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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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t go to the food bank last week in that we can be better as a and we had a lot of surprise order to get groceries. nation. we can be better as a people and expressed by the president about that as well. this is something we shouldn't we believe in a better future meanwhile, blast off. the u.s. quits a missile treaty be thinking what is a republican and to remain silent is to with russia negotiated by ronald reagan, even as north korea or democratic solution we need that we don't believe in that and we give up and we say this is the best. as faith leaders wthat we all b to get be thinking about a tests more missiles. solution. we shouldn't have federal the president says it's in employees having to go to soup control, but others are saying is, in fact, a future where it's not. kitchens. >> is there a political future >> we keep talking about for will hurd? every single solitary human does he have to look outside the denuclearize. north korea is increasing the being will be treated equally, republican party? scale and the quality of the >> hard to say. nuclear threat they pose. i'm pretty certain about the republican party future. it's not a bright one. as the sacred creatures that they are. and the kennedy family first of all, people leave -- and, so, if we don't lead the way, who will do that? and in the absence of other people don't want to run for tragedy. reelection for several reason. moral voices living into the one is they're not going to win. bobby kennedy 22-year-old's high ground, faith leaders have this is a district that was very to do that. difficult. >> or the party's not going to >> and there's certainly an echo take over the house. he'll remain in the minority. of the critical moment in the granddaughter was found >> in the minority now, which is mccarthy hearings with you have beautiful. >> she was the only child of not a lot of fun. and to your point, the most you no decency language, bishop ethel and robert kennedy's important one is that they're not going to be in the majority. daughter courteney. budde. that's intentional, i'm sure. she struggled with mental illness. so why run? and particularly in a district >> it was very intentional and revealing she once tried to like this, will hurd would have what struck me as i was thinking commit suicide after enduring to fight for that seat. about that moment that although significant trauma. why would you want to fight for
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that seat the president makes so the attorney welch was difficult. addressing the senator, it was if you agree with the president really a question to all of he's going to lose, if you disagree with the president he's america. where was our decency? good day, i'm andrea going to lose. mitchell in washington. to your point about texas, texas we'll have a lot more about the had we had enough? judge's recommendations in the has always been a deep red and it seems to us as we're state. there's a date in the not too eric garner case. facing into this moment now that the question is really to the but first more fall out for the distant future where texas will american public. become a blue state. where are we? democratic candidates' strategy. it's just demographics. what will we demand? just math. what will we expect and how will targeting president obama's l and donald trump, the damage he's done to the republican we engage in public discourse as party in terms of being an legale legacy as much as donald trump's policies. attractive party for minorities kelly said. calling us to the highest of our eric holder said acknowledge the like will hurd who is a achievements and then build on conservative and can talk to aspirations rather than our most them. expand the possibilities that people in a district that's not barrack made possible. conservative about his ideas. do not attack the good faith base behaviors and prejudices. that's the kind of people that a tough choices made for short the >> thank you for your spiritual republican party needs. they're getting shoved out. leadership at such a critical short term. moment. the attacks on barack obama's if republicans have to defend thank you, all, so much. texas in a presidential race that does it for us. they'll never win the presidency records was an attempt to take "andrea mitchell reports" and down joe biden who has made his again. >> will hurd, as a former cia now to ali velshi. eight year partnership with the president the centerpiece of his >> good to see you. have yourself an excellent officer, exactly the kind of person both parties would want afternoon, andrea. thank you. in the government. >> i remember the op-ed and the let's begin with breaking campaign. news about a highly >> i think he was genuinely taken aback that colleagues who president and his statements controversial and long simmering about russia and being concerned about that. dispute. our new york station wnbc has
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he considers close friends came confirmed that a judge recommended this morning that we aren't hearing those criticisms from republicans now days. >> thank you both so much. coming up, the tragedy in after he and president obama's nypd officer be terminated. record. i was surprised to see that on just a short time ago the hyannis port. the debate stage. the granddaughter of bobby president obama is the most commissioner suspended the officer. we should be hearing from bill kennedy found dead. unifying two term democratic president. we'll have a live report coming de blasio at any moment. >> this as the one percenters in the democratic field face a do up here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. g or die month to try to make the up here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. next round of debates in september. so far, only eight contenders have reached the threshold. corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, joining me now is christian which is breast cancer that has spread welker who was at the debates in to other parts of her body. detroit. she's also taking ibrance charlie cook, and steve kornacki which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+ / her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at the big board. at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. a lot of obama officials, party officials you've been talking patients taking ibrance can develop to, very surprised at the low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections strategy of the democrats. that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, not only firing squad, but a chills, or other signs of infection,
