well, amazing, joy reid hosted this documentary special with
8:52 am
chris hayes and it was nominated for an emmy back this week. >> oh my goodness. >> homey who directed the show, they were all dominated as well as chris hayes. >> that special was amazing and timely and special. that same day. >> cher michael was apart of it. there is a good portion of the country who looks to you to bring the conversation home and speak directly to the people. you do that every sunday. we were all kind of how to deal with everyday racism in america. you brought the conversation home that day. i am so proud of you. >> thank you, chris hayes and everybody. >> oh my god. i don't like to win the week.
8:53 am
thank you, that's very kind. >> chris hayes and the team was awesome and homie. >> murray literally, he'll pu h punching a hole right now, he's the director. >> thank you, the first time i am nominated for an emmy. it is excited. >> florida, state fair is working on their butter joy reid right now. >> you know what my hair is going to look like on emmy night? >> butter. >> the hair looks really good. >> look at the butter again. >> it is hard for butter not to win. i am appreciative. that's some impressive butter. what if there is a butter nominee. everyone is running for president, maybe butter should y just run. >> we have a little bit of time. >> except if we have a butter
8:54 am
buttigieg -- butter buttigieg. >> i would vote for butter buttigieg. >> i would vote for a stick of butter. >> hey butter. >> just give me just butter. >> yeah. >> just the butter. >> even if it is not in case. i will eat it right there. >> no bread, just butter and spoon. >> even expired. >> i may go for it. expired butter make you lose weight because you will be on the pot. then you will lose like ten pounds. >> there you go. >> other than butter jokes, what are we expecting out of these debates this week? >> well, we have sort of the round robin kind of thing. >> hold on a second. i have to say who won the week. i forgot to give you the answer. >> mine was really good. this is who i said won the week. you guys know that essentially you had ebony and jet as we all grew up with.
8:55 am
the jet and jeb archive were up for grabs. darren walker, you got to know him at the forbes foundation. they came together and found donors, they got the foundation which darren runs and andrew melon foundation, they donated the archive and bought it up and donated to the african-american history it is going to be all laid out so you can go out and see. i got to tell you, if you got your hair done at the hairdresser in the '70s or '80s. >> "jet" magazine. >> a little fun fact about this is george lucas and his life -- >> i know who you are talking about. >> they own these archives and so they were buying the debt from them essentially.
8:56 am
>> oh. they bought the debt from the johnson family. >> good for them. you will be able to see these archives. >> thank you dana and karine and tiffany cross and charlie butter pierce. >> we'll see you next week. if you picked up my new book, "the man who sold america," i am going to be doing a signing today in philadelphia at uncle bobby's coffee and books starting at 3:30 p.m. please stop by. >> congratulations. ry family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles,
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that's our show for today. thanks for watching. "am joy" will be back next saturday. alex witti is next. >> congratulations on your nomination. listening to your butter conversation, i now need some toasts. can i get some toasts. >>. [ laughter ] >> we'll do that in two hours. good to see you my friend. a good day to all of you, 9:00 a.m. out west, welcome to "weekend of alex witt." new reaction of the president's tweeting. >> these are all


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