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next debate round. but how does this work? >> well, i think that this is -- what you're going to hear soon is why do these candidates want to repeal and replace obamacare, which is what republicans were trying to do for a long time? i don't think it's a strategy that's a smart strategy. i think what you're seeing is a division created where if you family is all togetherect... take the bernie sanders, and we switched to geico; elizabeth warren, and even toss saved money on our boat insurance. in kamala harris, that's about how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! 42% on the democratic side. but there's 58% that's not there's no goldfish in this lake. there. and that's where you saw some of the moderates, the and those whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... guys were attacking from the we're gonna be rich! middle and biden is defending the legacy. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. i don't think it's a smart strategy. i don't think that this race that changed at all from the last two debates. i think joe biden is still very much the front runner. in hiyannis another tragedy >> go to steve kornacki at the
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big board. there's one poll that's interesting. it's a quick poll, but if it is as ethel kennedy mourns the the case that joe biden is still death of her granddaughter, possibly from a drug overdose ahead, is he a soft front according to "the new york runner? perhaps the numbers exceed the times." the young member of the kenne confidence in his staying power? >> yeah, i mean, it's the kennedyfulkennedy family was found dead. instant readout. a statement said in part, the world is a little less beautiful 2% margin of error, yeah, you today. local authorities in massachusetts are investigating the death. see here their poll here conducted entirely after both nbc's anne thompson joins us rounds of the second debate shows no real movement here. with more on her very brief life biden is still out in front. obviously the big question and sudden death. everybody is asking as we've seen all sorts of different >> reporter: andrea, p matchups. you saw harris take her shot at biden, you saw cory booker do are just really very, very shocked and sad for the kennedy that. you haven't seen joe biden versus elizabeth warren. certainly a possibility. you mentioned this, andrea, of family over saoirse kennedy's that debate qualifying criteria changing for the next round. death. especially for ethel kennedy who you got to get 2% support in saw her husband assassinated. she loss two children. and now her grandchild. four polls.
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there are 25 candidates and some of them didn't make this round saoirse, 22 years old was to be of debates. a senior at boston college. of those 25, there are eight right now who are actually hitting that criteria. she was studying communications and she was said to be an there are basically two more who engaged and inquisitive student and certainly we saw that in a are on the cusp of meeting the piece that she wrote for her high school newspaper about her criteria. that's ten. own struggles with depression. one debate stage. everybody else you don't see talking about how when she lighted up here is in grave danger of not making the next realized she had depression in middle school and it really debate. they've got to get a whole bunch blossomed if you will in high of polls where they're suddenly school it felt like a heavy popping. some of these candidates haven't done that at all l. we may . bolder on her chest. she talked about a trauma shat she went through when somebody she loved crossed sexual we may be down there one debate boundaries as she said. stage starting in the middle of and she did what many victims september. >> that of course would be the do, pretended it didn't happen. first time that joe biden and that made her so upset she elizabeth warren would have to face off against each other. ultimately tried to take her own life. she said in that article in the you've been in ohio talking to high school newspaper that what voters. that's one of the states that she wanted was people to feel joe biden said i'm going to win. if i'm the nominee i can win free to talk about mental health issues the same way that people talk about cancer, to not be michigan, pennsylvania ohio. afraid of the subject. and as she lived, her family >> these are critical states democrats and republicans are looking at. says that she was a very
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the thing i've heard from dedicated advocate for human rights issues, for women's democratic voters that they're hoping this large field gets -- they can start making some real empowerment. she loved volunteer work. decisions. there are people who like she built schools down in multiple candidates and they want to see them on the stage mexico. and in fact, in a statement that another. watching the last two debates i they released yesterday, the family said our hearts are kept thinking is i want to see shattered by the loss of our how bernie sanders and elizabeth barren do next to joe biden and beloved saoirse. her life was filled with hope, senator harris and senator promise and love, a life that booker. it's interesting to see the ended much too soon. >> anne thompson, as you know better than anyone being up there, the tragedy of being candidates go after barack obama's record. they were doing it on trade, immigration. and these are areas where there and our condolences to president trump has been talking about -- these are some of the core areas that helped him win the presidency in 2016. so i think for a lot of democrats, very frustrating to ethel and the rest of the hear republican talking points, family. thank you, anne. thank you so much. coming up, background check. frankly, coming from a lot of new concerns that donald trump's pick to be the next spy chief democratic contenders. that's not to say that's drastically embellished parts of condescending. but to say decriminalizing the his biography to get the job. stay with us here on "andrea border, some see that as open mitchell reports" on msnbc. hera mitchell reports" on msnbc ♪ borders and that's what the democrats were saying.
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on healthcare, the democrats were saying that president trump has said in rallies and that's exciting to his base. >> and the president last night continuing in ohio to attack ♪ baltimore. let's listen to part of that from that rally in cincinnati. >> it's been total one party in big ways and in small, bank of america is here to help you get things done. control of the inner cities for 100 years it's been one party what would you like the power to do?® control. look at them. ♪ done we can name one after another, what would you like the power to do?® but i won't do that. because i don't want to be ♪ controversial. the homicide rate in baltimore applebee's all you can eat is back. is significantly higher than el now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. salvador, honduras, guatemala. i believe it's higher than -- give me a place that you think is pretty bad? >> so the president also tweeting today, you know, that it's really bad news sarcastically if you could take the impact from twitter about the fact that elijah cummings
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apparently his house was burgled. he was robbed or an attempted robbery before the whole controversy. i guess a week ago saturday. but not only that, but now nikki haley, interestingly, is tweeting that this is so unnecessary. taking a shot at president trump. >> really i think one of the first times you've seen her do that since leaving office. i thought that was pretty astonishing. it happened moments ago. this president is doing what we saw him do as a candidate. he's entering the culture wars. he's digging in and getting criticized for what a lot of people are saying, look, these remarks have racial overtones at best or in some cases actually racist according to those who are criticizing him. i can tell you i've been talking to some of his advisors who say there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of strategy this time around. there's some concern. what is the broader goal here? in 2016, he was talking about immigration.
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he was talking about the border. in this instance, some close to him have said it seems like he's just lashing out. so they're not clear on the fact this is going to work. it's a risky strategy. >> and i wanted today share with you, also, nancy pelosi and ihlan omar in ghana at the place of no return, really. i mean, these pictures emphasizing this support against dprevagen is the number onemild memopharmacist-recommendedng? the president. dramatic pictures in ghana. memory support brand. the congressional black caucus you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. yesterday. this is a pretty strong statement of where nancy pelosi prevagen. healthier brain. better life. stands. >> it's an incredibly strong statement. she literally could not make a if you have moderate little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. stronger show of support for ihlan omar. otezla is not a cream. yet last night president trump it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. took aim at them. i noted he didn't spend as much with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. time talking about the so-called squad as he did during some of don't use if you're allergic to otezla. the debates i've attended. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, i think that was an attempt to or vomiting. make sure the crowd there didn't
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9:13 am
focusing on the democratic base the nation's intelligence or, b, some of the centrists are agencies. focusing only on swing voters but he's facing increasing scrutiny on the hill over his and biden is trying to kind of qualifications. several apparent embellishments keep ahead of all of those. to his resume. one of the people that are "the washington post" reported missing is we had an election that court documents contradict with 137 million people vote in his claims that he arrested 300 2016. it was determined by 78,000 undocumented immigrants in a votes. one of the factors that made a single day as a federal difference in that election was prosecutor. following nbc's reporting that he had never put away terrorists that african-american turnout that had gone up under -- with as a u.s. attorney in texas. despite claims on his website. obama's two elections went down joining me now is nbc's ken in this past election. so you had turnout in detroit -- delainian who broke a lot of the you know, you had soft story on ratcliffe himself. african-american turnout in detroit, soft african-american turnout and milwaukee. places like this made the he was a u.s. attorney for a difference this election. year, and he was a mayor of a and what the president's feeding very small town that included into is fuelling the african-american vote to perhaps turn out at a higher level than they did in 2016. resort type communities. when i got involved in politics 7,000 -- a population of 7,000. in 1972, one of the first things the mayor was an unpaid position i learned was that politics is for seven years, including the
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about addition, not subtraction. time he was the u.s. attorney. never confirmed by the senate. that's why this is a head >> there's really nothing in his scratching strategy for the background that prepares him for president. >> i guess you could call it new the director of national intelligence. math. thank you very much, charlie more important than that, you know we're talking to the same cook. for all of your help here today, people. no one seems to know this guy. intelligence officials, even thanks to all. and of course kristen welker, senators had not met him. you'll see her again sitting in "the washington post" is reporting something i find very interesting. he's been on the the intelligence committee. for chuck todd for meet the >> house intelligence. >> but he has not gone on the bre press daily. many trips that they take in breaking news out of new york city. moments ago an administrative many cases to very rough parts judge recommending the police of the world. they learn about the world. officer responsible for the choke hold death of eric garner he has not gone on very many of five years ago be fired. them according to "the washington post" which suggests the ruling against the officer an curiosity about the very has been demanded by protesters thing he's charged would and the garner family, including from the audience of wednesday overseeing. >> i believe he's only -- how night's democratic debate when long has he been on house protesters spoke out. intelligence? >> a few months. nbc's rehema ellis is at the he replaced trey gowdy i national action network in believe. >> this is a job by statute harlem. this is a very big deal. that's supposed to be filled by the pressure will be on police commissioner o'neil and most someone with deep intelligence importantly on a presidential or military experience. >> it says it in the law, candidate, new york city mayor significant intelligence
9:15 am
bill de blasio. experience. i talked to experts who question whether that can be enforced. you've got to imagine it's going to be an issue in these rehema? >> reporter: sorry, i couldn't confirmation hearings, that plus hear you. the embellishments as you can you hear me now. >> yes, we can. >> reporter: can you hear me? discussed. he said he put terrorists in prison. we have shown that never happened. >> if you can update us on what he never prosecuted adterrorism happened next. case. >> reporter: what's happening now he's saying he put 300 next is that we just heard from illegal immigrants behind bars, the family of eric garner just a it doesn't hold up. >> rod rosenstein, who has left short while ago up here in the justice department, but was harlem at the national action network, which is headed by reverend al al sharpton. a career loyalist has come to the defense of sue gordon, the principle deputy there. already you've had the senate let me play for you what the intelligence chair, a statement family of eric garner had to saying that they're going to say. >> this has been a long battle, deal with sue gordon which contradicts the president saying i'm going to name someone as if i ever yea acting. >> exactly. when the president said that, he five years too long. finally there is information that this cop has done something suggested that sue gordon long. wouldn't be the acing even we waited five years. ccrb has made the though the law says the recommendation. commissioner o'neil, fire him. principle deputy will be the that's we asking.
9:16 am
>> reporter: the family is acting. she has long experience, much asking for the police commissioner to follow through beloved on the hill and across the country. and to fire officer panteleo. apparently not by donald trump because he seems to be trying to freeze her out. the senate is rebelling. there's something called a civil if you have that statement from rod rosenstein, can we have that complaint review board. up there, please? they have to now take a look at i wanted to read all of what he this, along with the attorneys. but the civil complaint review said. board is not waiting for two weeks which they have before and it's that deputy dni sue they make a recommendation to gordon is a proven patriot who the police commissioner. they came out a little while ago saying the evidence is more than understands foreign threats, respects the and protects sufficient that he's unfit to america 24/7, daughter of a navy serve on the new york city police department. he has been on desk duty for vice admiral, gordon is a great five years since this all real donald trump appointee. happened. and now according to the police senator burr, lindsey graham are department, they have to give him due process of the two weeks also copied and tagged there. before the commissioner will >> she certainly is and certain make his recommendation, which a person who can talk to silicon will be more than a recommendation, actually. he's the one who has the final valley which is important in that job. decision about whether or not he most of the intelligence needs will indeed be fired. reside somewhere else in the andrea? >> thank you so much. business community. nbc's rehema ellis, thank you on they're constantly having pilgrimage talk to ceos and she has shown herself able to do th breaking news.
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the president trump downplays implications of north that. >> thank you so much, ken korea firing off more missiles. delainian. stay on this, indeed. you're watching "andrea mitchell coming up, have we no reports," only on msnbc. g "andrl reports," only on msnbc. for wha. decency. the national cathedral in nice. but, uh... washington, the clergy there what's up with your... partner? reprimanding president trump for not again. limu that's your reflection. his racially charged rhetoric. only pay for what you need. this is something new and really ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ quite unusual. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. let's get down to business. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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north korea is once again flexing its muscles with a third range of short range missiles in eight days. it's the fourth launch since may. president trump told nbc's hallie jackson on thursday that these launches will not impact u.s. negotiations with north faith leaders from washington national cathedral
9:21 am
are taking a highly unusual korea. >> oh, sure. step. they're condemning what they sure. because these are short range call president trump's missiles. we never discussed that. we discussed nuclear. racialized rhetoric. what we talked about is nuclear. the epafter two years of presidt those are short ranged missiles. a lot of other countries test trump's words and actions, when that missile office. >> a little fact check is in order here. the test is a violation of u.n. will americans have enough? make no mistake about it, words matter and mr. trump's words are security council resolutions. it comes as the u.s. plans to dangerous, they write. as leaders of faith who believe resume military exercises with in the sacredness of every south korea, clearly upsetting single human being, the time for silence is over. kim jong-un. joining me now is john joining me now are reverend mclaughlin. the other point here is they may kelly brown douglas of not be, quote, nuclear, but washington national cathedral these missiles are capable of and reverend the bishop of, carrying a nuclear warhead. every test enhances the north's understanding of its technologies. they test for a reason. first to you, why did you feel not just to, you know, ping us you wanted to speak out now? >> well, as our statement says but to improve their own knowledge. quite directly, we have felt and >> that's exactly right, andrea. the south koreans say this missile resembled the russian observed as every american has missile, which is nuclear capable. if you're one of our allies in
9:22 am
this almost normalcy of the area, you don't dismiss it political speech that has become increasingly hostile, sometimes as inconsequential. they're exposed today a conventional and nuclear threat. slanderous and in our experience it's another way of the north putting pressure on us via our racialized coming from the highest office in the land. allies to get moving with and we felt this time that the negotiations on their terms. >> on their terms. president had really crossed a more concessions out of us. threshold and while the response we could not be more overeager. from the political spectrum was the president goes the end of predictable and lining up who may to the dmz, virtually was saying what that it was time for us as faith leaders to embracing kim jong-un. remind the american people that this is what -- i talked to bob this need not be our normal and, gates, one of your predsaysers in fact, the language that we at the cia and twice at the are hearing from the president pentagon. this is what he had to say about is unworthy of him as holding this policy of i like him, he likes me. the highest aufoffice in the la and representing all americans. embracing dictators. >> was it bishop budde, was it let's watch. >> i'm as much of a realist as the send them back, that whole anybody. and the reality is, the united rhetoric, is that what really states has done business with some of history's greatest crossed the line? >> well, that was definitely a monsters. but franklin d. roosevelt never threshold, as well.
9:23 am
when you -- we've become pretended to be in love with accustomed to attacks that are personal against political josef stalin. adversaries, but send them back in the real world we have to deal with these people. and go back to your country we don't have to embrace them. among the four representatives that he was attacking. he seems to be casting on entire >> i would be the first to acknowledge it's better to talk nations and then the final straw being for us when he did the than to talk about fire and fury. you don't have to go overboard same thing in response to delivering mementoes, souvenirs representative cummings casting from their meeting of the dmz last week to a north korean official. >> i'm just reading now a horr horrific on the city of baltimore and using language biography of fdr's last two that likened the citizens of that city to rodent infestations years in office. where no human being would be he manipulated stalin brilliantly -- >> as ill as he was. fit to live. >> as ill as he was in those two that seemed to be uncalled for a years. where we are here is regrettably kind of polarization on racial i think we're at the point of lines that merited our response. saying north korea is going to be a nuclear state. our job now is to figure out how >> reverend kelly douglas, do we limit and manage that. how do we move forward in a very
9:24 am
dangerous time. the real question is what is their intentions with their critical moments in our history. nuclear weapons. i think of riverside church in and i think their intensions new york city and others s join aren't good. i don't think they're going to launch a preemptive strike at the civil rights movement and us, but they'll use them for blackp blackmail, terrorism, to press their view on what they want the african-americ korean peninsula to be, which is african-american, are we at such a point now where leaders of faith need to speak out? a united peninsula with no u.s. >> i definitely think that we troops on it. so it's very bad that they have are. not speaking out seems to me nuclear weapons, but so far that not only are we implicitly there's no traction at all in condoning the these negotiations to eliminate them. >> and there are big questions today about the overall approach to arms control by the administration. attacks on people's humanity, with the support of nato now but we're alseaders, we believe quitting the intermediate range treaty i remember was gorbachev in 1987. it was the elimination of the short range threat in europe. their argument is that russia is vi violating it and we need to get
9:25 am
to china involved. to think that china is going to agree to anything is beyond -- >> i think we're throwing away big advantages by jettisoning the inf treaty. that's a treaty adyou'll recall that gave us things like intrusive monitoring, onsite inspection. the kinds of things you need to understand what's going on in another country's program. plus, looming in the background of this is the fact that the new start treaty, the treaty that covers these big intercontine intercontinental missiles, which can hit us in 35 minutes that that's about to expire next year. the signals from the administration is it's not a good treaty we don't think we'll renew it . it could be renewed with a stroke of a pen.
9:26 am
it needs to be mondernized. that can be done. to back away from all this is to really, among other things, threaten whole proliferation regime in the world under the non-proliferation treaty. if the u.s. isn't playing in these games, reducing nuclear weapons, why should anyone else? >> there seems to be an instinct to cancel anything that president obama negotiated and throw all that out from this administration, the national security advisor, the secretary of state, the president of the united states. >> you know, we all wish them well, but they state grand ambitions. they throw away the things that are working and then they don't realize those ambitions. so you're left essentially with nothing. >> john it's always great to see you. hurd off the hill. congressman will hurd decides not to seek reelection.
9:27 am
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we have this breaking news. the nypd has suspended officer daniel panteleo in the eric garner case, consistent with nypd policy when there's an recommendation from an administrative judge to fire a police officer. there's an immediate suspension that does not mean he'll be fired. we'll stay on top of this throughout. and on to, again, the politics today. another stunning republican retirement from congress. three term texas represent will hurd, the only black republican in the house announcing he'll not seek reelection. hurd is a former cia officer. he's the sixth house republican to announce retirement. he was the only republican to survive reelection when his district went for hillary clinton in 2016. he says as the only african-american republican in the house of representatives and as a congressman who represents a 71% latino district i've taken a conservative message to places
9:32 am
that don't often hear it. these republican ideals resonate with people who don't think they identify with the republican party. every american should feel that have a home in our party. wow. joining me now, nbc news murray texan, and rick tyler, former senior advisor to ted cruz. mark murray, you know texas so well. this is quite a statement from will hurd about the comments the president has made about the squad, of other comments he's made, about the border. and as a former cia officer, he's been very outspoken about criticisms of the intelligence community and clearly of robert mueller. >> on a practical level it sends a bad message to republicans about their chances of taking back control of the house of representatives in 2020. they need fewer than 20 seats to be able to flip to take it over. if democrats are in the driver's seat, and this district is now
9:33 am
leaning democratic, it's going to be one more district the republicans have to win. to me, this actually kinds of shows there are -- for republicans like will hurd who might not be with the president on issues on immigration, on temperment, tone and style, they realize that washington is just not worth it to be a congressman anymore. it shows you that the tint of the republican party is getting smaller and smaller in the era of trump. >> i want to play for all of us will hurd back in january talking about the impact of the government shutdown and the stalemate in washington on people. >> ultimately, 800,000 people
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